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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Oral immunology using plant product containing a non-enteric pathogen antigen
Method and system for creation of compression molded edible ice objects
Eggs with balanced lipid composition
Cigar tube
Billboard garment
Elastic tie down
Restraining system for handheld electronic devices
Table with molded plastic table top
Perforated panel connection
Hand grip for a seat assembly
Adjustable shelving system
System and method for storing a data storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Lid for cooking pan
Container holder
Filter assembly for vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner incorporating such assembly
Vacuum cleaner
Mitre instrument, as an example for hallux surgery
Method and apparatus for passing a suture
Apparatus and methods for the selective removal of tissue using combinations of ultrasonic energy and cryogenic energy
Femoral guide for revision surgery
Gross pathology breast map
Method and apparatus for processing an eye fundus image
System and method for monitoring autonomic balance and physical activity
EEG feedback controlled sound therapy for tinnitus
Cardiac signal display and event detection using multiresolution Z-score transform
Method of and system for signal separation during multivariate physiological monitoring
Sleep logbook
Apparatus for simultaneous illumination of teeth
Molded foam mouthguard
Surgical stapling apparatus having a wound closure material applicator assembly
Stent assembly for the treatment of vulnerable plaque
Balloon expandable polymer stent with reduced elastic recoil
Balloon catheter stent delivery system with ridges
Tapered joint prosthesis
Prosthetic foot with energy transfer
Massage apparatus system
Wave exercise device and method of use
Peri-operative and peri-procedure nutritional supplementation
Licorice extract for use as a medicament
Therapeutic lotion for dermatitis
Thionin as an antineoplastic and immunostimulant
Long acting human interferon analogs
Mutant having uracil phosphoribosyl transferase activity
Miniature cross stream thrombectomy catheter
Delivery device
Delivery device
Embolic filtering devices for bifurcated vessels
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Application of a therapeutic substance to a tissue location using an expandable medical device
Systems and methods for electrosurgical tissue treatment
Training aid for gripping a ball
Golf ball material and golf ball
Dampening device for a racket
Golf club head
Golf club head and golf club
Climbing wall structure and method of construction
Device for positioning a skibinding on a ski
Knowledge-based casino game and method therefor
Virtual cameras and 3-D gaming environments in a gaming machine
Method for playing a game
Gaming device having an improved offer/acceptance bonus scheme
Backup memory managing device backup memory managing method game machine and recorded medium
Single rider teeter-totter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process to obtain titanium concentrates with high contents of TiO.sub.2 and low contents of radionuclide elements from anatase mechanical concentrates
Extracorporeal blood filter system
Filter system integrating pressure regulation and air vent
Filter system; element configuration; and methods
Method and apparatus for removing high concentration ozone from a waste gas steam
Analyte pre-concentrator for gas chromatography
Mercury sorbents and methods of manufacture and use
Apparatus for manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Photocatalytic coating material, photocatalytic composite material and method for producing the same, and self-cleaning water-based coating composition and self-cleaning member
Apparatus, system, and method for condensing, separating and storing recyclable material
Clamp mandrel fixture and a method of using the same to minimize coating defects
Light emitting device
Method and apparatus for extrusion coating of fluorescent light tubes
Method of fabricating a spherical cavitation chamber utilizing electron beam welding
Method of producing an inkjet printhead for an inkjet printer with a print engine controller
Method of manufacturing a retainer for a roller bearing
Throwaway tip and throwaway-type cutting tool
Machining apparatus for noncircular shapes
Composite metal matrix castings and solder compositions, and methods
Vacuum fixing jig for semiconductor device
Cutting-tool holder used for grinding
Low load swinging mechanism for a sander
Polishing machine, workpiece supporting table pad, polishing method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Power tong
Multi-function tool handle
Transport apparatus, control method for the same, and vacuum processing system
Multisource and multimaterial freeform fabrication
Apparatus for stretching and crystallizing the neck finish of a molded plastic article
Production method for a nanomaterial
Heat welding nozzle for sealing flooring seams
Method for welding component of a multi-layer construction
Low IV pet based copolymer preform with enhanced mechanical properties and cycle time, container made therewith and methods
Sol-Gel composite AR coating for IR applications
Method of instrumenting a component
Antireflection film, and display device comprising the same
Method for immobilizing hydrogel-forming polymers on polymer substrate surfaces
Recording medium having high melting point recording layer, information recording method thereof, and information reproducing apparatus and method therefor
Optical element and moisture-proof coating method thereof
Apparatus for regulating rotation speed of roller in laminator
Coating film transfer tool
Lens and method of manufacturing lens
Platen moving mechanism and thermal printer
Monitoring fluid short conditions for fluid-ejection devices
Drop discharge head and method of producing the same
Liquid ejecting apparatus, liquid ejecting system, and liquid ejecting method
Waste ink storage structure, ink cartridge, waste ink tank and ink jet printer
Apparatus for reducing particulate in an ink jet printer
Inkjet recording device and inkjet recording head having current plates for regulating ink flow
Method for printing a print fabric
Nozzle check pattern and liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Electronic key depth sensing device and method for interpreting keystroke levels of the device
Sheet material conveying apparatus with dual-bottom pockets
Trailer hitch coupling and anti-theft device therefore
Suspension arm for a vehicle
Protection screen and truck equipped with it
Flexible coupling and in-wheel motor system
Electric telescopic apparatus for vehicle seat
System for loading/unloading containers
Inner fender structure
Inflatable curtain airbag integrated tether
Air bag cushion fold and method thereof
Knee airbag device
Airbag cover, method of manufacturing the same, and airbag module
Expanding-controllable airbag system
Seat belt system for adults and children
System and method to reduce stall during deceleration fuel shut off
Universal floor and bucket protection devices, systems, and methods
Stroller with child barrier and pivotable cup holder
Foldable toy stroller
Device for fastening a component to a steering column jacket
Push-pull cart collection device and conversion assembly
Wheeled working machine
Mounting structure of an endless track carrier roller
Internal combustion engine installed in engine compartment
Syringe filling apparatus
Retort container
Multi-compartment container
Carton blank for direct injection molded closures
Printed packaging
Beverage shaker with ice strainer
Automatic biological analyte testing meter with integrated lancing device and methods of use
Newel guide for supporting a handrail traveling over a newel
Vibrating alignment conveyor
Sheet feed mechanism
Mobile hopper system
Driving apparatus
Rope sheave
Dosing device with a dosing casing in one or more parts
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of tetragonal phase stabilized nano and submicron sized nanoparticles
Method for producing nano-particles
Thermostable ribonuclease H obtained from Archeoglobus profundus
Fibre-reactive dyes, their preparation and their use
Lubricant blends with low brookfield viscosities
System of processing mixed-phase streams
Medical devices coated with drug carrier macromolecules
Compositions and methods for locating preferred integration sites within the genome of a plant
Dry powder cells and cell culture reagents and methods of production thereof
Alternative oxidase and uses thereof
Polypeptides and biosynthetic pathways for the production of monatin and its precursors
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
SIR2 activity
Compositions and methods for determining oocyte development potential
Modified probe molecules having self-complementary regions
Identifying susceptibility to cardiac hypertrophy
Oligonucleotide analogues
Martensitic stainless steel sheet and method for making the same
Surface treatment system and method thereof
Electrochemical processing of conductive surface
Maskless photolithography for etching and deposition
Textiles; Paper
Mobile textile treatment method and apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method of railroad tie replacement
Wheelchair platform and detachable ramp, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Floating breakwater system and method for dissipating wave energy
Recessed plaster collar assembly
Slatwall profile
Vacuum heat insulator, method of manufacturing the same, and refrigerator using the same
Floor and roof formwork system
System enabling an assembly of at least one glass sheet and an other object, glass sheet provided with one such system and use of one such sheet
Metal fence post and fence system
Hinge-plate accommodation element for attaching a hinge plate
Stiffened blade for shear-type drill bit
Downhole cooling based on thermo-tunneling of electrons
Apparatus and method for downhole dynamics measurements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Seal for turbine engine
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Component comprising a multiplicity of cooling passages
Vane ring with a damper
Valve timing control apparatus
Lubrication device for engine and outboard engine system
Method and apparatus for reducing pollutants in engine exhaust
Metering system for reducing pollutants in motor vehicle exhaust gases
Spark ignited direct injection targeting for improved combustion
Device for exchanging heat
Engine mode transition utilizing dynamic torque control
Extendible exhaust nozzle bell for a rocket engine
Controller and controlling method for internal combustion engine
Resin composition for intake system part for internal combustion engine and intake system part
Electrical disconnection in fuel injectors
Corrosion-resistant rotor for a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
Ultra low volume chemical delivery system and method
Equipment fan
Spring fastener having stabilizing barbs
Axial tapered roller bearing
Chain drive system
Electric hybrid powertrain system
Flow control device
Bellcrank seat suspension apparatus
Condensate removal device
Method and apparatus for recovering and transporting methane gas
Leveling device for vehicular headlamp
Light emission module, connector, and mounting structure for light emission module
LED illumination assembly with compliant foil construction
Illumination obscurement device
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Methods and apparatus for generating and modulating white light illumination conditions
Baffle-type grease filter for kitchen ventilators
Ventilation system
Cooling apparatus for articles operated at low temperature
Compact heat exchanging device based on microfabricated heat transfer surfaces
Stylus for key duplicating machine with replaceable segmented stylus
Tool tips with scanning probe microscopy and/or atomic force microscopy applications
Light line generating device
Apparatus for measuring number of footsteps and method thereof
Tightness test for MEMS or for small encapsulated components
Probe cover for thermometry apparatus
Outside air temperature determination apparatus
Pressure sensor apparatus and pressure sensor housing
Flow measure instrument, passage of flow measure and production method
Liquid sampler
Ionic liquid apparatus and method for biological samples
Electrochemistry using permanent magnets with electrodes embedded therein
Method for diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Test cell for magnetic immunoreaction assay and method for producing same
Hydrogel copolymer, substrate coated with the copolymer, method of producing microarray using the copolymer, and microarray produced by the method
