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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic component-use material and electronic component using it
Food serving set for roasting oven
Heating cooker
Non-invasive measurement of skin bilirubin level
Regulation of phospholipase D activity
Vaccine composition comprising iron phosphate as vaccine adjuvant
Treatment of metastatic disease
Cationic cholesteryl derivatives containing cyclic polar groups
Remote control system, transmitter and peripheral unit for the use of the system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automatic temperature control system and method
Pressure vessel with composite sleeve
Oxidation catalyst
Catalysts with high cobalt surface area
Method for reactivating catalyst for methacrylic acid preparation
Pulsed fiber laser cutting system for medical implants
Surface oxide weld penetration enhancement method and article
Chemical mechanical electropolishing system
Surface mount package and method for forming multi-chip microsensor device
Light-scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of and apparatus for generation proof
Apparatus for assisting registration of vehicle wheel identification data, and apparatus for assisting registration of data-processing information
Vehicular turn signal indicator system and flasher circuit for the same
Cigarette lighter mounted remote car alarm
Cable access box for commercial aircraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Capacitor substrates made of refractory metal nitrides
Self-powered miniature liquid treatment system
Production of mixed acid anhydride and amide compound
Process for production of alkanesulfonic acid
Method for oxidizing cycloalkane compound
Fractionation and treatment of full boiling range gasoline
N-alkyl-adamantyl triazinyl benzamide derivatives
3,4-alkylenedioxythiophenedioxide compounds and polymers comprising monomeric units thereof
Xanthone derivatives, method of production thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Well-defined nanosized building blocks for organic/inorganic nanocomposites
Modified acyl carrier proteins
WIP, a WASP-associated protein
Cabbage proteinase inhibitor gene confers resistance against plant pests
Method of making supported transition metal polymerization catalysts and compositions formed therefrom
Functionalized elastomers
Process to produce unsaturated polyester polyols
Method for isolating polymer resin from solution slurries
Colored composition comprising a bituminous binder and uses thereof
Compressed fluid formulation containing electron transporting material
Detergent compositions with improved physical stability at low temperature
Methods and apparatus for cleaning semiconductor substrates after polishing of copper film
Genes for human telomerase reverse transcriptase and telomerase variants
Nitrogen-free dielectric anti-reflective coating and hardmask
Textiles; Paper
Method of producing microfiber nonwovens that contain cycloolefin polymers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic actuator and method for manufacturing electromagnetic actuator, and control valve for variable displacement compressor using electromagnetic actuator
Rotary machine with axial stop incorporating a current generator
Sensor loop with distributed power sources and method therefor
Distribution manifold for exhausting photoresist vapors
Apparatus for measuring a measurement object
Method and system for determining dimensions of optically recognizable features
Optical position detecting device and recording medium including an operational defect judgment
Optical sensor and method of suppressing interference light therefor
Method for imaging measurement, imaging measurement device and use of measured information in process control
Integrated polarization analyzer for fiber telecommunications
Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
Apparatus for testing bumped die
Test probe for electrical devices having low or no wedge depression
Membrane probing system with local contact scrub
Circuit arrangement with several sensor elements in matrix circuit design
Probe apparatus
In-tray burn-in board, device and test assembly for testing integrated circuit devices in situ on processing trays
Device for monitoring quiescent current of an electronic device
Dynamic register with IDDQ testing capability
Dynamic register with low clock rate testing capability
Magnetic resonance signal acquiring apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
System and method for radar detection and calibration
Systems and methods for detecting neutrons
Two-dimensional radiation and neutron image detectors
Shuttle-in receiver for radio-imaging underground geologic structures
Optical element for use in connection with radiation in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and method of making same
Zoom optical system and imaging apparatus using the same
Laser scanning microscope
Rotary image viewing apparatus connected to a rotary mirror camera
Illumination and imaging of an object
Method for transferring a digital image so as to visually restore said digital image, and device for carrying out said method
Coplanar line, and a module using the coplanar line
Apparatus for fixing half mirror of optical pickup
Electrophoretic device
Integrated magneto-optical modulator with optical isolator, method of manufacturing the same and optical communication system using the same
Method for alignment of liquid crystals using irradiated liquid crystal films
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Display device
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Integrator, polarization conversion device, and display apparatus using the same
Positioning device having dynamically isolated frame, and lithographic device provided with such a positioning device
Reconfigurable image surface holograms
Submergence-responsive switching member driving circuit
Voltage generator arrangement
Constant voltage power supply
Low skew, power efficient local clock signal generation system
System and method for dynamically varying a clock signal
Purchasing and printing documents from the internet
Printing system and printing method
Label with a diffractive bar code and reading arrangement for such labels
Method of displaying data
Fast text/graphics resolution improvement with chain-code table look-up
Context based adaptive binary arithmetic CODEC architecture for high quality video compression and decompression
Apparatus for examining properties of objects
Method of printing data on sheet
Method and apparatus for internet enabled, wireless remote sensor measurement
Method and apparatus for detection and remote notification of vehicle parking space availability data
Picture display apparatus
Plasma display apparatus having a driver protecting portion
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Simplified multi-output digital to analog converter (DAC) for a flat panel display
Apparatus and method for controlling an electronic presentation
Image display system, projector, program, information storage medium, and image processing method
Pre-pit detecting apparatus for optical recording medium
Disk drive disk with landing zone having textured and untextured regions
Circuit for protecting synchronizing patterns
Method and apparatus for controlling data read/write between a hard disk and a hard disk controller
Adaptive data format method integrating spare sectors
Thin film magnetic head intended to decrease inductance with track narrowing and method of manufacturing the same
Flex on suspension with dissipative polymer substrate acting as bleed resistor for minimizing ESD damage
Micro-actuator integrated lead suspension head terminations
Magnetic disk apparatus
Magnetic disk drive and method of controlling the same
Magnetic random access memory
Ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor device with self refresh test mode
Semiconductor memory device
Synchronous dynamic random access memory for burst read/write operations
RAM memory circuit and method for memory operation at a multiplied data rate
Trace-impedance matching at junctions of multi-load signal traces to eliminate termination
Redundancy circuit for memory array and method for disabling non-redundant wordlines and for enabling redundant wordlines
Synchronous integrated memory
Bitline equalization system for a DRAM integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device reducing noise
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having a resistance adjustment unit
Radiation shielding arrangement
Radiation image storage panel having a particular layer arrangement
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Magnetic pole layout method and a magnetizing device for double-wing opposite attraction soft magnet and a product thereof
Device switch for electric hand-held tools
Method for operating an electromagnetic switching device and electromagnetic switching device
Electron beam apparatus and spacer for reducing electrostatic charge
Plasma processing method
Method and apparatus to improve thickness uniformity of surfaces for integrated device manufacturing
Bipolar device having shallow junction raised extrinsic base and method for making the same
Wafer-level thick film standing-wave clocking
Method of connecting a device to a support, and pad for establishing a connection between a device and a support
Semiconductor memory with strongly adhesive electrode
Metal-oxide-semiconductor device including a buried lightly-doped drain region
Ion implantation with multiple concentration levels
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having controlled surface roughness
Method of forming a contact in a semiconductor device with formation of silicide prior to plasma treatment
Photoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit and method for producing a composite comprising a tested integrated circuit and an electrical device
Semiconductor device having dual isolation structure and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Local interconnect
Method of forming a gate contact in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device having capacitor and method of forming the same
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Reducing line to line capacitance using oriented dielectric films
Low-k dielectric layer stack including an etch indicator layer for use in the dual damascene technique
Protective device with spacer for subassemblies
Semiconductor fuses and semiconductor devices containing the same
Leadframe inductors
Photosensitive imaging apparatus sensitive to orange light
Ballasting MOSFETs using staggered and segmented diffusion regions
Two channels, high speed, RF switch
Antenna structure of mobile communication device and mobile communication device having the same antenna structure
Marine antenna array
Multisource antenna, in particular for systems with a reflector
Adaptive modification of surface properties to alter the perception of its underlying structure
Frequency selective surfaces and phased array antennas using fluidic dielectrics
Unit core of motor with a yoke comprising an elongated end
Rotary electric motor having separate control modules for respective stator electromagnets
Integrated actuator
Dynamic tilt limiter for fluid dynamic bearings
Switching power supply apparatus
Semiconductor device having a boosting circuit to suppress current consumption
Oscillator topology for very low phase noise operation
Differential amplifier having improved balanced and linearity
Wideband CMOS gain stage
High frequency circuit with thin film resistor
High frequency circuit using high output amplifier cell block and low output amplifier cell block
Flexible macrocell interconnect
High performance state saving circuit
PLL with multiple tuning loops
A/D converter and A/D conversion method
Optical amplifier
Transporting variable length ATM AAL CPS packets over a non-ATM-specific bus
Network interface unit
Bandwidth management apparatus, address resolution assistance apparatus, method for managing bandwidth, and method for assisting address resolution
IEEE-1394 standardized apparatus and configuration method therein
System and method for distribution of a data stream from high-to-low-to-high bandwidth links
Transmission and reception interface and method of data transmission
Translation system and related method for use with a communication device
Integrating the internet with the public switched telephone network
Facsimile device and memory medium storing computer programs for controlling the facsimile device
Digital camera provided with a plurality of mounting portions to each of which a recording medium is mounted
Image forming apparatus using image data and identification information in relation to an arbitrary image output apparatus
Method for eliminating multiple modulating and demodulating of group 3 fax over packet and low data rate digital networks
Image processing method and apparatus for converting colors in a color image
Auto-strobe apparatus and method for digital camera
Light amount adjusting apparatus and optical apparatus having the same
Apparatus and method for detecting display mode
Color picture camera including an amplifier circuit for whiteness and brightness compensation
Television camera and white balance correcting method
Basic architecture for packet switched protocol based GSM networks
Device and method for operating a high pressure discharge lamp
Flexible circuit board assembly
Printed circuit board having through-hole protected by barrier and method of manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Protective device for a driveshaft
Wood-protecting agent
Compressor upper shell weld ring
Rounder bar for processing bakery dough
Machine for producing sausages with twisted casing
Method and apparatus for removing pin bones
Fish cleaning apparatus and method of cleaning fish therewith
Bra arrangement
Gold materials for accessories hardened with minor alloying components
Hair removal device with vibrating assembly
Pressure based sensing means for adjusting the height of an agitator in a vacuum cleaner head
Endoscope apparatus and surgical instrument therefor
Laryngoscope blade with fiberoptic scope for remote viewing and method for teaching the proper insertion of a laryngoscope blade into the airway of a patient
Endoscopic bioptome with a hard stop to control biting force
Retracting tissue using photoadhering adhesive
Closed chest coronary bypass
Method of forming medical devices; intravascular occlusion devices
System for detaching an occlusive device within a body using a solderless, electrolytically severable joint
Pressure applying fluid transfer method
Bone buttress plate and method of using same
Interbody spinal fusion implants
Method for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy by applying an acoustic shock wave followed by a limited oscillating acoustic pressure wave train
Reusable cannula with disposable seal
Process and article for knee reconstruction
Tissue fixation device and method
Apparatus for stabilizing certain vertebrae of the spine
Osteoimplant and method for its manufacture
Intramedullary bone fixation rod
Reduction instrument
Systems and methods for controlling power in an electrosurgical probe
Ablation catheter and methods for treating tissues
Balloon catheter
Methods and systems for organ resection
Diagnostic apparatus utilizing radiation interaction with biological tissue
Method and apparatus for detecting an increased risk of a premature birth
Method and apparatus for signal transmission and detection using a contact device
Omni-directional steerable catheter
Airway valve to facilitate re-breathing, method of operation, and ventilator circuit so equipped
Obtaining data on hearing capacity
3D ultrasound imaging using 2D array
Mains-operated device for curing by light a polymerizable dental material
Method and apparatus for precise bond placement of orthodontic appliances
Depth gauge and method of treating a depth gauge
Anti-embolism stocking device
Disposable absorbent article with unitary leg gathers
Absorbent article having a front urine-collecting part and a rear faeces-collecting part
Absorbent article with mechanical buckle
Absorbent interlabial device with flexible extensions
Surgical appliance for the treatment of pulmonary emphysema
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Stent delivery system with storage sleeve
Tubular stent consists of chevron-shape expansion struts and ipsilaterally attached M-frame connectors
Delivery system and method for depolyment and endovascular assembly of multi-stage stent graft
Stitched stent grafts and methods for their fabrication
Balloon catheter with stent securement means
Prosthesis construction
Mobile bearing knee prosthesis
Four compartment knee
Adjustable adapter for lower leg prosthesis
Support apparatus which cradles a body portion for application of localized cooling to high contact-pressure body surface areas
Support fixture for setting a fractured distal radius
Female urinating aid
Disposable thermal neck wrap
Relax refresh system
Centrifugal force device and method for treatment of orthopedic spinal disorders
Centrifugation bag with yieldable partitions
Method and apparatus for sealing implantable membrane encapsulation devices
Tissue engineered tendons and ligaments
Cell separation system with variable size chamber for the processing of biological fluids
Portable drive system for artificial heart
Heart assist method and apparatus employing magnetic repulsion force
Blood pump with profiled outflow region
Delivery blood storing member-equipped blood reservoir tank and blood delivery instrument for extracorporeal circulation circuit
Single port cardiac support apparatus
Angioscopy apparatus and methods
Pill delivery apparatus
Syringe for infusion
Subcutaneous infusion device
Volumetric infusion pump with automatic tube loader
Loading mechanism for medical injector assembly
Pre-filled retractable needle injection devices
Magnetic stimulation device
Magnetic stimulating apparatus for a living body
Resistance apparatus for connection to a human body
Short motion swim fin
Levered resilient strength training apparatus
Treadmill belt support deck
Motion apparatus
Wheel assembly for a treadmill
Exercise device for men
Multifunctional situp exerciser
Independent elliptical motion exerciser
Method of making a golf ball with improved flight distance and shot feeling
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Solid golf balls and method of making
Inflatable game ball with a lobular carcass and a relatively thin cover
Game ball with improved moisture resistance
Golf club head with reinforcing outer support system having weight inserts
Grip for golf putter
Laser putter system
Barbell holder and methods for its use
Bowling pin and method of playing a bowling game
Method of generating maps with fixed and random portions and use of same in video games
Anti-wrap device for swing set
Vibratory soft yo-yo
Yoyo protective sleeve
Motor driven surface engaging multi-directional and surface translating amusement device
Hand held doll having pullstring driven jaws
Interchangeable contact system for a doll
Multi-axis sound toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for decontaminating soil and mud polluted with hazardous waste and petroleum products
Spray and aeration system for removing volatile compounds
Fuel supply system having a pump with a resiliently mounted filter
High efficiency synthetic filter medium
Filter construction resistant to the passage of water soluble materials; and method
Filter holder and gasket assembly for candle tube filters
Separation of CO.sub.2 from unsaturated fluorinated compounds by semipermeable membrane
Apparatus and method for manufacturing barnyard manure using sewage and sludge
Process for the loading and unloading of an evacuatable treatment chamber and handling device for carrying out the process
Cell separation device and metering syringe
Decanter centrifuge
Method for coating a non-wetting fluidizable and material onto a substrate
Method of making an ultrasound transducer assembly
Method for cleaning structural surface
Method of mechanically cleaning pipe
Tool for a seaming machine
Cutting insert with universal identification
Drilling tool for machine tools and method of producing the same
Apparatus for machining round holes
Double-edged cutting tip for double-edged milling cutters with single cutting tip
Device for applying adhesive spots on a substrate
Steam-turbine power plant and steam turbine
Magnetic hard disc substrate and process for manufacturing the same
Blade sharpening apparatus
Portable slurry distribution system
Polishing machine with improved polishing pad structure
Crown forming apparatus for forming crown floating type magnetic head
Apparatus and method for grinding eyeglass lenses
Method and apparatus for improved conditioning of polishing pads
Dressing device for centerless grinding machine and dressing method for centerless grinding machine
Glass-ceramic bonded abrasive tools
Corrosion resistant abrasive article and method of making
Vitreous bond compositions for abrasive articles
Method and apparatus for grinding
Wood-impregnating agent and process for its production and use
Molding apparatus for encapsulating a part
Cooling device attached to an index machine
Golf ball mold
Stator produced by injection molding
Die assembly for making a propeller structure
Plant for the production of plastic tubular films with a biaxial orientation and an in-line stabilization phase
Methods and apparatus for intermittent rotary ultrasonic bonding system
Bag liner loader
Method of making and applying combination article security target and printed label
Method of preparing a sheet of a lignocellulosic material for the manufacture of a finished product and method of manufacture of a finished product
Methods of fabricating polymeric structures incorporating microscale fluidic elements
Compositions and methods for preparing dispersions and methods for using the dispersions
Hanging multiple page protector
Method for the application of an image to a porous substrate
Shock energy absorbing air duct and duct
Fuel supplying apparatus for drawing off fuel for a motor vehicle tank having a jet pump deflector for priming
Speed change control apparatus for engine
Charging connector for electric vehicle
Recovery vehicle
Connecting seat for tying bar of cargo platform of small truck
Pivoting vehicle rack
Elastic shaft joint
Propulsion apparatus
Propulsion apparatus for a cycle
Apparatus for actuating a switching shaft operatively connected with a switchable bottom bracket bearing gear
Rust proof buoy marker
Fuel injection system for watercraft engine
Shifting mechanism for marine transmission
Transport for moving and loading an auxiliary fuel tank
Method for manufacturing pallets
Fastening devices
Polisher for spherical and non-spherical surfaces
Apparatus for metering bulk material
Packer wear shoes
Automated refuse vehicle
Automatic wheel chock
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nonazide ammonium nitrate based gas generant compositions that burn at ambient pressure
Castable infrared illuminant compositions
Pigment dispersing agent and pigment composition containing the same
Process for the production of low color 2,3-epoxypropyltrialkylammonium halide
Pigment compositions containing substituted amido phthalocyanine derivatives
Dye preparations containing methine dyes
Low-dust, well dispersible granulates based on silicate fillers modified with organosilicon compounds
Ink compositions containing undecylenoyl sarcosinate salts
Fragrant ink for ink-jet printers
Carbon black, process for producing the same, and aqueous dispersion and water-base ink both containing the same
Antifouling coating composition
Thermally conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive sheet containing the same, and method for fixing electronic part to heat-radiating member with the same
Fuel additive
Gas-dispersion device
Process for manufacturing ITO alloy articles
Iron-based powder
Product and process for producing constant velocity joint having improved cold workability and strength
Austenitic stainless steel especially for making wire
Copper wire and process for making copper wire
Gas manifold
Gas delivering apparatus for chemical vapor deposition
Nonchromated, primer-free, surface preparation for painting, powder coating and adhesive bonding
Aqueous dispersions of hydrophobizing agents
Manufacturing method for calcium fluoride crystal and processing method for calcium fluoride powder
Method for the preparation and doping of highly insulating monocrystalline gallium nitride thin films
Method and apparatus for feeding a gas for epitaxial growth
Method and apparatus for achieving temperature uniformity of a substrate
Continuously fed single bubbler for epitaxial deposition of silicon
Crystallization control method for organic compound and crystallization control solid-state component employed therefor
Textiles; Paper
Process for dyeing a textile material with indigo and arrangement for conducting the process
Method to impart wrinkle free properties to sheeting and other fabrics made from cotton
Apparatus for coating a paper web
Assembly for a paper web coating line
Fixed Constructions
Concrete form with integral drain and reinforcing bar support bracket therefor
Soil pile and method for constructing the same
Wear-compensating universal quick coupling device for heavy equipment attachment
Pre-stressed FRP-concrete composite structural members
Electrical coupling for a multisection conduit such as a drill pipe
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll-type compressor with a slider plate for smoothing the orbiting movement of a movable scroll
Tilt lock device for outboard motor
Fluid pulsation stabilizer system and method
Heat driven pulse pump
Compressor with improved piston for lubricating the coupling portion between the piston and the driving body
Sealing structure for compressors
Vacuum pump
Method for controlling fluid flow through a compressed fluid system
Fluid level indicator
Pressure valve device for a cleaning apparatus
Systems and methods for cassette identification for drug pumps
Bearing arrangement for a pump shaft of a pump for delivering media of different viscosities
Vane pump having a pressure plate which is concave when unloaded
Cavitation-free gear pump
Scroll machine with capacity modulation
Scroll compressor
Multistage pump and method for assembling the pump
Scroll hydraulic machine
Turbo molecular pump
Air movement apparatus
Dryer nozzle assembly
Single port impeller
Diffuser pipe assembly
Cross-connectors for tubular members forming frameworks
Integral shaft coupling for a flexible driveplate in a pump drivetrain
Multirate coupler with improved vibration isolation capability
Inertia brake control
Metal V-belt
Three-way phased continuously variable transmission chain with strut retention
High reduction planetary gear with intermediate shafts
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Infinitely variable-speed transmission
Adaptive anti-hunt logic for automated transmission downshift control
Neutral idle control mechanism for a torque-transmitting clutch in a power transmission
Joint floor transmitting shifting forces from a gear shifting system of a transmission to a transmission drive member
Reed discharge valve for scroll compressors
Pressure relief valve with pneumatic pilot
Self-cooled oxygen-fuel burner for use in high-temperature and high-particulate furnaces
Flame outlet rail for gas burner of the atmospheric, pre-mix type
Heavy oil emulsion fuel combustion apparatus
Childproof safety disposable lighter
Clean room air filtering system
On-off lighted archery arrow nock apparatus
Temperature gradient sensing probe for monitoring hyperthermic medical treatments
Vehicle propeller shaft with a balance corrector
Color flow imaging for enhancing segmentation and flow dynamics
Ultrasound imaging with optimal image quality in region of interest
Method and apparatus for distributed, agile calculation of beamforming time delays and apodization values
Substrate holder having vacuum holding and gravity holding
Automatic opening mechanism for docking station connector cover
Method for simulating bus traffic
Method and apparatus for horizontal congestion removal
Method of displaying logic simulation results and logic simulation support equipment
Push deployment of software packages using notification transports
Method and apparatus for rapidly evaluating digital data processing parameters
Stationary drag racing simulation system
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method of controlling magnetic characteristics of spin-valve magnetoresistive element and of magnetic head with the element
Spin valve magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetic data-storage targets and methods for preparation
Ceramic composition for an apparatus and method for processing a substrate
Reaction chamber component having improved temperature uniformity
Apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor element
Cable-orienting and space saving cable connector assembly
Board lock for an electrical connector
High-frequency connector with low intermodulation distortion
Electrical receptacle
Female connector
High integrity electrical connector
Modular connector
Connector cover with board stiffener
Apparatus and methods for testing electronic circuitry with multiple connector socket arrays
Lan patch panel and wall mount unit assembly
Strain relief clamp assembly
Flat cable connector with strain relief attached thereto by pins
Modular plug for a signal transmission cable
Conductor stress relief apparatus
Anti-decoupling arrangement for an electrical connector
Electrical card connector with mixed latching means
Card edge connector with insertion direction indicators
Smaller mating force connector assembly
Motor-vehicle control unit
Power bypass connector
Line plug connection
Micro connector assembly with grounding shield
EMI mask
Combination electrical/mechanical mounting connector
Branch junction box assembly
Electrical connector mounting arrangement
Terminal strip with integrated strain relief mechanism for an insulation displacement connector
Shielded cable connection structure and processing method
Structure of the female seat of a high frequency connector
Coaxial cable connector
Electrical powerway for furniture panel
Module for connecting actuators and/or sensors
Safety jumper cables
Partially or fully implantable hearing aid
Circuit trace termination and method
Electronic circuit interconnection method and apparatus
Ejection mechanism of electronic card connector
IC socket
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew