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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of controlling a vehicle steering apparatus
Switch control mechanism for garden tool
Ergonomic rotational handle for a garden tool
Grain cleaning unit with cleaning airstream vented above grain pan for a combine harvester
Miniature irrigation tow line
Aquatic cultivation system
Container for containing a living organism, a docking station and a transportation system
Retractable leash
Hook clasps for fishing lures and jig heads
Electrified bird deterrent device with cavity
Motion decoy with biaxial wing beat
Cellulose ether as a drift control agent and rainfastness agent
Extended release insect repellant or fragrance compositions
Anhydrous polymorphs of [(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6-(cyclopentylamino)-9H-purin-9-YL)-3,4-dihydroxytetrah- ydrofuran-2-YL)] methyl nitrate and processes of preparation thereof
Total foliar product for agriculture / horticulture / tissue culture and hydroponic cultivation
Filter segment comprising an acetate salt and glycerine
Electronic cigarette preventing its nozzle from falling off
Adjustable collar stay for men and women's apparel
Body slimming garment system
Cooling garment
Shoe cleaning assembly
Hook fastener
Multi-stage mascara application operation
Automated reflective device for monitoring a baby in a bassinet
Desktop device for lifting and lowering keyboard and monitor
Combination storage and display system
Shelving connector
Pedestal apparatus
Anti-tip roller
Adjustable seating and furniture
Device and method for assisting patients after a buttocks surgery
Chair backrest panel positioning device
Portable bar and accessories kit
Vacuum flask assembly
Organizational storage methods and apparatus
System for dispensing a strip of absorbent product wound into a roll that complies therewith
Quick connecting device and shower room assembly
Bodily scrubbing assembly
Apparatus and method of controlling operation of cleaner
Slidable sheaths for tissue removal devices
Apparatus for applying a band to a haemorrhoid
Retrieval systems and methods for use thereof
Cryotherapy device and method for the treatment of cervical precancerous lesions
Compact foldable apparatus for ophthalmology
Intracorporeal marker and marker delivery device
Encrypted portable electronic medical record system
Implantable apparatus for facilitating imaging-based diagnoses
Mapping catheter with spiral electrode assembly
Real time motion information capture in an MRI environment
Method for displaying a medical implant in an image and a medical imaging system
Method of ruling out Alzheimer's disease
Systems and methods for enhancing preparation and completion of surgical and medical procedures
System and method for positioning an artificial heart valve at the position of a malfunctioning valve of a heart through a percutaneous route
Probe and medical imaging apparatus including the same
Wireless fetal monitoring system
Wireless surgical headlight
Tear-resistant dental dams
Scan body for a dental impression
Adjustable pessary device and method
Gastrointestinal device with associated commensal microbes
Variable stiffness stent
Coatings for preventing balloon damage to polymer coated stents
Bioabsorbable anchoring member for insertion into a vertebral body
Fiber reinforced composite stents
Apparatus for controlling body temperature and method thereof
Intravascular heat exchange catheter with non-round coiled coolant path
Wearable sensing and actuator systems, and methods of use
Conductive grid sensor for smart packaging
Use of edelfosine and other synthetic ether alkyl-lysophospholipids (APLs) for seizures and related diseases
Chromone inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase
Process for preparing ertapenem-containing lyophilized formulation
Methods of treating and preventing leukemia and other cancers of the blood and bone
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use of 4-pregenen-11.beta.-17-21-triol-3,20-dione derivatives
Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-(20S)-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to prevent secondary hyperparathyroidism or the symptoms thereof
Lactococcus lactis strains for producing bioactive peptides having anti-hypertensive and cholesterol-lowering effects
Compositions and methods for improving human health and nutrition
Composition for improving skin, hair and coat health containing flavanones
Methods for producing an immune response to tuberculosis
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Method of inducing an immune response against HIV employing HIV immunogens, adenoviral vectors encoding said immunogens, and adjuvant
Anti-NGF antibodies that selectively inhibit the association of NGF with TrkA, without affecting the association of NGF with P75
Combination therapy for cancer using HSP27 inhibitor and EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors or anti-folates
Glycogen-based cationic polymers
Shampoo preparations
Acne formulation having stabilized ascorbic acid and other actives
Amino silicone nanoemulsion
Constructs for diagnosing and treating inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer
Methods for the prevention and treatment of animal skin conditions
Topical systems and methods for treating sexual dysfunction
Biodegradable organic radical-functionalized polycarbonates for medical applications
Delivery systems for improving oral bioavailability of Fenobam, its hydrates, and salts
Combinational liposome compositions for cancer therapy
Antibacterial composition, antibacterial cases and accessories for handheld electronics, and method of making antibacterial cases for handheld electronics
Compositions of microparticles and granules for oral controlled release of substances for veterinary use
Water purification device
System and method for constituent rendering of biomass and other carbon-based materials
Formulations for wound therapy
Dispensing device
Absorbent medical accessory
Multi-lumen catheters and related methods of manufacture
Catheter assembly blood control device and related methods
Treatment indications informed by a priori implant information
Cylinder-piston unit with adhesive disc I
Injection apparatus
Isolation of sensing and stimulation circuitry
Integrated system and method for treating disease using cognitive-training and brain stimulation and computerized magnetic photo-electric stimulator (CMPES)
Lead including conductors configured for reduced MRI-induced currents
Coronary vein leads having pre-formed biased portions for fixation
Backup sound processor with multi-user functionality
Electronic process to restore, improve and/or strengthen the libido; method to mend the sex drive in males and females
External controller for an implantable medical device system with coupleable external charging coil assembly
Skin dressing with electrodes and physiologically active precursor substance
Filtering algorithm for assessing communications wirelessly received by an implantable medical device
Automatic external defibrillator with active status indicator
Composition that includes cyclohexyl-substituted tertiary alkanols
Solubilization of triazine UV-screening agents with arylalkyl benzoate compounds/amide-based oils and photoprotective compositions comprised thereof
Sprinkler deflector
Fire extinguishing composition containing transition metal compound
Exercise device utilizing body weight for resistance
Retractable dumbbell support
Ergonomic swimming hand paddle
Stiff core golf ball and methods of making same
Golf putter with configurable powered accessories
Chalk-dispensing golf training club
Golf training apparatus
Smart sport device
Health promotion system using wireless and ropeless jump rope apparatus
Smart sport device
Optical system for a roulette wheel
Quality of experience reverse control for electronic games
Adjustable aiming aid device for first-person video games, video simulators, and similar video-based human-computer interactions
Integrated screen baseball platform and method for implementing the same
Double-sided toy car
Performing Operations; Transporting
Arsenic removal system
Composites for carbon dioxide capture
Reducing hydrochloric acid in cement kilns
Apparatus for mixing and blending of an additive material into a fluid and method
Compositions comprising encapsulated actives within droplets and other compartments
Process for preparing alkenylhalosilanes and reactor suitable therefor
Catalyst comprising at least one zeolite NU-86, at least one zeolite USY and a porous mineral matrix and process for hydroconversion of hydrocarbon feeds using said catalyst
Catalysts and related processes for producing optically pure beta-lactones from aldehydes and compositions produced thereby
Crusher with adjustable closed side setting
Submicron grinding mill
Method for preparing rotolined articles
Apparatus, system and methods to divide flow
Workpiece cleaning mechanism
Facial cleansing apparatus using electric motor and spring, control method therefor, and recording medium recording program for performing control method
Conversion system
Forging method and forging apparatus
Handheld machine tool having a tool holding fixture
Drill chuck
Electric discharge machining system
High bandwidth large surface area ultrasonic block horn
Method of producing aluminum clad member
Weld metal excellent in hydrogen embrittlement resistance
Adaptive fastener access tool
Automated loading of work pieces via staging regions into adverse environments associated with horizontal milling machines and controllers and methods for same
Eraser wheel assembly structure
Tool holder and handheld abrading machine
Hand tool assembly with magnetic securing device
Method and device for manipulating a magnetic object
Striking tool having improved head and handle attachment
Apparatus for ergonomic application of rotational handle garden tool
Tool box holding accessible but not removable tool when closed
Augmented control of robotic prosthesis by a cognitive system
Table saw mill attachment
Guidance assembly for circular saws
Green ceramic tapes and method for their fabrication
Device for applying a foaming reaction mixture
Method for producing a composite sheet metal part having a metallic region, and corresponding molding tool
Roll forming composite components
Imprint lithography apparatus and device manufacturing method therefor
Three dimensional printing apparatus and three dimensional printing method
Multilayer injection-molded body
Process for producing acrylic rubber/fluorinated rubber composition, crosslinkable composition, laminate and heat resistant air rubber hose
Multi-layered film containing a biopolymer
Bending wood laminate and bent shaped part produced therefrom
Ink printing system comprising groups of inks, each group having a unique ink base composition
Exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Development of latent friction ridge prints
Flippable board method and system
Thermal management composite heat shield
Vehicle trolley device
Air cell castor
Center cap for a motor vehicle wheel including internal release lever
Damper control device
Frame structure for a vehicle door in particular a tailgate of a vehicle
Fueling device
Method of producing a deflector device for fuel-refilling systems and construction kit with prefabricated components for producing a deflector device prototype
Operating fluid container having a predetermined breaking point
Chassis for independent suspension system
Pneumatic power and drag system
Control device
Loading arrangement for ships
Illuminated running board for vehicle
Apparatus and method for actively determining height clearance and generating alerts
Vehicular accessory system
Tailgating trailer hitch assembly
Vehicle providing a secured access to security data
Spider web clearing device
Latch device and anchor with swivel coupling
Side airbag module and assembly
Buckle device
Webbing take-up device
Collapsible ladder rack
Windscreen wiper device
Wiper blade adapter, in particular for a motor vehicle wiper device
Wheel brush for a wheelchair
Control device for a brake system of a vehicle, and method for operating a brake system of a vehicle
Device for teaching a driver to drive in a fuel efficient manner
Sliding device for sliding on snow
Hollow structure with flange
Fender bracket of a motor vehicle
Fender integrated aerodynamic mud, rock and splash guard
Torque transmission joint and electric power steering apparatus
Water bottle and cage system for bicycles
Foldable scooter and method of folding same
Motorized watercraft system with interchangeable motor module
Aircraft landing gear arrangement and a nose landing gear assembly
Modified atmospheric flow-wrap system
Receptacle having a premolded insert with a surface irregularity
Container having convertible base
System and method for storing and mixing two or more substances
Adhesive tube-dispenser
Dumpster lid stop bracket to limit travel of the lid
Refuse container
Container for mixing two fluids
Collapsible reusable carrier
Double hinged lid product package
Waste storage device
Method for preparing a beverage from a capsule
Dispenser for dispensing a selectable quantity of absorbent sheet products
Device for detecting position of an elevator car with mechanical switching means
Damping unit for an elevator
Moving walk
Tire handler
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and process for silane production
Method and device for reducing iron oxide-containing feedstocks
Acoustophoretic enhanced system for use in tanks
Methods and apparatuses for filtering water fluid by screening ionic minerals
Water treatment device
Methods and systems for treating caustic materials
Method for producing a glass stopper for sealing bottles
Chemically strengthened glass and methods of making same
Reinforcing fiber and material formed therewith
Method for producing magnesium silicate-belite-calcium aluminate cement
Carbonized carbon and articles formed therefrom
Hydroalkylating process comprising an activation of the hydroalkylation catalyst and method of making phenol and cyclohexanone
Energy efficient processes for xylenes production
Method for purifying dioctyl phthalate
Aniline derivative, pharmaceutical composition containing same, and use thereof
Substituted 5 membered heterocyclic compounds and preparation thereof
Aryl and heteroaryl ether compounds as ROR gamma modulators
Solid state forms of a quinazoline derivative and its use as a BRAF inhibitor
Intermediate and polymorphs of 1-(4-methoxypheny1)-7-oxo-6-[4-(2-oxopiperidin-1-yl)phenyl]-4,5,6,7-tetra hydro-1H-pyrazolo[3,4-c]pyridine-3-carboxamide and process thereof
Tritoqualine hydrochloride in crystalline form and a process for obtaining same
20(S)-sulfonylamidine derivatives of camptothecin and the use thereof as a potent antitumor agent
Condensed 5-oxazolidinone derivative
Selective glycosidase inhibitors and uses thereof
Method for preparing a concentrate of polyvalent immunoglobulin
Polypeptides and their use in treating and limiting respiratory syncytial virus infection
Glycosylation engineering of antibodies for improving antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity
Influenza A virus specific antibodies
RSV G protein specific antibodies
Anti-TNF-/anti-IL-23 bispecific antibodies
Method of improving patient survivability and quality of life by administering an anti-IL-6 antibody
System for purifying, producing and storing biomolecules
Process for the polymerization of propylene
Microdroplet or microparticle with Janus or core-shell internal morphology fabricated from N-isopropylacrylamide
Microorganisms and methods for the production of caprolactone
Block copolymer and production method of the same
Chelating amphiphilic polymers
Method and a device for preparation of expanded thermoplastic microspheres
Method of coloring biocomposite materials
High-temperature (co)polycarbonates containing phthalimide and having improved rheological properties
Interior aircraft components and methods of manufacture
Method for polymerizing ethylene using BaFe12O19 nanoparticles, and a polyethylene-barium ferrite nanocomposite made therefrom
Biodegradable additive concentrate improving the lubricity of aqueous sludges, use thereof and aqueous sludge for drilling
Use of nano-sized phyllosilicate minerals in viscoelastic surfactant fluids
Rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Method for recovering solvent from froth treatment tailings with in-situ steam generation
Waste processing
Low viscosity low volatility lubricating oil base stocks and processes for preparing same
Surfactant-containing solution
Machine dishwasher detergent
Anti-foam compositions comprising an organomodified silicone comprising one or more 2-phenylpropylmethyl moieties
Bioagent detection methods
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Stem cell-derived neural cells for cell therapy in neurological disorders
Methods of trans-differentiating a terminally differentiated target cell to a neuron
Polypeptides having peroxygenase activity
Aldolases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Methods of production of products of metabolic pathways
Method of increasing production of amorpha-4,11-diene and method of increasing production of natural rubber
Microbial production of muconic acid and salicylic acid
Heavy metal remediation system
Sampling devices and methods for concentrating microorganisms
Prognostic marker for cryoglobulinemic vasculitis and B cell malignancies in HCV infected patients
Selective ultrasonic lysis of blood and other biological fluids and tissues
Stainless steel alloys with antimicrobial properties
Dose meter for crust punch and alumina dispenser
Textiles; Paper
Method of manufacturing a rigid repair wrap including a laminate disposed laterally within the repair wrap
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for continuously removing oily pollutant from polluted water using hydrophobic/oleophilic absorbent article
Vehicle door structure
Sealing arrangement for a movable window pane
Oil recovery processes at high salinity carbonate reservoirs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Carbon nanotube production method to stimulate soil microorganisms and plant growth produced from the emissions of internal combustion
Method for the operation of an internal combustion engine comprising an emission control system that includes an SCR catalyst
Engine start control system and method
Control device for automatic transmission
Pressure and temperature compensated control valve assembly
Portable flow meter for low volume applications
Tubular lighting products using solid state source and semiconductor nanophosphor, E.G. for florescent tube replacement
Furnace, refractory installing method, and refractory block
Insulated heat exchanger tube assembly and methods of making and using same
System and method for calibrating laser processing machines
Position determination system, transmission device and reception device, and position determination method
Method and device for the driving stabilization of a motorized two-wheeled vehicle using a double-gyroscope device
System and method for passive location storage
Hydraulic shovel positional guidance system and method of controlling same
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Optical device unit and detection apparatus
Paramagnetism-based remote temperature measurement method for magnetic nanoparticle
Multi-filter chemical speciation sampler and virtual impaction particle separation inlet therefore
Optical polarization shift measuring system
Method and system for certifying operators of x-ray systems
Determination of quality features in agricultural and horticultural crops
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to monitor communication paths in communication systems
GNSS reception using distributed time synchronization
Lightfast polyurethane compositions
Zoom lens system and electronic imaging apparatus
Color electronic paper display device and method for manufacturing the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Projection type image display apparatus and image display method
Image diversion systems and methods for image capture devices
Zoom lens system, optical apparatus, and method for forming an image
Optical fiber connector
Optical element holding apparatus, barrel, exposure apparatus, and manufacturing method for device
Reflective display devices
Display device
Electrochromic device
Position controller for image-stabilizing insertable/removable optical element
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Immersion lithography fluid control system regulating gas velocity based on contact angle
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using this fixing device
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, control device, detecting method of reference index on transfer body, and computer readable medium
Air conditioning control system
Method and apparatus for determining a condition and relative location of an inner tire and an outer tire of a tire pair
Engine control unit
Movable ground based recovery system for reuseable space flight hardware
Method and apparatus for determining tire position on a vehicle
Method for early detection and anticipatory control of consumer-end load shedding in an electrical grid, and apparatus for carrying out the method
System for monitoring a transient fluid
System for removably retaining a voltage converting device
USB device structure
Testing data storage devices running different versions of an operating system
Data migration system and data migration method
Methods for implementation of an active archive in an archiving system and managing the data in the active archive
Data reproducing apparatus, content management method, program, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus and clock signal controlling method controlling whether clock signal provided to interrupt signal controlling device
Storage control apparatus
Spool control device and non-transitory computer readable medium
Printing system using media integrated information, an information update method thereof, and a storage medium storing a program therefor
Remote USB system for supporting multiple virtual machines of multiple host and method thereof
Method and an apparatus for data recording and streaming
Management of process-to-process communication requests
File transfer system and file transfer method
Adaptive compression
System for managing e-mail traffic
Storage system having a virtual connection between a virtual network attached process and a management process, and an information processing apparatus and connection method thereof
Method and device for communication by address virtualization for the integration simulation of components
Method and system for updating business cards
Method, apparatus and business system for online communication with online and offline recipients
Method and apparatus for accessing files stored in a storage access network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS)
System for conducting multi-media communication sessions
Hybrid method for delivering streaming media within the home
System and method for accumulating social relation information for social network services
Segmenting access to electronic message boards
Auto-resolve recipients cache
Cluster control apparatus, control system, control method, and control program
Monitoring user demographics within a virtual universe
Predicting long-term computing resource usage
System for training classifiers in multiple categories through active learning
Pressure monitoring circuits and methods
Moving obstacle deciding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for managing and archiving performance information relating to storage system
System for communication through spatial bulletin board
Personal inventory manager
Method and system for data synchronization
Assisting search with semantic context and automated search options
Mass analysis data processing method and mass spectrometer using the same
Polishing estimation/evaluation device, overpolishing condition calculation device, and computer-readable non-transitory medium thereof
Timing exact design conversions from FPGA to ASIC
Simulation method, system and program
Circuit simulation based on gate spacing from adjacent MOS transistors
Arrangement for the maintenance of a sliding closure mounted on the spout of a container for molten metal
Remote high-performance modeling system for material joining and material forming
Detection systems for power equipment
Calculating device and flow meter equipped with calculating device
Nucleic acid sequencing using a compacted coding technique
Apparatus, system, and method of setting a device
Biometric authentication utilizing unique biometric signatures and portable electronic devices
Converter device to convert between different small form factor pluggable standards
Globe container
Encoding method and apparatus and decoding method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for managing and exchanging information using information objects
Virtual community for incentivized viewing of multimedia content
System and method for a virtual keyboard
Sensing structure of touch panel
Organizational tools on a multi-touch display device
Electronic device and method for manipulating graphic user interface elements
System and method for identifying a cause of lateness of a print job in a print production environment
Information processing apparatus, device setup method and storage medium for carrying out a device setup on a network
Information processing apparatus and method for displaying a preview image
Display device
Presentation of information based on current activity
Portable and personal vehicle presets
Slideshow video file detection
System, method and apparatus for enabling transactions using a user enabled programmable magnetic stripe
System and method for efficient and accurate comparison of software items
Dynamically adjusting pipelined data paths for improved power management
Virtual execution environment for streaming languages
Multiprocessing transaction recovery manager
Wrinkle simulation on fabric based on three arm joint angles
Looking glass: a hybrid simulation system to model cascading events within a black box system
Petrophysical method for predicting plastic mechanical properties in rock formations
Method for processing a three-dimensional image of the surface of a tire so that it can be used to inspect the said surface
High dynamic range texture compression
System and method for verifying registration accuracy in digital medical images
Method of evaluation by comparison of an acquired image with a reference image
Automatic method of predictive determination of the position of the skin
Fingerprint liveness analysis
Multi-view object detection using appearance model transfer from similar scenes
Image segmentation using star-convexity constraints
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Response to detection of blur in an image
Optical authentication
Product configuration modeling and optimization
Automated validation of results of human performance of tasks
Cost-based fulfillment tie-breaking
Method for providing a user with a service for accessing and collecting prescriptions
Interactive computer-implemented system and method for negotiating sale of goods and/or services
Systems and methods for providing enhanced account management services for multiple banks
Inserting stops into delivery routes
System and method for point of use reward determination
Public offering risk management
System and method for automated payment and adjustment processing
Particle generation factor determining system, charging method and storage medium
Predicting provider negotiated rates
Data processing framework for financial services
Estimating project size
System and method that provide incentives to qualified users of an electronic trading system
Information record infrastructure, system and method
Method and apparatus for processing a digital image signal, and a recording medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus configured to calculate a misregistration amount
System for monitoring the status and driving of a vehicle
Charge managing system, image forming apparatus, charge managing server, and image forming method
Electronic pill box with detachable day module which uses a blister pack
Electronic pill box prefill system including a blister pack with a capacitive sensor
Managing a condition of a selection of clothing items
Antenna array calibration for wireless communication systems
Methods and apparatus for controlling one or more electronic devices based on the location of a user
Network-based service for the repair of IP multicast sessions
Professional highlight testing tool and tool set
Light emitting device and driving method of the same
Semiconductor device and method of driving the semiconductor device
Stereoscopic image display panel and stereoscopic image display device including the same
Apparatus and method for correction of projected images
Systems and methods for presenting reflowable content on a display
Image processors, electronic device including the same, and image processing methods
White balance correction method
Display apparatus
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, display processing method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Systems and methods for multiple language document narration
Systems and methods for selection and use of multiple characters for document narration
Modulation device, modulation method, demodulation device, and demodulation method
Establishing a multimodal advertising personality for a sponsor of multimodal application
Circuits, architectures, apparatuses, systems, algorithms and methods and software for timing calibration for optical disc recording
Disk drive biasing timing recovery measurements for spiral tracks based on radial location of head
Disk drive choosing command from command queue based on a window defined by a probability of a seek miss
Target level setting method for a signal used in maximum-likelihood decoding in PRML processing of a signal reproduced from an optical information recording medium, playback device for an optical information recording medium, and target level setting program for a signal used in maximum-likelihood decoding in PRML processing
Code-based differential charging of bit lines of a sense amplifier
Two-transistor floating-body dynamic memory cell
Data storage device evaluating frequency range of supply voltage to detect power failure
Semiconductor memory with sense amplifier
Method of manufacturing a switch
Electron emitter and method of making same
Prototyping station for atomic force microscope-assisted deposition of nanostructures
Optical amplifier
Energy storage system having a flywheel for a vehicle transmission
Voltage converter circuit and method for a clock supply of energy to an energy storage
Boost multilevel inverter system
Power-supply control apparatus of vehicle
Drive system for an electric vehicle and method for charging a battery with a combustion engine
MMSE equaliser
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Inverse-mode bipolar transistor radio-frequency switches and methods of using same
Polar receiver using injection-locking technique
Architecture of future open wireless architecture (OWA) radio system
Data rate tracking filter
Decoder and operation method thereof
Zonal UWB receiver and method
Dispersion tolerant optical system and method
Dielectric photonic receivers and concentrators for radio frequency and microwave applications
FM signal quality measurement
Broadcast receiving apparatus and method of detecting noise components performed by broadcast receiving apparatus
Channel reuse in communication systems
Method and apparatus for handling barred cell in wireless communication system
Mobile communication system, base station apparatus, user apparatus and method
Method of transmitting data in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for multicast tree management in multi-hop relay communication system
System and method for data scrambling to reduce the crest factor in an OFDM waveform
Compact monolithic dispersion compensator
Deterministic backoff with dynamic adaptation
Radio communication method and radio communication device
Clock operating method and apparatus for supporting ethernet physical layer interfaces
Data transport module
System, method, and computer program product for facilitating communication between devices implementing proprietary features in a DOCSIS-compliant broadband communication system
Compensating for frequency offsets on a base station
Detection of active nodes, safe node removal conditions, and cross-cabling conditions for maintenance operations within a multi-chassis routing matrix
Elastic traffic marking for multi-priority packet streams in a communications network
Switching device, information processing device, and recording medium for failure notification control program
Method and apparatus for protecting wireless media streams
Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
Radius gateway on policy charging and rules function (PCRF) for wireline/wireless converged solution
Communication controller
Advanced voicemail features without carrier voicemail support
System and method for achieving voice-activated radio broadcasting over IP networks
Method and apparatus for forward error correction
Architectures for universal or software radio
Detection and mitigation of temporary impairments in a communications channel
Method and system for optimizing gain changes by identifying modulation type and rate
Radio base station and method of controlling radio base station
Enterprise desktop security management and compliance verification system and method
Secure platform voucher service for software components within an execution environment
Method and apparatus for secure trusted time techniques
Method and apparatus for flexible spectrum usage in communications systems
Program executing processing and controlling
Secure and recoverable database for on-line value-bearing item system
Public key encryption with digital signature scheme
System and method for establishing a secure connection with a mobile device
Non-transitory computer readable medium storing program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Carrier aggregation for two radio systems
Mobile telephone device with user-selectable content displayed and updated during idle time
Communication device
Software output destination handling terminal, system, method, and program for the same
Wireless messaging systems and methods
Method of network paging user equipment for error recovery in wireless communication system and related communication device
Radio communication system and method
Method and apparatus for managing voicemail messages
Method for provisioning a terminal device in a multi-user setting
Call handling for incoming telephone calls
Method and system for managing a caller's telephone call to a called party
Method and system for implementing number portability service
Unified video test apparatus
Apparatus having image shake correction function and method of controlling the same and image shake correction apparatus used for optical apparatus
Image stabilization system
Image pickup apparatus with an inclination guide display
Image pickup device and image pickup system
Radio frequency front end circuit module for receiver
Method of controlling devices and tuner device
Multimedia data recording/playing device and driving method thereof
Video reproduction method and video reproduction device
Recording medium and recording and reproducing method and apparatuses
Personal video recorder and control method thereof for combining first and second video streams
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image processing program
Motion picture receiving device, motion picture transmitting device, motion picture decoding method, and motion picture encoding method
Method and device for decoding and displaying video frames
System integration and test monitoring of immersive video networks
Mobile terminal and method of controlling a broadcast content display therein
Biological sample image acquiring apparatus, biological sample image acquiring method, and program
Information processing apparatus, information managing method and medium
Method and apparatus for adaptive weight selection for motion compensated prediction
Auto focusing apparatus and auto focusing method, and image sensing apparatus
Broadcast receiving apparatus for receiving digital broadcasting and broadcast receiving method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method and system of implementing multimedia recording and media resource handling device
Recording/reproducing device
Electronic device
Sonic motion apparatus
Eartip with tether
Dynamic fault analysis for a centrally managed network element in a telecommunications system
State-machine-based operation of a coverage-model-related process
Apparatus and method for dynamic resource allocation in broadband wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for fast closed-loop rate adaptation in a high rate packet data transmission
Method and device for transmitting IWS in a wireless communication system
Method for transmitting a control signal in a radio communication system
Mobile station, base station, and method of reporting wireless channel quality
Method for allocating resources for edge-users using cooperative MIMO
System and method for constructing a carrier to interference matrix based on subscriber calls
Method for transmitting data according to dynamic resource request
Preamble offset for femto base stations
High-density wireless local area network
Method for generating/allocating temporary address in wireless broadband access network and method for allocating radio resource based on the same
Method for wireless communication between user equipment and base station in wireless communication system supporting first user equipment that uses single frequency band and second user equipment that uses plurality of frequency bands
Method and apparatus for in-building communications
Base station apparatus and communication control method
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Communication protocol interface module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line RBO1
Soybean variety 92M70
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33A72
Soybean variety 93M60
Soybean cultivar 0332122
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39R34
Soybean variety XB48P03
Soybean variety XB15P03
Food product portioning
Roller manifold for forming a continuous sheet of viscous material
Filtration devices
Solid agricultural chemicals composition, preparation thereof and the method for scattering the same
Biosolvent composition of lactate ester and D-limonene with improved cleaning and solvating properties
Antimicrobial polymer
Delivery system for pesticides and crop-yield enhancement products using micro-encapsulated active ingredients in extruded granules
Antimicrobial sol-gel films comprising specific metal-containing antimicrobial agents
Lecithin-containing drift reduction composition for use in spraying agricultural acreage
Reverse flow sterilizing method
Fungicidal compositions based on fludioxonil
Fungicide compositions for protecting fruits
Direct spot-on antiparasitic skin solution for domestic animals
Antiparasitic formulations
Formicidae (ant) control using Bacillus thuringiensis toxin
Methods of using worm castings for fungal control
Device and methods for modifying an atmosphere
Gelling vegetable protein
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Composition for preserving fresh cut flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables without the use of refrigeration
Soy protein product and process for its manufacture
Method of making a food product colorant
Enriched milk with capsules containing nutrients
Sprayable browning composition
Phaseolamin compositions and methods for using the same
Manufacturing process of tea beverages
Method for preparing an oat product and a foodstuff enriched in the content of .beta.-glucan
Non-stick food processing, domestic and industrial equipment and process of using same
Carrot antifreeze polypeptides
Method for isolation and modification of proteins
Degumming of edible oils by ultrafiltration
Stable hygroscopic compositions and methods for stabilizing hygroscopic ingredients
Method for producing meal containing mannose
"Peanut butter batter" pancake mix
Desalting method for nutritional supplements with animal protein
Stabilization of cooked pasta compositions using whey from nisin-producing cultures
Rhodopseudomonas capsulatas strain No. FERM BP-7434 for use in health foods
Phytopharmaceutical food products or integrators
Compositions for appetite control and related methods
Method and apparatus for producing a curly puff extrudate
Hems, edges, patches and seams for durable, water repellant woven fabric, and methods for making the same
Plasticiser nails
Gelatinous elastomer
Three-dimensional photograph and process for making the same
Covering module and anchor sheet
French press coffee maker with assembly to selectively reduce contact of grounds with liquid coffee
Percolating steeper
Three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Environmentally friendly peracetic acid decontamination formula with increased performance and chemical stability
Transparent film dressing and a method for applying and making the same
Microbial management in swimwear
Padded absorbent article
Nonwoven composite with high pre-and post-wetting permeability
Methods for making encapsulated stent-grafts
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Therapeutic glutamine and N-actyl-cysteine composition
Delivery of muscle relaxants through an inhalation route
Resorcinol derivatives
Use of rhein or diacerhein compounds for the treatment or prevention of vascular diseases
Use of intracellular calcium chelators to increase surfactant secretion in the lungs
Pharmaceutical composition comprising entracapone, levodopa, and carbidopa
Use of 3-(2-ethylphenyl)-5-(3-methoxyphenyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Phorboxazole derivatives for treating cancer
Carboxyl substituted chroman derivatives useful as beta 3 adrenoreceptor agonists
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
Methods using PTPase inhibitors and insulin
Benzofuran derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Use of glutamate antagonists for the treatment of cancer
Combination progestin oral contraceptive regimen
18891, a novel human lipase
Rhamnan sulphate composition for treatment of endothelial dysfunction
Use of cytokines and mitogens to inhibit pathological immune responses
Probiotic composition containing Lactobacillus casei strain ATCC PTA-3945
Method of treating prolonged critical illness and other conditions having a similar neuroendocrine pattern
Human papilloma virus treatment
Methods and compositions comprising DNA damaging agents and P53
Gene therapy using TGF-.beta.
Compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized macromolecules
Medicinal product and method for treatment of conditions affecting neural stem cells or progenitor cells
Methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis
Method of immunizing humans against Salmonella typhi using a Vi-rEPA conjugate vaccine
Systemic delivery of compounds through non-invasive bladder administration
Pharmaceutical composition useful in the treatment of peptic ulcers
Use of anabolic agents, anti-catabolic agents, antioxidant agents, and analgesics for protection, treatment and repair of connective tissues in humans and animals
Chemical compounds having ion channel blocking activity for the treatment of immune dysfunction
Fluorescent cobalamins and uses thereof
Functional derivatives of the intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 in anti-viral therapy
Enhanced immunogenicity using leukotoxin chimeras
Detection of drug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus
Methods and compositions for enhancing magnetic resonance imaging
Composition for determining pyrimidine metabolizing activity
Bleeding control and healing aid compositions and methods of use
Polar solvent compatible polyethersiloxane elastomers
Ordered liquid crystalline cleansing composition with benefit agent particles
Gastric retention dosage form having multiple layers
Open pore biodegradable matrices
Paramagnetic polymerized protein microspheres and methods of preparation thereof
Use of penetration enhancers and barrier disruption agents to enhance the transcutaneous immune response
Film forming compositions for topical use and delivery of active ingredients
Water-absorbing composites, preparation processes thereof and water-absorbing articles
Filter membranes for physiologically active substances
Sterilization apparatus
Apparatus for washing and disinfecting-sterilizing endoscope
Simultaneous stimulation and concentration of cells
Process for impregnating a porous material with a cross-linkable composition
Leaves of Cajanus Cajan(L.) Millsp and extract, formulation and uses thereof
Composition containing a peptide and a pigment and the use thereof in darkening the skin
Moist wipes (II)
Golf ball materials and golf ball
Golf club shaft with variable density tip plug
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dewatering sand with surfactants
Device for injecting a diverted fluid into a simulated moving bed separation process
Fluidized solids removal with pulsation
Multi-stage water pollution trap
Method for removing mercury and mercuric compounds from dental effluents
Underdrain apparatus
Method and apparatus for acoustically driven media filtration
Filtration method for graft polymer polyols
Keyed latch valve for fuel filter
Filtering system for a pool or spa
Deflocculation apparatus and methods thereof
Apparatus and process for vaporizing a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock with steam
Honeycomb filter and process for production thereof
Apparatus and method for cleaning, neutralizing and recirculating exhaust air in a confined environment
Process for drying a gaseous or liquid mixture with the aid of an adsorber composed of alumina and of a molecular sieve
Method and apparatus for membrane recirculation and concentrate energy recovery in a reverse osmosis system
Method for forming hollow fibers
Process of producing a microporous hydrophobic inorganic membrane
Process for mixing treatment additives to contaminated liquids
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Compact light weight autothermal reformer assembly
Ceramic foam and process for producing the same
Microcapsules having polyurea walls
System for chemical and biological decontamination
Method of performing array-based hybridization assays using thermal inkjet deposition of sample fluids
Non-thermal plasma reactor having individually retained positive and negative reactor plates
Method of forming ceramic beads
Material with a channel structure for eliminating oxides of nitrogen
Solidifier for a liquid
Fibrous crystal aggregates, preparation method thereof and use thereof
Composite filter medium and fluid filters containing same
Process for vinyl chloride manufacture from ethane and ethylene with immediate HCl recovery from reactor effluent
Catalyst for selective hydrogenation, its preparation process and application
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Multi-metal oxide materials with a two-phase structure
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Microporous crystalline material (ITQ-15), method for the preparation thereof and its use in processes for separating and transforming organic compounds
Mesoporous molecular sieve and a process for the preparation of the same
Catalyst systems, method for preparing and using same in a polymerization process
Double-metal cyanide catalysts for preparing polyether polyols
Method for forming gas cluster and method for forming thin film
Catalyst for treating waste water, method for preparing the same and process for treating waste water
Catalyst for exhaust gas purification
Process for preparing an anode catalyst for fuel cells and the anode catalyst prepared therewith
Catalytic dehydrogenation processes and chromium catalysts for use therein
Catalytic materials for selective oxidation of alcohols, process for production thereof and their use in alcohol oxidation process
Structured Fischer-Tropsch catalyst system and method
Surface-micromachined microfluidic devices
Plasma mass filter with inductive rotational drive
Unitary spray nozzle
Application of foam to tissue products using a liquid permeable partition
Coating apparatus and processes thereof
Coating method employing supply of pellets to a heated substrate
Process for producing a coating film and process for producing a solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method for coating an electric coil including heating
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing the same
Process for producing a chemical-resistant protective layer for a rotary body having a base body made from fiber-reinforced plastic
Method of reducing surface defects in a powder coated surface
Metallic plate material for electric/electronic instrument and electric/electronic instrument using same
Cleaning water for cleaning a wafer and method of cleaning a wafer
Apparatus for removing dust accretions from a smelting furnace
In situ anaerobic bioremediation of earth and sold waste contaminants using organic/water emulsions
Bioreactor for fermenting solids
Composite panel
Gas stopper brick for metallurgical vessels with a sealing body that is subject to screw pressure springs
Methods for preparation of three-dimensional bodies
Method of making polycrystalline diamond with working surfaces depleted of catalyzing material
Anti-spatter coating for laser machining
Wafer carrier assembly for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and a polishing method using the same
Methods of producing and polishing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Galvanized steel sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing press-formed product
Cemented carbide and cutting tool
Method for manufacture of floor panels
Method for making alumina cellular extrudates
Process for production of ceramic structure
Processes of mixing, compatibilizing, and/or recycling blends of polymer materials through solid state shear pulverization, and products by such processes
Method in connection with processing polymer or elastomer material
Slush molding process
Foam articles
Method and apparatus for treating injection-moulded objects in a production process
Method of determining wear
Process for producing polyester sheet and film
Handled container and method of molding the same
Multilayer, metalized or ceramic-coated, sealable, biaxially oriented polyester film, its use, and process for its production
Method for shrinkwrapping
Imaging member
Stereolithographic supports
Articles that include a polymer foam and method for preparing same
Sheet-shaped product consisting of a thermosetting resin mixture and carbon fibres
Polyimide film and process for producing the same
Highly size-stabilized polymer film and magnetic recording medium using the film
Process of making microcreped wipers
Insulated heat shield with waved edge
Aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester metal laminate
Reflective insulation
Wrinkle resistant infrared reflecting film and non-planar laminate articles made therefrom
Paper-plastic laminate sheeting
Unilaterally mat, sealable, UV-stabilized, flame resistant, co-extruded, biaxially oriented polyester film, method for the production and the use thereof
Plastic film for medical liquid container
Polyimide/metal composite sheet
Linerless pressure sensitive coil of stamps having primer layer
Lamination structure with a starch to plastic bond
Patch system and method
Meltblown web
Color shifting film articles
Reflective-type mask blank for exposure, method of producing the same, and reflective-type mask for exposure
Laminate having differential bond strengths and absorbent article made therefrom
Oriented polypropylene films for adhesive tape
Recording material comprising silicone rubber and iron oxides for producing relief printing plates by laser engraving
Negative image-recording material and cyanine dye
Glass printing process
Ultraviolet radiation curable ink composition and a process for its application on glass substrates
Procedure of making a decorative thermal-transfer film on a flexible backing strip
Heat-sensitive recording material and heat-sensitive recording process
Heat transfer labelling systems
Pigment treatment in paper coating compositions for improving ink-jet printing performance
Method for image formation and image-formed product
Article, including tires, having component or rubber composition which contains particles of pre-vulcanized rubber and blend of tetrathiodipropionic and trithiodipropionic acids
High sensitive micro-cantilever sensor and fabricating method thereof
Insulating micro-structure and method of manufacturing same
Mechanical patterning of a device layer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Conversion of static sour natural gas to fuels and chemicals
Hydrocarbon gas to liquid conversion process
Power generation device and operation method therefor
Method of making carbon foam at low pressure
Multi-component substances and processes for preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of amorphous silica
Clathrate compounds, manufacture thereof, and thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric modules, semiconductor materials and hard materials based thereon
Process and apparatus for the extraction and regeneration of acids from spent acids
Method for producing sintered cadmium negative electrode
Process for producing thin metal oxide film
Nanoparticle having an inorganic core
Method for removing dissolved metals from wastewater by electrocoagulation
Apparatus for recirculating vortex water fountain
Modified amine for boiler water treatment
Method of treating waste effluent
Process for inhibiting scale and fouling on the metal surfaces exposed to an aqeuous system
Modular multi-stage water filtration system
Method for recovering and separating metals from waste streams
Methods of adjusting temperatures of glass characteristics and glass articles produced thereby
Methods of making low haze coatings and the coatings and coated articles made thereby
Radiation curable colored coating composition
Optical glass
Tm-doped fluorophosphate glasses for 14xx amplifiers and lasers
Superconductor methods and reactors
Dielectric composition, method of manufacturing a ceramic multilayer element, and electronic device
Silicon nitride wear resistant member and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for forming a low temperature cured ceramic coating for elevated temperature applications
Electrically conductive ceramics
Two catalyst process for making olefin
Process for producing optically active 1-(fluoro- or trifluoromethyl-substituted phenyl) ethylamine and process for purifying same
Aromatic diamine derivatives, the preparation thereof and alignment film materials containing same for liquid crystal display cell
N-alkoxyalkyl-N,N-dialkylamine derivatives or salts thereof, and remedies for nerve degeneration diseases containing the same
Aminobenzophenones and photopolymerizable compositions including the same
Esters of I-carnitine or alkanoyl I-carnitines
Neuroprotective agents
Promoted multi-metal catalyst
Processes for the preparation of 4(5)-amino-5(4)-carboxamidoimidazoles and intermediates thereof
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Antagonists of RF-amide neuropeptides
Process for preparing rac-bicalutamide and its intermediates
Stabilizers and antiozonants for elastomers
Process for the preparation of alpha-amino acids by hydrolysis of hydantoins at elevated pressure and elevated temperature
Process for producing phthalaldehyde
Process of paraffin hydrocarbon isomerisation catalysed by an ionic liquid in the presence of a cyclic hydrocarbon additive
Xylene isomerization
Process for producing oxide with higher oxidation than alcohol
Traction fluid with di-acid ester bridged dimer
Heterocycle substituted diphenyl leukotriene antagonists
Synthesis of a novel paramagnetic amino derivative (epm-5) for labelling chemical and biological macromolecules
Antithrombotic azacycloalkylalkanoyl peptides and pseudopeptides
Piperidine derivatives and process for their production
Heterocyclecarboxamide derivative
Analogues of camptothecin, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Heterocyclic derivatives and their use as antithrombotic agents
Certain 4-aminomethyl-2-substituted imidazole derivatives and 2-aminomethyl-4-substituted imidazole derivatives; new classes of dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Triazene-based compound comprising functionalized alkylthio groups, and photopolymerization initiator
Anthracene derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the derivative
Compounds and methods for treatment of asthma, allergy and inflammatory disorders
Process for preparing homophthalate derivatives
Substituted amino-furan-2-yl-acetic acid and amino-thien-2-yl-acetic acid derivatives and their use in the treatment of migraine and pain
Benzothiophenes, formulations containing same, and methods
Protein kinase inhibitors
1,3,4-oxadiazoline derivative and an agent comprising its derivative as active ingredient
Succinate compounds, compositions and methods of use and preparation
Inhibitors of cytosolic phospholipase A2
Aromatic nitrogen-containing 6-membered cyclic compounds
Anilide compounds and drugs containing the same
Ether substituted imidazopyridines
Quinoline derivatives and quinazoline derivatives
Process for the purification of organometallic compounds or heteroatomic organic compounds with hydrogenated getter alloys
Process for producing glycosides
Prodrugs of a 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Detection of polymorphisms in the human 5-lipoxygenase gene
Methods for labeling nucleotides, labeled nucleotides and useful intermediates
Synthetic receptors
Mass spectrometry of colonization factors
Somatic cells with ablated PrP gene and methods of use
Recombinant, replication defective CELO virus and CELO virus DNA
Deleted adenovirus vectors and methods of making and administering the same
Multiple fusion antigens for use in immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
Complete genome sequence of the methanogenic archaeon, Methanococcus jannaschii
Neisseria meningitidis antigen
.alpha.-conotoxin peptides
Compositions and methods for achieving immune suppression
Methods and compounds for modulating male fertility
PP14 fusion proteins and methods for making and using the same
Polypeptide and DNA thereof
Compounds and methods for cancer therapy
Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP20 and related products and methods
Nucleic acid encoding CLK2 protein kinases
Alarm related peptides and nucleic acids and diagnosis using them
Polynucleotides encoding alzheimer's disease secretase
Human FGF-20 gene and gene expression products
Fc fusion proteins of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with increased biological activities
AK155 antibodies and binding fragments thereof
Fragments of CR1 and their use
Variation in drug response related to polymorphisms in .beta.2-adrenergic receptor
Methods for enhancing immune responses by fibroblast growth factor receptor 5 polypeptides
Recombinant AAV vectors for gene therapy of hemophilia A
Methods of producing anti-angiogenic proteins
Antibodies to chemokine receptor 88C
Compositions and methods for determining interactions of mitochondrial components, and for identifying agents that alter such interactions
Small and intermediate conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels and uses thereof
Self-replicating episomal expression vectors conferring tissue-specific gene expression
Method of detecting axonal damage, from associated disease states using tau monoclonal antibodies
Protein purification
Reagents and methods for the detection and quantification of vancomycin in biological fluids
Method for reducing the immunogenicity of antibody variable domains
Tryptase substrates and assay for tryptase activity using same
Promoter derived from phytosulfokine precursor gene
Heat transfer fluid comprising mixture of phenylcyclohexane and bicyclohexane
Epoxidized polyalkenylenes and method for their preparation
Modified natural rubber
Olefins produced from pre-polymerized catalyst component catalysts
Low carbon monoxide process for nickel catalyzed olefin polymerization
Process for making vinyl ether polymers
Process for producing porous polymer
Process for producing particles for diagnostic reagent
Reflection-inhibiting resin used in process for forming photoresist pattern
Use of modified olefin polymers for producing polyolefin products with improved toughness, strength and heat resistance
Methods for synthesizing polyvinyl amine (PVA) type flocculating and coagulating agents, novel agents thus obtained, uses thereof and improved paper types thus obtained
Stain resistant coating compositions, methods of coating and coated articles
Aqueous primary dispersions, method for preparation and use thereof
Water swellable compositions
Fiber/resin composite and molded article formed from the same
Polymerizable composite material
Sulphured-metallic coordinated complexes in polyadditive catalysis
Rubber composite containing in situ formed filler reinforcement, article and tire comprising thereof
Coating composition
Antifoulant dispersant and method
Solidifying material for cell electrolyte solution, and cell comprising the solidifying material
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Organic polymers and novel polymerizable compounds
Spray polyurea coating systems
Phenolic/polyurea coating co-polymer compositions and process
Polysiloxane(amide-ureide) anti-ice coating
Aqueous composition that can be hardened physically, thermally or thermally and with actinic radiation and the derivatives and production thereof
Method of dimerizing isophorone diisocyanate
Coating composition capable of forming alkali-soluble lubricating film suitable for forming and use thereof
High 2,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanate content prepolymers
Powder coating of cooh acrylic resin, polyepoxide and low t catalyst
Phosphorus-containing flame-retardant hardeners, epoxy resins, advanced epoxy resins and cured epoxy resins
Dielectric thin films from fluorinated precursors
Functional polymer with supported pressure-sensitive luminophore, and pressure-sensitive paint and pressure-sensitive element using same
Process for the manufacture of temperature-sensitive polymers with binary heat transfer fluid system
Polyester resin intermediate compositions and preparation and uses thereof
Method of polycarbonate preparation
Antistatic molded article comprising a polyesteramide resin
Permeable polyaniline articles for gas separation
Copolymer sealant compositions and method for making
Recycle process for polycondensation resins
Low cross-linking-density gel and process for producing the same
Polycarbonate automotive window panels with coating system blocking UV and IR radiation and providing abrasion resistant surface
Coated molding of thermoplastic resin composition and production method therefor
Method of forming high resilience slabstock polyurethane foam
Expandable styrene resin particles, expandable beads, and foamed article
Polypropylene resin pre-expanded particle and in-mold expanded article thereof
Non-dripping, flame retardant, fluoroelastomer insulative compositions for telecommunication cables
Carbon black containing EPDM compositions having either a high gloss or a textured matte finish
Wide-gap filler material
Flame retardant styrenic compositions containing oxaphospholane compound as flame retardant
Plasticizers derived from vegetable oils
Self-extinguishing cable and fire retardant composition used therein
Method of content protection with durable UV absorbers
Alkenyl polyorganosiloxane, organohydrogensiloxane, organosilicon or silane treated silver particles and Pt catalyst
Liquid-crystalline polymer composition
Microgel-containing rubber compounds with phosphoryl polysulfides and vulcanizates or shaped articles prepared therefrom
Polyolefin resin for hot-melt adhesive
Polymer composition for bottle screw caps
Thermal interface materials
Crosslinked foam of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and acid copolymer
Blends of fluoropolymer and plasticized polyvinyl chloride
Organic fiber filler-containing polypropylene resin composition and molded article using the same
Thermoplastic resin composition
Thermoplastic composition
Flame-retardant epoxy resin composition, molded article thereof, and electronic part
Thermoplastic aliphatic polyester compositions, preparation method and uses thereof
Thermoplastic resins with a low proportion of coarse particles
Method of improving the melt processing of thermoplastic polymers and compositions produced thereby
Low dielectric constant organic dielectrics based on cage-like structures
Water-based adhesive
Polymeric composition for friction elements
Electrophotographic photoreceptors
Carotenoid extraction process
Hot melt inks containing styrene or terpene polymers
Polyurethane based inks for writing instruments
Resin-coated steel for fuel tanks of automobile and method for manufacturing the same
Powder coating compositions
Electrodepositing solution for low-potential electrodeposition and electrodeposition method using the same
High molecular weight styrenic block copolymer hot melt adhesive for toy articles
Fiber-metal laminate adhesive coating
Post-cure treatment of silicone coating for liners in pressure-sensitive labels
Textile adhesive tape
Composition for oil and gas drilling fluids with solidification agent and cellulose additive
Composition for oil and gas drilling fluids containing organic compounds
Spent catalyst distributor
Lubricant additive
Antioxidant combination for oxidation and deposit control in lubricants containing molybdenum and alkylated phenothiazine
Lubricant composition
Particles for electro-rheological fluid
Methods and preparations of extracts of Uncaria species with reduced alkaloid content
Wet wipes (III)
Gemini surfactant compositions
Solid bodies
Method of reducing the viscosity of fabric conditioning compositions
Liquid laundry detergent with emulsion layer
Concentrated, preferably biodegradable, quaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing cationic polymers and process for preparation
Bleaching formulation
Resist stripper
Process for the scaleable purification of plasmid DNA
Xylofuranosly-containing nucleoside phosphoramidites and polynucleotides
Regulated autocrine growth of mammalian cells
Seed shattering
Vascular tissue preferred promoters
Selection system for generating efficient packaging cells for lentiviral vectors
Cell-based assay for immunodeficiency virus infectivity and sensitivity
Mesenchymal stem cells as immunosuppressants
Isolated human dehydrogenases, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human dehydrogenases, and uses thereof
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Identification and cloning of a new subfamily of sulfatases and functional embryonic techniques for characterization of such proteins
Caspase-14, an apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Inhibitors of serine protease activity of matriptase or MTSP1
Biological process for the production of ortho-aminophenols from nitroaromatic compounds using mutase
Nucleotide sequences which code for the tal gene
Genes involved in cyclododecanone degradation pathway
B, B-carotene 15, 15'-dioxygenases, nucleic acid sequences coding therefor and their use
NMR-solve method for rapid identification of bi-ligand drug candidates
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of dechlorinating bacteria
Detection and diagnosis of smoking related cancers
Genetic typing of the human cytochrome P450 2A6 gene and related methods
Rolling circle replication reporter systems
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Oligo nucleotides method and kit for detecting listeria monocytogenes by amplifying and/or hybridizing nucleic acids
Oxy-fueled aluminum recovery method
Nickel-based alloy for high-temperature technology
Steel for machine structural use
Composite gradient alloy plate, manufacturing method thereof and color cathode ray tube having shadow mask using the composite gradient alloy plate
High tensile strength hot dip plated steel and method for production thereof
Electrodeposition process and a layered composite material produced thereby
Low-sulfur article having a platinum-aluminide protective layer, and its preparation
Method for producing boride thin films
Method for depositing a fluorine-doped silica film
Method of handling organic material in making an organic light-emitting device
Physical vapor deposition target constructions
Method for deposition of wear-resistant coatings and for increasing the lifespan of parts
Method for depositing refractory metal layers employing sequential deposition techniques
Plasma enhanced CVD low k carbon-doped silicon oxide film deposition using VHF-RF power
Method of nitrogen doping of fluorinated silicate glass (FSG) while removing the photoresist layer
Method for delivering precursors
Method to improve barrier layer adhesion
Electroless plating solution and process
Method for forming a carbon deposit inhibiting thermal barrier coating for combustors
Method to reduce charge interface traps and channel hot carrier degradation
Method for forming thin film with a gas cluster ion beam
Etchant composition for molybdenum and method of using same
Solution for ruthenium chemical mechanical planarization
Cobalt-nickel-iron alloy thin film and method of forming the same, and thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Method for uniform electrochemical reduction of apertures to micron and submicron dimensions using commercial biperiodic metallic mesh arrays and devices derived therefrom
GaN substrate formed under controlled growth condition over GaN layer having discretely formed pits
Single-crystal optical element having flat light-transmitting end surface inclined relative to cleavage plane
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for high denier hollow spiral fiber
Cloth-like nonwoven webs made from thermoplastic polymers
Equipment and duct liner insulation and method
Use of whitening pigments for whitening paper coating compositions
Fixed Constructions
Catch basin filter for stormwater runoff
Thin-walled component made from hydraulically hardened cement paste material and method for the production thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Catalyst degradation detecting device and method thereof in internal combustion engine
Process for the manufacture of a protecting and immobilizing element of the mattress-like type, and element so obtained
Efficient snowmaking with polymer drag reduction
Multicolor gelatin ribbons and manufacture of soft gelatin products
Connecting system for plastic columns
Oxidation decomposition type element analyzer
Mass spectrometric screening of catalysts
Compositions and methods of use of 8-nitroguanine
Design and signal recovery of biomolecular sensor arrays
Methods for the high-resolution identification of solvent-accessible amide hydrogens in protein binding sites
Method for making biochip substrate
Simultaneous screening of multiple analytes
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Method and apparatus for detection of microscopic pathogens
Composition for measuring trace amount of protein
Purification of heat shock/stress protein cell surface receptors and their use as immunotherapeutic agents
Methods for systematic identification of protein--protein interactions
Method and apparatus for diagnosing hemostasis
Analysis method with sample quality measurement
Micro probing tip made by micro machine method
Processing apparatus with measuring unit and method
Functional film having functional layer and article provided with functional layer
Focus monitoring method, focus monitoring apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for producing microlens array, array master, electrolytic solution and microlens array resin material therefor and apparatus for producing master
Synthetic resin laminate having both polarization characteristic and photochromism characteristic
Silver halide emulsion and method of preparing the same
Photographic multi-layer film base comprising 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol
Method of forming a rim phase shifting mask and using the rim phase shifting mask to form a semiconductor device
Plasma-etching process for molybdenum silicon nitride layers on half-tone phase masks based on gas mixtures containing monofluoromethane and oxygen
Process for producing organic thin film
Fabrication method for lines of semiconductor device
Dual-layer deep ultraviolet photoresist process and structure
Radiation sensitive composition for forming an insulating film, insulating film and display device
Photosensitive composition comprising photosensitive saponified poly(vinyl acetate) and pattern formation method making use of the composition
Method for fabricating organic thin film
Method for improving the resolution of optic lithography
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Manufacturing method of a phase shift mask, method of forming a resist pattern and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for using a complementary mask to clear phase conflicts on a phase shifting mask
Method and apparatus for thermal processing a photosensitive element
Radiation-sensitive composition, insulating film and organic EL display element
Photomask with back-side anti-reflective layer and method of manufacture
Method and enhancing clear field phase shift masks with border around edges of phase regions
Electrophotographic toner and development process with improved image and fusing quality
Fuser member overcoated with fluorocarbon-silicone random copolymer containing aluminum oxide
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and production method of the same
Electrostatic image developer
Memory package
Decorative pumpkin kit
Tremolo block device for guitar
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic read/write system and magnetic recording medium
Morphing fillers and thermal interface materials
Method of conditioning an etching chamber and method of processing semiconductor substrate using the etching chamber
Copper damascene with low-k capping layer and improved electromigration reliability
Method of integrating the fabrication process for integrated circuits and MEM devices
Magnetic memory device having yoke layer, and manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing polycrystalline semiconductor layers and thin-film transistors and laser annealing apparatus
Electro-optical device and thin film transistor and method for forming the same
Contact planarization using nanoporous silica materials
Enhancement of silicon oxide etch rate and nitride selectivity using hexafluorobutadiene or other heavy perfluorocarbon
Method of fabricating a capacitor of a semiconductor device
Method for forming a polycide structure in a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing capacitor in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Methods for forming wordlines, transistor gates, and conductive interconnects
Method of heat-treating nitride compound semiconductor layer and method of producing semiconductor device
Silicon carbide schottky barrier diode and method of making
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
High-K tunneling dielectric for read only memory device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the device and method of mounting the device
Vertical thermal nitride mask (anti-collar) and processing thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having metal conducting layer
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Thin film transistor and method for fabricating same
Bladed silicon-on-insulator semiconductor devices and method of making
Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device formed by the method
Methods and apparatus for improved mosfet drain extension activation
Sacrificial deposition layer as screening material for implants into a wafer during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Method for forming a retrograde implant
Direct implantation of fluorine into the channel region of a PMOS device
Fabrication of p-channel field-effect transistor for reducing junction capacitance
Method of fabricating W/TiN gate for MOSFETS
Fabrication process for a semiconductor device having a metal oxide dielectric material with a high dielectric constant, annealed with a buffered anneal process
Gate oxide stabilization by means of germanium components in gate conductor
Process for depositing WSix layers on a high topography with a defined stoichiometry
Method for forming silicide film of a semiconductor device
Method of forming metal wire of semiconductor device
Methods of forming a capacitor with substantially selective deposite of polysilicon on a substantially crystalline capacitor dielectric layer
Method for forming an epitaxial cobalt silicide layer on MOS devices
Method and apparatus for improved electroplating fill of an aperture
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Dry-wet-dry solvent-free process after stop layer etch in dual damascene process
Method of forming silicon oxide layer
Method of manufacturing a capacitor having tantalum oxide film as an insulating film
Method to improve adhesion of dielectric films in damascene interconnects
Surface treating for micromachining and method for surface treatment
Method of forming a protective step on the edge of a semiconductor wafer
One mask PNP (or NPN) transistor allowing high performance
Method for fabricating a bipolar transistor in a BiCMOS process and related structure
Method for fabrication of emitter of a transistor and related structure
Selective etching of polysilicon
Memory cell and method for forming the same
Nickel alloy for SMOS process silicidation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with supersaturated source/drain extensions and metal silicide contacts
Method of fabricating a small electrode for chalcogenide memory cells
Method of fabricating contact holes on a semiconductor chip
Methods and systems for forming embedded DRAM for an MIM capacitor
Semiconductor device having contact electrode to semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices and method and its apparatus for processing detected defect data
Reduced cross-contamination between chambers in a semiconductor processing tool
Dap isolation process
Method of making stackable layers containing encapsulated integrated circuit chips with one or more overlaying interconnect layers
Dielectric etch chamber with expanded process window
In-situ plasma ash/treatment after via etch of low-k films for poison-free dual damascene trench patterning
Methods of forming integrated circuitry, semiconductor processing methods, and processing method of forming MRAM circuitry
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Partial via hard mask open on low-k dual damascene etch with dual hard mask (DHM) approach
Method for defect reduction and enhanced control over critical dimensions and profiles in semiconductor devices
Process for treating complementary regions of the surface of a substrate and semiconductor product obtained by this process
Gate structure and method
Process of fabricating DRAM cells with collar isolation layers
Semiconductor device-manufacturing method for manufacturing semiconductor devices with improved heat radiating efficiency and similar in size to semiconductor elements
Nonintrusive wafer marking
Method of forming bit lines and bit line contacts in a memory device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Sublithographic patterning using microtrenching
Method of forming multilayer diffusion barrier for copper interconnections
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit having capacitor and silicided and non-silicided transistors
Method for making multiple threshold voltage FET using multiple work-function gate materials
Method for forming a field effect transistor having a high-k gate dielectric and related structure
NAND-type flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for producing the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating electronic device
Method of utilizing hard mask for copper plasma etch
Method for manufacturing a buried strap contact in a memory cell
Method of forming cross point type DRAM cell
Methods for fabricating and planarizing dual poly scalable SONOS flash memory
Flash technology transistors and methods for forming the same
DRAM cell structure capable of high integration and fabrication method thereof
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a trench and a thick insulation film at the trench opening
Bonded wafer producing method and bonded wafer
Semiconductor device having trench isolation structure and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing device substrate with metal back-gate and structure formed thereby
Active region corner implantation method for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit microelectronic fabrication
Leadless semiconductor product packaging apparatus having a window lid and method for packaging
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming a local interconnect
Circuit boards containing vias and methods for producing same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and method of production of same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
MOS transistor structure and method of fabrication
Quantum well intermixing in InGaAsP structures induced by low temperature grown InP
Method for low topography semiconductor device formation
High voltage MOS transistor with gate extension
Flash memory devices with oxynitride dielectric as the charge storage media
Method of fabricating gate dielectric for use in semiconductor device having nitridation by ion implantation
Method of manufacturing nano transistors
Avalanche photodiode for photon counting applications and method thereof
Organic EL device and method of manufacturing organic EL device
Method for the preparation of cathode active material and method for the preparation of non-aqueous electrolyte
Electronic apparatus powered by fuel cell having oxygen density detector
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cell
Non-aqueous electrolytic battery and manufacturing method
System for enhanced lithium-ion battery performance at low temperatures
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Air-breathing direct methanol fuel cell with metal foam current collectors
Negative electrode formulation for a low toxicity zinc electrode having additives with redox potentials negative to zinc potential
Electrolyte system and energy storage device using same
Continuous extruded lead alloy strip for battery electrodes
Separator for fuel cell, production process thereof, and solid polymer fuel cell using the separator
High-temperature fuel cell
Fuel cell stack compressive loading system
Fuel cell and fuel cell device
Fuel processor for fuel cell
Method and apparatus for preventing water in fuel cell power plants from freezing during storage
Electromagnetic wave absorbing materials
Indicating device and method for operating such a device
Full color display structures using pseudomorphic cladded quantum dot nanophosphor thin films
Composite substrate and EL device using the same
Heated filling method
Process for manufacturing IC card
Method of polishing copper layer of substrate
Multilayer wiring board, semiconductor device mounting board using same, and method of manufacturing multilayer wiring board
Radio wave absorber composition
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