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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant growth regulation
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Methods of preparing a food product from a cartridge
Ready-to-eat dry fruit products and process
Antioxidative compositions
Garment with built in cushion to comfort spine
Ski tote including a backpack strap for carrying a pair of skis
Snap-together patio bench
Mitral and tricuspid valve repair
Instrument for storing and dispensing a surgical fastener
Apparatus for the fixing of the position of bone cuts
Tubular member having a passage and opposed bone contacting extensions
Spinal osteosynthesis system
Apparatus and method for spectrally measuring fundus
Method for extracting timing parameters using a cardio-mechanical sensor
Method for activating an x-ray image recording system and an x-ray image recording system
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Bladder reconstruction
Artificial heart valve attachment apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for surgical repair
Methods of use of fenofibric acid
Imidazolamino compounds
Substituted, bicyclic 8-pyrrolidinobenzimidazoles, methods for their production and their use as medicaments
Aryl-substituted polycyclic amines, method for the production thereof, and use thereof as a medicament
3-Heteroaryl-3,5-dihydro-4-oxo-4H-pyridazino[4,5-B]indole-1-carboxamide derivatives, their preparation and therapeutic use
Quinazoline derivatives as tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Method of use of carboxylated polysaccharides topically on the eyeball
Sustained-release microgranules containing gingko biloba extract and the process for manufacturing these
Oral administration of calcitonin
Inhibiting furin with polybasic peptides
Anti-microbial targeting chimeric pharmaceutical
Methods of increasing delivery of active agents to brain comprising administering receptor associated protein (RAP) fragments conjugated to active agents
Monomeric protein of the TGF-.beta. family
Recombinant double-stranded RNA phage, and use of the same
Compositions and methods for identifying agents that alter expression of survivin
Antimicrobial compositions, products and methods employing same
11-methyl-13-tridecanolide, 12-methyl-14-tetradecanolide and 13-methyl-15-pentadecanolide, perfume compositions containing the same, and process for production of compounds including the same
Method for stabilizing oil-based thickening gel composition
Guide-in-guide catheter system
Catheter for uniform delivery of medication
Methods and devices for the treatment of aneurysms
Safety limits for closed-loop infusion pump control
Medical device for delivery of a biologically active material to a lumen
Safety intravenous catheter assembly
Low profile pivoting joint infusion assembly
Dual nozzle sprayer
Abdominal and body exercise device
Golf club head having movable weights
Snowboard binding system having automatic toe strap
Cue stick tip application and maintenance tool
Children's ride-on vehicles with reconfigured bodies and methods for forming the same
Modular toy vehicle
Interactive toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for simulated moving bed separation with a reduced number of large diameter valves and a reduced line volume
Filter plate assembly for filter
Filtering particulate materials in continuous emission monitoring systems
Configuration and process for carbonyl removal
Method to remove sulfur or sulfur-containing species from a source
Remote reagent ion generator
Vinylidene fluoride based resin porous hollow yarn and method for production thereof
Catalyst composition for alcohol steam reforming
Electrolyte membrane, process for its production and membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Beater for a rotary shredder
Cutting system
Method and apparatus for removal of gutter debris
Air purification device
Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products therefor or produced thereby
Glossy inkjet recording medium and methods therefor
Tool for chip removing machining and a basic body therefor
Cutting tool
Method of soldering electronic component having solder bumps to substrate
Wheeled moving robot
Anvil for a HPHT apparatus
Stack mold carrier
Injection molding flow control apparatus and method
Method for making a sintered superhard prosthetic joint component
Method for controlling or regulating a folder of a printing press
Fluoropolymer articles
Hard coat film, antireflection hard coat film, optical element and image display
Model surface texturing film
Nanocomposite materials comprising high loadings of filler materials and an in-situ method of making such materials
Method of impregnating decorative papers
Printer with reciprocating printhead carriage
Printing method and printing apparatus
Cable and hitch pin assembly
Tow coupling system and method
Air-suspension system for vehicles, having a throttle
Control architecture for selection of optimal mode or gear and input speed for a hybrid powertrain system
Method and system to prevent false speed display during high engine speed operation
Reclining rear seat for vehicle having four-bar link
Passenger seat, an aircraft passenger seat in particular, and a passenger seat group, an aircraft passenger seat group in particular
System and method for loading/unloading containers
Cargo rack for pickup truck
Headlight for motor vehicles
Passenger air bag module
Locking mechanism for a cinch tube of an airbag cushion
Airbag device and motorcycle with the airbag device
Curtain air bag device
Airbag cover with retaining channel
Wind energy plant with a hydraulically actuated rotor brake and method for the hydraulic control of a rotor brake
Passive stabilization systems for wheeled objects
Rotation transmitting apparatus and vehicle steering apparatus
Rear frame structure for vehicle
Steerable axle automatic lift sensor system
Bicycle having a removable power assist module
Mechanism for conversion of vertical force to a torque and motive device and method employing same
Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Door which is intended to be positioned between the cockpit and the cabin of an aircraft
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Container with contour
Coupon bag with detachable portion and methods of making same
Pressure indicating feature for replaceable container caps
Multi-component product container with reclosable top
Vehicle fuel tank
Tie and handkerchief retail display unit
Image forming apparatus
Paper supply device and image forming apparatus using the paper supply device
Binding apparatus and image formation system using the same
Method for manufacturing printed products such as books, brochures, magazines or the like
Interconnecting microfluidic package and fabrication method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Group III nitride compositions
Aqueous dispersion of a rare earth phosphate, and a process for its preparation
System and method for hydrogen production
Method of fabrication of modified activated carbon
Apparatus and method for controlling the gas composition produced during the gasification of carbon containing feeds
By-products from fermentation still bottoms
Method for manufacturing DP-bioglass composition for use in dental fracture repair
Triarylamine compounds, compositions and uses therefor
Cyclisation process
Diaryl alkylphosphonates and method for preparing same
Substituted benzoyl derivatives as herbicides
Fluorinating agent and method for producing fluorine-containing compound using the same
Protected piperazino group-bearing organoxysilane compound and making method
Benzimidazole compound crystal
Coumarin compound, material for light emitting device and organic electroluminescent device
Production method of highly pure pyromellitic dianhydride
siRNA targeting gremlin
Mutant interleukin-2 (IL-2) polypeptides
Antibodies that bind to EphA2 and methods of use thereof
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand fusion proteins
Paint composition, process for producing transparent protective film using the same, and organic glass provided with transparent protective film
Transition metal compound, ligand system, catalyst system and its use for the polymerization and copolymerization of olefins
Biologically absorbable coatings for implantable devices based on polyesters and methods for fabricating the same
.beta.-Crystalline polypropylenes
Process for production of polyarylene sulfide
Synthesis and characterization of novel cyclosiloxanes and their self- and co-condensation with silanol-terminated polydimethylsiloxane
Aqueous pigmented coating composition with improved open time comprising crosslinkable oligomer(s) and dispersed polymer(s)
Curable adhesive composition, adhesive kit and method of adhering substrates
Polyphenylene sulfide resin compositions
Flame retardant polycarbonate resin composition
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Hot melt binder for asphalt product with reduced production temperature and applications of said binder
Ink composition
Consumable inks with improved image performance
Biological substance related article and method of manufacturing the same, and biological substance adsorption preventive coating composition and method of using the same
Light modulating plate, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Energized fluids and methods of use thereof
Vegetable lipid-based composition and candle
Alkaline protease from Bacillus sp. (DSM 14392) and washing and cleaning products comprising said alkaline protease
Method for delivery of proteins to plant cells
Albumin fusion proteins
Porcine adenovirus E1 and E4 regions
Protein-deamidating enzyme, microorganism producing the same, gene encoding the same, production process therefor, and use thereof
PCR amplification reaction apparatus and method for PCR amplification reaction using apparatus
Diagnostic assays of secreted biological fluids for detection of infection and inflammatory conditions
Multiplex spatial profiling of gene expression
Removal of molecular assay interferences
Plasma processing method, plasma processing apparatus and computer storage medium
Fabrication method of liquid crystal display device
Fixed Constructions
Striker driving assembly for a motor vehicle door lock
Bend stiffener
Superhard composite material bonded to a steel body
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Turbine blade with near wall spiral flow serpentine cooling circuit
Waste heat energy recovery method and system
Injection nozzle
Methods for manipulating droplets by electrowetting-based techniques
Pump and method
Hermetic compressor
Electric air pump for secondary air supply system
High efficiency air conditioner condenser fan
Blowing mechanism for column type electric fan
Push nut
Weld nut
Nut for attaching two devices and method for providing the same
Shaft for constant velocity universal joint
Method and apparatus to control operation of a hydraulic control circuit for an electro-mechanical transmission
Molding phenolic resin material for pulley, and method of using molding resin material
Speed-ratio control apparatus for vehicular continuously variable transmission
Air valve operator
Stand off tie for communications cables
LED lamp
Backlight and liquid crystal display device
Light source having a plurality of white LEDs with different output spectra
Oil lamp, air freshener and/or fragrance release apparatus and wick therefor
Electric liquid-heating
Hall effect based angular position sensor
Rotary encoder, belt conveyance apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Inspection device
Image inspection device and image inspection method using the image inspection device
Position control for scanning probe spectroscopy
Surface plasmon amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (SPASER)
Imaging method to verify electrical conductivity across lightning strike protection boundaries
Myeloperoxidase detection in diagnosis and prognosis of hematopoietic disorders
Caffeine detection using internally referenced competitive assays
Multiplex flow assays preferably with magnetic particles as solid phase
Selection of intracellular immunoglobulins
High affinity TCR proteins and methods
Device for removing consumable analytic products from a storage container
Minimizing paper waste carousel-style dispenser apparatus, sensor, method and system with proximity sensor
Cylindrical capacitive force sensing device and method
Display device including test circuit and electronic apparatus having the display device
Magnetic sensor having spin valve type electro-magnetic transformation device
Apparatus for automatic calibration of PET/CT systems
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Dynamic magnetic resonance inverse imaging using linear constrained minimum variance beamformer
Double resonance coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance device
Multiview and multiangle image reconstruction device
Interior rearview mirror assembly
Optical reception and transmission module
Eyeglasses frame with weighted member hanging therefrom
Highly efficient single panel and two panel projection engines
Conductive patterning
Photosensitive resin composition for optical waveguides, and optical waveguide and manufacturing method thereof
Temperature tripping device
Boost converter circuit having selectable modes
RF tag and RF tagging system
Authentication methods and apparatus for vehicle rentals and other applications
Learning fare collection system for mass transit
Imager kit with MICR head for hybrid printer
Automatic POS-based digital image capturing and processing system employing a plurality of area-type illumination and imaging zones intersecting within the 3D imaging volume of the system
Stamped gate bar for vending machine
Wheel cap with combined image exhibiting means as perpetually non-rotatable
Electronic percussion system and electronic percussion instrument incorporated therein
Electrically conducting polymer and production method and use thereof
Coaxial cable including tubular bimetallic inner layer with angled edges and associated methods
Coaxial cable including tubular bimetallic inner layer with folded edge portions and associated methods
Assemblages of magnetic alloy nanoparticles
Electromagnetic switch for starter
Actuator for an electric push-button switch, particularly in vehicles
Electron beam inspection system and inspection method and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Method for correcting electron beam exposure data
High resolution charged particle projection lens array using magnetic elements
Mass spectrometer
Extension assembly and enclosure employing the same
Method for integrated MEMS packaging
Ferroelectric film, method of manufacturing ferroelectric film, ferroelectric capacitor, and ferroelectric memory
Ink-jet printhead fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Chip data providing system and chip data providing server used therefore
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for soldering modules to substrates
Method of manufacturing an LED
High performance 3D FET structures, and methods for forming the same using preferential crystallographic etching
Method for post-etch cleans
Method for the selective removal of an unsilicided metal
Apparatus and method for deposition of thin films
Dual metal gate self-aligned integration
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
P channel radhard device with boron diffused P-type polysilicon gate
Method and apparatus of power ring positioning to minimize crosstalk
Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
Interconnect structure having enhanced electromigration reliability and a method of fabricating same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming a wall structure in a microelectronic assembly
Screen-printed filter capacitors for filtered feedthroughs
Semiconductor device including bipolar junction transistor with protected emitter-base junction
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
CMOS imager with integrated non-volatile memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom
Semiconductor module and radiator plate
Electronic component having at least one vertical semiconductor power transistor
Self alignment features for an electronic assembly
Shielding arrangement to protect a circuit from stray magnetic fields
Test pads on leads unconnected with die pads
Biasing apparatus, systems, and methods
Semiconductor device and manufacture method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of light emitting device and manufacturing device thereof
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Mobility enhanced CMOS devices
Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom
Semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing them
Light-emitting device and method of making same
Memory integrated circuit, in particular an SRAM memory integrated circuit, and corresponding fabrication process
Method and structure for forming self-aligned, dual stress liner for CMOS devices
Transistors with stressed channels
Device and method of manufacture for a low noise junction field effect transistor
Semiconductor device and a method for producing the same
Electrode, photoelectric conversion element, and dye-sensitized solar cell
Gallium-nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Light emitting device
Compensation of resonators for substrate and transducer asymmetry
Materials of the cylinders of active-piston actuators
Cable direct interconnection (CDI) method for phased array transducers
Phase-change memory device including nanowires and method of manufacturing the same
Organic thin film transistor array panels
Method and composition for bonding and sealing fuel cell components
Methods and systems for efficient operation of integrated fuel cell-fuel reformer systems
Multi-component fuel cell gasket for low temperature sealing and minimal membrane contamination
Fuel cells and related devices
Gas diffusion electrode assembly, bonding method for gas diffusion electrodes, and electrolyzer comprising gas diffusion electrodes
Method for converting a fuel cell membrane web to precisely positioned membrane sheets
Fuel cell for generating electric power
Manufacture of unitized electrode assembly for PEM fuel cells
Connector for connecting printed boards having a plug having press-in grooves fitted into a socket
Fuse cassette
Sleeve and coupler for electronic device
Poly night light
Connector retaining bracket
High current gradient coil-to-coaxial line plugged connection
Spark plug configuration having a metal noble tip
Electric power generation control apparatus
Rechargeable battery pack, in particular for use with electrical hand tool devices, charging device, and rechargeable battery pack and charging device system
Rechargeable powered device
Rechargeable battery controller and method for controlling output of rechargeable battery
Battery state of charge voltage hysteresis estimator
Battery charger
Heating element cooling structure and drive device having the cooling structure
Multi-phase brushless motor with reduced number of stator poles
Variable reluctance type angle detector
Rotor for vehicular electric rotary machine, vehicular electric rotary machine using such rotor and related manufacturing methods
Yoke assembly for stator of starter motor
Rotating electrical machine and coil
High efficiency, inductive vibration energy harvester
Control drive circuit for electric power tool
Method and control system for reducing the fatigue loads in the components of a wind turbine subjected to asymmetrical loading of the rotor plane
Common mode voltage extraction circuit
Apparatus and methods for a fixed impedance transformation network for use in connection with a plasma chamber
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Set dominant latch with soft error resiliency
Ultra fast differential transimpedance digital amplifier for superconducting circuits
High-speed receiver assembly
Multichannel memory-based numerically controlled oscillators
Compound body and method for manufacturing it
Temperature sensor based on resistance measurement and radiant heater with such a temperature sensor
Plasma CVD apparatus and dry cleaning method of the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Curved body of cheese made of oval-shaped precut slices of cheese
4 knots pet chew
Combined candy brush and container therefor
Pet chew with 3 buttons
Bun for hotdogs
Cleated sandal sole
Portion of a shoe outsole
Footwear sole
Side element of a shoe upper
Pair of shoe inserts
Portion of a shoe upper
Holder for portable telephone
Leather stitch container
Toolbox with handle
Handle assembly
Office chair
Chair back
Seat assembly for a motorcycle
Surface configuration of a vehicle seat
Television stand
Computer table
Dual shelving unit
Student desk
Stand having shelves and a tubular frame
Perforated tray stackable shelves
Plastic base cabinet
Long-handled spray gun display racket (I)
Storage and display container
Fold-up workshop
Rack for gun cabinets, gun safes, or the like
Three dimensions horseshoe activity mat
Rectangular food storage container with removable thermal preservation insert
Coffee machine
Food storage container with removable thermal preservation insert
Canister lid
Football-shaped barbecue grill
Cooking vessel
Pasta server
Saucepan handle
Citrus knife
Barbecue tool hand grip
Screw base unit for a straw
Corkscrew opener
Tin can lid opener
Three-in-one opener
Bottle opener
Portable electric drill
Powered scissors
Ratchet wrench
Wall hanging sign bracket
Accessory hanger
Mortar mix tool
Wench handle holder
RV door handle
Door exit device
Door locking handle for an electrical apparatus box
Surface configuration of a door latch for a vehicle
Flexible beverage pouch with fitment
Disposable cleaning head container
Bottle holder
Walkie talkie watch
Watch case
Wire tracer receiver
Control unit
PH electrode
Temperature control switch
Suction tester for vacuum cleaner
Temperature control switch
Portable coordinate measurement machine portion
Tire pressure gauge
Portions of a laser level
Measuring wheel
Jewelry cluster
Blow molded dock float
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Portion of a vehicle roof
Pedal crank tricycle
Hovercraft with fore and aft thrusters and winglets
Tread of a tire
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Tire valve
Ground traction increasing plate
Front cowl and light assembly for a motorcycle
Front mudguard for a motorcycle
Wheel rim
Vehicle side view mirror
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a side mirror for a vehicle
Dashboard display mount
Axle anti-sway unit for a vehicle
Vehicle hood
Integral stake rack
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel
Fairing for an over the highway truck
Hall effect sensor holder
Portable power inverter unit
Electrical connector
Rugged USB connector
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Vehicle audio player
Combined radio receiver and clock
Pair of speakers
Pair of speakers
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Electronic bartender
Hand-held pen-based computer
Portable electronic device
Mobile phone
Information appliance
Mobile phone
Communication device
Two-way radio wrist watch with interchangeable faceplates
Wireless communication device
Cellular telephone
Keyboard of an electronic communication device
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Electronic communication device
Mobile phone
Shower caddy
Human Necessities
Hair drier having a pad for generating far-infrared rays and anions and method for making the pad
Wafer temperature measurement method for plasma environments
Image shifting apparatus and method for a telerobotic system
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Microprobe system for stereotactic neurotherapy
Device for the mapping of cardiac arrhythmia foci
MRI compatible guide wire
Technique for manipulating medical images
Therapy management techniques for an implantable medical device
Temperature control pads with integral electrodes
Coated electrode and method of making a coated electrode
Method and apparatus for safely disabling runaway pacing protection in a cardiac rhythm management device
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Electrically insulated component sub-assemblies of implantable medical devices
Electrode terminal fixing appliance
Voltage control circuitry for charging ouput capacitor
Method for verifying the calculated radiation dose of an ion beam therapy system
X-ray catheter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nonredundant split/pool synthesis of combinatorial libraries
Design of new materials whose use produces a chemical bond with a descriptor of said bond
Precise position controlled actuating method and system
Method and apparatus for correcting positional deviation of finite linear rolling guide
Method of estimation of wafer polish rates
Robot, robot control system, and program for the same
Image forming method and system with a finishing capability
Method and system of pre-selecting ordered media in a printing system
Image french measuring adjunct
Method and system for monitoring tire pressure in vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking systems
Automatic climate control with tunable transient response
Vehicle control apparatus
Operating characteristics control device for a vehicle
Vehicular electronic control system, and electronic control unit, program, and storing member for the same
Smart resolution valve pressure control
Rollover stability control for an automotive vehicle using rear wheel steering and brake control
Method and device for determining offset values by a regression method
Remote control system for a locomotive using voice commands
Method for optimizing energy in a vehicle/train with multiple drive units
Integrated railroad system
Variable steering ratio control system and method
System and method of controlling a vehicle steer-by-wire system applying robust control
Systems and methods for correlation in an air traffic control system of interrogation-based target positional data and GPS-based intruder positional data
Handle for container
Paper discharging device of image forming apparatus and method thereof
Appliance supply distribution, dispensing and use system method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the metallization of optical fibers
Method for identifying polymorphic markers in a population
Method for detection of biological related materials using biomarkers
Nondestructive method for detecting structural anomalies in composites
Textiles; Paper
Process control methods and apparatus
On-line fiber orientation closed-loop control
Fixed Constructions
Door lock device and control method thereof
Predicting sample quality real time
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Engine control system
Method and arrangement for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Control system and method for maintaining a constant engine idle speed of an automatic transmission-equipped vehicle
Control apparatus and control method of automatic transmission for vehicle
Method for remote on-line advisory diagnostics and dynamic heat rate when used for input/loss performance monitoring of a power plant
Method and system for on-line monitoring of bearing insulation in an electrical generator
Measuring device
Remotely configurable multimedia entertainment and information system for vehicles
User friendly analysis system
Detector for monitoring rotation
Method and apparatus for analyzing measurements
Low loss fiber optic jumper with electronic presence detection
Dissolution test equipment and method
Inspection method and its apparatus, inspection system
Sequencing of peptides by mass spectrometry
System for determining machine running speed from machine vibration: apparatus and method
Measurement system for sampling a signal and evaluating data representing the signal
Test mode control circuit for reconfiguring a device pin of an integrated circuit chip
Batch/lot organization based on quality characteristics
Characterization of self-timed sequential circuits
Method for generating test pattern for semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
On-board testing circuit and method for improving testing of integrated circuits
Breaklock detection system and method
GPS correction methods, apparatus and signals
Aircraft location monitoring system and method of operation
Material handling systems with high frequency radio location devices
Dynamic water velocity correction
Display device and method for producing the same
Broadband access optimized fiber and method of making
Dense wavelength division multiplexer module
Automated placement of optical fibers
Optical fiber and optical fiber wiring board using the optical fiber
Fiber array, method for fabricating the same and optical device using the fiber array
Fiber array with support post
Fiber management frame for securely retaining optical fiber connection trays
Method and apparatus for modulating an optical beam in an optical device
Optical device
Camera system including a camera mounting apparatus for obtaining close-up photographs
Shutter device of lens-fitted photo film unit
Space classification for resolution enhancement techniques
Electro photo multi functional peripheral apparatus
Image forming apparatus having image carrier released from intermediate transfer body
Tandem-type color image forming apparatus
Applicator element and method for electrographic printing or copying using liquid coloring agents
Fixing device, method for temperature control of the same, and method for manufacturing rollers of the same
Imaging equipment acceleration apparatus and methods
Fixing apparatus for fusing and fixing toner image on transfer material in image forming apparatus
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Guide roller unit including cleaning blade for guide roller
Method for finding optimal set-points for machines and processes
Configurable PLC and SCADA-based control system
Communications architecture for process control system
Method and apparatus for remote process control using applets
Process and device for evaluating the performance of a process control system
Method and apparatus for providing agent swarm dispersal and separation by directed movement
Permission system for controlling interaction between autonomous vehicles in mining operation
Dynamic portfolio benchmarking
Security system for data processing applications
System and method for monitoring software
DSP system for capturing data at a fixed rate
Identifying and synchronizing incompatibilities between a portable computer and a docking station
Power generating mechanism that has a duct, heat pipe, or heat sink to efficiently diffuse heat generated by a heat
Method and apparatus for stopping supply of power to a specific function for playing contents stored on media in response to a low battery level
Reparity bitmap RAID failure recovery
System and method for performing interactive server load testing through use of one or more virtual users being configured as a server client capable of transmitting one or more server test actions
Enterprise integrated testing and performance monitoring software
Raid apparatus storing a plurality of some logical volumes on different disk units
Method for improving pin compatibility in microcomputer emulation equipment
Self-checking multi-threaded processor
Process and system for quality assurance for software
Dynamic storage management
Memory interface with fractional addressing
Optical disc player with sleep mode
Methods and apparatus for point-in-time volumes
High speed fault tolerant mass storage network information server
Method for dynamically adjusting a memory page closing policy
Object sampling technique for runtime observations of representative instances thereof
Stochastic scratchpad storage management technique
Automatic byte swap and alignment for descriptor-based direct memory access data transfers
Storage control unit with a volatile cache and a non-volatile backup cache for processing read and write requests
High-performance modular memory system with crossbar connections
Split control for IP read and write cache misses
Cache control device
Memory interface for reading/writing data from/to a memory
System and method for creating a series of online snapshots for recovery purposes
Shared memory multiprocessor expansion port for multi-node systems
Performance-based caching
Methods and apparatus for executing code while avoiding interference
Dependency checking for reconfigurable logic
Method and design for a DVD SCSI tape controller
Controllerless modem
Hot unpluggable media storage device
Peripheral device exchanging data with one of higher-order devices by switching interfaces
Input/output control apparatus, input/output control method and information storage system
Dynamic configuration of a time division multiplexing port and associated direct memory access controller
Daisy chain latency reduction
Memory manager for a common memory
Method and apparatus to control memory accesses
Data-burst-count-base receive FIFO control design and early packet discard for DMA optimization
Mechanisms for efficient message passing with copy avoidance in a distributed system
Apparatus and method for randomly assigning slots in a PCI backplane
Centrally distributed serial bus
System and method for processing power management signals in a peer bus architecture
Bus speed controller using switches
Generalized I2C slave transmitter/receiver state machine
Virtual I/O device coupled to memory controller
Method and apparatus for creating stylesheets in a data processing system
Tunneling management messages over a channel architecture network
Device and method for managing communications between data communications systems
Method and apparatus for providing user specific web-based help in a distributed system environment
Method and apparatus for sharing code containing references to non-shared objects
Method for synchronizing program applied to distributed computer system
Method and apparatus for parallel processing
Motion object video on film detection and adaptive de-interlace method based on fuzzy logic
Low-fidelity document rendering
Method and system for modeless operation of a multi-modal user interface through implementation of independent decision networks
Transaction processing system providing improved methodology for two-phase commit decision
Method and apparatus for inverse discrete cosine transform
Form printing solutions web server using a java vending machine for pulling a jetsend form print job from a server and outputting to a device
Technique for locating an item of interest within a stored representation of data
On-demand data streaming parceling
System and method for the intelligent management of archival data in a computer network
Method for scoring documents in a linked database
Relational database system providing XML query support
Gateway apparatus and network system
SLA monitor calendar buffering
Method and system for removal of resource manager affinity during restart in a transaction processing system
Synchronizing databases
System and method of determining and searching for patterns in a large database
Retrieving, organizing, and utilizing networked data using databases
Method and system for data mining automation in domain-specific analytic applications
Methods and systems for objects supporting structured language persistent state
Cache management system for a network data node having a cache memory manager for selectively using different cache management methods
System and method for efficient content delivery using redirection pages received from the content provider original site and the mirror sites
Document processor
Dark line CD and XY-CD improvement method of the variable shaped beam lithography in mask or wafer making
System for checking wiring configuration of printed circuit board
Layout versus schematic (LVS) comparison tools that use advanced symmetry resolution techniques
Method for optimizing a VLSI floor planner using a path based hyper-edge representation
Critical dimension statistical process control in semiconductor fabrication
Cross coupling delay characterization for integrated circuits
Timing analysis of latch-controlled digital circuits with detailed clock skew analysis
Method for laying out electronic circuit and program thereof
Fiber placement and fiber steering systems and corresponding software for composite structures
Method and apparatus for interactively displaying a route window for a flight management system
Method for programming flash EEPROMS in microprocessor-equipped vehicle control electronics
Methods and arrangements for providing non-modal error information in a graphical user interface
Method and system for authenticating user and providing service
Method and apparatus for securing a secure processor
Method having multiple interfaces with distinguished functions and commands for providing services to a device through a transport
Interrupt mechanism for shared memory message passing
Signal transition and stable regions diagram for positioning a logic analyzer sample
Storage mapping and partitioning among multiple host processors
System and method for data source flattening
Operation assistance method and system and recording medium for storing operation assistance method
Processing apparatus for performing preconditioning process through multilevel block incomplete factorization
Virtual shadow registers and virtual register windows
Providing binding options for component interfaces
Memory accelerator for ARM processor pre-fetching multiple instructions from cyclically sequential memory partitions
Branch ordering buffer
Apparatus and method for creating instruction groups for explicity parallel architectures
Prefetch instruction for an unpredicted path including a flush field for indicating whether earlier prefetches are to be discarded and whether in-progress prefetches are to be aborted
Packet processor
High speed virtual machine and compiler
Methods and apparatus for reducing the size of code with an exposed pipeline by encoding NOP operations as instruction operands
Frameworks for accessing Java class files
Arbitration within a multiport AMBA slave
Virtualizing hardware with system management interrupts
Replacement of externally mounted user interface modules with software emulation of user interface module functions in embedded processor applications
Method and apparatus for application packages and delegate packages to adopt and export standard execution state machine interfaces
Resource manager architecture
Federated operating system for a server
Apparatus and process for sending a wireless directional signal containing personal information
Electromagnetic transponder with a frequency detuning
System and method of separating signals
Method of optimizing risk informed inspections of heat exchangers
Opportunistic parts marking management system
Work flow management method and work flow management system of controlling a work flow
System and method for monitoring information delivered through an electronic delivery system
Secure method and system for using a public network or email to administer to software on a plurality of client computers
Globally-integrated returned material authorization information system
Electronic mail based remote historian and system
System and method for predicting the timing of future service events of a product
Apparatus and methods for inventory, sale, and delivery of digitally transferable goods
Data vending system
Local combined telephone and alarm system
Systems, functional data, and methods to pack n-dimensional data in a PDA
Semi-supervised speaker adaptation
Applicator and method for combating pests, especially cockroaches
Biometric identification system
Method and apparatus employing a vocoder for speech processing
Method, apparatus, and medium of digital acoustic signal coding long/short blocks judgement by frame difference of perceptual entropy
Noise canceller
Variable bit rate speech encoding after gain suppression
Digital/analog compatible video tape recorder
Disc driving apparatus
Disk loading device
Disk conveying mechanism
Method and system for generating a characteristic identifier for digital data and for detecting identical digital data
Disk array device
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Multimedia optical disc for storing audio data and sub-picture data in a plurality of channels as well as moving picture data and apparatus and method for reproducing the multimedia optical disc
Rotary positioning stage
System and method for multi-bit flash reads using dual dynamic references
Method and apparatus for detecting a match in an intra-row configurable cam system
Data processing system and method for mutual identification between apparatuses
Detecting and mitigating memory device latchup in a data processor
Sparse byte enable indicator for high speed memory access arbitration method and apparatus
Data path calibration and testing mode using a data bus for semiconductor memories
Method and system for detecting a hard failure in a memory array
Integrated circuit layout method and program for mitigating effect due to voltage drop of power supply wiring
Electrical energy control system
Mixer of communication system
Parallel amplifier architecture using digital phase control techniques
Amplifier circuit
Speed typing apparatus and method
SRAM bus architecture and interconnect to an FPGA
Calibration of a loss of signal detection system
Viterbi detector for optical disk system
Method and apparatus for verifying error correcting codes
High speed turbo codes decoder for 3G using pipelined SISO log-map decoders architecture
Apparatus and method for switching service class in response to generated heat in a GPRS terminal
Method and apparatus for low power operation of an RF wireless modem
Input circuit for FM/AM radio receiver
Hand-held cellular telephone system with location transmission inhibit
GSM cellular terminal
Method and arrangement for forming an address
Method of receiving spread spectrum signal, and receiver
Wireless transmission communication system and portable microphone unit
Full-duplex hands-free transparency circuit and method therefor
Method of automatic gain control in base station of cellular radio network
Reliable congestion control in a CDMA-based mobile radio commmunications system
Communication terminal apparatus
System and method for improving downlink signal quality in mobile telephone communications systems
Base station system, and wireless communication method
Handset diversity in wireless communications system
Satellite transmission system with adaptive transmission loss compensation
Method and system for accomodating processing delay in a cellular base station
Method and apparatus for generating channel error flags for error mitigation and/or concealment in source decoders
System uses domain managers to communicate service parameters to domain boundary controllers for managing special internet connections across domain boundaries
WTA based over the air management (OTAM) method and apparatus
Management of multiple non-standard networks and systems with smart agents
Distributed help system for consumer electronic devices
Computer system including multi-channel wireless communication link to a remote station
Method and apparatus for restraining connection request stream associated with high volume burst client in a distributed network
Activity monitor and resource manager in a network environment
Method and apparatus for avoiding starvation in computer network
Method and apparatus for a reverse link supplemental channel scheduling
Collaboration between wireless LAN access points using wired lan infrastructure
Remote memory processor architecture
Method and system for downloading software managed trees in a network processing system
Method for determining the channel gain between emitters and receivers
System and method for server-side optimization of data delivery on a distributed computer network
Method and apparatus for providing logical unit definitions for telenet servers
Network apparatus and network communication method
Method and apparatus for preventing duplicate transactions on batch mode failure recovery in a data processing system
Media monitor system
Dynamic association of endpoints to media gateway controllers
Systems and methods for securing extranet transactions
Method and system for dynamic registration and configuration protocol
System and method for synchronizing data transfer from one domain to another by selecting output data from either a first or second storage device
Fully digital symbol synchronization technique
Device comprising encryption circuitry enabled by comparing an operating spectral signature to an initial spectral signature
System and method for secure distribution of digital information to a chain of computer system nodes in a network
Remote device authentication system
Mobile radio receiver with integrated broadcast receiver that fills broadcast gaps during mobile band communication
Method of defining short keys used to select desired functions of a communication terminal by the user
Scrolling display for mobile telephone text messaging
Apparatus and method for providing dialing announcement in a telephone terminal
Response message transmitter and response message transmitting method in cellular mobile telephone apparatus and recording medium recording program for executing the method
Communication apparatus and method for reception notifying using the arrival notification and the end notification transmitted by the applet embedded in the html file
Image pick-up device on board a space craft, space craft and image sensing method comprising same
Dynamic event information table schedule window
Program guide with selectable advertisements and pseudo-ads
Television receiver employing V chip system and method of displaying rating information in television receiver employing V chip system
Systems and methods for providing continuous recording of repeating programming
Interactive television program guide system with local advertisements
Recording apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Image reproducing apparatus and image reproducing method
Apparatus and method of converting audio/video data storage format in digital television receiver
Signal supplying apparatus, signal processing method and record medium
Image data encoding and decoding using plural different encoding circuits
Method of and device for encoding an information stream
Method and apparatus including reverse play of a multiplexed packet data stream
Method for setting up a connection between a mobile radio network and a destination call number in a private communication network
Reducing cross-interference in a combined GPS receiver and communication system
Identification system for mobile transceivers
Locating and tracking a user in a wireless network through environmentally profiled data
Missed call notification to cellular telephone using short text messaging
Providing location data about a mobile entity
Mobile positioning within an AMPS/TDMA system
Traffic bearer allocation procedure
Method and apparatus for automatic gain control compensation in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for communication with a mobile unit
Method for mapping poor coverage areas
Method and system for mobile communications
System and method for tracking movement of a wireless device
Method and apparatus for wireless network selection
Network resource sharing during handover of a mobile station between cellular wireless networks
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing shared directory numbers
Communication controller, base station controller and communication system
Method and system for locating a mobile telephone within a mobile telephone communication network
Slave flash controlling device and slave flash device
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