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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Radiation computed tomographic imaging apparatus and radiation detector for use therein
High frequency jet nozzle actuators for jet noise reduction
Leaf sequencing method and system
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for characterizing the road bank for vehicle roll stability control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for adjusting the rate of vaporization
System and method of geospatially mapping topological regions and displaying their attributes
System for measuring the optical image quality of an eye in a contactless manner
Method and device for axis control for machine tools and the like
Apparatus and method for light spectrum measurement
Concentration measuring instrument
Exposure apparatus and method of measuring Mueller Matrix of optical system of exposure apparatus
Control system for baling machine
Particle diameter distribution measurement apparatus and method of calibration
Optical measurement of device features using lenslet array illumination
Arrangement and method for inspecting unpatterned wafers
Optical apparatus, measurement method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for determining the paper quality for halftone printing
Scanning system for inspecting anomalies on surfaces
Method for analyzing defect data and inspection apparatus and review system
Signal processing unit for a pressure switch or the like
Energy management system in a power and distribution system
System and method of heating up a semiconductor device in a standard test environment
Adaptive radio resource management for wireless local area networks
Method and apparatus for determining the forward link closed loop power control set point in a wireless packet data communication system
Method and apparatus for gathering seismic data
Variable focus optical apparatus
Two-group zoom lens
Optical path bending optical system and electronic apparatus using the same
Projection objectives including a plurality of mirrors with lenses ahead of mirror M3
Stereoscopic microscope
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Light guide plate with diffraction gratings and backlight module using the same
Polarizer and optical device using the polarizer
Optical fiber and method of measuring coefficient of kinetic friction of optical fiber
Light barrier
Plastic fiber-optic cable and producing method for the same
Optical fiber, optical fiber module and optical amplifier
Light guide plate with diffusion dots having scattering particles and surface light source unit incorporating the light guide plate
Three-dimensional periodic structure, functional element including the same, and light-emitting device
Optical multi/demultiplexing circuit equipped with phase generating device
Porous optical switch films
Optical multi/demultiplexer
Optical fiber gratings with azimuthal refractive index perturbation
Optical fiber and optical transmission line
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Optical element module, and apparatus and method for fixing optical element
Optical device and projector
Optical device and projector
Liquid crystal display and backlight module thereof with reflective polarizer and quarter wave plate
Non-inverting transflective assembly
Multi-stage optical switching device
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Driving device, position controller provided with driving device, and camera provided with position controller
Printer, print-order receiving apparatus, and displaying method for a frame-index picture
Method for detecting positioning errors of circuit patterns during the transfer by means of a mask into layers of a substrate of a semiconductor wafer
Scanning exposure technique
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Lithography using controlled polarization
Image forming apparatus
Adhesive material for processing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Oxidation catalyst device and wet-type electro-photographic imageforming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus and image forming unit detachably mountable thereto
Root cause diagnostics
Alarm management method and apparatus therefor
User interface adapted for performing a remote inspection of a facility
Print layout device, print layout method, and storage medium
Method of and apparatus for distinguishing type of pixel
Staggered dither cell and method for generating same
Apparatus for generating two color printing data, a method for generating two color printing data and recording media
Learning systems and methods for market-based control of smart matter
Method and apparatus for predicting runway overrun
Method and apparatus for rapid inline measurement of parameter spreads and defects in integrated circuit chips
System and method for identifying semiconductor process steps for queue-time control and abnormality detection
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Method for automatically compensating for unbalance correction position and correction amount in balancing machine
Method for controlling an industrial process
System and method for improving vehicle operator driving assistance of automotive vehicle
Unsupervised machine learning-based mathematical model selection
Manipulation of electronic media using off-line media
Method for applying a material on a photoconductor
Image compression device and image decompressing device, and computer-readable recorded medium on which program for allowing computer to execute image compressing method and image decompressing method
Method of detecting a specific object in an image signal
Automatic fingerprint identification method
Image analysis system and method of biochip
Image processing unit for and method of generating a first output image and a second output image and image display apparatus provided with such an image processing unit
Filtering image data to obtain samples mapped to pixel sub-components of a display device
Image background detection and removal
Document modification apparatus and image processing apparatus
Image synthesization method
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding image data
Text detection in continuous tone image segments
Binarization device
Image data forming method and apparatus
Template matching method and image processing device
Counter with non-uniform digit base
Scoring and re-scoring dynamic time warping of speech
Vehicle computer system audio entertainment system
Disk drive including a disk plate overlapping a disk spacer in a circumferential disk spacer opening
Systems and methods for doubling sample rate using two-step self-servowriting
Method for testing a micro-actuator in a magnetic tester
Disk driving apparatus and method for operating disk driving apparatus
Thermally stable oxidized bias layer structure for magnetoresistive magnetic head for a hard disk drive
Low profile head gimbal assembly with shock limiting and load/unload capability
Inertial latching mechanism for disk drive actuator
Interleaved repeatable runout correction for data storage device
Magnetic head slider with side pads which each have a width W and a length L, wherein W>L
Information recording method
Information recording method
Optical head device and optical information recording or reproducing device
Optical head and optical device for enhancing the intensity of a transmitted light
Disk cartridge and disk drive apparatus
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Memory system segmented power supply and control
Semiconductor memory cell, array, architecture and device, and method of operating same
Programming methods for multi-level flash EEPROMs
Semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor memory device, control method thereof, and control method of semiconductor device
Maximum swing thin oxide levelshifter
Circuit and method for controlling an access to an integrated memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Simulating a floating wordline condition in a memory device, and related techniques
Underground electrical cable with temperature sensing means
MEMS tunable capacitor based on angular vertical comb drives
Carbon nanotube devices and uses therefor
Tunnel junction utilizing GaPSb, AlGaPSb
Laser with combined lens and birefringence compensator
Diode-pumped solid state disk laser and method for producing uniform laser gain
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods of use therein
Integral vertical cavity surface emitting laser and power monitor
Photonic crystal single transverse mode defect structure for vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Method and apparatus for reducing DC offsets in a communication system
Digital demodulation utilizing frequency equalization
Communication receiver with an adaptive equalizer length
System and method for the detection and compensation of radio signal time of arrival errors
Method and apparatus for dynamically resolving radio frequency interference problems in a system
Transmitter having a phase control loop whose frequency bandwidth is varied in accordance with modulation modes
Semiconductor chip and a mobile telephone including said semiconductor chip
Spread spectrum communication apparatus and method of controlling the same
Optical amplifier
Hybrid Raman/erbium-doped fiber amplifier and transmission system with dispersion map
Optical transmission line, method of making optical transmission line, and optical transmission system
Multiple channel joint decoding at mobile handset
Wavelength division multiplexed device
Coefficient domain history storage of voice processing systems
Accelerating a set-up procedure for wireless connections between devices
Dynamic capacity allocation of in-building system
RPC channel power control in a HDR network
Pilot information gain control method and apparatus
Base station using reference signal power control
Selectively activated AGC signal measurement unit
Cell search method, communication synchronization apparatus, portable terminal apparatus, and recording medium
Location optimization and base assignment tool for creating optimal switch-base station networks in the wireless industry
Line processing equipment
High-capacity packet-switched ring network
Method and apparatus for searching for pilots over code space in a CDMA communication system
Communication device, communication device set, authentication method and method of wireless-connecting terminals
Method and system for securely exchanging encryption key determination information
Method and apparatus for fast failure detection in switched LAN networks
Control apparatus and method for relay node duplexing
System and method for providing detection of faults and switching of fabrics in a redundant-architecture communication system
Sender-initiated recovery algorithm (SIRA) for the layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP)
Method and apparatus for constructing and searching IP address
Method for testing congestion avoidance on high speed networks
Scaleable transport of TDM channels in a synchronous frame
Prioritization scheme for CSMA/CA
Service management of multiple independent forwarding realms
Method and apparatus for carrying telephony network traffic over an ATM network
ARQ in a point to multipoint network
Dispatcher for wireless device applications
System and method for controlling media gateways that interconnect disparate networks
Transmission system, receiver, and decimation device
Automatic gain control with analog and digital gain
Methods and apparatus for transmitting data over a CDMA network
Signal transmission circuit and method for equalizing disparate delay times dynamically, and data latch circuit of semiconductor device implementing the same
Adaptive per-pair skew compensation method for extended reach differential transmission
Low power, high accuracy lithium battery protection circuit
Power saving in a wireless local area network
Multifunction telephone and multifunction telephone switching system using the same
System and method for external voice mail notification by a home network telephone answering device
Visual caller identification
System and method for telemarketing through a hypertext network
Methods, systems, and articles for providing a family telecommunication service
Image processing apparatus including low-linear-density dot region detection unit, and image forming apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for dithering and inversely dithering in image processing and computer graphics
Raster data compression apparatus and method
Optical disc player for playing a disc in a selected format
Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Television apparatus
Segment-based encoding system using segment hierarchies
Communication system in digital television
Method for modifying a copy protected video signal with a negative amplitude pulse
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast system, program transmission method, conditional access system, and data reception device
Communication unit for access
Method and apparatus for controlling a subscriber's local operation in a mobile communication system
Provision of local data in a wireless system
System and method for using geographical location to determine when to exit an existing wireless communications coverage network
Grant channel assignment
Mobile communication system and method
Data communication protocols for a mobile-based client-server system over a wireless network
System and method for notifying a user of the status of other mobile terminals
Method and apparatus for acquisition of a spread-spectrum signal
Method and apparatus for regularizing measured HRTF for smooth 3D digital audio
Surface mountable clip suitable for use in a mobile communication device
Electronic housing assembly and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Wavelength-locked external cavity lasers with an integrated modulator
Vacuum arc remelting apparatus and process
Mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for compensating for phase differences in received signals
Time diversity transmission for multichannel adaptive equalization
Method for controlling modem
Method and apparatus for partitioning a modem between non-real-time and real-time processing environments
Jitter measurement system and method
Automatic equalization system
Method and apparatus for demodulating and equalizing an AM compatible digital audio broadcast signal
Method and system for increasing the data rate over twisted copper pairs and other bandwidth-limited dedicated communications facilities
Decoding device
Inverse discrete cosine transforming system for digital television receiver
Video decoding method, video decoder and digital TV system using the video decoding method and video decoder
Processing apparatus for synthetically extending the bandwidth of a spatially-sampled video image
Method and system of data transmission using differential and common mode data signaling
Signal quality measurement using full-complex FM detector
Fixed clock based arbitrary symbol rate timing recovery loop
Kalman filter based equalization for digital multicarrier communications systems
Method and apparatus for fast clock recovery phase-locked loop with training capability
Frequency multiplier using delayed lock loop (DLL)
Apparatus and method for handling reactor-internal equipments
Device for repeated registration of the number of thermal cycles to which a part for medical usage has been subjected
System and method for sharing a spare channel among two or more optical ring networks
Wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus and wavelength demultiplexing reception apparatus
Optical network for transmitting two-way multicast signals
System and method of telecommunication with wavelength division multiplexing comprising a demultiplexer
Wavelength division multiplexing device
Optical transmission and receiving equipment
Optical receiver for receiving digitally transmitted data
Digital optical chemistry micromirror imager
Optical switching apparatus
Spatial frequency converting device and optical system having the same
Methods for making integrated micro-optical systems
Thermally balanced acousto-optic modulator
Thermooptical modulator
Method for bulk periodic poling of congruent grown ferro-electric nonlinear optical crystals by low electric field
Broad tuning-range optical parametric oscillator
Twin coupler with mode scrambling for multimode pumping of optical amplifiers
Rear projection screen with optical sheet having irregularities caused by diffusing material smoothed with a transparent control layer
Diffractive optical element and scanning optical apparatus using the same
Multi-layered mirror
Lens device for forming a magnified erect image
Projection lens for projection type of television system
Optical material and optical device
Refractive optical system that converts a laser beam to a collimated flat-top beam
Image readout lens and image readout apparatus using the same
Alignment element for multiple channel sight and method
Piezoelectric light beam deflector
Molding apparatus, optical element molding method, and optical element and prism as molded products
Configuration for color division and/our recombination
Reflective prism device
Apparatus for recognizing spin valve head failure due to pin layer magnetic field offset
Apparatus and process for identifying sectors in a headerless sector data track
Method of and apparatus for arranging data received in a data transfer from a data source
Cassette and recording/reproducing apparatus and method using the same
Library system communication and control arrangement
Disk drive capable of preventing ejection of magnetic recording medium even upon erroneous depression of eject button during work
Tape bearing surface with reduce tape contact and method of making same
Disc cartridge
Wireless disk drive suspension with optimized mechanical and electrical properties
Head actuator mechanism and magnetic disk drive including the same
Disc drive suspension having a moving coil or moving magnet microactuator
Spin-valve magnetoresistive Sensor including a first antiferromagnetic layer for increasing a coercive force and a second antiferromagnetic layer for imposing a longitudinal bias
Spin valve sensor with stable antiparallel pinned layer structure exchange coupled to a nickel oxide pinning layer
Method of closing a circuit breaker synchronously
Protection for battery module with diode memory
Circuit breaker arrangement with integrated protection, control and monitoring
Switching apparatus
Electronic circuit board, an arrangement comprising an insulating material and an electronic circuit board
Bead or particle manipulating chucks
Capacitor having first and second protective films
Monolithic ceramic electronic component
Wireless communication apparatus
Computer device
Electronics module and a method of manufacturing such a module
Carrier assembly and method
Bus bar having embedded switching device
Heatsink for actively cooled daughterboard system
Heat sink clip assembly
Linear security mechanism for enclosure
Explosion protection for semiconductor modules
Memory card, and receptacle for same
Retractable and removable extensions with edge plated PCB''s in thin-profile electronic devices
Backplate for securing a circuit card to a computer chassis
Semiconductor device including combed bond pad opening, assemblies and methods
Chassis grounding ring for a printed wiring board mounting aperture
Switching power supply unit having delay circuit for reducing switching frequency
Switching power supply with storage capacitance and power regulation
Circuit for efficiently clamping a power converter''s reset voltage and for providing auxiliary power
Switching power supply unit
AC power supply apparatus with economy mode and methods of operation thereof
Power supply apparatus with selective rectifier harmonic input current suppression and methods of operation thereof
Low power dissipation power supply and controller
Semiconductor device
Integrated memory
Memory bar and related circuits and methods
Method of manufacturing card-type storage device and card-type storage device
Semiconductor memory device with two layers of bit lines
Ferroelectric random access memory with a memory with a stable sensing margin
Circuit and method of fabricating a memory cell for a static random access memory
Magnetic tunnel junction device having an intermediate layer
Memory device having enhanced programming and/or erase characteristics
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
System for programming memory cells
Semiconductor device and method of operating it
Nonvolatile configuration cells and cell arrays
High-speed cycle clock-synchronous memory device
Dual-to-single-rail converter for the read out of static storage arrays
Current controlled open-drain output driver
Sequencer based serial port
Redundancy circuit of semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory of the random access type with a bus system organized in two planes
Semiconductor memory configuration with a built-in-self-test
Semiconductor memory device having a circuit for fast operation
Control apparatus for testing a random access memory
Controlling a sense amplifier
Dynamic random access memory device
SRAM with current-mode test read data path
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and data read method thereof
Write data input circuit
Method for receiving data from a storage device
Micromachined rayleigh, lamb, and bulk wave capacitive ultrasonic transducers
Electronic tide meter, method for calculating a high/low tide time and computer algorithm for executing the same
Display correction device and timepiece equipped with display correction device
Image perspective control for video game images
Method and apparatus to alternate stereoscopic images in a video display device
Method for generating virtual three-dimensional space
Method of manufacturing a 3D viewing disk
Advanced graphics port (AGP) display driver with restricted execute mode for transparently transferring textures to a local texture cache
Three dimensional computer graphics tool facilitating movement of displayed object
Three-dimensional image texture mapping
Image processing apparatus and operation mode changing method therefor
Method and apparatus for rendering cubic curves
Figure filling apparatus
Data processing apparatus having DRAM incorporated therein
Configurable terminal capable of communicating with various remote computers
Method of increasing imaging resolution
Image forming apparatus
Methods of providing lower resolution format data into a higher resolution format
Scanning optical unit
Image recording apparatus with print head having plural light emitting elements
Recording medium discharge apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with recording medium discharge apparatus
Camera head with digital memory for storing information about the image sensor
High precision image alignment detection
System with analog interface and signal processor therefor
Method and apparatus for eliminating flicker effects from discharge lamps during digital video capture
Apparatus and method for generating digital still image files from digital moving images
Image pickup apparatus having an interpolation function
Portable display device
Unsampled hd MPEG video and half-pel motion compensation
Apparatus for providing video resolution compensation when converting one video source to another video source
Method and apparatus for de-interlacing video fields for superior edge preservation
System for analyzing television programs
Closed-caption broadcasting and receiving method and apparatus thereof suitable for syllable characters
Instant replay of digital video optimized using non MPEG frame tags
Video signal character converting device and method of the same
Edge key generating method and edge key generating apparatus
Piece-wise linearized waveform generator for scan velocity modulation circuit
Illumination intensity correcting circuit
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and device for convergence correction in a television receiver
Tablet integrated liquid crystal display apparatus with less parallax
Liquid-crystal shutter
Electronic part protecting structure having deformable pins
Front illuminating system with layer between light guide and LCD
Enhanced backlight assembly for a liquid crystal display
Energy-efficient full-color liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display with shielding layer for passing parallel rays of light into micro-lens array
Liquid crystal display device
LCD with plurality of pixels having reflective and transmissive regions
Liquid crystal display device having orientation film oriented by light
Liquid crystal cell and a method for fabricating that
Method for aligning liquid crystals, alignment device and liquid crystal display element
Twisted nematic color liquid crystal display
Image recording apparatus and heat development recording apparatus
Producing an optimized color image from a negative image and its developed print image
Optical scanning system for printer
Printing apparatus and printing system
Optical arrangement for exposure apparatus
Scanning type exposure apparatus with multiple field diaphragms for providing consistent exposure
Position detection technique applied to proximity exposure
Exposure apparatus
Illumination system and REMA objective with lens displacement and operating process therefor
Multiple photon absorption for high resolution lithography
Rangefinder apparatus
Differential refractive index detector and liquid chromatograph equipped with the same
Inspection apparatus for foreign matter and pattern defect
Apparatus for measuring can seams
Optical alignment of superpositioned objects
Arrangement and method for marking defects
Structure and method for a microelectromechanically tunable fabry-perot cavity spectrophotometer
Interference detecting system for use in interferometer
Interferometric measuring device having parallelly-displacing arrangement and compensating grating in the reference path
Method and apparatus for modifying raster data
Parallel redundant interpretation in a raster image processor
Release of busy signal when free capacity of a reception buffer exceeds a predetermined amount
Printer control apparatus method of controlling printer and recording medium used therefor
Method of color correction using multi-level halftoning
Electronic image sensing apparatus
Image data processing apparatus for processing and transferring data from memory cards to external devices
Document reading apparatus having a white platen roller
Image reading apparatus
Semiconductor apparatus and method for producing it
Apparatus and method of detecting a scanning range when applying assistant frames for flatbed scanners
Pre-scanning method and apparatus for shuttle scanning system
Switchable holographic device
RF power amplifier having synchronous RF drive
Apparatus and method for a class AB output stage having a stable quiescent current and improved cross over behavior
Circuit that operates in a manner substantially complementary to an amplifying device included therein and apparatus incorporating same
Phase lock loop circuit using signal estimator
Selectable voltage-controlled oscillation circuit
Circuit(s), architecture and method(s) for operating and/or tuning a ring oscillator
Voltage-controlled oscillator
High-stability piezoelectric oscillator
Stripline balun
Interconnection device
Laminated type dielectric filter
Dielectric filter and process for producing same
Dielectric filter and RF apparatus employing thereof
Bandpass filter
Inverted board mounted electromechanical device
Method for shimming a static magnetic field in a local MRI coil
Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
Ignition coil for internal combustion engine, and method of manufacturing an ignition coil
Transformer bobbin with hipot-protect structure
Complex electronic component having a plurality of devices formed side by side in a ceramic material
Thermal switch assembly
High-current fuse for vehicles
Radio paging receiver and radio receiver
Transponder with a frequency detector for protection of security-related data during contactless inductive communication, and an integrated circuit therefor
Transponder reading device and also control system for controlling the handling of transponder-bearing objects by means of transponder reading devices
Visual messaging system for high speed networks
Emergency exit light
Air horn assembly
Remotely triggered collision avoidance strobe system
Method and system for determining a regulator object
Vehicle safety running control system
Engine management system
Tire inflation assistance monitoring system
Display device
Method and system therefor for ensuring a true activation of distributed restoration in a telecommunications network
High power control signal transmission and low power data signal transmission in a wireless security system
System for providing personal security via event detection
Appliance attendance monitoring apparatus
Anti-theft alarm for portable computer
RFID tag having timing and environment modules
Mask construction for profile correction on an RFID smart label to improve print quality and eliminate detection
Systems and methods for monitoring patient compliance with medication regimens
Method for assessing actuations of the accelerator by a vehicle driver to detect nervousness
Tornado warning system
Battery voltage display apparatus for wireless communication system
Socket having an overload indicating and warning device
Appliance warning light device
Radio selective-calling receiver with deferring function informing received contents and method thereof
Flap angle measurement system for an active rotor control system
Laser lighting system
Method and apparatus for truncated decoding
Audio signal encoding apparatus and method and decoding apparatus and method which eliminate bit allocation information from the encoded data stream to thereby enable reduction of encoding/decoding delay times without increasing the bit rate
8B/10B encoder system and method
Method of coding a number for storing in a memory
CMOS DAC with high impedance differential current drivers
Nonlinear flash analog to digital converter used in an active pixel system
System for processing one-bit audio signals
Reference generator for demodulator calibration
Pipeline analog to digital (A/D) converter with relaxed accuracy requirement for sample and hold stage
Jammer detection and tracking system
Low power radar level instrument with enhanced diagnostics
System and method for distance measurement by inphase and quadrature signals in a radio system
Master frequency generator
Techniques for monitoring and controlling yaw attitude of a GPS satellite
Apparatus and method for determination of a receiver position
Methods, mobile stations and systems for acquiring global positioning system timing information
Autonomous data aided GPS signal acquisition method and system
System for measuring and displaying three-dimensional characteristics of electromagnetic waves
Enhanced direct radiating array
Method of calibrating a group antenna
Dual band antenna
Miniature microstrip antenna
Antenna apparatus and portable radio communication apparatus
Memory card assembly having an integral antenna
Broadband horn antennas and electromagnetic field test facility
Vehicle antenna assembly for receiving satellite broadcast signals
Common aperture reflector antenna with improved feed design
Circular direction finding antenna
Retainer for supporting a device on a mounting surface and method for mounting a device on a mounting surface
Emergency television antenna
Laptop computer
Thin illuminator for reflective displays
AC-type plasma display panel and its driving method
Increasing the number of colors output by an active liquid crystal display
Display apparatus
Display and its driving method
Electro-optic displays
Liquid crystal display control device
Shift register unit and display device
Peripheral driver circuit of liquid crystal electro-optical device
Low bandwidth display mode centering for flat panel display controller
Computer system utilizing graphical user interface with hysteresis to inhibit accidental selection of a region due to unintended cursor motion and method
Joy stick pointing device to control the movement of a graphical element on a computer display monitor
Intelligent boundless computer mouse system
Screen display key input unit
System for reprogramming monitor function
Pixel buffer circuits for implementing improved methods of displaying grey-scale or color images
Object selection using hit test tracks
Modulating the dimensions of environmentally related and proportionally sized displayed objects to conform selected object dimensions to limitations of a defined display space
Internet content and television programming selectively displaying system
Method and apparatus for creating multimedia electronic mail messages or greeting cards on an interactive receiver
Method of vertically compressing a large list of data to fit on a screen
Gateway for connecting ATM-based access network to existing network
Method of dynamically assigning a logical network address and a link address
Data path architecture for a LAN switch
Circuit and method for symmetric asynchronous interface
PN code generating apparatus and mobile radio communication system
Alternating speech and data transmission in digital communications systems
Method and device of superimposing an additional information signal on a video signal and detecting said additional information from said video signal
Resonant pumped short cavity fiber laser with multiple optical resonators
Second harmonic, single-mode laser
Tunable semiconductor laser light source
Access network over a dedicated medium
Technique for limiting network congestion
Scheduler for an information packet switch
Timepiece dial plate and timepiece dial plate manufacturing method
Fixating image in migrating dye indicator
Magnetooptical disk unit capable of recording or reproducing signals having different domain lengths under the same conditions, signal recording method and signal reproducing method
Icon display apparatus and method used therein
Time-setting mechanism for clock movement with perpetual julian date
Apparatus for producing exploded view and animation of assembling, and method thereof
Laser diode assembly
Use of a single data structure for label forwarding and imposition
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew