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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Process for controlling cyst nematode population in soybeans
Plant viral movement protein genes
Egg counter for counting eggs which are conveyed on an egg collection conveyer
Rubber composition and tire comprising same
Methods for identifying compounds for regulating muscle mass or function using corticotropin releasing factor receptors
Methods for treating glutamate cytotoxicity with beta-naphthoquinone compounds
Rasagiline formulations and processes for their preparation
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis and use
Composition containing chalcone
Ketones and reduced ketones as therapeutic agents for the treatment of bone conditions
Alkene piperidine derivatives as antiviral agents
3-Substituted-4-pyrimidone derivatives
Compositions and methods relating to novel compounds and targets thereof
Method of inhibiting intestinal polyps
Method for making acylated polypeptides
Automixable putty impression material
Castable golf ball components using acrylate functional resins
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oxidation catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas
Structured bodies with siliceous binder
Catalysts and processes for their preparation
Image forming apparatus, an optical scanning apparatus and an image forming method
Method, apparatus and program for alarming abnormality in tire air-pressure
Dual energy-storage for a vehicle system
Brake light system for vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing 2-perfluoroalkylethyl alcohol
Method for the separation of polymeric by-products from 1,4-butynediol
Process for preparing amino acids using amidocarbonylation reaction
Toluene disproportionation catalyst
Process for the manufacture of organic compounds
Amide derivative
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidines as Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
Process of making an alpha-anomer enriched 2-deoxy-2,2-difluoro-D-ribofuranosyl sulfonate and use thereof for making a beta nucleoside
Method of regulation of bacterial persister status
Compositions and methods for increasing bone mineralization
Fibrin adhesive granulate and method for its preparation
Methods of assaying receptor activity and constructs useful in such methods
Templated native silk smectic gels
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand fusion proteins
Transferrin receptor antibodies
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
Polymerization process for producing polydienes
Method for providing shaped biodegradable and elastomeric structures of (co) polymers of 1,3-trimethylene carbonate (TMC), shaped biodegradable and elastomeric structures, and the use of these structures
Method of producing water-soluble nonturbid copolymers of at least one water-soluble N-vinyllactam and at least one hydrophobic comonomer
Solid polyurethane powder coating compositions containing uretdione groups that are hardenable at low temperatures
Method for forming hafnium carbide and hafnium nitride ceramics and preceramic polymers
Nano-composite and compositions manufactured thereof
Process for the preparation of a thermoplastic elastomer comprising a partially vulcanized rubber concentrate
Heterogeneous cleaning composition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stall controller and triggering condition control features for a wind turbine
Generator utilizing fluid-induced oscillations
Coded aperture imaging photopolarimetry
Magnetic rotor and rotational angle sensing apparatus having the same
Systems and methods for transmitting global positioning system information
Systems for doppler tracking using photonic mixing detectors
Energy calibration method and radiation detecting and radiological imaging apparatus
Airborne particulate discriminator
Drift tube amplifier and method to amplify current
System and method of communicating signals
Optical sensor device
Methods for SEM inspection of fluid containing samples
Temperature sensor control apparatus
Current sensor
Semiconductor device
Data packet rate control
Methods and apparatus for controlling bandwidth and service in a communications system
Magnetic sensor, and method of compensating temperature-dependent characteristic of magnetic sensor
Method of acquiring satellite data
Mobile radiography image recording system
Direct imaging of neural currents using ultra-low field magnetic resonance techniques
Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance imaging data
Radiofrequency magnetic field resonator and a method of designing the same
Atomic magnetic gradiometer for room temperature high sensitivity magnetic field detection
Method and magnetic resonance system for adjustment of the field strength of RF pulses
System and method for active MR tracking
Terahertz-band optical filter, designing method thereof, and manufacturing method thereof
Zoom optical system and electronic system incorporating it
Dual focal length lens system
Optical scanner and image display apparatus having the same
Amplified bimorph scanning mirror, optical system and method of scanning
Actuator comprising mechanic filter
Free-space optical hybrid
System for collimating backlight
Light pipe assembly including a plurality of lenses and related projector system
Photonic crystal device
Fiber drop receiving device
Reconfigurable optical switch
Optical device having diffraction gratings coupling guided wave, and its manufacture method
Photodetector coupled to a planar waveguide
Lens module
Lens device
Liquid crystal display with replaceable backlight
System and method for protecting micro-structure of display array using spacers in gap within display device
Liquid crystal display and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal displays having multi-domains and a manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device having patterned spacers and method of fabricating the same
Electrochromic mirror
Lens driving apparatus, imaging apparatus, and lens barrel and camera main body used for this
Camera and photographing method for setting focal distance of photographing optical system so as to correspond to information that indicates photographic range inputted via an operation section
Supporting plate, stage device, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
Method and apparatus for maskless photolithography
Intelligent color gamut management method
Color printing
Image forming apparatus with moving speed ratio change section and image forming method including changing circumferential speed ratio
Toner container, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and electrophotographic apparatus using the same
Fixing device, and image forming apparatus provided with fixing device
Hologram recording method using beam with very large incident angle, hologram reproduction apparatus using holographic reflector and hologram reproduction method using the same, and flat display element apparatus using holographic reflector
Method for setting up a wake-up alarm of a mobile communication terminal
Method for setting alarm in mobile communication terminal
Wireless liftgate control system
Driver system and method with multi-function protection for cold-cathode fluorescent lamp and external-electrode fluorescent lamp
Step-up switching voltage regulator circuit
Low drop-out linear regulator including a stable compensation method and circuit for particular use in automotive applications
Monitor having a moving member counterbalancing weight of display
Portable electronic device
Image processing apparatus and controlling method therefor
Systems and methods for facilitating user adjustment of print settings
Printer with embedded retrieval and publishing interface
Correction device for a display system
Method and apparatus for data entry for a liquid crystal display
Printer with hardware and software interfaces for media devices
Print system capable of reprint print data stored in memory of print control device
Color printing
Method of handling mail items with detection of occurrences of OCR attributes
Statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
Secure system and method of creating and processing partial finger images
Centerline and tree branch skeleton determination for virtual objects
Freeform digital ink annotation recognition
Nodule boundary detection
Oral implant template
System and method for inspection of hole location on turbine airfoils
Digital watermark detection utilizing host carrier information
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
Automated digitized film slicing and registration tool
Encoding documents using pixel classification-based preprocessing and JPEG encoding
Method for image compression, related system and computer product therefor
Correction of subject area detection information, and image combining apparatus and method using the correction
Fast lifting lossless wavelet transform
Method for modeling cast shadows in videos
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system and computer-readable storage for representing and searching for an object in an image
Apparatus, program, and recording medium for learning data to form a self-organizing map comprised of reference vectors corresponding to features of an image and used for determining objects in an image
Using photographer identity to classify images
Graphics processing device, graphics processing method, game machine, and storage medium
Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
Radio-frequency identification tag communication device
Rotation sensor with temperature measuring feature
Electronic device and control method thereof
Air craft emergency lighting system
Moving display apparatus for a vehicle
Display device
Driving method of light emitting device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display backlight with scaling
Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method of modifying gray signals for the same
Display driver and electro-optical device
Analog buffer and method for driving the same
Physically realistic computer simulation of medical procedures
System and method for significant image selection using visual tracking
Monitoring system and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Themed hand held personal noisemaking instrument
System and method for simulation of acoustic feedback
Electronic musical instrument
Disk drive seeking to OD track and then ramping velocity to implement fast unload
Method and apparatus for recording audio tracks into large storage device
Image editing apparatus, method, and program
Write heads with floating side shields and manufacturing methods
Current-in-plane differential magnetic tri-layer sensor
Reduction of interference pickup in heads for magnetic recording by minimizing parasitic capacitance
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Spin torque transfer MRAM device
Multi-state memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Shift register circuit and pull high element thereof
Polarized pulsed front-end beam source for electron microscope
Portable electrical appliance with object sensing assembly
Lever switch
Keypad and method for fabricating same
Keypad overlay membrane
Circuit and method for wetting relay contacts
Method for fabricating vertically-offset interdigitated comb actuator device
Pixel sensors using nonlinear capacitance with logarithmic characteristics
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing display apparatus
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical sensor element
Methods of making and using a floating lead finger on a lead frame
Internal balanced coil for inductively coupled high density plasma processing chamber
Inkjet-fabricated integrated circuits
Mask and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same
Semiconductor dynamic sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating phase change RAM including a fullerene layer
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method, apparatus, and system for low temperature deposition and irradiation annealing of thin film capacitor
Method of dry-etching semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, the method of manufacturing the same, and two-way switching device using the semiconductor devices
Method of forming a gate of a flash memory device
Method for manufacturing a vertical-gate MOS transistor with countersunk trench-gate
Non-volatile memory and method of fabricating the same
Source/drain stressor and method therefor
Method and structure for reducing induced mechanical stresses
Method of forming a bond pad on an I/C chip and resulting structure
Methods for wafer-level packaging of microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed by such methods
Method to form selective strained Si using lateral epitaxy
Complementary transistors having different source and drain extension spacing controlled by different spacer sizes
Semiconductor module in which a semiconductor package is bonded on a mount substrate
Electronic parts packaging structure in which a semiconductor chip is mounted on a wiring substrate and buried in an insulation film
Stress decoupling structures for flip-chip assembly
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Structure and method for enhancing resistance to fracture of bonding pads
Configurable IC with configurable routing resources that have asymmetric input and/or outputs
Semiconductor device layout and channeling implant process
Modular bipolar-CMOS-DMOS analog integrated circuit and power transistor technology
Memory cells with improved program/erase windows
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Dislocation-free InSb quantum well structure on Si using novel buffer architecture
Method of manufacturing optical sensor
Field effect type semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device for reducing forward voltage by using OHMIC contact
Transistors fabricated using a reduced cost CMOS process
Method to fabricate horizontal air columns underneath metal inductor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Gel electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells
Semiconductor display device
Arrays of light emitting articles and method of manufacturing same
Portable water resistant multi-function lead-acid battery box
Tunable filter
Reducing crosstalk in electronic devices having microstrip lines covered by a flexible insulating material and a metallic backing plate
Antenna for radio frequency identification RFID tags
Dual-band antenna and mimo antenna using the same
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser including a supported airgap distributed bragg reflector
Dispersion compensated mode-locked pulsed lasers and optical amplifiers
Small diameter/long reach spark plug with improved insulator design
Power semiconductor device
Electrical over stress robustness
Safety switching device and method for failsafe shutdown of an electric load
Backup fuse device, electronic apparatus including the backup fuse device, and method of operating the backup fuse device
Low noise charging method and device for portable devices
Method and apparatus for assembling a permanent magnet pole assembly
Magnetic drive apparatus
Positioning device
Linear motor
Rotary electric machine equipped with bearing structure providing enhanced resistance to thrust load
Gravity based power generator
Driving method of liquid drop ejecting head and liquid drop ejecting apparatus
Ultrasonic motor
Motor and motor drive system
Forwarded clock filtering
High speed divider circuit
Digitally controlled system on-chip (SOC) clock generator
Quadrature voltage controlled oscillator with automated phase control
Active noise controller
Apparatus and method for cancelling interference in a mobile communication system using multiple antennas
Receiver for and method of recovering transmitted symbols in a H-ARQ packet retransmission
Digital phase locked loop for technologies
Low power low noise amplifier for a magnetoresistive sensor
Amplifier with active inductor
Method and apparatus for controlling the reproduction in audio signals in electroacoustic converters
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Resonator matching network
Antenna balun
Variable drive module for driving a load
Signal transmission circuit, data transfer control device and electronic device
Flexible macrocell interconnect
Programmable high-resolution phase delay
Apparatus and methods for adjusting performance of integrated circuits
Temperature based filter for an on-chip system clock
Differential signal comparator
Prescaler and buffer
Variable sized aperture window of an analog-to-digital converter
Gain step calibration in a mobile cellular transmitter
Digital-to-analog converter, display panel driver having the same, and digital-to-analog converting method
Flexible dual-axis circuit board
Channel estimator with extended channel bandwidth
Transmitter and power amplifying method
Kalman filter for channel estimation in OFDM systems
Adaptive noise filtering and equalization for optimal high speed multilevel signal decoding
System and method for performing ranging in a cable modem system
Terminal and standby operation control method
Spread spectrum rake receiver
Method for starting lasers in a network
Optical receiver with duo-binary encoder
Virtual protection channel for fiber optic ring network
Stimulus analysis system and method having adaptive artifact rejection
Method and apparatus for multi-sensory speech enhancement
Line driver for an adaptive hybrid circuit
AAL2 profiles for UMTS IuUP
Remote base station with transmit power control
System and method for mobile communication
System and method for joint maximal ratio combining using time-domain based signal processing
Method and apparatus for high rate channel access control
Method and system for identifying sources of location relevant content to a user of a mobile radio terminal
Network transparent OSPF-TE failover
Communicating non-coherent detectable signal in broadband wireless access system
Method and apparatus for performing differential modulation over frequency in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system
Multi-function high-speed network interface
Systems and methods for synchronizing time across networks
Method of synchronizing a wireless device using an external clock
Synchronization of timing advance and deviation
Semi-transparent time division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Fibre channel interface unit
Methods and systems for communicating SS7 messages over packet-based network using transport adapter layer interface (TALI)
Method and equipment for controlling the congestion management and scheduling of transmission-link capacity in packet-switched telecommunications
Smart resync of data between a network management system and a network element
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for testing a voice over Internet protocol communication system
Data link layer switch with multicast capability
Flexible cross-connect with data plane
Multicast routing over unidirectional links
Method of encoding a data packet
VLAN protocol
System and method for providing RSVP reservations in a shared line environment
System, method and operator for increasing the active window size in a NAK-based window protocol
Method and system for a low-overhead mobility management protocol in the internet protocol layer
Software assisted RDMA
Set-associative memory architecture for routing tables
Method and apparatus for generating a header in a communication network
Audio/video synchronization using audio hashing
Method and apparatus to double LAN service unit bandwidth
Data transmission circuit with serial interface and method for transmitting serial data
Transmitter circuit, transmission method, and communications device using the transmitter circuit
Method and apparatus for estimating SFO in digital receiver, and method and apparatus for compensating for sampling frequency using the estimated SFO in the digital receiver
Method for encoding and decoding control information in a wireless communications system
Communication control system and communication control method
Sliding/folding-type portable apparatus
Method and system for interjecting comments to improve information presentation in spoken user interfaces
Communication device
Emergency call system and control method thereof
Methods and systems for managing a call session
Telecommunications service provisioning utilizing group subscription plan
Computer telephony integration (CTI) complete healthcare contact center
System and method for analysing communications streams
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Local routing system and method
Internet protocol telephone system
Paper pressing device for a scanning apparatus
Paper feeding mechanism
Method and device for optimizing the size of a digital document
Methods and systems for document reproduction management
Method and apparatus for displaying progressive material on an interlaced device
Image processing device
Apparatus for and method of processing on-screen display when a shutter mechanism of a digital image processing device is half-pressed
Method for controlling a device for the distribution and processing of video signals
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and image compressing apparatus processing moving or still images
Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
Electronic camera having an image pick-up unit opposing a shutter unit
Image processing device and image processing method
Digital imaging system with digital zoom warning
Digital display appliance and method for outputting video data
Image-capturing device that utilizes a solid state image capturing element and electronic camera
Electronic camera apparatus with moving-image picking-up function and moving-image recording method for recording a movable image on a removable recording medium
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Reproducing apparatus
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Methods and apparatus for editing digital video recordings, and recordings made by such methods
System and method for performing interlaced-to-progressive conversion using interframe motion data
Method and device for storing and distributing information in an RFID tag
Detection device
Method and system for enabling device functions based on distance information
Method and system for location management and location information providing system
Seamless wireless mobility
Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environment
Location-based web browsing
Method and system for supporting mobility of mobile terminal
System and method for combining requests for data bandwidth by a data source for transmission of data over a wireless communication medium
Boil detection method and computer program
Power supply, image forming apparatus, and electric current supply method
PTC element
Perceptible flickering reduction
Automatic power control module for battery powered devices
Mammographic apparatus
Tape carrier package
Electronic control mount with switch support and light guide
Disposable protective cover for RF treatment apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bow tie piggy rope chew
Staff weave chew
Relief bone
Infant and document transport harness
Knit cap
Shoe sole
Footwear outsole
Portion of a footwear sole
Footwear sole
Strap adjusting and locking device
Belt adjuster
Camcorder case
Smelling salt dispenser
Windowed protective cover
Video display harness
Separator for container
Decorative convertible wrist purse
Tool belt and pouches
Gourd purse
Contact lens container
Cafe and market umbrella
Umbrella with bendable staff and grip handle
Apertured continuous filament fabric
Apertured continuous filament fabric
Surface pattern for absorbent paper
Surface pattern for a paper towel
Handicapped accessible picnic table
Covered swing seat
Outdoor lounge
Picnic table with football table top
Meditation chair
Seat for stool
Audio video shelving unit
Audio-video storage unit
Key hook mail holder
Adjustable shelving system
Two drawer base cabinet
Display frame
Bed canopy
Header post support
Baby bottle
Ergonomic disposable plate handle
Thermos coffee maker 8 cup
Coffee mug with open handle
Drink and food adapter tray
Hors d'oeuvre dish
Filtering container for fryer
High pressure propane gas cooker
Barbecue grill
Deep fat fryer
Feeding implement
Disposable food cutting utensil
Kitchen slicer set
Hot dog roasting stick
Condiment carousel
Barbeque tool utensil handle
Spice container with dispensing lid
Hygienic cake cover
Portable electric driver drill
Hand hoe
Rotary cutting head
Tool holder
Palm hand tool
Side plate for a handle
Side plate for a tool handle, with an indented area
Tapered hook
Start cartridge
Frame hanger
Illuminated key blank
Ring-post fastener
Pop-up fastener
Band clamp corner
Bundling strap
Container with ribbed sides
Plastic container
Hygenic absorbent article package
Dispensing container
Plastic container with a handle
Display package
Strap for an article of foodstuff
Periphery of cap for a tubular dispenser
Garbage can
Watch case
Temperature control switch
Hair color analyzer
Electrical current sensor
Watch dial
Watch dial
Symbolic wall hanging
Whimsical novelty
Pennant with whirligig
Window flag
Antenna flag
Sports wagon vehicle body
Motorized cycle
Chassis assembly for a motorcycle
Elements of a hood for a snowmobile
Tire tread
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel
Automotive wheel
Bicycle bar end
Handle bars
Shift knob
Shift knob
Billet lower control arm
Cover panels for meter panels and air conditioner blow-off mouths of automobiles
Anti-rattle cover for a trailer ball
Motorcycle exhaust muffler
Liquid boss grille insert
Vehicle running board
Vehicle grill
Left side bezel for an avionics flight display
Right side bezel for an avionics flight display
Power adapter
Filter module
Power converter body
Trailer wiring adapter
Telephone line duplex splitter
Right angle connector handle
Bonding tab
Handheld transmitter
Handheld transmitter
Handheld transmitter
Remote door opener
Outdoor speaker
Vehicle audio player
Vehicle audio player
Optical disc repairing device
Digital audio disk player
Liquid crystal display
Icon for a display screen
Multi-panel computer display
Multi-panel computer display
Multi-panel computer display
Sealed central processing unit cooling apparatus
Gauge icon for visual display on a communication terminal
Portable electronic device
User interface for computer display
Liquid crystal display
Trading floor on a portion of a computer display
Back cover for a handset
Television set
Front cover for a handset
Portable media player
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Communication device front housing
Key button area for a handset
Fork and grapple attachment
Folding wringer
Dirt cup for upright vacuum cleaner
Bagless upright vacuum cleaner
Mechanized cap for a plasma arc torch
Planing machine
Square drill bit
Cutting tool insert
Cutting tool insert
Robot cover
Digital camera
Monitoring camera device equipped with a surveillance sensor
Digital camera
Protective goggles
Electronic guitar
Steel pan musical instrument
Sheet dispenser
Adjustable multipurpose rack
Bible marker
Ball point pen
Ball-point pen
Ball point pen
Vending machine design
Overhead sign
Access tag holder
Toy figure
Owl with prop tail
Combined toilet training doll and toy toilet
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Golf club
Golf club head
Skate boot
Inflatable towable vehicle
Gaming device symbol display having a display window
Lighted bait container
Fishing reel
Fishing line weight
Water purifier
Canister holder
Canister housing
Head shower
Spray head for showers
Pipe fitting
Soap dish
Bidet toilet seat unit
Air ventilation grill
Air cleaner
Urine collection bag
Combined monomer cracker and tool
Targeting device for femoral lag screw
Vessel sealer and divider
Valve for trocar device
Dental material placement and applicator device
Hearing aid
Hearing aid
Tongue and groove system
Spring-loaded weather seal for garage door
Octagon tile module
Garage floor covering having the appearance of a highway
Panel for a window well area wall
House facade
Pier system
Wall storable fire escape ladder
Crystal candleholder
Automobile light
Handheld light
Handheld flashlight
Table lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Floor lamp body
Table lamp
Lighting fixture
Patterned luminaire
Solar powered outdoor tiered path light with stake mount
Automobile light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Decorative light bulb
Hair trimmer
Pedicure tool
Cosmetic case
Cosmetic container
Foot-tanning device
Massaging device
Combined hair detangler and stand
Hair and yarmulke clip
Face mask
Vent strip for safety helmet
Pet drinking fountain design
Coffee grinder
Human Necessities
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 08`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 15`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunmandecos`
Abelia plant named `Mardi Gras`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizvio`
Leucanthemum plant named `Leukal 01`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbnena`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 11`
Lavandula plant named `Lavang 38`
Santolina plant named `Sant101`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 154`
Anthemis tinctoria plant named `Charme`
Kneeling pad with cantilevered kneecup
Ventilating panel and pocket assembly for a garment
Protective helmet and means for connection of an accessory
Cold-weather helmet with spring loaded sunshield
Cold-weather helmet with translucent eye shield
Retractable zipper guide for slider insertion apparatus
Universally fitting removable padded wrap-around handle cover
Portable cleaning system
Dust cleaning brush assembly
Automatic vehicle washing apparatus including a microfiber vehicle wash strip
Therapeutic pillow combination
Air assist device for bed linen changing
Bed, particularly a hospital or nursing bed
Toilet bowl odor removal system
Cleaning apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for removing standing water from flat and contoured surfaces
Combined dental lip and tongue retractor
Rotary electric toothbrush with a swing head
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Immersible tub
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water discharging device
Swab with pull-truded tip
Method of fabricating a vehicle body frame for a motorcycle
Apparatus for forming rivet joints
Clutch mechanism for reciprocating saws
Milling machine for carrying out milling and turning operations on rod material
Method for coupling first and second structures
Tools for installation and repair of sprinklers
Interchangeable head carving tool
Utility knife
Fruit slicer
Router table fence system
Injection mould and method for making the same
Process for making a heater chip module
Method of making a wheel end assembly with a machined rotor having reduced on-vehicle runout
Height adjustable support for food service equipment
Vehicle cleaning element
Conveying apparatus having a modular conveying belt and at least one toothed drive wheel
Textiles; Paper
Method for the production of nonwoven webs, the cohesion of which is obtained by means of fluid jets
Apparatus for conserving vapor in a carbon dioxide dry cleaning system
Fixed Constructions
Bridge construction method
Flush toilet
Trap guard device
Narrow buttress system structure for swimming pools
Above-ground swimming pool with a rigid structure
Spa cover lifting device
Lantern assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rib clip
Process for setting bearings and verifying force preload
Mounting structure for energy absorber
Rope knot system
Exhaust system clamp
Rifle-type gun sight for an archery bow
Archery sight
Range adjustable laser sight for archery
Method and device for measuring wheel alignment of a suspended vehicle in a production line
Apparatus and method for maintaining wheel alignment sensor runout compensation
Calculating resistance of conductor layer for integrated circuit design
Test pattern generation circuit and method for use with self-diagnostic circuit
Time domain measurement systems and methods
Method and apparatus for reference distribution aerial image formation
System and method of verifying the authenticity of dynamically connectable executable images
Method and apparatus for performing system diagnostics on a cable modem termination system using a hand held computing device
Restoration of a computer to a previous working state
Low-power critical error rate communications controller
Parameterizable and reconfigurable debugger core generators
Computer virus detection and removal
Redundant controller data storage system having hot insertion system and method
Maintenance of consistent, redundant mass storage images
Intelligent load balancing for a multi-path storage system
Operating system and data protection
Deterministic preemption points in operating system execution
Disk control device and storage device using it
Method and apparatus for increasing the effectiveness of system debug and analysis
Generation of runtime execution traces of applications and associated problem determination
System and method for policy based storage provisioning and management
Data bus using synchronous fixed latency loop including read address and data busses and write address and data busses
Demand-based memory-block splitting
Imprecise snooping based invalidation mechanism
Using hardware or firmware for cache tag and data ECC soft error correction
Table offset for shortening translation tables from their beginnings
TV broadcast cooperative type data perusal apparatus, TV broadcast cooperative type data perusal method, and storage medium
Computer software framework and method for logging messages
Method and system for adjusting the timing offset between a clock signal and respective digital signals transmitted along with that clock signal, and memory device and computer system using same
Livelock prevention by delaying surrender of ownership upon intervening ownership request during load locked / store conditional atomic memory operation
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Method of incrementally establishing an encryption key
Method and apparatus for providing calculated and solution-oriented personalized summary-reports to a user through a single user-interface
Multimedia word processor
Method and apparatus for incorporating control simulation environment
Design support apparatus and method for designing semiconductor packages
Method and apparatus for computing placement costs by calculating bend values of connection graphs that model interconnect line topologies
Efficient layout strategy for automated design layout tools
Anti-hacking system
System for authenticating access to online content referenced in hardcopy documents
Method and apparatus for providing field confidentiality in digital certificates
Data transfer request processing scheme for reducing mechanical actions in data storage system
Method and apparatus for buffer partitioning without loss of data
High-speed first-in-first-out buffer
64-bit open firmware implementation and associated api
Method for optimally encoding a set of instruction codes for a digital processor having a plurality of instruction selectable resource types and an associated optimized set of instruction codes
Data buffer for block unit data transfer to SDRAM
Instruction code conversion unit and information processing system and instruction code generation method
Multiple-thread processor with single-thread interface shared among threads
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing automatic recognition and playback of repetitive input device patterns
Capturing graphics primitives associated with any display object rendered to a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for synchronized previewing user-interface appearance on multiple platforms
Linker using relocation sequences
Automatic software downloading from a computer network
Graphical programming system with distributed block diagram execution and front panel display
Automatic generation of fortran 90 interfaces to fortran 77 code
Transforming character strings that are contained in a unit of computer program code
Translation and transformation of heterogeneous programs
System with virtual machine movable between virtual machine systems and control method
System and methods for permitting access to a singular network process by multiple user processes
Method and system to share circular buffer without using locking mechanism
Passive and active software objects containing bore resistant watermarking
Circuit arrangement and method of detecting access violation in a microcontroller
On-demand presentation graphical user interface
Host CPU independent video processing unit
Magneto-optical recording medium
Device for recording or reproducing signals on disk and method of inserting and extracting cartridge for the device
Turntable for a disc-shaped information carrier, and player with such a turntable
Method and apparatus for authenticating content in a portable device
Method of forming a slider/suspension assembly
Method for substituting defective recording of discoid recording medium and discoid recording medium recording and reproducing device
Optical pickup supporting device having simple and compact structure and capable of accurately supporting an optical pickup
Compact disc transporter
Slot core transformers
Method for growing a nitride compound semiconductor
Method for mounting electronic part and paste material
Method for making semiconductor device
Method of Interconnecting substrates for electrical coupling of microelectronic components
Low-voltage punch-through transient suppressor employing a dual-base structure
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for selective shielding of fabric antennas
Tool for reworking a press-fit connector
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Combination of stator core for an electrical machine and a stator core manufacturing
Semiconductor device having a function block provided in a macro and operating independently of the macro and method for designing the same
Cyclic redundancy check computation algorithm
Error correction device
Iterative decoding method for block turbo codes of greater than three dimensions
System and method of dynamically optimizing a transmission mode of wirelessly transmitted information
Data transfer method
Method and apparatus for presenting anonymous group names
Addressless internetworking
Method and system for tracking a person's time at a location
Method and apparatus for authenticating content
TV signal receiver
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electric apparatus system, control method of an electric apparatus system, and transmission medium
Recording apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Method for a pay-per-view referral
System and method for designing diverse communications circuits
Method of manufacturing printed wiring board
Method and apparatus for integrated circuit storage tube retention pin removal and insertion
Electronic component mounting apparatus
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