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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Systems and methods for processing eggs
Grill, tray and cart system to freeze foods
Method for processing cocoa beans
Scraping unit of a machine for making cotton candy
Coated pet food composition
Process for producing smokeless tobacco pouches and device for performing the same
Carry handle
Applicator brush having decorated fibers and associated method of manufacture
Rod securing device
Reinforcing component for refrigerator
Piece of furniture such as a bed or a chair
Disposable chair covers
Towel seat cover
Bracket and bracket assembly
Decorative magnetic tool holding apparatus and method of holding scissors
Extraluminal balloon dissection
Electromagnetic apparatus and method for nerve localization during spinal surgery
Aiming device for inserting stable-angle, long screws in the articular region of a bone
Apparatus for safe performance of transseptal technique and placement and positioning of an ablation catheter
Pedicle screw extension alignment
Electrosurgical ablation apparatus and a method of ablating biological tissue
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
Microscope-attachable aberrometer
Method and data processing device to support diagnosis and/or therapy of a pathological change of a blood vessel
Mobile system and method for addressing symptoms related to mental health conditions
Perspective registration and visualization of internal areas of the body
Orthodontic braces
Absorbent article
Surgical kit for treating urinary incontinence in man
Injectable multimodal polymer depot compositions and uses thereof
Radiopaque markers comprising binary alloys of titanium
Radiopaque markers and medical devices comprising binary alloys of titanium
Prosthetic heart valves, support structures and systems and methods for implanting same
Shoulder prosthesis with insert for locking screws
Compact portable urinal apparatus, kit containing the same and methods of using the same
Massage device
Power device for visual care
Gel composition and pack cosmetic using the same
Gel-type water absorbent
Pyrimidinyl indole compounds
In situ bonds
Methods and compositions for treating neoplasia
Selectively inhibiting estrogen production and providing estrogenic effects in the human body
Botanical composition and method for treating pain and discomfort of various conditions
Compositions and methods for targeted ablation of mutational escape of targeted therapies for cancer
Synthetic human genes and polypeptides and their use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Use of DR6 and p75 antagonists to promote survival of cells of the nervous system
Stabilized Tat antigen and the use thereof for anti-HIV vaccination
Antibodies to high mobility group-1(HMGB1) B-box polypeptides
Method of radiolabelling carbon nanotubes, radiolabelled carbon nanotubes and applications thereof
Composition useful for improving skin
Process of forming and modifying particles and compositions produced thereby
Disinfection system
Sterilizing tunnel for pharmaceutical containers
Wound packing material for use with suction
Remote control fluid regulation system
Connector for coupling a tracheal tube to an auxiliary device
Stent delivery system having a fibrous matrix covering with improved stent retention
Pre-filled syringe apparatus having internal guard
Complex-shaped ceramic capacitors for implantable cardioverter defibrillators and method of manufacture
Adaptive place-pitch ranking procedure for optimizing performance of a multi-channel neural stimulator
Enhanced CPR protector system
Multi-positionable resistance exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus comprising a slidable weight bar assembly with hand brake assemblies
Partly-inlaid elliptical gymnastics equipment
Pilates reformer exercise machine
Golfing aid device capable of displaying and setting points-of-interest
Golf swing training device
Medal game apparatus
Speed control system
Methods of playing a multi-variant poker game
Two-wire exchange system
Gaming device having a second separate bonusing event
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for separating fluid mixtures, in particular oil/water mixtures
Methods and device employing centrifugal force
Screening grid
Centrifugal separator for separating liquid particles from a gas flow
Vessel and process pertaining to an impermeable impingement plate
Process and zeolitic materials for the separation of gases
Gas adsorption material
Biocompatible, corrosion-inhibiting barrier surface treatment of aluminum foil
Ceramic tubes composed of two materials
Dynamic mandrel catalytic reactor method, apparatus, and system
Process for the removal of sulfur compounds from gas streams
Method for reduction of the CO.sub.2 content of flue and atmospheric gases, and equipments for application of the method
Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell using the same
HF alkylation process with internal acid regeneration
Device for continuously conditioning fed-out natural gas
Roller mill for grinding particulate material
Food waste disposer with restricted grind chamber discharge
Homogenized product for implants and microparticles
Coating appratus having two coating devices for successively coating same surface of substrate
Portable direct-current sprayer
Water-based coating application system
Liquid dispensing massage device with switch lock
Cleaning and separation system for tubers
Method for aligning wafers within wafer processing equipment
Secondary containment panels and process for making and installing same
Switch for pneumatic tool
Cutting insert, in particular, for crankshaft machining
Cartridge for the generation of hydrogen for bonding materials
Method of grinding an indexable insert and grinding wheel for carrying out the grinding method
Methods and apparatus for forming a slurry polishing pad
Fixed-spindle and floating-platen abrasive system using spherical mounts
Quick disconnect coupling
Microsurgical cutting instruments
Method of removing backing adhesive of carpet and the device thereof
Method for producing crystallographically oriented ceramic
Dispensing valves
Method for manufacturing a composite fiber component for aerospace
Method and apparatus for forming nano-particles
Ball lock clamp
Method and device for blow molding containers
Injection unit having a filter, a method of controlling melt pressure in accordance with a target pressure range
Device for stretch blow molding and method for producing preforms
Method for producing a mould element
Flexible laminate board, process for manufacturing of the board, and flexible print wiring board
Molecular transfer lithography apparatus and method for transferring patterned materials to a substrate
Device for supporting counter-rotating elements
Printhead module for an inkjet printhead assembly
Piezoelectric actuator and liquid ejection head
Micro-fluid ejection head
Inkjet printing method and inkjet printing apparatus
Ink pressure regulator with liquid-retaining structure
Method using block copolymers for making a master disk with radial nondata marks for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks
Method for making a planar membrane
Motor device mounted on mobile body and mobile body having the motor device mounted thereon
Energy storage system for a hybrid vehicle
Device for transmitting electrical energy
Self-ballasted lamp and lighting equipment
Energy-saving illumination system having piezoelectric materials
Wall and roof liner for installation in a cargo vehicle
Hinge arrangement for airbag flap hinged on a dashboard
Traveling apparatus and braking control method for the traveling apparatus
Method for operation of a transmission
Mechanical tailgate
Motorcycle mounted helmet carrier
Toy vehicle convertible between two use configurations
Interlocking fastened scooter head tube
Skate board
Multiple sprocket assembly for bicycle
Towing rope for water skiing
Turbine airfoil with outer wall thickness indicators
Directionally controllable flying vehicle and a propeller mechanism for accomplishing the same
Aircraft with VTOL technology
Personal spacecraft
Method and apparatus for filling liquids into foil bags with a spout
Brace attachment for pallets
Packing mechanism
Cup holder fastening structure
Tube dispensing device
Tamper evident closure
Automatic light switch on a self defense device
Product packaging system with button lock release
Color coding lock
Snow collector device
Cable lock bag
Techniques for at least one of transport, storage, and display of one or more items of at least one of apparel and accessories
Chain boards of a metal filings conveyer
Conveying roller and method of making the same
Pneumatic delivery system with braking
Trailer and unloading device
Printed material holding device and printer with the printed material holding device
Printed material holding device and printer with the printed material holding device
Driven nip rolls for sheet stacker infeed
Paper roll fixing device of printer
Coil tubing system
Engagement chain
Elevation mechanism
Automatic dispensing cap for squeezable bottle
Refrigerator beverage flavor dispenser with flavor strength adjustment
Water dispenser device at different temperatures
High velocity foam pump
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and system for producing graphene and graphenol
Production method of high purity silver tetrafluoroborate
Process for production of an aluminum hydride compound
Method for recovering rare-earth elements from a solid mixture containing a halophosphate and a compound of one or more rare-earth elements
Metal oxides from metal-organic framework materials
Methods of making cementitious compositions and products made thereby
Dimeric molecular complexes
Ink set, recorded material and printed material
Non-curable coating composition
Process for treating a hydrocarbon-containing feed
Solder alloy, solder ball and electronic member having solder bump
Ceria and stainless steel based electrodes
Device for jetting gas and solar cell manufacturing method using the same
Apparatus for flattening coating material and evaporation deposition device having same
Carrier and sputtering device using the same
Composite coating apparatus
Coating apparatus
Kyropoulos sapphire single crystal growing apparatus using elliptic crucible
Textiles; Paper
Method for growing carbon nanowalls
Motor pulley for overlock sewing machine
Belt and method to manufacture
Fixed Constructions
Railroad rail retaining clip staging and removal apparatus and method
Molded brick for laying ground coverings
Traffic barrier deployment system
Method and device for environmentally friendly ramming under water
Quick coupler
Flooring element locator including a substantially circular spacing member
Rack attachable to scaffolding
Tent and control device of tent connecting rod
Louver turning mechanism and hollow glass doors or windows with built-in magnetically controllable louver
Chain locking device for window blind chain
Bi-directional metal-to-metal seal
System and method to seal using a swellable material
Sand control screen assembly and method for use of same
Monitoring fluid movement in a formation
Subsea locking connector
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for starting supersonic compressors
Turbocharger heat shield
Plasma actuator controlled film cooling
Central valve of a camshaft adjuster of an internal combustion engine
Two cycle engine and two cycle engine tool
Oil mist separator for internal combustion engine
Method to adapt the O2 signal of an O2 sensor during overrun
Internal combustion engine with bearing cap dampening
Injector having tangentially oriented purge line
Variable displacement compressor
Subsea pumping system with interchangable pumping units
Internally supplied air jet cooling for a hydraulic pump
Suppression of vortex induced vibration
Vehicle drive force distributing apparatus
Transmission system
Differential ABIK for transportation means
Torque sensor for a belt-driven conical-pulley transmission
Sealing device for a cooling agent supply on a rotating spindle and machine tool comprising such a sealing device
Interlocking engagement mechanism for an adjustable bent housing
Plastic male screw connector using injection molding
Adjustable coolant quick coupler
Continuous composite rod and methods
Vehicle brake line de-icing device
Pipeline pressure stabilization apparatus and method
Modular support structure and module thereof for container handling machines
Illuminant device and manufacturing method of lamp holder
Lighting fixture
Light assembly
Indication plate
LED bulb
LED unit
Burner block for producing flat flame
Baking stone rack
Elevator ceiling ventilation cavity
Arrow securing devices and quivers and methods of use thereof
Rifle sight analog template
Systems and method for igniting explosives
Two-fin stackable flechette having two-piece construction
Method and device for compensating the mounting tolerances of a distance sensor
System and method for liquid measuring dispenser
Small volume and fast acting optical analyte sensor
Temporally addressable detection array
Analyzing information gathered using multiple analytical techniques
Body fluid analysis fixture
Centrifugal cytology system, chamber block and method for the preparation of treated monolayers of sample material
Interference-resilient joint MAC and routing scheme for wireless ad-hoc networks
Data transfer device for executing the process discarding error frame
Multi color, photoactive, color changing compositions and UV dosimeters
System and method of testing humidity in a sealed MEMS device
Photonic integrated circuit device and elements thereof
Lens adjusting method, lens adjusting device, and optical switch
Optical ferrule assembly
Structure and method for face form retention in plastic eyeglasses and eyeglass frames
Optical modulation element module
Color balanced camera with a flash light unit
Image sensing apparatus, control method therefor, and automatic focus adjusting device for image sensing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and a paper feeding apparatus for the same
Image forming apparatus including a wiring housing member
Pressure roll for fusing operation
Image forming apparatus having heat-fixing unit
Timing device, system and method for estimated time of arrival (ETA)
Fuel reforming device
System and method for assessing operational process risk and quality by calculating operational value at risk
Combination of a bulb holder and a locking apparatus therefor
Means for preventing unintended powering of a first power over Ethernet controller
Storage system creating a recovery request point enabling execution of a recovery
Storage system and recovery method thereof
Method for controlling a policy
Storage control device, and error information management method for storage control device
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in an integrated circuit
Method for evaluating anti-contamination level on a surface of optical recording medium, the apparatus and the optical recording medium
Read operation for semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor memory system for flash memory
Information processing system, primary storage device, and computer readable recording medium recorded thereon logical volume restoring program
Method of storing unique constant values
Replica synchronization using copy-on-read technique
Computer system for load balance, and method and program for setting path
Push-type information delivery method, push-type information delivery system, information delivery apparatus and channel search apparatus based on presence service
Authorizing communication services
Mutual scheduling of events on handheld computers
Apparatus and methods for efficient insertion and removal of MPA markers and RDMA CRC digest
Instant message broadcasting and presence enabling from electronic mail application
Process controller, product information collector, and process tracer
Layout method, program, and device
Group play of a lottery game
System and method for efficient visualization and comparison of LADAR point data to detailed CAD models of targets
Automated compensation reports using online surveys and collaborative filtering
Tree system diagram output method, computer program and recording medium
Publication of informational messages to software applications in a computing environment
Emulation of a balanced hierarchy from a nonbalanced hierarchy
System and method for providing swap path voltage and temperature compensation
Method of design based process control optimization
Circuit verification
Electrical design rule checking expert traverser system
Resonant tree driven clock distribution grid
Multi-project system-on-chip and its method
Diffused aerial image model semiconductor device fabrication
Acquisition system for detecting the angular position of a gas twist grip in a motorcycle
Integrated configuration, flow and execution system for semiconductor device experimental flows and production flows
Engine optimisation method and apparatus
Non-destructive method of measuring a moisture content profile across a hygroexpansive, composite material
Intelligent data multiplexer
Method of and system for detecting an anomalous operation of a computer system
Apparatus and method for monitoring data storage device for usage and warranty
System and method for projecting transformations of object trees
CPU address decoding with multiple target resources
Method for compressing and decompressing structured documents
Network device, storage medium and methods for incrementally updating a forwarding database
Terminal device, information storage medium, and data processing method
Processing device for a pseudo inverse matrix and V-BLAST system
Adaptive dispatch table based on templates
Emulating a host architecture in guest firmware
Method of designing a drill bit, and bits made using said method
Time management system and value bar code
Multi-tool protection device
Clock distribution circuits and methods of operating same that use multiple clock circuits connected by phase detector circuits to generate and synchronize local clock signals
Image reading apparatus
Dual resolution two-dimensional barcode
Strokes localization by m-array decoding and fast image matching
Face monitoring system and method for vehicular occupants
Image processing apparatus and control method and program therefor
Method and apparatus applying digital image filtering to color filter array data
Automatic digital object counting and verification system and associated method
Image processing apparatus, image forming system, computer readable medium storing program and image processing method
Image processing method and apparatus for acquiring higher resolution image data for a region of interest from a data stream
Segmenting an image via a graph
Super precision for smoothly changing area based on segmentation and low-pass filtering
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program and recording medium for recording program
Apparatus and method for image coding
Image processing method, image processor, image forming apparatus and memory product
Method and device for determining a data configuration of a digital signal of an image
Edge smoothing filter for character recognition
Backlit image judgment
Shading correction apparatus and image sensing
Image clean-up and pre-coding
Method for improving print quality by using lossless image compression (JPEG-LS) technology and system thereof
Data processing device, data processing method, and electronic device
Forfaiting transactions
Method, system and program for credit risk management utilizing credit limits
Weight based upselling
Machine-implemented method of handling hand tiles/cards of a virtual player during a tile/card game and gaming apparatus
Apparatus and method for impact activity learning system
Mode register set circuit
Recording method and optical disk recording device
Mixed carbon material and negative electrode for a nonaqueous secondary battery
Process and system for quality management and analysis of via drilling
Harness connector
Receptacle with a cavity for receiving a plug with a recess for receiving a component
Electronic apparatus
Attachment mechanism for electronic component
Card connector
HDMI locking connectors
Electrical connector having metal shell with retaining tab for engaging with insulative housing
Fixing apparatus for connector
Electrical connection device
Electrical connector with improved metal shell
Cable connector assembly for connecting hard disk drive
Compact efficient and robust ultraviolet solid-state laser sources based on nonlinear frequency conversion in periodically poled materials
Methods and devices for the installation of the fiber optic cable to a house or other building structure
Coupled generator and piston engine to generate electrical power and heat
Adaptive equalizer with a dual-mode active taps mask generator and a pilot reference signal amplitude control unit
Mixing apparatus for audio data, method of controlling the same, and mixing control program
Method for joint time synchronization and frequency offset estimation in OFDM system and apparatus of the same
Systems and methods for improving range for multicast wireless communication
Low noise digital to pulse width modulated converter with audio applications
Derivative superposition circuit for linearization
Personal communication system
High-frequency circuit apparatus and communication apparatus using the same
Method and system for compensating for using a transmitter to calibrate a receiver for channel equalization
Antenna unit equipped with a tuner portion
Fiber optic multiplex modem
Method and apparatus for evaluating performance of wireless LAN system
Digital delay element for delay mismatch cancellation in wireless polar transmitters
ADM device and signal transmission method
Method for supporting session mobility
Integrating video, voice and data traffic in a single, conferencing system using existing connections
Resource allocation for multi-service gateways
Method and apparatus for a pipeline architecture
LAN type internet access network and subscriber line accommodation method for use in the same network
Data transfer apparatus for low voltage differential signaling
Advanced receiver with sliding window block linear equalizer
Parallel concatenated code with soft-in soft-out interactive turbo decoder
Method and device for transforming a digital signal
Image processor, method thereof, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Methods and apparatus for expeditiously releasing network resources for a mobile station based on low battery and lost signal conditions
Method enabling detection of stolen mobile communication devices and systems thereof
Method and system for determining a least cost path for routing international communications traffic
Method and apparatus for recommending items of interest to a user based on recommendations for one or more third parties
Method and apparatus for defining entry points in a data stream
Method and system for preventing unauthorized recording of media content in the iTunes.TM. environment
Method and apparatus for recording digital data streams
Apparatus and method for transmitting MPEG-4 data synchronized with MPEG-2 data
Microphone with adjustable properties
Microelectromechanical speaker
Communication system wherein a clocking signal from a controller, a request from a node, acknowledgement of the request, and data transferred from the node are all provided on different frequencies, enabling simultaneous transmission of these signals
Intelligent control of radio resources in a wireless network
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Tool pouch
Utility tool card
Goggles case
Book-shaped case having an inner recess to house a medal
Mitre saw and accessories storage case
Wooden basket
Eight compartment tray
Golf bag top
Lid for a tool box
Wisk broom
Infant car seat and carrier
Club chair
Arm chair
Club chair
Therapeutic chair
Front parlor sofa
Collar for use in a dispenser
Plant pot hanger
Modular corner desk
Towel holder
Display case
Seat cushion set
Fence caddy
Large plant stand
Table stand
Picture frame
Picture frame
Plastic sheet roll dispenser
Post for bath accessory
Human Necessities
Timed cigarette dispenser
Cooking apparatus with transparent heating plates
TV observation system for endoscopes
Method and apparatus for measuring corneal incisions
Method for determining the pH in the mucosa of the stomach or the gastrointestinal tract
Light barrier for medical electrical lead oxygen sensor
Tissue overgrowth detector for implantable medical device
Electrocardiographic and oxygen saturation signal recording
Body fluids monitor
AED with force sensor
Pharmaceutically enhanced low-energy radiosurgery
Precurved modiolar-hugging cochlear electrode
Use of TCET in the prophylaxis and treatment of allergies
Implantable device with output circuitry for simultaneous stimulation at multiple sites
Defibrillation system for pediatric patients
High-speed inter-modality image registration via iterative feature matching
Method for processing messages in multiuser dungeon
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sensor and a set of sensors
Apparatus for device qualification
Fiber optic cable cleaner
Probe apparatus and method for tracking the position and orientation of a stylus and controlling a cursor
Tire configuration judging device and tire classifying method using the same
Stamp image forming method and apparatus and stamp-making apparatus
Image forming method that switches from an empty paper cassette to a non-empty paper cassette
Dust eliminator and image/information recording device provided with it
Electrostatic writing head having integral conductive pads
Image-wise exposure apparatus, mirror array device, and liquid crystal panel
Optical writing device with controlled driving voltages
Method and apparatus for preparing, on demand, a selected information package, including digital and print media, from a catalog of information packages
Lenticular sheet
Drive train controller for a motor vehicle
Encoder error detection for an automatic four-wheel-drive vehicle
Motor vehicle drive system controller and automatic drive controller
Vehicle control apparatus
Device for selecting and displaying speeds
Automotive display unit
Modular rearview mirror assembly
Air-bag control circuit
Vehicle overhead console with flip down navigation unit
Brake system control method responsive to measured vehicle acceleration
Railway operation monitoring and diagnosing systems
Slip ratio antiskid controller using mu/slip ratio generated velocity reference
Building block approach for fatigue spectra generation
Maintenance and warranty control system for aircraft
Thruster on time signaling with flexure compensation avoidance
Method for target-path correction of a load carrier and target-detection device and directional beam-emitting unit for performance of said method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Component comprising a capacitor
Liquid crystal element
Lance/burner for molten metal furnace
Fixed Constructions
Information processing apparatus and hook mechanism applicable to the apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for controlling a vehicle drive unit
Throttle controller for limiting degree of opening of throttle in stall state
Membrane seal secured to inner and outer oscillating bearing members for small angle oscillations within confined axial space
Disk drive motor
Method of and system for deciding failures of automatic transmission
Panhead device for movably supporting an apparatus
Laser system utilizing sorbent-based gas storage and delivery system
Wedge shaped light guide providing enhanced polarized light to a backlight liquid crystal display
Liquid modular lens for condensing solar energy
Panoramic periscope
Method of passive determination of projectile miss distance
High-accuracy high-stability method and apparatus for measuring distance from surface to reference plane
Pipe fitting alignment systems
Contour replicating and measuring device
Michelson interferometer with orbiting retroreflector
Apparatus and methods for measuring intrinsic optical properties of a gas
Method and arrangement for transverse optical coherence tomography
Method of matching stereo images and method of measuring disparity between these items
GPS receiver with cross-track hold
Map data base management method and system therefor
Device for processing road data or intersection data
Navigation system
Strain isolated optical fibre bragg grating sensor
Spectrally resolved light
Methods and apparatus for obtaining a selectively polarized induced emission
Method to protect chamber wall from etching by endpoint plasma clean
Color discrimination system
Fiber optic pressure sensitive optical switch and apparatus incorporating same
Defect detecting method and device
Method and device for combined absorption and reflectance spectroscopy
Method of forming energy subtraction images
Dual-band RF test interface circuit
Method for identifying long paths in integrated circuits
Testing mechanism in a semiconductor integrated circuit device using an external clock signal and a non-connection pin input signal
Method for testing semiconductor device having embedded nonvolatile memory
Integrated circuit with serial test interface and logic for loading a functional register using said interface
High speed boundary scan design
Isolation/removal of faults during LBIST testing
Method and device for communicating across a chip boundary including a serial-parallel data packet converter having flow control logic
System and method for demodulating global positioning system signals
System for identifying and generating geographic map display of aircraft icing conditions
System and method for projecting storms using NEXRAD attributes
Object detecting system for vehicle
Wide field calibration of a multi-sensor array
Method of determining the response caused by model alterations in seismic simulations
System and method for providing dual distance transducers to image behind an acoustically reflective layer
Method for automatically determining stratification beds in a site
Projection lens
Close-up photographing lens
Projection display apparatus and projection lens device for use therein
Attachment lens having diffraction surface
Zoom lens
Zoom lens
Zoom magnifier
Zoom lens having an image stabilizing function
Zoom Lens
Variable magnification optical zoom lens system
Zoom optical system and image pickup apparatus
Image display apparatus
Apparatus for observing an object
Image-forming optical system
Light beam scanning apparatus
Magnification-variable optical scanner
Scanning optical system
Voltage controlling method for head mounted display unit and head mounted display apparatus
Projection screen based on reconfigurable holographic optics for implementation in head-mounted displays
Device for providing the cross-section of the radiation emitted by several solid-state and/or semiconductor diode lasers with a specific geometry
Lenslet array systems and methods
Rear projection type image display device
Polymer materials with latent images visible in polarized light and methods for their production
Light emitting devices having high brightness
Mode field diameter conversion fiber, method for locally changing a refractive index of optical waveguides and method for fabricating optical waveguide preforms
Interferometric optical device including a resonant optical cavity
Three port optical filter
Apparatus for beam splitting, combining wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing
Optical component having a waveguide array spectrograph with improved array geometry
Fiber grating feedback stabilization of broad area laser diode
Clock distribution network
Ordered structure optical fiber ribbon bundle
Device and method for opening and closing a barrier in a zoom camera
Real image type finder optical system
Optical element and light shutter device using the same
Organic/inorganic composite superlattice type optical modulator
LCD device having adhesion reinforcing portion in a part of insulator contacting seal
Liquid crystal display device with arrangement of common electrode portion and image signal electrode
In plane LCD with an electrically conductive bead connecting the counter electrode on a first substrate to a third electrode on a second substrate
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Transflective displays with reflective polarizing transflector
Liquid crystal display with internal polarizer and method of making same
Color liquid crystal display device having a plurality of pixel areas which emit non-colored light
Display device employing a reflective polarizer and a reflective diffuser between a light source and the display device
Active matrix liquid crystal display device with plural black matrix pixels openings
Reflectance enhancing thin film stack in which pairs of dielectric layers are on a reflector and liquid crystal is on the dielectric layers
Half reflection type liquid crystal display device having matched phase of transmitted and reflected light
Optical device and directional display
Reflection LCD with a counter substrate having a plurality of curved areas
Compensating film for a liquid crystal display and an OCB mode liquid crystal display incorporating the compensating film
Method an apparatus for forming an alignment pattern on a surface using a particle beam useful for a liquid crystal
Supramolecular opto-electronic architecture of tautomeric compositions
Film gate and scanner, and method of scanning using the scanner
Viewfinder device enabling display of optional photographic information
Method and apparatus for judging an error in reading data recorded in a photographic film
Image recording method and apparatus capable of efficiently developing images on a photosensitive material
Stage unit, drive table, and scanning exposure apparatus using the same
Focus error correction method and apparatus
Exposure device and method for producing a mask for use in the device
Exposure apparatus utilizing surface position detection, method thereof, and semiconductor device production method using the apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having drive mechanism for photosensitive drum and developing roller
Image forming apparatus featuring an environmentally responsive voltage switch
Image forming system in which image processing apparatus is connected to image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Toner replenishing and developer replacing device for a developing unit of an image forming apparatus
Developing device, developing method, and an image forming apparatus
Adjustment setup mechanism for support rails of a development station for a reproduction apparatus
Magnet assembly with inserts and method of manufacturing
Ink leakage prevention system for liquid electrophotographic printer having a development tray
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for reducing media wrinkling in an imaging apparatus
Electrostatographic reproduction machine including a plurality of selectable fusing assemblies
Methods and systems for cleaning residual toner from image developing device
Image forming device having internal access capability
Luminescent recording layer holding a plurality of positive or negative charges
Wallpaper construction having a holographic border
Golfer's wristwatch with score keeping capabilities
Vehicle control device
Coordinate data converting method and device thereof
Pricing module for financial advisory system
Protection domains to provide security in a computer system
Computer architecture with automatic disabling of hardware/software features using satellite positioning data
Semiconductor chip kit having frequency converter function
Delay-locked loop circuitry for clock delay adjustment
Electronic apparatus with a cable extending between main body unit and display unit supported on the main body unit
Computer having internally mounted peripheral devices with moveable adapter
Reconfigurable enclosure panel for a mobile computer
Information processing system
Plastic computer housing/access door apparatus with integrally molded dual function hinge assembly
Heat sink assembly with rotating heat pipe
Power subsystem for a communication network containing a power bus
Controlling power states of a computer
Module-configurable full-chip power profiler
Stop clock throttling in a computer processor through disabling bus masters
Distributive encoder for encoding error signals which represent signal peak errors in data signals for correcting erroneous signal baseline conditions
Power control device and method for USB
Method for reliably transmitting information on a bus
Information storing method, information storing unit, and disk drive
Method and apparatus for partial word read through ECC block
DRAM parity protection scheme
System for flushing high-speed serial link buffers by ignoring received data and using specially formatted requests and responses to identify potential failure
Fault-tolerant timestamp generation for multi-node parallel databases
Microcomputer with self-diagnostic unit
Apparatus for visualizing program slices
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling in a network
System of compressing the tail of a sparse log stream of a multisystem environment
Method and apparatus for high speed event log data compression within a non-volatile storage area
Method and apparatus for identifying the coverage of a test sequence in a rules-based expert system
Dependent bank memory controller method and apparatus
Independent multichannel memory architecture
Dynamic memory reclamation without compiler or linker assistance
Virtual linear frame buffer addressing method and apparatus
Alignment of cluster address to block addresses within a semiconductor non-volatile mass storage memory
Memory device with enhanced memory management and a facsimile apparatus using the same
Single-chip microcomputer using adjustable timing to fetch data from an external memory
Semiconductor devices with built-in flash memory capable of easily increasing memory capacity by interconnecting them, and storage device provided with semiconductor device
Magnetic disc control apparatus with parallel data transfer between disc control unit and encoder circuit
Cache memory exchange optimized memory organization for a computer system
Method for implementing a non-volatile caching product for networks and CD-ROMS
Process of executing a method on a stack-based processor
Method of accomplishing a least-recently-used replacement scheme using ripple counters
Virtual memory allocation in a virtual address space having an inaccessible gap
Hot plug of adapters using optical switches
System for performing input and output operations to and from a processor
System storing plural I/O arrangement information wherein each I/O arrangement information corresponding to each operating system is created in response to more than two operating systems
Memory controller performing a mid transaction refresh and handling a suspend signal
Method and apparatus for enabling a computer user to convert a computer system to an intelligent I/O system
Data processing system having a protocol timer for autonomously providing time based interrupts
Method for functionality downloading directly from a computer to a volatile memory of a PCMCIA card using direct memory access
D.M.A. controller that determines whether the mode of operation as either interrupt or D.M.A. via single control line
Symmetric multiprocessing system with unified environment and distributed system functions wherein bus operations related storage spaces are mapped into a single system address space
Memory card or chip card reader system
Computer system with trigger controlled interface and method
Method and apparatus for providing user control of multimedia parameters
Bus system, printed circuit board, signal transmission line, series circuit and memory module
Terminating apparatus adapted to terminate single ended small computer system interface (SCSI) devices, low voltage differential SCSI devices, or high voltage differential SCSI devices
Multi-pass pseudo random masking system and method of using same
System and method for the synthesis of an economic web and the identification of new market niches
Communications subsystem for computer-based conferencing system using both ISDN B channels for transmission
Server detection of client process termination
Automatic learning of belief functions
Data processor
Multiprocessor system with unit processors assigned a plurality of non-contiguous regions
Repartitioning data
Method and apparatus for two-dimensional wavelet recomposition
Method and apparatus for proofreading a document using a computer system which detects inconsistencies in style
Pronoun semantic analysis system and method
Research system using multi-platform object oriented program language for providing objects at runtime for creating and manipulating biological or chemical data
System and method for aging versions of data in a main memory database
Continuous object sychronization between object stores on different computers
Identifying a driver that is an owner of an active mount point
Incremental maintenance of materialized views containing one-to-N lossless joins
Feature diffusion across hyperlinks
Method for identifying collections of internet web sites with domain names
Database accessing method and apparatus
Structural alignment method making use of a double dynamic programming algorithm
Server system and method of updating server software
Apparatus for reproducing multimedia data, method for reproducing multimedia data, and record media containing multimedia data reproduction program
Computer apparatus and method for communicating between software applications and computers on the world-wide web
Method for generating a refined structural model of a molecule
Networked computer security system
Cryptosystem for optical storage
Method and apparatus for an adapter card providing conditional access in a communication system
Force feedback implementation in web pages
Just-in-time software configuration information entry
Method and apparatus for unambiguous selection of graphic objects, keypoints and relationships
Computer mouse house and interactive system
Method of transmitting data from a host computer to a printer to reduce transmission bandwidth
Picture output apparatus, picture preparation apparatus, and picture output method for outputting picture in the state developed into bitmap data
Bi-directional packing data device enabling forward/reverse bit sequences with two output latches
Match line control circuit for content addressable memory
Recursively partitioned carry select adder
Parallel VLSI shift switch logic devices
Dividing method
Method and apparatus for generating families of code signals using multiscale shuffling
Interrupt processing system and method for information processing system of pipeline control type
Millimode capable computer system providing global branch history table disables and separate millicode disables which enable millicode disable to be turned off for some sections of code execution but not disabled for all
Method and apparatus for multiple co-processor utilization of a ring buffer
Predicting a sequence of variable instruction lengths from previously identified length pattern indexed by an instruction fetch address
Method and apparatus for displaying modeless bar interfaces in a computer system
Flexible object persistence framework using data cursor objects loaded from superclasses
Method, system and data structures for computer software application development and execution
Submitting software upgrades to a digital printer through a standard port
Apparatus and method for providing network subscriber services
System for transporting information objects between a user station and multiple remote sources based upon user modifiable object manifest stored in the user station
Distributed thread mechanism and method
Method and system of running object oriented programs across a network through compression and distillation of remote method invocation
Method and system for executing one of several forms of a multi-purpose program
Operating methods for robust computer systems permitting autonomously switching between alternative/redundant
Implicit session context system with object state cache
Method and apparatus for implementing bandwidth allocation with a reserve feature
Resource type prioritization in generating a device configuration
Printing apparatus and method for managing print data in units of a band
Image forming apparatus for forming an image while recording data to an optical system
Printer with line head
Terminal unit for IC card using plural protocols and control method therefor
Fingerprint recognition system
Method for identifying suspect items in an out-of-balance transaction
Judging a logical relation between a plurality of areas based upon the physical relation therebetween
Removing non-text information from a color image
Image processing method and apparatus
Writing recognition unit
Data processing method and apparatus for identifying classification to which data belongs
Collaborative learning system and pattern recognition method
System for determining the probability that items of evidence prove a conclusion
Market makers using documents for commerce in trading partner networks
System for controlling physical distribution pallets
Medical information log system
Distributed, multi-user, multi-threaded application development method
Method and apparatus for forecasting future values of a time series
Method and apparatus using digital credentials and other electronic certificates for electronic transactions
System and method for conducting commerce over a distributed network
Portable sales presentation system with selective scripted seller prompts
System and method for generating an invoice to rebill charges to the elements of an organization
Mall server with product search capability
Storing executing instruction sequence for re-execution upon backward branch to reduce power consuming memory fetch
3D image reconstruction method for use in computed tomography
Method and apparatus for producing circular distributions
Method and device for displaying a compound structure
Object-based graphics system for displaying an image using explicit quadratic polynomial fragments
Raster image mapping
Picture conversion method and medium used therefor
Method and apparatus for generating virtual views of sporting events
Adaptive modeling and segmentation of visual image streams
Meshing method and apparatus
Interactive graphic processing system for packages and labels
Method and system for high absorption object artifacts reduction and superposition
Process and device for labeling a region
Explicit DST-based filter operating in the DCT domain
Image processing method, an image processing apparatus, and a storage medium readable by a computer
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and system for re-screening nodules in radiological images using multi-resolution processing, neural network, and image processing
Method and apparatus for the processing of stereoscopic electronic images into three-dimensional computer models of real-life objects
Motion detection apparatus and motion detection method
Progressive image transmission
Method and apparatus for reducing breathing artifacts in compressed video
Lossless data compression with low complexity
Videocommunicating apparatus and method therefor
Method, apparatus and system for compressing data
Method and apparatus for encoding object information of a video object plane
Method and device for decoding coded digital video signals
Picture coding method and picture coder
Postage meter having non-Gregorian calendar capability
Digital postal indicia employing machine and human verification
Gaming machine payout transportsystem
Bill validator of master-slave type and method for download of validator
Telephone apparatus
Encoded facsimile communication with a selective system and method therefor
Method, system and programmed medium for massive geodetic block triangulation in satellite imaging
System, method and article of manufacture for a simulation system for goal based education of a plurality of students
Image display and audio device
Power dissipation control for a visual display screen
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for low cost set mapping
Duplicate cache tag store for computer graphics system
Image process apparatus having a storage device with a plurality of banks storing pixel data, and capable of precharging one bank while writing to another bank
Speech synthesizing system and redundancy-reduced waveform database therefor
Method and apparatus for discriminative utterance verification using multiple confidence measures
Communication system with handset for distributed processing
Speech recognition system and method
System for controlling multiple user application programs by spoken input
Portable telephone device
System and method for selecting a loudest speaker by comparing average frame gains
Pitch modification method by glottal closure interval extrapolation
Optical disk device using a recording medium structurally arranged to generate a recording clock
Magneto-optical recording method and medium comprising three layers, whose middle layer has a lower curie temperature than the other layers
Optical recording method and device for optimally controlling the width of the recording marks
Apparatus for recording/reproducing digital information to/from a memory device
Disk transferring device
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus provided with rotatable and slidable reel braking device
Large-capacity recording medium, method and apparatus for reproducing data from a large capacity recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data on a large-capacity recording medium
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Recording timing control circuit for optical disk driving device
Digital servo channel for recording apparatus
Error correction method and apparatus
Optical disc having data recorded in an encoded block form for improving error correction capability and an apparatus utilizing such optical disc
System and method for providing nonadjacent redundancy synchronization bytes
Disk drive seek control system utilizing predicted motion parameter and dynamic trajectory alignment
Method and apparatus for high speed reproduction of information recorded on an optical recording medium
Flying head positioner having rotational fine positioning and adjustable actuator load
Actuator crash stops providing a two-stage braking impulse
Voice coil motor actuated video data cartridge release
Disk drive system, process and components thereof for improved disk stiffness
Disc cartridge with particular cover configuration
Dynamic/stationary tape guide
Recording medium cartridge with a twin-coiled torsional spring-biased shutter
Disk drive including embedded voice coil magnet plates
Disk drive having pivotally mounted shroud
Processing encoded signals
High-speed data recording method for digital versatile disk-random access memory
Frame-based audio coding with video/audio data synchronization by dynamic audio frame alignment
Data synchronizing signal detecting device
Visual indexing system
Digital servo track format with leading and trailing identifiers
Method of adding titles to a directory of television programs recorded on a video tape
Method for detecting a playing time of a magnetic tape
System and method for reconstructing a signal wave in a partial response read channel
Disc cartridge with removal protector member
Shock absorbing device of CD-ROM reading mechanism
Information storage device
Method and apparatus for recording digital signal and drum unit for recording FM audio signal and digital signal
Data reproducing apparatus equipped with adaptive processing circuit
Fixed bit-rate encoding method and apparatus therefor, and tracking method for high-speed search using the same
Process and device for reading out binary information magnetically stored in a transparent magnetic layer
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing a magnetic head
Mo-Au gold seedlayer in thin film heads
Magnetic head including magnetoresistive element
Magnetoresistive effect composite head having a pole containing Co-M
Composite type thin-film magnetic head
Head gimbal assembly with low stiffness flex circuit and ESD Protection
Servo system and method with multiple phase clock
Altitude insensitive air bearing using pitch compensation for data storage application
Via-less connection using interconnect traces between bond pads and a transducer coil of a magnetic head slider
Current amplifier
Optical disk recording and retrieving device
Phase-change type optical recording medium having recording marks wider than a recording track
Aberration correcting apparatus and information recording medium play-back apparatus
Objective lens
Optical pickup apparatus for use with various types of optical disks
Optical pickup for optical disk apparatus
Optical head assembly
Single electron MOSFET memory device and method
Semiconductor memory device having multiple global I/O line pairs
Apparatus and method for providing a quiet time before analog signal sampling in a mixed signal integrated circuit employing synchronous and asynchronous clocking
Associative memory device
Sector write protect CAMS for a simultaneous operation flash memory
Semiconductor structure for long-term learning
Fast program mode for non-volatile memory
Method for erasing nonvolatile memory cells in a field programmable gate array
Segmented source memory array
Integrated circuit with memory comprising an internal circuit for the generation of a programming high voltage
Semiconductor memory device
Method of writing, erasing, and controlling memory and memory device having erasing and moving components
Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device with redundancy circuit having a reference resistance
Memory access control
Circuit configuration and method for automatic recognition and elimination of word line/bit line short circuits
Rom data read protect circuit
Configuration for driving parallel lines in a memory cell configuration
CAS latency control circuit
Synchronous semiconductor memory device allowing control of operation mode in accordance with operation conditions of a system
Method and apparatus for contiguously addressing a memory system having vertically expanded multiple memory arrays
System for optimizing the equalization pulse of a read sense amplifier for a simultaneous operation flash memory device
Semiconductor memory with column gates and method of controlling column gates during a write mask operation
Semiconductor device incorporating internal power supply for compensating for deviation in operating condition and fabrication process conditions
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Integrated semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device having a small memory cell driving circuit
Semiconductor memory device with high data read rate
Word line control circuit
Canopy seal clamp assembly and method of installation
Nuclear fuel bundle spacer envelope dimension measuring system and methods
Method for making Zr alloy nuclear reactor fuel cladding having excellent corrosion resistance and creep properties
Technique for attentuating x-rays with very low spectral distortion
Electric component which can be mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board as well as a method of manufacturing such components
Circuit breaker receptacle
X-ray tube rotor and stator assembly
Target integral heat shield for x-ray tubes
Rotating anode x-ray tube with multiple simultaneously emitting focal spots
Method of manufacturing plasma display panel
Circuit board arrangement with accurately positioned components mounted thereon
Electrostatic dechucking method and apparatus for dielectric workpieces in vacuum processors
Flash EEPROM device employing polysilicon sidewall spacer as an erase gate
Hybrid module
Self-locking heat sink assembly and method
Moisture barrier seals for cooled IC chip module assemblies
Ball grid array semiconductor package having improved EMI characteristics
Semiconductor ESD protection circuit
Laser diode pumped solid state laser, fiber laser and fiber amplifier
Frequency-doubled diode-pumped solid-state laser
Method of reducing amplitude noise of solid lasers with resonator-internal frequency doubling, and an arrangement for carrying out this method
Optical functional amplifying method and optical functional amplifying device
Externally programmable solid state power controller with power switch protection apparatus and method for making
Compressor protective device for refrigerator and method of protecting refrigerator compressor
Method and apparatus for adjusting power delivered from a central power unit to a remote unit via a supply cable
Switching power supply having a high efficiency starting circuit
Regulated inverting power supply
Power converter having first and second power conversion units with thyristors
Dual band architectures for mobile stations having transmitter linearization feedback
Tuning bandwidth minimization for low voltage dual band receiver
Front end filter circuitry for a dual band GSM/DCS cellular phone
Method and apparatus providing improved intermodulation distortion protection
Broad-band digital filtering method and a filter implementing the method
TV FM receiver for multimedia applications
Method for improving the tuning of a radio receiver and a radio receiver
Device to neutralize an electronic circuit when it is being powered or disconnected
Phase locked loop and multi-stage phase comparator
Data processor and data processing method
Output signal modification providing phase amplified information for soft decision decoding
Apparatus and method for performing a signal search in a coherent wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for demodulating trellis coded direct sequence spread spectrum communication signals
Optical transmitter output monitoring tap
Manufacturing method and device for a wireless local area network optics fixture array
Laser output locking and self filtering device
Transmission system with cross-phase modulation compensation
Underwater communication apparatus and communication method
Howling eliminating apparatus
Verification system for transmitters and command tone generators
Monitoring the functionality of radios in a wireless telecommunications system
Delay combiner system for CDMA repeaters and low noise amplifiers
System for generating and using global radio frequency maps
Method and system for communicating high rate data in a satellite-based communications network
Method and apparatus for extending coverage in a cellular communication system
Narrowband digital cordless telephone
Optical wavelength-division multiplexing transmission system
Optical signal translator unit
Synchronization of TDMA cell sites
Transmission equipment for an interexchange connection
Network node for switching quality detector to incoming signal specified by request message from adjacent node
Architecture for a modular communications switching system
Cryptographic engine using logic and base conversions
Method for demodulating information in a communication system that supports multiple modulation schemes
Teleconferencing method and apparatus with three-dimensional sound positioning
Cut set-based risk and reliability analysis for arbitrarily interconnected networks
Dynamic permanent virtual connection (DPVC) at user-to-network interfaces in frame relay networks
LAN interface device
Signaling method, switching system, storage medium and network
Data transfer apparatus and method using congestion recovery-type and congestion avoidance-type data transfers
ATM local access
Non-buffered, non-blocking multistage ATM switch
Mechanisms for determining groupings of nodes in a distributed system
Switching system comprising distributed elements allowing attachment to line adapters, and having multicasting capabilities
Method and system for determining a packet transmission order
Successively refinable trellis coded quantization
Transmission system having adjustable output signal levels utilizing transistors selectable between open and closed states in accordance with control input state
Synchronization and sampling frequency in an apparatus receiving OFDM modulated transmissions
Carrier recovery circuit
Transmission system using code designed for transmission with periodic interleaving
Method and device for reducing the crest factor in digital transmission procedures
Dynamic protocol negotiation system
Encryption communication system using an agent and a storage medium for storing that agent
Computer system including a plurality of nodes for transferring through a data transfer network messages having distinguishing fields used for distinguishing the messages and controlling receipt thereof
Computer system having a plurality of resources and utilizing a selection mechanism to select the resources based upon historical loading
Method and system for enhanced client identification
Tree structure address setting method for automatically assigning addresses for a plurality of relay units connected in a tree
Base station transmitter-receiver
Public key identification process using two hash functions
System and method for encryption key generation
Echo control device with quick response to sudden echo-path change
Portable terminal having dual opposing flip covers
Durable telephone with no moving parts
Communication apparatus
Portable information terminal usable in a mobile communications system
Wireless telephone having an improved user interface
Telecommunication apparatus capable of controlling audio output level in response to a background noise
Method and system for routing calls based on conditions of electronic devices
Apparatus and method for initiating a transaction having acoustic data receiver that filters human voice
Communication device having multiple displays and method of operating the same
Wireless handset for implementing a virtual office
Cordless telephone containing a protocol converting circuit to connect to digital exchanges having different protocols
Telephone message printing method and apparatus
Customer profile based customized messaging
Telephone communications network with enhanced signaling and call routing
Method and apparatus for inserting background sound in a telephone call
Method and apparatus for voice interaction over a network using parameterized interaction definitions
Method and apparatus for enabling interaction between callers with calls positioned in a queue
Method and apparatus for selective call forwarding
Apparatus and method for detecting book document along the longitudinal edge
Synchronization detecting method in scanning with multi-optical beams and multi-optical beam scanning apparatus
Scanner upper housing
Technique for retransmission of uncompleted transmissions of broadcast transmissions in a facsimile system
Image processing unit having reserve function
Electronic mail system
Method of avoiding unnecessary facsimile transmission delays, and facsimile machine employing this method
Method and apparatus for preventing an originating facsimile machine from going on-hook prior to call completion due to setup delays
Image processing apparatus and method
Color correcting method and apparatus and a system incorporating the same
Color image transfer processing apparatus and method, color image reconstruction processing apparatus and method, and color image transfer system
Apparatus for and method of measuring image qualities of color display unit
Device and method for detecting motion vectors
Recursive noise reduction for progressive scan displays
Automatic focus detecting device
Exposure control device
Corner detection device and corner detection method
Digital television receiver with equalization performed on digital intermediate-frequency signals
Cathode-ray tube mounting within a cabinet
Magnetic tape recording and reproducing apparatus for video signal
Audio signal processor
Versatile video transformation device
Optimum bandwidth utilization in a shared cable system data channel
Visual telephone system and method capable of controlling the use of a telephone line
Multi-user video switchable translator
System for generating composed signals of multiple pictures for use in a video conference system
System for monitoring and reporting viewing of television programming
Intelligent and user friendly channel up/down control
Interactive video system
Programmable video timing generator scanning an event memory between possible event times
Picture encoding device and method thereof, picture decoding device and method thereof, and recording medium
Image pickup apparatus capable of reading in optional reading mode
Method and apparatus for encoding video color information
Image processing device for modifying tone characteristics of image data
Method and apparatus for automatic calibration of analog video chromakey mixer
Specal effects camera and system including such a camera
Method of recording one of different data
Method of convenient call acceptance for an ISDN communications controller
Message sets for a flexible programmable ATM access multiplexer using functional separation of line and protocol related functions
Hybrid packet-circuit telephone network configuration
Fault management system for a telecommunications network
Internet telephone service
Method and telecommunication system for transmitting a facsimile message
Cellular communications device for communicating data via a cellular network control channel
Selective call radio for selectively decoding prioritized messages and method therefor
Radio paging receiver and method for receiving non-standard radio paging signal
Real-time SMS application messaging using an SMSC-linked server
Multi-mode mobile terminal and methods for operating the same
Automatic neighbor identification in a cellular system
Method for optimizing resource allocation based on subscriber transmission history
Inter-exchange signaling for in-call service change requests
Apparatus and method for operating a cellular or portable telephone
Method and apparatus for capacity driven intra-cell handover in a cellular telephone network
Electroacoustic transducer of digital type
Compact personal monitor system
Electric furnace assembly
Card-type electronic device
Heat sink for auxiliary circuit board
Suppressing EMI with PCB mounted ferrite attenuator
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