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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
System, apparatus, and method for remote soil moisture measurement and control
Debris deflector for string trimmer
Environmental services platform
Control system for a canopy
Lightweight flexible dog shoes
Methods and systems for maintaining a constant depth
Insect repellant apparatus with imprinted glass marbles and associated methods
Robotic carcass processing method and system
Apparatus and method for processing of high meat content food or feed products
System and method for sterilizing food products
Nutritional compositions containing ceramide and uses thereof
Electronic cigarettes having squeezable E-liquid tank
Shoe upper, and method for knitting shoe upper
Clothing storage system
Backpack structure integrated with a tent structure therein
One-piece, multi-component injection-molded brush and method for producing it
Cosmetic container
Friction-driven rotary push broom
Computer pillow stand
Combination backpack and chair
Beverage container security cover
Household appliance for food preparation, comprising a working container with a basket for steam cooking
Window cleaning apparatus and method of controlling the same
Cleaning device, cloth and holder
Computerized information collection and processing apparatus
Combined ear, nose and throat inspection and operation instruments
Computerized information collection and processing apparatus
Systems, tools, and methods for connecting to tissue
Systems and methods for percutaneous access, stabilization and closure of organs
Method of cutting soft tissue under facial skin
System and method for measuring skin movement and strain and related techniques
Exchange guidewire
Biosignal determining device and biosignal determining method
Adherent device for sleep disordered breathing
Buffered body return receiver
Aseptic medical instrument packaging with supporting peelable flaps
Adjusting an X-ray parameter of an X-ray unit
Locator device for medical procedures on the body surface and method of its use
Dental appliance-holding bracket assembly
Girth device and method for controlling urinary incontinence
Patterned implant and method
Coated pelvic implant device and method
Vessel treatment devices
Coatings for controlling erosion of a substrate of an implantable medical device
Valve holder with leaflet protection
Expandable radiopaque marker for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Adjustable prosthetic anatomical device holder and handle for the implantation of an annuloplasty ring
Protective shields for protecting the limbs of injured animals
Method and device assisting with the electric propulsion of a rolling system, wheelchair kit comprising such a device and wheelchair equipped with such a device
Powered wheelchair
Adjustable connector, improved fluid flow and reduced clotting risk
Performing Operations; Transporting
Jet stream generating device and jet stream generating method
Microarchitecture controller for thin-film thermoelectric cooling
Connected standby sleep state for increased power savings
Thermal sensitivity based clock frequency adjustment for dynamic power control of a processor
Devices and methods for bit error rate monitoring of intra-panel data link
Unified, workload-optimized, adaptive RAS for hybrid systems
Verification of SoC scan dump and memory dump operations
Optical DNA
Control apparatus and method
Anti-shoulder surfing authentication method
System for running potentially malicious code
Location based content filtering and dynamic policy
Methods and systems for providing web pages to web browsers
System for generating and distributing content editing information
Converting non-natively executable programs to downloadable executable programs
Method of content filtering to reduce ink consumption on printed web pages
Gate array architecture with multiple programmable regions
System and method for capacity planning for systems with multithreaded multicore multiprocessor resources
Managing consistency of multiple-source fabrication data in an electronic design environment
Method for simplifying RTL schematic by grouping nodes into a cloud
Variable power rail design
Method of OPC model building, information-processing apparatus, and method of determining process conditions of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device on the basis of changed design layout data
Login system for a graphical user interface using a pattern that provides feedback on the pattern
Systems and methods for altering the state of a computing device via a contacting sequence
Method and apparatus for providing identity claim validation
Secure processor
Representation and verification of data for safe computing environments and systems
Data access security
Personalized mobile device application presentation using photograph-based capability detection
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
Methods and arrangements for composing information-carrying artwork
Graphical display for sorting and filtering a list in a space-constrained view
Neighborhood auditing tool and user interface
Movement recognition as input mechanism
Methods of interfacing with multi-input devices and multi-input display systems employing interfacing techniques
Automatic approval
System for providing learning according to global positioning information and method thereof
System and method for automatically generating computer code to obtain data from devices optionally using a web services interface
Method and system of installing a program on a first computer, and duplicating the installation on a second computer
Device software customization
Path-sensitive analysis for reducing rollback overheads
Software constructed strands for execution on a multi-core architecture
Network system, management server, and virtual machine deployment method
Allowing world switches between virtual machines via hypervisor world switch security setting
Circuit design support method, circuit design support apparatus, and computer product
Operating system and architecture for embedded system
System and method for datacenter power management
System and method of displaying geographic entities
Method and device for bandwidth self-adapting data ranking protection
Memory chip for converting data received from controller controlling reading and writing of data
Detector with soft pruning
Operational feeling reproduction device
Method and apparatus for providing security for an internet protocol service
Secure personal content server
Flow data for security data loss prevention
Mobile device having self-defense function against virus and network-based attacks and self-defense method using the same
Method and apparatus for monitoring a computer system for malicious software
Secure data processing method and associated device
Remote device communication platform
Personalized video system
Queue based advertisement scheduling and sales
Setting television or radio default channel
Method and system for facilitating network connectivity and consumption of broadband services
Temporal video tagging and distribution
Devices and methods for heating food using high frequency energy
High-strength colored glass ceramics as a cooktop, smooth on both sides
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Scooper having ice cream removing device
Gas burner with flame stabilization structure
Floss for light treatment of oral structures
Customized dental trays comprising ultra low density polyethylene and methods for making and using such trays
Tooth inclination assessment
Perimeter weighted multi-layer golf ball
Hollow golf club head
Golf club
Gripping device
Golf training device
Apparatus and method for video based shooting game
Recording medium storing volume control program, volume control method, video game machine, and volume control program
Undulating amusement slide
Apparatus for generating an optical illusion
Toy lowrider model vehicle
Wheel assembly for a toy
Suspended runway
Toy sword with contact indicator
Customizable doll with interchangeable faces having likeness of a person
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for cleaning utilizing multi-stage filtered carbon dioxide
In-situ thermochemical solidification of dense non-aqueous phase liquids
Power tool having a receptacle for securing a tool
Saw blade with abrasive surface
Method for finishing automotive wheels and resulting wheels
Polishing pad conditioner and methods of manufacture and recycling
Polishing method and polishing device
Apparatus for and method of machining of optical connector end
Method and apparatus for cleaning a web-based chemical mechanical planarization system
Subaperture chemical mechanical planarization with polishing pad conditioning
Method of lapping medium-opposing surface in thin-film magnetic head
Polishing head of chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and polishing method using the same
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus with non-conductive elements
Semiconductor device fabrication method and apparatus
Lens shape data processing apparatus and lens grinding machine having the same apparatus
Method for manufacturing non-seamed stone corners for veneer stone surfaces
Apparatus for fluid jet formation
Rotary finishing disc
Polishing pad for use in chemical/mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers having a transparent window for end-point determination and method of making
Methods for dynamically controlling a semiconductor dicing saw
Gap seal between a nozzle and a mold component in an injection molding apparatus
Small pitch nozzle with a thermally conductive insert for an injection molding apparatus
Valve for an injection molding manifold
Hydraulic clamping device for molding machines
Method and apparatus for distributing material in a profile extrusion die
Refill for oil-based ink ballpoint pen and oil-based ink ballpoint pen
Dry erase board with image in relief
Suspension arrangement
Air return bulkhead
CVT hybrid powertrain fueling and engine stop-start control method
Motor pump unit, particularly a motor vehicle braking device
Motor-pump assembly, in particular an anti-lock braking system for a motor vehicle
Wakeboard binding plate assembly and method of use
Towable nautical device for leisure sport
Steering arrangement for ships with water jet unit
Flushing system and process
Fluid thrust assembly with self-aligning thrust bearings
Apparatuses and methods for joining structural members, such as composite structural members
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CMP formulations
Method and a skid member for reducing temperature difference in a heating subject and a skid apparatus using them
Method and apparatus for heating a slurry to a predetermined temperature
Fixed Constructions
Flanged road mat and method and apparatus for assembling same
Alignment and support apparatus
Cover for a drainage device
Method and apparatus for delivering conditioned air using pulse modulation
Seal for coaxial cable in downhole tools
Mechanically actuated gas separator for downhole pump
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine driven dry air pump with a flange mounted oil drain
Drive support and cover assembly for tubeaxial fan
Infusion device and driving mechanism and process for same with actuator for multiple infusion uses
Fluid apparatus having downwardly inclined lower lamella portion of a bellows
Fuel metering pump of a heating equipment, particularly water or air heating equipment of a motor vehicle, with control equipment
Fluid controlled pumping system and method
Geared pump with forced lubricated coupling
Structure for fastening by screw
Self-locking screw connection
Mechanical fastener
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Output shaft supporting apparatus for automatic transmission
Wide ratio transmissions with three interconnected planetary gear members
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a motor vehicle drive train
Axle module with axle shaft electronic management
Planetary gear stage
Electronic transmission throttle valve actuator
Control system for vehicle
Continuously variable transmission
Folding lamp rod and junction box structure
Lighter with replaceable fuel cartridge
Child resistant disposable lighter
Multi-mode lighter
Movable grating control
Outdoor fan system
Method and arrangement for indicating hits
Integrated evaluation and simulation system for advanced naval gun systems
Integrated performance simulation system for military weapon systems
Positionable-connect apparatus for electrically coupling selected electrical devices
Microelectronic contact structure
Display module
Coin sorting apparatus
Modular entertainment and gaming system configured for processing raw biometric data and multimedia response by a remote server
Interactive breast examination training model
Subterranean utility marker
Generating a musical part from an electronic music file
Knocking processing method in flat-type display device, and knocking processing method in flat-panel display device-use substrate
Integrated circuit redistribution package
Impedance-tuned connector
Connector system having opposing biasing beam and lance
Metal contact LGA socket
Multiple-contact cable connector assemblies
Constant force apparatus and method
Socket for electrical parts
Method and apparatus for preventing electric shocking
Electrical connector assembly with readily removable pick up cap
Electronic package with socket and reinforced cover assembly
Quick connect electrical outlet
LGA contact with extended arm for IC connector
Single socket containing two lamps toward opposite directions
Cable end connector having integral latch means
Card electrical connector apparatus
Electrical connector for circuit board and electrical connector assembly having the same and transmission board
Connector in which a locking mechanism is protected
Package with lock mechanism
Double ended guide pin for keying on both sides of a circuit board
Pair of irreversible complementary connectors
Electrical connector having connector position assurance member
Coaxial connector
Electrical connect having integrated over current protector
Floating panel mount connector assembly
Sacrificial circuit connector for connect/disconnect applications that exceed the rated cycle limits of circuit connector terminals
Socket assembly for electric meter box
Connector assembly
Multi-position electrical connector for robotic tool changer
Clamping spring device for an elastic clamp
Self-locking rotatable electrical coupling
Quadrax interconnect grounding
Serial ATA connector with compliant contact
Connecting structure for electric wire to shield case of apparatus
Coaxial cable displacement contact
Sensor system and connector used therefor
Circular electrical connector
Solderless method for transferring high frequency, radio frequency signals between printed circuit boards
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew