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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fishing rod support
Clothing with detachable symbols
Sandal with adjustable straps and interchangeable mix and match straps and insoles
Power tool
Turbine brush of a vacuum cleaner
Manually guided suction apparatus
Vacuum cleaner and dust bag for vacuum cleaner
Removable cap for tissue-insertable connections
Method and apparatus for measuring bladder electrical activity to diagnose bladder dysfunction
Athletic protective device
Therapeutic prostatic thermotherapy
Apparatus and method for generating post-burial audio communications in a burial casket
Apparatus and method for generating post-burial audio communications in a burial casket
Detection of possible failure of capacitive elements in an implantable medical device
Pulse wave application system
Method and apparatus for delivering pre-shock defibrillation therapy
Change log for implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for attaching substrates
Cylinder valve spring compressor
Holding fixture for machining bearing caps
Instrument for manual operation
Door, deep draw molded door facing, and methods of forming door and facing
Machine for the strapping of compressible packaged goods in particular, such as corrugated cardboard layers
Packaging methods and packaging materials for fine powders
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for adjustable stacker bar assembly having quick change features
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for detecting a parameter at a plurality of slivers fed to a drafting system of a spinning machine
Steam washing machine operation method having a dual speed spin pre-wash
Fixed Constructions
Tornado resistant dome house
Device for connecting beams and pillars or similar structural elements
Device and method for reinforcing attachment of lightweight insulating concrete top coat to an underlying roof deck in a roof system
Insulated concrete form
Reconfigurable attic air vent
Service line distribution base
Reusable worker housing and methods relating thereto
Omni-directional airfoil and method for reducing wind damage to structures
Gate assembly
Sliding window apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for evaluating degree of soot loading in depollution means
NOx control using a neural network
System for assisting the regeneration of depollution means for a motor vehicle engine
Exhaust gas purification apparatus
Combustion engine
Apparatus and method for assembling gas turbine engines
Stationary mechanical engines and subsonic jet engines using supersonic gas turbines
Crankless reciprocating steam engine
Hybrid vapor compression-absorption cycle
Sensor assembly for detecting ice crystal formation on heat exchange surface and ice-making machine incorporating the same
Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
Apparatus for receiving, storing and providing bags of blood
Drying apparatus, and controlling method of the same
Angle sensor
Dynamic navigation system
Vehicle collision avoidance system and method
Gyro based alignment system
Limited access comfort control
Bicycle information processing apparatus with memory protection
Programmable logic device and method of testing a programmable logic device
Method for determining the resolution of blood glucose
Control circuit of a DC fan motor for start with high voltage and high rotational speed with low voltage
Diode discovery power level detection
Test buffer design and interface mechanism for differential receiver AC/DC boundary scan test
Acoustic signal processing method using array coherency
Miniature antenna and electromagnetic field sensing apparatus
Long reach unamplified optical SONET/SDH card
Apparatus and method employing multilayer thin-film stacks for spatially shifting light
System for modulating optical signals
Waveguide-based Bragg gratings with spectral sidelobe suppression and method thereof
Method and apparatus for tuning a bragg grating in a semiconductor substrate
Image forming device
Toner supply container, toner supplying apparatus, and driving force transmitting mechanism
Image forming apparatus, apparatus for supplying toner and developing apparatus using therefor
Developer Cartridge including radially extending drive lug
System and method for measuring charge/mass and liquid toner conductivty contemporaneously
Device control system
Methods and apparatus for retrieving energy readings from an energy monitoring device
Fault-tolerant clock generator
Clock and data recovery circuits
Storage unit having normal and backup power sources for use in retaining data when normal power fails
Managing multiple processor performance states
External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
Early clock fault detection method and circuit for detecting clock faults in a multiprocessing system
Dynamic sparing during normal computer system operation
Reducing memory access latencies from a bus using pre-fetching and caching
Shadow register to enhance lock acquisition
Apparatus and method to reduce memory footprints in processor architectures
Computer system for managing performances of storage apparatus and performance management method of the computer system
CAM modified to be used for statistic calculation in network switches and routers
Cache memory eviction policy for combining write transactions
Method and apparatus for file management
Editing apparatus and editing method
System and method for the discovery and use of repetitively accessed data
Method for controlling storage device controller, storage device controller, and program
Optimally mapping a memory device
Management of hierarchically configured storage
Method and system for client-side caching
Cache flushing
Embedding data in an information signal
Device and method for disabling an override hardware pin assertion
Semiconductor memory device for preventing a late write from disturbing a refresh operation
Method of operating a crossbar switch
Hardware management of java threads utilizing a thread processor to manage a plurality of active threads with synchronization primitives
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in Direct Memory Access
Multiple project scheduling system
Interactive context preserved navigation of graphical data sets using multiple physical tags
Autonomous eclone
Distributed protocol processing in a data processing system
System and method for caching and validating user and command specific server response messages
Communication protocol
Web-to-phone account linking using a linking code for account identification
System and method for service development over content-specific sessions
Method allocation scheme for maintaining server load balancers services in a high throughput environment
Subscription-based priority interactive help services on the internet
Method for transferring selected display output from a computer to a portable computer over a wireless communication link
Intelligent network interface port for visiting computers
Battery pack having integral optical reader for wireless communication device
Method and system for instantaneous on-demand delivery of multimedia content over a communication network with aid of content capturing component, delivery-on-demand client and dynamically mapped resource locator server
Mechanisms for efficient message passing with copy avoidance in a distributed system using advanced network devices
Method for multicasting a message on a computer network
Method for inclusion of psychological temperament in an electronic emulation of the human brain
System and method for rapid computation of PageRank
Synthesizer multi-bus component
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of soundwaves from digital signals
Method and system for characterizing optical receivers by mathematical derivation
Method and system for determining occurrence of slips leading to falls
Method and apparatus for a professional practice application
System and method for resolving a discrepancy in a clinical data management system
System, representation, and method providing multilevel information retrieval with clarification dialog
Search engine interface
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of garbage collection using stack trace cache
Threshold voltage roll-off compensation using back-gated MOSFET devices for system high-performance and low standby power
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for remotely diagnosing process flows in systems
Determining impact of test operations at a product assembly and test facility with repairable product
Semiconductor manufacturing fault detection and management system and method
Systems and methods for metrology recipe and model generation
Search robot system
Integrated battery service system
Industrial truck having an interface for diagnostic data
Shell extensions for an operating system
Method and system for preventing the activation of a computer screen saver
Software architecture for providing a connection handle association
Methods and apparatus for exchanging information between browser pages
Wizard user interface providing interim system product generation and reversion during wizard traversal
Method and device for monitoring the function of an output stage having pulse width modulation
Method for selecting products
Classifier tuning based on data similarities
Efficient heuristic approach in selection of materialized views when there are multiple matchings to an SQL query
Intelligent step presentation
Adaptive prefetch of I/O data blocks
Process control configuration system with connection validation and configuration
Computer system and method for aiding log base debugging
System and method for performing path-sensitive value flow analysis on a program
Security system design supporting method
System and method for creating reusable management instrumentation for IT resources
Use of formal logic specification in construction of semantic descriptions
Just in time compilation of java software methods
Hardware opencore evaluation
High-performance memory queue
Efficient RPC mechanism using XML
System and method for dynamic self-determining asynchronous event-driven computation
Interface to a memory system for a processor having a replay system
Inter-partition message passing method, system and program product for throughput measurement in a partitioned processing environment
Packet processing device processing input packet data in a packet routing device
Program control method, computer system, control program, and storage medium storing the control program
Method of modeling of faulting and fracturing in the earth
Evaluation of reservoir and hydraulic fracture properties in multilayer commingled reservoirs using commingled reservoir production data and production logging information
Region extraction in vector images
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method and storage medium
Three-dimensional tomography
Method for quantization of histogram bin value of image
Apparatus for processing machine-readable code printed on print medium together with human-readable information
Bit-mapped image multi-stage analysis method
Method and system for transmitting data for a shared application
Digital signal coding with division into tiles
Image coding method and apparatus for localized decoding at multiple resolutions
5,3 wavelet filter having three high pair and low pair filter elements with two pairs of cascaded delays
Compression and decompression coding scheme and apparatus
Complexity-directed cooperative problem solving
Feedback control of problem solving
System and method for verification of customer information entered via an Internet based order entry system
Method and system for internet banking and financial services
Building construction bid and contract management system, internet-based method and computer program therefor
Payroll management method and apparatus
Authentication method and system
Embedded multi-layer coupled hidden Markov model
Voice coding method, voice coding apparatus, and voice decoding apparatus
Enhancing the intelligibility of received speech in a noisy environment
Speech-related event notification system
Disk drive having means for pressing disk tray by using chassis case as a reaction point
Electronic apparatus
Disk cartridge
Information recording/reading apparatus
CPP read sensors having constrained current paths made of lithographically-defined conductive vias and methods of making the same
Method for patterning a magnetoresistive sensor
Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head using a protective layer to prevent write pole consumption
Method of manufacturing printed wiring board
Vacuum cleaner cord management system
FEC block reconstruction system, method and computer program product for mitigating burst noise in a communications system
High speed arithmetic operations for use in turbo decoders
Two stage detector having viterbi detector matched to a channel and post processor matched to a channel code
System and method for transparent electronic data transfer using error correction to facilitate bandwidth-efficient data recovery
System and method for improving capacity gain while maintaining call performance in a wireless communications system
Highly linear power amplifier and radio applications thereof
Automatic gain control system and method using multiple local AGC loops
Device for reconstructing data from a received data signal and corresponding transceiver
Wireless communication device
Mobile station capable of performing automatic frequency control based on correspondence of frequency error and TCXO control voltage to base station
Triple conversion RF tuner with synchronous local oscillators
Gilbert cell and method thereof
Wireless operating system
Method for managing incoming calls on a mobile phone
On-chip loop filter for a PLL
Architecture for cordless telephones
Device for detecting polarization mode dispersion
Method and apparatus for determining the closed loop power control set point in a wireless packet data communication system
Method and device for controlling combined UMTS/GSM/EDGE radio systems
Coverage area signature in an on-frequency repeater
Wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system
Channel allocation method for radio data calls having different bandwidths
Directory enabled secure multicast group communications
Radio-based intelligent terminal and program for notice of gateway exchange
Method and system for authorizing a client computer to access a server computer
Information communication apparatus and method, information communication system, and memory medium
Method and apparatus for identifying universal resource locator rewriting in a distributed data processing system
Method and device for feedback transmission in a radio communication system
Portable radio communication apparatus
Collapsible radio terminal, conversion start method and conversion start program
Video enhanced gravemarker
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Method and apparatus for the recording the reproduction of transmitted programme contribution
Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
Multi-node wireless communication system with multiple transponding platforms
Method and apparatus for setting up a communication with a target base station in a cellular or cordless mobile telecommunications system
Location systems and cellular communication networks
Systems and methods for obtaining location based information using a mobile communication device
Message transmitting method using short message service
Speaker apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
High frequency power amplifier
High volume expander circuit
Optimized power amplifier
Methods and apparatus for noise shaping a mixed signal power output
Circuit for automatic regulation of a differential amplifier''s gain
Bias rail buffer circuit and method
RF power transistor having cascaded cells with phase matching between cells
Wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier
Phase lock loop system and method
Method and apparatus for producing an offset frequency
Oscillation circuits featuring coaxial resonators
Circuit for locking an oscillator to a data stream
Single stage voltage controlled ring oscillator
Microwave oscillator with dielectric resonator
Temperature compensated high performance oscillator
Temperature compensated variable attenuator
Slip joint polarizer
Radio frequency multiplexer for coupling antennas to AM/FM/WB, CB/WB, and cellular telephone apparatus
Multi-mode edge reflection saw filter device with ground electrodes between stages, duplexer, and communication device
Surface acoustic wave device with split electrodes and outermost electrodes of a different width than the split electrodes
Device for transmission and/or reception of signals
General response dual-mode, dielectric resonator loaded cavity filter
Q-switched cavity multiplier
Contactor with floating armature
Electromagnetic switching device with a multipart housing
Magnet set forming and aligning apparatus and method
Electronic surface mount package
Electronic surface mount package
Surface mountable electrical device
Temperature sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Lighting control subsystem for use in system architecture for automated building
Remotely-operated self-contained electronic lock security system assembly
Radio paging receiver
Transponder identification and record assembly
Method and device for preventing persons from falling asleep
Method and apparatus for securing communications along ac power lines
Signal connection device for a power line telecommunication system
Vehicle remote control system having keyless entry and piggyback control features and associated methods
Radar/laser detection device with multi-sensing and reporting capability
Stable, reliable capacitive oil deterioration and level sensor
Randomization of transmit time
Locked shut down with remote monitoring of large equipment
Locating concealed conductors
Object locating system
Modular system for monitoring the presence of a person using a variety of sensing devices
System and method for providing access to selected animals to a secured enclosure
Solar radiation sensor
Mechanism for retaining a removable element in a mounting structure
Machine monitor with status indicator
Force-responsive detectors and systems
Aerialift warning system and method
Housing for an alarm
Centralized apparatus control system for controlling a plurality of electrical apparatuses
Tool or tool holder
Interactive traffic display and trip planner
Emergency operating system for piloting an aircraft in a smoke filled cockpit
Linear position detecting system
Low-voltage joystick port interface
Backside keyboard for a notebook or gamebox
Eight-to-fifteen modulation using no merging bit and optical disc recording or reading systems based thereon
Decoding device
Analog isolation system with digital communication across a capacitive barrier
Analog-to-digital conversion device
Method and circuit for testing an analog-to-digital converter module on a data processing system having an intermodule bus
Electrooptical scanning analog-to-digital converter
Digital-to-analog converter with high-speed output
Data acquisition system comprising real-time analysis and storing means
Measuring apparatus for digitally detecting analog measured variables
Electronic countermeasures system
Method of optimizing the coverage area of a sensor
Radar receiver having matched filter processing
Bistatic passive radar system with improved ranging
Portable weather indicating device and method
Rescue target position indicating apparatus
Triggerable remote controller
System and method to estimate carrier signal in global positioning systems (GPS)
Global positioning system and global positioning method with improved sensitivity by detecting navigation data inversion boundaries
Signal detector employing coherent integration
Predicting coherent sidelobe canceller
System and method for position determination by impulse radio
Low cost high performance portable phased array antenna system for satellite communication
Compact phased array antenna system, and a method of operating same
Antenna construction including a ground plane and radiator
Surface-mounted antenna and communication apparatus using same
Apparatus and method for ensuring proper antenna position
Antenna module for portable computer
Mobile apparatus with plurality of antennas having different directivities
Rearview mirror with integrated microwave receiver
Modular hub array antenna
Antenna arrangement and a method in connection with the antenna arrangement
Bi-frequency cellular telephone antenna
Operation of a plurality of visual display units from one screen controller
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device
Half tone display method of display panel
Integrated circuit card with liquid crystal display for viewing at least a portion of the information stored in the card
Gamma correction of the viewing angle of liquid crystal display
Adjustment method of display device
Apparatus for driving liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal display apparatus, electronic apparatus, and method of driving liquid crystal display panel
Liquid-crystal display device
Method of switching video sources and computer system employing this method
Small information processing apparatus
Ink saver apparatus and method for use in a test and measurement instrument
Computer system and closed caption display method
Method and apparatus for dynamically interpreting drawing commands
Magnetoresistive bridge array
Device for measuring rotation having magnetic relative positioning of encoder and sensor
Method and device for measuring the distribution of magnetic fields
Magnetic signal reproducing method and apparatus using magneto-resistive effect element with increased sense current
Detecting tool motion effects on spin echoes obtained with nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Magnetic resonance tonography system with non-uniform basic field magnet
MRI magnetic field generator
Switchable gradient coil arrangement
RF coil, RF magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
High-frequency receiver, particularly for a nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Method for controlling cable boring
Method and apparatus for directional well logging with a shield having sloped slots
Transfer switch position sensing using coil control contacts
Signal-processing circuit arrangement for status signals of a resistive foil pressure sensor
Partial discharge detection method
Connection test method
Multipurpose defect test structure with switchable voltage contrast capability and method of use
Device for sensing partial discharges in test objects, preferably a cable joint
Electrical tester for small motor vehicles
Crosstalk test unit and method of calibration
Oscillating cavity paint meter
Harmonic rejection load tuner
Electrooptic probe
Electro-optic sampling probe having unit for adjusting quantity of light incident on electro-optic sampling optical system module
Electric resistance measuring apparatus and method for circuit board
Interconnect and carrier with resistivity measuring contacts for testing semiconductor components
Test socket and method for testing an IC device in a dead bug orientation
Integrated circuit probing method
Probe-test method and prober
Temperature compensated vertical pin probing device
Wafer burn-in cassette and method of manufacturing probe card for use therein
Test system for testing semiconductor device
Test carrier with variable force applying mechanism for testing semiconductor components
Semiconductor switch fault detection
Semiconductor device
Bus system
Accurate active termination device
FPGA architecture with dual-port deep look-up table RAMS
Fully programmable and configurable application specific integrated circuit
Circuits and sequences for enabling remote access to and control of non-adjacent cells in a locally self-reconfigurable processing system composed of self-dual processing cells
Serial device compaction for improving integrated circuit layouts
Low-technology inexpensive logic module system
Single-ended sense amplifier with adjustable noise margin and power down control
Level detection by voltage addition/subtraction
CMOS integrated circuit
Evaluation circuit for electronic signal transmitters
Semiconductor integrated circuit for low power and high speed operation
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit system having serially interconnectable data buses
High capacitance drive fast slewing amplifier
Method for a dynamic termination logic driver with improved slew rate control
Circuit for rapidly charging a system net
Input buffer
Internal clock generator that minimizes the phase difference between an external clock signal and an internal clock signal
Multi-cell delay generator device wherein the cells have transistor stacks and selective stack transistor bypasses
Differential sense amplifier circuit
Voltage supply discriminator and method
Circuit and method for switching between digital signals that have different signal rates
High-speed fully-compensated low-voltage differential driver/translator circuit arrangement
Semiconductor integrated circuit for low-voltage high-speed operation
Drive control circuit of charged pump circuit
Current generating circuit
Low temperature coefficient low power programmable CMOS voltage reference
Booster circuit
Method and apparatus for demodulating coherent and non-coherent modulated signals
Pulse modulation power amplifier with enhanced cascade control method
Techniques for synchronizing a self oscillating variable frequency modulator to an external clock
Inductive ignition circuit
Power switching system
Electric linear motor, in particular the design of the primary part and a method of manufacturing the primary part
Electrical machine with a stator, and a claw pole rotor system composed of two pole wheel halves
Brushless motor
Three-phase motor
Magnetic bearing apparatus
Combined power driven device having a three-layered electromechanical structure with common structures
Piezoelectric actuator
Light controlling apparatus
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Electron gun controlled smart structure
Surface acoustic wave device and production method thereof and mobile communication equipment using it
Piezoelectric element and electronic component including same
Flat display device
Gas discharge lamp assembly with improved r.f. shielding
Precision alignment of microcolumn tip to a micron-size extractor aperture
Fluorescent lamp with thermal protection element manufacturing method for the fluorescent lamp and a lighting apparatus using the same
Cold-cathode power switching device of field-emission type
Color cathode field emission device, cold cathode field emission display, and process for the production thereof
Organic electroluminescence element and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence full color display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Surface discharge plasma display panel
Chimney-cooled arc lamp electrode
Microwave vacuum tube device employing grid-modulated cold cathode source having nanotube emitters
Boosting transformer for high-frequency heating device
Plasma source ion implanting apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for generating a plasma
Power supply circuit arranged to generate intermediate voltage and liquid crystal display device including power supply circuit
EL driver with low side current mirrors
Single-side mounted light emitting diode module
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp with a segmented electrode
Blanked dynamic focus power supply transient elimination
Apparatus and method for saving electric power in a display system
High voltage regulation by switching retrace capacitors
Circuit and method to avoid high current spikes in stator windings
LDMOS structure with via grounded source
Power semiconductor device
Transistor having a gate dielectric which is substantially resistant to drain-side hot carrier injection
Diode structure compatible with silicide processes for ESD protection
Semiconductor device and method for production thereof
Metal-insulator-semiconductor field effect transistor having an oxidized aluminum nitride gate insulator formed on a gallium nitride or silicon substrate
Doped zirconia, or zirconia-like, dielectric film transistor structure and deposition method for same
Microlens for surface mount products
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Connecting a die in an integrated circuit module
Chip scale package
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Underfill coating for LOC package
Mounting multiple semiconductor dies in a package
Stackable ceramic FBGA for high thermal applications
Hermetically sealed semiconductor power module and large scale module comprising the same
Bondable anodized aluminum heatspreader for semiconductor packages
Integrated circuit packages with improved EMI characteristics
Commonly housed diverse semiconductor die
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Dual damascene interconnect structure with reduced parasitic capacitance
Method to obtain a low resistivity and conformity chemical vapor deposition titanium film
Electrically resistive structure
Reliable aluminum interconnect via structures
Slurry filling a recess formed during semiconductor fabrication
Structure, materials, and applications of ball grid array interconnections
Semiconductor flip-chip assembly with pre-applied encapsulating layers
Semiconductor chip
Semiconductive chip having a bond pad located on an active device
Bonding pad structure of semiconductor device
Electronic devices employing adhesive interconnections including plated particles
Thermal compensation control for a motor starter
Drive circuit for a speed automatically adjusted fan
Obstruction detecting method for the use in power window apparatus, and power window apparatus
Control system for controlling plural electrical devices
Robot having independent end effector linkage motion
Motion control coupling apparatus
Control of line harmonics
Charging paddle
Battery pack and over-voltage alarm therefor
Charge and discharge system for electric power storage equipment
Battery charger and charge control circuit
Power storage device and method of measuring voltage of storage battery
Secondary battery cell protection circuit
High efficiency low current power supply and battery charge system
Voltage sensorless control of power converters
Power supply circuit with minimized power consumption
Off-line converter with digital control
Semiconductor device having an internal voltage generating circuit
Method and apparatus for force control of a scanning probe
Method of detecting semiconductor defects
Method and apparatus for the imaging of gases
Method and flow system for spectrometry and a cuvette for the flow system
System and method for reducing pile-up errors in multi-crystal gamma ray detector applications
Sealed tube neutron generator incorporating an internal associated-ALP
Method of determining authenticity of a packaged product
Device and method for detecting fluorescent and phosphorescent light
Ion implant dose control
High frequency infrared emitter
Double shield for electron and ion beam columns
Exposure servo for optical navigation over micro-textured surfaces
Installation for the quality control of yarn bobbins
Integrated acoustic thin film resonator
Method for deposition and patterning of organic thin film
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Active matrix display and electrooptical device
TFT substrate with low contact resistance and damage resistant terminals
Quadrupole RF ion traps for mass spectrometers
Highly uniform silicon carbide epitaxial layers
GaAs single crystal as well as method of producing the same, and semiconductor device utilizing the same
Multilayer capacitor structure having an array of concentric ring-shaped plates for deep sub-micron CMOS
Capacitor structures, DRAM cell structures, and integrated circuitry
Process for producing barrier-free semiconductor memory configurations
Multilayer electrode for ferroelectric and high dielectric constant capacitors
Dual layer poly deposition to prevent auto-doping in mixed-mode product fabrication
Semiconductor device with multilayered gate structure
Arc welding method
Heating apparatus for a welding operation and method therefor
Method for preventing ice dams on a roof
Thermally developing apparatus
Electric cooking and toasting apparatus and electric elements therefor
Thermal processing apparatus for a band film
Method and apparatus for drying or heat-treating products
Method and apparatus for preventing contamination in a hot plate oven
Infrared food warmer
Ceramic-based downdraft cooktop having angled front face portion
Induction heating of heating element
Magnetic heater
Microwave oven having bidirectional microwave flow channels
Base drag reducing device
Device for generating an electrical control signal according to the position of a light beam
Position sensitive light spot detector
Electron tube having a photoelectron confining mechanism
Method and apparatus for determining the centre photodetector in a digital scintillation camera
Media scanner
Fast BICMOS active-pixel sensor cell with fast NPN emitter-follower readout
Photoelectric converter with a plurality of photoelectric conversion layers deposited in a predetermined orientation relative to one another
Method and system for enhanced vision employing an improved image intensifier with a gated power supply and reduced halo
Process for producing a metal-ceramic substrate
Human Necessities
Drapery actuator system and method of operation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Arrangement and method for producing expanded material
Working head for processing a workpiece by means of a laser beam
Welding system and method
Sunroof controlling device
Transfer case engagement and disengagement system
Engine control system and vehicular anti-theft system
Fixed Constructions
Pinch sensing arrangement for a motor vehicle power liftgate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Detection of passing magnetic articles with a peak-to-peak percentage threshold detector having a forcing circuit and automatic gain control
Fluid particle sensor apparatus and method for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Method and device for measuring a magnetic field
Graded anti-reflective coating for IC lithography
Inductively coupled plasma reactor with symmetrical parallel multiple coils having a common RF terminal
Simultaneous detection isotopic ratio mass spectrometer
Active matrix substrate and correcting method of structural defect thereof
Self aligned channel implantation
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
High performance, low power vertical integrated CMOS devices
Compatible IC packages and methods for ensuring migration path
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew