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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Versatile high load concentrate compositions for control of ecto- parasites
Cosmetic compositions having carnitine creatinate and methods for using
Topical solution containing a chromane or chromene derivative
Fish paste mixture with rice bran extract
Modular display rack
Sliding guide rail system for a drawer
Self leveling adaptor
Seating or reclining furniture
Seal for dispensing container having dispensing opening
Liquid container and lid for same
Flow control element for use with leak-proof cup assemblies
Fixing structure of a rod member for use in shower curtains
Electric pepper can
Capsule endoscope and capsule endoscope system
System and method for attaching a vein, an artery, or a tube in a vascular environment
Suture needle retention device
Electrosurgical stapling apparatus
Cervical compression plate assembly
Pedicle screw connector apparatus and method
Device and method for calibrating an element and device and system for positioning an element
Light energy delivery head
Tissue removal device
Device for measuring and correcting aberration of an eye
Method and apparatus for determining injection depth and tissue type
Apparatus and method for positioning dental arch to dental articulator
Method of manufacturing and installing a ceramic dental implant with an aesthetic implant abutment
Diaper for capturing and isolating bodily waste
Metal implant coated under reduced oxygen concentration with osteoinductive protein
Prosthetic foot with heel and keel springs
Cast accessories and associated method
Saw jig for medical purposes
Patient warming drape
Thermal coverings
Method and apparatus for improving safety during exposure to a monochromatic light source
Nursing bottle holder
Treatment for cancers
Ternary and quaternary eutectic mixtures of local anesthetics substances
Prevention and treatment of obesity
Oxa-steroids derivatives as selective progesterone receptor modulators
Carvedilol dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate
Imidazole derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Phenyl-sulfamates as aromatase inhibitors
Broadspectrum heterocyclic substituted phenyl containing sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Once daily dosage forms of trospium
Tetrahydropteridines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Tie-2 modulators and methods of use
Therapeutic amine-arylsulfonamide conjugate compounds
Carboxylic acid derived benzoxazines as agents for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Selective glucocorticoid receptor agonists
Skin external agents and drugs
Quaternary compounds comprising propolis as the active substance
Nucleic acid and allergenic polypeptides encoded thereby in cashew nuts
Therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine for the treatment and prevention of papillomavirus infection
Human anti-amyloid .beta. peptide antibody and fragment of said antibody
Antibodies directed against amyloid-beta peptide and nucleic acids encoding same
Compositions and methods for treating intracellular diseases
Ingestible device
Chewable soft capsules having improved administration properties and process for producing the same
Ceiling lighting fixture with UV-C air sterilization
Swabable fluid connectors and fluid connector pairs
Alienated thrombus capture device
Hygienic and therapeutic vaginal cleansing and hydromassaging device
Tri-functional cannula for retinal endovascular surgery
Method and apparatus for diagnostic and therapeutic agent delivery
Surgical access apparatus with centering mechanism
Catheter syringe conveyor with a needle guard housing
Device and method for photodynamic therapy of the nasopharyngeal cavity
[1,4]benzodiazepines as vasopressin V2 receptor antagonists
Hair dyeing composition and method
Method for the preparation of reactive hydrogen peroxide in deep eutectic solvents
Method for predicting ball launch conditions
Golf club head with a low density bore-through hosel
Method and apparatus for practicing pitching a baseball
Artificial rock climbing systems and methods adapted for water environment
Card output device for shuffling machine
Bet the house blackjack
Mode-altering key for a character input device
Apparatus for playing sports-related, table and floor games
Slot machine and playing method thereof
Slot machine and playing method thereof
Prize redemption system for games executed over a wide area network
Water amusement park conveyor support elements
Method and system of positionable covers for water amusement parks
Lever and wheel activated toy vehicles
Plush characters
Method and apparatus for producing optical illusions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for removing contaminants using reverse flow reactor with integrated separation
Water heater support
Flexible tube for cartridge filter
Filtering device
Distributed vacuum debris collector
Debris receiver
Method and composition for sorbing toxic substances
Apparatus for producing hydrogen
Reformer, fuel cell system having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Air vortex mill for mill drying a flowable product and method for using the mill
Spray gun with improved atomization
Method for overpainting color and/or effect multi-layer paints
Textile and footwear products treated with sulfur
Film formation apparatus and film formation method and cleaning method
Methods using ozone for CVD deposited films
Method and apparatus for thin film/layer fabrication and deposition
Blowing wool machine flow control
Shielding based on metallic nanoparticle compositions and devices and methods thereof
Single bore self-centering jig
Multiple pass and multiple layer friction stir welding and material enhancement processes
Process for producing a composite body
Method for the continuous phase conversion of a product
Container, thermo-molding apparatus and method for thermo-molding the same
Injection molding method with surface modification
Injection moulding machine having a plurality of de-moulding directions
Mold insert stack for use in an injection mold and a coupler thereof
Rigid plastic glass run channel
Balloon catheter folding and wrapping devices and methods
Metallized laminated structure and method of making the same
Protective coating and metal structure
Method and device for forming a longitudinal fiber web and for forming a transverse fiber web and for forming a cross fiber web and for forming an airbag
Dust-proof, light-transmitting member and its use, and imaging apparatus comprising same
Protective film adhesive
Fabrication of high thermal conductivity arrays of carbon nanotubes and their composites
Printing apparatus, conveyance apparatus, and feed-conveyance control method
Recording apparatus, computer readable medium storing thereon recording control program and recording method
MEMS printhead based compressed fluid printing system
Printing head, ink jet printing apparatus, and ink jet printing method ejecting main and sub-droplets
Printer ink delivery system
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the printhead or head cartridge
Method of evaluating performance of optical sensor and ink jet printing apparatus
Convertible roof for a passenger vehicle
Latch mechanism for convertible tops
Pump unit and hydrostatic transmission
Vehicle seating arrangement
Removable flexible magnetic accessory for vehicle exterior
Occupant leg protecting device for vehicle
Vehicle component control based on occupant morphology
Seat sensor system
Aspirated inflators
Side airbag for vehicle
Device for storing objects in a motor vehicle
Method for operating a parallel hybrid drive train of a vehicle
Multi-component container system and method for manufacturing the same
Body frame structure of straddle-type four wheeled vehicle
Vehicle attitude control apparatus
Straddle-type vehicle
Assembly for a motorized vehicle
Small object flotation device
Method of operating a cargo container scanning crane
Vortex shedding cyclical propeller
Enhanced high-efficiency spacecraft propulsion system
Independent East/West thermal management system
Modular reusable vehicle shipping crate
Shirt boxes and arrangements of articles of clothing therein
Closing element with outlet channel extending in funnel-like manner
Closure device for a fluid product reservoir
Easy-open sealed container
Cap mounting arrangement
Vacuum container apparatus used for manufacturing semiconductor devices and lid apparatus for same
Food items, systems and methods
Modular reusable vehicle shipping crate
Pump dispensing mechanism
Conveyor system
Workpiece conveying mechanism and product line using the same
Storage apparatus for transported object
Paper feeder and bookbinding apparatus equipped with the same
Conveyor-technology device
Paper feeding module and multi-function peripheral having the same
Band-winding method
Elevator installation with compensating-means guide
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of carbon disulphide
Safety system architecture for a hydrogen fueling station
Method for manufacturing porous silica crystal
Method for unpressurized catalytic conversion of organic solids into oil
Olefins production process
Catalyst composition and method for halogenating aromatic compounds
Amino alcohol derivatives, salts thereof and immunosuppresive agents
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies such as alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, and parkinson's disease
Pyrimidinyl amide compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Indole derivatives
Pyrimido-benzimidazole derivatives and the use thereof in the form of agonists and antagonists of melanocortin receptors
Isoquinoline potassium channel inhibitors
Pyrazolopyridine-4-yl pyridazinone derivatives and addition salts thereof, and PDE inhibitors comprising the same derivatives or salts as active ingredient
Compound and organic electronic device using the same
Separation of ginkgolides and bilobalide from G. biloba
Nucleic acid encoding purified linear polypeptide epitope from walnuts
Small interference RNA gene therapy
Replikins and methods of identifying replikin-containing sequences
Extracting biopolymers from a biomass using ionic liquids
Antibody against NPW
Norbornene monomers with fluorene group and polymer material thereof
Ultraviolet-curing resin composition, paint, ink, adhesive, sealing agent and primer
Process for producing polyalkenyl ether
Epoxy resin curing composition
Phosphorus dendrimers, preparation method thereof and use of same for the extraction of actinides and lanthanides
Synthesis of polyphosphazenes with sulfonimide side groups
Nucleated polypropylene nanocomposites
Inkjet ink, processing liquid for inkjet ink, ink set for inkjet ink, ink tank for inkjet ink, inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Light stabilizing liquid matter containing 2- (2-hydroxy-3-.alpha.-cumyl-5-tert-octylphenyl) -2h-benzotriazole
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
Relocatable countercurrent decantation system
Gasoline sulfur reduction in FCCU cracking
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
High photoefficiency microalgae bioreactors
3D micro-scale engineered tissue model systems
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Compositions and methods for producing plants with improved stress tolerance
Chimeric DNA-binding proteins
Polynucleotides encoding chimeric GFP-aequorin as bioluminescent Ca++ reporters
Assessment and reduction of risk of graft-versus-host disease
Method for assessing cancerous state
Process for the recovery of sucrose and/or non-sucrose components
Method and apparatus for forming a crystalline silicon thin film
High K dielectric growth on metal triflate or trifluoroacetate terminated III-V semiconductor surfaces
Rotatable aperture mask assembly and deposition system
Textiles; Paper
Method of producing carbon nanomaterials and centrifugal melt spinning apparatus
Wrinkle-removing composition
Fixed Constructions
Snow removal tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vacuum pump
Cooling arrangement for a tapered turbine blade
Turbine airfoil cooling system with platform edge cooling channels
Methods and apparatus for assembling turbine nozzles
Fan with attachment hooks
Tube and tube pump
Self-piercing rotationally symmetrical rivet
Bolt and thread rolling die and the manufacture of the bolt
Passage connecting structure and master cylinder using the same
Vacuum valve
Apparatus for the transmission of a deflection of an actuator
Miniaturized double latching solenoid valve
Polyimide resin and carbon fiber molded tube clamp
Tube fitting for stainless steel tubing
Barrier assembly for use with needleless connector
Light fixture coupling system
Light source device
Luminaire comprising a spotlight and adjustable holding device for a spotlight
Backlight assembly, display apparatus having the same and method of assembling the same
Luminaire having a contoured surface that redirects received light
Backlight unit
Light guide display systems and related methods, systems, and computer program products
Cooling device, and apparatus and method for manufacturing image display panel using cooling device
Method and system for three-dimensional measurement and method and device for controlling manipulator
Swept frequency laser metrology system
Distance measuring system
Charged particle beam application apparatus
Easy mount base for mobility scale
Method and apparatus for acoustic sensing using multiple optical pulses
Condensation detector utilizing a wet bulb and dry bulb temperature differential
Simulated battery logic testing device
System and method for sensing and analyzing gases
Antagonists of interleukin-15
Method for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis
Bio molecular detection apparatus and method thereof
Probe of detector for testing pins of electronic component
Network routing device and network routing method
Distributing rate limits and tracking rate consumption across members of a cluster
Apparatus and method for determination of a direction to an object
Object information acquisition apparatus and object information acquisition method
Surface RF emitter passive ranging accuracy confirmation algorithm
Wireless location using multiple mobile station location techniques
Lens having vibration proof function and imaging apparatus
Preservation method of microcapsules for electrophoretic display devices and its applications
Display device, method of manufacturing display device and electronic apparatus
Methods and systems for multi-view display privacy
Lens array, A line head and an image forming apparatus using the line head
Method and system for correcting optical aberrations, including widefield imaging applications
Multiple imaging arrangements for head mounted displays
Dual focal length lens system
Photosensitive resin composition
System and method for producing a light beam with spatially varying polarization
Universal cable management panel
Device for injecting light into an optical wave guide
Lens actuator
Piezoelectric actuator and lens driving device
Image taking lens
Imaging lens system and imaging module having same
Clip for releasably attaching clip-on accessory to eyeglasses
High retardation-amplitude photoelastic modulator
Multi-layer diffraction type polarizer and liquid crystal element
Illumination apparatus comprising a light guide plate divided by wedge-shaped grooves having an apex angle of 15 degrees or less and a ratio of depth to thickness in a range of 0.4 to 0.7
Liquid crystal display device and orientation processing method
Optical modulators
Imaging apparatus, image display control method, and program
Data presentation apparatus and operation method of terminal
System and method for compensating for spoke light
Projection-type display device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Auto-focusing camera
Pseudo low volume reticle (PLVR) design for ASIC manufacturing
Protected pattern mask for reflection lithography in the extreme UV or soft X-ray range
Color processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing color processing program
Method and system for overlay control using dual metrology sampling
Methods and apparatus for changing the optical properties of resists
Methods of increasing printer cartridge compatibility
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Duplex document feeder
Image forming apparatus including a photosensitive member, a cleaning blade, and a cleaning brush
Solid-concentration measuring apparatus and method thereof, and solid-concentration control system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using patch images
Use of customer documents for gloss measurements
Method and apparatus for dynamic power management in marking devices
Uniform gloss control apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus including a recording medium edge cleaner
Photoconductors containing fluorinated components
Capacitive coupling to aid ignition in discharge lamps
Semiconductor device and voltage divider circuit
System and method to calculate initial duty cycle
Multimedia portable electronic device
Wireless sensor system
Facsimile apparatus allowing easy management through email
CMOS image sensor having hybrid pixel arrays
Print system, image supply device, print apparatus, and control method thereof
Wireless communication device including a universal keypad
Methods and devices for selecting items such as data files
Touch control system and apparatus with multiple acoustic coupled substrates
Method and apparatus for use in packaging a selected number of containers
Machine-readable code format
Remotely-alterable wireless electronic display device employing an electronic ink layer integrated within a stacked-layer architecture, including an activation grid matrix layer and transmitting and receiving antenna layers
Electronic information display system employing a plurality of electronic-ink display labels associated with a plurality of manufactured items for displaying information which changes as the manufactured items move through wholesale/retail distribution channels
Geospatial modeling system providing non-linear inpainting for voids in geospatial model terrain data and related methods
System and method for local pulmonary structure classification for computer-aided nodule detection
Multi-view image generation
Image mapping to provide visual geographic path
High resolution enabling apparatus and method
Determining sharpness predictors for a digital image
Signal processing method and device and video system
Edge detecting apparatus and method, and image size enlarging and reducing apparatus and method
User interface for navigating through images
Eye movement data replacement in motion capture
Open and covert detection mechanisms for materials at locations of interest
Locatable information sound device and method
Multi-mode management of a serial communication link
Traffic regulation system
Material processing apparatus and method for grading material
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Plasma display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus and alternating current driving method therefore
Driving apparatus for display device and display device including the same and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method for controlling speed of moving between menu list items
Simple matrix addressing in a display
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Method of manufacturing an optical module
Real size display system
Cymbal muting system
Method for interfacing non-volatile medium control system components
Thin-film magnetic head with closure and manufacturing method of the head
Up-sampled filtering for servo demodulation
Information recording method and information recording device
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for pre-calibrating balance gain of analog front end in optical disk drive to calibrate variation of focus balance
Optical disk apparatus and control method thereof
Optical head and disk reproducing apparatus
Magnetic memory and method for writing to magnetic memory
Driver, and a semiconductor memory device having the same
Semiconductor memory device which delays refreshment signal for performing self-refreshment
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Semiconductor memory device, refresh control method thereof, and test method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and refresh method for the same
Dielectric composition with reduced resistance
Superconducting cable
Electrically conductive wire and method for its production
Intelligent, universal, reconfigurable electromechanical interface for modular systems assembly
Magnetic field generator
Spherical bistable mechanism
Button assembly
Plasma display device
Plasma display panel
Signal detection circuit and signal detection method, and state detection circuit
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor substrate, method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, and electronic device
Methods for reducing surface charges during the manufacture of microelectromechanical systems devices
RLSA CVD deposition control using halogen gas for hydrogen scavenging
Method for manufacturing semiconductor storage device comprising a slow cooling step
Integrated circuit device and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a transistor and memory cell array
Integrated circuit and methods of manufacturing a contact arrangement and an interconnection arrangement
Thin film semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
Projector calibration using validated and corrected image fiducials
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure having low voltage dependence
Semiconductor memory having ferroelectric capacitor
Columnar electric device and production method thereof
Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
Photonic crystal light emitting device
Flexible light source device and fabrication method thereof
Design of silicon-controlled rectifier by considering electrostatic discharge robustness in human-body model and charged-device model devices
Organic semiconductor material and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device for high frequency
Heterojunction photovoltaic cell
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light emitting element and method for fabricating the same
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus having a plurality of pixel sections disposed in a staggered manner
Electronic device, method of producing the same, light-emitting diode display unit, and method of producing the same
Semiconductor light emitting element
High time-resolution ultrasensitive optical detector, using grating coupling
Method for producing MgB.sub.2 superconductor and MgB.sub.2 superconductor
Traveling wave grids with agitated surface using piezoelectric effect and acoustic traveling waves
Electrochemical element having an ellipsoidal assembly configured for high power input
Battery module with improved structure, battery contact and heat dissipation
Current interrupt device for batteries
Method for producing an electrode arrangement for use in a fuel cell
Membrane fuel cell electrodes incorporated with carbon nanomaterial-supported electrocatalysts and methods of making the same
Alkali fuel cell unaffected by carbonation
Fuel cell system
Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
Symmetrical uni-plated antenna and wireless network device having the same
Antenna configuration for RFID tags
Steerable directional antenna system for autonomous air vehicle communication
Substrate connecting member and connecting structure
Socket connector having pickup cap removed by operation of lever thereof
Patch panel assembly
Protection system and socket thereof
Electrical connector with sliding connection
Connector assembly having a back shell
Surface contact card retention assembly
SIM card fixing assembly
Combination type slip ring
Pluggable conductor terminal
System for adjusting the wavelength light output of a semiconductor device using hydrogenation
Safety module electrical distribution system
Power supply control system
Method of operating a converter circuit
Electrostatic discharge circuit and method for reducing input capacitance of semiconductor chip including same
DC UPS with auto-ranging backup voltage capability
Power source system
Voltage generating circuit
System and method of charging a battery and power delivery using an adapter and capacitor voltage divider
Alternating voltage generation apparatus and power output apparatus
Inverter-driven rotating machine system, rotating machine and inverter used in the same and electric vehicle using the same
Voltage adjusting circuit, and motorcycle including voltage adjusting circuit
Circuit and method for generating electrical solutions with junction field effect transistors
Quartz crystal device including monitor electrode
Method and system for reducing interferences due to handshake tones
Voltage control circuit
Rail to rail buffer amplifier
Constellation recovery for quadrature amplitude modulation
Piezoelectric resonator, method of manufacturing the same and electronic part using the same
Pulse-generator circuit and circuit arrangement
Multiplexer circuit with combined level shifting and delay control functions
Receiver, wireless device and method for cancelling a DC offset component
Clocking technique of multi-modulus divider for generating constant minimum on-time
Clock distribution network supporting low-power mode
Current-time digital-to-analog converter
Parallel-to-serial data sort device
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving feedback information representing channel quality in a MIMO-OFDM system
RF transceiver incorporating dual-use PLL frequency synthesizer
System and method for discovering frequency related spurs in a multi-conversion tuner
Component assembly cushioning device for mobile devices
Method for performing measurements for handoff of a mobile unit operating with a switched beam antenna in a wireless communication system, and corresponding system
Communication relaying apparatus, communication relay, and controlling method
Low bias estimation of small signal-to-noise ratio
Control procedure for simultaneous media communications within a talk group in communication networks for public safety
Base station and communications method for storing base station information including a base station ID
Content distributing system and content distributing method
Diagnosis of redundant signal output channels connected in parallel
Downlink coordinated transmission in OFDMA systems, including WiMax systems
Method and apparatus for processing communication protocol frame input
System and method for wirelessly transmitting and receiving digital data using acoustical tones
Data transmission system, header-information adding device, data-format converting device, and data transmission method
Modified start frame delimiter detection
Cellular augmented radar/laser detector
Methods and devices for preventing protocol stalling
Distribution compartments for an efficient and failsafe traffic distribution in a packet-switched network
Method for dynamic lossless adjustment of bandwidth of an embedded resilient packet ring network
Method and system for policy-based address allocation for secure unique local networks
Communication system and call control server
Topology and routing model for a computer network
Methods, systems, and products for classifying peer systems
Ethernet differentiated services
Peer-to-peer connection between switch fabric endpoint nodes
Apparatus and/or method for variable data rate conversion
Method for communicating securely over an insecure communication channel
Radio communications system and method for MBMS service
Method of recording invention disclosures
Allow toll free calls via dedicated access line (DAL) based upon origination
DSX module with performance monitoring
Method and system for routing a call based on calling device type
International origin dependent customized routing of calls to toll-free numbers
Flatbed image system having magnetically levitated carriage
Image processing device, image scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Image taking apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program for connecting into a single image a plurality of images taken by a plurality of imaging units disposed such that viewpoints coincide with each other
Image processing apparatus, image-taking system, image processing method and image processing program
Method of and apparatus for setting video signal delimiter information judged from audio and video signals
Recording medium, method for searching for content data from the recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
Scaling independent technique for watermarking images
Shading detecting method and shading detecting apparatus for camera module
Flicker correction method and device, and imaging device
RFID interrogator and data communication method thereof
Speaker apparatus using display window
VoIP gateway apparatus, and method for controlling call-in/call-out in VoIP gateway apparatus
Signal strength information dependent control of small electrodynamic transducers in audio systems
Radio frequency interference reduction in connection with mobile phones
Analysis of arbitrary wireless network data using matched filters
Mobile based area event handling when currently visited network does not cover area
Mobile terminal for performing call to callee by sequential calling of prioritized callee numbers and multimedia addresses
Mobile station and method for fast roaming with integrity protection and source authentication using a common protocol
Radio communication scheme for providing broadcast or multicast services
Method for reporting scan result in mobile communication system and mobile terminal and mobile communication system using the same
Reduced paging cycles in a wireless communication system
LED drive circuit and LED light-emitting device
Integrated circuit capable of enhanced lamp ignition
X-ray apparatus
Method and apparatus for interfacing components
Portable notebook computer motherboard
Cable management system with twist latch
Electronic device
Liquid cooled module
Telecommunication cabinet with airflow ducting
Electromagnetically-actuated micropump for liquid metal alloy
Electronic system with a heat sink assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure
Olefin polymerization processes and products thereof
Tridentate ligand-containing metal catalyst complexes for olefin polymerization
Particulate group 4 metallocene-aluminoxane catalyst compositions devoid of preformed support, and their preparation and their use
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Protection of catalysts by deposition of a protective layer
Methods for preparing an alkylation catalyst, and for ortho-alkylating hydroxyaromatic compounds; and related compositions
Production of polyethylene having a bimodal molecular weight distribution
Special adsorbent for carbon dioxide acquisition on mars
Thermally-responsive record material
Fused heterocycle compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal compositions containing them
Herbicidal composition
Integrated additive composition, process for its preparation and its use
Lubricating oils having carbonated sulfurized metal alkyl phenates and carbonated metal alkyl aryl sulfonates
Oil additive
Composition comprising lubricious additive for cutting or abrasive working and a method therefor
Disintegrating particles and cleanser or detergent composition
Halogen-releasing composition for lavatory cleansing
Thickened aqueous composition for the cleaning of a ceramic surface and methods of preparation thereof and cleaning therewith
Granular compositions having improved dissolution
Detergent-making process using a high active surfactant paste containing mid-chain branched surfactants
Process for preparing mono-long chain amine oxide surfactants with low nitrite, nitrosamine and low residual peroxide
Low foaming rinse agents comprising alkylene oxide modified sorbitol fatty acid ester and defoaming agent
Wash cycle unit dose softener
Compositions and kits comprising alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists and nitric oxide donors and methods of use
Cell-permeable protein inhibitors of calpain
Method for treating ischemia
Material for passage through the blood-brain barrier
Phosphosugars and phosphosugar-containing compounds having anti-inflammatory activity
N6 heterocyclic 8-modified adenosine derivatives
Extended type 1 chain glycosphingolipids as tumor-associated antigens
Use of ergosterol and its apparent compounds for stimulating the proliferation of skin cells
Reverse-turn mimetics and methods relating thereto
Use of flavone derivatives for induction of .beta.-lactam-sensitivity of MRSA
Cephem compounds
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and method of treatment
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Calcilytic compounds
Oxindolylquinazoline derivatives as angiogenesis inhibitors
Calcium channel blockers
Spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
Uracil derivatives and antitumor effect potentiator and antitumor agent containing the same
Triazine derivatives, their production and use
Compounds which are specific antagonists of the human NK3 receptor and their use as medicinal products and diagnostic tools
Compounds for treating and preventing diabetic complications
Heterocyclic hydroxamic acid derivatives as MMP inhibitors
Carbocyclic nucleoside hemisulfate and its use in treating viral infections
Purine derivatives having phosphodiesterase IV inhibition activity
Pyrimidinone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds and the process for preparing the same
Plant protection agents
Peripheral circulation improvers for ophthalmic tissues containing dihydropyridines
Bicyclic amines and their use as insecticides
Uses of diterpenoid triepoxides as an anti-proliferative agent
Naphthyridine deratives or salts thereof
Multidose vial formulations for administering endo-N-(9-methyl-9-azabicyclo[3.3. 1]non-3-yl)-1-methyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide hydrochloride
Method for eliciting an .alpha.v.beta.5 or dual .alpha.v.beta.3/.alpha.v.beta.5 antagonizing effect
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction
N-linked sulfonamides of heterocyclic thioesters
Alkynyl-substituted quinolin-2-one derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Method for treating ocular pain
Muscarinic antagonists
1-[(1-Substituted-4-piperidinyl)methyl]-4-piperidine derivative, process for producing the same, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermediates of these compounds
Arylglycinamide derivatives, methods of producing these substances and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
Sulfonylbenzene compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Antiproliferative agents associated with peroxisome proliferator activated receptors gamma1 and gamma2
Synthesis of clasto-lactacystin .beta.-lactone and analogs thereof
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Salts of ethyl 3-(2-(4-(4-amino-imino-methyl)phenyl)-4-methyl-2,5-dioxo-imidazolidin-1-yl )acetylamino)-3-phenylpropionate
Combinations of prostaglandins and brimonidine or derivatives thereof
Benzimidazoles and benzoxazoles
Methods of combatting infectious diseases using dicationic bis-benzimidazoles
Imidazoline derivatives and uses thereof
Pyrazolinone derivatives
5-arylpyrrole derivatives
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
Endosulfan microcapsule dispersion
Method for using neem extracts and derivatives for protecting wood and other cellulosic composites
Crystalline N-acetyl neuraminic acid derivatives and process for their preparation
Reverse hydroxamate inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Compounds and methods for the treatment of inflammatory and immune disorders
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Pyrethroid compounds and composition for controlling pest containing the same
Repellent for ants
Insecticides, miticides and method for killing insects and mites
Method for improving delivery of tyrosine supplementation
Substituted 4-hydroxy-phenylalcanoic acid derivatives with agonist activity to PPAR-gamma
Inhibition of IgA production
Methods for treatment of asthma using S-oxybutynin
Methods of treating tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders
Methods for fumigating soil
Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Hydroxyomeprazole compositions and methods
Water emulsions of Fischer-Tropsch liquids (LAW516)
Superabsorbing fibers and films and processes for preparing same
Polyurethane composition containing antimicrobial agents and methods for use therefor
Reduction of color degradation of triphenylmethane polymeric colorants within polyurethane foams
Method for producing polymers cross-linkable by radiation, acrylic or methacrylic acid esters
Pigment preparations with radiation curable binder suitable for ink jet printing method
Method and crosslinkable polymers for forming crosslinked second order nonlinear optical polymers
Denture adhesive compositions
Polymeric powders and method of preparation
Self-dispersing curable epoxy resins, dispersions made therewith, and coating compositions made therefrom
Curable polymeric composition and use in protecting a substrate
Use of monothiols as stabilizers in melted pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions based on natural rubber or synthetic rubbers
Highly-rigid, flame-resistant polyamide composite material
Rubber composition and power transmission belt incorporating the rubber composition
Silica glass composition
Resin composition
Resin composition containing metal salt
Polymer processing additive having improved stability
Slurry composition for reinforcing concrete structure
Nonionic surfactant-free emulsion polymerization process
Ultra-high-solids acrylic coatings
Emulsions of organosilicon compounds for imparting water repellency to building materials
Composition based on an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer and its use
Coating powders for heat-sensitive substrates
Olefin thermoplastic elastomer composition and process for producing the same
Highly fluorinated ion exchange/nonfunctional polymer blends
Compatibilized polymer blends formed using a multifunctional agent
Modified polymers containing poly(2-hydroxyethyl(meth)acrylate segment in the molecule
Antisense modulation of SRC-1 expression
Porcine neural cells and their use in treatment of neurological deficits due to neurodegenerative diseases
Compositions and methods based upon an isoform of p53
Method for making insertional mutations using a Tn5 synaptic complex
Method of determining the corrosiveness of naphthenic acid in crude oil refinery streams
Indirect calibration of polymer characterization systems
Furnace for an engine exhaust measurement system
Covalently immobilized fluoroionophores for optical ion sensors
Specific binding assays
Spatially-encoded analyte detection
Reduction of imprint in ferroelectric devices using a depoling technique
Ramp rate limiter to control stress during ramping
Back side reactive ion etch
Monitoring barrier metal deposition for metal interconnect
Drop-in test structure and abbreviated integrated circuit process flow for characterizing production integrated circuit process flow, topography, and equipment
Method for patterning devices
Quantum thin line producing method and semiconductor device
Method for making micro-mechanical semiconductor accelerometer
Nanoparticle-based electrical, chemical, and mechanical structures and methods of making same
Method for attaching an integrated circuit chip to a substrate and an integrated circuit chip useful therein
High performance flip chip package
Semiconductor integrated circuit having function of reducing a power consumption and semiconductor integrated circuit system comprising this semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of forming semiconductor device having a sub-chip-scale package structure
Highly integrated chip-on-chip packaging
Microelectronic packages including thin film decal and dielectric adhesive layer having conductive vias therein, and methods of fabricating the same
Method for controlling thermal interface gap distance
Method of forming a constricted-mouth dimple structure on a leadframe die pad
Plastic lead frames for semiconductor devices, packages including same, and methods of fabrication
Method for molding a semiconductor device utilizing a satin finish
Silicon based lateral tunneling memory cell
Method for fabricating a SOI (silicon on insulator) device
Method of fabricating heterointerface devices having diffused junctions
Method of fabricating a MOS transistor
Method of fabricating CMOS transistors with self-aligned planarization twin-well by using fewer mask counts
Circuits and methods using vertical complementary transistors
Structure and method for improved latch-up using dual depth STI with impurity implant
Integrated circuit capacitor
Semiconductor device with high integration density and improved performance
Method for forming and filling isolation trenches
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Methods of forming integrated circuit capacitors by electroplating electrodes from seed layers
Method of fabricating a capacitor under bit line structure with increased capacitance without increasing the aspect ratio for a dry etched bit line contact hole
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and fabrication method thereof
Method of forming a flash memory device
Method of forming a point on a floating gate for electron injection
Nitridization of the pre-ddi screen oxide
Process of manufacture of a non-volatile memory with electric continuity of the common source lines
Super halo implant combined with offset spacer process
Gate re-masking for deeper source/drain co-implantation processes
Method of forming a metal silicide layer on a polysilicon gate structure and on a source/drain region of a MOSFET device
Method of reducing word line resistance and contact resistance
Method for fabrication of enlarged stacked capacitors using isotropic etching
Method of manufacturing crown-shaped DRAM capacitor
Semiconductor device having capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Method of dividing a wafer and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor substrate, light-emitting device, and method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for the formation of a polysilicon layer with a controlled, small silicon grain size during semiconductor device fabrication
Method of epitaxy on a silicon substrate comprising areas heavily doped with boron
Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
Single mask process for manufacture of fast recovery diode
Methods of manufacturing a high electron mobility transistor with a T-shaped gate electrode
Method of making devices having thin dielectric layers
Method to improve TiSix salicide formation
Self-aligned contact for closely spaced transistors
Nanoscale patterning for the formation of extensive wires
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Controllable ovonic phase-change semiconductor memory device and methods of fabricating the same
Micro fusible link for semiconductor devices and method of manufacture
Method for manufacturing a bed structure underlying electrode pad of semiconductor device
Conductive lines, coaxial lines, integrated circuitry, and methods of forming conductive lines, coaxial lines, and integrated circuitry
Method of prefilling of keyhole at the top metal level with photoresist to prevent passivation damage even for a severe top metal rule
Optimized IMD scheme for using organic low-k material as IMD layer
Semiconductor device adhesive layer structure and process for forming structure
Anti-reflective coatings and methods for forming and using same
Semiconductor manufacturing method using a high extinction coefficient dielectric photomask
Structure for contact formation using a silicon-germanium alloy
Manufacturing method of interconnection layer for semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing diffusion barrier layer
Low resistance metal silicide local interconnects and a method of making
Method for making integrated circuits having features with reduced critical dimensions
HDP-CVD apparatus and process for depositing titanium films for semiconductor devices
Process for forming fine wiring
Method of chemical vapor depositing tungsten films
Silicon wafering process flow
Slurry-less chemical-mechanical polishing
Method of eliminating dishing effect in polishing of dielectric film
Dual slurry particle sizes for reducing microscratching of wafers
Method of polishing substrates comprising silicon dioxide and composition relating thereto
Process for controlling oxide thickness over a fusible link using transient etch stops
Crystallographic wet chemical etching of III-nitride material
Plasma surface treatment method for forming patterned TEOS based silicon oxide layer with reliable via and interconnection formed therethrough
Low cost high density thin film processing
Fabrication process for a semiconductor substrate
Film forming method and apparatus
Method for forming an L-shaped spacer with a disposable organic top coating
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming an insulating layer pattern in a liquid crystal display
Method for preventing delamination of APCVD BPSG films
Method of forming TEOS oxide films
Papermakers dryer fabric
Formaldehyde-free adhension promoter composition for waistband fabric
Airbag fabric processing very low cover factor
Composite expansion joint material
Belt for conveying articles at high temperature
Crystallized glass for information recording medium, crystallized glass substrate, and information recording medium using the crystallized glass substrate
Lightweight glass fiber insulation
Compositions and methods for treating cellulose containing fabrics using truncated cellulase enzyme compositions
Thermostable peptidase
Isolated human metalloprotease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
L-ribose isomerase, its preparation and uses
System for the production of AAV vectors
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Replication genes and gene products from small cryptic plasmids and methods for constructing controlled-replication plasmid vectors
Method for biological cleaning of a contaminated gas flow
Use of catalytic antibodies for synthesizing epothilone
Microbiological pressurised gas control device
Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase expression regulation
Adenoviral vectors of canine origin
Method and reagents for genetic immunization
Efficient AAV vectors
Liver cell clones for use in extracorporeal liver-assist device
CD123+ dendritic cells in blood and lymphoid tissues
Process for the preparation of discrete particles of calcium carbonate
Methods and catalysts for the manufacture of carbon fibrils
Piranha etch preparation having long shelf life and method of making same
Continuous chemical reaction under continuous pressure and turbulence
Ternary lithium manganese spinel and process for the production thereof
Process for high recovery of acetylene and lime from the reaction of calcium carbide with water
Process for operating a water vapor reforming system, a reforming system operable thereby and a fuel cell system operating process
Highly heat resistant .beta.-zeolite and absorbent for automobile exhaust gas purification and adsorbent for automobile exhaust gas purification
Isotopic urea tablets
Iron(III) complexes as contrast agents for image enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging
Aerosol pharmaceutical formulation for pulmonary and nasal delivery
Oral compositions containing dimethicone copolyols
Abrasive silica compositions and dentifrice compositions prepared therefrom
Compositions with enhanced photoprotective effect and method for using same
Composition containing sapogenin
Cosmetic composition containing an anionic polymer and an acrylic terpolymer, and use of this composition for the treatment of keratinous material
Volumizing hair care compositions
Detergent cosmetic compositions for hair-care application and use thereof
Deodorant composition
Gel air freshner and method of making the same
Polymers containing guanidinium groups as bile acid sequestrants
Natural killer cell enhancing factor C
Defective packaging non-oncoviral vectors based on HIV
Nutrition supplement containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, yeast and soy protein
Pharmaceutical compositions for immunotherapy containing antibodies which specifically recognize the MHCII antigen of a patient to be treated
Method for inhibiting pathogenic microbes in an animal using a haloperoxidase-halide-peroxide system
Interleukin-1 beta converting enzyme like apoptotic protease-6
Composition and method for treating inflammatory diseases
Methods for treating disease states comprising administration of low levels of antibodies
Monoclonal antibodies with specificity for membrane-associated antigens
Methods for treating a tumor containing fibrin using a fibrin specific monoclonal antibody and compositions used therein
Peptides immunologically related to known viral protein
Recombinant raccoonpox virus and uses thereof as a vaccine in mammalian and avian species
Staphylococcus aureus antigen-containing whole cell vaccine
Method and device for coordinating topical and oral sinusitis treatments
Method of exfoliating skin
Cosmetic and/or dermatological powder, process for its preparation and its uses
Cosmetic compositions containing serine protease inhibitors
Towelette product for minimizing facial fine lines and wrinkles
Antimicrobial resin composition and antimicrobial resin molded article comprising same
Process for controlling lepidopteron pests
Monomeric and polymeric cyclic amine and N-halamine compounds
Antimicrobial compositions comprising a benzoic acid analog and a metal salt
Load-bearing osteoimplant, method for its manufacture and method of repairing bone using same
Methods involving changing the constitutive and stimulated secretions of the local reproductive system of women
Method of forming decontaminant food product
Antiobestic agent containing procyanidin as the active ingredient
N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamine-mediated liposomal drug delivery
Triglyceride-free compositions and methods for improved delivery of hydrophobic therapeutic agents
Plantago major and hypericum perforatum compound for use in treating a tobacco or nicotine habit
Method for extraction and reaction using supercritical fluids
Orally administrable opioid formulations having extended duration of effect
Pharmaceutical composition containing diphosphonic acid or salt thereof
Solid oral dosage forms of valsartan
Pharmaceutical tablet formulation containing gabapentin with improved physical and chemical characteristics and method of making the same
Method of treating a bacterial infection comprising administering amoxycillin
Pharmaceutical tablet suitable to deliver the active substance in subsequent and predeterminable times
Osmotic medicament releasing system
Compositions containing polyanionic polysaccharides and hydrophobic bioabsorbable polymers
Dry solid medium for storage and analysis of genetic material
Method of producing morphologically uniform microcapsules and microcapsules produced by this method
Botanical composition for soothing skin
Powdered human milk fortifier
Calcium fortification of oleaginous foods
Aromatized food package
Oxygen permeable multilayer film
Method of disinfecting a foodstuff using gaseous ozone
Method and apparatus for the production of high viscosity paste products with added components
Method for reducing color migration in multi-layered, caramel colored, gel-based dessert products and the products so produced
Noncarbonated beverage products with improved microbial stability and processes for preparing
Method for reconstituting a frozen product with microwaves
Vibrating method for charging powder
Methods and compositions for producing microlenses and optical filters
Process for coating a substrate
Method of annealing large area glass substrates
Post-treatment for copper on printed circuit boards
Process for spray-coating with frequent changes between aqueous and non-aqueous coating agents inside a spray-coating chamber
Method of attaching a substantially uniform distribution of particulates to individual exposed surfaces of a substrate
Method for ion implantation induced embedded particle formation via reduction
Method for arranging of non-magnetic substance
Method for improving the wear and corrosion resistance of material transport trailer surfaces
Method and apparatus for producing plastic container having carbon film coating
Method of forming protective film on plastic part for vehicle-use and apparatus
Method for forming thin films
Film for optical elements
Spherical laminated particle and liquid crystal display
Optically anisotropic film, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Semiconductor laser diode chip and its positioning and mounting method
Edge-sealed window films and methods
Fluid conduit for fuels and fuel vapors
Automobile fuel tank
Tamper evident labels and methods of producing the same
Free form laminated cardstock assembly
Flushable release liner comprising a release coating on a water-sensitive film
Ultraviolet-curable adhesive composition
Protective cover for vehicle floor mat
Security document and method of producing it
Magnetic recording medium
Ink jet recording sheet
Wiring board having excellent heat-radiating property
Method for depositing electrically conducting polymer films via electrochemical deposition of precursor polymers
Multi-functional material with photocatalytic functions and method of manufacturing same
Multi-functional material with photocatalytic functions and method of manufacturing same
Soft molded composites and a process for their production
Packaged pre-adhesive composition
Adhesive film and method for producing the same
Colored film
Precursor fiber bundle for production of a carbon fiber bundle, a process for producing the precursor fiber bundle, a carbon fiber bundle, and a process for producing the carbon fiber bundle
Uniformly dispersing fibers
Polyester modified with polyethylene glycol and pentaerythritol
Method of and structure for fixing a flexible electrical conductor
Compositions and electric cables
Conductive elastomer film, method for production thereof, and conductive elastomer composition
Appliance windows coated with thermochromic polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Polyimide hybrid adhesives
In-situ formation of multiphase air plasma sprayed barrier coatings for turbine components
Method for smoothing the surface of a protective coating
Composition and process for anticorrosive treatment of non-ferrous metal
Polyamide laminated film
Oriented cook-in film with good interply adhesion
Hydrophobic biodegradable cellulose containing composite materials
Core printed security documents
Multilayered laminate containing ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin layer, process for producing the same, and apparatus for producing the multilayered laminate
Exposed die leadless plastic chip carrier
Method of manufacture of a thermoelastic bend actuator ink jet printer
Selective dry etch of a dielectric film
Use of amphiphilic copolymers containing a fluorinated monomer to impart waterproofness to leather
Liquid for the prevention of freezing of aircrafts and runways
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry and method for polishing metal/oxide layers
Coextrusion binder, its use in a multilayer structure and the structure thus obtained
Electronic circuit device comprising an epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolymer
Flip-chip type semiconductor device sealing material and flip-chip type semiconductor device
Aluminium alloy for use as core material in brazing sheet
Electroluminescent assemblies containing N-alkyl-2,2''-imino-bis-(8-hydroxy-quinoline)-metal complexes
Oxide thin film
Aluminum-nitride sintered body, method for fabricating the same, and semiconductor substrate comprising the same
Hydrogen manufacturing and supplying apparatus and electric motorcar
Fuel cell system
Combination of low and high temperature fuel cell device
Solid-electrolyte fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same
Fuel cell stack
Biological fuel cell and method
Two way battery vent cap using cup valves
Electrochemical cell having low profile seal assembly
Gauge effect battery tester
Quick change battery system
Quick change battery retainer
