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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Leaf shovel
Sod harvester with sod roll accumulator squeeze device
Method for improving the driving stability of a vehicle
Device for guiding growth of scaffold branches
Power tool having an interchangeable blade assembly and method for interchanging the blade assembly
Soybean cultivar AR1210886
Soybean cultivar NE1316433
Lettuce variety 81-64 RZ
Method and apparatus for oil removal from food surface
Water absorbent sheet retaining mat
Retractable leash
Bird feeder with electric conductive surfaces for repelling squirrels
Method and apparatus for central accounting and billing system for enterprise employing mobile field service inventories
Broadband intelligent event repository
Fishing rod with a flotation device
Farrier hoof cradle and tool caddy kit
Biocide composition and method for treating water
Pest control composition and method for controlling pest
Use of antagonists of growth hormone or growth hormone receptor to prevent or treat stress-sensitive psychiatric illness
Animal hide removal apparatus
Molding container
Method for imparting an organoleptic quality to a tobacco industry product
Method for producing a mouthpiece cover of a cigarette
Electronic cigarette and soft power source stem thereof
Electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette and control method thereof
System comprising a simulated cigarette device and a refill unit
Electronic cigarette and assembly method thereof
Sweat absorber for armpits
Trousers-supporting waist belt
Neck and spine support system with enhanced user safety
Helmet mirror
Digital mechanical measurement last and signal acquisition and analysis method thereof
Self-righting cane
Collapsible suitcase, and a method for its use
Spuit-type cosmetic container
Refillable lipstick with retractable sleeve
Toothbrush apparatus with an arcuate toothbrush head and bristle configuration
Height-adjustable table with concealed wiring design
Foldable post for shelving apparatus
Sleeve for installing hinge
Jewelry storage system and method of use
Nesting and reconfigurable wine glass
Valve for a sippy cup and sippy cup including the same
Beverage preparation machine with movable mixing chamber
Cookware with built-in drains
Washer comprising a liquid detergent dosing unit
Power supply arrangement for a suction device and suction device
Image type laryngoscope apparatus
Devices and methods for controlling depth of insertion
Biopsy device
Meniscus horn relocation device and method
System and method for providing access and closure to tissue
Lumen occluding device, delivery catheter and method
Methods and apparatus for transpericardial left atrial appendage closure
Medical, in particular surgical, sliding-shaft instrument
Interventional medical systems and associated tethering assemblies and methods
Femoral lesser trochanter securing device for firmly securing the lesser trochanter and the surrounds and stably strengthening the same so as to allow artificial hip replacement surgery
Bone regeneration membrane and method for forming a bone regeneration membrane
System for detecting, actively targeting and selectively treating malignant cells in human body by non-invasive procedure
Optical tomographic image generating apparatus and optical tomographic image generating method
Wearable device capable of monitoring perspiration
Apparatus, system, and method recording anatomic orientation and position
Device, system, and method for adjusting biometric sensing rate based on available energy
Apparatus, method, and computer program for predicting risk for cardiac death
See-through abdomen display for minimally invasive surgery
Methods of using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area containing a plurality of lesions
Systems, devices, and methods including enhanced dark field detection of hemozoin nanoparticles
Analyte monitoring device and methods
Fluid handling device having a spring mechanism
Mammography apparatus
Magnetic field actuation of detectors in a computed tomography scanner
Apparatus and method for fluorescence imaging and tomography using spatially structured illumination
Method and system for spectral computed tomography (CT) with inner ring geometry
Systems, devices, and methods for lowering dental x-ray dosage including feedback sensors
Panoramic dental radiology apparatus and associated method of use
Head portion and handle portion of an oral care device
Self-uprighting orthodontic bracket assembly and a method of using the bracket assembly
Alveolar bone augmentation kit
System identification device and system identification method
Sensor, an incontinence garment, and a method for activating an incontinence garment
Absorbent article
Retrievable filter
Medical implants
Methods and systems for minimally invasive posterior arch expansion
Nanocrystalline cellulose materials and methods for their preparation
Control system, control method, remote interactive control system and remoter interactive control method for sexual stimulation device
Heating and/or cooling assembly
Core member for semen collection device
Agent for the prevention, improvement or treatment of retinal disease
Compositions and methods for the treatment of a common cold and symptoms thereof
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating hyperlipidemia
AG-205 for the treatment of breast cancer
Methods of using (+)-1,4-dihydro-7-[(3S,4S)-3-methoxy-4-(methylamino)-1-pyrrolidinyl]-4-OX- O-1-(2-thiazolyl)-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid for treatment of antecedent hematologic disorders
Antitussive compositions and methods
Tumor necrosis factor receptor soluble factor binding (TNFRSF-binding) agents
IL-25 treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders
Methods of manufacturing viscous liquid pharmaceutical formulations
Anti-IL-6 antibodies or fragments thereof to treat or inhibit cachexia, associated with chemotherapy toxicity
Methods of maintaining fat volume
Peptide systems and methods for metabolic conditions
Granulated dry cleanser for the care of keratinous substrates
Method and apparatus for the delivery of photo-chemical (cross-linking) treatment to scleral tissue
Method for administering an inhalable compound
Device for resuscitating victims of cardio-respiratory arrest
Multifunction oxygen mask
Capillary heater wire
Handheld medical substance dispensing system, apparatus and methods
Drug delivery device
Electrode catheter, in particular for cardiac therapy
Retention assemblies for implantable electric stimulation systems and methods of making and using
System and method for modulating action potential propagation during spinal cord stimulation
Living tissue stimulation circuit
Low energy communications for implanted medical devices
Clock synchronization in an implantable medical device system
System and method for estimating cardiac pressure based on cardiac electrical conduction delays using an implantable medical device
Dynamic device therapy control for treating post myocardial infarction patients
Operating room lead connector
Embedded fiber phototherapy light cap
Optimized skincare regimens for changing the genetic skin type to the ideal skin type--oily, resistant, non-pigmented and tight skin
Attachable brush for footwear
Performing Operations; Transporting
Digital device emitting a scent with an image and method for controlling the same
Robot control system
Adhesive label issuing device and printer
Damping apparatus for reducing vibration of automobile body
Method for determining inertia effects for a hybrid powertrain system
Foot operated mechanical steering system for a manual wheelchair
System and method for electronically powered assisted steering
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Conjugates of insulin-like growth factor-1 and poly(ethylene glycol)
Magnetic acoustic resonance light and homeopathic therapy crystal
Fixed Constructions
Protective films and related methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for detecting a fault during catalyst light-off
Methods and systems for determining a critical dimension and overlay of a specimen
Machine diagnosing method and device therefor
Multi-directional low-displacement force sensor
Microfluidic systems
Lightwave interference measurement apparatus that calculates absolute distance using lightwave interference
Method for determining an item of travel direction information for a vehicle, and sensor device for a vehicle
Detecting method and detecting apparatus
Apparatus and method for comparing gas pressure measurements
Optical emission analyzer
Apparatus and method for detecting surface plasmon resonance
Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging
Method and apparatus for analyzing individual cells or particulates using fluorescent quenching and/or bleaching
Method and device for determining one or more rotational speeds of a turbocharging device, in particular for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and process for controlled nanomanufacturing using catalyst retaining structures
Cantilever excitation device and scanning probe microscope
Method for measuring processing delays of voice-over IP devices
Method for partitioning scan chain
System and method for moving target detection
Travel guiding apparatus for vehicle, travel guiding method for vehicle, and computer-readable storage medium
Ultra-wideband radar sensors and networks
Method and system for tracking objects using radio tomographic imaging
System and method for suppressing radio frequency transmissions
Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus body and reporting terminal
Zoom lens system and optical apparatus using the same
Compact zoom lens
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
Motor having small size and high output, and light amount adjustment device equipped with the motor
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Lens barrel
Zoom optical system, and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Touch-enabled plasmonic reflective display
Head-mounted display
Optical film
Optical arrangement and method for controlling and influencing a light ray
High-efficiency device for focusing light to subwavelength dimensions
System for retaining optical devices
Hybrid connector tool for integrated cleaving
Cable management system
Method of arranging cores of multi-core fiber
All solid photonic bandgap fiber
Channel assemblies
Compact fiber optic positioner with wide frequency bandwidth
Two-part optical coupling system having an air gap therein for reflecting light to provide optical feedback for monitoring optical output power levels in an optical transmitter (TX)
Optical-fiber array method and apparatus
Bidirectional optical transceiver
Lens drive control device and image pickup device
Lens transferring device
Light source unit, backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
Display panel and display apparatus having the same
Liquid crystal display of horizontal electronic field applying type with storage capacitor covering the gate line and common line and fabricating method thereof
Electrochromic thin film transistors with lateral or vertical structure using functionalized or non-functionalized substrates and method of manufacturing same
Rearview mirror element assembly for vehicle
Pulse to pulse energy equalization of light beam intensity
Focusing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Viewer accessory for camera
Positioning device, lithographic apparatus using same, and device manufacturing method
Apparatus for imaging three-dimensional image
Object information acquisition apparatus, object information acquisition system, display control method, display method, and program
Upright image processing apparatus with cartridge holder portion and recording device between two feed pathways
Image forming apparatus capable of stably controlling image density
Drive device and image forming apparatus including same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic printer with charging-roller cleaner
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image density
Image forming apparatus
Developer collecting device and image forming apparatus
Device for preparing a recording medium for transfer printing toner images in an electro-phoretic printing system
Fixing apparatus, printing apparatus, and computer readable medium storing a program for detecting twine
Image forming apparatus with a toner contamination detecting device
Security holograms
Time dependent-temperature independent color changing label
Electronic device and method for controlling motions of mechanical arm using the electronic device
Manipulator and method of controlling the same
Autonomous mobile robot apparatus and a rush-out collision avoidance method in the same apparatus
Systems, methods and devices for configurable power control with storage devices
Battery powered device with dynamic power and performance management
Method for recording, recovering, and replaying real traffic
Safety output device
Debugging module to load error decoding logic from firmware and to execute logic in response to an error
Detecting undesirable content
Managing signature pages of a transactional deal using a taxonomy displayable by a computing device
Method for generating cross-site scripting attack
Machine-implemented method and system for determining whether a to-be-analyzed software is a known malware or a variant of the known malware
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for detecting embedded information
Method and apparatus to manage object-based tiers
Method and apparatus for wireless digital content management
Computer, computer system, and data communication method
Memory component having write operation with multiple time periods
Hierarchical immutable content-addressable memory coprocessor
Methods and systems for inter-processor communication under a multiprocessor environment
Method, system, and program for utilizing a virtualized data structure table
Method and apparatus for managing thin provisioning volume by using file storage system
Communication slave and communication network system
System and methods for accelerated data storage and retrieval
USB 3 bridge with embedded hub
Virtual machine control device, virtual machine control program, and virtual machine control circuit for managing interrupts of plural virtual machines
Computer system with synchronization/desynchronization controller
Portable cross platform database accessing method and system
Method and apparatus for managing multi-streaming contents and for controlling of changing players during playback of multi-streaming contents
Method apparatus and business system for online communications with online and offline recipients
System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names
Global server load balancing
Electronic apparatus, presence communication system, and computer-readable recording medium
Providing server identification to a client
Routing proxy for resource requests and resources
Email attachment management in a computer system
System and method for high-performance profiling of application events
Intelligently assigning an IP address to a mobile device
Method and apparatus for IMS support for multimedia session, recording, analysis and storage
Method and system for sending and receiving USB messages over a data network
Audio/video device, apparatus and method for controlling audio/video device
Adaptive streaming buffering
Systems and methods for limiting web site access
Method and apparatus for operating system streaming
Load balancing array system with URL modification so that content is served by a content delivery network
Information processing apparatus, data acquisition method, and program
Topology aware content delivery network
Data transfer between motors
Management of a device connected to a remote computer using the remote computer to effect management actions
System and method for OSGi-based service delivery framework
Email server system and method
Localization of peer to peer traffic
Proximity filtering of multiparty VoIP communications
Method and system for community data caching
System and method for managing IT assets
System and method for protecting user privacy using social inference protection techniques
Variational EM algorithm for mixture modeling with component-dependent partitions
Decision support systems and methods
Pulse modulated neural integrator circuit
Optimizations for hybrid word processing and graphical content authoring
Key exchange for a network architecture
Combination device, telecommunication system, and combining method
Generating page and document logs for electronic documents
Computer-implemented methods displaying, in a first part, a document and in a second part, a selected index of entities identified in the document
Facilitating access to data in network page generation code
Inferring demographics for website members
Access control policy in a weakly-coherent distributed collection
Artificial intelligence system
Managing presentation and storing of multi-language fonts
System to forecast performance of online news articles to suggest the optimal homepage layout to maximize article readership and readers stickiness
User-interactive automatic translation device and method for mobile device
Phrase-based statistical machine translation as a generalized traveling salesman problem
Dynamic index and search engine server
Data generating device and data generating method, and data processing device and data processing method
Framework to evaluate content display policies
Method and apparatus for sorting inquiry results
Data management of aggregrated devices through a television platform
Automatically constructing titles
Normalizing metadata between library content providers
Cross site request forgery mitigation in multi-domain integrations
Customizing image search for user attributes
Empirical prediction of simultaneous switching noise
Designing synthetic biological circuits using optimality and nonequilibrium thermodynamics
Timing adjustment device and method thereof
Parallelizing bounded model checking using tunnels over a distributed framework
Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and program to perform simulation on design data of a target circuit
Computer product, design support apparatus, and design support method
Anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system
Method and system for flight substitution and reroute
Facility-around-route retrieval device
Form measuring instrument, and calibration method and calibration program therefor
Template constrained fragment alignment used to identify fragments of similar shape and activity in drug development
Method for clinician house calls utilizing portable computing and communications equipment
Signal transfer point front end processor
Surface profile tracing of a document
Suppressing power supply noise using data scrambling in double data rate memory systems
Network apparatus, assessment method, program, and integrated circuit
Securing data in a dispersed storage network using shared secret slices
Creation of signatures for authenticating applications
Alternative unlocking patterns
Audience segment selection
Information processing system and data transfer method
Method and system for enhancing MS exchange (MAPI) end user experiences in a split proxy environment
Input apparatus, control apparatus, control system, control method, and handheld apparatus
Image display apparatus
Touch panel and portable device using the same
Physics simulation-based interaction for surface computing
Interpolated single-layer touch sensor
System and method for differentiating between intended and unintended user input on a touchpad
Computer interface having a single window mode of operation
Image processing apparatus, method of displaying image, image display program, and recording medium having image display program for displaying image recorded thereon
Method and system for associating content with map zoom function
Computer readable medium, printing control apparatus and printing system for outputting second job and first job based on second job attributes
Display control device, display control method, image-forming device, computer readable medium, and computer data signal
Receiving error screen from image processing apparatus and from external server
Printing apparatus and printing control method
Work processing apparatus receiving a process job from an order management apparatus controlling an order from an orderer
Print document conversion apparatus and computer readable medium
Document management system, document management method, and storage medium
Technique for processing data in a network
Accumulator working volume management and adaptation
Adaptive hybrid reasoning decision support system
Powertrain control systems and methods with parameter transfer between an ECM and a TCM for ECM and TCM based control
Method and system for probabilistically quantifying and visualizing relevance between two or more citationally or contextually related data objects
Method and system for freshness indication of location data
Multiple criteria decision analysis
Duplicate backup data identification and consolidation
Methods, systems, and products for reflective maintenance
Selective web content controls for MFP web pages across firewalls
Client and host validation based on hash of key and validation of encrypted data
Resiliency against field-updated security elements
Modifying grammars to correct programming language statements
Virtualization of micro-code patches for probe less debug
Environment data refinement based on static analysis and symbolic execution
Method and computer programming product for detecting memory leaks
Compilation method without explicit symbol table for saving memory
System and method for transferring code to a data producer
Analysis of circuit designs
Method of optimizing job distribution process by analysis of transmission time and processing time
Reducing data read latency in a network communications processor architecture
Storage of application specific profiles correlating to document versions
Coordinating resources using a volatile network intermediary
Operating system notification of actions to be taken responsive to adapter events
Method and system for monitoring forestry products
Method and arrangement for applying a parking brake of a vehicle depending on the roadway conditions
Engine automatic stop and restart apparatus
Appending restriction information to a job before transmission
Approach for updating usage information on printing devices
Image forming system and method for selecting an image for a sample paper ejection
Tomosynthesis method with an iterative maximum a posteriori reconstruction
Method for generating images of multi-views
Article-processing device having a system for monitoring the quality of images of the articles in real time, a sorting machine, and a method
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Histogram-based object tracking apparatus and method
Enhancing photograph visual quality using texture and contrast data from near infra-red images
Vehicle tracking system and tracking method thereof
Image recognition apparatus, image recognition method, and storage medium recording image recognition program
Medical image processing device, medical image processing method, and medical image processing program
Image generating device, static text detecting device and method thereof
Image judgment device
Glyph selection and electronic document generation
Input-handwriting automatic transformation system and method
Apparatus for detecting text recognition region and method of recognizing text
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image by partitioning image
Method and apparatus for processing an image
Methods for determining mixedness of batch material and for obtaining substantially consistent mixedness of batch material
Compression encoder, compression encoding method and program
Method and apparatus for analyzing clusters of objects
Image quality evaluation system, method, and program utilizing increased difference weighting of an area of focus
Image distribution apparatus and image distribution method
Address request and correction system
Schedule optimization using market modeling
Generating container plans for multi-item orders
Dynamically optimized distributed cloud computing-based business process management (BPM) system
Online purchasing system supporting lenders with affordability screening
System and method for automated recipe selection and shopping list creation
Method for online session advertising
Incenting answer quality
Adaptive regionalization for transit characteristic prediction
Advertising system supporting multi-advertiser system remote advertisement posting
Group offers for direct sales system employing networked mobile computing devices
Collection and provision of long-term customer reviews
Financial products for incentivizing health improvement
System and method for processing of data related to requests for quotes for property and casualty insurance
Electronic payment method for making payments using a mobile identifier
Systems, methods and computer program products for performing mass transit merchant transactions
Automatic coding of patient outcomes
Digital image processing apparatus and method of arranging digital image files used by the same
Music-visualizer system and methods
Tabletop display providing multiple views to users
Method for triggering a cost entry
Apparatus and method for managing software applications of a mobile device server
Helmet and a method for dealing with an accident using the helmet
Wireless communication system, communication control method and communication node
Electronic skin having uniform gray scale reflectivity
Liquid crystal display
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Light modulation element, driving method and drive apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof, and mobile terminal having the same, for preventing white or black effect
Pixel driving device, light emitting device, driving/controlling method thereof, and electronic device
Representing a printed product using pixel opacity and color modification
Method and apparatus for controlling a computing system
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display unit
Method and apparatus for speech recognition using domain ontology
Speech retrieval apparatus and speech retrieval method
Deep neural networks and methods for using same
Noise reduction for speech recognition in a moving vehicle
Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon simultaneous speech
Script compliance and agent feedback
Processing verbal feedback and updating digital video recorder (DVR) recording patterns
Multi-cursor transcription editing
Library device
Head servo control system and head servo control method
Optical disk drive and method for determining type of a blu-ray disk
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Nonvolatile memory device using resistance material and memory system including the nonvolatile memory device
Flash memory device and reading method thereof
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block characteristics in other designated blocks
Using damping factors to overcome LDPC trapping sets
Memory test method and memory test device
Configurable module and memory subsystem
Hardware trust anchor
High speed DRAM architecture with uniform access latency
Fuel element for a pressurized water reactor
Doctor aware automatic collimation
Electrical interface protecting apparatus
Key button mechanism and portable electronic device using same
Supercapacitor cells and micro-supercapacitors
Circuit board mountable solenoid actuator
X-ray tube window
Communication device
Printed antenna having a dual-beam diagram
Three-dimensional dual-band antenna
Traveling-wave antenna
Single port dual antenna
Scanning antenna
Dipole antenna assembly
All-fiber chirped pulse amplification systems
Fiber active path length synchronization
Device for judging state of semiconductor laser and method for judging state of semiconductor laser
Mode-locked solid-state laser apparatus
Laser device
Variable frequency drive system apparatus and method for reduced ground leakage current and transistor protection
Method for selectively triggering circuit breakers in the event of a short circuit
Bi-directional back-to-back stacked SCR for high-voltage pin ESD protection, methods of manufacture and design structures
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
High boost ratio DC converter
Feedback circuit and control method for an isolated power converter
Single-phase voltage source DC-AC power converter and three-phase voltage source DC-AC power converter
Alternator controlling apparatus
Detecting residual ISI components using two data patterns
Calibration for RFDAC
On-line discovery and filtering of trapping sets
Scheduling for LDPC decoding
Data compression systems and methods
Communication device, noise removing method, and program
Method and receiver apparatus for determining a correlation value considering frequency correction
Agile frequency synthesizer scheme for fast hopping, low phase noise applications
Antenna installation method in a multiple input multiple output communication method
Portable communication device and system with interchangeable speaker modules
Mobile phone case and mobile phone and case combination
Enhanced geran receiver using channel input beamforming
Active resistive summer for a transformer hybrid
Radio receiver power management systems and methods
Radio data system (RDS) data processing methods and apparatus
Method for efficient assessment of communication service levels in a mobile station having multiple communication interfaces
Mobile terminal
System and method for optimizing battery power
Multi-bus architecture for a video codec
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
Quantum based information transmission system and method
Optical communication module and optical communication device
Signal processing device and method, and infrared multi-channel receiver
Method and apparatus for allocating physical cell identifier in wireless communication system
Wireless network system and method of transmitting and receiving data over the wireless network system
Client device
Method and system for a simplified user group selection scheme with finite-rate channel state information feedback for FDD multiuser MIMO downlink transmission
Apparatus and method for transmitting an uplink pilot using a scanning interval in a mobile communication system
Multi-antenna communication method and system thereof
Method and arrangements for load balancing of power amplifiers
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for utilizing a repeating function to improve quality of service
Method and apparatus for compressing and transmitting ultra high speed data
Network control of uplink transmit timing for compressed mode
Mobile station initiated load balancing in wireless communication networks
Wireless communication system
Multifunctional control channel for pseudowire emulation
IQ imbalance image compensation in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
Controlling interference in a wireless communication system using a parameter upper bound based on a maximum allowable noise rise
Channel access protocol for wireless communication
Ultra-wide bandwidth system and method for in-premises wireless networking
Interconnects using self-timed time-division multiplexed bus
Packet insertion mechanism for an improved ATSC DTV system
Communication methods and apparatuses
Base station, relay, system and method for packet re-transmission in a multi-hop network
16E1/T1 media gateway
Receiving apparatus, receiving method and program thereof
Managing communications over a shared medium
Method for allocating phich and generating reference signal in system using single-user MIMO based on multiple codewords when transmitting uplink
Electronic trading system supporting anonymous negotiation and indications of interest
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating a data block in a multi carrier modulation communication scheme
Method and digital communication device for receiving data using QAM symbols
Processing unit decoding packets with deadlines in communications channel
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless reception method
Sleep clock error recovery scheme
Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast data, and method and apparatus for receiving broadcast data
Adaptive rate control based on battery life
Filtering and route lookup in a switching device
Dynamic expelling of child nodes in directed acyclic graphs in a computer network
Diversity monitoring for communication network circuits
Transmission device, transmission method, and program for the same
Transmission of channel quality indications
Transmission of channel quality indications
TCP receiver acceleration
Limited automatic repeat request protocol for frame-based communication channels
Method and apparatus for improving data transmission reliability in a wireless communications system
Method for forwarding packets a related packet forwarding system, a related classification device and a related popularity monitoring device
Transmission information transfer apparatus and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for transmission of configuration information in a wireless communication network
Content receiver and content transmitter
Integrated customer premises equipment device
Method and apparatus for signaling proprietary information between network elements of a core network in a wireless communication network
Method of managing a call addressed to a terminal associated to an access device
Techniques for decoding transmitted signals using reactive taboo searches (RTS)
Methods for carrier frequency offset detection and compensation and transmitters and receivers utilizing the same
Bits-to-symbol mapping method for 4+12+16 APSK modulation
Time delay measurement
Differential encoding for multiplexed data streams
Method and apparatus for protecting content consumer's privacy
Communication system and device
Mobile terminal for sharing resources, method of sharing resources within mobile terminal and method of sharing resources between web server and terminal
Cryptographic key attack mitigation
Protecting states of a cryptographic process using group automorphisms
Multimode wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Configuration sensing for a mobile computing device
Configuration sensing for a mobile computing device
Intelligent notifications with dynamic escalations
Vehicle entertainment system with multi-source presets
Abbreviated dialing
Communication terminal apparatus, power supply control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium storing power supply control program
Telephony testing
Method and apparatus for displaying a customized caller line identification
Advertisement based ringback system and method for use with a directory assistance system
Method and device for interacting with a contact
Data service upgrade with advice of charge
Reducing power consumption of mobile device through automated environment awareness
Real time data usage metering on a mobile station and reconciliation with billable usage measured by a mobile network
Party information for data-capable communication device
Billing system, billing-information generation apparatus, billing-information generation method, computer readable recording medium recording billing information generation program
Method of setting the dispatch area based on the cluster system of CDMA technology
Controlling a test load throttle
Media optimization using transcription analysis
Systems and methods for blocking an outgoing request associated with an outgoing telephone number
Method and device with dynamic dormancy
Techniques for controlling a radio processor in a mobile computing device
Method and apparatus for ringback tone replacement with downloaded audio files
Methods for searching phone book, and portable devices and information processing apparatuses having phone-book search function
System and method for provisioning telephony services
Communication device
Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
System and method for determining a telecommunications address
Auto document feeding device and image scanning device
Overhead scanner device, image acquiring method, and computer-readable recording medium
Media advance with voiding of sensitive substrates
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Stereoscopic imaging apparatus
System and method for integrated timing control for an LCD display panel
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program for superimposition display
Image pickup apparatus, display and image processing apparatus
Image recording apparatus and control method
Method for determining clear image using an image pickup device
Method and apparatus for realizing dynamic image effect
Method for switching a channel of an image display device and apparatus therefor
Digital camera and interchangeable lens unit
Method for outputting content information and display system enabling the method
Broadcasting system and reception apparatus
Method for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal and broadcasting signal receiver
Solid-state image capturing device, and image capturing apparatus
Display device and method for timer recording a broadcast program
Playback apparatus and method of controlling the same
Imaging apparatus and control method for the same, shooting control apparatus, and shooting control method
Method for recording AV data and associated data, AV data recording apparatus, AV data reproducing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Playback apparatus, program, and playback method
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Video signal processing method and apparatus
Image processing circuit, image display device, and an image processing method
Method and apparatus for receiving broadcasting signal, and broadcasting system using the same
Forming a representation of a video item and use thereof
High definition personal computer (PC) cam
Methods and systems for inter-layer image prediction
Mobile terminal and method of reproducing broadcast data using the same
Channel capacity estimation and prediction method and apparatus for rate adaptive wireless video
Method and apparatus for interdependently controlling audio/video signals
Processing device for correcting defect pixel values of an image sensor unit, image sensor unit with the processing device and method
Image pick-up apparatus, white balance setting method and recording medium
Apparatus and reproducing method, for reproducing content data recorded on a recording medium
Hearing assistance device with programmable direct audio input port
Hearing aid systems
Sealing retainer for extended wear hearing devices
Biology-inspired miniature system and method for sensing and localizing acoustic signals
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and communication method
System and method for updating data in remote devices
Apparatus and method for use in location determination
System and method for providing advertisement data to a mobile computing device
System and method for multilevel scheduling
Efficient reselections in the presence of closed subscriber group cells
RSVP/SBM based up-stream session setup, modification, and teardown for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Base station apparatus, user equipment, and communication control method
Method and system for accountable resource allocation in cellular and broadband networks
Method and system for scanning in WLAN
Method of fast uplink data transmission for handover
Method and system for dynamic adjustment of power and frequencies in a femtocell network
Apparatus and method for precoding by midamble in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
Method and system for wireless data flow
Method for transmitting and receiving a signal to protect against erroneous feedback information
Method for scheduling orthogonally over multiple hops
Enabling IMS services for non-IMS UEs via a home base station subsystem
Short-range wireless relay method and system
Method and apparatus for system acquisition in a mobile communication terminal
Techniques for secure channelization between UICC and a terminal
Increasing system capacity via utilization of end user equipment knowledge
Measurements and fast power adjustments in D2D communications
System and method for multilevel scheduling
Method of controlling network in wireless network and device
Radiographic apparatus
Appliance control panel
Pb-free solder-connected structure and electronic device
Shield cover, shield case, and circuit board module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB02C03
Cultured cells of Australian laurel, Pittosporaceae and a method for culturing tissues by using said cultured cells
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Morphogen-induced neural cell adhesion
Method of repelling insects
Polypeptides that inhibit human serum-induced cleavage of hepatocyte growth factor
Pesticidal macrolides
2-Pyrimidinyloxy-n-aryl-benzylamine derivatives,their processes and uses
Creamy ice cream products containing soy-milk and potato as the main components and process for producing the same
Polypeptides having aminopeptidase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Proteins with increased levels of essential amino acids
Composition for use in a dishwashing machine
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Method for inhibiting c-jun expression using JAK-3 inhibitors
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods for ulcerative colitis and associated disorders
Anti-spasticity of an eicosanoid analog
Method of producing a concentrate comprising a sulfonamide in solution, a 2,4-diaminopyrimidine in stable suspension within said solution
Quinolinone derivatives
Mixtures for organic compounds for the treatment of airway diseases
Racemization and enantiomer separation of clopidogrel
Antidepressant indolealkyl derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxan methylamines
Pyrrolo[2,3d]pyrimidine compositions and their use
Epothilone derivatives
Pyrene-linked pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine hybrids useful as anti-cancer agents
Antihelminthic anthraquinones and method of use thereof
Homogeneous assay of vancomycin using a stable particle-vancomycin conjugate, a novel rate enhancer, and a novel dose response modulator
Osteoclast secreted chemokine and uses thereof
Isolation of glycoproteins from bovine milk
Aniline-derived ligands for the thyroid receptor
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines
Pharmaceutical combination for the treatment of cancer
Hydrazine-based and carbonyl-based bifunctional crosslinking reagents
Treatment of HIV infections
Compositions and methods for sensitizing and inhibiting growth of human tumor cells
Chimeric GFP-aequorin as bioluminescent Ca++ reporters at the single cell level
Red-shifted triazine ultravioletlight absorbers
Hydrolyzed jojoba protein
Polymeric urethane ester quats and their use in personal care compositions
Syntactic deformable foam compositions and methods for making
Hydrophilic, open-cell, elastic foams with a melamine/formaldehyde resin base, production thereof and use thereof in hygiene products
Absorbent article
Apparatus and method for inactivating viral contaminants in body fluids
Low peak exotherm curable compositions
Biodegradable compositions comprising poly(cycloaliphatic phosphoester) compounds, articles, and methods for using the same
Regenerated cellulose and oxidized cellulose membranes as potential biodegradable platforms for drug delivery and tissue engineering
Implantable cardiac defibrillation with control circuit for controlling a high voltage circuit using a low voltage circuit
Indolin derivaties as sun protection agents
Isolated peptide of the horny layer and user thereof
Cosmetic bath composition based on herbs and a foaming agent, and packaging containing the said composition
Golf ball cover compositions
Golf balls incorporating polyamide polymers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides and a method for preparing the same
Iron compound catalyst for inhibiting generation of dioxin
Method for efficient laser isotope separation and enrichment of silicon
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Chromatography material and a method using the same
Process for producing anionic clay using boehmite which has been peptized with an acid
Method for producing dimethyl ether
Catalyst regeneration
Catalyst for acidolysis of aromatic hydroperoxy compound and process for producing aromatic hydroxy compound using the same
Suspension of multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Method for the preparation of ferrocenyl substituted styrene
NOx reduction composition for use in FCC processes
Gold catalysts supported on graphitic carbon nanostructures
Chemical process
Conjoined reactor system
Robotic reservoir without liquid hangup
Method for crystallizing silicon
Gas assisted method for applying resist stripper and gas-resist stripper combinations
Membrane electrode assemblies for direct methanol fuel cells and methods for their production
Electrical discharge machining of carbon-containing work pieces
Method and apparatus for repairing air-cooled airfoils
Method and device for rapid cutting of a workpiece from a brittle material
Method and apparatus for welding
Polishing method using ceria slurry, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Part made of reinforced plastics material, and method of manufacture
Methods of making anisotropic conductive elements for use in microelectronic packaging
Folded honeycomb structure consisting of corrugated paperboard and method and device for producing the same
Gypsum board having improved flexibility, toughness, abuse resistance, water resistance and fire resistance
Multilayer sliding material
Interlayers for laminated safety glass with superior de-airing and laminating properties and process for making the same
Wood-based composite panel having foil overlay and methods for manufacturing
Photoresponsive surfaces
Synthetic resin leather
Polyolefin oil resistant film using porous particles
Image display medium
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Process for making a two layer thermal negative plate
Power switching transistor and method of manufacture for a fluid ejection device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid jet apparatus
Thermal recording material
Imaging materials with conductive layers containing electronically conductive polymer particles
Multilens star box and method for making same
Colored rubber composition for a tire
Deep coloured green-to-blue shade soda-lime glass
Cooling fan system for a vehicle with fuel cell propulsion
Method and device for the automatic control of illumination devices
Wireless data and energy transmission device
Electric junction box and process for producing the same
Contact washer system and method for controlling a windscreen wiper motor
Device for discriminating among print media
Distributor unit
Microfluidic array devices and methods of manufacture and uses thereof
MEMS encapsulated structure and method of making same
Integrated electromechanical switch and tunable capacitor and method of making the same
Selective underfill for flip chips and flip-chip assemblies
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Niobium alloy and hydrogen permeation membrane produced from it
Catalyst composition
Crystals comprising single-walled carbon nanotubes
Low-silanol silica
Method and apparatus for generating H20 to be used in a wet oxidation process to form SiO2 on a silicon surface
Article with antifogging film and process for producing the same
Glass beads and uses thereof
Chemical resistant glass fusing composition and process for metal motor vehicle and building industry articles
Porous ceramics and method of preparing the same as well as microstrip substrate
Substrates with a self-cleaning surface, a process for their production and their use
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising sludge
Complex chemical libraries
Process for preparing a polyaromatic compound
Tricyclic compounds and method of treating herpes virus
Spisulosine compounds
Anhydrous crystalline forms of gabapentin
Stabilization of amido acids with antioxidants
Process for the preparation of substituted octanoyl amides
Fluorine-containing compounds and polymers derived therefrom
Substituted diphenyl indanone, indane and indole compounds and analogues thereof useful for the treatment of prevention of diseases characterized by abnormal cell proliferation
Unsaturated oligophenol cyanates
Process for quenching a gaseous reaction mixture during the gas phase phosgenation of diamines
Hydrolytic kinetic resolution of cyclic substrates
Preparation of desflurane
Process for the synthesis of estrogen receptor modulators
Method for the synthesis of aliphatic carboxylic acids from aldehydes
Method for producing carboxylic acid benzyl esters
Method for producing aromatic carbonates
Carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Substituted naphthyl indole derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI-1)
Oligomeric and polymeric telechelics
Flame retardant compositions
5-chloro-3-(4-methanesulfonylphenyl)-6'-methyl-[2,3]bipyridinyl in pure crystalline form and process for synthesis
Diaryl compounds
Organometallic luminescent materials and organic electroluminescent device containing same
Pyridine and quinoline derivatives
Inhibitors of p38
Tetrahydropyridine derivatives, their preparation and their use as cell proliferation inhibitors
Modulators of Rho C activity
Process for the synthesis of chirally pure beta-amino-alcohols
Process for the preparation of a 3(2H)-pyridazinone-4- substituted amino 5-chloro derivative
Benzotriazoles containing phenyl groups substituted by heteroatoms and compositions stabilized therewith
Method for quantitative determination of amino acids
Chemosensitizing agents against chloroquine resistant plasmodium falciparum and methods of making and using thereof
Process for purification of proanthocyanidin oligomer
Non-nucleosidic coumarin derivatives as polynucleotide-crosslinking agents
Substituted 5-oxo-5, 6, 7, 8-tetrahydro-4H-1-benzopyrans
Fluorescent pH indicators for intracellular assays
Method for purifying cyclic esters
Taxol enhancer compounds
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds and medicaments containing the compounds
Form of irbesartan, methods for obtaining said form and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Sulfamato hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
Potentiators of glutamate receptors
Pyrimidine derivatives having antitumor effect
N-substituted 4-((-4'-aminobenzoyl)-oxymethyl)-piperidines having gastric prokinetic properties
Substituted azabicyclic compounds
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Crystalline form II of cabergoline
Bicyclic inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Substituted 2,4-dihydro-pyrrolo[3,4-b]quinolin-9-one derivatives useful as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Azaindolylalkylamine derivatives as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta
Analogs of indole-3-carbinol metabolites as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Pirazino indole derivatives
Antipsychotic aminomethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-3H-6,9-dioxa-2,3-diaza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene
Reactive thienothiophenes
Antipsychotic aminomethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-2,6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene
Antipsychotic aminomethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-3H-1,6,9-trioxa-3-AZA-cyclopenta[a]naphthalen-2-one
Method for the preparation of ceftiofur sodium and its intermediates
Process for the preparation of cefixime
Imidazo[4,5-b]-pyridiniummethyl-containing cephem compounds having broad antibacterial spectrum activity
Method of treating schizophrenia
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Catalysts used for olefine polymerization and the preparation thereof
Detection of glucose in solutions also containing an alpha-hydroxy acid or a beta-diketone
Trialkylsilanes for use in chromatographic applications, substrates including such compounds and methods of producing the same
Polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Compounds for modulating cell proliferation
Phosphole and dishosphole ligands for catalysis
Process for producing optically active naphthalene derivative and optical resolver therefor
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of infectious and other diseases with mono- and disaccharide-based compounds
Alkoxylated surfactants based upon alkyl polyglycoside
Pyrazine derivatives or salts thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing the same, and production intermediates thereof
Methods for improved array preparation
Method for producing .beta.-D-ribofuranose derivatives or optical isomers thereof
Reagent and process for protecting nucleoside hydroxyl groups
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Cytoplasmic inhibition of gene expression and expression of a foreign protein in a monocot plant by a plant viral vector
Geminivirus resistant transgenic plants
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Isolation of a human retrovirus
Methods for diagnosis and therapy of autoimmune disease, such as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, involving retroviral superantigens
Leptospira vaccine antigens for the prevention of Leptospirosis
Human collagenase inhibitor, recombinant vector system for using same and recombinant DNA method for the manufacture of same
Nucleic acid comprising the sequence of a promoter unductible by stress and a gene sequence coding for a stilbene synthase
Peptides with increased + charge and hydrophobicity by substituting one or more amino acids of CA-MA peptide and pharmaceutical compositions containing thereof
Isolated peptides which bind to MHC class II molecules, and uses thereof
Human oncogene induced secreted protein I
Survivin, a protein that inhibits cellular apoptosis, and its modulation
Mc1-1 gene regulatory elements and a pro-apoptotic mc1-1 variant
Method of detecting a cancerous cell expressing an EGF motif polynucleotide
Manganese superoxide dismutase regulatory elements and uses thereof
Secreted factors
Methods for restoring wild-type p53 gene function
Modified BDNF
Production of recombinant proteins in vivo and use for generating antibodies
Nucleic acid molecule encoding chemokine-like factor 1 (CKLF1)
Mammalian cytokine complexes
Recombinant adenoviruses expressing interleukin-18 protein and gene therapy using them
Monomeric analogues of human insulin
G-protein coupled receptor
Expression vectors containing hot spot for increased recombinant protein expression in transfected cells
Insect sodium channels from insecticide-susceptible and insecticide-resistant house flies
Human G-Protein chemokine receptor HDGNR10 (CCR5 receptor)
Modified factor VIII cDNA
Modified green fluorescent proteins
Nucleic acids encoding phosphorylated fusion proteins
Interferon-beta fusion proteins and uses
Method for making humanized antibodies
Methods for identifying compounds which bind the active CCR5 chemokine receptor
Variants of native growth hormones having non naturally occurring amino acid sequences or covalent modifications
Heparanase specific molecular probes and their use in research and medical applications
Metastin derivatives and their use
S-nitrosothiols as agents for the treatment of circulatory dysfunctions
Stable macroscopic membranes formed by self-assembly of amphiphilic peptides and uses therefor
Peptides as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Indolicidin analogs and methods of using same
Method for producing cellulose sulfoacetate derivatives and products and mixtures thereof
Process for removing hydrogenation catalyst residue from hydrogenated polymers
Olefin polymerization process with alkyl-substituted metallocenes
Olefin-based polymer
Propylene polymer, molded object thereof, and process for producing propylene polymer
Catalyst composition for polymerization of olefins and process using the composition
Method for preparing propylene polymers having broad molecular weight distribution
Method for producing an improved catalyst for homo-and co-polymerization of olefin
Method of preparing polymer particles having narrow particle size distribution
Emulsion polymerization method
Fluorine-containing photosensitive polymer having hydrate structure and resist composition comprising the same
Polyolefin graft copolymers made with fluorinated monomers
Polymerizations using adjuvant catalysts
Polyolefin sheets for thermoforming
Process of preparation of amino functionalized diene polymers, polymers of such type, rubber composition and tire casing containing those polymers
Process for producing polymer rubber and oil extended polymer rubber
Polyolefin production
Process for the production of aqueous polymer dispersions
Method for producing copolymer of alkylvinyl ether and maleic anhydride, and copolymer of alkylvinyl ether and maleic anhydride
Method and apparatus for producing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer saponification product
Mixture containing isocyanates as well as organic and/or inorganic acid anhydrides
Lightweight tire support and composition and method for making a tire support
Catalyst and process for preparing color-reduced polyisocyanates containing isocyanurate groups
Acid catalyzed copolymerization of water and epoxy resin and uses thereof
Epoxy resin composition used for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device using the composition
Epoxy resin compositions, solid state devices encapsulated therewith and method
Hydrogenated ring-opening metathesis copolymer and process for producing the same
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices
Process for producing polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Optical devices made from radiation curable fluorinated compositions
Process for producing polyether
Methods for making silicone-organic copolymers
Fluorene compound, polymers thereof having a polyphenylene group, and EL element comprising the same
Materials for optical applications
Starch graft copolymers and method of making and using starch graft copolymers for agriculture
Crosslinked hydrogel copolymers
Composite and process for producing the same
Propylene copolymer foams
Flame retardant reinforced polyamide resin composition
Durable water repellent and coated articles
Blend of EPDM and SBR using an EPDM of different origin as a compatibilizer
Catalytic system, its method for preparation and method for preparation of a copolymer of ethylene and a conjugated diene
Metallocene-produced very low density polyethylenes
Basic magnesium sulfate fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin composition and injection molded article using the resin composition
Olefin polymer composition
Polyester resin composition for engine peripheral parts
Process for producing retardation film
Anthraquinone compound and water-based ink-jet recording ink containing the compound
Composite particles, and tread rubber composition, paint and resin composition using the same
Ink for ink jet recording, method of producing ink for ink jet recording, and ink jet recording method
Substrates colored with novel magenta colorants
Modified polyolefin resin, modified polyolefin resin composition, and uses thereof
Scratch-resistant strippable finish
Gluing, sealing and coating compound
Adhesives and adhesive compositions containing thioether groups
Hot-melt adhesive composition comprising acidic polymer and basic polymer blends
Acrylic adhesive compositions for polarizing film and the polarizer film using the same
Hydrophilic polymer concentrates
Polymer-enhanced foamable drilling fluid
Corrosion inhibitor barrier for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Lubricating oil dispersant
Grease composition with improved rust prevention and abrasion resistance properties
Solvent and method for extraction of triglyceride rich oil
Liquid hand dishwashing detergent
Bar made by delivering composition under pressure of injector head at entry to substantially closed mold
Fabric softener compositions
Cleaning agent containing alcoholate
Metal complexes of tripodal ligands
Regulated expression of PKC and/or SRB1/psa1 in yeast
High efficiency transfection based on low electric field strength, long pulse length
Methods of selecting polynucleotides encoding antigens
Method for delivery of proteins to plant cells
Commercial production of laccase in plants
Methods and materials for the growth of primate-derived primordial stem cells in feeder-free culture
Method for maintenance and propagation of germline stem cells using members of the TFG-.beta. family of growth factors
UDP-galactose: .beta.-N-acetyl-glucosamine .beta.1,3galactosyltransferases, .beta.3Gal-T5
Mammalian sphingosine kinase type 2 isoforms, cloning, expression and methods of use thereof
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Modified forms of hepatitis C NS3 protease for facilitating inhibitor screening and structural studies of protease:inhibitor complexes
Human cathepsin L2 protein, gene encoding said protein and use thereof
D-hydantoinase from Ochrobactrum anthropi
Trehalose synthase protein, gene, plasmids, microorganisms, and a process for producing trehalose
Expression of lysosomal hydrolase in cells expressing pro-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphodiester .alpha.-N-acetyl glucosimanidase
Arthrobacter D-carbamoylase and methods of preparing enantiomerically enriched D-amino acids
Stereoselective reduction of substituted acetophenone
Vitro methods for screening for blood coagulation disorders using metal ions
Diagnostic method, diagnostic reagent and therapeutic preparation for diseases caused by variation in LKB1 gene
Method for mutation detection in HIV-1 using pol sequencing
Role of PPH1 gene in pulmonary hypertension
Gas turbine engine component having a refurbished coating including a thermally grown oxide
Water-vapor-permeable, watertight, and heat-reflecting flat composite, process for its manufacture, and use thereof
Integrated circuit device and fabrication using metal-doped chalcogenide materials
Deposition of transition metal carbides
Tungsten carbide coating and method for producing the same
Methods for the deposition of high-K films and high-K films produced thereby
CVD plasma assisted low dielectric constant films
Thin film formation method
Method of forming a metal oxide film
Adjustment of N and K values in a DARC film
Method of forming thin oxidation layer by cluster ion beam
Buffer layers on metal alloy substrates for superconducting tapes
Electromagnetically levitated substrate support
Textiles; Paper
Accessing leaf and/or stem parts of plants
Fibrous material comprising fibers made from linear isotactic polymers
Fire retardant and heat resistant yarns and fabrics incorporating metallic or other high strength filaments
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Current response controller for starter/alternator
Engine starting apparatus and method for controlling the same
Starter generator for an internal combustion engine and method of producing same
Method of protection and fault detection for starter/alternator operating in the starter mode
Short circuit protection system for a starter circuit
System and method for producing energy
Fluid-powered energy conversion device
Wind power system
Generator and fan
Isotropic pitch-based materials for thermal insulation
System for measuring a parameter inside an adverse environment while protecting the adverse environment against potentially dangerous threats with an active safety barrier circuit
Optical encoder and sensor head of the same
Device for the optoelectronic detection of switching positions of a switching element
Image sensor having reduced stress color filters and method of making
Displacement and torque sensor
Optical architectures for microvolume laser-scanning cytometers
Apparatus and method for detecting biofilm in the water conduits of dental units
System and method for recycling developer solution containing tetra-methyl-ammonia hydroxide (TMAH)
Spectroscopic method for analyzing isotopes by using a semiconductor laser
Method for monitoring the crystallization of an organic material from a liquid
Monitoring apparatus and method for tape automated bonding process
Method and equipment for detecting pattern defect
Microwave dielectric spectroscopy method and apparatus
Nondestructive characterization of thin films using measured basis spectra
Electron microscope and method of photographing TEM images
Techniques to characterize iso-dense effects for microdevice manufacture
Process for preparing a hydrogen sensor
Imager for DNA sequencer
Reflection type ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus
Chemical spot test for lead in paint and other media
Method of monitoring a biological system by labeling with an apo metal binding protein
High throughput functional proteomics
Methods of manufacturing reagent test strips
Systems for sensitive detection of G-protein coupled receptor and orphan receptor function using reporter enzyme mutant complementation
Optoelectronic sensor
Electrospray tandem mass spectrometry of transition metal diimine complexes of amino acids, .alpha.-hydroxyketones and hexose phosphates for newborn screening
Methods and compositions for the modulation of chorismate synthase and chorismate mutase expression or activity in plants
Nucleic-acid programmable protein arrays
Automated methods for simultaneously performing a plurality of signal-based assays
Piezoelectric sensor
Method and apparatus for current measurement for electronically-controlled pump
Characterization methodology for the thin gate oxide device
Lot-optimized wafer level burn-in
Hybrid Hall vector magnetometer
Large-area fiber plate, radiation image pickup apparatus utilizing the same and producing method therefor
X-ray image acquisition apparatus
Mirror projection system for a scanning lithographic projection apparatus, and lithographic apparatus comprising such a system
Voltage and light induced strains in porous crystalline materials and uses thereof
Two-dimensional optical scanner and method of driving the same
Multi-beam scanning device, multi-beam scanning method, light source device, and image forming apparatus
Semi-conductor interconnect using free space electron switch
Light sampling system
Tilt switch
Antireflection films for use with displays
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Etching solution for signal wire and method of fabricating thin film transistor array panel with the same
Method of controlling storage capacitor's capacitance of thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Active matrix electro-luminescent display device with an organic leveling layer
Active matrix thin film transistor
Method for quantum information processing and quantum information processor
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material
Heat-developable photosensitive material and method of processing the same
Photosensitive thick film composition
Phase-shifting mask and method of forming pattern using the same
Method of generating optical assist features for two-mask exposure lithography
Method for phase shift mask design, fabrication, and use
Method of producing pattern-formed structure and photomask used in the same
Method for producing a self-supporting electron-optical transparent structure, and structure produced in accordance with the method
Image-forming material and image formation method
Method of fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process of producing polymer optical waveguide
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Chemical amplification type photoresist composition, method for producing a semiconductor device using the composition, and semiconductor substrate
Negative-acting aqueous photoresist composition
Negative deep ultraviolet photoresist
Use of multiple reticles in lithographic printing tools
Method for experimentally verifying imaging errors in photomasks
Thick film photoresists and methods for use thereof
Wavelength-independent exposure pattern generation method and exposure pattern generation system for lithography
Image-receiving sheet for electrophotography
Image forming apparatus
Photoconductive imaging members
Toner for dry developing
Magnetic circuit structure, and power-generating device and electronic device using the same
Universal electrical energy saver
Portable information processor
Passive infrared detector
AC powered oled device
Method and apparatus for producing acoustical guitar sounds using an electric guitar
Musical instrument display stand
Recorder, method for recording music, player, method for reproducing the music and system for ensemble on the basis of music data codes differently formatted
Electric guitar pickguard assembly
Protective housing for ultrasonic transducer apparatus
Spindle motor with magnetic seal
Cleaning tape
Magnetic recording medium
Zone bonded lubrication for hard disk recording media
Memory architecture with series grouped by cells
Memory devices, and electronic systems comprising memory devices
Light stimulating and collecting methods and apparatus for storage-phosphor image plates
CMOS basic cell and method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
Semiconductor component for connection to a test system
Coated nanotube surface signal probe and method of attaching nanotube to probe holder
Binderless storage phosphor screen having voids filled up to a defined extent
Accelerator system and medical accelerator facility
Communications cables with isolators
Snake for musical instrument wiring
Coaxial cable and method of making same
Integrated vertical spiral inductor on semiconductor material
Switch for power tools with integrated switch contacts
Switch input current circuit
Activation mechanism for switch devices
Switch device
Tactile switch unit
Mesoscale MEMS switch apparatus and method
Circuit breaker including lever for snap close operation
Circuit breaker including frame having stop for operating mechanism link
Circuit breaker
Cathode material including rare earth metal used as electron emission source for electron beam apparatus
In-line type electron gun and color picture tube apparatus using the same
Cathode ray tube
Flat CRT panel
Resistive primer coating for a display apparatus
Image display device
Method of forming filament for electron beam emitter
Method for monitoring an ion implanter and ion implanter having a shadow jig for performing the same
Method and structure for reducing effects of noise and resonance associated with an e-beam lithography tool
Ion implanting apparatus and ion implanting method
Mass spectrometer
Fast variable gain detector system and method of controlling the same
Electron-ion fragmentation reactions in multipolar radiofrequency fields
Method and apparatus for ion attachment mass spectrometry
Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp
Discharge lamp provided with a getter
Method of manufacturing split gate flash memory device
Pre-erase manufacturing method
RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers and process for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with layer peeling resistance
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Silicon-germanium hetero bipolar transistor with T-shaped implantation layer between emitter and emitter contact area
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with storage node contact structure
Method for forming bottle-shaped trenches
Pulse laser irradiation method for forming a semiconductor thin film
Nitrogen controlled growth of dislocation loop in stress enhanced transistor
Semiconductor device having an insulated gate and a fabrication process thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoresist scum for copper dual damascene process
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor fabrication control method
Etching methods, methods of removing portions of material, and methods of forming silicon nitride spacers
Radiation-sensitive composition and method for forming patterns and fabricating semiconductor devices
Film forming method, film forming apparatus, pattern forming method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus
Method for forming polyatomic layers
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of preparing indium phosphide heterojunction bipolar transistors
Method of fabricating a bipolar transistor
Implanted asymmetric doped polysilicon gate FinFET
Triple layer hard mask for gate patterning to fabricate scaled CMOS transistors
Method of fabricating a MOS transistor with a drain extension and corresponding transistor
Process for enhancement of voltage endurance and reduction of parasitic capacitance for a trench power MOSFET
Method of controlling wafer charging effects due to manufacturing processes
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of making a bumped terminal in a laminated structure for a semiconductor chip assembly
Semiconductor device including edge bond pads and related methods
Method of forming embedded MIM capacitor and zigzag inductor scheme
Microstructure array, mold for forming a microstructure array, and method of fabricating the same
Electrostatic discharge device protection structure
Semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor transistor device
FinFET device incorporating strained silicon in the channel region
Method for manufacturing a self-aligned split-gate flash memory cell
Semiconductor device having a low-resistance gate electrode
Manufacturing semiconductor device including forming a buried gate covered by an insulative film and a channel layer
Method of fabricating LDMOS semiconductor devices
Chemistry for boron diffusion barrier layer and method of application in semiconductor device fabrication
Field-effect type compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Asymmetrical double gate or all-around gate MOSFET devices and methods for making same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with negative differential conductance or transconductance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating ruthenium thin layer
Method for manufacturing a silicide layer of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a metal-semiconductor junction with a reduced contact resistance
Methods of forming conductive interconnects
Process for the formation of RuSixOy-containing barrier layers for high-k dielectrics
Integrated circuit configuration and method of fabricating a dram structure with buried bit lines or trench capacitors
Low k dielectric composite layer for integrated circuit structure which provides void-free low k dielectric material between metal lines while mitigating via poisoning
Trench-gate semiconductor devices and their manufacture
Embedded chip enclosure with solder-free interconnect
Semiconductor manufacturing method and apparatus
Process for the selective formation of salicide on active areas of MOS devices
Self-aligned source pocket for flash memory cells
EMI and noise shielding for multi-metal layer high frequency integrated circuit processes
Method of fabricating a polysilicon capacitor utilizing fet and bipolar base polysilicon layers
Integrated circuit configuration having a structure for reducing a minority charge carrier current
Tracking circuit
Method to avoid via poisoning in dual damascene process
Film forming method by radiating a plasma on a surface of a low dielectric constant film
Method for forming t-shaped conductive wires of semiconductor device utilizing notching phenomenon
Localized array threshold voltage implant enhance charge storage within DRAM memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuitry and method for manufacturing the circuitry
Multiple oxide thicknesses for merged memory and logic applications
Copper alloys for interconnections having improved electromigration characteristics and methods of making same
Semiconductor dice having back side redistribution layer accessed using through-silicon vias, and assemblies
Integrated DRAM process/structure using contact pillars
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor circuit configuration and associated fabrication method
Semiconductor devices, circuit substrates and electronic devices
Vertical split gate flash memory cell and method for fabricating the same
CMOS process for double vertical channel thin film transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming insulating film and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Formation of patterned silicon-on-insulator (SOI)/silicon-on-nothing (SON) composite structure by porous Si engineering
Display device and process of producing the same
Vertical transistors, electrical devices containing a vertical transistor, and computer systems containing a vertical transistor
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Porous integrated circuit dielectric with decreased surface porosity
Ball grid array package
Aluminum nitride sintered bodies and members for semiconductor-producing apparatuses
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and electrodeposition frame
Package for semiconductor die containing symmetrical lead and heat sink
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuit cooling device
Flexible tape electronics packaging
Wiring circuit board having bumps and method of producing same
Materials and structure for a high reliability bga connection between LTCC and PB boards
Integrated chip package structure using ceramic substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Power/ground ring substrate for integrated circuits
Wire bonding process for copper-metallized integrated circuits
Multi-chip semiconductor device with specific chip arrangement
Semiconductor device having amorphous barrier layer for copper metallurgy
Method and apparatus for controlling copper barrier/seed deposition processes
Method of fabricating semiconductor device including forming contact hole with anisotropic and isotropic etching and forming discontinuous barrier layer
Semiconductor device having a redundancy function
Heat-dissipating device of a semiconductor device and fabrication method for same
Apparatus and method for providing low-loss transmission lines in interconnected mesh plane systems
RF passive circuit and RF amplifier with via-holes
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
High-frequency module device
Power module
Light emitting device, display apparatus with an array of light emitting devices, and display apparatus method of manufacture
DRAM and MOS transistor manufacturing
Apparatus and circuit having reduced leakage current and method therefor
Multiple-bit memory latch cell for integrated circuit gate array
Inter-tile buffer system for a field programmable gate array
Multilayer analog interconnecting line layout for a mixed-signal integrated circuit
One time programmable semiconductor nonvolatile memory device and method for production of same
Semiconductor photodetector device and manufacturing method thereof
Solid image pickup device
Device including a resistive path to introduce an equivalent RC circuit
Thin film transistor, method of producing the same, liquid crystal display, and thin film forming apparatus
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
Method of making a polycide interconnection layer having a silicide film formed on a polycrystal silicon for a semiconductor device
Bladed silicon-on-insulator semiconductor devices and method of making
Integrated circuit power devices having junction barrier controlled schottky diodes therein
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a bipolar transistor and a variable capacitor
Circuit device for solar energy application
Photovoltaic power generating structure
Heterojunction bipolar transistors with extremely low offset voltage and high current gain
Push-pull configurations for semiconductor device having a PN-Junction with a photosensitive region
Electrode for light-emitting semiconductor devices and method of producing the electrode
Group III nitride LED with undoped cladding layer (5000.137)
III-nitride light emitting devices fabricated by substrate removal
Mounting and heatsink method for piezoelectric transformer
Piezo linear drive with a group of piezo actuator stacks as well as method for operating such a drive
Forming tapered lower electrode phase-change memories
Compound having pyrrole ring and light-emitting device comprising same
Organic electroluminescent device
Method of producing an organic light-emissive device
Moisture-absorption sheet
Lithium secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and process for the preparation thereof
Lithium secondary battery
Secondary battery of proton conductive polymer
Power controller, power generation system, and control method of power controller
Alkaline storage battery pole plate and production method for alkaline storage battery pole plate and alkaline storage battery
Nickel hydroxide coated with cobaltous hydroxide
Non-sintered thin electrode for battery, battery using same and process for same
Metal air cell incorporating ionic isolation systems
Fuel cell power plant
Heat exchange system
Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
Fuel processor
Tubular brush holder
Universal ground clamp
Cable fixing structure on flat panel
Rapid mounting square electrical outlet box
Method and apparatus for forced current sharing in diode-connected redundant power supplies
Plural configurable DC sources to provide optimal power to plural configurable inverters
Apparatus and method for controlling a power supply
Power conversion in variable load applications
Field control in permanent magnet machine
Integrated magnet body and motor incorporating it
Electric motor having brush holder with axial movement limiting armature contact member protector
Multi-pole commutator motor comprising bridge conductors
Brushless motor and electric appliance or vehicle equipped with the same
Lead-wire arrangement of vehicle ac generator
Motor and optical apparatus using the same
Stepping motor
Linear brushless DC motor with ironless armature assembly
Linear motor
Electric motor shaft access cover
Stator winding connection arrangement for electric motor
Method and apparatus for control of voltage regulation
DC/DC boost converter and control method therefor
Phase locked looped based digital pulse converter
Current sense apparatus and method
Method of frequency limitation and overload detection in a voltage regulator
Hysteretic DC-DC converters
Obrin power system
Electronic distribution system for 36V automobiles
Voltage regulator having enhanced regulation over vehicle charging system
Image pickup device, radiation image pickup device and image processing system
Radio-frequency driven dielectric heaters for non-nuclear testing in nuclear core development
Arrangement of a high-voltage condenser in a high-frequency apparatus
Multi-layered printed wiring board
Switching circuit with improved signal blocking effect in off mode
Vertically mountable semiconductor device and methods
Micro soldered connection
Noise suppressing structure for shielded cable
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