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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Header height control system and apparatus
Animal washing system
Method of and an installation for feeding an animal in a feeding box
Dual function bowl lifting and filling apparatus with interchangeable cleaning attachment
Method and apparatus for pet water drinking device
Churn for processing food products
Upper garment for patient
Protective eyewear with metal lenses
Protective gear for the body and methods of making the same
Method for making a composite item comprising a cosmetic product and an ornamental element
Adjustable shelf
Multimedia device bracket
Bed support system and method
Adjustable electronic device holder
Container holder
Animal-themed sleep system
Modular suspended wine bottle holder
Beverage maker, and pump unit and cartridge for use in a beverage maker
Retractable shower expander assembly
Cleansing pad
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Signal processing apparatus
Implantable ischemia and myocardial infarction monitor and method
Multimodality medical imaging system and method with intervening patient access area
MR imaging providing tissue/blood contrast image
Characterisation of mask systems
Devices and methods for occluding a fallopian tube
Implantable lead including sensor
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
Multiprogrammable tissue stimulator and method
Lean-to-turn wheeled device
Air actuated ball game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Transfer trays for mass transfer columns in offshore use
Glass-breaker mechanism
Connecting apparatus adapted in a conjunctive structure
New-type dual-passage paper feeding safety structure for shredders
Liquid ejection head
Solid separator especially for a combustion facility
Method of reducing wire bond profile height in integrated circuits mounted to circuit boards
Dynamic bearing manufacturing method
Door leveler
Method for guiding a cast material out of a casting chamber of a casting system, and casting system for casting a cast material
Method for providing an oblong shaped piece and for inserting said shaped piece into a hollow section bar from which a spacer for insulated glass panes is formed
Method of molding and assembling a container with hinged lids
System for assembling a disk drive using a robotic end effector
Tool for pulling mixing valve cartridge core and sleeve and method of use
Grooved-stile shutter
Transportation apparatus and tension adjustment method of belt in the same
Folding tool
Sniper pole shear
Device for forming sleeve-like foil envelopes
Sheet trimming apparatus and image forming system
System and method for delivering pressurized fluid to a rotary cutting blade
Compactable mold for forming building blocks
System and die for forming a continuous filament reinforced structural plastic profile by pultrusion/coextrusion
Protective tape joining apparatus
Apparatus for printing on the plant surface and the artificial plant surface
Cancellation apparatus
Printing system employing deformable polymer printing plates
Gatherer stitcher with variable chain pitch
Caster with a brake structure
Tread comprising relief elements covered by a specific mixture
Wheel servicing apparatus and methods
Method for controlling engine speed in a hybrid electric vehicle
Wheelchair stair assist apparatus
Upper frame for excavator
Heavy vehicle
Neutrally buoyant submerged system using lesser density ballast fluid
Method for managing storage of gaseous hydrogen
Storage system
Lid lock mechanism
Dispensing closure with tamper evident device
Product display system having an integral protective case for housing and displaying a product
Integrated carton and bottle opener
Hearing aid package
Sheet-processing assembly having an apparatus for transporting a pallet, pallet conveying system and sheet-fed rotary printing press
Article transfer and placement apparatus with active puck
Chip component carrying method and system, and visual inspection method and system
System for dispensing paper in roll form, method of manufacturing such a roll, and roll of paper
Medicine container with single pill dispenser
Sheet post-processing device and image forming apparatus
Water sprinkler with spray coverage adjustment mechanism
Wearable disinfecting gel dispenser
Fixed Constructions
Device and method for repairing building surfaces
Mounting system for a solar panel
Collapsible panel assembly
Electromechanical rotary lock cylinder
Window glazing unit for a building window assembly
Controlling actuation of tools in a wellbore with a phase change material
Well treatment using a progressive cavity pump
Apparatus and method for containing oil from a deep water oil well
Apparatus and methods for allowing fluid flow inside at least one screen and outside a pipe disposed in a well bore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
External combustion engine
Variable valve lift apparatus
Variable valve lift apparatus
Device for the hydraulic control of gas exchange valves of a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Oil supply structure for continuous variable valve timing apparatus and cylinder head employing the same
Electromechanical failsafe thermostat
Exhaust evacuation apparatus
Flow control apparatus for heavy construction equipment
Diaphragm for throttling a volume flow in an air distribution ducting system of an air-conditioning unit of a commercial aircraft
Fastener easily detached from attached objects
Pivoting support hook assembly
Cover and method for containing oil and grease distributed from universal joint
Single motor electro wedge brake system using solenoid mechanism for implementing additional functions
Electromechanical parking brake
Compact combined brake cylinder
Auxiliary range transmission
Rotary selector
Valve stem holding device
Valve with self-expanding seals
Flow control device
Flexible pipe, its manufacture and use
Foldable stand for a machine
Catalyzed hot gas heating system for concentrated solar power generation systems
Refrigerant cycle device with ejector
Restraining device for reducing warp in lumber during drying
Exhaust structure for clothes dryer in apartment building
Micro-structured cooler and use thereof
Plasma jet igniter used for an electro-theremal-chemical (ETC) gun, machine gun or other barreled weapon or equivalent type
Jig for use in cutting synthetic shingles and tiles
Method of examining aperture diameter of disk substrate having circular aperture in central portion thereof and apparatus thereof
Perpendicularity measuring device
Apparatus and method for determining geographical location relative to a designated geographical location with a mobile communication device
Vehicle information recording system
Ultrasonic measuring unit having integrated humidity analysis
Tire air-pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of liquid losses in pressure measuring transducers filled with pressure transmitting liquids
Pneumatic assembly for a pressure decay tester
Wind tunnel with a model arranged therein, particularly a model of an aircraft, for acquiring and evaluating a plurality of measuring data, as well as method
Particulate monitor
Sensor holder for a piston cylinder unit
Device for the ultrasound testing of hot rolling material
Systems, methods and apparatus for reconstructing phylogentic trees
Method and system for testing a memory of a microprocessor
Method and device for detecting period length fluctuations of periodic signals
Built-in self test for memory arrays using error correction coding
Platform ASIC reliability
Analog circuit automatic calibration system
Method and apparatus for shale bed detection in deviated and horizontal wellbores
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and computer program
Illumination optical system, illumination device and image-taking apparatus
Apparatus and method to improve printer productivity
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Image forming apparatus featuring a variable oscillating electric field formed between a developer carrying member and an image bearing member during a developer operation in accordance with a peripheral speed of the image bearing member
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively regulating a toner layer, developing mechanism for the apparatus, and a process cartridge provided in the apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Distributed input/output control systems and methods
Numerical control system, and method of establishing communication timing in numerical control system
Systems and method providing input/output fencing in shared storage environments
Data transfer method and data transfer device
System and method for controlling an intergrated circuit to enter a predetermined performance state by skipping all intermediate states based on the determined utilization of the intergrated circuit
Method of performing an authentication on a subscriber identity module card by an electronic communication device
Method and apparatus for a user to interface with a mobile computing device
Method of shutting down virtual machines in an orderly manner
Method for the power-saving control of a receiving device, in particular for an access control system for an automobile, and a corresponding receiving device
Image forming apparatus having an improved power-mode switching function
Method for processing error of received packet in ethernet MAC layer
Diagnostic probe management in data processing systems
Error correcting content addressable memory
Multi-node architecture with daisy chain communication link configurable to operate in unidirectional and bidirectional modes
Pressure transmitter with diagnostics
Structure cabling system
Method and apparatus for grouping pages within a block
Testing for operating life of a memory device with address cycling using a gray code sequence
Processor cache memory as RAM for execution of boot code
Enhanced STCX design to improve subsequent load efficiency
Computer system for data processing and method for the transfer of an array segment of an affine-indexed multi-dimensional array referenced in a loop nest from a first memory to a second memory
Cache victim sector tag buffer
Data duplication control method
Data processing apparatus that shares a single semiconductor memory circuit among multiple data processing units
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Method and arrangement for performing atomic updates using a logical flash memory device
Method and service and computer program code for broadcast of interface group bring-up in a multiprocessor computer system having multiple nodes
Wireless spread spectrum communication platform using dynamically reconfigurable logic
Fault detection and classification (FDC) specification management apparatus and method thereof
Coprocessor processing instructions in turn from multiple instruction ports coupled to respective processors
Technique for enabling remote data access and manipulation from a pervasive device
System and methods for automatic DSP processing
Quality assured network service provision system compatible with a multi-domain network and service provision method and service broker device
Data management method using network
Apparatus for outputting individual authentication information connectable to a plurality of terminals through a network
Universal broadband server system and method
Video-on-demand system
Method, service agent and network management system for operating a telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for pattern matching in text based protocol
Methods and apparatus for directing packets among a group of processors
Network system, terminal and recording medium
Future capture of block matching clip
Recording medium and reproducing apparatus for quantized data
In-context analysis and automatic translation
Systems and methods for improved spell checking
System and method of generating dictionary entries
Method and apparatus for distribution-based language model adaptation
Computer-aided reading system and method with cross-language reading wizard
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
System and method for locating and presenting electronic documents to a user
Methods, apparatus and computer programs for evaluating and using a resilient data representation
Builders on-line assistant
Method and apparatus for process design
Method and system for indicating a license status of an object
Document management and access control by document's attributes for document query system
Timing performance analysis
Synthesis aware placement: a novel approach that combines knowledge of possible resynthesis
Optimizing long-path and short-path timing and accounting for manufacturing and operating condition variability
Method of moment computations in R(L)C interconnects of high speed VLSI with resistor loops
Method for the temporal synchronisation of a plurality of vehicle sensors
Method and system for measuring a figure of a workpiece
System and methods for adaptive control of robotic devices
Method and system for predicting remaining life for motors featuring on-line insulation condition monitor
Manufacturing process control methods and systems
Systems and methods for metrology recipe and model generation
Bending process estimation apparatus, bending process estimation program, and bending process estimation method
Method for determining transmitting mode of a memory card with multiple interface functions
Scheduler for a direct memory access device having multiple channels
Recordation and organization of problem solving data
System, device and method for controlling display presentation order
Device driver conversion and creation
Secure and opaque type library providing secure data protection of variables
Intelligent autofill
Protected media path and refusal response enabler
Touch panel system and method for distinguishing multiple touch inputs
Methods and apparatus for acquiring and displaying expansion read only memory size information
Functional-level instruction-set computer architecture for processing application-layer content-service requests such as file-access requests
Aligning load/store data using rotate, mask, zero/sign-extend and or operation
Method and apparatus for dynamic modification of microprocessor instruction group at dispatch
Update system and method for updating a scanning subsystem in a mobile communication framework
Method for specifying and parsing expressions
Method and system for a simulation authoring environment implemented in creating a simulation application
Detecting reordered side-effects
Compilation of unified parallel C-language programs
Selectively reduced bi-cubic interpolation for ink-jet simulations on quadrilateral grids
Memory device and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
System and method for complex schedule generation
Financial services payment vehicle and method
System for biometric security using a fob
Method and apparatus for an integrated identity security and payment system
Accounting system and method for processing transaction data
Whistle with possession control indicating system
Speech processing unit with priority assigning function to output voices
Accessing audio processing components in an audio generation system
Portal data passing through non-persistent browser cookies
Speech controls for use with a speech system
Speech input device
Method of noise reduction using correction and scaling vectors with partitioning of the acoustic space in the domain of noisy speech
Self aligning disc tray drive
Recording medium drive unit
Method and apparatus for testing circuit units to be tested with different test mode data sets
Method of forming silicon chicklet pedestal
Damping mechanisms and motor assemblies
Sensor apparatus and monitoring method of control system using detected data from sensor apparatus
Parallel operation system of transmission amplifier
Method and system for multi-initiator support to streaming devices in a fibre channel network
Receiver and receiving method capable of detecting an eye aperture size formed by reception data signals
Power controlling network element
System, method, apparatus, control method thereof and computer program for wireless communications
Inductive communication system and method
Method and system of transmission power control
Low-cost WDM terminal device accommodating plurality of client signal
Method of seamless migration from scaleable OADM to a network switching node
Apparatus and method for tracking optical wavelength in WDM passive optical network using loop-back light source
Multiplex optical communication system
Method and devices for error tolerant data transmission, wherein retransmission of erroneous data is performed up to the point where the remaining number of errors is acceptable
Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
Apparatus and method for wireless device set-up and authentication using audio authentication.sub.--information
Apparatus and method for storing and distributing encrypted digital content
Copy protection method and system for digital media
Hands-free device
Antenna-headset combination for a mobile terminal
Sound data delivering system, sound data delivery method, delivering server utilized in the sound data delivering system, client-side terminal utilized in the sound data delivering system, and computer-readable recording medium containing a program applied to a computer utilized in the sound data delivering system
System and method for improved security in handset reprovisioning and reprogramming
Image retrieving method and apparatuses therefor
Digital broadcast transmitter, receiver and method of receiving thereof
Precise exit logic for removal of security overlay of instruction space
Method and apparatus for detecting and viewing similar programs within a video system
Apparatus and method for generating a calling tone of wire/wireless telephone
Multicast service providing system, multicast service providing method, information distributor, radio terminal, and radio base station
Wireless data communication method
Dynamic connection retry strategy for telematics unit
Techniques for interference reduction in wireless communications networks
Short message reception method for mobile communication terminal
Multilayer three-dimensional circuit structure and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board having different thicknesses in different areas
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Yield monitoring system for grain harvesting combine
Process and module for heating liquid
Home cleaning robot
Repositioning and reorientation of master/slave relationship in minimally invasive telesurgery
Articulated magnetic guidance systems and devices and methods for using same for magnetically-assisted surgery
Method for detecting and diagnosing epithelial cancer
Apparatus for access to interstitial fluid, blood, or blood plasma components
Apparatus and method for collecting data useful for determining the parameters of an alert window for timing delivery or ETC signals to a heart under varying cardiac conditions
Brain electrode securing device
Apparatuses and methods for extravasation detection
Dehydration condition judging apparatus by measuring bioelectric impedance
Apparatus and method for resolution calibration of radiographic images
Automatic exposure control and optimization in digital x-ray radiography
Method and apparatus for administering low dose CT scans
X-ray detector array with phase change material heat system
Customizable fixture for patient positioning
Intervention bed for a medical imaging device
Backlash-resistant drive assembly for collimator in a CT scanner
User interface system for mammographic imager
Intravascular imaging guidewire
Anatomically correct prosthesis and method and apparatus for manufacturing prosthesis
Endocardial pacing lead with detachable tip electrode assembly
Methods for responsively treating neurological disorders
Estimate of efficiency using acceleration-heart rate ratio
Implantable cardiac rhythm management device for assessing status of CHF patients
Integrated filter feed-thru
Method and apparatus for treatment of arrhythmias
Remote control arrhythmia analyzer and defibrillator
Method for producing a range of therapeutic radiation energy levels
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reply mail processing system
Method and apparatus for determination of resistance spot welded flange width
System and method for facilitating determining suitable material layer thickness in a semiconductor device fabrication process
Safety device for use with an industrial robot
Replaceable printer component including memory device that defines printing capabilities
Document creating system including a film for bonding the document together
Technique for providing information upon a notable condition in a vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling the speed and spacing of a motor vehicle
Process and system for the automated influencing of the vehicle handling of a motor vehicle having an internal combustion engine
Vehicle braked with motor torque and method of controlling the same
Power assist vehicle
Device for controlling and monitoring a vehicle
Method and system for detecting vehicle collision using global positioning system
Arrangements for detecting the presence or location of an object in a vehicle and for controlling deployment of a safety restraint
Method for recognizing the severity of a vehicle collision
Rules-based occupant classification system for airbag deployment
Preceding vehicle following control system
Train schedule repairer
Electric power steering control system and method for controlling the electric power steering control system
Diagnostic apparatus and method for motor driven power-assisted steering system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Turbine generator and operating method thereof, and nuclear power plant and operating method thereof
Method for making V-shaped highly birefringent optical fibers
Crystal structure of E. coli GDP-fucose synthetase (and complexes thereof) and methods of identifying agonists and antagonists using same
Fixed Constructions
System for predicting compaction performance
Method and system for controlling steady-state speed of hydraulic cylinders in an electrohydraulic system
Method and apparatus for determining logging tool displacements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for trimming engine control systems
Flow measurement system providing indication of atmospheric (barometric) pressure
Intake air flow rate measurement apparatus
Control data setting method and data storage medium of active mount control apparatus
Driving force control system for a vehicle
Method for controlling an automatic transmission gear ratio shifts
Method and apparatus to control continuously variable transmission of motor vehicle
Precision illumination methods and systems
Method and apparatus for calibrating a non-contact gauging sensor with respect to an external coordinate system
Radiographic reference marker
Method and apparatus for backtracking a path
Self-contained positioning method and system thereof for water and land vehicles
Navigating method and device for an autonomous vehicle
Method and system for forming, storing and using sets of data values
System and method of developing mapping and directions from caller ID
Routing system
Measurement data display apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring environmental conditions in a computing device
Fluorescence digital imaging microscopy system
Apparatuses and methods for non-destructive inspection
X-ray tomography apparatus and method of taking tomographic image of object with the apparatus
Method and apparatus for discrete tomography
Methods and apparatus for cone beam multislice CT correction
Drive-through vehicle inspection system
Spectrally shaped x-ray inspection system
Combinatorial X-ray diffractor
Portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Electrical measurement of oil quality
Nonlinear structural crack growth monitoring
Methods for computer-assisted isolation of proteins
Digital automobile tester
Apparatus for and method of measuring a peak jitter
Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver
Post data-acquisition method for generating water/fat separated MR images having adjustable relaxation contrast
Portable integrated indoor and outdoor positioning system and method
Method for the quantitative determination of the fissile material content in small size particles
Processing sonic waveform measurements from array borehole logging tools
Rearrangeable optical add/drop multiplexor switch with low loss
Apparatus for manufacturing long period fiber gratings with low dependence on polarization and long period fiber gratings manufactured by the same
Phase-shifted monomode optical fibre with large effective area
Variable optical attenuator
WDM utilizing diffraction gratings with polarization dependent loss compensation
Tunable fiber optic filter
Multiple wavelength excitation optical multiplexing device, multiple wavelength excitation light source incorporating aforementioned device, and optical amplifier
Polarization-stabilizing, phase-and-polarization-insensitive, photonic data router
Packaging system for two-dimensional optoelectronic arrays
Optical connector
Integrated optics beam deflectors
Optical connector assembly using partial large diameter alignment features
Optical fiber cable with single strength member unit in cable outer jacket
Optical fiber management tool
Corrugated armor for providing protection and tensile stiffness
Patterned layer of a polymer material having a cholesteric order
Control dial device of a camera
Developing system for forming a full-color image
Photosensitive belt cartridge of electrophotographic image forming apparatus and photosensitive belt installation device and method employing same
Image forming apparatus, and a cartridge having a developer container detachably mountable on such apparatus
Service routine to identify causes for image artifacts in printed output
Method and system for information control capable of effectively performing an automatic payment for maintenance expenses
Original document processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming units with positioning feature and assembling method therefor
DC pin scorotron charging apparatus, and printing machine arranged with the same
Corona cartridge for charging photoreceptors in high-speed electrophotographic applications
Developing apparatus
Toner cartridge
Developing apparatus
Image drying device for wet type image forming apparatus
Liquid-developing electro-photographic printer photosensitive body cleaning method
Fixing device which prevents damage to a fixing belt
Heating assembly, image-forming apparatus, and process for producing silicone rubber sponge and roller
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus having the cleaning device
Image forming apparatus which can clean auxiliary member erasing image traces
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Time delay measurement for response system
Watch type portable radiotelephone
Performance assessment of model predictive controllers
Closed-loop compensation for kinematic error in harmonic driver for precision control applications
Method of and system for producing 3-D carved signs using automatic tool path generation and computer-simulation techniques
Operation data display device for robot
Seal producing apparatus
System and method for corrective action tracking in semiconductor processing
Shaft voltage current monitoring system for early warning and problem detection
Direct laser additive fabrication system with image feedback control
Thermal control apparatus for high pressure product swivel
Irrigation controller with removable station modules
Collaterally secured debt obligation and method of creating same
Software authorization system and method
50 MHz 40-bit accumulator with trigger capability
Apparatus for expansion of single channel AT Attachment/IDE interface
Peripheral device configured to detect the type of interface to which it is connected and configuring itself accordingly
Dynamic memory clock control system and method
System and method for performing backup operations using a fibre channel fabric in a multi-computer environment
System and method for data storage archive bit update after snapshot backup
Systems and methods for backing up data files
Mirroring computer data
Apparatus and method for signal processing
Storing a flushed cache line in a memory buffer of a controller
System, apparatus and method for multi-level cache in a multi-processor/multi-controller environment
Snoop blocking for cache coherency
Method of using delays to speed processing of inferred critical program portions
Set-associative cache memory having incremental access latencies among sets
Set-associative cache memory having a mechanism for migrating a most recently used set
Using separate caches for variable and generated fixed-length instructions
System and method for prefetching data to multiple levels of cache including selectively using a software hint to override a hardware prefetch mechanism
Bus bridge for hot docking in a portable computer system
Low cost data streaming mechanism
Integrated circuit for distributed-type input/output control
Integrated real-time performance monitoring facility
Connected apparatus detection system
Method and system for transmitting interrupts from a peripheral device to another device in a computer system
Bus snooper for SMP execution of global operations utilizing a single token with implied release
Token manager for execution of global operations utilizing multiple tokens
Low voltage differential SCSI bus interconnect system having repeater means
Semiconductor system having a master device and a slave device
Apparatus for automatically configuring media connectors of a node interface device
Automatic configuration of primary and secondary peripheral devices for a computer
System and method for managing client application state in a stateless web browser environment
Mesh network with method and apparatus for interleaved binary exchange
Forced network portal
Mobile agents for fault diagnosis and correction in a distributed computer environment
Method for inferring target paths from related cue paths
Intelligent method for computer file compression
2-dimensional discrete cosine transform using a polynomial transform
Discrete cosine transformation circuit
Probabilistic data clustering
Method for measuring a degree of association for dimensionally referenced data
System and method for creating and titling reports using an integrated title bar and navigator
Visual aid to simplify achieving correct cell interrelations in spreadsheets
Universal forms engine
Method, system and computer program product for automatic character transliteration in a text string object
Method and apparatus for displaying sign language images corresponding to input information
Object-oriented framework for hyperlink navigation
Self-tuning histogram and database modeling
Browsing methods, articles and apparatus
Method, system, and program for managing file names during the reorganization of a database object
Method and system for searching web browser history
Automatic recognition and rerouting of queries for optimal performance
Method and apparatus for operating on data with a conceptual data manipulation language
System and methods for synchronizing datasets in a communication environment having high-latency or other adverse characteristics
System and method for data organization
System for improving search text
Agent-based data mining and warehousing
System, method, and article of manufacture for delivering information to a user through programmable network bookmarks
Middleware support for primary component in a partitionable cluster environment
Data indexing technique
Browser-based database-access engine apparatus and method
Method system and computer program product for visualizing an evidence classifier
Multidimensional data ordering
Document knowledge base research and retrieval system
Method and apparatus for remote interaction with and configuration of a WAN-based knowledge base
System and method for providing customized electronic newspapers and target advertisements
Method and system for performing fine grain versioning
Modeling interactions with atomic parameters including anisotropic dipole polarizability
Method and apparatus for data stackification for run-to-run control
Self-organizing industrial control system using a specific process to evaluate bids
Process for protecting sensitive price information from internet based data collection systems
Integral portable computer input and output switching
Method and apparatus for rapidly responding to routine software requests
Directionally-mapped, keyed alpha-numeric data input/output system
Data transfer apparatus, data transfer system and recording medium
Method for advanced communication-based vehicle control
Apparatus, program product and method of processing diagnostic data transferred from a host computer to a portable computer
Multiplier for operating n bits and n/2 bits and method therefor
Circuit and method for partial product bit shifting
Pseudorandom noise generator for WCDMA
Public key cryptography method
Method and system for self-testing controls
Authoring system for computed-based information delivery system
Data object management system
Intelligent exploration through multiple hierarchies using entity relevance
Method and apparatus for delivery of a bytecode embedded within a transport stream
Using time stamps to improve efficiency in marking fields within objects
Fractal process scheduler for testing applications in a distributed processing system
Method for providing an atomic memory read using a compare-exchange instruction primitive
Computer resource management system
Management of service-oriented resources across heterogeneous media servers using homogenous service units and service signatures to configure the media servers
Method and system for extending functionality of a management console
Backscatter interrogators, communication systems and backscatter communication methods
Fingerprint-reading system
Method and apparatus for forming variant search strings
Searching and filtering content streams using contour transformations
Method of retrieving moving pictures using joint points based on pose information
Programmable smart membranes and methods therefor
Data-domain sampled network
Electronic mail system
Method and system for determining operator staffing
Method for handling estimation/ratioing of adjustment
System and method for communicating documents via a distributed computer system
Distributed content identification system
Browser-based email system with user interface for audio/video capture
Method and system for the discovery of cookies and other client information
Method and system for tracking the purchase of a product and services over the internet
Universal shopping center for international operation
Method for encoding auxiliary data within a source signal
System and method for providing normalization correction for image reconstruction in a reduced pitch spiral scan cone beam computed tomography imaging system
Division circuit and graphic display processing apparatus
Simultaneous registration of multiple image fragments
System for recovery of degraded images
Video image stabilization and registration
Motion detection circuit and a noise suppression circuit including the same
System and method for locating irregular edges in image data
Gauging using sub-model poses
Image processing system for compressing image data including binary image data and continuous tone image data by a sub-band transform method with a high-compression rate
Encoding device for encoding a program and recording device
Method and apparatus for generic scalable shape coding by deriving shape information for chrominance components from luminance component
Moving picture decoding apparatus and method
Image predictive decoding method, image predictive decoding apparatus, image predictive coding method, image predictive coding apparatus, and data storage media
Technique for video communications using a coding-matched filter arrangement
Picture encoding and/or decoding apparatus and method for providing scalability of a video object whose position changes with time and a recording medium having the same recorded thereon
Method of buffering video data in video compression system
Electrophotographic imaging device having ink printing device for printing of metered postage
Method and apparatus for currency discrimination and counting
Arrangement for dispensing luggage pushcarts in mass transportation facilities
Remote supervisory control system
Collision in right/left turn prevention system
Method and system for delivery of individualized training to call center agents
Signal noise reduction by spectral subtraction using spectrum dependent exponential gain function averaging
Adapting a hidden Markov sound model in a speech recognition lexicon
Use of speech recognition in pager and mobile telephone applications
Magnetic recording apparatus and method, and magnetic recording medium
Apparatus for processing audio and video DVD data
Program production and transmission apparatus
Image recording apparatus undetachably supporting image pick-up means and recording means and having two operation modes
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and distribution media
Method and apparatus for determining a longest prefix match in a content addressable memory device
Semiconductor memory
Address decoding circuit and method for identifying individual addresses and selecting a desired one of a plurality of peripheral macros
Semiconductor disk drive and method of creating an address conversion table based on address information about defective sectors stored in at least one sector indicated by a management code
Multi-shifting shift register
Floating ultrasonic testing end effector for a robotic arm
Multi-functional head for spent nuclear fuel rod extraction
Method for fabricating precision focusing X-ray collimators
Movable miniature multi-leaf collimator
X-ray tube window and frame
Semiconductor process system, its control method, computer readable memory, and device manufacturing method
Apparatus using positional data detected in a non-contact manner to transfer a substantially rectangular substrate from a first position to a second position
Radio transceiver switching circuit
Portable radio communication device
Distributed cellular telephone antenna system with adaptive cell configuration
Complex rare-earths doped optical waveguide
Optical transmission device
Method for event analysis at an intelligent electronic device
Sensing downed power lines
Distance relay equipment
Method for detecting phase failure in an asynchronous machine
Digital reception with radio frequency sampling
Configuration and method for determining whether the counter reading of a counter has reached a predetermined value or not
Fractional N-divider, and frequency synthesizer provided with a fractional N-divider
Chase iteration processing for decoding input data
DC offset correction loop for radio receiver
External adapter for a portable cellular phone
Communication terminal with a partition wall
Menu system for a radiotransmission apparatus
Mobile communication system
Audio decoding device for decoding coded audio information with multiple channels
Generic finger architecture for spread spectrum applications
Device and method for reducing the peak-to-average power ratio of a mobile station's transmit power
Method and apparatus to compensate for polarization mode dispersion
Method of and apparatus for estimating the characteristics of a radio channel on which a pilot channel partially defective is conveyed
Very high speed digital subscriber line receiver, and programmable gain amplifier and narrow-band noise remover thereof
Process for determining an echo coupling factor and the echo delay time in a bidirectional telecommunications system
Intermittent node resolution for voice and data communication system
Inductive communication system and method
Methods for making a cellular system, transmitting to a mobile user in a cellular system, and evaluating the performance of a cellular system
Method and system for managing memory in an internet over satellite connection
Wireless device, control system and methods for protected sites with operation according to interference parameters
Information traffic and performance monitoring for multi-beam satellites with on-board switching
Wireless repeater with improved diversity
Slot timing detection method and circuit
Methods of operating arrangements of base transceiver stations in an area-covering network
Repeater for radio signals
AM stereo receiver with reduced distortion
Method and apparatus for optical signal transmission using multiple sub-signals of non-uniform bandwidth
Maximum ratio transmission
System to pre-qualify copper subscriber loops for high bandwidth access service using subscriber or network generated tones
Method for processing chat messages in a wireless chat device
Method and apparatus for statistical compilation
Automatic serial bus transmission sequencer
Credit based flow control scheme over virtual interface architecture for system area networks
Method and apparatus for port vector determination at egress
Method and system for connection admission control
Reduction of the message traffic in a distributed network
Method and apparatus for implementing a MAC coprocessor in a communication system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving electronic mail based upon user availability
Communication system for selectively connecting a server to numerous terminal units over a public network
Iterative channel estimation
Method and apparatus for improved channel equalization and level learning in a data communication system
Digital modulation process and modulator implementing the process
Apparatus for, and method of, processing signals transmitted over a local area network
Method and apparatus for RF common-mode noise rejection in a DSL receiver
Method of estimating carrier frequency in a digital mobile communications system through multiple hypotheses performed on the received signal
Multi-carrier symbol synchronization
Frequency/timing recovery circuit for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals
Implementation of N-VSB training sequences in N-squared QAM receiver structures
Pay per record system and method
Method of transferring file
Internet service provider call redirection
Architecture for supporting service level agreements in an IP network
System and method for controlling data access
Multiplexed codec for an ADSL system
Block cipher using key data merged with an intermediate block generated from a previous block
Foldable portable telephone
Portable telephone equipment and control method therefor
Methods and apparatus for providing a called party call disposition options in real time
Notification of low-battery in a wireless network
System and method for selective filter isolation
System and method for creating a billing record with a called party's name
Device and method for cancelling code interference in a CDMA communication system
Structured voicemail messages
Key telephone apparatus with call distribution function
System and method for personalized multimedia messaging
Method of providing a dial-in function in telecommunication systems
Method for the definition of a call forward operation within a telecommunications system
Acoustic coupling compensation for a speakerphone of a system
Systems and methods for channel selection for facsimile communication over a wireless communication network
Image input system
Image forming system, method of controlling image forming system, and storage medium
Apparatus and method of increasing scanner resolution
Image-processing method and apparatus generating pseudo-tone patterns with improved regularity
Method and apparatus for a self learning automatic control of photo capture and scanning
Electronic camera
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Process for scrambling and process for descrambling digital video data and devices implementing the processes
Method and apparatus for enhancing the scrambling of a TV signal via erroneous clamp signals
Method and system for searching through descriptive data in the AV/C protocol
System for searching through descriptive data in a network having a hierarchical data structure describing contents and capabilities of the network devices
Bursty data transmission of compressed video data
Data stream output apparatus
Method and apparatus for avoiding redundant data retrieval during video decoding
Method and apparatus for bitstream decoding
Apparatus and method for encoding video images including fade transition
Chroma-key for efficient and low complexity shape representation of coded arbitrary video objects
Reproducing apparatus for reproducing a video signal including a plurality of small images
Programmable optical switch apparatus
Network processor, memory organization and methods
Communications network management
Call center resource processor
Call and connection control
Multichannel selective call receiver
Unified alerting device and method for alerting a subscriber in a communication network based upon the result of logical functions
Short message service notification between multiple short message service centers
Channel selector device for multiple access direct transmission systems between mobile stations
Cellular radio routing system
Method and system for displaying received messages of portable television (TV) phone
Method for recording at least one bimodal mobile station in an associated domestic base station
Method and system for tracing a subscription
System for communication between sub-transmission units under control of main transmission unit
Mobile station handoff between different CDMA frequencies
Method and system for locating mobile station in mobile telecommunication system
System and method for selectively blocking or dropping calls in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for alerting a station in one network of a requested communication from a second network
Method and system for supporting wireless features in a Generic C wireline architecture
Method and apparatus for assisting a user to find a communication resource of sufficient capacity
Wireless network resource allocation
Microphone shock mount system
Structure for adjusting position of microphone on microphone mount
Sound-collecting device
Modular hearing device receiver suspension
Modularly expandable electrostatic speaker system
Audio mixer
Photon generator
SCSI connector
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