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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compositions and methods for inhibiting an isoform of human manganese superoxide dismutase
Method of treating leukemia with docetaxel and vinca alkaloids
Pyrimidine derivatives as alk-5 inhibitors
Methods of controlling algae with thaxtomin and thaxtomin compositions
Tricyclic 1,2,4-triazine oxides and compositions for therapeutic use in cancer treatments
Steam generator and heating cooking apparatus having the same
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Synthetic biocompatible material having an improved oxidation resistance, process for preparing the same and prosthetic articles obtained therefrom
Treating renal cancer using a 4-[bis[2-[(methylsulfonyl)oxy]ethyl]amino]-benzaldehyde
Compositions and methods for storing holographic data
4,5-dihydro-oxazol-2-yl amine derivatives
Use of a p38 kinase inhibitor for treating psychiatric disorders
Methods of using SNS-595
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Pyrazine kinase inhibitors
4,6-disubstituted pyrimidines useful as kinase inhibitors
Substituted quinazolinamine compounds for the treatment of cancer
Substituted pyrazoles, compositions containing these, method of production and use
Imidazole compounds having pharmaceutical activity towards the sigma receptor
Thienopyrimidone compound
Estrogenic compounds and pharmaceutical formulations comprising the same
Compositions and methods for inhibiting NF-.kappa.B mediated tumorigenicity and adhesion dependent survival of cancer cells
SSX-2 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
LNA antagonists targeting the androgen receptor
Gantry, particle therapy system, and method for operating a gantry
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for producing metal oxide particle and exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Process of activation of a palladium catalyst system
Method of AC welding using a flux cored electrode
Image forming apparatus
Optical scanning device having a pitch adjustment device for adjusting a beam pitch and image forming apparatus including same
Exposing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Tire localization system
Power supply system, vehicle with the same, control method of power supply system and computer-readable recording medium bearing program causing computer to execute control method of power supply system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical glass and optical element
Process for the conversion of renewable oils to liquid transportation fuels
Antibacterial agents
Process and apparatus for synthesis gas and hydrocarbon production
Process and reactor for implementing exothermic and endothermic reactions
Thiol ester compositions and processes for making and using same
C-nitroso-derived nitroxyl donors
Radiotracers for imaging P-glycoprotein function
Optically active cyclic alcohol compound and method for preparing the same
Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Process for the preparation of pure anastrozole
Process for producing powdered compositions containing highly unsaturated fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid and powdered compositions containing the esters
Hydrate forms of AMG706
Isolation of nucleic acid
Inhibition of metallo-.beta.-lactamase by RNA
Expression control sequence
Immunogenic memapsin 2 .beta.-secretase peptides and methods of use
Process for producing fluoropolymers
Method for production of water/oil repellent composition and article
Catalyst systems and their use in polymerization processes
Process to obtain dimers, trimers and up to polymers from pyridinmethanol derivatives compounds
Glycerol derivatives and methods of making same
Polyether from ring-opening of glycidyl ether with (C2-C5 alkylene oxide) monohydric alcohol
RGD polypeptide grafted poly (glycolic acid-L-lysine-L-lactic acid) / .beta. tricalcium phosphate composite material and preparation method thereof
Amphiphilic polymer capsules and related methods of interfacial assembly
Antifouling paint composition
Drilling fluid and methods
Pumpable multiple phase compositions for controlled release applications downhole
Functionalized clay compositions for aqueous based drilling fluids
Biodiesel process
Dryer sheet
Detecting and repairing defects of photovoltaic devices
Sensor systems and methods using entangled quanta
Determining position of a media page using a slot in the imaging drum
Probe for analysis of a string of rods or tubes in a well
Non-intrusive electric alternating current sensor
Current sensor including an integrated circuit die including a first and second coil
Potential measurement apparatus and image forming apparatus
Contact probe and method of making the same
Device of evaluating magnetic read head and method of evaluating magnetic read head
Multi-channel birdcage body coil for magnetic resonance imaging
System and method for electrically contacting local coils with a signal processor remote therefrom in a magnetic resonance scanner
Multifrequency locating arrangement with frequency designation
Compensated directional resistivity measurements
High intensity discharge lamp lighting device and lighting fixture
DCDC converter with soft-startup and soft-transition for adjustable output voltage
Power supply circuit
Method and apparatus for AC to DC power conversion with reduced harmonic current
Voltage supply with low power and leakage current
Method and apparatus to limit output power in a switching power supply
Modulator with linear period stretching capability
System and method for controlling a power budget at a power source equipment using a PHY
Display apparatus having a plurality of input terminals and method thereof
Method for calibrating coordinates of touch screen
Sequential browsing and visible representation of a user's watch list of stocks and market indices
Real-time rendering of light-scattering media
Diffuse photon map decomposition for parallelization of global illumination algorithm
System and method for coronary segmentation and visualization
Vector-based harbor scheduling
System and method for acquiring location information of a communication device
Automatic warning and breaking system for vehicle
Call system for location and training of a cat or other domestic animal
Electric device and method of normality determination for communication function in such an electric device
In-vehicle mount display controller, in-vehicle mount display device, display control method, control program and recording medium
Field emission light emitting device
Image display method and image display device
Plasma display panel driving method having a high temperature and low temperature driving mode and plasma display device thereof
Display device
Superimposed displays
Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
Optical detection apparatus, liquid crystal display device using the same and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device having an improved backlight
Image display apparatus and image display module
Power supply apparatus and liquid crystal display including the same
Electronic music stand performer subsystems and music communication methodologies
Sealing-end structure for superconducting cable
Coil magnets with constant or variable phase shifts
Gull wing surface mount magnetic structure
On-vehicle manipulating system
Method and apparatus for measuring degradation of insulation of electrical power system devices
Power control engagement device for a power tool
Segmented dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Display device comprising color filters and electronically aligned photo-emissive elements
Metal vapor discharge lamp with a restrain member for inner tube
Apparatus for photon detection including a sample cell with an outer surface with a curved bottom, and a pinhole created on a pinhole plate
Ion implantation apparatus and a method
Electric lamp featuring a discharge vessel with pinched seals and mounting members
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with amalgam capsule having amalgam chamber
Light emitting diode lamp
Electrical processing apparatus and method for electrically processing display panel having organic light-emitting layer
System for heat treatment of semiconductor device
Chip package structure and method of fabricating the same
System and method for increasing the number of IO-s on a ball grid package by wire bond stacking of same size packages through apertures
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device for fingerprint recognition
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic device, and method of producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor package which includes an insulating layer located between package substrates which may prevent an electrical short caused by a bonding wire
High-contrast laser mark on substrate surfaces
Mark structure for coarse wafer alignment and method for manufacturing such a mark structure
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus, image inspecting apparatus and image forming system
SOI body contact using E-DRAM technology
Display apparatus with storage electrodes having concavo-convex features
Micro-electromechanical device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Implementing tamper evident and resistant detection through modulation of capacitance
Phase-change memory device that stores information in a non-volatile manner by changing states of a memory material
Semiconductor device including non-stoichiometric silicon carbide layer and method of fabrication thereof
Light emitting system, light emitting apparatus and forming method thereof
Semiconductor device structure with a tapered field plate and cylindrical drift region geometry
Integrated lateral high-voltage metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
Semiconductor device and method for cutting electric fuse
Semiconductor memory device having a semiconductor layer disposed between first and second gate electrodes
Semiconductor device with three-dimensional field effect transistor structure
Lateral power MOSFET with high breakdown voltage and low on-resistance
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having insulating films that include multiple layers formed by insulating materials having d-orbital metal element and insulating materials without d-orbital metal element
Nonvolatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
MEMS device having a movable electrode
Highly tunable metal-on-semiconductor trench varactor
Photoelectric conversion element, solar battery, and photo sensor
Semiconductor and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device having a hetero-junction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof
EL display device and a method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon nanoparticle white light emitting diode device
Pixel performance improvement by use of a field-shield
Silicon package with embedded oscillator
Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device and production method of the device, and display apparatus
Mobile charger receptacle configured with universal serial bus (USB), cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) plug and control firmware
Low-pass filter
Temperature compensation attenuator
System and method for improving performance of coplanar waveguide bends at mm-wave frequencies
Antenna with inner spring contact
Cellular reflectarray antenna and method of making same
Network communication device
Flat motor having a dual air gap
Encoder with motor
Small diameter stepping motor, bobbin used therein and manufacturing method thereof
Linear stepping motor
Cylinder-type linear motor and moving part thereof
Generator and wind turbine
Ultrasonic motor and electronic device using the same
Power converting device for electric train
Repetitive error correction method for disk-drive spindle motor control systems
Method for determining the position of a rotor of a synchronous machine having at least one excitation winding
Generator control unit
Method for smoothing alternating electric current from a number of power generating units and wind power plant including a number of wind mills with variable rotational speed
High frequency generator without rotating diode rectifier
Adaptive field control of a variable frequency synchronous generator
Class D amplifier control circuit and method
Converter with parallel coupled differential input pairs
Amplifier, amplifying method, and filter
Power supply providing ultrafast modulation of output voltage
MEMS resonator including main and sub movable beams, and exciting electrodes excited by alternating-current signal
Proximity sensor for a vehicle
Pulse width modulation control system
Comparing device having hysteresis characteristics and voltage regulator using the same
Signal driver with first pulse boost
Digital phase-locked loop
Low-jitter phase-locked loop
Current mode double-integration conversion apparatus
Method for transmission of a digital message from a display to a handheld receiver
Efficient rateless distributed compression of non-binary sources
Determination of compression state information for use in interactive compression
Parallel-serial conversion circuit and data receiving system
Semiconductor device and wiring part thereof
Solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for providing selectively colored light
System and method for controlling multiple light sources
Methods and systems for operating and controlling theatrical lighting
Flexible sheet with electrical connecting locations engaging through holes in a rigid substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Plants and seeds of corn variety I465837
Inbred sweet corn line X532Y
"Soybean cultivar SN82579"
Animal shock collar with low impedance transformer
Method and apparatus for accurate powered deceleration and immobilization of manually operated mechanism
Absorbent article which maintains prolonged natural skin pH
Absorbent article with multiple high absorbency zones
Supporting material for medical purposes
Ergometer loading device with large braking force
Performing Operations; Transporting
Removably mountable blind-type curtain
Assembling electroconductive parts by electric current heating
Resistance welding power supply apparatus
Laser assembly for material processing
Laser device, laser machining device and optical amplifier
Apparatus for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Apparatus for sealing a semiconductor device utilizing a release film
Rapid manufacturing system for metal, metal matrix composite materials and ceramics
Etched tri-layer metal bonding layer
Disposable absorbent articles for horse or pony
Warm-up control device of hybrid electric vehicle
System for controlling electromotive force of motor of electric vehicle
Apparatus for detecting the condition of a road surface
Bicycle control system for controlling an elebike
Dual input servo coupled control sticks
Propulsion device and method of generating shock waves
Spacecraft power system
Thermoformed polypropylene mineral-filled microwaveable containers having food contact compatible olfactory properties and process for their manufacture
Zone control method in roller conveyor and zone controller
Chemically synthesized and assembled electronics devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sensor device for intensity measurement of UV light and a photochemical UV treatment system
Reflective electro-optic fiber-based displays
Iris transformation method
Polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants
Chimeric genes and methods for increasing the lysine and threonine content of the seeds of plants
Fe-Cr-Ni alloy electron gun electroded and Fe-Cr-Ni alloy sheet for electron gun electrodes
Shadow mask, a method of forming the shadow mask, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with using the shadow mask
Fixed Constructions
Illumination and guidance system for traffic areas
Inductively powered lamp unit
Motor vehicle door lock and process for its control
Electromotive drive system, especially a power window drive system for a motor vehicle
Sonde locator
Downhole inductively coupled digital electronic system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for powering a polyphased electric motor with electronic switching, and supply circuit for implementing same
Cylinder identifying apparatus for combustion engine
Method and device for charging a capacitive actuator
Line guiding arrangement for supporting energy lines
Drive for a windmill
Method and apparatus for digital communications with multiparameter light fixtures
Lamp apparatus for liquid crystal display device
Glow plug for internal combustion engines
Arts and crafts hot pot
On-board camouflage lighting system using directional light sources
6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) motion measuring apparatus
Head for the linear dimension checking
Magnetic incremental motion detection system and method
Dynamic light scattering at multiple discrete wavelengths, using multiple mono-mode fibres or for detecting the velocity of scattering sensors
Area receiver with antenna-coupled infrared sensors
Method and device for measuring concentration
Diagnostic testing equipment for determining properties of materials and structures of low observable vehicles
Voltage supply for a sensor unit and acceleration sensor unit with such a voltage supply
Attachable/detachable probing point
AC phasing voltmeter
Digital storage oscilloscope
Current detector
Power sensing RF termination apparatus including temperature compensation means
Measuring system for measuring power and/or power factors at at least one measuring point in an a.c. voltage network
Methods and apparatus for controlling data flow in electricity meter
System and method for adjusting the orbit of an orbiting space object using an electrodynamic tether and micro-fabricated field emission device
Method for testing high voltage breakdown and leakage current of electrical cables
Open cable locating for sheathed cables
Methods and apparatus for testing electrical connections
Capacitance rejecting ground fault protecting apparatus and method
Multiple parameter testing with improved sensitivity
Test head assembly utilizing replaceable silicon contact
Burn-in apparatus for screening plurality of semiconductor devices
Conductive bump array contactors having an ejector and methods of testing using same
Conductive bump array contactors having an ejector and methods of testing using same
Tester for semiconductor devices and test tray used for the same
Apparatus and method for inspecting wiring on board
Charged particle beam test system for extracting test result at specified timing
Method for characterizing delay of frequency translation devices
Method and system for testing an electrical component
Test apparatus of integrated circuit
Relay circuit test extender
Rotor analyzer for an induction motor
Universal power supply
Multiple plateau battery charging method and system to fully charge the first plateau
Methods and systems for indicating a charge state of a charge storage device
Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in well logging using motion triggered pulsing
Real-time embedded magnetic resonance fluoroscopy
Depth of interaction system in nuclear imaging
Digital peak detector for radiation detection systems
Earthquake-alarm device
Toroidal receiver for NMR MWD
Vertically-tolerant alignment using slanted wall pedestal
Process for repairing defect applied in liquid crystal display
Method for stitching partial radiation images to reconstruct a full image
Reticles for charged-particle-beam microlithography that exhibit reduced warp at pattern-defining regions, and semiconductor-device-fabrication methods using same
Power window mechanism for enabling window to be opened in case of submergence of vehicle
Power supply auxiliary circuit
Microelectronic current regulator
Power supply capable of being configured to generate positive and negative output resistances
Voltage regulator
Method and apparatus for reducing input impedance of a preamplifier
Method for generating a substantially temperature independent current and device allowing implementation of the same
Vehicular input device capable of being adjusted to conform to the physical constitution of the operator
Charge control method and computer
Reset circuit
Method and system design with systematic adjustment of individual building blocks for high speed bipolar circuits
System for programming field programmable devices
Frequency converter enabling a non-integer division ratio to be programmed by means of a unique control word
Digitally-operated analog buffer amplifiers
Apparatus for detecting operation of an electric fence and fence charger
Radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, wireless communication systems, and methods of indicating operation
Abnormal condition detecting system detecting abnormal condition of user at residence
Performance data modifying method, performance data modifying apparatus, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for displaying multiple images of musical score data on screen of display
Servo-articulated modules and robotic assemblies incorporating them
Device having periodic wiring structure and test device therefor
Procedures and apparatus for turning-on and turning-off elements within a field emission display device
Method of driving plasma display panel and plasma display apparatus
Flat-panel display with controlled sustaining electrodes
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Drum tensioner holding
Quick release bracket holder for percussion instruments
Structural torsion brace for an acoustic musical instrument
Method for preventing polyphony shortage in an electronic organ
Mounting board for guitar effects
Spindle-motor control method, spindle-motor control device, spindle-motor drive circuit and disk device
Head suspension assembly for testing a slider
Wave reforming circuit
Semiconductor storage element
Sense amplifier flip-flop
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Method, system and method of using a component for setting the electrical characteristics of microelectronic circuit configurations
Testing system for semiconductor device
Contact array structure for buried type transistor
Impedance matching circuit for semiconductor memory device
High speed programmable address decoder
Semiconductor circuit device having active and standby states
Capacitance devices for film thickness mapping, measurement methods using same
Drive stage and scanning probe microscope and information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Lightweight radiation protective garments
Single accelerator/two-treatment vault system
Electron beam apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Cathode ray tube
Cathode-ray tube
Focused ion beam system
Transmission line based inductively coupled plasma source with stable impedance
Pulsing intelligent RF modulation controller
Miniaturized device for separating the constituents of a sample and delivering the constituents of the separated sample to a mass spectrometer
Shipboard chemical agent monitor-portable (SCAMP)
Atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer
Discharge lamp with electrode fitting structure
Dome shield for protected metal halide lamps
Electric lamp
Fluorescent lamp and luminaire with improved illumination light in a low color temperature region
Dual-element 3-way compact fluorescent lamp
Seal and method of sealing devices such as displays
Over clamp sensor
Method for constructing ferroelectric capacitors on integrated circuit substrates
Apparatus for sealing a ball grid array package and circuit card interconnection
Bonding pad structure of a semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Capacitor structures
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Monolithic integrated circuit incorporating an inductive component and process for fabricating such an integrated circuit
Indium-enhanced bipolar transistor
Image sensing device and production process thereof
Semiconductor device having a U-shaped groove in the body of the device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
NAND type nonvolatile ferroelectric memory cell
Capacitor structure
Semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory capacitor with intra-dielectric conductive sidewall spacer
Semiconductor device including a MIS transistor
Damascene processing employing low Si-SiON etch stop layer/arc
Semiconductor devices which have analog and digital circuits integrated on a common substrate
Peripheral structure for monolithic power device
Electronic substrate having an aperture position through a substrate, conductive pads, and an insulating layer
Single metal programmability in a customizable integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device, a process for a semiconductor device, and a process for making a masking database
Compositions for improving interconnect metallization performance in integrated circuits
BiCMOS device having a CMOS gate electrode and a bipolar emitter each containing two impurities of the same conductivity type
Dynamic threshold voltage devices with low gate to substrate resistance
Method for producing non-violatile semiconductor memory device and the device
Double gated transistor
Method and apparatus for suppressing the channeling effect in high energy deep well implantation
Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Package with low stress hermetic seal
Electronic component, communication device, and manufacturing method for electronic component
Flip chip semiconductor package
Encapsulated semiconductor die package
Semiconductor device having an improved structure for preventing cracks, and improved small-sized semiconductor
Semiconductor device having a chip, reinforcing plate, and sealing material sharing a common rear surface
Method and apparatus to manufacture an electronic package with direct wiring pattern
Attaching semiconductor dies to substrates with conductive straps
QFN semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and double-sided multi-chip package
Structure and process of via chain for misalignment test
SOI based transistor inside an insulation layer with conductive bump on the insulation layer
Method of packaging fuses
Multi-junction solar cell
Semiconductor device with connection terminals in the form of a grid array
Semiconductor apparatus
Uniform current distribution SCR device for high voltage ESD protection
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Integrated circuit device formed with high Q MIM capacitor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same, and cell size calculation method for DRAM memory cells
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Multicolor organic EL element having plurality of organic dyes, method of manufacturing the same, and display using the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor configuration and current limiting device
Field-effect transistor
Semiconductor device
Negative-differential-resistance heterojunction bipolar transistor with topee-shaped current-voltage characteristics
Enhanced flux semiconductor device with mesa and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor position sensor
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Method for fabricating lateral PNP heterojunction bipolar transistor and related structure
Substrate structures for integrated series connected photovoltaic arrays and process of manufacture of such arrays
Photovoltaic cell having a colored appearance, particularly for a watch dial
Photodetector having a mixed crystal layer of SiGeC
Photointerrupter and case thereof
Window for light emitting diode
Vertical geometry ingan LED
Thermoelectric compositions
Qubit using a Josephson junction between s-wave and d-wave superconductors
Switched actuator control
Survival radio battery adapters
Power device
Housing and cable with electromagnetic interference shielding
Multi quantum well grinsch detector
Encapsulation for the connection end or the termination end of an electric strip heater cable, and a method for producing it
Two-piece up-spout fitting for wiring duct
Arc fault detector method
Electric motor unit, in particular for motor vehicle, incorporating a control electronics
On-board electric power supply system
Capacity detection methodology and circuitry by boosted transient current
Method for charging a battery pack including a plurality of battery units
Battery-powered apparatus having detection means for the discharge condition of the battery
Cable attachment assembly for battery of vehicle
Method and apparatus for recharging batteries in the presence of a load current
Cell balance adjusting circuit, abnormal cell voltage detecting circuit, method of adjusting cell balance, and method of detecting abnormal cell voltage
Battery charger apparatus and method
Charger having secured power supplier and cable
Self-programmable battery load/bias for memory expansion module
Electrical machine with permanent magnets
Diecast rotor with compound short-circuit loops and method of manufacture
AC generator for vehicles
Electric rotary machine having a plurality of conductor segments and method of manufacturing the same
Forced-convection heat exchanger for a rotary electrical machine
Rotary electric power generator
Integral brush holder gasket
Electric motor with brake
Electrical machines
Protection circuit for reducing noise received at a circuit operating on a voltage reference supply
Power distribution with redundant circuitry for reliability
Semiconductor apparatus with alarm predicting means
DC-DC voltage boosting method and power supply circuit using the same
High speed voltage boosting circuit
Feedback controlled substrate bias generator
Method and apparatus for sharing power
Method and system for measuring a parameter of motor operation
Servo-control apparatus for motor
Motor control apparatus
Frequency doubler circuit having detect-control unit for improving frequency doubling performance
Differentiate and divide FM demodulator
Amplifier measurement and modeling processes for use in generating predistortion parameters
RF amplifier system having PDM drive
Auto-calibration circuit to minimize input offset voltage in an integrated circuit analog input device
Line impedance calibration using actual impedance determination
Gate protection clamping circuits and techniques with controlled output discharge current
Noise suppression circuit, ASIC, navigation apparatus communication circuit, and communication apparatus having the same
Gate drive circuit with feedback-controlled active resistance
Output buffer having a pre-driver transition controller
Input buffer having dual paths
Level adjustment circuit and data output circuit thereof
Level-shifting circuitry having "high" output during disable mode
Tristate buffer
Latching annihilation based logic gate
Structure of controlled pipeline logic
Divide by 15 clock circuit
Low power differential comparator with stable hysteresis
D-FF circuit
Flip flop circuit
Ballast for parallel-connected lamps
Variable delay circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having the same
Delay locked loop circuit having duty cycle correction function and delay locking method
Programmable delay clock gaters
IO power management: synchronously regulated output skew
Bandwidth calibration for frequency locked loop
Semiconductor integrated circuit, delay-locked loop having the same circuit, self-synchronizing pipeline type system, voltage-controlled oscillator, and phase-locked loop
Detection of devices on a local area network
Interface isolator and method for communication of differential digital signals
Bucket brigade TDI photodiode sensor
Horizontal deflection circuit with dynamic S-correction
Image sensor utilizing a low FPN high gain capacitive transimpedance amplifier
Damping/muffling structure for electroluminescent cell
Switch mode energy recovery for electro-luminescent lamp panels
Decorative wall plate switch dimmer mechanism
Integral lamp
Multiple CCFL current balancing scheme for single controller topologies
High frequency/high power factor inverter circuit with combination cathode heating
Cascaded inert gas purging of distributed or remote electronic devices through interconnected electrical cabling
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew