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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X08B719
Soybean variety XB26AE12
Soybean cultivar 07JR801843
Oil gel
Method of treating dermatological disorders
Aminoquinazoline compounds for combating invertebrate pests
Indole and azaindole modulators of the alpha 7 nachr
Switch for a belt lock
Automated dispenser sensor arrangement
Method for determining a heart period from an ECG waveform using image representation of ECG
Medical apparatus installation, and method for controlling a medical apparatus
Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to separate depiction of a tracked item from surrounding anatomy of a patient, using a transmit array system
Patient support and/or transport means and magnetic resonance system
Method of using .beta.-hydroxy-.beta.-methylbutyrate to treat a condition
Imidazo[2,1-G][1,7]naphthyridines for treating respiratory syncytial virus infections
Pharmaceutical composition achieving excellent absorbency of pharmacologically active substance
2,3-disubstituted pyrazinesulfonamides as CRTH2 inhibitors
Glycine transporter-inhibiting substances
Compound for the treatment of enteroviruses
Substituted benzamide analogs as mGluR5 negative allosteric modulators and methods of making and using the same
A.sub.3 adenosine receptor antagonists and partial agonists
Cyclothiocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Methods and compositions for regenerating articular cartilage
9, 10-secopregnane derivative and pharmaceutical
Nucleic acids encoding inactive variants of human telomerase
Inhibitors of guanine exchange factors and their use as anticancer drugs
Regulation of immune responses by modulation of the function of antigen presenting cells
Feedback prodrug
Cell growth inhibitor and screening method thereof
Radiating element for irradiating surfaces, having a socket
Methoxypolyethylene glycol chelate and uses thereof
Self-contained cardiac response unit
Removable implantable battery positioned inside implant coil
Low dose-rate radiation for medical and veterinary therapies
Endoscope assembly with a polarizing filter
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and process for real time monitoring of mail and print jobs and providing real time verification of mail piece completion
Method of manufacturing a bearing component with visually undetectable mark; bearing component with such marking; method of authentification such marking
Laser welding apparatus and method
Acrylic film for punching, surface light-source device and process for manufacturing optical member
Laminate of thermoplastic film materials exhibiting throughgoing porosity
Laminated structure
Coating method and coated article obtained by the same
Image forming apparatus with a control unit for controlling light intensity of a beam used to scan a photoreceptor
Kinetic energy recovery and electric drive for vehicles
Daytime running lamp (DRL) control system
Implementing carbon nanotube based sensors for cryptographic applications
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Modified synthetic xenotime material, article comprising same and method for making the articles
Process for preparing benzene from methane
Adamantanamine derivative
Indole derivative, and pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof
Metronidazole esters for treating rosacea
Process for producing benzo[B][1,4]diazepine-2,4-dione compound
Production method of isoxazoline-substituted benzoic acid amide compound
Carboxy-substituted imidazo[1,2-a]pyridinecarboxamides and their use
Heteroaryl substituted pyrazole derivatives useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders and diseases associated with angiogenesis
Compounds, compositions, and methods for treating Alzheimer's disease
Processes and intermediates for producing azaindoles
Oxidation of primary aliphatic alcohols with a noble metal polyoxometalate complex
Crystalline carbohydrate derivative
Polymerization of high viscosity materials
Water-and oil-repellent
Thiocarbonyl compound and process for producing polymer using same and that polymer
Ultraviolet ray-curable resin composition used in inkjet printing and optical element obtained using same
Silicone resin, process for producing the same, and curable resin composition comprising the same
Process for start-up of a polymerisation reaction fluidised bed
Polymer material and method for producing same
Epoxy-rubber composition for cured materials
Superfine pattern mask, method for production thereof, and method employing the same for forming superfine pattern
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Light-weight proppant from heat-treated pumice
Transgenic sugar beet plants
Specific genetic modification of the activity of trehalose-6-phosphate synthase and expression in a homologous or heterologous environment
Method for producing tissue cells from pluripotent stem cells derived from iris pigment epithelial cells of animal and tissue cell obtained by method
Use of nanopatterned surfaces and method for enriching or isolating cellular subpopulations
Generation of functional basal forebrain cholinergic neurons from stem cells
Label free kinase assays and reagents
Enzymic production of neoagarobiose
Primer-extension based method for the generation of siRNA/miRNA expression vectors
Microbial method for the biotransformation of colchicinoid compounds
Process for treating biomass to derivatize polysaccharides contained therein to increase their accessibility to hydrolysis and subsequent fermentation
Hydrolase enzyme substrates and uses thereof
Methods for determination of previous ethanol consumption
Modulating latency and reactivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
GRM3 mutations and use thereof for the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma
Anti-TSG101 antibodies and their uses for treatment of viral infections
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method
Textiles; Paper
Systems and methods for protecting a cable or cable bundle
Fixed Constructions
Device and method for determining the position of a road roller relative to a road finisher
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid working machine and controlling method thereof
Liquid power generation apparatus and liquid power generation system
Interferometric methods and apparatus for seismic exploration
Interferometer with a virtual reference surface
System and method for a virtual reference interferometer
Measurement apparatus
Method of supporting location services in a mobile radio communications system
System for monitoring propane or other consumable liquid in remotely located storage tanks
High speed spectrometer
Radiation imaging device, radiation imaging system, and method for affixing radiation conversion panel in radiation imaging device
Optical fiber connector including light transceivers
Deformation measuring apparatus and deformation measuring method
Resource conservative transformation based unsupervised speaker adaptation
Identifiable visible light sources for fiber optic cables
Method and apparatus for inspecting sealing defect of container
Carbon nanotubes with fluorescent surfactant
System and method for controlling electric fields in electro-hydrodynamic applications
Ground fault detection circuit and ground fault detection apparatus
Method for determining a gas concentration in a measuring gas by means of a gas sensor
Method for analyzing and detecting calcium element in ore
Methods for designing, selecting and/or optimizing allosteric processing inhibitors for matrix metalloproteinases
Method for measuring inhibitory activity on ligand-receptor binding
Scanning probe microscope system
Electrochemical corrosion potential probe assembly
Handheld fiber optic current and voltage monitor for high voltage applications
IEC 61158-2 electrical circuit with water detection means comprising a physical layer attribute modifier
Capacitive rotation sensor
