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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nucleotides for the treatment of liver cancer
Difluoroethylpyridine derivatives as NR2B NMDA receptor antagonists
Antibodies against human CSF-1R and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-stage dispensers
Dispensing systems
Methane conversion apparatus and process using a supersonic flow reactor
Machining methods of forming laminated glass structures
Intermediate for resin molded article and resin molded article
Granular adhesive agent
Non-halogenated flame retardant hindered amine light stabilizer impact modifiers
Inflatable panel for an aerodynamic fairing assembly
System and method for covering stacks of biomass
Roof frame including a brace reinforcing arched members
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Controlling skidding vehicles
Vehicle erroneous start control device
Sandbox for rail vehicles
Method for actuating discharge doors of railroad hopper cars
Transport device
Rocker insert formed by connected tubular members
Torque feedback system for a steer-by-wire vehicle, vehicle having steering column, and method of providing feedback in vehicle
Device for enhanced safety in using a side stand for parking of two wheeled vehicle
Saddlebag support apparatus
Boat expanding and contracting apparatus
Tether and clamp assembly
Floating recovery device for underwater equipment
Floatation apparatus
Flexbeam unit for a bearingless or a hinge- and bearingless multi-blade rotor of a rotary wing aircraft
Bottle transfer coupling device
Container sealing device
Package loading instruction method and loading instruction system
Image forming apparatus
Sheet bundle binding device and image forming system having the same
Method for handling and modernizing ropes in an elevator and arrangement for dismantling ropes of an elevator
Winch system
Treatment apparatus, using a sterilizing substance, for closures for containers
Filling machine
Multi-function water bottle having multi-function cap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water treatment process and water treatment system
Apparatus for forming glass with edge directors and methods
Ceramic composite beads and methods for making same
Liquid fertilizer composition containing color change indicator
Process for obtaining olefins by metathesis
Alkynyl pyridine-substituted amide compound and pesticide
HDAC inhibitors
Route of synthesis for the preparation of suvorexant
Diaminotriazine compounds and their use as herbicides
Graphene nanodispersion and method for preparing same
Flavonoid derivative compounds and method for preparing same by depolymerization of condensed tannins
Imidazopyridazines useful as inhibitors of the PAR-2 signaling pathway
Synthesis of bicyclic nucleosides
Parvovirus Vp1 unique region polypeptides and compositions thereof
Tin-free catalyst-containing composition for a Monosil process with optimized process properties
Catalyst composition and process for obtaining a colored olefin polymer
Method for producing formaldehyde-alkyl carbonate-copolymers
Digestion of keratin
Process for the preparation of defined functional lactic acid oligomers
Method and catalyst system for preparing polymers and block copolymers
Softener composition which contains tetrahydrofuran derivatives and 1,2-cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid esters
Resin composition, resin molded article, and optical component
Enhanced thermoset resins containing pre-treated natural origin cellulosic fillers
Pneumatic object provided with a gastight layer containing a thermoplastic elastomer and a thermoplastic
Polyester polyols and methods of making and using the same
Low molecular weight products and use thereof as reversible or permanent low-temperature crosslinking agent in Diels-Alder reactions
Organopolysiloxane compositions which can be crosslinked by means of a condensation reaction
Coating composition
Heat transfer medium
Consolidation compositions comprising multipodal silane coupling agents
Pyrolisis apparatus
Hydroprocessing oil sands-derived, bitumen compositions
Use of a complex ester to reduce fuel consumption
Methods of analyzing cell membranes
Separatome-based protein expression and purification platform
Microorganism culture vessel, microorganism test kit, method for testing dialysate, method for culturing microorganism, method for testing microorganism and method for producing microorganism culture vessel
Transgenic plant of the species solanum tuberosum with resistance to phytophthora
Modified P450 reductase with N-terminal deletions and endoplasmic reticulum retention tag
Method for the synthesis of clofarabine
Microtiter plates for controlled release of culture components to cell cultures
DNA sequencing using MOSFET transistors
Primer and probe sequences for detecting chlamydia trachomatis
Microfluidic-based gene synthesis