Alkaline cell with insulator
Battery cell having notched layers
Cyano-substituted methide and amide salts
Electrode binder for a lithium-ion secondary battery and method for manufacturing active material slurry using the same
Secondary battery or cell with a non-aqueous electrolyte
Secondary power source
Polymer electrical storage device
Implantation mask for producing a memory cell configuration
Variable transmittance phase shifter to compensate for side lobe problem on rim type attenuating phase shifting masks
Method and device for mutually aligning a mask pattern formed in a mask and a substrate
Computer program product for calculating a process tolerance relating exposure amount and focal point position
Pigmented recording material having a backing coating for the production of offset printing plates
Electrophotographic light-receiving member
Charge generation layer for electrophotographic imaging member and a process for making thereof
Polymer and photoconductive element having a polymeric barrier layer
Toner for developing static image, developer for developing static image, and image forming method
Monocomponent developer containing positively chargeable fine power
Environmentally benign high conductivity ferrite carrier with widely variable magnetic moment
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method of making toners
Imaging transfer system
Thermal imaging process and products using image rigidification
Positive photoresist composition containing alicyclic dissolution inhibitors
Optical information recording medium and optical recording method
Lithographic printing plate having high chemical resistance
Tonable, photosensitive composition and process for making polychromatic images
Pattern forming body, pattern forming method, and their applications
Method of fabricating an opening with deep ultra-violet photoresist
Method of forming a metal wiring by a dual damascene process using a photosensitive polymer
Processes for manufacturing flexible printed wiring boards
Patterned photoresist structures having features with high aspect ratios and method of forming such structures
Plate surface protective agent for lithographic printing plate, and fountain solution composition for lithographic printing plate
Silver halide photographic emulsion
Cell matrix plaques of initial bone formation
.beta.(1-3)-glucan diagnostic assays
Multideterminant peptides that elicit helper T-lymphocyte cytotoxic T-lymphocyte and neutralizing antibody responses against HIV-1
Self initiating single primer amplification of nucleic acids
Processing for attaching an end of a nucleic acid to a surface by utilizing pH
Cloning and expression of thermostable multi genes and proteins and uses thereof
Analyte detection process using dual labeled probes
Apparatus and method for detecting samples labeled with material having strong light scattering properties, using reflection mode light and diffuse scattering
DNA sequences for strain analysis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Use of primers for universal fingerprint analysis
Protein fragment complementation assays for the detection of biological or drug interactions
Methods for assessing genetic and phenotypic markers by simultaneous multicolor visualization of chromogenic dyes using brightfield microscopy and spectral imaging
Composition and methods for modulating the length of telomeres
Fluorescent intensity assay for protein or peptide binding to nucleic acids
Genetic test for equine severe combined immunodeficiency disease
Method of diagnosing abnormal cell growth
Method for analyzing the nucleotide sequence of a polynucleotide by oligonucleotide extension on an array
Method for determining DNA nucleotide sequence
Polynucleotide amplification method
Method of diagnosing and treating increased risk of death from community-acquired pneumonia associated with the a allele of the TNF.alpha.-238 polymorphism
Method of binding material to the .beta.-amyloid peptide
Method for detecting a substance having an activity to inhibit HIV infection using immunoassay and variant protein used for said method
Magnetically assisted binding assays utilizing a magnetically responsive reagent
Methods of diagnosing colorectal cancer, compositions, and methods of screening for colorectal cancer modulators
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Genes encoding proteins essential for plant growth and methods of use
Use of multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny for the screening of drugs and other biological agents
Human FC.gamma. receptor III
TRAF inhibitors
Method of diagnosing and monitoring malignant breast carcinomas
Methods for treating fibroproliferative diseases
Biochemical transformation of solid carbonaceous material
TNF receptors, TNF binding proteins and DNAs coding for them
Targeted hetero-association of recombinant proteins to multi-functional complexes
Cell calcification supressing proteins, and genes of the proteins
Synaptic activation protein compositions and method
Methods and materials for making and using laminin-5
FabF from Staphylococcus aureus
Thermus promoters for gene expression
Human basic fibroblast growth factor analog
Saccharide composition containing trehalulose, its preparation and uses
Processes for photoreactive inactivation of a virus in blood cell or coagulation factor containing compositions and use thereof for preparing compositions useful for transfusion
Rapid ferrous sulfate biooxidation
Rapid method of proteasome purification using proteins having sequence homology to ubiquitin
Human FAS
Method of manufacturing metallic products such as sheet by cold working and flash anealing
Heat resistant steel
TiAl intermetallic compound-based alloy
Multiple detecting apparatus for physical phenomenon and/or chemical phenomenon
Permeation cell for invitro determination of skin permeation of pharmaceutical drugs
Small-scale boiler system using scrapped tires
Image processing and analysis of individual nucleic acid molecules
High voltage electrostatic field for treatment of flowing liquids
Reactor for performing endothermic catalytic reactions
Methods for wet cleaning or purifying gases or fumes to remove gaseous pollutants
Layered noble metal-containing exhaust gas catalyst and its preparation
Emission control
Hydrogen storage systems and method of making them
Texture and tape dispenser
Method of fabricating thin-sheet-coated composite substrate
Method and device for making composite sheets
Process and device for applying sections of material on a material web
Apparatus and method for applying linerless labels
Potted header for hollow fiber membranes
Transferable resilient element for packaging of a semiconductor chip and method therefor
Method for an osteoimplant manufacture
Method and apparatus for lining tubulars and lined tubular assembly
Method of manufacture of a structure and a structural member for use in the method
Apparatus for the production of window frames
Plaster agent and method of preparing same
Heat-sealing apparatus
Methods for reducing fluorescence in paper-containing samples
Method for regenerating sodium hydroxide by partial autocausticizing sodium carbonate containing smelt by reaction with a borate
Polyimide precursor fibrid, polyimide paper, polyimide composite paper and polyimide composite board obtained therefrom, and process for producing the fibrid and the paper products
Drying end of a machine for the production of a material web and method of drying a material web
Method for improving the edge strength of a fibrous mat
Efficient press section for paper manufacturing
Liquid dispenser for oscillating distilling column, and corresponding distilling column
Process for electrolytically producing metal-amalgam
Methods of forming copper solutions
Removal of metal oxide scale from metal products
Manufacturing method and apparatus of alkaline ionized water
Electrode design for corrosion monitoring using electrochemical noise measurements
Method of controlling and diagnosing the heater of an engine exhaust gas composition sensor
Fischer-Tropsch wax and hydrocarbon mixtures for transport (law938)
Production of high viscosity lubricating oil stock with improved ZSM-5 catalyst
Antifoulant control process
High severity, low conversion hydrocracking process
Hydrocracking process product recovery method
Hydroprocessing with catalytic silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure
Process for solvent extraction of hydrocarbons providing an increased yield of raffinate
Sump covering filter with bypass valve
Electric powered automatic swimming pool cleaning system
Sewage screening apparatus
Chlorinator for aerobic waste treatment systems
Chromatography column
Apparatus and method for supercritical fluid extraction or supercritical fluid chromatography
Dyna-mag activator
Adsorptive substance separation device
Submersible centrifuge apparatus
Aqueous dispersion of an oil soluble demulsifier for breaking crude oil emulsions
Systems and methods for sensing red blood cell hematocrit
Silt filtration system
Water dechlorinating system
Method for treating waste water containing nitrate ions
High efficiency backwash shoe
Method of processing circular patterning
Apparatus and process for reclaiming textile fiber waste
Modular condensing wet electrostatic precipitators
Structures for electrostatic V-bank air filters
Vacuum gas releasing system
Anticorrosive and antifouling additive for paints and paint containing the same
Paintable organopolysiloxane mold release compositions and processes for their use
Haze-free cellulose ether capsules and process for making
Tantalum (V) nitride pigment, process for producing it and its use
Pigment mixture
Titanium, cerium and alkaline or earth-alkaline based compound, preparation methods and use as colouring pigment
High strength monoazo yellow pigment
Polysaccharide pigment dispersions
Pigment dispersions containing dispersants prepared by controlled radical polymerization and having pendent hydrophilic polymeric segments
Cement admixture and cement composition
Method for manufacturing p-type GaN based thin film using nitridation
Growth of semiconductor single crystals
Alignment techniques for epitaxial growth processes
Method of making group III-V compound semiconductor wafer
Ferroelectric and electroclinic liquid crystal materials with sub-ambient temperature stability, broad operation range, and fast dynamic response
Color canceling marking systems
Electrochromic inks
Red coloring hyperchromic 3H-naphtho[2,1-B]pyrans
Touch sensing method
Triple sheet thermoforming apparatus, methods and articles
Microcellular articles and methods of their production
Method for producing a crosslinked formed article
Mixed PMDI/solid novolac resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Method for producing sorbents on the basis of a cellulose-containing material and clay minerals
Production of unvulcanized tread rubber for pneumatic tires
Purging agent and purging method
Mold for compression molding a resin article
Electric actuator for a melt flow control pin
Metal mold for producing a synthetic resin molded product
Apparatus and process for laser preweakening an automotive trim cover for an air bag deployment opening
Method for changing the dielectric properties of a ceramic matrix composite
Process for controlling gas blanket extent in plastics injection molding
Fuel tank having molded reinforcements and method of making same
Substrate plating apparatus
Conveyorized electroplating device
Process and apparatus for electrocoagulative treatment of industrial waste water
Method and device for electrochemical immunoassay of multiple analytes
Method and apparatus for programmable fluidic processing
Method and reagent for suppressing the injection of nucleic acid sequencing template into micro-bore capillary during DNA separation with capillary electrophoresis
Methods of manufacturing heater and cathode-ray tube comprising the same
Apparatus and process for electrodialysis of salts
3 component cathode collector bar
Process for the separation of hydrogen fluoride from its mixtures with a hydrofluoroalkane containing from 3 to 6 carbon atoms
Distillation method and distillation apparatus
Enhanced polymer activation system and apparatus
Apparatus and method as preparation for performing a myringotomy in a child''s ear without the need for anaesthesia
Method and apparatus for impedance measurement in a multi-channel electro-surgical generator
Electrosurgical generator method
Tissue heating and ablation systems and methods which predict maximum tissue temperature
Combined syringe and electrosurgical electrode for sclerotherapy
Electrosurgical instrument with suction capability
Non-stick electrosurgical forceps
Distraction osteogenesis device and method
Superelastic spinal stabilization system and method
Resorbable pin systems
Lung reduction device, system, and method
Medical instrument system for piercing through tissue
Appliance for plucking hairs out of human skin
Surgical clamp with replaceable clamp members
Percutaneous bypass graft and securing system
Ligating clips
Method of performing sinus surgery utilizing & sinus debrider instrument
Catheter having flow diffusing tip
Balloon catheter and stent delivery system having enhanced stent retention and method
Catheter with shape memory polymer distal tip for deployment of therapeutic devices
Suture locking device
Method for maintaining environmental conditions for a medical device
Water energizing device for shower bath
Ostial stent
Tubular medical graft connectors
Surgical stent featuring radiopaque markers
Expandable medical device with ductile hinges
Inflatable intraluminal vascular stent
Bell-bottom modular stent-graft
Plasticized bone and soft tissue grafts and methods of making and using same
Composite allograft, press, and methods
Process for fluorinating cellulosic materials and fluorinated cellulosic materials
Method of controlling oxalate precipitation in bayer process liquor
Method and apparatus for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Fuel composition
Lubricity additives for fuel oil compositions
Lubricity additives for fuel oil compositions
Process for converting organic compounds using composite materials in membrane reactors
Process for the catalytic conversion of methane or natural gas to syngas or a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Production of layered engineered abrasive surfaces
Arrangement of an air filter and a membrane carburetor
Air filter, local facility, and clean room
Filter assembly having a disposable pre-filter
Air filter
Fertilizer granulation method
Hard metal or cermet sintered body and method for the production thereof
Polymer quenched prealloyed metal powder
Inoculant and inoculant method for gray and ductile cast irons
Method of producing nanophase WC/TiC/Co composite powder
Aluminum alloy semi-finished product manufacturing process using recycled raw materials
Process for producing liquid pig iron comprising recirculating agglomerated sludges
Method and device for processing reducing gas for reducing ores
Method for recycling brass foundry waste
Mineral pelletisation
Chromatograph having a gas storage system
Fuel storage system with vent filter assembly
Method and device for supplying several working gases, and its application to an installation for assembling electronic components
Apparatus for use in pressure and temperature swing adsorption processes
Curtain coating apparatus and method
Electrostatic chucks and a particle deposition apparatus therefor
Device for producing oxidic thin films
Distribution plate for a reaction chamber with multiple gas inlets and separate mass flow control loops
Methods and apparatus for cleaning semiconductor substrates after polishing of copper film
Mercury process gold ballbond removal apparatus
Method of treating and smoothing sliding surface
Formation and applications of AlCuFe quasicrystalline thin films
Hand brace
Catheter system and method for providing cardiopulmonary bypass pump support during heart surgery
Automatic exchanger for peritoneal dialysis
Apparatus and method for guiding and limiting access by hypodermic needles to septum of a human implantable medical treatment device
Intravesicular balloon
Balloon assembly with separately inflatable sections
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
Peristaltic pump and cassette
Stationary central tunnel dialysis catheter with optional separable sheath
Cannula for vaginal irrigations
Low-profile ostomy faceplate with recessed coupling ring
Absorbent product
Motor-vehicle passenger-compartment air-cleaner
Automatic response building defense system and method
Roof vent
Package conveyor system for seed test plot combines
Method and assembly for playing a variation of the game of baccarat
System, method and article of manufacture for tournament play in a network gaming system
System for adapting gaming devices to playing preferences
Gaming machine payout system and method
Stadium game for fans
Shooting game target with graphic image display device
Friction element for a damper disc having a friction adjusting element
Torsionally flexible coupling
Motor vehicle steering shaft with two shaft sections
Universal joint
Trunks-type disposable pants
Photo-refractive keratectomy
Human Necessities
Composition for the controlled release of chlorine dioxide gas
Disposable absorbent article
Absorbent article with liquid shrinkable elements
Disposable pull-on diaper
Individually wrapped absorbent article which uses a minimum amount of wrapper material
Epithelium removal
Wound irrigation apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water purification system
Apparatus and a method for separating particles from hot gases
Method and apparatus for assembling and attaching plastic cards and printed card-carriers
Process for separating propylene from propane
Rotary concentrator and method of processing adsorbable pollutants
Catalytic reforming catalyst activation
System for applying quick-drying coating agents
Device for applying photoresist to a base body surface
Slurries of abrasive inorganic oxide particles and method for adjusting the abrasiveness of the particles
Method of making a supported plurality of electrochemical extruded membranes
Lamination apparatus and sheet roll for use in lamination apparatus
Spray paint marking tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alkylene oxide modified silicone glycol compatibilizing agents for stable polyester polyol compositions
Method and formulation for stabilization of enzymes
Production method of a heat-treated steel member
Method of making a cemented carbide body with increased wear resistance
Enhanced methods and apparatus for producing micro-textured, thin film, magnetic disc media and compositely micro-textured disc media produced thereby
Method for preparing 2-aryl or 2-heterocyclyl chiral propionic acids and their esters
Electrochemical conversion of hydrocarbons
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