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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Wavelength conversion film, agricultural film, structure and coating film forming composition
Enrichment of stem cells from adult tissues
Liquid concentrate for preserving cosmetics
Pomegranate sprouts, preparations derived therefrom and compositions comprising same
Method for preparing milk-based beverages
Preparation of soy protein isolate using calcium chloride extraction ("S703")
Carnallite-like food salts and products thereof
Beverage and a method for preparation thereof
Personal video lighting system
Vacuum patch for rapid wound closure
Methods for approximation and fastening of soft tissue
Rotational atherectomy device with fluid inflatable support elements supported by fluid bearings
Rotational atherectomy device with fluid inflatable support elements and two torque transmitting coils
Bone plate and screw retaining mechanism
Objective traumatic brain injury assessment system and method
Apparatus and method for objective perimetry visual field test
Method and apparatus for monitoring eye tremor
Blood test apparatus and method of controlling the same
Viscosimetric biosensor for monitoring analyte levels
Polyol and polyether iron oxide complexes as pharmacological and/or MRI contrast agents
Volumetric physiological measuring system and method
Blood vessel function inspecting apparatus
Apparatus and method for 3D ultrasound imaging and therapy
Applying renyi entropy to detect changes in scattering architecture
Medical handpiece with pulsed illumination
Dental implant system and additional methods of attachment
Biobeneficial coating compositions and methods of making and using thereof
Multiple drug delivery from a balloon and a prosthesis
Implantable medical devices fabricated from polyurethanes with biodegradable hard and soft blocks and blends thereof
Closure tape tab for absorbent article, prelaminated closure tape, and method of manufacturing a closure tape
Artificial tissue construct and method for producing the same
Vascular stenting and other procedures
Medical devices
Photochromic intraocular lens
Bone cement collector and method of use
Instrumentation for implants with transition surfaces and related processes
System and method for treating and/or preventing erection problems
Massage chair with foot massaging device
Extractions of fixed oil and thymoquinone rich fractions (TQRF)
Pharmaceutical compositions containing botulinum neurotoxin
Vaccine for viruses that cause persistent or latent infections
Monoclonal antibodies that react with the capsule of Bacillus anthracis
Compositions and methods for treating cancer
Flavoring systems for pharmaceutical compositions and methods of making such compositions
Edible chew pill jacket
Fluorinated fructose derivatives for PET imaging
Sulfacetamide formulations for treatment of skin dermatoses
Method for producing a crystalline tableting additive, additive thus obtained and use thereof
Formulations of water insoluble or poorly water soluble drugs in lipidated glycosaminoglycan particles and their use for diagnostics and therapy
Compositions comprising an active agent
Reverse vesicle
Pharmaceutical compositions providing enhanced drug concentrations
Stable pharmaceutical compositions without a stabilizer
Oral care and delivery device
Apparatus for collection and analysis of human body fluids
Huggable breastpump
Medication reservoir
Catheter support
Spring detach joint for delivering a detachable implantable device
Power injector with flow rate assessment
Device and method for combining a treatment agent and a gel
Injection systems
Administering device comprising display drum
Surgical access device with floating gel seal
Devices and methods for protecting a user from a sharp tip of a medical needle
Apparatus and method for inducing vibrations in a living body
Apparatus and method for temporary mounting of a hangboard
Exercise device
Side locking adjustable shaft connection systems for removably connecting a golf club head and shaft
Lacrosse stick pocket and related method of manufacture
Foot support device
Method and apparatus for planning and customizing a gaming experience
Display, device, method, and computer program for indicating a clear shot
Gaming device having a selectively accessible bonus scheme
Game apparatus and game program
Reconfigurable gaming display and system
Trajectory-based 3-D games of chance for video gaming machines
Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method
Methods of operating a motorized doll
Entertainment device including a remote controlled magnetic mini-craft
Performing Operations; Transporting
Down hole separator and fast flow oil skimmer
Systems and methods for the separation of carbon dioxide and water
Fluid filter with an attachment structure on an endplate of the filtering element
Distillation of ionic liquids using an auxiliary distillation agent
Enhanced vane bundle design
CO.sub.2 absorption from gas mixtures using an aqueous solution of 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine
CO.sub.2 absorption from gas mixtures using an aqueous solution of 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine
Room temperature chemical trap for the purification of gaseous methane
Apparatus and system for filtering air
Air drier for air suspension of vehicle
Regenerable sorbent technique for capturing CO.sub.2 using immobilized amine sorbents
Automatic air dehydrator with offsite data management
Hybrid adsorbent method of capturing carbon dioxide in gas and apparatus for capturing carbon dioxide in gas
Amino acid salt articles and methods of making and using them
Ship flue gas scrubbing equipment and method
Systems and methods for air dehumidification and cooling with membrane water vapor rejection
Neutralization of gaseous contaminants by artificial photosynthesis
Method and apparatus to inject reagent in SNCR/SCR emission system for boiler
Plasma generation system and plasma generation method
Polycrystalline diamond apparatuses and methods of manufacture
Curettage collection apparatus
Apparatuses, systems, and methods utilizing capillary action
Physical structure of exhaust-gas cleaning installations
Mixture and technique for coating an internal surface of an article
Portable washer for beverage containers
Process for producing powders of germanium
Cutting insert
Device and method for ELID honing
Apparatus and method for processing piston
Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer
Fluid jet assembly
Yttria-based slurry composition
Method and means of lining a manhole
Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object
Method for manufacturing polishing pad
Resin panels, methods, and apparatus for making resin panels
Process and apparatus for forming an inner vessel liner for a pressure vessel
Positioning device
Method of making a tube using a cylinder air cooled heat welder
PU adhesives for sterilizable composite films
Fusible textile fabric
Toner manufacturing method, a toner manufacturing apparatus, and a toner
Film and method for producing film
Plurality of SnO flakes
Cooking item comprising a non-stick coating with improved properties of adhesion to the substrate
Aluminum alloy clad sheet for heat exchanger
Fibre reinforced assembly
Honeycomb structure
Multi-panel blank with parallel panel axes for a collapsible field director structure
Manufacturing system of optical display device and manufacturing method of optical display device
Hook-engageable fastener sheets, and methods and articles of manufacture
Rear-illuminable aircraft interior component
Viscoelastic articles with polymer layer containing elastomer unevenly distributed
Recompressed exfoliated graphite articles
Image forming method and image forming apparatus for forming an image on an intermediate transfer medium
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet print head and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing nozzle plate, liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Inkjet head and method of manufacturing inkjet head
Inkjet head device and method of controlling inkjet head
Cartridge for printer having fluid flow arrangement
Head chip for ink jet type image forming apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus with ink ejection control based on ink temperature
Liquid ejection head having a light receiving element and a method of inspecting liquid ejection head
Computer based method and system for adjusting page placement on a continuous feed print engine
Dividing print data for processing for bookbinding
Binding device
Device for reducing roll motion in motor vehicles
Control arm assembly
Transport apparatus
Air outlet structure for air conditioner
Planar-zippering cornering design
Ballistic protection sun visor apparatus
Aerodynamically-shaped fuel tank
Light emitting module and automotive headlamp
Inflatable airbag assembly with an integral cover
Airbag for a vehicle occupant restraint system and method for producing an airbag
Actuating unit for a motor vehicle brake system
Brake system for vehicle with idle stop and go device and control method thereof
Decklid hinge counterbalance assembly having a straight end torque rod with infinite rotational adjustment
Off-road vehicle having a cargo box
Removable axle method incorporated within a collapsable motorcycle trailer
Adjustable supporting bracket for motorcycle backrest
Folding scooter
Floating device for pipes
Swash plate mechanism comprising a spur toothing
System, a method and a capsule for preparing a pre-determined quantity of beverage
Robotic arm
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silica gel compositions containing alkali metals and alkali metal alloys
Membrane apparatus and method of preparing a membrane and a method of producing hydrogen
Method and apparatus for purifying metallurgical silicon for solar cells
System and method of carbon capture and sequestration, environmental remediation, and metals recovery
Recirculation shower for aircraft
Apparatus and method for processing liquid waste
Self sustaining vegetated roof for harvesting and recycling rain water
Floating Si and/or Ge foils
Gypsum-containing product
Absorption medium for removing acid gases from a fluid stream
Speeding cure rate of bioadhesives
Liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Optically isotropic liquid crystal medium and optical device
Nano-dispersions of coal in water as the basis of fuel related technologies and methods of making same
FGFR2-IIIb fusion proteins and methods of making them
Luminescence assay using macrocyclic lanthanide (III) complexes
Methods and compositions for determining the pathogenic status of infectious agents
Oligonucleotides for detecting human papilloma virus in a test sample
Method and device for the treatment of product gas produced by pressure gasification of solid fuels
System, method, and apparatus for pouring casting material in an investment cast
Method for aqueous gold thiosulfate extraction using copper-cyanide pretreated carbon adsorption
Rare metal extractant
Method to produce monotectic dispersed metallic alloys
Nickel based alloy
Au-base bulk solidifying amorphous alloys
Aluminum alloy material for high-temperature/high-speed molding, method of producing the same, and method of producing a molded article of an aluminum alloy
Vacuum arc evaporation apparatus and method, and magnetic recording medium formed thereby
Deposition system and methods having improved material utilization
Carbon film
Method and system for mask handling in high productivity chamber
Deplating contacts in an electrochemical plating apparatus
Photoresist-free metal deposition
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning control for precision electrospinning of polymer fibers
Fixed Constructions
Nonstop traffic system using half (1/2) cloverleaf and traffic method applied with the same
Method and apparatus for installing tidal barrages
Wall drop paint barrier protector
Coal cutter drum assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotor blade for a wind power station
Turbine blade with counter flowing near wall cooling channels
Seals in steam turbine
Single channel inner diameter shroud with lightweight inner core
Hydraulic control device
Hybrid air foil bearing and method of manufacture
Steering knuckle with pre-sealing
Slide bearing
Automatic transmission gear and clutch arrangement
Pipeline guide assemblies
Fluid distributor and collection device with collapsible laterals and knuckles
Light having at least one LED
Narrow beam LED spotlight
Optical lens, light-emitting diode optical component and light-emitting diode road lamp
LED lamp
Light source device and illumination device using the same
Light source module and illuminating device
Directional lambertian optic illumination apparatus
Method for regulating and controlling a firing device and a firing device
Rotary kiln and battery material manufactured by the rotary kiln
Crossbow bolt or arrow system for enhancing wounds
Portable handheld medical diagnostic devices with color-changing indicatior
Oxygen detection using metalloporphyrins
Nanogap chemical and biochemical sensors
Calorimeter and methods of use thereof
Reliable switch that is triggered by the detection of a specific gas or substance
Immunological compositions as cancer biomarkers and/or therapeutics
Method of treating renal dysfunction based on perlecan as a biomarker
Locking device and method for use with a multi-fiber push on (MPO) connector module to prevent the MPO connector module from being decoupled from a receptacle
Dual-filter ophthalmic lens to reduce risk of macular degeneration
Imaging apparatus
Projection system
Passivation of multi-layer mirror for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Method of making laser-ablatable elements
Superfine-patterned mask, method for production thereof, and method employing the same for forming superfine-pattern
Toner mass control by surface roughness and voids
Magnetic roller and manufacturing method thereof, developer carrier, development device, processing cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Holographic data storage method and system
Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach
Gaming machine having payout for insurance and control method thereof
Machine having a card processing assembly
Metal-graphite composite material having high thermal conductivity and production method therefor
Antistatic composition
Circuit connecting material, film-form circuit connecting material using the same, circuit member connecting structure and method of manufacturing the same
Use of rylene derivatives as photosensitizers in solar cells
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Permanent magnet and process for producing permanent magnet
Method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence display device
Sensitive materials for gas sensing and method of making same
Energy conversion cell having a dielectrically graded region to alter transport, and methods thereof
Binder for electrode of fuel cell, electrode for fuel cell including the binder, method of manufacturing the electrode, and fuel cell using the electrode
Method of controlled delivery for use in electrochemical power sources
Solid oxide fuel cell device
Composite for fuel cell membrane based on organomodified inorganic particles and method for preparing same
USB connector
Socket connector with contact having dual-contacting-portion created by splitting and twisting
Junction box for a photovoltaic solar panel
Flash drive with swivel cover
Plug of a plug connector
Connector mechanism for connecting a plug
Plug connector having a releasing mechanism and a connector assembly having the same
Power-feed connector
Individual loading mechanism with simplified locking arrangement
Electrical connectors having open-ended conductors
Reconfigurable plug adapter
Thin connector
Electrical wire and sheet-metal connector
Electrical connector having renforcedd locking portion
Adaptive cable connection system
Medical examination or treatment device
Apparatus and method for wet processing substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dressing mirror with multiple functions
Measurement of an analyte concentration in a scattering medium
Radiation sensing apparatus
Computed tomography fluoroscopy system
Selective potting for controlled failure and electronic devices employing the same
Grounding elements for eliminating ESD via floor coverings and devices
Electrolytic capacitor for use in an implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for the detection of microscopically small objects
Power supply with snubber circuit
Method and apparatus for monitoring a chemical mechanical planarization process applied to metal-based patterned objects
Method and apparatus for IN SITU measuring a required feature of a layer during a polishing process
Polarized lens formed by injection/coining injection molding process
Method of controlling impact printer noise
Diffractive safety element
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preform for an optical lens, an optical lens, and a method of manufacturing an optical lens
Liquid crystal composition, device and apparatus
High repetition rate excimer laser system
Fixed Constructions
Sun tracking lighting device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ergonomic control panel for a portable electric generator
Display device with pivotable base
Apparatus to manipulate scrap in a scrap charger
Methods and apparatus for interferometric dimensional metrology
Apparatus and method for measuring intensity and phase of a light pulse with an interferometric asymmetric single-shot autocorrelator
Symmetrical depolarized fiber optic gyroscope
Optical arrangement provided for a spectral fanning out of a light beam
Detector array with scattered light correction
Method and apparatus for a Jones vector based heterodyne optical polarimeter
Interferometer control and laser frequency locking
Method and devices for inspecting and calibrating of stereoscopic endoscopes
Method for evaluating complex refractive indicies utilizing IR range ellipsometry
Plasmon resonance sensor
X-ray fluorescence combined with laser induced photon spectroscopy
Method and system for creating task-dependent three-dimensional images
Methods and apparatus for void characterization
Built-in self-test arrangement for integrated circuit memory devices
Resampling sonar echo time series primarily for seabed sediment classification
Expandable sensor array
Method for estimating and removing artifact noise from seismic data
Projection lens
Imaging optical system
Projection lens system and projection image display apparatus using the same
Projection objective for microlithography
System for converting optical beams to collimated flat-top beams
Zoom lens and projection display device which uses same
Ultra-broadband UV microscope imaging system with wide range zoom capability
Broad band deep ultraviolet/vacuum ultraviolet catadioptric imaging system
Pixel based gobo record control format
2-D diffraction grating for substantially eliminating polarization dependent losses
Optical scanning device, line-image forming optical system therein, imaging adjustment method in the device and image forming apparatus
Image formation optical system and image reading apparatus using the same
Observation optical system using volume hologram
Molded lens, scanning lens, optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Resin composition for lens sheet, lens sheet, and projection screen
Liquid crystal modulator and polarization diversity optics for optical communications
Multiple emitter side pumping method and apparatus for fiber lasers
Conformable reflective display element
Single cell gap transflective liquid crystal display with slanted reflector above transmissive pixels
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal displays having multilayer rear substrates
Liquid crystal device that controls disinclination caused by an electric field
Method for manufacturing an in-plane electric field mode liquid crystal element
Liquid crystal display device having tapered electrodes
Liquid crystal display device having protuberance with base area .ltoreq.5% of one pixel to control liquid crystal molecule orientation
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacture
Liquid crystal display device with spacers integrally formed at plastic substrate
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Reflection LCD device having an improved image quality
Thin cell gap microdisplays with optimum optical properties
Electrodeposition display device
Optical parametric devices and methods for making same
Optical signal converter with filtered output
Implementation method of an all-optical half adder by using SOA-based devices and an apparatus thereof
Projection type image display system and color correction method thereof
On-axis optical system for illumination and projection of a reflective LCD microdisplay
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image recording apparatus
Overlay mark, method of measuring overlay accuracy, method of making alignment and semiconductor device therewith
Method and system for overlay measurement
Method and apparatus for measuring lateral variations in thickness or refractive index of a transparent film on a substrate
Line selected F2 two chamber laser system
Post exposure modification of critical dimensions in mask fabrication
Alignment system and method using bright spot and box structure
Method and system for recording of information on a holographic medium
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Digital regulation circuit
Overcurrent protection circuit for voltage regulator
Drive bracket structure
Integrated power delivery and cooling system for high power microprocessors
Computer module with integrated cover latching and attachment mechanism
Rack mountable computer component fan cooling arrangement and method
Package structure compatible with cooling system
Actuation membrane to reduce an ambient temperature of heat generating device
Obtaining data mask mapping information
Composite apparatus and printer sharing method
Digital copying machine and a digital copying machine system
Selecting a page description language for a printer driver
Method and apparatus for limiting storage or transmission of visual information
Anatomical visualization system
Automated system for comparing a job quote for a print job with production data for an actual print job
Method and system for controlling and communicating with machines using multiple communication formats
Method and apparatus for data transmission over an AC-97 protocol link
Image scanner
Method and apparatus for selectively displaying measurement result and corresponding images
Three dimensional face identification system
Image processing method and apparatus
Index print producing method, image processing system, image processing method and image processing device
Repeated decoding and encoding in subband encoder/decoders
Method for dynamic 3D wavelet transform for video compression
Apparatus of layered picture coding, apparatus of picture decoding, methods of picture decoding, apparatus of recording for digital broadcasting signal, and apparatus of picture and audio decoding
Method and apparatus for image signal encoding
Data communication apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for load-sensitive routing of long-lived packet flows
Universal IP-based and scalable architectures across conversational applications using web services for speech and audio processing resources
Magneto-optical information reproducing apparatus
Method for recording plural rows of record marks in one track in magneto-optical recording device
Method of layer jump braking control for an optical drive
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus having an inclined guide post and tape guide restricting structure
Disk drive employing a spindle motor comprising a hub ratchet arm disengaged through angular velocity
Display playback device
Information record/reproduction unit and method thereof
Spindle motor and data recording/reproducing apparatus with dynamic-pressure fluid bearing supporting shaft and ball bearing support rotor
Magnetic disk apparatus
Apparatus for reproducing information
Data recording apparatus and method and data playback apparatus and method
Acquisition timing loop for read channel
Voltage-constrained sinusoidal seek servo in hard disk drives
Optical disk drive apparatus capable of braking the optical head at half track short of target track
Cleaning device for treating the video head and/or rotating drum of a video recorder and/or playback unit
Increased capacity VCR tape cassette
Integrated optical disc label scanner system and method of scanning an optical disc graphic display
Flexible disk drive having a particular arrangement for mounting a metal fitting for a guide bar to a main frame
Method for generating header and transition flags using DPD technology and optical device using the same
Pre-pit detecting apparatus for optical recording medium
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method using key frame
Multiple sections for dual-layer optical recording medium
Method of converting a packetized stream of information signals into a stream of information signals with time stamps and vice versa
Damper design on pivot bearing shaft by vibration reduction
Control flow instability to reduce disk flutter and half frequency whirl
Stationary head type magnetic recording/reproducing system with flat and bevel slide contact surfaces on transducig head
Magnetic head with ferrite between nonmagnetic portions and a nonmagnetic gap
Thin-film magnetic head having metal film formed on gap-depth defining layer, and production method therefor
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Read head shield having improved stability
Multi-magnetic recording head, and magnetic recording method and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Soft magnetic film having high saturation magnetic flux density, thin film magnetic head using the same, and methods of producing the soft magnetic film and the thin film magnetic head
Magnetic sensor, magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for improved pinning strength for self-pinned giant magnetoresistive heads
Dual stripe spin valve sensor without antiferromagnetic pinning layer
Data storage and retrieval apparatus with thin film read head having a planar sensor element and an extra gap and method of fabrication thereof
Side flux guide for current perpendicular to plane magnetoresistive transducer
ESD-protected head gimbal assembly for use in a disk drive
Magnetic head suspension assembly with adhesion limiting structure
Motion limiter for disk drive integrated gimbal suspension
Magnetic head device and lead wire
Unibody (monocoque) arm design for high performance disc drives
Disk apparatus having inertia latch
Disk drive including a rotary actuator with thermo-conductive coil support element and coil
Method for calibrating a tape media using staggered calibration tracks
Performance test method of head gimbal assembly with precise positioning actuator
Disk device magnetic head slider including a contact pad, a positive pressure pad area, and a squeeze pad area
Method and apparatus for evaluating a head-disk interface condition for disk drives
Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture and a magnetic disk device
Substrate independent superpolishing process and slurry
Optical recording medium, device and method for recording optical recording medium, and device and method for reproducing optical recorded medium
Optical pickup actuator performable tilting operation
Optical pickup device
Method and apparatus to generate a monitoring signal for an optical recording/reproducing system
Solid immersion mirror type objective lens and optical pickup device adopting the same
Methods and apparatus for optical disk drives using optical scanning
Focus error detecting apparatus of optical pickup with a light separating and astigmatism generation optical element and detection method thereof
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect device, and a portable personal device
Memory cell isolation
Ferroelectric storage device
DRAM cell refreshment method and circuit
Pseudo static RAM capable of performing page write mode
Semiconductor memory device suppressing peak current
Semiconductor memory device
Magnetic memory devices having multiple bits per memory cell
Clock synchronized non-volatile memory device
Voltage generation circuitry having temperature compensation
Multiple level RAM device
Method for programming, erasing and reading a flash memory cell
Voltage generation circuit for non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus of a read scheme for non-volatile memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Method of providing voltage to a circuit
Fuse concept and method of operation
Device and method for detecting alignment of deep trench capacitors and word lines in DRAM devices
Common bit/common source line high density 1T1R R-RAM array
Apparatus and method for a memory storage cell leakage cancellation scheme
Method and apparatus for leakage compensation with full Vcc pre-charge
Read only memory devices with independently precharged virtual ground and bit lines and methods for operating the same
Semiconductor memory device
Circuit for controlling a reference node in a sense amplifier
Subcritical reactivity measurement method
Scattered ray removal grid and method of producing the same
Multiple network electronic component
Switchable flux control for high power static electromagnetic devices
Nanocrystalline layers for improved MRAM tunnel junctions
High performance capacitor
Capacitor element with thick cathode layer
Method and apparatus for cooling electrical fuses
X-ray tube cathode cup structure for focal spot deflection
Electrical circuit and method of formation
Laser oscillating apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Laser system and method for spectral narrowing through wavefront correction
Modal discriminating and linearly polarized fiber lasers
Method and arrangement for controlling a tuneable laser
Wavelength monitor and semiconductor laser device
Material systems for long wavelength lasers grown on InP substrates
Lasing semiconductor optical amplifier with output power monitor and control
Optical source driver with output load detection circuit
Group III nitride compound semiconductor laser
Laser driver for a laser sensing system
Programmable multiwavelength modelocked laser
ESD protection system for high frequency applications
Power conversion apparatus, power conversion system, and islanding operation detection method
Power circuit
Pulse width modulation frequency converter
Magnetic disk storage apparatus
DC offset cancellation
Multi-phase mixer
Apparatus and method for improving an output signal from a nonlinear device through dynamic signal pre-distortion based upon Lagrange interpolation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
RDLL circuit for area reduction
Method and a circuit for retiming a digital data signal
Clock recovery
Combined channel and entropy decoding
Multi-carrier receiver including an analog-to-digital converter for a wireless telecommunication system
Wrist-worn phone and body-worn data storage device
Despreading apparatus and method for CDMA signal
Multi-stage rake combining methods and apparatus
Reverse link correlation filter in wireless communication systems
Method to provide a management channel, a line terminator, a first network terminator card and a second network terminator card realizing such a method and an access network
Node device of ATM communication network and method of failure alarm notification
Forward power control apparatus and method for use in a multi-carrier communication system
Non-SDMA system with an SDMA method
Adaptive contention algorithm based on truncated binary exponential back-off
Spread-spectrum system for assigning information signals having different data rates
System and method for using unused arbitrary bits in the data field of a special burst
High capacity robust modem for multiple classes of services
Serialized HDSL multiplexer - demultiplexer protocol
Method of using computer equipment to send a time-stamped frame
Ranging cell detection in a noisy environment
Method and apparatus for assigning time slots within a TDMA transmission
Channel ordering for communication signals split for matrix switching
Ordered successive interference cancellation receiver processing for multipath channels
Method and wireless communication using unitary space-time signal constellations
Method and apparatus for providing a distributed architecture digital wireless communication system
Method and system for sending messages to multiple locations in a control system
Device discovery and configuration in a home network
Method and device for controlling outliers in offered load estimation in a shared medium communication network
Asynchronous transfer mode communication equipment and method for switching virtual path of same
Network addressing scheme for reducing protocol overhead in an optical network
Packet reconstruction processes for packet communications
Progressive and distributed regulation of selected network traffic destined for a network node
Method and apparatus for providing fast spanning tree re-starts
System and method for proxy signaling in a digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM)
Management of path routing in packet communications networks
Stackable network unit including registers for identifying stack members and trunk ports
Internet protocol packet router
Method and apparatus for performing measurement-based admission control using peak rate envelopes
Communication system and method in a communication system
Mobile point-to-point protocol
Container transport for packets in connection oriented protocols
Remultiplexing audio/video PES streams from an MPEG transport system
High speed cross point switch routing circuit with word-synchronous serial back plane
System for dispatching information packets and method therefor
Asynchronous transfer mode packet network and method for transferring packet data in the same
Diversity schemes for packet communications
Online aggregation
System and method for distributed call signaling in telephony-over-LAN networks
Single ended line probing in DSL system using transformerless hybrid
Method and apparatus for providing an interworking unit between ATM networks and IP networks
Using a differential signal in adjusting a slice voltage for a single-ended signal
OFDM communication apparatus and propagation path estimation method
Low voltage swing pad driver and receiver
Frequency bin method of initial carrier frequency acquisition
Digital matched filter bank for othogonal signal set
Method and apparatus for symbol independent discriminator correlator automatic frequency control
Relative timing acquisition for a radio communications system
Internet phone-based private exchange and call signal exchanging method thereof
Distributed processing system and method
Queue prioritization based on competitive user input
System and method for dynamic simultaneous connection to multiple service providers
Intelligent rate option determination method applied to ADSL transceiver
Method and apparatus for providing reserved rates to multiple flows on a network interface
Call pod for having conference calls in a portable environment
Telephone system with programmable line appearances
Telephone incoming signal discriminator
Traffic distribution in a wireless communication system
Telephone network signal conversion system
System and method for preventing fraudulent calls using a common billing number
Fraud monitoring system
Method of initiating a call feature request
Associating call appearance with data associated with call
System and method for automated conference call setup
System and method for conference call consolidation
Method of communicating with subscriber devices through a global communication network
Server for supporting the establishment of telephone calls through an IP network
Filing system and method, and apparatus and method for reproducing image data
Data processing apparatus operable in accordance with a connected IC card
Network distributed fax device
Method for setting destination, communication apparatus, and network system using the method
Image reading device
Flat bed image scanner
Image data binary coding method
Color image sensor and image reading apparatus
Tone dependent variable halftoning with adjustable algorithm selection
System and method for producing halftoned color separations for an output imaging device
System for accessing, distributing and maintaining video content over public and private internet protocol networks
Audio/video system with auxiliary data
Data reception apparatus for receiving ATM data streams
Method and apparatus for performing internet protocol address resolutions in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for optimizing data compression in a wireless digital access system
Call acceptance control method for CDMA mobile radio communication system and mobile station device
Methods and apparatus for dynamically assigning time slots in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for performing handoff in a mobile communication system
Base station for code assignment for a common packet channel
Mounting structure for module substrates
Electronic organic substrate
Retainer element for electrical components for assembly on circuit supports
Extension mechanism and method for assembling overhanging components
Fixing structure for power supplies
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