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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar CL821418
Inbred corn line G4803
Composition for blood serum or plasma separation and vessel for blood examination containing the same
Bacillus thuringiensis isolates active against weevils
Medicament for treating lung cancer
Stabilization of amrubicin hydrochloride
Drugs for spinal anesthesia
Hop acids as a replacement for antibiotics in animal feed
Method and device for filleting killed and headless fish, the abdominal cavity of which is opened up
Product derived from milk substantially free of beta casein from non-human mammals and relative use
Method for increasing the production of propionate in the gastrointestinal tract
Method and composition for producing french fry potato products
Mineral fortified water
Positioning instrument for inserting an extension shell
System and method for bone fixation
Method for treating obstructive sleep disorder includes removing tissue from the base of tongue
Flexible instrument
Plunger-less syringe for controlling blood flow
Bedsore main-factor measuring device
System and method for automatic determination of a region of interest within an image
Ultrasonic transmitting and receiving apparatus and ultrasonic transmitting and receiving method
Sustained release delivery systems for solutes
Surgical correction of human eye refractive errors by active composite artificial muscle implants
Intragastric prosthesis for the treatment of morbid obesity
Device for offsetting prosthetic components
Laser corneal surgery apparatus
Continuous passive motion exercise system with driven monitoring
Total skin management system and total skin management method using the same
Process for preparing fat or oil containing unsaturated fatty acid
Thio-oxindole derivatives
4-(substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazol-2-ones and 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazol-2-ones and related compounds
Imidazole derivatives
Substituted 2-aminoacetamides and the use thereof
Noscapine derivatives as adjuvant compositions and methods of use thereof
External skin preparations and process for producing the same
Ligand for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor
Method of inhibition of pain and inflammation during surgery comprising administration of soluble TNF receptors
Methods for treating arthritis pain
Proteins in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) useful for diagnosis and therapy of EAEC infections
Chicken anaemia viruses of low pathogenicity
HIV-1 envelope protein associated with a broadly reactive neutralizing antibody response
Use of CD63 inhibitors
Human TIMP-1 antibodies
N-terminally chemically modified protein compositions and methods
Hypocholesterolemic composition and methods of use
Homeopathic gentle shampoo-conditioner head lice repellent and nit removal aid
Ketoprofen compositions and methods of making them
Non-invasive gene targeting to ocular cells
Method for producing preparation containing bioactive substance
Replenishable stent and delivery system
Medical devices with retractable needle
Methods and apparatuses for radiation treatment
Press station with adjustable, various path feature
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball with non-circular dimples
Golf club heads
Golf club head
Basketball training device
Ski exercising and training apparatus
Golf swing training device
Race game system and method of entry
Use of multiple player real-time voice communications on a gaming device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for packed column separations and purifications
Separation agent for separating optical isomer and method for preparation thereof
Ceramic honeycomb filter
Method of reducing NOx in diesel engine exhaust
Threat identification in time of flight mass spectrometry using maximum likelihood
Electrode for fuel cell, method of manufacturing same, and fuel cell with such electrode
Catalyst for ester production and process for producing ester
Hydrogenation catalyst
Multimetal oxide materials
Centrifuge rotor lid holder device
Driving system for a separator having a centrifugal drum and a neck bearing
Rhenium composite
Boride thin films on silicon
Sustained release ophthalmological device and method of making and using the same
Nail manufacturing tool holder having a quick change mechanism
Local heatsink welding device and welding method thereof
Multilayer golf ball with a thin thermoset outer layer
Component consisting of a fiber-reinforced synthetic material and a method for producing same
Enhanced slider zipper multiwall bag and associated methods
Folder with multiple-motor drive
Poly(arylene ether) adhesive compositions
Security device with specular reflective layer
Hard coat agent composition and optical information medium using the same
Selectively embossed surface coverings and processes of manufacture
Silicone priming compositions, articles, and methods
Control device of hybrid drive unit and control method thereof
Occupant weight detection system having linked weight detection means with maintained positional relationships
Engine control system and method of automatic starting and stopping a combustion engine
Remote starting control apparatus and starting control apparatus
Theft preventive device
Method of controlling a vehicle and system of controlling the same
Pressure vessel prestressing technique
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phase transfer catalysis scrubber
Cathode electroactive material, production method therefor and secondary cell
Mesostructured transition aluminas
Metal oxide powder for high precision polishing and method of preparation thereof
Perovskite titanium-type composite oxide particle and production process thereof
Method of making 1,1,3,3,3-pentafluoropropene
Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-71
Process to convert alkanes into primary alcohols
Fluorescent dyes, energy transfer couples and methods
Method of preparing a 5H-dibenz(b,f)azepine-5-carboxamide
Process for the industrial synthesis of tetraesters of 5-[bis(carboxymethyl)amino]-3-carboxymethyl-4-cyano-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, and application to the synthesis of bivalent salts of ranelic acid and their hydrates
Substituted alkanohydroxamic acids and method of reducing TNF.alpha. levels
Isoindole-imide compounds, compositions, and uses thereof
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Thienylhydrazon with digitalis-like properties (positive inotropic effects)
Treatment of staphylococcus infections
Biocidal protein
Prevention and treatment of HCV infection employing antibodies directed against conformational epitopes
Peptides and compounds that bind to a receptor
Derivatized reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Hydrogenated nitrile rubbers with improved low-temperature properties
Catalyst and a method for the trimerization of isocyanates
Shape memory polymers based on semicrystalline thermoplastic polyurethanes bearing nanostructured hard segments
Process for the preparation of polycarbonate
Copolymers of amino acids and methods of their production
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Molding material for use with carbon dioxide
Aqueous polymeric composition containing polymeric nanoparticles and treatments prepared therefrom
Curable coating composition
Compound and method for synthesizing the same, ink, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus, recording method, liquid composition, pattern generating method, article, environmental history-detecting method
Reactive thermally-curing and/or radiation-curing paints and their curing methods
Techniques for labeling of plastic, glass or metal containers or surfaces with polymeric labels
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing silicon dioxide
Aqueous dispersion for chemical/mechanical polishing
Process for the manufacture of temperature-sensitive polymers
Methods and compositions for reducing subterranean formation permeabilities
Cured lubricant for container coveyors
Method for the esterification of a fatty acid
Liquid detergents
Solvent composition for washing
Flushing solutions for coatings removal
Expression of a human insulin precursor in P. pastoris
Carotenoid hydroxylase enzymes
DNA encoding a DNA repair protein
Nucleic acid molecules encoding polypeptides having the enzymatic activity of an RNA-directed RNA polymerase (RdRP)
Fibrinogen-based tissue adhesive
Enzyme gene and its expression product
Transgenic amorpha-4,11-diene synthesis
Polypeptides involved in the biosynthesis of streptogramins, nucleotide sequences coding for these polypeptides and their use
Process for the manufacture of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
3-hydroxycarboxylic acid production and use in branched polymers
Transglutaminase has intrinsic kinase activity
Electrochemiluminescence detection method for nucleic acid using intercalator and transition metal complex
Chicken anaemia viruses of low pathogenicity
Method of detecting acid-fast bacteria using ribosomal RNA as target
High-mechanical strength copper alloy
Sputtering device
Device for producing inductively coupled plasma and method thereof
Method of reducing spent oxide nuclear fuel into nuclear-fuel metal using LiCl-Li.sub.2O salt, cathode electrode assembly used in the method, and reduction device including the assembly
Apparatus and methods for electrochemical processing of microelectronic workpieces
Langasite single crystal ingot, substrate for piezoelectric device and method for manufacture thereof, and surface acoustic wave device
Textiles; Paper
Process for making composition for conversion to lyocell fiber from sawdust
Fixed Constructions
Frequency stabilizer circuit for window covering control chip clock
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controller for a power train
Rear derailleur with a shock absorber disposed between a base member and a mounting member
Weighing apparatus with Roberval mechanism
Digital optical beam profiler
Light intensity distribution measuring method and light intensity distribution measuring device
Amplification of nucleic acids with electronic detection
Method for determining at least one energetic property of a gas fuel mixture by measuring physical properties of the gas mixture
Apparatus and method for light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Capillary array electrophoresis scanner
Method for measuring water concentration in ammonia
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
System for detection of a functional interaction between a compound and a cellular signal transduction component
Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices and methods for detecting estrogen
Cantilever probe with dual plane fixture and probe apparatus therewith
Reliability evaluation test apparatus, reliability evaluation test system, contactor, and reliability evaluation test method
Apparatus and methods for self-heating burn-in processes
Multilayer wiring board, manufacturing method therefor and test apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for micro-machined sensors using enhanced modulated integrative differential optical sensing
System and method for detecting an operational fault condition in a power supply
Squid sensor using auxiliary sensor
Traffic radar system with improved patrol speed capture
Systems and methods for characterizing the coverage of ad hoc sensor networks
Magnetic resonance tomography method and apparatus with suppression of ambiguity artifacts in spin echo images
Method and apparatus for measuring mud resistivity
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same wherein the substrate having particular surface roughness
Method of making optical compensation film using polymer stablization technique
Method and apparatus for imparting alignment to alignment layer through generation of two kinds of polarized light from a single light source and treatment with both
Liquid crystal display device with particular electrode taper using switching devices and a method of manufacturing the same
Projection exposure method and projection exposure system
Exposure apparatus and method, and device fabricating method using the same
Calibration apparatus and method of calibrating a radiation sensor in a lithographic apparatus
Method of manufacturing a photo mask and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process of surface treatment, surface treating device, surface treated plate, and electro-optic device, and electronic equipment
Pattern transfer in device fabrication
Reflection mask and method for fabricating the reflection mask
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport compound having an epoxy group
Electrophotosensitive material
Black toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus using the toner
Low dropout voltage regulator providing adaptive compensation
Dynamic reactive compensation system and method
Method and circuit for generating a higher order compensated bandgap voltage
Processing apparatus and photographing device
Human body detecting device and door locking device
Method of guided blind deconvolution of microscopic images and software
Method for selecting and displaying a subject or interest in a still digital image
Data bus compressing apparatus
X10 communication of one or more messages between one or more mobile communication devices and one or more module components
Electronic control system used in security system for cargo trailers
RF identification tag for communicating condition information associated with an item
System and method for tracking the movement and location of an object in a predefined area
Communications control in a security system
Data entry systems with biometric devices for security access control
Desktop device with adjustable flat screen display
Thin film transistor array, display panel, method for inspecting the thin film transistor array, and method for manufacturing active matrix organic light emitting diode panel
Method of driving plasma display panel using selective inversion address method
Display device
Design of force sensations for haptic feedback computer interfaces
Intelligent eye
System and method for data assisted chroma-keying
3D stereo browser for the internet
Electronic device with bezel feature for receiving input
Display device, method of driving the same, and electronic equipment
Directional pad having integrated acoustic system and lighting system
Force feedback device including non-rigid coupling
JRT harmonica holder
Apparatus and computer program for providing arpeggio patterns
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Method and device for controlling a beam extraction raster scan irradiation device for heavy ions or protons
Collector with fastening devices for fastening mirror shells
Superconducting cable
Methods for manufacturing resistors using a sacrificial layer
Sealing of an ignition coil
On-chip differential multi-layer inductor
Electromagnetic device
Rotary switch
Jog switch
Low profile automotive latch release switch assembly
Dial switch having an ornamental colored ring
Reducing effect of magnetic and electromagnetic fields on an implant's magnet and/or electronics
Power circuit breaker
Isolator/circuit-breaker device for electric substations
Field emission tips, arrays, and devices
Plasma display panel and method of driving thereof
Plasma display apparatus
Image display device and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method for emitter for electron-beam projection lithography
White light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor fabrication process including recessed source/drain regions in an SOI wafer
In-line wafer surface mapping
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Ultra-high capacitance device based on nanostructures
Method for copper surface smoothing
Method of forming integrated circuit structures in silicone ladder polymer
Atomic layer deposition using photo-enhanced bond reconfiguration
Method of forming semiconductor compound film for fabrication of electronic device and film produced by same
Bi-layer approach for a hermetic low dielectric constant layer for barrier applications
Forming method and a forming apparatus of nanocrystalline silicon structure
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Polysilicon bipolar transistor and method of manufacturing it
Optimized flash memory cell
Method of forming a nanocluster charge storage device
Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming same
Semiconductor device with spacer having batch and non-batch layers
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Wafer level packages for chips with sawn edge protection
Method and apparatus for attaching microelectronic substrates and support members
Circuit and substrate encapsulation methods
Method of forming a stack of packaged memory dice
Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing ultra thin device layers for integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same by dicing
Method of making a center bond flip chip semiconductor carrier
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a pocket dopant diffused layer
Method for producing a capacitor
Reduced cell-to-cell shorting for memory arrays
Semiconductor component, active matrix substrate for a liquid crystal display, and methods of manufacturing such component and substrate
Method and structure for prevention leakage of substrate strip
Semiconductor device including primary and secondary side circuits on first and second substrates with capacitive insulation
Semiconductor device with semiconductor chip and rewiring layer and method for producing the same
Three dimensional integrated circuits
Circuit device and manufacturing method of circuit device and semiconductor module
Elongated bonding pad for wire bonding and sort probing
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multilevel copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics and air gaps
Concentration graded carbon doped oxide
Image sensor with a voltage maintaining capacitor and an ac-signal blocking resistor, and imaging system comprising the image sensor
Solid state image pickup device with polysilicon transfer electrodes
Recess transistor (TR) gate to obtain large self-aligned contact (SAC) open margin
Open pattern inductor
Semiconductor thin film, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
High-temperature superconducting device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, ball grid array connection system, and method of making
Semiconductor device for switching
CMOS power sensor
Efficient transistor structure
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
High voltage power MOSFET having a voltage sustaining region that includes doped columns formed by trench etching and ion implantation
Programmable memory devices supported by semiconductor substrates
High voltage device embedded non-volatile memory cell and fabrication method
Multicrystalline laser-crystallized silicon thin layer solar cell deposited on a glass substrate and method of producing
Flat panel color display with enhanced brightness and preferential viewing angles
Piezoelectric ceramic thick film element, array of elements, and devices
Fuel cell stack and a method of supplying reactant gases to the fuel cell stack
Regulating the communication of power to components of a fuel cell system
Glass-mounted coupler and passive glass-mounted antenna for satellite radio applications
Reactive coupling antenna comprising two radiating elements
Flat indoor UHF antenna device for a digital television
Busway fitting having a stacked bus bar with an extruded support
Device and method for inhibiting power fluctuation
Polyphase electric motor
Field assembly for a motor and method of making same
Sequentially joined-segment armature and ac machine using same
Magnetic thrust motor
AC generator for vehicle having rectifying unit
Motor/flywheel assembly with shrouded radial cooling fan
Variable speed motor
Electromotive adjustment drive
Radio apparatus comprising an amplifier for radio-frequency signals, amplifier for radio-frequency signals and method for amplifying such signals
Wideband feed forward linear power amplifier
Rejection circuitry for variable-gain amplifiers and continuous-time filters
Method and apparatus for combining multiple signals for high efficiency applications
Low-power and low-noise comparator having inverter with decreased peak current
Fast ring-out digital storage circuit
Power-on reset circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device including the same and method for generating a power-on reset signal
Integrated circuit
Systems and methods for minimizing harmonic interference
Duty distortion detector
Impedance controlled output driver
DLL with adjustable phase shift using processed control signal
Method for implementation of a low noise, high accuracy current mirror for audio applications
A/D converter, digital PLL circuit using the same, and information recording apparatus using the same
Systems and methods for analog to digital conversion
Modulator, modulation method, and method of manufacturing an optical recordable medium with enhanced security for confidential information
Hybrid bypass networks for low-loss cables and ripple filter chokes
Apparatus and method for processing signal of telematics terminal
Culled satellite ephemeris information based on limiting a span of an inverted cone for locating satellite in-range determinations
Remote color characterization for delivery of high fidelity images
Dynamic image search information recording apparatus and dynamic image searching device
Equalizer system including a comb filter in an HDTV system
Scene capturing and view rendering based on a longitudinally aligned camera array
Image pickup apparatus with prism optical system
Image processing apparatus and method, storage medium, and communication system
TV lens system and apparatus and method for zoom control
Image position confirming device, method of supporting image position confirmation, and recording medium
Image sensor
Video signal processing device and method, recording medium, and program
Digital broadcasting receiver
Gradient-aided apparatus and method for pixel interpolation
Systems and method for enhancing teleconferencing collaboration
Internet surveillance system and method
Vehicular forward-vision display system decreasing luminance with decreasing vehicle speed
Image capturing apparatus and method therefor
Block move engine with scaling and/or filtering for video or graphics
Adaptive Y/C separation circuit
Interrogators, methods of operating a coherent interrogator, backscatter communication methods, interrogation methods, and signal processing methods
User authentication system using biometric information
Door assembly for microwave oven
Driving apparatus for cold cathode fluorescent lamps
Arc maintenance device for high density discharge lamps including an adaptive wave form monitor
Rare gas fluorescent lamp device
In situ processing of hydrocarbon-bearing formations with variable frequency automated capacitive radio frequency dielectric heating
Light generator and exposure apparatus
Fine resolution pin support fixture with light weight design
Expired Patents Due To Time
Device and method for radio terminal with hands-free function
Device for performing microelectrode recordings through the central channel of a deep-brain stimulation electrode
Reservoir electrodes for electroencephalograph headgear appliance
Transmitter for collecting human pulse by means of elastic bands
System and method for intra-operative, image-based, interactive verification of a pre-operative surgical plan
Vector mapping of three-dimensionally reconstructed intrabody organs and method of display
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging intersecting slices
Method of determining carotid artery stenosis using X-ray imagery
Heart rate variability as an indicator of exercise capacity
Electro-stimulation apparatus using electrode matrix and a counter electrode
Protective defibrillator storage device with alarm signal
Defibrillation system
System for grouping and displaying cardiac arrhythmia data
High speed telemetry system using transmission medium as a component of a telemetry link
Stimulus output monitor and control circuit for electrical tissue stimulator
Techniques of treating patients with electromagnetic radiation
Medical electrical lead having pre-formed atrial section
Automatic instrumentation system
Programmable logic control system
Method and apparatus to calibrate a semi-empirical process simulator
Numerical control unit for turning mechanism
Ultrasonic data analysis and display system
Vocal information system
Method and apparatus for configuring and synchronizing a wireless machine monitoring and communication system
System for establishing optimal critical characteristics of manufactured products
Method for identifying critical to quality dependencies
Automated test position monitoring and notification system
Editing device of patch work pieces and a recording medium for storing programs to operate the editing device
Method and apparatus for controlling and monitoring the cutting function of a thread cutter driven by an electric motor in looms
Spindle end positional deviation correction system for machine tools
Method and apparatus for boil phase determination
Motion control methodology for a high-speed inserting machine or other mailing apparatus
Apparatus and method of dispensing asphalt sealant during non-business hours
Gait generation system of legged mobile robot
System and method for controlling a robot
Master device having force reflection function
Utilities communications architecture compliant power management control system
Method and device for controlling electric consumers in a motor vehicle
Driving apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Automatic following travel system
Vehicle maintenance management system and method
Method for correction of a signal of at least one sensor on the basis of which a path curve can be determined, on which the vehicle is moving
Business trip computer
Method and system for vehicle directional control by commanding lateral acceleration
Optimization of a single-point frontal airbag fire threshold
Method and apparatus for detecting a vehicle rollover
Adaptive calibration of X-Y position sensor
Swap shift multiple-ratio automatic transmission
Method for recognizing and damping wheel and drive train oscillations
System for detecting difference in road level
Braking force control apparatus for vehicle
Cruise control system for vehicles, in particular for motor vehicles
Control system for internal combustion engine
Traffic monitoring system
Global positioning system tag system
Process for detecting and monitoring changes in properties of fluidized bed solids by pressure difference fluctuation measurement
Method and apparatus for automatically acquiring a waveform measurement
Method and device for determining the wheel base of vehicles
Three dimensional object boundary and motion determination device and method of operation thereof
Phase delay correction system
Remote pile driving analyzer
Radar/IFF simulator circuit for desktop computer
Method and apparatus for removing timing hazards in a circuit design
Language translation using a constrained grammar in the form of structured sentences formed according to pre-defined grammar templates
Adjustable psycho-acoustic parameters
Reducing sparseness in coded speech signals
Method and apparatus for sharing objects and object state between processes
Audio signal coding with hierarchical unequal error protection of subbands
Speech recognition method and speech recognition device
Discrete speech recognition system with ballooning active grammar
Automatic speech recognition using multi-dimensional curve-linear representations
Speech recognition using both time encoding and HMM in parallel
System and method for determining risk exposure based on adjacency analysis
Dimensional dining restaurant management system
System and method of verifying graphically displayed relative information
Device and method for obtaining retail price information in different languages from a computer via telephone
Lockbox browser system
Integrated subscriber management system architecture supporting multiple services
Optical disk, optical recorder, optical reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
Programmable fuzzy analog processor
Method for interacting with a test subject with respect to knowledge and functionality
Neural network based analysis system for vibration analysis and condition monitoring
Recurrent training system
System for providing business information
Using object relational extensions for mining association rules
Document retrieval system for retrieval of a first search document and a last search document from database
Similar document retrieval method using plural similarity calculation methods and recommended article notification service system using similar document retrieval method
Method of compressing integrated circuit simulation data
Method, system, and computer program product for visualizing a data structure
Adaptive progress indicator
Method and system for managing access to a plurality of data objects
System and method for storage of shared persistent objects
Method and apparatus for generating data files for an applet-based content menu using an open hierarchical data structure
System and method for retrieving entities and integrating data
Redundancy elimination in the persistence of object graphs
System for managing multimedia objects
Method for creating and managing navigation information in a rewritable recording medium
Signal processing method
Replication method
Method and apparatus for formatting and displaying data from the internet
Apparatus and method for processing various form documents to meet respective form, and recording medium storing a program to execute the process
Method of and an apparatus for displaying version information and configuration information and a computer-readable recording medium on which a version and configuration information display program is recorded
Mobile computer with audio interrupt system
Method and apparatus for high-speed exponent adjustment and exception generation for normalization of floating-point numbers
Digital filter
Partial sum filter and method therefore
Method and apparatus for saturation in an N-NARY adder/subtractor
Method and apparatus for estimating a square of a number
Multiplier circuit having an optimized booth encoder/selector
Method and apparatus for dynamic partitionable saturating adder/subtractor
Optical microswitch with rotary electrostatic microactuator
Supervisory signal optical bypass circuit, optical amplifying repeater and supervisory system
Multi-channel fiber-optic rotary joint
Optical fiber with lens
Dielectric optical filter network
Tapered optical fiber grating devices with variable index coatings for modifying guide properties of the fundamental mode
Optical comb filter
Methods and apparatusses for packaging long-period fiber gratings
Link structure for connecting a plastic optical fiber to a light receptor
Apparatus and method for making multi-branching optical coupler
Fiber optic cable with flame inhibiting capability
Communication cable network in a duct or tube system used primarily for other purposes
Optical glass fiber ribbon assemblies, matrix forming compositions radiation-curable compositions
Optical three-dimensional imaging device which uses an integral photography technique
Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel
Optical waveguide with diffuse light extraction
Dispersion-equalizing optical fiber and optical transmission line including the same
Multicore optical fibre
Photonic crystal fiber lasers and amplifiers for high power
Large effective area fiber having a low total dispersion slope
Method for reducing strain on bragg gratings
Distribution frame cable routing apparatus
Magnetically tunable optical attenuator and method of attenuating signals
Mechanically adjustable fiber optic attenuator and method employing same
Video recorder with indexing and programming of multiple recording media
Compressed video editor with transition buffer matcher
Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and recording medium adapted to process fade-in, fade-out and cross-fade
Apparatus and method for TV broadcast copy protection
Reproducing apparatus
Data recording/reproducing apparatus with a plurality of recording/reproducing units and capable of data recovery
Humidifier with light
Apparatus and method for CVD and thermal processing of semiconductor substrates
Heating method
Photothermic desoldering unit
Lens-fitted photo film unit having a recess and ridges in a housing thereof
Film advancement assembly for a self-developing camera
Lens driving control apparatus for zoom lens
System and method for automatically setting image acquisition controls
Lens driving device
Optical instrument and image photographic method
Low profile strobe device with conductive elastic members
Exposure count indicator for camera
Dual wheel exposure counter
Stereo camera
Method and system for creation and interactive viewing of totally immersive stereoscopic images
Battery holding structure
Method and apparatus for operating a work apparatus with a replacement component
Electrophotography apparatus
Image forming apparatus with paper transport system timing control
Image forming apparatus
Developing unit using oscillatory bias voltage
Fixing heater controlling method and an image forming device
Charging member, charging device and image forming apparatus wherein deposition of magnetic particles to a member to be charged is effectively prevented
Method and apparatus for inserting a cartridge into an image forming apparatus
Coupling member, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus with first and second charging members
All-in-one toner cartridge
Doctor blade, toner cartridge using such a doctor blade and copying process
Online collaborative apprenticeship
Mobile base station for disseminating information
Satellite broadcasting converter
Adaptive transceiver architecture for real time allocation of communications resources in a satellite based telecommunication system
System and method for optimization of call forwarding on busy for an optimized mobile station within a satellite network
Bias voltage controlled parallel active components
Electrical connector for a removable flip
Method for automatically switching antenna mode in portable telephone
Radio communications receiver and method of recovering data from radio signals
Online churn reduction and loyalty system
Portable telephone system
Call transfer activation indicator in a radio telecommunications network
Mobility extended telephone application programming interface and method of use
Procedure for limiting the mobility area of a terminal device in a wireless local loop
Satellite communication service with non-congruent sub-beam coverage
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in GSM wireless network configurations for telecommunication systems
Intra cell handover and channel allocation to reduce interference
Technique for providing a secure link in a mobile communication system
System and method for communicating using a voice network and a data network
Optimum MACA-based channel allocation for TDMA call setup
DMA cellular radio system with a channel quality criterion
Device network and methods concerning cordless telecommunication
Method and apparatus for remote activation of wireless device features using short message services (SMS)
Transmission power control method in mobile communication system
Radio telephone apparatus
Information terminal unit incorporating cellular phone function and on/off-hook method
Voice and data terminal for a radiotelephone network
Flat blade antenna and flip engagement and hinge configurations
Audio headset communication apparatus and method
Stroller blanket
Suit jacket lapel
Suit jacket lapel
Shower cap
Portion of a shoe sole
Portion of a shoe sole
Shoe upper
Decorative backpack
Decorative backpack
Clip of a mobile phone
Waist pouch
Carry bag body with circular pocket
Tote bag with circular pocket
Board case
Eyeglass holder
Personal organizer case
Knife case with sharpener
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush
Paint brush
Paper product
Corner mounted picture frame
Wire garment hanger
Mobile table with benches
Swivel-tilter armchair frame
One piece sofa
Height-adjustable work table
Video display pedestal
Chair base
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Chair armrest
Counter top lottery ticket dispenser
Counter top lottery ticket dispenser
Body lotion dispenser
Corner shelf
Pillowcase with condom storage pocket
Support for breasts during sleep
Compact disc carrying container
Microwave platter
Cooking pot
Food mixing apparatus
Base, pivotal guard and control box portions of power-operated vegetable slicer
Lid for a container
Cap for a beverage tumbler
Drinking container closure
Handle for kitchen ware
Handle for barbecue utensils
Feed tube adapter for a bottled water cooler
Barbecue grill side shelf
Pinched trainer cup
No splatter platter
Bottle cradle
Garlic juicer
Article mover
Multiple purpose wrench
Contoured socket head for a key
Leafspring lock
Automotive vehicle key
Electrical cord reel
Combined luggage snap hook and ring
Stand-up pouch for holding liquids
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated egg shape
Pop-up food tray for combination meals
Bag carrying handle
Bottle portion
Cap for a bottle
Combined lid and handle for a can
Sculptured asymmetric bottle
Grip can
Container with ribbed sides
Extracting a matte of a foreground object from multiple backgrounds by triangulation
Image processing apparatus and method
Low pass blurring image filter for filtering only green
Method and apparatus for segmenting images prior to coding
Methods and apparatus for gray image based text identification
Template matching using correlative auto-predictive search
Image matching apparatus
Video image color encoding
Encoding image data in blocks read out in a predetermined order
Coding apparatus
Efficient methodology to select the quantization threshold parameters in a DWT-based image compression scheme in order to score a predefined minimum number of images into a fixed size secondary storage
Using a residual image formed from a clipped limited color gamut digital image to represent an extended color gamut digital image
Method and apparatus for compressing data
Image processing apparatus that can appropriately enhance contour of an image
Nonfeedback-based machine vision methods for determining a calibration relationship between a camera and a moveable object
Systems and methods for rotating high addressability images
Apparatus and method of processing microfiche images
Integrated optic modulators with high gain bandwidth product
Half-scan algorithm for use with a high speed multi-row fan beam helical detector
Sheet detection system
Method and apparatus for examining luggage by x-ray scanning
Apparatus for local radiation therapy
Treatment planning method and apparatus for radiation therapy
Apparatus and method for texture analysis on semiconductor wafers
Digital radiography system having an X-ray image intensifier tube
Thermal filter for an x-ray tube window
Process for coating amorphous carbon coating on to an x-ray target
Backlash-resistant drive assembly for collimator in a CT scanner
Analyzer measuring window and method for installing said window in place
Method and apparatus for testing components in a communications system
Combined handset and POTS filter
Activation of a telephone''s own call answering equipment according to the number of the calling party
System and method for providing a remote user with a virtual presence to an office
Mechanism for providing emergency POTS service in event of loss of power to customer premises equipment for ISDN telephone lines
System and method for performing telephone line-in-use detection, extension pick-up detection, and remote hang-up detection in a modem
Method relating to telephone communications including the transmission of advertising messages
Trunk line exchange system
Hold-off alert system
Procedure for the transmission of information in a telephone network
Method and system for changing a direction of establishing a telecommunication connection
Method and system to connect an unanswered forwarded communication directly to a voice mail service
System and method for call handling
Device and method for transferring unbundled network elements between local exchange carriers
Method and system for providing an alternative common channel signaling path
Common automatic route selection leading digit strings
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Method and apparatus for analyzing dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals on a private branch exchange (PBX) switch
Line circuit and method for a line circuit
AC-center clipper for noise and echo suppression in a communications system
Dual-slope current battery-feed circuit
Telephone handset sterilizer method and apparatus
Method of encoding information using a position-based encoding scheme
Encoding and decoding information using randomization with an alphabet of high dimensionality
Method and apparatus for cryptographically transforming an input block into an output block
Security document including subtle image and system and method for viewing the same
Tagging echoes with low frequency noise
Audio signal mixer for long mix editing
Single-chip audio system mixing circuitry and methods
Wearable audio system with acoustic modules
System and method for data hiding in compressed fingerprint images
Image marking to permit later identification
Face recognition from video images
Object identification system applications
Camera calibration apparatus
Paper quality determination and control using scale of formation data
Method for automatically checking the printing quality of a multicolor image
Apparatus and method for identifying individuals through their subcutaneous vein patterns and integrated system using said apparatus and method
Segmented sliding yardsticks error tolerant fingerprint enrollment and verification system and method
Gel electrophoresis image warping
Method and apparatus for automated detection of masses in digital mammograms
Electronic check presentment systems and methods employing volatile memory datastore access techniques
Moving picture search system cross reference to related application
Method and apparatus for predictively coding shape information of video signal
Architecture and method for inverse quantization of discrete cosine transform coefficients in MPEG decoders
Transmitting apparatus for outputting a binary signal
Method and apparatus for generating a short-range wireless data communication link
Methods and apparatuses for the transmission and receipt of digital data modulated using quadrature amplitude modulation, and communication devices utilizing such apparatuses and methods
System and method for high speed data transmission
Signal gating controller for enhancing convergency of MLT3 data receivers
Mobile digital radio system with spatial and time diversity capability
Viterbi decoding apparatus and viterbi decoding method
Methods and systems for symbol estimation in a receiver
Frequency sharing mobile communication system equipped with diversity receiver incorporated with shared wave canceller
Synchronization system and method for digital communication systems
Pipelined phase detector for clock recovery
Method of sealing a reactor pressure vessel
Nuclear fuel assembly having MOX rods and MOX-gadolinia rods
Compound water channel system for boiling water reactor fuel assemblies
Balanced dual-edge triggered data bit shifting circuit and method
Circuit configuration forming part of a shift register
RF slipring receiver for a computerized tomography system
Long wavelength semiconductor lasers incorporating waveguides based on surface plasmons
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Narrow band UV laser with visible light guide laser
Arc furnace fume collection method
Common packet channel
Method and apparatus for signal quality estimation in a direct sequence spread spectrum communication system
Method of chip interleaving in direct sequence spread spectrum communications
To a telecommunication system using code division multiple access (CDMA)
Adaptive reference pattern for spread spectrum detection
Pilot symbol assisted modulation and demodulation in wireless communication systems
Despreading circuit
Detectors for CDMA systems
Spread spectrum communication device
AM modulated wave eliminating circuit
Digital impairment learning sequence
Conservation of power in serial modem
Adaptive equalizer with complex signal regeneration and method of operation
ATM cell buffer circuit and priority order allocating method at ATM switching system
Desk clock
Self opening calculator clock
Watch case
Watch casing and bezel
Stethoscope watch
Wrist watch
Module for multi-function equipment
Vehicle parking indicator sensor
Reflective hand wand
Reflective rainbow ornament
Accessory port adaptor with U-shaped mount
Pair of vent plugs for motorcycle fairings
Tire tread
Tire for motorcycle
Tire tread
Zipped gaiter
Vehicle center console
Front portion of a motor vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Wall mount power supply
Shock absorber
Faceplate for a circuit pack
Voice recording/playback for a flower
Wireless microphone
Tablet computer
Computer housing
Partially transparent IC card
Cooling rack for notebook computer
LCD monitor bezel
Dual frame display for a display screen
Telephone shoulder rest
Remote controller
Reinforced mower blade and reinforced mower blade with lid
Internal combustion engine
Power cultivator
Cutting member of a cutting machine
Outer surface of a vehicle deck
Mounting frame
Robot arm
Electronic still camera with a monitor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fold inspection device for transparent overwrap film
Fiber optic current sensor having rotation immunity
Electro-optical package for reducing parasitic effects
Neurofilter, and method of training same to operate on image data such as to discriminate between text and picture regions of an image which is expressed by image data
Memory controller for an ATSC video decoder
Semiconductor laser having co-doped distributed bragg reflectors
Non-coherent, non-data-aided pseudo-noise synchronization and carrier synchronization for QPSK or OQPSK modulated CDMA system
Efficient implementation for systems using CEOQPSK
Bandpass phase tracker with hilbert transformation before analog-to-digital conversion
Intelligent public telephone system and method
Key telephone system and maintenance method therefor
Method and apparatus for efficiently coding and decoding sparse images
Apparatus and method for coding and decoding a moving image
Control arrangement for optical mechanical switches
ATM communications system, UBR-ABR gateway, and method
Control and management of ATM networks from server computers
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