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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Implement support stand
Transmission assembly for a string trimmer
Front mounted rotary hay rake
Live plant box
Protective clothing ensemble with two-stage evaporative cooling
Survival walking stick
Reflector and light kit for rear of backpack
Subwoofer concealing furniture unit
Door assembly and method of replacing a door of an electronics cabinet
Foldable frame structure
Retail refrigeration apparatus and method for installing the same
Method for producing a stacking column
Clip for fixing mat of vehicle
Bed sheet
Vehicle-mounted display appararus
Skewered food removal device
Potty seat with sanitary removable bowl and backrest handle
Cleaning device
Device having dual renewable blades for treating a target surface and replaceable cartridge therefor
Cleaner head
Steerable capsule apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for expanding a chest cavity
Re-closable container with integrated fingers
High frame rate imaging system
Perfusion assessment method and system based on bolus administration
Integrated, lighted ultrasonic inserts
Computer automated development of an orthodontic treatment plan and appliance
Shock absorbing dental appliance
Spinal traction device
Asymmetrical and complexly-curved, passive, device for relieving back and spinal postural mechanical pain
Child mobility chair
Hospital chair beds with articulating foot sections
Wick for an anesthetic evaporator
Wire torque apparatus, wire insertion devices, improved aneurysm clips and improved aneurysm clip applicators
In situ tubing measurements for infusion pumps
Systems and methods for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes
Breaststroke swimming training paddles with fins
Tilting golf practice platform
Putter grip insert for reading a golf green
Performing Operations; Transporting
Asphalt material recycling system and method
Fluid control devices particularly useful in drip irrigation emitters
Methodology for improved mixing of a solid-liquid slurry
Paint circulation system with coiled back pressure regulator
Cleaning device
Cleaning apparatus and cleaning method
Vaginal delineating device
Method of manufacturing massive mixture of aluminum nitride and aluminum
Die press assembly for powder pressing
Saw blade
Method and apparatus for monitoring free air ball (FAB) formation in wire bonding
Device and method for brazing a heat pipe
Portable power tool
Anvil for supporting cuts in sheet and roll stock
Press system with interleaved embossing foil holders for nano-imprinting of recording media
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
Adhesive injection device
Oil reservoir with float level sensor
Liquid drop ejection using dual feed ejector
Metalized printhead substrate overmolded with plastic
Sequentially placed shipping and packing label system
Writing instrument with sheet dispenser
Wheel rim guard
Pneumatic tire with tread having center rib, curved oblique grooves and connecting groove portions
Stand and stow seat for hybrid vehicles
Airbag cover and method of producing same
Belt buckle presenter
Roof rack system for a motor vehicle
Windshield wiper
Outer side wall structure, outer side wall module, and side wall for a motor vehicle
Throttle sensor mounting structure
Rear wheel suspension device of motorcycle
Subsurface splash generator
Dual pivot pallet type cargo load restraint
Hydraulic system for transmission of forces between an aircraft turboprop and an attachment device
Tipless can filling valve
Shipping system and method of use
Cap and covered container
Double hinge display package and method of use
Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system, and sheet processing method
Method and apparatus for diverting printed products into three streams
Lifting hook device
Travel nursing pillow
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metastable nanoparticle ink compositions and images made therefrom
Textiles; Paper
Suture containing barbs
Fixed Constructions
Rebar sleeve unit
Ramp insert
Reinforcement system for increased lateral stability of flood wall
Positioning a sinking tunnel section
Paddle style land fill compactor wheel tip
Fixing arrangement for a work piece
Nozzle device and hygienic washing device
Mitred grate and drain cover
Wall assembly
Installation structure of solar cell module
Portable device for preventing movement of a door
Opening-and-closing mechanism and latching mechanism
Rotating module and electronic device using same
Through door arm access porthole assembly
Ladder tape for window covering and slat adjusting apparatus using the ladder tape
Bottom set down hole tool
Methods for increasing oil production
VDA/acid system for matrix acid stimulation
Erosional protection of fiber optic cable
Methods and apparatus to sample heavy oil in a subterranean formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Liquid cooled stirling engine with a segmented rotary displacer
Progressive cavity pump including inner and outer rotors and a wheel gear maintaining an interrelated speed ratio
Metering gear pump with integral flow indicator
Drive configuration and method thereof
Adjustable camshaft arrangement
Rocker arm assembly for internal combustion engine
Oil control valve and hydraulic control apparatus
System and method for detecting low quality reductant and catalyst degradation in selective catalytic reduction systems
After-treatment heating with engine combustion feedback
Fault detection system for PM trapper
Air intake porting for a two stroke engine
Intake and exhaust apparatus for four-stroke internal-combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Two-stage supercharging system with exhaust gas purification device for internal-combustion engine and method for controlling same
Gasket of an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine
Cooling of turbine components using combustor shell air
Directly injected internal combustion engine system
Fuel alcohol content detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Controlling exhaust gas flow divided between turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculating
Apparatus for mixing fuel and air in a combustion system
Power transmitting system through cables for airborne wind-type power generation applications
Banded turbine
Wind mill structure of lift-type vertical axis wind turbine
Pump assembly
Ferrule lock nuts
Bi-directional tapered roller bearing assembly with improved wear resistance
Front fork
Dynamic displacement energy management device
Continuously variable transmission
Dual clutch transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Clutch and gear arrangement for a front wheel drive vehicle
Nine speed automatic transmission
Power transmission system for use in vehicle
Angled spoke pulley design
Metallic flat gasket
Overpressure valve for an aircraft
Magnetic coupling device and method
Anti-tip stability system integral to an imaging apparatus
Bipod assembly with terrain-gripping end effecters
Seat sliding apparatus for a vehicle
Mount damper and image forming apparatus using the mount damper
Sound control candle light
Linear light source and electronic apparatus
Dissipation module for a light emitting device and light emitting diode device having the same
Reflector element of lighting unit
Suppression of color mixing in UV LED based color pixel backlight for liquid crystal display
Intelligent energy saving ventilation control system
Solar panel clip and method for attaching a solar panel
Vortical boiling phenomenon based water cooling block
Video capture, recording and scoring in firearms and surveillance
Arrowhead with improved lethal penetrating capability
Blast treatment method and blast treatment device
Ink composition, digital printing system and methods
Pyrometer adapted for detecting UV-radiation and use thereof
Cylinder pressure estimation device of internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio estimating/detecting device
Sampling system for ground level aircraft engine particle matter (PM) emission measurement
Built-in self diagnosis device for a random access memory and method of diagnosing a random access
Low inventory method of making eyeglasses
Cover unit and mobile terminal including the same
Shutter device
Illumination module having wavelength conversion unit, projection apparatus, and light source control method
Illumination apparatus, projector, and illumination method
Illumination apparatus, projector, and illumination method
Device and method for supplying gas while dividing to chamber from gas supplying facility equipped with flow controller
Processor system, instruction sequence optimization device, and instruction sequence optimization program
System and module including a memory device having a power down mode
Eliminating receiver clock drift caused by voltage and temperature change in a high-speed I/O system that uses a forwarded clock
Method and system for fast frequency switch for a power throttle in an integrated device
System and method for distributing digital content over a network
Method and system for enhancing safety with medical peripheral device by monitoring if host computer is AC powered
System and method for interoperability application driven error management and recovery among intermittently coupled interoperable electronic devices
Aspect based recovery system and method
Exclusive encryption
Cluster-type storage system and managing method of the cluster-type storage system
Reduced memory traffic via detection and tracking of temporally silent stores
Scalable rundown protection for object lifetime management
Systems and methods for host virtual memory reconstitution
Method and system for virtual enclosure management
NoDMA cache
Infiniband/fibre channel bridge architecture
Emulation of point-in-time data copying operations
Disk array device and reservation cancellation control method for disk array device
Memory manager for heterogeneous memory control
Downloading apparatus and method therof for digital broadcast receiver
Reconfigurable integrated circuit
Partial retrieval of images in the compressed domain
System and method for password protecting an attribute of content transmitted over a network
Clock tree adjustable buffer
System, method, and computer-readable medium for performing data preparation for a mask design
Optimized photomasks for photolithography
Scan chain modification for reduced leakage
Fast on-chip decoupling capacitance budgeting method and device for reduced power supply noise
Testing circuitry for programmable logic devices with selectable power supply voltages
Interactive hybrid asynchronous computer game infrastructure with dynamic difficulty adjustment
Real-time network attack pattern detection system for unknown network attack and method thereof
System, computer-readable storage device, and method for combining the functionality of multiple text controls in a graphical user interface
Method for navigation between elements on a page of content in a handheld device
System and method to package security credentials for later use
Methods and apparatus for credential validation
Presentation of correlated events as situation classes
Capacity upgrade on-demand for I/O adapters
Modular distributive arithmetic logic unit
Collaboration apparatus between information processing systems, integrated information processing system, and recording medium storing a collaboration program between information processing systems
System and method for emulating network communications between partitions of a computer system
Method and system for detecting omission in software-property management using network
Lightweight hooking mechanism for kernel level operations
System and method for error reporting
Metafile optimization
Method and system for resource management with independent real-time applications on a common set of machines
Shutter mechanism of card reader and card reader thereby
Smart card operating system and method
Scanning apparatus and method for entering a user input into the apparatus using a non-electrical control device
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records
Television receiver and electronic device
Lighting connector devices and uses thereof
Coaxial cable connector
Electronic device with memory card connector
Power input terminal block housing and cover
Card connector
Terminal holder structure for RJ45 dual-port jack
Digital content protection systems and methods
Configurable, fast, 32-bit CRC generator for 1-byte to 16-bytes variable width input data
Method for transmitting and processing command and data
System for and method of displaying information
Method for controlling access to a network by a wireless client
Method for detecting security module for link protection in ethernet passive optical network
Methods and apparatus for generating endorsement credentials for software-based security coprocessors
System and method for image authentication of a resource-sparing operating system
Circuit and method for providing secure communications between devices
Information exchanging system, information communication terminal, information exchanging method, and computer product
Identity-based-encryption messaging system
Information processing apparatus, transfer program product, and transfer control method
Method of assembling authorization certificate chains
Personal website for electronic commerce on a smart Java card with multiple security check points
Parental consent service
Method and apparatus for selecting and displaying multi-media messages
Apparatus and method for constrained selection of favorite channels
Electromagnetic shielding method and electromagnetic shielding film
Heat sinks with distributed and integrated jet cooling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Smart helmet
Video system for integrating observer feedback with displayed images
Image generation apparatus, method and recording medium
Character image display control method and apparatus, and storage medium therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for intensifying the optical detection of samples that are held in solution in the through-hole wells of a holding tray
Cup attaching apparatus
In-situ method and apparatus for end point detection in chemical mechanical polishing
Thermal printer closing apparatus
Printing device
Method for fabricating a liquid crystal display having a pixel electrode with different surface roughness regions
Method for increasing thermal print quality
Thermal recording by means of a flying spot
Image-recording device for a printing form, having an array of VCSEL light sources
Imaging of printing forms using a laser diode bar which also includes non-activatable laser diodes
Image recording apparatus
Printing method for interpolating gray levels
Digital color halftoning with generalized error diffusion vector green-noise masks
Image processing device
Sliding seat position detection system
Device for floating an automobile and communication in an emergency
Collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
Vehicular electronic key system
Vehicle tracker including security device monitoring bypass feature and related methods
Vehicle tracking unit providing direction deviation tracking and related methods
Mobile emergency response platform
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) analog electrical isolator
Lateral motion MEMS Switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid crystal cell substrate including resin substrate, gas barrier layer, crosslinked resin layer and polarizing layer
Method of forming optical thin films on substrate at high accuracy and apparatus therefor
Fixed Constructions
RF communication with downhole equipment
Method for repeating messages in long intelligent completion system lines
Method and apparatus for a derivative spectrometer
System and method for measuring the dimensions of moving packages
Three-dimensional shape-measuring system
Method for measuring a gap between a proximity probe and a conductive target material
System for microscopic digital montage imaging using a pulse light illumination system
Precision perspective flight guidance symbology system
Sensor head component
Optical sensor for utility meter
Magnetic position sensor having shaped pole pieces at least partially formed of a non-magnetic material for producing a magnetic field having varying magnetic flux density along an axis
Calibrated, low-profile magnetic sensor
Measuring module
Phase difference calculation method, device, and system using optical fiber ring interference sensor
Handheld, portable color measuring device with display
System and method for polarization coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy
Means and apparatus for analysing and filtering polarized light and synthesizing a scene in filtered light
Wavelength measurement adjustment
Network based multiple sensor and control device with temperature sensing and control
Electronic device for monitoring the temperature of a medium to be monitored and method for implementing the same
Sensor and method for detecting fiber optic faults
Polarization dependent loss measuring apparatus
Method for estimation of chromatic dispersion in multichannel optical network spans and chromatic dispersion monitor therefore
Fiber optic apparatus for detecting light scatter to differentiate blood cells and the like
Microwave regime surface spectroscopy
Imaging ellipsometry
Multiple beam ellipsometer
Method and apparatus for article inspection including speckle reduction
Methods and apparatus for predicting oxygen-induced stacking fault density in wafers
Robust integrated surface plasmon resonance sensor
Methods and instruments for fluorescence detection
System for inspecting matt, flat and/or slightly curved surfaces
Edge flaw inspection device
Apparatus and method for inspecting surface of semiconductor wafer or the like
Apparatus for evaluating polysilicon film
Resonant microwave sensor
Migration measuring method and measuring apparatus
Method, apparatus and article to test fuel cells
Moisture/mold detector
Integrated sensor device and measuring system using the same
Fluid supports for sensors
Dynamic gain control in a digital eddy current signal processor
Method and device for detecting impurities in a longitudinally moving thread-like product
Speed sensing system with automatic sensitivity adjustment
Test socket for packaged semiconductor devices
Wide-bandwidth coaxial probe
Test methods, systems, and probes for high-frequency wireless-communications devices
Current detection resistor, mounting structure thereof and method of measuring effective inductance
Revenue meter with a graphic user interface being operative to display scalable objects
Generator status information display for power transfer switch
Current sense amplifier circuit
Differential clock receiver with adjustable output crossing point
Signal sorting device and method
Voltage peak measurement with digital memory
System and method for measuring moisture content in a conductive environment
Circuit for measuring absolute spread in capacitors implemented in planary technology
Digital method of measuring driver slew rates for reduced test time
Two axis self-centering probe block assembly with two axis float and self-alignment
Circuit analyzer with component testing capability
Method of and apparatus for simultaneously providing tone and intermittent link onto a cable to assist identifying the cable
Power line fault detector and analyzer
Gain control methods and systems in an amplifier assembly
Method for testing semiconductor wafers
Time domain reflectometer probe having a built-in reference ground point
Physical linearity test for integrated circuit delay lines
Tester channel to multiple IC terminals
Circuit breaker with integral testing unit
Speed sensitive field ground detection mode for a generator field winding
Circuit for active decoupling of transmit coils in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatuses, particularly of the low field type
Local RF MRI coil using metal foil construction on a double-sided substrate with holes that directly pass DC conductors
Neurovascular coil system and interface and system therefor and method of operating same in a multitude of modes
Shim tray, and gradient coils system and magnetic resonance apparatus for the acceptable of the shim tray
Batch-fabricated gradient and RF coils for submicrometer resolution magnetic resonance imaging and manipulation
Method for synchronizing magnetic resonance imaging data to body motion
Self-adjusting resistance standard
System and method for measurement domain data association in passive coherent location applications
FM-CW radar system
Radar device and a method for suppressing interference in a radar device
Traffic surveillance radar using ranging for accurate target identification
Robust capon beamforming
Mobile communication apparatus and position detection method thereof
System and method for locating a fracture in an earth formation
Microscope and method for operating a microscope
Apparatus and methods for creating real-time 3-D images and constructing 3-D models of an object imaged in an optical system
Processing of images for 3D display
Image pickup apparatus having a common circuit portion for autofocusing and outline emphazising circuits
Liquid crystal display device and a method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Color liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Display device with a light-reflective polarizer and electronic apparatus employing the same
Liquid crystal display
Optical element, optical light source unit and optical display device equipped with the optical light source unit
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and process for making the same
Liquid crystal device, method for making the same, and electronic apparatus
Light modulating device wherein colored/uncolored state of color filter is electrically controlled by second electrode and third electrode
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal alignment
Method and apparatus for fabricating liquid crystal display device using an electrostatic chuck
Liquid crystal display device having particular metal reflective film
Method of fabricating ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Reflective light valve
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Two-domain in-plane switching mode LCD
Floating electrode switching liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device with spacers formed on a planarizing film disposed over color filters
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
LCD with light shielding on same insulator as pixel and extending beyond sealant inner surface
Electrophoresis display
Inspection device for liquid crystal driving substrate
Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Method for calculating a scale relationship for an imaging system
Photolithography apparatus and exposure method
Apparatus for generating partially coherent radiation
Device for exposing a face of a panel
Exposure apparatus, exposure method and device production method
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method, device manufactured thereby, and measurement method
Projection exposure apparatus having compact substrate stage
Exposure apparatus and an exposure method
Arrangement for setting the speed of an intermediate carrier in an electrophotographic printer device
Tandem type color image forming device having a plurality of process cartridges arrayed in running direction of intermediate image transfer member
Method and apparatus for processing data of a technical installation stored in a user-specific manner in different data memories
System, apparatus and method for voltage to current conversion
Reference voltage circuit and electronic device
Voltage supply circuit for reducing power loss through a ground connection
Reduced potential generation circuit operable at low power-supply potential
High output impedance current mirror with superior output voltage compliance
Current mirror circuit
Margining pin interface and control circuit
Voltage reference generation circuit and power source incorporating such circuit
Integrated circuit arrangement with a cascoded current source and an adjusting circuit for adjusting the operating point of the cascoded current source
Universal clock generator using delay lock loop
Low jitter external clocking
System and method to improve the efficiency of synchronous mirror delays and delay locked loops
Intuitive mobile device interface to virtual spaces
Wearable computer system
Bus control circuit
Programmable gate array having interconnecting logic to support embedded fixed logic circuitry
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Apparatus for inducing attitudinal head movements for passive virtual reality
Foot switch interface for operation of computer
System, method and program products for counting key-in operation
Elevated input device
Integrated digitizing tablet and display apparatus and method of operation
Optical system for inputting pointer and character data into electronic equipment
Received-light pattern detection apparatus
Position detection system
Mouse with cantilevered roller
Computer mouse accessory
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for printing object optimized images using virtual printers
Control unit with variable visual indicator
Compact intelligent electronic device incorporating transformers
Just in time graphics dispatching
Printer head and printer apparatus
Passive microwave tag identification system
Method and device for verifying a biometric characteristic
Workflow management system
Administrative system
Photograph printing and delivering method, camera to be used in this method and photograph printing and delivering system
Electronic tags incorporating a customer attracting annunciator for use in electronic product information display systems
Same tile method
System and method for providing a functional virtual environment with real time extracted and transplanted images
Graphics detection method, graphics detection apparatus, semiconductor device, computer program and recording medium
Occlusion reducing transformations for three-dimensional detail-in-context viewing
Shading 3-dimensional computer generated images
Rendering collisions of three-dimensional models
Animation generation method and apparatus
Generating animation data using multiple interpolation procedures
Image processing
Video and graphics system with a single-port RAM
Vehicle security system with multi-vehicle compatible interface module for door locks and associated methods
Electronic control system using single receiver for different control modes
Security alarm system and method with realtime streaming video
Ergonomically designed tool handle
Security system with remote indication device
Method of dynamically tracking a location of one or more selected utilities
Device for warning the driver of a motor vehicle of dangers by radio
Method and system for collecting traffic information
Bump structure for testing liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
Plasma display device
Thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be driven
Information terminal equipment provided with backlight
Active matrix panel
Apparatus for supplying gamma signals
Method and filtering system for filtering edge directions
Method for displaying data on a video display
Graphics subsystem including a RAMDAC IC with digital video storage interface for connection to a graphics bus
Apparatus for and method of inputting a style of rendition
Method for compensating an offset in an asymmetric reproduction signal
Method and apparatus for variable length coding
Method of using flash memory for storing metering data
Shift register for sequential fuse latch operation
High speed sense amplifier
Fast, accurate and low power supply voltage booster using A/D converter
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Variable resistor
Current control device
Current control device
Integrated circuit transformer
Coil apparatus
Welded AC electromagnet lamination assembly incorporating shading coil
Low noise relay
Micro electromechanical switches
Connector rail made of profiled semifinished products for electrical devices and appliances for various nominal currents
Circuit breaker switching mechanism
Miniature fuse of surface-mount type
Method and apparatus for an improved optical window deposition shield in a plasma processing system
Structure and method for increasing accuracy in predicting hot carrier injection (HCI) degradation in semiconductor devices
Apparatus for protecting an integrated circuit formed in a substrate and method for protecting the circuit against reverse engineering
Monolithic microwave integrated circuit with bondwire and landing zone bias
Single package multi-chip RF power amplifier
Inductor element and integrated circuit employing inductor element
Method and system for transimpedance amplifiers with high current input while maintaining high transimpedance gain and bandwidth
Coaxial DC block
High-frequency filter
Dielectric duplexer
Nonreciprocal circuit device with a solenoid-shaped inductor generating perpendicular flux
Microstrip line having a line electrode with integral edge electrodes
Vertically-stacked filter employing a ground-aperture broadside-coupled resonator device
Transmit/receive combiner using shunt admittance elements for isolation
Secure non-penetrating flat roof mount for a satellite antenna and for use with a ballast
System with multiple source antennas integrated with a low-noise frequency converter
Wireless information consumer electronic apparatus
Low profile small antenna and constructing method therefor
Multi-element planar array antenna
Stubby, multi-band, antenna having a large-diameter high frequency radiating/receiving element surrounding a small-diameter low frequency radiating/receiving element
Widened band antenna for mobile apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling power transients in an optical communication system
Polarization independent semiconductor optical amplifier
Power supply circuit
Alternator for a motor vehicle with energizing information output
Stabilized direct-current power supply device
Booster and imaging device using booster
Boosted clock generator having an NMOSFET pass gate transistor
Bootstrap circuit in DC/DC static converters
Method of forming a power system and structure therefor
Switching regulator control circuit for a PFM control
Boost-buck cascade converter for pulsating loads
Power-supply device
High frequency oscillator using transmission line resonator
Apparatus and method for reducing phase noise in oscillator circuits
High-frequency oscillation circuit and measuring device
Method and apparatus for controlling oscillation amplitude and oscillation frequency of crystal oscillator
Automated meter reader applications of universal frequency translation
Linear power conversion circuit
Amplifier improvements
Two-input/two-output broadband active selector switch with distributed structure, and phase control device comprising such a switch
Single-ended differential circuit using complementary devices
Charge recycling amplifier for a high dynamic range CMOS imager
Amplifier with multiple inputs
Receive band rejection for a digital RF amplifier
Variable-impedance reference circuit and varying method
Translinear variable gain amplifier
Digitally controlled variable offset amplifier
Highly linear low voltage rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier
Variable gain current amplifier with a feedback loop including a differential pair
Gigabit ethernet transceiver with analog front end
Radio frequency power amplifier module integrated with a power control hoop
LC controllable oscillator, a quadrature oscillator and a communication arrangement
Apparatus and method for introducing signal delay
Hybrid leaky surface acoustic wave resonator filter
Sheet substrate for crystal oscillator and method of manufacturing surface-mount crystal oscillators using same
Clamping circuit and method for DMOS drivers
Output buffer circuit
Pass gate multiplexer circuit with reduced susceptibility to single event upsets
Proximity sensor
Output buffer circuit with power supply voltages different from a power supply voltage applied to an internal circuit
Resonant buffer apparatus, method, and system
Buffer circuit with programmable switching thresholds
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for level-shifting input receiver circuit from high external voltage to low internal supply voltage
Output buffer with overvoltage protection
Methods for aligning data and clock signals
Logic circuitry with shared lookup table
Programmable logic device with hierarchical interconnection resources
Size-reduced majority circuit
Method and apparatus for characterizing switching history impact
Non-overlapping clock generation
Reset feature for a low voltage differential latch
Circuit for asynchronous reset in current mode logic circuits
Dynamic control of switching reference voltage
Wide band, wide operation range, general purpose digital phase locked loop architecture
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods and apparatus for signal processing
Clock signal generating device
Method and apparatus for providing multiple clock signals on a chip using a second PLL library circuit connected to a buffered reference clock output of a first PLL library circuit
Balancing circuit, method of operation thereof and a charge pump employing the same
Crystal-less oscillator circuit with trimmable analog current control for increased stability
Analog implementation of spread spectrum frequency modulation in a programmable phase locked loop (PLL) system
Oscillator and PLL circuit using the same
Method and apparatus for converging a control loop
Parallel A/D converter
Method and apparatus for testing analog to digital converters
Techniques for context-based analog-to-digital signal conversion
Switched-capacitor frequency-to-current converter
Precision, wide band pulse width modulator for digital to analog conversion
Architecture for a faster max* computation
Method and system for compressing a continuous data flow in real-time using recursive hierarchical self-organizing cluster vector quantization (HSOCVQ)
Polynomial-time, sequential, adaptive system and method for lossy data compression
JPEG Huffman table decoder and method thereof based on binary search technique
Adaptive threshold logic implementation for RAIM fault detection and exclusion function
Device and method for displaying track characteristics
On-chip impedance matching circuit
Arrangement for transmitting electrical signals and/or energy between parts that can be rotated in relation to each other
Mobile terminal device
Printing and delivery of digital images and text via a central receiving agency
Solid state image sensor system and method for driving same
Halftoning at multiple different resolutions
Apparatus for displaying tone curve and apparatus for adjusting tone curve
Method for moire-free color halftoning using non-orthogonal cluster screens
Stereo images with comfortable perceived depth
3D image reconstructing apparatus and 3D object inputting apparatus
Method and system for custom closed-loop calibration of a digital camera
Television-set adjusting system
Photoelectric conversion device
Imaging apparatus
Amplifying solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same and physical quantity distribution sensing semiconductor device
Solid-state image pickup device and method for driving the same
Apparatus and method for reducing smear in digital images captured using frame-transfer CCD sensor
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medium
System and method for optically communicating information between a display and a camera
Exposure period control device for electronic still camera
Image signal conversion equipment
High definition display unit and high definition display method
Television receiving apparatus
Camera positioning system and method for eye-to-eye communication
Teleconference system with personal presence cells
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving, as an electric wave, a signal generated by electronic equipment, and a control signal to control operation of the electronic equipment
E-VSB main stream packet jitter remediation
Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
Location-based content delivery
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