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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Articulating deck mower with deck height adjuster
Methods for manipulating air cells within avian eggs
Multi-layered, impact absorbing, modular helmet
Athletic shoe with inclined wall configuration and non-ground-engaging member
Customizable insole
Side release buckle
Applicator assembly for coating fasteners
System for applying a makeup and/or beauty care formulation
Process for cleaning teeth
Multiple bed unit and sub-assembly and method of assembly
Bed skirt system
Localized microclimate management
Appliance mounting device
Gimbaled and adjustable beverage holder
Picture frame tray system
Medicine cup
Electrical cabinet and a frame therefor
Ergonomic wedge pillow
Composite pillow
Pillowcase and pillow with pillowcase
Shower curtain rod assembly
Wring mop
Dust collector
Mouth guard system
Adhesive silicon filling and fixing materials
Endodontic obturator with removable carrier and method of use thereof
Dental implant screw and post system
Inspecting apparatus for backlight modules
Motorized operating table with multiple sections
Spring retractable transfer belt apparatus
Methods and systems for collecting and disposing of human waste
Pneumatic oxygen conserving device
Firefighting bomblets and a precision aerial firefighting method utilizing the same
Golf bag
Snowboard binding rotational system with stance adjustment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for mixing by agitation in a multichambered mixing apparatus including a pre-agitation mixing chamber
Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
Free wire reclaimer system for scrap tire processors
Flow conditioning system and method for fluid jetting tools
Water fountain attachment for a faucet
Cleaning apparatus
In-sink dishwasher with integrated latch
Method of preparing a metallic tape for use on a joint
Method of manufacturing flange for wind towers using ring rolling method
Apparatus and method for forming product having asymmetric cross-section using ring rolling process
Method of manufacturing an automotive wheel
Variable blade manufacturing method and variable blade in VGS type turbo charger
Portable rescue tool and method of use
Compliant cantilevered micromold
Hale-machining method and apparatus
Zero centerline toolholder assembly
Tool holder assembly
Inertia welded shaft and method therefor
Electric parts mounting apparatus
Fixing holder for fixing an electronic component having wire-shaped leg portions to a printed circuit board
Adhesively mounted clamp device
Machine tool
Sheet punching device and image forming apparatus having the same
Assembling device for liquid crystal displays
Apparatus for positioning a sunroof on a vehicle body
Method and an element for surface polishing
Adjustable clamp and method of using an adjustable clamp
Folding bench with hand truck capabilities
Explosion power-operated setting tool
Magnetic staple remover
Staple gun apparatus for attaching tab
Granite slabs cut with frame saw employing blades with diamond-containing segments and method of cutting thereof
Rotatable workbench
Planar parallel robot mechanism with two translational degrees of freedom
Helical cutting insert with axial clearance slash
Ergonomic router
Circular saw with an improved lower blade guard
Reciprocating wire saw for cutting hard materials
Method and apparatus for molding ceramic sheet
Electromagnetic coaxial driving injection apparatus
Apparatus and method for manufacturing resin molded product
Forming folded-stack packaged device using progressive folding tool
Waste compactor
Process of making sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Liquid drop discharge head and manufacture method thereof, micro device ink-jet head ink cartridge and ink-jet printing device
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording apparatus using the same
Thermal expansion compensation for printhead assembly
Ink jet record head
Automatic startup sequence for the solvent ink printing system
Wet-type wiping apparatus of inkjet printer and maintenance apparatus having the same
Passive ink pump system for an inkjet printer
Print carriage assembly and method for mounting a print head holder thereon
Liquid ejection head and image recording apparatus
Method of programming pages within a document to be printed on different output devices
Apparatus for producing a bound print item
Inline wheel with softer tire and internal support structure
Spindle bracket for rear suspension
Window shade with extraction slot cover
Sliding sun visor
Automotive door assembly
Generating syngas for NOx regeneration combined with fuel cell auxiliary power generation
Pedal retraction amount control apparatus
Powered slide rail device for vehicle seat
Device for adjustment of level of inclination of back part of motor vehicle seat
Gear drive and linkage for power operated seat assembly
Adjustment fitting for a seat back
Energy absorbing support for vehicular passengers
Grip handle at passenger seat in automobile
Selectively removable tie-down anchor
Wiper blade
Brake traction control valve
Isolation mounting system for railroad car steps and running boards
Steering system with tilt control
Motor vehicle
Mounting for a radiator casing in a motor vehicle
Steering knuckle assembly for vehicles
Floating electronic platform for swimming pools and spas
Paddle wheel propulsion system and improved paddle used therewith
Method for producing a lift and a horizontal thrust
Apparatus and method for producing a DVD carrier assembly
Apparatus for refilling inkjet cartridges and methods thereof
Apparatus and method for shaping and holding a bag in an open condition
Module feeder system and method to use same
Barrier for preventing tampering with fuel storage tanks
Keyless frictional shaft locking device with integrated frictional drum conveyor pulley end disc
Palette conveyance mechanism and assembling line using it
Circulating type food and drink transport apparatus
Vehicle dump body elevation device, kit, and method relating thereto
Printer paper path plural nips releasing system
Hand puller for storing a band
Hammer and hammer head having a frontal extractor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing method of a sheet glass material for magnetic disk and manufacturing method of a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Method of sealing air holes in an optical fiber
System for drilling oil and gas wells by varying the density of drilling fluids to achieve near-balanced, underbalanced, or overbalanced drilling conditions
Textiles; Paper
Servo motor driven scroll pattern attachments for tufting machine with computerized design system and methods
Washing machine with conveyor device
Method for washing laundry in a tank-free wash path as well as wash path for carrying out the method
Fixed Constructions
Process to prepare in-situ pilings in clay soil
Underground cable laying apparatus
Telescoping plunger
Rigid, adjustable-length flapper control rod for a toilet and associated methods
System and method of installing drywall ceiling
Bolted steel connections with 3-D jacket plates and tension rods
System for connecting dissimilar components with plastic connectors
Elevator system having a shaft-side extinguishing water drain system
Connectors for concrete structure and structural insulating core
Siding having indicia defining a fastening zone
Method and apparatus for floor tiles and planks
Attic hatch
Scaffold plank with end connector and method of making the same
Self-contained portable container habitat for use in radiological environments
Portable modular roof truss system
Airplane hangar
Protected bar lock assembly
Security device
Hinge design for a computer
Magnetic hinge and device including magnetically-attracted plates
Gate hinge
Motorized closure assembly
Screening device and drive means for the screening device and method of manual operating the screening device and a mounting for the screening device
Aquatic ladder adapted for marine applications
System to connect conduit sections in a subterranean well
Base for use with a pole puller
Tubing anchor
Methods and apparatus for reforming and expanding tubulars in a wellbore
Replaceable liner for metal lined composite risers in offshore applications
Cement float
Multi-cycle dump valve
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce heated fluids
Gauge carrier sub apparatus
Apparatus and methods for drilling with casing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Channelized stratified regenerator system and method
Heat engine
Hybrid seal and system and method incorporating the same
Refurbishing method and system for a main rotor blade spar
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Electromechanical valve actuator assembly
Valve operation in an internal combustion engine
Lubricating structure for an engine
Exhaust gas purification method for internal combustion engine
Device for exhaust gas heat utilization
Choke valve provided with an integrated electromagnetic actuator for an intake manifold with a retracting tumble system
Generator having a plastic frame
Heat shield element arrangement and method for installing a heat shield element
Variable nozzle turbo (VNT) solenoid temperature estimator
Air intake structure to be mounted upstream of a nacelle middle structure for aircraft engine, and nacelle equipped with such air intake structure
Thrust reverser for a turbofan engine nacelle
Internal combustion engine and fuel injection control device therefor
Liquid cooled fuel injection valve and method of operating a liquid cooled fuel injection valve
Integrated electrostatic peristaltic pump method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for preventing a piston and valve collision in a linear compressor
Negative pressure type booster device
Snap ring
Tapping screw
Connecting structures
Stacked assembly of roofing caps
Separator, linear guide using the separator and linear motion apparatus
Grooving pattern for grooved fluid bearing
Electromagnetic clutch
Dust cover receiving structure of shock absorber
Transmitting system for small-sized vehicle
Method of assembling a two-piece twist lock piston
Sealing device
Butterfly valve
Flow control valve
Pipe for transporting automobile fluids, comprising a smooth inner tube and an annellated outer tube
Insulating wire separator apparatus for piping systems
Exterior luminaire
Modular pole system for a light fixture
Arrangement in connection with a lighting fixture, and a lighting fixture
Rotating light fixture and method of making same
Magnetic device for rotating floating candle
Headlamp assembly with blindfold for vehicle
Back light illuminating unit
Catalytic combustor having high cell density
Steam-heating apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling heating operation in heat pump system
Hybrid spray absorber
Expansion valve with mounting bracket
System and method of refrigerating at least one enclosure
Refrigerator and defrosting method thereof
Device for cooling object
Heat recovery ventilator
Resiliently bonded heat exchanger
Reciprocating sensory sighting system for a longarm
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Small arms projectile
Sports netting
Torsional harmonic cantilevers for detection of high frequency force components in atomic force microscopy
Angle-measuring gauge for motorcycles and the like
Method for calculating error compensation value of machine
Displacement sensor with reduced hysteresis
Method for calibrating alignment mark positions on substrates
Method for thermal flow measurement with non constant heating pulses
Temperature gauge and ceramic susceptor in which it is utilized
Torque sensor for vehicle steering system
Device for evaluating the signal from a viscosity sensor
Method of analyzing physical property of golf ball
Metal ring inspection method and metal ring inspection device
Method and apparatus for determining hydrogen embrittlement
Clock control for reducing timing exceptions in scan testing of an integrated circuit
Facet mirror having a number of mirror facets
Automatic apparatus for cleaving optical fiber waveguides
Single vision lenses
Image-taking apparatus
Scrolling unit, color illuminating system, and projection system using the scrolling unit
Projection type image display apparatus and display device
Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including optimizing C-state selection under variable wakeup rates
Apparatus, method and process to determine a threshold voltage so that leakage power of a plurality of transistors is inversely proportional to a plurality of processor cores
Systems and methods for efficient data channel testing
Adaptive recovery for parallel reactive power throttling
Adaptive recovery for parallel reactive power throttling
Snapshot management method, snapshot management apparatus, and computer-readable, non-transitory medium
System on a chip (SOC) debug controllability
Heap dump occurrence detection
On demand tracing of application code execution
Semi-automatic conversion and execution of functional manual tests
Automated migration to a new target volume via merged bitmaps to maintain consistency
Verification of data stream computations using third-party-supplied annotations
Rotation of web site content to prevent E-mail spam/phishing attacks
Atomic execution over accesses to multiple memory locations in a multiprocessor system
Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads by state alteration
Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads
Direct memory access-like data transfer between guest operating systems
Storage device cache
Storage apparatus and data processing method
Cache coherence monitoring and feedback
Transparent data migration within a computing environment
Efficiently implementing a plurality of finite state machines
Extending cache coherency protocols to support locally buffered data
Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
Online volume migration using multi-path input/output masquerading
Data copying
Region coherence array for a mult-processor system having subregions and subregion prefetching
Determining relationship data associated with application programs
Organization of a small object area and a large object area in a java heap
System and method for effectively providing content to client devices in an electronic network
Method and apparatus for storing real-time text messages
System and method for resolving a unit of work
Reverse context system
Method and apparatus for search history based messaging
Method, computer program, and device for processing e-mail addressed to multiple destination addresses
Method and apparatus for mobile presence aggregation
Annotating and routing message content
Method and system for detection of communication activities of a meter board
Method and apparatus for distributed upload of content
Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
Content pre-fetching and CDN assist methods in a wireless mobile network
Scalable high-performance interactive real-time media architectures for virtual desktop environments
System and method for video display transfer between video playback devices
Notarizing packet traces
Technique for implementing an optical/TDM virtual private network
System and method for automated configuration control, audit verification and process analytics
Subscriber message payload handling
Method and system for delivering personalized broadband content
Method and apparatus for upgrading software of digital broadcasting receiver
Algorithm engine for use in a pattern matching accelerator
Multiple enhanced catalog sharing (ECS) cache structure for sharing catalogs in a multiprocessor system
Prioritization of data items for backup in a computing environment
Method for generating copy of database
Electronic text reading environment enhancement method and apparatus
Pre-rendering web content
Multi-dimensional hybrid and transpose form finite impulse response filters
Representing extensible markup language (XML) as an executable having conditional authentication or policy logic
Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
System and methods for ensuring integrity, authenticity, indemnity, and assured provenance for untrusted, outsourced, or cloud databases
Data augmentation based on second-phase metadata
Avoiding duplicate and equivalent data objects in service registries
Method and system for processing a uniform resource locator
Selective construction of data search result per search request specifying path information
Forensic index method and apparatus by distributed processing
Delayed deletion of extended attributes
Supporting coordinated access to a file system's shared storage using automatic alignment of a parallel file access protocol and metadata management
Dynamic bulk-to-brick transformation of data
Method and system for managing operation of a user-defined function on a partitioned database
System and method for gathering, indexing, and supplying publicly available data charts
Methods and apparatus for performing enhanced queries for items such as maps and geospatial data
Extraction tool and method for determining maximum and minimum stage delays associated with integrated circuit interconnects
Layout decomposition method and apparatus for multiple patterning lithography
Methods for designing fin-based field effect transistors (FinFETS)
Methods for modeling of FinFET width quantization
Yield optimization for design library elements at library element level or at product level
System and method for determining application layer-based slow distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack
Timer for hardware protection of virtual machine monitor runtime integrity watcher
Active and passive filter digital data authentication and security system
Validating pointer records in a domain name system (DNS) service
Ability to scope awareness to your current task
Storage apparatus and method for controlling same
Systems and methods for handling pop-up messages
Installation wizard with multidimensional views
Explicit use of user context objects in a virtual universe
Organization and display of tabs and tab groups over hierarchical levels
Method and apparatus for displaying medical thumbnail objects in a browsing component
Server replication at different sites
Enhancing data store backup times
Identification disambiguation in databases
Incremental crawling of multiple content providers using aggregation
Consolidating tags
Optimizing map/reduce searches by using synthetic events
Analysis of a system for matching data records
Method for enhancing search and browsing in collaborative tagging systems through learned tag hierarchies
Determining the value of an association between ontologies
Method and apparatus for providing a list-based interface to key-value stores
Modular exponentiation with partitioned and scattered storage of Montgomery Multiplication results
Reusing software development assets
Resource management method and system enabling identity mapping between resources and objects
System and method for automatically declaring variables
Efficient execution of human machine interface applications in a heterogeneous multiprocessor environment
System and method for expressing XML schema validation using java in a declarative manner
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for synchronizing software verification flows
Method and apparatus for the performing unit testing of software modules in software systems
Sampling with sample pacing
Collecting tracepoint data
Static analysis of computer software applications
Application downloading
Methods and systems for transferring data over a network
Active node detection in a failover computing environment
Program parallelization device and program product
Virtual system control method and apparatus
Scalable system call stack sampling
Selective memory donation in virtual real memory environment
End-to-end mapping from operating system running on virtual machine to storage volume of storage-array network (SAN)
Virtualization-based resource management apparatus and method and computing system for virtualization-based resource management
Data processing using different data formats based on shared resource utilization
Managing job execution
Load balancing management of newly discovered data processing systems using peer control points
Priority based throttling for power/performance quality of service
Hardware-enabled lock mediation for controlling access to a contested resource
Applying timed operations to non-timed functions
Method, system and computer program product for solution replication
System enabling transactional memory and prediction-based transaction execution method
System and method for support of legacy communications protocols in a smart card
IC card and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
Method and apparatus for generating images of magnetic fields in at least two dimensions
Data collection device having visual display of feedback indicators and messages
Predicting states of subjects
Secure online banking transaction apparatus and method
Dynamic webpage generation including request-time auctioned web content
Customized marketing
System and method for assisting online product research by consumers
Methods for providing digital incentives including a digital incentives switch for matching transactions and incentives
Retail system for selling products based on a flexible product description
Method for electronic display and review of a document by a plurality of parties in a predetermined order and which allows for document branding and additional documents to be added to the document based on the then current recipient and sender from the predetermined order of recipients and senders
Method for creating and pricing options
Methods, devices and bank computers for consumers using communicators to wire funds to sellers and vending machines
Electronic signature security algorithms
Automated intellectual property licensing
Sheet handling machine
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
POS terminal and control method
Belisle picture painting technique displaying different colors at different viewing angles
Apparatus and method for baggage check and promotional advertisement
Multimedia device having a substrate fixing structure
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device performing multi-level storage operation
Methodology for correlated memory fail estimations
Arithmetic processing apparatus and method of controlling arithmetic processing apparatus
Storage control apparatus and error correction method
Method for fabricating MEMS device and MEMS device
Lead pin correction device and lead pin correction method
Fabrication of flat-panel display having spacer with rough face for inhibiting secondary electron escape
Signal transmission device having flexible printed circuit boards
Thumb drive with retractable USB connector
Protective boot and universal cap
Wire harness connector
Transceiver delatching mechanism
Vehicle mounted electrical outlet box
Headend system based on IP network, method of operating the headend system, and QAM pre-processor
Proof-of-purchase watermarks
Safety management system
Scalable distributed web-based authentication
Gathering, storing and using reputation information
Method and system for adaptive anomaly-based intrusion detection
Information processing device performing software license authentication, communication system, and software license authentication method
Techniques for managing a secure communication session
Method and system for encrypted file access
Logical unit number management device, logical unit number management method, and program therefor
Node controller for an endpoint in a cloud computing environment
EPG aligning events by time on cylinder
Method and apparatus for providing broadcasting service for different types of wireless communication systems
Method and system for automating advertising insertion and reconciliation
Method of coding a scalable video stream destined for users with different profiles
System and method for providing content associated with a television broadcast
Methods to make piezoelectric ceramic thick film arrays and elements
System for operating and resetting PCB holding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Movable shelter
Building construction
Security housing for vending machines and the like
Prefabricated structure
Steel frame building structure
Panels for constructing swimming pools
Modular masonry step and deck assembly
Devices and methods for securing an object to a first structure through a hole in a second structure
Window having a window frame
Raceway construction for panel
Corner bead drywall trim and method of manufacture
Exterior finishing panel
Modular building structures comprised of extruded components
Composite frame member and method of making the same
Sheathing tie down
Stud, top plate, and rafter tie down
Stay-in-place form
Post cladding assembly with sheet retaining means
Mobile home foundation
Geodesic dome and method of constructing same
Building panel and method of forming same
Insulated outer structure for refrigerated food storage apparatus and foam injection method using the same
Insert for glazing unit
Tightening arrangement for paperboard wrap
Compact bag filling machine
Method for providing a decorative cover for a flower pot using a collar
Device and process in a tube filling machine
Die rolls of a soft capsule manufacturing apparatus and a method of manufacturing soft capsules using the same
Joint compound including recycled constituents and method and system for making the same
Equine lead line assembly
Method of harvesting corn
Movable windguard
Method and apparatus for manufacturing steel card
Tension member for an elevator
Apparatus for open-end spinning
Snow producing system in which meltwater is reused
Combined drying and refrigerating storehouse
Self-contained rooftop HVAC unit
Thermodynamic cycle using hydrostatic head for compression
Apparatus for switching a refrigerant channel of an air conditioner having cooling and warming functions
Refrigerated catering service trolley and installation for reloading refrigerating agent
Portable container for refrigerated or frozen goods
Chilling pitcher
Receiver tank
Closed loop single mixed refrigerant process
NMR polarization monitoring coils, hyperpolarizers with same, and methods for determining the polarization level of accumulated hyperpolarized noble gases during production
Process for air separation by cryogenic distillation
Cryogenic air separation system with integrated mass and heat transfer
Apparatus for air separation
Cryogenic air separation and gas turbine integration using heated nitrogen
Cryogenic air separation system with integrated mass and heat transfer
Pressurized liquid cryogen process
Method pre-compaction of fused silica
Uniform distribution quenching of formed glass sheets
Method of making a single-mode optical fiber with multiple concentric core portions by using an outside vapor deposition process
Apparatus and method for drawing glass fibers
Thread dispensing device for dispensing thread at a feed of a circular knitting machine
Method for producing a knitted fabric containing a flock-yarned in a flatbed knitting machine
Cable locking device
Steering lock system
High security electronic dial combination lock
Key-operated cylinder lock with removable plate tumbler container
Press driven tool actuator module
Internal-combustion engine with an exhaust gas turbocharger
Internal combustion engine with exhaust gas recirculation particularly for motor vehicles
Turbo-charged engine combustion chamber pressure protection apparatus and method
Drive assembly for a vehicle
PV-thermal solar power assembly
Thermoelectric heat pump fluid circuit
Fruit chiller
Pulsed thruster system
Exhaust induced ejector nozzle system and method
Catalyst temperature model
System for detecting deterioration of catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
High driveability index fuel detection by exhaust gas temperature measurement
Emission control system with a catalyst
Hydrostatic drive system
Valve device for a hydraulic motor adapted to drive a high inertia mass
Hydraulic jack
Angled flying lead wire bonding process
Method and apparatus for forming metal contacts on a substrate
Method of hardening a valve face of a poppet valve
Method of manufacturing a jewelry ring
Changeable color shaving aid
Safety razors
Unit dose spoon
Blade ejection mechanism for a saw blade clamping arrangement of a power tool
Apparatus and method for marking a contoured surface having complex topology
Chain saw measuring device
Measuring tape holding system
Power-movement measuring tape
Athletic shoe sole design and construction
Sandal with resilient claw shaped cleats
Boot with heel-back fastening mechanism
Shoe sole structures
Ski boot
Method and apparatus for controlling movement of a work implement
Baggage tag
Apparatus for turning over individual sheets assembled to form a stack
Ornamental display toy
System for displaying cards
Flare attachment for a firearm with a removable barrel
Projectile guide
Laser precision bore sight assembly
Aiming Device with adjustable height mount and auxiliary equipment mounting features
Adjustable arm support for fishing rod handle
Surface for sports and other uses
Chemical application system
Floral grouping wrapper with handle incorporated therein
Process for hydroponic cultivation of plants
Plant sleeve having an expandable portion
Floral wrapper having printing design with shaded and highlighted areas
Sliver orienting device in a draw frame
Buckle for maintaining tension in a serpentine article
Securing hook
Locking magnetic fastener
Device for attaching objects to fabric
Apparatus for securing laces on footwear
Burial urn for cremated remains
Method and device for fibrillating a strip-like flat textile structure by subjecting it to a high-pressure liquid
Portable boring--welding machine with simplified drive
Tip cleaning system for welding nozzle
Printed circuit board assembly and method for making a printed circuit board assembly
Automatic fastening machine and method
Method of making a sunroof sunshade
Rotational atherectomy device
Method for attaching a soft top to a motor vehicle body
Process for fabricating a prosthesis
Tensioning a shaped part
Method for fabricating a non-parallel magnetically biased multiple magnetoresistive (MR) layer magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element
Compressive stress treatment method for controlling curvature of a hydrodynamic bearing slider
Device for producing a coil arrangement
Metal fuse in copper dual damascene
Apparatus for assembling disc drive motors utilizing multiposition preload/cure fixtures
Apparatus for building head stack assemblies
Apparatus for printed circuit board repair
Capping system and method
Amusement device for preventing boredom in a traveling vehicle
Functional brassiere
Index table and drive mechanism for a chemical mechanical planarization machine
Method and system for manufacturing a photocathode
Method and apparatus for optical monitoring in chemical mechanical polishing
Apparatus and method of machining brake components
Scalable multi-pad design for improved CMP process
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Burnishing head with fly height control spacer
Grinding method, surface grinder, workpiece support, mechanism and work rest
Non-circular workpiece carrier
Wafer machining apparatus
Centrifugal slide grinder
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching polishing pads to planarizing machines in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Sanding device
Method and apparatus for skinning an animal carcass
Chimney cap assembly
Air return bulkhead for temperature controlled trailers
Air passage switching device and air conditioning apparatus having the same
Device for the distribution of ventilation air in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
Heater or air conditioner for vehicles
Method and apparatus for predictably switching diversity antennas on signal dropout
Infeed impeller for a rotary combine
Video game machine and computer-readable recording medium containing video game program
Pyramid-style video game method and device
Fractional denomination gaming system and method of playing
Video game system and video game memory medium
Steering wheel spring assembly
Power transmission mechanism
Self-locking internally threaded fastener and method of manufacture
Golf swing improvement device
Golf rake
Golf club having a swing-weight housing allowing variable swing-weights and automatic counterbalancing
Method of putting a golf ball
Golf ball
Putting improvement device and method
Adaptable playing fields with ventilated structures
Collapsible batting practice apparatus, and connectable plastic tubing used in same
Baseball striking practice device
Breakaway basketball goal
Base with rigid corner section
Driver roller, in particular for drive belts of a thread supply device on a textile machine
Tensioning device for a chain or a belt drive for a motor of a hand machine tool
Seamed endless belt
High temperature flexible thermoplastic composites for endless belt driving surfaces
Gear engaging stepless speed variator with orientational on-off device
Torque distribution device
Traction drive type driving apparatus
Braking force control unit
Electromagnetic clutch control device and control method for hybrid drive vehicle
Quad/hamstring exercise apparatus
Method of optimizing isometric exercise
Housing for a connector and a connector produced therewith
Electrical connecting device for high currents
Electrical receptacle contact
Encapsulated electrical adapter assembly and method of producing the same
Tilt-trim subsystem for boats using a stern drive system
Cowling assembly for outboard motor
Outboard motor
Insulation diaphragm for getter flash turntable and method of implementing and using same
Method of making plasma display panel with dielectric layer suppressing reduced electrode conductivity
Container, character toy, and toy combination
Toy capsule
Toy figure having enhanced punching feature
Cigarette lighter adapter with gripping structure
Modular jack connector
Jack with feature for selectively restricting plug insertion
Bulb socket and connection construction of wire
System and method for processing workpieces
Apparatus for feeding material to be stitched in a sewing machine
Docking fixture
Towing apparatus for personal watercraft
Automatic tethering system for a floating dock
Multipurpose vehicle flag holder
Signaling device for use with a container
Device for coating with breadcrumbs
Disabling and enabling transaction committal in transactional application components
Priority information display system
Scalable audio processing on a heterogeneous processor array
Multimedia server
File array storage architecture having file system distributed across a data processing platform
Apparatus, method and computer program product for client/server computing with intelligent location of transaction objects
Arrangement and method for displaying and sharing images
Method and apparatus providing personalized mailbox filters
Assignable associate priorities for user-definable instant messaging buddy groups
Communication system
Communication apparatus connectable to information processing terminal such as personal computer
Establishing one computer as a replacement for another computer
Verifying that a network management policy used by a computer system can be satisfied and is feasible for use
System and method for efficient representation of data set addresses in a web crawler
Cluster performance monitoring utility
Pledge-based resource allocation system
Selection of resources utilizing virtual uniform resource locators
Forced sequential access to specified domains in a computer network
System and method for providing service of sending real time electronic information to selected individual viewers of transmitted video or computerized signals
Method of sending data from server computer, storage medium, and server computer
Web server with direct mail capability
Computer system having identification data and method for transferring identification data to computer
Computer network with a plurality of identically addressed devices
Methods systems and software for alleviating event overload conditions for computer networks
System and method for processing and tracking the completion of I/O requests in a disk array system
System for dynamic configuration of an input device by downloading an input device layout from server if the layout is not already display on the input device
Method/system for identifying delayed predetermined information transfer request as bypassable by subsequently-generated information transfer request using bypass enable bit in bridge translation control entry
Bus communication system
High speed/low speed interface with prediction cache
Interrupt response in a multiple set buffer pool bus bridge
Memory mapping method for eliminating dual address cycles in a peripheral component interconnect environment
Direct memory access system and method to bridge PCI bus protocols and hitachi SH4 protocols
Generic serial interface with automatic reconfigurability
Real time control method for a robot controller
Memory device
Content addressable memory system with cascaded memories and self timed signals
High performance data paths
Method for displaying data on a CD having CD-text data
Method and system for ordering priority commands on a commodity disk drive
System and method for modeling and optimizing I/O throughput of multiple disks on a bus
Method for reducing the frequency of cache misses in a computer
Shared memory bus arbitration system to improve access speed when accessing the same address set
Multi-environment data consistency
Method for managing defect sectors of information storage medium, and apparatus for use with the method
System for issuing device requests by proxy
Pointer verification system and method
Real mode translation look-aside buffer and method of operation
Method and apparatus for processing memory accesses utilizing a TLB
Semiconductor circuit with address translation circuit that enables quick serial access in row or column directions
Control unit and data processing system
Method and apparatus for folding a plurality of instructions
Instruction cache alignment mechanism for branch targets based on predicted execution frequencies
Processor containing data path units with forwarding paths between two data path units and a unique configuration or register blocks
System and method for permitting out-of-order execution of load and store instructions
Exception processing in asynchronous processor
Method and apparatus for initial programming of flash based firmware
System and method for booting a computer
Method and system for authenticating digital certificates issued by an authentication hierarchy
Tree-based certificate revocation system
Computer system for protecting a file and a method for protecting a file
Enhanced security for applications employing downloadable executable content
Authentication of routing data using variable output length one-way functions
Copy protection apparatus and information recording medium used in this copy protection apparatus
Method and system for non-malleable and non-interactive cryptographic commitment in a network
Security methodology for devices having plug and play capabilities
Method and apparatus for remotely enabling a preinstalled and previously disabled application on a computer system
Method and system for secure network management of high-speed internet access CPE
Method and system for adaptive network security using network vulnerability assessment
System and method for very fast IP packet filtering
Method and apparatus for erasing data when a problem is identified
Apparatus and method for power reduction control in a video encoder device
Suspend/resume capability for a protected mode microprocessor
Power control method, power control system and computer program product for supplying power to a plurality of electric apparatuses connected to a power line
Method for synchronizing reserved areas in a redundant storage array
Robust and recoverable interprocess locks
System and apparatus for merging a write event journal and an original storage to produce an updated storage using an event map
Test circuit for reducing test time in semiconductor memory device having multiple data input/output terminals
Sync byte padding
Technique for correcting single-bit errors and detecting paired double-bit errors
Messaging communication protocol
Error recognition in a storage system
Trellis encoding technique for PCM modems
Data decoding apparatus and method for decoding convolution-coded input data
Error propagation path extraction system, error propagation path extraction method, and recording medium recording error propagation path extraction control program
Graphic layout compaction system capable of compacting a layout at once
Method for verification of combinational circuits using a filtering oriented approach
Insertion of test points in RTL designs
Spacing violation checker
Method to improve integrated circuit defect limited yield
System and method for detecting NFETs that pull up to VDD and PFETs that pull down to ground
Method for designing layout of semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit obtained by the same method, and method for verifying timing thereof
Non-linear optimization system and method for wire length and delay optimization for an automatic electric circuit placer
Hierarchical circuit partitioning using sliding windows
Methods to securely configure an FPGA using macro markers
Final design method of a programmable logic device that is based on an initial design that consists of a partial underlying physical template
Streamlined IC mask layout optical and process correction through correction reuse
Method for creating the sub-resolution phase shifting pattern for outrigger type phase shifting masks
Method for detecting buffer overflow for computer security
Method and apparatus for slicing class hierarchies
Method for computer-assisted testing of software application components
Program execution apparatus and program conversion method
Method for transforming state-based IVR applications into executable sequences of code
Method, system, and computer program product for using static single assignment form as a program representation and a medium for performing global scalar optimization
System and method for deferring exceptions generated during speculative execution
Compiler method and apparatus for elimination of redundant speculative computations from innermost loops
Installing software based on a profile
Software installation process using abstract data and program files
Circuit pack system with semi-or fully-automatic upgrade capability
System and method for creating a substitute registry when automatically installing an update program
System and method for the network support of full motion video using a redundant array of inexpensive disks
Reinforced pocketed spring assembly
Foldable sleeper sofa mattress and method of manufacturing
Mattress assembly
Mattress construction
Method for inspecting liquid filled pipes using magnetostrictive sensors
Method for pre-balancing a rotating drum having a temporarily shifting unbalance
Method of making footwear
Method for detecting early atherosclerosis and vascular damage using radioactive tracers and intravascular radiation detection devices
Rotary brush cleaning device
Rideable cleaning appliance
Equipment for brushing the underside of a semiconductor wafer
Apparatus for cleaning laminated sheets
Internal ferrule for paint brush with bristle clamping panel and removable bristle pack
Flexible toothbrush
Buff section assembly and method of making
Toilet bowl cleaner
Wipe-down knife
Wiper blade for cleaning automobile windscreens
Vapor cleaning device
Convertible vacuum cleaner
Air compressor having attachable and detachable nozzle
Apparatus for carrying a fluid flow
Vacuum cleaner
Helmet providing improved frontal and peripheral view
Protective sports garment
Shoulder protection guard
Venting apparatus for flush toilets
Adjustable additive injection unit for a marine toilet system
Floor-mat system
Apparatus for cleaning out drain pipe obstructions
Toilet tank with sediment removal assembly
Automatic shut-off valve
Porous solenoid structure
Headgear for advertisements, public relations and cheering as well as shading
Upland pack vest
Underpants having protective structure
Method of changing the posture of a patient on a nursing bed
Lower frame structure of a foldable playyard
Wireless audio/video sender
Editing control unit
Video control console
Remote control unit
Keypad for a handset
Keypad for a handset
Jacket cover for cellular phone
Jacket cover for a cellular phone
Combination tablet notebook computer
Delivery information acquisition device
Portal device
Data vault
Infrared ray transmitter
Data reader and recorder
Printer mounted document scanner
Element of an electronic computer
Personal computer dashboard
Printer associated with a telephone
Facsimile transmitter-receiver
User interface icon for a computer screen
Diaphragm pump
Mower element
Cutter bit
Adjustable stop for machine tabletop
Combined magnifier and light for surgical instrument
Video camera
Electronic camera
Digital camera
Tub overflow waste assembly
Monogramed jewelry
Portions of a figurine
Hand truck
Golf cart handlebar
Drum lift
Electric tricycle
Three wheeled motorized vehicle
Car body
Inkjet printer with fixed sheet feeder and window access door
Printer with monitor screen
Wet pickup vacuum attachment
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Digital camera
Video projector
Computer printer
Inkjet printer
Paper pack with ink tank for printer
Locking hub
Automatic document feeder portion of an optical scanner
Pencil sharpener
Mesh container
Stamp pad with articulated hinge
Implement holder
Case for refillable leads for a mechanical pencil
Tip for a marking pen
Internet terminal
Interactive kiosk
Cartridge for electronic game machine
Surface pattern for geometric web game board
Self walking vehicle body
Throwable disc toy
Toy robotic jellyfish
Golf club putter head having a face insert
Recessed back portion of a golf club head
Putter face for a putter head
Cavity back iron
Scooter ski structure
Casing for coin operated game machine
Attachable fletch for arrow and dart
Insect trap
Cap tether
Differential pressure regulator
Housing for an air conditioner condenser
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Air cleaner
Fan filter
Blower filter unit
HVAC filter
Electric liquid vaporizer
Refrigerator deodorant container
Combined speculum and obturator for colon hydrotherapy
Multi-port adapter for a respiratory care system
Multi-port adapter for a respiratory care system
Percussion hammer
Massaging apparatus head
Knee pad
Hand spa
Combined massaging bath mat, control unit and hose
Urine collection funnel
Glass edging
Building panel
Building panel
Ice shield structure
Sports team design for an awning
Form board for stair coping of an in-ground liner type swimming pool
Resin building
Spa steps
Replacement tail lens assembly for automobile
Glass shade
Audio book light
Wall lighting fixture
Exterior surface configuration of a motorcycle taillight assembly
Compact fluorescent lamp
Fixture arm
Depilatory applicator
Hair grip
Hair grip
Riding helmet
Fall arrest strap
Finger recesses in a cover of a filter cartridge
Pet dish
Human Necessities
Guzmania plant named `Tempo`
Shrub rose plant named `POULweeto`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACyelap`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACsilho`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACzotta`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACtorse`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACrex`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Monarch`
Vinca minor plant named `Illumination`
Azalea plant named `Conlep`
Guzmania plant named `Celina`
Pulmonaria plant named `Silver Streamers`
Petunia plant named `Cherry Cascade`
Solidago plant named `Dansosolo`
Pulmonaria plant named `Raspberry Splash`
Petunia plant named `Mariposa Rose`
Clerodendrum plant named `Brandonii`
Personal cooling apparatus and method
Helmet sock
Parts feeder
Retractable handle
Maternity beach chair
Folding, dismountable and telescopic structure
Bed covering retention apparatus
Pressurized solar heated shower
Vacuum apparatus for cleaning condensers and the like
Medical surgical table including interchangeable orthopedic attachment and scanning table
Removable spine board foot support
Performing Operations; Transporting
Surface supported cobalt catalysts, process utilizing these catalysts for the preparation of hydrocarbons from synthesis gas and process for the preparation of said catalysts
Printed circuit board assembly manufacturing system
Jacket for admission ticket
Accessory structure for spray cleaning a heat exchanger in a vehicle air-conditioner
Aircraft air-conditioning apparatus with water separators
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production and processing of (Bi,Pb) SCCO superconductors
Fixed Constructions
Sink drain extension
Stackable wall panel system
Extruded, exterior siding panel
Elevating slider for glass window
Vandal-resistant wall-bumper
Threshold assembly for a garage door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine cooling system
Orbiting engine
Digital control valve for refrigeration system
Fuel injector bar for gas turbine engine combustor having trapped vortex cavity
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature and humidity of a conditioned space
High flow rate sampler for measuring emissions at process components
Dynamic balance measurement station
Detection system for atomic force microscopes
Method of manufacturing surface-mountable SIL hybrid circuit
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
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