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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for obtaining algae extracts and use of these extracts
System, method and device for measuring pupillary distance
System and method of selecting parameters for real world wagers placed on behalf of users in an integrated wagering and interactive media platform
Method and apparatus for a progressively developed array game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Processing oil from steam assisted production
Process and apparatus for producing hydrogen
Hydrogen generation having CO.sub.2 removal with steam reforming
Liquid suction device
Systems and methods for providing motion amplification and compensation by fluid displacement
Dye adsorption apparatus and dye adsorption method
Environmental remediation system
Manufacturing system for machining components and corresponding method
Method of forming an internal tube beadlock
Six degrees of freedom motion platform
Structured-core laminate panels and methods of forming the same
Method for assembling apparatus including display sheet and apparatus including display sheet
Image forming apparatus
Light scanning apparatus with reduced thermal stress
Printing apparatus, print head control apparatus, print head control method and storage medium
Methods for selectively coating three-dimensional features on a substrate
Machine retrofits and interactive soda fountains
Method for assembling a conveyor belt, use thereof, and conveyor belt
Display transformation assembly for a visualization system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and substrate for curing a honeycomb structure
Sequence of porcine ROSA26 locus and methods of using the same
Plants with altered root architecture, related constructs and methods involving genes encoding leucine rich repeat kinase (LLRK) polypeptides and homologs thereof
Nucleic acids encoding desaturases and modified plant oil
Chimeric glycoproteins and pseudotyped lentiviral vectors
Detection of mutations in a gene associated with resistance to viral infection, OAS1
Regulating the production of long chain hydrocarbons
Hydrolase detection system with sterically caged substrates
Adjustable mask for use in optical coating process
Apparatus and method for supplying electric power to a CVD-reactor
Advanced aromatic amine heterocyclic catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction
Highly ordered arrays of colloidal 2D crystals and methods for producing the same
Textiles; Paper
System and method to detect position of needle
Continuous high speed inertia detection
Method and apparatus for determining an inertia of a laundry load in a laundry treating appliance
Barrier densified fluid cleaning system
Fixed Constructions
Vertical concrete screed and rolling tool
Decorative molding with integrated suspension members
Panel mounting apparatus and system
Thermally cooled and heated decking
Doorframe jig and method
Sliding glass door safety latch
Power sliding window assembly with a stopper
System and method for concealing and accessing objects behind a surface
Security panels for covering window and door openings in building structures
Motorizable tilt shade system and method
Rock bit having a radially self-aligning metal faced seal
Wear and buckling resistant drill pipe
Apparatus and method for cementing liner
System and method for producing high pressure foam slurry
Pipe hanger assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid flow in a control arrangement for a rotary piston engine
Generation and use of high pressure air
Internal combustion engine having piston with piston valve and associated method
Operation of an internal combustion engine
Integrated EGR mixer and ported shroud housing compressor
Rotary engine systems
Method for operating a gas turbine
System concept with low energy requirement and improved energy yield
Injector for a fluid
Regulating device for adjustment angle of pilot screw for carburetor
Sleeve element for axially fixing a bearing and exhaust gas turbocharger
Washer, screw or nut with increased coefficient of friction
Rolling-element bearing
Hydraulic arrangement
Full contact brake
Torsional vibration attenuation apparatus
Vibration damper with frequency-selective damping force
Fluid dampers having temperature-dependent viscosity compensation and auxiliary power unit inlet systems employing the same
Ultra high efficiency low friction drive chain for wind turbine applications
Pump check-valve rubber flapper life extender systems
Fluid device
Slide valve having a housing and a slide element guided within the housing
Internal pilot type pressure regulator
Single axis gate valve for vacuum applications
Apparatuses and methods for providing quick-connections with retaining features
Pipe jack
Lifting type support stand
Tripod with adjustable leg
Adjustable wall mount for flat panel television
Multi-color light emitting diode device
Paneling apparatus for a ceiling or a wall of a room
Vehicle headlamp with laser lighting source
Method and apparatus for coordinating solar powered lighting with grid powered lighting
LED light bulb
Display device and television receiver
Heat-conducting and heat-dissipating nano-materials, preparing method thereof and heat-dissipating system
Optical coupling device and backlight module
Monolith catalyst and use thereof
Biomass fuel internal circulation mechanical fluidized-bed corner tube intelligent boiler
Process for purifying a flow of combustion fumes from a clinker production plant and relative apparatus
Modular heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and methods
Ice air conditioner
Misting fan
Open loop heat pipe radiator having a free-piston for wiping condensed working fluid
Method and apparatus for guided missile and/or net shield
Armor assembly
Detonation of explosives
Toilet flange template apparatus
Binarization circuit for binarizing detection signal representing rotation or movement of object
Measurement of shaft speed, angular displacement, position or movement
Managing electrical power utilization in an electric vehicle
Navigation system efficiently utilizes power by providing instructions to the driver for only the driver selected portion(s) of route
Laser landing altimeter for precision aircraft landing aid
Electro-optic modulator
Thermal flow rate sensor
Smart phone scale that uses the built-in barometric pressure sensor or orientation sensors to calculate weight
Force calculating system
Wavefront optical measuring apparatus
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Electronic apparatus, a method for estimating a break, and a method for estimating a fatigue life
Preparing blood smears on a fiber surface
System to determine product characteristics, counts, and per unit weight details
Detection of particle contamination on wafers
Method of sensing nitroaromatic electron accepting compounds using a photovoltaic sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring damage to an organic layer of a thin film encapsulation
3D mapping with two orthogonal imaging views
Integrated droplet actuator for gel; electrophoresis and molecular analysis
Apparatus and method for non-destructive testing using ultrasonic phased array
Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) analog controller and a method for testing a PID analog controller of a DC/DC converter
Detection system using magnetic resistance sensor
Detection and ranging system and angle estimation method
Device and method for de-blending simultaneous shooting data with apex shifted radon transform
Image based effective medium modeling of the near surface earth formation
Separation of simultaneous source data
Dual spectral-band optical lens imager
Beam splitter and observation apparatus
Dendrimer based terahertz generator
Optical communication device
Ferrule with encapsulated protruding fibers
Energy-efficient transparent solar film
Optical intensity determination unit, method of forming the same, and optical A/D converter
Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, method for repairing the same, color filter array panel and method for manufacturing the same
Polarizing liquid crystal panel and display apparatus including the same
Display device
Display apparatus
Method of manufacturing a display device comprising a step of simultaneously polishing a second substrate and a semiconductor chip to have the same thickness as each other
Electrochromic multi-layer devices with composite current modulating structure
Electrochromic multi-layer devices with composite electrically conductive layers
Image projector
Asymmetric reticle heating of multilayer reticles eliminated by dummy exposures and related methods
Mask blank, method of manufacturing the same, transfer mask, and method of manufacturing the same
Acrylic acid ester derivative, polymer compound and photoresist composition
Recording material detecting apparatus and an image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method for manufacturing the same, and electrophotographic apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Multi-event time and data tracking device
Electronic timepiece
Method for controlling a group of wirelessly controlled appliances
Method, integrated circuit and electronic device for compensating a timing signal based at least partly on determining a number of state transitions between a current set of data states and the next set of data states
Privacy protection for smart metering data
Controlling current transients in a processor
Synchronized power delivery
System and method to inject a bit error on a bus lane
Implementing storage adapter performance control
Development server with hot standby capabilities
Provide an appliance like test vehicle for IT disaster recovery
Bitmap selection for remote copying of updates
Fault isolation with abstracted objects
Method and software program product for determining the quality of an information technology system
Systems and methods for threat identification and remediation
Non-intrusive measurement of content quality using dry runs with roll-back
Authorizing removable medium access
Segmented questionnaire validation of business rules based on scoring
Host command based read disturb methodology
Methods and storage devices for managing write operations
Cascaded, point-in-time-copy architecture with data deduplication
Identification and consolidation of page table entries
Advanced processor translation lookaside buffer management in a multithreaded system
Systems and methods for recovering addressing data
Method and apparatus to manage data location
Methods and apparatus for managing storage device commands
Reducing microprocessor performance loss due to translation table coherency in a multi-processor system
Assigning shared catalogs to cache structures in a cluster computing system
Splitting direct memory access windows
Multi-core processor system, computer product, and control method for interrupt execution
Zero-copy direct memory access (DMA) network-attached storage (NAS) file system block writing
Digital flowmeter
Server, communication terminal, and device collaboration system including the same
Monitoring apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Computer system and its management method
Acceleration for virtual bridged hosts
Email history handler that chooses history segments to include with a communication reply
Embedded survey and analytics engine
Media library monitoring system and method
Blocking a selected port prior to installation of an application
Concept noise reduction in deep question answering systems
Method and apparatus for structural delay plasticity in spiking neural networks
Vector execution unit with prenormalization of denormal values
Vector execution unit with prenormalization of denormal values
System and method of providing wagering opportunities based on invitations
Spell-check for a keyboard system with automatic correction
Systems and methods for operating lottery games including player-designated beneficiaries and conditional payout distribution
System and method for tracking system generated winnings
Multilingual speech recognition and public announcement
Programmable regular expression and context free grammar matcher
Adaptive warehouse data validation tool
Solving problems in data processing systems based on text analysis of historical data
Enhanced metadata in media files
Self-maintaining hyperlinks in method authoring content
Auto suggestion tool
Virtual node subpool management
Managing back up operations for data
Storage system and file management method
Monitoring and debugging query execution objects
Data structure for a list of parts
Congestion estimation techniques at pre-synthesis stage
Automatic generation of wire tag lists for a metal stack
Scatterometry measurement of line edge roughness in the bright field
PLD architecture for flexible placement of IP function blocks
Personal data management system with global data store
Random timeslot controller for enabling built-in self test module
Method and system for protecting memory information in a platform
Splitting direct memory access windows
Memory access authority control method and memory management system thereof
Configuring a remote M-PHY
Capturing information on a rendered user interface including user activatable content
Keyboard having selectively viewable glyphs
Selective enablement of operating modes or features via host transfer rate detection
Palm held rear-facing keyboard for electronic device
Input device and lifting structure for the input device
Customizable and predictive dictionary
Mouse device
Electrical writing board
Touch switch
Method and system for implementing a user interface with ghosting
Method and apparatus for managing visual information
Display controller, display control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Dynamically varying transfer size in a storage device for improved performance
Management apparatus and management method using copy pair of virtual volumes
Method for shortening enumeration of tightly coupled USB device
Determining route and of print data and if conversion of print data is necessary
Copy and paste experience
Spreadsheet based data store interface
Method for creating clone file, and file system adopting the same
Computer system for preventing the disabling of content blocking software functionality therein, and method therefor
Pressure key and method for protecting security of computing device using the pressure key
Method of entropy distribution on a parallel computer
Non-interrupting performance tuning using runtime reset
Storage system and method of controlling the same
Systems and methods for reducing branch misprediction penalty
Concurrent test instrumentation
Tracking specific Java native interface invocations of system and library calls
Synchronization point visualization for modified program source code
Memory management for remote software debuggers and methods
Abstraction-guided synthesis
Controlling access to variables protected by an alias during a debugging session
Configuration of componentized software applications
Code modification of rule-based implementations
Serialization of pre-initialized objects
Method and apparatus integrating navigation and saving the writable state of applications
Enabling multi-tenancy for integrated development environment software in virtual environments
Preparing parallel tasks to use a synchronization register
Multicore processor system, computer product, and control method
Fast remote procedure call
Store operation with conditional push of a tag value to a queue
Executing a kernel device driver as a user space process
Virtualized communication sockets for multi-flow access to message channel infrastructure within CPU
Determining the processing order of a plurality of events
Printing control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Biometric authentication device
Method and apparatus of environment visualization for tele-operation through hierarchization of object characteristics
Methods for segmenting images and detecting specific structures
Bidirectional blood vessel segmentation
Identifying picture areas based on gradient image analysis
Method and system for processing an image
Image processing apparatus and method
Power-efficient sensory recognition processor
Detection of thin lines for selective sensitivity during reticle inspection using processed images
Method for enhanced location based and context sensitive augmented reality translation
Apparatus and methods for event-triggered updates in parallel networks
Semantic to non-semantic routing for locating a live expert
Exam type mapping
Software service infrastructure indexing user demographics, interests and expertise
Rapidly optimizing staffing levels in a ticketing system using simulation
Provisioning system for network resources
System and method for financial transformation
Statement of work analysis and resource participation assessment
Process networking and resource optimization
Integrated system and method for enabling mobile commerce transactions using "contactless identity modules in mobile handsets"
Heuristics processing
Guideline-based food purchase management
Placing a purchase order using one of multiple procurement options
Resource cost optimization system, method, and program
Credit card tokenization techniques
Color interpolation apparatus
System for defect detection and repair
Medicament dispensing device
Coordinating group play events for multiple game devices
Wireless tracking device
System and method for notifying a user of an object's presence within a boundary
Composite temperature and smoke alarm device and equipped smoke sensor therein
Multi-function emergency locating and sensor/detection or warning assembly such as attachable to a helmet or clothing
Transcoder enabled cloud of remotely controlled devices
Wireless signal access apparatus and method for remotely controlling appliance through the same
Device for measuring the speed of displacement of an object deforming the lines of the terrestrial magnetic field
Method and system for normalizing and comparing GPS data from multiple vehicles
Dental model
Multi-dimensional feature merging for open domain question answering
Multi-dimensional feature merging for open domain question answering
Product centric merchandiser
Mechanically operable motorized remote control flag raising assembly and mount
Transparent display apparatus
Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Method and associated apparatus for power-saving display
Backlight variation compensated display
Display with electrochromic films and having low power consumption
Interactive synchronized multi-screen display
Generation of composite spatial representations
Image display apparatus and image display method
Techniques to suppress noises in an image to precisely extract shapes and edges
Display module
Three-dimensional image display device
Method of processing a text, gesture, facial expression, and/or behavior description comprising a test of the authorization for using corresponding profiles for synthesis
Method and device for transcoding audio signals exclduing transformation coefficients below -60 decibels
Interleaving voice commands for electronic meetings
Controlling data writing of tape recording apparatus
Library device, library control method, and computer readable recording medium
Apparatus with a lapping guide within a span of the transducer array
Magnetic recording medium including tailored exchange coupling layer and manufacturing method of the same
High throughput interleaver/de-interleaver
Stacked step gap core devices and methods
Redundant via structure for metal fuse applications
Fuse for interrupting a voltage and/or current-carrying conductor in case of a thermal fault and method for producing the fuse
Array structures for field-assisted positron moderation and corresponding methods
Gun configured to generate charged particles
Sputtering magnetron assembly
Sealing compound and ceramic discharge vessel comprising such sealing compound
Systems and methods for fabricating carbon nanotube-based vacuum electronic devices
Package structure having a semiconductor component embedded therein and method of fabricating the same
Methods of forming semiconductor devices with embedded semiconductor material as source/drain regions using a reduced number of spacers
Method for semiconductor wafer fabrication utilizing a cleaning substrate
Method and structure to reduce FET threshold voltage shift due to oxygen diffusion
Integrated passive devices for FinFET technologies
Silicidation blocking process using optically sensitive HSQ resist and organic planarizing layer
Gate height uniformity in semiconductor devices
Metallic mask patterning process for minimizing collateral etch of an underlayer
Methods of forming a sidewall spacer having a generally triangular shape and a semiconductor device having such a spacer
Achieving greater planarity between upper surfaces of a layer and a conductive structure residing therein
Silicon controlled rectifier for providing electrostatic discharge protection for high voltage integrated circuits
Replacement metal gate FinFET
Methods of forming gate structures for semiconductor devices using a replacement gate technique and the resulting devices
Dual silicide integration with laser annealing
Signal path and method of manufacturing a multiple-patterned semiconductor device
Electronic fuse with resistive heater
Modified, etch-resistant gate structure(s) facilitating circuit fabrication
Completing middle of line integration allowing for self-aligned contacts
Process for faciltiating fin isolation schemes
Methods of forming substantially self-aligned isolation regions on FinFET semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for achieving wideband RF performance and low junction to case thermal resistance in non-flip bump RFIC configuration
Electronic module assembly with patterned adhesive array
High performance e-fuse fabricated with sub-lithographic dimension
Semiconductor packages including semiconductor chips having protrusions and methods of fabricating the same
Switching element and a diode being connected to a power source and an inductive load
Multiprocessor having associated RAM units
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Self-formation of high-density arrays of nanostructures
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Thin hetereostructure channel device
Electrically isolated SiGe fin formation by local oxidation
Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
Implementing gate within a gate utilizing replacement metal gate process
Dielectric filler fins for planar topography in gate level
Electric power semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Field effect transistor having an asymmetric gate electrode
Thin film hybrid junction field effect transistor
Flat-roof mounting system for photovoltaic modules
Image sensor and image capture apparatus
Method of p-type doping of cadmium telluride
Plasmonic graphene devices
Downhole apparatus for electrical power generation from shaft flexure
Manufacturing method of the organic solar cell
Rechargeable battery
Compositions, layerings, electrodes and methods for making
Active material including a thin film graphite layer and rechargeable lithium battery
Electrode materials for electrical cells
Fuel cell constituting component
System for altering temperature of an electrical energy storage device or an electrochemical energy generation device using microchannels based on states of the device
Apparatus and method of in-situ measurement of membrane fluid crossover
Reforming chamber with multiple electrodes to generate hydrogen
Enclosure with self-contained adjustable shrouding
Connector apparatus
Connector having soldering legs array and method for making the same
Lockout device
Water-proof connector
Electrical connector with dual latch members
Communications connectors having crosstalk stages that are implemented using a plurality of discrete, time-delayed capacitive and/or inductive components that may provide enhanced insertion loss and/or return loss performance
Systems and methods of identifying connections in a communications patching system using common-mode channel signal transmissions
Managed electrical connectivity systems
Electrical adapter for identifying the connection state to a network
Electrical plug connection, in particular circular plug connection
Direct current ground fault interrupter
Electrical energy store and method for closed-loop control of such energy store
Charging dock
Waste heat recovery system of vehicle
Assembled cell control system and power supply system comprising same
Portable battery charger
Universal charging dock with a wall mount
Permanent magnet motor
Switching power supply with detection of the AC input voltage
Detecting output diode conduction time for cable drop compensation of a power converter
Method and apparatus for starting up
Multiple-level power control system
Protection for inadvertent missing feedback voltage signal
DC power supply circuit
Advanced circuit arrangement of transformerless 1 phase PV inverter
Actuator with ionic liquid
AC-driven electrostatic chuck
Motor driving control apparatus, motor driving control method, and motor using the same
Grounding system for photovoltaic arrays
Circuit control device
Current re-use oscillator, doubler and regulator circuit
Integrated signal analyzer for adaptive control of mixed-signal integrated circuits
ESD protection circuit for cascode amplifiers
Folded cascode amplifier circuit
Inverter-and-switched-capacitor-based squelch detector apparatus and method
Common mode filter and method for manufacturing the same
Portable control apparatus and method thereof for calibrating an oscillating circuit
In situ pulse-based delay variation monitor predicting timing error caused by process and environmental variation
Line driving circuit improving signal characteristic and semiconductor device including the same
Digital to analog converting system and digital to analog converting method
Data processing device and data processing method
Continuous-time mash sigma-delta analogue to digital conversion
System and method for peripheral device detection on mobile handset serial port
Transmitter and method with RF power amplifier having predistorted bias
Signal processing apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and, transmitting apparatus and method
Shielding integrity testing for cable drop
Multi-value logic signaling in multi-functional circuits
Reverberation suppression device, reverberation suppression method, and computer-readable storage medium storing a reverberation suppression program
Thermodynamic device for reducing target strength
Transmitter system with digital phase rotator used for applying digital phase rotation to constellation data and related signal transmission method thereof
Efficient multiplication, exponentiation and modular reduction implementations
User-mediator monitoring and controlling access to electronic content
Alzheimers support system
Communication device
Device and method of focusing on points of objects
Real time physical asset inventory management through triangulation of video data capture event detection and database interrogation
Active logistical tag for cargo
Determination of positions of wireless transceivers to be added to a wireless communication network
Electro-thermal heating system
Suspension board with circuit
Methods and apparatus for mounting a touch sensor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Ground-working tools for use in power rakes
High clearance vehicle
Simplified bandage used for torso
Livestock unloading system
Disengageable self-locking pivotal bracket
Wafer support system
Food patty-molding apparatus having mold plate with multiple rows of cavities
Pneumatic transporting method and apparatus
Golf club with smoking pipe attachment
Girdle for treatment of lumbago
Skate with foldable wheels
Flip-top cover for receptacle
Money storage device, system and method of operating a bank account and bank account
Pull-out keyboard tray
Forearm and wrist support assembly for keyboard user
Computer accessory stand device
Convertible workout bench-coffee table
Pull-out slide set
Positioning device for a drawer rail
Space saving rack for small tools and miscellaneous items
Chair, in particular work chair
Modular chair
Collapsible footrest
Foldable chair assembly
Car seat pad
Picture hanger
Compact chopstick
Stand for a potted plant
Holding cabinet with closed-loop humidity control system and method for controlling humidity in a holding cabinet
Kitchen utensil with wire loops covered with heat resistant resilient tubing
Dishwasher with food particle chopping assembly
Telescopic pipe and extendible suction pipe of vacuum cleaner using transparent material
Angle portion of an endoscope
Endoscope and endoscopic instrument system having reduced backlash when moving the endoscopic instrument within a working channel of the endoscope
Lifting cap for a laryngoscope
Monitoring method
Minimally invasive method of harvesting epigastric arteries
Apparatus and method for suturing a blood vessel
Thermal film ultrasonic dose indicator
Devices and methods for applying a mixture of two or more liquid components to form a biomaterial
Fibrin sealant delivery device
Endoscopic suture systems
Coronary bypass implant
Aneurysm neck obstruction device
Heartburn and reflux disease treatment apparatus with wireless energy supply
Anterior cervical plating system
Rotational atherectomy device
Ultrasonic method for ablating and removing obstructive matter from anatomical passageways and blood vessels
Ultrasonic angioplasty-atherectomy catheter and method of use
Concentric catheter drive shaft clutch
Systems and methods for clot disruption and retrieval
Aspiration method
Feedback control in an ultrasonic surgical instrument for improved tissue effects
Actuation mechanism for surgical instruments
Tissue acquisition system and method of use
Laparoscopic instruments and trocar systems for trans-umbilical laproscopic surgery
Insertion tool for transmyocardial implant
Symmetrical bone plate
Multi-angle bone screw assembly using shape-memory technology
System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate
Set screw for medical implant with gripping side slots
Removable gripping set screw
Protection device
Engineered tissue annulus fibrosis augmentation methods and apparatus
Self-limiting electrosurgical return electrode
Microporous electrode structure and method of making the same
Loop structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Instrument for applying light, especially laser light, to the human or animal body
Surgical operating apparatus
Display screen and vision tester apparatus
Laser surgery device and method
Doppler velocimeter for blood flow
Method and apparatus for direct projection of an image onto a human retina
Mosaicing and enhancement of images for ophthalmic diagnosis and documentation
Devices and methods for monitoring an analyte
Portable remote patient telemonitoring system using a memory card or smart card
System for measuring physical parameters with a medical probe
Method and apparatus for predicting mortality in congestive heart failure patients
Intra aural integrated vital signs monitor
Method and apparatus for estimation of pulmonary capillary pressure
Device for introducing brain probes
Microwave hemorrhagic stroke detector
Metabolic fitness training apparatus
Apparatus and method for diagnosis of cardiac disease using a respiration monitor
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image measuring apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring neuromuscular function
Sleep apnea detection system and method
System and method for clinically assessing motor function
System and method for detection of fetal heartbeat
Ultrasonic harmonic flash suppression
Methods and apparatus for blood speckle detection in an intravascular ultrasound imaging system
Method of cleaning passageways using a mixed phase flow of gas and a liquid
Device for producing a dental replacement part
Method for the production of medical fittings, in particular dental fittings
Apparatus for the treatment of dental caries
Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances
Dental implant delivery and drive tool
Injector of sperm for artificial insemination or fertilized ovum for transplantation of domestic animal and method of operating thereof
Foot strap
Disposable diaper
Personal care article with aperture aligned for receiving fecal material
Diaper with a pocket
Pre-fastened adjustable mechanical fastener garment
Personal care products with dynamic air flow
Method and apparatus for forming an apertured pad
Absorbent articles having hinged fasteners
Disposable diaper provided with tape fasteners
Heartburn and reflux disease treatment apparatus with energy transfer device
Anal incontinence treatment with energy transfer device
High expansion ratio stent
Vascular graft
Corneal onlay
Primary and supplemental intraocular lens system
Intraocular lens implant for the prevention of secondary cataracts
External nasal valve batten implant device and method
Polymer heart valve with helical coaption surface
Minimally-invasive heart valves and methods of use
Modular acetabular or cotyloid implant
Finger joint prosthesis
Spinal surgical prosthesis
Interbody cavity implant, in particular for cervical vertebrae
Articulated expandable spinal fusion cage system
Apparatus and method for attaching a distal umbrella to a gel prosthetic liner
Food intake restriction with controlled wireless energy supply
Apparatus for rising and falling medicator of automatic hot-heat treatment device
Cooling system for indwelling heat exchange catheter
Method and apparatus for establishing and maintaining therapeutic hypothermia
Laser surgical handpiece with photon trap
Transport cart for medical-related supplies
Traveling device for smooth and stable movement on uneven and inclined surfaces
Bi-directional retainer
Ergonomic wheelchair with patient lifting mechanism
Apparatus for controlling the amount of tension distributed to a patient by a traction means
Massager to be inserted in the back of a massage chair or the like, provided with massage pressure adjustment
Method and apparatus for oral hydration and medication administration using a pacifier apparatus
Microfabricated injectable drug delivery system
Collagen hemostatic foam
Antimicrobial transfer substrates and methods of use therewith
Methods for delivering in vivo uniform dispersed embolic compositions of high viscosity
Respiratory infection treatment device
Dental implant having a dual bio-affinity collar
Cardiac support device and method
Method of filling a tube system with a rinsing liquid and a tube system for use with this method
Double-loop catheter
Percutaneous intragastric balloon catheter for the treatment of obesity
Therapeutic instrument for treating or relieving psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, articular rheumatism and/or cancer or preventing the progress of these diseases and method of utilization thereof
Method and apparatus for transdermal delivery of compounds utilizing disruption of the epidermis
Valve cuff for a fluid administration system
Low power electromagnetic pump
Injection device
Medication delivery apparatus
Methods for volumetric tissue ablation
Treatment for Barrett's syndrome
Patient portable device for photodynamic therapy
Laser therapy for foot conditions
Device and method for implanting radioactive seeds
Ultrasound therapeutic apparatus
Foldable emergency hammer
Modular balanced foam flow system
Bipedal locomotion training and performance evaluation device and method
Apparatus for exercise and/or rehabilitation of neck extensors
Exercizer having adjustable mechanism
Hand rehabilitation glove
Golf ball
Golf ball with superior durability
Method of making a golf ball and the golf ball produced
Golf ball retriever
Golf club head
Golf club head with multi-radius face
Iron type golf club head
Golf club shaft having multiple conical sections
Annulus golf tee with removable penetration cone
Swing practicing apparatus
Golfing aid
Boot carrier and latching tool
Independent suspension system for in-line skates having rocker arms and adjustable springs
Skateboard wheel cover rim
Ski binding
Game using cards and tokens
Video game system and method with enhanced three-dimensional character and background control due to environmental conditions
Game apparatus, game display control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Bet withdrawal casino game with wild symbol
Automobile license plate game and method of play
Nutrition board game
Lottery board game
System, method and article of manufacture for providing a progressive-type prize awarding scheme in an intermittently accessed network game environment
Air jet board device
Game machine
Rocking and spray system
Kayaking simulation device for creating a recirculating hydraulic hole effect within a receiving pool
Motion expressible toy
Musical entertainment doll
Interactive talking dolls
Infant simulator
Ring wing toy
Robotic toy with posable joints
Performing Operations; Transporting
Refrigerator air filtration system
Six bed pressure swing adsorption process with four steps of pressure equalization
Process for the purification of organic products by fractionated crystallization at a variable circulation rate
Mixing apparatus with rotary jet water valve
Electrofiltration apparatus
Free jet centrifuge rotor with internal flow bypass
Curtain applicator
Curtain coating apparatus
Method and machine for cleaning objects in plate form
Process of cleaning semiconductor processing, handling and manufacturing equipment
Subsea pig launching and receiving system and method of use and installation
Aluminium pigment
Clamping arrangement including a holder blade and a keying arrangement for a cutting insert
Counter centrifugal power chuck assembly
Fastening chuck device for machine tool
Oil well pipe screw joint, and threading method and apparatus therefor
Fabricating turbine rotors composed of separate components
Device and method for machining workpieces
Automatic tool changing apparatus
Method of hardening and polishing concrete floors, walls, and the like
Polishing apparatus and method
Hydrostatic fluid bearing support with adjustable inlet heights
Sander with a sanding pad
Portable grinder with double seal bearing
Machine for grinding cylindrical bearing surfaces on parts using an abrasive belt
Microelectronic workpiece support and apparatus using the support
Edge instability suppressing device and system
Polishing composition
Method and apparatus for a wafer carrier having an insert
Method and apparatus for supplying coolant in a grinding machine
Device for sharpening knives, scissors or other cutting tools
Fused aluminum oxycarbide/nitride-Al2O3.multidot.Y2O3 eutectic abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Polishing pads of flocked hollow fibers and methods relating thereto
Polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization
Clamping device for grinding discs
Polisher and method for manufacturing same and polishing tool
Rotatable platen having a transparent window for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method of making the same
Rotatable gripping device for transport or machining of an arbitrarily shaped part
Hand tool having an illumination structure
Hand tool for driving, and selectively illuminating through, a conventional socket
Sheet mounting apparatus
Lighted extension attachment for tools
Tool holder for use with a perforated support panel
Adaptive load-clamping system
Replaceable head for an extension tool
Gripper device for thin, plate-like parts
Wafer blade equipped with edge bumper
Device comprising two parallel linkage mechanisms
Illuminating utility knife with easy-access spare blade drawer
Method of cutting rollfeed media
Modular magnetic cylinder
System for processing fiberglass
Molding element and mold for molding a cutout in a tread
Apparatus and method for the cleaning and/or coating of the mold surface of a mold
Adhesion enhancers to promote bonds of improved strength between elastomers metals in lightweight aircraft fan blades
Apparatus for producing moldings from expandable plastic particles
Melt transfer system
Polymer melting and extruding apparatus with linear downstream threads
Vacuum and pressure tight cooling-ventilating device for thermoforming stations
Thermoforming machine with linear recirculation of sheet holding frames
Composite cord assembly
Inflatable airbag with pre-determined three-dimensional shape
Composites for tissue regeneration and methods of manufacture thereof
Method for making tubular product of fiber composite material
Process and device for the alignment of two webs that are joined together to form a multilayered web
Method of producing ply adhesion between layers of tissue paper
Peelable PTFE sheaths and methods for manufacture of same
Apparatus and method for curing UV curable ink, coating or adhesive applied with an ink-jet applicator
Heated vacuum platen
Calibration of a media advance system
Sheet transport device and recording apparatus
Universal pen
Apparatus and method for picking and feeding print media sheets
Sliding valve vacuum holddown method and apparatus
Adjustment method of dot printing positions and a printing apparatus
Method for marking with a liquid material using a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Method of managing printhead assembly defect data and a printhead assembly with defect data
Multi-nozzle ink jet recording device including common electrodes for generating deflector electric field
Dot dropout inspection method and printer, and recording medium storing program therefore
Driving circuit for ink jet printing head
Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus that uses the liquid discharge head, and discharge volume correction method for the liquid discharge head
Ink jet printing process and printing apparatus
Determining inkjet printer pen turn-on voltages
Clear fluid ink-jet pen alignment
Electrostatic inkjet head and manufacturing method thereof
Micro electro-mechanical system which includes an electromagnetically operated actuator mechanism
Ink-jet head and control method thereof
Chamber and orifice shape variations in an orifice plate
Inkjet head which prevents transfer of a load applied to an inkjet-head-side connector
Sliced sponge scraper system for inkjet wipers
Cleaning system for ink jet print heads that maintain ink/cleaning fluid concentration levels
Sequestering residual ink on an ink-jet print cartridge
Capillary leak inhibitor for a print cartridge
Liquid container, cartridge including liquid container, printing apparatus using cartridge and liquid discharge printing apparatus
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer and method of charging ink into said cartridge
Ink jet recording apparatus using recording unit with ink cartridge having ink inducing element
Pressure based ink level detector and method
Method and apparatus for providing ink container extraction characteristics to a printing system
Ink-jet printing method an ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink drop detector waste ink removal system
Uni-directional waste ink removal system
Malfunctioning nozzle detection apparatus
Ink jet printing method
Reading device with a movable binding which alternately allows access to one or two sets of pages
Handwriting instrument
Orbital marking pencil and scratch-off card remover
Ink follower in conjunction with ink in a writing instrument and writing instrument containing the same
Bearing assembly of hub of bicycle
Trailer hitch cart for a motorcycle
Trailer hitch alignment device
Torsion bar suspension with power height adjustment
Air ride suspension system
Automotive vibration isolating device
Pneumatic spring with oscillation damper adjusted as a function of the support pressure
Adaptive controller for an automotive HVAC system
Air conditioner outlet vent device
Lift gate for a motor vehicle
Convertible vehicle
Spoiler sunroof
Control apparatus for opening and closing a convertible top of a vehicle
Collapsible top for child's vehicle, one-piece method of assembly and packaging design for storage and transport
Folding cargo bay cover for pickup truck
Multi-part cover for vehicles
Open roof construction for a vehicle, and a vehicle having such open roof construction
Self adjusting wet brake for use with a transmission or transaxle
Braking force control apparatus and method of motor vehicle
Latching mechanism for seat assembly
Detent fitting for a vehicle seat
Infant car seat/carrier assembly and method of controlling an infant carrier position
Occupant protective apparatus
Head rest support
Pivoting tray table assembly
System for loading and unloading polystyrene pellets into and from a trailer
Narrow width slide-out room support system
Bladderless dunnage bag apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Vehicular lamp
Backlit indicia on a painted surface
Portable vertical support
Rear-view mirror for large vehicles
Metal-plastic system for fixing pieces
Trim panel assembly for a motor vehicle
Low volume roof rail air bag
Air bag tether release assembly
Vehicle occupant restraint system
Side air bag for roll-over restraint
Covering cap for a gas bag module
Airbag device
Apparatus for sensing and restraining an occupant of a vehicle seat
Gas generator for seat belt pretensioner
Cargo securing system
Brake control system for actively controlling wheel brakes
Anti-extrusion ring for use in conjunction with a vehicle solenoid valve
Selectively operable multiple pump assembly
Device for protecting a vehicle against impact
Rail vehicle body
Comfort and illumination apparatus for a passenger space
Switch box for railway, tramway points, or similar
Bucket truck
Person-guided vehicle
Cart for folding tables
Device for securing elements to a wire grid
Device for the detachable fastening of a steering wheel on a steering shaft
Method and apparatus for vibration control
Energy absorber for motor vehicle steering column
Integrated vehicle tailgate
Cartridge assembly for a track chain
Compliant pivot socket for automotive steering
Headlamp cover system
Self-illuminating pedal assembly
Wheel hub assembly
Automatic shifting control device for a bicycle
Front bicycle derailleur with annular chain guide
Tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Integrated external hydraulic trimming and steering system for an extended sterndrive transom assembly
Aircraft vent and cargo door locking mechanism
Structural component particularly for an aircraft
Aircraft wing and method for reducing airframe-generated noise
Harmonic drive system for the retraction/extension of variable diameter rotor systems
Flap support mechanism and a flap-equipped rotor blade
Automated galley-cart storage system
Parachute with enhanced pocket bands
Evacuation slide with toe end center support member
Aerial refueling hose reel drive controlled by a variable displacement hydraulic motor and method for controlling aerial refueling hose reel
Reusable booster for the first stage of a launcher
Integrated system for providing 3-axis attitude-control, energy-storage, and electrical power
Method and apparatus for rate integration supplement for attitude referencing with quaternion differencing
Spacecraft architecture for disturbance-free payload
Device and method for connecting two parts of a craft
Support frame for plastic bag with handles
Easy rake trash bag holder
Plug for covering a plurality of openings of an electronic device
Air activated internal valve
Method for tortilla stacking and transferring
Dual cassette load lock
Installation for conveying objects by air flow such as, in particular bottles and/or flasks
Document feeder nudger belt friction force control
Recirculating gripper accumulator having a circular paper path
Structure of winding correction tape in correction tape adhesive
Method and device for perforating material webs
Article jogging apparatus
Device for laterally aligning sheets
Rotatable supporting element
Method for transporting and installing an expandable steel tubular
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Oxy-boost control in furnaces
Polishing composition and method
NOx removing pavement structure
Hydraulic cement compositions and additives therefor
Cement admixture and cement composition comprising this
Composite particles and production process thereof, aqueous dispersion, aqueous dispersion composition for chemical mechanical polishing, and process for manufacture of semiconductor device
Phthalocyanine compounds used in inks for ink-jet printing
Infrared reflective color pigment
Ink set
Ink composition suitable for use in ink jet recording
Ink set for color ink-jet recording, and recording method, recording apparatus, ink cartridge, recording unit and reduction of bleeding, employing the ink set
Ink for stencil printing
Scented ink composition and method of preparation
Poly(oxyalkylene) amide-amine gasoline additives
Candle wick clip, candle and method
Workpiece support trays for furnances
Coating plant for obtaining a coated sheet
Deposition reactor having vaporizing, mixing and cleaning capabilities
Semiconductor wafer and production method therefor
Compact process chamber for improved process uniformity
High efficiency silicon wafer optimized for advanced semiconductor devices
Low mass wafer support system
Method for producing coated workpieces, uses and installation for the method
Chemical removal of a chromium oxide coating from an article
Device for treating plate-shaped work pieces, especially printed-circuit boards
Method for preparing molten silicon melt from polycrystalline silicon charge
Wafer treatment chamber having thermal reflector
Textiles; Paper
Frictive fluid treatment and method of application for shoelaces
Treatment of fabrics
Edge ring for a press roll
Method and arrangement for removing oil from a roll
Fixed Constructions
Subway rail anchor assembly
Method and apparatus for cutting rumble strips in roads
Roadway energy absorbing impact attenuator
Portable seawall system
Device for anchoring a pipeline
Device for removing leaves and other debris from an overhead gutter
Trellis post and method of holding tensioned wires
Rotary latch operated by a T-handle with multiple latch actuator connection points
Push button operators for latches and locks and locking systems employing lockable push button operators
Door lock set optionally satisfying either left-side latch or right-side latch
Closure hand lever that can be used in confined environments
High-security auxiliary door lock
Molded hinge assembly
Electronic door control and light
Power open/power close deck lid
Method for blasting tunnels using an air bladder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for maintaining rotor assembly tip clearances
Cooled turbine vane with endcaps
Intake and exhaust damper with movable motor fan assembly
Flush bucket cover
Case seal
Versatile end plate converter design using powder metal
Structure of a connection portion of an exhaust pipe for an engine and a method for providing the same
Elastic device for suspending a vibrating structure on a rigid structure
Noise reduction mechanism of fan device and molding method of porous damping material therefor
Exhaust system for 4-cycle engine of small watercraft
Modified flow throttle bore
Engine intake control mechanism
Carburetor with separate nozzle post member
Fuel cooling system for small watercraft engine
Valve for controlling liquids
Maritime pump
Hollow blade for hydraulic turbine or pump
Motor cover retention
Pump for conveying fuel in an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic cylinder powered double acting duplex piston pump
Seal structure in a scroll type compressor
Fluid mover
Weld strengthening component for sealed compressors
Motor protector in pocket on non-orbiting scroll and routing of wires thereto
Delivery unit
Method for transferring easily-polymerizable substance
Turbomolecular pump
High-temperature fan apparatus
Personal fan system
Anti-backdraft shutter assembly for an axial flow fan
Vacuum pump and vacuum apparatus
Wear resistant fuel pump
Fan grill construction
Spa with double sealed pump
Enhanced v-blade impeller design for a regenerative turbine
Impeller for circumferential current pump
Pneumatic distributors having a common pneumatic-electrical connector base
Fastener having three parts
Blind fastener and drive nut assembly
Stiffener apparatus for stabilizing a hanger rod
Anchor bolt with an outer thread having thread turns with different cross-sectional shape
Self-locking internally threaded fastener and method of manufacture
Pipe link with expandable bushing
Constant velocity universal joint and method for assembling the same
End yoke for a universal joint assembly
Yoke connections for universal joints
Apparatus for making an annular friction liner
Shock absorbing apparatus
Mechanically tuned hydraulic engine mount
Apparatus for damping vibrations
Vibration damping apparatus
Controllable torque transfer differential mechanism using magnetorheological fluid
Control system for internal combustion engine equipped with automatic transmission
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Control system for vehicular automatic transmission
Line pressure control device and method for continuously variable transmission
Ratchet tensioner with mechanism for locking and releasing a plunger
Low leakage snout sealing system
Seal structure
Sealing arrangement and a sealing member therefor
Joint assembly for joining a ceramic membrane to a tube sheet
Mechanical device with sealing means and method for mounting the sealing means
Shaft seal device
Combined oil ring
Gate valve and cylinder apparatus
Springless seat cup
Beveled insert for coupling pipes
Seal ring retainer
Connector for misaligned tubulars
Seal for a plug-in connection
Multi-setting connector for sap collection system
Gas line mounting assembly
Apparatus for supporting and restraining electronic viewing monitors without penetrating fasteners
Connector adapter, especially for quick test connectors
Flashlight unit with externally supported battery
Decorative lighting device for festival or the like
Candle simulating device having lighting device
Head lamp for vehicle
Method for manufacturing a light assembly from interchangeable components with different characteristics
Lamp securing device
Card-shaped flashlight device with lamp, flasher and/or buzzer features
Miniature flashlight device having housing with outer and inner enclosures
Device for soft irradiation
Vehicular component assembly with hard coated element
Double reflection indicator light
Method of determining reflective surface of reflector in vehicle lamp
Dual faceted reflector
Spread illuminating apparatus with means for positioning transparent substrate
Backlight for liquid crystal display device
Flat lighting device having an aperture lamp
Lighting system
Child resistant piezoelectric lighter
Method for controlling a heating system and heating system
Air-conditioning controlling system
Fin-stabilized projectile
Offset cardan gimbal
System and method for evaluating and calibrating a radiation generator
Thermometer for body temperature detection
Fine-particle classification apparatus and functional material production apparatus
Ring lighting
Device and process for thermal analysis of molten metals
Separation-column unit for a gas-chromatograph and method for making the same
Dual axis micro machined mirror device
Projection optical system comprising an optical function surface for reflecting or transmitting light from a spatial light modulator
Image projection system
Method of making an optical fiber collimating device
Optical fiber splice sleeve and method for applying same
HDTV camera cable connector
In situ mountable optical conductor connector and method of assembling the optical conductor connector in situ
Fiber optic connectors and transceiver test devices
Plug connector
Actively aligned optical coupling assembly
Optoelectronic interconnect module
Optical transmission and reception system, and optical transmission and reception module and optical cable for the system
Method for manufacturing laser diode chip, optical transmitting/receiving module and method for aligning positions thereof
Adjustable temple mounting arrangement
Hinge attaching device for eyewear frame
Shaped ophthalmic lenses
Contact lenses
Interactive teleconferencing display system
Projector having an easy-to install lamp module and method of installation
Recirculating X-ray film processing apparatus
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus for photolithographic process
Charging roll whose outermost layer contains grafted carbon
Timepiece including means for indicating the angular position of coaxial analogue display indicators
Thermostatic valve
Method of controlling cooling device in portable electronic and cooling device therefor
Tele-evaluation system, especially for medicine
Medical wellness parameters management system, apparatus and method
Data processing method for interpretation of measurements of growth
Indicated position detection by multiple resolution image analysis
Card blocking device for a smart card connector
Multipass inkjet printing using print masking
IC card having a display for displaying a response state
Electronic card encapsulating at least one IC chip and the method for producing the same
Smart card technology
Smart card connector with improved contacts
Free remote lottery system
Gaming device and method using programmable display switch
Method and system for automated collect and win sweepstakes for ATM transactions
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Method for reading electronic tickets
Collapsible display system
Mechanically actuated picker for data storage library
Supercapacitor using electrode of new material and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor using functional polymer electrolytic composition
Alkaline electrochemical capacitor and electrode fabrication
Apparatus for processing workpieces
Dual cassette load lock
Semiconductor wafer accommodating jig, handling method and production system
Apparatus and methods for handling a substrate
Semiconductor substrate aligner apparatus and method
Two-piece chuck
Wafer carrier device
Corrosion resistant gasket for aircraft
Corrosion resistant gasket for aircraft
Connector having moveable insert
Impedance-tuned termination assembly and connectors incorporating same
Modular surge protection system with interchangeable surge protection modules
High-frequency connector with low intermodulation distortion
Electrical connector with improved terminals
Surface mount connector
Board-cable connection structure
Electrical card connector
Power plug connector having press-fit contacts
Coaxial connector
High-speed electrical connector
Guide rail for receiving a GBIC module
Leadthrough adapter for switch cabinets
High voltage bulkhead connector
Terminal structure of flat circuit body
Electrical conductor strain relief for a printed circuit board
Locking electrical receptacle
Positive connection system for high frequency communication connectors
I/O connector with improved button mechanism
Connector with an improved guide portion for guiding connection the connector and an object to be connected thereto
Wall plug
Computerized plug lock
Electrical connector assembly having full-insertion indicating means
Shielded connector with integral latching and ground structure
Electrical connector having device for latching and grounding
Modular jack with led
Two-layer enclosure for electrical assemblies
Surface mountable electrical connector system
Adapter for external connection and electronic apparatus
Switched multiple power outlet strip
Direct to closet wiring system
Low profile NIC jumper solution using ZIF connector
Foldable transformer
Electrical device
Distribution wiring harness assembly
Electrical connector having grounding bridges
Ionomer-insulated electrical connectors
Electrical assembly having retention mechanism therein
Electrical connection device and power distribution apparatus comprising it
Cable connector having a holding portion for holding a cable
Connector for coaxial cables
RV light lens
Electrical connection device comprising a catch for fastening to a support rail
Adaptive depletion masks for improving print quality
Device for image output and input
Illumination apparatus and projection type display apparatus using the same
Illuminating apparatus and projector
Color liquid crystal projector having an improved optical system
Holding device for the attachment of a microphone to an object
Permanganate desmear process for printed wiring boards
Wiring unit
Contact of socket connector
Assembly for mounting a bus termination device to a printed circuit board (PCB)
Perforated and corrugated enclosure door for computer cabinet and method for making the same
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