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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Harvesting machine
Withdrawal of samples
Hinged edger housing having improved internal debris guard and labyrinth perimeter seal
Strap-on multi-functional apparatus with integral supports and work surface for use during fishing, boating, camping, etc
Double inlet game call apparatus and method
Insecticide transpiration apparatus
Composition containing molecular iodine
Multiply-substituted protease variants
Suspended article cover hold down system
Method for operating an electronic machine using a pointing device
Support system for telescoping slide assembly
Slim profile appliance mount
Door brace for a refrigerator cabinet assembly having varying width compartment doors
Device for adjusting a seat depth of a chair
Angle-adjustable hinge
Workroom storage system
Anchor for personal fall arrest equipment
Over-door shoe racks
Disposable condiment shaker and decorative sleeve
Sample collection and delivery device
Surgical stapler
Jig assembly for implantation of a fracture fixation device
Coupling bellows for shockwave therapy
Modular intramedullary nail
Continuous two-dimensional corneal topography target
Spring cushioned orthodontic bracket
Fertility computing method
Disposable diaper with tubular liquid-distributing passage
Container, shelf and drawer liners providing absorbency and odor control
Topsheet for absorbent article
Method for fabricating a coating for a medical device
Minimally invasive valve repair procedure and apparatus
Strap system
Resuscitation device
Formulation for inhalation
Dual component dental composition containing enzyme
Compositions for darkening the skin and/or hair
Chewing gum compositions
Method and device for treating contaminated materials
Radiation curable adhesive compositions comprising block copolymers having vinyl functionalized polydiene blocks
Air cleaning apparatus
Low profile valve and method of making
Apparatus for extruding tubing having a variable wall thickness
Method of setting and actuating a multi-stable micro valve and adjustable micro valve
Drug delivery needle device
Device for loading radioactive seeds
Multi-layer high spin golf ball
Lacrosse stick head
Hockey practice system
Multi-mode exercise cycling methods and apparatus
Magnetically-restored steerable roller skate
Adjustable binding strap for securing a snowboarding boot to a baseplate
Position indication device, and information storage medium
Recording medium storing three-dimensional image processing program, three-dimensional image processing program, method and device
Lucky nine card game
Simplified single throw craps game
Toy vehicle with movable chassis components
Rocket with backwards gliding recovery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid filter with removable central component with additional retainer
Porous material process of producing the porous material, catalyst for purifying exhaust gas comprising the porous material, method of purifying exhaust gas
Collection scoop for flue gas desulfurization systems with bleed streams or ex situ forced oxidation
Apparatus and method for separating fluids through a membrane
Method for the concentration of spent acid
Tangential-flow filtration system
Polymer electrolyte membrane, method for producing same, and membrane electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising same
Method for conditioning foundry moulding sand and a device therefor
Pressure vessel with composite sleeve
Methanol reforming catalyst having a reduced volume shrinkage
Porous inorganic macrostructure materials and process for their preparation
Water softening device
Methods and apparatus for characterization of single polymers
Pipette piston seal assembly
Methods and apparatus for template capture and normalization for submicroliter reaction
Electrostatic filter
Safety cap
Device and a method for rehabilitating conduits
Method of forming coat on inner surface of bearing and apparatus for the same
Flat mail edge biasing machine and method of use
Stamped folded bumper beam
Method for producing rod-shaped permanent magnets
Surface treatment of mechanically abraded glass
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and methods using a flexible pad and variable fluid flow for variable polishing
Dual mode hybrid control and method for CMP slurry
Multi-purpose machine
Biased strap tension retaining device
Method and apparatus for fabricating corrugated composite stiffeners
Method for making micro lenses
Rotary-table press with removable punches
Metal-composite hose and a process for manufacturing the same
Laminate for gum packaging
Adhesive cleaning sheet
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Printer with fast line-feed speed
Ink jet recording apparatus provided with interrupt control circuit and method for controlling recording apparatus
Liquid jetting head
Micro fluidic module
Method of manufacturing actuator and ink jet head
Carrier locking apparatus for inkjet printer
Ink-jet recording sheet with improved ozone resistance
Method for using an overlay to form a rule die
Method and apparatus for transferring or applying a drawing to a surface
Bearing unit for wheel drive
Anchoring of a tire carcass
Vehicle tire
Bumper with integrally formed energy absorber
Soft golf cart shield
Door opening trim weather strip for motor vehicle
Trunklid for a convertible vehicle
Vehicle body structure
All-wheel drive transfer case with different front and rear axle ratios
Fold flat vehicle seat in rearward position
Impact absorbing structure and seat structure
Child seat cover
Vehicular mirror assembly incorporating multifunctional illumination source
Automobile seat belt structure and assist apparatus thereof
Method of fabricating an air-bag and an air-bag fabricated by the method
Structure for locking a rod of a glove box
Electric steering apparatus
Assist modification in active front steering
Snowmobile rear suspension system
Method and apparatus for synchronous impeller pitch vehicle control
Directional steering controlled jet propulsion
Outboard motor steering system
Utensil storage unit
Tamper-evident container
Collapsible movie film box with automatic locking bottom
Product packaging structure
Shipping box for retail products and method of assembling same
Hold down assembly, with tubular container transport apparatus and methodology incorporating the same
Method of packaging a web, and a package produced thereby
Rotary blade device for printed products
Dispensing unit for dispensing single sheets
Fluid hose-supporting system for truck
Paint colorant dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Single crystals of silicates of rare earth elements
Method for removing toxic substances in water
Friction members made from fiber-reinforced ceramic composite materials and processes for making friction members
Method, composition and apparatus for controlled concrete
Human neuropeptide Y-like G protein-coupled receptor
Phase change material containing fusible particles as thermally conductive filler
Polymer-protein surfactants
Human ovarian mesothelial cells and methods of isolation and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences coding for the pknD gene
Total cysteine assay
Methods for protein screening
Nucleic acid multiplex formation
Expression monitoring by hybridization to high density oligonucleotide arrays
HADHs as modifiers of the p21 pathway and methods of use
Method and device for treating bulk products
Method and apparatus for deposited film
Protection of a gas turbine component by a vapor-deposited oxide coating
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) calibration method providing enhanced uniformity
Silicon carbide deposited by high density plasma chemical-vapor deposition with bias
Reactors with isolated gas connectors and methods for depositing materials onto micro-device workpieces
Method for forming silicon oxide layer
Solution processing apparatus and solution processing method
Etching apparatus using neutral beam
Textiles; Paper
Method for pressing paper web and a calender or a press device with a movable shoe element
Fixed Constructions
Attachment for blade of hockey stick
Collapsible partition structure and backstop system
Lockable container for prerecorded storage media
Portable security locks
Jack up workover rig with removable workover floor unit
Insulative gap sub assembly and methods
System and method for treating drilling mud in oil and gas well drilling applications
Sequential release packer J tools for single trip insertion and extraction
Electro-mechanical wireline anchoring system and method
Safety system for underwater cutting
Downhole actuation system utilizing electroactive fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine housing with radially mounted sliding vanes
Turbine blade tip clearance control device
Method for cleaning a particular filter
Hub of fan wheel with improved attachment for metal case
Hydraulic turbine with increased power capacities
Vertical axis wind turbine with controlled gybing
Two-piece swashplate pump housing
Turbo-molecular pump
Siphon initiating device
Nail heads of a nail row
Radial self-aligning rolling bearing
Rolling bearing
Joint assembly and sealing boot
Disc brake
Gear driven power converter
Continuously variable transmission, endless flexible belt for torque transmission and adjustable pulley
Free-floating diaphragm flow control valve
Quick coupler for removably joining two pipes
Actuation device, especially on a rapid-action reception coupling
Low spill farm coupling
High pressure capillary connector
Collapse tolerant flexible pipe and method of manufacturing same
Vehicle post safety guard
Cordless LED light driving wall module and night light
Safety lighter
Foldable heat radiating sheet
Spiral heat exchange device
Multi-load thermal regulating system with multiple serial evaporators
System and method for providing cooling systems with heat exchangers
Plate type heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Taser holster
Stepped etalon
Detection devices, methods and systems for gas phase materials
Projection viewing system
Supporting mechanism for solid type rod integrator
Optical connector
Three pieces combinative eyeglasses
Photography device having a lens barrier
Photographic developing composition and use thereof in the development of a photographic element
Underlayer compositions for multilayer lithographic processes
Positive photosensitive composition
Fuser member having fluorocarbon outer layer
Folding steps
Foldable electronic device formed by pivotally connecting two casings through hinge
Secure electronic device
Device for combining candy dispensers and health and beauty aid dispensers
Carton dispensing machine
Vocabulary teaching aid system and method
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Plasma display panel that is operable to suppress the reflection of extraneous light, thereby improving the display contrast
Plasma etching method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing spacer, method of manufacturing image forming apparatus using spacer, and apparatus for manufacturing spacer
Method of improving device performance
Method for recovering a plasma process
Method of manufacturing a trench gate type field effect transistor
Method for fabricating solid-state imaging device
Method of forming a trench transistor having a superior gate dielectric
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Structures for analyzing electromigration, and methods of using same
Apparatus for supercritical processing of a workpiece
Latch sensor for pod transport gripper
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor memory device
Method of fabricating a bipolar transistor utilizing a dry etching and a wet etching to define a base junction opening
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and manufacturing method for the same
Coplanar integration of lattice-mismatched semiconductor with silicon via wafer bonding virtual substrates
Chemical thinning of epitaxial silicon layer over buried oxide
Capacitor of an integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Solid electrolyte battery
SVO/CFx parallel cell design within the same casing
Fuel cell having porous electrodes and method for forming same
Interconnect apparatus for fuel cells
Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
Fuel cell stack
Interposer assembly
Flexible hinge and a wire cover using such a hinge
Electrical connection box with a lower cover for holding and mounting a connector
Tuned radio frequency coaxial connector
Self-locking electrical receptacle having safety protector
Mounting device for sliding contacts
Integrated high and low frequency connector assembly
Electronic part feeder
Ultrasonic manufacturing apparatus
Package with pre-applied underfill and associated methods
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mini hole digger
Fluid applicator
Control system for power take-off shafts
Interlock system for spreader bodies
Tree felling head
Fishing reel switchable stepless anti-reverse mechanism with plunger locator
Blending trolley for forming vertical columns of tobacco in an intermediate reservoir
Drum elevator system
Step-in snowboard binding
Self-defense ring apparatus
Method of forming a wax replica
Bag having cellular phone receiving structure
Electrical outlet curling iron
Cosmetic carrier
Base assembly for maintaining elongated support upright
Wearable hanging pager pouch
Device and method for disinfecting the brush heads of toothbrushes
Swivable keyboard shelf
Collapsible shipping and display rack
Adjustable dunnage rack
Cabinet having a support for a slide mechanism
Dual-purpose leg support
Orthopedic chair
Chair with keyboard and mouse platforms
Chiropractic adjusting chair
Modular resilient child or pet safety fence system
Gift wrapping storage container
Multipositional apparatus for hanging things
Removable display attachment with wedgelike retainers for vertical rigid cylindrical supports
Retractable bracket structure
Straw and dispensing device for use in a beverage container
Beverage container holder
Masonry mailbox assembly with replaceable mailbox insert and method of constructing same
Insulating jugs stackable one over the other
Mixing bowl splatter guard
Dishwasher-rack container holder
Needle sorting device
Storage container that isolates and contains contaminated medical equipment including a rack for carrying medical instruments into and out of the operating room
Opthalmic apparatus
Easy access light box
Banded hearing protector
Weaving shuttle
Spa jet
Nursing bottle with multiuse cap
Sharps container
Method and apparatus for regulating the closing speed of a rolling fire door
Fire protection sprinkle and release mechanism
Support system attachment mechanism for fire protection sprinklers
Trolling system for baseball and player endorsements
Brake system for downhill wheeled board
High back binding for board athletic equipment
Method of playing a casino game
Airport game
Random number generator for game playing; and methods
Model railroad track assembly with actuator located within hollow track bed
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inflator for use with gas generant compositions containing guanidines
Gas-liquid dispersion devices provided with partitioning members, gas-liquid contact apparatus, and wastewater treatment systems provided with the same
Agitator for fixing and/or conveying aggressive liquids and/or liquids containing solids or fibers
Process for humidifying a gas stream
Mixing apparatus for highly viscous products
Sample tube rack
Rock crusher having crushing-enhancing inserts, method for its production, and method for its use
Grinding mill
Process and device for making use of plastic-coated or sheathed wiring and waste wire for the separate recovery of metal and pure recyclable plastic
Nozzle assembly
Probe for rechargeable dispensers
Bottle with a cap depressable to eject contents
Pump dispenser having one-piece spring and gasket
Angularly adjustable nozzle
Liquid dispensing device and methods utilizing a uniaxial mounting
Vessel cleaning apparatus
Liquid dispensing system and method for electrostatically deflecting a continuous strand of high viscosity viscoelastic nonconductive liquid
Work machining method and apparatus for supplying mist used therein
Caulking gun
Oil film bearing sleeve and keying arrangement
Supporting arrangement for thin strip casting
Method of molding articles to minimize shrinkage and voids
Chuck assembly
Reflow oven
Soldering method and soldering apparatus
Process for fixing a graphite-rich material onto a metallic body
Apparatus and method for soldering
Dual intermittent microflame system for discrete point soldering
Electronic unit soldering apparatus
Planishing apparatus and method
Linear guide with rolling bodies
Method of and device for handling of cut lengths and short lengths in merchant bar finishing lines
Anti-vibration adaptor
Stapler having a belt guiding mechanism
Clamping tool
Nailer with nail guiding channel
Internal combustion powered tool
Cartridge setting tool
Explosive powder charge operated bolt-setting tool
Extendable sawhorse top rail
Parts gripper
Wood planing machine with a height retention mechanism for a cutter carriage
Dovetailing and dovetail assembly machine
Dual stage continuous mixing apparatus
Front discharge transit mixer with weight system for determining amount of material discharged
Construction and method of making air bag closure assembly
Multilayer plastic container and method of making the same
Plastic container with drain back spout and method and apparatus for making same
Methods for producing progressive addition lenses
Conduit system for a valve array
Thermal and acoustical insulating shield
Wireless self-propelling print-head
Method of controlling a document-printing arrangement and corresponding document printing arrangement
Medium tracking bar
Belt drive arrangement for a printhead carriage
Indexing stop for a printer carriage
Apparatus for injecting a recording solution of a print head using phase transformation of thin film shape memory alloy
Method of operating a multi-channel printhead using negative and positive pressure wave reflection coefficient and a driving circuit therefor
Recording apparatus for counting image recording drive data
Inkjet apparatus and method for ejecting particulate matter from an ejection electrode using an electric field
Ink jet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus using jumping toner/developer
Printer with residual ink detection
Supersonic wave, ink jet recording apparatus including ink circulation means
Reduced spray inkjet printhead orifice
Scalable wide-array inkjet printhead and method for fabricating same
Segmented resistor drop generator for inkjet printing
Inkjet printhead with capillary channels for receiving wiped ink and residue
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet type image forming apparatus and an ink suction pump used therein
Container with negative pressure producing material
Storage container for a plurality of inkjet cartridges and a method for storing inkjet cartridges
Ink-supply wire dot matrix printer head
Image communicating apparatus controlling data reception based on number of non-discharge condition
Ink-jet recording head, ink-jet apparatus, ink-jet recording method, recorded products obtained by employing the method or apparatus
Z-fold pressure seal with side opening envelope
Business form or mailer with carbonless imaging
Crayon holder with integral sharpener
Bicycle freewheel hub
Interconnected vents for motor vehicle axle assembly
Floating wheel assembly
Pneumatic radial tire including false dividing groove
Tire having improved wet stopping capability
Heavy-duty radial tire with specified upper side wall profile
Tire with shoulders having a ply support strip between carcass and inner liner
Vehicle air suspension system
Vibration damper equipped suspension system for automotive vehicles
Device for supporting and positioning a vehicle stabilizing bar, and vehicle stabilizing system comprising such a device
Independent wheel suspension having a wheel carrier supported by way of a coupling rod on an individual control arm
Air conditioners for vehicles
Vehicle covering part with large free surface
Air conditioning installation with an external temperature estimator, especially for a motor vehicle
Articulating window assembly and manufacturing method
Swivel device for a rear window
Extensible window shading device
Trim panel mounting assembly
Motor vehicle tailgate comprising an accessory mounting plate
Dual action rear gate door handle assembly
Device for stowing the roof structure of a hardtop vehicle
Self-adjustable brake
Rotation transmission device
Method and system for coordinated engine and transmission control during traction control intervention
Controlling apparatus for a hybrid car
Control apparatus of an airbag on a vehicle
Locking mechanism for vehicles
Restraint system for a school bus seat
Automotive seat assembly with folding structural supports for storage in a foot well for an automotive vehicle body
Vehicle cupholder for mugs and the like
Retractable top cover and awning for recreational vehicle
Vehicle head lamp with a protected high voltage cord
Modular lighting unit
Drainage system for vehicle holding tanks
Vehicle occupant safety apparatus
Air bag module with variable inflation
Airbag system with inflator gas reactant surface
Adjustable track and slide mechanism
Release apparatus for a seat belt buckle
Belt retractor for incorporating in a fold-down type backrest
Motorcycle turnabout
Running stablizing apparatus to be mounted on vehicle
Slip-controlled hydraulic vehicle brake system
Process and device for determining a pressure value
Brake fluid pressure control device
Portable file case holder with removable wheels and stackable compartments
Backflow preventor caddy
Treasure chest change cart
Cart braking mechanism
Cross beam-main beam integral joint
Electric steering motor with one-piece metal shell
Hand truck with detachable power unit
Mobile construction vehicle driven by track assemblies using continuous elastomeric belts
Tag axle system
Wheelchair camera stand
Adjustable attachment system for a motorcycle bag
Method of joining and reinforcing molded plastic bicycle frames
Motorcycle swing arm adjuster
Gas generating apparatus for emergency refuge implements
Acoustic panels having plural damping layers
Device for controlling an aerodynamic surface for balancing a helicopter in terms of pitch
Self-actuated flow control system
Main landing gear having independent steering of each axle on multiple axle trucks
Segmented flap with variable camber for aircraft wing
Engine mount, particularly for a propeller-driven aircraft, comprising a tubular frame structure
Helicopters equipped with jet dilution/deflection means for the combustion gases
Airplane barrier net
Pre-engineered vertical wall structure constructed entirely or prefabricated wood
Fuel tank for lifting body re-entry vehicle
Synthetic jet actuators for cooling heated bodies and environments
Machine for winding a fibrous mat on itself
Multiple chambered container
Envelope construction
Method and apparatus for pouring liquid from a bottle
Plastic closure with rotation-inhibiting projections
Package and system for dispensing preformed nurser sac
Golf bag shipping case
Packaging system, method and components used therein
Fragility packaging article with controlled resiliency
Packaging element in the form of an integrally moulded encasement piece of a pulp material
In-container sachet
Construction for attaching a radiant heat blocking metal foil of an insulated container
Inflatable cooler
Valve, and packaging and dispensing assembly equipped with such a valve
Sleeve-type floral grouping wrapper
Beam for a platform container
Discharge arrangement for discharging bulk material from a receptacle
Waste receptacle
Bulk solids transport system and method
Parts alignment device
Method for activating scents from a scented coupon by means of a coupon dispenser
Conveying belt mechanism for an automatic feeder
Method of feeding flat mail for separation by suction of material input
Paper feeder and paper tray elevation device therefor
Apparatus for winding a carrier tape
Yarn feeder having at least one yarn sensor
Automatic winding machine
Expandable fiber core insert
Rope tension monitoring assembly and method
Load clamping and lifting apparatus
Beverage dispensing apparatus
Hygenic bottle cap and liquid dispensing system
Liquid dispensing device and hygienic adapter therefor
Non-stretch breakaway hose particularly for fuel dispenser
Method for vapor recovery
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aphron-containing well drilling and servicing fluids of enhanced stability
Textiles; Paper
Woven label with a transparent mesh fabric superposed on its image
Distributing device for paper pulp
Low caliper mechanically stable multi-layer papermaker's fabrics with paired machine side cross machine direction yarns
Fixed Constructions
Lighted curbing and flatwork and method of manufacture
Mid-chassis plow or scrapper angling support
Apparatus and method for reducing water use
Thrust washer
Shower holder
Seismic isolation apparatus
Increased strength dogging mechanism
Door latch
Vehicle door lock actuator
Lock device having an improved lock member
Overhead rigid-panel door
Housing device with cover
Combined multiple-glazed window and light-control assembly
Spring device for rolling up a roller curtain
Window-screen combination and method of use
Composite earth boring bit seal
Rotary drill bits
Self-centering low profile connection with trapped gasket
Two-step, differential diameter wedge threaded connector
Drill bit with gage definition region
Compact retrievable well packer
Retrieving well tools under pressure
Valve for use in a subsea drilling riser
Dual injection and lifting system using an electrical submersible progressive cavity pump and an electrical submersible pump
Branch boreholes
Hydraulic fracturing of ore bodies
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Noise reducing connection assembly for aircraft turbine housings
Fluid line with integrated unpressurized return flow
Apparatus and method for automatically performing fluid changes
Integrated heat exchanger and expansion tank
Double-chamber tank and method of manufacturing the same
Throttle body module having improved blade to ledge sealing
Single screw carburetor
Dual gap fuel injector
Apparatus and method for mounting micromechanical fluid control components
Quick mounting mechanism and method
Horizontal-mount bracket system for holding and locking sensor position
Bearing system having reduced noise and axial preload
Linear guide assembly
Linear motion guide unit
Hydrodynamic gas bearing structure and optical deflection scanner comprising the same
Radial seal for ball bearing
Thrust plate assembly
Articulation head for a clutch-release rocker arm of a friction clutch
Proactive shock absorption and vibration isolation
Airtight end retainer for an airspring
Anti-jam linear leadscrew drive and devices utilizing the drive
Torque converter
Hydrokinetic coupling device with a blade driving member, particularly for motor vehicles
Damper valve having an adjustable seat
Valve for mixing cold and hot water
Modular flow devices
Sanitary diaphragm valve
Flexible pipe for riser in off-shore oil production
Asymmetrical convolute tube
High pressure hose having a fitting for attachment to a corresponding connector member
Dual containment pipe system and a manhole system
Pipe joint
Non-gasket sealing structure
Undersea hydraulic coupling with Y-seal
Pipe reinforcing device
Structure for protecting a bulkhead fitting
Energy attenuation apparatus for a system conveying liquid under pressure and method of attenuating energy in such a system
Branch pipe lining bag and pipe lining method
Pipe lap joint and methods
Support assembly with cable holddown device
Cover for a pressurized tank
Sheet metal housing for an HID luminaire
Insulation shield for recessed downlighting fixtures
Fluorescent angle light
Adjustable mounting assembly for mounting a fluorescent lighting device
Automobile headlight and optical unit with hyperbolic reflector and plano-convex or toric convergent lens
Backlight apparatus and light guide plate
Surface light source device of side light type
Articles with diffuse reflection of light from light fibers
Light source device
Dual-fuel nozzle for inhibiting carbon deposition onto combustor surfaces in a gas turbine
Humidity control apparatus for residential air conditioning system
Heat exchanger combination mounting bracket and inlet/outlet block with locking sleeve
Water discharge device particularly useful as toy water gun
Apparatus and method for flickerless projection of infrared scenes
Missile tracking system having nonlinear tracking coordinates
Training projectile
Method and apparatus for measuring temperature
Arrangement for retroreflection of a ray using triple prisms
Tympanic thermometer disposable probe cover with further stretching prevention structure
Phosphor thermometry system
Process for determining a tissue composition characteristic of an animal
Method and apparatus for carrying out a thermal shock test on ceramics
Method of transferring a liquid specimen in one container on a centrifugal rotor into another container on the same rotor
Projecting optical system
Optical device for modifying the angular and spatial distribution of illuminating energy
Optical scanner and image reader for reading images and decoding optical information including one and two dimensional symbologies at variable depth of field
Optical system for use in an image projector
Optical fiber connector with non-PC-coupling
Optical module
Optical module package and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic displacement means
Link mechanism shutter device
Magnetically biased electromagnetic shuttering device for controlling the shutter blades of a camera
Sheet joggler system
Optimization of transport parameters for traveling wave toner transport devices
Decorative element, in particular an element forming a part of a timepiece
Contiguous keypad with sets of keys on different planes
Information embedding and resolving method and apparatus
Flagging unverified checks comprising MICR indicia
Apparatus and method for determining a distance to a target
Data acquisition device having a resilient seal interposed between the head portion and the handle portion for rest stand
Hand held dataform reader having strobing ultraviolet light illumination assembly for reading fluorescent dataforms
Omnidirectional reading of two-dimensional bar code symbols
Electronic shopping system including customer relocation recognition
Cash dispenser
Automated vending system for floral arrangements
Method of playing a wagering game
Promotional article
Compact disk holder
Rosette with release tab for holding disc shaped elements
Disc cartridge storage case
Clean storage equipment for substrates and method of storing substrates
Cooling system for stand-alone battery cabinets
Pivot bracket assembly
Christmas tree light
Switching cabinet
Sealing device and method of sealing
Electric tool with ducted cooled control electronics
System and method of constructing a photo collage
Catalytic hydrogenation to remove gas from x-ray tube cooling oil
Tape having electronic elements thereon and system for using the same
System and method for mounting a computer system component within a housing
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew