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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Quinazolin-4 (3H)-one derivatives used as P13 kinase inhibitors
Protective member for a vehicle
Ventilated seat pad for a vehicle seat
Living body tissue three-dimensional model and production method therefor
System and method for automated adjustment of cardiac resynchronization therapy control parameters
Sexual stimulation device containing a ride control ring
Operating table base for an operating table
Bed pan assembly
Sexual pleasure attachment for vibration device and method
Oral mouthpiece and method for the use thereof
Anti-flatulence milk bottle
Methods of reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
Compositions and methods employing Wolbachia FtsZ as a target for Albendazole sulfone
Composition for the management of nausea and vomiting
Pharmaceutical formulation containing opioid agonist, opioid antagonist and irritant agent
Treating pain in patients with hepatic impairment
Methods of treating various cancers using an AXL/cMET inhibitor in combination with other agents
Pyrimidine compounds as JAK kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating psychiatric disorders
Memory or learning improvement using peptide and other compositions
Cannabis-infused milk
Synthesis of Nuxia oppositifolia nanoparticles
Pharmaceutical compositions of anti-acne agents
Lower body cavity treatment methods and devices using carbon dioxide and saline
Implantable pump with tapered diffuser region
Filtration module
System and method for increasing the relaxation of a person
System and method for closed-loop neural stimulation
Remote access and post program telemonitoring
High-rise building escape apparatus
Range of motion flexibility device and method of use
Exercise device with a trampoline surface and a rigid surface
Exercise bicycle with laterally adjustable pedals for increasing the number of muscle groups being conditioned
Stretching device
Wrist and forearm exercise device
Inflatable sports ball having an inner bladder with rib plates
Hockey goalie roller apparatus and method of configuring roller assembly
Billiard chalking assembly
Dice rolling system
2X2X2 cube puzzle and a cube stand
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter assembly with manifold for multiple filter element housings and filter element housing coupling therefore
Composite gas separation membrane
Ceramic hollow fibre membranes with improved mechanical properties
Methods, systems, and apparatuses to improve processes of increasing Fischer-Tropsch catalyst activity
Wheel armor spray protector
Apparatus for the repair of damaged or bent airbrush needles
Grill scraper apparatus
Manually operated bearing cleaning apparatus
Segregated multi-material metal-matrix composite tools
Segregated multi-material metal-matrix composite tools
Vented blank for producing a matrix bit body
Mesh reinforcement for metal-matrix composite tools
Production process for TiAl components
Automatic wheel rim positioning and clamping tool
Repetitive rotary broaching
Control device for ratchet wrench
Driver bits adapted for both wrenches and bit screwdrivers
Machine and cell for the assembly of valve seats and guides
Hydraulic hammer with clearance control system
Polygonal wrench tool
Welding wood creeper recliner
Concentric growth ring baseball bat
Methods for fabricating immobilization apparatus
Printing correction method and three-dimensional printing device
Apparatus and method for straightening filaments
Tire vulcanization mold and tire manufacturing method using the same
Stone and epoxy tiles and a method to manufacture
Molding compact, and manufacturing method for transdermal absorption sheet
Thermosetting resin composition and use thereof
Modular digital inking system
Inkjet head and inkjet apparatus having the same
Carriage apparatus
Method for shaping synthetic paper, holding strip formed by such a method, and sheet holding device
Wheel bearing apparatus
Tire tread for heavy vehicle of construction plant tire
Shock absorber
Cabin environment control system, cabin environment control method, and cabin environment control program
Refrigeration cycle
Adjustable and removable hard top roof system
Grille shutter assembly
System and method of controlling a drive axle system
Multi-mode electromechanical variable transmission
Heating element comprising films
Method and device for operating a motor vehicle, motor vehicle
Seat reclining apparatus
Lightweight container
Vehicle head lamp driving apparatus and vehicle provided with same
Bracket support structures for vehicle trim panels, and methods of using the same
Driver assistance apparatus for vehicle and vehicle
Method and apparatus for detecting airbag deployment
Crashworthy and safe frame for vehicle
Removable and expandable storage unit for a motor vehicle
Cylinder device
Footplate structure of wheelchair
Cleaning device for microwave oven
Auto-arresting safety device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
2-amino-6-methy1-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-8a(8H)-yl-1,- 3-thiazol-4-yl amides
Removable tattoo ink and the use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Lighting device, mobile object, and support
Method of operating a three-dimensional printer
Alarm control device and notification control method
Computer-implemented method for facilitating the exchange of information between individuals
System and method of electronically presenting data items on a card
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Decorative illuminations
LED flashlight with medallion in panel
Tubular electro-luminescent light incorporated with device(s)
Packaging and application device
Coating tool and storage container
Combination tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator
Lifting toilet chair
Tilt control mechanism for chair
Chair, in particular office chair
Multi-stage backrest assembly
Chair having a slide mechanism for the seat
Apparatus and method for double clutch actuator
Alignment system for hand-held ophthalmic device
Container assembly for mixing materials
Light chamber for door for gaming machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
System for holding paint container
System for holding paint container
Method for dosing reinforcing fibres for the manufacturing of fibre concrete and the chain packing used
Method and system for controlling the temperature of a dispensed liquid
Rotatable cutting tool with cutting inserts for chip removing machining
Turbine blade
System of laser positioning of an aperture processing machine
Mixing apparatus having a cooled connector
Apparatus for constructing a thin film mirror
Image forming method and apparatus
Edge-detecting device and image-forming device provided with the same
Cam action shaft lock device and method
Method and apparatus for scoring media
Liquid discharge head substrate, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus having these elements, manufacturing method of liquid discharge head, and driving method of the same
Liquid jetting head
Ink jet head and ink jet type recording apparatus
Substrate for ink jet head, ink jet head, and ink jet recording apparatus having ink jet head
Ink-jet head, method for manufacturing ink-jet head and ink-jet printer having ink-jet head
Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Thin film coating of a slotted substrate and techniques for forming slotted substrates
Thermally induced phase separation to recover ink-jet pen
Automatic ink supply device
Ink cartridge
Liquid container
Ink jet head storing structure and liquid filling method
Refill station
Ink jet printing apparatus
Recording apparatus
Printer, printer system, printer control method, and program therefor
Ink jet printhead with moveable shutters
Method for increasing the diameter of an ink jet ink dot
Recording medium
Multi-functioned image projecting pen
Trailer bed system
Sports and recreational trailer
Headlight for motor vehicles
Vehicle tire illuminating apparatus
Illumination device
Portable manhole cover remover
Offshore platform for drilling after or production of hydrocarbons
Single column extendable draft offshore platform
Dual rotor wind turbine
Plastic bag and packaging method using same
Sheet media package having radio-frequency identification transponder
Industrial truck with a device for moving a lifting frame
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Bearing having anodic nanoparticle lubricant
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for simultaneous in-ground installation of silt fence with wire mesh support
Method and apparatus for safety protection of temporary roof support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for designing gas turbine engine rotor assemblies
Turbine blade platform cooling system
Rotor blade
Azimuthal driving system for wind turbines
Centrifugal compressor with channel ring defined inlet recirculation channel
Smoke exhauster having improved fan device
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Dynamic gas bearing of a motor spindle comprising aeration
Axial angle disk
Compact fluorescent lighting unit with adjustable beam spread
Multidirectional transparent panel lighting system
Fascia wash luminaire
Film encapsulated strand of lights
Support structure for electric lighting fixtures
Ceiling lamp junction box/lamp rod folding installation structure
Thin lamp assembly method
Light irradiating unit
LED planar light source and low-profile headlight constructed therewith
Light signal by inverting
Manual-operation sound and light emitting device used in vehicle
Headlamp assemblies and optical bodies for use therewith
Thin backlight module
Light assembly
Device for capturing and emitting radiations
Surveying instrument
Fiber optic temperature monitoring system
Method and apparatus for inferring a temperature
Cooking thermometer with audible alarm
Container inspection machine
Illumination device with removable power pack
Shaft speed monitor
Anti-glare film, and optical member and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Reflecting mirrors shaped with magnetic fields
HMD device
Optical unit and projection type projector apparatus using the same
Roof mirror assembly
Planar lightwave circuit package
Multiplexer with a dense wavelength division multiplexing function
Multi-piece fiber optic component and manufacturing technique
Optical connector
Ferrule guide member and ferrule with precision optical fiber placement and method for assembling same
Optical connector
Fiber optic connector with mating features
Optical connector
Optical sub-assembly module for suppressing optical back-reflection and effectively guiding light from light source to optical waveguide
Optocapsule unit for an optohybrid assembly, a lower casing part of such an optocapsule unit, and an optoelectronic module comprising said optocapsule unit and an optohybrid assembly
Fiber optic field programmable gate array integrated circuit packaging
Three-dimensional mounted assembly and optical transmission device
Method for the production of a spectacle glass taking into account the optimum individual length of progression
Convection cooled light projector
Printing condition setting method and image forming device
Print system which analyzes processing speed and a method for keeping track of printing process status
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and maintenance method
Anti-glare device for projector
Color management system having a prism to compensate for optical aberrations and to enhance contrast
Projection display device
Dental X-ray apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew