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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for application of liquids or liquid-solid dispersions to soil, and a kit to adapt soil aeration or tillage devices to further supply liquids or liquid-solid dispersions to soil
Perfume composition and process for producing the same
Double reversible clothing
Hand warming method and apparatus
Opening device of automatic umbrella
Beverage jug cover
Continuous wire spring mattress or seating product and method of manufacture
Bracket furniture components
Vehicle seat, in particular a motor vehicle seat
Combined lounge chair and water misting dispensers
Child restraint assembly for child vehicle seat
Bracket and bracketed assemblies and system for further assembly
Suspension system for a bird feeder
Food dispenser
High load operation of an industrial roll door
Designer dorm rod
Clamping device for stainless steel sinks
Coffee maker
Hot dairy-based beverage dispenser
Floor care apparatus with multiple agitator speeds and constant suction power
Vacuum cleaner with a dust collection chamber closeable by a lid
Drug releasing elastic band and method
Use of vibration with orthopedic cements
Ablation of stomach lining to reduce stomach acid secretion
Arterial hole closure apparatus
Surgical laminar air flow apparatus and method
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Arch member for an orthodontic brace
Composite collagen material and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for applying an elastic member
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Stent with angulated struts
Intraocular lens for inhibiting cell growth and reducing glare
Massage thumb tool
Calcium phosphate cements comprising an osteoclastogenic agent
HLA binding peptides and their uses
Anti-neovasculature preparations for cancer
MAGE-3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Modified mite allergen and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Methods and compositions for correction of cardiac conduction disturbances
Topical treatment of ingrown hairs
Embolic filtering devices
Valved catheters including high flow rate catheters
Apparatus with weeping tip and method of use
Device for effecting radiation therapy in an animal body
Light generating device to intravascular use
Topical acne vulgairs medication with a sunscreen
Waist strengthening and rehabilitating apparatus and load controller therefor
Golf ball
Multiple material golf club head
Infant support structure with an entertainment device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for fabrication of a molecular filter and apparatus formed by the same
Method for concentrating solution
Filter arrangement and methods
Heating of microtitre well plates in centrifugal evaporators
Bowl mill for a coal pulverizer with an air mill for primary entry of air
Oscillating sprinkler with pattern select feature
Coating device with integrated cleaning device
Method and apparatus for electrostatic spray deposition for a solid oxide fuel cell
Method and apparatus for making an adhesive cleaning sheet
System and method for integrating in-situ metrology within a wafer process
Method for regulating the temperature of strip metal
Method and forming machine for deforming a hollow workpiece
Bearing assembly spacer adjustable system and method for adjusting a spacer
Hollow fan blade for aircraft engines and method for its manufacture
Apparatus and method for the noncircular bending of tubes
Production method for sintered bearing member, fluid dynamic pressure bearing device, and spindle motor
Method for patterning metal using nanoparticle containing precursors
Spindle unit having pressure foot
Hydraulic stop
Double-sided ultra-thin door marking template
Tool position referencing for CNC machines
Compliant grinding wheel
Abrasive article and methods of making same
Device for shaving hair having a cutting member with a periodical motion
Method and device for manufacturing pellets of hot-melt ink
Apparatus for unidirectional infiltration of preform with molten resin or pitch
Check valve assembly for injection molding apparatus
Devices and methods for aligning a stamp and a substrate
Polarizer guarded cover sheet with adhesion promoter
Repair system and method for fiberglass boats
Method for forming a pneumatic tire
Polymer matrices for polymer solder hybrid materials
Absorbent composite product and process and apparatus for manufacture thereof
Polishing pad having a pressure relief channel
Heat-sensitive stencil, method of preparing stencil printing master and stencil printer
Nonwovens having reduced Poisson ratio
Surface contacting member for toner fusing system and process, composition for member surface layer, and process for preparing composition
Thermally foamable microsphere and production process thereof
Method for preparing a fabric substantially consisting of carbon fibers
Carbon nanotube reinforced porous carbon having three-dimensionally ordered porosity and method of fabricating same
Diffusion barrier with low dielectric constant and semiconductor device containing same
Inkjet printhead with high nozzle area density
Method for fabricating a thermal bubble inkjet print head with rapid ink refill mechanism and off-shooter heater
Ink tank and ink jet printer
Method and circuit for driving ink jet print head and printer utilizing same
Ink thickness variations for the control of color printers
Binder with front pocket
Reflecting bicycle tires
Tire for heavy vehicles
Air pressure proportional damper
Vehicle underbody structure
Controller for a moving member and method for setting a reference position of the moving member
Differential gear for a vehicle
Transfer gearbox
Seat device for vehicle
Seat device for vehicle
Tension detecting device
Wiper system
Braking force control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Transmission having plural clutches
Cart assembly
High rigid tilt device in a steering column for a vehicle
Idler recoil and adjustment system for track type work machine
Contoured rear fender storage container for a motorcycle
Windrower rear axle suspension system
Apparatus for deploying and recovering a towed acoustic line array from an unmanned undersea vehicle
Microaircraft and cellular phone equipped with microaircraft
Landing assist apparatus eccentric bushing
Powder feed apparatus, system and method
Urine disposing apparatus and method
Door mechanism
Banknote moving unit for a banknote storing unit
Compact printer paper path manual access improvement with collapsible air ducts
Apparatus and method for applying double-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tape, and method for producing catalytic converter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for eliminating metal halides that are present in a liquid or gaseous, organic or non-organic effluent
Point-of-use water treatment system
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from conduits and fluid columns
Method for transporting glazing through a coating-depositing plant
Dielectric fluids and processes for making same
Multifunctional acrylate oligomers as pigment grinding vehicles for radiation-curable ink applications
Long lasting thermoformable phosphorescent acrylic resin for casting, molding, coatings, and adhesives
Zinc sulfide electroluminophores and method for production thereof
Fuel composition
Hood-type annealing furnace, especially for steel strip and wire bunches
High tensile hot-rolled steel sheet having excellent strain aging hardening properties and method for producing the same
System and method for abating the simultaneous flow of silane and arsine
Gas injection apparatus for semiconductor processing system
Textiles; Paper
Tire reinforcing steel cord and tire
Method of making a paper web containing refined long fiber using a charge controlled headbox and a single ply towel made by the process
(per) fluoropolyether carboxylic acids and use thereof for the oleo-repellent paper sizing
Fixed Constructions
Expansion joint system including damping means
Mitred grate and drain cover
Panels comprising an interlocking snap-in profile
Lateral force resisting system
Frame system for motor vehicle
Shade apparatus
Filtration installation for filtering the water of a water pool
Cutting structure based hydraulics
Electromagnetic gap sub assembly
Downhole tool
Percussive power tool with flushing head
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
Methods and apparatus for actuating a downhole tool
Bi-directional fluid loss device and method
Plunger actuated pumping system
Methods for preparing slurries of coated particulates
Method and apparatus for anchoring tool in borehole conduit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for lubricating a component in a turbomachine
Electromagnetic actuator and control
Acoustic fluid machine
Accumulating amount estimating device detecting differential pressure of filter
Automotive engine accessory drive system
Integrated drive sprocket and gear for balance shaft
Gas turbine installation
Ablative afterburner
Motor vehicle fuel tank
Internal combustion engine with air-fuel mixture injection
Energy storing starting device
Glow plug energization control to avoid overheating
General method for disposal of produced water
Tube type pumping apparatus
Method of managing time, at which maintenance in a gas compressor multiple system should be carried out
Chain lock
Axial adjusting device with multiple ball means
Automatic transmission having at least two conical disk sets
Control pedal disabling device
Method and device for positioning a branch connection on a pipeline
Play apparatus
Camera supporting assembly including angularly adjustable wheels
Backlight unit
Prism sheet of liquid crystal display device and backlight unit using the same
Light guide panel usable with backlight unit, backlight unit employing the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Light guide device and backlight module using the same
Light guide plate having V-cut grooves and a liquid crystal display using the same
Photoluminescent tube system
Water-from-air system using desiccant wheel and exhaust
Condensed water storing apparatus of a dryer
Apparatus and method for enhanced heat transfer
Paintball gun loading device
Scanning probe microscope and measuring method by means of the same
Topography analyzing system
Prism pole
Fluid flow sensor
Atomiser comprising a pump that forms a stopper
Liquid detecting piezoelectric device, liquid container and mounting module member
Liquid measurement system having a plurality of differential pressure probes
Implantable mechanical pressure sensor and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for pressure measurement
Method for determination of the physical features of a tire
Safety module and measuring arrangement with safety module
NOx measurement apparatus
Method and device for diagnosing gas sensor degradation
Three axis active magnetic levitation for inertial sensing systems
Downhole seismic-sonic receiver
Optical film for display devices
Retroreflective article having at least one valve and method of making same
Display device
Photographic apparatus with supplemental light adjusting function and method used in the same
Projector with tilt-angle detecting capability
Triangular prism dual lamp coupler
Keystone distortion correction of a projector
Illumination apparatus and image projection apparatus using the illumination apparatus
Projecting optical system
Curved guide for radiation image reading device
Method and system for sharing router resources via a mobile virtual router
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Collaborative arbitration of polling results in a collaborative computing environment
Address sharing network
TCP/IP protocol network with satellite nodes
Systems and methods for providing a communication platform for e-commerce
Contribution aware peer-to-peer live streaming service
Communication device, communication method, and computer readable recording medium
Method and apparatus for internet protocol (IP) logical wire security
Method for managing network system
Authentication based on previous authentications
Synchronization guides for group video watching
Print system, server apparatus and printer which are used in the print system, and control method of the print system
Information processing apparatus, fax reception notification control method, and storage medium for receiving a reception notification of fax information by an information processing apparatus
System and method for using a prepaid card
System for automatic check-in and check-out for space occupancy
Method for providing additional service based on dual UICC
Image reading apparatus and a control method for an image reading apparatus
Tablet dispenser
Method and device for providing a security breach indicative audio alert
Entertainment device and method of using the same
Method for sequentially displaying a colour image
Encoder and decoder to encode signal into a scalable codec and to decode scalable codec, and encoding and decoding methods of encoding signal into scalable codec and decoding the scalable codec
Privacy generation
Magnetic recording disk and process for manufacture thereof
Apparatus for reducing polymer deposition on a substrate and substrate support
Double solder bumps on substrates for low temperature flip chip bonding
Phosphorescence compound and electro field light emitting device having the same
Battery cooling system
Lanthanide batteries
Fuel cells comprising laminar flow induced dynamic conducting interfaces, electronic devices comprising such cells, and methods employing same
Portable power supply
Self-alignment magnetic connector reduced in size
Electrical connector box
Electrical connector having locking claw
Self-aligning vibration resistant coupling apparatus
Chip card retaining mechanism
Cable connector assembly having locking member with bent wings retaining thereon
Board mount connector suitable for automatic mounting
Electronic part-incorporating connector and wiring harness with electronic part-incorporating connector
Connector having an electronic element built therein without disturbing a characteristic impedance
Electromagnetic coupler registration and mating
Tracer lamp arrangement
Devices and methods for controlling relative movement between layers of an electronic device
Female electrical connector having crimping portions of double thickness
Electrical connection arrangement with simplified fastening device for electrical connection of an electrical device
Injector/ejector and shelf structure grounded to card frame ground
Connector suitable for connection of a coaxial cable
Electrical connector
Continuous adaptation of a channel equalizer
Transmission system and error correction control method
Method and apparatus for calibrating an envelope tracking system
System and method for I-Q imbalance correction
Method for improving the range of an electromagnetic signal receiving system
System for providing WDM-based wireless optical transport network and method for transmitting wireless optical signal using the same
Linearization of optical intensity modulation systems
Precoding method and apparatus
System and method for reducing interference in wireless communication
Slope detecting receiver
Method for using power lines for wireless communication
Apparatus and method for reducing phase noise in near field communication device signaling
Methods and apparatus for improving device activition among a plurality of NFC devices that support type a RF technology
Enhanced resource management for a network system
Radio communication system, communication controller, and base station to transmit data with commom content with one or more other base stations
Communication method and beam forming apparatus in multi-cell mobile communication system
Methods and devices for cooperative scheduling in a wireless communications network
Wireless system with hybrid automatic retransmission request in interference-limited communications
Systems and methods for beamforming in a massive MIMO system
Methods and apparatuses for generating and feeding back high rank adaptive codebook in multiple input multiple output system
Systems, apparatus and methods to facilitate efficient repeater usage
Methods and systems for an out-of-credit timer in a network device
Dynamic adaptive aggregation schemes for enhancing performance of communication systems
Location specific personalized enterprise services using video signature of an electronic display
Method and apparatus for saving power by using signal field of preamble
Apparatus for providing multimedia services and method thereof
Method and system for interference cancellation
Detecting transparent network communication interception appliances
Synchronizing multicast information for linecards
Network power fault detection
Apparatus and method for identifying transmission control protocol (TCP) packet loss
Virtual router redundancy for server virtualization
Transmission device, transmission method, and computer-readable recording medium
Data transport system and control method of data transport system
Energy management for communication network elements
Method and system for managing protocol connection in PBB network and BEB node
Automatic discovery of multiple controllers in Software Defined Networks (SDNs)
Reservation system for an ethernet network
Topology for large port count switch
Channel estimation processing for performance improvement in low SNR regime
Authentication in virtual private networks
Methods and systems for identifying, verifying, and authenticating an identity
Automated network deployment of cloud services into a network
Delivering electronic content
Method for storing conversation upon user's request in CPM system, and system thereof
Verification of network device position
Enhancing directory service authentication and authorization using contextual information
Systems and methods for bearer independent protocol gateway optimization
Method and apparatus for feedback transmission in wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus to improve channel estimation in communication systems
Methods and arrangements in a wireless communications system
Correcting apparatus for timing recovery of receiver and method thereof
Device and method for synchronization in a mobile communication system
Systems and methods for securely transmitting and receiving discovery and paging messages
Terminal for strong authentication of a user
Multi-band radio frequency (RF) communication device using a single antenna
Combination protective case having shocking personal defense system with cellular phone
Management of mobile device communication sessions to reduce user distraction
Call management protocol for insufficient credit
Emergency text communications
Communication device
Inferring quality in UT calls based on real-time bi-directional exploitation of a full reference algorithm
Methods to improve fraud detection on conference calling systems based on observation of participants' call time durations
Enhancing reachability in internet protocol communications
Method and apparatus for segmenting work in a contact center
Image processing apparatus
Image processing device, method, and recording medium therefor
Stereo picture generating device, and stereo picture generating method
Displaying objects with certain visual effects
Systems and methods for faster throughput for compressed video data decoding
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing apparatus control method
Client terminal for providing channel subscription from a program guide
Method and apparatus for unified switching of digital or analog video and audio using an analog video switching device
Adaptive around-view monitoring device
Customizing language and content of media for an announcement
Channel bonding with multiple network types
Video input switching and signal processing apparatus
Automatic event videoing, tracking and content generation
Method and apparatus for using direct wireless links and a central controller for dynamic resource allocation
Ported speaker and circuit board
Headphone apparatus with cord storage
Dynamic microphone unit and dynamic microphone
Reduction of spurious uncorrelation in FM radio noise
Method and system for upmixing audio to generate 3D audio
Method for calculating fairness index and method for allocating resources based on the fairness index in coexistence management system
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Method and apparatus for determining channel quality in a wireless communication system
Modified measurement procedures for user equipments
Architecture for WLAN offload in a wireless device
Traffic management gateway for machine-to-machine network
Method and apparatuses for returning the transmission of the uplink to a source cell during a baton handover
Cell selection in dynamic spectrum arbitrage system
Method for measurement in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
Communication device
Method and system for implementing a single weight (SW) single channel (SC) MIMO system
Diameter protocol version spans
Radio communication device and method for operating a radio communication device
Method, apparatus and computer program product for triggering the determination of a timing advance for one component carrier based upon another component carrier
Registration of a terminal with a location server for user plane location
Methods and systems for dynamic spectrum arbitrage user profile management
Apparatus and method for allocating frequency resource to micro UE in a mobile communication system
Wireless communication relay station apparatus, wireless communication base station apparatus, wireless communication mobile station
Method and apparatus for allocating bandwidth request channel in wireless communication system including relay station
Device, system and method of multi-user multi-input-multi-output wireless communication
Method for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
TDD sector control systems and methods
Method and a base station for allocation measurement gaps
Autonomous adaptation of discovery packet transmission frequency
Handover method of wireless communication system, and wireless base station and wireless terminal of the same system
Reducing power consumption for M2M communications in wireless networks
Electric heating apparatus
Generator suitable for powering a dental curing light
LED light string and control method thereof
Rubbing method of liquid crystal display device
Method and system for stable dynamics and constant beam delivery for acceleration of charged particle beams in a non-scaling fixed field alternating gradient magnetic field accelerator
Layered structure having layered conductive patterns, manufacturing process thereof and touchscreen with layered structure
Unloading system for unloading a circuit board automatically
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board
Method for assembling micro-components to binding sites
Actively controlling coolant-cooled cold plate configuration
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Agricultural implement down pressure system
Working vehicle with a PTO apparatus
Liquid distribution apparatus for distributing liquid into a seed furrow
Apparatus for conditioning crop materials
Reel for harvesting machines
Arrangement for securing loose twine ends on a cylindrical bale
Cutting attachment
Animal waste disposal system
Disposable pet litter bag
Method of applying bedding on the floor of a poultry rearing barn and for recycling or disposing of spent bedding
Anti-cribbing device
Electrical apparatus for discouraging animals from licking
Animal grooming device
Animal restraint leash
Wire mesh tubular feeder
Endless conveyor
Nitinol horseshoes
Architectural waterproofing membrane and termite barrier
Insect control for buildings
Sprayer boom
Tool for installing animal guards on overhead electrical insulators
Apparatus and method for dispensing particles
Hand-held liquid candy dispenser
Apparatus for cutting individual pieces from a continuously moving extruded strand
Soft ice cream manufacture method thereof and soft ice cream manufacture apparatus
Appliance for cooking food articles
Hinge assembly for a door of kimchi storage device
Water pipe
Collection device for smoking debris
Smoke escape mask
Garment and method for providing thereof
Multi-part jewelry setting
Multi-stone setting member for attachment to a ring
Hollow jewelry ring design
Contact lens cleaning solution overflow collector
Prioritized first aid kit
Workstation container
Wheel rack improvement of a trolley suitcase
Device for creating wave-styled hairdos
Clip end hair fastener
Pressure-assisted liquid delivery system
Personal tool carrying device
Portable container for pet leash
Cell phone holder
Applicator, kit, and method for applying hair coloring
Furniture arrangement having a slidable intermediate table
Shipping and display container
Air curtain horizontal merchandiser
Point-of-sale chilled product housing
Holder for sheet-form articles
Modular panel structure
Stacked assembly of disposable rain hoods
Low-profile mobile storage rack
Hanger for a flak vest
Connectionless food steamer with automatic electric steam trap
Beverage brewing apparatus having automatic and semi-automatic brewing modes
Brewing apparatus for electric coffee maker
Combination dishwasher and reverse osmosis air gab body
Dispensing device for a liquid dishwasher detergent
Method for facilitating the detachment of an artery and the like
Process for controlling the misuse of disposable medical products
Stethoscope with optical fiber light
Dental floss with abrasives
Visual reference system for sanitary absorbent article
Food intake restriction with energy transfer device
Nasal dilator and method of making the same
Arm-sling vest
Condom with constrictive band about opening
Multi-component snoring treatment
Cleaning and storing device for a prophylactic
Method for manufacturing a heat generating apparatus
Non-corrosive containment vault
Stair walker
Needle safe transfer guard
Automatic vending machine with functional water generator
Inhaler device
Locking mechanism for a spring-actuated device
Discharge apparatus for media
High mass transfer electrosprayer
Plug for medical bayonet connectors and drug infusion ports
Rotary wash valve
Upright fire protection nozzle
Golf ball marking tool
Ball bracket
Collapsible structures
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiphase extractor with a wash chamber
Method and apparatus for analyzing casing wear and retrieval of metallic fragments
Clarifier with influent well scum removal
Vibrator separator screens
Belt press with adjustable inlet guide
Fuel supply module for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Compact fuel supply unit for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for extracting water from air
Dehumidifier and control system for a disk drive
Reduction of nitrogen oxides by staged combustion in combustors, furnaces and boilers
Water mist cooling system
Method and apparatus for injecting a chemical into a fluid stream
Fluid injector with vent/proportioner ports
Apparatus, and method for propelling fluids
Granular material processing apparatus
Industrial waste crushing bit
Comminution devices
Flotation cell fluid level control apparatus
Multi-functional shower head
Water emission control structure of gardening pistol nozzle
Dual liquid dispensing packages
Self-contained liquid dispenser with heating means
Cartridge dispensing gun
Extendable caulking gun
Mechanical-pneumatic device to meter, condition, and classify chaffy seed
Semiconductor element carrying equipment
Safety and environmental workbench
Container valve
Cold rolling method and installation
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a helically-wound lock-seam tube having air nozzles
Gripping device for straightening a car body
Flat turbulator for a tube and method of making same
Method of forming an eccentrically expanded pipe and eccentrically pipe-expanding device
Press for forming workpieces
Multistation press
Seal for vessel and method of forming same
Pile-up lid
Method of blanking elements of belt for continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic device for assembly and disassembly of conveyor chains using interference-fit connecting pins and method of using the same
Sand cleaning apparatus
Method and an apparatus for filling of molds with liquidy metals
Lost foam countergravity casting
Composite core for casting
Method for reducing crop losses during ingot rolling
Metal mold for manufacturing amorphous alloy and molded product of amorphous alloy
Apparatus and method for casting amorphous metal alloys in an adjustable low density atmosphere
Metal delivery system for continuous caster
Device and method for casting metal strips, especially steel, in double roller continuous casting machines
Method of continuous casting of molten metal
Method for vertical die casting of a rotor
Investment casting using melt reservoir loop
Continuous casting nozzle
Drill bits and other articles of manufacture including a layer-manufactured shell integrally secured to a cast structure and methods of fabricating same
Blade and motor carrier with height/angle adjustment mechanism
Method for closing core printout holes in superalloy gas turbine blades
Method and apparatus for dispensing material in a printer
Method for forming electrical connecting structure
Fixture for testing shear strength in tailor welded blanks
Stroke and pressure adjusting device for solder machine
Elevation and index apparatus of water hydraulic driven type
Device for measuring pulling-in force
Surface texture measuring instrument, surface texture measuring method and stylus radius measuring instrument
Method for making a sintered article and products produced thereby
Non-metallic three-section extension pole having bulb changer
Positioning device for a switch member of a reversible ratchet-type wrench
System for holding and tightening screws
Tool lengthening device
Locking device for output shaft of electric tools
Screwdriver with dual cam slot for collated screws
Power stapler
Apparatus for fastening plugs by compressed gas
Impact machine
Tool engaging cavity of tool box
Hoop material cutter
Spike roller for axial feeding or rotation of a log
Log splitting device
Deflection dampening apparatus for a roll used to process uniformly flat products
Reinforced coextruded plastic jamb
Ergonomic tool for adhesive applications
Apparatus for applying strips of thermoplastic material to thermoplastic roofing membranes
Plastic fuel tank and method for producing same
Composite utility poles and methods of manufacture
Dual-axis method and machine for producing pre-preg
Infinite variable slide motion for a mechanical power press
Method for producing bags
Compound motion apparatus for applying twist-ties to flexible packages
Ground surface debris collection mat
Vacuum film laminating apparatus
Acoustic insulating vehicle component
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Printing method and printing apparatus
Squeegee device
Ink supply control device for printing machines and a method therefor
Device and process for transverse sizing of printed products
Controlling tension in recording media
Axial locking device for the swiveling axle of a hand-held stamp and hand-held stamp
Security document with a security component and method for the production thereof
Tabletop inserter providing sheet accumulation
High speed machine for inserting sheets into envelopes
Device for closing envelope flaps
Variable-stiffness wedge insert for runflat tire
Tire pressure sensory and monitoring method
Tool for mounting and removing tyres onto and from respective wheel rims
Automotive air conditioner
Vehicle air conditioner with heating capacity control of cooling water circuit
Direct current mini air conditioning system
Collapsible panel and method for controlled collapsing thereof
Transmission and cooling arrangement for all terrain vehicle
Vapor removal fuel containment fuel tank
Vehicle transmission apparatus
Power transmitting system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Device for actuating a clutch, in particular for motor vehicles
Fuel consumption display system and method for vehicles
Crankshaft rotation control in a hybrid electric vehicle
Control apparatus for idling stop of internal combustion engine and vehicle with the apparatus mounted thereon
Electro-hydraulic vehicle with energy regeneration
Skirt assembly for manufactured housing units
Side-mount bracket system for providing a locked sensor position
Accessory panel mounting structure for a steering wheel
Seat belt retractor
Friction clutch and belt retractor with friction clutch
Belt roller with a switchable spring arrangement
Collapsible cargo container
Device and method for transporting elongate objects using a pick-up truck
Spray nozzle for a windscreen washer system
Braking device with shoe-orienting compliant member
Two-piece stationary seal master cylinder
Diaphragm support for a brake booster and brake booster incorporating such a support
Externally controllable regulated brake-booster and operating method therefor
Valve system for the pre-engagement unit of a braking pressure modulator
Control valves for a hydraulic control unit and method of assembly
Railcar maintenance facility
Ski lift radio
Underframe for a rail-borne vehicle for the freely movable transport of loads
Tilt mechanism and method for pivoting a vehicle body panel relative to a vehicle chassis
Lawn tractor vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Ball screw and electrically powered steering device having the ball screw
Gearing without backlash for electric power steering
ATV transmission control layout
Force transfer mechanism for a bicycle transmission control cable
Switch style bicycle shift control device
Internal combustion engine for a snowmobile
Pedal structure
Bicycle pedal
Windshield bottom trim
Turret-less floating production ship
Self stabilizing tow apparatus
Sailboat keel with a rotatable secondary foil
Watercraft beaching device
Damage tolerant inflatable
Steering and thrust control system for waterjet boats
Helicopter in-flight rotor tracking system, method, and smart actuator therefor
Hot gas valve construction for reducing thermal shock effects
Methods and apparatus for liquid densification
Method and apparatus for the fastening of the tail of wrappings of stretchable film for palletized loads
Method and apparatus for packaging flat articles
Device and method for feeding an article or several articles into a package
Bag binding machine
Flowback method in a filling machine and filling machine for carrying out said method
Device for removing end packaging from web rolls
Replaceable cap supply cartridge
Machine for the fabrication of containers with consumable content
Method and means for producing, conveying, storing and utilizing air pillows
Machine for making filter bags for products for infusion
Two liter bottle crate
Drain pan for vehicle axle
Reinforced paperboard pallet and runner with portal
Biaxial stretching bottle having carrying handle
Toothpaste butler
Container construction
Flow vented and pressure vented closures
Multichannel dispensing closure
Anti-fraud closure device
Rotatable label system
Opening device on a packaging sheet material
Wafer packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Container and lock for a bag fluid fitting
Transport and storage container for liquids and method for manufacturing the inner container of the transport and storage container
Collapsible dispensing system
Two-compartment package
Package for dispensing individual sheets
Metered dose dispensing aerosol valve
Preassembled aerosol actuator assembly for in-line capping to an aerosol container
Cargo containers
Roller conveyor system
Scissors chute
Conveyor belt impact cradle with adjustable wing members
Support railing for a curved conveyor path
Conveyor roller assembly
Scraper arrangement
Variable-speed moving walkway
Method and apparatus for marking paper, board and cellulose web rolls
Closure sticker applicator
Soft-start feature for continuous web cutters
Dispensing device for double-face adhesive tape
Viscous clutch for a correction tape reel assembly
Yarn winder with vibration damper
Apparatus for wrapping a layer of material on a recycled core
Elevator apparatus including rechargeable power supply and temperature sensitive charging control
Elevator with separated speed governor and position detector
Comb profile for comb supports of escalators and moving walkways
Fork lift truck
Liquid dispensing system
Pressurized beverage dispenser
Beverage dispensing apparatus
Saddletree with resilient supporting elements
Stirrup strapping arrangement for the saddle of a horse or the like riding animal
Method for hermetically encapsulating microsystems in situ
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Warm drinking water conduit system
Spinner disc and rotary fiberization process
Fiberizing apparatus and method
Method of positioning a pulled fiber strand
Method for burning lumpy combustion material, especially limestone, dolomite and magnesite, and regenerative shaft furnace for carrying out this method
Compost receptacle
Temperature fuse with lower detonation point
Prepreg and fiber-reinforced rubber materials
Acid blend for removing etch residue
Polycrystalline diamond carbide composites
Composition and method for recovering hydrocarbon fluids from a subterranean reservoir
Treating shale and clay in hydrocarbon producing formations with combinations of guar and potassium formate
Wear resistant drill bit
Method of cleaning a film deposition apparatus, method of dry etching a film deposition apparatus, and an article production method including a process based on the cleaning or dry etching method
Temperature controllable gas distributor
Textiles; Paper
Pivotable heddle for a loom
Thread gripper for a rapier of a rapier loom
Drive for braiding machine
Power transmission device for sewing machine
Headgear frame for embroidering machine
Clothesline system with a support system and improved clothespins
Fixed Constructions
Tamping machine
Subway rail anchor assembly
Vibratory compactor bearing lubrication
Faucet assembly
Moment-resisting strap connection
Playset tower assembly arrangement
Deck plank cover
Overhead panel installations
Insulated building block
Roof snow barrier
Roofing tile having photovoltaic module to generate power
Tool for removing roofing shingles
Wooden floor board
Mud pan
Method and apparatus for increasing the capacity and stability of a single-pole tower
Personal collapsible shelter
Padlock with a U-shaped lock casing
Smudging-fluid dispensing apparatus, for banknote and valuables containers
Press molded door with improved reinforcement material and stile structure
Electro-magnetically controlled pet door
Adjustable window blind cord stopper
Roll-up shutter
Modular roll-up partition system with tension adjustment mechanism
Electric lifting apparatus for use with a ladder
Foldable step stool with leg lock and handle
Rotary boring bit and borer
Replaceable drill bit assembly
Progressive lock integral joint centralizer
Well production apparatus and method
Tool string shock absorber
Method and apparatus for a multi-string composite coiled tubing system
Method and system for moving equipment into and through a conduit
Riser tube for use in great sea depth and method for drilling at such depths
Apparatus and method for cleaning well risers
Methods and associated apparatus for drilling and completing a wellbore junction
Method and apparatus for casing exit system using coiled tubing
Hydraulically driven fishing jars
Method and apparatus for plugging wells
Cementing casing strings in deep water offshore wells
Tubing hanger saddle valve
Multiport gate valve assembly
Shearing gate valve
Apparatus incorporating jet pump for well head cleaning
Percussive down-the-hole hammer for rock drilling, a top sub used therein and a method for adjusting air pressure
Cavity well positioning system and method
Expandable downhole tubing
Method and apparatus for increasing production from a well system using multi-phase technology in conjunction with gas-lift
Buoyant water pump system
Foamed fracturing fluids, additives and methods of fracturing subterranean zones
Mapping tool for tracking and/or guiding an underground boring tool
Apparatus for directional boring under mixed conditions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sprag motor
Valve gear of internal combustion engine
Device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves of internal combustion engines, particularly a hydraulic camshaft adjusting device of a rotary piston type
Multi-mode control system for variable camshaft timing devices
Valve timing control device
Electro-hydraulic compression release brake
Valve for combustion engines
Method for the control of electromagnetic actuators for the actuation of intake and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines
Constrained layer damped steel baffle
System and method for phases noise attenuation
Method and system for reducing vehicle tailpipe emissions when operating lean
System and method for estimating oxidant storage of a catalyst
Air control valve and method for engine exhaust gas treatment
Engine timing gear cover with integral coolant flow passages
Method of controlling a variable speed fan
Fuel injection valve and internal combustion engine mounting the same
Dual length inlet resonator
Supercharged engine
Internal combustion engine with variable ratio crankshaft assembly
Fuel injection pump
Method for the load-controlling operation of electromagnetically activated intake valves of an internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
Fuel vapor emission control device for an engine
Apparatus and method for controlling fuel injection signals during engine acceleration and deceleration
Catalyst based adaptive fuel control
Air-fuel ratio feedback control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Control device for controlling an internal combustion engine with a variably controlled valve stroke
Feedback control device and feedback control method of air-fuel ratio in internal combustion engine
System and method for determining target oxygen storage in an automotive catalyst
Activation diagnosis method and activation diagnosis apparatus for air-fuel ratio sensor
NOx sensor monitoring
Fuel injection system
Method and device for monitoring a variable cylinder compression ratio
Diagnosis for EGR system
Intake air pressure sensor for engine
Electrically controlled fuel supply pump for internal combustion engine
Method of and system for controlling fuel supply aggregates in motor vehicles and a vehicle provided therewith
Throttle valve control apparatus
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation valve device
Shaft brush for preventing coking in a gas management valve
Housing for integrated pressure management apparatus
Power ring adapter assembly
Method for the combustion of fuel rich hydrocarbons in a combustion chamber with reduced soot formation
Intake air separation system for an internal combustion engine
Moisture excluding air intake system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel supply device
Electrically conducting filter
Reverse acting nozzle valve and fuel injector using same
Engine fuel injector with assembled magnetic coil body
Electromagnetic fuel injector dampening device
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection system which uses a pressure step-up unit
Fuel delivery system using two pressure regulators with a single electric fuel pump
Engine fuel supply system
Operating device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with a starter
Method and starter system for starting an internal combustion engine
Ignition device for piston-type internal combustion engines
Hydraulic tool with forward surrounding reservoir
Control apparatus and control method for variable displacement compressor
Idling engine speed control apparatus
Insert bonded combination valve
Device for compressing a gaseous medium and systems comprising such device
Method of operation of gas turbine engine
Valve arrangement
Drain mechanism for hydraulic power transmission joint
Abutment with molded part for fastening actuating pulls
Toothed coupling for tracked vehicles
Annular friction-clutch facing for a multi-disk clutch
Multiple-clutch device
Actuating cylinders
Oneway clutch bearing
Apparatus for hydraulically operating clutch
Method and device for controlling and regulating a coupling
Drum brake
Disc brake with anti-caming and constant bearing length for guide pins
Disc brake rotor
Brake cylinder
Tuned mass damper with tunable damping and anti friction rolling mass
High frequency shock absorber and accelerator
Apparatus and method for a magneto-rheological (MR) damping device
Vehicle suspension monotube strut base cup assembly
Process and apparatus for producing an endless seamed belt
Eccentric toothed gearing
Control apparatus for hydraulically-operated vehicular transmission
Change device of transmission for vehicle
Transmission with cold start valve
Belt installation tool
Manway for pressure vessels
Gas chromatograph sample and column-switching valve
Long lifetime fluid switching valve
Electromagnetic valve
In-line valve
Device for locking channel opening-closing handle of fluid controller
Tube for conveying a liquid
Coupling for multiple hydraulic pipes
Pipe tubular element comprising a rigid longitudinal portion and a flexible longitudinal part in one single piece
Sleeve cover
Oil damage re-directing device
Lubrication device adapted to be used in a punching machine
Walking assistance device incorporating gas storage vessel comprising a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Fluid distribution system and process, and semiconductor fabrication facility utilizing same
Stabilizing caddy for pressurized gas container
Liquid helium transport container with longitudinally-mounted external liquid nitrogen coolant tanks
Magnetic refrigeration cryogenic vessel system
Temperature stratified superheater and duct burner
Combustor mixer having plasma generating nozzle
Segmented surface-stabilized gas burner and method of use with gas turbines
Method of cooling gas only nozzle fuel tip
Incinerator assembly having waste smoke treating device
50 pound thrust level turbojet engine
Combustor swirler assembly
Multi-stage multi-plane combustion system for a gas turbine engine
Combustor mounting for gas turbine engine
Advanced starting control for multiple zone system
Deep cycle heating and cooling apparatus and process
Method for controlling linear expansion valve in air conditioner with two compressor
Air conditioner with a pressure regulation device and method for controlling the same
Method for controlling refrigerator
Automatic ice maker of the open-cell type
Tapered slot cryopreservation system with controlled dendritic freezing front velocity
Snow making method and apparatus
Solar powered refrigeration system
Flexible reflux process for high NGL recovery
Unitary heat-dissipating fin strip unit with straight strip portions and U-shaped strip portions
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger and dimple tube used in the same, the tube having larger opposed protrusions closest to each end of tube
Layered heat exchanger
Gun trunnion angular-sensing mechanism
Device to cover the sight on hunting and sports bows
Concealable body armor briefs
Rotating tubular projectile
Munitions success information system
High-temperature obturator for a gun-launched projectile
Device for eliminating means of combat
Method and system for packaging explosive products of transportation
Shaped charge capsule
Paint ball grenade
Method of controlled blasting
Automated detection of unacceptable warpage of trays for holding integrated circuit packages
Surface shape evaluation method and device for spherical body
Compensated integrated micro-machined yaw rate sensor
Autonomous vehicle navigation system and method
Sensor device for the 3-dimensional measurement of an attitude or acceleration
Magnetoinductive flowmeter for moving fluids
Magneto-inductive flowmeter
Magneto-inductive flow-measuring method
Symmetrical ultrasound gas flow meter housing and related multi-configuration gas flow meter assembly
Time domain measurement and control system for a hot wire air flow sensor
Volume or mass flowmeter
Fluid level measuring device
Fuel transmitter for non-electrically invasive liquid level measurement
Gas meter calibration testing device
Physical sensor component
Boron nitride piezoresistive device
Hermetic pressure transducer
Method of identifying combustion engine firing sequence without firing spark plugs or combusting fuel
Apparatus and method for rotational testing of an object
Method and apparatus for testing hollow pieces for impermeability
Apparatus for and method of taking a predeterminable volume of a sample of medium
Efficient high-productivity cascade impactors
Non-pressurized dry powder dispensing apparatus
Method of evaluating physical parameters of an underground reservoir from rock cuttings taken therefrom
Gas sensor with U-type gasket
Gas concentration sensing apparatus
Stress testing apparatus
Gas sensor device
Microscale acceleration history discriminators
Low radiation capture cross-section electrode material for prompt radiation environments
Solution feeding apparatus and solution feeding method
Low angle solvent dispense nozzle design for front-side edge bead removal in photolithography resist process
Refrigeration monitor unit
Refrigerating/air-conditioning apparatus and control method therefor
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for precisely dispensing liquids
Adjustable vehicle control pedals
Pocket-size information transfer apparatus having dual IC card insertion slots and IC card using the same
Laser focusing aperture and method
Methods and apparatus for obtaining and maintaining position information for a rotating optical element in a bar code scanner
Correlation and stitching techniques in a bar code scanning system
Self-service terminal
Debit card with activation control
Integrated test system for a disc drive pivot bearing and actuator
Cassette storage case
Disc storage container
Storage case for DVD's and compact discs
Externally excited torroidal plasma source using a gas distribution plate
System and method for calibrating semiconductor processing equipment
Wire bonding apparatus and wire bonding method of semiconductor device
Post polycide gate etching cleaning method
Apparatuses for forming wire bonds from circuitry on a substrate to a semiconductor chip, and methods of forming semiconductor chip assemblies
Separable loadbreak connector flashover inhibiting cuff venting tool
Direct attachment electric motor operated ball nut and screw linear actuator
Synchronous dustproof cover structure for sound membrane
Filling device
High density connector having a ball type of contact surface
Cable storage apparatus and cable processing method
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