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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sifting pick-up device
Eyewear pupilometer
Immunoadsorbent compositions comprising hyaluronic acid oligosaccharides
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cooling of turbine blades
Adapter device for ceramic cutting machines
Integrated power output service disconnect
Device for feeding fuel gas to an application
Nanopillar microfluidic devices and methods of use thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
In-vacuum rotational device
LED based optical source coupled with plasma source
Method for producing the growth of a semiconductor material
Textiles; Paper
Spinning unit of an air jet spinning machine and the operation of such a machine
Method for drafting spun yarns in three stages
Conductive yarn and apparatus for making the same
Footwear and method for knitting footwear
Heat pump laundry dryer with noise attenuation structure
Fixed Constructions
Automotive vehicle skid recovery system
Vacuum breaker valve
Method and a system for fastening an object to a facade
Strut connector
Lateral reinforcement system and method for concrete structures
Hoarding systems
Partition molding
Surface finishing tool
Profile rail for locker system
Reinforcing method and arrangement for foldable furniture
Lockable hinge arrangement
Damping hinge for damping a hinge rotational movement about a hinge rotational axis
Window covering
Instrumented strakes and fairings for subsea riser and pipeline monitoring
Remote controlled self propelled deployment system for horizontal wells
Downhole fishing tool
Submersible pump control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine with central gear train
Power generation using non-aqueous solvent
Operation of gas turbine power plant with carbon dioxide separation
Method and apparatus for controlling moisture separator reheater
Muffler and its corresponding manufacturing method
Multi-lobed soot blower
Reduction of N.sub.2O in the exhaust gas of lean-burn petrol engines
Exhaust system for dual fuel engines
Chemical heat storage device
Method and system for vacuum control
Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine
System and method for reducing cold start emissions using an active exhaust throttle valve and an exhaust gas recirculation loop
System and method for engine block cooling
Engine out coolant temperature correction
Turbo-piston engine
Charging device for internal combustion engines
Flow guiding system, turbo engine with a flow guiding system and method for manufacturing a flow guiding system
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling spark timing when cylinders of an engine are deactivated to reduce noise and vibration
Method and device for heating fuel for an internal combustion engine
System and method of detecting hydraulic start-of-injection
Metal-elastomer seal with integrated dirt and media sealing
Engine oil pan
Cylinder block for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Starter device for an internal combustion engine
Ignition control device for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for generating energy from a flowing water current
Onshore hydroelectric power generation device
Scroll fluid machine including pins and guide rings
Solar receiver, method of cooling a solar receiver and a power generation system
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
Flexible impeller pump
Motor driven compressor and manufacturing method thereof
Subsea cooling apparatus, and a separately retrievable submersible pump module for a submerged heat exchanger
Seal device for hydraulic circuit
Hollow groove pipe structure
Pawl-and-ratchet lockable threaded fastener assembly
Shift device with synchronizer
One-way clutch
Rotary joint
Conical friction ring transmission
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Hydrokinetic torque converter without impeller and turbine thrust bearings, and method for making the same
Method and device for supporting a driver of a motor vehicle
Underground pipe pulling process and pipe pull head
Line and delivery system having such a line
High strength steel pipe for line pipe superior in low temperature toughness and high strength steel plate for line pipe and methods of production of the same
Insulation system
Bulb-type lamp structure
Tubular lighting device
Light assembly and method of using same
Lamp with proximity sensing
Vehicle lamp
Vehicle lamp
Luminous element holder, connection piece and system including a luminous element holder and a connection piece
Multi-mode portable illumination device
Solid state disk
Fan cooled LED light and housing
Aspheric lens and emission device
Illumination device and display device including the same
Flame retardant light diffusing fiber
LCD backlight device having light guide plate with optical scattering dots
Combustion appliance for raising the temperature of exhaust gas
Solar thermal panel with self supporting dual air channels
Solar receiver configuration
Refrigeration device
Ice maker of refrigerator and method of manufacturing the same
Device and method for the continuous thermochemical production of cold
Grain-drying facilities
Cold storage heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Adapter piece and handheld firearm comprising such an adapter piece
Fire control with multiple user-selectable trigger profiles
Spears and spear guns incorporating the same
Baton with external control button
Visual disruption network and system, method, and computer program product thereof
Glueless joining devices for interlocking with hollow shafts
System and method for fingerprint validation
Methods and apparatus for aligning vehicle components
Measuring method and measuring apparatus
Fiber optic system for sensing the position of a hydraulic accumulator piston
Navigation device and navigation program product
Interchangeable display assembly
Optical unit and displacement measuring device
Gas meter
Error compensation by measurement of the STC filter function
Referential ultrasonic transceiver for acoustic measurement of a fluid level
Dynamic nutrition tracking utensils
Optimized household scale with removable storage container
Analytical balance with a weighing chamber having structure operating as a locking mechanism due to unique method of assembling and disassembiling components of the chamber
Thermally determining flow and/or heat load distribution in parallel paths
Sensor failure detection device, and method
Occupant sensor and seat with such an occupant sensor
Pressure sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Low profile pressure sensor
Fluid pressure sensor
Cotton acquisition and tracking system
Apparatus and method to measure a molecular diffusion coefficient in a porous powder
Particle detecting device
Cross-cut tester
Optical computing devices with multiple bandpass filters
Thermal- and modulated-light-based passive tracking system
Automated real-time particle characterization and three-dimensional velocimetry with holographic video microscopy
Outer part for a device and device
System and method for biological specimen mounting
Device and methods of detection of airborne agents
Cellular phone based optical detection of specific nucleic acid sequences
Mercury detection in water-based compositions
Method for measuring the amount of extracellular fluid surrounding a surface disposed within a plant and the ionic population and identity of the dominant ion in that fluid
Magnetic sensor drive circuit, magnetic sensor, current sensor, and method for driving magnetic sensor
Ultrasound probe
Systems and methods for helmet liner evaluation
Analysis of molecular contamination in vacuum environments
System and method for air-pollutant source-localization using parked motor vehicles
Detecting oil under ice
Methods of identifying crosslinking molecules for polymers
Method for stabilizing quantum-dots
Drug selection for colorectal cancer therapy using receptor tyrosine kinase profiling
Performance-screen ring oscillator (PSRO) using an integrated circuit test signal distribution network
Vector network power meter
Semiconductor test device and method of operating the same
Semiconductor device including a sense element and a main element, and current detector circuit using the semiconductor device
System and method of monitoring transponder transmissions
Visual disruption network and system, method, and computer program product thereof
Method of consumer/producer raw material selection
Neutron detector
FET switch as detune circuit for MRI RF coils
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Electrode assembly for marine electromagnetic geophysical survey sources
Zoom lens
Tomography accessory device for microscopes
Collimating display with pixel lenses
Zoom lens system, imaging optical device, and digital apparatus
Biodegradable optical fibers and methods of use thereof
Arrayed waveguide grating device and method for manufacturing the same
Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module
Optical waveguide, optical interconnection component, optical module, opto-electric hybrid board, and electronic device
Strain relief for armored cable
Connecting mid-board optical modules
Coupling system for a fiber optic cable
Goggles with integral cleaning mechanism
Manufacturing methods to shear liquid crystal
Backlight unit and related display device
Display apparatus
Polarization member and display device including the same
Liquid crystal display device having optical sensor
Liquid crystal lens and cell for liquid crystal lens
Electrochromic multi-layer devices with cross-linked ion conducting polymer
Dual-tap electro-optic modulator auto-bias control
Laser light source apparatus and temperature control method of wavelength conversion element in laser light source apparatus
Imaging plate for projection
Image forming apparatus and power supply failure detection method
Image forming apparatus with belt trajectory changing member and image forming method
Fixing device for an image forming apparatus
High opacity white inks containing MICA-based minerals with titania
Apparatus to monitor chronologically the term of a pregnancy and to reconfigure itself to celebrate the date baby is due
Coordination processing execution method and coordination processing execution system
Automation system and method of manufacturing product using automated equipment
Portable low cost firearm safe
Formulating lane level routing plans
Motor drive and method of controlling a temperature of a motor drive
Scalable panel cooling system
Single-handle dual-control thermostatic valve and single-handle dual-control thermostatic faucet
Two-stage switching valve
Power control device
Cellular power supply network, intelligent gateway and power supply control method thereof
Operation input device
System and method for auto-discovery and mapping of networked modules
Generating time-of-day values without causing execution stalls
Electronic device and charging interface
Method and system for controlling the operation of an electronic device
Energy-saving mode for a rail system signaling system
Managing access to data on a client device during low-power state
Managing access to data on a client device during low-power state
Device, method and program for performing system testing
Meta-directory control and evaluation of events
Securing crash dump files
Hierarchical system-capability testing
Self-healing, fault-tolerant FPGA computation and architecture
Uncorrectable memory errors in pipelined CPUs
Resolving failed mirrored point-in-time copies with minimum disruption
Variable checkpointing in a streaming application that includes tuple windows
Performance regression manager for large scale systems
Server, model applicability/non-applicability determining method and non-transitory computer readable medium
Risk-based test coverage and prioritization
Preemptible-RCU CPU hotplugging while maintaining real-time response
Hardware managed compressed cache
Least recently used (LRU) cache replacement implementation using a FIFO storing indications of whether a way of the cache was most recently accessed
Writing data to sequential storage medium
Storage controller, storage system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having stored therein control program
Garbage collection handler to update object pointers
Protected guests in a hypervisor controlled system
Protected guests in a hypervisor controlled system
Nested cache coherency protocol in a tiered multi-node computer system
Identifying stale entries in address translation cache
System and method for managing pipelines in reconfigurable integrated circuit architectures
Migrating MMIO from a source I/O adapter of a source computing system to a destination I/O adapter of a destination computing system
Migrating interrupts from a source I/O adapter of a computing system to a destination I/O adapter of the computing system
Time-constrained data copying between storage media
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Cloud print server and method of providing automatic connection service performed by the cloud print server
Systems and methods for cooperative data exchange
IOC to IOC distributed caching architecture
Distributed browsing architecture for the delivery of graphics commands to user devices for assembling a plurality of layers of a content page
Web based data management
Clarification of submitted questions in a question and answer system
Generating training data for disambiguation
Responsive image rendition authoring
Text resizing within an embedded image
Responsive image rendition authoring
Intention detection in domain-specific information
Recipe generation utilizing natural language processing
Using business process model to create machine translation dictionaries
User driven business data aggregation and cross mapping framework
Method and system for integrating data into a database
Search query obfuscation via broadened subqueries and recombining
Reporting tools for object-relational databases
Runtime optimization for multi-index access
Search query obfuscation via broadened subqueries and recombining
Discovering transformations applied to a source table to generate a target table
Distributing web applications across a pre-existing web
Index suspension prior to database update
Methods, computer program products, and systems for automatically synchronizing directory structures across different applications
Weighting search criteria based on similarities to an ingested corpus in a question and answer (QA) system
Ingestion plan based on table uniqueness
Verification of record based systems
Mapping uncertain geometries to graticules
Method and apparatus for providing contextual based searches
Data stream converter
Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
Maintaining two-site configuration for workload availability between sites at unlimited distances for products and services
Managing file changes made during a review process
Credibility enhancement for online comments and recommendations
Identifying entities based on free text in member records
Electronic meeting question management
Searching and displaying related content to a post in an activity stream
Runtime tuple attribute compression
Method and system of identifying relevant content snippets that include additional information
Managing file changes made during a review process
Visually indicating a calendar event among different time zones
Building a corner model of interconnect wire resistance
System and method for realizing a building system that involves computer based matching of form to function
Smart fitness tracker
Antenna inspection system, antenna inspection apparatus and antenna inspection method
Secure electronic charger case for mobile communication devices
Computing devices having access control
Monitoring an application in a process virtual machine
Determining cable connections in a multi-cable link
Data transfers in columnar data systems
Generating a context for translating strings based on associated application source code and markup
Determining response to contact by hand with region of touchscreen
Dynamic tactile interface
Optical positional information detection apparatus and object association method
Processing element placement tool
Location-based services
Apparatus for representing 3D video from 2D video and method thereof
Immersive mode for a web browser
Method for controlling page flipping of terminal and terminal
Sensor-equipped display device and method of controlling the same
Allocating storage for cloned data
Apparatus and method for transferring data between storages having different access speeds
Method for dynamically establishing translation layer of solid state disk
Short term job canceling in ESU model printer
Enhanced conversion between geohash codes and corresponding longitude/latitude coordinates
System dependencies tracking application
Method and apparatus for prioritizing metadata
System and method of processing database queries
Magnetic coprocessor and method of use
Process control method with integrated database for electronically documenting the configuration, modification and operation of a controlled process
Optimized structure for hexadecimal and binary multiplier array
Method for post-processing an output of a random source of a random generator
Boot mechanisms for bring your own management
Silent mode and resource reassignment in branch prediction logic for branch instructions within a millicode routine
Software architecture by untangling undesired code level dependencies using code refactoring
Sparse object instantiation
System and method for linking debugging message
Using core files to develop diagnostic programs
Automatically generating testcases
Dynamic tracing framework for debugging in virtualized environments
Automated validation of the appearance of graphical user interfaces
System and method of providing in-app service
Context-specific view of a hierarchical data structure
Data driven hardware chips initialization via hardware procedure framework
Modifying a middleware
Data driven hardware chips initialization via hardware procedure framework
Managed assertions in an integrated development environment
Breakpoint for predicted tuple processing time in a streaming environment
Merit based inclusion of changes in a build of a software system
Melding of mediation flow service component architecture (SCA) components
Merit based inclusion of changes in a build of a software system
System, method, and computer program product for collaboratively installing a computer application
Automating application of software patches to a server having a virtualization layer
Network switching method, version upgrade method, and terminal device
Selectively controlling use of extended mode features
Speculative scalarization in vector processing
Method for defining alias sets
Extensible change set conflict and merge gap detection
Implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes
Implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes
Selectively controlling use of extended mode features
Using hardware transactional memory for implementation of queue operations
Accelerator functionality management in a coherent computing system
System and method for assisting virtual machine instantiation and migration
Datacenter scheduling of applications using machine learning techniques
Variable fidelity simulation of flow in porous media
Security wrap with tearable substrate
Gift card recognition using a camera
Secure ID badge system
Radio tag
Modification of visual depictions
Video microsummarization
Systems and methods for obtaining and using information from map images
Apparatus and method for raw-cost calculation using adaptive window mask
Method for watermarking a three dimensional object and method for obtaining a payload from a three dimensional object
Line segment and arc detection apparatus
Authentication apparatus and method
Social networking content management
Skill estimation method in machine-human hybrid crowdsourcing
Methods and apparatus for coordinating and selecting protocols for resources acquisition from multiple resource managers
Solution that automatically recommends design assets when making architectural design decisions for information services
Enhanced management of a web conferencing server
Method and system for specialized handling of packages
On-line payment transactions
Real-time social group based bidding system
Mobile payment system using subaccounts of account holder
Forecasting supply chain components
Learning an entity's trust model and risk tolerance to calculate a risk score
Trade-credit exchange apparatus
Validation of cryogenically treated articles
Display device having scope of accreditation in cooperation with depth of virtual object and controlling method thereof
Integrated augmented reality environment
Temporal noise reduction method for noisy image and related apparatus
Methods and systems for estimation of additive noise
Work-piece defect inspection via optical images and CT images
Document cassette displacement actuator for document acceptor
Wireless apparatus, wireless abnormality notification system using same, and wireless remote control system
Distributed sensor network
Emergency manager for a lighting device
Controlling the spread of pathogens
Intelligent parking space identification and notification
System and method for rendering an assessment item
Frame panel for three-dimensional sign board
Vehicle emergency distress indicator
Providing augmented reality based on third party information
Touch-type input device
Display device
Method of driving display panel and display device including the display panel
System for controlling a plurality of cameras in a device
Systems and methods for a supplemental display screen
Data interpretation overlay mechanism
Semiconductor device and method for driving semiconductor device
Individual identification character display system, terminal device, individual identification character display method, and computer program
Information display apparatus, information display system, control method thereof, and program
3-point separable guitar neck attachment system
Detachable fingergrip whistle system
Data augmentation method based on stochastic feature mapping for automatic speech recognition
Device control method and electric device
Information carrier comprising access information
Method of managing, writing, and reading file on tape
Quasi-statically oriented, bi-directional tape recording head
Magnetic sensor, magnetic head, and biomagnetic sensor
Prevention of SRAM burn-in
Precessional magnetization reversal in a magnetic tunnel junction with a perpendicular polarizer
Distributed current source/sink using inactive memory elements
Address based memory data path programming scheme
Low power consumption memory device
Operating a nuclear reactor using a deposit model of a nuclear reactor heat transfer surface
Cylindrical folding cable
Water-stop structure for wire harness
Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver and impedence control method
Axial magnetic suspension
Switch structure and electronic device employing same
Graphene mounted on aerogel
Solid electrolytic capacitor, and production method thereof
Hand-actuated transmitter unit
Fuse load-break switch for low-voltage high-power fuses
Organic electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma device driven by multiple-phase alternating or pulsed electrical current
Electron microscopy specimen and method of fabrication
Solder bumps formed on wafers using preformed solder balls with different compositions and sizes
Optical device with precoated underfill
Methods for forming crystalline IGZO with a seed layer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Mask-stack-shift method to fabricate organic solar array by spray
Method of forming strain-relaxed buffer layers
Methods for enhancing P-type doping in III-V semiconductor films
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Light-emitting devices using thin film electrode with refractive index optimized capping layer for reduction of plasmonic energy loss
Implementing resistance defect performance mitigation using test signature directed self heating and increased voltage
Vertical field effect transistors with bottom contact metal directly beneath fins
Silicon-germanium fin formation
Semiconductor device package and method of manufacturing the same
Cooling structure for electronic boards
System-on-chip, electronic apparatus including the same, and method of designing the same
Integrated circuit containing first and second DOEs of standard cell compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, with the first DOE including tip-to-tip short configured fill cells, and the second DOE including corner short configured fill cells
Method of forming super steep retrograde wells on FinFET
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic appliance
Integrated circuit containing first and second does of standard cell compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, with the first DOE including side-to-side short configured fill cells, and the second DOE including tip-to-tip short configured fill cells
Doped zinc oxide as n+ layer for semiconductor devices
Metal cap protection layer for gate and contact metallization
Method of producing a high-voltage transistor
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a stacked metal oxide
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Logic circuit and semiconductor device
Method for forming a glass substrate with a depleted surface layer and polycrystalline-silicon TFT built thereon
Semiconductor device
Hydrogen ion sensor
Fabricating high-power devices
Glass comprising molybdenum and lead in a solar cell paste
Methods and semiconductor materials suitable for photovoltaic cells
Optoelectronic component with a pre-oriented molecule configuration and method for producing an optoelectronic component with a pre-oriented molecule configuration
Phosphor film, method of manufacturing the same, coating method of phosphor layer, method of manufacturing LED package and LED package manufactured thereby
Vibration generating apparatus
Method for manufacturing electronic device
Acrylonitrile derivatives as additive for electrolytes in lithium ion batteries
Wireless charging apparatus including an adapter that holds a device to be charged with a side external to the wireless charging apparatus
Electrical energy store
Method of direct resistance welding--self brazing of aluminum to molybdenum pin
Electrode materials derived from polyquinonic ionic compounds and their use in electrochemical generators
Polymer electrolyte membrane, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including the same
Bracket for mounting radio equipment to a radio tower
Planar antenna microwave module
Antenna device with continuous bending structure and application system using the same
Antenna module and mobile terminal using the same
Horn lens antenna
Conductive base for illuminating building blocks
Safety shield for an electric plug
Notebook, laptop or portable computer power adapter with security lock
Conductive device and electrical socket for providing electric power
Insertion plug
Pluggable power supply device
Apparatus for making electrically conductive contact
Coaxial cable connector having a body with an integral flexible pawl to capture a coaxial cable
Post-less coaxial cable connector with compression collar
Laser system
Cable carrier guide
Bag with a portable electronic device charger
Apparatus and method for use in storing energy
Adaptive power control for energy harvesting
Integrating a wireless charging device with a human machine interface (HMI)
Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
Motor with rotor-mounted control circuitry
Stepping motor
Method and apparatus for operating a switchmode power supply
Power supply stage
Systems and methods for real-time signal sampling in power conversion systems
Motor controller
Solar power system and solar panel installation method
Switch housing for capacitive switches
Method for operating programmable logic device
Circuit and method to extend a signal comparison voltage range
Arrangement and method for decoding a data word with the aid of a Reed-Muller code
Method in a computer system, computer program and data processing system
Detection of unknown code page indexing tokens
Radio signal receiver, electronic device, and radio signal receiving method
Method of controlling communication device, communication device, and recording medium
Smart ultra box and protective case with the same
Smart ultra box and protective case with the same
Simultaneous use of multiple radio frequency channels
Orthogonal symbol interleave for spreading signals
Interface for transmitting high-speed signal and optical module including the same
Optical network unit and optical detecting method
Method and apparatus for discovery and association for visible light communications (VLC)
Multistage combining sub-system for distributed antenna system
Wireless transport system
Systems and methods for multi-factor authentication for administration of a computer-based test
Skew adjustment circuit, semiconductor device, and skew calibration method
Mobile electronic device covering
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing system, and control method for the image capturing apparatus
Multi-aperture depth map using partial blurring
Multi-aperture depth map using blur kernels and edges
Globally optimized least-squares post-filtering for speech enhancement
Communication device and method for controlling the same
Electron beam plasma source with reduced metal contamination
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Method of mounting passive electronic component on lead frame
Assembly for a computer system and angle plug
Heat dissipation in computing device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Airfoil for an axial separator cleaning air blast duct
Shape-retaining fill container
Method and apparatus for processing carcasses
Method for producing transparent, colored cellulose sleeves
Contact activated sound and light generating novelty food containers
Apparatus and method for processing worms
Combined ball mark repair tool, multi-size cigar holder and rubber, friction-fitting ball mark holder
Breast implant sizing apparatus and method
Breast cup for a bra with visual enhancement
Inflatable insulation incorporating pressure relief means
LED flashlight with interlocking clip
Modular tube system for feeding sliders to slider insertion device
Ear piercing systems with hinged hoop earrings
Illuminated restaurant billfold
Keyboard with paper holder structure
Furniture system supporting entertainment electronics in range of widths
Multifunction bookshelf
Synchronizing mechanism for office chairs
Modular furniture unit
Slipcover with T-cushion feature
Folding recliner
Tennis " teaching-seat" assembly
Laminated anti-fogging mirror assembly
Sleeve media holder
Motorized frothing mug and method of using same
Food mixer
Electronic endoscope
Viscera retainer
Inflatable tourniquet
Adjustable tibial osteotomy jig and method
Method for drilling bone, in particular for setting a pedicle screw, equipment, instrument and control device for implementing said method
Image guided spinal surgery guide, system, and method for use thereof
Intraluminal cutter for vascular, biliary and other applications
Device for relative displacement of two bodies
Spine distraction implant and method
Coaxial catheter system for performing a single step cryoablation
Low thermal resistance elastic sleeves for medical device balloons
System and method for validating and troubleshooting ablation system set-up
Vessel sealing system
Instant ignition electrosurgical probe and method for electrosurgical cutting and ablation
Return pad cable connector
Image obtaining method and apparatus of an endoscope apparatus
Device for measuring physical quantities, especially for measuring pressure in the eye
Brain rescue instrument and method
Arteriostenosis inspecting apparatus and ankle-blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Method for evaluating vestibular response
Sock for detection of pressure points in feet
Display for subtraction imaging techniques
Ultrasonic medical system
Intravascular imaging guidewire
Dental apparatus
Device for extracting a dental appliance
Automatic veterinary medicament delivery system
Disposable urine collector
Self articulating stent
Expandable stent
Variable graft tensioner
Holders for intraocular lenses
Aspheric soft lens
Tri-composite, full root, stentless valve
Device, assembly and method for mitral valve repair
Heart valve repair apparatus and methods
Press fit connection between prosthesis components of joint prostheses
Porous unicondylar knee
Deep flexion posterior stabilized knee replacement with bearing translation
Delivery device for bone cement
Preparation and application device for implant materials with hand-operated pump
System and method for securing a prosthetic limb
Prosthetic foot with heel of elasticity
Anatomical joint brace with adjustable joint extension limiter
Knee brace skin pinch guard
Cervical traction device
Intravascular temperature control catheter
Medical laser therapy device
Glare-protection device with a screened evaluation circuit
Ambulance cot lock
Suspension system for a wheelchair
Mechanism for manipulating and measuring legs during stepping
Massaging apparatus having a suction chamber and two rollers
Container for intravenous administration
Apparatus, and kits for preventing of alleviating vasoconstriction or vasospasm in a mammal
Method for preparing glass-ceramic
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratinous fibres containing a 3-aminopyridine azo derivative and dyeing method using said composition
Vaginal discharge collection device and intravaginal drug delivery system
Container for linezolid intravenous solution
Replaceable ink cartridge for ink jet pen
Polymer blends for use in making medical devices including catheters and balloons for dilatation catheters
Process and apparatus for purification of oxygen-containing gas
Method for preparing leucocyte-free blood preparation and blood administration set
Method to control blood and filtrate flowing through an extracorporeal device
Flexible tissue injection catheters with controlled depth penetration
Sterile aspiration/reinjection systems
Cerebral perfusion augmentation
Guide wire installation device for catheter
Establishing access to the body
Catheter anchoring balloon structure with irrigation
Safety shield for medical needles
Actuating mechanism for fluid displacement and pressurizing device
Releasably locking dilator and sheath assembly
Method and apparatus to control drug therapy dosages in an implantable pump
Syringe with filter, and filter therefor
Dose setting device
Reaccessible medical needle safety devices and methods
Injection needle assembly
Hypodermic injection device
Safety hypodermic syringe
Unipolar biomagnetic therapy appliance
Device for the treatment of mucositis
Multiple seed implanter
Implantable radiation therapy device having controllable radiation emission
Solid colorant for keratin fibers
Mixture for the treatment of waste materials
Foot and lower leg exercise apparatus
Exercise repetitious motion counter
Golf ball dimples with a catenary curve profile
Method for making a multilayered golf ball
Sports racquet with deflection enhancing string bed
Method and apparatus for assembling a shaft to a golf club head
High moment of inertia putter
Mobile device for practicing golf ball strokes
Movable goalie
Hockey checking practice dummy
Laser guided putting aid and alignment device
Perdurable composite cylinder
Method for providing a blackjack insurance wager
Exercise assistance controlling method and exercise assisting apparatus
Interconnected block puzzle
Interactive dark ride
Pop-up device
Toy vehicle with shock absorbing steering mechanism
Structure of a toy car
Swingable toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of treating condensates
Device at distillers adapted to distill solvents for recovery of pure solvent from impure solvent
Faucet water treatment
Device for the separation of gas and liquid/solid particles in a mixture of gas and fluid/solid particles flowing in a line and method for the separation thereof
Air filter for engine
Pyramid air cleaner
Air filter device
Filter assemblies and systems for intake air for fuel cells
Environmental control unit, and air handling systems and methods using same
"Push-on" self attach adaptive filter
Conically shaped air-oil separator
Structure of a dust-filtering module of a dust-collecting device
Solar distillation unit
Two stage air filter
Adsorbents, method for the manufacture thereof and process for the separation of unsaturated hydrocarbons from gas mixture
Dehydrating breather apparatus and method
Methods and systems for selectively separating CO2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream
Electrodeionization method
Dual direction mixing impeller and method
Automated sol-gel mixer
Apparatus and method for mixing components with a venturi arrangement
Runner for injection molding
Autothermic reforming reactor
Method and apparatus to clean an inkjet reagent deposition device
Encapsulated CO2 H2O sorbent
Catalyst for hydrocracking of heavy oils and method of hydrocracking heavy oils
Plant for washing plastic material
Oxidizing additives for control of particulate emissions
Flow control valve for continuous discharge centrifugal concentrators
Apparatus and process for separating fine solid particulates from a gas stream
Painting equipment and painting method
Apparatus and method for powder coating
Electrochemical cell having an electrode of silver vanadium oxide coated to a current collector
Applique film and paint treatment removal tool
Wafer edge cleaning method and apparatus
Spray nozzle system for a semiconductor wafer container cleaning aparatus
Ferris wheel-like stripping or cleaning mechanism for semiconductor fabrication
Method and device for decontaminating optical surfaces
In-situ bioremediation process and apparatus
Self-polishing and tapping rivet assembly
Centrifugal casting method, centrifugal casting apparatus, and cast alloy produced by same
Biaxially textured articles formed by powder metallurgy
Wire-shaped product, method for its manufacturing, and wear part made of the product
Cutting insert
Clamping system for high speeds
Tooling accessory for hand drilling
Serrated ball nose end mill insert
Cutting tool and cutting insert therefor
Extendable wet saw water shield
Power tool having a receptacle for securing a tool
Laser textured magnetic disk
Apparatus for the connection and laying of the successive parts of an offshore supply line from a vessel and applications thereof
Sensing the presence of a wafer
NC machine tool with tiltable spindle unit
Guide for rotary cutter
Apparatus for grinding rigid materials
Aspherical spectacle lens with geometric center spaced from framing reference point and processing method thereof
Chip collecting apparatus for tip dresser
Linear polishing sheet with window
Orbital sander with suction ring
Dual wafer-loss sensor and water-resistant sensor holder
Controlled lubricated finishing
Pad conditioner coupling and end effector for a chemical mechanical planarization system and method therfor
Conductivity feedback control system for slurry bending
Apparatus for plating and polishing a semiconductor workpiece
Wear ring assembly
Coated abrasives
Grinding wheel, a process of manufacturing the grinding wheel and a process of reclaiming the grinding wheel
Abrading machine
Three speed rotary power tool
Carrier transfer molding device
Forming equipment for polymerization of shaped parts in composite material
Waterproof apparatus for terminal connecting portion of sheathed wire
Electrical device having a wall made of plastic and comprising at least one flexible conductor and method for manufacturing such an electrical device
Device for injection moulding of plastics
Product ejecting apparatus and method for an injection molding machine
Mold closing unit
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of a tube made of film on a cellulose basis which an insert reinforces
Hollow article made of thermoplastic resin, manufacturing method of the hollow article, and manufacturing apparatus of the hollow article
Device for the production of plastic containers by stretch blow forming using an explosive blowing medium
Method for producing heat bonded packages and tool for implementing said method
Method for the connection of pieces of textile fabric
Two shot molded inkjet printhead lid for laser welding
Production method of multi-layer information record carriers
Method and plant for manufacturing a belt structure, a belt package and a crown structure of a green tire
Manufacturing method and apparatus of gusset bag
Web of material having layers and a method of forming one or more carton blanks from the material
Method and apparatus for making a creped tissue with improved tactile qualities while improving handling of the web
Plastics-covered metal plate for car
Optical composite and method of making same
Anticipative temperature control for thermal transfer overcoating
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for performing ink jet recording
Laminated ink distribution assembly for a printer
Method of determining driving voltage for ink jet print head
Refresh ink ejection device and inkjet recording device including the refresh ink ejection device
Continuous ink jet printer with micro-valve deflection mechanism and method of making same
Multi-nozzle ink jet head
Inkjet print head
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Droplet deposition apparatus
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Ink-jet recorder and method for cleaning restoring system
Ink cartridge and inkjet printer
Ink cartridge and its manufacturing method
Ink jet recording apparatus, method of replenishing ink to subtank in the apparatus, and method of checking the replenished amount of ink
Ink jet cartridge, ink jet head and printer
Ink source regulator for an inkjet printer
Surface reformed fiber body, liquid container using fiber absorber, and method of producing fiber absorber for use in liquid ejection
Color image processing apparatus, color image forming method, and recording medium
Printing apparatus
Image printing apparatus
Contour correcting printer
Ink cartridge for an inkjet printer
Thermal transfer ribbon with frosting ink layer
Method of forming image on card and apparatus therefor
Ink-jet printing system
Ink jet printing method
Signature delivery device and method
Arrangement for applying and pressing on covers
Loop-type binder for documents
Disposable single-use applicator with closure cap
Automatic waste-area removal method and apparatus
Method for designing low vibration omni-directional wheels
Rolling-bearing unit for wheel support
Elongate receiver tube and method of making the same
Hitch assembly for attaching a trailer to a bicycle
Trailer hitch guide
Steering system
Suspension kit
Lift axle suspension system utilizing diaphragm chambers
Vehicular air conditioning apparatus
Air diffusor, especially for vehicle air-conditioning
Rear window shade with lifting cassette
Vehicle body with pre-hung midgate panel
Method for structural bonding on painted surfaces
Head impact energy absorbing sun visor pivot rod connection interface cover
Adjustable door latch
Convertible with lowerable hinged roof
Vehicle retractable roof with two pivoting arms
Vehicle convertible roof
Passenger motor vehicle and folding top therefor
Retractable hard top with inboard connections
Equipment assembly for motor vehicle comprising improved electrical connection means
Child seat device
Automobile seat protector
Child car seat restraint assembly
Folding rear seat for vehicles
Pivot mechanism
Armrest subassembly for vehicle door
Glove compartment and cup holder device for automobile
Bottom dump farm cart
Tailgate assembly for heavy duty off-road trucks
Snap together molded reflector pivot assembly
180-degree adjuster
Vehicle light with movable reflector portion and shutter portion for selectively switching an illuminated area of light incident on a predetermined portion of the vehicle light during driving
Vehicular lamp employing LED light sources
Indicator lamp able to generate an inclined flux, for a motor vehicle
Light emitting panel assemblies for use in automotive applications and the like
LED light source
Variable color lighting with linear fluorescent lamps
Breakaway bus mount system to hold mirror supporting shaft
Structure of connection between steering roll connector and steering wheel
Wire harness-wiring sliding part
Airbag with bag mounted sensor
Energy management system and welding process therefor
Occupant restraint system
Air bag tether system comprising multi-segment tethers
Air-bag arrangement
Assembly consisting of an inflator, a housing and a retainer
Gas generator with airbag device
Variable inflation force airbag inflator
Gas generator for actuating vehicle passenger constrainer
Rail car supplementary brake and energy reclamation and power generating system
Hydraulic brake system with a precharging device
Rail road car with lading securement storage apparatus
Table dolly
Cart for transportation
Composite molded article, steering wheel and production method therefor
Front-end panel
Tailgate counterbalancing hinge
Method for steering a transport vehicle and apparatus therefor
Cable-type steering device
Quick release passenger seat with flexible grab handle
Hydraulic steering damper for motor vehicles
Foot-tread type scooter
Internal compression buoyancy compensation device
Stator vane and impeller-drive shaft arrangements and personal watercraft employing the same
Propulsion system for a ship
Forked rib kayak paddle
Paddle support for a vessel
Lubricant pump seal for outboard motor
Air-intake system of engine
Stack of bags having cursors initialed positioned offset from each other
Butt-ended bag with a buckle-over closing element
Boom and linkage mechanism for skid-steer loader
System for pneumatically conveying bulk particulate materials
Sheet collector with next stack stop
Apparatus for stacking folded paper sheets
Multi-function media eject system in an ink jet printer
Sheet processing apparatus having a plurality of calculation sections
Dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for removing impurities from process gas stream
Preparation of .epsilon.-phase silver vanadium oxide from .gamma.-phase SVO starting material
Quartz glass crucible for pulling up silicon single crystal and production method therefor
Glass, plasma resisting component, component for electromagnetic wave-transparent window and plasma processing apparatus
Plaster retarding composition
Method for using activated carbon for producing moisture-blocking durable cement, composition for the same and method of characterizing the same
Use of fermentation residues as flow-enhancing agents in cementitious materials
Glass ceramic multilayer substrate manufacturing method and glass ceramic multilayer substrate product
Process for the production of a braking band with venting passages and braking band obtained with said process
Ceramic arc tube by annealing
High temperature resistant marking agent, especially ink
Use of thinnings and other low specific gravity wood for lyocell pulps method
Co-mingled polyurethane-polyvinyl ester polymer compositions and a process for forming the same
Burner assembly having a detachably coupled flame jet forming ring
Dye composition, their production and their use
Solid cyanoacrylate adhesive composition and method for its use
More controllable fibrous patch spray
Foamed well cement slurries, additives and methods
Coke oven and method of operating the same
Method of producing reduced metals and apparatus for reducing metal oxides
Catalytic cracking process using a modified mesoporous aluminophosphate material
Process for the desulphurization and upgrading fuel oils
Hydrocracking process for the production of high quality distillates from heavy gas oils
Process of preparation of novel mannich bases from hydrogenated and distilled cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) for use as additive in liquid hydrocarbon fuels
Triacylglycerol based wax for use in container candles
Redeposition or backstain inhibition during stonewashing process
Latex paint remover
Leather therapy treatment
Method for measuring bath level in a basic oxygen furnace to determine lance height adjustment
Metallurgically enhanced heat sink
Method for recovering catalytic metals
Strip of hot rolled steel of very high strength, usable for shaping and particularly for stamping
Physical vapor deposition target
Manufacture of copper microalloys
Method of training nitinol wire
Method for regulating sputtering processes
Mechanically alloyed precious metal magnetic sputtering targets fabricated using rapidly solidfied alloy powders and elemental Pt metal
Implanter tool process parameter auto pre-setup system
Design of hardware features to facilitate arc-spray coating applications and functions
Method and apparatus for loading substrate in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for evenly flowing processing gas onto a semiconductor wafer
Gas driven planetary rotation apparatus and methods for forming silicon carbide layers
Process chamber used in manufacture of semiconductor device, capable of reducing contamination by particulates
Film forming unit
Method for producing spraying material
Pulsed power supply for electrochemical cell
Electrolytic cell
Drained-cathode aluminium electrowinning cell with improved electrolyte circulation
Mobile zinc cathode stripping system
Light metal anodization
Lighfastness-improvement of dyeings on aluminum oxide layers
Removal of coagulates from a non-glare electroplating bath
Seed layer repair
Tin plating
Electroplating apparatus
Current carrying structure using voltage switchable dielectric material
Method for reducing surface defects in an electrodeposition process
Process and device for growing single crystals, especially of CaF2
Heat shield assembly for a crystal puller
Method and apparatus for producing silicon carbide single crystal
Colloidal photonic crystals
Microfluidic method employing delivery of plural different fluids to same lumen
Textiles; Paper
High speed yarn finish application
Method for providing a web of thermoplastic filaments
Pulp packing material and method for producing the same
Low viscosity bilayer disrupted softening composition for tissue paper
Method and arrangement for surface treatment of a paper and/or board web
Press felt structure and method of manufacturing press felt
Self-adjusting deflection controlled roll
Method of applying a foam composition to a tissue product
Tissue products
Method of manufacturing pulp mold formed body
Fixed Constructions
Method of and apparatus for applying visual indication means to a surface
Refuse collection device
Apparatus for installing a silt fence and support posts
Subterranean drilling and in situ treatment of wastes using a contamination control system and methods relating thereto
Soil nailing system
Independently controllable multi-output insulation blowing machine
Pumping system and method with improved screen
Portable electric pool cleaner
Escape device for animal in swimming pool
Mining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Axial piston engine
Device for controlling a variable-angle vane via a slack-free connection
Methods and apparatus for assembling gas turbine engine struts
Radial retainer for single lobe turbine blade attachment and method for radially retaining a turbine blade in a turbine blade slot
Turbine fuel pump
Engine revolution controlling apparatus
Air intake silencer
Fuel injection pump having throttled fuel path for fuel lubrication
Low power electromagnetic pump
Fuel injection pump
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Scroll compressor ring having a lubricant gap
Adjustable radial pump, in particular for feeding a cooling medium for a motor vehicle
Impeller and method using solid free form fabrication
Axial-flow fan
Blower and method for molding housing thereof
Ejector and negative-pressure supply apparatus using the same
Pneumatic displacement system
Bolt and nut
One-piece flag nut
Retention structure for a fastener
Torsional joint assembly and method of making same
Counter track ball joint
Method of manufacturing case hardened journal cross for use in a universal joint
Hermetic seal for devices with limited rotation
Silent chain power transmission apparatus
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Planetary gear device
Pulley tire and rim
Sliding contact guide for transmission device
Cylinder head gasket that fills gaps arising from local depressions in the area of the pressure limiter
Barb clamp
Bellows for a compensator and compensator pertaining thereto and method for producing bellows
Light string with light bulbs alternately connected in series so as to form two circuits
Vehicle headlamp with solenoid-actuated movable shade
Strip lighting
Lighting fixture end cap
Flashlight head with isolated lighting elements
Miniature flashlight
Quick connector for power cord
Adjustable recessed light fixture
Waterproof Christmas light bulb
Luminaire globe having low glare bandless seam
Vehicular signal lamp
High intensity lamp
Flat panel luminaire with remote light source and hollow light pipe for back lit signage applications
Illuminating device, display device having the same, and light guide plate
Use of printing and other technology for micro-component placement
Color mixing apparatus for theatrical ellipsoidal spotlights
Intra-lens color and dimming apparatus
Color-corrected hollow prismatic light guide luminaire
Method to facilitate flameless combustion absent catalyst or high temperature oxident
High capacity/low NOx radiant wall burner
Combustor for waste gas treatment
Lighter comprising safety mechanism
Electronic gas-lighting device integrated with a terminal board
Outdoor unit having reinforcing structure for air conditioner
Method for cleaning a cooler apparatus
Silicon micromachined broad band light source
Turbine blade (bucket) health monitoring and prognosis using infrared camera
Contact temperature probe and process
System and method of measuring and controlling temperature of optical fiber tip in a laser system
Apparatus and method for electrochemical detection and control of inorganic scale
Illumination delivery system
Determination of sample volume adequacy in biosensor devices
Gas senior design and method for forming the same
CO sensor and method of measuring CO concentration
Sensors and sensing methods for detecting analytes based on changes in pKa of a sensing polymer
Detection cell for guiding excitation light therein and method for using same
Instrumented antifriction bearing provided with a sealing device
Extender card with insertion/removal arrangement
Laser illuminator and method
Method and apparatus for mounting liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) and other sensitive devices
Size-adjustable light distribution module for flexibly adaptable to illumination system of different LCD displays
Projection display device
Optical component
Termination ferrule for fiber optics
Optical connector
Angular mounted optical connector adaptor frame
Optical connector
Submount for opto-electronic module and packaging method using the same
Sleeve for pig-tailing optical fiber
Opto-electronic package for integrated sealing of optical fibers
Network device containing an optical module having optical and electrical connections facing one direction
Optical fiber connector
Fiber optic modules with pull-action de-latching mechanisms
Field installable cable termination assembly
Internal line for fastening cables in a waste-water pipe
Image projection apparatus and method
Four-point planar mechanical mount with high precision
Backlight device and method of fabricating the same
Configurations for color displays by the use of lenticular optics
Photo-alignment material and liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method using the same
Camera including barrier mechanism
Projection type display device
Illumination optical system and projector
Projection-type display apparatus
Generating a matte signal from a retro reflective component of a front projection screen
Shutter for camera
Focal plane shutter
Automatic document feeder having a document shunting path
Image forming device having front and side covers
Wrist mounting-type portable electronic apparatus having bangle-type strap
Printing system and printing apparatus
Card connector having strengthened ejection mechanism
Electronic card connector
Gaming device including awards that generate another award
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple potential award sets
Gaming device having achievement criteria for advancement
Gaming device having a method for randomly generating a bonus round outcome
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Gaming machine with increased large prizes
Behavior determining apparatus, care system, care residence and behavior information specifying apparatus and system
Light emitting diode-based signal light
Game with commonly moved enemy
Dynamic reading instruction
Methods for automated essay analysis
Process for restoring magnetic recording tape damaged by "sticky shed" syndrome
Multi-server, quick swap rack frame wih consolidated power distribution, integrated keyboard/video/mouse concentrator and, USB hub
Abrasivity control of magnetic media using burnishing techniques
Electromagnetic linear optical positioner
Keyless keyboard and a method of using them
Field emission type cold cathode device, manufacturing method thereof and vacuum micro device
Plasma treatment apparatus and method of producing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Method for manufacturing plasma display panel
Process facility having at least two physical units each having a reduced density of contaminating particles with respect to the surroundings
Surface treatment of semiconductor substrates
Self-cleaning process for etching silicon-containing material
Clean box, clean transfer method and system
Organic light-emitting device structure using metal cathode sputtering
Solid-state energy storage module employing integrated interconnect board
Method for forming a thin film
Method for embossing expanded graphite sheet material under reduced pressure
Alligator clip with a fuse holder
Socket for electronic element
Contact module and connector having the same
Electrical connector
Surface mount technology land grid array socket
Data storage or recording device and process for hermetically connecting a data recording and storage cartridge and receptacle
Electrical connector with board lock
Connector, a disengagement jig and a method
Press fitting type spring connector
Conductive elastomeric contact system
Connector with dedicated contact regions
Low profile electrical connector
Connector with lock piece that longitudinally deforms
System and method for coupling a plurality of cables to a device
Sealed IEC electrical connector assembly
Universal receptacle cover having living hinge
Electrical junction box
Electrical connector including cold shrink core and thermoplastic elastomer material and associated methods
Electrical connection device
Lever fitting type connector
Electrical connector for attaching a circuit board
Modular connector anti-snag enhancement
Portable apparatus with inward-pushing triggered mechanism for ejecting add-on device
Multipole electrical connector
Modular HSSDC plug connector and improved receptacle therefor
Surface mounting type non-reversible circuit element having superior productivity
Computer system, switch connector, and method for controlling operations of the computer system
Shield connector directly-mountable on equipment
Connector assembly including legacy and extension parts that maintains backward compatibility
Electrical power outlet for a motor vehicle comprising an integrated illumination device
Screwless connecting terminal
Electrical conductor connecting means
No-crimp electrical connectors and method of manufacture
Automatic electrical wedge connector
Connector and method for producing the same
Electrical connector apparatus and method
Electric junction box
Mounting structure for vehicle electrical connection box
Element for the frame of a cabinet
Display optical unit and display apparatus using this unit
Centralized video controller for controlling distribution of video signals
Projection type display apparatus
Electrical connector for telecommunications applications
Adapter for surface mount devices to through hole applications
Circuit card package including a parent card and capable of accommodating at least one child card
Method and apparatus for manufacturing monolithic ceramic electronic component
One-motion installation slide assembly
Pin grid array package socket
Circuit board ejector mechanism including flexible coupling
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