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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Patient identifying garment and method
Portable toilet
Method and system to create custom, user-specific eyewear
Transdermal antenna
Display device, module, display system, and electronic device
Method for the comparison of protein higher order structures
Systems and methods for electronic game transformation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust purification device
Method for producing a hot-dip aluminum-coated steel wire
Methods and apparatus for machining objects
Vehicle lamp and vehicle including the same
Systems and methods for induced electrostatic haptic effects
Articles and methods of wrapping a substrate with a polymeric structure
Beverage multi-tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
G-protein coupled receptor polypeptides involved in sensory transduction
6xxx aluminum alloy sheet products and methods for making the same
Sintered body comprising LiCoO2, sputtering target, and production method for sintered body comprising LiCoO2
Substrate coating on one or more sides
Upright target structure and sputtering equipment
Plating apparatus and container bath
Apparatus and method for controlling thickness of a crystalline sheet grown on a melt
Textiles; Paper
Process for production of knitted articles
Electrodynamic position transducer device and a washing machine comprising such a device
Fixed Constructions
Multifunctional synthetic resin block for road
Vehicle arresting device and method
Roadway barrier bicycle safety apparatus
Impact-absorbing levee-shaped structure
Apparatus for activating the lateral friction of pile-like load-bearing members
Apparatus and method to reduce magnetic debris entrained in waste water
Drainage fitting
Washer for automatically washing toilet without power
Prefabricated roof plate element and method for its production
System to deter external climbing of open stairs
Fence and method of installing a fence
Dispensing systems
Underwater cleaner
Vehicle door lock device
Lock bypass detection
Latch and lock system
Device for the connection of rods for rotational drive of a downhole pumping apparatus
Skate drive and tubular clamping system for a catwalk
Tubular handling tool
Choke calibration, position, and/or time display
Radially expandable ratcheting body lock ring for production packer release
Downhole sub with hydraulically actuable sleeve valve
Reciprocating pumps for downhole deliquification systems and fluid distribution systems for actuating reciprocating pumps
Method for increasing gas recovery in fractures proximate fracture treated wellbores
Methods and compositions for suppressing bacterial growth in a subterranean environment
Geological monitoring console
Wellbore surveillance system
Receiving apparatus suitable for azimuthally acoustic logging while drilling
Downhole fluid monitoring system having colocated sensors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve device for internal combustion engine
Continuous variable valve timing control device and control method therefor
Control device for internal combustion engine
Engine revision for peristaltic oil change
Exhaust purification device
Exhaust purification device
Coolant circuit for an internal combustion engine
Cooling system of a motor vehicle
Method for monitoring the fuel injection of an internal combustion engine with direct injection, in particular with compression ignition, and engine using such a method
System and method for flowing a mixture of coolants to a charge air cooler
Fuel-injection system
Assembling support for canister of vehicle
Integrated valve assembly
Ocean wave energy converter utilizing temporary immobilization of a float
Wind turbine blade assembly
Control device for voltage source converter and operating method thereof
Wind power generation system
Electric pump
Oil pump
Method and system for cooling a motor-compressor with a closed-loop cooling circuit
Device for fastening an object on a support plate and obtained assembly
Telescopic tube assembly
Magnetic bearing having permanent magnet assemblies with repulsive bearing surfaces
Bearing apparatus and lubrication unit
Torsional vibration damper with an interlocked isolator
Liquid cooled fan clutch
Sprague carrier
Brake lining for railroad car
Damper device and starting device
Chain with alternating inside link position to enable narrow lacing with improved NVH behavior
Continuously variable transmission
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Infinite variable transmission with planetary gear set
Ball screw device and steering system
Abuse mode torque limiting control method for a ball-type continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Sealing sleeve for a rotary joint coupling
Piston ring
Diaphragm valve
Irrigation pipe and method of fabrication
Push-to-press inflation adaptor for English valves
Pipe joint
Underground steel-concrete structure pipeline with spiral composite reinforcement ring on inner wall and manufacturing method thereof
Flexible lighting device having both visible and infrared light-emitting diodes
Zoom spotlight
LED lamp having integrally injection-molded heat conductive plastic part and loading power substrate, and process thereof
Downwardly directing spatial lighting system
Portable light
Heavy light, ambient experience luminaire
Light source device and display apparatus
Boiler system
Pellet boiler with removable grate
Air conditioner
Outdoor unit of refrigeration apparatus
Air handler apparatuses for evaporative fluid cooling and methods thereof
Radiator tank fastening system
Online heat exchanger cleaning system with connected cleaning elements
Gas spring assembly and a catch therefor
Modular gun holster
Active range controlled sight
Receiver cover and accessory rail
Systems and methods for adjusting a contour of a vehicle based on a protrusion
Bicycle activity monitoring and recording device
Method for measuring X-ray energy of an accelerator in an inspection system
Method for determining a rotational angle position and/or a rotational speed
Optical measurement probe and optical measurement device provided with the same having a light guide with a reflection surface for reflecting light and causing light to enter the light guide
Radical species, and method for measuring received doses
Inner detecting device for subsea oil and gas pipeline
Laser induced breakdown spectrometry detector
Mobile smart device infrared light measuring apparatus, method, and system for analyzing substances
Cassette attachment device for detecting intensity of test strip cassette
Shifting turn table for x-ray imaging manipulator
System for determining and imaging wax deposition and corrosion in pipelines
Multi-conductor water in fuel sensor for fill rate detection
Method for determining phenol concentration by using graphite pencil electrode system
Multi-frequency eddy current pipeline inspection apparatus and method
Optoacoustic inspection device for inspection of semiconductor wafers
Thermomechanical testing of shear cutters
Screening method, screening kit and analysis program
Leakage power characterization at high temperatures for an integrated circuit
Antenna apparatus for receiving magnetic resonance signals
Radar and object detection method
Radar device, vehicle control system, and signal processing method
Position detection device, position detection system, and position detection method
Object designator system and method
Method for estimating inflow performance relationship (IPR) of snaky oil horizontal wells
Orientation system for image recording device
Inspection apparatus guide system
Thin film transistor for electrowetting display element
Rotational alignment of a circular display and a circular lens
Optical coupler
Optical switch and wavelength division multiplexing optical system
Optical fiber connector validation
Liquid crystal panel
Semiconductor device and display device
Display with inverted thin-film-transistor layer
Multifunctional pixel and display
Nozzle head and liquid dispensing device
Display panel, input/output device, data processor, and method for manufacturing display panel
Circuit board and display apparatus
Tunable polymer dispersed liquid crystal lens doublet
Camera module and electronic device
Lift suspender for cameras and the like
Light source unit and projector
Image projection apparatus and method of controlling image projection apparatus
Wet-strippable silicon-containing antireflectant
Image transfer using EUV lithographic structure and double patterning process
Image forming apparatus and controlling method thereof
Developer container that reduces coming-off of rotating member and image forming apparatus that includes the same
Remote control device for air-conditioning apparatus
System and method for on-demand electrical power
CCIe receiver logic register write only with receiver clock
Tool-less and reusable heat spreader
System and method for trend estimation for application-agnostic statistical fault detection
Method and system for providing coordinated checkpointing to a group of independent computer applications
Detecting causes of performance regression to adjust data systems
Dynamic sandboxing
Detecting unauthorised changes to website content
Adjusting an operation of a computer using generated correct dependency metadata
Using conversion schemes in public key cryptosystems
Distributed coding for multiple dimensional parities
Assigning slices to storage locations based on a predicted lifespan
Generating a chain of a plurality of write requests
Checkpoint mechanism in a compute embedded object storage infrastructure
Checkpoint mechanism in a compute embedded object storage infrastructure
Raid 10 reads optimized for solid state drives
Interactive multi-level failsafe enablement
Control unit and control method for controlling writes and background operations of multiple semiconductor storage devices
Estimating file level input/output operations per second (IOPS)
Recovery point objective via dynamic usage of bind segments in a global mirror environment
NVS thresholding for efficient data management
System and method for replacement in associative memories using weighted PLRU trees
Method and apparatus for improving snooping performance in a multi-core multi-processor
Efficient translation reloads for page faults with host accelerator directly accessing process address space without setting up DMA with driver and kernel by process inheriting hardware context from the host accelerator
System and method to buffer data
Asynchronously clearing page frames
Dynamic service debugging in a virtual environment
System and method for identifying individual users accessing a web site
Transmission system that enables correlation between a sending device and each of multiple receiving devices
Digest filtering system and method
Tracking conversation threads among electronic communications
Cloud powered system enabling mobile devices to control peripherals without drivers
Matching storage resource packs to storage services
Systems and methods for providing a client agent for delivery of remote services
Method and M2M gateway for managing data of terminal peripheral
Remote direct memory access-based method of transferring arrays of objects including garbage data
Storage in multi-queue storage devices using queue multiplexing and access control
Intelligent homepage tuning in a web browser
Routing mode and point-of-presence selection service
Tiered priority system and callout performance booster
Apparatus, systems and methods for automatic distributed application deployment in heterogeneous environments
Delivery and display of page previews during page retrieval events
Range adjustment for text editing
Exporting data to web-based applications
Methods and systems to secure control and enhance medication adherence
Color alteration interleaved wagering system
System and method for annotating a transcript of an ongoing group chat session
Authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content
Narrative generation using pattern recognition
System and methods for rule-based sentiment analysis
Verification of natural language processing derived attributes
Database table data fabrication
Determining Boolean logic and operator precedence of query conditions
Query optimization with zone map selectivity modeling
Identifying and displaying related content
Systems and methods for query evaluation over distributed linked data stores
Automated outlier detection
Extending tags for information resources
System and method for sorting phonebook contacts based on context weightage and incentives
Imputing data for temporal data store joins
Semantically representing a target entity using a semantic object
Anonymous electronic transactions
Friend locator based on friend network and profile
Verification of untimed nets
Model order reduction in transistor level timing
Integrated circuit performance modeling using a connectivity-based condensed resistance model for a conductive structure in an integrated circuit
Universal manufacturing test platform
Role access to information assets based on risk model
Systems and methods for individual identification and authorization utilizing conformable electronics
Image forming apparatus communicating with external device through network, network system, method of controlling image forming apparatus, program, and storage medium
Establishing application trust levels using taint propagation as a service
Protecting confidential information
Adjustable effective electrode surface area stylus and coordinate detection method therefor
Dashboard generation based on user interaction
Mobile terminal having intelligent scroll bar
Speech generation device with a head mounted display unit
Input device having rotatable disk
Motion-based gestures for a computing device
Interface operating control device, method, and electronic device using the same
Pseudo driven shield
Transaction terminal with signature capture offset correction
Touch determination with improved detection of weak interactions
Identifying hover and/or palm input and rejecting spurious input for a touch panel
System and method for email notification
Methods and computer program products for browsing using a communicant identifier
System and method for web browsing
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Terminal device, display control method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Validating virtual host bus adapter fabric zoning in a storage area network
Reallocating storage resources to computing devices
Optimizing off-loaded input/output (I/O) requests
Computer storage allocation on prioritized storage tiers
Sub-lun input/output profiling for SSD devices
Image processing system, image processing method, and image processing apparatus
Communication apparatus, and control method, communication system, and storage medium thereof
Apparatus, system, and method for database management extensions
Deleting tuples using separate transaction identifier storage
Information presenting method
Method for checking invariants in parallel programs
Creation of a help file
Detecting unknown software vulnerabilities and system compromises
Computer systems and methods for executing contexts with autonomous functional units
System and method of delayed context switching in processor registers
Operation of a multi-slice processor implementing a mechanism to overcome a system hang
Predictive approach to environment provisioning
Home device application programming interface
System and method for registration of a custom component in a distributed computing pipeline
Managing executable files
Estimating job start times on workload management systems
Lockless multithreaded completion queue access
Automatically reconfiguring physical switches to be in synchronization with changes made to associated virtual system
Random-access disjoint concurrent sparse writes to heterogeneous buffers
Electronic anti-counterfeiting system and electronic anti-counterfeiting method thereof
Cards and devices with multifunction magnetic emulators and methods for using same
Data card guide to improve user experience
Systems and methods for time changing dynamic security code
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal situation
Persisting image modifications for user profile
Methods, systems and apparatus for over-exposure correction
Method and system for generating integral image marker
System and methods for the in vitro detection of particles and soluble chemical entities in body fluids
Method and apparatus for image decoding and encoding
Rebuilding images based on historical image data
Rebuilding images based on historical image data
Method for identifying an individual by walking style
Method and device for determining the shape of an object represented in an image, corresponding computer program product and computer-readable medium
Systems and methods for machine learning of pilot behavior
Predicting application performance on hardware accelerators
System and method for crowd sourcing
Payment support method and system
Electronic transaction method
Automating price guarantees
Product and presentation placement system and method
Information processing apparatus, consumables ordering system, and computer program product
Systems and methods to obfuscate market data on a trading device
Generating market information based on causally linked events
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer program product
On-road vehicle service handling method
Image generating apparatus, image generating method, and computer program
Display device, display system and resolution adjusting method
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, imaging method, and recording medium
Method, apparatus, and system for displaying a graphical user interface
Vehicle position estimation device, method and computer readable recording medium
System and method for assessing wound
Access control system with facial recognition and unlocking method thereof
Dice game as a combination game
Systems and methods for permitting movement of an object outside a predetermined proximity distance threshold
System and method for monitoring an area
Sensor system
Loop powered process control instrument with communication bypass circuit
Monitoring dependent individuals
Storage apparatus with item count feature
Wearable device with flexibly mounted haptic output device
Haptic device incorporating stretch characteristics
Methods and systems for autonomous generation of shortest lateral paths for unmanned aerial systems
Video magnifier camera with handle
Wireless immersive simulation system
Light source device and display device
Banner display with swivel interface
Semiconductor device, display device, and electronic device
Tilt-based view scrolling with baseline update for proportional and dynamic modes
Augmented reality geolocation optimization
Device control utilizing optical flow
Display device constituting multi-display system and control method thereof
Image display control apparatus and image display system
Accelerated image gradient based on one-dimensional data
Simulation system, simulation device, and product explanation assistance method
System and method for speeding up general matrix-vector multiplication on GPU
Modular self-dampening triggering system for acoustic percussion elements
Resonator absorber with adjustable acoustic characteristics
Keyword spotting system for achieving low-latency keyword recognition by using multiple dynamic programming tables reset at different frames of acoustic data input and related keyword spotting method
Automated audio data selector
Drone detection and classification with compensation for background clutter sources
Moving image generating apparatus, moving image generating method and storage medium
Copyright generation and storage utility
Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program and storage medium
Hierarchical processing for extended product codes
Sensing amplifier to detect the memory cell current transition
Semiconductor device including power storage elements, switches, and circuit including load
Semiconductor device, driver IC, computer and electronic device
Patient safety processor
Shieldings for metal detector heads and manufacturing methods thereof
Phase change material variable capacitor
Thermal control for capacitor
Flat capacitor for an implantable medical device
Capacitor element
Sealing mechanism and push-button device
Contact structure and contact device, and electronic device including the same
Relay having two electrically parallel contact springs
Fuse arrangement
Electromagnetic contactor
X-ray systems and methods including X-ray anodes
Systems and methods for single cell culture and analysis by microscopy and MALDI mass spectrometry
Light source device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device using peeling
Method and system for cleaning semiconductor substrate
Method and structure to contact tight pitch conductive layers with guided vias using alternating hardmasks and encapsulating etchstop liner scheme
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method
Substrate cleaning device, substrate cleaning apparatus, method for manufacturing cleaned substrate and substrate processing apparatus
Chamferless via structures
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Integrating metal-insulator-metal capacitors with air gap process flow
Advanced E-fuse structure with controlled microstructure
Light emitting diode package structure and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and structure to fabricate closely packed hybrid nanowires at scaled pitch
Semiconductor device
Asymmetric junction engineering for narrow band gap MOSFET
Semiconductor structure with integrated passive structures
Vertical fuse structures
Bridging local semiconductor interconnects
X-ray detector and X-ray apparatus
Solid-state image sensor and method of manufacturing solid-state image sensor
Image sensor with dual layer photodiode structure
Light-emitting device
Cmos compatible fuse or resistor using self-aligned contacts
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Wide band gap transistor on non-native semiconductor substrate
Low defect III-V semiconductor template on porous silicon
FinFET with reduced capacitance
Channel replacement and bimodal doping scheme for bulk finFet threshold voltage modulation with reduced performance penalty
Semiconductor device with a semiconductor via and laterally connected electrode
Bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including an oxide semiconductor
Imaging element, electronic appliance, method for driving imaging device, and method for driving electronic appliance
Semiconductor memory device
Roof integrated photovoltaic module with a device capable of improving and optimizing photovoltaic efficiency
Side surface type optical semiconductor device
Connecting structure and solar cell module
Photovoltaic device based on Ag.sub.2ZnSn(S,Se).sub.4 absorber
Diode having vertical structure
Semiconductor nanoparticle-based materials
Advanced metal insulator metal capacitor
Highly porous separator film having partial coating
Fuel cell regulation using loss recovery systems
Tunable duplexer having a circulator
Antenna assembly
Switching a slot antenna
Antenna device and control method of antenna device
Distributed antenna system robust to human body loading effects
Multilayer coil device, antenna module, and wireless communication module
Method and apparatus for integrating control systems
Spring contact, socket including spring contact, and method for manufacturing spring contact
Folding plug with safety cover
Explosion proof connector
Configurable low profile conduit connector system for light fixtures
Handheld circular sawing device
Terminal treatment apparatus for a coaxial cable to separate a sheath from a conductor
Hybrid cable tray and manufacturing method of the same
Systems and methods for controlled startup of electrical devices loading a power line
Emergency power supply method for container terminal and container terminal
Wireless power transmitter and power transmission method thereof
Power supply-demand adjusting apparatus, power system and power supply-demand adjusting method
Tuning of primary and secondary resonant frequency for improved efficiency of inductive power transfer
High-voltage energy storage system
Vibration motor
Rotating electrical machine for a vehicle
Switching loss correction circuitry and method
Knee point detection for power converter control
Energy supply device having transitions between operation and stand-by that are dependent on the output current
Energy harvesting device and method for forming the same
Vibration powered environmental monitoring
Semiconductor device
Peaking amplifier frequency tuning
Class-D amplifier, audio processing apparatus and method of driving class-D amplifier
Semiconductor device, display module, and electronic device
Wireless switches using human body as a conductor
Semiconductor device
Area efficient flip-flop with improved scan hold-margin
Atom cell, method of manufacturing atom cell, quantum interference device, atomic oscillator, electronic apparatus, and moving object
Low power analog to digital converter
Data compression systems and method
Digital radio receiver system
Method and apparatus for generation of coherent and frequency-lock optical subcarriers
System and method of occupancy estimation utilizing transmitted signals
Apparatus, system and method of detecting an activity of a wireless communication device
Apparatus and method for acquiring synchronization in mobile communication system
Optical transmission device and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device
Method and apparatus for aggregation of frequency division duplex and time division duplex
Migration support for bit indexed explicit replication
Using timestamps to analyze network topologies
Using timestamps to analyze network topologies
Management of services to subscriber groups in a distributed service plane environment
Network interface port management
Apparatus and method for evaluating wireless sensor networks
Transaction lifecycle management
Loop avoidance in repeater networks
Restricting the operation of an electronic device
Automatic and dynamic management of instant messenger do not disturb state via enterprise application
Method and system for data demultiplexing
Network controller-sideband interface port controller
System and method for making optimal routing decisions based on device-specific parameters in a content centric network
Controlling congestion controlled flows
Component services integration with dynamic constraint provisioning
Enhanced virtual router redundancy protocol
Frame format for facilitating channel estimation for signals transmitted via bonded channels
System and method for cross-cloud identity matching
Password-less authentication system and method
Controlling access by code
Reducing data connections for transmitting secured data
Clinical-path management server and clinical-path management system
Method, device, and system of accessing online accounts
Intra-term logical or operation in a network filter
Identifier based communication system and method for controlling data transport therein
Communication apparatus, communication control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Data volume auto-repair based on volume degradation level
Cache manifest for efficient peer assisted streaming
Dynamic carrier assignment of carrier aggregation in an LTE-Advanced system
Transmission device and signal processing method
Apparatus for envelope delay control in an envelope-tracking power amplifier
Electronic device and method of transmitting and receiving information by electronic device
Record schemas identification in non-relational database
Methods and apparatus to provide for efficient and secure software updates
Mobile work platform for remote data centers
Apparatus and method for targeted acquisition
Mobile terminal and method of controlling same
System and method for providing contextual information about the caller to make the conversation meaningful
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and control method for generating a preview image of print data
Imaging system, imaging control method therefor, imaging control apparatus, radiation detector, and storage medium
Systems and methods for differentiating between dominant and weak eyes in 3D display technology
Prediction image generation device, moving image decoding device, and moving image coding device
Image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, integrated circuit, and program
Method and apparatus for scalable video encoding using switchable de-noising filtering, and method and apparatus for scalable video decoding using switchable de-noising filtering
Video channel selection
Automatic custom settings for an audio-video device
Information processing apparatus, television receiver, information processing method, program, and information processing system
Method for controlling surveillance system with aid of automatically generated patrol routes, and associated apparatus
Imaging systems with high dynamic range and phase detection pixels
Imaging device, module, electronic device, and method of operating the imaging device
Multi-port image pixels
Solid state imaging device and imaging system which reduces noise caused by magnetic field fluctuation
Method and apparatus for playing video
Method and device for inverse tone mapping
Scheduling and presenting IPG ads in conjunction with programming ads in a television environment
Predictive media distribution system
Miniature speaker
Acoustic filter for omnidirectional loudspeaker
Vowel and consonant discriminating microphones using carbon nanotubes
Generation of audio and ultrasonic signals and measuring ultrasonic response in dual-mode MEMS speaker
Loudspeaker to generate sustainable high quality auditory impression
Hardware-based licensing for wireless networks
Method to authenticate peers in an infrastructure-less peer-to-peer network
Control system, control device, and mobile device for vehicle
Delivery of information over a communication channel
Mobile communication device and wireless communication method
System and method for time shifting cellular data transfers
System and method for automatically suggesting diverse and personalized message completions
Selecting a communication session type based on a hop count
Method and apparatus for wireless communication using location based information
Power control method and device, and base station
Multi-group communication using multiple channels or cells
System and method for providing internet connectivity to radio frequency devices without internet facility through smart devices
Photovoltaic junction box
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dual mode spreader
Self-compensating drip irrigation emitter
Universal valve switch
Framed soft sided carrier for tools
Container for cosmetic products
Portable table
Paint bucket
Refrigerated merchandising apparatus
Wall panel and system
Rack mountable beverage bottle
Internal to external self-bouyant straw system
Mail receptacle for attaching to a periphery of a mail slot of a door
Rotary kitchen garlic tool
Silverware basket with tiered compartments
Surgical stapling device for performing circular anastomoses
Method for attaching a porous metal layer to a metal substrate
Resealable medical transfer set
Fluid product dispenser
Locking-stressing mechanism for a miniaturised high pressuriser
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for processing municipal waste
Multiple vertical auger cutter mixer
Rotary sprinkler
Electrostatic painting apparatus with paint filling station and method for operating same
Rainfall simulation apparatus
Pistol-type nozzle of gardening sprinkler
Canister powder paint delivery apparatus and method
Load binder
Thermal solder writing eutectic bonding process and apparatus
Wire bonding method and apparatus
Supporting tray for wave soldering
Fuel injector having an orifice plate with offset coining angled orifices
Fluid mixing device and cutting device
Multi-rate torsion bar independent suspension spring
Medially stabilized liquid surge suppressors
Seat mount assemblies for tractors
ATV mounting device
Satellite stand-off tether system
Apparatus for a geosynchronous life extension spacecraft
Package design and method of forming a package
Device and a method of storing items
Beverage cooler carton
Newspaper recycling container
Device for re-reeling and forming a roll of paper in a re-reeling machine
Reel arrangement
Traveling yarn tension compensating system
Fish tape guide and method of using same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for parting laminated substrate and liquid crystal cell
Textiles; Paper
Pressing dummy with air-stream-dependent air-deflecting device
Feeding apparatus for cellulosic material
Fixed Constructions
Combination dump and spreader apparatus
Vehicle ramp system
Connector assembly for insulated concrete walls
Modular lawn clipping barrier
Fence caps for a fencing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Starting assembly for a carburetor
In-tank fuel line quick connector assembly
Dual mode fuel injection system and fuel injector for same
Pressure-storage type fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Electromagnetic control valve
Stroke-controlled valve as fuel metering device of an injection system for internal combustion engines
Throttle valve arrangement
Reverse buckling sanitary rupture disc assembly
Electromagnetically actuated valve
Solenoid valve for use in micro-gravity
Control valve having moveable outlet
Communication cable support structure and apparatus and method for making
Cryogenic coupling device
Gas socket
Gas flow control
Microorganism-resistant humidifier
Splicing tape for attaching a leader tape to data tape
Electronic device, unit using the same, and system
Method and apparatus for recording content containing watermark
Data collection and maintenance database method and apparatus
Smart card device used as mass storage device
IC card, and method and program for preventing illegal use of IC card
Integrated circuit card having staggered sequences of connector terminals
PC adapter cards and method of manufacturing the same
Automated transaction machine
Compact multifunction card for electronic devices
Imaged coded data source transducer product
Optical information reading apparatus
Multi-channel scanning system with common decoder
Supply chain management system and method
Method of issuing tickets to events
System and method for funding a collective account by use of an electronic tag
Automated banking machine including temperature controlled housing
Portable magnetic object holder and method of using the same
Magnetic tape drive apparatus
Adjustable cable management arm for furniture
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew