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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soil protection device
Greenhouse structure
Floating decoy adapter for land use
Shoe insert
Engineered fabric with tightening channels
Method of manufacturing a fluidtight slide fastener
Advertising device for produce and candy vendors
Bed frame attachable transfer bar device
Thermal storage bare surface cleaner
Compact device for measuring, tissue analytes
Apparatus for impedance imaging coupled with another modality
Method for generating an image by means of a tomography capable X-ray device with multi-row X-ray detector array
Bariatric patient management system
Bed with a networked alarm
Patient transfer system
Apparatus for blocking activation of tissue or conduction of action potentials while other tissue is being therapeutically activated
Stimulation device for sleep apnea prevention, detection and treatment
Advertisement method using game program on the internet and method for executing the game program having the advertisement according to the advertisement method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid heating apparatus
Method for adapting sensor cells of a seat mat to a mechanical prestress
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle brake using brain waves
System and method of initial aligning wheels of vehicle steer-by-wire systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fiber plate, manufacturing method thereof, radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Fixed Constructions
Attachments for transporting and launching military bridges
Wall reinforcement system
Two-way opened strap lock with an indication
Hinge assembly for foldable electronic device
Sacrificial shield for a window assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pyrotechnic actuator with controllable force and optimised geometry
System and method for real time programmability of an engine control unit
Control apparatus for motor vehicle and storage medium
Method and arrangement for monitoring an air-mass measuring device
Method and device for transferring water from a source to a consumer
Humidity control apparatus
Treating of a crude containing natural gas
Method for producing a hammer lock, method for engaging a hammer lock and hammer lock to be inserted in a gun
Quilt tool
Combination ball clip and ball liner and ball clip for use with a ball liner
Vehicle compass compensation
Method of nonlinear calibration of halftone screen
Relocatable X-ray imaging system and method for inspecting commercial vehicles and cargo containers
Scan method for built-in-self-repair (BISR)
Tool for generating a re-generative functional test
Inspection condition setting program, inspection device and inspection system
Method and apparatus for saving peripheral device states of a microcontroller
Fault tolerant scan chain for a parallel processing system
Flexible vector network analyzer measurements and calibrations
Exposure head
Optical fiber and optical transmission path that uses the optical fiber
Method and apparatus for packaging optical fiber sensors for harsh environments
Optical add and drop multiplexer using ring resonators
Hitless tunable optical add drop multiplexer with vernier gratings
Method and assembly for mounting at least one optical fiber
Optical waveguide device, layered substrate and electronics using the same
Photobooth with improved accessibility and optical characteristics
Radiographic apparatus
Strobe light photographing system
Closed loop control function for corona device
Electrophotographic endless belt, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
System using internet electronic mail for communicating status of a monitored device to a monitoring device
Image forming apparatus including developing gap between image and developer carriers
Image forming and recording apparatus with three pressure members
Image forming apparatus including toner charging member
Process control system
Method and apparatus for repackaging portions of digital works as new digital works
Multistage clock delay circuit and method
Radio card having independent antenna interface supporting antenna diversity
PC card motion detector
System and method for translating synchronization information between two networks based on different synchronization protocols
Method and apparatus for ejecting a recording medium from a storage unit detachable from host equipment
Method and apparatus for teaming storage controllers
Method, system, and data structures for using metadata in updating data in a storage device
Guaranteed data synchronization
Storage apparatus acquiring static information related to database management system
Data transfer between virtual addresses
Method for avoiding delays during snoop requests
System and method for identifying open peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slots
Digital system of adjusting delays on circuit boards
Broadband content delivery via personal content tunnel
Method and apparatus for scalable process flow load balancing of a multiplicity of parallel packet processors in a digital communication network
Fast path forwarding of link state advertisements
Setting text composition spacing amount
Portable high speed internet access device with encryption
Storage system having means for acquiring execution information of database management system
Contents retrieval system and contents retrieval program storage medium
Compressed document matching
Framework for creating search systems of networked resources
Method and apparatus to improve file management
Method and apparatus for allowing one bookmark to replace another
Live presentation searching
System and method for detection and analysis of video recordings
IC layout having topological routes
Method and program for simulating a physical system using object-oriented programming
Scheduling method for automated work-cell transfer system
System and method for verifying the integrity of stored information within an electronic device
User-authentication-type network operating system booting method and system utilizing BIOS preboot environment
System with graphical user interface including automatic enclosures
Communication clocking conversion techniques
Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
Software-based speculative pre-computation and multithreading
Method for fast exception handling
Version control adapter interface to support integration of multiple vendors integrated development environments (IDEs)
Method and system for starting a multiple PDA operating system through a menu
System for iteratively designing an object heterarchy in an object-oriented computing environment
System and method for building source code for connecting to systems
Computer I/O device access method
Method and apparatus for controlling the processing priority between multiple threads in a multithreaded processor
Method for kernel selection for image interpolation
Ruled line extracting apparatus for extracting ruled line from normal document image and method thereof
Creating multi-page documents using tiff files
Image discrimination apparatus, copier and image discrimination method
Plant maintenance method and apparatus
CAD system, design-support program for CAD system, and design methods
Method and device of image transform
User interface for interactive removal of defects in an image sequence
Semantic downscaling and cropping (SEDOC) of digital images
Instrument and method for metrology
Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Method of MPEG-2 video variable length decoding in software
Copyright management apparatus, copyrighted-work distribution apparatus, and copyrighted-work distribution and receiving system
Image processing apparatus with automatic image pickup feature
Communication system using digital watermark for synchronizing multiplexed text data to video frames
Suspended ceiling projector mount apparatus
Mobile office with speech recognition
Speech recognition using polynomial expansion and hidden markov models
Information processing system in which power supply information of a recording/reproducing unit controls operations of a host computer
Recording state detection system for use in a disk drive
Method of attaching a sensor to a pickup head and pickup head
Optical disk drive
System and method of improving memory yield in frame buffer memory using failing memory location
Method and apparatus for timing-dependant transfers using FIFOs
Apparatus for admitting gas into the primary coolant of a pressurized water reactor
Methods and apparatus for operating a system
Apparatus for producing an inductor
Portable telephone, diffuser and lighting device provided therein
Mechanism for inter-fab mask process management
Active antenna system with fault detection
Tools to mount a connector to a coaxial cable
Laser driver circuit and system
Apparatus for and method of frequency conversion
Edge emitting semiconductor laser and semiconductor laser module
Phase locked loop circuit and method of frequency modulation in phase locked loop circuit
Amplifier predistortion system and method
Frequency synthesizer with prescaler
Add-compare-select accelerator using pre-compare-select-add operation
Apparatus and method for accelerating cyclic redundancy check calculations
Transmission and reception device for mobile radio
Iterative precoding system and method for resource limited data transceivers
Vector tree correlator for variable spreading rates
Scaling using gain factors for use in data detection for wireless code division multiple access communication systems
Optical communications system with back-up link
Built in self test method and circuit for parallel optical transmitters
Fiber optic receiver with an adjustable response preamplifier
Optical transmission system for frequency-multiplexed signal
Echo cancellation apparatus, systems, and methods
Method of frequency synchronization in a wireless communications system and configuration for implementing the method
Broadcast receiving device
WDM ring transmission system
Method for configuring WDM ring optical networks
Transmission apparatus
CAS data processing apparatus of STM-1 interface block
Outage reporting for a telecommunications system
Method of determining the topology of a network of objects
Adaptive equalizer training circuit, modem apparatus and communication apparatus
Digital transmitter with constrained envelope and spectral regrowth over a plurality of carriers
FMOD transceivers including continuous and burst operated TDMA, FDMA, spread spectrum CDMA, WCDMA and CSMA
Method and apparatus for automatic cross-media selection and scaling
Method and apparatus for a user controlled voicemail management system
Authentic person identification
Apparatus for supplying power to mobile phone using earphone-microphone connector
Portable communication terminal charger system
Foldable cellular phone having a function of transmitting and receiving e-mail and method of operating the same
Remote caller identification telephone system and method with internet retrieval
Automated operator assistance with menu options
Method and system for generating a call processing control record
Method for delivery of IP data over MPEG-2 transport networks
Contents transmission/reproduction system, contents transmission apparatus, contents reproduction apparatus and contents transmission method
Signal coding method, signal coding apparatus, signal recording medium, and signal transmission method
Method and system for improved beacon acquisition performance with time slot and antenna sector reuse
Apparatus and method for receiving quick paging message in mobile station
Method for handling global challenge authentication registration, mobile switching center and mobile station therefor
Capacitor microphone
Transparent stereo widening algorithm for loudspeakers
Audio signal processing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Air freshener dispenser device with disposable heat-activated cartridge
Cosmetic, dermopharmaceutical or veterinary compositions for disinfecting human or animal skin
Stabilized two-part disinfecting system and compositions and methods related thereto
Cockroach repellent
Herbal composition and treatment methods
Improver for microwave-reheatable bakery products
Method of producing uniform sized food products
Composition for extending shelf life for fresh fruits and vegetables without the use of refrigeration
Process for producing beverages from nut butter and the product therefrom
Methods of preparation and using antimicrobial products
Wax ester compositions
Food spray containing grape seed oil
Conservation of orthophosphate waste for preparing an animal feed supplement
Increased fiber digestion livestock supplement
Treated peppers products having capsaicinoids removed
Hydroxy-methyl-hexanones as flavoring agents
Stable salad dressings
Method for deoxygenating food products
Home use coffee bean roasting device and method of roasting
Seam structure of foam sheets for sportswear products
Method of making a composite material with controlled elasticity
Process of making a carrying case with inserted nameplate by blow molding
Assembly and attachment of cushions
Upholstery component with secured cover and process for its production
Dental floss
Hygienic bag and preparation thereof
Composition for the treatment of the nails, containing a sulphur-bearing aminoacid
Colored cosmetic composition
Icariin preparations
NF-KB activity inhibitor
Articles coated with in vivo polymerizable ophthalmic compositions
Delivery of agents and method for regeneration of periodontal tissues
Therapeutic use of somatostatin peptides
Applications of lysozyme dimer
Anti-neoplastic drugs in cancer therapy
Methods for using agents that bind to VCAM-1
Optoacoustic contrast agents and methods for their use
Hyperolius argus endocrine screen test
Bifunctional detection agents having an optical dye linked to an MRI contrast agent
Superparamagnetic contrast media coated with starch and polyalkylene oxides
Magnetic resonance imaging using hyperpolarized noble gases
Silica containing dentifrice compositions
Antibiotic toothpaste
Strong UV absorbing glass
Silicone compositions
Use of photochromic coloring agent in a cosmetic composition, and cosmetic composition comprising it
Aqueous composition comprising active ingredients for the de-pigmentation of the skin
Hair cosmetic compositions
Composition based on lipid vesicles and a cross-linked poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane-sulphonic acid) which is at least 90% neutralized
Light screening composition containing a polysiloxane-type UV-B screening agent and a benzimidazol-type screening agent
Hair cosmetic composition
Deodorant compositions containing cyclodextrin odor controlling agents
Polyurethane and polyacryl nail polish compositions
Cosmetic composition containing spindle shaped fine particles of titanium dioxide
Methods for universally distributing therapeutic agents to the brain
Methods and compositions for enhancing the bioadhesive properties of polymers
Fabrication of microchip drug delivery devices
Pressurized aerosol inhalation compositions
Resilient deformable microballoons for echographic imaging
Methods and compositions for the dry powder formulation of interferons
Treating urinary incontinence with (R)-desethyloxybutynin and (R)-oxybutynin
Wet granulation formulation of a growth hormone secretagogue
Process for producing stabilized pharmaceutical composition
Use of water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethanes as coatings or binders for pharmaceutical presentations
Web dressing and method for its production
Method of sterilization
Stable oxidizing bromine formulations, method of manufacture and uses thereof for biofouling control
Process for producing alumina material for artificial skeleton with high strength
Air freshening device for automobiles
Method for in-line filtering biological liquid
Device and process for regulating the sodium concentration in a dialysis liquid with a view to a prescription
Laminate catheter balloons with additive burst strength and methods for preparation of same
Method of coating elastomeric components
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solid phase extraction disk and apparatus for enhanced recovery and precision
Chromatographic column and valve
Method for separating cell populations by thermophilic characteristics
Electrostatic treating apparatus
Faucet mounted water filter
Separating method and apparatus
Slow sand filter for use with intermittently flowing water supply and method of use thereof
Process for distilling ethylene oxide
Method and apparatus for purification of argon
Method of predicting and controlling harmful oxide and apparatus therefor
Water treatment apparatus
Ultrafiltration method for purifying water-insoluble aluminum hydrates
Dispensing of water treatment substances
Modified polymers having controlled transmission rates
Enhanced boro-aluminosilicate EU-1 (LAW778)
Catalyst comprising a zeolite selected from the group formed by zeolites NU-85, NU-86 and NU-87, an element from group VB and its use in the hydroconversion of hydrocarbon petroleum charges
Process for the removal of acid compounds from a hydrocarbon stream
Process for the purification of virtually anhydrous organic liquids
Gasket and apparatus for electrodeionization
Method for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide
Method and apparatus for performing continuous hydrothermal synthesis
Pipettor including an indicator and method of use
Acid impervious coated metal substrate surface and method of production
Ceramic coating method for metallic substrate utilizing a transitional layer of ceramic-metal
Masking film roll for use in painting, method for producing it, and tubular film roll from which it is produced
Polyamide-based coating powders
Method for forming a thermal barrier coating
Polymeric peel-off coating compositions and methods of use thereof
Ink-jet recording head and a production method of the same
Method and apparatus for forming low dielectric constant polymeric films
Runner for guiding a flow of liquid metal
Composite and process for the production thereof
Texture free ballistic grade tantalum product and production method
Laser processing chamber with cassette cell
Method of manufacturing lignocellulosic board
Method of reinforcing a concrete structure
Product including parts which can be recycled
Composite connection and method of making same
Fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin sheet and method of wet manufacturing
Method for molding elastomeric profile members
Method for compression molding plastic articles
Variable orientation magnet molding tool
Multi-layer molding method
Biaxially oriented film
Laminate of liquid crystal polyester resin composition
Corner reinforcement structure for cloth
Pressure sensitive heat activated filmic adhesive tape
Biaxially oriented laminate film of wholly aromatic polyamide and magnetic recording media
Magnetic recording medium
Multi-ply industrial fabric having integral jointing structures
Heat-sensitive imaging element and a method for producing lithographic plates therewith
Laser ablative recording material
Process for preparing regenerated cellulose article
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell system
Injected-molded package of blended ethylene/olefin copolymers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for soot-free start-up of autothermal reformers
Method for the adsorptive extraction of hydrocarbons from aqueous solutions of hydrocyanic acid
Method for removal of nickel and iron from alkali metal hydroxide streams without requiring the use of sodium borohydride
Dewatering of calcium carbonate
Process for preparing lithium manganate for lithium secondary battery
Acicular hematite particles for non-magnetic undercoat layer of magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording medium using the same
Process for treating semiconductor fabrication reclaim
Purification system for dry cleaning separator waste water
Water treatment system
Method for treating waste water used in alkali metal hydroxide manufacturing processes
Apparatus and method for inhibiting microbial growth in an aqueous medium
Flocculant compositions and water treatment method using the same
Automatic fluid dispensing system
Dewatering of sludges
Activated-sludge processing apparatus and method for control of sludge to be returned
Organic waste water treating apparatus having treating layer and auxiliary layer
Waste-water filtration and purification device for fish cultivation
Precipitation of scale inhibitors
Anti-reflective, reduced visible light transmitting coated glass article
Permeable solar control film
Oxide phosphorescent glass capable of exhibiting a long lasting after-glow and photostimulated luminescence
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric device using the same
Carbonized wood and materials formed therefrom
Method of treating spent potliner material from aluminum reduction cells
Molded article
Sunblocking polymers and their novel formulations
Fluoro-substituted alkyl ether compounds, liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display devices
High temperature transfer molding resins
Method for making cocaine receptor binding ligands and intermediates therefor
Polypeptides useful as immunotherapeutic agents and methods of polypeptide preparation
Recombinant fowlpox virus S-FPV-043 and uses thereof
Bacterial hemoglobin receptor gene
Method for restoration of normal phenotype in cancer cells
Human urinary hyaluronidase
Process for the preparation of polyurethane spherical particle
Organic electroluminescent polymer for light emitting diode
Method for preparing polyaniline fibers
Thermoplastic polyester composition and film made therefrom
Low-heat-shrinkage polyester film and heat-development photographic light-sensitive material using the same
Prepreg for laminate and process for producing printed wiring-board using the same
Process for producing extruded foam products having polystyrene blends with high levels of CO.sub.2 as a blowing agent
Process for producing a rubber elastic copolymer, an ion-conducting thin membrane composition containing the copolymer, an ion-conducting thin membrane and a process for producing the same, and a solid electrochemical material containing the membrane
Triggered active packaging material
Oriented film composed of thermoplastic polymer with particulate hollow bodies, a process for its production and its use
Polypropylene-based foamed sheet
Aqueous colorant composition in water-soluble package
Fluoropolymer coating composition and coated article
Composition, use of a cellulose ether as thickening agent and production of a coated cellulose-based two-dimensional product
Clear cathodic electrocoating compositions
Methods for making pressure-sensitive adhesives having microstructured surfaces
Photoluminescence polymers, their preparation and uses thereof
Water-soluble anti-oxidation agents
Photochromic molecular heat exchange medium
High temperature, low oxidation stabilization of pitch fibers
Fluid catalytic cracking process for converting hydrocarbon mixtures
Catalytic upgrade of naphtha
Two phase hydroprocessing
Method for controlling moisture in a catalyst regeneration process
Integrated staged catalytic cracking and staged hydroprocessing process
Anti-static lubricant composition and method of making same
Preparing granulated sugar blends and products
Coating substrate
Master alloy hardeners
Aluminum base member for semiconductor device containing a nitrogen rich surface and method for producing the same
Low heat expansion alloy
High chromium heat resistant cast steel material and pressure vessel formed thereof
Method for making porous zeolitic films
Coating station
Method of forming aluminum interconnection layer
Film depositing method and film depositing apparatus
Method and apparatus for plating a substrate
Spinning rotor for an open-end spinning machine and method for coating the same
Wear resistant non-stick resin coated substrates
Electrode and preparation thereof
Plating apparatus
Electromigration-resistant copper microstructure and process of making
Process for producing photo-electricity generating device
Crystalline colloidal arrays in solid form
Textiles; Paper
Process for forming double-strand edged monofilament line for use in line trimmers
Poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrillar short fiber and method for its use
Process for the production of elastane fibers by inclusion of a combination of PDMS and ethoxylated PDMS in the spinning solution
Separator for a battery comprising a fibrillatable fiber
Method and apparatus for producing crimped thermoplastics
Process for kraft chemical recovery
Pulping composition containing aminoalkoxylsilanes and a pulping process using the composition
Distribution of dilution liquor to the discharge of a cellulose pulp digester
Method for the continuous cooking of pulp
Method for bleaching paper pulp
Method of manufacturing aqueous paper pulp for water soluble packages
Fixed Constructions
Method of manufacturing post tensioning prefabricated building
Electrolytic solution for clinometric sensor
Process for producing liquid-jet recording head, liquid-jet recording head produced thereby, and recording apparatus equipped with recording head
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Chemiluminescence measuring apparatus
Sensor cartridges
Nanoelectrode arrays
Gas detecting apparatus having condition monitoring means
Method for calibrating sensors used in diagnostic testing
Probe of scanning electrochemical microscope
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Device for highly sensitive magnetic detection of analytes
Method and apparatus for measuring ethanol vapor concentration
Water impurity analyzer
Method of fabricating a membrane-actuated charge controlled mirror (CCM)
Method and apparatus for stripping coatings from optical fibers
Asymmetric light diffusing material
Method of forming a semiconductor device utilizing lithographic mask and mask therefor
Material exhibiting compensation for polymerization-induced shrinkage and recording medium formed therefrom
Photoresist compositions with cyclic olefin polymers and hydrophobic non-steroidal multi-alicyclic additives
Light exposure controlling method
Photosensitive body and electrophotographic printer using the same
Photoconductor for electrophotography and method of manufacturing and using a photoconductor
Toner and process for producing toner
Toner compositions
Carrier for electrophotographic development and electrophotographic developer containing the same
Carrier for electrophotography, an electrostatic latent image developer and an image forming method
Electrophotographic carrier comprising a coating of a grafted fluoropolymer
Magnetic carrier, two-component developer and image forming method
Magneto-optical storage medium with double mask
Cleaning medium for magnetic recording devices
Magnetic recording medium and production method thereof
Design for manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Information-bearing discs and methods of fabrication
Thick-film resistor paste
Soft magnetic film and a magnetic head of an MR/inductive composite type using such a soft magnetic film
Metal-containing composition for forming electron-emitting device
Discharge electrode and process chamber of dry etching facility for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for preventing plasma formation
Method of forming high aspect ratio apertures
Method for improving etch uniformity during a wet etching process
Copper-based paste containing copper aluminate for microstructural and shrinkage control of copper-filled vias
Sectional clamp ring
Etch chamber
Method and apparatus for handling element on an adhesive film
Organic electroluminescence device
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution, and non-aqueous electrolyte cell comprising it
Solid polymer electrolytes
Lithium ion secondary battery
Battery holder
Separator for sealed lead accumulators
Cover for polar element for the lid of a battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Fuel cell stack with novel cooling and gas distribution systems
Purged anode low effluent fuel cell
Process for operating a high temperature fuel cell installation, and high temperature fuel cell installation
Fuel cell with internal combustion chamber
Method of manufacture of multilayer circuit boards
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew