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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Stem-regulated, plant defense promoter and uses thereof in tissue-specific expression in monocots
Transcriptional activators involved in abiotic stress tolerance
Genes of IL-12P40 subunit mutated for improving the activity of IL-12 and use thereof for DNA vaccine adjuvant
Azole derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Enantiomerically pure basic arylcycloalkylhydroxycarboxylic esters, processes for their preparation and their use in medicaments
N-substituted piperidine derivatives as serotonin receptor agents
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
Compounds and methods for modulating cell-adhesion mediated drug resistance
Template-fixed peptidomimetics with antimicrobial activity
Method for treating cyanide waste liquid
Compositions for golf equipment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making transparent continuous zeolite film and structure of the zeolite film
Sheet-to-tube welded structure and method
Methods and apparatus for truncating an image formed with coherent radiation
System and method of joining overlapping workpieces
Pivoting apparatus of industrial robot
Printing apparatus and method having functions to compensate for light intensity difference
Tire condition monitoring apparatus, transmitter, and receiver
Circuit arrangement and method for sequential classification of a plurality of controllable components
Vehicle pre-impact sensing and control system with driver response feedback
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing polymorphic form II of sertraline hydrochloride
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycols
Pharmaceutical drug candidates and methods for preparation thereof
Enzymatic method to produce 7-dehydropregnenolone, vitamin D3-like compounds and derivatives thereof
Method for the production of acrylic acid by heterogeneously-catalysed gas-phase oxidation
Preparation of (meth)acrylic acid
Method for catalytic phase oxidation to (meth) acrolein and/or (meth) acrylic acid
Method for purifying (meth)acrylic acid by oxidising a gaseous substrate
Flexible method for the joint production of (i) formic acid, (ii) a carboxylic acid comprising at least two carbon atoms and/or the derivatives thereof, and (iii) a carboxylic acid anhydride
Optically active copper catalyst composition
Two-stage reactor for the production of melamine
Synthesis of cyclopentadiene derivatives
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
Protein containing serum albumin domain
Grafted fluoroelastomers
Polymer-bonded functional agents
Fast setting 1k-polyurethane glue
Water soluble thermosetting polyester resin composition and method of preparing the same
Method for producing polyurethane emulsion
Tractable silica sols and nanocomposites therefrom
Compositions of cellulose esters and layered silicates and process for the preparation thereof
Microencapsulated pigment, production process therefor, and aqueous dispersion and ink jet recording ink using the pigment
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Rubber composition for a tire tread
Corrosion and gas hydrate inhibitors having improved water solubility and increased biodegradability
Removable marking system
Carotenoid ketolases
Structural protein of adeno-associated virus with modified antigenicity, its production and its use
Methods and means for modification of plant characteristics using the vernalization gene VRN2
Fructan biosynthetic enzymes
Denaturant stable and/or protease resistant, chaperone-like oligomeric proteins, polynucleotides encoding same, their uses and methods of increasing a specific activity thereof
Method of generating neurons from stem cells and medium for culturing stem cells
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Human growth gene and short stature gene region
Nucleic acids encoding cytokine-like proteins that promote cell proliferation
Chromatin regulator genes
NMR-solve method for rapid identification of bi-ligand drug candidates
Method for detecting sensitivity to acetylcholine esterase in insects
Nucleic acid molecules correlated with the rhesus weak D phenotype
Molecular torches and their use under denaturing conditions
Chip-based speciation and phenotypic characterization of microorganisms
Process for the biodegradation of hydrocarbons and ethers in subsurface soil by introduction of a solid oxygen source by hydraulic fracturing
Textiles; Paper
Shelf liner
Shaft cone metrology system and method
Constant slope ramp circuits for sample-data circuits
Door obstacle sensor
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling laser intensity in a ROS scanning system
Optical sensor device and electronic apparatus
Image detection apparatus for fluorescence and reflectance imaging and spectroscopy and for contemporaneous measurements of electromagnetic radiation with multiple measuring devices
Method and apparatus for spatially limited excitation of an optical transition
Reconfigurable detector array of resistance bolometers
Device and method for manufacturing bead array, and method for detecting target substance
Active cantilever for nanomachining and metrology
Refractive index sensor utilizing gold island surface plasmon resonance on optical fiber
Method of detecting and preventing Alzheimer's disease, particularly at prodromal and early stages
Identification of etiology of autism
Competitive immunoassay using complexed analyte derivatives
Self-powered bicycle signal output device and display apparatus using same
Current sensor having hall element
Assembled capacitor polarity automatic inspecting method and system
Uninterrupted radial capacitive sense interface
Electro-optical voltage sensor circuit monitoring leakage or loss of vacuum of a vacuum interrupter and vacuum circuit interrupter including the same
Pots extender for voice fallback in a subscriber line
Threshold adjustment accuracy for ground fault condition determination
Increase productivity at wafer test using probe retest data analysis
Remote test facility with wireless interface to local test facilities
Radiation detector and detection method, and medical diagnostic apparatus employing same
Method for determining more accurate diffusion coefficient distributions of reservoir fluids using Bi-polar pulsed field gradients
Multi-loop receiver coil having a large tuning range for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Method for removing noise from nuclear magnetic resonance signals and images
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Optical magnification device for distance variation
Handsfree fieldglasses having full field of view
Superconductor-based modulator for extreme ultraviolet (EUV)
Apparatus and method for the temporal profiling of short laser pulses with thick Bragg gratings
System and method to minimize modulation instability
Fiber breakout system
Light guide plate and backlight module using the same
Dispersion compensating filters
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Optical apparatus
Image-pickup optical system
Phase optimization apparatus and method for obtaining maximum extinction ratio in mach-zehnder interferometer wavelength converter using cross phase modulation of semiconductor optical amplifier
Dynamic gain equalizer
Polarizer removal in a microdisplay system
Liquid crystal display device with field sequential light source and optical medium
Silicon-on-sapphire display with audio transducer and method of fabricating same
Reflection type semiconductor display device
Liquid crystal display and lighting unit having parabolic surface
Liquid crystal display apparatus comprising wall portions formed in a plurality of openings or cut-out portions of an electrode
Liquid crystal optical element comprising a resin layer having a surface hardness of b or less
Non rectangular display device
Organic thin film transistor array substrate and liquid crystal display including the same
Active matrix display device with active element including a semiconductor film formed of an aggregate of single crystals each extending in the same direction
Multi-domain liquid crystal display and a thin film transistor substrate of the same
Nanoporous and nanocrystalline film and electrochromic device
Magneto-optical resonant waveguide sensors
Flat valley fresnel lens
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Liquid immersion lithography system with tilted liquid flow
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Methods and systems for lithographic gray scaling
ESD-resistant photomask and method of preventing mask ESD damage
Method for projection of a circuit pattern, which is arranged on a mask, onto a semiconductor wafer
Timepiece with calendar mechanism containing 2 date indicators
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Disk drive estimating angular position of spindle motor during spin-up by computing differences in winding current rise times
Method and apparatus for adaptive motor speed control
Low-visual noise, jitterized pulse width modulation brightness control circuit
Semiconductor device and driving method of semiconductor device
Data storage device, motor control device, and motor control method
DC voltage converter and method for converting a DC voltage
Computer enclosure with drive bracket
Panel member unit
Software management methods for automotive computing devices
Printer with embedded retrieval and publishing interface
Printing method and system for executing printing in plural print processes
Image processing device
Image-processing apparatus, method and program for outputting an image to a plurality of functions
Method of adjusting halftone image dot positions for improving print quality
Container having irradiated indicia
Method and device for generating 3D images
Methods and systems for 2D/3D image conversion and optimization
Method and apparatus for generating special-purpose image analysis algorithms
Apparatus and method for defect detection and program thereof
Method and apparatus for electronic image processing
Method and apparatus for reducing image acquisition time in a digital imaging device
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for processing digitized image data
Image processing apparatus and method for efficiently compressing and encoding still images and motion pictures
Image processor processing image data in parallel with a plurality of processors
Image description system and method
Virtual human interface for conducting surveys
Apparatus and method for providing shipment information
Wireless vending communication systems
System and method for altering or disabling RFID tags
RFID tags and processes for producing RFID tags
Techniques for identifying when to change an air filter
Vehicle-presence notifying apparatus and vehicle-presence notifying method
Video generation and capture techniques
Electro-luminiscent apparatus
Apparatus and method of driving the various LCD in a computer system
Electro-optical device, driving method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display having data driver and gate driver
Force feedback interface device with sensor
Input device of 3-D translation and rotation and its method and recording medium
Method and apparatus of providing wavefront color therapy
Vibration source driving device
Performance data transmission controlling apparatus, and electronic musical instrument capable of acquiring performance data
Music playing/processing device and method for playing music file according to playing order of tones
Variable media tape-based storage system
Dynamic shock detection in disk drive using hair trigger timer
Signal encoding apparatus, signal decoding apparatus, player, and digital signal recording medium having area storing audio title set and information for managing audio title set
Disk drive that generates a position error signal and a fly height signal from a servo burst pattern
Disc drive with reduced write latency
Planar perpendicular recording head
Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Disturbance signal reduction in servo systems
Optical disc apparatus
CD-DVD compatible optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Apparatus for optically pre-programming electrically-programmable phase-change memory devices
Magnetic thin-film memory device for quick and stable reading data
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Fuse circuit and electronic circuit
Flash memory devices with trimmed analog voltages
Memory circuit and method for reading out a memory datum from such a memory circuit
Memory device having an array of resistive memory cells
Semiconductor memory device storing redundant replacement information with small occupation area
Semiconductor memory
Memory with selectable single cell or twin cell configuration
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Device and method for the examination of samples in a non vacuum environment using a scanning electron microscope
Pulsed voltage surge resistant magnet wire
Integrated capacitive microfluidic sensors method and apparatus
Method for operating a parallel arrangement of semiconductor power switches
Latching micro-magnetic switch array
Electrodeless lamp system and bulb thereof
Plasma display panel having dielectric layer with specific color addictive
Image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for forming optical elements by inducing changes in the index of refraction by utilizing electron beam radiation
Median filter for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Sensor system with improved operator input devices
Fabrication of light emitting film coated fullerenes and their application for in-vivo light emission
Molding technique for fabrication of optoelectronic devices
Buried, fully depletable, high fill factor photodiodes
Method of flattening a crystallized semiconductor film surface by using a plate
Method of producing an integrated circuit arrangement with field-shaping electrical conductor
Micromechanical capacitive transducer and method for producing the same
Selectable area laser assisted processing of substrates
Light emitting device and illumination apparatus
Silicon-on-insulator semiconductor wafer
Surface finishing of SOI substrates using an EPI process
Self-aligned method for defining a semiconductor gate oxide in high voltage device area
Pitch reduced patterns relative to photolithography features
Dual damascene process
Methods for enhancing the formation of nickel mono-silicide by reducing the formation of nickel di-silicide
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Flash memory cell and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating a high-voltage transistor with an extended drain structure
Semiconductor device with asymmetric pocket implants
Method and apparatus for forming an underfill adhesive layer
Manufacturable CoWP metal cap process for copper interconnects
Stress-relief layers and stress-compensation collars with low-temperature solders for board-level joints, and processes of making same
Multiple substrate microelectronic devices and methods of manufacture
Method for producing semiconductor devices that includes forming a copper film in contact with a ruthenium film
Integrated circuit system using dual damascene process
Maintaining uniform CMP hard mask thickness
Reducing damage to ulk dielectric during cross-linked polymer removal
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate, method of preparing a substrate, method of measurement, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby, and machine-readable storage medium
Method of forming an integrated circuit with multi-length power transistor segments
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for forming and integrated circuit structures containing ruthenium and tungsten containing layers
Reworkable thermal interface material
Self-supporting connecting element for a semiconductor chip
Method for producing chip stacks
Semiconductor device including contact holes between adjacent conductor patterns and method for fabricating the same
Multiplexing device including a hardwired multiplexer in a programmable logic device
Quasi-vertical semiconductor component
Low-power multiple-channel fully depleted quantum well CMOSFETs
Piezo-TFT cantilever MEMS
Substrate for display, method of manufacturing the same and display having the same
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
Floating gate with unique profile by means of undercutting for split-gate flash memory device
Control of a photosensitive cell
Method for constructing a layer structure on a substrate
Light emitting element and light emitting device with the light emitting element and method for manufacturing the light emitting element
Piezoelectric actuator, timepiece, and portable device
Overdischarge preventing circuit apparatus for a nonawueous electrolyte secondary battery, overdischarge preventing circuit apparatus for a battery pack, secondary battery overdischarge preventing method and overdischarge preventing method for a battery pack
Radio frequency cavity resonatory with heat transport apparatus
Collapsible antenna device
Cowl with embedded antenna
Helix antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Multiple antenna diversity for wireless LAN applications
Amplitude dividing type laser amplification apparatus
Display apparatus having an anion generator
Corrugate tube and harness structure using the same
Earth device, plug-in breaker and distribution board
Systems and methods for fault-based power signal interruption
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Over voltage protection scheme for synchronous buck converter
Isolated high voltage battery charger and integrated battery pack
Stator of motor, and method for manufacturing the same
Power supply capable of AC and DC input utilizing winding of transformer as boost inductor
Power converters having output capacitor resonant with autotransformer leakage inductance
Apparatus to produce acoustic cavitation in a liquid insonification medium
Delay line based multiple frequency generator circuits for CDMA processing
Operational amplifier and method for canceling offset voltage of operational amplifier
Pop and click reduction using DAC power up and power down processing
Low distortion amplifier
Amplifier system with current-mode servo feedback
Equaliser for digital communications systems and method of equalisation
RF MEMS switch with integrated impedance matching structure
Digitally adjusted high speed analog equalizer
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave element, as well as surface acoustic wave element manufactured by the same method
Apparatus and methods for configuration of programmable logic devices
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Method for recovering a digital data content in a communication system and apparatus for performing the same
Function generating circuit and temperature characteristic controlling method for function generating circuit
Clock adjusting method and electronic device with clock adjusting function
Phase synchronization circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
High resolution digital loop circuit
PLL clock generator circuit and clock generation method
Method and device for dynamically accelerating analog-to-digital converter
Third order sigma-delta modulator
Sigma-delta modulator having a clocked delay line
Method for transconductance linearization for DC-coupled applications
Power allocation scheme for DMT-based modems employing simplex transmission
Re-configurable decoding in modem receivers
CDMA receiver performing a path search, path search method, and program therefor
Noise and channel estimation using low spreading factors
Symbol timing for MIMO OFDM and other wireless communication systems
Apparatus and method for canceling interference signals in a receiver for a packet data communication system
Control of a wireless conference telephone system
System and method of controlling assignment of a call on a reverse supplemental channel in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for generating pilot beacon signal in base stations of CDMA system
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling a reverse link traffic channel code responsive to detection of a duplicate terminal identity
Routing coordination protocol for a massively parallel router architecture
Method and system for selecting encryption keys from a plurality of encryption keys
Spectrally constrained impulse shortening filter for a discrete multi-tone receiver
SIP2 Mobile gateway
Communications network
Interconnected Ethernet and 1394 network
Predictively allocated bandwidth in a communications network
Channel data extracting circuit and extracting method
Architecture for a digital subscriber line analog front end
Dual link DVI transmitter serviced by single phase locked loop
Satellite receiver
Automatic gain control for communication receivers
Method and system for OFDM symbol timing synchronization
Fault characterization using information indicative of echo
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Call waiting priority alert
Electronic camera
Image pickup apparatus having image pickup optical system
Remote control method of tile display
Clock-slaving in a programmable video recorder
Apparatus for variable bit rate control in video compression and target bit allocator thereof
Hearing aid with a microphone in the battery compartment lid
System and process for robust sound source localization
Methods and apparatus for controlling devices in a networked lighting system
Apparatus for supplying power, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Multi-frequency heat treatment of a workpiece by induction heating
Circuit board having electrically conductive structure formed between circuit layers thereof and method for fabricating the same
Cooling system for equipment and network cabinets and method for cooling equipment and network cabinets
Cooling apparatus and method
Thermal management for shielded circuit packs
Expired Patents Due To Time
Non-stretch front waistband portion for wearing apparel
Disposable absorbent bib
Backless shirt
Insulated winter boot
Shadow box belt buckle with warden's rooster tail lure
Golf spike receptacle
Side element of a shoe upper
Enclosure for CD or CD player, attachable to a carrier or carriers
Golf bag travel case
Memorabilia box
Upright luggage case
Tool pouch
Storage pouch on necklace
Container for cotton sticks
Wooden basket
Backpack with minipack
Golf club cane
Reusable produce crate lid
Cleaning brush
Toothbrush and a toothbrush handle
Paint applicator
Fabric design for household linen
Bicycle saddle
Chair frame
Bed frame
Top-crown for display case
Wine cabinet with bar
Podium for a display device
Spiral towel bar
4-way hanging rack
Computer center
Top-crown for display case
Table edging
End frame for a futon
Hanging storage unit having multiple baskets
End frame for a futon
Office chair
Chair backrest
Picture frame hanging rack
Mat with pillow portion and body portion
Seat cushion
Inflatable mat
Inflatable mattress
Seat cover
Tumbler assembly
Mini travel cooler
Food serving fork
Handle for a cooking vessel
Portable round barbecue grill
Bent leg barbecue grill
Oval barbecue grill
Microwave oven
Iron guard
Set of condiment dispensers
Golf-bag beverage dispenser
Tree support
String trimmer
Sand bagger
Self-adjusting furniture foot assembly
Over the door single hook
Webbing attachment bar
Disk-shaped rotary control knob
Rotatable control knob with pivoting grip
Shin and knee guard
Clip of plastic fasteners
Mounting interface
Mounting clip
Estate bootwiper with diagonal design
Miniature battery dispenser
Bottle and cap
Bottle and cap
Aerosol dispenser
Aerosol dispenser
Perfume container
Truck shaped dispenser
Container-lid assembly
Packaging assembly
Sprayer fitted with its cap
Flexible pouch
Box closure device
Food support for use in food delivery box
Stackable pallet bracket
Portion of a watch case
Combined transmitter and receiver for a vehicle parking indicator sensor
Body jewelry
Finger ring
Jewelry setting
Air base
Personal watercraft seat
Section of a sun deck of a personal watercraft
Vehicle body
Modern pick-up truck body
Latch mechanism for stroller
Infant jogging stroller
Tire tread
Bumper fender
Steering wheel
Surface configuration of a shift lever for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a side mirror for a vehicle
Vehicle with raised liftglass assembly
Vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel
Display panel
Battery pack terminal and housing
Power and data center
Connector housing
Marking sleeve for electrical wires
Equipment rack bracket for an electronic rack system or other similar systems
Earbud receiver
Earbud headset
Wireless headphone
Spring band for a headset
Communication device
Multimedia speaker
Front cover for a printer
Filter for a visual display monitor
Industrial rack
Computing device
Computer front bezel
Supporting base
Key configuration for a handset
Control pod for a microphone/headset controller
Video phone
36 Button remote control
Hands free desk station
Mini portable radio
Communication system server
Telecommunication network controller
Wall-mounted network distributor
Transmission fluid filter
Outboard motor cowl
Portion of a cylinder head
Top profile of a cylinder head fin
Trencher blade for earth working machine
Splash tube
Operator cabin of power shovel
High pressure cleaning device
Steam generating canister
Grease cartridge
Erect photographic apparatus
Camera with fold-up display
Digital camera
Developing unit for an image forming apparatus
Developer bottle
Portable calculator
Staple remover
Adjustable clip with mirror
Tape dispenser
Tray for stenciling and painting supplies
Ball-point pen
Writing instrument
Ball point pen
Illuminated alphanumeric character display
Toy football table
Push button
Game board
Field boundary for a dice game
Hockey game table
Swim fin
Noise maker
Exercise stationary bike
Back stretching device
Abdominal exercise machine
Golf club sole plate
Snow board
Wagering device display
Barbed fishing lure
Fishing lure weight
Horse washing device
Shower head
Electronic faucet
Sanitary faucet
Shower escutcheon
Faucet spout
Shower column
Toilet seat
Toilet plunger storage device
Fan filter
Stand with a base and a motor housing for a fan
Car motif fan
Stirrup for a medical examination table
Sample processing device with carrier
Disposable biological fluid container
Clean rongeurs
Removable dental prosthesis
Water massager
Absorbent garment with supplemental pad insert
Interconnectable landscape edging module
Building block with aesthetic stone facade
Window component extrusion
Retractable garage door screen
Memorial for a grave site
Apparatus for lighting
Trailer tail light
Luminaire housing
Tail light for two-wheeled motor vehicles
Lamp for use with computer desk
Gas discharge lamp
Fluorescent tube
Lower taillight to an automobile
Headlight to an automobile
Upper taillight to an automobile
Cigarette lighter
Cigarette lighter
Cosmetic case
Lady's shaver
Ornament for face protector
Ramped cat litter box
Tray for a slicer
Human Necessities
Method for uptake of a substance into a seed
Gellan gum seed coating
Method and apparatus for spreading a liquid slurry
Method for collecting products secreted by trees, collecting bag and activating product for implementing said method
Root-level plant watering and feeding device
Effort-saving looping shears
Method for modifying root growth
Flexible vase
Tray for use in the transport and the display of a plurality of flower pots
Collapsible plant support structure
Chrysanthemum plant named `Rome`
Peach tree named `Candy Red`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Artemisa`
Torenia plant named `Dantogold`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogainesville`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 230`
Magnolia tree named `Southern Charm`
Dianthus plant named `Brilliant Star`
Variety of geranium plant named `Fiwocher`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomarcelle`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Lasting Impressions Red`
Forsythia plant named `Courdijau`
Geranium plant named `Bonito`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yosylvie`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Blush Rose`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange Urano`
Clingstone peach tree named `Lilleland`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Little Firock`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S27`
Alstroemeria plant named `Stalog`
Dianthus plant named `Spangled Star`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Apollores`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Aurora`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Plus`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yolisette`
Impatiens plant named `TiHop`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor`
Geranium plant named `Lulumex`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocovington`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S24`
Pulmonaria plant named `Trevi Fountain`
Camellia plant named `Nuccio's Bella Rossa`
Delayed release bait canister and method
Rigging assembly methods and apparatus for trawling nets
Procedure for electro-stunning and/or electro-sacrifice, for industrial application to marine inchthyological species in floating cages
Fishing lure with sound attraction
Fishing planer
Fishing rod holder
Fish hook remover
Tamper resistant non-corrosive bore hole cover assembly
Glyphosate formulations containing etheramine surfactants
Protective padding for sports gear
Hockey goaltender catch glove
Convertible visor/cap with a plurality of crown supports
Protective helmet
Support and cushioning system for an article of footwear
Cross-country ski boot
Orthopedic sole structure
Support shoe
Snowshoe crampon system
Shoe lace device that can be tightened to simulate a double-bow knot
Double-bow shoe lace device
Multiple pitch zipper
Fastening device for the shoulder-strap of a handbag
Oral care device
Animal toothbrush
Covers for support pillows
Bed safety guard
Safety bed having releasable guard rail assembly
Souvenir holder
Baby spoons and method of manufacture
Sheet for stretcher/gurney
Fastening element for a toilet seat
Protective device for a bathtub
Cleaning brush
Carpet steam cleaning apparatus with control for directing spray at front or back of wand vacuum head
Universal cleaning and polishing pad
Recessed dish drain
Self contained, self-cleaning, wet/dry vacuum machine
Electric toothbrush
Fixture assembly for spas, tubs and pools and a method of installation
Multi-function rescue tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Control of solids deposition from used desiccant solution
Method for making an ultrasonic phased array transducer with an ultralow impedance backing
Method for adjusting a treatment machine
Method for producing hollow nickel titanium profiles
Method for reconditioning returnable barrels comprised of sheet metal
Method of locking together exhaust components
Method of producing exhaust gas vane blade for superchargers of motor vehicles and vane blade
Universal blade adapter
Apparatus and method for assembling multi-piston compressors
Movement transmission unit and movement transmission apparatus employing the same
Precision assembly table and method
Device and method for the machining of crankshaft pins
Self adhesive strip forming for example a joint for automobile vehicles
Tool for mounting a clip to a socket
Automotive window assembly tool
Multi-blade cutting device
Safety knife
Hand tool handle
Cam controlled cushion assembly system
Method of fabricating a flower sleeve and the structure thereof
Method of covering a pot or floral grouping with a sleeve having a biconcave lower end
Method and apparatus for high resolution ink jet printing
Rubber stamp positioning device
Holder for sheet material
Essentially open file folder
Clip mounting structure
Wedging brake for a caster
Vehicle door subassembly, door and method for making the door
Stepladder securement device
System for fixing accessories to panels and/or self-carrier elements for the internal lining vehicles
Process for manufacturing an automotive trim piece preweakened to form an air bag deployment opening
Windshield wiper for automobile
Power driven wiper system for outside vehicle mirrors
Vehicle roof snow removal system
Vacuum waste system having a vacuum control valve
Fastening clamp for joint portion of oblong hoses
Bucket assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Transport and transfer device
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for introducing sliver into a textile processing machine
Piecing method and piecing device for the spinning machine
Method of directly determining setting values for the application point of regulation in a regulated draw frame
Apparatus for measuring the tension of silver running in a draw frame
Self lifting iron
Fixed Constructions
Movable bridge center lock
Clamping device for deck panels with support saddles
Walk behind self-propelled crawler snowplow
Hitch mounted snowplow and method of using same
Hydraulic drive device of working machine
Detachable bracket for shower head
Faucet coupling device for coupling to various members
Portable field sanitation unit
Flusher having consistent flush-valve-closure pressure
Separate-type cistern handle base mount
Diversion system and method
Outdoor railing system and rails
Window buck
Deployable and storable inflatable building
Spa weir system
Safety drain guard for swimming pools and spas
Wind protection system
Hinge arrangement for a display apparatus
Hinge structure for opening-and-closing member of automobile
Single link dual-contact point hinge assembly
Adjustable carrier for connecting a window pane to a motor vehicle window lift
Vehicle liftgate power operating system
Continuous vacuum, separator, dispensing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of joining a vane cavity insert to a nozzle segment of a gas turbine
Swash plate type compressor piston wherein inner surface of base section of neck portion has as-cast surface area
Method of producing compressor piston
Metal tube coupling arrangement and method of manufacture
Gun barrel with longitudinal spin prevention slots
Apparatus for attaching a supplemental device to a minimally altered host firearm
Gunsight and reticle therefor
Floor covering estimating device
Manual/auto dual-mode reversible measuring tape
Tire position detecting device and wheel alignment adjusting device
Surveying instrument and plumbing device for plumbing surveying instrument
Laser protractor
Electrically driven floating gyrocompass
Thermocouple tilt sensing device
Enhanced embedded logic analyzer
High speed memory test system with intermediate storage buffer and method of testing
Control button
Method and apparatus for repeated contact software end-user
Method and apparatus for a late pipeline enhanced floating point unit
Apparatus and method for awakening bus circuitry from a low power state
Suicide among well-mannered cluster nodes experiencing heartbeat failure
Resilience in a multi-computer system
Storage device data processing system and data writing and readout method
System and method for predicting storage device failures
Queue resource tracking in a multiprocessor system
FPGA input output buffer with registered tristate enable
Transmission of menus to a receiver
Integration of externally developed logic in a memory mapped system
Microprocessor based mixed signal field programmable integrated device and prototyping methodology
Model for simulating tree structured VLSI interconnect
Function unit allocation in processor design
System and method for restructuring of logic circuitry
Methods and models for use in designing an integrated circuit
Efficient system for multi-level shape interactions
Routing program method for positioning unit pins in a hierarchically designed VLSI chip
Method for designing a processor core in which a cell configured at either one or zero is provided for each bit of the configuration registers of the processor core
System for controlling the use of licensed software
Apparatus and method for programmably and flexibly assigning passwords to unlock devices of a computer system intended to remain secure
Security and access management system for web-enabled and non-web-enabled applications and content on a computer network
Data type conversion based on comparison of type information of registers and execution result
Massively parallel instruction predecoding
Detecting full conditions in a queue
Pipeline operation method and pipeline operation device to interlock the translation of instructions based on the operation of a non-pipeline operation unit
Method of, apparatus for, and recording medium storing a program for, parallelizing a program containing an array designated to undergo indirect and irregular division
Method and apparatus for loading an operating system kernel from a shared disk memory
Program product for modular, parallel, remote software installation with repeatable, externally-invocable steps
Shared library optimization for heterogeneous programs
Method for target-specific development of fixed-point algorithms employing C++ class definitions
User authentication for portable electronic devices using asymmetrical cryptography
System and method for creating a message display
Portable emblem
Magnetically receptive shopping cart carrier plate
Noise-predictive post-processing for PRML data channel
Quantizing error reducer for audio signal
Method system and program products for error correction code conversion
Apparatus for removing contaminant particles on a photomask
Method and apparatus for centering discs in disc drives
Apparatus for aligning pins on a printed circuit board connector for a disc drive
Method for fabricating balanced shield connections for noise reduction in MR/GMR read heads
Information reproducing system capable of manually reading an optically readable code and repeatedly reproducing voice information included in the code
Free form capacitor
Method for making an anisotropic conductive coating with conductive inserts
Method for aligning a cassette pod to an overhead hoist transport system
Semiconductor electrical interconnection methods
Cooling method for electronic components
Coupling spaced bond pads to a contact
Method of designing power supply circuit and semiconductor chip
Method for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Method of manufacturing electrical terminals and terminal modules
Manufacture for feed-through devices
System and method for establishing processor redundancy
Compact inflatable device for applying localized pressure to turbine generator armature bars
Tool for the installation of a terminal stud adapter in a generator rotor and methods therefor
Apparatus for receiving signals
Device and method for convolutional encoding in digital system
Transmission system with adaptive channel encoder and decoder
Processing of state histories in Viterbi decoding
Product code iterative decoding
Data error correction system
Optical communication system for transmitting RF signals downstream and bidirectional telephony signals which also include RF control signals upstream
Data transmission method and system
System and method for automated testing of software systems utilizing statistical models
Software and method for digital content vending and transport
Encryption processing system
Channels and services display
Enabling and/or disabling selected types of broadcast triggers
Apparatus and method for unequal error protection in multiple-description coding using overcomplete expansions
Electronic component mounting method
Method of filling plated through holes
Connection block for interfacing a plurality of printed circuit boards
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