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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Earphone jack
Human Necessities
Microencapsulation coating for gloves
Meat pulling apparatus
Brush module for a grinding brush
Juvenile vehicle seat with lap belt lock-off mechanism
Vehicle seat arrangement, especially for a motor vehicle
Headrest for vehicle
Simultaneous multiple light source viewer
Capsule endoscope apparatus
Torque-transmitting, variably-flexible, corrugated insertion device and method for transmitting torque and variably flexing a corrugated insertion device
Surgical clip with a self-releasing fluid reservoir
Perforated balloon and method for forming a hardened orthopaedic paste in a bone using same
Orthopaedic trauma bone plate kit
Electrosurgical apparatus and methods for treatment and removal of tissue
Objective traumatic brain injury assessment system and method
Method for visual field testing
Cerebrum evaluation device
Prefastened absorbent product with releasable fasteners and flaps having welds
Stent configurations
Axially-radially nested expandable device
Longitudinally flexible expandable stent
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Gut commensal bacterium and methods of using the same
Antitubercular extracts of Salicornia brachiata
Weight loss composition
Method for enhancing antioxidant component of Gracilaria tenuistipitata extract
Two helix binders
Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions
Composition and method for controlling intestinal pathogenic organisms
Methods for determining human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) protease sensitivity or resistance to antivirals utilizing an inducible yeast expression system
NOGO-a neutralising immunoglobulin for treatment of neurological diseases
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Delivery of drug esters through an inhalation route
Pharmaceutical preparation in the form of a paste comprising an acid-labile active ingredient
Device for the treatment of a medical fluid
Infusion device provided with a water-tight cover
Portable rapidly deployable waste containment device
Port fixation with filament actuating member
Trocar assembly with rotatable obturator housing
Access assembly with adjustable seal member
Needle-free injection device
Needle mounting assembly for a medication injection device
Carrier-free .sup.103Pd brachytherapy seeds
Keratin dyeing compositions comprising a radical scavenger and use thereof
Method and apparatus for interfacing between a wearable electronic device and a server and an article of fitness equipment
Ski binding with a positioning and fixing mechanism for its binding piece bodies
Method for playing games using brain waves
System, method, and apparatus for processing wagering game voucher images
Electronic dinosaur toy
Construction and gaming cubes
Construction and gaming cubes
Magnetic block toy
Method of integrating optical fibers into fabrics and plush toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for generating metal chelating affinity ligands
Handheld and portable microfluidic device to automatically prepare nucleic acids for analysis
Method and device for dewatering and drying solid or liquid mixtures
Device and process for separating wet paint overspray
Honeycomb filter and exhaust gas purifying apparatus
Hydrocarbon based sulfur solvent systems and methods
Turbine driven mixer
Hydrogen-consuming system and method for the operation thereof
Fuel processing device
Component surface with three-dimensional surface texture and method for the creation of a component surface with three-dimensional surface texture
Silicone resin and silicone composition
Method of use of epoxy-containing cycloaliphatic acrylic polymers as orientation control layers for block copolymer thin films
Dishwasher with multiple wash zones
Oxide coated cutting insert
Machine comprising a mechanical guide element for guiding the displacement of a first and a second device
Mold assembly
Fast curing vulcanizable multi-part elastomer composition, and process for blending, injection molding and curing of elastomer composition
Resin molding process and resin-molding mold device
Bonding structure with buffer layer and method of forming the same
Device and method for joining substrates
Storage container for recorded media
Reducing formaldehyde emissions from fiberglass insulation
Security element and method for producing the same
Method of making a coated cutting tool and the resulting tool
Liquid droplet ejection head, liquid droplet ejection device, and image forming apparatus
Full function maintenance station
Ink tube non-contact image forming apparatus
Liquid droplet ejecting device
Droplet discharge apparatus
Ink consumption determination
Continuous printing using temperature lowering pulses
Digital printing of polymer-coated paper or board
Fluid applicators and methods of making same
Bearing mount for wheel mounted decorative member
Tow bar having orthogonally-articulated towed-vehicle connectors
Anti-binding motorcycle trailer hitch assembly
Component camper shell kit with optional cargo rack
Airbag midule
Vehicle and four wheeled vehicle for irregular ground
Battery pack and HVAC air handling and controls
Steering column assembly having rollers to reduce friction during column collapse
Hatchback door water management brackets
Wheel pant device for a vehicle and control method thereof
Bicycle frame with storage element
Bicycle without seat
Bi-folding wheelchair
Power-supplemented manual height-adjusting wheelchair
Freediving safety apparatus
Vial conveyance device and arm for the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Peroxide decomposition catalyst
Mesoporous oxide of titanium
Method for recycling zirconium tetrafluoride into zirconia
Selectively leaching cobalt from lateritic ores
Decontamination of radioactive metals
Hermetic sealing material
Soluble fusion proteins comprising heterologous polypeptides
Titanium dioxide pigment particles with doped, dense SiO.sub.2 skin and methods for their manufacture
Inkjet ink and printing method using the same
Multilayer laminates comprising chiral nematic liquid crystals
Waste processing process using acid
Additive as component of mineral oil compositions
Method for producing hydrogen
Microfluidic device including a microchannel with a hydrophobic porous polymer bonded to walls thereof and to a magnetic bead, and methods of making and using the device
Compositions and methods for producing gamma-carboxylated proteins
Ret finger protein 2 (RFP2) promoter
Plant centromere compositions
Methods for use of apoptotic cells to deliver antigen to dendritic cells for induction or tolerization of T cells
LXR ligand testing method
Rapid, informative diagnostic assay for influenza viruses including H5N1
Viral variants with altered susceptibility to nucleoside analogs and uses thereof
Method of making a low-resistivity, doped zinc oxide coated glass article and the coated glass article made thereby
Printing head for nano patterning
Lift pin driving device and a flat panel display manufacturing apparatus having same
Plasma reactor with reduced electrical skew using electrical bypass elements
Method for measuring an iodine adsorption number of carbon black, electrolytic cell, and kit for measuring an iodine adsorption number of carbon black
Method and apparatus for electrochemical plating semiconductor wafers
Textiles; Paper
Meltblown fiber web with staple fibers
Molded respirator comprising meltblown fiber web with staple fibers
Treatment vessel for straw or other light bulky material
Fixed Constructions
Disabling apparatus for road vehicles
Watershed runoff treatment device & method
Insulating glass unit having multi-height internal standoffs and visible decoration
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blade tip shroud with circular grooves
Turbine blade with serpentine flow cooling
Hexagonal-cell honeycomb catalyzer for purifying exhaust gas
Axial fan
Joint mechanism
Lubrication seal and wind turbine with lubrication seal
Belt tensioner assembly
Kit to convert an open differential to a limited slip differential
Driving mechanism for labeling machine
Flareless-type pipe fitting, refrigerating device, and water-heating device
Lighting device having adjustable solar panel bracket
Illumination system
Illuminated headgear
Outdoor high powder light-emitting diode illuminating equipment
Light source assembly
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Electric thermometer
Methods and systems for adding a reagent to an analyte in a gel
Integrated lancing and measurement device and analyte measuring methods
Micro mechanical methods and systems for performing assays
Functionalized gold surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of anionic species in the environment
Gamma secretase notch biomarkers
Detection and diagnosis of inflammatory disorders
Method for determining hCG levels in fluid samples
Bispecific capturing molecule
Method of identifying a compound capable of modulating the Th2 polarization of CD4+ lymphocytes
Metal-enhanced fluorescence for polarization-based affinity assays
Tactile surface inspection during device fabrication or assembly
Eyeglasses with detachable adjustable electronics module
Camera with electroactive telescopic shutter module
Resolution enhancement in optical lithography via absorbance-modulation enabled multiple exposures
Photomask blank, photomask, and methods of manufacturing the same
Curable composition, image forming material, and planographic printing plate precursor
Antireflective coating composition
Component fabrication using thermal resist materials
Polymer or resist pattern, and metal film pattern, metal pattern and plastic mold using the same, and fabrication methods thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an organic thin film transistor
Lithographic method
Metal mercaptoimidazoles containing photoconductors
Toner, method for manufacturing the same, and image forming method
Magneto-optical photoresist
Perpendicular recording media having an exchange-spring structure
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Magnetic layer with nanodispersoids having a bimodal distribution
Conductive pattern forming ink, conductive pattern, and wiring substrate
Metal-polymer composites comprising nanostructures and applications thereof
Nano-composite magnet, quenched alloy for nano-composite magnet, and method for producing them and method for distinguishing them
Barrier layer for thick film dielectric electroluminescent displays
Composition of carbon nitride, thin film transistor with the composition of carbon nitride, display device with the thin film transistor, and manufacturing method thereof
Die bonding
Method of making integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
Method of using spin injection device
Clocking architecture in stacked and bonded dice
Method of selectively forming atomically flat plane on diamond surface, diamond substrate produced by the method, and semiconductor device using the same
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical chip and a component having a chip of this type
Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, display device, and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor and method for manufacturing display device
Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus
Methods of forming a hyper-abrupt P-N junction and design structures for an integrated circuit
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for stacking semiconductor dies
Device for liquid treatment of wafer-shaped articles
Double-sided integrated circuit chips
Method for in-situ refurbishing a ceramic substrate holder
Method for manufacturing a wiring over a substrate
Prevention of backside cracks in semiconductor chips or wafers using backside film or backside wet etch
Thin film transistor, display device having thin film transistor, and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Dielectric interface for group III-V semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Transistor having V-shaped embedded stressor
Removal of surface dopants from a substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of depositing a uniform metal seed layer over a plurality of recessed semiconductor features
Implementing vertical airgap structures between chip metal layers
Methods of forming blind wafer interconnects, and related structures and assemblies
Method of creating an alignment mark on a substrate and substrate
Method of forming alternating regions of Si and SiGe or SiGeC on a buried oxide layer on a substrate
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate using cluster ion
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Structure and method for latchup improvement using through wafer via latchup guard ring
Method of patterning semiconductor structure and structure thereof
Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners having a sublithographic width
Metal strip product
Battery structures, self-organizing structures and related methods
Battery device, electronic apparatus, and battery system
Lithium-ion secondary battery
Separator for high-temperature fuel cell
Solid oxide fuel cell and separator
Fuel diffusion unit, fuel supply unit, and fuel cell system including the same
Fuel-cell comprising capillaries
Fuel cell and information electronic device mounting the fuel cell
Fuel compositions
Dual female terminal with two contact portions each having an aperture and a male terminal disposed in apertures of both contact portions
Electrical connector having high density contacts for miniaturization
Electrical connector retaining a print circuit board at a middle highness
Electrical connector having contacts with multiple mating portions in different direction
Socket and contact having anchors
Sealed plug assembly
Electrical card connector having a shield assisting in retaining an inserted card to a slider
Connector and light source apparatus
Electronic apparatus and flat cable
Method of producing capacitor structure in a semiconductor device
X-ray fluoroscopic apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing hermetic electrical feedthrough
Elastic sheet structure and array type elastic sheet device using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hand-held computer for identifying hunting and fishing areas and displaying controlling regulations pertaining thereto
Electronic mail sensor
Eye tracking apparatus
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with laser welded cover
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multilayer polymer film with additional coatings or layers
Fixing structure
Displays combining active and non-active inks
Stray light baffle for internal drum scanner
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using it
Line-sequential recording method and apparatus thereof using stationary recording material
Dot center tracking in optical storage systems using ink dots
Holographic shrink wrap element and method for manufacture thereof
Tire deflation detection system with feedback component
Vehicle lighting apparatus
System and method for controlling an actuatable occupant protection device
Monolithic integrated circuit implemented in a digital display unit for generating digital data elements from an analog display signal received at high frequencies
Information generating apparatus using elastic waves
Adaptive absolute steering angle sensor
Collapsible depth controller for mounting in relation to seismic cables or similar device
GPS patch antenna attitude reference system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Flexible moldable conductive current-limiting materials
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle door handle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self-compensating balancer for disk player and turntable for the same
Method and apparatus for shifting an automatic transmission
Electromagnetic actuator
Laser protective wall
Liquid-crystal display device
Central unit for grouping electronic components of refrigerators, freezers and similar appliances
Width measuring apparatus
Diffuse reflectance method and apparatus for determining thickness of an infrared translucent layer
Apparatus for measuring surface form
Non-intrusive pellicle height measurement system
Dual field of view optical system for microscope, and microscope and interferometer containing the same
Level with angle and distance measurement apparatus
Dangerous area alarm system
Non-contact position sensor
Optical detection of a fiber span with high polarization-mode dispersion in a fiber system
Single fiber Sagnac sensing system
System for automatic color calibration
Optical loss measurements
Scanning optical apparatus
Method and device for measuring painted test tables
Cross-correlation system for time recovery in network-assisted GPS positioning
Satellite-based location system employing knowledge-based sequential signal search strategy
Method for measuring distance and position using spectrum signal, and an equipment using the method
Simple system for endoscopic non-contact three-dimentional measurement
DDS spur mitigation in a high performance radar exciter
Close/intra-formation positioning collision avoidance system and method
Apparatus and method using controlled emission for sensing an occupant located beyond a predetermined distance
Forward condition detecting apparatus for vehicles
Method and device for using array antenna to estimate location of source in near field
Transmission method and system using a standard transmission network for connecting elements of a seismic device
Method and apparatus for a panoramic camera to capture a 360 degree image
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus with the same, and device manufacturing method
Zoom lens system, and image pickup system using the same
Small-sized variable magnification optical system
Eyepiece tube sleeve
Galvano-micromirror and its manufacture process
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus using same
Apparatus and method for sensing switching positions of a MEMS optical switch
Parallax autostereoscopic 3D picture and autostereoscopic 3D display
Conductive element with lateral oxidation barrier
Infrared filterless pixel structure
Optical system
System and method for fabricating components of precise optical path length
Dense WDM add/drop multiplexer
Enhanced electromagnetic interference shield
Zoom lens barrel and camera
Tuneable optical filters
Liquid-crystal display device with improved yield of production and method of fabricating the same
Information display window of electronic appliance
Process and tool for maintaining three-dimensional tolerances for manufacturing tiled AMLCD displays
Liquid crystal light modulating device, and a manufacturing method and a manufacturing apparatus thereof
Reflective liquid crystal display having a bent shape and method of manufacturing thereof
Liquid crystal panel for IPS mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
LCD having particular spacing between spacers
Liquid crystal display device with reduced weighting trace defects
Optical fiber type wide bandwidth wavelength converter and wavelength converting optical fiber used therefor
Screen mounting device for projection TV
Apparatus and method for exposing light-sensitive material
Measurement method of Zernike coma aberration coefficient
Lithographic device
Drive of a wafer stepper
Contact exposure device provided with a mask and workpiece interval setting means
Method of minimizing print delay due to mirror motor warm-up in an electrophotographic machine
Electronic timepiece having thermoelectric element
Time information repeating installation and time information control system
Docking station having a cooling unit to cool an electronic device
Encoding module for a cursor input device
Portable electronic device with easy-to-assemble circuit board module
Packaging system for mass memory units
Locking device
Computer chassis assembly with a single center pluggable midplane board
Cooling module for portable computer
Mobile computer having a housing with openings for cooling
Fan based heat exchanger
Thermal chimney for a computer
Memory structure capable of preventing data loss therein and method for protecting the same
Semiconductor memory device with block alignment function
Graphical user interface for inputting data
Method of inputting characters in a wireless portable terminal
Ergonomical joystick design or attachment
System for applying application behaviors to freeform data
Method and apparatus for automatic deletion of a pop-up window
Touch-sensitive input screen having regional sensitivity and resolution properties
Method and apparatus for deleting registered data based on date and time of the last use
Software interface
Information processing apparatus indicating a sleep state and a ready state of printing apparatuses
Data transmission method and apparatus that discriminates whether data is to be developed into bitmap data
Noncontact IC card and fabrication method thereof
Optical scanning device having a calibrated pixel output and a method for calibrating such a device
Securing local loops for providing high bandwidth connections
Color converting device
Programmable sample filtering for image rendering
Reshaping of paths without respect to control points
Method and apparatus for orientating a set of finite n-dimensional space curves
Methods, systems and computer program products for generating storyboards of interior design surface treatments for interior spaces
Method and apparatus for determining clipping distance
Apparatus and method for progressively rendered procedural textures
Segmenting compressed graphics data for parallel decompression and rendering
System and method for implementing multi-level resolution conversion using modified linear interpolation
Method and apparatus for compression of a two dimensional video object
Non-stop toll collection system and method
Anti-theft computer security system
Method and system for radio-location determination
Locating device
Method and apparatus for determining proper installation of alarm devices
Communication apparatus capable of displaying the number of unconfirmed messages
Radio signal selective calling receiver and method of displaying message in the same
Parking violation recording system
Traffic control system
Electronic tour guide and photo location finder
Automated vehicle regulation compliance enforcing system
Display driving device and liquid crystal module using the same
Multi-gray level display apparatus and method of displaying an image at many gray levels
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
System for displaying a television signal on a computer monitor
Information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus arranged to save electric power consumed in detecting tape end and reduce load on microprocessor
Variable speed recording method and apparatus for a magnetic tape drive
Disk tray shifting device for an optical disk player
Disk type reproducing apparatus and revolution control method
Technique for encoding a sequence of periodic byte values with vertical correlation
Active damping control for a disk drive
Slider with pads and textured landing zone for disc storage system
Disc changer apparatus with vibration free turntable
Removable cartridge for data-storage medium
Assembly for a disc cartridge
Use of matte materials to reduce signal pollution in cartridge detection circuitry
Method for detecting transitions in sampled digital video sequences
Apparatus for holding in readiness and selecting at least one storage disk
Thin-film magnetic head with helical wound coil
Thin film magnetic head having the coil layer patterned directly on an insulating layer on a lower core layer and its manufacturing method
Thin film magnetic head
Thin film read head with coplanar pole tips
Head suspension assembly with flexible air-floating lead
Hard disk drive with slider support structure and head gimbal assembly
Alignment of magnetic heads for automatic identification of regions of interest for interferometric measurement
Altitude insensitive disc head slider
Disk drive which detects head flying height using a peak count based on a data pattern
Dual half-aperture focusing and push-pull tracking using a 3-beam wollaston prism for magneto-optical data storage
Information recording apparatus and method
Optical information recording method and optical information recording device
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus having automatic gate signal generation modes
Optical disk and optical disk device
Optical disc tilt control apparatus
Optical head and optical disc device
Signal compensation for high-speed optical storage device
Correction of tracking-error signal for information reproducing system
Optical disk device
Recording medium having planar aperture array and fabrication method thereof, and near-field optical recording/reproducing device using same and method therefor
Ferroelectric memory and method of reading out data therefrom
Self referencing 1T/1C ferroelectric random access memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having data masking pin and memory system including the same
Low power SRAM memory cell having a single bit line
Non-volatile memory device and refreshing method
Current-mode identifying circuit for multilevel flash memories
Method of programming a non-volatile memory cell using a drain bias
Non-volatile memory cell array with shared erase device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and automatic erasing/writing method thereof
Sense amplifier offset cancellation in non-volatile memory circuits by dedicated programmed reference non-volatile memory cells
System and method to facilitate stabilization of reference voltage signals in memory devices
Memory with a bit line block and/or a word line block for preventing reverse engineering
Method and circuitry for bank tracking in write command sequence
VPX bank architecture
Split common source on EEPROM array
Twin MONOS memory cell usage for wide program
EEPROM erasing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device for selectively re-checking word lines
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Configuration for implementing redundancy for a memory chip
Redundant encoding for buried metal fuses
Semiconductor memory device having replacing defective columns with redundant columns
Circuits and methods for testing memory cells along a periphery of a memory array
Built-in programmable self-diagnostic circuit for SRAM unit
Three metal process for optimizing layout density
Semiconductor memory device
Mode selection circuit for semiconductor memory device
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells, and corresponding operating method
Apparatus and method for increasing test flexibility of a memory device
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy function
Semiconductor memory device having echo clock path
Zero margin enable controlling apparatus and method of sense amplifier adapted to semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Split-bank architecture for high performance SDRAMs
Method and apparatus for asynchronously controlling a DRAM array in a SRAM environment
Fault-tolerant address logic for solid state memory
Bank-based configuration and reconfiguration for programmable logic in a system on a chip
Address generator for generating addresses for an on-chip trim circuit
On-chip transformers
Single board power supply with thermal conductors
Multilayer component having inductive impedance
Diode-split high-voltage transformer
Circuit breaker comprising a current transformer with a partial air gap
Electrical double layer capacitor and portable electronic apparatus equipped with electrical double layer capacitor
Surface mount aluminum capacitor having anode foil anodized in an aqueous phosphate solution
Switch assembly and method of forming the same
Drive circuit for the trip actuator of a network protector and a network protector incorporating the same
Thermal overload relay
Fuse indicator label
Subminiature time delay fuse
Power breaking device
Breaker apparatus
Housing for fused switch
Grainless material for calibration sample
High density metal insulator metal capacitors
Semiconductor devices
Ready-to-mount heat dissipating assembly
Heatsink apparatus for de-coupling clamping forces on an integrated circuit package
Fixing frame for positioning heat dispensing device of computers
Electronic device using evaporative micro-cooling and associated methods
Circuit assembly including VLSI package
Method and apparatus for polygonal heat slug
Integrated circuit interconnect system forming a multi-pole filter
Low inductance grid array capacitor
Electronic circuit board
Integrated circuit comprising analog and digital sub-circuits with improved over-voltage protection and reduced substrate-noise coupling
Method for vertical connection of conductors in a device in the microwave range
Side-coupled microwave filter with circumferentially-spaced irises
Satellite receiver and method and apparatus for adjusting the direction of satellite dish antenna
Communication system having a rotating directional antenna
Antenna unit
Multi-frequency band antenna
Dual-polarized and circular-polarized antennas
Omni-directional planar antenna design
Load center interior panel with snap-in neutral
Optical passive components and bi-directional amplifier
L band amplifier with distributed filtering
Optical systems and methods and optical amplifiers for use therein
Continuous wave all gas phase iodine laser (AGIL)
Excimer laser
Optical semiconductor device
Reflector for directing front facet light to monitor diode
Wavelength-tunable semiconductor laser diode
Integrated surface-emitting laser and modulator device
VCSEL structure insensitive to mobile hydrogen
Heat emission apparatus in a semiconductor laser
Master-oscillator grating coupled power amplifier with angled amplifier section
Gas-insulated switchgear
Hybrid type gas insulation switch gear apparatus
Configurable single/multi-phase overload relay
Relay multiplexer system and method for prevention of shock hazard
Single gate oxide electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Thyristor controlled dynamic voltage suppressor for electric power systems
Two wire communication system
Power supply for both AC and DC
Adapter circuit for selectively doubling input voltage depending upon connector type
Electric power conversion apparatus with noise reduction device
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
Method of connecting synchronous rectifier modules in parallel without output voltage faults
Method and arrangement for regulating low output voltages in multiple output flyback DC/DC converters
Switching power supply apparatus and method
Control system and method for four-quadrant switches in three-phase PWM AC voltage regulators
Method and apparatus for a Reduced parts-counts multilevel rectifier
Determining phase of AC mains in PWM controlled converters without voltage sensors
Control circuit of power converter
Inverter device
Voltage controlled oscillation device
Power amplifier mismatch protection with clamping diodes in RF feedback circuit
Single loop output common mode feedback circuit for high performance class AB differential amplifier
System and method for noise and spurious suppression in power amplifier systems
High-frequency circuit
Programmable saw filter including unidirectional transducers
Electric current switch circuit and D/A converter using same
Input buffer
System and method for controlling an oscillator
Multi-bank flash ADC array with uninterrupted operation during offset calibration and auto-zero
Apparatus for high speed analog-to-digital conversion by localizing an input voltage to a voltage range
A/D converter circuit
Digital-to-analog converter and display unit with such digital-to-analog converter
Saturation compensating analog to digital converter
Pulse modulated digital to analog converter (DAC)
Apparatus and method for optimized self-synchronizing serializer/deserializer/framer
Spread spectrum receiving apparatus
Method of increasing the capacity of a CDMA network, and associated units
Time-interleaved optical pulses for signal processing
Optical transmitter-receiver
Electroabsorption modulator integrated distributed feedback laser transmitter
Optical amplifier apparatus and control method thereof, and optical transmission system using optical amplifier apparatus
Optical transmitting apparatus
Method and system for avoiding data loss in communications systems
Method and apparatus for transmitting a WDM optical signal having states of polarization that are pairwise orthogonal
Mixed DOCSIS 1.0 TDMA bursts with SCDMA transmissions on the same frequency channel
Network interface for transmitting data from a networked computer in a reduced power state
Person paging method
Variable access fairness in a fibre channel arbitrated loop
ATM switching module which allows system growth with different type of module without cell-loss during cutover
Multiple segment network device configured for a stacked arrangement
Method and apparatus for synchronizing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) receiver
Apparatus and method for providing T1/E1 telecommunications trunks over IP networks
Supporting mapping of layer 3 priorities in an infiniband .TM. network
Message-passing communication system generating task for monitoring a specific communication path
System and method for providing near optimal bit loading in a discrete multi-tone modulation system
Internet browser facility and method for the visually impaired
Communication terminal apparatus and communication terminal apparatus control method
Image printer for controlling the shape of pixels based upon correlation values
Image reproduction apparatus with compact, low-waste digital printer
Facsimile apparatus, facsimile service center apparatus, facsimile communication system, and method of managing facsimile apparatus
Lightweight dual-mode mobile scanner powered from a universal serial bus port
Facsimile apparatus
Image scanner with a stepping control table
Digital document scanner with a document support assembly
Bound document imager
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film image management method, image data copying system and method of copying image data
Image forming apparatus
Push technology for network scanner
Color image reading apparatus
Small-gamut colorant set
Image processing apparatus
Image formation device and image processing device
Systems for adaptively deinterlacing video on a per pixel basis
Motion adaptive deinterlacing
Digital automatic gain control, as for a receiver
Digital receiver apparatus capable of receiving multiple channels and having display function control method
Apparatus and method for web-casting over digital broadcast TV network
System and method for automatically inspecting arrays of geometric targets
Video signal transmission device
High speed variable length decoding processor
System, method, and apparatus for decoding digital video sequences
Color reproduction correction device and correction method for an imaging apparatus
Adaptive color comb filter
Integrated telephony network combining a packet data network and a dedicated--connection network
Networks, communication systems, transmitting and receiving devices and methods for transmitting, receiving, and erasing stored information
System and method for determining radio frequency coverage trouble spots in a wireless communication system
Optimal use of logical channels within a mobile telecommunications network
Static shock preventing device
Low inductance transistor module with distributed bus
Method of producing printed circuit boards and a heat sink arrangement produced in accordance with the method
Modular support and casing for electrical and electronic circuit construction
Cooling system for removing heat from an object
Chassis having reduced acoustic noise and electromagnetic emissions and method of cooling components within a chassis
Apparatus and method for directing airflow in three dimensions to cool system components
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew