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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Surgical microscope apparatus
Detector for atrial fibrillation and flutter
Catheter having mapping assembly
Diagnostic imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging using contrast agent
Multiple focus acquisition
X-ray CT scanner
Apparatus for delivery of pharmaceuticals to the cochlea
Method for reforming a capacitor in an implantable medical device
Acoustic communication transducer in implantable medical device header
Implantable device for treating epilepsy and cardiac rhythm disorders
Wearable alarm system for a prosthetic hearing implant
System and apparatus for remote activation of implantable medical devices
System and method of rapid, comfortable parameter switching in spinal cord stimulation
Cable electrode assembly for a lead terminal and method therefor
Apparatus for stimulating components in, on, or near the pudendal nerve or its branches to achieve selective physiologic responses
Subcutaneous cardiac rhythm management with asystole prevention therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electric water heater that keeps the hot water at a preset temperature constantly
Apparatus and method for measuring volumes
Optical device for measuring the thickness of an at least partially transparent medium
System and method for monitoring degradation
Optical interference apparatus
Cognitive change detection system
Chirped amplitude modulation ladar
Motor vehicle state detecting system
Cars/absorption dual mode electro-optic sensor
Detecting different spectral components of an optical signal by means of an optical shutter
Optical measurement apparatus utilizing total reflection
Methods and apparatus for obtaining low-dose imaging
Module, electronic device and evaluation tool
Positioning device, electronic instrument, and storage medium storing program
High-capacity location and identification system for cooperating mobiles with frequency agile and time division transponder device on board
Method and apparatus for ADS-B validation, active and passive multilateration, and elliptical surviellance
Digital beamforming method and apparatus for pointing and null steering without calibration or calculation of covariance matrix
Generalized divergence-free carrier smoothing and dual frequency differential GPS architecture implementing the same
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Method and apparatus for a reflective spatial light modulator with a flexible pedestal
Optical arrangement of autofocus elements for use with immersion lithography
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Optical substrate guided relay with input homogenizer
Telecommunications lead-in apparatus
Apparatus and method for an erbium-doped fiber for high peak-power applications
Ultrashort photonic waveform measurement using quasi-phase-matched non-linear optics
Optical fiber cable suited for blown installation or pushing installation in microducts of small diameter
Lens module and method for assembling same
Magnetic photonic crystal structure for providing spatial frequency asymmetry for light propagating in different directions
Display apparatus
Flat panel display with wire fixing structure
Flat panel display with connecting piece for securing button module
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Liquid crystal display cell and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device and projection display device
Color filter substrate, liquid crystal display apparatus including color filter substrate, and method of manufacturing color filter substrate
Method and system for improving ion beam alignment for liquid crystal displays by a grooving under layer
Liquid crystal displays having multi-domains and a manufacturing method thereof
LCD panel and fabricating method with ball spacer within dummy source/drain electrode pattern and dummy semiconductor pattern over gate line for maintaining cell gap
Electronic camera, information device and portable information apparatus
Microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Radiation exposure apparatus comprising a gas flushing system
Method of optimizing imaging performance
Charging device, photoconductive drum unit, and image forming device
Duplex image forming apparatus and method with control for ejecting different size recording sheet
System for control of fusing member temperature
Tandem type color image forming machine
Image forming apparatus
Methods of monitoring a marking liquid, apparatuses for monitoring a marking liquid, and image transfer devices
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus, fixing unit, and image forming method using induction heater
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Kinematic singular point compensation systems and methods
Backplane securing device for an information handling system
Mobile computer structure having rotatable screen
Adaptively applying a target noise margin to a digital subscriber line (DSL) loop for DSL data rate establishment
Consistent updates across storage subsystems coupled to a plurality of primary and secondary units at selected times
Method and system for optimizing a software-defined radio system
Core clock alignment circuits that utilize clock phase learning operations to achieve accurate clocking of data derived from serial data streams having different relative skews
System and method for detecting errors in electronic document workflow
Digital flowmeter
Image processing device and method
Image forming apparatus including tandem job status information
Method and system for managing e-mails
Media transrating over a bandwidth-limited network
Method for routing messages over a network based on location
Interactive web collaboration systems and methods
System and method for controlling distribution of network communications
Credential management and network querying
Information intermediary apparatus, information management apparatus, and information communication system
Method and apparatus for advertising update messages to peers and peer groups in a border gateway protocol process
Method and system for uniform resource locator transformation
System and method for routing communication sessions based on priority, presence and preference information
Content personalization over an interface with adaptive voice character
System and method for aggregating and extending parental controls auditing in a computer network
Method for accelerated packet processing
Network device/CPU interface scheme
Contact management in a serverless peer-to-peer system
Method for using presence in a system management environment
Standard operating procedure automation in database administration
Requesting, obtaining, and processing operational event feedback from customer data centers
Selective file erasure using metadata modifications
Pharmaceutical singulation counting and dispensing system
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
Systems and methods for selecting postal indicia image formats
Crossfade of media playback between different media processes
Methods, data stores, data structures, and systems for electronic identity aggregation
Autonomic control of a distributed computing system using an application matrix to control application deployment
Method and apparatus for creation and maintenance of incident crisis response plans
Client-based generation of music playlists via clustering of music similarity vectors
Virtual private supply chain
Portable diagnostic handset
Electronic device, method for data management, and program recording medium
System and method for auto-sensed search help
Comparative web search
Type evolution
Filtering search results
Computer storage exception handling apparatus and method for virtual hardware system
Preserving localization information from modeling to assembling
Method and system for improving critical dimension uniformity
Service interface for fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Image forming device including means for automatically updating device program and device setting information
Haptic feedback controller, method of controlling the same, and method of transmitting messages that uses a haptic feedback controller
E-mail printing apparatus and method and E-mail printing program
Printer user interface
In-vehicle multimedia system
Navigation system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus to implement themes for a handheld device
Methods and systems for automated semantic knowledge leveraging graph theoretic analysis and the inherent structure of communication
Word-processing document stored in a single XML file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML
M-bit race delay adder and method of operation
Extensible console emulator
Apparatus for slurry and operation design in cuttings re-injection
Method for automatic color balancing in digital images
Charge detecting circuit and fingerprint sensor using the same
Virtual camera translation
Apparatus and method for determining stereo disparity based on two-path dynamic programming and GGCP
System and method for evaluating a machined surface of a cast metal component
Method and system for watermarking
Method for determining a set of boundary points in a lattice
Signal compression and decompression
Method for deblocking and transcoding a media stream
Image processing apparatus, printer and control method of the image processing
Image de-ringing filter
Test method for image sharpness
Systems and methods for detecting text
Selection of alternative image processing operations to maintain high image quality
Inferential evaluation and control for matching requirements to system capabilities
Virtual private radio station via virtual private network
Electronic authentication system, authentication apparatus, and terminal
Paint manufacturing systems
Secure inspection and purchase method
Method of conducting online competitive price quoting events
Methods for risk portfolio management within an electronic trading system
System and method for processing financial transactions
Credit card system and method
Systems and methods for providing graphics data in parallel to graphics processing hardware
Tiled view-maps for autostereoscopic interdigitation
System and method for document processing operation accounting
Device to dissipate gases created in the event of a quench of a superconducting magnet
Key for vehicle and drunken driving preventing device
Method and apparatus for temporarily disabling a patient monitor
System and method of locating vehicles with keylock signals
Display device
Method of compensating image signals and display device employing the same
Control unit and method for reducing interference patterns in the display of an image on a screen
System to manage display power consumption
Video division detection methods and systems
Responding to change of state of control on device disposed on an interactive display surface
Pen input/display device
Font management system
Speech recognition using a state-and-transition based binary speech grammar with a last transition value
Method and apparatus for recognizing speech in a noisy environment
Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of multiple reproduction path video data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Adaptively adjusting seek function control parameters based on off-track write events
Optical disc, optical disc manufacturing method, and optical disc apparatus
Data storage device and magnetic disk drive in hermetically sealed condition
Magnetic sensor with in-stack biasing
Servo architecture for high areal density data storage
High performance DVD writing current circuit
Method for using two data busses for memory array block selection
Ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) cells with low signal line numbers
Method of operating multi-level cell and integrate circuit for using multi-level cell to store data
Method and system for program pulse generation during programming of nonvolatile electronic devices
Memory based computation systems and methods for high performance and/or fast operations
Device and method to reduce wordline RC time constant in semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling timing
Overwriting memory cells using low instantaneous current
Semiconductor memory device
Computerized plant selection system
Integrated transformer and method of fabrication thereof
Permanent magnet for particle beam accelerator and magnetic field generator
Fuse component comprising an optical indicator
Mobile communication terminal
Antenna and non-contact tag
Antenna device
RF transmitter with variably biased RF power amplifier and method therefor
Semi-automatic satellite locator system
Wide temperature range uncooled transceiver module for uncontrolled environments
Liquid crystal polymer optical filter carrier
Self-powered communications link for smart circuit breakers
Overload protective apparatus of a compressor and a method thereof
System and method for transmitting ultrawide bandwidth signals
FEC scheme for encoding two bit-streams
System of multi-channel analog signal generation and controlled activation of multiple peripheral devices
Method and system for input voltage droop compensation in video/graphics front-ends
Charge-domain pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Methods and systems for designing high resolution analog to digital converters
Technique for improving modulation performance of translational loop RF transmitters
Common mode management between a current-steering DAC and transconductance filter in a transmission system
Multimedia device for motor vehicle
Automatic volume control for amplitude modulated signals
Programmable mobile radiotelephone terminal
Discrete amplitude calibration of oscillators in frequency synthesizers
RF transceiver with compact stacker mixer design for multiple frequency conversion
High power, optically-linearized microwave fiber optic link with suppression of fiber induced distortion
Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver
Mobile communication system, mobile station and diversity handover branch control method
I/Q compensation of frequency dependent response mismatch in a pair of analog low-pass filters
Echo canceller disabler for modulated data signals
System and method for controlling transmission power in wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for reducing erroneous frame classifications
Network-wide congestion control of SPVC signaling messages
Backup service managers for providing reliable network services in a distributed environment
Detection and mitigation of temporary (bursts) impairments in channels using SCDMA
Method for sharing bandwidth using reduced duty cycle signals and media access control
Method and system for communicating and processing VOIP packets using a jitter buffer
Transmitting data
Autonegotiation between 1000Base-X and 1000Base-T
System and method for multiplexing, fragmenting, and interleaving in a communications environment
Sequence number calculation and authentication in a communications system
In-phase and quadrature-phase signal amplitude and phase calibration
Backward compatible multi-carrier transmission system
Extending SONET/SDH automatic protection switching
Algorithm for computing the size of a virtual circuit (VC) generating too much red traffic
Media communication converting burst losses to isolated losses
Communication devices capable of wireless interfacing and methods for associating said devices
Systems and methods for handling frame discard indication within cell-based data communication networks
Method of routing in an ad hoc network
Routing switch detecting change in session identifier before reconfiguring routing table
Multicast network unit, multicast network system, and multicast method
Routing method for a telecommunications network and router for implementing said method
High-performance reconfigurable interconnect for concurrent operation of multiple systems
Multi-lane receiver de-skewing
Efficient framing procedure for variable length packets
Method and system for routing communications among computer networks
System and method for traversing a NAT device for peer-to-peer hybrid communications
Forwarding state sharing between multiple traffic paths in a communication network
Transactional message-queue communication for wirelessly networked devices system and method
Cable telephony network supporting roaming VoIP terminals
Dialed-digit based determination of whether to originate a call as a circuit-switched call or a packet-switched call
Master device with time domains for slave devices in synchronous memory system
Multi-frequency data transmission channel power allocation
Data carrier provided with at least two decoding stages
Quadrature LINC transmission method and apparatus
QAM symbol mapping method and apparatus for downstream transmission of a cable modem
Method of link word synchronization
Numerically controlled oscillator
Data transmission controller and sampling frequency converter
Method and an apparatus to perform secure real-time transport protocol-on-the-fly
Arrangement for the wireless connection of terminals to a communication system
Telephone system having message recording function
Method and apparatus for voice interactive messaging
Method, system and medium for plug-and-play downloading of speed dial lists
Providing emergency data
System and method for real-time fraud detection within a telecommunication network
Dynamic selection of radio communication network operator or service provider
System and method for routing calls in a telecommunications network
Secure scanning device
Pre-compensation of high frequency component in a video scaler
Image processing according to image output mode
Color correction of multiple colors using a calibrated technique
Drive method for solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
Image processor
Photographing system
Digital camera
Method for manufacturing camera module where a solid state imaging device is an assembly reference plane of an optical unit
Systems and methods for playing digital video in reverse and fast forward modes
Image processing device suppressing color moire when restoring an image
Angled speaker assembly
Speaker having improved sound-radiating function to both directions
Loudspeaker having a composite diaphragm structure
Mobile terminal, position search system, position search method, and program therefor
Transmission control apparatus and transmission control method
Mobile station and base station
Complex wireless service apparatus using wired and wireless communication systems and method thereof
Malfunction detection method and base station apparatus utilizing the same
System, apparatus and method for automatically facilitating the discharge of static electricity from an apparatus
Structure of flexible printed circuit board
Camera latch
Printed circuit board with embedded circuit component
Alternator rectifier
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images therapeutic imaging classification system
Computer tomography apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solder ball collapse control apparatus and method thereof
X-ray mask and method for providing same
Lens sheet and method for producing it
Machine managing method, machine managed by such method, machine managing device, machine managing system, and machine managing program
Method and apparatus for underprinting pixels
High voltage electrical packaging box structure
Fully solid electrochromic element
Power frequency electromagnetic field compensation system
Document feeding method and apparatus
Packaged optical micro-mechanical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fluid deionization flow through capacitor systems
Optical filter elements and methods of making and using same
Fixed Constructions
Device for actuating an electromagnet
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of estimating the effect of the parasitic currents in an electromagnetic actuator for the control of an engine valve
Gires-Tournois interferometer with faraday rotators for optical signal interleaver
Apparatus for rotating a laser
Sensor timepiece, sensor timepiece data input system and method, and computer readable recording medium
Thermal imaging combination and method
Method and apparatus to sense temperature of thermal tuning elements in tunable optical devices
Integrated circuit with temperature sensor and method for heating the circuit
Image recording apparatus
Combined x-ray analysis apparatus
Method and apparatus for switch core health monitoring and redundancy
Method and apparatus for implementing a quality of service policy in a data communications network
Biased CPP sensor using spin-momentum transfer
Magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element with sunken lead structure
Biomimetic sonar system and method
System and method for wireless electrical power transmission
Method of performing stretch-free normal moveout (NMO) and stacking of seismic traces
Lens apparatus for projection
Reference lens for interferometer and interferometer that uses it
Real imaging system with reduced ghost imaging
Projection optical apparatus
Micromirror systems with open support structures
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Optical head using micro-machined elements
Adjusting device for a multi-beam source unit and image forming apparatus
Corrector optic compensating spherical and coma aberrations generated by a prism
Optical pickup method and apparatus for performing read and write operations on recording media
Projection type image display apparatus
Optical member with handling portion and method for manufacturing optical member and method for mounting optical member and optical module
Device for generating a 3-D image from two 2-D pictures
Prism diffuser for diffracting and spreading light
Coupling system to a microsphere cavity
Method and apparatus for reducing the wavelength dependency of an integrated optical filter
Method of producing distributing reflectors, and reflectors provided by the method
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Instrument and method for aligning optical collimators
Lumped raman amplifier for adaptive dispersion compensation
Variable optical gain equalizer and variable branching ratio beam splitter
Optical assembly with integrated lens protrusion
Optical tunable filters and optical communication device incorporated therein optical tunable filters
Wavelength router with a transmissive dispersive element
Pressure actuated solid slug optical latching relay
Switching device, particularly for optical switching
Zero static power optical switch
Bubble stability in an optical switch
Variable transmission multi-channel optical switch
Method and apparatus for integrating optical fibers with collimating lenses
Fiber optic array switch
Optical data throughput protection switch
Method and device for optically crossconnecting optical signals using tilting mirror MEMS with drift monitoring feature
Optical switching system and optical switching method
Guides lithographically fabricated on semiconductor devices
Alignment apertures in an optically transparent substrate
Separating of optical integrated modules and structures formed thereby
Parallel light emitting device--photosensitive device module
Cable with a high density of optical fibers
Optical cable with indicator
Optical fiber cable
Reduction gear mechanism
Motor control apparatus, lens apparatus, camera system and camera
Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith
Method and apparatus for providing integrated broadband polarization control
Piezoelectric tunable filter
Semiconductor light modulator
Spatial light modulator
Electro-optic spatial modulator for high energy density
Direct optical N-state phase shift keying
Locally-switched reversible electrodeposition optical modulator
Flexible electrochrome structure and methods for the production thereof
Routing optical matrix switching method and device
Ultra-compact room temperature rapidly tunable infrared sources
Fast optical wavelength shifter
Optical clock multiplier and method thereof
Transmission screen sheet and transmission screen comprising the same
Driving apparatus, light-amount regulating apparatus, and lens driving apparatus
Illumination apparatus with light shielding near an exit plane of an optical pipe and projection exposure apparatus using same
Method for applying a scale to a carrier
Gas discharge laser, method of operating a gas discharge laser, and use of a sintered filter
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge detachably mountable to an image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus including image control means for adjusting an image on a transferring material
Roller fuser system with intelligent control of fusing member temperature for printing mixed media types
Carrying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Process for holographic multiplexing
Projection alarm clock
Hand and timepiece using the hand
Convenience safety timer
Electronic timepiece
Power strip distribution system and method for an automated robotic device in a data storage system
Portable computer with integrated PDA I/O docking cradle
Portable electronic apparatus having a flat box shaped housing
Rotary axle structure for portable computers
Woofer module of a portable computer
Mobile computer with foldable keyboard
Drive bracket assembly
Front panel assembly for computer enclosure
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Latching structure for motherboards
Hard disc drive heat sink and sound absorbing frame
Liquid cooling system for all-in-one computer
Liquid cooling module
Disc storage system employing non-volatile magnetoresistive random access memory
Priority enhanced messaging and method therefor
Automatic clock tuning method, automatic clock tuning control system and apparatus having automatic clock tuning function
System, computer software product and method for transmitting and processing handwritten data
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive voice services, with real-time database queries
Apparatus and method of program classification based on syntax of transcript information
System and method of pointed position detection, presentation system, and program
Apparatus having lower data transmission rate and less degradation of image quality and method therefor
Method of testing a randomizer
Image encoding apparatus
Real time image registration, motion detection and background replacement using discrete local motion estimation
Image input apparatus
Character string extraction and image processing methods and apparatus
Image processing device and image processing program
Method and apparatus for watermarking video images
Document orientation recognizing device which recognizes orientation of document image
Surveillance apparatus and recording medium recorded surveillance program
Surveillance apparatus and recording medium recorded surveillance program
Image processing apparatus and method including line segment data extraction
Self-optimizing edge detection in blurred, high-noise images
Method and system for fuzzy clustering of images
Automatically establishing conferences from desktop applications over the Internet
Supply ordering apparatus
Electronic device including warranty start date
Image reading method, image reading device and image processing device
Digital watermarking technique
Apparatus and method for providing panoramic images
System and method using edge processing to remove blocking artifacts from decompressed images
Systems and methods for generating binary clustered, irrational halftone dots
Image processing method, image processing device, recording medium, and transmission medium
Methods and apparatus for deconvolving imaging data
Method and apparatus for calibrating an image acquisition system
Method of compressing a color image
Conversion of pixel data for interpolation or image reduction, using a small memory
Neural-network-based method of image compression
Method and apparatus for compression and decompression of halftoned images
Image input apparatus, image processing apparatus, image input method, image processing method and image input system
Decoding method and decoding apparatus
Paper sheet identification method and apparatus
Method of signal shredding
Transmitting apparatus and transmitting method, receiving apparatus and receiving method, and distribution medium
Releasable disc clamping assembly
Recording medium reproducing apparatus with retractable lid covering medium insertion port
Wave-shaping apparatus and reproduction signal processing apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for determining data field fill-in frequency at servo pack writing
Low cost detection of wobble inversions using a tuned circuit
Semiconductor device with decision feedback equalizer
Method and apparatus for reproducing data and method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
Partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) detection trellis method adaptable to signal dropouts
Magnetic recording playback device
Controller circuit connectable to an actuator designed to position a head in a recording medium drive according to a filtered positioning control signal
Magnetic disk apparatus and method of controlling the same
Disk drive with self servo writing capability
Cleaning tape for magnetic head system with magnetoresistance effect head
Window based directory for magnetic tape
Position sensing system for a disc drive using micro-servo sectors and side-by-side R/W recording elements
Computer with an accessible storage medium drive assembly
Disk drive bracket
Write channel having preamplifier and non-uniform transmission line
Method for controlling write current to a write head during data write on a hard disk
Method for reducing position error signal in a disk drive
Perpendicular recording head with return poles which reduce flux antenna effect
Spin-valve magnetoresistance sensor and thin-film magnetic head
Write head architecture for improved manufacturability
Shield electrical connections for tunnel valve sensors
Magneto-resistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Head suspension for disk drive
Magnetization sensor for sensing the write field characteristics of a perpendicular or longitudinal recording head
Method of correcting Z-height errors during assembly of a hard disk drive
Disk drive unlatching an actuator arm at a first spindle speed during a first spin-up mode and a second spindle speed during a second spin-up mode
Reference circuit for write driver circuit with programmable write current, overshoot duration and overshoot amplitude control
Magnetic microactuator with capacitive position sensor
Disk storage system employing a discrete-time sliding mode controller for servo control
Impact detecting circuit, impact detecting apparatus, and recording and reproducing apparatus including same
Active detection and acquisition of a servo track subject to lateral motion
Defined signal injection to calibrate servo index positions employing an independent position sensor
Position error signal linearization calibration
Method for contact magnetic transfer of servo pattern to hard magnetic recording disk
Optical pickup for and method of correcting aberration due to thickness variations of optical media
Optical recording medium having address pits in the header region connecting with each other
Optical pickup apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Optical disk device and luminescent power control method for semiconductor laser
Optical pickup apparatus
Optical pickup head and information recording/reproducing device
Optical recording method and medium
Near-field optical storage medium and optical data storage system therefor
Asymmetric dot shape for increasing select-unselect margin in MRAM devices
Integrated memory with a configuration of non-volatile memory cells and method for fabricating and for operating the integrated memory
Magnetic switching with expanded hard-axis magnetization volume at magnetoresistive bit ends
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Semiconductor memory module
Memory device having dual power ports and memory system including the same
Semiconductor device
Reduced integrated circuit chip leakage and method of reducing leakage
Multi-output multiplexor
Semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a breakdown phenomena in an ultra-thin dielectric
Programmable sub-surface aggregating metallization structure and method of making same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Synchronous flash memory with virtual segment architecture
Pattern layout of transfer transistors employed in row decoder
Arrangement for storing a count
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for reducing drain disturb in programming
Flash memory device and method of erasing
Methods and systems for programmable memory using silicided poly-silicon fuses
Semiconductor memory device having improved replacement efficiency of defective word lines by redundancy word lines
Semiconductor memory device capable of testing data line redundancy replacement circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having data input/output configuration variable
Storage array such as a SRAM with reduced power requirements
System and method for effectively implementing a high speed DRAM device
Memory controller and serial memory
Memory control apparatus for serial memory
High Speed sense amplifier data-hold circuit for single-ended SRAM
Memory with address management
Implementing software breakpoints
Method of controlling the operation of non-volatile semiconductor memory chips
Methods of reading and/or writing data to memory devices including multiple write circuits and/or virtual ground lines and related devices
Wordline latching in semiconductor memories
Branch amplifier card
HV system for a mono-polar CT tube
Magnetoresistive effect element having a ferromagnetic tunnel junction film with an oxide or nitride of a metallic material
Method and arrangement for determining the position of an electromagnetic actuator
Capacitor having plates with a pattern void of conductive material and method of making therfor
Engine generator set systems and methods providing load power fault protection
Pot-shaped housing and cover for capacitors
Polymer coated capacitor films
Low cost, high density diffusion diode-capacitor
ESR of solid electrolytic capacitors using conductive polymer cathodes
Circuit arrangement for operation of a relay
Read-only MOS memory
Module and method of manufacturing the module
CPU cooling structure
Chassis conducted cooling thermal dissipation apparatus for servers
Heat sink hold-down with fan-module attach location
Protecting resin-encapsulated components
Metal collector foil for electric double layer capacitor, method of producing the metal collector foil, and electric double layer capacitor using the metal collector foil
Closed-loop purging system for laser
Folded tapered-waveguide CO2 laser
Laser device and light signal amplifying device using the same
Hybrid mirror VCSELs
Gas laser device
Passively modelocked fiber laser
Two chamber F2 laser system with F2 pressure based line selection
Method and device for reducing pump noise transfer in raman amplification
Semiconductor laser device, astigmatic correction plate used therefor and method of arranging the astigmatic correction plate
Semiconductor laser device containing controlled interface oxygen at both end facets
Active wavelength locking
Wavelength locked integrated optical source structure using multiple microcavity
Surface-emitting laser having lateral current injection
Distributed bragg reflectors incorporating SB material for long-wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
GaInNAsSb quantum well semiconductor devices
High power semiconductor laser diode and method for making such a diode
Semiconductor laser and semiconductor laser module
Laser apparatus including surface-emitting semiconductor excited with semiconductor laser element, and directly modulated
High-speed laser driver including wave-shaping circuits
Method and apparatus for driving laser diode sources
Semiconductor laser apparatus and fabrication method of same, and semiconductor laser module
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor laser device, method for fabricating the same, and optical disk apparatus
Pump laser current driver
Dynamic air ionizer and method
Arc fault circuit detector having two arc fault detection levels
Trip device comprising an improved man-machine interface and circuit breaker comprising such a trip device
Overvoltage protection circuits that utilize capacitively bootstrapped variable voltages
Half-bridge converter with high power factor
Inverter for changing direct current to alternating current
DC-DC converter
Charging a capacitive energy store using energy trapping and adaptive clocking
Power converter module with an active snubber circuit
Switching power supply unit
Modular power converter
Superimposing circuit module for reducing spurious electromagnetic wave emissions and small variations in circuit parameters
Wideband digital predistortion linearizer for nonlinear amplifiers
Architecture for multi-carrier receiver
Acoustic echo cancellation equipped with howling suppressor and double-talk detector
Clock recovery circuit
Frequency voltage converter
Lock detector for delay or phase locked loops
Data decoding
Parallel distributed sample acquisition system and signal acquisition method using the same
Method and apparatus for acquiring code synchronization in a CDMA communication system
Method and arrangement in a radio receiver system with several standards
Transmit antenna diversity apparatus and method for a base station in a CDMA mobile communication system
Use of Walsh-Hadamard transform for forward link multiuser detection in CDMA systems
Optical communication system
Method to deskew parallel optical links
Raman amplification method, raman amplifier, and optical transmission system
Method and arrangement for compensating for cross phase modulation
Laser safety method for DC coupled parallel optical link
Testing system
Fast switchover output protection
System and method for correcting offsets in an analog receiver front end
Full duplex gigabit-rate transceiver front-end and method operation
Methods and apparatus for generating a test signal for xDSL devices
Transmitter for mobile terminal with carrier leak suppressing circuit
System and method for compensating for frequency offset
Cluster frame synchronization scheme for a satellite digital audio radio system
AM digital audio broadcasting with analog signal pre-compensation
Method for using circular spreading codes to achieve high bit densities in a direct-sequence spread spectrum communication system
Optical communication systems, optical communication system terminal facilities, optical communication methods, and methods of communicating within an optical network
Enhanced multiframe alignment for tandem connection trials
Method and apparatus for performing reverse rate matching in a CDMA system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving variable rate data
Retransmission range for a communications protocol
ARQ retransmission with reordering scheme employing multiple redudancy versions and receiver/transmitter therefor
Physically scoped multicast in multi-access networks
Method and system for determining a network topology
System and method for the measurement of service quality in a communication network
Communication packet processor with a look-up engine and content-addressable memory for updating context information for a core processor
Techniques for achieving high responsiveness from communicating nodes, and verifying, measuring and deterring any unresponsiveness thereof
System and method for time slot assignment in a fiber optic network simulation plan
Method for traffic management, traffic prioritization, access control, and packet forwarding in a datagram computer network
Filtering and route lookup in a switching device
Packet prioritization processing technique for routing traffic in a packet-switched computer network
Method and device for establishing communication links and handling SP slot connection collisions in a communication system
Method for forwarding in multi-hop networks
Mechanism for splicing trees
Method and apparatus for handling out of inverse multiplexing for asynchronous transfer mode frame error conditions
Establishing a route with a level of quality of service in a mobile network
Quality of service management for voice over packet networks
Arrangement determining policies for layer 3 frame fragments in a network switch
Method and system for rate shaping in packet-based computer networks
Network system and communication band control method thereof
System and method for mobile communication avoiding delay in data transmission
Virtual LANs over a DLSw network
Synchronous communications network transmission device having a switching capability of an asynchronous communications network
Concurrent switching of synchronous and asynchronous traffic
Method and apparatus for interconnection of flow-controlled communication
System and method for improving video transmission over a wireless network
Wireless communications device with a state model
Radio communication system, method thereof, radio communication apparatus and method thereof
System and method for generating multiple line appearances in a communication network
Multimedia call routing in an IP network
Method for public access to private phone numbers and other telephonic peripherals using a caller access code
Bit rate matching system and method
Methods and systems for extracting a joint probability from a map decision device and processing a signal using the joint probability information
System and method for canceling interference in a communication system
Correction of phase and amplitude imbalance of I/Q modulator
Decoding for a non-linear codec
Method and arrangement for fast synchronization of two carrier signals
Adaptive allocation for variable bandwidth multicarrier communication
Frame relay over IP
Apparatus and method for controlling and managing individual directed sessions in a communications system
Network transfer system
Truly anonymous communications using supernets, with the provision of topology hiding
Method and apparatus for encoding security information in a MIDI datastream
Encryption method, decryption method, encryption/decryption method, cryptographic communications system, and computer usable medium
Mobile station
System and method for verifying central office wiring associated with line sharing
Method for correcting call detail record files
Method for handling telephone calls via at least one telephone network using the internet
Caller information display system and recording medium
System and method for suppressing in-band stimuli and telecommunications infrastructure incorporating the same
Remote telephone call notification system
Method and system for the management of an interface in a telecommunication system
Call setup gateway for telecommunications system
System and method for enabling custom telephone features on a PBX system
Telephone status notification system
Method and system for rerouting telephone calls directed to a private branch exchange via a private corporate network
Call notification service for use with call waiting
Method and apparatus for intelligent routing of incoming calls to representatives in a call center
Enhanced end user automatic call distributor control
Managing calls over a data network
Noise reduction circuit for telephones
Non real-time facsimile system for a computing device
Scanning document reader and memory medium storing scanner driver program
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Image forming apparatus
Image transmission method and image transmission device for realizing the same
Method for image designating and modifying process
Method for half tone phase matching at run boundaries
Scanner which can input various symbols to control operations
Identifying color processing modules
System and method for providing a scalable dynamic objective metric for automatic video quality evaluation
System and method for displaying an image indicating a positional relation between partially overlapping images
Methods and apparatus for providing signal dependent offset and gain adjustments for a solid state X-ray detector
Integrated display image intensifier assembly
FFT window position recovery apparatus and method for OFDM system receiver
Method of generating a clock signal for the upstream channel of a bidirectional point-to-multipoint network
Apparatus and method of switching moving-picture bitstream
Image coding apparatus with segment classification and segmentation-type motion prediction circuit
Video frame compression/decompression hardware system
Device for transmitting television pictures and device for receiving said pictures
Video coding method and video coding apparatus
Data transmission system and method, and data receiving method and device
Scanning type display optical system, scanning image display apparatus, and image display system
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Image processing device, television receiver and image reproducing device
Fiber optic circuit and module with switch
WDM optical networks arranged for internetworking with packet networks
Optical communications system
System for enhancing data transfer
Customer premises equipment for vertical services integration
Priority administration method
Method for using a base station to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
Transcoder rate controller
Spread spectrum subscriber unit for analyzing multipath components
Digital wireless communication system for simultaneously conveying full rate speech data and dedicated user data
Rotatable removeable speaker assembly
Speaker system
Directional microphone assembly
Mount for underwater acoustic projector
High density pixel array
Key click masker and method for masking key clicks
Method and apparatus for multi-channel sound system calibration
Circuit synchronization apparatus and method
Simultaneous induction heating and stirring of a molten metal
Method and apparatus for solidification-controllable induction melting of alloy with cold copper crucible
Introducing loss in a power bus to reduce EMI and electrical noise
Local loop telecommunication repeater housing having mounting slots enabling replaceable repeater and voltage protector assemblies
Self-cooling unit
Receiving apparatus
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