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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
AtMIN7 mediated disease resistance to Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis
Furanone derivatives
Hemostatically active vWF-containing preparation and process for the preparation thereof
Medical devices employing novel polymers
PVA hydrogel
Phase change ink formulations, colorant formulations, and methods of forming colorants
Method for pain treatment
Piperidinetriol derivatives as inhibitors of glycosyceramid synthase
2,4-diaminoquinazolines for spinal muscular atrophy
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating diabetes or glucose control abnormality comprising ginsenosides
Treatment solution and method for preventing posterior capsular opacification by selectively inducing detachment and/or death of lens epithelial cells
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of identifying the same
Dimeric IAP inhibitors
Peptides for preventing or treating liver damage
Apo A-I mimetic peptides and methods of treatment
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Unitary combination of FSH and hCG
Buffer-based method for preparing bivalirudin drug product
Multicolored cleansing bar and method for the use thereof
Porous bodies and method of production thereof
Method of lipid structure preparation
Reducing hair growth, hair follicle and hair shaft size and hair pigmentation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making nitrogen aromatic oligomers and polymers
Purification of polymers for coating applications
Method of using a mandrel to coat a stent
Method of providing consistent quality of target material removal by lasers having different output performance characteristics
Polyolefin tube
Corrosion resistant conductive parts
Method for producing moulded parts, in particular for use in the car industry, and a film comprising a coating which is suitable therefor
Multi-panel blank with parallel panel axes for a collapsible field director structure
Core shell intermediate transfer components
Composite contaminant vapor barrier system and method
Foam filling member
Radiation-transparent windows, method for imaging fluid transfers
High temperature insulation and insulated article
Method of producing an ink jet head and method of producing an electronic device
Liquid discharge head producing method
24-volt engine start-up system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for making galantamine
Process for preparing aromatic polycarboxylic acid by liquid phase oxidation
Substituted dibenzoic acid derivatives and use thereof
Usage of poly-3-hydroxybutyrates in preparation of .beta.-lactam compounds
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for producing epoxides
Processes for the preparation of clopidogrel
hTERT gene expression regulatory gene
Probe, probe set, and probe carrier for detecting DNA of Trichophyton violaceum
Two component Bacillus lantibiotic and methods for producing and using the same
.psi..epsilon.RACK peptide composition and method for protection against tissue damage due to ischemia
Sustained release of Apo A-I mimetic peptides and methods of treatment
Antibody that specifically binds hyaluronan synthase
Catalyst system and process for olefin polymerization
Cylindrical mouldings based on cellular polyurethane elastomers
Manufacture of polyurethane foam ball
Solid polymer electrolyte, method for manufacturing the same and use thereof
Method for producing polypyridinium
Method for decomposing and reclaiming synthetic resin having ester bond in the composition structure
Water-based fluoropolymer composition
Aqueous silica-based nanocomposite polymer dispersion
Resin composition for optical material
Method for preparing an improved bitumen by addition of polyphosphoric acid and a cross-linkable polymer
Detergent composition for hard surface
Oxygen-assisted fermentation process
Single protein production in living cells facilitated by a messenger RNA interferase
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
B12 dependent dehydratases with improved reaction kinetics
Transgenic sweet sorghum with altered lignin composition and process of preparation thereof
Cellulomonas 69B4 serine protease variants
Alkaline proteases and detergents and cleaners comprising these alkaline proteases
MicroRNA fingerprints during human megakaryocytopoiesis
Probe, probe set, and probe carrier for detecting DNA of Trichophyton verrucosum
Genomic library construction
Method for thin film vapor deposition of a dialkyl amido dihydroaluminum compound
Nucleic acid sample purification and enrichment with a thermo-affinity microfluidic sub-circuit
Textiles; Paper
Method for modifying fibers
Method and device for measuring the pole position angle of a magnetic levitation vehicle of a magnetic levitation system
Systems and methods for RF magnetic-field vector detection based on spin rectification effects
High throughput screening methods for lubricating oil compositions
Method of screening apoptosis accelerating compound or anti-apoptotic compound and method of determining malignancy of neurodegenerative disease
Tunable, semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (sIPNS) for medicine and biotechnology
Use of perfluoropolymers in the determination of the receptor-ligand binding constant
Manganese superoxide dismutase Val16Ala polymorphism predicts resistance to chemotherapeutic drug cancer therapy
Quantification of analytes using accelerator mass spectrometry
Capacitive sensing slide detection
Method of manufacturing a heat sink pedestal device with interface medium chamber
Method and system for detecting existence of an undesirable particle during semiconductor fabrication
Apparatus for controlling an MRI antenna arrangement with elliptical polarization and equal amplitude signals at feed points
Method and apparatus for performing model-based layout conversion for use with dipole illumination
Method for producing developing agent
Photoreceptor, image formation method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Toners containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Circuit for multiplexing digital and analog information via single pin of driver for switched MOSFETs of DC-DC converter
Static var compensator apparatus
Load driving circuit and method of setting load current thereof
Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus
RFID receive-only system
Environmental monitoring device
Sensor drive control method and sensor-equipped radio terminal device
Device and method for displaying measuring values as well as shrink tunnel for a packaging machine and packaging machine comprising such a device, respectively
Power line communication system
Switching mode power supply circuit for plasma display panel
Musical content utilizing apparatus
Electronic wind instrument and zero point compensation method therefor
Automatic player accompanying singer on musical instrument and automatic player musical instrument
Method of fabricating nanowire memory device and system of controlling nanowire formation used in the same
Methods for concealing surface defects
Superconducting cable and method for the production thereof
Inductor using bulk metallic glass material
Clothes dryer
Fluorescent lamp with glass tube and protective layer, method for producing the same, and lighting system
Method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming a carbon nanotube/nanowire thermo-photovoltaic cell
Methods to form wide heater trenches and to form memory cells to engage heaters
Thermal intermediate apparatus, systems, and methods
Method for forming a metal silicide having a lower potential for containing material defects
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Method of fabricating via first plus via last IC interconnect
Film formation apparatus, method for forming film, and method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Etching method, semiconductor and fabricating method for the same
Method of producing phase change memory device
Wafer level package and method of fabricating the same
Forming silicon oxide film from RF plasma of oxidizing gas
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of forming a nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanoparticles
Single transistor memory cell with reduced recombination rates
Method of making a semiconductor structure useful in making a split gate non-volatile memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Solder ball attachment ring and method of use
Method of forming aluminum-doped metal carbonitride gate electrodes
Substrate processing method and storage medium
SiH.sub.4 soak for low hydrogen SiN deposition to improve flash memory device performance
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Through-via and method of forming
Formation of active area using semiconductor growth process without STI integration
Methods for forming fully segmented salicide ballasting (FSSB) in the source and/or drain region
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Signal transmission arrangement and method
Semiconductor device having an increased area of one of the opposing electrode parts for preventing generation of unconnected positions the electrodes on the bonded wafers
Low noise semiconductor device
Method for fabrication of a semiconductor device and structure
Semiconductor device having metal thin film resistance element
Transistor and display and method of driving the same
Dual SOI structure
MOSFET package
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
Solar concentrator with self-tracking receiver
Light emitting package and light emitting package array formed by coupled electrodes
Display and pixel circuit thereof
Thermoelectric module
Energy harvesting device
Voltage excited piezoelectric resistance memory cell system
Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device having the organic thin film transistor
Electroluminescent materials and devices
Method and system for float charging a battery
Fuel cell apparatus and associated method
Battery having electrode lead element with fixing member
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and lithium secondary battery using same
Direct oxidation fuel cell system
High temperature fuel cell system having cooling apparatus and method of operating the same
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and related method
Fuel cell system and reformer
Guiding devices for electromagnetic waves and process for manufacturing these guiding devices
Electrical outlet adapter with automatic power-on and power-off of peripheral outlets
Cylindrical coil and cylindrical micromotor using the same
Stator core of electric rotating machine and method of manufacturing the core
Brushless electric machine
Thermal management for photovoltaic devices
Pulse motor control device, control method, control program, and imaging apparatus
Digital FM modulator
Amplifying circuit and amplifying method
Adaptive bias technique for field effect transistor
Interface circuit
Clock buffer circuit
Mitigating processing latency in RFID exchanges
Sensor devices for structural health monitoring
Light emitting apparatus and electronic equipment provided with the light emitting apparatus
Selectable frequency light emitter
Electronic ballast control circuit
Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process predicting the value of a phenotypic trait in a plant breeding program
Inbred corn plant WQDS7 and seeds thereof
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "S010"
Long term xenogeneic myeloid and lymphoid cell production in chimeric immunocompromised mice
Substituted phenyluracils
Human lactoferrin
Wire management grommet
Merchandiser system and method for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Decorative adhesive bandage kit
Absorbent article with improved fluid acquisition system
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnormal physiological states
1,3,6,-Trihydro-6-aza-3-oxapentalen-2-one derivatives for the treatment of neoplasia
Thrombin inhibitors, the preparation and use thereof
Multi-mutant diphtheria toxin vaccines
Fluoride-releasing amalgam dental restorative material
Dental compositions comprising degradable polymers and methods of manufacture thereof
Antimicrobial pre-vulcanized rubber compositions
Oxidizer gels for detoxification of chemical and biological agents
Performing Operations; Transporting
Single-atom detection of isotopes
Halogen exchange reactions in preparing catalysts and their precursors
Reactivation of Cs-promoted, Ag catalysts for the selective epoxidation of butadiene to 3,4-epoxy-1-butene
Method for catalytically reducing carboxylic acid groups to hydroxyl groups in hydroxycarboxylic acids
Manufacturing method for fluorine-containing ethane
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Olefin production
Process to separate a group 8-10 metal/phosphite ligand complex from an organic liquid
Ultrafine polymetallic particles, preparation and use for hydrogenating olefins and for coupling halogenated aromatic derivatives
Polyolefin production using condensing mode in fluidized beds, with liquid phase enrichment and bed injection
Semiconductor device having a fragment of a connection part provided on at least one lateral edge for mechanically connecting to adjacent semiconductor chips
Arrangement for shaping and marking a target
Method and device for manufacturing a projection weld connection for plate material
Resistance welding power supply apparatus
Servo-pneumatic modular weld gun
Laser welding system
Method and apparatus for controlling a laser-equipped machine tool to prevent self-burning
Tray mask plate for laser-trimming apparatus
Hot iron such as soldering iron and method of controlling the iron
Index apparatus
Robot device
Resin windows having electrically conductive terminals
Power combining apparatus for hybrid electric vehicle
Method and device for automatically folding back the seats of a motor vehicle
Steering wheel with a moving contact
Circuit connection structure of automobile door
Sensor device for detecting moisture on a window
Motorcycle wheel lift
Heating element for a microwavable package
Device and method for sorting piece goods
Micromirror device package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for increasing light olefin yield by conversion of a heavy hydrocarbon fraction of a product to light olefins
Method for converting oxygenates to olefins
2,2(diarlyl)vinylphosphine compound, palladium catalyst thereof, and process for producing arylamine, diaryl, or arylalkyne with the catalyst
Substituted diaryl or diheteroaryl methanes, ethers and amines having retinoid agonist, antagonist or inverse agonist type biological activity
Process for preparing benzothiophenecarboxamide derivatives
Process for preparing carbetapentane tannate
Process for preparation of pharmaceutically desired sertraline and sertraline analogs
Manufacturing method
Method of producing dicarboxylic acids suitable for synthesis of polymers or polyamides
Cationic a -acylaminophenols, their use as coupler for oxidation dyeing, compositions containing them, and dyeing methods
Aminonitrile production
Aminonitrile production
Production of 4-fluorobenzaldehyde
Process for producing alcohols
Process for the preparation of amine oxides
Process for the sulfonation of an aromatic compound
Polyisocyanate compounds, process for producing the same, and optical materials using the same
Labeled vitamin D compounds and the use thereof
Direct fluorination process for preparing high purity 2-fluoro-1,3-dicarbonyl compounds using oxygen as a radical scavenger
Synthesis of vicinal difluoro aromatics and intermediates thereof
Process for the branching of saturated and/or unsaturated fatty acids and/or alkyl esters thereof
Method for storing and/or transporting pure acrylic acid
Apparatus and method for recovering sorbic acid
Process for producing a high purity aromatic polycarboxylic acid
Substituted cinnamic acids and cinnamic acid esters
Polymerizable compositions containing alkoxyamine compounds derived from nitroso- or nitrone compounds
E-isomeric fullerene derivatives
Process for the preparation of base-free carbazolide anions
Homopolymer of ethylene
Process for preparing guanidine and amidine derivatives
Curable mixtures based on epoxy resins comprising imidazoles
Process for the production of N,N-carbonyl diimidazole
Process for the preparation of alkylenebismelamines
Preparation of oxirane compounds
Method for the preparation of pure citalopram
Process for the preparation of substitued pyranes
Processes for the preparation of 4-substituted benzopyran derivatives
Conformationally semi-constrained quinoxaline 2,3-diones as neuroprotective agents
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Process for preparing 2,6-dichloropurine
Molecular rectangles
Constrained geometry ligands and complexes derived therefrom
Method for making organyltriorganooxysilanes
Process for the production of pentaerythritol phosphate alcohol
Methods utilizing aryl thioimines in synthesis of erythromycin derivatives
Antibiotics RK-1061 and process for preparing the same
Pentamer peptide amide, ALGPG-NH2, that inhibits viral infectivity and methods of use thereof
Dermatophagoides nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
Hypoxia-regulated genes
DNA molecules encoding single strand gap response proteins involved in activation of a DNA repair/cell cycle checkpoint pathway
DNA molecules encoding human CLAX proteins and their soluble fusion proteins
Methods of diagnosing colorectal cancer, compositions, and methods of screening for colorectal cancer modulators
Leukotriene B4 receptor transgenic mice
Human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell antigen
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Hemoglobin mutants with increased soluble expression and/or reduced nitric oxide scavenging
FAP.alpha.-specific antibody with improved producibility
1-[N2-((S)-ethoxycarbonyl)-3-phenylproply)-N6-trifluoroacetyl]-L-ysyl-L-pro line (lisinopril (TFA) ethyl ester, LPE)
Glycopeptide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Preparation of chemically reactive polysaccharides
Papermaking additives and mechanical pulp with primary amino groups
Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber
Crystalline polypropylene and molded object and film thereof
Uniform initiation of anionic polymerization using organo-substituted alkali metal initiators
Polymerization of vinyl chloride with hydroxycarboxylic acids, inhibitors and Fe ions
Preparation of vinyl aromatic-allylic alcohol copolymers
Compositions and methods for the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses
Catalyst and methods for polymerizing cycloolefins
Catalyst for producing living olefin polymer and process for producing the polymer
Process for the production of telechelic polymers, telechelic polymers produced in this manner and use thereof
Solid catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymer with the same
Process for preparing hydrogenated aromatic polymers
Water-soluble polymeric adhesion promoter and production method
Foamable composition exhibiting instant thixotropic gelling
Polyurethane foam, process for producing the same, and foam forming composition
Polyesters and production process thereof
Crystalline polyester resins and process for their preparation
Polymers and polymerization processes
Method for manufacturing polycarbonate
Method for producing polytetrahydrofuran
Process for the manufacture of low molecular weight polyphenylene ether resins through redistribution
Fluorocopolymer and film made therefrom
Process for producing foamed rubber
Semiconducting shield compositions
Curable sheet for circuit transfer
Azo dye, ink-jet recording ink containing the same, and ink-jet recording method
Aromatic modified crude C5 based resins
Moisture insensitive electroluminescent phosphor
Process for selectively producing light olefins
Electro-sensitive working medium and method of using the medium
Antisense-oligonucleotides for transforming growth factor-.beta. (TGF-.beta.)
Scarecrow gene, promoter and uses thereof
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of turnip rape
Expression of multiple proteins in transgenic plants
Methods of modifying lignin in plants by transformation with a 4-coumarate coenzyme a ligase nucleic acid
Plant gene specifying acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase and transformed plants containing same
Expression of flavin-containing monoxygenases in plants
GA 20-oxidase gene sequences
Transgenic mice expressing human APP and TGF-.beta. demonstrate cerebrovascular amyloid deposits
Preparation of dicarboxylic acid monoesters from cyanocarboxylic acid esters
DNA mobility modifier
Method of concentrating polynucleotides using MIPC
Continuous metal matrix composite consolidation
Substantially hillock-free aluminum-containing components
Metal complexes with chelating O-and/or N-donor ligands
Backside heating chamber for emissivity independent thermal processes
Fixed Constructions
Portable flooring removal apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Microturbine cooling system
Cooling arrangement for an electrical machine of a vehicle
Alternating-current generating apparatus for an automotive vehicle
Magnetic field for small closed-drift ion source
Spindle motor having an extended outer ring above a hub
Light fixture assembly and installation structure capable of both hanging and suspended applications
Cooking apparatus
Downdraft filter assembly for a cooking appliance
Method and apparatus for detecting a dry fire condition in a water heater
Apparatus and method for continuous microwave drying of ceramics
Structure for housing a workpiece during curing and associated method
Magnetic annealing oven and method
Method for remote controlled combat of near-surface and/or surface targets
System, method, and program product for acquiring accurate object silhouettes for shape recovery
Magnetoresistive sensor assembly and method for manufacturing same
Scanning sensor system with multiple rotating telescope subassemblies
Method for determining the weights of liquid units, weighing insert and weighing arrangement
Photodetector apparatus
Micromonochromator and method for producing same
Superposed multi-junction color APS
Thermocouple ceramic bead insulator
Determination of thickness and impurity profiles in thin membranes utilizing spectorscopic data obtained from ellipsometric investigation of both front and back surfaces
On-site analyzer having spark emission spectrometer with even-wearing electrodes
Spectroscopic remote sensing exhaust emission monitoring system
Infrared radiation detector for monitoring the presence of alkanes
Stable isotope measurement method and apparatus by spectroscopy
Fluorescence polarization assay system and method
Sealed detector for a medical imaging device and a method of manufacturing the same
Normal metal boundary conditions for multi-layer TES detectors
Devices having a semiconductor/conducting polymer interface
Insitu assay of substance in biological sample using labeled probe
Test piece analyzing apparatus
Acceleration detection device and sensitivity setting method
Contact-less probe of semiconductor wafers
Gamma camera gantry and imaging method
Selective flow path alpha particle detector and method of use
Resolution enhancement device for an optically-coupled image sensor using high extra-mural absorbent fiber
Radiation image storage panel read-out method and apparatus for performing method
Obstacle detection sensor using synchronous detection
Head unit of photo detector
Alignment of an optical assembly
Peelable bonded ribbon matrix material; optical fiber bonded ribbon arrays containing same; and process for preparing said optical fiber bonded ribbon arrays
Radiation image detecting system
Alignment fixture for image quality test target
Stepped drum or stepped hold-down-rollers for heat processable media
Lithographic projection apparatus
Two-dimensional electric motor
Image heating apparatus and heater used in this apparatus
Fixing device using induction heating
Image detector having photoconductive layer, linear electrodes transparent to reading light, and signal-readout electrodes shaded from reading light
Use of miniature magnetic sensors for real-time control of the induction heating process
Adjustment circuit for voltage division
Weather resistant flag having a flagstaff
Multilayer temperature resistant composite label for a cathode ray tube
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Thin film transistor and display device
Field emission device
Semiconductor memory device having improved pattern of layers and compact dimensions
Nonvolatile devices with P-channel EEPROM device as injector
High sensitivity deflection sensing device
Carbon nanotube probes in atomic force microscope to detect partially open/closed contacts
Apparatus for preventing coronal discharge
Electrical cable having a semiconductive water-blocking expanded layer
Key switch improved in feel of actuation and return speed during operation by finger
Film integrated key top
Continuous-length switch
Key switch device, keyboard with the key switch device, and electronic apparatus with the keyboard
Bypass device for amplifier
Three-axis torus shaped gravity switch
Plasma display panel having electrodes configured to reduce electric consumption
Adaptive heater voltage algorithm and control system for setting and maintenance of the heater voltage of a vacuum electron device
Deflection yoke having magnets on the top and bottom of the flange portion of the holder
Color picture tube
Cathode ray tube with shadow mask
Color picture tube having a low expansion tension mask attached to a higher expansion frame
Shadow mask type color cathode ray tube having variable aperture diameter
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
One-pin dynamic electron gun for a cathode ray tube
Electrode of electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Convergence correction device and cathode-ray tube using such convergence correction device
Cathode ray tube with ITO layer and conductive ground strip
Electron emission source, production method thereof, and display using the electron emission source
Particle-optical apparatus involving detection of Auger electronics
Apparatus for an electron gun employing a thermionic electron source
Real time measurement of leakage current in high voltage electron guns
Apparatus and method for forming a charged particle beam of arbitrary shape
Discharge plasma generating method, discharge plasma generating apparatus, semiconductor device fabrication method, and semiconductor device fabrication apparatus
Sample inlet tube for ion source
Ion packet generation for mass spectrometer
Fluorescent lamp having V-shaped grooves for guiding lead wire
Metal Halide lamp having improved shunting characteristics
Materials and methods for application of conducting members on arc tubes
Fluorescent lamp having uniquely configured container containing amalgam for regulating mercury vapor equilibrium
Inductive-resistive fluorescent apparatus and method
Barrier structure for plasma display panel and fabrication method thereof
System and method to control temperature of an article
Integrated circuit devices containing isolated dielectric material
Method of manufacturing semiconductor capacitor
Gate stack structure with conductive silicide segment that has substantially etched nitride and/or oxynitride defects protruding from its sidewalls
Semiconductor device having a hydrogen barrier layer
Internally ballasted silicon germanium transistor
Polymeric dielectric layers having low dielectric constants and improved adhesion to metal lines
MOS transistor with high voltage sustaining capability and low on-state resistance
Multilayer printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Underfill of a bumped or raised die utilizing a barrier adjacent to the side wall of flip chip
Bump connection with stacked metal balls
Semiconductor device
Integrated inductive circuits
Thin film transistor and fabrication method thereof
Fabricating plug and near-zero overlap interconnect line
Integrated circuitry
Arrangement and method for improved downward scaling of higher conductivity metal-based interconnects
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Memory cell structure for elimination of oxynitride (ONO) etch residue and polysilicon stringers
Inductor structure for high performance system-on-chip using post passivation process
Electrostatic discharge input protection for reducing input resistance
Loadless static random access memory device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells each having a conductive body of booster plate and a method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same and method of arranging dummy region
Process for manufacturing shallow trenches filled with dielectric material having low mechanical stress
Radiation hardened semiconductor memory with active isolation regions
Thin film transistor having enhanced field mobility
Semiconductor device having a ball grid array and a fabrication process thereof
Cross guard-ring structure to protect the chip crack in low dielectric constant and copper process
Methods and compositions for ionizing radiation shielding
Molded image sensor package
High density cavity-up wire bond BGA
Wiring board and manufacturing method thereof and semiconductor device
Chip scale package
Monolithic microelectronic array structure having substrate islands and its fabrication
Stress-relieving heatsink structure and method of attachment to an electronic package
Embedded type package of power semiconductor device
Power transistor package with integrated flange for surface mount heat removal
Asymmetric, double-sided self-aligned silicide
Bonding pad structure of semiconductor device having improved bondability
Deformation-absorbing leadframe for semiconductor devices
Apparatus and methods for providing substrate structures having metallic layers for microelectronics devices
Semiconductor device including lead wiring protected by dual barrier films
Integrated circuit assembly having interposer with a compliant layer
Integrated circuit interconnect shunt layer
Copper fuse for integrated circuit
Pedestal fuse
Method and apparatus for strapping a plurality of polysilicon lines in a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electromagnetic radiation shield for attenuating electromagnetic radiation from an active electronic device
Ceramic package for semiconductor device
Microwave semiconductor device having coplanar waveguide and micro-strip line
Stackable ball grid array package
Micro-flex technology in semiconductor packages
Defect discriminating method and device for solid-state detector
CMOS foveal image sensor chip
Overvoltage protector having same gate thickness as the protected integrated circuit
Protection circuit for a memory array
BiCMOS ESD circuit with subcollector/trench-isolated body mosfet for mixed signal analog/digital RF applications
Semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Single chip push-pull power transistor device
Structure and process for compact cell area in a stacked capacitor cell array
Image sensor
Dual threshold voltage MOSFET by local confinement of channel depletion layer using inert ion implantation
Low resistance contact semiconductor diode
Structure of fabricating high gate performance for NROM technology
SiGe MODFET with a metal-oxide film and method for fabricating the same
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Silicon-based semiconductor component with high-efficiency barrier junction termination
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Metallic optical barrier for photo-detector array is also interconnecting electrode
Multispectral radiation detectors using strain-compensating superlattices
Semiconductor radiation detector
Unipolar light emitting devices based on III-nitride semiconductor superlattices
Semiconductor LED flip-chip having low refractive index underfill
III-N compound semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent devices and panels
Shock-resistant electrical outlet
Integrated heat sinking packages using low temperature co-fired ceramic metal circuit board technology
Semiconductor radiative device
Spark plug having a particular resistor
Pulse power system
Dual element cable connection cover
Using bare stranded copper wire for grounding to conduit or steel channel
Branch connection accessory for fitting at a junction between two lengths of trunking
Branch connection box for trunking, in particular for trunking that passes through a floor
Data transmission pedestal extension
Auto charger for system including a high voltage supply and a low voltage supply
Dual power modes electronics apparatus
Auxiliary power supply system serving as primary power source during selected times and power outages
Vehicle electrical system in motor vehicles
Motor with aligned magnetic centers
AC generator for vehicle
Terminal structure of a motor
Electric motor
Direct drive roller motor
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Optical wavelength router based on polarization interferometer
Image reading apparatus and light guide member used therefor
Predictive and pulsed illumination of a surface in a micro-texture navigation technique
Electrical heater with thermistor
Heat sink for a PTC heating element and a PTC heating member made thereof
Compensating organic light emitting device displays
Waterproof construction of communication equipment
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