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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Guzmania hybrid named `freeze`
Rodent model of central neuropathic pain
Purinone compounds as kinase inhibitors
Aminoalcohol-substituted aryldihydroisoquinolinones, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Inhibitors of focal adhesion kinase
Imidazopyridines and imidazopyrimidines as HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Quinazolinamide derivatives
Synergistic combination of flumetsulam or diclosulam with zinc pyrithione
Drug combinations for the treatment of duchenne muscular dystrophy
Thermosetting resin composition, multilayer body using same, and circuit board
Absorbent article having a potty training readiness indicator
Selective androgen receptor modulators
Pentaerythritol derivatives
(3-aryl-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-yl)-linked heterocycle derivatives
(2-aryl-1H-imidazol-4-yl)-linked heterocycle derivatives
Benzimidazole compounds and their use as anticancer agents
Process for recovering flunixin from pharmaceutical compositions
Piperazine PDE4 inhibitors and uses thereof
Methods for treating cancer and other pathological proliferating disorders by inhibiting mitosis using pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines
Medical intervention in haematological cancers
Aminomethyl quinolone compounds
Method for treatment of dysmenorrhea
Adenosine compounds and their use thereof
Methods of skin treatment and use of water-soluble .beta.-(1,3) glucans as active agents for producing therapeutic skin treatment agents
Macrocyclic hepatitis C virus serine protease inhibitors
Difluorinated tripeptides as HCV serine protease inhibitors
Methods and compositions for modulating T cell and/or B cell activation
Preparation for use of aspartate for regulating glucose levels in blood
Peptide nanostructures encapsulating a foreign material and method of manufacturing same
Antagonists against interaction of PF4 and RANTES
Factor H polymorphisms in the diagnosis and therapy of inflammatory diseases such as age-related macular degeneration
Amino acid lipids and uses thereof
Substituted heteroarylamide oxazepinopyrimidone derivatives
Roulette side bet game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst material
Catalysts for making ethanol from acetic acid
Enantioselective reactions catalyzed by chiral triazolium salts
Catalyst for desulfurization and deodorization of gasoline and method for preparation of the same and use thereof
Methods for using hollow sphere polymers
Method and apparatus for making products by sintering and/or melting
Welding system and method having power controller with workpiece sensor
Compositions comprising cationic fluorinated ether silanes, and related methods
Power supply control apparatus
Parking lot management system
Bicycle brake device having a warning function
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for obtaining an adsorbent from a waste material and use of the adsorbent
Formulation and method for preparing gels comprising hydrous hafnium oxide
CXCR2 inhibitors
Method of making glycerol
Process for producing oseltamivir phosphate and intermediate compound
P53 activating compounds
Scalable lead zirconium titanate (PZT) thin film material and deposition method, and ferroelectric memory device structures comprising such thin film material
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Preparation of palladium-gold catalyst
Hexahydrocyclopentapyrrolone, hexahydropyrrolopyrrolone, octahydropyrrolopyridinone and octahydropyridinone compounds
Multiple chromophores based on rylene
Fluoroalkyl silanes
PKM2 modulators for use in the treatment of cancer
Covalent inhibition of bacterial quorum sensing
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure 1-substituted-3-aminoalcohols
Isoquinoline derivatives
Derivatives of 6[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]pyridazin-3(2H)-one having antitumor activity
HIV protease inhibitors and methods for using
Convertible nucleoside derivatives
Vaccine produced using optimized immobilization antigen cDNA of cryptocaryon irritans and producing method and use thereof
Synthetic cell platforms and methods of use thereof
Fluorine-containing polymer and surface-modifying agent containing the same as active ingredient
Process for olefin polymerization
Curable fluoroelastomer compositions
Surface induced ring-opening polymerization and medical devices formed therefrom
Material for photovoltaic device, and photovoltaic device
Hydrosilyation of vinyl macromers with metallocenes
Method for making alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes and amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes
Compounds for use as ligands
High temperature poly(aryl ether)s containing a phthalazinone moiety
Process for the production of polyurethane products
Pre-accelerated resin composition
Rubber containing hydrophilic sorbitan monostearate and tackifying resin and tire with sidewall thereof
Stabilizer compositions
Polymers obtainable from oxetane based macromonomers, method for the production thereof, and the use thereof as additives in coating agents and plastics
Adhesive composition
Tire having rubber component containing short fiber reinforcement with compatablizer
Well treatment fluid compositions and methods of use that include a delayed release percarbonate formulation
DLC-coated member
Insert device for multiwell plate
Kit including substrates with various surface chemistries
Cultures of GFAP.sup.+ nestin.sup.+ cells that differentiate to neurons
Systems and methods for contaminant removal from a microalgae culture
Compositions and methods for treating and diagnosing pancreatic cancer
Processing of nanoparticles
Method for quantitatively analyzing an anticoagulant in a sample
Target amplification and sequencing with primers comprising triplex forming monomer units
Haplotype analysis
Fixed Constructions
Reverse-conducting insulated gate bipolar transistor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Energy-saving and heat preservation device
Apparatus for guiding a rifle-launched projectile
Electronic avionics systems and methods
Radiation measurement instrument calibration facility capable of lowering scattered radiation and shielding background radiation
Integrated remotely controlled photovoltaic system
Thermal detector, thermal detection device, electronic instrument, and thermal detector manufacturing method
Optical proximity sensor package with lead frame
Method for open path detection of air contaminants
Molecular diagnostic system based on evanescent illumination and fluorescence
Electro-hydrodynamic wind energy system
Graphical user interface for use with electron beam wafer inspection
Field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor using the same
Biomarkers for prediction of major adverse cardiac events and uses thereof
Genomic alpha synuclein transgenic animal
Preparation of cerium halide solvate complexes
Bioassays based on polymeric sequence probe
Methods and articles for identifying objects using encapsulated perflurocarbon tracers
Magnetic resonance data acquisition system and method with recursively adapted object-specific measurement parameter adjustment during patient movement through the MRI system
Combined imaging system, including a magnetic resonance system and a UWB radar
Switch actuation device
Remote-control device with directional audio system
Planar light-emitting module lighting circuit and illuminating device
Occupancy sensing with selective emission
Applications for radio frequency identification systems
Method of integrating an identification circuit into a data medium
Activity based management system
System and method for article authentication using blanket illumination
Remote human presence detection system
Method and system for using status indicators in wireless communication with medical devices
Apparatus and method for pressurising an aircraft cabin structure and measuring the amount of leakage of the aircraft cabin structure
Noninvasive motion and respiration monitoring system
Sensors and systems for detecting environmental conditions or changes
Communication devices and methods for devices including generic indicators configurable for real-time announcement of received communication signals
System and method for assisting with safe driving, computer program for assisting with safe driving, storage medium upon which the computer program is stored, and Navigation Device
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Method and apparatus for generating and updating a pre-categorized song database from which consumers may select and then download desired playlists
System and method for controlling audio equipment
Flame-retardant composition, insulated electric wire, and wiring harness using the same
Nanocomposite semiconducting material with reduced resistivity
Planar transformer and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming multilayer capacitors in a printed circuit substrate
Liquidproof dome switch
Two-Stage Switch for Surgical Device
Appliance control panel
Magnetic chamber for electromagnetic low voltage switchgear, and electromagnetic low voltage switchgear
Electrode for a discharge lamp and corresponding production method
Light-emitting module with cooling function
Light emitting device having a coated nano-crystalline phosphor and method for producing the same
High-stability light source system and method of manufacturing
Drop-in light emitting diode (LED) module, reflector, and flashlight including same
High-pressure discharge lamp having a single socket
External cathode ion source
Apparatuses and methods for generating electric fields
Mass spectrometry systems
Saliva assay technique for heavy metal
Synthesizing photovoltaic thin films of high quality copper-zinc-tin alloy with at least one chalcogen species
Method of forming quantum well mosfet channels having uni-axial strains caused by metal source/drains
Laser annealing scanning methods with reduced annealing non-uniformities
Optoelectronic component with three-dimension quantum well structure and method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion element
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with organic semiconductor layer
Depositing titanium silicon nitride films for forming phase change memories
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode by etching with alkaline solution
Method for fabricating a micro-electronic device equipped with semi-conductor zones on an insulator with a horizontal GE concentration gradient
Method for forming a doped region in a semiconductor layer of a substrate and use of such method
Method for connecting between substrates, flip-chip mounting structure, and connection structure between substrates
Profile control in dielectric etch
Differential metal gate etching process
Selective etch process for silicon nitride
Methods of fabricating isolation regions of semiconductor devices and structures thereof
Method of manufacturing a reverse blocking insulated gate bipolar transistor
Devices with nanocrystals and methods of formation
Methods for manufacturing thin film transistor and display device
Semiconductor element, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for forming a plurality of contact holes in a microelectronic device
Methods of inspecting and manufacturing semiconductor wafers
Zener diode structure and process
Manufacturing method of high voltage device
Pixel structure and method of fabricating the same
Methods and apparatuses to stiffen integrated circuit package
Corrugated die edge for stacked die semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Barrier layer configurations and methods for processing microelectronic topographies having barrier layers
Organic thin film transistors
Microbolometer detector layer
Capacitor with recessed plate portion for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and method to form the same
Semiconductor device with memory cells
Pixilated radiation sensing device
Light-emitting diode package
Nanoelectric memristor device with dilute magnetic semiconductors
Active matrix substrate, display device, method for inspecting the active matrix substrate, and method for inspecting the display device
Semiconductor device and power semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method therefor, and solar cell
Laminated structure, method of manufacturing a laminated structure, electronic element, electronic element array, image displaying medium, and image displaying device
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor rectifying device
Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate, and display device having the display substrate
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Integrated circuit having vertical compensation component
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with improved on-resistance
Magnetic sensor and magnetic head
Method for growing zinc-oxide-based semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Photo-active layer of a multi-layered structure within a solar cell
Detector material for a detector for use in CT systems, detector element and detector
Method of driving a light emitting device
Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Method for producing at least one multilayer body, and multilayer body
Method of forming graphene on a surface
Carbon nanotube having improved conductivity, process of preparing the same, and electrode comprising the carbon nanotube
Organic electroluminescent light source
Battery measuring clamp
Circuit module and measurement method
Composite power supply
Uninterrupted power supply unit
Crossover module
Linear motor
Totally enclosed motor
Power stage for driving an electric machine
Grip member with haptic feed-back
Electro-hydrodynamic system
Model train remote control system having realistic speed and special effects control
Motor energy recycling device
Motor drive circuitry
Acoustic pseudo-triode characteristic amplification device and acoustic pseudo-triode characteristic push-pull amplification device
Method, apparatus, and system of stabilizing a mobile gesture user-interface
Gate driver
High-speed duty cycle correction circuit
Low phase noise buffer for crystal oscillator
Multi-phase digital phase-locked loop device for pixel clock reconstruction
Filter circuitry
Real-time RFID positioning system and method, repeater installation method therefor, position confirmation service system using the same
RFID monitoring system
Image display element with divided back panel and manufacturing method thereof
Voltage detection module
Light assembly
Light emitting diode driving apparatus and method for holding driving voltage thereof
Dimmable power supply
Solid state semiconductor LED replacement for fluorescent lamps
Variable gate field-effect transistor and electrical and electronic apparatus including the same
Underwater lighting system and method
Manipulation of objects in potential energy landscapes
Multi-layer substrate with a via hole and electronic device having the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for smart clothing and wearable electronic devices
Wafer probe station having environment control enclosure
Method and circuit arrangement for preventing the stand-by discharge of a battery-powered signal evaluation circuit of a sensor
Machine for diagnostic and/or therapeutic treatment, particularly a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machine
Electronic organizer and storage device
Method and device for the early detection of fire and for fighting fire indoors and outdoors, especially in living areas, of homes and buildings
Performing Operations; Transporting
Force feedback system and actuator power management
Plate registering system and method of operation
Printing device and printing method
Color thermal printer
Apparatus for printing high resolution images using reflective LCD modulators
Image forming apparatus
Integral organic light emitting diode printhead utilizing color filters
Distance maintaining member between optical head and image drum
Image forming apparatus
Thermal imaging system
Process for the three dimensional production of images
Method and apparatus for installing tire pressure monitor assembly onto wheels
Driving assistance display apparatus
System and method for automatic function operation with controlled distance communication having vehicle-based frequency selection
Control apparatus
Moveable object burglar alarm apparatus for notifying users of a theft
Control device and method for operating a window wiper apparatus with operating-point-dependent wiping angle adaptation
Rear steering hitch/docking mode
Annunciation of the distance to a target position in a global positioning system landing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sensor having electrode for determining the rate of flow of a fluid
Fixed Constructions
Method of reducing noise in a borehole electromagnetic telemetry system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Backlight for a liquid crystal display having high light-recycling efficiency
Backlight device
Device for optically measuring distances
Device for use with a portable inertial navigation system ("PINS") and method for transitioning between location technologies
Streak camera system for measuring fiber bandwidth and differential mode delay
Method and apparatus for measuring chromatic dispersion in optical fibers
Transport device for transporting parts to a transport medium
Device and method for detecting insects in structures
Interleaving A/D conversion type waveform digitizer module and a test apparatus
Sample and hold circuit including a multiplexer
Universal electromagnetic resonance system for detecting and measuring local non-uniformities in metal and non-metal objects
Time domain reflectometry based transmitter equalization
Doppler-based automated direction finding system and method for locating cable television signal leaks
Methods for bi-directional signaling
Method and apparatus for defect analysis of semiconductor integrated circuit
Driver circuit integrated with load current output circuit, pin electronics and IC tester having thereof
Method of testing the electrostatic discharge performance of an IC device
Method for generating images by means of magnetic resonance
Dynamic real-time magnetic resonance imaging sequence designer
Method and apparatus of acquiring large FOV images without slab-boundary artifacts
Calibration method and apparatus for signal analysis device
Method for determining the optimum observer heading change in bearings-only passive emitter tracking
System and method for wideband pre-detection signal processing for passive coherent location applications
System and method for auto calibrated reduced rank adaptive processor
Frequency-agile monopulse technique for resolving closely spaced targets
Guided wave radar level transmitter
Tracking system for locating stolen currency
Positional data utilizing inter-vehicle communication method and traveling control apparatus
Method and apparatus for recognising a radar target
Spread spectrum radar with leak compensation at baseband
Beamformed ultrasonic imager with delta-sigma feedback control
System and method for attaching drilling information to three-dimensional visualizations of earth models
Webserver-based well instrumentation, logging, monitoring and control
Apparatus and method for measuring mud resistivity using a defocused electrode system
Lenticular screen adaptor
Liquid crystal display, liquid crystal device and liquid crystal display system
Automatic focusing camera with moving mirror between fixed lens and fixed image sensor
Optical component with a structured element
Color switch
Structure-reinforced bezel for flat panel display
Temperature compensation for liquid crystal cell optical devices
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Multi-directional diffusion-symmetric slant reflector
Color filter substrate, manufacturing method thereof, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Two-way display-type liquid crystal display device
Reflection type liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus having flexible substrate and concave faces
TFT-LCD device comprising test pixels, black matrix elements, common voltage line formed within a particular dummy region
Method and device for connecting display panel substrates
Apparatus and method for injecting and sealing liquid crystal
Liquid crystal display device
Display device
Liquid crystal display having shorting bar for testing thin film transistor
Display device
Optical system and method for performing analog to digital conversion
Exposure condition determination system
Light condenser
Image forming apparatus and paper feed control method for image forming apparatus
System for laser beam expansion without expanding spatial coherence
Exposure apparatus
System and method for switching position signals during servo control of a device table
Image recording method and an image recording apparatus
Oscillator controller and atomic oscillator
Vibration suppression positioning controller
Electrically-operated actuator system
Programmer for vehicle security systems and related methods
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and circuit for base current compensation
Data driven clocking
Clock switching circuit
System and method for cache sharing
System for creation of visual representation of data
Layout of data structures based on relationships between the data structures
System and user interface supporting user navigation and concurrent application operation
Field programmable gate array core cell with efficient logic packing
Method for chart markup and annotation in technical analysis
Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Facilitated user interface
Keyboard system with automatic correction
Determining and displaying geometric relationship between objects in a computer-implemented graphics system
Computer painting system with passive paint brush stylus
Input device and inputting method with input device
Axle dock for generating clicking sense for mouse roller
Pen-shaped coordinate pointing device
Method and apparatus for interacting with investors to create investment portfolios
Method and apparatus using a two-dimensional circular data buffer for scrollable image display
Method to display and manage computer pop-up controls
Data storage in ole systems
Graphics system configured to parallel-process graphics data using multiple pipelines
CMOS differential input buffer with source-follower input clamps
Method for automatic identification and data capture
Identification transponder
Graphical user interface for travel planning system
Method of modifying kitchen cabinet designs within cabinet design software to accommodate utilities
Method and user interface for specifying toppings and their placement on a pizza
Efficient graphics pipeline with a pixel cache and data pre-fetching
Method and apparatus for storing data in a block-based memory arrangement
Checkerboard buffer using memory blocks
Makeover system
System and method of interactive evaluation and manipulation of a geometric model
Method of editing assembly
Method and apparatus for image representation by geometric and brightness modeling
Road antenna apparatus including laser-beam emitting device
Perimeter beam tower
Inventory management system
Electrical wiring monitoring system
Bidirectional communication between a sensor unit and a monitor unit in patient monitoring
Method and system for delivering a time-efficient mobile vehicle route that encompasses multiple limited-duration events
Illuminated viewing assembly, viewing system including the illuminated viewing assembly, and method of viewing therefor
System and method for superframe dithering in a liquid crystal display
Digital drive apparatus and image display apparatus using the same
Semiconductor device and liquid crystal display comprising the same
Liquid crystal driving device for controlling a liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having inversion flicker compensation
Level shifter for use in active matrix display apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting subpixel intensity values based upon luminance characteristics of the subpixels for improved viewing angle characteristics of liquid crystal displays
Method and system for dynamically building application help navigation information
Method, system, and program for generating a graphical user interface window for an application program
Scan driving circuit and driving method for active matrix liquid crystal display
Enhanced pointing device for handicapped users
Three-dimensional graphics system reducing color data/bits in drawing operations for faster processing
Apparatus and method for color data interpolation
Hardware-assisted visibility-ordering algorithm
Method and apparatus to control power state of a display device
Method and apparatus for virtualized operator panel
Multimedia processor employing a shared CPU-graphics cache
Method for reducing transport delay in a synchronous image generator
Method and device for detecting bits in a data signal
Information recording with effective pulse control scheme
Ultra-low current band-gap reference
Semiconductor memory device inputting/outputting data synchronously with clock signal
Low-resistance resistor and its manufacturing method
Integrated radio having on-chip transformer balun
Bead inductor and method of manufacturing same
Proximity sensor with improved positioning accuracy for detection coil peripheral members
Spacer for the shunt wires within a circuit breaker
Overload protector with hermetically sealing structure
Latch for an electrical device
Transfer switch including a circuit breaker housing
Method and apparatus for addressing micro-components in a plasma display panel
Use of a free space electron switch in a telecommunications network
Device and method for testing integrated circuit dice in an integrated circuit module
Monotonic dynamic-static pseudo-NMOS logic circuit
Ring oscillator with embedded scatterometry grate array
Active matrix display device
Solid-state image sensor and method of driving same
Image pickup apparatus
Light-emitting devices
Charger for rechargeable nickel-zinc battery
Millimeter-wave passive FET switch using impedance transformation networks
Dielectric electronic component and method of adjusting input/output coupling thereof
Tunable filters having variable bandwidth and variable delay
Resonator of radio-frequency filter
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Vacuum electron device with a photonic bandgap structure and method of use thereof
Antenna assembly and wireless communication device
Planar antenna
Broad band and multi-band antennas
System and method for providing a quasi-isotropic antenna
Multi-band printed monopole antenna
Planar double L-shaped antenna of dual frequency
Dielectric antenna
Structure with switchable magnetic properties
Dynamic multi-beam antenna using dielectrically tunable phase shifters
Optical-RF mixed antenna
Multi-patch antenna which can transmit radio signals with two frequencies
Fault sensing wire and alarm apparatus
Battery equalizer using total string current
Matching cells for a battery pack
AC power generating system
Voltage converter having switching element with variable substrate potential
High output high efficiency low voltage charge pump
Power efficient integrated charge pump using clock gating
Programmable charge pump device
Buffer circuit
Current limitation process of brush and brushless DC motors during severe voltage changes
Method and apparatus for controlling three-phase power
Sensorless control of switched reluctance electric machines
PSC motor system for use in HVAC applications
System and method of controlling cooling fan speeds
Magnetic pole position estimating method and control apparatus for synchronous motor
Method, program and system for designing an interconnected multi-stage oscillator
Wideband VCO resonant circuit method and apparatus
Output circuit
Phase comparator
Integrated circuit with an analog amplifier
Dual gate low noise amplifier
Continuous variable-gain low-noise amplifier
Adaptive digital pre-distortion using amplifier model that incorporates frequency-dependent non-linearities
Feedforward amplifier
Circuit and method for over-current sensing and control
Transimpedance amplifier and circuit including the same
High performance differential amplifier
Group delay equalizer integrated with a wideband distributed amplifier monolithic microwave integrated circuit
System and method for activating gain stages in an amplification module
Power amplifier circuit and method using bandlimited signal component estimates
Noise filter
Electronically tunable combline filters tuned by tunable dielectric capacitors
Inter-digital transducer, surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus using the same
Variable delay channel scan
System and method for providing capacitive spare fill cells in an integrated circuit
Charge compensated bootstrap driving circuit
Device for switching a connection according to the state of an apparatus to be monitored, especially a safety switch
Reduced current input buffer circuit
Output buffer circuit
Buffer circuit using low voltage transistors and level shifters
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with differential output driver circuit, and system for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Transistor output circuit, semiconductor device including transistor output circuit, and switching electric power unit having transistor output circuit
Silicon-on-insulator dynamic logic
Level-shifting circuit
Receiving latch with hysteresis
Analog buffer and method of driving the same
System, circuit and method for low voltage operable, small footprint delay
Analog synchronous mirror delay circuit, method of generating a clock and internal clock generator using the same
Delay clock pulse-width adjusting circuit for intermediate frequency or high frequency
Comparator with offset voltage
Measure-controlled circuit with frequency control
Delay locked loop circuit with convergence correction
Apparatus for generating quadrature phase signals and data recovery circuit using the same
Frequency synchronous apparatus and frequency synchronous control method
Phase locked loop that avoids false locking
A/D conversion method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for analog-to-digital pipeline conversion
Digital/analog converter, display driver and display
Method and apparatus for generating gray code for any even count value to enable efficient pointer exchange mechanisms in asynchronous FIFO'S
Method for lossless data compression using greedy sequential context-dependent grammar transform
Switching device provided with integrated test means
Modular measuring or testing device
High-speed solid-state imaging device capable of suppressing image noise
CMOS integration sensor with fully differential column readout circuit for light adaptive imaging
Method and apparatus for detecting change in video source material
Vibration reduction device and vibration detecting device and micro signal processing device for use in vibration reduction device
Control apparatus for an optical device
Electronic zooming circuit
Converting a multi-pixel image to a reduced-pixel image to provide an output image with improved image quality
Optical three-dimensional digital imaging and mensuration system for industrial applications
Image pick-up device and record medium having recorded thereon computer readable program for controlling the image pick-up device
Scanning line interpolating device
Video and/or audio digital data processing
Digital camera, and image synthesizer and method of controlling the same
Videoconferencing method and system for connecting a host with a plurality of participants
Device for emitting a time varying signal in the field of vision of a picture taking device
Obstacle detection apparatus and method
Flicker reduction in three dimensional broadcast television viewing
Pager having simultaneous multichannel scanning function and data transmitting/receiving method thereof
Systems and methods for synchronizing lighting effects
Method and device for checking an operating parameter of an electric fence
Display device, producing method of electronic apparatus and display device
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