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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mechanized harvesting machine with rotating picking elements
Rod holding apparatus
Buckle apparatus and seat belt apparatus
Hinge apparatus and watch type portable terminal having the same
Crib with safety locked drop side rail
Sink accessory that is usable in a versatile manner, and also a sink including such a sink accessory
Indicating device
Network server and computer system for providing access to user profiles
Virtual chess table
Performing Operations; Transporting
Object detection and removal apparatus
Lid mechanism for a drawer-type dishwasher
Hybrid orbiting spindle for shaping non-circular holes
Amorphous alloy bonding
Positioning table assembly for crash test dummy
Multipurpose folding tool with tool bit holder and blade lock
Saw blade
Device for laying reinforcement cord
Round baler and method for altering the friction on its side walls
Thermal interface material (TIM) with thermally conductive integrated release layer
Method of fabricating a self-aligned print head
Brake pedal apparatus for automobile
Occupant protection device for vehicle
Motion detector system, lighting system with such system and method for detecting moving vehicles and/or pedestrians
Steering device for vehicle
Worm support device and power assist unit having the same
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Container with valve assembly, and apparatus and method for filling
Cushioned package and method of making
Engine support system
Tiered control architecture for material handling
Substrate transportation method and apparatus
Safety monitoring system for a people conveyor
Graphene nanoplatelets- or graphite nanoplatelets-based nanocomposites for reducing electromagnetic interferences
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cyclic carbodiimide compound, polyester film, back sheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module
Textiles; Paper
Heald frame
Braided rope construction
Process for dyeing a textile web
Fixed Constructions
Combination support stand and bucket locking system
Mobile cellular telephone tower
Pre-fabricated wall paneling
Floor covering and laying methods
Flashing kit for wall penetrations
Cam and link mechanism for a flush sliding window
Subterranean electro-thermal heating system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supply pump actuating turbine
Valvetrain switchable lever arm for internal combustion engine using collapsing pivot element at center pivot
Variable valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Valve driving device for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Valve gear
Device for detecting state of thermal degradation of exhaust purifying catalyst
Engine system
Foot-powered energy generator
Small gas turbine engine with multiple burn zones
Method for controlling combustion device dynamics
Nozzle assembly for rocket and ramjet applications
Diesel fuel injection priming system
Controlling evaporative emissions in a fuel system
Crank position correction using cylinder pressure
Poppet valve for an internal combustion engine
Drum-in-hat torque limiter
Method of securing a shim to a backing plate and subassembly formed thereby
Method and apparatus for fault-tolerant transmission gear selector lever position determination
Combined check valve and pressure relief valve
Dual flange tee
Thermally coupled liquid oxygen and liquid methane storage vessel
Light control systems and methods
Lighting system and method of deflection
Display device having an edge light unit
Thermal module
Heat sink
Oil cooler
Wireless immersive simulation system
Light rail and accessory rail mount for vertical fore grip
Multi-purpose pyrotechnic trainer
Thermal flow sensor having an amplifier section for adjusting the temperature of the heating element
Thermal flow sensor having an amplifier section for adjusting the temperature of the heating element
Microfluidic device
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Torque detecting apparatus
Enhanced diaphragm for pressure sensing system and method
Air-pressure sensor for side-impact detection
Portable vehicle exhaust flow sensor
Device and method for testing a tire, in particular by means of an interferometric measuring method
Sample tube holder
Method of measuring porosity by means of ellipsometry and device for implementing one such method
Method for analyzing ionic structure
High frequency thickness shear mode acoustic wave sensor for gas and organic vapor detection
Lighting control for location finding
Built-in self-test (BIST) circuit and associated BIST method for embedded memories
Method and system for B0 drift and respiratory motion compensation in echo-planar based magnetic resonance imaging
Methods and systems for an integrated acoustic and induction logging tool
Marine cable support system and method
Apparatus and system for smart seeding within cloud formations
Optical imaging lens and electronic device comprising the same
Photographic lens optical system
Zoom lenses and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lenses
Display device for vehicle
Continuous adjustable 3Deeps Filter Spectacles for optimized 3Deeps stereoscopic viewing, control method and means therefor, and system and method of generating and displaying a modified video
Confocal rainbow volume holographic imaging system
Lightguide edge optic
Double-sided orthogonal grating optical coupler
Lens device
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
3D display device using barrier and driving method thereof
Shadow casting alignment technique for seamless displays
Liquid crystal display
Interferometric modulator mirror design without metal layer in the hinge
Barium tetraborate compound and barium tetraborate non-linear optical crystal, and preparation method and use thereof
Autostereoscopic three dimensional display
Device, lithographic apparatus, method for guiding radiation and device manufacturing method
Method for adjusting a projection objective
Immersion photolithography system and method using microchannel nozzles
Droplet generator, EUV radiation source, lithographic apparatus, method for generating droplets and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Drive belt systems including belt stretch management apparatus and methods thereof
Monocular holographic data storage system and method thereof
Holograms and fabrication processes
Method for synchronizing display elements in a control system for automated control of a technical installation
System and method for inputting a second taxi-start location parameter for an autonomous vehicle to navigate to whilst reducing distraction
Pedal apparatus for vehicle
Adjustable pedal system with ratio modifier
Shifter having neutral lock
Display apparatus and method of driving thereof
Portable device
Base for electronic device and electronic device assembly
Displaying relevant information on wearable computing devices
Display device with height adjustment structure and terminal having the same
Memory fault suppression via re-execution and hardware FSM
Pulsed-latch based razor with 1-cycle error recovery scheme
Wiring length measurement apparatus and recording media
Static execution of statements in a program
Risk-based test coverage and prioritization
Efficiently using memory for Java collection objects
Data processing device with multiple CPUs operating as an SIMD type
Translation entry invalidation in a multithreaded data processing system
Method for adaptively managing a solid state drive, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
Reserving a storage area and building page frame table entries
Multiprocessor computer system
Virtual storage instrumentation for real time analytics
Protecting contents of storage
Cipher text translation
Processing input/output operations in a channel using a control block
Synchronous input/output using a low latency storage controller connection
Instruction and logic to monitor loop trip count and remove loop optimizations
System and method for checking entry of meter value from LP gas meter
Systems and methods for virtual interaction
Efficient coordination across distributed computing systems
System and method of processing media traffic for a hub-based system federating disparate unified communications systems
Using analytics to optimize performance of a messaging system via topic migration to alternate delivery methods
Cache control for web application resources
Cache control for web application resources
Shared-bandwidth multiple target remote copy
Process cage providing attraction to distributed storage
Communication string network
Cautious auto-entry for messaging systems
Evaluation of field replaceable unit dependencies and connections
Script termination
Identifying compatible system configurations
User interface for testing and asserting UI elements with natural language instructions
Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
Edition-based redefinition for tables
Automating multilingual indexing
Weighting search criteria based on similarities to an ingested corpus in a question and answer (QA) system
Structure-position mapping of XML with variable-length data
Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes
Optimizing sparse schema-less data in data stores
Floating time dimension design
Metadata injection of content items using composite content
K-ary tree to binary tree conversion through complete height balanced technique
Surfacing user-specific data records in search
Validity map-based tracking of user data updates
Retrieving data utilizing a distributed index
Display of graphical representations of legends in virtualized data formats
Monitoring and reporting productivity in enterprise environment
Efficient context save/restore during hardware decompression of DEFLATE encoded data
Continuous collection of web API ecosystem data
Dynamic window adjustments in a streaming environment
Method and distributed system server for instant information push
Scalable and automated identification of unobservability causality in logic optimization flows
Navigation aid method based on meteorological conditions
Secure user input mode for electronic devices using randomized locations of selection indicia
Method for setting up a secure connection between clients
Automatic secure escrowing of a password for encrypted information an attachable storage device
Methods, systems, and computer program products for navigating between visual components
System and method of providing and reporting a real-time functional behavior assessment
Migrating interrupts from a source I/O adapter of a source computing system to a destination I/O adapter of a destination computing system
Computer product, multicore processor system, and scheduling method
Multilayer touch panel with visible and non-visible areas and method of fabrication thereof
Single layer multi-touch sensing electrode group of touch panel
Creation, sharing and embedding of interactive charts
Methods and systems for improved data input, compression, recognition, correction, and translation through frequency-based language analysis
Display apparatus displaying user interface and method of providing the user interface
Methods, circuits, devices, systems and associated computer executable code for composing composite content
Data set management
Multidimensional partitioned storage array and method utilizing input shifters to allow multiple entire columns or rows to be accessed in a single clock cycle
Digital map of a physical location based on a user's field of interest and a specific sound pattern
String dataflow error detection
Preference-based management interface for use of portable device applications and associated method of use thereof
Password management system
Secure self-checkout station
Cache memory apparatus
Embedded defect reporting system
Methods and apparatus to trigger firmware update request in response to a failure event
Dynamic recompilation techniques for machine learning programs
Parallel compilation of software application
Behavior based code recompilation triggering scheme
Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines according to cost
Performing configuration and operating system identification for virtual machine images
Inter-platform management of computing resources
Optimized extended context management for virtual machines
Selecting output destinations for kernel messages
Image processing apparatus configured to perform smoothing based on analysis of PDL data, and storage medium storing program therefor
Active radio frequency identification device
Method for estimating a distance from a first communication device to a second communication device, and corresponding communication devices, server and system
Brain tomographic dynamic image analyzing apparatus
Method and system for automatic aorta segmentation
Method and apparatus for context-based video quality assessment
Method and apparatus to detect artificial edges in images
Selecting a high valence representative image
Multi-scale spatio-temporal neural network system
Killing asymmetric resistive processing units for neural network training
Detecting missing rules with most general conditions
Inconsistency detection between structured and non-structured data
Predicting application performance on hardware accelerators
Supply chain management using mobile devices
System and method for displaying multiple time zones in an online calendar view
Method and system for forecasting using an online analytical processing database
Authorization of cash delivery
Secure identity authentication in an electronic transaction
Data transmission device for recording visit data of wireless communication device
Analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method
3D stadia algorithm for discrete network meshing
System and method for reducing image noise
Computerised method of presenting a game selection screen in a multi game environment
Electronic tracking system
Alarm circuit for electronic device
Visibility electronic controller and current-based status monitor
Electronic device
Water safety monitoring devices, alarm devices and related methods
Smart caregiver platform methods, apparatuses and media
Hygiene monitoring system
Customizing group alarms
Indication device
Self tensioning mounting frame for sheet media
Semiconductor display device
Display device having unit pixel defined by even number of adjacent sub-pixels
Method and device of estimating image sticking grade of display
Superimposed annotation output
Method for producing advertisement content using a display device and display device for same
Presenting data in a graphical overlay
Image processing method
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Acoustic passive radiator rocking mode reducing
Computerized information and display apparatus with rapid convergence algorithm
User driven audio content navigation
Systems and methods for result arbitration in spoken dialog systems
Techniques for updating an automatic speech recognition system using finite-state transducers
Systems and methods for a navigation system utilizing dictation and partial match search
Method and device for compressed-domain video editing
Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays
Memory device, and semiconductor device and electronic appliance including the same
Automatic built-in self test for memory arrays
Bootstrap circuit and semiconductor device having bootstrap circuit
Detecting maximum voltage between multiple power supplies for memory testing
Reactor system with a lead-cooled fast reactor
Cables having a conductive composite core and methods of forming the same
Keyboard with height-adjustable keys
System cabling for a multiple relay arrangement
Electric switch
Keyboard device
Apparatus and methods for electron beam lithography using array cathode
Charged particle beam device and spherical aberration correction method
Handle wafer
Extended contact area using undercut silicide extensions
Universal clamping fixture to maintain laminate flatness during chip join
Device isolation for III-V substrates
Semiconductor device comprising a conductive film joining a diode and switching element
Via bottom structure and methods of forming
Analog circuit and semiconductor device
Integrated circuit with back side inductor
Directly forming SiGe fins on oxide
Semiconductor device, method for driving semiconductor device, and electronic device
Liquid crystal display
Methods of forming semiconductor structures including III-V semiconductor material using substrates comprising molybdenum, and structures formed by such methods
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of forming III-V semiconductor structures using multiple substrates, and semiconductor devices fabricated using such methods
Quasi-nanowire transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Solar cell apparatus
Method for fabricating a photovoltaic device by uniform plating on emitter-lined through-wafer vias and interconnects
Dry etch method for texturing silicon and device
Semiconductor phosphor nanoparticle, semiconductor phosphor nanoparticle-containing glass, light emitting device, and light emitting element
Thermoelectric power generating device
Graphene-based terahertz devices
Piezoelectric energy harvester
Magnetic field sensor based on topological insulator and insulating coupler materials
Polymer networks
Children's ride-on vehicle charging assemblies with back feed protection
Porous electrode base material, method for manufacturing same, and precursor sheet
Method of installing a communication tower panel security device around the circumference of an antenna service bay arranged in a communication tower
Patch antenna assemblies
Multiple-input multiple-output ultra-wideband antennas
Heavy current female connector
Plug-in connector part comprising a locking element
Electrical receptacle connector
Cage of electronic apparatus
Electric connector
Plug and receptacle having high density of electrical contacts and/or pins
Power distribution outlet
Multifunctional vehicle tool
Rotating safety outlet
Photonic modulator and switch
Mounting for a data conductor, energy transmission system and data transmission system
Wireless charging system with auto-detection
Battery backup remaining time arrangement
Portable power system
Rotor for rotating electric motor, and rotor manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for radial electromagnetic power arrays
Receiving circuit and signal receiving method
Energy saving system and method for devices with rotating or reciprocating masses
Non-contact switch device
Method and apparatus for improved input data slicer
Asynchronous low-power analog-to-digital converter circuit with configurable thresholds
Time aligned transmission of concurrently coded data streams
Method for detecting end of record in variable length coded bit stream
Frame rail-integrated subwoofer assembly and method
Dynamic access management of wireless communication resources
Per-channel adaptive code rates in channel-hopping networks
Data center with free-space optical communications
Optical receiving device and transmission device
Fairness-based message transmission in a wireless network
Base station and massive MIMO communication method
Systems and methods for frequency error corrections in communication systems
Communication system, and communication device
Threat response signal inhibiting apparatus for radio frequency controlled devices and corresponding methods
System, apparatus, and method for generating and transmitting an interruption signal to a substantially autonomous vehicle
Communication system and transfer apparatus
End host physical connection on a switch port using multiple ethernet frames
Synchronization of audio and video data in a wireless communication system
Packet storage method and packet storage apparatus
Identifying devices with transpositional modulation
Authentication system and authentication method
Secure database backup and recovery
Dynamic HTTP load balancing
Propagating a query in a network
Instant data security in untrusted environments
Fully homomorphic encryption
Bin enabled data object encryption and storage apparatuses, methods and systems
Diversion of a call to a wearable device
Media services with access control
Mobile communication terminal
Method to disable a network access application in a secure element
Emergency response system and method for elderly individuals using mobile device
Mobile communication device system and method for determining mode settings of vehicle passengers
Volumetric display using acoustic pressure waves
Encoding scheme
Imaging device with 4-lens time-of-flight pixels and interleaved readout thereof
Image processor, image processing method, and image projector
Case system
Load control system
Actuator ring characteristic measurement method
Broadcast system
Relay user equipment device and status announcement method thereof
Audio data and image data integration
Systems and methods for enabling functionality of a trigger mechanism based on log entries in a traffic log
Method and apparatus for automatically recognizing input audio and/or video streams
Method and apparatus for processing content recording in network
Aerial survey plane having cover for protecting lens of infrared camera for aerial survey
Communications apparatus, system, and communications method
Headset audio system
Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network for optimize user experience
Mobile wireless communication control device and mobile wireless communication system
Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting roaming parameters
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Mobile application volatility management for situational applications
Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing access to femtocell coverage
Method for discovering radio access technology by mobile communication terminal and wireless access system therefor
Method for receiving radio packet through short-range wireless communication, portable terminal, and short-range wireless communication system
Methods and systems for improved utilization of a wireless medium
Power reduction in a parallel data communications interface using clock resynchronization
MIMO based adaptive beamforming over OFDMA architecture
Mobility-based fractional frequency reuse
Method and apparatus for transmitting acknowledgement of reception in wireless communication system
Systems and methods for reducing interference using polarization diversity
Base station system and wireless transmission apparatus
Textile or non-textile sheet and/or fabric with electrical function
Thermos with peltier
Light emitting element drive apparatus and portable apparatus using same
X-ray housing having integrated oil-to-air heat exchanger
Method for fabricating flexible substrate and flexible substrate prefabricated component
Components insertion method
Flex-rigid wiring board
Electronic device and heat dissipating casing thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator head
Nursing bottle
Aeration apertures of a hockey helmet
Trash can
Pair of ritualistic shinto implements
Remote control
Remote control
Combined interface screen and icons
Display for an exhale breath analysis apparatus
User interface design for a television display screen
Portable media player
Communication device
Communication device
Mobile phone
Cellular telephone
Vehicle air filter housing
Transmission filter
Reciprocating pump
High pressure cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Electric washing machine
Portable wringer
Metal molding machine
Digital camera
Digital camera
Video camera
Combined radiation thermometer and camera
Digital camera
Combination binoculars and camera
Eyeglass front
Combination binoculars and camera
Shark guitar
POS terminal
Tape printing machine
Feed cartridge for three-dimensional object material
Ink box clip
Ink box clip
Tape printing machine
Desktop tape dispenser
Desktop tape dispenser
Magnetic display board with transparent and label educational overlays
Sign holder
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Flying toy
Eagle with prop tail
Paddle portion of a goaltender hockey stick
Golf club head
Golf exercise treadmill
Golf tool
Treadling exerciser
Hip exerciser
Practice hockey board
Novelty face mask
Tunnel beam
Self-defense device
Insect trap that utilizes propane gas
Under-the-rim dispenser for a toilet bowl
Hand held shower
Faucet set
Free standing pivoting faucet set
Dual pivot faucet spout
Faucet spout
Water fountain
Fan casing
Cooling device
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Cannula having band markings
Valve for trocar device
Surgical knife safety handle
Hardened skin care instrument
Breast pump
Milk transport stem for a breast pump
Pumping cup for a breast pump
Urine collection bag
Stemmed earplug
Building module
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Gate house
Extended utility shed
Assembled store for beauty and hairdressing
Windmill having a base railing and slatted blades
Portion of a combined lighting fixture and hanger
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Suspended luminaire
Lamp assembly
Porch light
Light fixture
Garden light
Ashtray apparatus having a removable handle
Mascara unit
Cosmetic case
Make-up compact
Hand-held electric hair dryer
Cosmetic case
Hair pick/comb
Nail polish removal tool
Device for holding nail polish bottle in tilted position
Front face of headgear for respiratory mask
Human Necessities
Seedling raising device, method of making and method of using
Method for fertilizing cultivated plants for optimizing the quantity and quality of the yield
Methods and cuttings for mass propagation of plant parasites
Rose plant named `POULen007`
Anthurium plant named `True Love`
Dahlia plant named `Montana`
Abelia plant named `Saxon Gold`
Polemonium reptans named `Stairway to Heaven`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomburgeye`
Interspecific Diascia plant named `Balwhiswhit`
Cherry tree named `Glenare`
Gardenia plant named `Kimberly`
Miscanthus plant named `Gold Bar`
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypday`
Miniature rose plant `POULra023`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Amber`
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0529`
Miniature rose plant named `POULulv`
Nectarine tree, `Burnectfourteen`
Rose plant named `POULht001`
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named `Lady in Red`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizorcbut`
Impatiens plant named `Balfusradn`
Anthurium plant named `Exciting Love`
Blueberry plant denominated `Aurora`
Fishing line leader holder system
Animal waste disposal device, system, and methods
Portable pen for shipping livestock by container ship, rail and truck
Retractable two-pet leash
Non-choking animal shoulder collar with separation controlled hook and loop closure
Hummingbird feeder
Feed dispenser
Replenishable pest control apparatus
Stand for mounting on and orbiting about columnar member
Household soybean milk maker
Holding tube for a heat treatment plant using injection heating
Ice maker with trays having rigid ice making recesses
Tobacco smoke filter
Patient garments
Garment ventilation system
Garment secured by lock and garment closure system and method
Breathable air pressurized safety helmet
Temperature regulating cap
Foot protection kit and method of making same
Shoe with interchangeable strap system
Footwear product for therapeutically treating the skin
Shoe with integrated internal ankle brace
Inner tightening mechanism for footwear and footware incorporating such tightening mechanism
Low shear customized footgear
Therapeutic shoe
Belt buckle
Method for manufacturing an invisible trademark zipper
Unfolding clasp for bracelet
Control method of input power and airflow rate of hair dryer
Clipper oil stand
Applicator brushes and method for applying mascara
Portable cleaning apparatus
Tongue cleaning device
Automated process and apparatus for substantially simultaneously forming multiple articles having different properties
Tabletop suspension system
Foldable table
Work table with a sawdust collecting mechanism
Cube-shaped profile element and profile strip therefor
Adjustable dust ruffle
Low temperature physical distribution system and method and apparatus for maintaining quality in auction market
Refrigerated cooler
Methods and apparatus for improved register checkout
Picture frame system
Display device
Anti-tipping container for liquids and semi-solid foods
Pliable membrane installation tool
Combination multi-purpose clip
Fabric cover assembly for a foldable sleeping mat
Tab release cord tension device
Double-layer drape
Anti-stick cookware with cookware body formed by spinning
Method and device for piercing a sealed capsule on a coffee machine
Barbecue grill shelf with opposed tool hangers
Portable barbecue grill and thermal chest
System for recovery and refilling of cooking oil
Dispenser for rolled materials
Apparatus for lowering toilet seat
Shower apparatus
Automatic soap dispensing device
Automatic detergent dispensing system for a warewasher
Contoured intake ducts and fan housing assemblies for floor care machines
Lighted coil cleaning tool
Floor cloth for use in vacuum cleaner and apparatus of vacuum cleaner for rotatably driving the floor cloth
Filter supporting structure for an upright-type vacuum cleaner
Method of assembling a non-metallic biopsy forceps jaw
Device for measuring force and angles
Automatic electric toothbrush
Method and device for treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome and facial/dental deformities
Method and device for organizing and coordinating the combined use of liquid medications for continuous nebulization for the treatment of respiratory disorders
Methods for creating woven devices
Sleep silencer
Eyeglasses and pencil retaining assembly
Fifth wheel assembly for bed
Aerated bath
Solid drug filling device
Fluid therapy with L-lactate and/or pyruvate anions
Hair relaxer compositions utilizing cation exchange compositions
Inhalation device
Inhalation device
Flow control valve for manual resuscitator devices
Laryngeal mask airway device with airway tube having flattened outer circumference and elliptical inner airway passage
Intubating ventilatory face mask
Helmet for artificial respiration without the aid of masks
Method and apparatus for manufacturing, filling and packaging medical devices and medical containers
Needle puller for destroying hypodermic needles
Method and apparatus for rescuing occupants from high structures using replaceable cable cartridges and dynamic resistance device
Protective suit for protection against harmful chemical and biological substances
Air filtration and control system including headgear
Fall arrest device for a fixed rope
Heat-moisture exchanger with aerosol by-pass
Golf club with different shaft orientations and method of making same
Balloon car and aerial trolley system
Big dipper
Wall-climbing robot
Performing Operations; Transporting
Collector for the liquid phase of a working medium of an air conditioning system
Filter device
Method of treating gaseous waste from an optical fiber preform fabrication unit
Polygonal heat exchange chamber including a tapered portion lined with water tube panels and method of lining a tapered portion of a polygonal heat exchange chamber with such panels
Container with pump for discharging bubbles
System and apparatus for foam dispensing with adjustable orifice flow regulating device and method of using same
Device and method for creating aerosols for drug delivery
System and method for detecting hazardous materials using agitation
Washing tank for breaks of industrial vehicles and like
Pipeline pig
Arrangement for inclined rolling of tube-shaped or bar shaped rolling products
Rotating shearing device and method for separating the front crop and rear crop from running rolling stock
Arrangement for removing dents in sheet metal
Quick change cassette system for multi-roll leveler
Method for deforming a tube near one of its ends and tool used in this method
Contact surface structure of bending die
Press die for molding sipe blade and method of making the press die
Hydraulic tool having removable cutting dies and crimping dies
Heat transfer member and method for manufacturing same
Fabrication method of metal shell of spark plug
Press transfer having a clutch drive disconnect
Temperature control unit and temperature control apparatus using it for raw molding sand or resin-coated sand for shell mold
Casting sand blowing device for molding machines
Method and apparatus for continuously casting uranium rod
Automation of a high-speed continuous casting plant
Hot chamber pressurized casting machine and process for operating same and making cast parts therewith
Multiple-slide die-casting system
V grooving machine for natural or engineered stone
Folded fin heat sink assembly
Exothermic welding mold conversion plug
Method of manufacturing a gas sensor
Heat sink manufacturing apparatus
Linear drive unit
Unidirectional ratchet wrench
Color coded tools
Double-ended wrench with ergonomic handle portions
Socket drive head structure
Multi-purpose universal socket tool
Bit adapter for torque detector
Method and apparatus for connecting a fastener element to a wall
Valve seal removal apparatus
Transmission tool
Universal retaining ring plier tool
Tool for rotating cutting heads
Type of joining pliers
Hand power tool
Remote center compliance device
Razor cartridge with shaving aid
Foldable ax
Adjustable tool for cutting rafters
Transverse food product slicer with inclined shear edge support surface enabling production of uniform thickness slices
Router lift
Device for protecting lifting inserts having a tubular body during their embedding in a prefabricated concrete component
Advanced processes for coring and grouting masonry
Blow-molded pressure tank with spin-welded connector
Device for applying a cable onto a rotating surface
Screw press
Folding plunger assembly for blanking system
Method of manufacturing reclosable packages using transverse closure and slider applicator
Method and apparatus for sensing a seal on a film
Apparatus and methodology for embossing fibrous webs containing contaminants
Armor-plating composite
Device for laminating or coating a substrate
Image recorder with recording material feed unit
Apparatus for delivering printing plates to an external drum imaging system
Apparatus and method for storing sleeves for rotary printing machines
Vacuum print system
Device for handling printing cylinder sleeves
Method and device for pressing a packing against a cylinder
Flexographic machine
Digital liquid dispenser
Printing apparatus for automatically controlling ink supply device
Method and apparatus for printing on a flat substrate
Image file data equivalence algorithms respective to output devices
Rotating drum and image recording device
Integrated circuit device for fluid ejection
Gear drive mechanism for office products
Method and apparatus for accurate, micro-contact printing
Stencil printer
Method of making a wheel end assembly with a machined hub having reduced on-vehicle runout
Pneumatic tire including blocks each provided with cut-slope
Underlay structure for increased crown stiffening
Forged in-line tubular process
Semi-independent swing arm suspension system for a low floor vehicle
Vehicle air conditioning system with seat air conditioning unit
Foley and lardner
Vehicle seal
Vehicle door operating mechanism
Mounting arrangement for a radiator assembly of a work machine
Fuel transfer pump and control
Tank cap
Emission control apparatus of internal combustion engine and control method for the emission control apparatus
Wheel-end and center axle disconnects for an electric or HEV
Automobile inertia kinetic energy regeneration system
Hybrid drive system
Method for manufacturing and application of heating element for heating in a vehicle
Passenger seat meal tray assembly and passenger seat
Suction hose arrangement for refuse tank trucks
Diaphragm seal for sealing electrical connectors in a vehicle door
Device for detaching a carrier from a semi-conductor disk
High retention force anti-lock brake sensor clip
Seatbelt force sensor assembly with guide member
Universal portable brake pedal locking device for vehicles
Windscreen wiper with a wiper arm
Window wiper arm drive and window lock system
Apparatus for retaining a brake drum to a fastening bracket
Pilot control valve having a pressure compensation
Method to improve estimation of vehicle longitudinal velocity
Railroad car energy absorption apparatus
Railroad car center plate assembly conductive liner
Tilt-telescope steering column
Compact vehicle
Lines and cables in motorcycle frame tubing
Bicycle shift control device
Combined gear change and brake control unit for a bicycle
Swing arm
Planing landing craft
Portable and stowable step for water-borne vessel
Wake tower and method of making same
Hydraulic system for aircraft landing gear
System and method for including inserts with goods during automated packaging
Container packing system
Method for storing and/or transporting items
Pack wrapper opening system
Labeling device
Label application device including a flow control element
Can with improved opening structure
Elastic container cover and method for manufacturing
Food item receiving container
Cork device for resealing a bottle
Synthetic resin bottle cap unit
Storage shelf for goods or packaged goods like loaded pallets
Automatic label splicing apparatus
Device for transferring a material in the form of a film applied to a carrier strip onto a substrate
Flat water hose coiler
Travel sequence planning for elevators
Rock drilling rig
Working vehicle with transverse system
Beverage dispensing machine
Supply system for a bottled water cooler and method of use
Continuous-flow drinking-fluid dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing chemical energy
Double emulsion based drilling fluids
Fracturing using gel with ester delayed breaking
Method of securing a connection against breakout torque
Wet etching apparatus and method
Textiles; Paper
Spinning device for producing a spun yarn by means of a circulating air flow
Latch needle
Sewn article and method of making
Adjustable, lightweight, collapsible quilting apparatus and methods for using same
High efficiency water valve for washing appliance
Fabric treatment device
Control system for an automatic clothes dryer
Ironing device for uncreased-trousers ironing machines including means for ironing the trousers bottom portion
Commercial laundry machine with improved loading hopper
Rotatable roller
Fixed Constructions
Machine for removing an old track and laying a new track
Structure of floor slab bridge
Barrier gate
Air spring actuator weight transfer apparatus
System for generating power
Reinforcing system for stackable retaining wall units
System and technique for mounting a faucet
Deck drain
Method and accessories for pipe replacement
Seismic base isolation by electro-osmosis during an earthquake event
Elementary module for producing a breaker strip for thermal bridge between a wall and a concrete slab and building structure comprising same
Vent device for a wall structure
Structured molded parts for sound absorption
Deflection clip
Stackable construction panel system
Curved wall panel system
Building elements
Shingle lifting tool
Awning travel lock
Presealed system
Submerged water activity platform
Floating bathtub or swimming pool cleaning device
Combination lock
Locking device operated by both of the mechanical and magnetic effects
Door and frame for a storage enclosure and method of making same
In-floor, adjustable, multiple-configuration track assembly for sliding panels with built-in weep system
Automatically resettable guide system for an overhead door
Methods of making windows and windows made thereby
Venetian blind
Device for securing a string ladder to the bottom rail of a horizontal blind assembly
Cord shroud for lift cords and cord loops
Ladder leveling device
Method and apparatus for transferring material in a wellbore
Mechanical torque table and method
Screen table tong assembly and method
Circular shaped charge
Spring wire composite corrosion resistant anchoring device
Tapered ramp positive lock latch mechanism
Scale prediction probe
Ultrasonic cylindrical resonator to facilitate bubble point pressure measurement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbo shaft engine with acoustical compression flow amplifying ramjet
Coated seal article with multiple coatings
Method for operating a turbine
Dual independent tank and oil system with single port filling
Variable exhaust struts shields
Apparatus for correcting airfoil twist
High-pressure ratio turbocharger
High density combined cycle power plant process
Method and arrangement for affecting engine braking
Externally mounted DPCS (differential pressure control system) with position sensor control to reduce frictional and magnetic hysteresis
Mechanical control of the intake valve lift adjustment in an internal combustion engine
Method for producing an electromagnetic actuator
System and method for controlling the flow of oil in an engine
Oil injection system
Lubrication system for two-cycle engine
Helmholtz resonator
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Anti-stain intake manifold and fill neck for internal combustion engine
Engine control system of internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio mechanism and exhaust-gas recirculation control system
Compression release mechanism
Soundproofed engine generator
Separated core engine type turbofan engine
Gas turbine equipment and gas turbine cooling method
Injection pump having cold start acceleration for direct injection internal combustion engines
Control system and method for internal combustion engine having variable valve actuation system
Method and apparatus for active control of combustion rate through modulation of heat transfer from the combustion chamber wall
Exhaust gas purification device and method for diesel engine
Control device of common rail fuel injection system of an engine
Degradation determining system and method for exhaust gas sensor, and engine control unit
Control system of internal combustion engine
Fuel injection amount control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine mainly intended for a motor vehicle
Accumulator type fuel injection system
Method for detecting failure of injection fuel heaters of internal combustion engine
Engine malfunction detection system
Direct fuel injection combustion control system
Fuel injection apparatus for an engine
Crankshaft with vibration dampeners for internal combustion engines
Compliant enclosure for thermoacoustic device
Cooling system for a gas turbine engine post-combustion jet nozzle
High bypass multi-fan engine
Fuel supply system for vehicle
Vacuum relief modular reservoir assembly
Electronically-controlled fuel injector
Pressure-elevating type fuel injecting system
Pump assembly and method
Fuel supply apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Pressure regulator
Recoil assembly for a pull starter
Ignition system for an internal combustion engine
Gas delivery system
Vacuum device for substance extraction
Shuttle valve assembly
Integrated fastening system
Method for manufacturing a driveshaft assembly that is balanced for rotation
Solenoid actuated continuously variable shock absorber
Hydraulic dashpot
Ball groove profile of ball screw
Shifting device for a transmission
Gas tight shut off valve for a material charging or discharging lock
Pressure relief device assemblies
Excess pressure release for gas
Shutoff valve system with leak detector
Pulse-width modulated solenoid valve including axial stop spool valve
Fuel cell hose with barrier properties
Fluid coupler
End cap for a corrugated conduit
Disposable container for disposing of used oil
Method and apparatus for filling a pressure vessel having application to vehicle fueling
Gas supply control device for a gas storage power plant
Enhanced backflow prevention apparatus and method
Pin kit for V-cutter
Coolant fed humidifier having siphon drain and method therefor
Furnace heat exchanger
System for burning a processed fuel gas
Combustion method and apparatus for NOx reduction
Method for cleaning salt impregnated hog fuel and other bio-mass, and for recovery of waste energy
Gas turbine combustor heat shield impingement cooling baffle
Miniature patio heater
Casing for cold bridge-free air handling unit
Fluid distribution device having improved deviating means
Zone demand controlled dual air conditioning system and controller therefor
Controls for air conditioner
Air type solar system
Air-conditioning apparatus
High flux heat removal system using liquid ice
Chilling system and method
CTE-matched heat pipe
Heat exchanger having non-perpendicularly aligned heat transfer elements
Heat exchanger
Cleaning system for refrigerator condenser
Drive cone for paintball loader
Single-cam split-harness compound bow
Means of increasing mechanical advantage in asynchronous compound bows
Drop-away arrow rest
Firearm adapter rail system
Expanding soft point bullet
Lock for igniter plug lever
Process and device for determining the alignment of a body with regard to a reference direction
Inside micrometer
Gage for milled blade ring segments
Stabilized laser plumb
Diagnostic test for a resonant micro electro mechanical system
Noise source for starting MEMS gyroscope
Method and system for measuring vibration of an object
Positive flow meter
Liquid level detecting device
Thermometer holding frothing pitcher
Multiaxis ring load cell
Method and system for analyzing motion transferred to a subject on a sleeping surface
Liquid sampler having an in-line valve
Low power gas leak detector
Inspection chip for sensor measuring instrument
Ultrasonic inspection method
Self-aligning turbine disc inspection apparatus
Resistance spot weld checking tool
Method and apparatus for layered structure breaking strength estimation
Breath measurement instrument and breath alcohol interlock device incorporating same
Acceleration sensor device
Sensor for measuring out-of-plane acceleration
Capacitive acceleration sensor
Method for determination of stand attributes and a computer program to perform the method
Adjustable brake and throttle pedal assembly
Lightweight collapsible sign
Personalized animation by selective reflection
Nameplate mounting structure of camera
Ultrasonic sensor
Disk storage device having a radial magnetic yoke feature
Method for allocating disk drive spindle motors based on an operating characteristic
Apparatus and methods for accessing information relating to radio television programs
Optical recording medium and method for setting power of laser beam
Fixtures and processes for magnetizing magnetoelastic shafts circumferentially
Three-phase transformer
Fully automatic process for magnetic circuit assembly
Plasma processing apparatus and method capable of performing uniform plasma treatment by control of excitation power
Single wafer type cleaning method and apparatus
System for processing substrate with liquid
Wafer dryer system for PRS wet bench
Method of manufacturing an electronic component unit
Apparatus and method for mounting electronic parts
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive element substructure
Apparatus for aligning and soldering connectors to a printed board
Method and device for folding of ribbon cables
Electrical raceway assembly
Apparatus for forming a hollow cylindrical dynamo-electric machine stator core
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Data transmitter and receiver of a spread spectrum communication system using a pilot channel
Apparatus for mounting electronic components
Method of producing electrical connecting elements
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