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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of JAZ5a for improving drought-resistance in a plant
Lettuce variety mellita
Two-in-one finch bird feeder
Product and method for managing Ganoderma disease in oil palm
Anilino podophyllin derivative having antitumor activity, method for preparation thereof, and use thereof
Ameliorative or preventive effect of Antrodia cinnamomea in arthritis, cartilage destruction, or chondrocyte death
Multi-textured animal treats
Popcorn dispenser
Leg handle comprising thin stretch fabric and rounded cylindrical section
Golf glove with cleaning element
Painting caddy device
Shelving apparatus
Shelf supporting beam configuration for shelving apparatus
Heating and cooling mat assembly
Lower-back supporting device of chair
Table leveler that levels a tabletop
Modular display frames and system for magnetically coupled arrangements
Clothes hanger with base
End clip for recessed rail
Latch assembly for securing tracks and dividers to a front rail
Adjustable deep fryer stand
Personal hygiene device
Multi camera endoscope having a side service channel
Image capture assembly for use in a multi-viewing elements endoscope
Anchor assembly including expandable anchor
Catheters and related devices for forming passageways between blood vessels or other anatomical structures
Systems and methods for treating the heart with ablation
Mechanism for releasably engaging an implantable medical device for implantation
Anastomosis probe and cutting device
Method and system for in vivo hydrogen peroxide detection with ultrasound
Drill limit system and method of using same
Implantable prosthesis
Human implantable tissue expanders
Deflection resistant acetabular cup
Magnesium alloy implants with controlled degradation
Methods of and devices for chemical and threshold-gated electrical neuro-immuno-stimulation that triggers the stem cell growth to restore bodily functions
Posture correction reminder
Urine collection assembly
Contraceptive with permeable and impermeable components
Wheelchair with a lift assistance device
Ingenol derivative compounds and methods useful for inhibiting cancer cell viability and treating cancer
Cortistatin analogues and syntheses thereof
Method for topically treating actinic keratosis on the trunk (except chest) or extremities with ingenol 3-(3,5-diethylisoxazole-4-carboxylate)
Schedules for administering combination therapies useful for treating persons afflicted with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Combination of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors with phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors for the treatment of inflammatory pulmonary diseases
Tetrahydroisoquinolin-2-yl-(quinazolin-4-yl)methanone compounds
Compounds, compositions and methods useful for cholesterol mobilization
Processes for the preparation of lorcaserin
Estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraene-3-carboxamides for inhibition of 17.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (AKR1C3)
Antagonistic DR3 ligands
Pegylated glucagon and GLP-1 co-agonists for the treatment of obesity
Free-standing biodegradable patch
Compositions and methods for rapid immunization against dengue virus
Bone cement composition
Synthesis of rutin nanotubes
Dose counter
Pressurized gas mist bathing system
Power supply disconnect current measurement for an implantable medical device
Signal delivery through the right ventricular septum
Abdominal exercising device
Polyvalent apparatus for physical therapy
Dumbbell with detachable weights
Pull-up and dip device
Golf green repair tool
Smart sport device
Ski boot frame
Method for shuffling and dealing cards
Online game experience using multiple devices
Balloon gun and method
Magnetic construction toy
Model dolls and methods for making the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Removal of HAB-produced toxins from bodies of water
Submersible filters for use in separating radioactive isotopes from radioactive waste materials
Particulate removal
Treatment of alcohol compositions
Method of preconditioning comestible materials using steam/water static mixer
Mixing systems, methods, and devices with extendible impellers
Catalyst composition for the dehydrogenation of alkanes
Catalyst for the epoxidation of alkenes
Method and machine for manufacturing paste, in particular carbon paste for making aluminum production electrodes
Bottom grate of a crusher or drum chipper and method of producing the bottom grate
Garbage disposal unit
Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification
Process for coating a glass substrate with an aqueous fluoropolymer coating
Method to classify and select proppants
Device and method for decontaminating surfaces comprising one or a plurality of toxic products
Hydro ironing
Method and system for attaching flexible circuits to a mounting surface
Debris collecting rotary tool attachment
Apparatus for pushing a fastener from a host material
Adjustably positionable razor assembly
Handheld work apparatus having a tensioning device for a chain
Dimensionally stable polyurethane molded bodies having low density
Nozzle for extruding a preform tube
Resin mold for nanoimprinting and production method thereof
Discrete 3D deposition printer
Tire vulcanizing apparatus
Bird protection glazing
Filler mesh for laser cladding
Method and apparatus for decorating objects by means of screen printing
Inkjet printhead assembly having printhead chip carriers received in slot
Shield for a rim of a vehicle wheel
Wheel loader
Powertrain mount assembly
Non-rail-bound vehicle
Wire harness routing structure
Active vent actuation system
Wiper arm wind deflector unit
Flat wiper blade and coupling method thereof
Wiper blade
Power source element replacement during vehicle operation
Hovercraft assembly
Foldable shopping cart
Pallet truck having a selective turning radius
Body structure pillar reinforcement for spotlight shaft
Passenger's life seat
Actively controlled spoiler for a motor vehicle
Modular trailer apparatus
Bicycle cup holder
Modifiable bicycle system
Canopy for watercraft
Floatation device for use in water recreation
Winged multi-rotor flying craft with payload accomodating shifting structure and automatic payload delivery
Kinematic support structure
Discharge apparatus
Container lid for vacuum sealing having locking parts and vacuum-sealed container employing same
Indexable dispenser cartridge
Beverage container lid with integral snack packaging and ejection feature
Thermal box and transport system
Belt tracking device and system
Reel with replaceable drum and a method for using same
Damping unit for an elevator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for converting of methane steam reforming syngas with CO.sub.2
Electrostatically pinned glass roll, methods and apparatus for making
Copolymer for a hydrophobic coating having an improved durability
Glass compositions and fibers made therefrom
Method for preparing titanium nitride-titanium diboride-cubic boron nitride composite material
Isononylamines from 2-ethylhexanol, processes for their preparation, and their use
Natural oil derivatives including (meth)acrylate functional groups
Acid mist mitigation agents for electrolyte solutions
Estolide compound and method for preparing the same
Azabicyclic carbamates and their use as alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists
Pyrazolo-pyrrolidin-4-one derivatives and their use in the treatment of disease
Double stranded RNA constructs for aphid control
Bacteria mediated gene silencing
Continuous emulsion polymerization reactor and pigging system
Sugar chain-capturing substance and use thereof
Continuous polymerization process using intensely stirred vessels
Method for the production of ABS compositions having an improved surface following storage in a warm-humid environment
Method for producing rubber wet masterbatch, rubber wet masterbatch, and rubber composition including rubber wet masterbatch
Process for increasing the melt strength of a polyethylene resin, a masterbatch composition and a polymeric composition
Core shell particle multistage polymer powder, its manufacturing process
Biodegradable polyester-based blends
Dispersed white inks
Adhesive composition for temporarily bonding use in wafer manufacturing
Process for purifying a hydrocarbon feed
Lubricant oil composition
Method for recycling liquid waste
Modular analyte measurement systems, modular components thereof and related methods
Cell culture method
PEGylated tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase polypeptides
Cellulolytic enzyme compositions and uses thereof
Mediator-stabilized reagent compositions for use in biosensor electrodes
MicroRNAs useful for treating ovarian cancer
Method for producing metal-based particle assembly
Carbon-on-carbon manufacturing
Semiconductor wafer holder and electroplating system for plating a semiconductor wafer
Textiles; Paper
Heat setter for delicate and/or sensitive knit fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Railroad tie and railroad comprising such a railroad tie
Apparatus and method for rapidly deflating tires to disable a land vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling liquid on a site
Plumbing fixture with electric sensor
Switch device with multiple water outputs
Outlet device with collected outer sound to control the waterway
Toilet cleaner spray hose and deodorizer
Anti-slip step treatment
Extendable structure
Inertia lock for a console armrest
Latch assembly with pawl switch override device
Marine drilling riser connector with removable shear elements
Assisting retrieval of a downhole tool
Sliding sleeve having contracting, ringed ball seat
Method and apparatus for hydraulic fracturing
Separator and method of separation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control of hydrocarbon injection rate in an exhaust gas assembly
Rotary machine
Automatic engine control apparatus
Pneumatic starter for a chainsaw
Ignition timing control device and ignition system
Rotor mechanism
Oil film bearing
High-speed snap ring and snap ring retention method
Shock absorber spring retention structure of remote control car
Aircraft shock absorber redundant seal assembly
Stepless transmission
Aircraft starter motor assembly
Threaded connector locking device
Method of repairing a manhole and pipes
Container storage apparatus and system
LED photo-electric source assembly and LED road lamp
Vehicular display apparatus
Assembly for emitting light having an LED, a circuit board, and an optical element
LED luminaire having a grooved modifier
Method for controlling NOx concentration in exhaust gas in combustion facility using pulverized coal
Thermoelectrically cooled carafe and associated cooling system
Destruction unit and firearm with said destruction unit and method for rendering a firearm inoperative
Laminated electroactive polymer bow
Vibrations absorbing stirrup for crossbow and method of manufacturing thereof
Rifle sling
Lens shape measurement device
Method and system for assessing orthopedic alignment using tracking sensors
Magnetic ink for marking defective parts or assemblies during manufacturing
Unmanned device interaction methods and systems
Position-indicating module with illuminated axis
Information processing device and information processing method
Gas pressure determination in a gas/liquid flow
Fluid flow measurement system
Method for calculating hydrogen storage inventory
Monolithically constructed radiation detection device
Impact-resistant surface-mounted roof sensors
Apparatus for fast high pressure syngas sampling
Spherical light-emitting structure for inspecting workpiece
Method and apparatus for measuring scattering intensity distribution
Biosensors including surface resonance spectroscopy and semiconductor devices
Method of controlling lambda sensor preheating and lambda sensor drive controller
Detection method and determination method for detection target
Aggregate mixture analysis device
Inorganic-binding peptides and quality control methods using them
Rapid polymer sequencer
Micro-droplet fluidic cell for fast ionic current detection using nanopores
Cell based sensor
Methods, devices, and reagents for monitoring paclitaxel concentration in plasma for pharmacokinetic-guided dosing of paclitaxel
Method for aligning a mobile device surface with the coordinate system of a sensor
Probe aligning method for probe microscope and probe microscope operated by the same
Counting device, physical quantity sensor, counting method and physical quantity measuring method
Apparatus for measuring RF voltage from a quadrupole in a mass spectrometer
Secure register scan bypass
Test instrument for testing charge storage devices
Detector systems
Apparatus for magnetic particle imaging
Calibration assembly for aide in detection of analytes with electromagnetic read-write heads
Integratable ILS interlock system
Visual disruption network and system, method, and computer program product thereof
Radiopharmaceutical concentration measurement system and method
Normalization of sector amplitudes using monopole amplitudes
Method and system for passive electroseismic surveying
Event-based telemetry for artificial lift in wells
Downhole logging communication module
Light condensing unit, light condensing method, and optical detection system
Narrow band imaging with surgical loupes
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystalline medium
Computer system capable of adjusting operating frequency dynamically
Platform and processor power management
Method for transmitting and receiving data according to HARQ process and mobile communication terminal thereof
Data processing in signal transmissions
Quality of service management of end user devices in an end user network
Generate diagnostic data for overdue thread in a data processing system
Blocking write access to memory modules of a solid state drive
Microcomputer mutual monitoring system and a microcomputer mutual monitoring method
Method for packet-switching transmission of media data and device for processing media data with insertion of error information data
Self-contained system and method for remotely monitoring machines
System and method for conducting a non-exact matching analysis on a phishing website
Non-blocking data transfer via memory cache manipulation
Address translation table to enable access to virtual functions
Implementing enhanced IO data conversion with protection information model including parity format of data integrity fields
Translated memory protection
Storage system comprising function for changing data storage mode using logical volume pair
Selecting a target number of pages for allocation to a partition
Storage apparatus and storage management method for storing entries in management tables
Removable media storage device for a video recording or reproducing device
Processor and computer system with buffer memory
Storage controller and duplicated data detection method using storage controller
Methods for implementation of an array of removable disk drives
Method to save bus switching power and reduce noise in an engineered bus
Semiconductor integrated circuit, system device including semiconductor integrated circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit control method
Method to simulate a digital system
Injection of I/O messages
Method for monitoring the status of an energy reserve accumulator, particularly for an aircraft
Dynamic reconfiguration support apparatus, dynamic reconfiguration support method, and computer product
Interactive information system, interactive information method, and computer readable medium thereof
Method and apparatus for resource transfer
Asynchronous file operations in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
Source initiated autonomic recipient e-mail address correction redistribution
Scheduling of multiple files for serving on a server
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing community messaging services
Method and apparatus for data communication utilizing the North American terrestrial system
Method and apparatus for bouncing electronic messages
Automated media delivery system
Method for delivering wills and messages
Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method of communication system
Secure server architecture for web based data management
Improving scalability and throughput of a publish/subscribe network
Providing sync notifications to client devices
Linking a user selected sequence of received World Wide Web documents into a stored document string available to the user at a receiving web station
Transaction-initiated batch processing
Varying map information density based on the speed of the vehicle
Data transfer device and data transfer method
Communication control system, communication control method and computer-readable storage medium
Sensor information management system, sensor information management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Dynamic and recursive transaction gateway system and method
Terminal and method for managing secure devices
System and method for CSCF entity disaster tolerance and load balancing
Mechanism for preventing client partition crashes by removing processing resources from the client logical partition when an NPIV server goes down
System and method for dynamic automatic communication path selection, distributed device synchronization and task delegation
Persistence mechanism for facilitating online transactions
Resolution of conflicting network settings on a software partition server
Managing termination of point-to-point sessions between electronic devices
Real-time intelligent virtual characters with learning capabilities
Emotion model, apparatus, and method for adaptively modifying personality features of emotion model
Cognitive network management system
Multi-processor systems communicating using data and control tokens
Locale and operating platform independent font selection
Transitioning application replication configurations in a networked computing environment
Method, system, and program product for organizing a database
System, method, and apparatus for location identification of content
Indexing of security policies
Analyzing spectral data for the selection of a calibration model
Prognostics and health management implementation for self cognizant electronic products
Systems, methods and apparatus for dynamic content management and delivery
Application-aware recording and replay
Method and computer program for evaluating database queries involving relational and hierarchical data
Dynamically routing data responses directly to requesting processor core
Multiway trie data structure that dynamically adjusts node sizes in a manner that reduces memory footprint and improves access speed
Defining a data structure for pattern matching
Attribute-based identification schemes for objects in internet of things
Stream data processing method cooperable with reference external data
Molecular level similarity search and computer aided drug discovery process
Supporting efficient partial update of hierarchically structured documents based on record storage
Logic diagram search device
System and method for optimizing media play transactions
Downloading file reception process
System and method for extracting content for submission to a search engine
AV server device, TV receiver incorporating AV server and personal computer incorporating AV server
Method for simplifying RTL schematic by grouping nodes into a cloud
Native threshold voltage switching
Computer aided design system and method
Method of designing a composite panel
Method, program product and apparatus for performing decomposition of a pattern for use in a DPT process
System, method and program product to manage transfer of data to resolve overload of a storage system
Data transformation methods for multiplexed assays
Image processing apparatus and method using electronic signature information
Adapter for portable storage medium and method of disabling data access
Portal-based podcast development
Implementing PCI-express memory domains for single root virtualized devices
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
Redispatching suspended tasks after completion of I/O operations absent I/O interrupts
Display processing apparatus, display processing system, and display processing method
Customizable branch navigational area control
Perspective based tagging and visualization of avatars in a virtual world
Multi-context iteractive directory filter
Relationship map generator
Automated content generation through selective combination
Apparatus and method for low complexity combinatorial coding of signals
System analysis program, system analysis method, and system analysis apparatus
System and method for managing root file system
Blob manipulation in an integrated structured storage system
Data structure, computer system, method and computer program for searching database
Determining and storing at least one results set in a global ontology database for future use by an entity that subscribes to the global ontology database
Methods for matching metadata from disparate data sources
Management of metadata for life cycle assessment data
Dynamic classifier for tax and tariff calculations
Search engine inference based virtual assistance
Efficient check node message transform approximation for LDPC decoder
Computing device and method for analyzing scattering parameters passivity
System and method for instantiation of distributed applications from disk snapshots
Preparing and preserving a system configuration during a hot upgrade
Instruction length based cracking for instruction of variable length storage operands
Configuring plural cores to perform an instruction having a multi-core characteristic
Integrated software development system, method for validation, computer arrangement and computer program product
Software for filtering the results of a software source code comparison
Systems and methods for upgrading a version of software
Connection information generation method and information processing apparatus
Micro installation process for software packaging and distribution
Service providing apparatus, service providing system, service providing method, and storage medium
Generating an executable version of an application using a distributed compiler operating on a plurality of compute nodes
Computer method and apparatus for engineered product management including simultaneous indication of working copy status and repository status
Converting an activity diagram into code
Software analyzing apparatus for analyzing software components and correlations between software components
Presenting completion progress status of an installer via join points
Performing aggressive code optimization with an ability to rollback changes made by the aggressive optimizations
Provisioning a suitable operating system environment
Catalog-based software component management
Facilitating use of model transformations
Shader compile system and method
Policy-based program optimization to minimize environmental impact of software execution
Dynamically distribute a multi-dimensional work set across a multi-core system
Shared memory architecture
Partition adjunct for data processing system
Emulating a computer run time environment
Virtual machine relocation system and associated methods
Parallelizing single threaded programs by performing look ahead operation on the single threaded program to identify plurality of instruction threads prior to execution
Server pool management method
Methods and systems for handling instant messages and notifications based on the state of a computing device
Optimized maintenance schedules based on smart city maintenance profiles
Method and system for job scheduling in distributed data processing system with identification of optimal network topology
Remote power management system and method for cluster system
Updating shared variables atomically
Method of predicting natural fractures and damage in a subsurface region
Computer-guided system for orienting the acetabular cup in the pelvis during total hip replacement surgery
Apparatus and methods for robotic operation using video imagery
Random emigrant strategy for explicit diploid evolutionary control
System and method for validation of transaction data
Method and device for recognizing state of noise-generating machine to be investigated
Method of increasing efficiency in a medical claim transaction, and computer program capable of executing same
Platform maturity analysis system
Generating an optimized pricing plan
Method, system and program product for processing transaction data
System and method for dispensing samples and computer readable recording medium
Universal advertising model utilizing digital linkage technology "U AD"
Dashboard maintenance/outage correlation
Promoting offers through social network influencers
Method and computer medium for tracking social interactions and targeting offers
Method and stored program for accumulating descriptive profile data along with source information for use in targeting third-party advertisements
Method and apparatus for restaurant payment system
Method for decision making using artificial intelligence
Method for corroborating a gaming jackpot payment
System and method for generating transaction based recommendations
Internet-based customer referral system
System for supporting medicine filling operation
Computerized dispute resolution system and method
Campaign management of direct mail
Methods and apparatus for complementing user entries associated with events of interest through context
Power distribution unit and alarm method applied in the same
Hand-held medical-data capture-device determining a temperature by a microprocessor from a signal of a digital infrared sensor and detecting vital signs through variation amplification of images and having interoperations with electronic medical record systems to transmit the temperature, vital signs and device information
Methods and apparatus for generating, updating and distributing speech recognition models
Weighting factor learning system and audio recognition system
Automated sound segment selection method and system
Establishing a preferred mode of interaction between a user and a multimodal application
Voice output device, information input device, file selection device, telephone set, and program and recording medium of the same
Disk rotating device, disk, disk assembly, disk cartridge, and recording and reproducing device
Dynamic physical memory replacement through address swapping
Memory controlling apparatus and method
Adjusting data dispersal in a dispersed storage network
Efficient rewrite technique for tape drives
Reliability support in memory systems without error correcting code support
Planar positioning device and inspection device provided with the same
Graphene-nano particle composite having nano particles crystallized therein at a high density
Composition for forming passivation layer, semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, method of producing semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, photovoltaic cell element, method of producing photovoltaic cell element and photovoltaic cell
Method for producing fluorinated copolymer latex, fluorinated copolymer latex, binder for producing electrode, electrode mixture for storage battery device, and electrode for storage battery device
Transmitting system and method of transmitting digital broadcast signal in transmitting system
Systems and methods for parallel dual-mode turbo decoders
Method and system for performing financial reconciliation between two systems using checksums
Receiving/transmitting system and data processing method in the receiving/transmitting system
Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
Data modulation method, modulator, recording method, and recording apparatus
Securing messages associated with a multicast communication session within a wireless communications system
Port tapping for secure access
Authentication method and apparatus
Dynamically constructed capability for enforcing object access order
System for securing virtual machine disks on a remote shared storage subsystem
Method of generating a cryptographic key, network and computer program therefor
Apparatus and method for controlling use of broadcasting program using signature in program information
Authenticated remote PIN unblock
Method and apparatus for content presentation in a tandem user interface
Process for providing targeted user content blended with a media stream
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
System and method for fast start-up of live multicast streams transmitted over a packet network
Content localization in a network device
Systems and methods for deicing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Spreader shield
Suspension for a large round baler
Process and related apparatus for repairing aquatic propeller scars and blowouts
Portable fishing rod holder
Method and apparatus for evaporating multi-component liquids
Adjustable mold for forming shaped food
Kneading device
Food transport routing systems, devices, and guides for food processing systems and related methods
Food processing apparatus including magnetic drive
Reservoir for rod-like articles
Brassiere with invisible front closure
Fan with cross-bar holding arm
Size-changeable coin bank
Baggage with retractable beverage container pocket
Squeezing device for a cosmetic container
Shoulder carrier with laterally moveable shoulder strap
Outer assembling mechanism of backpack for carrying detachable skate
Travel toothbrush with dental cream included
Drywall joint compound applicator appliance
Toothbrush and toothpaste tube holder combination
Writing aid for children, handicap or elderly individuals and method therefor
Sanding strip
Deformable grip with motion indicator
Storage unit
Book retention device
Furniture unit using dual slider mechanism
Cabinet storage for cutting board and method
Child seat restraining device and method
Steel spring with dwell for chairs
Back support for a seat
Chair adjustment mechanism
Booster seat head rest
Shipping and display case
Over-door shoe racks
Medal display case
Container for dispensing a liquid and method of using the same
Flasher liquid container vessel
Offset holding device
Illuminated coaster
Illuminated window display
Condiment grinder
Waste minimizing paper dispenser
Upper outermold line sander
Endoscopic sheath assemblies having longitudinal expansion inhibiting mechanisms
Colonic overtube
Electric bending endoscope
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus
Electro-mechanical surgical device
Surgical applicator tip for delivering clips of clamps
System and method of minimally-invasive exovascular aneurysm treatment
Anterior plating system and method
Active forceps
Method of reconstructing a joint
Threaded syringe for delivery of a bone substitute material
Amniotic membrane perforator
External fixator for distal radius fractures
Spine fixing apparatus
Intramedullary rod for wrist fixation
Multifunctional handle for a medical robotic system
Blister tray with a blister card
Percutaneous biological fluid constituent sampling and measurement devices and methods
Blood and interstitial fluid sampling device
Method and apparatus for optimizing the continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive sleep apnea
Blood-pressure measuring apparatus having augmentation-index determining function
Method and apparatus for concurrently displaying respective images representing real-time data and non real-time data
System and method for sensor positioning
System and method for intraluminal imaging
Stabilizing implant system
Dental handpiece for the polymerization of photosetting compounds or resins, compatible with the power supply of other handpieces
Tooth restoration post
Automated tooth shade analysis and matching system
Method and system for detecting estrus in swine
Multi-layered wound dressing
Disposable training pant designed specifically for late stage toilet training
Absorbent article for prevention of sideward leak
Multiple access vein filter
Distal protection mechanically attached filter cartridge
Flow cytometer
Stent device for performing endovascular repair of aneurysms
Coiled sheet graft for single and bifurcated lumens and methods of making and use
Back-loading catheter
System and method to effect mitral valve annulus of a heart
Prosthetic hip joint having a polycrystalline diamond articulation surface and a plurality of substrate layers
Knee joint endoprosthesis
Systems and methods for fixation of adjacent vertebrae
Prosthetic intervertebral motion disc having dampening
Expandable push-in arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with tapered configuration during insertion
Method of providing cells and other biologic materials for transplantation
Prosthetic foot with medial/lateral stabilization
Sure-fit prosthetic attachment system
Ankle support
Joint brace with rapid-release securement members
Leg stabilization and alignment device
Pelvic splint and associated method
Male sexual aid
Urinary catheter system with a releasable connector
Multi-modal system for detection and control of changes in brain state
Eye endoplant for the reattachment of a retina
Optical feedback system for vision correction
Adjustable progressive joint-brake system
Door assembly for improved vehicle access
Device and method for gripping a handrail
Transport chair for a patient
Glider wheelchair
Therapeutic device for treating foot pathologies
Child-resistant packaging for tablets
Premixed calcium phosphate cement pastes
Polysaccharide sponges for cell culture and transplantation
Low extracorporeal volume treatment system
Intravascular catheter with expanded distal tip
Manipulatable delivery catheter for occlusive devices (II)
Emboli capturing device
Device and method for treatment of surface infections with nitric oxide
Pen style injector with automated substance combining feature
Devices having deployable ultrasound transducers and method of use of same
Filter cartridge platform and filter cartridge for use on the platform
Collapsible exerciser
Workout assistant
Stationary exercise cycle
Stationary exercise bicycle
Buoyancy aid for swimming and training
Golf balls comprising glass ionomers, or other hybrid organic/inorganic compositions
Golf ball with dual cover
Machine stitched soccer balls with floating bladder
Trial golf club, golf club fitting system and methods of using the same
Golf club and method of producing the same
Putter head
Flexible golf putter
Biased, hinged cover for a golf club
Golf putting and chipping practice green
Golf club having a shock-absorbing effect
Swing measurement method, golf swing analysis method, and computer program product
Sports practice net
Cord fastener for sports nets
Truck for skateboards
Methods and apparatus for causing a character object to overcome an obstacle object
Applying a user profile in a virtual space
Pai gow poker-type card game of chance with bonuses on partial hands
Accumulation variation of lottery-style games of chance
Gaming machine having multi-ended pointer for quasi-deterministic play ("pick-a-prize")
Radio controlled surfboard with robotic rider controlled by two-string roto-wing
Feeding apparatus for material sheets
Flexible wall booster wheel for toy vehicle trackset
Toy vehicle with dynamic transformation capability
Doll with externally actuated functions
Compact motion mechanism for an animated doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for froth flotation
Method and installation for cleaning a particulate filter on a motor vehicle
Air-filter apparatus
Equipment air filter
Adsorbent for adsorbing fuel vapors
Concentrating chamber in oxygen concentrating apparatus
Heat integration system for natural gas liquefaction
Air-liquid separating apparatus for compressed air
Method for controlling moisture levels in cavities within buildings
Process for dehydrating and stripping a wet natural gas
Battery powered humidity indicator
Apparatus for automatic preparation of a mixture and method
CCFL illuminated device and method of use
Method of cleaning an ozone generator
Apparatus and method for production of synthesis gas using radiant and convective reforming
Fuel processor reactor with integrated pre-reforming zone
Internal seal for a disposable centrifuge
Water-only method and apparatus for making snow
Orifice cup for manually actuated sprayer
Apparatus and method for centrifugal material deposition and products thereof
Bell cup post
Spray gun pressure stabilizer
Method and apparatus for spraying
Chemical dispensing system for semiconductor wafer processing
Process and machine for merging ordered batches of objects, in particular batches of mail items
Portable and disposable examination unit with air tube frame
Industrial sponge roller device having reduced residuals
Method for cleaning pressurized containers containing moisture sensitive chemicals
Method for the production of reinforced hollow sections with a continuous periphery
Inoculation filter
Tool holder having an insert seat with an elongated slot forming an extension of the seat
Structure of a multi-functional board eraser
Clasp having a flange to couple a heat exchanger to a device in a cooling system
Solder shaping process and apparatus
Apparatus and method for mounting an electrical connector to a glass sheet of a vehicle window
Laser supported friction stir welding method
Grinder and method of and apparatus for non-contact conditioning of tool
Soldering heater cartridge with replaceable tips and soldering iron for use therewith
Hand tool with vocal function
Friction stir welding method, and hollow shape member for friction stir welding
Tool guide
Bearing arrangement for machine tool spindles
Honing method
Method and apparatus for planarizing a microelectronic substrate with a tilted planarizing surface
Orbiting indexable belt polishing station for chemical mechanical polishing
Handle for an orbital sander
Removable/disposable platen top
Composition and method for polishing rigid disks
Removable lapping guide for magnetic recording head and method of use
Particulate blaster assembly and aspirator
Rotary tool with combined abrasive and fragmentation action for producing profiles or cuts on sheets of fragile material such as marble, granite, stone, glass and the like
Tool system for repairing eyeglasses
Nail pulling device
Two-door chainsaw case with separate scabbard
Cutter device having detachable blade and printer having the same
Method and device to make holes for components of wings for doors or windows
Universal and precise stapling method and apparatus
Apparatus for providing aging effect for brick
Delamination process
Self-aligning cutter hub assembly
Process of making integral three-dimensional articles, and mold for making such articles
Shutoff valve assembly
Method of producing ferrule and ferrule
Injection molding die
Injection mechanism of injection molding machine
Apparatus for plasticizing and injecting plastic material
Coextrusion nozzle arrangement
Method and system for dual co-extrusion
Female vacuum forming apparatus for forming deep draw parts
Method of manufacturing oil strainer
Composite spare wheel well
Power transmission belt
Remotely actuated localized pressure and heat apparatus and method of use
Certified proofing
In-line marking system
Inks-and-printing-media-integral-type pack, printing liquid and sheets container, sheet supplying device, and printing apparatus comprising the same
Feeding device with loading device adapted to hold a plurality of media or a storage case with a plurality of media and recording apparatus containing same
Printer capable of forming an image on a receiver substrate according to type of receiver substrate and a method of assembling the printer
Printing apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Fast inkjet printer having multiple output trays
Recording apparatus
Liquid jetting head and liquid jetting apparatus incorporating the same
Ink jet recording apparatus
Normalization of head driver current for solid ink jet printhead by current slop adjustment
Print control apparatus, print control method, and medium storing print control program
Continuous ink jet printing apparatus with improved drop placement
Low catch voltage startup
Thermal expansion compensation for modular printhead assembly
Printer and printer head
Flow path constituting member for ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head having flow path constituting member and method for producing ink jet recording head
Cleaning ink jet print heads using ultra-violet and green Nd-YAG lasers
Ink jet recording apparatus and flushing control method used in the same
Inkjet recording apparatus and cap for recording head
Ink jet recording apparatus and recovering method thereof
Capping system including a wiper
Method of printing multi-color image
Ink housing device effectively preventing ink leakage
Electrical and fluidic interface for an ink supply
Ink cartridge for ink-jet printing apparatus
Imaging cartridge having a level indicator
Method and apparatus for detecting consumption of ink
Ink evaluation method, ink, and ink jet unit
Ink-jet recording apparatus and ink-jet recording method using inks of different densities, and recorded articles
Fault tolerant superpixel constructions
Direct printing apparatus and method
Printing system
Recording apparatus
Barcode printing module
Printing apparatus for printing characters on a tape in a size determined by tape use
Invisible ink composition and method to ensure document confidentiality
Ink receiving sheet
Outsert-forming machine and method
Credit card
Binder with magnetically retained pages
Chalk holding device
Method of imprinting image on soft surface
Wheel assembly for a work machine and apparatus for retaining wheel studs
Convertible stocking cart
Wheel assembly with spoke-covering members
Hitch guide
Torque rod bracket
Anti-roll suspension for automobiles
Differential stabilizer arm for motor vehicle suspension
Air conditioning systems for vehicles and vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems
Heating system and process for influencing air flows in a heating system
Automobile interior heat vent
Gliding door assembly for a motor vehicle
Electric wire excess length absorbing device and sliding door-use power feeding apparatus using the same
Convertible with at least partially flexible top
Draft deflector for an opening of a motor vehicle roof
Bulkhead extension for cargo truck
Fuel filler door assembly of a vehicle
Power transmission system with sub transmission mechanism
Auxiliary machine drive system of automatic engine stop-restart system equipped automotive vehicle
Powertrain for hybrid electric vehicles
Method and arrangement for obtaining and conveying information about occupancy of a vehicle
Child car seat and baby carriage
Safety mechanism for a fold and tumble seat assembly
Seat arrangement for vehicle
Folding-table arrangement for vehicles
Convertible passenger seat assembly
Headrest supporting rod, particularly for vehicle seats
Seat back or seat base of an automobile seat
Assist handle with integrated light unit
Exterior vehicle ashtray system
Trailer slider pin control system
Service door for a motor vehicle
Locking mechanism for recreational vehicle baggage door
Integrated retractable cargo tie-down
Vehicle headlamp
LED lamp assembly
Vehicle lamp
Lighting device with light-condensing device
Vehicle mirror mounting apparatus and method for assembling same
Outer mirror for vehicle
Vehicle bumper energy absorber system and method
Airbag deployment rate sensor with spool brake
Knee support for occupants
Expandable section for inflatable curtains
Inflatable vehicle occupant protection device for a vehicle with third row seating
Assembly unit including an airbag module
Modular headliner and inflatable curtain assembly
Airbag covers for multi-axis deployment
Multi-stage expansion tire hybrid inflator
Safety belt apparatus
Stowable coat hanger support for a vehicle
Pivoting assembly for holding a gun or a bow
Wiper housing and method for producing a wiper housing
Structure for mounting headlamp cleaner
Brake control method and brake control apparatus for motorcycle
Road and rail tankers
Motorized game cart
Seat device for a stroller
Adjustable chassis of an electric cart
Load-bearing body panel assembly for a motor vehicle
Automobile floor structure
Automotive rail/frame energy management system
Transparent roof structure in vehicle
Transparent Shipping Container
Pickup truck with lift assisted tailgate system
Steering wheel feedback mechanism
Order picker angled steering wheel
Endless traction band with asymmetrical support
Highway vehicle platform
Clamp for a cross bar
Vanity mirror device for trunk
Tail lamp structure for motorcycle
Motorcycle saddlebag assembly
Shock absorbing frame assembly for a bicycle
Leg support of a tricycle for children having a cycle frame
Rear derailleur device for a bicycle
Tie down device
Bow-stern canoe box
Sportboard fin attachment system
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Kayak paddle with safety mirror
Lighter than air foldable airship
Window attachment system
Method and system for flying an aircraft
Active drag and thrust modulation system and method
Pulsejet augmentor powered VTOL aircraft
Lightweight remotely controlled aircraft
Armrest assembly for aircraft
Supersonic external-compression diffuser and method for designing same
Aircraft antiterrorist security system
Method of boarding passengers on regional aircraft and transferring passengers between a regional aircraft and larger aircraft
Integral node tubular spaceframe
Retractable transfer device metering and product arranging and loading apparatus and methods
High-stability composable case
Sealing device
Bag blocks
Self closing bag
Container and method for preventing leakage therefrom through isolating deformation in the container
Snap-on screw-off closure for use in combination with a container
Method and device for packaging a window blind
Locking neck ring
Cover/pan packaging
Glass bottle protective enclosure
Adaptive rails for stacking/securing different sized shipping containers
Garbage or recyclable materials handling container
Collecting, transporting and storing container
Heavy unit load conveyor wheel
Library article transport system with inclined conveyor
Container inspection machine
Radius conveyor belt
Conveying apparatus for plate-form members
Method and device for transporting and turning objects
Self-adjusting side guide for a mail handling device
Device for turning piles of sheet-like material
Web winding apparatus, method of and apparatus for processing web edge, and web processing apparatus
Stacker for die-cut products
Sheet material conveying device and image forming apparatus provided with such device
Pocket wheel feeding device
On-edge envelope stacker adjustable for different sized articles
Device for subdividing stacks
Folding/stitching apparatus
Escalator or moving step assembly
Method and apparatus for winching
Hoisting gear
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for utilizing a fuel by using exothermic pre-reactions in the form of a cold flame
Mixed conducting membrane for carbon dioxide separation and partial oxidation reactions
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of coating and method of bonding
Process for removing a resinous coating from fiberous products
Methods of cementing
Weak alkaline organic fertilizer from organic waste including food waste and its manufacturing method
Production of polyester using preblended cobalt-phosphorus
Process for recycling powder coating fines
Dyed cellulosic moulded bodies
Paper feeding roller
Aqueous suspensions with bentonite for mastics and sealants
Inkjet ink composition with high chroma
Pigment composition and ink composition using the same
Coating composition for metal substrates
Ink for ink-jet recording and color ink set
Solid marking composition as writing means, a writing instrument, an optically variable marking layer and use of a plurality of optically variable pigments
Conductive material for use in interior coating of cathode ray tube
Method for creating adhesion during fabrication of electronic devices
Method of using a pressure sensitive adhesive sheet
Homogeneous photosensitive optically variable ink compositions for ink jet printing
Anti-static lubricity additive ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels
Temperature-stable emulsified fuel
Enhanced lubricity fuel oil compositions comprising salts of fatty acids with short chain oil-soluble amines
Continuous tracer generation apparatus
Coffee-sawdust-based solid fuel composition
Flame-resistant wick holder for candle
Thickened silicone dissolving agent
Cleaning agent for PVC surfaces
Fabric care composition
Flavivirus detection and quantification assay
Slag composition
Method for blowing oxygen in converter and top-blown lance for blowing oxygen
Ore comminution process
Copper-based sintered alloy bearing for motor fuel pump
Device and method for producing a calcium-rich getter thin film
Powder metal materials having high temperature wear and corrosion resistance
Oxidation resistant and low coefficient of thermal expansion NiAl-CoCrAlY alloy
Process for welding duplex steel
Turbo-charger for internal-combustion engine
Diffusion-joined target assemly of high-purity cobalt target and copper alloy backing plate and production method therefor
Gas distribution showerhead
Heating furnace and semiconductor wafer-holding jig assembly and process of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Apparatus having platforms positioned for precise centering of semiconductor wafers during processing
Method for processing acid treatment solution, solution processed thereby, and method for treating articles therewith
Method for recrystallizing an amorphized silicon germanium film overlying silicon
Method and kit for growing cross-shaped crystals
Textiles; Paper
Internet enabled resource constrained terminal for processing tags
Methods for particulate removal from fabrics
Finishing process for cellulosic textiles and the products made therefrom
Diaminopyrazole derivatives and oxidation hair dyes containing pyrazolone derivatives
Apparatus and method for treating milling products
Ozone bleaching of low consistency pulp
Fixed Constructions
Process for removing synthetic-grass floorings, corresponding use and product
Side-mounted shoulder compaction roller
Quick release mechanism for use with a supporting device
Breakaway support post for highway guardrail end treatments
Natural cue surface bypass collector
Piling solution
Mechanical anchor
Truss style stick or boom
Retainer clip for mounting sink to countertop
Movable mounting bracket arm assembly
Securing device for a drainage channel
Connection systems for reinforcement mesh
Light fixture
Automatic door latch
Door locking apparatus for vehicle
Closing device, in particular for a motor vehicle
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Tunnel waterproofing method
Method and apparatus for insertion of rock bolts
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine frame, turbine assembling method and turbine assembling and transporting method
Fabricated repair of cast nozzle
Small watercraft
Water pump
Method for machining a common rail, common rail, and connection stub for application of the method
Needle lift damper device of injector for fuel injection and needle lift damping method
Internal combustion engine fuel injector
High flow control valve for motor vehicle fuel injection systems
Fuel injector
Fuel injector and method of forming a hermetic seal for the fuel injector
Tandem pump and interface for same
Fluid machine
Fluidic pump
Spring supporting structure for reciprocating compressor
Air treatment enclosure
Motor-driven compressor cooled by refrigerant gas
Thick matter pump
Multi-plate hydraulic manifold
Vacuum pump
Inflatable product equipped with pump
Method and apparatus for active control of surge in compressors
Turbo-compressor and capacity control method thereof
Low spring rate multi-convoluted collapsible spacer
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Clutch disk arrangement for a multi-disk clutch
Torque cam mechanism and power transmission system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Rotation support apparatus for compressor pulley
Longitudinal plunging unit
Venting solution for constant velocity joint
Pulley type constant velocity joint
One-way clutch and one-way clutch assembly
Torque converter clutch regulator valve assembly
Liquid-confined vibration isolator
Hydraulic vibration-damping support
Dynamic damper
Rotary friction system
Acceleration sensitive damping for automotive dampers
Automatic transmission
Planetary transmissions with clutched input and two brakes
Torque converter
1-2 shift valve assembly
Shift control method for shifting an automatic transmission to a forward driving range while driving in a reverse driving range
Automatic transmission control device and control method
High speed joint labyrinth style vent
Oil scraper piston ring having circumferentially distributed recesses
Butterfly valve
Banded valve plug head
Rotary valve actuator
Faucet for waterbowl
Self-adjusting rotating joint, especially for liquid distribution devices
Slip ring assembly and method
Adjustable support frame for image output apparatus
LED lamp
Watertight, low power L.E.D. flashlight
Lampshade with reducible package volume
Connector between lamp rod and lamp base
Do-it-yourself lamp structure
Lantern support post
Configurable track or monopoint light
Simple do-it myself lamb assembling structure
Non-lethal visual bird dispersal system
Multiple reflector indirect light source lamp
Luminaire having a plurality of pot reflectors
Reflector with complex parabolid surface for elongated light source
Lighted architectural mesh
Binary burner with Venturi tube fuel atomization and Venturi jets for the atomization of liquid fuel
Burner nozzle
Combustion burner
Burner for non-symmetrical combustion and method
Encased gas valve control housing having a plastic body and an over-molded seal
Combustion apparatus for NOx reduction
Combined humidifier
Vent with presecured mechanical fasteners
Method of aligning a laser beam of a SAT
Vehicle body armor support system (V-Bass)
Knockdown cabinet for dart game
Arrowhead with pivotable blades
Monolithically-integrated infrared sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting mastitis by using visible light rays and/or near infrared light
Clamp-jaw contact assembly and meter socket employing the same
Ultrasonic scatterer, ultrasonic imaging method and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Coated sunglass lens
Omnidirectional vision sensor
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for image projection using dichroic mirror wheel
Stereographic projection system
Method and apparatus for communicating signals with an optical fiber
Housing having a retention member for an optical fiber
System and method for optical port inspection for telecommunication systems and devices
System and method for assembling a bundle of conductors into a connector
Method to align optical components to a substrate and other optical components
Optical communications module
Optical module
Light source monitoring apparatus
Socket for connector
Optical connector having a light emitting element and a convergent lens
Module interface with optical and electrical interconnects
Manufacturable optical connection assemblies
Method for installing and/or removing a cable in cable passage conduits and implementing device
Mirror ball
Rimless spectacles with lens holding stability
Ventilated glasses with a removable pad
Nose pad of eyeglasses
Progressive lens
Reduced form factor projection system
Movable camera apparatus with a pan head
System and method for protecting and clearing the lens of an optical surveillance device operating in a hostile environment
Nose pad for camera
Image projector for use with luminaires
Projector provided with cooling mechanism
Video projector
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Method and apparatus for applying a film of fluid onto a flat surface and specifically onto a lithographic printing plate in a developing station
Apparatus for keeping contamination away from a mask during exposure with light
Transport mechanism for piece goods
Automatic control of air vehicle during catapult launch
Automatic control device for a helicopter and automatic control system comprising such a device
Dual control thermostatic mixer
Reclining seating unit movable to heart-rest position
Computer-implemented method and system for giving a user an impression of tactile feedback
Context sensitive information access artifacts
Folding keyboard
Machine-readable code generation using direct metal deposition
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for controlling ink jet recording apparatus
Means for communicating with USB smart cards using full-speed or high-speed transfers
System and method for charging using data carrier
Information code and its reading device
Financial transaction card with installment loan feature
Electronic payment system using multifunctional prepaid cards and method of selling prepaid cards
Multi merchant gift registry
Mathematical model and a method and apparatus for utilizing the model
Projecting warped images onto curved surfaces
Method for automatic arrangement determination of partial radiation images for reconstructing a stitched full image
In-line verification, reporting and tracking apparatus and method for mail pieces
Apparatus for inputting outputting money, and method for identifying money input at the apparatus and collecting the money
Coin deposit and retrieval tray
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Racing game
Gaming device having a primary game outcome employed in a bonus game
Automated banking machine including transaction area illuminating system
Self-service terminal
Data carrier
Molecular models
Study aid apparatus and method of using study aid apparatus
Computer assisted learning system
Virtual reality simulator
Backlight illuminator
Support for a sign adapted to be secured to a shelf with a narrow edge
Below grade cask transfer facility
Conductive composition precursor, conductive composition, solid electrolytic capacitor, and their manufacturing method
Plasma-assisted processing apparatus
Situ monitoring of microloading using scatterometry with variable pitch gratings
Bulb-type lamp and manufacturing method for the bulb-type lamp
Back light device
Method of providing high flux of point of use activated reactive species for semiconductor processing
Integrated cobalt silicide process for semiconductor devices
Solder ball and interconnection structure using the same
MEMS die holder
Wafer stage including electrostatic chuck and method for dechucking wafer using the wafer stage
Packaging for multi-processor shared-memory system
Radial contact pad footprint and wiring for electrical components
Press (non-soldered) contacts for high current electrical connections in power modules
Method for assembling battery element group and battery manufactured with the same method
Electrical component and method for manufacturing the same
Contact terminal and card connector having the same
Power distribution outlet with fuse
Cable connector riser
Stacked connector
Power socket having attached container
Socket for semiconductor device
Electrical connector assembly
Board-to-board electrical connector assembly
Wire connector assembly and method of forming same
Angled connector
Multimedia outlet with protective cover
Connector with an inertial locking function
Cable end connector assembly with strain relief
Coaxial connector assembly with permanent coupling
Electrical pivotal lever connector
Floating connector clip
Connector having an operable member
Shielded electrical connector
Slim modular jack
Protecting device and method of shutting off a power supply
Safety device for electrical apparatus or appliances
Card connector device provided with a switch for detecting mounting of cards in predetermined mount positions
Connecting cable comprising an electric plug-and-socket connection
Corrosion resistant fuel cell terminal plates
Linking apparatus for stackable network devices
Connector having plural foldable plugs
Rotatable electrical plug
Method for manfacturing insulation displacement connector and structure thereof
Electrical connector and method of connecting lead lines therefor
Receptacle connector assembly for electronic memory card
Bus bar structure
Electronic connector and method of making
Coaxial connector with positive stop clamping nut attachment
Shield connection structure
Semiconductor laser and fabricating method of the same
Face photo storage system
Projector wireless control system and wireless control method
Imaging prevention method and system
Optical systems for liquid crystal display projectors
Closed loop three color alignment system for a digital projector
Circuit board connector with improved terminal tails
Ganged land grid array socket contacts for improved power delivery
Ganged land grid array socket contacts for improved power delivery
Electric components for printed boards and method for automatically inserting said components in printed boards
Adapter module with retention latch
Low-profile receptacle connector
IC socket
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