Positioning and socketing for semiconductor dice
Locating traffic reduction utilities in communication networks
System and method for probabilistic WLAN positioning
Signaling processor and link switching method
MXM interface test system and connection apparatus thereof
Solar cell characterization system with an automated continuous neutral density filter
Computing device and method for testing charging and discharging reliability of rechargable battery
Coercive force specifying apparatus
Container transport monitoring and analysis
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Display with integrated photovoltaic device
Actuation and calibration of charge neutral electrode of a display device
Color display device for electronic paper, and process for production thereof
Variable wavelength interference filter, optical module, and optical analysis device
Decoupled holographic film and diffuser
All optical modulation and switching with patterned optically absorbing polymers
Transparent diffuser for diffusing multiple wavelengths of light and method of manufacturing transparent diffuser
Alignment mechanism for photoelastic modulators
Liquid crystal lens or beam steering device comprising an alignment layer with a rubbed foundation layer and an ordered surface layer that aligns liquid crystal molecules in a zero field ground state
System for selectively revealing indicia
Attachment for a personal communication device
Methods of obtaining panoramic images using rotationally symmetric wide-angle lenses and devices thereof
Radiographic image erasing device
Pellicle having buffer zone and photomask structure having pellicle
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method utilizing misregistration prevention pattern
Cover member and cartridge
Cleaning device, and image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and intermediate transfer unit each including the cleaning device
Robot control system and method
DC-DC converter including circuit to detect switching frequency of switching supply
Strategy to verify asynchronous links across chips
Electrical device having hinged structure
Expansion card mounting apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method to prevent queue stalling
File data restoring system and method of computer operating system and software thereof
Method and system for analyzing time series data
Image processing apparatus
Virtualized abstraction with built-in data alignment and simultaneous event monitoring in performance counter based application characterization and tuning
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
System and method for thread creation and memory management in an object-oriented programming environment
Storage system management based on a backup and recovery solution embedded in the storage system
Storage system for controlling disk cache
Data processing system and method for processing data
Apparatus, system, and method for modeling for storage provisioning
Master and slave side arbitrators associated with programmable chip system components
Storage control system
Design tool selection and implementation of port adapters
Apparatus and method for high performance volatile disk drive memory access using an integrated DMA engine
Printing control program product, printing control apparatus, and printing system
System, method, and computer-readable recording medium for executing printing with image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Printing apparatus, print control method, and program
Apparatus and method of using XML documents to perform network protocol simulation
System and method for providing interframe compression in a graphics session
Extensible binary mark-up language for efficient XML-based data communications and related systems and methods
Server side search with multi-word word wheeling and wildcard expansion
Data input terminal, method, and computer readable storage medium storing program thereof
Email transmission terminal apparatus, email transmission method and email transmission program
Message notice reply system and method thereof
Method for distributing file content from a selected target depot server in response to multiple client requests
Integration process and product for digital systems
Method and system for virtual powerline local area networks
Method and system for virtual powerline local area networks
Systems and methods that employ correlated synchronous-on-asynchronous processing
Network route control
Network status animation tool
Method for detecting changes in a storage area network without external tools and hardware
Peer protocol status query in clustered computer system
Single-modem multi-user virtual private network
Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for securing node port access in a switched-fabric storage area network
System and method for analysis of communications networks
Network system
Storage management unit to configure zoning, LUN masking, access controls, or other storage area network parameters
Row of floating point accumulators coupled to respective PEs in uppermost row of PE array for performing addition operation
Using file backup software to generate an alert when a file modification policy is violated
Maintaining screen and form state in portlets
Data conversion method and apparatus to partially hide data
Method and system for confidence-weighted learning of factored discriminative language models
Method of synchronizing data between contents providers and a portable device via network and a system thereof
Apparatus and method for streamlining index updates in a shared-nothing architecture
Method and apparatus for generating a service data object based service pattern for an enterprise Java beans model
Methods and transformations for transforming metadata model
Secondary index and indexed view maintenance for updates to complex types
Reverse name mappings in restricted namespace environments
Method and apparatus for using wavelets to produce data summaries
Low overhead thread synchronization system and method for garbage collecting stale data in a document repository without interrupting concurrent querying
System and method for managing bundle data database storing data association structure
Apparatus and method for detecting contact position of robot
Frozen compositions and methods for piercing a substrate
Frozen compositions and methods for piercing a substrate
Material removal depth measurement by scribing
Molecular motor
Switching device configured to couple a first computer to a first peripheral device and one or more second peripheral devices and method of manufacturing same
Method for dynamically generating a "table of contents" view of a HTML-based information system
Storage apparatus and data transfer method
Method and system for low latency audio-visual transport
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Disk driver cluster management of time shift buffer with file allocation table structure
Folding mobile device
Apparatus, method for measuring 3 dimensional position of a viewer and display device having the apparatus
Stylus with extended and retracted states
Display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Human user interfaces utilizing interruption of the execution of a first recognized gesture with the execution of a recognized second gesture
Redistribution of pixel values in an image forming apparatus or method
Information processing device, information processing method, and program thereof
Systems and methods for enterprise sharing of a printing device that is configured to communicate with a distributed printing service
Image process apparatus
Methods, systems and computer program products for enhancing presence services
Navigation tool with audible feedback on a handheld communication device having a full alphabetic keyboard
Adaptive layout for content
System for dynamically encrypting content for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fulfillment software
Method and system for maintaining originality-related information about elements in an editable object
Web crawler scheduler that utilizes sitemaps from websites
System, service, and method for characterizing a business intelligence workload for sizing a new database system hardware configuration
System for autonomically improving performance of Enterprise Java Beans through dynamic workload management
Aho-Corasick methodology for string searching
Information processing apparatus, method and program thereof
Method and system for retrieving a data pattern
Method for looking up a table for data transferring and look-up table therewith
Computing device and method for enforcing passivity of scattering parameter equivalent circuit
Processor for processing data using access addresses linked to the data type of the processed data
Updating firmware securely over a network
Event routing model for an extensible editor
Single hot forward interconnect scheme for delayed execution pipelines
Automatic generators for verilog programming
Providing firmware updates to portable media devices
Forcibly downloading program in mobile communications terminal
Circuit simulation using step response analysis in the frequency domain
Controlling an image processing apparatus capable of communicating with a printing apparatus
Adjusting print format in electronic device
Systems and methods for detecting arterial input function (AIF)
Mapping colors of an image
Method for segmenting images, computer program, and corresponding computer system
Image processing method, encoding device, decoding device, and image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
System and method for image storage and analysis
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Data decomposition method and computer system therefrom
Engine, system and method of providing business valuation and database services using alternative payment arrangements
Distribution network maintenance planning
Systems and methods for purchasing insurance
Wellcare management methods and systems
Platform agnostic screen capture tool
Platform agnostic screen capture tool
Anti-theft system using RFID tags
Emergency notification system utilizing digital signage and remote surveillance monitoring
Method and system for power line networking for industrial process control applications
Control devices and methods for a road toll system
Real-time traffic analysis through integration of road traffic prediction and traffic microsimulation models
Advanced accessible pedestrian system for signalized traffic intersections
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the plasma display apparatus
Display device having an image erasing circuit that is independent of the driving circuit and an image erasing method
Booklet handling apparatus and booklet handling method
Tray door attachment structure for disk device
Disk drive executing rotational position optimization (RPO) algorithm to facilitate a read-modify-write operation
Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
Quasi-statically tilted magnetic tape head having backward compatibility
Servo write head having plural spaced front blocks coupled by magnetic posts to a back bar
Disk drive calibrating bias signal for touchdown sensor
NRZI processing methods and devices to correct for sync detection failures
Optical disc recording medium and method of manufacturing optical disc
Semiconductor device and operation method thereof
Semiconductor memory device having open bit line structure
Limited use data storing device
Selector circuit and processor system
Superconducting wire with low AC losses
Accessory for a mobile electronic device and method of providing and using the same
Electrochemical cell structure and method of fabrication
Rotary pushbutton and touchpad device and system and method for detecting rotary movement, axial displacement and touchpad gestures
Interlock device of draw-out type circuit breaker, draw-out type circuit breaker, and power distribution board
Apparatus and method for controlling a pipeline-type ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
Generating plasmas in pulsed power systems
Low-cost solar cells and methods for fabricating low cost substrates for solar cells
Low cost die-to-wafer alignment/bond for 3d IC stacking
Devices and methods to optimize materials and properties for replacement metal gate structures
High throughput epitaxial lift off for flexible electronics
Nanoelectronic structure and method of producing such
Printed, self-aligned, top gate thin film transistor
Dual metal fill and dual threshold voltage for replacement gate metal devices
Systems for and methods of laser-enhanced plasma processing of semiconductor materials
Bilayer trench first hardmask structure and process for reduced defectivity
Inducing channel strain via encapsulated silicide formation
Thermal flux annealing influence of buried species
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor
Monitoring and measurement of thin film layers
Isolated zener diode, an integrated circuit incorporating multiple instances of the zener diode, a method of forming the zener diode and a design structure for the zener diode
Semiconductor package including a power plane and a ground plane
Semiconductor assembly that includes a power semiconductor die located on a cell defined by first and second patterned polymer layers
Power semiconductor package with bottom surface protrusions
Semiconductor layout
Semiconductor chip repair by stacking of a base semiconductor chip and a repair semiconductor chip
Using a single mask for various design configurations
Semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device wafer
Semiconductor device
Thin-film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Metal-free integrated circuits comprising graphene and carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of a vertical heterojunction tunnel-FET
Power semiconductor module
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Dye-sensitized solar cell, its photoelectrode and producing method thereof
Methods for fabricating photovoltaic modules by tuning the optical properties of individual components
Solar cell module
Imaging module, fabricating method therefor, and imaging device
Edge illuminated photodiodes
Semiconductor photodetector and radiation detector system
Method of manufacturing substrate for photovoltaic cell
Light-emitting element
Photolithographic LED fabrication using phase-shift mask
Phosphor layer and light-emitting device
Light-reflective conductive particle, anisotropic conductive adhesive and light-emitting device
Thermoelectric conversion module and connector for thermoelectric conversion elements
Piezoelectric body, ultrasound transducer, medical ultrasound diagnostic system, and nondestructive ultrasound test system
Magnetoresistive random access memory
Organic thin-film solar cell element
Organic electroluminescence element, organic electroluminescence display, and organic electroluminescence display apparatus
Historical analysis of battery cells for determining state of health
Secondary battery
Battery pack
Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
Lithium polymer battery
Materials prepared by metal extraction
Aqueous co-polymer binder for Li-ion battery
Device for making rapid connections and disconnections between high voltage battery modules and other motor vehicle systems
Fuel cell module with a water reservoir including a water storing portion expanding from a cell unit to an anode side
Fuel cell system having heat exchanger and preliminary reformer and method of operating the fuel cell system
Systems and processes for operating fuel cell systems
Fuel composition for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and polymer electrolyte fuel cell system including same
Surface communication apparatus
Butler matrix
Reconfigurable antennas utilizing liquid metal elements
Open wireless access network apparatus and connection method using the same
LED structure to increase brightness
Pulsed high-power laser apparatus and methods
Manually-controlled arc flash energy reduction system and method for circuit breaker trip units
Providing additional electrical functionality to a node
System and method for supplying power on demand to a dynamic load
System and method for inductively transferring AC power and self alignment between a vehicle and a recharging station
Housing apparatus for use with an electrical system and method of using same
Hydro-mechanical electric power generator and method of generating electric power
Voltage control oscillator and quadrature modulator
Method and apparatus for processing feedback in a wireless communication system
Configurable IC's with large carry chains
Apparatus and methods for clock characterization
Duty ratio correction circuit, double-edged device, and method of correcting duty ratio
Master-slave flip-flop circuit
Serial link receiver for handling high speed transmissions
Low power oversampling with reduced-architecture delay locked loop
A/D conversion device and radio device
Smart synchro generator unit
Serial concatenated convolutional code decoder
Signal processing apparatus and method therefor
Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter and method for operating same
Vehicle sound simulation system
Receiver for real time locating system and method of receiving signal in real time locating system
Probabilistic interference mitigation for wireless cellular networks
Gain control circuit and receiving system
Signal transmission method, transmission circuit and apparatus
Reconfigurable wireless transceiver
Card device and mobile communication terminal
Method and apparatus for communication in an illumination system using a liquid lens
Method and device for quantizing likelihood quotients
Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback information on a reference signal
Selective interference rejection combining
Systems and methods for controlling quality of service at picocells using agnostic platform
Optical access system, optical network unit, and optical line terminal
Setting optical power for an optical communications network channel
Phase tracking in communications systems
Differential signal output device, test method of differential signal output device, and tester
Transmission control for a specific absorption rate compliant communication device
Easily operated wireless data transmission/reception system and easily operated wireless data transmission/reception program
Minimum finger low-power demodulator for wireless communication
Multi-hop wireless communication system and relay method and relay station therein
Information receiving device and its method, and information transmission device and its method
Method of performing random access in mobile communication system and apparatus for the same
System and method for in-phase/quadrature multiplexing
Optical path switching signal transmission/reception apparatus and corresponding method
Cooperative communication methods and devices
Method and apparatus for controlling multi-dimensional peak-to-average-power-ratio (PAPR) with constraints
Replacement messages for identifying and preventing errors during the transmission of real time-critical data
Adaptive traffic management via analytics based volume reduction
Method and its devices of network TCP traffic online identification using features in the head of the data flow
Reduction of message and computational overhead in networks
Methods and systems for power savings in FDD or H-FDD networks
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for enabling an operative coupling to a network
Packet queueing within ring networks
Plurality of sensors coupled to a series of switching devices
Information and communication processing system, method, and network node
Method for automatic discovery of a transaction gateway daemon of specified type
Method of performing uplink scheduling
Apparatus and method for routing traffic in multi-link switch
Method and apparatus for reducing switchover latency in IPTV systems
System and method for providing multiple redundant direct routes between supernodes of a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
System and method for handling indirect routing of information between supernodes of a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
Apparatuses for requesting, retrieving and storing contact records
Remote service identifier
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Method and apparatus for transmitting time domain signals over a network
Constellation mapping method
Method and system for remote password based authentication using smart cards for accessing a communications network
Method and device for verifying the security of a computing platform
Method of integrating a security operations policy into a threat management vector
Methods and apparatus for digital linearization of an analog phase interpolator
Digital authentication with digital and analog documents
Randomized signal transforms and their applications
Method and system for digital watermarking
Exclusive encryption
Dynamically configurable interleaver scheme using at least one dynamically changeable interleaving parameter
Systems and methods for watermarking software and other media
Method and system for integrating security mechanisms into session initiation protocol request messages for client-proxy authentication
Apparatus, system, and method for establishing a reusable and reconfigurable model for fast and persistent connections in database drivers
Mobile terminal
Mobile communication base station antenna
Wireless headphones with dual antennas
In-vehicle apparatus having handsfree function
Autocorrect for phone numbers
Tag ticker display on a mobile device
Multimedia caller ring distribution system and method
System and method for controlling the use of a wireless device
Method and apparatus for providing telecommuting virtual numbers for remote workers
System and method for transferring an ongoing communication from a wireless handheld telephony device
Content identification and retrieval based on device component proximity
Image forming apparatus and gradation correction method with density unevenness detection
Apparatus, system, and method of forming image using inkjet printing, and recording medium storing inkjet printing control program
Image processing apparatus for determining whether a document is color or monochrome
Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method outputting three-dimensional and two-dimensional output signals in parallel
Electronic endoscope system, processing apparatus for electronic endoscope, and signal separation method
Method of image noise reduction
Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus
Network video camera having dual-joint holder structure
Methods and apparatuses for addressing chromatic aberrations and purple fringing
Image restoration method in computer vision system, including method and apparatus for identifying raindrops on a windshield
Solid-state imaging device
Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
Set top terminal for organizing program options available in television delivery system
Program recommendation apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling home network devices
Image display apparatus and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for H.264 to MPEG-2 video transcoding
Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
Apparatus and method for generating an overview image of a plurality of images using an accuracy information
Camera blemish defects detection
Biometric authentication method and biometric authentication apparatus
Upright type apparatus for charging wireless IC tags
RFID system and communication method performed by the same
Speaker unit
Methods and apparatus for providing base station position information and using position information to support timing and/or frequency corrections
Method and apparatus for location prediction
Systems and methods for determining the location of mobile devices independent of location fixing hardware
Methods and apparatus for managing messages
Sending messages with user generated content via a mobile communication network
Method, system and apparatus for alternate data service provisioning
Method for transmitting uplink signal for location-based service and user device, and method for measuring location of user device using uplink signal and base station
Method and system for switching antenna and channel assignments in broadband wireless networks
Subscriber database for services at the edge of a mobile data network
Signal transmitting and receiving method of repeater and repeater using the same
Base station controlling apparatus and communication system
Call control system and call control method
Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control signal in wireless communication system
Variable incoming communication indicators
Mobility-aware mesh construction algorithm for low data-overhead multicast ad hoc routing
Methods and apparatus for optimizing power-consumption and signaling overhead in mobile communication devices
Method for retransmitting packets according to decoding failures or reliability
Handling ambiguous relay physical downlink control channel (R-PDCCH) decoding for a relay node
Hybrid communication terminal
Network reentry of machine-to-machine devices
Phosphor-containing LED light bulb
Feedback circuit for non-isolated power converter
Switching power supply, luminaire, and control method for the luminaire
Method and circuit arrangement for operating at least one discharge lamp
Ballast and ballast control method and apparatus, for example anti-arcing control for electronic ballast
Wall elements for water-cooled, current-conducting electrode bearing arms and electrode bearing arms produced from such wall elements
Electronic control unit
Power distribution unit and server cabinet with the power distribution unit
Power supply system for server cabinet
Server cabinet
Shield structure for an electronic element and electronic device
Multi-rack assembly method with shared cooling unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cassette for producing images for a radiography apparatus
Method for correcting image defects from a matrix-type X or .gamma.-ray detector
Flexible pour-spout closure for flexible package
Easy-to-open packing bag
Single plate hydrodynamic bearing with extended single journal bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing apparatus
Plain bearing structure
Lubricant-containing polymer-filled rolling bearing and process for the production thereof
Center bearing for a shaft
Self-aligning roller bearing
Strut bearing
Optical fiber connection patching system
Fiber connector and adapter
Fiber optic connection system
Integrated fiber optic bulkhead receptacle
Method for fusion pigtailing an optical fiber to an integrated optical device and resultant structures
Film supply apparatus
Dual-mode printer for flexible and rigid substrates
Postage printing system having label printing capability
Duplex check printer using a print mechanism pivoted between document paths
Label-making apparatus and method
Stackable low profile printer with an input and output media telescoping tray cassette
Programmed motion work station
Flexible grip with promotional indicia and handheld articles incorporating same
Apparatus for dispensing an amount of fluid coolant and a dispensing unit
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Hand-separable roller latching device
Mounting clip elements
Swivel joint mounted in the ceiling area of two hinge-linked vehicles
CAM type hub and strut for use in portable and semi-permanent structures
Vibration damper, in particular for vehicle steering wheels
Device for fastening a working part to a beam of an auto body
Device providing a connection between a pivot and a mast structure for tower cranes
Fluid control bag assemblies and method of using the same
Emergency dump apparatus for buoyancy air tanks on buoyant riser systems
Element for forming ground covering, restraining and reinforcing structures, particularly for forming retaining walls
Article handling apparatus
Apparatus for handling and conveying loosefill
Method for controlling the flow rate of an air seeder
Vacuum tool fixture
Two speed right angle drill
Burr removing method and apparatus
Mine roof tension nut having improved frangible qualities
Push-in plug
Self-contained fastener device
Bolt with extension to prevent thread misalignment
Large diameter tapcon with debris reservoir end or tip
Product supply unit with offset wheel axes for non-tilting horizontal product supports
Grain wagon having an unloading conveyor with a moveable discharge spout controlled from a tow vehicle
Multipurpose counterweight housing and counterweight
Discharge stacking station for sortation conveying system
Device for the regulation of the pumping capacity of vertical-axis centrifugal pumps
Regenerative turbine pump impeller
Side channel centrifugal pump
Turbomachine stator vane set
Vane sector seating spring and method of retaining same
Prop rotor hub
Blade wheel
Axial blower
Gas turbine component having location-dependent protective coatings thereon
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening
Multiple current safety fan
Systems and methods for control of pumps employing gravimetric sensing
Process and installation for the regulation of a central unit for the production of medical vacuum
Microfluidic pumping
Production booster in a flow line choke
Suction jet pump having an inlet diffuser with an elliptical inflow cone
Pump enable system and method
Positive displacement pump systems with a variable control orifice
Discharge pulsation damping apparatus for compressor
Electric fuel pump
Electric air pump having multiple impellers and method
Rotary cavity pump
Plural screw positive displacement machines
Rotary positive-displacement fluid machines
Segmented metering die for hot melt adhesives or other polymer melts
Calibrating device with at least one calibrating die
Extrusion die assembly for obtaining differently shaped products
Apparatus for forming an article
Vibrating screed for surfacing concrete
Extrusion die
Producing apparatus of film with through-holes
Heat staking head with radiant heat source
Mold used to form a footed container and base therefor
Injection molding machine
Handling and cooling system for plastic container preforms
Burner-log element
Gas burner having synchronous ignition and gas supply functions
Gas burner safety control mechanism
Container solid light candle with heat-isolating effect
Method and apparatus for cooling a furnace motor
Direct reduction method and rotary hearth furnace
Circulating oil heater
Indirect bonding bracket positioner for correction of irregularities of the teeth
Orthodontic height positioning gauge with rotatable heads
System for preparing the placing of a dental implant
Dispenser for dental viscous material
Finisher set
Missile firing simulator with the gunner immersed in a virtual space
Method and system for facilitating communicating and behavior skills training
Diet method and apparatus
System for sound file recording, analysis, and archiving via the internet for language training and other applications
Ventilation training analyzer manikin
Latent image structure
Articulated connecting element for piping elements
Flexible hose sleeve
Housing of a heating or air-conditioning system of a motor vehicle and method thereof
Locking handle for refrigerators
Apparatus and method for mounting latching devices
Curved elongate member of closed sectional shape and method and apparatus for fabricating the same
Spreader bar apparatus
Assembly for organizing a storage area of a motor vehicle
Portable loading ramp for a pickup truck
Reinforced vehicle seat back
Vehicle crash-safety seat
Slidable auxiliary sun visor assembly
Rear view mirror sun visor attachment
Motor vehicle with a convertible top
Door trim panel with integrated defrost duct and substructure
Bicycle camper trailer
Structural reinforcement member for wheel well
Frame structure for vehicle body
Vehicle body structure
Motor vehicle body structure using a woven fiber
Method of opening and closing an open roof construction of a vehicle having an opening in the fixed roof; as well as such open roof construction
Vehicle cockpit module
Inclined back support arrangement for folding furniture
Floatable infant safety seat
Vehicle seat
Reversible seat pad
Shape adjusting mechanism
Chair construction
Shampoo chair
Constant engagement infinite recliner
Armrest assembly
Adjusting device for an armrest of a chair
Convertible furniture unit
Seating furniture for mounting on a carrier element and plate for the back of such a seating furniture
Adjustable headrest guide
Vision-based motion sensor for mining machine control
Device for milling off ground surfaces especially roadways
Fastening arrangement for a vehicle wheel consisting of an interior wheel shell and of an exterior wheel shell
Multi-piece rim type disk wheel and a method for producing the same
Axle unit for driving a vehicle wheel
Quick release dropout and wheel hub assembly
Method and apparatus for applying a brake force in a towed vehicle hydraulic brake system proportional to a hydraulic pressure generator power input
Brake fluid pressure generating device for a vehicle
Method to connect and distribute power to an electromechanical braking system
Method for determining a triggering threshold value for an automatic braking operation
Braking device
Tracks for all terrain vehicles
Endless rubber track and vehicle containing such track
Crawler web for crawler chains of crawler vehicles, in particular for ski slope or cross-country trackers
Vandal resistant washroom dispenser
File interlock system and mechanism
Ventilation of desktop workstation
Latch mechanism for a housing
Luminous rod used to support revolving shelves inside cabinets
Water-proof structure for use with a frame body
Overhead doors
Telescopic bail having controllable positioning
Device for printing to stock in non-vertical orientation
Ink jet recording method and apparatus using time-shared interlaced recording
Method for regulating ink droplet drive control in ink jet print head
Ink jet recording apparatus and a method for discharge recovery thereof
Edge enhancement depletion technique for over-sized ink drops to achieve high resolution X/Y axes addressability in inkjet printing
Method for replenishing coatings on printhead nozzle plate
Method and apparatus for horizontally loading and unloading an ink-jet print cartridge from a carriage
Apparatus for jetting ink utilizing lamb wave and method for manufacturing the same
Direct electrostatic recording apparatus with modified electrode shape for preventing uneven image density
Direct recording apparatus with controlling section to adjust voltage among discharge electrodes
Aligning a tab circuit on print head intersecting surfaces
Ink jet printer having driver circuit for generating warming and firing pulses for heating elements
Ink jet recording head with narrowed reservoir ends
Ink supply container suitable for connection to an inkjet printhead
Ink container with secondary containment for ink supply
Ink container with plural ink chambers emptied sequentially, and recording apparatus having the same
Wire-frame eyewear assembly with transversely-lithe sidepiece element
Pair of spectacles and a method for the manufacturing of a pair of spectacles
Clamping device for spectacle lenses
Ocular fundus auto imager
Cinematic film projector
Stereo slide mount, stereo slide viewer and collimation pattern mask
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produced chromatic dispersion
Vibration hardened mirror mount with alignment friendly locking
Mirror mounting assembly for hair grooming and styling
Lighted bead necklace
Lighted hand tool
Lighted decorative article having meridian-configured loops and method for visually signaling location of gift packages
Rechargeable flashlight with step-up voltage converter and recharger therefor
Rechargeable miniature flashlight
Multi-function modular storage light unit
Flashlight with tail cap switch assembly
Ceiling light fitting having light source and reflector arranged on narrow side of plate-shaped light guide
Incandescent lamp for use in a reflector
Draping type decorative light assembly
Compact fluorescent lamp having a detachable translucent cover
Led lamp having a prismatically-cut modifier
Convertible modular lantern
Position light for aircraft
Vehicle exterior mirror system with turn signal light assembly
Lighted steering wheel
Inside light module with a rain sensor
Multi-chamber lamp for vehicles
Method and apparatus for controlling light
Vertical agitating apparatus
Apparatus and method for high temperature viscosity and temperature measurements
Tamper resistant container
Box with reinforced closure
Container with triangular corner posts
Inside out two-way shipping envelope
Postal box covering
Interlocking door seam
Banknote-processing device with card reader/writer function
Telephony system for smart card usage
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having a security scale for providing security during an assisted checkout transaction
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having a display monitor which displays both transaction information and customer-specific messages during a checkout transaction
Produce recognition system including a produce shape collector
CCD-based bar code scanner
Transparent/translucent financial transaction card including an infrared light filter
Methods and apparatus employing multi-spectral imaging for the remote identification and sorting of objects
Gaming chip with transponder and a method for making same
Storing data objects in a smart card memory
Machine-readable record with a two-dimensional lattice of synchronization code interleaved with data code
Controller for operating a dual duct variable air volume terminal unit of an environmental control system
Expansion valve
Rail system
Control system for atomizing liquids with a piezoelectric vibrator
Injection valve for a fuel system of a vehicle
System for cleaning a surface, such as at least one motor vehicle headlight
Fuel injection valve
Fly fishing reel
Method and apparatus for removing optical fiber
Aircraft weapons bay acoustic suppression apparatus
Snubber thrust mount
Restraint system for a flight helmet
RF inspection satellite
Cantilever, bi-level platform satellite dispenser
Combined stationkeeping and momentum management
Railway switch machine point detection system
Railroad switch stand
Hanger for graduated measuring devices
Duct and pipe bracket for use between joists
Bag support
Multiple musical instrument stand
Video wall framing system
Adjustable keyboard support
Swiveling computer peripheral support assembly
Movable body supporting mechanism
Marine bilge pump mounting assembly
Suspension rail for a folder or binder of a flexible sheet material
Millennium object
Universal seat suspension system
Machinery mount anchor base fixture
Hanger label
Concrete form member
Ram bore profile for variable bore packer ram in a ram type blowout preventer
Fluid metering system
Valve assembly with clamp on bonnet
Service device
Metal ball valves for gas
Door lifting device
Pipe threading arrangement
Fence strand retainer clip for fence posts
Crush barrier
Automobile stabilization assembly
Elastic suspension for a hydraulic unit in a motor vehicle braking system
Bump stopper
Device for the damping of vibrations between objects
Automobile body parts holder assembly
Connector holder
Adjustable C-clamp
Combination bill accepting and bill dispensing device
Sheet supply apparatus
Method and apparatus for guiding media
Device for the picking and feeding of sheets from a ream
Method and apparatus for accurately manipulating a sheet
Sheet stacking apparatus with vertically movable tray
Sheet conveying apparatus
Disc tossing/target receiving game with surface features
Sports game of skill and chance
Method and apparatus for playing a card game including a variable payoff
Water game systems and methods
Method of playing game using playing cards, grab items and body appendages
Mechanical seal assembly with improved fluid circulation
Sealing mechanism for sealing a vacuum chamber
Airtight adapter and a replacement method therefor
Non-impact keyless chuck
Snowboard shock-absorbing apparatus
Child safety seat stroller
Supplemental wheel for a golf bag cart
Brake assisted steering system for a wheeled bed
Table cart
Wheeled triple leg walker folding tray
Single wheel suspension
Recliner wheelchair having adjustable pivot point
Motorcycle training wheels apparatus
Ski boot safety binding
Convertible walker/rider toy for a child
Air bag cover
Airbag device with lid connection mechanism
Instrument panel for a motor vehicle
Automobile airbag deactivation system
Apparatus for inflating a side curtain
Vehicular side-impact restraint system
Gas bag
Integral passenger restraint system
Rollover protection apparatus
Vehicle fender protection device
Adaptive collapsible steering column
Locking device for locking objects that move in relation to each other
Rotary damper
Suspension control unit and control valve
Position-sensitive shock absorber
Vibration-damped machine and control method therefor
Combination cosmetic bag and travel bag with multiple carrying modes
Coupling assembly with double shear channel
Shaft coupling with a dampening device
Hydraulically actuated axle disconnect
Friction clutch mechanism, in particular for motor vehicle, comprising a wear take-up device
Self adjusting clutch assembly
Coupling tooth of a selector sleeve of a gear coupling for coupling a gear wheel to its shaft
Token management system for amusement arcade
Container rejecting apparatus
Method of and device for buffering sheets of cut stock in block shaped stacks ranged in rows for cutting
Electronic component feeding apparatus
Belt scraper
Screw conveyor for loose materials
Individual caterpillar, in particular for take-off devices, and take-off device for elongate components
Method and apparatus for delivering components on a compartmented belt
Fold linkage and method of using same
Conveying system for conveying products, and slide-over device
Modular conveyor beam assembly
Compact disc folder booklet
Hinge lid cigarette packets
Package for optical disk stack
Case for containing disk type recording medium
Golf bag with cam actuated support stand and detachable body
Tensioner for a supporting device of a golf bag
Stackable, nestable, and reusable container for storing and dispensing elongated materials, and method of using same
Expendable shipping container
Multiple pastry box
Separation unit for shipping carton
Packaging tray
Bottle reject system
Screening device for bulk materials
Centrifugal chip separator including removable blades
Device for removing a liquid from capillaries
Stationery organizer
Storage device
Method for shrink-wrapping containers and articles obtained thereby
Anti back off screw on closure
Plastic container with horizontal annular ribs
Universal dumpster
Container for vinyl siding
Insulated water-tight container
Vent-on-demand hatch cover
Obturator with improved retention in a metal sheet aperture
Beverage can device
Container liner and lining system
Can manufacturing apparatus, can manufacturing method, and can
Container equipped with a device for automatically extracting a straw
Splash-proof lid
Counter balance spring assembly
Dispensing apparatus
Wet tissue package
Parts feeder using strip carrier
Fluent product dispenser with temperature indicating means
Signature pulse generator and method of detecting tampering with a fueling operation
Monomer delivery device for bone cement delivery system
Medicinal dosing apparatus and method
Perfume sprayer
Material handling apparatus
Self-contained high pressure pneumatic beverage dispensing system
Pump assembly with one piece piston
Actuator with compressible internal component
Device for mounting a valve on a container, and dispenser containing a product under pressure fitted with such a device
Liquid dispensing tap
Disposable spout for cans
Device for turning tubular textile products inside out
Clothes hanger
Fastening system as well as a suitcase provided with such a fastening system
Cycle carrier
Carrier for straddle type four wheeled all-terrain vehicle and support structure therefor
Medical device holder
Multi-functional carrying device
Belt feeding device for stapler
Nail cartridge for a pneumatic nail driving device
Engagement structure between a cover and an end cap on a rear end of a power nailer
Flux-application fixture for a ball-grid-array (BGA) assembly process
Method of producing metal composites which can be processed at high temperatures
Utilize ultrasonic energy to reduce the initial contact forces in known-good-die or permanent contact systems
Method of sealing disk slots for turbine bucket dovetails
Method and apparatus for soldering ball grid array modules to substrates
Method and circuit board for assembling electronic devices
Apparatus and method for recovering viscous fluid
Chemical delivery system having purge system utilizing multiple purge techniques
Chemical delivery system having purge system utilizing multiple purge techniques
Fuel assembly for an engine welder
Mobile oil change device
Centering sectional shoe assembly
Wheel comprising tubeless tire and rim with annular mounting well
Pneumatic radial tire including a plurality of carcass plies with specified fold back portions
Laminator printer
Blade protector for tape applicators and dispensers
Image-forming material removing apparatus
Apparatus for removing coating from coated product
Auto-shutter system for eye protection against in-band frequency agile lasers
Foam core vane for door and window covering
Sliding door panel retaining device
Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening
Roller screen
Window net child safety guard
Window curtain tieback device
Spraycast method and article
Injection molding
Ceramic-metal composite and method to form said composite
Edge dam position control method and device in twin roll strip casting process
Endless casting rolling system with single casting stand
Heat sink assembly
Cooling arrangement for direct injected engine
Cylinder head for direct fuel injected engine
Compressed air assisted fuel injection system
Linkless variable valve actuation mechanism
External drive double shaft overhead cam engine
Intake manifold communication valve
Internal combustion rotating spherical head and valve
Crankshaft and piston arrangement
Four cycle engine for a marine propulsion system
End-feed variable cam timing oil supply and control module
Engine cylinder stratifier
Idling control system for internal combustion engine
Powertrain output monitor
Throttle apparatus for internal combustion engine
Injector mounting arrangement for direct-injected engines
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Lubricating oil and fuel blending system
Fuel delivery using multiple fluid delivery assemblies per combustion chamber
Air-fuel charge controller for a homogeneous-charge, compression-ignition engine
Electric powered compressor for motorcycle engines
Double action single valve EEGR
Portable hanger for hunting bow
Method and device for simultaneously cutting off a multiplicity of wafers from a workpiece
Method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Pedestal mount personal heater
Composite polymer manifold for water heating unit
Fireplace with vertical or horizontal venting
Apparatus for and methods of administering volatile substances into an inhalation flow path
Foldable snorkel
Diver''s backpack
Anaesthetic machine
Reactive ion etching method of fabricating nozzles for aerosolized delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic agents
Medical limb rest
Tongue lift and lip seal mouthpiece
ICA angioplasty with cerebral protection
Methods and systems for treating ischemia
Lighter holder and cigar nipper
Hair band
Method and apparatus for highlighting hair
Brush applicator with added helix
Permanently covered rigid or semi-rigid mounting piece for an article of fashion
Dental floss dispenser
Dispenser for dental floss
Temperature controlled gassification of deionized water for megasonic cleaning of semiconductor wafers
Wafer cleaning method
Pre-clean deluge system
Rib assembly for multiple-fold umbrella having plastic intermediate rib interconnected among light ribs
Lightweight collapsible enclosure
Versatile tent door
Sun shield
Collapsible blind and decoy apparatus
System and method for sealing leaks in vessels
Heated valve for operation in freezing conditions
Switchover valve
Arm-driven sleeve valve with centralized drive mechanism
Automatic shut-off air pressure valve for tires
Fluid valve
Fuel pressure regulator with fuel temperature responsive shape memory calibration
Pressure/flow rate control valve
Check valve and fuel tank with check valve attached thereto
Speed controller with pilot check valve
Double obturator valve
Valve unit and synthetic resin valve seat
Rack and pinion steering system
Pressure medium system
Fluid circuit components based upon passive fluid dynamics
Leak repair device for rigid pipes
Woven fabric with machine-readable code
Woven fabric for work clothing parts
Method of monitoring the distance between the rolls of a roll pair, and means for use in carrying out the method
Descaling method for a metal strip and a descaling arrangement therefor
Spirally formed pipe cutter with driving mechanism to actively rotate inner knife
Device and method for moulding a grooved structure into a tubular workpiece
Method and machine for making a finned body
Spindle mechanism of drawer
Method and machine for automatically bending profiled elements and the like
Hemming apparatus
Method and system for remotely determining column density of trace gases
Explosive detection system and sample collecting device
Quartz crystal microbalance sensors and semiconductor manufacturing process systems comprising same
Gas concentration measuring apparatus compensating for error component of output signal
Method and apparatus for determining seal failure in a ball joint
Analysis system and method for water-soluble contaminants in a cleanroom environment
Moisture level indicator
Surface-tracking measuring machine
Geological sample sub
Real-time snow load measuring system
Capacitive measurement probe for measuring the level of a liquid and tank equipped with such a probe
Triaxial angular rate and acceleration sensor
Vibration sensing device
Ultrasonic measuring instrument
Ultrasonic sensor and method of use
Apparatus for determining a physical process variable of a medium
Process pressure measurement devices with improved error compensation
Linearity adjustment feature for suspended movement-type pressure gauges
Pressure sensing cannula
Particular strain gage orientation for a six component load measurement device
Torque sensing apparatus for an electric assist steering system
Adjustable pipette
Sensor package for proximity detectors
Device for operating display members at signs
Opening and closing type interior device
Control method and control apparatus of gear transmission
Automobile transmission with non-rotating reverse gear
Vehicle shift mechanism for an automatic transmission
Miniaturized transmission shifter
Gear indicator for a bicycle
Means for anchoring an elongate member
Electronic adjustable pedal assembly
Accelerator pedal module
Lockable lever arm assembly
Hollow cam shaft
Beverage package with incorporated bottle cap opener
Hand tool with supporting arm and retaining mechanism and a method for loosening of attachment means
Socket wrench having two engaging rods
Multi-socket skateboard tool
Angle-adjustable wrench
Wrench for driving various fasteners
Fastener constructions
Method and apparatus for coupling a fiber optic connector
Handle of hand tool
Screwdriver and method for making same
Insulated torque lever driving tool
Toolholder with a removable head
Apparatus and method for advancing, cutting and ejecting a tubular workpiece
Method and apparatus for on-line monitoring of log sawing
Selectively variable hole punching device
Shearing metal strip
Clutch assembly for use with a circular saw
Energy damper and recoil limiting system for line charge
Positive alignment insert (PAI) with imbedded explosive
Air operated hydraulic torque wrench pump
Pressure intensifier for fluids, particularly for hydraulic liquids
Brake booster
Return spring arrangement for brake booster
Lost motion cylinder
Suspended diaphragm
Reinforced impact-embrittled braking device
Insulating press-type coffee maker and accessories
Juice extractor for citrus fruits
In-line finishing stacker with unloading pusher apparatus
Device with eccentric stamping wheel for stamping moving parts
Stencil printing apparatus
Web tension control system and method for flexographic tag and label presses
Plate-making sheet and plate-making sheet printing device
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with reduced space requirement, in particular for motor vehicle
Compressor lift system for gas well produced liquids
Controlled breaking of cables in a well casing
Steep pitch helix packer
Combination retrievable drilling fluid filter and wiper
Subsurface measurement apparatus, system, and process for improved well drilling, control, and production
Method of maintaining the integrity of a seal-forming sheath, in particular a well cementing sheath
Wellbottom fluid implosion treatment system
Reverse circulating control valve
Methods and systems for producing off-shore deep-water wells
Pilot-operated pressure-equalizing mechanism for subsurface valve
Installation for extinguishing fire, spray head
Sod harvester
Axially loaded drive tool
Dual-mode non-isolated corded system for transportable cordless power tools
Well system
Protected lubricant reservoir for sealed bearing earth boring drill bit
Planting system
Bladed drill bit with centrally distributed diamond cutters
Transfer device in a four-wheel drive vehicle
Motorcycle rocker assembly
Electric bicycle and methods
All terrain vehicle with improved motor arrangement
Noise reducing exhaust system and method
Lightweight acoustical system
Acoustical insulating barrier and method of making the barrier
Structural bracing connection system
Axle bearing lubricating device
Self-service terminals
Variable traction mechanism for rotary actuated overspeed safety device
Lift cylinder and mast assembly of forklift
Scooter rear wheel brake
Railcar brake arrangement
Torque transmission device
Disk brake
Motor vehicle braking device
Wet disc brake with internal drive/external cooler
Method and device for printing on a carrier material using a structured ice layer
External drum imaging system
Circuit breaker
Integrated magnetic field sensors for fuzes
Electronic safe arm and fire device
Non-lethal projectile for firearms
Mid-body obturator for a gun-launched projectile
Initiator for air bag inflator
Portable rope tow device
Intake/exhaust type combustion equipment
Soil preparation device
Seed planter press-wheel assembly
Litter box
Litter box
Filter cap for an animal cage
Ignition inhibiting gas water heater
Flammable vapor resistant water heater
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lithographic base for use in non-impact printing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable power working machine
Cylinder block for water-cooled engine
Magnetorheological fluid seismic damper
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