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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Guzmania hybrid named `REMIX`
Maize variety hybrid X08B795
Process and system for growing crustaceans and other fish
Dermal micro-organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Caramel-coated insecticide
Compositions and methods for attracting noctuid moths
.gamma.-secretase inhibitor
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of disease
Anthelmintics for preventing parasitic infections in humans and animals
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with a combination of laquinimod and methotrexate
Pharmaceutical composition containing an N-phenylpyrazole derivative, and use thereof for preparing a topical veterinary for flea control
Compositions for controlling insects
Cooking, smoking, and aromatization device
Healthy drink and a method for improving stability of a drink
Hair threading clips
Dynamic stabilization assembly with frusto-conical connection
Method and apparatus for securing an object to bone and/or for stabilizing bone
Device and method for transferring fluids within a surgical environment
Method and apparatus for controlling a patient's body temperature by in situ blood temperature modification
Systems and methods using induced perturbation to determine physiological parameters
Switching DC converting device and portable system for ultrasonic medical imaging and diagnosing and method thereof
Two-phase surgical procedure for creating a pneumostoma to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Absorbent article and method of manufacturing the absorbent article
Disposable absorbent article
Development of a human colloidal bone graft material
System for maintaining body canal patency
Micronized peptide coated stent
Multi-section filamentary endoluminal stent
Antitussive compositions comprising memantine
TASPASE1 inhibitors and their uses
Methods for preventing or reducing colon carcinogenesis
Inhibitors of .alpha..sub.4 mediated cell adhesion
Bicyclic compound
Organic semiconductor compound, semiconductor element, solar battery, and process for producing organic semiconductor compound
Functionally selective alpha2C adrenoreceptor agonists
Compounds for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Azetidine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Blood flow promoters for cauda equina tissues
1,2,4-thiadiazolium derivatives as melanocortin receptor modulators
Tetrahydroprotoberberine compounds, the synthetic method and the use thereof
Salts of benzimidazolyl pyridyl ethers and formulations thereof
Polymorphs of donepezil salts, preparation methods and uses thereof
Indazole carboxamides and their use
Organic compounds
Piperazine compounds
Personal care composition
Methods of treatment of opioid tolerance, physical dependence, pain and addiction with inhibitors of certain growth factor receptors
Sodium salt of 5-cyclopropyl-2-{[2-(2,6-difluorophenyl)pyrimidin-5-yl]amino}benzoic acid as DHODH inhibitor
Use of fibrates
Substituted phenylamine carboxamide analogs as mGluR5 negative allosteric modulators and methods of making and using the same
Tetrahydropyridothienopyrimidine compounds and methods of use thereof
Phosphonate nucleosides useful as active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of viral infections, and intermediates for their production
Polymers with structure-defined functions
Vaccinia virus expression vector for selective replication in a tumor cell and introduction of exogenous nucleotide sequence into a tumor cell
Methods to treat and/or prevent mucositis
Composition for countering the effects of alcohol consumption
Aloe powder, aloe juice, and method for producing the same
Immunogenic peptides
Tissue kallikrein for the treatment of diseases associated with amyloid protein
Cycloundecadepsipeptide compounds and use of said compounds as a medicament
Recombinant protein S composition
Use of exendins and exendin agonists and GLP-1 receptor agonists for altering the concentration of fibrinogen
Efficient cell culture system for hepatitis C virus genotype 7a
SARS vaccine compositions and methods of making and using them
Methods and compositions for monitoring progression of huntington's disease
Pegylated fluorobenzamide analogues, their synthesis and use in diagnostic imaging
Compounds having affinity for amyloid
Preparation comprising a creatine component, method for the production thereof, and the use thereof
Agent for fibers containing keratin, containing at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer and at least one additional film-forming cationic and/or stabilizing polymer
Injectable anticancer composition for local administration containing hydroxychloroquine
Use of the cathelicidin LL-37 and derivatives thereof for wound healing
Pharmaceutical formulation
Therapeutic delivery system
Nicotine transdermal preparation and production method thereof
Ultraviolet photoreactor for the purification of fluids
Adaptor for connecting a cannula to a gas machine
User interface for delivery system comprising diary function
Multi-purpose connector for enteral application
Emulsion dyeing composition containing at least one polyamine, at least one nonionic surfactant and at least one phosphate ester, and method of using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Bidirectional transfer of an aliquot of fluid between compartments
Filters and methods for imparting structural support to pleated filter media
Filter pipeline
Water condenser
Honeycomb structural body and exhaust gas conversion apparatus
Process for purification of monosilane
Method for producing chelate resins
Power plant that uses a membrane and method for operating the same
Acidic gas absorbent, acidic gas removal device, and acidic gas removal method
Silver-copper-zinc catalyst for fuel cells and/or electrolyzers
Processes for the preparation of arylamine compounds
Char supported catalysts for syngas cleanup and conditioning
Method for purification of silica particles, purifier, and purified silica particles
Sample arraying/assembling device, its method, and apparatus using sample assembly
Concentration of suspensions
Process for producing rigid open-cell foam
Backing sheet for photovoltaic modules
Controlling top of the line corrosion in hydrocarbon pipelines
Dish washer and controlling method thereof
Laser woodworking machine
Method for manufacturing crosslinked foam
Flexible-to-rigid tubing
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate, processes for producing the same, liquid crystal display using the same, and related devices and processes; and sputtering target, transparent electroconductive film formed by use of this, transparent electrode, and related devices and processes
Multilayer films containing a fluorinated copolymer resin layer and a cross-linkable ionomeric encapsulant layer
Paint masking for corners
Sheet insulator with improved resistance to heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation
Paper, process for producing the same, and printed article
Treated alumina hydrate material and methods of making the same
Seaming tape and method of sealing window film seams
Multi-purpose item rest
Anti-corrosion treatment process for aluminum or aluminum alloy and aluminum or aluminum alloy article thereof
Combination of base layer and ink for inkjet for manufacturing electronic component
Coating compositions
Image transfer paper
Laser or dye sublimation printable image transfer paper
Method and system for providing a magnetic recording transducer using an ion beam scan polishing planarization
Pattern formation method
Cyclic self-limiting CMP removal and associated processing tool
Method of operating a vehicle and electric powertrain
Microfluidic device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method of filtering metalworking fluid
Manufacturing method of lightweight construction materials using sludge waste
Process for the production of alcohol from a carbonaceous feedstock
Process for the preparation of high purity sunitinib and its pharmaceutically acceptable salt
Cycloalkane[B]indole antagonists of prostaglandin D.sub.2 receptors
Radical polymerizable composition
Tetrahydrocinnoline derivatives
Manufacture of 4-((1R,3S)-6-chloro-3-phenyl-indan-1-yl)-1,2,2-trimethyl-piperazine and 1-((1R,3S)-6-chloro-3-phenyl-indan-1-yl)-3,3-dimethyl-piperazine
Asymmetric process for making substituted 2-amino-thiazolones
Process for producing amide compound
N-cyanoalkylanthranilamides as insecticides
Tetomilast polymorphs
Heterocyclic compound and use thereof
Spiroaminodihydrothiazine derivatives
Platinum complex and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Use of phosphonium salts in coupling reactions and process for their manufacture
Nucleic acid modules for expression and tagging of membrane proteins and methods of use
Protein sweetener
Nitrilases and methods for making and using them
Methods of reducing inflammation and mucus hypersecretion
Conducting and semiconducting organic materials
Colorant concentrates for thermoplastic biofiber composites
Method for producing liquid-crystalline polyester
Optical filter
Synthetic method for preparing dual curable silicone compositions
Templated metal oxide particles and methods of making
Curable silicon-containing compositions possessing high translucency
Flowable polyesters with hydrolysis resistance
Dry composition comprising a binder and a silicone oil
Thermoplastic molding compositions with improved optical properties
Thermoreversibly crosslinked elastic bituminous composition
Erasable liquid ink
Polishing liquid for metal film and polishing method
Blue phase liquid crystal composition
Stabilizer system for halogenated polymers
Absorption cycle utilizing ionic liquids and water as working fluids
Device and method for thermal decomposition of organic materials
Coking plant comprising two oven chamber rows arranged in parallel
Colloidal dispersion of a rare earth compound comprising an anti-oxidant agent and use thereof as additive for diesel fuel for internal combustion engines
Use of pleitrophin for preventing and treating pancreatic diseases and/or obesity and/or metabolic syndrome
Methods of generating embryoid bodies and uses of same
Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity
Hepatitis C virus variants
Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of JAK and other protein kinases
Method for identifying protease inhibitors
Detection of bacteria
Thermoelectric method of sequencing nucleic acids
Method for treating biomass and organic waste with the purpose of generating desired biologically based products
Methods of treating a biomass for enzymatic hydrolysis
Iron bath-type melting furnace
Rod or wire manufacturing system, related methods, and related products
Compositions and methods for treating nuclear fuel
.gamma. phase strengthened Fe--Ni base superalloy
Metal coating, forming method thereof, and metal wiring
Al.sub.2Ca-containing magnesium-based composite material
Sputtering apparatus
Drive end-block for a rotatable magnetron
Vacuum processing device
Method for growing thin films
Apparatus for manufacturing flat-panel display
Method of fabricating polycrystalline silicon plates
Drug screening via nanopore silicon filters
Systems and methods of screening biomarkers in bodily fluids
Textiles; Paper
Production of vertical arrays of small diameter single-walled carbon nanotubes
Enhanced filamentous silicone products and processes
Embossed sheet comprising a ply of water-soluble material and method for manufacturing such a sheet
Fixed Constructions
Reclamation of gaseous substances from boiler flue gas for oil recovery
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine for wind power generation
Pattern inspection apparatus and pattern inspection method
Device for measuring lens eccentricity
Method and apparatus for measuring near-angle scattering of mirror coatings
Microstructured body, process for producing the microstructured body, sensor device, and Raman spectrometry device
Miniature flow-through cuvette and spectrophotometer containing the same
Process for preserving three dimensional orientation to allow registering histopathological diagnoses of tissue to images of that tissue
Standoff determination of the size and concentration of low concentration aerosols
Surface defect inspection method and apparatus
Surface scanning device
Optical measurement apparatus
Measurement device used for specifically detecting substance to be examined using photocurrent, sensor unit used for same, and method for specifically detecting substance to be examined using photocurrent
Electrochemical sensors
Cardiomyocytes-containing device and method for manufacturing and using the same
Methods of detecting and treating pulmonary disease and markers thereof
Cd4+ epitopes of bone morphogenetic proteins
Method of assessing cancer status in a breast cancer patient
Materials and methods for isolating phosphopeptides
Test apparatus and test method
Test apparatus and driver circuit
Measuring device for hard disk drive
Semiconductor package test apparatus
Method of correcting reflectivity measurements and radar implementing this method
Method for producing polycarbonate material having excellent solubility and affinity, and contact lens material comprising the same
Microscope immersion oil
Backlight unit having fixed and removable metal core printed circuit board and liquid crystal display module having the same
System, apparatus and methods for improved transmissivity of LCD panel
Computer readable storage medium including effective light source calculation program, and exposure method
Anti-reflective coating forming composition containing vinyl ether compound
Line edge roughness reduction and double patterning
Liquid developer composition and method of its preparation
Switching regulator circuit configured to perform step up and step down operations and operation method therefor
Buck switching regulator
Method and apparatus for controlling the maximum ouput power of a power converter
Power supply device for light sources, such as halogen lamps, and related method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Mouse device with movable button
Touch stylus for electronic device having retracted and extended positions
Signal transmission system of a flat panel device
Touch screen display device and method of manufacturing the same
Drift compensated optical touch screen
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium for use in printing using a hot folder
Image forming apparatus
Error notification method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Container tracking
Item dispenser and tracker
Server and method for detecting a pipeline
Device and method for remote monitoring
Integrated detection and monitoring system
Plasma display apparatus and driving method for plasma display apparatus
Method for driving a plasma display panel with attenuation extimation and compensation and corresponding apparatus
Organic light emitting diode display
Stylus holding mechanism and portable electronic device utilizing the same
Joystick controller
Hand held control device with dual mode joystick for pointing and scrolling
Image display apparatus and method for controlling image display apparatus
Antenna apparatus
Molten salt fuels with high plutonium solubility
Process for the preparation of crystalline lithium-, vanadium-and phosphate-comprising materials
Electromagnetic contactor with guide ring
System and method for defining magnetic structures
Power adapter
Rotary switch mechanism
Compact induction lamp
Vacuum tube and vacuum tube manufacturing apparatus and method
Methods of combinatorial processing for screening multiple samples on a semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode
Method for large scale manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices using multi-chamber configuration
Intermetal stack for use in a photovoltaic cell
Method of manufacturing thin-film light-absorbing layer, and method of manufacturing thin-film solar cell using the same
Radiofrequency plasma reactor and method for manufacturing vacuum process treated substrates
Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display
Method of fabrication of the memristive device
Methods for high temperature etching a high-K material gate structure
Method for producing micromechanical patterns having a relief-like sidewall outline shape or an adjustable angle of inclination
Forming substrate structure by filling recesses with deposition material
Method for processing semiconductor device
Method of forming flash memory with ultraviolet treatment
Copper species surface treatment of thin film photovoltaic cell and manufacturing method
Process of fabricating semiconductor device with low capacitance for high-frequency circuit protection
Heat-resistant adhesive sheet for semiconductor device fabrication, adhesive used for the sheet, and method for fabricating semiconductor device using the sheet
Resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device
Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for contacting a rigid printed circuit board to a contact partner and arrangement of a rigid printed circuit board and contact partner
Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
Compact memory arrays
Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor chip
Overlay vernier mask pattern, formation method thereof, semiconductor device including overlay vernier pattern, and formation method thereof
Light guide array for an image sensor
Method of NiSiGe epitaxial growth by introducing Al interlayer
LED with uniform current spreading and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
III nitride semiconductor electronic device, method for manufacturing III nitride semiconductor electronic device, and III nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer
Nonvolatile memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Systems and methods for conductive pillars
High haze transparent contact including insertion layer for solar cells, and/or method of making the same
Monolithically integrated vertical JFET and Schottky diode
Photovoltaic device including flexible or inflexibel substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting diode
Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Organic light-emitting device
Monoblock lithium ion battery
Electrode and method of fabricating it, and battery
Lithium ion secondary battery, assembled battery, vehicle, battery-equipped device, battery system, and method for detecting deterioration of lithium ion secondary battery
Round cell battery
Battery box and electronic device using the same
Portable electronic device with spare battery
Battery block and battery module
Rechargeable battery and method of injecting electrolyte thereinto
System for adding sulfur to a fuel cell stack system for improved fuel cell stability
Lithium-metal-oxide composite electrodes
Fuel cell module
Fuel cell power plant and control method thereof
Hydrogen-recyclable fuel cell
Printed circuit board
Apparatus and methods for phase tuning adjustment of signals
Server enclosure
Spark plug electrode produced from an improved electrode material
Cold shrinkable secondary splice
Power source device and output voltage changing method of the power source device
Auto-shut off circuit
Battery driving device, load control method, integrated circuit and load control program
Portable electrical power source for incorporation with an armored garment
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor having the same
Electric machine having spray and sump cooling
Variable inductor, and oscillator and communication system using the same
Wind power generating system and control method for the same
Hybrid keypad including full travel keys and minimal travel keys
Output circuit and output control system
Gate driving circuit
Analogue to digital converter and signal processing system
Motion controlled vehicle power adapter
Print data generating apparatus
Preview of a document with printable components at a printing device based on its printing capability
Image device that accelerates reconstruction process
Solid-state imaging device having a cell structure of parallel circuits each including series connected charged coupled devices
Digital photographic apparatus and method for controlling the same that provide vision correction
Imaging device
Solid-state image sensing device
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Switcher control device, switcher control method, and image synthesizing apparatus
Digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast reception method
Image data management apparatus and method, image data search apparatus and method, and recording medium
Mirror and adjustment method therefor
End cap analytic monitoring method and apparatus
Device, system, and method of rapid image acquisition
Insulating blocks and methods for installation in insulated conductor heaters
Operating device and method for the combined operation of gas discharge lamps and semiconductor light sources
Fluorescent lamp appliance, and lighting control apparatus of fluorescent lamp appliance
Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of light source in mobile projector
Light emitting bulb, luminary and illumination device using LED
Circuitized substrate utilizing three smooth-sided conductive layers as part thereof and electrical assemblies and information handling systems utilizing same
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Female member of snap button for wear
Stereo stand
Orthopedic positioning pillow
Beverage dispenser
Liquor treating apparatus
Multiple use water dispenser
Cup with lid
Cup in the shape of a distributor cap
Serving platter
Container lid
Barbecue grill shaped like a basketball
Surface ornamentation for a control panel on a range top
Pan corner
Crockpot with dividers
Electric deep fryer
Bottom for a kitchen utensil
Electric grill
Food waste disposer
Steam iron
Steam iron
Laundry accumulator bin
Paint brush holder
Utility lighter trigger area
Lid remover
Cutter knife holder
Reversible wire termination tool
Stand for handpiece of electric appliance
Bow sander
Socket wrench
Hammer wrench
Base for attaching air conditioner support to a roof
Winged arrowhead printed circuit board spacer with a keyslot locking base
Finished support
Guy wire anchor
Kite reel
Electrical cord reel
Lock assembly
Chain shackle with pin locking structure
Bow tie locking cotter
Rail for fastening a cover to a canopy
Cosmetic container shaped as imitation baseball with key attachment
Bottle and cap
Combined bottle and cap
Combined bottle and cap
Jug-style dome for a plastic container
Compressed fabric article package
Compressed fabric article package
Compressed fabric article package
Compressed fabric article package
Toddler helmet
Jewelry display box
Watch with a square and a black dial and a wrist watch in stainless steel
Back cover of a watch with a variable pattern
Water timer
HVAC filter replacement timer
Kitchen timer
Anti-dripping cover for a control and measuring instrument for conditioning and refrigerating units
Display panel
Personal wrist alarm
Necklace chain
Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
Novelty bust
Christmas cross tree
Reconfigurable decorative sculpture
Wiper arm
Wiper arm
Personal watercraft
Bike deflector
Pair of motorcycle fairing guards
Double-seat stroller
Backhoe loader
Tire tread
Anti-skid stud for vehicle tire
Cast draw ball hitch
Pedal for automobiles
Steering wheel cover for lock in the shape of a baseball
Vehicular mirror
Vehicle instrument panel
End gate for a dump truck body
Vehicle wheel
Bottom section of a truck bed cap
Pick-up truck cap
Radiator grill of a motor vehicle
Modular vehicle bumper
Motivational steering wheel
Sideview mirror
Rear fender flare for vehicles
Automobile spring shade
Extender panel for a truck roof fairing
Gas cap
Wheel adapter
Vehicle-wheel front face
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Screen for a car/truck
Bicycle rack for a pickup truck
Distributor for electronic calculator
Distributor for electronic calculator
Distributor for electronic calculator
Adjustable flexible video monitor anti-glare and desaturaton hood
Battery pack
Battery pack for a medical appliance
Extension cover for toggle switch levers
Electronic equipment container
Power jack
Electrical outlet plug strip
Electric connector
Electrical connector
Fiber optic cable wall mount housing
Electronic component and cable container for a computer table
Combination current sensor relay housing
Electrical control box
Fuel cell
Microphone for exclusive use along with musical instrument
Disc player
Disc player
Disc player
Recorder for magnetic tape
Digital audio disc recorder
Combined disc player, recorder, radio tuner, tape player and recorder
Clock radio combined with compact disc player
Speaker system
Disc recorder
Combined digital audio disc player, amplifier and tuner
Speaker box
Data recorder and reader
Computer subsystem enclosure
Computer housing
Computer front bezel
Front panel for a computer workstation
Computer front portion
Computer front portion
Computer front portion
Computer front portion
Palm pilot holder
Card printer cabinet
Interactive multimedia control panel
Exterior design for printer having duplex option
Notebook computer
Personal computer
Hand held terminal
Tower personal computer
Flat panel monitor
Computer monitor
Computer liquid crystal display monitor
Smart card carrier
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Computer monitor cover
Humorous megaphone
Housing for antenna feed horn and transmit electronics
Environmental enclosure for housing cellular RF equipment
ADSL modem case assembly
Flip and blade antenna for radiotelephone
Television set
Digital cellular telephone
Telephone instrument
Cellular telephone housing
Remote control
Liquid crystal display rear projection television receiver
Portable telephone
Caller ID display
Earhook headset
Remote controller
Fuel dispenser interface
Gear housing
Fuel dispenser interface
Roller conditioner implement
Tractor mounted scoop
Front end loader
Vacuum cleaner
Front medial portion of a vacuum cleaner nozzle
Vacuum cleaner lower portion
Vacuum cleaner handle
Ice making machine
Side-by-side refrigerator
Cutting insert
Cutting insert
IC tray holder
Gear for wave gear drive
Video camera
Video camera combined with video tape recorder
Digital camera
Electronic copying machine
Supply unit for supplying a developer for a copying machine
Control panel for copying machine
Toner cartridge
Toner cartridge
Toner cartridge
Facsimile machine
Microscope accessory for controlled movement of an object table
Sport goggle
Enhanced night vision goggle
Microscope slide assembly
Microscope slide assembly
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Transaction terminal and receipt printer
Diet calculator
Electronic printer
Card tray
Stationery box
Writing instrument
Cosmetic pencil sharpener
Combination stylus and pen
Writing instrument
Bubble blowing pen cap
Luminous sign
Game machine
Game control pad
Operating apparatus for game machine
Wrist ball
Toy helicopter
Flying toy
Flywheel toy race car
Top, bottom, back, front, and sides of a vehicle
Character figure
Game machine
Operating apparatus for a game machine
Playing cards
Bean-filled figure
Pool side basketball device
Hockey stick having two wood veneers on opposed wide sides and composite cloth exposed on remaining sides
Golf club shaft
Adjustable boot binding mount
Training device for golfers
Leg press exercise machine
Exercise device
Back bend bench
Exercise device
Base frame of mini-stepper
Basketball goal
Hockey goalie stick
Golf club head
Ribbed head-speed insert
Golf club washer
Ballmark repair tool
Wagering device display
Fishing pole holder
Shower head
Tank for a hand operated sprayer
Spray gun
Faucet and escutcheon
Faucet spout
Automatic faucet with mated housing
Propeller for agitating liquids
Water fountain
Effluent filter
Combined escutcheon plate and handle
High rise pull-out spray faucet body
Faucet spout
Adapter tee
Tubular coupler
Combined cooking sink and control unit
Shower control knob
Cover for a faucet mixing valve
Undersink shield
Heating apparatus
Electric heater
Corner fireplace cabinet
Air purifier
Fragrance dispenser
Ceiling fan
Translucent roof vent
Holder for wood pieces
Container for holding a fluid sample for diagnostic analysis
Contact lens cleaning device
Ankle and foot splint
Spa shell
Feminine hygiene sanitary pad
Orthopedic knee brace
Medical container
Hearing aid tip
Three-way, mitered, drywall corner-trimming device
Paving stone
Ladder caddy for painters
Pool stair
Rechargeable flashlight
Pendent lamp
Pendant lighting fixture
Pendent lamp
Bubble lamp cover
Rim cover plate for vehicle light lenses
Lamp base
Detergent tablet
Corner for an electric razor
Container for cotton swabs
Cosmetic container with mirror
Combined eye liner and cap
Hair adornment
Hair adornment
Two-piece welding helmet
Knee pad cushion
Personal respiratory protection device having an exhalation valve
Industrial light fixture and reflector therefor
Bird feeder
Cat toy
Burial casket
Check holder for key chain
Human Necessities
Petunia plant named `Royal Frost`
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKplapic`
Climbing rose plant named `WEKroalt`
Apple tree named `JM7`
Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba79-260`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Manakin`
Strawberry plant named `Montalvo`
Neoregelia plant named `Lila`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `TWOJOAN`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `TWOAEBI`
Dahlia plant named `Ruivi`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Twoat`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `TWOYEL`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Febesa`
Sweet cherry tree named `Jork 57/201`
Miniature rose plant named `BRImoon`
Impatiens plant named `Didi Pink`
Impatiens plant named `Didi Salmon`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kijuan`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kipab`
Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba87-102`
St. Augustine grass plant named `Dwarf #601`
Miniature rose plant named `POULanit`
Miniature rose plant named `POULpollo`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULmanti`
Miniature rose plant named `POULypso`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Purple Lucky Time`
Miniature rose plant named `POULrac`
Miniature rose plant named `POULyn`
Japanese pear tree named `Kotobuki Shinsui`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow About Time`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Red About Time`
Strawberry plant named `Baeza`
Impatiens plant named `Neon Salmon`
Impatiens plant named `Didi Scarlet`
Method of laser cosmetic surgery
Safety needle system assuring hazard-free handling after needle contamination
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cover for a vehicle air bag
Tape measure with finger grip and finger guard guide
Iridescent film with thermoplastic elastomeric components
Wheel-retraction apparatus and method for amphibious vehicle
Planing boat hull
High speed conveyor with movable drive wheel
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fluid treatment system and process
Mannich acrylamide polymers
Flame resistant polycarbonate/abs moulding compounds resistant to stress cracking
Methods for chill treating non-distilled malted barley beverages
Textiles; Paper
Cordless electrical appliances
Fixed Constructions
Spoolable flexible hydraulic controlled coiled tubing safety valve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas purifying device for an outboard motor
Holder for a flashlight
Orthogonal ion sampling for electrospray .[.LC/MS.]. mass spectrometry
Gradient system for an NMR tomograph
Fiber optic module
Eyeglasses having single wire frames
Automatic focusing camera
Network adapter using status inlines and data lines for bi-directionally transferring data between LAN and standard P.C. parallel port
Gradient chuck method for wafer bonding employing a convex pressure
Semiconductor package with high density I/O lead connection
Anti-fuse structure for reducing contamination of the anti-fuse material
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
10 TIL 2