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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Ground working implement
Method and device for dispensing a fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, chemical, or the like material
Line guide for a reel unit and a reel unit including such a line guide
DNA vaccines against tumor growth and methods of use therof
Ester compound and its use in pest control
Hydrogel membrane composition and use thereof
Washed deboned meat having high protein recovery
Device to read in bed or when reclining
High chairs and methods to use high chairs
Clip for hanging and fixing trim cover
Children car seat cover and protective pouch cushion
Upright rear wall extension for refrigerator shelves
Mobile paint container support
Methods and apparatus for forming shaped axial bores through spinal vertebrae
Apparatus and method for closing an atrial appendage
Rod connector
Apparatus and method for noninvasively detecting the quality of cardiac pumping
Disposable diaper with attached waste bag
Disposable diaper with a hip belt
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Platinum complexes with mononitrile-containing ligands
Cycloalkylidene compounds as modulators of estrogen receptor
Compounds and methods for the treatment of prevention of Flavivirus infections
Intermediates for the production of optically active cyclopropylamine derivatives and process for the production of the intermediates
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
Cyclic 1-(acyloxy)-alkyl prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof
Cyclothiocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Chemo- and radiation-sensitization of cancer by antisense TRPM-2 oligodeoxynucleotides
Compositions for treating and/or preventing pollinosis
Polypeptide scaffolds and use thereof
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of lung cancer
Method of preparing peptide
Apolipoprotein A1 mimetics and uses thereof
Method for synthesizing conformationally constrained peptides, peptidomimetics and the use thereof as synthetic vaccines
Method for enhanced parenteral nutrition
Immunogenic lipopeptides comprising T-helper and B-cell epitopes
Monocyte locomotion inhibitory factor
Fusion proteins of non-attenuated HIV regulatory/accessory proteins
Nucleic acid compositions for stimulating immune responses
Therapeutic soap product with UV protection
Topical delivery of trace metals for skin care
Multi-stable valves for medical applications and methods for use thereof
Method and apparatus for photosensitized ultraviolet decontamination of surfaces and aerosol clouds
Fluid flow adjustment mechanism
Breast pump
Apparatus and methods for isolating lens capsule fluids
Multi-lumen catheter
Safety needle with positive flush
Patient interface with respiratory gas measurement component
Free wheel clutch mechanism for bicycle drive train
Standing position exercise device
Golf club
Hollow golf club head
Simultaneous bidirectional timing display
Natural surface golf mat
Tray for holding game pieces
Enhanced casino craps game
System and method for toy adoption and marketing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ionic liquids as solvents in headspace gas chromatography
Alkoxylated dendrimers and use thereof as biodegradable demulsifiers
Filter jug with replaceable cartridge and method of monitoring and controlling the efficiency of a filter cartridge in a replaceable cartridge filter device
Method and apparatus for circulating air through a hard disk drive
Wet gas scrubbing process
Method for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions
Apparatus for injecting gas into a vessel
Zirconia support and zirconia supported catalyst
Method for producing catalyst for fuel cell
Reforming nanocatalysts and method of making and using such catalysts
Device for carrying out liquid reactions with fine-grained solid catalysts and method for the use thereof
Opening and closing a container
Single motor blower
Method and apparatus for separating particles
Turbo spray nozzle and spray coating device incorporating same
Film-forming method
Method, system, and apparatus for protective coating a flexible circuit
Enhanced wafer cleaning method
Method and apparatus for cleaning semiconductor wafers using compressed and/or pressurized foams, bubbles, and/or liquids
Method of and apparatus for eluting impurities
Hydraulic rescue tool
System and method for ballizing and measuring a workpiece bore hole
Tool pots mounting structure for a tool magazine
Chemical mechanical polishing pads
Robotized device to move an object
Method for order transition on a plunge slitter
Cutting apparatus
Overmoulding of receptacles with a thermoplastic material at a high rate of production
Oscillating hauloff with bearings along central axis
Drywall tape and mud dispenser
Method of producing polymer optical waveguide
Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials
Corrosion resistant member and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic shielding copper foil, method of production thereof and electromagnetic shield
Topsheet for absorbent article
Method for dicing wafer and process for manufacturing liquid-discharging head using the dicing method
Media stack control
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Printhead with barrier at chamber inlet
Pagewidth printhead with nozzle arrangements for weighted ink drop ejection
Printhead integrated circuit with an ink ejecting surface
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Nozzle plate and method of manufacturing the same
Printhead assembly having selected drive electronics
Liquid ejection apparatus and image forming apparatus
Ink supply mechanism for a disposable camera printing system
Heated ink delivery system
Refillable ink supply cartridge for a postcard printing camera system
Printing and display device incorporating a replaceable ink cartridge
Liquid applicator and liquid supply method to be used in liquid applicator
Bookbinding apparatus, control method therefor, image forming apparatus, and control method therefor
Personal regulator
Rubber composition and process for preparing the same
Self-pumping hydropneumatic spring strut
Method and device for assessing the risk of fluid leakage in a heat exchanger with sensor
Sunshade assembly
Hydraulic coupling with disconnect clutch
Interior material structure for vehicle
Cup holder unit providing stability for holding member
Cargo handling apparatus
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Vehicle lighting device
Occupant protection device
Device for controlling restraining means in a vehicle
Air belt apparatus
Inflator device having modular construction and radial inflation gas flow
Position-based proximity security system for parked vehicle
Cover for a mobile push cart handle and methods thereof
Articulated handlebar riser block for recreational vehicles
Eccentric-based caster adjustment apparatus
Supercharged motorcycle
Apparatus for mounting a hub brake to a bicycle frame
Boat rudder with integrated dynamic trim foils
Fan blades having variable pitch compliantly responsive to a linear actuator
VTOL personal aircraft
Carton having stacking strength-enhancing feature
Easy open container closure
Self-closing leadwire clip and airbag housing
Correction of loosely wound label rolls
Level wind mechanism
Signature transport device with inhibit feature
Elevator group management control device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production and uses of carbon suboxides
Silicon nanosponge particles
Method for excluding salt and other soluble materials from produced water
Directional spargewell system
Compound fertilizers and method of producing them
Nitric oxide-releasing molecules
Method of preparing electron deficient olefins
Method of using rhodium quinonoid catalysts
6-methyl-4-(2',2',3'-trimethyl-3'-cyclopenten-1'-yl)-2-cyclohexen-1-ol as sandal odoriferous substance
Enone cancer therapeutics
Glycerol derivative
Process and intermediates for the preparation of (1R,2S,5S)-6,6-dimethyl-3-azabicyclo[3,1,0]hexane-2-carboxylates for salts thereof
Method for producing 4-nitroimidazole compound
Crystal form of 5-hydroxy-1-methylimidazolidin-2,4-dione
Process for producing epoxytriazole derivative
Process for the isolation and purification of epothilones
Ethylene oxide recovery process
Dye compound
Diketo acids with nucleobase scaffolds: anti-HIV replication inhibitors targeted at HIV integrase
Hydrogenated catalyst
Compositions containing silanes
Bisphosphine ligand
Tanaproget derivatives, metabolites, and uses thereof
Artificial RNAoS modified at the 2o-hydroxyl group
Caterpiller gene family
Polypeptides associated with activatory receptors and their biological applications
Antibiotic-conjugated antibodies
Process for the solvent treatment of a plastic
Methods of preparing polymers having terminal amine groups using protected amine salts
Higher olefin polymer having polar group and process for producing the same
Curable bonded assemblies capable of being dissociated
Carbon nanotube reinforced polymer and process for preparing the same
Ink for ink-jet recording
Process for producing acidic aqueous alumina sol
Process to make an ashless lubricating oil with high oxidation stability
Sheet-like body cleaning material
Biochemical reaction cassette with improved liquid filling performance
Simultaneous anaerobic production of isoamyl acetate and succinic acid
Chimeric flavivirus vectors
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentable sugars
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Chondroitin synthase gene and methods of making and using same
Method of heat-stabilizing .alpha.-glucan phosphorylase(GP)
Humanized anti-tag 72 cc49 for diagnosis and therapy of human tumors
Admixture comprising a target molecule and a nucleic acid mimic comprising sterically bulky substituents
Methods for selecting monoclonal antibody therapies using extracellular DNA
Methods for selecting cancer vaccine therapies using extracellular DNA
Method for the surface treatment of ferritic/martensitic 9-12% Cr steel
Functionally graded cemented tungsten carbide
Co-Cr-Mo-based alloy and production method therefor
Electrolytic processing apparatus and substrate processing apparatus and method
Textiles; Paper
Radially compressive rope assembly
Method for converting an up-flow tower for cellulose pulp to a down-flow tower
Fixed Constructions
Panel forms
Vehicle-mounted awning
Custom camouflage hunting blind
Rail clip assembly for connecting a fence rail to a fence post
Method of collecting crude oil and crude oil collection header apparatus
Plug member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for identifying the state of the rotor of a non-positive-displacement machine
Tappet roller end shape for improved lubrication and combination with fuel pump and engine
Intake air amount control system for internal combustion engine
Oil separator element
Motorcycle engine
Barrel-style charge motion control valve for V-configuration engines
Two-stroke engine with variable compression
Fuel injector with boosted needle closure
Variable speed wind turbine drive and control system
Dual capacity compressor
Snap-ring with additional loop
Wrenchless nut device
Gear driven parklock assembly with terminal snap-fit housing
Meter bearing comprising an integrated data detection and processing system
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing, motor, and recording medium driving device
Friction clutch, particularly for a motor vehicle, comprising differentiated friction means
Spring-supported suspension for noise insulation elements
Self-adjusting positive engagement continuous variable transmission
Shift control device and shift control method of vehicular continuously variable transmission
Bypass valve with flapper valve elements for a water treatment apparatus
Engineered composite quiet check valve
Male coupling for connecting to female threaded coupling
Scissor suspension
Docking station for electronic module
Lamp distribution modifier and luminaire having the same
Light guide plate with compensated emission light field
Chest height light emission system
Camping stove with preheat system
Thermal catalytic ignition system for airborne applications
Fresnel solar concentrator with internal-swivel and suspended swivel mirrors
Aerodynamically stable finless projectile
Device and method for pulling bullets from cartridges
System and method to measure parameters distribution in sheet-like objects
Method and a device for measurement of edges
Laser scanning apparatus with improved optical features
Apparatus and method for in-situ calibration of vacuum gauge by absolute method and comparison method
Ultrasonic flow sensor with repeated transmissions
Photosensor control unit for a lighting module
Temperature sensor
Pressure sensor with dual chambers
Illuminating and panoramically viewing a macroscopically-sized specimen along a single viewing axis at a single time
Method and apparatus for measuring oxygen concentration
Method for evaluating the effect of an electric discharge on a composite material
Method for the certification of heater blankets by means of infrared thermography
Cellomics system
Methods and devices for transporting and concentrating an analyte present in a sample
Diagnosis and therapy of cancer using SGP28-related molecules
Ultrasonic imaging scanner
Resilient contact probes
Simultaneous detection of in-plane and out-of-plane position displacement with capacitive sensors
System and method for detecting a motor shorting relay failure
Attachment device and method for fastening electrical cable monitoring instruments to electrical cables
Method for adjusting the integrity alert threshold in a satellite navigation system
MR tomography with a system for contrast optimization of MRT images
Molecular identification and electron resonance system and method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
NMR spectrometer
Cantilever control device
Omni-directional imaging and illumination assembly
Two piece type optical lens
Optical apparatus with off-axis direction-of-view
MEMS device and interconnects for same
Scanning mechanism, method of machining workpiece, and machine tool
Optical observation instrument having a device for protecting against incoming flare
Metamaterial gradient index lens
Flexible cube-corner retroreflective sheeting
Geometrical phase optical elements with space-variant subwavelength gratings
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus using the same
Optical module and optical system
Lens drive apparatus, lens system and lens-operation restricting apparatus
Display for eyeglasses with multiple optical center distances and method for displaying such eyeglasses
Heat-dissipating display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Liquid crystal display
Method for driving optical address type spatial light modulation device and apparatus for driving optical address type spatial light modulation device
Reversible recording material and displaying element
Quantum entanglement photon-pair producing device and quantum entanglement photon pair producing method
Optical analog/digital conversion method and apparatus thereof
Nose pad for camera
Magnetic sliding door structure
Illumination unit and image projecting apparatus employing the same
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method of forming a pattern using a polarized reticle in conjunction with polarized light
Resin composition and thermo/photosensitive composition
Sub-resolution assist features for photolithography with trim ends
Printing method and printing system
Method for making a lithographic plate
Imaging member
Polyester resin for toner, toner for developing electrostatic charge image and method for forming image
Method of controlling stepping motor, apparatus for controlling stepping motor, and printer
Striking and open lamp regulation for CCFL controller
Band-gap reference voltage generator
Hybrid control methods for digital pulse width modulator (DPWM)
Step-up/down DC-DC converter
Image output control apparatus, image output control method, image output control program and printer
Mouse having storable hook module
Method for adjusting the scanning frequency and/or scanning phase of a digital image reproducing device
Communication device
Storage elements for a configurable IC and method and apparatus for accessing data stored in the storage elements
Method for calibration of a printer
Map display device and navigation system therewith
Anti-theft and safety mechanism for bottles
Methods and apparatus for managing TLS connections in a large soft switch
RFID transponder arrays for sensing input and controlling processes
Method for driving plasma display panel
System and method for reducing power consumption by a display controller
Method and apparatus to minimize lamp flicker and increase contrast ratio in projection devices
Modular assembly for a self-indexing computer pointing device
Systems and methods for managing seams
Buffer for driving display with asynchronous display engine
Tuning key cover for a stringed musical instrument
RF-based dynamic remote control for audio effects devices or the like
Spindle motor having a fluid dynamic bearing system
Digital data demodulator
Tape heads for use with multiple tape formats
Retract control method of HDD and HDD using the same
Tape cartridge
Method and apparatus reducing data damage from mechanical shock in a hard disk drive
Disk drive with improved format efficiency and control method thereof
Read sensor with a uniform longitudinal bias stack
Magnetic tunnel junctions including crystalline and amorphous tunnel barrier materials
Ramp loading unit and drive having the same
Boss location to adjust head attitude
Two degree of freedom position control method, two degree of freedom position control device, and medium storage device
Method and apparatus for recording information
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information on/from optical disc
System and method for logical shredding of data stored on WORM media
Optical pick-up and optical disk device
Optical pickup utilizing nonvolatile memory and adjustment method
Focus servo recovery processing method for optical disc device and optical disc device
Optical recording method of a phase-change optical recording medium having improved recording characteristics and uniformity and optical recording medium and optical recorder used by the method
Information recording media, a method for recording/reproducing information, an apparatus for recording/reproducing information
Information recording medium
Method and apparatus for reducing soft errors
Semiconductor device, logic circuit and electronic equipment
Multi-bit spin memory
Completely transportable erasable memory apparatus and method
Ferroelectric memory device and electronic apparatus
Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device having a first and second charge accumulation region
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Method for writing to multiple banks of a memory device
Multiport semiconductor memory device
Method for identifying memory bit cells and connections
Electronic apparatus
Black conductive compositions, black electrodes, and methods of forming thereof
Wired circuit board
Rare-earth magnet and manufacturing method thereof and magnet motor
Method for winding a coil, a winding form, and a coil
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Powder compaction pressing process for capacitor anodes
Low resistance polymer matrix fuse apparatus and method
Electrical switching apparatus indicating status through panel aperture
Switch assembly having non-planar surface and activation areas
White-light fluorescent lamp having luminescence layer with silicon quantum dots
Plasma display panel having main and quxiliary barrier ribs
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Gating grid and method of manufacture
Scanning probe apparatus
Electron beam system and method of operating the same
Ion source
Module for manufacturing a display device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing a display device using the same
Methods for securing packaged semiconductor devices to carrier substrates
Apparatus and method integrating an electro-osmotic pump and microchannel assembly into a die package
Magnetic random access memory cells having split subdigit lines having cladding layers thereon and methods of fabricating the same
Contact doping and annealing systems and processes for nanowire thin films
Methods of making a MEMS device by monitoring a process parameter
Electrochemical etching
Method for enlarging a nano-structure
In-situ real-time monitoring technique and apparatus for detection of thin films during chemical/mechanical polishing planarization
Method and apparatus for forming insulating layer
ALD metal oxide deposition process using direct oxidation
ALD metal oxide deposition process using direct oxidation
Method for an integrated circuit contact
Method for forming a floating gate memory with polysilicon local interconnects
Semiconductor device with constricted current passage
Contact structure
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Directional crystallization of silicon sheets using rapid thermal processing
Dielectric nanostructure and method for its manufacture
Method of providing mixed size solder bumps on a substrate using a solder delivery head
Method for fabricating fine pattern in semiconductor device
Plasma and electron beam etching device and method
Semiconductor capacitors in hot (hybrid orientation technology) substrates
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and manufacturing system thereof
Housing for accommodating microwave devices having an insulating cup member
Semiconductor device
Cooling semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Rotary chip attach
Copper interconnect
Semiconductor device having a bonding wire and method for manufacturing the same
Method and device for connecting chips
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with close stress liner film and method of manufacturing the same
System and method based on field-effect transistors for addressing nanometer-scale devices
Fabricating a memory cell array
Phase change memory devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Hybrid chip fuse assembly having wire leads and fabrication method therefor
Bipolar transistors with low parasitic losses
Semiconductor device with reduced contact resistance and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit using complementary junction field effect transistor and MOS transistor in silicon and silicon alloys
Systems and methods for electrical contacts to arrays of vertically aligned nanorods
Semiconductor device
Solar modules with tracking and concentrating features
Silicon-rich-oxide white light photodiode
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Semiconductor light-emitting device and a method of manufacture thereof
Lipid bilayers on nano-templates
Metal sheath magnesium diboride superconducting wire and its manufacturing method
Tuning-fork type piezoelectric vibrating piece and oscillator
Liquid phase fabrication of active devices including organic semiconductors
Battery pack and electronic equipment having a discrimination function to determine battery pack type
Fuel cell comprising a magnetic cathode with static pumping
Fuel cell assembly and a separator therefor
Fuel cell unit and state display control method
Fuel cell membranes and crossover prevention
Method for operating vehicle-mounted fuel cell stack
Switch matrix
Antenna apparatus and antenna system
Antenna core and method for production of an antenna core
Laminated electrical contact strip
Computer input device having an electrical connector
Connector, a forming mold therefor
Card connector having ejecting mechanism
Audio jack connector and connector assembly incorporating the same
Cable assembly equipped with sensor
Connector and housing thereof
Flourescent lamp socket with enhanced contact reliability
Socket for fairy light
Compression connector for a coaxial cable
Electrical receptacle and box apparatus
Hardware free data distribution terminal pedestal
Rechargeable battery pack for a power tool including over-discharge protection
Variable battery refresh charging cycles
Armature, rotating electric machine, DC motor, and brushless motor
Automotive tandem alternator having reduced axial length and improved structure for effectively dissipating heat generated by rectifiers
Electric motor with multiple rotors in a concentrically circular arrangement around a rotation axis of the electric motor
Wind driven electric generator apparatus
Rotor for motors
Compact disk device and disk drive
Redundant cooling system with two cooling circuits for an electric motor
Method and apparatus to improve regulation of a power supply
Discontinuous quasi-resonant forward converter
Inverter apparatus comprising switching elements
Output voltage controller of engine-driven generator
Arrangement for demodulating a vestigal sideband signal
Cascode-connected amplifier circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit using same, and receiving apparatus using same
Amplifier device
Piezoelectric vibrator and method for producing the same, an oscillator, an electronic unit and a wave timepiece
Advanced insulated gate bipolar transistor gate drive
Low voltage LOGEN
Sampling of video data and analyses of the sampled data to determine video properties
Storage control device and method for detecting write errors to storage media
Method for syntactically analyzing a bit stream using a schema and a method of generating a bit stream based thereon
Orthogonal frequency division demodulator, method and computer program product
System for determining the size of an original image, such as in a digital copier
Exposure device
Proofing method and apparatus that selects the kind of media type and transformation of the input color gamut based on the output device and the results of comparison with a scanned image using a spectrophotometer
Methods for adaptive noise reduction based on global motion estimation
Digital camera
Camera positioning device
Image-capture apparatus including light-guiding element having inclined surface
Automatic focusing system
Image-taking apparatus with first focus control such that in-focus position is searched for based on first signal and second focus control such that one of in-focus position and drive amount is determined based on second signal
Image pickup device and image pickup system
Method for color saturation adjustment in an RGB color system
System and method for locating individuals and equipment, airline reservation system, communication system
Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein, and process for manufacturing the same
Patch panel module and chassis
Apparatus for venting an electronic control module
Heat dissipation system for digital electronic signboard
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Safety switching device for an electromotive garden appliance
Soybean cultivar 98-061870
Soybean variety 92B74
Inbred maize line PH1K2
Inbred maize line PH2MW
Inbred maize line PH3KP
Inbred maize line PH2V7
Inbred maize line PH4TF
Inbred maize line PH2N0
Inbred maize line PH226
Method of permanent removal from cell suspension in a porous container
Method of stabilizing biocidal compositions of haloalkynyl compounds
Method for increasing plant productivity using glutamic acid and glycolic acid
Methods and compositions for controlling a pest population
Materials and methods for killing nematodes and nematode eggs
Fungicidal mixtures
Fungicide mixtures
Herbicidal compositions and processes based on ferrodoxin:NADP reductase inhibitors
Enhancement of the efficacy of triazolopyrimidines
Carbamoyl carboxylic acid amide oximes
Combinations of sulfonylurea herbicides and safeners
Solid compositions suitable for oral administration comprising non hygroscopic salts of L-carnitine and alkanoyl-L-carnitine with 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Process for extracting triterpene glycosides from botanical sources
Food warmer cabinet having an improved drawer slide assembly
Method for heating a seat
Warmer for feet, neck, and lower back
Article of clothing having antibacterial, antifungal, and antiyeast properties
Heated beverage container
Glucose related measurement method and apparatus
Method and devices for laser induced fluorescence attenuation spectroscopy
Window dressing
Packaging for adhesive-sided articles to allow one-handed application
Encapsulated stent
Estrogen agonist/antagonists treatment of atherosclerosis
Method of treating ocular hypertension with 8-epi prostaglandins
Vitamin C skin formulations
Pharmaceutical compositions containing pyrylium compounds, pyrylium salts and process for manufacturing a medicament containing the aforesaid compounds
Imidazoles with serotonin receptor binding activity
Use of flupirtine for the prophylaxis and therapy of disorders which are associated with an unphysiologically high cell death rate
Drug formulations
Heterocyclic compounds
2-substituted piperidine analogs and their use as subtype-selective NMDA receptor antagonists
Methods for treating allergic disorders using norastemizole
Heteroaryl amines as novel acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors
Compounds which are specific antagonists of the human NK3 receptor and their use as medicinal products and diagnostic tools
3,3-disubstituted piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method for potentiating primary drugs in treating multidrug resistant disease
Calcitonin mimetics
Substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Penciclovir for the treatment of zoster associated pain
Aryloxy- and arylthio- fused pyridines and pyrimidines and derivatives
Bicyclic amide derivatives and their use as muscle relaxants
Xanthines and their therapeutic use
Method for inhibiting neoplastic cells and related conditions by exposure to 9-substituted 2-(2-N-aloxyphenyl) purin-6-ones
Azolobenzazepine derivatives as neurologically active agents
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Compounds, compositions, and methods for treating erectile dysfunction
Vitamin D derivative with substituent at the 2.beta.-position
Methods for treating resistant tumors
Sulpholipid composition and methods for treating skin disorders
Antifungal agents
Method of making and cross-linking keratin-based films and sheets
Method for detecting the presence of a mycobacterium species and a kit and antibodies for use therein
Heterocyclic compounds
Non-aqueous polar aprotic peptide formulations
Treatment of tumors by administration of growth hormone releasing compounds and their antagonists
Method for treating ophthalmic disorders with IGFBP
Method of treatment
Preparation comprising thiol-group-containing proteins
Iron-casein complex and process for preparing the same
Inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration by Tenascin-C peptides
Methods and compositions for stimulating neurite growth
Receptor recognition factors, protein sequences and methods of use thereof
Method for the prevention of a patient's fibroproliferative vasculopathy
Polysaccharide binding fusion proteins and conjugates
Method and pharmaceutical composition for regulating lipid concentration
Osteoporosis compounds
Intravenous form of thalidomide for treating immunological diseases
Method and conjugate for treating H. pylori infection
Enediyne compounds
Use of a cationic amphipathic compound as a transfection agent, vaccine additive or drug
Antimicrobial denture adhesive and cleanser compositions
OB polypeptide antibodies and method of making
Nucleic acid primers and probes for the mammalian OB gene
Use of ascorbyl 2'-phosphates for stabilizing vitamin A and/or vitamin A derivatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or combating skin aging
Method for regulating hair growth
Natural antioxidant compositions, method for obtaining same and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutritional formulations thereof
Zwitterionic siloxane polymers and ionically cross-linked polymers formed therefrom
Oxybutynin therapy
Pharmaceutical composition containing rhein or diacerhein with improved bioavailability
Methods and formulations for modulating the human sexual response
Chitin hydrogels, methods of their production and use
Superabsorbent polymers having anti-caking characteristics
Bone replacement compound comprising poly(polypropylene fumarate)
Functional material containing volatile agent
Dermal wound window dressing securement system
Fire equipment bracket having integral locating beacon
Method for treatment of halogen-containing waste material
Method of decomposing polychlorobiphenyls
Multilayer golf ball and composition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for forming a catalyst, catalyst support or catalyst precursor with compressed fluids
Method for working up benzimidazolone-containing reaction mixtures
Fluid formulation and method for dust control and wetting enhancement
Methods for determining receptor-ligand binding using probe arrays
Pressure sensing reaction vessel for microwave assisted chemistry
Olefin purification by adsorption of acetylenics and regeneration of adsorbent
Titania catalysts, their preparation and use in fischer-tropsch synthesis
Preparation of organic acids such as acrylic acid by catalytic oxidation using a group V mixed metal oxide catalyst containing Cu, Mo, W, V, Nb and Ta
Ring halogenation of aromatic compounds
Catalyst with fine-particle dispersion of the active component
Method for preparing an acidic solid oxide
Highly active and selective catalysts for the production of unsaturated nitriles, methods of making and using the same
Process for the partial oxidation of hydrocarbon and process for preparation of oxygen-containing organic compound
Method for producing polytetrahydrofuran
Catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Catalytic conversion of a saturated hydrocarbon to an aromatic hydrocarbon
Mazzite supported catalyst
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Metallized graphite heater for a high-pressure high-temperature reaction vessel
Cyclopentadiene compound substituted with branched alkyl groups
Process for the preparation of metallocene catalyst systems on inert support material using gas phase reactor
Catalyst ligands, catalyst compositions, catalyst metal complexes and processes for cross-coupling aromatic boron compounds with aromatic halogens or perfluoroalkylsulfonates
Catalysis using phosphine oxide compounds
Method for multiple analyte detection
Teleoperated robotic sorting system
Parallel document buffer and method of buffering documents
Integrated circuit sorter that automatically prevents binning of integrated circuits into a wrong container
Cleaning method
Foundry binder systems which contain alcohol modified polyisocyanates
Electrode positioner for electric-discharge texturing apparatus
Hardfacing compositions and hardfacing coatings formed by pulsed plasma-transferred arc
Heating apparatus for a welding operation and method therefor
Laser cutting machine
Flux-cored welding wire with a low nitrogen content
Automatic tracking process of the joint bevel for the butt welding of pipes and equipment for the embodiment of the process
Die cast housing for welding machine generator
Slurries for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies, and methods and apparatuses for making and using such slurries
Reversing mechanism for electric motors
Cartesian coordinates robot
Molding machine
Direct thermal printable film and laminate
Multi layer headliner with polyester fiber and natural fiber layers
Thermally reactive near infrared absorption polymer coatings, method of preparing and methods of use
Method for making a driographic printing plate involving the use of a heat-sensitive imaging element
High performance polymer compositions having photosensitivity-imparting substituents and thermal sensitivity-imparting substituents
Electronic book with multiple page displays
Water-activatable polymers for ink-jet imprintable constructions
Marking system
Pink dye for thermal color proofing
Orange dye mixture for thermal color proofing
Pressure gauge for a pneumatic tire
Device for controlling the tire pressure of automobiles by means of a battery-powered circuit
Tire pressure sensing system
Heating and air conditioning system for vehicles
Information display in a rearview mirror
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Electric motor rotor holding arrangement
Light fixture with object detection system
Vehicle automatic transmission shift lever alarm system
Occupant protection and signal apparatus and method
Remotely operable vehicle identification and disabling system
Anti-theft device using the front windshield
Panel-mounted garage door remote control
Moisture sensor with pre-demodulation gain and high-order filtering
Control unit
Bobbinless solenoid coil
Safety system for marine vehicle
Aircraft air conditioning system including electric generator for providing AC power having limited frequency range
GPS based augmented reality collision avoidance system
(Zinc, cadmium, magnesium) aluminate-gallate-containing organic-binder paint and film articles
Composite resin composition
Stainless steel cap
Alarm device designed to warn of danger of hitting high voltage power line by crane in motion
Micromachined gas-filled chambers and method of microfabrication
Monolithic silicon mass flow control structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with long chain (C6+) or aromatic matrix polymer-compatible monomeric, oligomeric or polymeric intercalant compounds and composite materials containing same
Organometallic single source precursors for inorganic films coatings and powders
Branched water-soluble acrylamide copolymers of high molecular weight and process for manufacturing them
.beta.-quartz-based glass-ceramics
Thermoplastic coating compositions and process using same
High temperature sealing glass
Cement composition and process therewith
Cutting tools and wear resistant articles and material for same
Method for the production of a fermented compost using bacteria, fungi and worms at controlled temperature
Method for producing a hydrogen-containing fluorinated alkane
1234ze preparation
Recovery of triarylmethyl halide protecting groups cleaved during oligonucleotide synthesis
.alpha.-unsaturated amines, their production and use
Process for preparing 4-hydroxyanilines
Arylcycloalkane carboxylic esters, their use, pharmaceutical compositions and preparation
Processes for making and using alkylaminoarylcarbonyl compounds
Ammonium alkoxides
Bicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes and related compounds
Phenyldiboronic acid reagents and complexes
Process for preparing lactamide
Aryl or heteroaryl amides of tetrahydronaphthalene, chroman, thiochroman and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline carboxylic acids, having an electron withdrawing substituent in the aromatic or heteroaromatic moiety, having retinoid-like biological activity
Anti-viral compounds
Substituted phenyl compounds with a substituent having a thienyl ring
Carbodiimide crosslinking agent, process for preparing the same, and coating material comprising the same
Nitroisourea derivative
Quaternary phosphonium salt catalysts in catalytic hydrolysis of alkylene oxides
Process for the hydrogenation of sugars
Catalytic ionic hydrogenation of ketones using tungsten or molybdenum organometallic species
Preparation of alkane sulfonic acids and sulfonyl chlorides by oxidation of alkanethiols and dialkyl disulfides
Method of preparing N-(2-aminoalkyl)-2-aminoethoxylate ethane sulfonate
Synthesis of chiral 2-azetidinemethanol compounds
Dofetilide polymorphs
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Mercaptoketones and mercaptoalcohols and a process for their preparation
Method for preparation of pharmaceutical-grade dithiocarbamate
Process for the preparation of benzothiazolone compounds
Amino acid derivatives having a nitric oxide synthase inhibiting action
Selenized transparent optical material
Process for producing 13-cis retinoic acid
Synthesis of glycol ethers
Electron donors
Hydroxynaphthoic acids and derivatives
Process for synthesizing benzoic acids
Process for making low calorie triglycerides having long and short fatty acid chains
Iodinated fatty acid esters iodinated fatty acids and derivatives thereof produced by iodohydrination using alkylsilylated derivatives and alkaline iodides and the pharmacological activities thereof
Unsaturated oxyalkylene esters and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of o-chloromethyl-phenylglyoxylic acid derivatives
HIV integrase inhibitors
Process for preparing (s)- and (R)-.alpha.-ethyl-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide
Antithrombotic agents
Use of N-(substituted glycyl)-2-cyanopyrrolidines in inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase-IV
Crosslinked polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVPP) copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone (VP) and monomer derived from 1-vinyl-3-(E)-ethylidene pyrrolidone (EVP)
Process for preparing 3-pyrroline-2-carboxylic acid derivatives
Polymorphic compounds
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors, their preparation, the pharmaceutical compositions which contain them and their use in the preparation of medicaments
Arylglycinamide derivatives, methods of producing these substances and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds
4-substituted piperidine analogs and their use as subtype selective NMDA receptor antagonists
Diphenylalkyl-tetrahydropyridines, process for their preparation, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process and intermediates for a .beta..sub.3 -adrenergic receptor agonist
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Substituted quaterrylene tetracarboxylic acid diimides
Process for preparing pharmaceutically useful norbenzomorphane derivative
Pesticidal 1-arylpyrazole derivatives
Process for the preparation of a magnesium salt of a substituted sulfinyl heterocycle
Polycyclic phthalazine compounds and their use
Nonnucleoside inhibitors of reverse transcriptase, composite binding pocket and methods for use thereof
Optically active phenyl pyrimidine derivatives as analgesic agent
4,4-disubstituted-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinazolinones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Pyrazinedicarboxylic-acid derivatives as cell proliferation regulators
Process for preparing sulphurous 2-chloro-3-(4,5-dihydroisoxazol-3-yl)-benzoic acids
Process for the preparation of dithiazolyl disulfides
Substituted phenols as novel calcium channel blockers
Process for preparing unsaturated esters containing cyclic epoxy group
Methods of using 1,2-dioxetanes and kits therefore
Process for isolation of 10-deacetyl baccatin-III
Process for preparing optically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-.gamma.-butyrolactone
Chromene derivatives and salts thereof, and pharmaceuticals containing the same
Process for the preparation of 1,3-dioxolane-4-methanols
Process for preparing trioxane
Thioalkyl alpha substituted pyrimidine compounds
Benzimidazoles as corticotropin release factor antagonists
Triazole compounds and the use thereof
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists (tricyclics)
Endothelin antagonists
Thiophene-ethyl thiourea compounds and use
.beta.-form tris-(2, 3-epoxypropyl)-isocyanurate crystals and process for their production
Method of preparing a thiophene-containing or furan-containing conjugated compound and precursor compound used therein
Therapeutic heterocycles
Hetero-aromatic ring substituted phenyloxazolidinone antimicrobials
Method of determining an alkali ion
Isoquinuclidine derivatives, method of manufacturing the same and therapeutic agents for hypercholesterolemia containing these compounds
Pyrazolopyridine compound and pharmaceutical use thereof
Imidazopyridine azolidinones
Indole-2,3-dione-3-oxime derivatives
Imidazo[1,2-a]quinoxalin-4-amines active as adenosine antagonists, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine-1,4-dione serine protease inhibitors
Azolo triazines and pyrimidines
Octafluoro-meso-tetraarylporphyrins and methods for making these compounds
Process for the preparation of substituted amido phthalocyanine derivatives and novel substituted amido phthalocyanine derivatives
Synthetic analogs of ecteinascidin-743
Acylbenzoxazines for enhancing synaptic response
Semi-synthetic ecteinascidins
Method of controlling graminaceous weeds
Triazole antifungal agents
Cores for technetium radiopharmaceuticals
Preparation of bis aryl cyclopentadienyl Group IVA metal dihalides
Olefin polymerization catalyst having a bridged phosphole-heteroatom ligand
Fluorenyl-containing polymeric metallocene catalyst systems
Process for preparing elastomeric EP(D)M copolymers
Selective catalysts for the synthesis of epoxysilicone monomers and polymers
Process for preparing bis(3-t-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl-2,4-di-t-butylphenyl)resorcinol diphosphate
2-Halo-6-O-substituted ketolide derivatives
High affinity TGF.beta. nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
Phosphotriester oligonucleotides, amidities and method of preparation
Processes and intermediates for phosphorous-containing covalent linkages
Genetically engineered alpha helix polypeptide
Method for placing a photo-cross-linking agent at specific internal sites within the sequence of synthetic strands of ribonucleic acids
Carbohydrate-directed cross-linking reagents
Immunoglobulin preparation and preparation process thereof
Process for purifying dermonecrotic toxin produced by Bordetella and toxoid
Fermentative carotenoid production
Mutant hypoxia inducible factor-1 HIF-1
Human Vps35/Mem3-related protein
Rab proteins
Chromosome 13-linked breast cancer susceptibility gene
Compositions and methods for treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
Enzyme catalyzing dephosphorylation
Purified mammalian monocyte antigens and related reagents
O-glycan inhibitors of selectin mediated inflammation derived from PSGL-1
Recombinant thrombin receptor and related pharmaceuticals
Signal mediator protein that induces cellular morphological alterations
Synthetic polypeptides corresponding to portions of proteinoids translated from brain-specific mRNAs, receptors, methods and diagnostics using the same
Human brain natriuretic peptides
Compositions and methods for reducing adhesiveness of defective red blood cells
Long wavelength engineered fluorescent proteins
Hemoglobins with intersubunit dislufide bonds
Use of anti-HIV IGA antibodies for producing immunological protection against the human immunodeficiency virus
AMP activated protein kinase
Assay for marker of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte elastase activity
Peptide derivatives
Oxidation in solid state of oxidizable galactose type of alchohol configuration containing polymer
Alumoxane-enhanced, supported ziegler-natta polymerization catalysts, methods of making same, processes of using same and polymers produced therefrom
Method for purification of alpha-olefins for polymerization use and method for production of poly-alpha-olefins
Polymerization catalyst systems, their production and use
Supported catalyst system, processes for its preparation, and its use for the polymerization of olefins
Polymers for photoresist compositions
Preparation of novel Homo- and copolymers using atom transfer radical polymerization
Aqueous emulsion of (CO) polymer made from monomer containing isocyanate group and olefinic double bond
Vinyl acetate copolymer emulsions stabilized by poly(ethylene glycol)-diepoxide adducts
Processes for preparing copolymers
Viscosity improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Process for producing fluorine-containing graft copolymer
Thermoplastic fluoropolymer containing elastomer and production process therefor
Method for removing volatile materials from a polymer composition
Blocky chlorinated polyolefins, process for making and use as impact modifier compatibilizer for PVC or CPVC
Ethylene-alpha-olefin polymers, processes and uses
Antistatic layer with electrically conducting polymer for imaging element
Metal containing e-coat catalysts optionally with tin catalysts
Epoxy resin, epoxy resin composition and hardened product thereof
Expoxy/acid anhydride composition
Process for crystallizing polyethylene naphthalate copolymers in the absence of devolatilization
Method for quenching of polycarbonate
Polyaddition copolymer and process for producing the same
Fast-cure silylated polymer adhesive
Poly(arylene ether) compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Process for producing organosilicon resin, and process for producing polyurethane foam by using the organosilicon resin obtained by that process
Polycondensates and polymerizates made from hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes
Process for the continuous preparation of HTV silicone compositions
Crosslinked polyolefinic foams with enhanced physical properties and a dual cure process of producing such foams
Expandable resin composition
Fire-retardant tablet, and fire-retarding method, fire-retardant polymer composition and molded article employing the same
Aromatic polysulfone and Group IA or IIA metal oxide or carbonate
Accelerator system for crosslinking polymers which harden on exposure to the moisture in air
Method for preparing a pigment for polyvinylchloride coloring
Composite of thermosetting resin with metallic oxide and process for the preparation thereof
Ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer composition
Semicrystalline polymer alloy and process for preparation
Method of processing polyethylene and polyethylene/elastomer blends
Halogen-free flame resistant polystyrol moulding materials
Resin composites and method for producing the same
High impact strength polysulfones
Silicone composition, method for the preparation thereof, and silicone elastomer
Photo-decoloring dye, a binder resin composition containing the same and photo-recording material
Monoaso compounds containing a fluoro-triazinyl group linked with a fiber-reactive group of the vinyl sulfone series via an ethyl-n-methyly-amino group, suitable as dyestuffs
Orange dye mixture for thermal color proofing
Ink composition for ink jet printing
Release modifier compositions
Water repellent composition, fluorocarbon polymer coating composition and coating film therefrom
Use of multi-block copolymers as thermo-thickeners
Clear brine drill-in fluid
High temperature epoxy resin compositions, additives and methods
Drilling fluid additive and process therewith
Process for generating pure benzene from reformed gasoline
Organic lubricants and coolants
Use of borated compounds for the improvement of the compatibility of lubricating oils with fluorocarbon elastomers
Multipurpose scale removing chemical compound
Aqueous composition for low-temperature metal-cleaning and method of use
Toilet bowl cleaning tablet
Method of making highly alkaline solid cleaning compositions
Antisense modulation of PDK-1 expression
Antisense inhibition of fra-1 expression
Cell growth-controlling oligonucleotides
Stable gene amplification in chromosomal DNA of prokaryotic microorganisms
Modification of soluble solids in fruit using sucrose phosphate synthase encoding sequence
FAE1 genes and their uses
UBCH7-like ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
Production and use of isolated type 5 17.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Human nucleotide pyrophosphohydrolase-2
Complementary DNA for rice chitinase having lytic activity against moulds and bacteria, and vector containing said complementary DNA and transformant
ACC synthase genes from pineapple, papaya and mango
Pectate lyase
Method for producing L-leucine
Microbial catalyst for desulfurization of fossil fuels
System for qualitatively and/or quantitatively analyzing preferably biological substances using enhanced chemiluminescence, and method and analysis kit using same
Method for determining activated coagulation factors in plasma and plasma derivatives
Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis
Multiple displacement amplification
Process for reducing the formation of artifacts during transcription of ribonucleic acids to deoxynucleic acids
Zoogloeal and hyphomicrobium spp. nucleic acids
Nucleic acid amplification using single primer
Multiplex polynucleotide capture methods and compositions
Diagnostic method and kit for neuropsychiatric diseases using trinucleotide repeats sequence
Method for treating a surface of a silicon single crystal and a method for manufacturing a silicon single crystal thin film
Method of cleaning surface of substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Deposition of device quality, low hydrogen content, hydrogenated amorphous silicon at high deposition rates with increased stability using the hot wire filament technique
Temperature monitoring and calibration system for control of a heated CVD chuck
Pulsed electrothermal powder spray
Textiles; Paper
Bearing assembly for an open-end spinning machine
Monitoring device at a textile machine
Method and an arrangement for measuring the amount/activity of catalase before or in connection with bleaching of preferably cellulose fibres included in a pulp suspension
Fixed Constructions
Screed for a paver having a tamper bar heated by induction
Method for heating a solid surface such as a floor, wall, roof, or countertop surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Single core dual circuit heat exchange system
Actuator using electrical contacts pressed in abutment
Empty product detector
Motor having a hydrodynamic bearing and cooling device using the motor
Single lamp brake status indicator system
Method of aligning a light curtain
Electroluminescent device with a secure contact
Universal arc-discharge lamp systems
Ultraviolet irradiation device of the optical path division type
Moisture measurement control of wood in radio frequency dielectric processes
Device assembly facilitating gap filling between spaced layers of semiconductor substrates
Magnetic position sensor having a variable width magnet mounted into a rotating disk and a hall effect sensor
Navigation device for people
Electromagnetic control motor device, particularly a ratio meter
Wide area remote telemetry
Process and measuring system for locating a movable object by monitoring the absolute position of the object
Rotary magnetic encoder using hall effect for detecting revolution of a shaft
Position detection using a spaced apart array of magnetic field generators and plural sensing loop circuits offset from one another in the measurement direction
Virtual mask encoder
Drive system
Portable pallet scale
Method for measuring features of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for detecting contact lenses
Apparatus for measuring the reflectance of strips having non-uniform color
Method and apparatus for indirect agglutination immunoassay
Micro sensor and method for making same
Ion mobility storage trap and method
Method of monitoring compliance with methadone treatment program
Method of diagnosing a malignant disorder or its precursor stages
Arrangement and method of examining hydrophilic macromolecules in an aqueous solution
Protein biomarker for mustard chemical injury
Method for detecting cancers
Blood control and system for erythrocyte sedimentation measurement
Method of manufacturing semiconductor acceleration sensor
Test socket for surface mount device packages
Probe holder for low voltage, low current measurements in a water probe station
Electro-optic voltage sensor with Multiple Beam Splitting
Universal apparatus for testing printed circuit boards utilizing independently movable needle boards
Circuit continuity test apparatus
Method and circuit for testing the output connections of a driver circuit for a plasma display panel
Method of engaging electrically conductive test pads on a semiconductor substrate
Low frequency suppression circuit for a time domain reflectometer
Lightning and surge arrester test apparatus and method
Testing of live circuit boards
Apparatus and method for testing semiconductor devices formed on a semiconductor wafer
Metal electrode mask in a method of fault failure analysis and characterization of semiconductor devices
Method of increasing AC testing accuracy through linear extrapolation
Process monitor circuitry for integrated circuits
Backup battery monitoring device and method
System and method for determining battery condition and telecommunications equipment incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for reducing electrical power consumption in a machine monitor
Matching amplifier having an extremely high input resistance for an induction probe
Apparatus and method for imaging metallic objects using an array of giant magnetoresistive sensors
Radar apparatus for vehicle
Wide area navigation for a robot scrubber
Anti-jamming array antenna
Gamma ray imaging detector with three dimensional event positioning and method of calculation
Method for determining thermal neutron capture cross-section of earth formations using measurements from multiple capture gamma ray detectors
Far infrared thermal imaging system
Head mounted display
Head mounting type image display system
Method of manufacturing an optical device with a groove accurately formed
Liquid crystal display device provided with auxiliary circuitry for reducing electrical resistance
Method of making a large area imager with improved signal-to-noise ratio
Charged-particle-beam projection-exposure apparatus with integrated reticle and substrate inspection
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and novel compound
Latent image stability using alkynylamines and iodide emulsions
System and method for latent film recovery in electronic film development
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Anionic photocatalyst
Visible light-sensitive compositions and pattern formation process
Method of forming a resist pattern
Pattern exposure method and system
Process of fabricating semiconductor device having ashing step for photo-resist mask in plasma produced from N.sub.x H.sub.y gas
Position sensor having a reflective projecting system and device fabrication method using the sensor
Micro-generator module and clockwork movement containing such a micro-generator
Robot controller
Current sensing gated current source for delay reduction in a universal serial bus (USB) low speed output driver
Voltage stabilizer configuration
Temperature compensated current and voltage reference circuit
Ultra low voltage cascoded current sources
Semiconductor integrated circuit device controlling the threshold value thereof for power reduction at standby mode
Cascode current mirror with amplifier
Reference voltage source with temperature-compensated output reference voltage
Multiple-operation electric component
Electronic circuit apparatus having circuits for effectively compensating for clock skew
Coordinate input device
Logic circuit and its forming method
Hood-shaped support frame for a low cost virtual reality system
Method and apparatus for reducing flat panel display horizontal scan signal interference in the electrostatic pen operated digitizer
Collapsible detector assembly
Pointing device with ergonomic features
Pointing device utilizing a photodetector array
Method and apparatus for a N-nary logic circuit using capacitance isolation
DNA sequences useful for computation
Real time algorithms and architectures for coding images compressed by DWT-based techniques
Detector interconnect system
System and method for filtering an alarm
Radio selective calling receiver and calling method
Selectively called radio receiver and controlling method thereof
Remote controller, remote control interface, and remote control system including a remote controller and a remote control interface
Process and apparatus for regulating traffic
Method and apparatus for automatic event detection in a wireless communication system
Musical notation system
Display mode selection method and display unit controller
Method of controlling alternating current plasma display panel for improving data write-in characteristics without sacrifice of durability
Liquid crystal display driving circuit and liquid crystal display having parallel resonant circuit for reduced power consumption
Low power gate driver circuit for thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) using electric charge recycling technique
Display apparatus
Image size enlarging and reducing method and apparatus
Bridge mechanism for the acoustic guitar
Musical instrument
Water-repelling octave bowl for an oboe
Apparatus and method for automatically composing music according to a user-inputted theme melody
Electronic sound generator with mechanical movement feature
Electronic music system for detecting pitch
Wavefunction sound sampling synthesis
Magnetically driven wind chime apparatus
Wind-activated audio-generating apparatus
Trapezoidal spindle motor driver
Tester for peripheral storage device
Boost capacitor for an H-bridge integrated circuit motor controller having matching characteristics with that of the low-side switching devices of the bridge
Magnetic sensor using tunnel resistance to detect an external magnetic field
Current limiting device and materials for a current limiting device
Polyethylene glycol treated carbon black and compounds thereof
Ultra thin and flexible SCSI cable and method for making the same
Wire assembly apparatus and method for assembling wires
Electronic device, and its fabrication method
Multilayer-type inductor
Q inductor with multiple metallization levels
Magnetic component assembly
Deflection yoke
Circular magnet tool with alignment insert element and method of assembly
Electrical switch, in particular for vehicles
Latch integrated, tamper resistant, electro-magnetic alarm switch
Multi-position switching actuator for switch gear
Non-volatile MEMS micro-relays using magnetic actuators
Switch with a rocker, which has an affixed magnet
Rotation-activated circuit-breaker with a leading auxiliary switch
Method of monitoring a tap selector
Multi-setting and easy-to-install light switch controller
Electron tube cathode
Gate-and emitter array on fiber electron field emission structure
Bi-substrate plasma panel
Image forming apparatus
Color cathode ray tube
Electron gun for a cathode-ray tube for image display having an electrode with a reduced electron beam limiting hole and a cathode with an electron emissive layer mainly made of an oxide of an alkaline metal and containing an oxide of a rare earth metal
Color cathode ray tube
Row lines of a field emission array and forming pixel openings therethrough
Electron beam exposure system and method of manufacturing devices using the same
Charged-particle-beam projection apparatus and transfer methods
Surface-enhanced photolabile attachment and release for desorption and detection of analytes
Metastable atom bombardment source
Method of ion fragmentation in a quadrupole ion trap
Discharge lamps and methods for making discharge lamps
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic wet etching of silicon
Capacitive memory cell
Rapid thermal anneal with a gaseous dopant species
Resistless device fabrication method
BiCMOS process for counter doped collector
Method of making intermetal dielectric layers having a low dielectric constant
In-situ SiON deposition/bake/TEOS deposition process for reduction of defects in interlevel dielectric for integrated circuit interconnects
Apparatus and method for planarization of spin-on materials
Semiconductor device organic insulator film
High density plasma (HDP) etch method for suppressing micro-loading effects when etching polysilicon layers
Non-destructive method and device for measuring the depth of a buried interface
Structure of a spacer
Electro-optical device and thin film transistor and method for forming the same
Method of manufacturing MOSFET devices
Plastic lead frames for semiconductor devices, packages including same, and methods of fabrication
Method for fabricating cob type semiconductor package
Micromachined chip scale package
Semiconductor circuit having a crystal growth in an active layer where a specific distance is established between a selected portion and where the growth starts to the active layer of the circuit
Method for fabricating a hemispherical silicon grain layer
Method for manufacturing cylindrical lower electrode of DRAM capacitor
Method of forming a lower electrode of a capacitor in a DRAM cell
Method of making integrated capacitor incorporating high K dielectric
Method of forming stacked capacitor
Contact structure and associated process for production of semiconductor electronic devices and in particular nonvolatile EPROM and flash EPROM memories
Method for making openings in a passivation layer over polycide fuses using a single mask while forming reliable tungsten via plugs on DRAMs
Method for fabricating ultra-small interconnections using simplified patterns and sidewall contact plugs
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method using a germanium sacrificial gate electrode plug
Method for manufacturing a polysilicon TFT with a variable thickness gate oxide
Si/SiGe MOSFET and method for fabricating the same
Method of producing a semiconductor device with reduced fringe capacitance and short channel effect
Method for making deep sub-micron mosfet structures having improved electrical characteristics
Epitaxial channel vertical MOS transistor
SOI-MOS field effect transistor that withdraws excess carrier through a carrier path silicon layer
Fabrication process for thin film transistors in a display or electronic device
FET with source-substrate connection and method for producing the FET
Method for forming an asymmetric floating gate overlap for improved device performance in buried bit-line devices
Integrated chip multiplayer decoupling capacitors
Method for manufacturing bipolar transistor capable of suppressing deterioration of transistor characteristics
Reduced pad erosion
Method for forming an etch mask during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Method of making a semiconductor device having source/drain structures with self-aligned heavily-doped and lightly-doped regions
Method of reducing carbon contamination of a thin dielectric film by using gaseous organic precursors, inert gas, and ozone to react with carbon contaminants
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Spacer structure as transistor gate
Method for making flash memory
Incorporating barrier atoms into a gate dielectric using gas cluster ion beam implantation
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with silicide layer without short circuit
Methods of fabricating silicide layers and silicide contact structures in microelectronic devices
MIS transistor with a three-layer device isolation film surrounding the MIS transistor
Lateral MOSFET having a barrier between the source/drain region and the channel region using a heterostructure raised source/drain region
Method for cleaning wafer surface and a method for forming thin oxide layers
Capacitor structures formed using excess oxygen containing material provided relative to electrodes thereof
Self-aligned contact process using low density/low k dielectric
Semiconductor device including a resin sealing member which exposes the rear surface of the sealed semiconductor chip
Method for analyzing minute foreign substance elements
Isotropically etching sidewall spacers to be used for both an NMOS source/drain implant and a PMOS LDD implant
Shallow trench isolation formation with simplified reverse planarization mask
Method for forming isolation region of semiconductor device
Inverted dielectric isolation process
Integrated non-volatile and random access memory and method of forming the same
Method for producing a semiconductor device using delamination
Process for manufacturing a CMOS circuit with all-around dielectrically insulated source-drain regions
Scalable and reliable integrated circuit inter-level dielectric
Flat interface for a metal-silicon contact barrier film
Method of forming gate oxide having dual thickness by oxidation process
Method for integrating high-voltage device and low-voltage device
Integrated circuitry comprising halo regions and LDD regions
Semiconductor device having channel stop regions
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method for improved storage node isolation
Complementary integrated circuit having N channel TFTs and P channel TFTs
Method of making stackable semiconductor chips to build a stacked chip module
Vertical interconnect process for silicon segments with thermally conductive epoxy preform
Method for simultaneously forming a storage-capacitor electrode and interconnect
Field programmable logic arrays with vertical transistors
Semiconductor device including upper, lower and side oxidation-resistant films
Method of removing copper oxide within via hole
Metallization structure and method for a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductors with self-aligning vias
Method for forming conformal barrier layers
Contact/via force fill process
Method of fabricating an unlanded via
Variable circuit connector and method of fabricating the same
Method of preventing bowing in a via formation process
Adjusting the size of conductive lines based upon contact size
Method of fabrication of anti-fuse integrated with dual damascene process
Carrier strip and molded flex circuit ball grid array and method of making
Integrated circuit chip package and method of making the same
Functionally gradient integrated metal-ceramic member and semiconductor circuit substrate application thereof
Multilayer wiring board having vent holes and method of making
Transverse hybrid LOC package
Multi-layer lead frame for a semiconductor device
Lead structure for a semiconductor device with an isolating protective layer and method of fabricating the same
Tape carrier package
Raised tungsten plug antifuse and fabrication processes
Ultra high-speed chip interconnect using free-space dielectrics
Utilization of die repattern layers for die internal connections
MMIC package
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Stacked semiconductor structure for high integration of an integrated circuit with junction devices
Chip decoupling capacitor
Split gate flash memory with buried source to shrink cell dimension and increase coupling ratio
Non-volatile trench semiconductor device having a shallow drain region
Dynamic threshold MOSFET using accumulated base BJT level shifter for low voltage sub-quarter micron transistor
High voltage integrated circuit, high voltage junction terminating structure, and high voltage MIS transistor
Insulated gate bipolar transistor with latch-up protection
Thin film solar cell
Method for fabricating optoelectronic device in low-temperature deposition and thermal treatment
Fiber optic connector having a microelectromechanical positioning apparatus and an associated fabrication method
Conductive polymer PTC battery protection device and method of making same
Microwave testing high-power dummy load forming method and microwave testing high-power dummy load apparatus
RF/Microwave oscillator
Deployment of dual reflector systems
RV mounting for a satellite dish
Folded dual frequency band antennas for wireless communicators
Radial line slot antenna
Glass antenna for RF-ion source operation
Structure of vehicular active antenna system of mobile and satellite tracking method with the system
Photonic phase and time delay-steered arrays
Adaptive antenna array system calibration
Circularly polarized wave patch antenna with wide shortcircuit portion
Planar antenna
Electrical stress control
Battery charger device
Battery charger
Charging method, charging equipment, and integrated circuit
Method for improved audible noise for spindle motor
AC generator for vehicles
Device for connecting the electrically conducting jacket of a line to an earth lead
Stator wedge having abrasion-resistant edge and methods of forming same
Generator with retaining ring key that reduces rotor tooth stress
Method for driving stepping motor of multiphase hybrid type
Alternator stator coil terminal connector post assembly
Apparatus for solving bearing life and torque compensation problems in systems with oscillating components
Overflow ducts of a generator with direct induced-draft cooling
Step switch cycloconverter utilizing multi-tap armature
AC inverter drive
Motor drive control
Programmable stepper motor controller and method therefor
Wide bandwidth frequency multiplier
Frequency converter circuit for cable modem tuner
Oscillator with two outputs in quadrature
Integrated released beam oscillator and associated methods
Transconductance control circuit for rail-to-rail (RTR) differential input terminal
RF power amplifier control system
Variable gain amplifier with gain linear with control voltage
Method and apparatus for improving ringback tolerance in an input receiver
Low power class AB unity gain buffer circuit
Semiconductor circuit device with reduced power consumption
Low power clock buffer having a reduced, clocked, pull-down transistor
Output buffer circuit capable of controlling through rate
Method and apparatus for galvanically isolating two integrated circuits from each other
Signaling voltage range discriminator
High-speed push-pull output stage for logic circuits
Configurable logic element with ability to evaluate wide logic functions
Methods for configuring FPGA's having variable grain components for providing time-shared access to interconnect resources
Programmable functional device having ferroelectric material
Input buffer providing virtual hysteresis
Reference voltage generation circuit for comparator
Monolithically integrated signal processing circuit
Input buffer for semiconductor device
Adjustable delay circuit
Comparator with a large input voltage excursion
Stable low-power oscillator
Delay and interpolation timing structures and methods
Method and apparatus for biasing a charge pump
Accurate PLL charge pump with matched up/down currents from Vds-compensated common-gate switches
Method and arrangement for reducing the linearity influences in high-frequency circuits, particularly in A/D converters
Error correction architecture for pipeline analog to digital converters
Self-linearizing multi-bit DACs
Capacitive array having a correct capacitive ratio among the component capacitors, particularly for converters
Noise-equalized DAC and device capable of equalizing noise in SRAM
Pipelined successive approximation analog-to-digital converters
Digital to analog converter having improved noise and linearity performance
Digital to analog converter for correcting for non-linearities in analog devices
One bit digital to analog converter with relaxed filtering requirements
Radio-frequency LAN and WAN communication system for route delivery applications or the like
Bias compensator for differential transmission line with voltage bias
Over-sampling type clock recovery circuit with power consumption reduced
Force field halftoning
Charge integration successive approximation analog-to-digital converter for focal plane applications using a single amplifier
Method for correcting distortion of image displayed on display device, distortion detecting unit, distortion correcting unit and display device having such distortion correcting unit
Horizontal deflection circuit
Methods and apparatus for locking communications devices
Transducer backing material
Arrangement for limiting the temperature of a glass-ceramic cooking zone
Low temperature low voltage heating device
Molded polymer composite heater
Electronic ballast for high-intensity discharge lamp
System for and method of operating a mercury free discharge lamp
Lighting device for illumination and lamp provided with the same
Fluorescent lamp excitation circuit having a multi-layer piezoelectric acoustic transformer and methods for using the same
Automatic light dimmer for gas discharge lamps
Lamp driver circuit using resonant circuit for starting lamp
Method and apparatus for producing power for an induction heating source
Barcode reading microwave oven
Laminated board and process for production thereof
Motherboard screwless mounting spacer
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