Hybridization probes and methods
Solvent extraction settler arrangement
Multicrystalline silicon brick and silicon wafer therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods relating to exhaust after-treatment devices
Functionally switchable self-assembled coating compound for controlling translocation of molecule through nanopores
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mechanical roping practice device
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Half-prong wedge for sliding drawers
Drawer slide adjustment mechanism
Positioning device for a slide
Vertical peg board shelf system
Reclining chair with back and footrest adjustable in position at the same time
Rocker recliner mechanism
Combination instrument stand and chair
Cable wiring construction
Dishwasher door hinge positioning means and method
Ball retrieval and storage device
Skateboard truck shield
Push-on tip extension
Boot retaining device on a sliding-type snow board
Snow-board binding
Word game
Gaming cloth and device for securing cloth to gaming table
Hydrogen powered toy rocket utilizing hydrogen from the electrolysis of water
Performing Operations; Transporting
Power take off assembly, drive assembly and saw using power take off assembly
Clamping tool comprising a displaceable and repositionable fixed clamping jaw
Tool organizer
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Printhead having protection circuit, and printing apparatus using the printhead
Inkjet printing apparatus
Determining humidity of fluid-ejection mechanism based at least on spitting recovery level of mechanism
Correction table generation method and method of controlling correction table generation apparatus
Expense receipt diary with adhesive strip
Post card with foldable flap on multi-label mailing form for non-impact printer
Wheel cover apparatus and associated methods
Pressure hitch
Trailer hitch cover assembly
Trailer hitch security device
Securing device for receiver hitch assemblies
Vehicle suspension
Multi-link independent rear suspension assembly
Air spring and air spring mounting assembly
Trim panel assembly having an integrated door bumper and method of manufacture
Sealing connection element, sealing end piece and a seal
Method, system and device for blocking sunlight
Modular mounting assembly
Flocked sun-visor
Vehicle load floor
Automotive vehicle with open air system
Truck bed cap assembly device
Air guiding device
Vehicle seat attachment latch assembly
Walk in apparatus for vehicle seat
Tailgate advertising apparatus and methods
Multifunctional bumper assembly
Airbag device for a vehicle
Passenger leg protection apparatus
Inflatable curtain support device
Method and apparatus for air bag venting
Knee protecting airbag device
Airbag fabric diffuser
Hidden filament assisted opening system for an airbag cover
Inflator press fit housing for inflatable curtains
Gas generator for air bag and air bag device
Integral lighting for consoles
Central armrest display device
Glove box door assembly
Motorized pick-up bed toolbox
Hydraulic braking system wherein electrically controllable assisting drive force is applied to master cylinder piston upon brake pedal operation
Braking system for vehicle provided with ABS or an anti-skid protection system
System for estimating brake-fluid pressure
Electrohydraulic brake system and methods for its control
Multi function hand truck
Sealer tape and clip assembly
Storage box for a pickup truck formed from metallic and composite materials
End part for a vehicle engine hood
Motorcycle crash bar lift
Lift gate latch
Device for assembly of landing gear on an aircraft structure
Externally adjustable latch
Variable position intake for an aircraft mounted gas turbine engine
Cockpit door of aircraft
Commercial experiment system in orbit
Device for conveying stacks of sheets of paper
High capacity media apparatus and method
Conveying arrangement for sheet quires and method for combining sheet quires
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of picking a sheet from a stack
Sheet feeding apparatus having an adaptive air fluffer
Card singularization gate
Device for the separation of a series of products that are superposed in a scale-like fashion
Dual toilet paper holder system
Fixed Constructions
Rain gutter cleaning tool
Presser bar device for exit door
Door lock system for vehicle
Sliding door latch assembly
Enhanced durability hammer union
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cylinder head gasket and method of producing
High-pressure connection device
Seal retainer
Oil seal
Sealing ring
Joint structure for coupling components in a joint portion of a fluid flow passage
Self restraining gasket and pipe joint
Flexible pipe connecting unit
Refrigerator assembly unit
Droplet deposition apparatus
Modular enclosure system for electronic equipment
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew