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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for erecting and threshing and collecting and harvesting crop materials
Pre-formed landscape barrier
Genes associated to sucrose content
Animal harness device
Force transfer harness and method
Versatile perching block
Fish food dispenser
Aquarium system
Solar powered fishing bobber apparatus
Fishing lure line connector
Leveling hunting stand system
Uses of esteramide compounds
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Impinging air ovens having high mass flow orifices
Chips and manufacture thereof
Enzyme-modified soybean product
Transfer or feed drum, with radial-arm-mounted operating heads, for filter or cigarette portions
Packaging for vaporizing device
Pants and similar types with a convenient flap
Sandal with formed hinge and method of use
Button restraint system and method thereof
Clasp for ornamental chains
Guitar pick finger ring with removable-guitar pick
Mobility assistance devices
Cart attachment for a backpack
Insulated bag for holding cape of big game animal
Foldable table
Pull-out power and data tray, worksurface assembly and methods for the use thereof
Desk extension
Pillow having a plurality of polygonal units
Reclinable chair
Portable child safety seat assembly for use with shopping carts
Collapsible colander
Soup maker
Replacement rod kit
Support device
Surgical cutting device and method for its use
Self contained illuminated infusion cannula systems and methods and devices
Surgical robot system having tool for minimally invasive surgery
Medical device with dual expansion mechanism
Multi-functional double bladed surgical tool
Spinous process retractor
Combined intramedullary and extramedullary surgical aiming system and method
Rod assembly and modular rod system for spinal stabilization
Fixation lamp for ophthalmological instruments
Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
Substance monitoring and control in human or animal bodies
Device, system and method for observing a typological characteristic of the body
Intraoral device adapter
Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores comprising adhesive and having very low dry SAP loss
Sericin extracted fabrics
Biodegradable triblock copolymers for implantable devices
Asymmetric formation of sockets and/or socket inserts for the manipulation and supression of natural frequencies
Fusion device, systems and methods thereof
Sex training device and game
Person support apparatus
Patient lifting device
Macrocyclic peptides
Anti-inflammatory composition containing macrolactin A and a derivative thereof as active ingredients
Synergistic compositions consisting essentially of combinations of active agents selected from oridonin, wogonin, and isoliquiritigenin for the prevention of neoplasia
Methods for treating depression, neurodegeneration, inhibiting amyloid .beta. deposition, delaying senescence, and extending life spans with heterocyclic compounds
Long chain N-alkyl compounds and oxa-derivatives thereof
Cosmetic treatment processes and kit
Agri-horticultural pest control compositions comprising 4-(3-butynyl)aminopyrimidine derivatives
Nitrogen containing compounds and their use
Pharmaceutical product and analysis model for hormone replacement therapy for women and prevention of some cancers and uterine myomas
Method for regulating production of hemoglobin beta chains
Methods of treating pancreatitis
A-.beta. immunogenic peptide carrier conjugates and methods of producing same
Base-substituted benzylamine analogs for use as coagulation factor Xa inhibitors, the production and use thereof
Method of reducing total cholesterol level by administering matrilin-2 polypeptide
Anti-virus therapy for respiratory diseases
Macrocyclic inhibitors of flaviviridae viruses
Cytotoxic agents comprising new ansamitocin derivatives
Anti-mucin antibodies for early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer
Methods for treating bleeding disorders
Antibodies for the treatment of HIV
Human antibodies against Pseudomonas aeruginosa LPS derived from transgenic xenomouse
Pharmaceutical compositions of selective factor Xa inhibitors for oral administration
Para-coumaric acid or para-hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and their use in cosmetic or dermatological compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions of entacapone, levodopa and carbidopa with improved bioavailability
Extracorporeal blood treatment and system having reversible blood pumps
Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods
Administration apparatus, operating method thereof and administration method
Defibrillation system
Bulimia treatment
Passive monitoring of bioelectical signals and active electrical anesthesia stimulation
System and method for the visualization and optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy
Breathing assistance apparatus
Chemical dispensing apparatus
Programmable system and process for monitored and assisted weight lifting during rehabilitation or training exercise
Systems and methods for exercise in an interactive virtual environment
Inflatable sports ball having a woven outer layer
Batting practice trainer
Golf swing/putting trainer
Golf glove
Board game accessory
Interactive game system and methods for a television audience member to mimic physical movements occurring in television broadcast content
Shipping container load securer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process vessels and plant for gas capture
Coaxial / coaxial treatment module
Cold prepared gel and method for making same
Single-region-board type high-temperature electrostatic dust collector
Method and system for atomized dispersion of hydrogen sulfide scavenger
Underground liftable low-flow sprinkler
3D embossing
Press brakes
Hole drilling apparatus and process for edge mounted RFID tag
Method for manufacturing multi-piece bonded graphite blanks for EDM
Process for joining workpieces made of zinc-containing aluminum alloys by laser beam welding
Core barrel holder and methods of using same
Composition for polishing and method of polishing semiconductor substrate using same
Robotic appartus and system for removal of turbine bucket covers
Ratcheting tool with fine toothing
Cordless clinching tool
Latching system
Tool box
Anti-spalling combination on an impact tool with an improved holding system
Equipment and method for synchronizing an internal mixer
Molded-in-color vehicle panel and mold
Damping element with connecting substance
Positioning device for runner systems
Glass paneling with a sublimated image and process for making the same
Ultrasonic sealing of packages
Plastic card prelaminate and plastic card structure
Printing method and apparatus
Inkjet printing fluid composition
Maintenance apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Print head and print apparatus
Printer apparatus and printer head
Image recording system, image rewriting system, and image recording method
Image forming apparatus, optical writing device, and optical writing method
Ink supply system and multifunctional printer
Vehicle air conditioner foot and rear vent door arrangement
Sunshade assembly and open roof construction provided therewith
Vibration dampened engine mounted radiator assembly
Motorized hub comprising an electric traction unit
Vehicle immobilizer
Transport trailer liftgate apparatus and method of operating the same
Hopper trailer with auger and gravity discharge
Hitch mounted camping assembly
Sliding decking beam end
Reversible decking beam end
Vehicle illumination system and method
Rear end collision prevention apparatus
Device for determining a tendency to tilt
Method for controlling automatic transmission of a vehicle on a downhill slope
Control system, control device, and control method for hybrid vehicle
Control apparatus for vehicular drive system
Railway vehicle body tilting system
Convertible cargo container
Aerodynamic fairings for trailers
Modular intelligent transportation system
Folding handlebar mechanism and folding vehicle having same
Dual-wheel synchronous brake auxiliary device with energy-saving function
Propulsion system for multihull watercraft
Device for remotely tracking bodies of water and method for remotely and simultaneously managing and operating a set of said devices
Handling system for ISO containers having a gantry crane
Aircraft floor support strut with design failure point
Fuselage segment and method for manufacturing a fuselage segment
Rotor blade coupling device and rotor head
Supplementary control surface structure for airplanes
Method and devices for manmade precipitations
Device for packaging a product in an envelope
Cake base with recesses
Supplemental container tray
Thermoformed article
Dispensing cap for attaching to a container
Product dispensing system
Protective covering for hand-held camera
Void board and packaging using a void board
Splicing-type unloading device of tubular material packaging
Apparatus and method for characterizing glass sheets
Potential fluidization device for conveying powder materials in a hyperdense bed
Apparatus and method for loading and unloading containers
Elevator hoisting machine and elevator hoisting machine manufacturing method
Robot hand and robot
Truck fork attachment including adjustable mast for ground clearance
Nozzle flow control structure
Pouch connector and related method
Equine protective boot
Electronic device
Process for creating shape-designed particles in a fluid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Oxygen storage and generation using an oxygen generating liquid
Method of stabilizing hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide donor substances with hydroxypyridones or salts therof
Fluorescent lamp phosphor recycling
Niobium monoxide powder, niobium monoxide sintered body and capacitor using the sintered body
Sedimentation and floatation wastewater treatment device with a heater
Method for removing genes encoding antibiotic resistance
Anisotropically shaped powder and method for producing the same
Process for the preparation of aliskiren
Gasification system and method
Method for manufacturing hydrocarbon
Method for producing dimethyl ether from methane
Hydrocarbon and divalent cation removal from rich mono ethylene glycol (MEG) feed streams by regenerable filters
Fluoronation of alpha-haloalkyl ketones
Method of oxidative molecular cleavage of a fatty compound
Microwave assisted synthesis of dehydrated sugar derivatives hydroxymethylfurfural, levulinic acid, anhydrosugar alcohols, and ethers thereof
4-hydroxy benzoate derivatives for use in the treatment of infection, inflammation or pain
Antiviral compounds
Process for preparing ionic liquids by anion exchange
Compounds for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Batrachotoxin analogues, compositions, uses, and preparation thereof
Pyrazolone derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
Nilotinib salts and crystalline forms thereof
Processes and intermediates for producing azaindoles
Disubstituted 3,4-diamino-3-cyclobutene-1,2-dione compounds for use in the treatment of chemokine-mediated pathologies
Class of near infrared optical probes for biological applications
Heteroarylmethyl amides
Benzyl-substituted carbamates and use thereof
Fluoroalkyl-substituted pyrazolopyridines and use thereof
Adamantyl derivatives as cannabinoid receptor 2 agonists
Macrocyclic FLT3 kinase inhibitors
Bicyclic oxazole and thiazole compounds and their use as allosteric modulators of mGluR5 receptors
Substituted 4-(arylamino) selenophenopyrimidine compounds and methods of use thereof
Precursors and methods for the selective deposition of cobalt and manganese on metal surfaces
Use of salts of branched fatty acids as catalysts for converting star-shaped alcohols using isocyanates
Processes for chemical synthesis of lipochitooligosaccharides
Porcine CTLA-4 for xenograft-specific immunosuppression
Antibodies for guanylyl cyclase receptors
Methods of detecting oxidized calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II
Polymer, method for producing polymer, resin composition for optical material, shaped article, optical material, and lens
Metalloporphyrin polymer functionalized substrate
Rheological agent for radiation-curable coating compositions
Plastic component for a lighting systems
Organic-inorganic composite materials containing triazine rings and electrical devices using the same
Facile synthesis of metalloporphyrin polymers
Tire with component comprised of rubber composition containing silica and graphene platelet reinforcement
Preparation of rubber reinforced with at least one of graphene and carbon nanotubes with specialized coupling agent and tire with component
Styrol/butadiene block copolymer mixtures for shrink films
Solvent-free water-soluble silane-modified silicates
Liquid chemical for forming water repellent protective film
Long-lasting phosphor ceramics and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for using complementary surfactant compositions
Process and device for converting biomass to gaseous products
Method for producing moldings
Comb polymers and the use thereof in washing and cleaning agents
System and method for processing biological material
Alginate hydrogel fibers and related materials
Method of treating connective tissue defect using chondrocytes selected for phenotypic stability
Olfactory epithelial-derived stem cells and methods of use therefor
Enzymatic synthesis of nootkatone
Compositions and methods for causing neurite outgrowth
DNA amplification apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for light induced etching of glass substrates in the fabrication of electronic circuits
Process for preparing various morphology NTE compound ZrW.sub.0.5Mo.sub.1.5O.sub.8
Method for producing antibody directed against protein expressed on cell surface
Fixed Constructions
Procedure for manufacturing pieces for the formation of a removable floor covering
Measurement while drilling mud pulser control valve mechanism
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for machining the connecting rod passage in a cylinder crankcase, cylinder crankcase and engine obtained using the method
Assembled structure with connectors
Thermally stable multilayer mirror for the EUV spectral range
Interferometric defect detection and classification
Methods and apparatus for rapid scanning continuous wave terahertz spectroscopy and imaging
Birefringent fibers orientation measurement
X-ray laminography device, object imaging system, and method for operating a security system
Non-linear frequency and phase measurement scheme
Components and configurations for test and valuation of integrated optical busses
Proactive network analysis system
Method for optimizing scan chains in an integrated circuit that has multiple levels of hierarchy
System and method for generating self-synchronized launch of last shift capture pulses using on-chip phase locked loop for at-speed scan testing
Method and system for selecting optimal satellites in view
Method and apparatus for a global navigation satellite system receiver coupled to a host computer system
Positioning system, IC chip for positioning, positioning method, and positioning program
Varifocal lens
Scanner arrangement and method for optically scanning an object
Optical films for directing light towards active areas of displays
Device for shaping laser radiation
Aperture stop and lens module
Imaging system
Thin film transistor array panel
Liquid crystal display device having improved light guide plate
Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and liquid crystal display device having the display substrate
High-speed multiplied signal generating method and device
Method of interval photographing under a plurality of photographing conditions and photographing apparatus using the same
Camera device and method for taking photos
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for the same
Positional misalignment correcting device and image forming apparatus
Methods for sealing toner opening ports of printer cartridges
Lubricant coater, image bearing unit, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a controller for controlling a developer
Image forming apparatus
Ultra high resolution timing measurement
System, method and program for dynamic control and optimization of a process having manipulated and controlled variables
Railroad track model servomotor type control system
Incremental umbrella sampling
Storage unit holding mechanism and image forming apparatus having the holding mechanism
Display device
Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling
File sharing system and method for storing and managing failure information based on statuses of a main control and a power supply
Data recording device and control method of same
Storage system and method of controlling the same
Snoop request management in a data processing system
Apparatus and method for verifying update data in mobile communication system
Reprogramming of select registers in a linked list
Data distribution using DNS
Information processing device, information processing method and information management system
Method of writing control data into on-board vehicle control unit and the control unit
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Circuit of on-chip network having four-node ring switch structure
Interrupt coalescing control scheme
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
System and method for color space transformation employing three dimensional linear interpolations
System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources
System and method for locating and capturing desired media content from media broadcasts
Audio signal processor and network system
Internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI) software target boot and dump routing driver
Communication processing apparatus, data communication system, and communication processing method
Distributed situation awareness ping-based communication system (DAPICS)
Control-relay apparatus
Network repository for voice fonts
Safety information transmission device
Audiovisual distribution system for playing an audiovisual piece among a plurality of audiovisual devices connected to a central server through a network
Soft system failure recovery for management consoles supporting ASF RMCP
Security modes for a routing table distributed across multiple mesh nodes
Validation of domain name control
Booting with sub socket partitioning
Communications in a processor array
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signals
Memory module with audio playback mode
Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal
Appliance having a user interface panel and a beverage dispenser
Method for estimating the number of distinct values in a partitioned dataset
Method and apparatus for automated rule-based sourcing of substrate microfabrication defects
Method and apparatus of optimally designing a structure
Computing filter coefficients for an equalizer in a communication receiver
System and method for directing query traffic
Apparatus and method for automatically migrating user's working data
Method of managing program for electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for analyzing circuit model by reduction and computer program product for analyzing the circuit model
Method and system for efficient validation of clock skews during hierarchical static timing analysis
Calculation system for inverse masks
Structure for initializing expansion adapters installed in a computer system having similar expansion adapters
Software entity for the creation of a hybrid cycle simulation model
Estimating yield fluctuation for back-end planning
Method of operating a vehicle and apparatus comprising the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing optical elements
Intellectual property trading exchange
Electrical field device and method for establishing a data link between a data interface of the electrical field device and a data memory inside the device
Personalising content provided to a user
Method for searching menu in mobile communication terminal
Textures and other spatial sensations for a relative haptic interface device
Analog boundary scanning based on stray capacitance
Method and apparatus for detecting and interpreting path of designated position
Electronic device with touch screen and method of displaying information using the same
Three-dimensional contact-sensitive feature for electronic devices
Mechanism for allowing applications to filter out or opt into tablet input
Graphical editor for program files
Distributed computer architecture and process for document management
Systems and methods of handling internet spiders
Storage profile generation for network-connected portable storage devices
Detecting and managing changes in business data integration solutions
Low-impact refresh mechanism for production databases
Method, system and article of manufacture for metadata replication and restoration
Information receiving system, information receiving method, information providing device, information providing method, information providing method providing medium, information processing device, information processing method and information processing method providing medium
Information retrieval apparatus and method
File-sharing system and method of using file-sharing system to generate single logical directory structure
Systems and methods for retrofitting electronic appliances to accept different content formats
Electronic transmission device, and signal transmission method
Digital watermark systems and methods
Multithreaded programmable processor and system with partitioned operations
Braking force control device for vehicle and braking force control method for vehicle
Federation of clusters for enterprise data management
System and method for implementing a zero overhead loop
Instant on video
Electronic apparatus incorporating a plurality of microprocessor units for use in initializing data
Method and apparatus for assigning thread priority in a processor or the like
Approach for automatically generating program code
Automation tool for application installations
Stack-based problem identification for a software component
Encryption acceleration
Method and system for firmware image size reduction
Qualitatively annotated code
Targeted patching for native generation images
System and method of command processing
Method and system for a quick calculation of aerodynamic forces on an aircraft
Storage system
Image processing apparatus and method
Resource entity using resource request entity for verification
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and control method thereof, which form an image by applying N-ary processing
Printing apparatus, data storage medium, interface device, printer control method and interface control method
Method for measuring a curved surface of an object
System and method for consistent detection of mid-sagittal planes for magnetic resonance brain scans
Generating a transformed interim connection space for spectral data
Image combining apparatus and control method for the same
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling image processing apparatus
Image-capturing device, image-processing device, method for controlling image-capturing device, and program for causing computer to execute the method
Color processing apparatus and method for performing color correction according to color stabilization accuracy of an image output device
Image processing method and apparatus for color enhancement and correction
Method and apparatus to relate biometric samples to target FAR and FRR with predetermined confidence levels
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Converting bayer pattern RGB images to full resolution RGB images via intermediate hue, saturation and intensity (HSI) conversion
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image distributing apparatus, image processing method, computer program product, and recording medium
Digital video camera with a moving image encoding feature and control method therefor, that selectively store decoded images as candidate reference images
Optimized video compression using hashing function
Method and apparatus for improving quality of composite video signal and method and apparatus for removing artifact of composite video signal
Image processing apparatus, image taking apparatus and program
Apparatus and method for processing an image signal in a digital broadcast receiver
Collective media annotation using undirected random field models
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Interest rate swap index
Systems and methods for providing supplemental insurance for leased vehicles
Healthcare provider performance and utilization analytics
Display device, display program storage medium and display method
3D image displaying method and apparatus
Graphical user interface
Shared usage telecommunications billing system and method
Two wheeled vehicle with lighting system that generates defined image on riding surface
Method of driving displays comprising a conversion from the RGB colour space to the RGBW colour space
Method and apparatus for power level control in a display device
Method and apparatus for generating gammacorrected antialiased lines
Over-drive device and method thereof
System, device, and method for extending a stroke of a computer pointing device
Environment-compliant image display system, projector, and program
Speed control systems and methods for decreasing power consumption in rotating storage devices
Hard-disk drive, method of controlling the hard-disk drive, and method of manufacturing the hard-disk drive
Method and system for fabricating a data storage medium
Disk drive device and ramp used therefor
Micro-journaling of data on a storage device
Low resistance TMR read head fabricated by a novel oxidation method
Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with alternating single-polarity position error signal (PES) blocks for read/write head positioning
High-density optical recording media and method for making same
Method for achieving very high bandwidth between the levels of a cache hierarchy in 3-dimensional structures, and a 3-dimensional structure resulting therefrom
Semiconductor memory device
Method of operating a memory apparatus, memory device and memory apparatus
Method for designing integrated circuit incorporating memory macro
Memory device having multiple power modes
Method and apparatus for permissive control of a mast and grapple
Composite electrode comprising a carbon structure coated with a thin film of mixed metal oxides for electrochemical energy storage
Carbon electrodes and electrochemical capacitors
Composites comprised of aligned carbon fibers in chain-aligned polymer binder
Method for producing positive electrode active substance, and use of said active substance
Communication device with rotatable antennas
Antenna apparatus and electronic device
Dual-band antenna
Ceramic powder, dielectric composite material containing the ceramic powder, and dielectric antenna
Slot antenna
Multi-element broadband omni-directional antenna array
Semiconductor optical device including a PN junction formed by a second region of a first conductive type semiconductor layer and a second conductive type single semiconductor layer
Method and apparatus for calibration for beamforming of multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) orthogonol frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) transceivers
Signal generating module
High bandwidth data transport system
Comparator circuit and analog digital converter having the same
Method and apparatus for writing data to MPE buffer and an MPE-FEC system
Reed Solomon decoding of signals having variable input data rates
Systems and methods for encoding a control channel in a wireless communication system
System and method for removing glitches from a bit stream
Digital audio/video broadcast on cellular systems
Jammer detection and suppression for wireless communication
Signal channel balancing
Method and apparatus for filtering noisy estimates to reduce estimation errors
In-band method to configure equalization levels
Context specific speaker adaptation user interface
Vibrating wireless headset for wireless communication devices
Wireless device with privacy screen
Portable terminal with rotatable display
Solar blind ultraviolet communication system for unattended ground sensor network
Prescribed response precoding for channels with intersymbol interference
Method and apparatus for protecting media content against unauthorized duplication
Automatically reconfigurable stereo speaker system
Adapter connectable between audio amplifier and transmitter for cordless speaker
Portable wireless repeater system for indoor wireless coverage enhancement of residential, small office, and vehicular applications
Method and system for a wireless multi-hop relay network
RFID reader and circuit and method for echo cancellation thereof
Self-aligning vehicular transmitter system
Vehicle-based message control using cellular IP
Communication apparatus, communication method, communication circuit, mobile phone, program, and computer readable recording medium with program recorded therein
Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus and reception quality reporting method
Efficient elliptic-curve cryptography based on primality of the order of the ECC-group
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
Method and system for physical layer aggregation
System and method for maintaining a layer 2 modification buffer
Data link layer switch with multicast capability
Topology management of a communications network
Mobile communication device with silent conversation capability
Peak to average mitigation
Equalizer with combined CCK encoding-decoding in feedback filtering of decision feedback equalizer
Data-use restricting method and computer product
Data output method, data output apparatus and communication system
Method for controlling access to encrypted data
Data management
System, method, and service for tracing traitors from content protection circumvention devices
Using watermarking to reduce communication overhead
Method and apparatus for key agreement between devices using polynomial ring
Secure streaming container
Wireless communication system and method
Hands-free apparatus
Handset device
Method and apparatus for obtaining telephone status over a network
Saving information from information retrieval systems
Automatic wireless network linking method with security configuration and device thereof
Public access point
Self defense cell phone with shocking circuitry
Mobile terminal device and program selection method
Image processing apparatus
Tertiary content addressable memory based motion estimator
Electronic apparatus
Color processing apparatus and method thereof for generating an interpolated image
H.264/AVC coder incorporating rate and quality controller
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Universal external multimedia adapter for use in a vehicle
Video signal processing device, method of the same and vehicle-mounted camera system
Method for correcting pixel defect of image pickup device
Reproduction device and program
Acoustic diaphragm
Portable electronic device and personal hands-free accessory with audio disable
Device for actuating a membrane and a vehicle comprising a device for actuating a membrane
Device having a point and a spatial sound generating-means for providing stereo sound sensation over a large area
Method for performing handover in broadband wireless access system
Evaluation of random access preamble codes
Techniques to manage communication rates in a wireless network
Transmit format selection with consideration for resource reuse
Method for setting transmission power of data channel in a frequency division multiple access system and mobile station apparatus for the same
Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
Portable electronic device with a sliding mechanism for a component thereof
Varying properties along lengths of temperature limited heaters
System and method of manufacturing an electromechanical device by printing raised conductive contours
Portable terminal device
Heat dissipation device and computer using same
Laptop computer support
Shielding assembly and electronic device utilizing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Peat pellets
True-section extruded plastic cutter filament system
Method for making plant-cultivating vessels from excretive sludge of domestic animals
Regeneration system for grape and uses thereof
Method for inhibiting the development of body odors
Human xenografts for microbicide testing and anatomical modeling
Polyether block amides containing active substances
Pesticidal compositions
Compositions and methods for preventing leaf yellowing in plants
Polyamines and anti-diarrheal and gastrointestinal anti-spasmodic pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment
Seed treatment composition
Herbicidal composition
Salicylohydrazide derivatives, processes and intermediates for their preparation, compositions comprising them, and their use
Pesticidal macrolides
Methods and compositions for controlling biofilm development
Use of 1-hydroxy-2-pyridones for treating mucosa diseases which are difficult to treat
Biocide composition and use
Photosensitive composition
Herbicidal compositions
Highly concentrated aqueous glyphosate compositions
Method for control of insects on plants and plant tissue
Photocatalytic nuisance organism inhibitor agents
Granulated formulation and method for stabilizing biocontrol agents
Process of its application against lepidopteran insects using Albizzia lebbeck plant extract and Bacilus thuriengiensis delta-endotoxin
Treatment of food products using humidity controlled air
Incorporation of soy proteins in cheese
Method for making cheese products
Shelf-stable calcium fortified milk and dairy products
Coffee aroma recovery process and resultant products
Hard candy with a relatively-high moisture and hardness, and process of the same
Chewing gum containing controlled release acyclic carboxamide and method of making
Method for producing a protein hydrolysate with low bitterness
Propionibacterium P-63 for use in direct fed microbials for animal feeds
Method for promoting ovulation, parturition, and lactation in mammals
Biologically active and particularly peptide molecules having a potentiating effect on growth hormone biological activity
Method for treating agricultural products for harmful infestations
Microorganism reduction methods and compositions for food cleaning
Microwavable steamer bags
Liquid additive for thickener
Time saving method for preparing tapioca starch balls and the product thereof
Method for producing macaroni-type articles
Solvent extraction
Thermogenic, appetite suppressing, gas suppressing, complete legume protein formulae; thermobean.TM.
Flavanone derivatives and composition for preventing or treating blood lipid level-related diseases comprising same
Stable aqueous dispersion of nutrients
Compositions for use in rehydration and nutrition during athletic exercise and methods of making same
Water-soluble esterified hydrocolloids
Edible thermoplastic and nutritious pet chew
Method of making a fibrous electret web using a nonaqueous polar liquid
Display system for an article of clothing
Artificial nails
Nonslip padded mat
Formable tubular product
Method of controlling the operation of cooking apparatus
Method for detecting the cleanliness of a medical device
Methods of changing size of pant-type personal care articles outputted from a manufacturing process
Collagen IV adhesion assay for intraocular lens materials
Skin care composition
Treatment of dyskinesia
Topical immunomodulating compositions for treatment of aids, Hepatitis B & C, other infectious diseases, and cancer
Suppression, by 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors, of bone resorption
Method for treating pharmaceutical compositions
Composition and method for protecting skin from UV induced immunosuppression and skin damage
Primary N-hydroxylamines
Deprenyl compounds for treatment of glaucoma
Use of hydrophilic penetration agents in dermatological compositions for the treatment of onychomycoses, and corresponding compositions
S(+) desmethylselegiline and its use to treat immune system dysfunction
Compositions including modafinil for treatment of eating disorders and for appetite stimulation
Method and composition for antiviral therapy
Therapeutic combination
Substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-thioureas (or isothioureas) as antiatherosclerotic agents
Use of cholinesterase inhibitors to treat disorders of attention
4-alkyl piperidinyl pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Cis-2,6-disubstituted piperidines for the treatment of psychostimulant abuse and withdrawal, eating disorders, and central nervous system diseases and pathologies
Methods of use of quinolone compounds against anaerobic pathogenic bacteria
Pyrazinone thrombin inhibitors
Treating skin afflictions/conditions with 2-amino-4-alkylaminopyrimidine 3-oxide compounds
Bicyclic compounds capable of inhibiting tyrosine kinases of the epidermal growth factor receptor family
Prostaglandin E1 derivatives
Method and compounds for use in the treatment of steroid induced states of the central nervous system
Method for treating meibomian gland disease
Process for treating lameness by administration of a bisphosphonic acid derivative
Method for inhibiting skin lesion formation using histamine as the active ingredient
Chemical compounds
Methods and materials for treating inflammatory diseases
Methods for treating diseases with tirazole and pyrrolo-pyrimidine ribofuranosyl nucleosides
Formulations and methods for reducing skin irritation
Unit dosage forms for the treatment of herpes simplex
Use of mCRP to enhance immune responses
Prevention of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases with hsp70-peptide complexes
Medicinal herbal composition for treating liver diseases and HIV
Reovirus for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Methods for treating disorders associated with LHRH activity
Methods for fabricating polymer-based controlled release devices
Wound healing compositions
Radiation therapy methods
Angiopoietins and methods of use thereof
Ameliorant for hepatitis C therapeutic effect and application thereof
Method of treating sexual disturbances
Method for localized administration of fibrinolytic metalloproteinases
Connective tissue softening
Cells expressing an .alpha.gala nucleic acid and methods of xenotransplantation
Immunogenic compounds with in particular an anti-cytokine effect, preparation process, pharmaceutical compositions and kits containing them
Mystery swine disease diagnostic kits
Animal cells and processes for the replication of influenza viruses
Methods of use of viral vectors to deliver antigen to dendritic cells
Methods to improve immunogenicity of antigens and specificity of antibodies
Stress protein-peptide complexes as prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against intracellular pathogens
Method of treating ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease by administering an antibody to.alpha.E.beta.7 integrin
Anti-HIV infection agents and method for treating HIV infection
High affinity ligands for nociceptin receptor ORL-1
Medicament compositions based on anticholinergically-effective compounds and beta-mimetics
Composition for treating symptoms of influenza
Method of dynamic retardation of cell cycle kinetics to potentiate cell damage
Methods for treating opiate intolerance
Method for treating a demyelinating condition
Combination of a GABAA .alpha.5 inverse agonist and a muscarinic agonist
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of transplant rejection, autoimmune or inflammatory conditions comprising cyclosporin a and 40-O-(2-hydroxyethyl)-rapamycin
Methods and compositions for delivery of therapeutic agents to bone tissue employing conjugates of negatively charged peptide oligomers with therapeutic agents
Pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration, comprising an active substance and a cyclodextrin
Peptide/lipid complex formation by co-lyophilization
Use of protein tyrosine phosphatase zeta as a biomolecular target in the treatment and visualization of brain tumors
Structural alterations of the EGF receptor genes in human tumors
5c8 antigen
Branched dendrimeric structures
Methods for using heat shock proteins
NL2 TIE ligand homologue polypeptide
Polysaccharide-peptide derivatives
Methods and kits for identifying ductal orifices in a nipple
Use of p97 and iron binding proteins as diagnostic and therapeutic agents
Methods of and kits and compositions for diagnosing colorectal tumors and metastasis thereof
Combination therapies for B-cell lymphomas comprising administration of anti-CD20 antibody
Inorganic materials for radioactive drug delivery
Pressable lithium disilicate glass ceramics
Dental impression material utilizing ruthenium catalyst
Process of making alkyl sulfate granulates
Cosmetic compositions
Cosmetic compositions
Subtilisin Carlsberg variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
Composition and method for hair and scalp treatment
Visible mirror film glitter
Dietary fiber delivery system
Implant device with a retinoid for improved biocompatibility
Quickly soluble solid preparations
Ipratropium formulation for pulmonary inhalation
Covalent microparticle-drug conjugates for biological targeting
Method of reducing somnolence in patients treated with tizanidine
Biodegradable polymer encapsulated pharmaceutical compositions and method for preparing the same
Combination therapy for inhibiting sphincter incontinence
Directly compressible starch as enhancer of properties of excipients when used as binder and disintegrant for compression tablets
Enteric coating, comprising alginic acid, for an oral preparation
Transdermal patch for nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug(s)
Method of applying an adhesive composition over a bioactive polymerization initiator or accelerator
Intradermal-penetration agents for topical local anesthetic administration
Therapeutic method for treating acne or isolated pimples and adhesive patch therefor
Sterilization of medical materials in an improved irradiating utility
Hot melt pressure sensitive positions adhesive (II)
Oral adhesive sheet and oral adhesive preparation
Water-absorbing, cross-linked polymerizates in the form of a foam, a method for the production thereof, and their use
Psoralens for pathogen inactivation
Decontamination of fluids or objects contaminated with chemical or biological agents using a distributed plasma reactor
UV light reactor
Fluid sterilization apparatus
Method and mobile apparatus for washdown and sanitizing
Testing for bacterial sterilizing effectiveness, and test indicator manufacture and use
Proteoglycan-reduced soft tissue xenografts
Fabrication of vascularized tissue
Method for eliminating malodors
Integrated blood pump and oxygenator system having extended blood flow path
Blood circulation apparatus coupling device which improves biocompatibility of inner surfaces with treated blood
Apparatus for the preparation and delivery of gas-enriched fluids
Herbal composition and method of manufacturing such composition for the management of gynecological disorders
Golf club cleaning apparatus
Protective structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Two-phase flow separator
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted fused-heterocyclo amino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Retention of filter elements
Method and apparatus for concentrating slurried solids
CFB impact type particle collection elements attached to cooled supports
Exhaust baffle filter
Filter medium and production method thereof
Filter cartridge
Air filter housing having a deflection bowl
Regenerable air cleaning device
Separation of gases containing SF6
System for removing NOx from exhaust gases
Preparation and use of non-chrome catalysts for Cu/Cr catalyst applications
Carbohydrate purification using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
Liquid separation membrane module
Longitudinal reinforced self-supporting capillary membranes and their use
Method for producing platinum colloid, and platinum colloid produced by the same
Microfluidic devices and methods
Methods for optimizing fischer-tropsch synthesis
Phosphine coke inhibitors for EDC-VCM furnaces
Method for the in-situ cleaning of the catalytically active surfaces of SCR substrate
Method of controlling a chemical process by microwave radiation
Apparatus and method for pressurizing a propylene polymerization reactor
Acid gas burner and reactor apparatus and method
Overlaid injection for rapid characterizations of polymers
Fluid atomization process
Alkaline earth/transition metal lean NOx catalyst
Metallic catalysts for non-neutral liquid media
Hydrotreating catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Antimony catalyst compositions
Ruthenium catalysts and method for making same
Photocatalyst coated products and a method for producing a photocatalyst layer
Method for extruding ceramic honeycombs
Catalyst assembly comprising catalyst meshes and ceramic meshes
Impregnation process for catalysts
Recovery of precious metal and other values from spent compositions/materials
Shift converter having an improved catalyst composition, and method for its use
Distributor-mixer-extractor of fluids and associated process
Fluid-solid contacting chambers having multi-conduit, multi-nozzle fluid distribution
Reaction apparatus for production of alkanolamine
Apparatus and method for testing compositions in contact with a porous medium
Flexible septa closure plug mats for well plate mounted arrays of sample vials
Embossed test strip system
Apparatus for aspirating and discharging a sample quantity
Pin array assembly and method of manufacture
Parallel reactor with internal sensing and method of using same
Microfabricated devices and methods
Paint dispensing device
Adhesive coating method and adhesive coated article
Method and apparatus for applying a treating liquid to a porous body
Intermittent coating system and intermittent coating method
Electrostatic powder coating on non-conductive plastics
Silicone polymer insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming the film
Process for the preparation of UV protective coatings by plasma-enhanced deposition
Well stimulation and formation purging composition
Process for producing tiles from waste material
Method of manufacturing battery electrode substrate and battery electrode substrate
Method and device for the continuous degassing of molten metals
Coating compositions for electronic components and other metal surfaces, and methods for making and using the compositions
Nickel powder for multilayer ceramic capacitors
Method of forging raw material for sintering and forging
Procedure and device for the three-dimensional processing of a work piece by means of electroerosive or electrochemical machining
Laminated ribbon and method and apparatus for producing same
Solids comprising tantalum, strontium and silicon
Battery cooling system
Method of utilizing a structural reinforcement member to reinforce a product
Pelletizing of broad molecular weight polyethylene
Matrix, method of producing and using the matrix and machine including the matrix
Molding die of laminated molding and manufacturing method of laminated molding
Process for producing holographic material
Process for making fuel cell plates
Reaction injection-molded foam moldings
Method for vacuum pressure forming reinforced plastic articles
Oven cured structural foam with designed-in sag positioning
Reinforcement of hollow sections using extrusions and a polymer binding layer
Method of forming a partially perforated foam
Multiple injection of a single injection molding valve gate
Apparatus and method for direct injection of additives into a polymer melt stream
Indexing labeling magazine
Method and apparatus for up to full width ultrasonic bonding
Spin weld assembly
Solid freeform fabrication using chemically reactive suspensions
Method of shaping continuous fiber lamina to an undulated surface by cutting individual fibers
Molding material and production process
Preparation for sealing punctured tires and apparatus for the sealing and pumping up of tires
Single-ply embossed absorbent paper products
Method of making quality crepe paper
Method for manufacturing a flexible duct
Cladded material construction for etched-tri-metal circuits
Composite panel with a foamed plastic core
Laminate structure and process for its production
Oxygen scavenging polymers in rigid polyethylene terephthalate beverage and food containers
Multilayer structure with acrylic cap layer, polyolefin core layer, and intermediate tie layer
Metallized sheeting, composites, and methods for their formation
Multi-layer oriented heat sealable film structure of improved machinability
Modified polypropylene composition and laminate using the composition
Essentially amorphous, non-chlorinated polymeric barrier films and method of using such films
Expansible synthetic resin baffle with magnetic attachment
Optical disk
Micro structure and its manufacture method
Method of manufacturing a paper core material having a design of continuously geometric pattern and the paper core material manufactured by the method
Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite deck system
Composite absorbent structure and method
Paper machine felt
Transparent optical article
Method for the preparation of a laminate and a laminate obtainable thereby
Laminate of olefinic unsaturated containing polymers and active hydrogen containing polymers
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Lithographic printing printable media and process for the production thereof
Method for making positive working printing plates
Method for preparing a lithographic printing plate by ablation of a heat sensitive ablatable imaging element
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Electrical interconnect for an inkjet die
Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head manufactured by the method
Image forming method, image forming apparatus and image recording material
Combination of thermal transfer film and thermally sensitive color developing paper and recording method
Recording material
Inkjet recording sheet
Ink jet media comprising a coating containing amine functional emulsion polymers
Ink imaging sheets
Film for ink jet recording sheet
Process for laminating an ink jet print
Desmear etchant and use thereof
Artificial snow tile system
Tire with component of rubber composition which contains modified fumed silica reinforcement
Life of radial-carcass tires by using specific cohesive, low-hysteresis compositions
Method of manufacturing a vehicle structural beam
Coated multi-denier mixed fabrics for use in inflatable vehicle restraint systems
Steering wheel skeleton
Multilayer resist structure, and method of manufacturing three-dimensional microstructure with use thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalytic partial oxidation -- particulate catalysts
Fuel reformer and fuel reforming method
Method for producing carbon nanotubes
Silicon-aluminum mixed oxide
Purification of aqueous alkali metal chloride solutions by removal of ammonium/iodine values therefrom
Method of producing zinc diammine chloride and uses for same
Gravity-flow water filtration device
Elixir for inducing high-speed settlement of precipitates
Highly accelerated process for removing contaminants from liquids
Elixir for removing metals from wastewater
Elixir for removing metals from wastewater
Process and apparatus for conversion of biodegradable organic materials into product gas
Method for producing multilayered optical systems
Coatings agent and the use thereof
Bronze privacy glass
Enamel application composition and method for making enamelled formed parts
Low-temperature sinterable ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic substrate
Semiconductor ceramic, semiconductor ceramic element and circuit protection element
Piezoelectric ceramic material, sintered piezoelectric ceramic compact, and piezoelectric ceramic device
Heat-resisting fiber-reinforced composite material and manufacturing method thereof
High purity C/C composite and manufacturing method thereof
Flexible polymer modified cement-based waterproofing materials and their making process
Method for producing corrosion resistant refractories
Oxidation protection for carbon/carbon composites and graphites
Prevention of oxidation of carbonaceous and other materials at high temperatures
Wet granulation method for generating granules
Composition and method for preparing oxidizer matrix containing dispersed metal particles
Gas generant for air bag
Esters derived from substituted phennyl-cyclohexyl compounds
Estrogen agonist/antagonist metabolites
Squaric acid derivates
N-alkanoylphenylalanine derivatives
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Sulohydroxamic acids and sulohyroxamates and their use as MEK inhibitors
.alpha.-and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Amino acid derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
Phenyl-substituted cyclic enaminones
Photoresist monomers having stability to post exposure delay, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions containing the same
Acetylenic diol ethylene oxide/propylene oxide adducts and their use in photoresist developers
Aromatic derivatives and iron complexes thereof for the use as normalizing agents of the iron level
Composition based on calcium of magnesium acetylacetonate and free or chelated .beta.-diketones, preparation and use
Piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives comprising a nitric oxide donor for treating stress
Glycosidase inhibitors and methods of synthesizing same
Polypyrrolinone based inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases
Inhibitors of neuraminidases
Arylpiperidinol and arylpiperidine derivatives and drugs containing the same
Oxopyridinyl pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use
Photographic element containing imidazolonoylacentanilide coupler
2R,4S,S,S- and 2S,4R,S,S-hydroxyitraconazole
Crystal modifications of 1-(2,6-difluorobenzyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide
Piperazine compounds and medicinal use thereof
Compounds with analgesic effect
Method of treatment
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Substituted aminoquinazolinone (thione) derivatives or salts thereof, intermediates thereof, and pest controllers and a method for using the same
Phenylacetamido-pyrazole derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as antitumor agents
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Benzimidazole derivatives
Benzamide derivatives and their use as cytokine inhibitors
Phosphonooxymethyl ethers of taxane derivatives
Adhesion receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic substituted pyrazolones
Inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase
Isoxazoline fibrinogen receptor antagonists
Cyclic sulfonamide derivatives as metalloproteinase inhibitors
Condensed thiophene compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Tethered monocyclopentadienyl polymerization catalysts
Macrolides with anti-inflammatory activity
Derivatives . . . use as medicaments
Chemical Compounds
Lyxofuranosyl benzimidazoles as antiviral agents
Method of performing subtractive hybridization using RDA
Detection of chromosome copy number changes to distinguish melanocytic nevi from malignant melanoma
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Methods for screening for transdominant effector peptides and RNA molecules
Separation method utilizing liquid-liquid partition
Hepatitis E virus vaccine and method
Production of virus and purfication of viral envelope proteins for vaccine use
Method for obtaining vaccines for preventing the pathogenic effects related to a retroviral infection
Dengue nucleic acid vaccines that induce neutralizing antibodies
Anti-bacterial methods and materials
Reagents and kits for detecting fungal pathogens in a biological sample
Nucleic acids for identifying anti-fungal agents, and uses related thereto
Pituitary-tumor-transforming-genes, and related products
Methods and compositions for inhibiting neoplastic cell growth
Determination of Genetic sex in equine species by analysis of y-chromosomal DNA sequences
Receptor polypeptides and their production and uses
Nucleic acids encoding vascular endothelial cell growth factor-E (VEGF-E)
Anti-parasitic helminth macrophage migration inhibitory factor antibodies and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Immunogenic epitopes of the human zona pellucida protein (ZP1)
DNA encoding human vanilloid receptor VR3
Human .alpha.4 receptor subunit of the GABA-A receptor
Polynucleotides encoding human glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor polypeptides
Method and compositions for monitoring DNA binding molecules in living cells
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 5
Receptor for a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin
Nutritional assessment by measuring mitochondrial complex activity
Antibodies and diagnostic methods for the diagnosis of pestiviruses
Apoptotic protease Mch6, nucleic acids encoding same and methods of use
Methods for the detection of antibodies associated with autoimmune disorders and infectious agents employing immunoretroid peptides derived from antigens associated with said disorders and agents
Supported polymerization catalyst
Process for preparing propylene homopolymers and copolymers
Semicontinuous emulsion polymerization process for making silica-containing latex for toners
Color filter and a method for producing a color filter
Cationic and hybrid radiation-curable adhesives for bonding of optical discs
Hydrogenated block copolymer
Photoresist polymers and photoresist composition containing the same
Gels derived from extending grafted centipede polymers and polypropylene
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions containing modified hydrazide groups and their use in one-component thermoset compositions
Colored polyurethanes
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions containing secondary amide groups and their use in one-component thermoset compositions
Polymer polyols and a process for the production thereof
Thermoplastic elastomer molding compositions with improved processability
Isocyanate compositions for blown polyurethane foams
Method of preparing polyethylene glycol modified polyester filaments
Oxirane derivative and process for the preparation thereof
Polymers made from the reaction of rosin amidoamine/polyethyleneamine mixtures with a multifunctional acrylate ester
Production of short fiber silica
Method for producing basic amino acid-modified organopolysiloxane
Method for preparing silicon with high purity ester function
Roof sealant composition and method of applying
Chlorine-free, zero voc, waterborne adhesion promoter for polyolefinic substrates
Anti-fog coating and coated film
Process for the preparation of expanded polyvinylarene particles
Coating for wood based panels to reduce corrosion of attached metallic member
Silicon-containing flame retardant
Single screw extrusion of polymers
Stabilization of silicon-elastomer moulds
Aqueous matte coating composition
Polyether containing polymers for oxygen scavenging
Polyethylene crosslinkable composition
Treatment of minerals with alkylsilanes and alkylsilane copolymers
Polyolefin composition suited for metal coating by flame spraying
High-speed processable cellular insulation material with enhanced foamability
Process for producing a homogeneous polyethylene material in the presence of a catalyst
Granulated or pelletized compositions of grafting units
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin polymer blends comprising components with differing ethylene contents
Two component dispersant for wet milling process
Freeze-resistant fluid compositions
Impregnating, casting and coating compounds for electrotechnical and/or electronic components and for carrier materials for plane insulating materials
Poly(hydroxy amino ether) composition, method for preparing the same and articles prepared therefrom
Thermoplastic resin composition
Pyran derivatives
Aqueous thermally beachable composition useful in a photothermographic element
Release coating for tapes
Crosslinked compositions containing silane-modified polyolefins and polypropylenes
Moistureproof hot melt composition and moistureproof paper
Pressure sensitive adhesive blends comprising (meth)acrylate polymers and articles therefrom
Base film for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet
High performance environmentally friendly, low temperature, drilling fluids
Fluorescence-reddening membrane and red-emitting device using same
Fluorescent conversion filter and organic light emitting element including the same
Green-emitting phosphors for plasma display panel and preparing method thereof
Flame retardant polynitrogen containing salt of boron compounds
Method for desulfurizing gasoline or diesel fuel for use in a fuel cell power plant
Removal of acids from oils
Multiple stage ebullating bed hydrocracking with interstage stripping and separating
Petroleum processing method
Method and apparatus for treating wastes by gasification
Two-cycle lubricating oil with reduced smoke generation
Refrigerator using a polyvinyl ether refrigerator oil
Composition and process for lubricated plastic working of metals
Anti-spotting and anti-filming hard surface cleaning formulations and methods
Nonaqueous liquid detergent compositions containing bleach precursors
Granular alkali metal phyllosilicate compound
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions comprising a crosslinked polymer
Liquid cleaning agent for boat hulls of composite material
Decorative soap with embedded dissolvable image layer and further comprising toy or figurine
Two part chemical concentrate
Granular detergent component containing zeolite map and laundry detergent compositions
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Liquid cleaning composition containing a preservative and an effective chelating agent
Cell culture apparatus and method for culturing cells
Transfusable oxygenating composition
Mechanical disruption of bacterial cells for plasmid recovery
Designer diseases
Antisense modulation of serum amyloid A4 expression
Antisense modulation of casein kinase 2-alpha prime expression
Compositions and methods to stack multiple nucleotide sequences of interest in the genome of a plant
Cells, vectors and methods for producing biologically active TSH
Alternatively targeted adenovirus
Human DNA Ligase IV
Homogeneous immunoassays using mutant glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenases
Tankyrase homolog protein (THP), nucleic acids, and methods related to the same
Hyaluronate synthase gene and uses thereof
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Full-length serine protein kinase in brain and pancreas
Human kinesin-like protein HSKIF21B
Endonuclease compositions and methods of use
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
Methods and kits useful for determining the status of and detecting pancreatic B-cell associated autoimmune diseases
Methods and compositions for regulating cell death and enhancing disease resistance to plant pathogens
Metabolically engineered E. coli for enhanced production of oxaloacetate-derived biochemicals
Method for optically resolving a racemic .alpha.-substituted heterocyclic carboxylic acid using enzyme
Polypeptide of N-acetylglucosamine-6-O-sulfotransferase and DNA encoding the same
DNA construct for producing proteinaceous materials in eucaryotic cells
Process for the production of naturally folded and secreted proteins by co-secretion of molecular chaperones
Erythritol--producing Moniliella strains
Enzyme-catalyzed modifications of macromolecules in organic solvents
Hydrolytic enzyme substrates and assay method
Identification of novel antimicrobial agents using membrane potential indicator dyes
Diagnostic assay using microperoxidase
Method for inhibiting eukaryotic protein kinases
Methods for detecting, selecting and cloning agents that degrade or promote degradation of DNA
Sequence based screening
Method of amplifying DNA and RNA mismatch cleavage products
Method of amplifying nucleic acids of microorganisms present in fruit juice
Biological assays for analyte detection
Process for producing liquid pig iron or semifinished steel products from iron-containing materials
Use of a fine-grained product produced during the production of titanium dioxide
Mechanism for supporting a workpiece during a heat treatment process
Aluminium alloy semi-finished product manufacturing process using recycled raw materials
Process for the extraction of copper from a sulphide copper ore or concentrate
Process for deposition of sputtered shape memory alloy films
Nickel diffusion braze alloy and method for repair of superalloys
Oxidation resistant and low coefficient of thermal expansion NiA1-CoCrAly alloy
Material for die casting tooling components, method for making same, and tooling components made from the material and process
Non-refined steel being reduced in anisotropy of material and excellent in strength, toughness and machinability
Process for producing a paramagnetic, corrosion-resistant material and like materials with high yield strength, strength, and ductility
Metallic substrates for high temperature superconductors
Titanium alloy having enhanced notch toughness
Ion-assisted magnetron deposition
Physical vapor deposition apparatus with deposition and DC target power control
Thermal barrier coating ceramic structure
Enhanced process capability for sputtered ferroelectric films using low frequency pulsed DC and RF power supplies
Magnetron sputtering source
Method for depositing a protective carbon coating on a data recording disk
Method for improving the adhesion of sputtered copper films to CVD transition metal based underlayers
Laser phase transformation and ion implantation in metals
Method and apparatus for forming a film on an object to be processed
Method and apparatus for the fabrication of ferroelectric films
Inductively coupled RF Plasma reactor having an overhead solenoidal antenna and modular confinement magnet liners
Method and apparatus for monitoring the process state of a semiconductor device fabrication process
Method of forming oxide-ceramics film
Process for reducing extraneous metal plating
Electroless rhodium plating
Coating system utilizing an oxide diffusion barrier for improved performance and repair capability
Ruthenium and ruthenium dioxide removal method and material
Method and device for operating etching baths
Process for the simultaneous electrochemical preparation of sodium dithionite and sodium peroxodisulfate
Semiconductor plating system workpiece support having workpiece-engaging electrode with submerged conductive current transfer areas
Apparatus and method for electro chemical deposition
Method for preventing the thermal oxidation yellowing of tin-plated wires
High throughput and high performance copper electroplating tool
Selective electroplating with direct contact chemical polishing
Cup type plating apparatus
High-temperature high-pressure processing method for semiconductor wafers, and an anti-oxidizing body used for the method
Metal polyoxyalkylated precursor solutions in an octane solvent and method of making the same
Textiles; Paper
Process for improving electrostatic charging of plexifilaments
Hollow fibers and manufacturing method of hollow fibers
Process of making a crimped multicomponent fiber web
Process for making bulk yarns having improved elasticity and recovery
Method for two-stage oxygen delignification of chemical pulp
Paper machine substrates resistant to contamination by adhesive materials
Method of producing a paper having a three-dimensional pattern
Method for making tissue sheets on a modified conventional crescent-former tissue machine
Belts for compliant calendering
Method and apparatus for the transfer of a lead strip of a paper web
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Process for producing pulp molded article
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for wellbore gas separation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sliding member and process for producing the same
Friction member
Reformate control valve assembly for a fuel cell
Flexible pipeline having a dual-layer sheath of polymer
Textile reinforced thermoplastic or thermoset pipes
Method for weighing sample tubes, and workstation
Preconcentrator for chemical detection
Solar cell sensors, process for their manufacture and their use
Optical sensor and optical method for characterizing a chemical or biological substance
Method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of a gas
Corrosion test cell for bipolar plates
Electrochemical cell
Gas sensor
Method for measuring component of a gaseous emission
Device for electrophoresis and component therefor
Detection of biologically active molecules by use of pre-activated cell-based biosensors in liquid-based separation systems
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Illumination box and camera system
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Small molecule library screening using FACS
Functional layers of high precision, process for their production and test strips containing these functional layers
Competition binding assay for detecting P2YADP receptor ligands
Method for interpreting tandem mass spectrometry data for clinical diagnosis
Liquid processing method making use of pipette device and apparatus for same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof including a probe test step and a burn-in test step
Power reduction method and design technique for burn-in
Probe grid for integrated circuit analysis
Flexible method for monitoring fuel cell voltage
Stabilization of GMR devices
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element
Method and apparatus for determining the pass through flux of magnetic materials
Color filter and liquid crystal display
Silicon on III-V semiconductor bonding for monolithic optoelectronic integration
Method of manufacturing optical fiber ribbons
Method for fabricating protrusion of liquid crystal display
Color filter manufacturing method, color filter and liquid crystal displayer
Color photographic element containing speed improving compound
Method for simultaneously coating a non-gelatin layer adjacent to a gelatin-containing layer
Protective overcoat for photographic elements
Photographic display material with nonglossy surface
Surface treatment for enhancing hydrophobicity of photographic support and photothermographic material by use thereof
One-part bleach-fix liquid concentrates
Photographic processing element and image forming method by the use thereof
Method and apparatus for determining phase shifts and trim masks for an integrated circuit
X-ray mask and method of fabricating the same
Method of producing large-area membrane masks
Resist compositions and patterning process
Multilayered body for photolithographic patterning
Developer soluble dyed BARC for dual damascene process
Method of forming a mask
Dry film photoimageable compositions
Micromachining using high energy light ions
Mask structure and method of manufacturing the same
Scanning exposure method detecting focus during relative movement between energy beam and substrate
Pattern transfer method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Fabrication method for a semiconductor device
Stripping composition
Method of reducing stop layer loss in a photoresist stripping process using a fluorine scavenger
NH3 plasma descumming and resist stripping in semiconductor applications
Method for providing an alignment diffraction grating for photolithographic alignment during semiconductor fabrication
Transparent recording film
Toner processes
Toner and developer for electrophotography
Toner for developing electrostatic latent images, method for forming images and apparatus for forming images
Magenta toner for electrophotography, magenta developer for electrophotography, and image forming method using the same
Developer for electrostatic image development and image forming method using the same
Method for protecting and marking products by using microparticles
Label structure
Information recording medium and method for producing the same
Magnetic recording medium, recording and reproducing head, and magnetic recording and reproducing method
Method of making high density semiconductor memory
Integrated resistor having aligned body and contact and method for forming the same
Manufacturing technique for multi-layered structure with magnet using an extrusion process
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Method for preparation of a thermal spray coated substrate for use in an electrical energy storage device
Method for manufacturing phosphor layer for image display apparatus
Method and device for applying sealant to IC having bumps
Eeprom tunnel window for program injection via P+ contacted inversion
Method of achieving stable deep ultraviolet (DUV) resist etch rate for gate critical dimension (CD)
Methods to create high-k dielectric gate electrodes with backside cleaning
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Defect and etch rate control in trench etch for dual damascene patterning of low-k dielectrics
Multi-step method for forming sacrificial silicon oxide layer
Method of manufacturing hetero-junction bipolar transistor
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing ball grid array semiconductor device packages
Process of top-surface-metallurgy plate-up bonding and rewiring for multilayer devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for filling a gap between spaced layers of a semiconductor
Method of producing strained microelectronic and/or optical integrated and discrete devices
Prevention of slurry build-up within wafer topography during polishing
Structural integrity enhancement of dielectric films
Nucleation for improved flash erase characteristics
Structuring method
Semiconductor fabrication with multiple low dose implant
Power trench transistor device source region formation using silicon spacer
Method of manufacturing metal-oxide semiconductor transistor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Method for forming square-shouldered sidewall spacers and devices fabricated
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
Method for preventing a by-product ion moving from a spacer
Methods of fabricating scaled MOSFETs
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for forming MOSFET device having source/drain extension regions located underlying L shaped spacers
Double LDD devices for improved dram refresh
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices having redistribution patterns with a concave pattern in a bump pad area
Apparatus for filling trenches
Vacuum treatment system
Method of fabricating silicon structures including fixtures for supporting wafers
Wafer processing apparatus and method
Method of forming a junction region in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Air bridge/dielectric fill inductors
Method of manufacture of a capacitor with a dielectric on the basis of strontium-bismuth-tantalum
Method for fabricating a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Pre-fill CMP and electroplating method for integrated circuits
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Method of embedding contact hole by damascene method
Method of forming a compound film of a semiconductor and a metal by self-alignment
Sputtered insulating layer for wordline stacks
Methods of forming memory circuitry, methods of forming electrical connections, and methods of forming dynamic random access memory (DRAM) circuitry
Method for trench isolation by selective deposition of low temperature oxide films
Smoothing method for cleaved films made using thermal treatment
Method of forming structures with buried regions in a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a trench isolation structure
System to improve ser immunity and punchthrough
Selective cap layers over recessed polysilicon plugs
Densification process hillock suppression method in integrated circuits
Method for making a semiconductor device having copper conductive layers
Direct writing of low carbon conductive material
Semiconductor processing methods of forming silicon layers
Method for forming void-free metallization in an integrated circuit
Plasma treatment of tantalum nitride compound films formed by chemical vapor deposition
Method of forming a metal silicide layer
Method for removing carbon-rich particles adhered on a copper surface
Damascene processing using a silicon carbide hard mask
Method of fabricating low-dielectric constant interlevel dielectric films for BEOL interconnects with enhanced adhesion and low-defect density
Method for forming damascene structure employing bi-layer carbon doped silicon nitride/carbon doped silicon oxide etch stop layer
Method of patterning noble metals for semiconductor devices by electropolishing
Semiconductor processing method of forming a conductive connection through WxSiyNz material with specific contact opening etching
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure
Nanoporous dielectric films with graded density and process for making such films
Shallow trench contact structure to solve the problem of schottky diode leakage
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device having bitlines of common height
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating a wiring plane on a semiconductor chip with an antifuse
Selective deposition process for passivating top interface of damascene-type Cu interconnect lines
System and method of forming a tungsten plug
Barrier for copper metallization
Method of encapsulated copper (Cu) interconnect formation
Using implantation method to control gate oxide thickness on dual oxide semiconductor devices
High and low voltage transistor manufacturing method
Method of forming retrograde doping file in twin well CMOS device
Method for fabricating a trench capacitor
Method for forming capacitor of a DRAM having a wall protection structure
Semiconductor device having gate edges protected from charge gain/loss
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Semiconductor contact via structure and method
Method of fabricating flash memory with shallow and deep junctions
Laser-irradiation method and laser-irradiation device
Method of making semiconductor packages at wafer level
Lead frame, resin-molded semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for moding a leadframe in plastic integrated circuit devices
Method of fabricating tape attachment chip-on-board assemblies
Methodology to mitigate electron beam induced charge dissipation on polysilicon fine patterning
Charge transfer device and a manufacturing process therefor
Method for preventing polysilicon stringer in memory device
Method to form very high mobility vertical channel transistor by selective deposition of SiGe or multi-quantum wells (MQWs)
Method of manufacturing a trench gate power transistor with a thick bottom insulator
SOI semiconductor device capable of preventing floating body effect
Method of fabricating thin-film photovoltaic module
Method of fabricating a planar porous silicon metal-semicoductor-metal photodetector
Method for forming crystalline semiconductor layers, a method for fabricating thin film transistors, and a method for fabricating solar cells and active matrix liquid crystal devices
Method of manufacturing light emitting diode with current blocking structure
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and substrate for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating GaN semiconductor structures using laser-assisted epitaxial liftoff
Lithium secondary battery with a lithium manganese oxide positive electrode
Flame-retardant additive for li-ion batteries
Recombinator for the re-acidification of an electrolyte stream in a flowing electrolyte zinc-bromine battery
Sealed battery in which an electrolyte-injection hole is favorably sealed
Battery case
Battery lock
Battery module, and connecting structure of cells in the battery module
Battery of electrochemical cells with contact elements
Connecting part for connecting internal components of lead acid battery
Positive electrode for a lithium rechargeable electro-chemical cell having an aluminum current collector
Process for making battery plate
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrodes and nickel-metal hydride batteries using the same
Positive active material for alkaline electrolyte storage battery nickel electrodes
Non-sintered positive electrode for alkaline storage battery and alkaline storage battery using the same
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing negative electrode of the same
Gas distributor for a fuel cell
Lithium-ion battery electrode composition
Electrode for fuel cell and method of producing the same
Vacuum oxidant PEM fuel cell
Fuel cell system with sensor
Fuel cell system
Increasing the yield of precise wavelength lasers
Method of manufacturing an integrated semiconductor laser-modulator device
Group III-V nitride laser devices with cladding layers to suppress defects such as cracking
Method of mounting an exposed-pad type of semiconductor device over a printed circuit board
Vertical surface mount assembly and methods
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