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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjustable row cleaner
Milking hose support
Movement restraint device for animals
Cleaning glove with selective water actuator
Attachment for multiple hook fishing lure
Crawfish fishing lure
Method and apparatus for trapping insects
Burlap-wrapped, sway-resistant decoy
Methods for repressing B cell autoantibody secretion and for treating autoimmune disorders by administration of hematopoietic stem cells and macrophage-colony stimulating factor
Process for preparing a heat processed blend from two or more fresh plant materials
Moulding of chocolate
Shelf-stable cooking aid and a process for its preparation
Grating disc for a food processor
Boxer-style absorbent underpant and method of making same
Glove with insulation pocket
Self administrable hair extension system and method
Non-removable snap fastener used to attach a pacifier, teething ring, toy or other article to any garment of children's clothing
Jewelry set
Carrier for mobile phone
Paint brush and makeup brush cleaning device
Modular stackable table systems
Headrest for vehicle seats
Drinking container with cooling reservoir
Method and apparatus for capturing a rimmed single serving cup in an adapter
Device for frothing milk, comprising means for preventing blockage of an air restriction by milk residue
Cushion with double stacked off-set honeycomb
Dust collecting unit of vacuum cleaner
Electronic bending endoscope device and endoscope supporting device
Button port
Single port device including selectively closeable openings
Expanding seal anchor for single incision surgery
Method and apparatus for repairing a tendon or ligament
Laparoscopic gastric and intestinal trocar
Device and method for treating post-partum hemorrhage
Rotary tissue sealer and divider
Piercing device and blood inspection device
Methods and composition for tracking jaw motion
Foam introduction system including modified port geometry
Skin care compositions on a thin sanitary napkin
Disposable diaper
Laparoscopic inguinal hernia prosthesis
Support structure implant for a bone cavity
Methods and systems for hip replacement
Fusion system and method for fusing spinal bones
System and devices for the repair of a vertebral disc defect
Orthotic brace and method of using
Adjustable orthopaedic corset for spinal column support
Safety glasses
Mattress section support
Patient lift device
System and method for a low profile vibrating plate
Portable multifunctional mobility aid apparatus
Method of fortifying a foodstuff with sialic acid producing bacteria
Natural lycopene concentrate and method for production thereof
West Nile virus prM-E signal peptide facilitating the efficient assembly, maturation, and release of virus-like particles (VLPs)
Salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents
Absorption of therapeutic agents across mucosal membranes or the skin
Hydrophobic nanotubes and nanoparticles as transporters for the delivery of drugs into cells
Systems and methods for removal of contaminants from fluid streams
Multi-purpose catheters, catheter systems, and radiation treatment
Nasal support device and method
Inflatable, steerable balloon for elevation of tissue within a body
Drug delivery device with sheath for improved drug delivery
Implants including spacers for use in brachytherapy and other radiation therapy that resist migration and rotation
Disposable surgical suction/irrigation trumpet valve tube cassette
Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods
Resorbable polymeric device for localized drug delivery
Adaptive devices for securing medical articles
Oral pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of human canities
Splash-fluid resistant filtering face-piece respirator
Low lift golf ball
Apparatus and methods for retaining tennis balls hit into tennis nets
Golf tee positioning tool
Symmetrical wood composite bat
Sports safety padding
Protective headpiece
Method and apparatus for playing a poker-style game
Image integration, mapping and linking system and methodology
"Old school" fantasy sports system and method
Game machine
Game machine, display control method, and display control program
Entertainment button device and game machine
Game machine
Motion ride method and apparatus for illusion of teleportation
Rotating amusement apparatus
Multi-functional mount
Infant mannequin
Convertible play gym
Bubble blower tube
Motion ride method and apparatus for illusion of teleportation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drainage management systems and methods
Filter apparatus
Method for dissolving carbon dioxide from flue or other gas and for neutralizing the solution obtained
Method of treating an article with a fluorocarbon
Filter with cyclone separation means
Process for preparing crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent
Utility scale osmotic grid storage
Bubble generating device
Method and apparatus for generating nano-bubbles in liquid
Systems and methods for removing oil from fluid streams
Reforming device with series-connected gas-liquid multiphase and dry-out heat exchangers
Apparatus and process for separating carpet fibers
Sparging device for a flotation cell
Separation device
Combustor nozzle and method for modifying the combustor nozzle
Method for multiplexing the electrospray from a single source resulting in the production of droplets of uniform size
Method for manufacturing pattern formed body
Coating installation and associated operating method
Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating
Mine shaft liner plate system and method
Laundry treating appliance with automatic pump shutoff
Releasable thread chaser
Powder metal scrolls
Engine piston and manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for manufacturing glow plug
Method for assembling a polishing head and apparatus for detecting air leakage in the polishing head while assembling the same
Method for manufacturing a flexible abrasive disc, and a flexible abrasive disc
Brazed diamond dressing tool
Apparatus and method for in-situ endpoint detection for semiconductor processing operations
Chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioner and method of forming
Expandable workbench and a method of use
Miter clamp
Shaft alignment hand tool
Adjustable wrench with ratchet function
Arrangement and method comprising a flushing head for a rock drilling machine, and rock drilling machine comprising the arrangement
Apparatus for cutting elastomeric materials
Method and device for granulating polymer melts containing blowing agent
Method of decreasing acetaldehyde level in a molded article
Low thermal distortion silicone composite molds
Localized shaping for container decoration
Method of forming single face corrugated board
Anti-marking jackets comprised of fluoropolymer and methods of using in offset printing
Image forming system and insertion method
Money clip shaped like a fishing reel
Non-consumable writing implement with consumable tip having constant orientation
Apparatuses and methods for securing a vehicle
Gull wing door assembly for all-terrain vehicles
Foot isolation platform
Backrest safety mechanism for car seat
Pyrotechnic gas generator with combustion and diffusion chambers of different sections
Method for the secured release of an electromechanically actuable parking brake
Low-floor railcar bogie and low-floor railcar including the same
Vehicle style stroller
Sensing system and moving robot having the same
Handle cover and head light for straddle-type vehicle
Device for connecting a shoe to a sports article, such as a cycle pedal
Device for anchoring a boat
Workout raft
Container and method for transporting a syringe containing radioactive material
Fluid container
Tray with ribs configured for redirecting compressive loads
Article-storage unit
Cover for a storage unit
Container assembly
Packaging for storing products and methods of making and using such packages
Covers for wineglasses or like containers
Container material including tear-compliant opening system and method of production
Product packaging
Multi-generational carrier platform
Product discharge line
Sheet post-processing apparatus that performs post-processing on sheet bundle, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Apparatus for preparing knots and its method of use
Elevator group control apparatus
Elevator system and installation method
Granular filler transfer device
Frozen beverage dispenser
Dispensing module and method of dispensing with a pneumatic actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Systems and methods for recovering nitric acid from pickling solutions
Pretreatment of biomass feed for gasification
Method and system for wastewater treatment and disposal
Apparatus and method for separating a glass sheet from a moving ribbon of glass
Removal of silicon nitrides during manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Structurally modified lignite with or without extraction of functionally enhanced organic molecules
Printable medium for etching oxidic, transparent and conductive layers
Refrigeration oil from gas-to-liquid-derived and bio-derived triesters
`Kazakhstanskiy` alloy for steel deoxidation and alloying
Method for manufacturing perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Process for producing pure ammonium perrhenate
Electrodeposition under illumination without electrical contacts
Textiles; Paper
Process of forming a nanofiber non-woven containing particles
Sizing additives for drycleaning processes
Fixed Constructions
Street sweeper with vacuumized dust control
Rotationally molded snowplow assembly
Gravity foundations for tidal stream turbines
Device and method for surveying jet grouting piles in the ground
Method for laying a floor covering in a cabin of a vehicle
Drywall finishing system
Transition molding
Construction elements for buildings
Rail mounting system for mounting skylights and the like directly to rib elevations of a raised rib metal panel roofing system
Photovoltaic roofing components and systems
Roofing products, photovoltaic roofing elements and systems using them
Ladder stand
Latch jamb security plate for doorjamb
System for distinguishing a target key from at least one other key in a dark environment and method of use
Retracting device
Pipeline pig storage rack apparatus
Method of preparing polymer-water emulsion and further settling a sticky polymer material in downhole environment
Annulus vent system for subsea wellhead assembly
Completion assembly
Method and apparatus for expendable tubing-conveyed perforating gun
Perforating gun with variable free gun volume
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine stator vane with endwall cooling
Mounting apparatus
Engine valve system
Oil separator of internal combustion engine
Valve cover with decoupled NVH isolation and sealing features
Silencer for reducing acoustic noise of fuel cell system
Heater tube for an exhaust system
Heat exchanger plate and an evaporator with such a plate
Torque transmission device
Engine mounting system
Thrust reverser for a dual-flow turbine engine nacelle
Method for operating an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Canopy for a wind turbine nacelle
Electrokinetic pump designs and drug delivery systems
Hydraulic lift device
High-pressure fuel supply pump and fuel supply system
Connector for joining an elongated component to a threaded rod
Round top set screw and application thereof
Toroidal bearing
Dynamic displacement energy management device
Parallel gear unit for a gearbox for a wind turbine
Hydraulic shock absorber
Cord management sleeve
Lubricant and oil-free chain
Bicycle planetary gear transmission arrangement
Event-based retarding in a machine with a continuously variable transmission
Self-sealing flexible seal for sealing inner surface of tube and movable body for inside tube equipped with said seal
Method of manufacturing of a compliant plate seal assembly
Quantum fluid transfer system
Method for manufacturing a petal valve
Damping valve arrangement for a vibration damper
Pressure harmonizer
Poppet valve
Interchangeable fitting system and method
Outer tank for cryogenic fuel
Lamp shield
Configurable multi-socket with thermal relief for light emitting diodes
Illumination device with a flexible printed circuit board
Lamp unit and luminaire
Illuminated sports board
Optical sheet, surface light source device and transmission-type display device
Method for the treatment of waste gas with a dual-purpose reactor integrated within cement production facility and the system thereof
Oven muffle
Refrigeration system
Secondary cooling apparatus and method for a refrigerator
Liquefied natural gas and hydrocarbon gas processing
Clothes drying cabinet
Transport- and drying device for individually transported articles and method for drying individually transported articles
Device and method for controlling a dehydration operation during a freeze-drying treatment
Flow distributor assembly and a cooling unit with a flow distributor assembly
Arrow construction system having tip canister electronics
Deck board placement tool
Ultrasonic flow sensor for detecting a flow of a fluid medium
Microelectrode array
Determining magnitude of compressive loading
Apparatus and method for clock glitch detection during at-speed testing
Stereoscopic projection system employing spatial multiplexing at an intermediate image plane
Thermal ratchet system
Motherboard with voltage-state display system
Power management in a data-capable strapband
Method and apparatus for synchronising the local time of a plurality of instruments
Automatic configuration sampling for managing configuration parameters of a computer system
Power supply unit and power supply system for servers
Server systems having segregated power circuits for high availability applications
Automated migration to a new target volume via merged bitmaps to maintain consistency
Firmware management in a computing system
Controlling a solid state disk (SSD) device
Method and device for performing failsafe hardware-independent floating-point arithmetic
Computing device and method for detecting memory errors of the computing device
Low-cost design for register file testability
Channel marking for chip mark overflow and calibration errors
External settings that reconfigure the error handling behavior of a distributed PCIe switch
Snapshot content metadata for application consistent backups
Implementing feedback directed NUMA mitigation tuning
System, method and computer program product for managing data using a write-back cache unit
Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads
Managing large page memory pools
Electronic system having memory with a physical block having a sector storing data and indicating a move status of another sector of the physical block
System and method for computer simulations
Method and apparatus for an improved file repository
Digital data processing apparatus having multi-level register file
Transparent data migration within a computing environment
Multiple cascaded backup process
User definable co-user lists with status indicators
Device control apparatus, device control method and program for initiating control of an operation of an external device
Status information saving among multiple computers
System for presenting scripts to a contact
Video processing device, video server, client device, and video client-server system with low latency thereof
Method and system for creating events and matching users via blended profiles
Procedures for achieving advanced dynamic functionalities in the context of social networks and relative network devices which allow the implementation thereof
System and method for identifying and reporting improperly registered web sites
Communications system with polling server providing dynamic record ID polling and related methods
Failure-controlled message publication and feedback in a publish/subscribe messaging environment
Multi channel, automated communication and resource synchronization
Control terminal, network system, and content playing method
System and method for constructing session identification information
Web page content translator
Systems, methods and media for distributing peer-to-peer communications
Environmental and computing cost reduction with improved reliability in workload assignment to distributed computing nodes
Allocation and balancing of storage resources
Identifying optimal virtual machine images in a networked computing environment
Identifying services and associated capabilities in a networked computing environment
Workload adaptive cloud computing resource allocation
Systems and methods for creation of reverse virtual internet protocol addresses
Referee mode within gaming environments
Phase interpolator, semiconductor device and testing method thereof
Smart key access and utilization to optimize data warehouse performance
Searching documents using a dynamically defined ignore string
Method, apparatus and system for distributing queries and actions
Key-break and record-loop processing in parallel data transformation
Hierarchical multi-tenancy management of system resources in resource groups
Method and apparatus of maintaining coherency in the memory subsystem of an electronic system modeled in dual abstractions
Clock tree planning for an ASIC
Computing device and method for automatically checking wiring information
Techniques for electromigration stress determination in interconnects of an integrated circuit
Placement of structured nets
Display and automatic improvement of timing and area in a network-on-chip
Method and system for analyzing policies for compliance with a specified policy using a policy template
Method and system for policy-based secure destruction of data
Method and apparatus for security-aware elasticity of application and services
System for providing trusted user access of computer systems
Customizable user interface wrappers for web applications
Melded user interfaces
Automating execution of arbitrary graphical interface applications
Distributed multi-system management
System and method for displaying a mapping of channels in a program guide
Foldable keyboard
Method and device to control touchless recognition
Parsing of input fields in a graphical user interface
Launching of multiple dashboard sets that each correspond to different stages of a multi-stage medical process
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Event-based execution buffer management
Numerical analysis device and numerical analysis program
Method and system for selecting personalized search engines for accessing information
Processor for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
Translation map simplification
Method and apparatus for unpacking and moving packed data
Aggregation of constraints across profiles
Method and device for loading service application of robot based on ubiquitous robotic companion (URC) environment
Designing and cross-configuring software
Program code library selection in an integrated development environment
Method and a system for generating a software product
Algorithm complexity identification
Determining best practices for applying computer software patches
Writing program types onto system boards in a partitioned computer system
Method and apparatus for regression testing selection for a framework-based application
Evaluation of graphical output of graphical software applications executing in a computing environment
Optimizing program by reusing execution result of subclass test function
Methods, systems, and computer program products for controlling software application installations
Generating timing sequence for activating resources linked through time dependency relationships
Multiple suction cup stored-value card for securing an electronic device on a surface
Smart scanning system
Image processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium storing an image processing program
Card activated cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Slot-type game with nudge and bonus game features
Systems and methods for evaluating neurobehavioural performance from reaction time tests
Control systems to emulate jet aircraft in reciprocating engine-powered trainers
Tray locking device for optical disc drive
Method of forming a feature having a high aspect ratio
Method of controlling a semiconductor storage device
Systems for removably securing a display component to an accessory or item of clothing
Electrical connector having low profile characteristics
Wall outlet type USB hub with independent charging function
Switching hub device and connector lock releasing tool
Electrical connector
Low proflie cable connector assembly
Serial concatenation of trellis coded modulation and an inner non-binary LDPC code
Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) for multiple data sets using reserved buffer
Log-likelihood ratio (LLR) computation using piecewise linear approximation of LLR functions
Channel control apparatus and method of pre-joining channels using the same
Cognitive pattern recognition for computer-based security access
Controlling access to and manipulation of a data object by different data object users
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for enabling computer to execute same method
System and method for data transmission in DLNA network environment
Optical integration system for disaster emergency broadcasting communication
Methods and apparatus for wire bonding with wire length adjustment in an integrated circuit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Shaft decouple logic for gas turbine engine
Power generation equipment
Pressurized fluidized bed combined electricity generation system
Gas turbine with steam cooling and fuel atomization
Gas turbine
More efficient RF plasma electric thruster
Axisymmetrical annular plug propulsion system for integrated rocket/ramjet or rocket/scramjet
NOx adsorber system regeneration fuel control
Method and system for directly monitoring the efficiency of a conditioning catalyst having negligible oxygen storage capacity
Method for operating an internal combustion engine and system and with sulfur-rich exhaust gas purification component and an internal combustion engine system operable therewith
In-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Multiple stage aftertreatment system
On-board reductant delivery system
Method and apparatus for joining pressurized exhaust manifold sections
Hydraulic circuit for forklift
Hydraulic engine with compact brake
Heat exchanger in the burner cup of a heat engine
Integral air brake compressor supply fitting
Turbocharger system to inhibit reduced pressure in intake manifold
Condenser, power plant equipment and power plant operation method
Gas turbine with a plurality of burners and a fuel distribution system, and a method for balancing a fuel distribution system
Magnetic refrigeration system with multicomponent refrigerant fluid forecooling
Thermoelectric cooling system
Regenerative refrigeration system with mixed refrigerants
Pulse pipe refrigerating machine and cryopump using the refrigerating machine
Hydrogen cooled hydride storage unit
Process and apparatus for preparing hyperpolarized helium gas at high pressure and application of the process
Falling film evaporator for a vapor compression refrigeration chiller
Cooling system and process for a paper or cardboard machine
Refrigerant monitoring apparatus and method
Inlet air mixture control method for a vehicle air conditioning system
Humidity control method for a variable capacity vehicle climate control system
Air conditioning system
Temperature sensor fixing apparatus of air conditioner
Enhanced economizer function in air conditioner employing multiple water-cooled condensers
Building air conditioning system using geothermal energy
Water-mist blower cooling system and its new applications
Refrigeration cycle device
Refrigerated apparatus
Non-directional filter dryer
Air separation
Rotation preventing necklace
Pendant reusable enhancer for necklaces
Multi-stone center setting for diamonds and gemstones
Swivelling lever control that can be padlocked for closing switchboard cabinet doors or the like
Lock casing to be installed in a door or the like
Carousel winding reel
Method of rolling finished sections from preliminary sections in reversing roll stand arrangements
Method of producing a sheet steel product such as a motor vehicle bumper beam in a progressive die system
Method of calibrating a system for detecting contact of a glide head with a recording media surface
Multiple mode operated surface acoustic wave sensor for temperature compensation
Hydrogen sensor
Apparatus and method for introducing leak detection dye into an air conditioning system
Method of determining performance characteristics of polishing pads
Device for detecting the rotary behavior of a vehicle wheel
Method of determining status of aircraft landing gear
Electromagnetic method of liquid level monitoring
Ink level sensing device and method therefor
Method and device for monitoring the consumption of a product, for example a printing ink, using a low-pass filter
Sensor for accurate measurement of levels in irregularly shaped tanks
Wheel balancing device for a vehicle
Wheel balancer with pressure adjustment
Structural design for improving the sensitivity of a surface-micromachined vibratory gyroscope
Acceleration sensor element and method of its manufacture
Motion sensor and method of making same
Ball bearing inspection apparatus
Method for determining twist potential in wood
Device for gravimetric metering and pneumatic suction conveying of fluidizable bulk materials
Vibration compensated pressure sensing assembly
Method for operating an electric press
Coherent multi-path flow measurement system
Compensation of coriolis meter motion induced signal
Dual loop coriolis effect mass flowmeter
Fluid delivery apparatus with reservoir fill assembly
Load sensor and pointing equipment incorporating the same
Exhaust gas sampling apparatus
Fluid selection valve for a modular automated diagnostic apparatus
Fluid sampling tool
Rack and pinion steering apparatus and method for manufacturing a helical pinion
Structure for supporting a rotating member on a shaft
Apparatus and method for adjusting a gear
Universal joint for vehicle steering system
Stamped rocker arms for machines such as internal combustion engines
Bicycle pedal
Apparatus for opening containers with twist-off tops
Apparatus and method for stripping wire
Telescopic pocket door angle drill
Tool-bit magazine for hand tool
Quick change drive for core cutters
Web cut-off device
Dual sliding rail and locking mechanism for use with a table saw
Workpiece positioning device
Pyrotechnic launch tube
Rotatable pintle arm assembly for supporting a machine gun
Speed controller with pilot check valve
Control system providing a float condition for a hydraulic cylinder
Piston-type compressor with piston guide
Coupling construction between an actuator and a base
Gas bearing and method of making a gas bearing for a free piston machine
Piston for a hydrostatic cylinder block
Heating pot for decocting chinese herbs
Milk frothing device
Signaling the cooking state of food cooked in pieces
Juice extractor
Stencil printer
Dampening roller
Newsprint core brake system for newspaper presses
Method for printing sheets
Method and apparatus for adjusting the circumferential register in a web-fed rotary printing press having a plate cylinder with a sleeve-shaped printing plate
Chambered flexographic ink units with quick-change, blade thickness compensating clamping mechanism
High velocity, hot air dryer and extractor
Hydrophilized substrate for planographic printing
Circulation treatment system and method for treating fountain solution
Printing press circulation system
Drying method
Chemically reactive fragmentation warhead
Precision, airborne deployed, GPS guided standoff torpedo
Firearms and ammunition
Code-labeled ammunition
Train collision system
Portable folding tray for vehicles
ATM box or safe with concealed hinges and electronic lock
Method of installation of supply of air of solid and pulverized fuel burner
Process for treating a material containing metal and organic matter, including metal separation
Hidden safe associated with a bed
Sleeping bag device
Infant blanket with teether/pacifier
Bed pocket storage system
Inclined support pillow
Method for sensing water level and vibration of washing machine and apparatus therefor
TMD-damped stay cable and method and TMD
Articulated bridge
Swimming pool cleaner
Turbine-driven automatic swimming pool cleaners
Power cleaning brush
Scrub washing apparatus and scrub washing method
Toothbrush having controlled head movement
Glass wiper blade for motor vehicles
Wiper unit
Device for providing surface preparation
Vacuum fitting
Door stop apparatus
Positioning structure of retractable draw bar for a suitcase
Hinge mechanism of portable phone
Crescent hinge
Sliver deflecting mechanism in a regulated draw frame
Adjustable quick-release buckle, particularly for diving masks or similar
Load-support system employing instantaneously adjustable hook
Magnetic closure with mutual interlock for bags, knapsacks, items of clothing and the like
Assembly and accumulation of sliders for profiled zippers
Tie down device and method of use
Seat belt buckle
Warp repair assisting apparatus for warper
Method of spreading a sheet on a frame member and method of manufacturing a chair by the sheet spreading method
Apparatus and method for inserting corner members in channel-shaped flanges of a duct
Process for compensating eccentricities and imbalances of rotating parts
Vulcanizing machine with segmented mold
Method and device for the disassembly of cassettes
Powder coating as substrate for epoxy bonding of vibration isolation mounts
Method of making a plain carbon steel hub for data storage device
Pre-plating of wooden railroad ties
Method and apparatus for processing workpieces and assembling and disassembling of structural units
Method of installing and removing jet aircraft engine
Table saw construction for dismantling of pallets
Method for producing an inductor
Heat exchanger assembling apparatus
Electronic part mounting device
Lengthwise compliant crimping tool
Cable and method for precluding fluid wicking
Electronic component mounting method
Mounting system
Method for producing foil circuit boards
Method for producing a metallic carrier body and metallic carrier body for an exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust treatment device for automotive vehicle having one-piece housing with integral inlet and outlet gas shield diffusers
Heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner
Method of making a fluid flow module
Backflow prevention assembly
Method for making a fixation roller
Method for improved split ring assembly
Methods of securing an aircraft armament support plank to a floor section of an aircraft cabin area
Reciprocating type electric shaver
Multipurpose tool including handles having separate sides
Ratchet cable cutter
Cutting instruments
Process for arranging an angle scale on an index disk for rotational measurement systems and an index disk with angle scale for rotational measurement systems
Mounting structure for wheel angle detector and rotation amount detector for vehicle wheel
Leveling device
Method for verifying and measuring double-toothing sprocket wheels and device for carrying out the method
Method of measuring height of foot arch
Distortion measurement and adjustment system and related method for its use
Construction tool and method of use
Measurement instrument for components of a voice coil motor
Hair drying apparatus
Method and apparatus for drying a coated paper web or the like
Lighted slipper
Construction machinery
Stemware identification bracelets and method of use
Sign supporting system
Information cassette
Pressure-sensitive adhesives and self-adhesive postage stamps made therewith
Pistol with locking mechanism
Interchangeable weapon receiver for alternate ammunition
Rifle rest
Detachable wings for decoy
Fish strike alarm with fishing rod holder
Switchable mosquito expelling/killing device
Biodegradable mulch mat
Landscape edging
Finely divided mineral composite, and methods of making and utilizing same
Hydroponic feeder and cooler
Method and apparatus for installing a window assembly
Automatic door or hood opening arrangement for a motor vehicle including a pneumatic spring and ejector combination
Automated hatch
Multifunctional complex
Non friction direct drive power system
Gutter liner apparatus
Combined bed and shelter device
Multi-purpose above-ceiling utility support system
Lightweight pre-engineered prefabricated modular building system
Drywall support system
Hurricane protective system for windows and doors
Door frame with securing and sealing flange
System and method for installing a jamb
Incombustible fireproof network elevated floorboard
Cast-in-place hybrid building system
Moisture management system
High strength porous concrete structure and method of manufacturing the high strength porous concrete structure
Expansion joint guide for masonry walls
Tie for forms for poured concrete
Foam panel and channel concrete form system
Joint closure system for foamboards
Cladding for a domed structure
Antiseismic spiral stirrups for reinforcement of load bearing structural elements
Building components
Apparatus for forming a pouch
Method and apparatus for stretch wrapping a load
Packaging a strip of material
Method and apparatus for automatically positioning a pneumatic envelope opener
Deck attachment and lift system
Narrow row crop harvester with lateral conveying of cut row
Hollow spindle, in particular for the manufacture of elastic twisted yarns
Sewing thread for leather products and leather products produced by using the same
Fiber optic cable marking process and a sensor device use therewith
Trash removal method and apparatus for an open end spinning machine
Spinning rotor for an open-end spinning frame
Oxygen separator designed to be integrated with a gas turbine and method of separating oxygen
Method of quickly expanding large lists of compressed data
Method and apparatus for the continuous production of diaryl carbonates
Method for gas phase catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbon
Aspartame crystals and process for the preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of saturated carboxylic acids and their esters
Process useful to produce vitamin D analogs
Methods for removing catalyst after oxidation of hydrocarbons
Process for preparing a cyclic amino acid anticonvulsant compound
Process for the manufacture of carboxylic acids
Process for producing N-formylleucine of high purity
Production process for ether carboxylate salt
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and method of using same
Aminobenzoic acid derivatives having anti-tumorigenic activity methods of making and using the same
Process for hydrogenating organic functions
Discrete-length polyethylene glycols
Photoinitiators and applications therefor
Oxidation of mercaptans to organic disulfides
Separation processes
Method of producing formaldehyde directly from methane
Method for continuous production of dihydroxydiphenylalkanes
Process for the manufacture of cycloalkyldimethanol
Method for manufacturing fluoroalcohol
Method for producing alkali metal alcoholates
Method for preparing norbornene and substituted derivatives of norbornene
Fluidized bed reactor and process for producing 5-ethylidene-2-norbornene
Alpha-methylstyrene dimer derivatives
Process for decomposing fluorocarbons reagent and apparatus used therefor
Fluid distribution materials with improved wicking properties
Gene expression in plants
Nematode-resistant gene
Modification of sucrose accumulation in the tubers of potatoes
Method for introducing a gene into a plant using an adventitious bud redifferentiation gene under the control of a light-inducible promoter as a selectable marker gene, and vector for introducing a gene into a plant using the same
Heat tolerant broccoli
Plants having modified response to ethylene by transformation with an ETR nucleic acid
Inbred rice lines A0044 and B0044
Stringed musical instrument top member
Musical instrument string winder
Apparatus and method for creating melody and rhythm by extracting characteristic features from given motif
Temperature regulating enclosure for telecommunication batteries
Integrated thin-film solar battery
Photovoltaic device, photovoltaic module and establishing method of photovoltaic system
Solar cell module and power generation apparatus
Wireless solar cell array electrical interconnection scheme
Silicon with structured oxygen doping, its production and use
Takeout anchor and protective cover
Cable with external conductor of several elements
Clad polymer EMI shield
Adapted electrically conductive layer
Apparatus for multichip packaging
Field device of the pressure-resistant encapsulation type of protection
Indexing ring providing automatic continuity
Cable sealing device for consecutive cable ports
Latching device for a circuit pack
Protector for fixing wire harness
Reusable closure for wire splices
Silver and silver alloy articles
Electricity distribution bar
Spring clip for a gas tube surge arrestor
Golf swing training aid
Iron category golf club and golf club set
Golf ball
Tennis racket with vibration damping member
Multi-disk boomerang
Vibro-isolating supporting structure for vertical crankshaft internal combustion engine
Operating device for vehicle component assembly
Operating force compensating apparatus for a bicycle transmission
Quick release derailleur
Cluster sprockets for bicycle transmissions and other prime movers
Idler pulley
Heavy-duty power transmission V-belt
Plate link chain for continuously variable transmission
Wide ratio coverage continuously variable transmission
Limited slip motor vehicle differential assembly
User-operated amusement apparatus for kicking the user''s buttocks
Compressed air assisted fuel injection system with variable effective reflection length
Breathing system for internal combustion engines, using dual duty (alternatively exhaust-intake) valves and a forced air supply
Variable lost motion valve actuator and method
Rocker arm and rocker arm assembly for engines
Valve gear for gas exchange valves of internal combustion engines
Valve spring retainer and a valve operating mechanism
Internal combustion engine with combustion heater
Rotary valve system
Short-stroke internal combustion engine
Oil flow control system for engine cylinder head
Sealing-fail safe leakage control in a cylinder head joint
Spark-assist type self-ignition engine
Linkage device of internal combustion engine
Two-cycle compression braking on a four stroke engine using hydraulic lash adjustment
Unit for controlling electronically controlled throttle valve
Apparatus for producing a variable volumetric flow in a fuel feed system
Apparatus and method for diagnosing erratic pressure sensor operation in a fuel system of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Control for a fluid pressure supply system, particularly for high pressure in a fuel injection system
Fuel injector with floating sleeve control chamber
Fuel injection system
Fuel delivery device
Fuel supply system mounting structure for an outboard motor
Fuel supply module
Engine lubrication control
Two-stroke internal combustion engine having improved fuel porting
Automotive fuel system having a pressure regulator without a movable diaphragm
Method and device for regenerating a fuel vapor filter for a direct injection engine
Canister purge hydrocarbon sensing
Intake air temperature control system
Compact supercharger with improved lubrication
Supercharger aftercooler for internal combustion engines
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Exhaust gas recirculation device
Flow-based control method for an engine control valve
Positive crankcase ventilation system
Guide rail for equipment for working on concrete and rock
Manufacturing method of liquid jet recording head, liquid jet recording head manufactured by this manufacturing method, and manufacturing method of element substrate for liquid jet recording head
Multifunctional cooking pot
Portable cabinet for an outdoor gas grill
Portable gas grill with removable LP gas cylinder dolly
Portable, self-contained stove and system
High-temperature gas heater
Cook grill top lid
Sludge treatment system using two-stage heat recovery submerged combustion
Solar energy collector and emitter for a swimming pool
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system
Kissing shield and method of use thereof
Wound closure device
System and method for treating select tissue in living being
Apparatus and method for covering fingernails
Virtual makeover
Hair styling accessory
Make-up case with seal
UV-cured resin-coated dental floss
Cleaning method and apparatus
Surge pressure vent for low noise dishwasher
Vehicle wash system
Method and apparatus for the treatment of objects, preferably wafers
Sun shade
Method and apparatus for fluid mixing and dispensing
Safety device for a hot water faucet for sanitary use and faucet, particularly thermostat, equipped with said safety element
High-pressure fuel pump device
Air valve housing with pressure indicator
Water softener valve
Temperature and flow limiting device
Valve assemblies
Backflow prevention device enclosure having improved access
Overflow protection valve assembly
Valve position detector
Fuel valve
Earphone headset
Speaker box
Speaker box
Heel pad
Air conditioning console
Trash can receptacle
Golf cart
Collapsible trolley
Steering-gear for conveyor
Rechargeable vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Colored translucent golf driver head
Skate frame
Skate wheel
Adjustable sliding archery bow stabilizer
Modern rapier
Insulated metal fan spray
Trigger sprayer
Spray nozzle
Faucet spout
Feeding tube spike set with integrated Y-port
Bath tub
Fume extractor
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Combined ceiling fan motor and motor housing
Air conditioner
X-ray unit
Pipette tip
Sampling tube rack
Multi-port catheter assembly for a respiratory care system
Multi-port catheter assembly for a respiratory care system
Medicine doser
Surface pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Bond pattern for an absorbent article
Decorative wall block
Decorative picket edge landscape stone
Corner Brick
Landscape border
Decorative edging block
Stone edging
Semi-octopost extrusion
Head for single hung window
Window component extrusion
Foam-backed, vinyl siding panel
Leaf enclosure
Candle cartridge
Luminary product
Portable light
Portable light
Rechargeable fluorescent lantern
Strobe light
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a triceratops
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a T-Rex
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of an orca
Replacement tail lens assembly for pick-up trucks
Scented decorative candle
Desk lamp
Lamp fixture
Wall lamp
Exterior surface configuration of a motorcycle rear combination light assembly
Exterior surface configuration of a motorcycle front light assembly
Vehicle light
Cigarette lighter
Cigarette pack
Nail file
Massage tool
Facial cleansing apparatus
Pet bed
Retractable leash
Self-service terminal
Combined mailbox and post
Coin display holder for the fifty statehood quarters
Human Necessities
Neoregelia plant named `Zoe`
Guzmania plant named `Marina`
Azalea plant named `Conles`
Azalea plant named `Conler`
Azalea plant named `Conlet`
Miniature rose plant named `JACmiryl`
Miniature rose plant named `JACiraps`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACsumre`
Anthurium plant named `Pink Champion`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACpolpa`
Hosta plant named `Paradise Power`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JAColfa`
Hosta plant named `Paradise Joyce`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACmega`
Grandiflora rose plant named `JACbrant`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenereba`
Mandevilla.times.amabilis cultivar Monite
Insecticidal photostable acid salt derivatives of N-benzyl-4-benzhydrolpiperidines
Shellfish processing method
Safety vest
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of centering windshield glazings
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Monocyclopentadienyl titanium metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catalysts
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Throttle gate valve
Fluid flow distributor
Computer system and method for dynamic information display
Apparatus and method of concomitant scenario topography with the aid of a digital computer
Semiconductor wire bonding method
Fault recovery system of a ring network
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
SS 40