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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Roller cleaning assembly
Round baler
Remote actuation device for spray cans
Sprout cultivation device
Reticulated foam for use in horticultural applications
Propelling device for bait and lures
Method of killing organisms and removal of toxins in enclosures
Visual privacy garment
Strap buckle
Interchangeable jewelry strand
Leverage-based large-sized umbrella
Device for the application of a hair treatment composition to a hair bundle
Applicator for applying a hair treatment composition to a bundle of hair strands
Nail tool holder and kit
Articulating toothbrush
Luggage handle structure
Telescoping assembly for a CPU holder
Bicycle storage tree
Microfiber sweep mopcloth cleaning device
Criteria for monitoring intrathoracic impedance
Adaptive windowing for cardiac waveform discrimination
Automatic coronary isolation using a n-MIP ray casting technique
Apparatus and method for measuring fat
Electric toothbrush
Portable apparatus for establishing an isolation field
Inhalation device
System and method for telemetry with an implantable medical device
Cardiac therapy triggered by capture verification
Transmitter or receiver mounting
Multirate cochlear stimulation strategy and apparatus
Capture threshold and lead condition analysis
Cooling garment having phase change material in its extremity portions
Apparatus for alleviating pressure on ears while using oxygen
Landing pad with a built-in fire suppressor
Coupler device for in-line skate for all-terrain surfaces
Performing Operations; Transporting
Aeration device for the introduction of gas bubbles into a liquid medium
Process and apparatus for drying and powderizing material
Portable spray containment enclosure
Circulating paint systems and article coating methods
Vacuum cleaner roller nozzle
Device for dispensing a washing agent in a washing machine, particularly a dishwasher
Deposit removing device
Method for producing a housing for a fluid bearing apparatus
Fixed constant velocity universal joint, method of manufacturing fixed constant velocity universal joint, and bearing device adapted for use in driving wheel and using fixed constant velocity universal joint
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and method of manufacturing discharge port member
Strip casting apparatus with independent delivery nozzle and side dam actuators
Method for the quantitative determination of soldering agent residues
Method for applying a surface structure to a solid body and solid body provided with such a surface structure
Method for producing a rolling bearing component and rolling bearing component
Tool holder
Spring assisted knife having separate cam insert
Folding knife blade with dual locking mechanism
Panel saw
Ruler for tool
Terminal control method, terminal apparatus and program
System for separating a diced semiconductor die from a die attach tape
Anilox printing unit and printing press having an anilox printing unit
Method and apparatus for forming an ink pattern exhibiting a two-dimensional ink gradient
Kit including multilayer stencil for applying a design to a surface
Clay cutting and beveling tool
Castor braking and stopping rotating simultaneously
Drive system and motor vehicle having such a drive system
Dry air fuel vent breather
Selector lever having actuating change of position
System and method for classifying a vehicle occupant
Antitheft device for the steering column of a vehicle having superlockout provided by an intermediate rocker bar
Ring-mount joint
Wheel assembly for a golf bag
Portable shooting rail
Bracket fastening structure
Controller for electric power steering device
Attachable scooter
Approaching and retaining device, in particular for a boat door
Breast point docking system
Rescue boat
Arrangement of a circumferential joint of structural elements with a coupling element manufactured in composite material
Device for supplying loads in the overhead area of a passenger cabin, in particular in commercial aircraft
Aircraft with a pressurized vessel
Helicopter rotor blade tie down system
Device for moving objects, intended in particular for luggage in a hold of an aircraft
System and method for packaging dental ingots
Egg caddy system
Rail car unloading catch pan system
Packet with a closure for its outlet, e.g. for articles storage and dispensing
Bottle holder
Integral container having concentric compartments for multiple distinct fluids
Folding box with inner chamber
Suction type bottle cap
Releasable tie
Compartmentalized protective case for portable handheld electronic devices
Nesting wheel packaging system
Tape dispenser and take-up reel for tape backing
Tape dispensing system
Conveyor device
Chip discharge device of machine tool
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Media actuated media diverter for an imaging device
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
System and method for pre-programmable elevator operation
System for limiting horizontal movements in a lift
Power supply system for crane
Electric floor jack device
Flavoring component holding dispenser for use with consumable beverages
Dispenser for a flowable medium having a valved removable container for receiving an exchangeable reservoir
Multichamber dispensing device
Chemical dispensing apparatus and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Molten glass delivery apparatus for optical quality glass
Method of manufacturing magnetic-disk glass substrate and method of manufacturing magnetic disk
Device and method for the surface peening of a component of a gas turbine
Textiles; Paper
Ergonomic crochet hook
Fixed Constructions
Damage resistant bridge construction
Drain plug
Display wall standard/framing member
Thermoregulation equipment for patient room
Molded shingle with moisture guards for fasteners and with shingle alignment features
Balustrade having metal balusters with ornamental ends
Door check link apparatus for vehicle
Anti-trap device for a door frame
Sliding door system
Crawl space vent cover assembly
Panel element comprising a frame with a panel unit
Downhole jack assembly sensor
Cutting elements having cutting edges with continuous varying radii and bits incorporating the same
Ultra-hard composite constructions comprising high-density diamond surface
Dual barrier plug system for a wellhead
Nanoparticle-densified Newtonian fluids for use as cementation spacer fluids and completion spacer fluids in oil and gas wells
Method to detect casing point in a well from resistivity ahead of the bit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for controlling moisture separator reheaters
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Device for adjusting the rotation angle position of a camshaft
Control systems for a variable capacity engine oil pump
Hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
Exhaust gas control system and exhaust gas control method
Fuel injection controller
Methods for reducing engine exhaust emissions
Engine that is provided with water pump
Hydrogen supplemental system for on-demand hydrogen generation for internal combustion engines
Internal combustion engine using electromagnetic wave radiation to activate burnt gas
Variable compression ratio apparatus
Super charged engine
Pilot burner for gas turbine engine
Device for de-icing the air intake of a gas turbine
Stable power-output device with a linear long-shaft driven by waves
Activatable nanoparticle composite valve
Precision safety ring-shaped hook
Component assembly comprising a sheet metal part and a nut element attached thereto and also a method for the manufacture of such a component assembly
Braking apparatus
Linkage assembly for drilling or mobile well servicing rig braking system
Material moving system
Transmission for work vehicle
Eight speed dual clutch transmission
Mobile gas supply system
Solenoid valve device
Overflow valve for prevention of water vapor loss
Method of operating on-off valve
Solenoid valve
Systems, methods and apparatus of a nitinol valve
Opening and closing valve including a packing gland and a yolk sleeve
Loading and carting system
Seat tube of a bicycle
System and process for transporting LNG by non-self-propelled marine LNG carrier
Thermal-mechanical positioning for radiation tracking
Gas conditioning method and apparatus for the recovery of LPG/NGL(C2+) from LNG
System and method for energy production from sludge
Method for manufacturing heat transfer member, power module, vehicle inverter, and vehicle
Lens shape measurement device
Methods and apparatus for managing a tour product purchase
Remote monitoring system
Device and method for calibrating an image sensor
Gas meter
Tank having a piston pressurized by hot gas
Semiconductor device and communications terminal and automobile having the same
Test apparatus and method for safety valve
Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring ( {A} ) pressure
Abnormal combustion detection method for internal-combustion engines from combustion indicator distribution modelling
Dual submarine leak detection system
Device to adjust the pitch angle of propeller blades for a model engine
Laser based acousto-optic sensing enhancement using tailored retro-reflectors
Utility pull-back tension monitoring arrangement with sensor output compensation and method
Gas chromatograph comprising a controllable switching device
Compacting circuit responses
Probeless testing of pad buffers on wafer
Method for calibrating a filter, a calibrator and system including the same
Method and device for accessing microforms
Modular control system with terminal and function modules
Controller for a machine-tool or production machine
Pull handle structure of a hand puller
Method for identifying new or recently changed telephone service
Job executing unit power control system
Memory device having a power down exit register
Method for operating an arrangement of a plurality of computers in the event of a computer failure
Active content wizard testing
Memory dump method, memory dump program and computer system
Method for ensuring security, data storage apparatus, security ensuring server, and storage medium storing program for the same
Clickless tool
Optionally pushing I/O data into a processor's cache
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
Updated data write method using journal log
Method and apparatus for rental storage system
Disk array device including a system LU for storing control information in the disk array and backup LU for backing up the control information and controlling method thereof
Latency-aware thread scheduling in non-uniform cache architecture systems
Method and system for intrusion detection in a computer network
Hardware-based encryption/decryption employing dual ported memory and fast table initialization
Method for operating a processor bus
Dynamic data transfer control method and apparatus for shared SMP computer systems
Methods and apparatus for requesting and receiving a print job at a printer
Flow control by supplying a remote start bit onto a single-wire bus
General purpose data container method and apparatus for implementing AV/C descriptors
Web page content translator
Work flow system and client in work flow system
Messaging system configured for selectively accessing subscriber spoken name from a directory server based on determined unavailability of messaging server
Filtering e-mail messages
System, method, and computer program product for extracting information from remote devices through the HTTP protocol
System and method for computing low complexity algebraic network codes for a multicast network
Virtual private network crossovers based on certificates
Radio terminal
Methods and apparatus for accessing presence information
Method and system for web resource location classification and detection
Deferred acknowledgment communications and alarm management
System and method for change management process automation
Method and system for enabling offline detection of software updates
Internal memory controller providing configurable access of processor clients to memory instances
Managing transiently connected network clients
Method and system for using abstract classes to extract status information from networked devices
Traffic matrix estimation method and apparatus
Distributed network data storage system and method
Device identification information managing system and method for communicably connecting between a network device and a device managing terminal unit that manages the network device
Establishing a cache expiration time to be associated with newly generated output by determining module- specific cache expiration times for a plurality of processing modules
System for determining unreturned standby resource usage
Strategies for configuring a server-based information-transmission infrastructure
User interface for a bi-directional communication system
Method for booting a system on a chip integrated circuit
Administration manager
System and method for data transfer optimization in a portable audio device
System and method for enabling search and retrieval operations to be performed for data items and records using data obtained from associated voice files
Remote document sharing
Clutch reference position
Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Audio recording device
Formal methods for modeling and analysis of hybrid systems
Processing collocation mistakes in documents
Method and system for verifying data in a data protection system
Automated detection of anomalous user activity associated with specific items in an electronic catalog
Private collaborative planning in a many-to-many hub
Content providing system, content providing server, information processing apparatus, and computer program
Publisher unions
Geometry-based search engine for navigation systems
Non-mutating tree-structured file identifiers
Method and system for preventing operating system detection
Yield analysis and improvement using electrical sensitivity extraction
Method and system to optimize timing margin in a system in package module
Object model for decision and issue tracking
Concurrent optimization in selection of primer and capture probe sets for nucleic acid analysis
All-digital cantilever controller
Manufacturing system and controller, controlling method, controlling system, and control program for the manufacturing system
Automatic material handling system, production system for semiconductor device, and production management method for semiconductor device
Engine exhaust emissions measurement correction
System and computer-based method for tracking an implantable medical device characteristic during a coating process
Systems and methods for secure communication over a wireless network
Application unit monitoring and reporting system and method
Navigation process displaying a mobile window, viewing apparatus implementing the process
VEX-virtual extension framework
Apparatus and methods for communicating with programmable logic devices
Computer graphic display visualization system and method
Displaying variables stored in calculators
User interface control for navigating, selecting, and organizing document pages
Method for indexed-field based difference detection and correction
Automatic pruning of orphaned objects from directory services and other databases
Information processing apparatus, and method for retaining security
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer-readable medium having information processing program embodied therein, and resource management apparatus
Apparatus and method for modeling relationships between signals
Modelling piece-wise continuous transfer functions for digital image processing
Implementing software breakpoints and debugger therefor
Method and apparatus for protecting HTTP session data from data crossover using aspect-oriented programming
System and method for providing interoperability between different programming protocols
System and method for frequency based loop reorganization
System and method for managing and communicating software updates
Electronic circuit for a responder which is not initialised when the supply voltage is switched on
Method and system of electronic payment transaction, in particular by using contactless payment means
Writing and reading data system, starting from a chromatic printed information that modifies patterns emited by an electromagnetic waves source, introducing biases that conform new patterns, giving place to new data categories matched to a code
Confidentiality packaging system
Order management system
System and method for evaluating and/or monitoring effectiveness of on-line advertising
Systems and methods for transferring items with restricted transferability
System for stock images peer-to-peer services over the world wide web
Purchasing peripheral support in a media exchange network
Price improvement in an active trading market
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
Platform for market programs and trading programs
Financing information processing system and method
Time market grid interface
Method and system for selecting and purchasing media advertising
Method and system for transferring money in business-to-business internet transactions
Apparatus and method for verifying source of funds regarding financial transactions
Revenue share interest method of financing an asset management firm
Systems and methods for implementing the structuring, pricing, quotation, and trading of financial instruments
Systems and methods for preparation of an intellectual property filing in accordance with jurisdiction- and/or agent-specific requirements
Device for removable attachment of a flag on a flagpole
2-D processing of speech
Transmit/receive data paths for voice-over-internet (VoIP) communication systems
Applications of sub-audible speech recognition based upon electromyographic signals
Natural language system and method based on unisolated performance metric
Arranging CELP information of one frame in a second packet
Methods of making thin film capacitors
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Signal processor, method of signal processing and computer program
Viewer selection of programs to be subsequently delivered
Resource allocation in multi-stream IP network for optimized quality of service
Method of negotiating security parameters and authenticating users interconnected to a network
Network device registration
System and method for combining user and platform authentication in negotiated channel security protocols
Proximity detection employed in connection with rights management system or the like
Securely inspecting electronic messages
Sliding module of sliding-type portable terminal
Portable terminal having replaceable modules
Method of manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board
Method of manufacturing a package substrate
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrator
Method of forming an electrically conductive printed line
Heat sink
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for virtual representation of bones or a bone joint
Pulse oximeter and method of operation
Pulse oximeter sensor with piece-wise function
Communication system and method for communicating between an implanted medical device and another device
Optical imaging system with symmetric optical probe
Body-member-illuminating pressure cuff for use in optical noninvasive measurement of blood parameters
MR imaging using ECG-prep scan
System and method for selecting physiological data from a plurality of physiological data sources
Method and apparatus for determining the cerebral state of a patient with fast response
Protective hearing devices with multi-band automatic amplitude control and active noise attenuation
System and method for enhancing cardiac signal sensing by cardiac pacemakers through genetic treatment
Extractable implantable medical lead
Device and method for monitoring and controlling electrical resistance at a tissue site undergoing iontophoresis
Tissue tensioning electrotherapy device
Adaptive anti-tachycardia therapy apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Key information registration procedure assisting system, recorded medium, and key plate cutter
Method for setting an injection speed control pattern of an injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for monitoring processes in a web-processing printing machine
Method for determining the speed of a wheel on a motor vehicle
Accessory equipment driving device for vehicle
Method for controlling an automatic transmission for a motor vehicle
Device and method for recognizing traffic signs
Sensor fusion architecture for vision-based occupant detection
Vehicle pre-crash sensing based conic target threat assessment system
Method and system for controlling the braking force in a vehicle
Steering control system for vehicle
Assembly line control system
Web guiding system and method
Method for communication with a transportation system
System and method for controlling an automated fueling station
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Portable, self-contained data collection systems and methods
Crystal structure of cPLA2 and methods of identifying agonists and antagonists using same
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for computerized data collection, monitoring, analysis, and control of grouting operations
Method and device for determining the quality of an oil well reserve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas control in an engine having a two-stage turbocharger
Methods and apparatus for sensing misfire in an internal combustion engine
Method for estimating fuel injector performance
Shift control system of continuously variable transmission
Methods, systems, and software for performing measurements
Systems and methods with integrated GPS and dead reckoning capabilities
Method and system for tracking moving objects
Method for giving navigation information to navigation terminal user
Apparatus for and method of controlling electronic system for movable body, electronic system for movable body, program storage device and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave
Distance measurement apparatus
Position measuring device and method for the start-up of a position measuring device
Fiber optic level detector
Method for minimizing error in weighing devices
System and method for analyzing vibration signals
Method for detecting the connectivity of electrical conductors during automated test using longitudinal balance measurements
Time-scale modification method and apparatus for digital signals
Engine diagnostic via PDA
Waveguide-based optical chemical sensor
Visual inspection apparatus
Device and method for converting vehicle speed signals
Analysis of rotating machines
Method and system for wafer and device-level testing of an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
Combining signal images in accordance with signal-to-noise ratios
Space based augmentation systems and methods using ionospheric bounding data to determine geographical correction source
Efficient location of mobile radiotelephones using cellular and GPS information
Intervehicle network communication system
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a mobile communication device
Method and apparatus for interaction with broadcast content based upon position
Method for facilitating monitoring, in the course of time, of the evolution of physical states in an underground formation
Atmosphere condition prediction method
Optical switch with low-inertia micromirror
Latching apparatus for a MEMS optical switch
Camera using beam splitter with micro-lens image amplification
Correcting the phase of waveguide bragg gratings
High capacity optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber design for secure tap proof transmission
Reduced weight oblique view fiber optic taper
Grating-based wavelength selective switch
Freestanding athermal polymer optical waveguide
Optical fiber cutting apparatus and optical fiber cutting method therefor
Optical coupling structure
Multifunctional intelligent optical modules based on planar lightwave circuits
Optical module, light divider/insertor and light transmission device
Optical switch fabric for individually switching optical paths for optical signals between input and output ports
System for bending polymer or glass optical wave guides
Optical backplane array connector
Apparatus and method for generating a mode-scrambled optical signal using a VCSEL array
Fiber optic collimator apparatus and method
Method and device for face alignment
Signal interconnect incorporating multiple modular units
Fiber optic cable having a low-shrink cable jacket and methods of manufacturing the same
Fiber optic cable structure and method
Fiber optics splice holder
Electro-optic device
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device with a buffer plug
Methods and apparatus for measuring the power spectrum of optical signals
Optical modulator
Optical waveguide structures
Trapping light pulses at controlled perturbations in periodic optical structures
Method and apparatus for controlling the depth of field using multiple user interface markers
Camera having LCD panel displaying groups of camera modes
Reusable camera for use with pre-exposed and conventional film
Method and apparatus for evaluating digital radiation image
Flash control device, electronic flash device, and photographing system
Mechanism and method for controlling focal point position of UV light and apparatus and method for inspection
Management system and management method of semiconductor exposure apparatuses
Photomask supply system with photomask production period shortened
Overlay inspection apparatus for semiconductor substrate and method thereof
Method and system for reducing toner rub-off in an electrophotographic apparatus by using printers' anti-offset spray powder
Recording-material type determination apparatus and method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including an image carrier driving mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, sheet processing method, and book-binding method
Image forming apparatus
Printer power management
Image forming device having a plurality of image forming units with a single drive unit
Apparatuses for color image formation, tandem color image formation and image formation
Image forming apparatus having variable/controlled timing for successive feeding of recording material at image transfer position
Image forming apparatus with transfer materials binding and trimming feature and related image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Printer cartridge and method of making or refurbishing
Toning station intermediate bearing cap and tension assembly
Developing device and electrophotographic apparatus
Method and apparatus for reassembling a toner cartridge
Developing apparatus of electric photographic printer
Image forming apparatus with intermediary transfer member
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus with transferring member having ion conductivity
Imaging apparatus with image fixing throughput control based on sheet size and method of operation thereof
Image fixing device and image forming device having low friction and low abrasion characteristics
Fuser for an electrophotographic printer and method of using same
Image-forming device having a patterned roller and a method for providing traceability of printed documents
Method and apparatus for producing duplex prints and image forming system using the same
Image forming apparatus which can clean auxiliary member erasing image traces
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Pre-flight estimation of cost for print jobs
Method and device for state estimation
Method and apparatus of managing time for a processing system
Method for consistent storage of data in an industrial controller
Operation confirming method and device for industrial machinery
Substrate selector
Method and apparatus for integrating multiple process controllers
Method and equipment for assessing the life of members put under high in-service temperature environment for long period
Control parameter selecting apparatus for boat and sailing control system equipped with this apparatus
Method and system for synchronizing data
System and method for fault-tolerant clock synchronization using interactive convergence
Input apparatus of a hand-held information processing device
Portable smart card communication device
Method and apparatus for providing a radio module for a computer system
Method and apparatus to directly access a peripheral device when central processor operations are suspended
Method and apparatus for managing power in computer systems
Method for accelerating the speed of a CPU using a system command having an operation not associated with changing the speed of the CPU
User proximity sensor and signal processing circuitry for determining whether to power a computer on or off
Partial enabling of functional unit based on data and size pair in register
Apparatus and method for stripping parity bits from an input stream
Apparatus and method for dynamically rerouting a network request based on shared predictive failure information
Object oriented database interface encapsulation that allows for chronologically overlapping transactions in a multi-threaded environment
Read prediction algorithm to provide low latency reads with SDRAM cache
Switch-based acceleration of computer data storage employing aggregations of disk arrays
Method, system, and program for configuring components on a bus for input/output operations
Method and apparatus for memory control circuit
Destructive-read random access memory system buffered with destructive-read memory cache
Code type control of caching parameters
Secure printing using electronic mailbox
Method and system for shared bus access
Method of filtering events in a combinational computing device
Streaming-media input port
Relaxed-timing universal serial bus with a start of frame packet generator
Parallel SCSI host adapter and method for fast capture of shadow state data
Method and system for data transfer
Priority transaction support on the PCI-X bus
Interface shutdown mode for a data bus slave
Hot swap circuit module
Method and apparatus for data dependent, dual level output driver
Mechanism for preserving producer-consumer ordering across an unordered interface
Method and apparatus for passing messages through a bus-to-bus bridge while maintaining ordering
System and method for managing sensors of a system
Cryptographic key distribution using light pulses of three macroscopic quantum states
Methods and systems for generating profile curves of solid models
Method for utilizing waveform relaxation in computer-based simulation models
System and method for a single-pass multiple tap filter
Segmentation and processing of continuous data streams using transactional semantics
Method and apparatus for representing and searching for color images
Method, system, and product for self-directed distance learning
System and method for proactive caching employing graphical usage description
System for remote management of applications of an industrial control system
System and method for selectively presenting multi-dimensional data in two-dimensional form
Paired keys for data structures
Collecting statistics in a database system
System for keyword based searching over relational databases
Method and system for guiding drilling in a report generated by a reporting system
File management apparatus and file management method
Database system providing methodology for property enforcement
Data processing system and method for accessing files
Method and apparatus for finding information on the internet
Method and system for managing documents in a system using at least one database
Method and system for managing multiple database storage units
Section extraction tool for PDF documents
System and method for obtaining user preferences and providing user recommendations for unseen physical and information goods and services
Systems and methods for generating customized bundles of information
Method and device in a telecommunication network having a communication product
Method and apparatus for traversing net connectivity through design hierarchy
Methods of characterizing drug activities using consensus profiles
Data library system having movable robotic librarian operable for accessing statically mounted drives
Medical instrument control system
Method and system for generation of medical reports from data in a hierarchically-organized database
Scanning computer files for unwanted properties
Cryptographic access and labeling system
IC card and IC chip module
Operating system security checking system, method, and program
Arrangement with a microprocessor
Multiple user computer system and method for remote control thereof
Information-outputting apparatus and connection-relation management method
Text input system for ideographic and nonideographic languages
System and method for automatically selecting a digital sending functionality
Wireless mouse unit, wireless mouse and receiver
Method and apparatus to concurrently operate on multiple data movement transactions in a disk array subsystem
Audio buffer station allocation
Method for maintaining the integrity of a mailing using radio frequency identification tags
Persistent client-server database sessions
Bit reduction using dither, rounding and error feedback
Crossbar system with increased throughput
Network scheduler for real time applications
Process for synthesizing a database for nuclear power plant containment evaluation
Method and apparatus for determining a number of states for a hidden Markov model in a signal processing system
Gate control device
Business form handling method and system for carrying out the same
Method and system for maintaining alternates in association with recognized words
Method and apparatus for re-ordering of a bit stream
Method of image coding, image coding apparatus, and recording medium including image coding program
Method and system for archival and retrieval of images based on the shape properties of identified segments
Method and apparatus for partitioning a plurality of items into groups of similar items in a recommender of such items
Formatting denormal numbers for processing in a pipelined floating point unit
Standard transportation excellent maintenance solutions
System and method for personalizing electronic mail messages by rendering the messages in the voice of a predetermined speaker
System and method for online dispute resolution
Systems and methods for building and improving the quality of inventory load configurations
Method and apparatus for evaluating bids for scheduling a resource
Method and apparatus for scheduling work orders in a manufacturing process
Distributed product development
Systems and methods for predicting traffic on internet sites
Customer controlled manufacturing process and user interface
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Assistance method and apparatus
Interactive learning appliance
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices controlled by customer
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Picture processing apparatus, method and recording medium for a natural expansion drawing
Real-time image resizing and rotation with line buffers
System and method for reducing or eliminating streak artifacts and illumination inhomogeneity in CT imaging
Controlled image deterioration correction device with reduction/enlargement
Removing noise from a color image using wavelets
Image filter processing apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus and shading correction data acquiring method
Computer aided detection of masses and clustered microcalcifications with single and multiple input image context classification strategies
Information processing apparatus and method as well as medium
Spatial image processor
Optical body tracker
Method and apparatus for determining a reference point of a bottle bottom in an image
System for verification and association of documents and digital images
Privacy and security for smartcards in a method, system and program
Power-conservation system based on indoor/outdoor and ambient-light determinations
Portable motion-activated position reporting device
Learning support method and learning support program
Software-directed, energy-aware control of display
User dependent control of the transmission of image and sound data in a client-server system
Method and apparatus for segmenting a multi-media program based upon audio events
Speech synthesizer that interrupts audio output to provide pause/silence between words
Method for enhancing recognition probability in voice recognition systems
Method and apparatus for expanding the vocabulary of a speech system
Method of providing concise forms of natural commands
Voice-based search and selection of speech recognition data
Speech processing system
Method and system for the reduction of processing time in a speech recognition system using the hidden markov model
System and method for enhancing MPEG audio encoder quality
Speech coding exploiting the power ratio of different speech signal components
Method and apparatus to prepare listener-interest-filtered works
Time-domain noise suppression
Recorded program viewing support method
Method and apparatus for creating and recording management information for digital data streams
Recording apparatus with jump destination position information
Data recording and reproducing apparatus and data displaying method
Intra-row configurability of content addressable memory
Sound and image producing system
Method and device at a transmitter and receiver unit in a mobile telephone system
Multiple-beam antenna
Structure for multiple antenna configurations
Control of receiver immunity to interference by controlling linearity
Circuit configuration for matching an amplifier to a radio-frequency line, and use of the circuit configuration
Real time calibration method for signal conditioning amplifiers
Sampling rate converter and method
Device and method for transforming a digital signal
Method of compressing data by use of self-prefixed universal variable length code
Device for and method of mixing audio signals
Programmable mixer and radio applications thereof
Optical tracking system with reflective fiber
Method and system for distributing multiband wireless communications signals
Polarization mode dispersion compensator for optical fiber communication systems
Meter monitoring and tamper protection system and method
Continuous closed-loop power control system including modulation injection in a wireless transceiver power amplifier
Method and apparatus for power control in a wireless communication system
Transmission power control method in CDMA system
Signalling method and telecommunication system
Method and system for selecting a diversity branch according to intra-cell and inter-cell handover combining schemes
Cellular communications system and related methods
Broadband medical emergency response system
Multimedia two-way communication terminal
Intelligent repeater and method to provide increased signaling
Optical signal quality supervisory device
Method and apparatus for maintaining information about users sharing the cells partitioning a computer-generated environment
Method for evaluating quality of service of a digital network connection
Apparatus, method and system for remotely accessing and/or controlling can node arrangements, including vehicle electronic control units, during vehicle operation
Application performance monitoring expert
Stackable network unit including register for identifying trunk connection status of stacked units
Method and system for dynamic evaluation of a wireless network with a portable computing device
Trunking in stacked communication devices
Dynamic translation between data network-based protocol in a data-packet-network and interactive voice response functions of a telephony network
Modular aircraft information network system and an associated method of packaging the same
Dynamic wireless internet address assignment scheme with authorization
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent emergency paging
Method and system for remote retrieval of documents
Systems and methods for presenting and/or converting messages
Method and apparatus for broadcasting media objects with guaranteed quality of service
System and method for a streams based network access control for a computer
Data output system, mobile terminal, data output method, data output program, and computer-readable recording medium storing data output program
Platform-independent programmable batch processing engine
Network adaptor card with reverse proxy and cache and method implemented therewith
Method, system and program products for defining nodes to a cluster
Open architecture global sign-on apparatus and method therefor
Distributed server cluster with graphical user interface
Method and devices for providing network services from several servers
Operating state based energy-saving display device
Band unit for attaching hangers to portable appliances
Soft keys for a mobile communications device having moveable panels
Cellular telephone with a changeable key arrangement
Software configurable sidetone for computer telephony
Locking and unlocking method in mobile telephone
Technique for effectively communicating travel directions
Circuit and method for active termination of a transmission line interface
Method and apparatus for providing data to switching elements in a communications system
System and method for implementing recording plans using a session manager
Device and system to facilitate remote customer-service
Enhanced agent automatic call distribution control
Method and apparatus for producing communication data, method and apparatus for reproducing communication data, and program storage medium
Combined serial and infrared port for consumer electronic devices
Apparatus and method for synchronously decoding video data and sub-picture data in DVD player
Methods and systems to fast fill media players
Method for solving intermission of streaming data and associated device thereof
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing images
Camera apparatus
Methods and apparatus for smooth reverse playback of MPEG encoded media
Jitter correcting apparatus and method for video signals
Devices, software and methods for passing DTMF signals under voice compression
Method for transmission of service signaling message, switching center, converter node, and service control point
Carrier identification codes (CIC) conversion
Digital loop carrier system
Method and system for transmitting call related information from a telecommunications network to a pager
Establishing a communication channel in a wireless network
Method for the control of communication and communications system
Providing a supplementary service in a mobile communications system
Base site and method for quickly establishing a CDMA dispatch call
Distributed architecture for a base station transceiver subsystem having a radio unit that is remotely programmable
Method for configuring cross-connections of a radio system and radio system
System and method of mobility management in a mobile communications network having a proxy switch
Systems and methods for dimensioning a wireless communication system
Device and method for intelligent wireless communication selection
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing shared directory numbers and multiway capabilities
Apparatus, and associated method, for placing an emergency call in a radio communication system
Cellular mobile telephone network operation
Speaker system with multiple transducers positioned in a plane for optimum acoustic radiation pattern
Subwoofer assembly
Microphone assembly for vehicular installation
Speaker device
Loudspeaker coil suspension system
Method for localization of an acoustic image out of man's head in hearing a reproduced sound via a headphone
System and method for adjusting frequency response characteristics of a speaker based upon placement near a wall or other acoustically-reflective surface
System and method for minimizing a loading effect of a via by tuning a cutout ratio
Method for checking the presentation of components to an automatic onserting unit
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