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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Stalk reducing bar and mower having a stalk reducing bar
Clip on reel tine
Cage for animal pets employing Zeolite elements to eliminate pet odor
Retractable leash with pliabile handle
Efficient retrieval of return assemblies for optimized parts fulfillment
Animal trap device
Method of filtering platelets to remove antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents
2-IODO imidazole-derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of glaucoma
Antifouling compositions including dioxaborinanes and uses thereof
Lignin derivatives having polycations and uses thereof
System for washing, deveining and peeling shrimp
Use of a composition comprising an antimicrobial peptide as a food preservativeuse of a composition comprising an antimicrobial peptide as a food preservative
Apparatus and method for manufacturing pet food
Method of processing tobacco leaves
Anti-chafing chin strap accessory
Comfort headgear with moisture-draining and absorption mechanism
Hands-free shoulder carrier for children
Leisure equipment with a hanging assembly
Toothbrush head
Infant seat covering system
Crib bumper assembly
Foldable mat
Fitted ruffle
Transmission module of a toilet seat sanitation paper dispenser
Apparatus having a fluid drainage system
Wound retractor device
Photosensitizer-metal nanoparticle charge complex and composition containing the complex for photodynamic therapy or diagnosis
Tissue and bone graft removal device
Method and apparatus for attaching an elongated object to bone
Position adjustable trial systems for prosthetic implants
Adjustable orthopedic implant and method for treating an orthopedic condition in a subject
Adjustable orthopedic implant and method for treating an orthopedic condition in a subject
Hemostasis and transection of tissue
Moisture transport system for contact electrocoagulation
Methods and apparatuses for fluoro-less or near fluoro-less percutaneous surgery access
System and method for iris data acquisition for biometric identification
System and method for treating dysphagia
Guided ablation devices, systems, and methods
Vessel-dependent flip angle modulation in TOF MR angiography
Systems and methods for automated dynamic contrast enhancement imaging
Biological photometric equipment
Visualization of 3D images in combination with 2D projection images
Dental x-ray aiming device with marginal ridge indexing
Absorbent device for teeth cleaning and oral surgery
Flexible reusable outer covers for disposable absorbent inserts
Rear fastening absorbent garment
Disposable absorbent product with coated element and related methods
Bioactive implant and method of use
Collapsible prosthetic valve having an internal cover
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Removal and repositioning devices
Adjustable orthosis for electrical stimulation of a limb
Intraocular drug delivery device and associated methods
Device for driving lifting movement of examination bed, examination bed, and medical equipment
Surgical head support adapter
Pad, in particular for use in the nursing care and hospital sector
Ezetimibe compositions
Combinations of MEK inhibitors and Raf kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Bioavailable compositions of amorphous piperidinyl compounds
Stilbenoid derivatives and their uses
Polyesteramide platform for site specific drug delivery
Antimicrobial agent and method for producing the same
Compositions and methods for regulating angiogenesis
Gel for topical application of clove essential oil with broad spectrum anti-inflammatory action and method of preparing same
A.beta. immunogenic peptide carrier conjugates and methods of producing same
Pro-drug form (P2PDOX) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer
Therapeutic and vaccine polyelectrolyte nanoparticle compositions
Therapy of cancer based on targeting adaptive, innate and/or regulatory component of the immune response
Uniform field magnetization and targeting of therapeutic formulations
Monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells
Vectorization of dsRNA by cationic particles and use of same on a skin model
Cell permeable nanoconjugates of shell-crosslinked knedel (SCK) and peptide nucleic acids ("PNAs") with uniquely expressed or over-expressed mRNA targeting sequences for early diagnosis and therapy of cancer
Stabilization of oily suspensions comprising hydrophobic silicas
Pharmaceutical composition
Ion generator and air cleaner
Methods, devices and systems for counterpulsation of blood flow to and from the circulatory system
Guide wire fixation
Method and device for enhanced blood flow
Self-dissolving electrode or probe implant
Means for functional restoration of a damaged nervous system
Methods for treating central nervous system damage
Transdermal therapeutic system
Systems for regulation of blood pressure and heart rate
Associative thickeners based on methacrylate
Nose filter
Medical exercise device
Locking mechanism
Modular squat stand system
Golf club putter
Training bat
Exercise apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Constructive feature introduced in toothbrush hygiene device
Connecting element for multilayer media, filter element, and method for connecting laminar media
Zero-backwash liquid filter
Debris catcher and sand trap for pipeline
Filter device
Sorption apparatuses for the production of pure gases
Portable classifier screen shaker assembly
Medication loader for a medication organizer
Generative production method and powder therefor
Nanowire ring preparation methods, compositions, and articles
Plasma fired feed nozzle
Method and system for heating consumable during hot wire
Variable melting point solders
Dual fillet welding methods and systems
Method of eliminating the heat affected zone in a welded crankshaft
Apparatus for assembling camera modules
Cutting board
Common ground for electronic lapping guides
Hexagonal wrench
Lens, lens array having same and method for making same
Quick-release hooking mechanism for a swing
Glue dispenser
Control system and control method for internal combustion engine equipped with supercharger
System and method for controlling satellite based on integrated satellite operation data
Expandable insulated boxed wine carrier
Cartridge system and dispensing tube for said cartridge system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substituted aryloxazoles and their use
Chemo- and radiation-sensitization of cancer by antisense TRPM-2 oligodeoxynucleotides
Fixed Constructions
Device for securing textiles to the ground
Sliding hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle speed dependant calibration trim or user-selectable calbratable trim for improved fuel economy
Paint spray-gun even-pressure diverting housing structure
Thermoelectric-enhanced air and liquid cooling of an electronic system
Method and system for determining position and orientation of an object
Weight inspection apparatus and weight inspection system provided therewith
Sensor and method utilizing multiple optical interferometers
Memory-based high-speed interferometer
In-vehicle information apparatus and in-vehicle navigation apparatus for high altitude applications
Traffic information system based on travel history
In-vehicle alert of cloud point in engine diesel fuel
Distance/speed meter and distance/speed measuring method
System and method for measuring reflectance of object
Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus
System for obfuscating identity
Sequence pattern descriptors for transmembrane structural details
Diagnosis and prognosis of colorectal cancer
Adaptive real-time analysis method for dynamic signals generated by rotary machines
Mobility normalizer, normalizing method, normalizing program, self-organized map, substance detecting method, detecting program, detection rule creating method, and data structure
Poynting-vector filter
Digital multimeter with automatic measurement selection function
Centralized operating meter for energy technologies
Techniques for filtering systematic differences from wafer evaluation parameters
Method and apparatus for provisioning a hop limited protection pathway in a network
Channel allocation for access point in mesh network
Server device, method for controlling a server device, and method for establishing a connection using the server device
Session-based sequence checking
Integrated circuit including calibration circuit
Method and system for real-time automated change detection and classification for images
Seismograph system
Method and system for removing effects of conductive casings and wellbore and surface heterogeneity in electromagnetic imaging surveys
Method for predicting rate of penetration using bit-specific coefficients of sliding friction and mechanical efficiency as a function of confined compressive strength
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and imaging capturing device
Stereomicroscope with repositioning assistant's microscope
Bottle telescope
Display element
Mirror device drive control apparatus and projector
Optical multi-ring scanner
Phase mask for holographic data storage
Fiber optic patch kit and method for using same
Light-diffusing safety cap
Printed circuit board
Blind-mate optical connector for server remote memory application
Optical module mounted with WDM filter
Lens module with grooved barrel
Autofocus lens module
System and method for display device with reinforcing substance
Liquid crystal display device
Display device having particular touch sensor protrusion facing sensing electrode
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus having the same
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
Display medium and display device
Multi-stage lens driving device
Imaging apparatus
Image stabilization system
Camera module with anti-shake mechanism
Camera module with anti-shake mechanism
Depth enhancing screen
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Using a captured background image for taking a photograph
Lens actuating module
Method of finding look-up table structures in color device sampling data
Methods and systems to produce consistent spot colors for multi-color print engines
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming device and method of manufacturing the same
Media elevator's current position identification method and a media handling device arranged with the same
Image forming apparatus with a line sensor and a method of image forming of an image forming apparatus with a line sensor
Image forming apparatus having enhanced controlling method for reducing deviation of superimposed images
Image forming apparatus
Diagnostic systems and methods for providing diagnostic information during servicing of an image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling developing bias voltage
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus for controlling a potential of an image bearing member
Image forming apparatus with irradiated light control based on reflected light amounts
In situ electrophotographic printer toner charge measurement
Image forming apparatus
Developing unit including developer conveyance system having supply path, recovery path, and agitation path, process cartridge including developing unit, and image forming apparatus including process cartridge
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Holographic storage material
Control device and method for generating control signals for technical devices
Process control apparatus rejecting disturbance applied to feedback loop
Variable path automated guided vehicle
Computer cooling system with preferential cooling device selection
Data transmitter with an electric power distribution unit distributes electric power from radio signal received from external device and transmits information in radio signal
Power control circuit
Power supply device and storage control device
Firewall/isolation cells for ultra low power products
Methods and apparatuses for reducing step loads of processors
Cluster system and failover method for cluster system
Failover and load balancing
Peripheral device, integrated circuit for peripheral device and method for analyzing failure of peripheral device
Method, apparatus, and computer program product in a processor for dynamically during runtime allocating memory for in-memory hardware tracing
System for detecting pattern of events occurred in information system
Automated disaster recovery planning
Computer system and method for performing failure detecting processing for a logical path
Method and system for analyzing interlinked production processes for manufacturing a product
Method and apparatus for three dimensional calibration of an on-board diagnostics system
Efficient usage of last level caches in a MCMP system using application level configuration
Storage medium control unit, data storage device, data storage system, method, and control program
Method of verifying pseudo-code loaded in an embedded system, in particular a smart card
Providing application-level information for use in cache management
System and method of using threads and thread-local storage
In-memory, in-page directory cache coherency scheme
Method of extension of storage capacity and storage system using the method
Remote copy with worm guarantee
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device
Pre-coherence channel
Communication subscriber or communication method for communication with a field bus and a network
Communication processor board
Reduction of latency in store and forward architectures utilizing multiple internal bus protocols
Image forming apparatus, image quality control method
Dynamic early preparation of presentation objects for efficient printing
Color processing apparatus and method for performing gamut mapping
Method, system, and apparatus for supporting personal service
Addressable outlet, and a network using the same
Electronic device, network connecting system, network connecting method, and program product therefor
System and method for speculative remote display
Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
Technique for addressing a cluster of network servers
Software platform for radio network
System and product for role-based tag management for collaborative services integrated within an SOA
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, and program
Comparative efficiency decisions in print operations
Reputation-based authorization decisions
Remote user substitution at ODBC/CLI level and stored procedure authorization
Communication management system for performance data
Systems and methods for networked, in-context, high resolution image viewing
System and method for transporting data units through a communication network
UI display apparatus and method for displaying, on a screen, an icon representing a device connected to a network
Rogue router hunter
Method for processing data to check an interactive communication sequence and system thereof
Method and apparatus for individual-centric use of the internet
Method and apparatus for HBA migration
Link level retry scheme
Method for managing decisions, method for constructing a decision tree, central manager, intermediate manager, terminal and corresponding computer program products
Method for solving minimax and linear programming problems
Optimal cessation of training and assessment of accuracy in a given class of neural networks
Method and apparatus for structuring documents utilizing recognition of an ordered sequence of identifiers
Virtual mailing system
Information architecture for the interactive environment
Document access control system, data processing apparatus, program product and method for performing document access control
Electric energy bill reduction in dynamic pricing environments
Information request generator
Message-oriented divergence and convergence of message documents
Document management apparatus, document management method, document management program, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for organizing information in a computer system
Ultra fast circuitry for digital filtering
Control asset comparative performance analysis system and methodology
Method and apparatus for finding cluster in data stream as infinite data set having data objects to be continuously generated
Navigating media content by groups
Authorization scheme to simplify security configurations
Media file management system and method for home media center
Resume storage and retrieval system
Data structure, system and method for knowledge navigation and discovery
Methods for similarity searching of chemical reactions
Method for simulating a complex system with expansion of instance vectors, corresponding computer program product and storage means
System and method for I/O synthesis and for assigning I/O to programmable devices
Method of placing and routing for power optimization and timing closure
System and method for designing elevator cab and lobby interiors
Adaptive refinement tools for tetrahedral unstructured grids
Method and apparatus for translating a verification process having recursion for implementation in a logic emulator
Advanced finishing control
Method for operating a fuel system
Flow measurement and control with bubble detection
Systems and methods of securing resources through passwords
Method and device for authorising conditional access
Lightweight reference user interface
System and method for adjusting a media-playing set
System and method for reducing power consumption of memory in an I/O controller
Character input system including application device and input server
Apparatus and method for providing graphic user interface composed of plural columns
Menu trails for a portable media player
Information processing apparatus, control method for same, program, and storage medium
Communication network diagnostic report
Information processing apparatus, printing system, and control method therefor
Image reproducing apparatus that selects a printing apparatus via radio communication
Speeding up remote copy operation by transmitting resolution-dependent print data via network if processing apparatus and output apparatus information match
Image processing server, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium
Method and system for optimizing floating point conversion between different bases
Method and device for controlling at least one object detection sensor
Rear-view car mirror for accommodating a GPS device
System and method for managing zone integrity in a storage area network
Notification processor that notifies information and position information manager
Method and assembly for creating a document
Comparing text strings
Method for the transmission of data samples
Synchronization of records of a table using bookmarks
Method, system, and apparatus for exposing workbooks as data sources
System for integrated utilization of data to identify, characterize, and support successful farm and land use operations
System and method for utilizing generational file names for diagnostic data files
Schema specific parser generation
Apparatus and method for inputting graphical password using wheel interface in embedded system
Mobile terminal and gateway for remotely controlling data transfer from secure network
Alerting as to denial of service attacks
Apparatus and method for performing hosted and secure identity authentication using biometric voice verification over a digital network medium
Programmable logic devices with function-specific blocks
Method and a circuit using an associative calculator for calculating a sequence of non-associative operations
System and method for implementing and utilizing a zero overhead loop
Apparatus operable under an operating system, method of controlling apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
Issuing load-dependent instructions in an issue queue in a processing unit of a data processing system
Server side application integration framework
Method and apparatus for executing different java methods
Remote method invocation using a server proxy object
Register set used in multithreaded parallel processor architecture
Method for detecting race conditions involving heap memory access
Processor control register virtualization to minimize virtual machine exits
Portable, palm-sized data acquisition system for use in internal combustion engines and industry
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method for edge detection processing and determination
Device adapted for adjustment of scan position of light beam
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Modeling micro-structure for feature extraction
Method of tracking a moving object by an emissivity of the moving object
Target specific image scaling for effective rapid serial visual presentation
Biometrics device
Method and device for processing image
Color adjustment apparatus and computer-readable medium
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Reducing compression artifacts in multi-layer images
Apparatus, method and system for screening receptacles and persons, having image distortion correction functionality
Radial adaptive filter for metal artifact correction
Light compression for color images using error diffusion
Method and apparatus for dynamic connector analysis
Management of job candidate interview process using online facility
Process for trade area generation
System and method for obtaining, processing and evaluating patient information for diagnosing disease and selecting treatment
Vehicle transport load optimization
Opportunity index for identifying a user's unmet needs
Mail processing system for determining mail entity defects and correcting mail entity defects
Method for automatically preparing a plurality of client communications offering one or more financial products or services
System and method of visual illustration of stock market performance
Portfolio synchronizing between different interfaces
System and method for displaying market information and order placement in an electronic trading environment
Mobile electronic commerce system
Interactive financial card system uniquely suited for conducting financial transactions on the internet
Speech synthesizer
Optical disk playback device
Sound recording/reproducing method and apparatus
Music data transfer method, information processing apparatus and information recording/playback system
Tray controlling method using firmware for detecting different inclined position
Apparatus and method for determining motor spin direction of a hard disk drive
Reducing the obstruction of air flow through a bypass channel associated with a disk drive using an electrostatic pass-by filter
Disk drive margining read channel using predictable disturbance samples generated as a function of a written pattern
Optical disc verification method and optical disc medium
Perpendicular recording magnetic head with a main magnetic pole piece and an auxiliary magnetic pole piece
Method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write head with stepped trailing magnetic shield with electrical lapping guide control
Perpendicular magnetic write head with stepped write pole for reduced MCW dependency on skew angle
Plurality of non-magnetic dampers on a voice coil yoke arm
Optical disk apparatus
Optical pickup device
Optical disk medium and tracking method
Optical pickup device with diffraction patterns on object lens
Cascaded control of a pick-up head for multi-layer optical data storage
Storage device and its drive startup method
Optical disc apparatus and method of driving the same
Optical pickup, optical information recording apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus using the optical pickup
Data reading module and method for reading optical disc
Storage systems and methods for publishing device addresses
Power saving semiconductor memory
Drive method of nanogap switching element and storage apparatus equipped with nanogap switching element
Multi-bit-per-cell flash memory device with non-bijective mapping
Communication device and method for erasing data from a communication device
Methods of operating memory devices including different sets of logical erase blocks
Method for implementing error-correction codes in non-volatile memory
Write-once type optical disc, and method and apparatus for managing defective areas on write-once type optical disc
Energy efficient memory access technique for single ended bit cells
Semiconductor memory device and control method
Semiconductor memory device with optimum refresh cycle according to temperature variation
Method, apparatus and system for transmitting data in semiconductor device
Integrated circuit including a memory module having a plurality of memory banks
Semiconductor ceramic and multilayered-type semiconductor ceramic capacitor
Nanoparticle ultracapacitor
Frequency tuned anode bearing assembly
Multi X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray imaging apparatus
Catalyst support material comprising polyazole salt, electrochemical catalyst, and the preparation of a gas diffusion electrode and a membrane-electrode assembly therefrom
Method for deriving precise control over laser power of an optical pickup unit, and associated automatic power calibration circuit
Intracavity frequency-converted optically-pumped semiconductor laser with red-light output
Optical pulse amplification based on stimulated Raman scattering
Surface emitting laser array
Gas-insulated switchgear
Protective circuitry for electronic device
Device protection using temperature compensation
Active shield superconducting electromagnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
Power supply saving system for an electronic device
Apparatus, method and computer program product for detecting non-synchronized random access channel preamble
Radio communication system, receiver, receiving method, transmitter, transmitting method, and device for and method of calculating delay times for multi-carrier transmission
Signal generating apparatus and method thereof
Method for designing a digital reception filter and corresponding receiving device
Modular low power gray code counter
FFT numerology for an OFDM transmission system
Decoding device, decoding method, and receiving apparatus
Decoding device
Method of encoding and decoding using low density parity check matrix
Arrangements for encoding and decoding digital data
Receiver, transceiver circuit, signal transmission method, and signal transmission system
Method and system for single weight (SW) antenna system for single channel (SC) MIMO system for WCDMA
RF transmitter and receiver front-end
Reducing power dissipation using process corner information
Method and apparatus for controlling output power in power amplifiers
Electronic device accessory
Detecting abnormality in an optical receiver
Optical transmission apparatus
DSB-SC modulation system capable of erasing carrier and secondary component
Method and apparatus for optical signaling
Optical transmission system
Voltage overshoot protection
Wireless communication device, program, and wireless communication method
Prepackaging call messages for each target interation in setting up a push-to-talk call
Press-talk server, transcoder, and communication system
Methods and apparatus for supporting communications using horizontal polarization and dipole antennas
Method of communication and base station
Transmitter, receiver and method for controlling multiple input multiple output system
Communication system using relay base stations with asymmetric data links
Low power digital media broadcast receiver with time division
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a communication system
Methods and apparatus for efficient digital broadcast signaling in a wireless communications system
Optical prism and optical transceiver module for optical communications
Wireless data communication method for a base station using a common pilot channel and an individual pilot channel
Starvation prevention scheme for a fixed priority PCE-express arbiter with grant counters using arbitration pools
Quad rate transmitter equalization
Methods and systems for combining media inputs for messaging
Wireless network repeater
Adaptively maintaining quality of service (QoS) in distributed PBX networks
Inband controlling of a packet-based communications network
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Establishing channels between a domain manager and managed nodes
Optical code division multiple access data storage encryption and retrieval
Methods for steganographic encoding media
Apparatus to process images and video
Speeding up Galois Counter Mode (GCM) computations
Glyph encryption system and related methods
Method and system for securing wireless communications
Transmitting device and control method thereof
Method for selection of a strategy for re-routing of circuits in a communication network and network with said method
Method and apparatus for dynamically runtime adjustable path computation
Method for monitoring data congestion in a computer network with multiple nodes and method for controlling data transmission in the computer network
Node apparatus and path setup method
Fast prefix-based network route filtering
Method and apparatus for configuring and establishing a secure credential-based network link between a client and a service over a data-packet-network
Method of selecting a telephony route within an IP telephony domain, and corresponding apparatus and computer program
Packet transfer apparatus and packet transfer method
Connection setup using flexible protocol configuration
Apparatus and methods for improved dual device lookup in a zoning SAS expander
Network processor having bypass capability
Method and apparatus for controlling telephone calls using a computer assistant
Method and apparatus for PSTN-based IP active call recovery and re-routing
Distortion compensation apparatus and method
RFID decoding subsystem with decode module
Method for adapting filter cut-off frequencies for the transmission of discrete multitone symbols
Complex signal scaling for phase and/or amplitude modulated signals
Early energy measurement
Method and apparatus for protecting information and privacy
Sampling method, reconstruction method, and device for sampling and/or reconstructing signals
Multiple channel synchronized clock generation scheme
System and method for automatic security authentication in wireless networks
Accelerating scalar multiplication on elliptic curve cryptosystems over prime fields
Classifier for communication device
MBMS dual receiver
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
Display cover and case for a communication device
Global bidirectional locator beacon and emergency communications system
Hierarchical telematics emergency call direction
Communication system, information processing apparatus, and communication control method
Drive and positioning method and system for automated switch matrix
Program updating method of wireless communication terminal and wireless communication terminal using the same
Enhanced directory assistance system
Telephone exchange apparatus and telephone system
Method and apparatus for personal call routing request and handling
Image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Electronic endoscope having an apparatus for controlling a shading member
Solid-state image sensor
System and method for detecting visual occlusion based on motion vector density
Image pickup device and noise reduction method thereof
Mobile terminal with camera
Targeted object pursuit system
Automatically expanding the zoom capability of a wide-angle video camera
Method of auto-retracting lens of image capture apparatus and control system using the same
Focus detection device
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Communication system and communication method
Apparatus for providing electronic program guide information in a digital multimedia broadcast receiving terminal and a method therefor
Solid state image pickup device, drive method thereof and camera system
Transfer of metadata using video frames
Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal
Generalized VBI waveform generator
Method and apparatus to enable acquisition of media in streaming applications
Hardware module for adding functionality to television using mechanical and wireless links
System and method for selecting a pay per view program to be transmitted to a program receiver
Support system and method for viewer-dependent positioning and alignment of a display unit
Calculation method for the correction of white balance
Representative image providing system and representative image providing method
High fidelity noise-excluding earphones with ergonomically designed construction
Transitioning operating modes in a medical prosthesis
Method for identifying appropriate public safety answering points
Wireless communication connection destination selecting method and device
Telephone with automatic switching between cellular and VoIP networks
Arrangements and method for handling macro diversity in a universal mobile telecommunications system
Wireless LAN system and transmission method of data thereof
Wireline terminal accessing mobile telephone services
Wireless T/E transceiver frame and signaling controller
Apparatus and method for scanning frequency in mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for acquiring IP address in DHCP environment
Wake-on-WLAN for stationary wireless stations
Congestion control method and device in mobile communication network
Apparatus, a method, and a system for animating a virtual scene
System and method for providing lateral and frontal X-ray images of a patient
Plasma based surface augmentation method
Memory systems with memory chips down and up
Modular storage system for storing a disk array
Housing structure of acoustic controller
Battery holder
Portable information processing apparatus
Electronic system with heat dissipation structure
Computer device with low acoustic noise
Data center
Heat sink and electronic device using same
Electronic system with heat dissipation device
Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Staging system for automated cheese processing equipment
Cosmetic composition and a method for the prevention and/or reduction of the photoaging processes of the skin
Solid phytosanitary agent
Abrasive cleaning compositions
Broad spectrum microbicidal and spermicidal compositions, devices, and methods
Pentacyclic triterpenes
Chemokine .beta.-4 polypeptides
Use of water-soluble polymers as biocides
Composition for repelling and deterring pests
Di- or tri-fluoromethanesulfonyl anilide derivatives, process for the preparation of them and herbicides containing them as the active ingredient
Pesticidal compounds and compositions
Plant growth regulating formulations
Process for producing a powder containing crystalline particles of maltitol
Cold water disinfection of foods
Process for the uniform coloration of cheese
Cottage cheese having porous curd
Process for making milkshake beverage compositions having improved consistency, flavor and physical stability
Coffee foaming sweetener
Gel products with carrageenan
Hard confections containing a sweetener
Method for producing an easily digestible protein concentrate, a protein-rich food item and its use
Wettable powder compositions of ionophore antibiotics
Microbial swollenin protein, DNA sequences encoding such swollenins and method of producing such swollenins
Pet food composition for controlling postprandial glycemic response
Continuous hydrolysis process for the preparation of 2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutanoic acid
Process for producing washed citrus oil flavors
Process for producing essential oil by subcritical or supercritical water treatment
Process for obtaining an extract of saffron
Gelatinous food product and process for preparing the same
Water-soluble bean-based extracts
Method of producing a liquid composition comprising ginseng, cordyceps, and ganoderma lucidum
Dehydrated gel composition from hydrated isolated acetylated gellan gum
Bioprocess for the high-yield production of food flavor-acceptable jasmonic acid and methyl jasmonate, novel jasmonic acid isomer produced thereby and uses thereof
Artificial tree
Recombinant alphavirus-based vectors with reduced inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis
Holding device
Tissue paper
Method for separating solid particles from a liquid in a dish-washer
Cleaning mat with a plurality of disposable sheets
Cleaning apparatus for central vacuum system
Wound dressing
Composite fiber for absorptive material construction
Remedy for autoimmune diseases
Combinations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and fibric acid derivatives for cardiovascular indications
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors for cardiovascular indications
Methods and compositions for treating chronic disorders using optically pure (+)-bupropion
Aryl alkenamides derivatives as MCP-1 antagonists
Method for screening for drugs useful in inhibition of polymerization of a.beta. and tau peptides
Macrophage scavenger receptor antagonists
Use of valproic acid analog for the treatment and prevention of migraine and affective illness
Fungal sulphur source and method of using the same
Modulation of inflammation related to columnar epithelia
Organometallic complex
Use of two plant phenols in the treatment of arteriosclerosis
Substituted .gamma.-phenyl-.DELTA.-lactones and analogs thereof and uses related thereto
Method for preventing or the progression of neuronal damage with pramipexole as a neuroprotective agent
Sultams: catalyst systems for asymmetric reduction of a C=N intermediate biological compositions and methods for making the sultams
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cognitive cerebrovascular disease
Methods for treating vascular dementia
Methods for treating disorders using norastemizole in combination with other active ingredients
Methods for the treatment of central nervous system disorders in certain patient groups
Deazaguanine analog, preparation thereof and use thereof
Parenteral formulations comprising carbamazepine or its derivatives
Remedies for diabetes
Treatment of ocular hypertension and glaucoma
Amino acid stabilized medicinal aerosol formulations
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing mucositis
Phospholipids of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-like derivatives and methods of use
Phospholipids of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-like derivatives and methods of use
Method and composition for treatment of irritable bowel disease
Synthetic, statistic thymic peptide combination and its use as a preparation with immunological and/or endocrinological effect
Malleable paste with allograft bone reinforcement for filling bone defects
Method for detecting the presence of a mycobacterium species and a kit and antibodies for use therein
Method for treating tissue damaged from ischemia
Method for treating headache
Adrenoleukodystrophy treatments
Derivatives of GLP-1 analogs
Therapeutic use of hemoglobin for preserving tissue viability and reducing restenosis
Compositions and methods utilizing nitroxides in combination with biocompatible macromolecules
Assays for promoter operability in central nervous system cells
Composition comprising tumor cells and extracts and method of using thereof
Process for the in vitro culture of different stages of tissue parasites
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Method to produce inactivated w/o emulsion adjuvated vaccines
Methods for remodeling neuronal and cardiovascular pathways
Naturally extracted and synthetic hypoglycemic or hypolipidemic compositions
Pharmaceutical with predetermined activity profile
Modified prodrug forms of AP/AMP
Drug complex
Lipids and their use, for example, in liposomes
Therapeutic using a bispecific antibody
Methods of treating inflammatory disease with anti-IL-8 antibody fragment-polymer conjugates
Diagnostic imaging contrast agent with improved in serum relaxivity
Detectably labeled porphyrin compound for identifying the sentinel lymph node
Radiolabeled farnesyl-protein transferase inhibitors
Etchant/primer composition, etchant/primer/adhesive monomer composition, kits and methods using the same for improved bonding to dental structures
Photoinitiators having chain transfer groups polymerized to obtain macrophotoinitiators useful to give block copolymers
Cosmetic cream containing granular components and method for making it
Cosmetic compositions
Acid resistant film forming dental composition and method of use
Method of inhibiting or treating chemotherapy-induced hair loss
Devices with coatings containing chlorhexidine gluconate, compositions and methods
Topical and oral delivery of arginine to cause beneficial effects
Thiazolium compounds and treatments of disorders associated with protein aging
Sheet for whitening cosmetics and method for using the same
Deodorants, foods and beverages, and oral compositions as well as toiletry products
Cosmetic compositions
Desensitizing bleaching gel
Use of sunscreen combinations comprising, as essential constituent, 2,2'-p-phenylenebis (3,1-benzoxazin-4-one) as photostable UV filters in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Compositions containing hyaluronic acid associates and a process for preparing same
Rheology modifier for use in aqueous compositions
Long wearing makeup compositions
Liquid pharmaceutical compositions comprising thyroid hormones
Nonaqueous fluorinated drug delivery suspensions
Pharmaceutical dosage form for oral administration of hydrophilic drugs, particularly low molecular weight heparin
Emulsion vehicle for poorly soluble drugs
Nucleic acid transfer complexes
Sustained release microspheres
N-substituted azabicycloheptane derivatives, production and use thereof
Pharmaceutical composition
Microgranules containing cisplatin
Compositions comprising a thermoplastic component and superabsorbent polymer
Medicaments based on polymers composed of methacrylamide-modified gelatin
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Water-absorbent resin granule-containing composition and production process for water-absorbent resin granule
Hydrogels containing absorbable polyoxaamides
Dressing and preparation delivery system
Sterilization system employing low frequency plasma
Computer input device sterilization method and apparatus
Device and method for dispensing bacteriostat into humidifier
Biological indicator for sterilization processes with double buffer system
Compositions and systems for forming crosslinked biomaterials and associated methods of preparation and use
Bone sialoprotein-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Hydrophilic lubricant coatings for medical devices
Method and device for the vascular pressure-controlled selective perfusion of fluids through blood vessels
Method for reducing dilation balloon cone stiffness
Compositions comprising oleum Melaleuca
Preventive, alleviative or remedy for hypertension
Gel powder composition
Thermoplastic elastomeric copolymers and hair and skin care compositions containing the same
Directed pollutant oxidation using simultaneous catalytic metal chelation and organic pollutant complexation
Catalysts for low-temperature destruction of volatile organic compounds in air
Method for treating organohalogen compound-containing soil or ash
Method and apparatus for cleaning products containing heavy metals
Method for packaging industrial, in particular radioactive, waste in apatite ceramics
Method of manufacturing a golf ball
Low compression, resilient golf balls including elemental catalyst and method for making same
Multilayer golf ball and composition
Sporting goods having a ceramer coating
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing pressure die-cast or injection moulded articles using salt cores
Sample separation apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Method and apparatus for separating floating pollutants
Use of substituted N, N-bis-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Substituted N-phenyl-N-heteroaralkyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
use of substituted N,N-disubstituted mercapto amino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Keyed filter assembly
Lost circulation fluid treatment
Sample fluid filtering device
Two-stage quench tower for use with oxygenate conversion process
Process for purifying perfluorinated products
Screen element
Process for preparing polyolefins
Method of making multilayer sheets for firestops or mounting mats
Filtering unit having separately attachable filter cassette, filter cassette, and method of filtering
Multi-well equilibrium dialysis system
Process of making a polymeric material having a microporous matrix
Apparatus for chemically loading fibers in a fiber suspension
Crystallization apparatus and crystallization method
Method and device for capsulating microbial, plant and animal cells or biological and chemical substances
Method for producing laterally organized structures on supporting surfaces
Selecting tag nucleic acids
Device for treating a fluid with ultra-high magnetic force
Production of powders
Selective methylation to para-xylene using fuel syngas
Method for producing acid phthalic anhydride and an appropriate shell catalyst containing titanium-vanadium-cesium
Catalyst for oxidizing methylbenzenes and method for producing aromatic aldehyde
Catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Selective hydrogenation catalyst system and process for preparing the same and its use
Catalyst for the manufacture of acrylonitrile
Method for preparing heteropolyacid catalyst and method for producing methacrylic acid
Hydrocarbon conversion process using a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst
Advances in urethane foam catalysis
Spray-drying compositions and methods of spray-drying
Catalytic composition for carbonylation including iridium and pyridine polymers
Molded brine tank
Production process and production apparatus for polybutylene terephthalate
Ethylene polymer film resins
Apparatus for analyzing liquid samples automatically and continually
Card for counting and characterizing microorganisms
Test piece and system for reading out image information from the test piece
Prevention of surface adsorption in microchannels by application of electric current during pressure-induced flow
Method and apparatus to inhibit bubble formation in a fluid
Method and apparatus for making nucleic acid arrays
Reactor with flat plate cover and wound sheet material
Sample tray to be used in an image information reader and fabrication method thereof
Automatic painting method and device therefor
Annular flow electrostatic powder coater
Method for coating a plurality of fluid layers onto a substrate
Method for coating a plurality of fluid layers onto a substrate
Method of gluing
Process for the application of powder coatings to non-metallic substrates
Extrusion coating compositions and method
Method for depositing a patterned layer of material over a substrate
Fluorine-containing materials and processes
Method of making a mechanically compliant bump
Automotive bodies provided with multilayer coating film
Segmented conveyor sorter
Deep aquifer remediation system
Reticulated foam structures
Apparatus for electrodischarge machining
Honeycomb body bonded only partially to a jacket tube
Fluxing underfill compositions
Apparatus and method for precisely aligning and welding two pieces of weldable material
Ceramic substrate and polishing method thereof
Light sensitive chemical-mechanical polishing aggregate
Light sensitive chemical-mechanical polishing method
Semiconductor wafer with improved flatness, and process for producing the semiconductor wafer
Method for regenerating semiconductor wafers
Fused aluminum oxycarbide/nitride-AL2O3.Y2O3 eutectic materials
System and method for forming plastic articles
Adhesive binder and synergist composition and process of making lignocellulosic articles
Process for molding ceramics
Conversion of sticky elastomeric polymer crumb into pellets without polymer degradation
Pedestal mounted taxidermy mannequin and mold for the manufacturing thereof
Method for producing colored sculpturesque polyresin model and product produced thereby
Olefin polymers
Insert molded article
Automotive exterior panel and method for producing the same
Method for the continuous manufacture of a twin-wall pipe having a pipe socket
Process for the dimensional stabilization of containers in polyethylene terephthalate
Method for manufacturing a wall thickness program into an elastomeric tubular component for incorporation into a packing device for use in a subterranean well
Method of making microtubes with axially variable geometries
High impact LLDPE films
Process for the manufacturing of thermoplastic products with high creep strain resistance
Method for molding a composite article by using mold
Method for manufacturing composite bicycle frame
Method for fabricating an advanced composite aerostructure article having an integral co-cured fly away hollow mandrel
Extensible paper web and method of forming
Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings and a method and apparatus for the production thereof
Circuit-like metallic foil sheet and the like and process for producing them
Decorative sheet
Blank for halftone phase shift photomask and halftone phase shift photomask
Flat composite body, especially a motor vehicle body element
Zeolite in packaging film
Multilayer oriented films with metallocene catalyzed polyethylene skin layer
High barrier multilayer film
4-methyl-1-pentene polymer compositions, and the laminates and adhesives using the compositions
Flexible multilayer wiring board
Thermoplastic sheet with textured surface for use in composite layered product with interlocking interface and method thereof
Method of coating a metallic substrate with thermoplastic coating material
Thermally imageable positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor and method for imaging
Planographic thermal imaging member and methods of use
Method for making positive working printing plates
Transfer printing process
Method for forming an image
Method of manufacturing coated paper for printing
Inkjet printable holographic paper
Ink jet paper coatings containing polyvinyl alcohol-alkylated polyamine blends
Electrocoagulation printing method and apparatus providing enhanced image resolution
Substrate having a section with a peelable coating and a surface decoration
Silica reinforced rubber composition which contains non-silane coupling agent and article of manufacture, including a tire, having at least one component comprised of such rubber composition
Preparation of starch reinforced rubber and use thereof in tires
Method for forming weatherseals from an interchangeable insert die assembly
Airbag base fabric
Airbag coatings comprising microspheres providing improved thermal resistance
Coated multi-layered woven textile fabrics for use in air-holding vehicle restraint system
Spacer materials
Hard taco shell protective packaging
Edge protector
Controlled-stress stable metallization for electronic and electromechanical devices
Method of fabricating micromachined structures and devices formed therefrom
Temporary bridge for micro machined structures
Cantilevered multilevel LIGA devices and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing chlorine dioxide using a metal chlorite and a water-retaining substance
Thermoelectric reformer fuel cell process and system
Process for recycling alkali metal fluorides and/or difluorides
Methods for the lithographic deposition of materials containing nanoparticles
Titanium oxide particles, substrate for magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium using the same
Industrial waste water treatment cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Composition of an anti-scale-forming agent
Glass-ceramic composition for recording disk substrate
Glass-ceramic composition for recording disk substrate
Glass-ceramic composition for recording disk substrate
Method of etching and etch mask
Water repellent for application to glass and water-repellent glass
Method for improving thickness uniformity of deposited ozone-TEOS silicate glass layers
Quartz glass jig having large irregularities on the surface and method for producing the same
Man-made vitreous fibres and their production
Diffusion aluminide bond coat for a thermal barrier coating system and method therefor
Process for preparing an aqueous solution of sulfanilic acid modified melamine-formaldehyde resin and a cement composition
Method of manufacturing lanthenum oxide containing solids in an aqueous environment
Manganese-zinc (Mn-Zn) based ferrite
Dielectric ceramic composition
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric element containing the same
Process for producing a Si/C/N ceramic body
Lightweight dry refractory
Charge containing element
Slow acting fertilizer composition and method
Use of compressed CO2 in chemical reactions
Inhibitor composition for stabilizing substances capable of free radical polymerization
Fluorous phosphines and process for their preparation
Process for the preparation of 1-hexene
Complexes of pyridldiimines with vanadium and other transition metals, and their use as olefin oligomerization and polymerization catalysts
Nitrogen-based halogenating agents and process for preparing halogen-containing compounds
Process for preparation of pharmaceutically desired enantiomers
Ether diamines and derivatives
Composition and method for preparing amino acid chelate hydroxides free of interfering ions
Preparation of substituted isoserine esters using .beta.-lactams and metal or ammonium alkoxides
Polyurea coatings from dimethyl-substituted polyaspartic ester mixtures
Lipophilic diesters of chelating agents
Process for producing carboxylic acid derivative and condensing agent comprising quaternary ammonium salt
.alpha.,.alpha.-dibromo-.alpha.-chloro-acetophenones as synthons
Valency platform molecules comprising carbamate linkages
Substituted diarylalkyl amides as calcium channel antagonists
Difluorophenyl derivatives, liquid-crystal compounds, and liquid-crystal composition
Chelating agents and their manganic chelates
Polymerization of ethylene
Ion channel modulating agents
Cyanate esters having flame resistant properties
Intermediate for (R)-3-(4-Bromobenzyl)-1-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-5-iodo-3-methyl-1-H-imidazo[1 ,2-.alpha.]imidazol-2-one
Process for the production of xylitol
Ether compounds
Sulfonamide compounds and methods of treating atherosclerosis and restenosis
Naphthalene ureas as glucose uptake enhancers
5-ASA derivatives having anti-inflammatory and antibiotic activity and methods of treating diseases therewith
Sulfur-containing unsaturated carboxylate compound and its cured products
NAALADase inhibitors useful as pharmaceutical compounds and compositions
Dithiocarboxylic ester synthetic process
Production methods of citalopram and an intermediate therefor
Cleavage method of bisphenols
Process for preparing cyclohexanone, cyclohexanol and cyclohexyl hydroperoxide
Separation process for one-step production of dimethyl ether from synthesis gas
Process for the liquid phase acylation of aromatic compounds
Tricyclic compounds, their preparation process and the intermediates of this process, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for the production of acetic acid
Process for the production of maleic anhydride
Process for producing aromatic polycarboxylic acid
Method for producing (meth)acrylic acid and (meth)acrylic acid esters
Process and apparatus for the production of butylacetate and isobutylacetate
Preparation of (meth)acrylates
Production process for hydroxyalkyl(meth)acrylate
Method for manufacturing dialkyl carbonate
Citronellyl and/or dihydrocitronellyl lactates, their preparation and their use
Hydroquinone derivatives as scavengers for oxidized developer
Method for preparing scenting compositions and scented products, and resulting products
Aryl phenyl substituted cyclic ketoenols
Solid preparation
Process for preparing piperidines
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
2-aminopyridine derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Polymerization catalysts
Potassium channel inhibitors
Diphenyl carbocyclic thioamide derivatives
Heterocyclic derivatives which inhibit factor Xa
2-oxo-imidazolidine-4-carboxylic acid hydroxamide compounds that inhibit matrix metalloproteinases
Process for preparing eprosartan using regioselective protection of 2,4-disubstituted-imidazole intermediates
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl uracils useful for selective inhibition of the coagulation cascade
Sulfonamide derivatives
Anti-herpesvirus compounds and methods for identifying, making and using same
Polymerizable composition
Process for the preparation of 5-carboxyphthalide
Synthesis of .beta.-lapachone and its intermediates
Process for the purification of alkylene carbonate
Process for the preparation of macrocyclic esters
Benzothiophenes formulations containing same and methods
Hydroxamic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the production of human CD23 and of the TNF release
Method for preparation of an intermediate dye product
Amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutically active isoindoline derivatives
Pyrazolopyrimidinone cGMP PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Non-imidazole benzodiazepine inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Substituted pyridine compounds and methods of use
Benzoheterocyclic distamycin derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use as antitumor agents
Benzofurane derivatives, preparation method, use as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Methine compound, material for organic luminescence element, organic luminescence element using the same
Muscarinic antagonists
Bicyclic pyrimidine compounds and therapeutic use thereof
4-hydroxycinnoline-3-carboxyamides as antiviral agents
Tetrahydropyran derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Formulation of sulfonamides for treatment of endothelin-mediated disorders
Substituted arylsulfides, arylsulfoxides and arylsulfones as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Substituted piperidines as melanocortin receptor agonists
1,2-annelated quinoline derivatives
Methods of treating muscle spasms using N-desmethylzopiclone
Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Ceftiofur, its intermediate and a process for the preparation of the same
Process for the preparation of .beta.-lactam derivatives
Carbapenem derivatives
Antidepressant azaheterocyclymethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino [2,3-f]quinoline
Method for synthesizing complexes of platinum with iminoethers and their use as antitumoral drugs and nucleotide-base modifiers
Chemical method for removal and analysis of boron impurities in tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS)
Taxoid anti-tumor agents, pharmaceutical compositions, and treatment methods
Organophosphorus compounds for dental polymerizable compositions
Water soluble prodrugs of azole compounds
Glycoconjugates and methods
Ketolide antibacterials
Crystals of diuridine tetraphosphate or salt thereof, process for producing the crystals, and process for producing the compounds
Nucleoside with anti-hepatitis B virus activity
Compounds for the synthesis of nucleotide or oligonucleotide phosphoramidites
Method for analyzing polynucleotides
Hepatitis C Virus ribozymes
Polynucleotides encoding IMP.18p myo-inositol monophosphatase and methods of detecting said polynucleotides
Method of screening for susceptibility to drug-induced cardiac arrhythmia
HPV-specific oligonucleotides
Photoselection of nucleic acid ligands
Attenuated microorganism strains expressing HPV proteins
Recombinant VP2 parvoviral pseudo-particles encoding CTL or T-helper cell epitopes
Non-splicing variants of gp350/220
Helper virus-free AAV production
Recombinant proteins of a Pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and vaccines
HIV immunoassays using gag polypeptides
28-kDa immunoreactive protein gene of Ehrlichia canis and uses thereof
Compounds encoding the protective M-like protein of Streptococcus equi and assays therefor
Enhancing growth in gram-positive microorganisms using formate supplementation and inactivation of formate-associated transport proteins
Compounds and methods for diagnosis of tuberculosis
Aspergillus fumigatus cofilin
Antigens and immunoassays for diagnosing Chagas' disease
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Myotilin, a novel actin-organizing protein
Excitatory amino acid transporter 3, EAAT3, polypeptides
Gene associated with Nijmegen breakage syndrome, it's gene product and methods for their use
Modified SSCP method using sequential electrophoresis of multiple nucleic acid segments
Retro-inverso neurotrophic and analgesic peptides
Polypeptide with appetite regulating activity
Human BMP-4 promoter and method for exploring bone-related substance by using the same
Interleukin-3 (IL-3) multiple mutation polypeptides
GRF analogs with increased biological potency
ULBP DNA and polypeptides
Heterodimer complex of RXR and NURR1 or NGFI-B
Interferon-.alpha./.beta. binding protein, its preparation and use
Leptin receptor gene as a genetic marker for leanness in pigs
Estrogen receptor
Molecular complexes which modify immune responses
Modified factor VIII
Compositions and methods for isolating lung surfactant hydrophobic proteins SP-B and SP-C
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of neoplastic cell growth and proliferation
Soluble complement regulatory molecules
Treatment of a .alpha.-galactosidase a deficiency
hD54 polynucleotides
Antibody-induced apoptosis
Production of antibodies using cre-mediated site-specific recombination
Anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Humanized antibody specific for human 4-1BB
Amorphous compound
Use of peptides inhibitory for thrombospondin dependent TGF-.beta. activation in the treatment of kidney disease
Halovir, an antiviral marine natural product, and derivatives thereof
Metalloprotease peptide substrates and methods
Modified position (7) bradykinin antagonist peptides
Dolastatin 15 derivatives
Chitosan derivatives combined with polypropylene glycol and method for preparing the same
Catalyst for the (co)polymerization of alk-1-enes
Transition metal compound, catalyst, its production and its use for the polymerization of olefins
Photopolymerizable vinyl ether based monomeric formulations and polymerizable compositions which may include certain novel spiroorthocarbonates
Forming a toner using surfactant-free emulsion polymerization
Propylenic copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition
Polymerization method
Fibers made of cycloolefin copolymers
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer, method for producing the same, and use thereof
Process for producing hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin and hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin obtained by the process
Hydrogenated block copolymer
Fluorinated aromatic acetal polymers and photosensitive compositions containing such polymers
Aqueous dispersion composition process for preparing the same, rust preventive, rust prevention method, and rust-proofed metallic products
Radiation-curable formulations based on aliphatic, urethane-functional prepolymers having ethylenically unsaturated double bonds
Fast drying clear coat composition
Polyurethane elastomers, method of producing them and their use
Carbon dioxide blown low density, flexible microcellular elastomers suitable for preparing shoe components
Polyurethanes with talc crystallization promoter
Two-component polyurethane coating compositions containing polyester polyols as a binder component
Aryl-substituted poly (p-arylene-vinylenes), process for their preparation and their use in electroluminescence components
Process for producing poly(1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene 1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylate) and the reactor grade polyester therefrom
Tricarboxylic acids, method, and branched polycarbonates prepared therefrom
Purification of solutions containing polycarbonate
Method for producing partially crystalline polyether polyols
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Crystalline polyimide for melt molding with satisfactory thermal stability
Release agent composition
Filler-free granular polytetrafluoroethylene powder and process for producing the same
Superabsorbent powders of high absorption and high capillary suction
Heat-shrinkable polyester films
Transparent polyurethane compositions
Photocurable coatings for polyester articles
Vibration damping, resinous, open cell cellular bodies
Biodegradable polyester material particles
Semiconductive silicone rubber composition and silicone rubber roll
Foaming agents
Polyolefin compositions
Polymer coated carbon products and other pigments and methods of making same by aqueous media polymerizations or solvent coating methods
Thermoplastic materials containing nanocomposites and an additional elastomer
Conductive rubber composition and manufacturing method and conductive rubber member thereof
Rubber modifier of ethylene/.alpha.-olefin (/diene) copolymer rubber(s)
Soft polymeric compounds including hydrophobic fillers
Thermoplastic resin composition
Coating compositions having improved direct to metal adhesion
Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber
Dye intermediate and method
Fiber-reactive disazo compounds
Magnetic recording medium
Benzotriazole UV absorbers having enhanced durability
Isolation and/or removal of ionic contaminants from planarization fluid compositions using macrocyclic polyethers
CMP slurry for polishing semiconductor wafers and related methods
Optical-use adhesive film and roll thereof
Resistance-reducing conductive adhesives for attachment of electronic components
Fluorescent ink compositions
Oxynitride encapsulated electroluminescent phosphor particles
Organic luminescence device with spiro compound
Phosphors, and radiation detectors and X-ray CT unit made by using the same
Organic controller and method for producing the same
Lubricating oil for refrigerator with compressor
Process for maximizing C.+ production in fischer-tropsch process
Catalytic reforming process with inhibition of catalyst deactivation
Diesel fuel having a very high iso-paraffin to normal paraffin mole ratio
Fischer-tropsch process water emulsions of hydrocarbons (law548)
Method for preparing an aqueous polyacrylate emulsion for protecting metal surface against corrosion and pre-lubrication thereof and resulting emulsion
Engine oil composition with reduced deposit-formation tendency
Method for improving low-temperature fluidity of lubricating oils using high-and-low-molecular weight polymer
Quaternary compounds, compositions containing them, and uses thereof
Skin cleansing bar comprising a fatty alcohol with low mush
Powder detergent process
Photoresist stripper composition and method for stripping photoresist using the same
Amorphous alkali metal silicate compound
Encapsulated perfume particles and detergent compositions containing said particles
Powder laundry detergent having enhanced soils suspending properties
Method of identification of differentially expressed MRNA
Methods and compositions for treatment of restenosis
Antisense modulation of phosphorylase kinase Alpha 2 expression
Multivalent RNA aptamers and their expression in multicellular organisms
Compositions and methods for the targeted removal of a nucleotide sequence from the genome of a plant
Recombinant cell line produces adenoviral gene products E1 and DEF-A, and/or DEF-B
Method for producing a heterologous secreted protein from chinese hamster ovary cells grown on microcarriers
Renal stem cells and uses thereof
Cytokine-free culture of dendritic cells
Hepatocyte lineage cells derived from pluripotent stem cells
Immortalized cell lines and methods of making the same
Bovine cells expressing adenovirus essential functions for propagation of recombinant adenoviral vectors
Methods of culturing and assaying a virus in a specimen and compositions and cell lines for doing the same
Phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase from Staphylococcus aureus
Human NIM1 kinase
Synthetic mammalian sulphamidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Isolation and composition of a novel glycosidase from chryseobacterium
Lactacystin analogs
DNA encoding the human serine protease T
Cyclophilin-type peptidyl-prolyl CiS/trans isomerase
22406, a novel human pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzyme family member and uses therefor
Method for enhancing enzyme activity at elevated temperature
Method for the production of baccatin-III by enzymatic synthesis
Cytologic method of examining mucous membranes
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic biochip
Methods and compositions for detection of specific nucleotide sequences
Customized oligonucleotide microchips that convert multiple genetic information to simple patterns, are portable and reusable
Methods and reagents for preservation of DNA in bodily fluids
Detection of nucleic acids by multiple sequential invasive cleavages 02
Methods of assaying for compounds that inhibit premature translation termination and nonsense-mediated RNA decay
BDNF polymorphism and association with bipolar disorder
Methods for determining single nucleotide variations and genotyping
Methods of DNA typing with tandem repeats
High throughput assay system for monitoring ESTs
High performance P-type thermoelectric materials and methods of preparation
Zinc alloys yielding anticorrosive coatings on ferrous materials
Heat resistant nickel base alloy
Pressure modulation method to obtain improved step coverage of seed layer
High energy sputtering method for forming interconnects
Pretreatment process for plasma immersion ion implantation
Thin film production process and optical device
Line-type film-forming method
High target utilization magnetic arrangement for a truncated conical sputtering target
Controlled method of silicon-rich oxide deposition using HDP-CVD
Methods of forming a contact to a substrate
Method for forming metal layer of semiconductor device using metal halide gas
Method of forming diamond film and film-forming apparatus
Installation in which an operation is performed requiring over the atmosphere inside a chamber
Method for forming a nickle-titanium plating
Brake or clutch components having a ceramic-metal composite friction material
Methods of forming a face plate assembly of a color display
Galvanized metal corrosion inhibitor
Electroplating chemistry on-line monitoring and control system
Sn-Cu alloy plating bath
Deposition methods
Textiles; Paper
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) tetrachannel cross-section staple fiber
Flash spinning process and solutions of polyester
Polypropylene fibers and items made therefrom
Production of fiber webs by the airlaid process
Preparation of recyclable fiber composites
Compositions and methods for imparting stain resistance
Method for removing contaminants from fibers in recycle fiber pulping
Ozone bleaching process using oxalic acid addition
Apparatus for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Papermaking machine for forming tissue employing an air press
Loading arrangement in a paper machine doctor
Synthetic fiber paper
Soft absorbent paper product containing deactivated ketene dimer agents
Fixed Constructions
Swimming pool skimmer duct joint
Reinforced abrasive-impregnated cutting elements, drill bits including same and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel cell stacks for ultra-high efficiency power systems
Fuel filter and production process
Reinforced refractory product
Method for sensing the faulty positioning of an optically evaluatable test strip and a test strip therefor
Receiving device and receiving means, transfer device, and workstation and method for their operation
Method and appartus for converting static in-ground vehicle scales into weigh-in-motion systems
Robust substrate-based micromachining techniques and their application to micromachined sensors and actuators
Process for preparing and presenting a tissue sample for histological study
Method for simplified shipping of clinical specimens and optional direct analysis
Automated fingerprint methods and chemistry for product authentication and monitoring
Protective test strip platform
Method and apparatus for optical film stack fault detection
Electronic device, especially chemical sensor, comprising a nanoparticle structure
Staged oxidation chamber for enhanced nitrogen and sulfur detection
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying infectious agents
Compositions and methods for capturing, isolating, detecting, analyzing and quantifying macromolecules
Test for ovarian autoimmunity by detecting autoantibodies to CYP17
Diagnosis of feline immunodeficiency virus infection using ENV/GAG polypeptide markers
Methods of diagnosing renal salt wasting syndrome and Alzheimer's disease and methods of treating the same
Containers and kits for the determination of cell functions, and method for the determination thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Integrated circuit device characterization
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display using a selective etching method
Mask changing the brightness profile of a photographic copy
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and processing method thereof
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material and image forming method by the use thereof
Preparation method of photothermographic material
Color photographic element containing coupler useful for forming neutral silver-based image
Color image formation method
Transmission and phase balance for phase-shifting mask
Mask for manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Method to control nested to isolated line printing
Structures, lithographic mask forming solutions, mask forming methods, field emission display emitter mask forming methods, and methods of forming plural field emission display emitters
Organometallic polymers and use thereof
Photoacid generators and photoresists comprising same
Resist compositions
Method of protecting acid-catalyzed photoresist from chip-generated basic contaminants
Method and apparatus for controlling photolithography overlay registration
Photoresist stripping composition and process for stripping photoresist
Imaging apparatus
Process for producing polymerization toner
Toner having hydrocarbon wax with specific ester value and hydroxyl value
Flexible circuit with electrostatic damage limiting feature and method of manufacture
Process for producing magnetic disk
Batch fabricated molecular electronic devices with cost-effective lithographic electrodes
Data bus architecture for integrated circuit devices having embedded dynamic random access memory (DRAM) with a large aspect ratio providing reduced capacitance and power requirements
Sealed pushbutton switch
Operating device having operating button adapted to slide in housing while being pushed to effect switching operation
Gull wing rocker switch
Module for selection of power source
Key unit and switch body and door switch using the same
Overtoggled interrupter switch assembly
Acceleration responsive switch
Return spring for a circuit interrupter operating mechanism
Adjustable secondary contact assemblies for circuit breakers
Plasma processing apparatus
Direct flow injection analysis nebulization electrospray and apci mass spectrometry
High temperature implant apparatus
Controlled cleavage process and resulting device using beta annealing
Tool for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for using the same
Process of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for in-situ removal of side walls in MOM capacitor formation
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
Method for manufacturing hetero junction bipolar transistor
Method for forming aluminum bumps by CVD and wet etch
Method for forming lower electrode of cylinder-shaped capacitor preventing twin bit failure
Large surface area capacitor and methods for fabricating same
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing a bump electrode semiconductor device using photosensitive resin
Etching method
Method of selective oxidation in semiconductor manufacture
Self-aligned silicide process
Use of PE-SiON or PE-Oxide for contact or via photo and for defect reduction with oxide and w chemical-mechanical polish
CU second electrode process with in situ ashing and oxidation process
Methods of forming ultra-thin buffer oxide layers for gate dielectrics
Process for fabricating an ONO structure
Capacitor having tantalum oxynitride film and method for making same
Method of etching dielectric layers using a removable hardmask
UMOS-like gate-controlled thyristor structure for ESD protection
Spot-implant method for MOS transistor applications
Method of forming NROM
Method for fabricating a field-effect transistor having an anti-punch-through implantation region
Method of making silicide stop layer in a damascene semiconductor structure
MOS transistor with stepped gate insulator
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having an asymmetrical dual-gate silicon-germanium (SiGe) channel MOSFET and a device thereby formed
Method of fabricating a MOS device with an ultra-shallow junction
Method for forming interlayer dielectric film
Methods of encapsulating a semiconductor chip using a settable encapsulant
Mounting method of semiconductor device
Conductive adhesive interconnection with insulating polymer carrier
Using UV/VIS spectrophotometry to regulate developer solution during a development process
Method for providing void free layer for semiconductor assemblies
Control of floating gate oxide growth by use of an oxygen barrier
Method for fabricating capacitor
Plated through hole interconnections
Stress compensation composition and semiconductor component formed using the stress compensation composition
Halo ion implantation method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Transistor formed using a dual metal process for gate and source/drain region
Method for fabricating MOS transistors
Method of providing a shallow trench in a deep-trench device
Method for forming via-first dual damascene interconnect structure
Method for forming metal wiring in semiconductor device
Method of fabricating gate
Single step process for blanket-selective CVD aluminum deposition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices with allevration of thermal stress generation in conductive coating
Dual inlaid process using an imaging layer to protect via from poisoning
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of forming a self-aligned contact opening
Method of fabricating contact pads of a semiconductor device
Method of forming contact plug of semiconductor device
Process for forming uniform multiple contact holes
Integrated circuitry fabrication method of making a conductive electrical connection
Method of forming contact using non-conformal dielectric liner
Method of forming a capacitor and an electrical connection thereto
Inverse integrated circuit fabrication process
Method for manufacturing a multilayer interconnection structure
Method for forming conductive structures
Method of varying the resistance along a conductive layer
Masked nitrogen enhanced gate oxide
Methods for making semiconductor chip having both self aligned silicide regions and non-self aligned silicide regions
Methods to form dual metal gates by incorporating metals and their conductive oxides
Process flow for sacrificial collar with poly mask
Methods of forming capacitor-over-bit line memory cells
Method of fabricating non-volatile memory devices integrated in a semiconductor substrate and organized into memory matrices
Multi chip semiconductor package and method of construction
Asymmetric gates for high density DRAM
Methods of forming capacitor electrodes
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and flash memory
Process for creating a flash memory cell using a photoresist flow operation
Method of fabricating a sonos device
Method of flash cell formation
Reduction of induced charge in SOI devices during focused ion beam processing
Method for fabricating a semiconductor memory device having silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure
Thin film semiconductor and method for manufacturing the same, semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor chip package and method of fabricating same
Fabricating method for semiconductor package
Multi-chip semiconductor package structure
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit, in particular an antifuse
Method for fabricating a repair fuse box for a semiconductor device
Antifuse for use with low k dielectric foam insulators
Etch bias distribution across semiconductor wafer
High-frequency module, method of manufacturing thereof and method of molding resin
Method of fabricating a micro-technical structure, and micro-technical component
Semiconductor device having a plasma-processed layer and method of manufacturing the same
GaAs MESFET having LDD and non-uniform P-well doping profiles
High power PMOS device
Thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a thin film semiconductor device
Method for forming polycrystalline silicon layer and method for fabricating thin film transistor
Transparent and conductive zinc oxide film with low growth temperature
Process for producing an isolated planar high speed pin photodiode with improved capacitance
Opto-electronic integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Method of fabricating high efficiency light-emitting diode with a transparent substrate
Organic light emitting diode having a blue phosphorescent molecule as an emitter
Fiber-structure electrode system for nickel-cadmium batteries and procedure for its manufacture
Lithium ion secondary battery
Movable anode fuel cell battery
Battery with insulative member
Tolerance and size adaptive spacer for spacing a battery cell
Separator for energy storage cells
Method for producing nickel-hydrogen cell
Positive active material and non-aqueous secondary cell made by using the same
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Positive electrode activator for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Lead acid battery with improved performance
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Air breathing direct methanol fuel cell
High density signal routing
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor material integrated microactuator, in particular for a hard disc mobile read/write head, and a microactuator obtained thereby
Method and apparatus for frequency control of piezoelectric components
PCB structure for regulating constant power source and strengthening ground connections
Method of manufacturing a circuit substrate
Apparatus and method for mounting electrical parts
Methods of fixturing a flexible substrate and a processing carrier and methods of processing a flexible substrate
Process for forming through holes in substrate of printed circuit board
Surface-mount electronic component
Alignment check method on printed circuit board
Laminate circuit structure and method of fabricating
Printed circuit board and method for producing the same
Electrical connector with an electrical component holder
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