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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Active fixation lead with multiple density
Low-power, high-modulation-index amplifier for use in battery-powered device
Remote control unit for use with an implantable neural stimulator system
Rate-adaptive therapy with sensor cross-checking
System and method of cardiac pacing during sleep apnea
Autocapture pacing/sensing configuration
Method of optimizing cardiac resynchronization therapy using sensor signals of septal wall motion
System and method for the measurement of the layer thickness of a multi-layer pipe
Semiconductor wafer inspection system
Quadrature phase shift interferometer (QPSI) decoder and method of decoding
Phase diversity method and apparatus using fourier transform spectroscopy
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for specimen analysis
Hand-carried LED polariscope
Method and apparatus for observing and inspecting defects
Optical scatterometry method of sidewall spacer analysis
Remote monitoring, configuring, programming and diagnostic system and method for vehicles and vehicle components
Apparatus for presenting a sample of material for analysis
Apparatus for microscopic observation of long-term culture of single cell
Method and apparatus for inspecting a semiconductor wafer
Instantaneous wire interruption detection system for vehicle electrical system
Method and apparatus to provide redundancy in a network
System and method for determining on-chip bit error rate (BER) in a communication system
Method for estimating long term end-of-life characteristics using short-term data for lithium/silver vanadium oxide cells
Method of forming a model representative of the distribution of a physical quantity in an underground zone, free of the effect of correlated noises contained in exploration data
Temperature-controlled gas microscope
Air gap autogenesis method
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Bandwidth enhancement device
Method for manufacturing a bar-shaped preform as well as a method for manufacturing optical fibres from such a bar-shaped preform
Method to realize fast silicon-on-insulator (SOI) optical device
Optical waveguide device, and method of manufacturing optical waveguide device
Wavelength selector switch
Multiple-wavelength pulsed light source for a wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network
Bidirectional transmitting and receiving device
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and method for forming image pickup lens
Contact lens transfer device and associated method
Electronic signal transmission and switching jack
Elastomer spatial light modulators for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Acousto-optical variable filter
Method and apparatus for controlling a SOA-MZI wavelength converter
Placement of light-emitting section in image sensing apparatus
Back-projection screen
Image forming apparatus that executes image forming jobs having priority levels
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Roller mechanism for separating paper
Home automation system
System for control performance standards
Wavefront clock synchronization
Apparatus for connecting a display to a body case of an electronic device
Detachable modular computer
Method and apparatus for configuring a voltage regulator based on current information
Method and apparatus for calibrating a multi-level current mode driver having a plurality of source calibration signals
Information processing system and method for path failover
Method and system for autonomic protection against data strip loss
Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
Processing takeover method in multiple computer system
Method of operating a microcomputer system
Method of evaluating the performance of a relief pitcher in the late innings of a baseball game
Method and apparatus for identifying false cache line sharing
Memory implementations of shift registers
Disaster recovery and backup using virtual machines
Random access memory controller with out of order execution
Double data rate scheme for data output
Multi-drive virtual mass storage device and method of operating same
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Register file in the register window system and controlling method thereof
Queued copy command
Method and apparatus for next-line prefetching from a predicted memory address
Data access method in the network system and the network system
Method and apparatus for scheduling real-time and non-real-time access to a shared resource
Prefetch appliance server
Cache management system
Programming suspend status indicator for flash memory
Read-write switching method for a memory controller
Native lookup instruction for file-access processor searching a three-level lookup cache for variable-length keys
Snoop filter bypass
Unauthorized modification of values stored in flash memory
DRAM architecture enabling refresh and access operations in the same bank
Storage control system and method that reduces consumption of logical device storage capacity
Web page filtering including substitution of user-entered email address
Dual purpose PCI-X DDR configurable terminator/driver
Method and apparatus for providing quality-of-service delivery facilities over a bus
Display apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for bus arbitration capable of effectively altering a priority order
Method for the compilation of bus packets for isochronous data transmission via a data bus, and apparatus for carrying out the method
Communication terminal increasing effective data rate on asynchronous transmission and a data transmission method therefor
High data rate printer architecture and method of printing using same
Data processing method, data processing apparatus and image printing apparatus
Method, system, and program for managing calibration files in a printing system
Image transformation apparatus and image transformation program storage medium
Ink drop printer with print engine controller
Image processing device and method
Apparatus and method for suppressing insignificant variations in measured sample composition data, including data measured from dynamically changing samples using x-ray analysis techniques
Method for referring to address of vector data and vector processor
Image communication apparatus, method and storage medium for transmitting or receiving a color image
Standards-based formatting of flat files into markup language representations
Method, apparatus, and program for processing signature, and storage medium therefor
Method for generating a dither image
Method and system for secure remote distributed rendering
Testing distributed applications
Storage system with method of minimizing redundant transmissions over a plurality of communication paths
Methods and systems for adaptive delivery of multimedia contents
Communication techniques for simple network management protocol
Storage network system, managing apparatus, managing method and program
User and content aware object-based data stream transmission methods and arrangements
Methods and apparatus to operate in multiple phases of a basic input/output system (BIOS)
System and method for external bus device support
Method and apparatus for detecting an interruption in memory initialization
Encryption schemes with almost free integrity awareness
Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders
String template pages for generating HTML document
Method for dynamic profiling
Method and system for reducing acceleration-based wheel slip utilizing pedal-to-throttle progression tables
Method and apparatus for planning analysis
Tokenizer for a natural language processing system
Method and system for assessing stability of a project application by performing regression analysis of requirements document metrics
System and method for improved compression of DCT compressed images
Management of source and derivative image data
Method and apparatus for associating information with an object in a file
Automation of complex user-level command sequences for computing arrangements
Methods and apparatus for management of data storage resources
Method and apparatus for packaging test integrated circuits
Techniques for using edge masks to perform timing analysis
Method and apparatus for identifying a group of routes for a set of nets
Noise analysis for an integrated circuit model
Model-based logic design
Method and system for classifying an integrated circuit for optical proximity correction
Method for determination and representation of adjustment steps for an apparatus requiring adjustment
Systems and methods for determining performance data
Integrated sensing system for an automotive system
Automated material handling system for a manufacturing facility divided into separate fabrication areas
Data input device
Method and apparatus for providing refill or bleed alerts in a tire pressure monitoring system
Fabrication management systems and methods
Method and circuit for linearizing nonlinear curves
Method and apparatus for deploying configuration instructions to security devices in order to implement a security policy on a network
Computer system, control apparatus, storage system and computer device
Ripple counter circuits in integrated circuit devices having fast terminal count capability and methods of operating the same
Method and system for interpreting imprecise object selection paths
Method for generic object oriented description of structured data (GDL)
Architecture and method to secure database records from tampering in devices such as postage value dispensing mechanisms
Environmental noise monitoring system
Microcomputer supporting plurality of systems utilizing a single keyboard BIOS
Method and apparatus for determining availability of a queue to which a program step is issued out of program order
Computer-implemented automatic classification of product description information
Automated software testing and validation system
Software mechanism for efficient compiling and loading of java server pages (JSPs)
Installation of a data processing solution
Method for generating constrained component placement for integrated circuits and packages
Methods, systems and computer program products for monitoring interrelated tasks executing on a computer using queues
Method, computer program product, and system for a self-throttled computing task
Hardware simulation systems and methods for vision inspection systems
Method of printing using PC and printer
System for registering and authenticating human face using support vector machines and method thereof
Data reader for reading biological data from constrained human body region
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Method for measuring a three-dimensional object, or assembly of objects
Three-dimensional information acquisition apparatus and three-dimensional information acquisition method
Image processor
Object recognition system and process for identifying people and objects in an image of a scene
Limiting storage or transmission of visual information using optical character recognition
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting a digital watermark based on a wavelet
Digital watermarking technique
Method for detecting eye and mouth positions in a digital image
Progressive image transmission using discrete wavelet transforms
System and method using edge processing to remove blocking artifacts from decompressed images
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or other information
PDA password management tool
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Cost reactive scheduler and method
System for facilitating teaching and learning
Speech transcoding method and apparatus for silence compression
Unsupervised training in natural language call routing
Techniques for quantization of spectral data in transcoding
Dynamic power supply
Disk clamp assembly
Disk drive with hook disposed on clamp arm and/or playback base engaging groove formed in fixed base
Flexible wiring plate and an electronic device for recording and/or playing back information using the flexible wiring plate
Tiered secondary memory architecture to reduce power consumption in a portable computer system
Methods for searching for SAM patterns using multiple sets of servo demodulation detection parameters
Magnetic recording method, apparatus therefor, and device for determining coercive force of magnetic recording medium
Method for assembly level disk erase
Monitoring a sensor's output using a target window that is based on a longitudinal offset's position-dependent indicator
Marker-zone to determine gross positioning on a reference surface of a media
Reproduction of audio data from recording medium
Template pattern for improving printed media self-servo writing
Isolated transducer portions in magnetic heads
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Method of calibrating magnetic storage medium bi-directional recording head
Calibration of focus error signal offset in a focus servo system
Multi-stage focus control system and method
Apparatus and method for stabilizing operation of disc driver in section for setting mode conversion
Method of arranging optical pickup system and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus having the arranged optical pickup system
Information recording method
Method and apparatus for controlling laser beam power in an optical recording system
Optical pickup apparatus having disk thickness deviation correction and method therefor
Power calibration method and apparatus for optical disc
Optical reproducing method optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Optical recording apparatus capable of changing the length of synchronization portions
Ferroelectric memory device
Memory device of ferro-electric
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
CAM memory architecture and a method of forming and operating a device according to a CAM memory architecture
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus including the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Methods of erasing a non-volatile memory device having discrete charge trap sites
Low voltage non-volatile memory transistor
Mechanical memory
Dynamic memory and method for testing a dynamic memory
Synchronous flash memory with test code input
System and method for handling parity errors in a data processing system
Memory devices, systems and methods using selective on-die termination
Semiconductor memory
Memory apparatus having a short word line cycle time and method for operating a memory apparatus
Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein, and process for manufacturing the same
Process for production of electrode for electric double layer capacitor
Niobium solid electrolytic capacitor
Method for tuning a radio filter and a system for tuning a radio filter
Broadband light source
Input monitoring system for optical amplifying repeater
Compact laser package with integrated temperature control
Laser optical apparatus
Integrated wavelength locker for use with more than one wavelength and associated methods
Low-voltage power breaker with a rating plug
Circuit arrangement for supplying voltage to a load
Switching power supply utilizing oscillator frequency tuner for load driving capability under peak load condition
Method and apparatus for interference rejection
Polyphase receivers
Expectation-maximization-based channel estimation and signal detection for wireless communications systems
Method and device for performing soft decision decoding on Reed-Muller codes using decision by majority
Method for the selection (puncturing) of data bits
Motor vehicle audio system
Method and apparatus for reducing interfering signals in a transmitter
Method and apparatus for processing an amplitude modulated (AM) signal
Method and apparatus to reply to call
Replaceable sub-housing and interchangeable mobile telephone terminal using the same to be used both as flip-type terminal and bar-type terminal
Apparatus and methods for generating radio frequencies in communication circuitry using multiple control signals
Front end module for wireless network system
Multi-pass frequency hop-acquisition correlator
Method for using a non-orthogonal pilot signal with data channel interference cancellation
Node-B/base station rake finger pooling
Optical network employing erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Optical multiplex communication system, optical transmission apparatus, and control method of optical multiplex communication
Method of simple control and management of reconfigurable fiber optic devices
Optical transmission apparatus and bias voltage control method for the optical modulator
System and method for configuring optical circuits
Method and system for reducing pop noise of a sound broadcasting instrument
Method for directly indicating the strength of a signal and the device thereof
High-speed communication system with a feedback synchronization loop
Radio-communication control method and equipment
Terminal extension repeater
Cancellation systems for multicarrier transceiver arrays
Carrier search methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for long haul high speed data transmission over XDSL pseudo channels
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
Cryptographic system with enhanced encryption function and cipher key for data encryption standard
Fast H-ARQ acknowledgement generation method using a stopping rule for turbo decoding
Resource management in heterogenous QoS-based packet Networks
Redirecting multiple requests received over a connection to multiple servers and merging the responses over the connection
Method and system for presenting data stored within a network component
Timing distribution redundacy in a wireless network
Interconnection of signalling nodes
Connection admission control and routing by allocating resources in network nodes
Internet telephony arrangement and method
Internal substitution bi-level addressing for compatible public networks
Method for improving the quality of an audio transmission via a packet-oriented communication network and communication system for implementing the method
Delivery of broadcast teleservice messages over packet data networks
System and method for providing voice and/or data services
Digital VSB transmission system
Method and apparatus of compensating imbalance of a modulator
Method for estimating symbol timing in feed-forward manner
Timing recovery system for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
Method and apparatus for signing and sealing objects
Mechanism to improve authentication for remote management of a computer system
Method and system for automatic invocation of secure sockets layer encryption on a parallel array of Web servers
Methods, systems, computer program products, and data structures for limiting the dissemination of electronic email
Cordless telephone outlet device
Mobile radio communication apparatus capable to plurality of radio communication systems
Apparatus and method for regulating an SLIC supply voltage
Telephone system
Method and apparatus for processing information signals based on content
Communication apparatus
Remote telephony receiver
Accounting method and apparatus for communications network
Telephone for retrieving memory content through simple operation
Systems and methods for providing audio information to service agents
Contact center system capable of handling multiple media types of contacts and method for using the same
Method and apparatus for setting up simultaneous calls
Methods, networks, and computer program products for selectively routing communications based on routing rules
Echo processor generating pseudo background noise with high naturalness
Handheld mobile communications device with a detachable printing mechanism
Image reading apparatus and image input/output system
Converting analog video data into digital form
Image signal decoder for determining interframe motion
Communication system in digital television
Video coder providing implicit coefficient prediction and scan adaptation for image coding and intra coding of video
Data transmission method, data transmitter, data receiver, data reception method and data transmission and reception system
Reduction of device discovery delays in frequency hopping-based ad-hoc networks
High-capacity scalable integrated wireless backhaul for broadband access networks
Method and apparatus for alerting a station in one network of a requested communication from a second network
Idle mode handling in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network
Method and system for a dynamic adjustment of a data request channel in a communication system
Method for characterizing base station capabilities in a wireless communication system and for avoiding base station overload
Apparatus and method for supporting differentiated packet data services within a wireless network
Unified messaging system configured for converting short message service messages to audible messages
Reducing delay in setting up calls
Modem having flexible architecture for connecting to multiple channel interfaces
Switched microphone buffer
Radiation image taking apparatus, radiation image taking system, and radiation image taking method
EUV, XUV, and X-ray wavelength sources created from laser plasma produced from liquid metal solutions
Expired Patents Due To Time
Component for optical data transmission
optical signal transmission network with fiber-break detection
Laser transmitting system for use in optical space communication systems
Electrochromic system
Reversible electrochemical mirror (REM) state monitoring
SPD films having improved properties and light valves comprising same
Unidirectional optical amplifier
Fabry-perot optical filter with chirped dielectric mirrors
Endoscope with at least one reversal system with a non-homogeneous refraction index
Apparel color and image effect system
Three-port optical circulator
Interleaver/deinterleavers causing little or no dispersion of optical signals
System for optically identifying an object
Tunable chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope compensator utilizing a virtually imaged phased array
Double chirped mirror
Image enhancement system for scaled viewing at night or under other vision impaired conditions
High fill-factor microlens array and fabrication method
Optical system for directing an auxiliary image towards an observer so as to be superimposed onto a main image
Combiner assemblies
Optical element for multiple beam separation control
Solid immersion lens structures and methods for producing solid immersion lens structures
High speed retrofocus projection television lens systems
Long focal length projection lenses
Wide-angle lens
Astigmatic compensation for an anamorphic optical system
Lens barrel
Switching device for multiple (dual) focus points of multiple (dual) optical paths
Color image readout lens
Optical apparatus
Method for recording and reproducing CRT various types of data so as to permit the use of the same mechanical and servo systems thereof
Storage device having internal and external recording circuits
Tape cassette and a tape recording apparatus
Programmable write current waveform for high frequency magnetic recording
Servo control apparatus utilizing clock signal and control data
Disk device having a recording medium rotatable in a controlled stepwise manner in response to a reference clock signal of variable frequency
Methods and systems for self-servowriting including maintaining a reference level within a usable dynamic range
Thumb referencing and drive system
Device for preventing mechanical shock-induced damage between actuator and disk in computer hard disk drive
Spindle device having a dynamic-pressure-fluid bearing
Thin film magnetic head
Narrow track inductive write head having a two-piece pole
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Disc cartridge and shutter
Flying head slider having a splay formed on a flying surface enabling a lower flying height while avoiding collision with a surface of a recording disk
Dither method to unload negative suction air bearings
Actuator and head lifting tab for a disk drive
Operating system for operating an eject system and a head retraction system of a disk drive
Video tape recorder
Protection of second pole tip during fabrication of write head
Thin film magnetic head
Thin-film magnetic head supporting structure and method for manufacturing the same
Magneto-resistive removable hard disk cartridge and disk drive and quadrature embedded servo bursts
Magnetoresistance effect device and method of forming the same as well as magnetoresistance effect sensor and magnetic recording system
Spin-valve type magnetoresistive thin film element comprising free magnetic layer having nife alloy layer
Control system using an electric motor
Relay configuration
Ceramic capacitor and method for making the same
Electrochemical capacitor
Drawout unit and load/line terminal assembly
System and method of distributing power to a plurality of electronic modules housed within an electronics cabinet
Tamper-proof ballast enclosure
Inflatable sealing system for low temperature electronic module
Book-shaped information terminal
Computer having option card module latching and drive bay pivot structures
Portable electronic device having a connector and a cable for connecting with an external device
Hand held tablet computer having external mechanisms for facilitating positioning and operation
System and method for protecting and displaying graphics on a computer component
Modular external peripheral housing
Interface card-type motherboard for a computer
Disk drive enclosure
Docking station having a plurality of adapter trays for a plurality of portable computers
Heat dissipation structure for electronic apparatus component
Chassis containing electronic components with fire containment trap door
Isothermal heat sink with cross-flow openings between channels
Electronic component cooling apparatus
Heat sink and information processor using it
Clip mounting a heat sink to an electronic element
Retainer clip for heat sink for electronic components
Multilayered electronic part and electronic circuit module including therein the multilayered electronic part
Heat sink devices for use in electronic devices
Auxiliary device for electronic apparatus
Tuner structure and cable modem tuner using the same
Control panel with a printed circuit, in particular for a motor vehicle
Integrated circuit card with two connection modes
Circuit board apparatus
Direct-chip-attach (DCA) multiple chip module (MCM) with repair-chip ready site to simplify assembling and testing process
Radio frequency module with thermally and electrically coupled metal film on insulating substrate
Board extractor catch for a card module
Computer chassis identification method
Unit with shield
Electrical equipment housing safety interlock system
Circuit block for power supply
Contactless electrical energy transmission system
Switching power supply circuit
Modular multi-level adjustable supply with parallel connected active inputs
DC power supply circuit
Compact fast battery charger
Power supply system with ORing element and control circuit
Isolated switching-mode power supply control circuit having secondary-side controller and supervisory primary-side controller
Floating flame controller
Three-phase current sensor and estimator
Data carrier with load modulation means and with improved power supply in the process of load modulation
Self-driven synchronous rectifier circuit for non-optimal reset secondary voltage
Content addressable memory cell with a bootstrap improved compare
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Die architecture accomodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Semiconductor memory device with chip layout for enabling high speed operation
Semiconductor memory device
Ferroelectric memory and method for accessing same
Static random access memory (RAM) systems and storage cell for same
Image interpolation circuit architecture and method for fast bi-cubic interpolation of image information
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment and interface device
Method and apparatus for controlling force feedback for a computer interface device
Multiple-cylinder control device for computers and other electronic apparatus
Input device
Input device for a computer and the like and input processing method
Orthopedic computer mouse
Mouse device with unitary linearly arranged photosensor encoder
Method and device for input of alphanumeric data into a machine by a man
Alternative power for a portable computer via solar cells
Analog conditioning circuitry for imagers for a display
Method and apparatus for interacting with a portable computer
Display screen and window size related web page adaptation system
Methods and systems for user interfaces and constraint handling in configuration software
Information processor
Presentation of help information via a computer system user interface in response to user interaction
System and method for queues and space activation for toggling windows
Generation and use of compressed image data
Apparatus and method for grouping texture cache requests
Methods and apparatus for detecting liquid crystal display parameters using stokes parameters
Method and system for mask generation
Stochastic level of detail in computer animation
Mapping a node-link structure to a rendering space beginning from any node
Global constrained parameterization of triangulated surfaces
Method and system condensing animated images
Realistic surface simulation in computer animation
Ultrasonic system and method for processing data
Method and apparatus for providing reliable graphic memory operations in a set-top box environment
Single-frame display memory for spatial light modulator
Method and apparatus for storage retrieval of digital image data
Visible-object determination for interactive visualization
Method of providing on-screen notification of non-visible alarmed network elements
Method and apparatus for providing feedback while scrolling
Color printing process direction color registration system with expanded chevrons
Recording head and image recording apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus having a detachably mounted sheet supply roller
Apparatus and method for handling media sheets in a photo-plotter
Video card and video data communication apparatus
Method and system for multimedia communication control
Process and device for locating an object in space
Image pickup apparatus
Digital image capturing device having an input/output interface through which the device is controlled
Read-out circuit for active matrix imaging arrays
MOS-type solid-state imaging apparatus
Apparatus for mounting a video camera and method thereof
Computer system design for distance viewing of information and media and extensions to display data channel for control panel interface
Image data storage/display apparatus and method for television receiver having viewer''s screen display function
Flat panel display apparatus and method having on-screen display function
Electronic kaleidoscopic apparatus capable of forming kaleidoscopic image containing in situ image of observer himself
Ghost-cancellation reference signals using spaced PN sequences
Composite video decoder for providing a high quality serial digital output
Flat-panel display
Thin film transistor array panels for liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display apparatus having patterned insulating layer formed over a substrate except for a region on the gate electrode
Display device using polarized light separating means and electronic apparatus using the same
Reflective LCD device with low visual angle dependency and high contrast
Photo-oriented polymer network material having desired azimuthal orientation and tilt angle and method for its production
Liquid crystal display device having characteristic of viewing angle which is right-and-left symmetrical and up-and-down symmetrical
Wide viewing angle liquid crystal display panel
Liquid crystal display device with substantial elimination of residual image
Liquid crystal display device utilizing in-plane-switching system and having alignment film separating picture element electrode or counter electrode from liquid crystal layer
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having an IC chip mounted on a narrow film wiring board
Probe for inspecting liquid crystal display panel, and apparatus and method for inspecting liquid crystal display panel
Optical apparatus
Dual-flexure light valve
Optical element manufacturing system, an illumination system, and an exposure apparatus
Film holder
Optical distance measuring apparatus selectively activating a matrix of light sensitive cells
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Inspection system for optical components
Endpoint detector and method for measuring a change in wafer thickness
Machine tool locator
Arrangement and method for calibrating optical line shortening measurements
In-situ metrology system and method
Image processing method and apparatus
Dynamic plug and play interface for output device
Automatic configuration of a network printer
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and computer program product for realizing the method
Image forming system including a first printer connected to a host computer and a second printer connected to the host computer via a switching device provided in the first printer
Image printing apparatus and monitor display density setting method
Data processing apparatus connectable to a LAN
Image processing method and apparatus for reducing image degradation
Communication apparatus that combines plural images into one page for transmission
Image reading apparatus, image reading method, whiteness level correcting method and whiteness level generating method
Appliance and method for capturing images having a user error interface
Multi-beam optical apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Correction method of document inclination angle
Image forming apparatus
Image reading device
Method for performing a color space transformation
Holographic illumination device
Holographic desktop monitor
Holographic memory and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for configuring quantum mechanical state, and communication method and apparatus using the same
Polarization multiplexer, demultiplexer, and method
Method and apparatus for wavelength-channel tracking and alignment within an optical communications system
Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing device
Optical transmission equipment and optical networks
Pulsed laser microphone
Backplane having strip transmission line ethernet bus
Power splitter and power combiner using N-branch-line-shaped directional couplers
Distributed element filter
Temperature compensating cavity bandpass filter
Electromagnet system and method for assembling a core and a yoke in such a system
Stalk switch having a latch mechanism for the control lever
Device with axially positionable coil winding
Contact unit for electromagnetic relays
Hysteresis reduction in giant magnetostrictive materials
Electrical transformer
Insulating toroid cores and windings
Thermal switch
Circuit protection devices
Switch having an insulating support
Organic thermistor device and method of producing same
PTC composite material
Method and apparatus to monitor and locate an electronic device using a secured intelligent agent via a global network
Method for transmitting and receiving address information within a communication system
Process for detecting the road conditions ahead for motor vehicles
Method for determining the severity of a vehicle collision
Tire low pressure audio warning device
Vehicle automatic transmission safety system
Alarm system and method for vehicle
Automotive digital rear window display unit
Multi-station RF thermometer and alarm system
Object proximity/security adaptive event detection
Locking mechanism for use with one-time access code
Anti-theft computer security system
Method and apparatus for high efficiency position information reporting
Fire detector
DSX baytracer illuminator
Constant current regulator using IGBT control
Wake-up circuit for a remotely located vehicle control module
Multichannel audio distribution system having portable receivers
Data transfer system and method for communicating utility consumption data over power line carriers
Vehicle-onboard DSRC apparatus
Traffic recording system
Method for decoding a quadrature encoded signal
Dual aldc decompressors inside printer asic
Four-to-six code table, modulation using same but no merging bit, their application to optical disc recording or playing systems
Efficient handoff procedure for header compression
Entrophy code mode switching for frequency-domain audio coding
System on chip with ADC having serial test mode
Delta-sigma modulator and AD converter
D/A conversion apparatus
Linearized multibit digital/analog converter and its use in a multibit delta-sigma analog/digital converter
Emergency passive radar locating device
Antenna having electrically controllable radar cross-section
Discreet radar detection method and system of implementation thereof
Use of a device in a vehicle, using which the environment of the vehicle can be identified by means of radar beams
Stabilization in a radar level gauge
Airborne GPS guidance system for defeating multiple jammers
Fixed site data-aided GPS signal acquisition method and system
Antenna for transmitting and/or receiving signals with rectilinear polarization
Compact, modular tile architecture for limited field-of-view arrays
Personalized locator method and apparatus
System and method for person or object position location utilizing impulse radio
Satellite communication system with variable rate satellite link diversity
Electronic semiconductor circuit which includes a tunnel diode
Method of isolating a SRAM cell
Method for reading a multilevel nonvolatile memory and multilevel nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor device, data processing system and a method for changing threshold of a non-volatile memory cell
Adaptive programming method and apparatus for flash memory analog storage
Non-volatile memory device with row redundancy
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having floating gate type transistors programmed to have differing threshold voltages
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of reading same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and circuit for testing memory cells in a multilevel memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
50% EXE tracking circuit
Bus driving circuit and memory device having same
Programming flash memory analog storage using coarse-and-fine sequence
Single electron MOSFET memory device and method
Semiconductor memory device and method of checking same for defect
Antifuse method to repair columns in a prefetched output memory architecture
Apparatus and method for detecting faulty of cells in a semiconductor memory device
Parallel tester capable of high speed plural parallel test
Apparatus for testing semiconductor memory
CMOS cell and circuit design for improved IDDQ testing
Semiconductor memory device with IO compression test mode
MRAD test circuit, semiconductor memory device having the same and MRAD test method
Semiconductor memory device capable of reducing data test time in pipeline
Gate voltage testkey for isolation transistor
Memory device with faster reset operation
Power conservation during memory read operations
Memory device with single-ended sensing and low voltage pre-charge
Asynchronous memory self time scheme
Internal power supply voltage generating circuit and the method for controlling thereof
Reduced cell voltage for memory device
Self-equalized low power precharge sense amp for high speed SRAMs
Sense amplifier circuit and semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor memory device
Enhanced bus turnaround integrated circuit dynamic random access memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an improved operation control for a dynamic memory
Random access memory with divided memory banks and data read/write architecture therefor
RAM cell with column clear
Synchronous type semiconductor memory device permitting reduction in ratio of area occupied by control circuit in chip area
Method and apparatus for registering free flow information
Apparatus for generating write control signals applicable to double data rate SDRAM
Semiconductor memory device with a rapid packet data input, capable of operation check with low speed tester
Semiconductor memory device allowing reduction in power consumption during standby
Method for generating 2 and 3-dimensional fluid meshes for structural/acoustic finite element analysis in infinite medium
Floatation device for marine seismic energy sources
Self-powered insect and rodent repellent device
Geophone with mounted connectors
Multiple alarm timepiece with pill compartments
Timing chip retainer
Electronic timepiece
Magneto-optical recording medium and recording/reproducing apparatus therefor in which recorded magnetic domains are transferred from the recording layer to the reproducing layer
Magneto-optical data storage disc with highly conductive, smooth reflector layer
Reading apparatus for optical recording medium
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
Apparatus and method for reproducing main data and sub data in synchronization
Jukebox with control system to retry transfer if misalignment
Changer-type disk playback device
Optical disc drive apparatus and optical disc drive control method
Information storage device and servo gain compensating method in information storage device
Optical disk having radial lands and grooves, and boundary recognition marks, and optical disk apparatus for emitting a light beam to an optical disk having a plurality of error correction blocks after boundary recognition marks
Recording method, recording apparatus, reproducing method and reproducing apparatus
Optical disc apparatus and method thereof
Virtual path ring protection method and apparatus
ATM switching system for multicast data communication
Selection technique for preventing a source port from becoming a destination port in a multi-port bridge for a local area network
Method and apparatus for transmitting data frames between switches in a meshed data network
Low-latency buffering for packet telephony
Switch and switching method
Device and method for multiplexing cells of asynchronous transmission mode
Communication method and communication system
System and method for determining message transmission time for establishing a communications link on a time domain multiple access network
Method and apparatus for providing fair access in a group communication system in which users experience differing signaling delays
Asynchronous data conversion circuit
Adaptive rate system and method for network communications
Network manager and method thereof for a communication system
Smart switch
Communication method for frequency division multiplexing signalling systems with reduced average power requirements
ATM switching system and method with propagation delay compensation
Right to left matching of device address numbers with provided integrated services digital network destination numbers
Frequency conversion system
Resonant pumped short cavity fiber laser with optical feedback stabilization
Power enhanced frequency conversion system
Tunable external cavity laser
Self-frequency doubled Nd-doped YCOB laser
Laser light generating apparatus
Solid state laser master oscillator gain module
Semiconductor laser devices
Methods of dynamically switching return channel transmissions of time-division multiple-access (TDMA) communication systems between signalling burst transmissions and message transmissions
Efficient flexible channel allocation in a wireless telecommunications system
Reduction method of successive hard handoffs between base stations in code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile communication system
Terminal for digital mobile radio and method for evaluating data received in such a terminal
Transmission means
CDMA radio multiplex transmitting device and a CDMA radio multiplex receiving device
Directional-beam generative apparatus and associated method
Distributed packet communication network
Centrally located equipment for wireless telephone system
Transmission right assigning method and communication system
Method and apparatus for transmitting data
QoS-oriented one-to-all route selection method for communication networks
Silent monitoring in a voice-over-data-network environment
Transport stream multiplexing apparatus capable of accommodating plurality of streams
Efficient error control for wireless packet transmissions
Signal data transmission over lossy packet networks
Method of using routing protocols to reroute packets during a link failure
Network switch with panic mode
Configurable communication apparatus that permits use of unused multiplexer channels when operating in high power mode
Asynchrinous transfer mode system and method
Systems and methods for allowing transmission systems to effectively respond to automated test procedures
Method and apparatus for switching signals using an embedded group signal status
Distribution of protocol processes from network elements to end stations
Apparatus for recording optical disks featuring increased operating speed
Cartridge engaging assembly with floating finger and flexible gate assemblies
Recording defect substitution method for a disc-shaped recording medium, and a recording and reproducing apparatus for a disc-shaped recording medium
Focusing and tracking servo circuit in an optical disk device
Using a top-hinged shutter on a drive to supply a retaining force to hold a disc in position for vertical insertion
Disk device
Recording medium driving apparatus
Device of loading recording medium
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical pick-up apparatus
Apparatus and method for forming a laser control signal, and a laser including the apparatus
Semiconductor diode lasers with thermal sensor control of the active region temperature
Radio paging system
Methods and apparatus for encoding data
Pad and cable geometries for spring clip mounting and electrically connecting flat flexible multiconductor printed circuit cables to switching chips on spaced-parallel planar modules
Universal Messaging system providing integrated voice, data and fax messaging services to PC/web-based clients, including a large object server for efficiently distributing voice/fax messages to web-based clients
Method of operating an interface device as well as interface device and exchange with such an interface device
Communication system with fast control traffic
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