Automated system and method for processing multiple liquid-based specimens
Piezoelectric vibration angular velocity sensor
Method of manufacturing a micro flux gate sensor
Systematic neighbor detection in shared media computer networks
Reflector and bicycle
Parallel optical connector
Compact elastic hinge for a spectacle frame
Transparent and polarizing vision element having areas which are associated with polarization filters that are respectively vertically and horizontally oriented
Camera support mechanism
Colorant-containing curable composition, color filter and manufacturing method thereof
Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same substrate
Image reading device that determines size of document and image forming apparatus having the same
Toner for electrostatic image development, electrostatic image developer and image forming method using the same
Toner for development and method of producing toner
Surgical operation device
Pre-fetching a cacheable network resource based on a time-to-live value
Facsimile apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Smartphone indicator for conversation nonproductivity
Prioritized content transmission
Social media message delivery based on user location
Resource management method, resource management system and resource manager
Redistributing a connection
Constructing a data pipeline having scalability and low latency
Social media message delivery based on user location
Processing resource access request in network
High bandwidth peer-to-peer switched key-value caching
Tag authentication and location verification service
Managing electronic mail for an end-user that is unavailable
Exploiting probabilistic latency expressions for placing cloud applications
Facilitating high quality network delivery of content over a network
Problem determination in a hybrid environment
Management of cloud provider selection
Evaluation of field replaceable unit dependencies and connections
System and methods for creating and authorizing internet content using application media packages
Variance detection between heterogeneous computer systems
Usage based authentication system
Method for routing within a mobile terminal emulating a contactless payment card
Apparatus for inputting audiogram using touch input
Sensory output for image association
Dynamic profile sharing using expiring tokens
Dynamic profile sharing using expiring tokens
Transmission and presentation of private content in electronic messages
Protecting access to a hardware device through use of an aggregate identity instance
Confidence-based authentication discovery for an outbound proxy
Password management system
Inter-platform management of computing resources
RFID tag that provides a flat print area and a pinch roller that enables the same
Display with symbology
Method and apparatus for context-based video quality assessment
Flowing colors oil painting
Arrangements for facilitating assembly, service and maintenance of image-changing signboards
Information display assembly
Video conferencing system and method
Method of fabricating a suspension load beam with a composite damping core
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with improved antiferromagnetically-coupled recording layer
Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
System for alternating light-emitting of dynamic random access memory
Patterned photovoltaic cell
Luminescent device
Capacitive pressure sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing liquid-jet head and liquid-jet head
Shock-absorbing structure of battery cover
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell
Electrode active blanks and methods of making
Method and system for starting up fuel cell stack at subzero temperatures, and method of designing fuel cell stack
Fuel reformer system with improved water transfer
Method and apparatus for fueling fuel cells
Ion conductive copolymers containing one or more hydrophobic oligomers
Methods and apparatus for wirelessly powered lighting
Electrical connector assembly
Self-retaining audio/video high definition multi-contact connector and connection method
Plug connector for mobile communication device
Reduced flickering lighting apparatus and luminaire
Magnification system
Systems and methods for transmitting routable optical energy packets
SATA host bus adapter using optical signal and method for connecting SATA storage using the same
Managing time offset and frequency drift in asynchronous DOCSIS remote PHY network environments
Antenna and transceiver for transmitting a secure signal
Extracting zero cross information in a powerline communication device
Reducing rate of measurement cycles in subsequent discontinuous reception (DRX) cycles
Method and apparatus for managing a network
Encoding method and decoding method for a list of identifiers, associated computer program products, transmitter and receiver applying said methods
System and method to orchestrate and control sequence of recovery actions for resumption of business services by dynamically changing recovery action sequence based on feedback received from agent/open flow based devices catering to both traditional and software defined networks
Dynamic network monitoring
Quality estimation methods, quality estimation apparatus, and recording medium
Computer-based flow synchronization for efficient multicast forwarding for products and services
Unified framework for isolating multicast and broadcast frames to a traffic class separate from a traffic class used for unicast frames
Multiple topology routing architecture in computer networks
BNG-pool-based response method, system and related device
System and method for providing locally applicable internet content with secure action requests and item condition alerts
Communication device and packet scheduling method
Communication device and communication method
Enhancing modulation and coding scheme selection and medium access control (MAC) protocol data unit aggregation using MAC efficiency information
Aliasing enhanced OFDM communications
Data transmission method, data demodulation method, apparatus and system
Transmitter, receiver, transmission method, and reception method
System and method of securing content
Management apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Techniques for secure debugging and monitoring
Detecting malware-related activity on a computer
Detecting malware-related activity on a computer
Passenger screening system
System and method for automatic wireless connection between a portable terminal and a digital device
Three-tiered security and computational architecture
Method and system for state machine security device
Proximity-based authentication
Storage management computer and method for avoiding conflict by adjusting the task starting time and switching the order of task execution
Data replication across servers
Tying data plane paths to a secure control plane
Facilitating users to share physical locations
Resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management
Method for making a terminal send an uplink ACK/NACK signal in a wireless communication system using carrier aggregation techniques and apparatus for the same
Computer-based optimization of digital signature generation for records based on eventual selection criteria for products and services
Systems and methods for device authentication
Unibody contact features on a chassis shell of a mobile device
Playing a personalized prerecorded audio of a call recipient to the call recipient to authenticate a telephone caller
Method and apparatus for managing processing in TDD frames to enable power dissipation reduction
Mobile terminal and incoming screen display method thereof
Communication system and information processing device
Emoticon scripture system
Cloud-based device twinning
RAW camera peripheral for handheld mobile unit
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and computer program product
Printed document control with verified unique watermarks
Image forming apparatus for sharpening image and image forming system with the same
Method and apparatus for detecting gradual transition picture in video bitstream
Image processing device, image processing method, image processing computer program, and information recording medium whereupon image processing computer program is stored
Stereoscopic display
Flicker reduction circuit and method for compressed video transmission
Method, system and apparatus for evaluating video quality
Programmatically determining when credits appear during a video in order to provide supplemental information
Distribution control system and distribution system
Management of multilingual graphics for television broadcasting
Graphics handling for electronic program guide graphics in an RVU system
RAW camera peripheral with handheld mobile unit for processing RAW image data
Imaging apparatus, control method, and program
Mobile terminal with a camera and method for capturing an image by the mobile terminal in self-photography mode
Adaptive low-light identification
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof for saving audio in association with an image
Apparatus and method for adding synchronization information to an auxiliary data space in a video signal and synchronizing a video
Enabling a true surround view of a 360 panorama via a dynamic cylindrical projection of the panorama
Image processing device and method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information processing device, conference system and storage medium
Apparatus and method for managing media content delivery for multiple communication devices
Content placement
Apparatus and method for panoramic video hosting with directional audio
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Internet-of-things system for public transportation service and method of operating same
Wireless audio accessory for attachment to an article of clothing
Electronic device and method of preventing erroneous recognizing inserting connector into earphone jack
Hearing assistance devices and user interfaces for use with same
Biologically fit wearable electronics apparatus and methods
Management of multiple devices within an analyte monitoring environment
System and method of using diameter based signaling to activate and deactivate subscriber centric, visually rendered, services
Method and device for managing communication sessions using tunnels
Acknowledgement communication with interference detection (ACK-ID)
Mobile device location
Public service awareness of crowd movement and concentration
Detecting cellular connectivity issues in a wireless communication network
System and method for transmitting a plurality of multi-service streams over an HF band
Communication control apparatus, authentication device, central control apparatus and communication system
Event context transfer in a heterogeneous communication system
Apparatus and method for providing voice call continuity using different networks in wireless communication system
System and method for reducing power consumption in detecting signal from target device
Apparatus and method for distributing data via different communication methods
Wireless communication in multi-rat system
Telescopic tunneled direct link setup discovery method
Site location determination using crowd sourced propagation delay and location data
System and method of providing a user with a registration review in IMS system
System and method for identifying a service mesh
Enhanced control of services
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving discovery signal in wireless communication system
Communications system, wireless base station, wireless terminal, and communications method
Communication apparatus and display apparatus
Masterless slot allocation
Hybrid ARQ schemes with soft combining in variable rate packet data applications
Multi-layer timing synchronization framework
Handling a radio link failure in communications
Discovery of Wi-Fi direct services via discovery probe
Method for the three-dimensional shaping of an object from a flexible cord, a cord for carrying out the method and an object produced in this way
AC-powered LED light engine
Lighting device and lighting fixture using same
Method of lighting intensity automatic adjustment and device with lighting intensity automatic adjustment
Remote control method and system for lighting apparatus
Lighting devices configurable for generating a visual signature
Dimming circuit
Methods of controlling RGBW lamps, RGBW lamps and controller therefor
Liquid filament for incandescent lights
Extraction system and particle accelerator having a foil holder
Anti-tamper device
Production method of suspension board with circuit
Component verification method and apparatus
Beam bar snap in an electronic device
Electronic device for vehicle
Metro cell aggregator enclosure
Line card ejector with line card removal indication
Water-assisted air cooling for a row of cabinets
Computing device, method, and computer program for controlling cooling fluid flow into a computer housing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Implement mounting fixture
System, apparatus and method for marking and tracking bulk flowable material
Fluid injection apparatus having lift assembly shaft levers
Tool with rotatable handle grip
Blade holding assembly for rotary cutting machine
Guard and dolly for line trimming apparatus
Multi-blade lawn mower with offset wheel
Power driven equipment utilizing hydrogen from the electrolysis of water
Access plate for an auger tube
Rotary cutterbar gear housing having support for pinion gear
Large round baler
Barrier, enclosure and method for protecting crops including a light reflecting screen
Device for automatically milking an animal
Teatcup liner and family
Dog control apparatus
Switching current water director (SCWD) for aquariums
Retractable fishing net
Fishing lure
Illuminative fishing lure with hook/weed guard circuit switch
Soluble, moving, sound producing bait apparatus and method
Float supported fishing apparatus with automatic hook set
Fishing pole holder mounting system
Outdoor insect bait station
Animal trap
Oven for producing baked molded bodies
Automatic bean curd manufacturing apparatus
Food drying machine
Machine for the industrial peeling of citrus fruits
Process and apparatus for the removal of toxic components of tobacco smoke and the standardization of the health hazards related to those components
Footwear sole component with a single sealed chamber
Growth indicator for children's shoes
Rigid and flexible shoe
Shoelace fastener
Reflectorized lace and the like
Buckle assembly
Portable cooler with umbrella
Handbag having functional devices secured by magnetically attractable devices
Eyeglass case
Laptop transport and support system for mobile environments
Garment holder
Cosmetics package
Device for the quick and easy use of a small size cellular telephone
Carrying holder
Computer support apparatus and method
Modular storage case and adjustably variable shelving therefor
Window shelf
Cable trough
Cream and sugar display stand and dispenser
Display rack for long-handled sprinklers
Display device
Shaft adjustment apparatus and method
Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
Apparatus for fastening containers for plants and storage onto balusters
Cooking appliance with interconnecting racks
Automatic baster
Grill device provided with an adjustable seasoning supplying unit
Cookware with propping assembly
Towel rack formed of parts that are detachably fitted together
Portable forced air apparel and equipment drying, deodorizing and scenting system
Rotating vacuum assisted carousel for packaging cable
Rotation joint, especially for medical instruments
Blood pressure measuring device with directly couplable measurement mechanism
Injector assembly capable of preventing subsequent dripping, as well as plunger and seal member for the injector assembly
Transdermal/transmucosal patch packaging
Increased sensitivity condom for simultaneously reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
Method and apparatus for preparing pure water
Liquid waste disposal canister
Nebulizer vial for aerosol therapy
Pulmonary aerosol delivery device and method
Ventilator monitor system and method of using same
Tracheal tubes
Endo-tracheal tube securement system
Mask cushion and frame assembly
Reel-less line retriever
Personal containment system with sealed passthrough
Multiple person high altitude recycling breathing apparatus
Respiratory apparatus with flow limiter
Fire extinguishing ball
Skateboard with a power driving unit
Method and apparatus for artificial ground freezing
Model toy train track
Book with display-changing device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for indication of leakage in a liquid system and method for such indication
Solid-liquid separating apparatus
Method for reblending sand
Air supply apparatus for semiconductor device fabricating equipment
Method and apparatus to prevent metal dusting
Process for treating incineration residues from an incineration plant
Powder spray gun
Multi-function showerhead filter system
One touch actuated valve
System and method for a two piece spray nozzle
Pre-packaged material supply assembly
Apparatus for the application of developing solution to a semiconductor wafer
Cartridge for fluid material and dispensing apparatus for such a cartridge
Methods of cleaning vaporization surfaces
Method of post processing OCR information obtained from mailpieces using a customer specific keyword database and a mailpiece sorting apparatus
Method to remove particulate contamination from a solution bath
Using hydrogen gas in a post-etch radio frequency-plasma contact cleaning process
Method and tool of tungsten/heavy metal alloy for hot-forging solid state copper and copper alloys
Object-marking device
Low contact force spring
Fastening device of a punch assembly for a pneumatic tool
Adjustable knockout assembly for a press system
Sheet thickness detecting method and device therefor in bending machine, reference inter-blade distance detecting method and device therefor, and bending method and bending device
Machine for forming cheek bends in sheet metal
Fastening machines
Independent control of squeeze plate velocity during flaskless moulding
Method for producing a freeze-cast substrate
Cooling roll, ribbon-shaped magnetic materials, magnetic powders and bonded magnets
Apparatus for producing a metallic slurry material for use in semi-solid forming of shaped parts
Drill marker tool
Method for cutting mother rod lens
Cutting disc core for a circular saw blade
Reliability of heat sink mounted laser diode bars
Phase separated system for fluxing
Solder-bearing electromagnetic shield
Method and device for producing a soldered joint
Nickel-plated brazing product having improved corrosion performance
Sawdust collection hood for table saw
Method for compensating for mechanical oscillations in machines
Working machine having a safety door
Machine tool support apparatus
Presetting device for a shrink-fit tool holder
Driving assembly for controllably driving a slide
Drive for machine components such as carriages, gripping devices or the like
Suction device with telescopic evacuating pipes
Pneumatic rotary tool
Fastener driving machine and associated method
Electronic torque wrench with flexible head
Cutter/crimper apparatus and method
Variable-stroke pliers
Speed controller for flywheel operated hand tool
Nail-hammering apparatus
Power control system for a framing tool
Fuel cell adapter system for combustion tools
Power hand tool and removable grip therefor
Cutting machine for automatic trimming of printed products
Jogger for lower frame assembly of blanking tool
Circle cutting machine
Apparatus for compacting objects
Air operable plural component dispensing apparatus
Cellular reservoir flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Splicer for splicing strips of cords embedded in rubber material to each other
Flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Impact absorbing surface covering and method for installing the same
Planographic printing plate precursor and its fixing method on plate cylinder
Chemical imaging of a lithographic printing plate
Method for imaging and erasing an erasable printing form
Holding device for flexographic printing sleeves
Gear train for a machine for processing flat printing materials
Method and device for driving a printing press
Plate cylinder with splined shell
Plate roll loading and positioning apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for producing images on eggs
Shield for doctor blade holder
Printing press register control using colorpatch targets
Lithographic press dampening control system
Printing method
Dampener metering device
Self-inking stamp
Low resilience, high ink releasing printing surface
Marker device
Sleeves and album pages for flat items
Expanding envelope with built-in divider
Miter cut, plumb cut, and seat cut angle finding system
Method for manufacturing patterned glass products
Wheel with a spring unit
Vehicle tire having non-uniformly profiled tread with respect to its center
Pneumatic tire including auxiliary grooves
Pneumatic tire including blocks having reinforcing portions
Pneumatic tire including protrusion dividing groove space of main groove having groove width narrowed during inflation
Dust shield for temperature and pressure compensating indicator
Bias tire with specified tread rubber loss tangent
Leak-Tightness and operational test of a stop valve in a pneumatic suspension
Method and dispenser for pressurized containers used with automobile air conditioning systems
Evaporative cooling apparatus
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle battery charging and air conditioning operating unit
Method and apparatus for refreshing air in a bustop air conditioner
Air conditioning systems and vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems
Air conditioning system comprising an electronic control device
Vehicular window vent
Hydrostatic transaxle
Cover pan ABS sensor
Automobile driving control device for braking a driving shaft
Internal combustion engine utilizing motor to change over compression ratio and control method of internal combustion engine
Arrangement for relative displacement of a current collector relative to a trolley wire
Seatback having removable interface for use in providing communication on-board a mobile platform
In-floor slide-out room support system
Two position mounting bracket for computer display
Method of activating a passenger safety application in a motor vehicle
Pass through seat restraint tension sensing assembly
Unitary header/base/shorting bar holder for a micro gas generator, and micro gas generator using it
Trailer wheel lock
Steering lock apparatus
Automobile trunk compartmentalizer
Carrier device for transporting objects in vehicles
Coupling device for a vehicle rack
Vehicle article carrier having a simplified locking mechanism
Brake system having boosted hydraulic accumulator
Master cylinder
Apparatus for flushing, replacing fluid and bleeding hydraulic systems
Apparatus and method for transferring electric energy onboard of the train of carriages of a sorting machine for operating electric equipment thereon
Railcar draft gear housing
Hood locating isolator
Spare tire carrier for a vehicle
Electric power steering mechanism control method and electric power steering mechanism
Walk-behind, self-propelled working machine
Hydraulic clamping device for a variable gauge track vehicle
Personal transporter
Multi speed bicycle transmission including eccentric cranking assembly
Watercraft cover and trailer system
Structural flotation device
Balancing device for low tonnage ships
Sailboat rotatable keel appendage
Pneumatic signaling device for divers
Round-circular vehicle and method therefor
Elastomeric ejection system with acoustically improved check valve
Zero moment furling swivel
Attachment apparatus for injected-molded canopies
Aircraft strut
Flap operating system
Augmenting flight control surface actuation system and method
Method and apparatus for boundary layer reattachment using piezoelectric synthetic jet actuators
Surface plasma discharge for controlling forebody vortex asymmetry
Method and apparatus for controlling airflow with a leading edge device having a flexible flow surface
Method and apparatus for providing pneumatic energy to an ejector
Integrated air turbine driven system for providing aircraft environmental control
Environmental control system
Canopy release locking bar
Apparatus for wrapping groups of products
Machine for packaging stacks of multiply paper articles or the like into wrappings obtained from a wrapping sheet
Method and apparatus for controlling the filling of containers under aseptic conditions
Method and apparatus for packaging ultra fine powders into containers
Loop-pin attaching device
Apparatus for applying heat-transfer labels onto objects
Nesting containers and lids
Closure for containers, in particular plug for bottles
Multi-functional finger-press structure of a spray can
Child-resistant fluid delivery device
Package for displaying products
Hot fillable container having separate rigid grips and flex panels
Protective packing structure for a cylindrical object and fitted with a fastener
Blade dispenser assembly
Material feeder
Waste container with displaceable panel closure
Self-stacking conveyor belt and method
Addition of intermediate supports for spiral conveyors
Reversible angle bar for a web printing press
Sheets registration method and apparatus
Hand-held device for transferring a film from a backing strip onto a substrate having backing tape reels arranged next to each other
Tape application device
Wire winding machine with wire clamping and cutting assembly
Sheet handling machine with thickness detection of multiple parts of sheet
High-speed escalator for slope
Crane control system
Braking device and hoisting machine having same
Filling spout for an umbrella-shaped jet
Conveying unit for containers in filling machines
Multiple output keg coupler
Automatic fill system for a beverage dispenser
Inflatable and collapsible apparatus for dispensing fluid from a fluid vessel
Fluid dispensing and measuring systems
Shaped saddle fender
Split-resonator integrated-post MEMS gyroscope
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for glass processing and temperature sensing
Scribing method for brittle materials, a cutter wheel used therefor and an apparatus provided therewith
Device for producing PCVD coated glass tubes for the drawing of optical fibers
Apparatus for controlling glass melting and/or refining furnaces
Process for producing SiO2-TiO2 glasses having a low coefficient of thermal expansion
Methods of cementing high temperature wells and cement compositions therefor
Method of making aluminum matrix composite wire
Insulating glass unit with structural primary sealant system
Fluidized bed combustion with heat engine
Integrated fluidics system for simplified analysis of aerosolized biological particles and particle detection ticket thereof
Atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin film deposition equipment having cleaning apparatus and cleaning method
Vertical type wafer supporting jig
Textiles; Paper
Sliver opening device for an open-end spinning device
Needle punched yarns
Sizeless yarn, a method of making it and a method of using it
Air jet weaving machine and compressed air supply for same
Method of knitting fabric
Batchwise quilting of printed materials
Sewing machine frame having reinforced structure and sewing machine provided with the frame
Sewing machine lighting equipment
Apparatus for driving embroidery frame
Method of dyeing a textile substrate in at least one supercritical fluid and a dyeing device
Installation for the wet-treatment of laundry, and seal for such an installation
Method and device for the non-iron drying of damp material, in particular damp laundry
Ironing board ajdustable in height
Fixed Constructions
Girder for the production of a track for a track-bound vehicles, in particular a magnetic levitation railway, and track produced therewith
Transportable, one piece modular, automatic entry gate
Building in suspension
Building block, system and method
Apparatus for stormwater retention and release, and method of use thereof
Door hinge assembly
Strap tie holder
Mortarless concrete wall system
Method and apparatus for assembling strong, lightweight thermal panel and insulated building structure
Roof or wall panel system and method of installation
Folding shades having minimal sag when folded
Extension panel for a folding shade
Adjustable and reversibly securable terrace stairs
Metal tubes for guardrail
Building glass facade, a method for mounting glass panes in a building glass facade, and a clamping arrangement for mounting glass panes in a building glass facade
Device to collect moisture from open decks
Tile mounting strip
Fireplace installation assembly and method
Adjustable tile spacing apparatus
Support apparatus for balancing the connecting gap between a LCD module and a computer mainframe
Portable fence supported awning
Triangular erectable shelter with flexible roof assembly
Fence structure
Burglarproof lock for a computer
Support for an LCD monitor
Window regulator
Hurricane I-post
Safety device for hinged doors
Shade tensioner
Drilling waste handling
High expansion anchor system
Apparatus for extraction of oil via underground drilling and production location
Method and device for moving a tube in a borehole in the ground
Composite bridge plug system
Anti-rotation apparatus for limiting rotation of cementing plugs
Subsea deployable drum for laying lines
Torque swivel and method of using same
Duct repairing material, repairing structure, and repairing method
Drill depth control device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
One cycle internal combustion engine
Single revolution cam engine
Internal combustion engine
Method for vibration damping using superelastic alloys
Valve mechanism, in particular for internal combustion engines of motor vehicles
Internal combustion engine with valve train
Line control arrangement for continuously variable valve timing system
Internal combustion engine
Oiling system for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust system baffling apparatus
Muffler having isolated dual flow baffle structure
Exhaust gas purification system and method for internal combustion engine
Pressure deactivated torque override coolant cap
Cooling circuit
Methods and apparatuses for laser ignited engines
Charge air intercooler having a fluid loop integrated with the vehicle air conditioning system
Vertical internal combustion engine
Intake pressure sensor arrangement for engine
Uncoupled, thermal-compressor, gas-turbine engine
Ignition control apparatus for engine with turbocharger
Method and apparatus for calculating minimum valve lift for internal combustion engines
Method and system for preconditioning an emission control device for operation about stoichiometry
Engine air amount prediction based on engine position
Intake air control valve
Piston engine
Propulsion enhancement arrangement for rocket
Evaporated fuel treatment device for internal combustion engine
Fluid swirling device for an internal combustion engine
Tamper resistant carburetor mixture needles
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic valve for controlling a fuel injection of an internal combustion engine
High-pressure-proof injector body
Fuel injection valve and a method for operating the same
Fuel injection valve
Method for starting an internal combustion engine and starter device for an internal combustion engine
Ignition spark enhancing device
Device for ignition of an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling incidences of combustion in an unloaded internal combustion engine
Shape memory alloy actuators for aircraft landing gear
Delivery valve device for a fluid compressor
Membrane pump
Fan assembly for an umbrella
Electrohydraulic actuator
High capacity one-way clutch assembly
One-way clutch
Disc brake cover
Ventilated brake rotor
Guide trough
Stator support structure for torque converter
Hydrodynamic clutch device
Differential apparatus
Pressure control apparatus for a torque-transmitting mechanism
Belt tensioning assembly
Guide for the piston rod of a piston-cylinder assembly
Valve assembly
Check valve with multiple doors
Pressure relief valve
Damper system with sealing plug
Valve mount for water saving core shaft of single handled faucet
Poppet valve seal mechanism
Pipe protector and support
Diaphragm system
Adjusting device
Lifting base for a LCD monitor
Waste water recovery and utilization system
Gas pressure regulator
Design and control strategy for catalytic combustion system with a wide operating range
Integrated combustor and nozzle for a gas turbine combustion system
Mixture fitting for a combustible gas burner system
Heat exchanger
Method and apparatus for odor-free operation of an air conditioning system
Humidifier filter servicing and water level indicator
Roof venting and cover assembly
Continuous throughput blast freezer
Method for controlling operation of refrigerator
Cooler and a method for cooling hot bulk material
Heat sink module
Heat exchanger inlet tube with flow distributing turbulizer
Method for providing integrity bounding of weapons
Gun lock
Firearm safety device
Locking mechanism for semi-automatic handguns
Lock system for multibarrel guns
Method for producing a barrel marking
Firearm silencer
Firearm magazine grip
Magazine for bullet-shooting pneumatic firearm
Firing element for muzzleloading rifle
Fin-stabilized guidable missile
Opening and closing a container
Muzzleloading bullet with expanding pin for gas check
Structure for the endpiece of tape rule
Angle cutting transfer tool and method
Target system for use with position determination system
System for operating one or more lasers to project a visible line onto a grass-covered surface
Survey point indicating instrument
Navigation device
Gyroscopic apparatus and electronic apparatus including same
Rotation-type decoupled MEMS gyroscope
Angular velocity sensor
Level with retractable hanger structure
Wireless multi-functional sensor platform, system containing same and method for its use
Flow meter
Ultrasonic flowmeter having sequentially changed driving method
Flow sensor
Fuel flowmeter
Apparatus for measuring a small quantity of a liquid
Differential pressure/pressure transmitter
Pressure transducer with composite diaphragm
Cylinder identifying system for internal combustion engine
Fugitive emission collection device
Rapid prototype wind tunnel model and method of making same
Liquid sampling device
Apparatus for handling coverslips for specimen slides
Method for determining a characteristic viscosity-shear rate relationship for a fluid
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of mass, size and number of solid particles of particulate matter in engine exhaust
Arrangement for defining the carbon content of ash
All polymer humidity sensor based on laser carbonized polyimide substrate
Gas sensor, gas sensor installation structure, and method for installing gas sensor
Apparatus for determining particle size
Method for testing studs and corresponding device
Ultrasound sorting of weanlings and identification of tenderness indicators
Device and method for screening liquid toners and receptors for use with liquid toners in electrophotography
Acceleration sensor
Inertial sensor with an integrated temperature probe
Tracking electronic devices
Deep UV laser internally induced densification in silica glasses
Collapsible duct
Tape cassette storing case
Method, system and storage medium for providing a tool kit for a coordinate measurement system
Fluid balance control system for use in a fuel processor
Dual seat valve
Compact fluid pressure control valve solenoid with pilot or gate valve
Hydraulic pressure regulating valve
Input device provided with manipulating member that slides
Method and system for configuring a publicly accessible computer system
Device for reading and collecting media which can be read without contact
System and method for facilitating a subsidiary card account
Smart card reader circuit and method of monitoring
Business card reader with a replaceable charging cradle
Desk comprising an integrated reading device
Apparatus and method for determining ingredients by label scanning
Methods and apparatus for dynamic adjustment of bar code reader parameters
Document review apparatus, a document review system, and a computer product
Processing electronic documents with embedded digital signatures
Automated banking machine system and method
Electronic fund transfer or transaction system
Electronic payment system, payment apparatus and terminal thereof
Parking toll system
Video ticket counter
Loose coin and rolled coin dispenser
Automated system and method for check amount encoding at a point-of-sale
Systems and methods for automatic language selection for system user interface
Terminal locking system
Rfid-label with an element for regulating the resonance frequency
Fluid flow monitor and indicator
Vehicle license plate holder assembly with roadside assistance request mechanism
Luggage rack flag mount
Shelf-front assembly for labeling and retaining products
Tab clip badge
Traffic sign
Reminder for periodic tasks including taking medication
Magnetic tape cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge
Compact disc holder and booklet
Switch operating mechanism
Microwave plasma processing system
Apparatus and method for monitoring plasma processing apparatus
Low-pressure dryer and low-pressure drying method
Chip mounting method
Semiconductor circular and radial flow cooler
System and method to prevent accidental starting of a motor during repair or maintenance
Line laser device
Ignition system for internal combustion engine and ignition method of fuel charged in a fuel chamber
Illumination apparatus and image reading apparatus
Cable management rack for telecommunication cross-connect systems
Speaker apparatus equipped with means for producing complicated waveform of low frequency with higher improved fidelity
Front rail in sub-rack
Single or dual buss thermal transfer system
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