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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Protective pad assembly
Glove or pair of gloves
Bed with adjustable patient support framework
Retail cigarette inventory-monitoring system
Smart postal mailbox device
Water-disintegrable cleaning tool
Therapeutic floor mat system and method
Mop bucket bag insert
Complex motion toothbrush
Resource management gambling hybrid gaming system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Adsorbent and analysis method using same
Portable self-cleaning aggregrate mixture analysis unit
Impact protection device
Power supply for critical railroad equipment
Collectable display device
Baby changing duffel
Sample holder for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM)
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for synthesizing ionic liquids having a carbonate functional group and ionic liquids thus obtained
Manufacturing method for amino-substituted phosphazene compound, manufacturing method for electrolyte solution for nonaqueous secondary battery, and manufacturing method for nonaqueous secondary battery
Polymer composition and photoresist comprising same
Apparatus and methods for supporting workpieces during plasma processing
Semiconductor substrate cleaning method and cleaning system
Silicon carbide semiconductor device manufacturing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Locator lights
Cold plate with combined inclined impingement and ribbed channels
Temperature reduction protective wrap
Modular advanced technology marksmanship proficiency system
Cartridges for firearms, construction process and related construction equipment
Apparatus and method for measuring mail size and acquiring mail information
Gutter obstruction gauge apparatus
Vibrissa sensor
System for analyzing optical properties of an object
Quality control of dairy products using chromatic profiles
Measurement object, method for the production thereof and device for the thermal treatment of substrates
Immersion device for an optical fiber for measuring the temperature of a melt
Temperature sensor system and method for producing a temperature sensor system
Feeding device for an optical fiber for measuring the temperature of a melt
Dynamometer for automobile steering wheel position adjusting device
Three-in-one testing machine for a coded luggage lock
Tire holding member for tire testing machine
Smoke chamber and smoke detector using the same
Interferometric ellipsometry and method using conical refraction
Measurement method using differential refractometer, differential refractometer using the measurement method, and liquid chromatograph
Cylindrical optical tomography for microscopy, cell cytometry, microplate array instrumentation, crystallography, and other applications
Functionalized gold nanoparticles and methods thereof
Method and device for detecting PH value of a solution
Method for detecting proteases and active infection in biological fluids and tissues
Biasing of an ionic current sensor
Method and device for determining the abrasion properties of a coated flat product
Portable blood count monitor
Use of disulfide bonds to form a reversible and reusable coating for nanofluidic devices
Use of disulfide bonds to form a reversible and reusable coating for nanofluidic devices
Ubiquitination assay
Measurement-container supply device
Evaluation method, evaluation device, evaluation program, recording medium, and manufacturing method for organic electroluminescence element
Apparatus and method to monitor die edge defects
Implementing user configurable probing using magnetic connections and PCB features
Method of characterizing and modeling leakage statistics and threshold voltage for ensemble devices
Iterative N-detect based logic diagnostic technique
Diagnosing failure locations of an integrated circuit with logic built-in self-test
Implementing decreased scan data interdependence for compressed patterns in on product multiple input signature register (OPMISR) through spreading in stumpmux daisy-chain structure
System and method for polythene infrastructure monitoring
Method and system for precise temperature and timebase PPM error estimation using multiple timebases
Discrete dynode electron multiplier fabrication method
Gain stabilization of radiation detectors via spectrum analysis
Communication system
Vehicle detection loop and loop deterioration assessment
Optical computing devices comprising broadband angle-selective filters
Data storage library with interior access regulation
Method of manufacturing structure
Backlight modulation to provide synchronization between shutter glasses and three dimensional (3D) display
Imaging lens and imaging unit
Wire grid polarizer with phosphonate protective coating
Optical display device
Multiplexing laser light source and fiber adjustment method
Method of manufacturing lens array substrate, lens array substrate, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal lens and manufacturing methods thereof, manufacturing apparatus therefor and 3D display device
Liquid crystal apparatus and electronic equipment
Array substrate and repairing method thereof, testing method thereof, manufacturing method thereof, display device
Display panel, manufacturing method thereof, and display device
Projector and projecting lens thereof
Image displaying apparatus, controlling method thereof, and program
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus and sheet accommodation unit
Image forming apparatus that corrects color misregistration
Process cartridge including a coupling member and a sheet that contacts the coupling member
Image forming apparatus including high voltage generating circuit
Collecting member to collect image forming powder
Image forming apparatus
Toner, toner stored unit, and image forming apparatus
Predictive temperature management system controller
Smart cooking device and system with cookware identification
Unmanned or optionally manned vehicle, system and methods for determining positional information of unmanned or optionally manned vehicles
Self-stabilizing distributed symmetric-fault tolerant synchronization protocol
Data transfer between asynchronous clock domains
Metal foam heat exchangers for dispersing exhaust flow
Solid state disk
Management apparatus and method of controlling information processing system
Techniques for managing system power using deferred graphics rendering
Determining a trace of a system dump
Detection of file corruption in a distributed file system
Extended error correction coding data storage
Data recovery in multi-target data storage networks
Memory system for portable telephone
Naming of nodes in NET framework
Systems and methods for authenticating and protecting the integrity of data streams and other data
Generating and communicating platform event digests from a processor of a system
Event rate change based hardware performance data collection
Conditional inclusion of data in a transactional memory read set
Obtaining additional data storage from another data storage system
Accessing data in a dispersed storage network during write operations
Providing service address space for diagnostics collection
Modifying provisioned throughput capacity for data stores according to cache performance
Efficient translation reloads for page faults with host accelerator directly accessing process address space without setting up DMA with driver and kernel by process inheriting hardware context from the host accelerator
Method for divisionally managing files on a user basis, and a storage system and computer program product thereof
Preserving deterministic early valid across a clock domain crossing
High performance interconnect
Web page pre-loading optimization
Access and presentation of files based on semantic proximity to current interests
Play list generation method and apparatus
Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method
Unobtrusive methods and systems for collecting information transmitted over a network
Messaging centre for forwarding e-mail
Method and system for routable prefix queries in a content centric network
Quality of service for high network traffic events
Method and apparatus for viewing and filtering media content
Utilizing network identifiers that are based on media items
System, apparatus, method and program for processing information
Selecting storage units in one or more dispersed storage networks
Distributed server election with imperfect clock synchronization
Method for providing SNS-based file aging service
Differential key backup
Screen share reconstitution
Storage control apparatus and storage control method
M2M-based ticket application method and system, and terminal device
Managing browser tabs based on uniform resource locators
Pharmaceutical prescription transfer system
Managing browser tabs based on uniform resource locators
Information processing apparatus, system, and method, and recording medium
Dynamic wager updating gambling hybrid game
Autonomous probability control
Masking an object in hypertext markup language
Inserting new elements in a tabular data structure
Generating word clouds
Federated community search
Customize column sequence in projection list of select queries
Results from search providers using a browsing-time relevancy factor
Systems and methods for query evaluation over distributed linked data stores
Query dispatching system and method
Filter optimizer for data streams
User specific visual identity control across multiple platforms
Identifying corrupted text segments
System and method of establishing permission for multi-tenancy storage using organization matrices
Systems and methods for automatically generating user interface elements for complex databases
Operator fusion management in a stream computing environment
Methods for integrating semantic search, query, and analysis and devices thereof
Medication adherence systems and methods
Pseudo hardware watch points for remote debugging of non-initialized processors
Method and system for CU logging in docking platform
Taskless containers for enhanced isolation of users and multi-tenant applications
Media protection policy enforcement for multiple-operating-system environments
Securely exchanging information during application startup
Validating a metadata tree using a metadata integrity validator
Biometric virtual machine image administration
Cross-reality select, drag, and drop for augmented reality systems
Remote device control via transparent display
Ergonomic keyboard
Mobile terminal and control method to convert screen information in response to control command
Intergrated multi-touch surface having varying sensor granularity
Capacitive touch panel
Active stylus ring electrode
Wiring body and wiring board
Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for activating functionality of an electronic device based on the presence of a user staring at the electronic device
Generating activity summaries
Context sensitive verification point driven inspection
Room plan generation user interface for room plan selection
Setting and displaying a read status for items in content feeds
Facial recognition device, apparatus, and method
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Method and electronic device for managing screen
Device, apparatus, and method for facial recognition
Light management system with an integrated energy function
Dynamically transforming a tabular object based on actions within a graphical user interface
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
User interface tap selection on touchscreen device
Reducing read command latency in storage devices
Concurrent upgrade and backup of non-volatile memory
Operation guiding apparatus
Visual interface apparatus and data transmission system
Log management method and computer system
Extract transform load input suggestion
Method and system for extraction and normalization of relationships via ontology induction
Managing a data set
Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device
8x8 binary digital multiplier
Cryptography on an elliptical curve
Intuitive frames of task appropriate frames of reference for multiple dimensions of context for related sets of objects within an IDE
Optimized execution of dynamic languages
Modifying applications for incremental checkpoints
Packaged installation file based on automatic detection of device capabilities
Method of bootup and installation, and computer system thereof
Handling and processing of massive numbers of processing instructions in real time
Monitoring activity of software development kits using stack trace analysis
Generation of automated unit tests for a controller layer system and method
Enhanced policy editor with completion support and on demand validation
Metadata-driven workflows and integration with genomic data processing systems and techniques
Managing firmware upgrade failures
Collaborative maintenance of software programs
Selecting COBOL perform statements for inlining
Operating programs on a computer cluster
Steganographic message passing between a virtual machine and a hypervisor
Server build optimization
Setting retransmission time of an application client during virtual machine migration
Steganographic message passing between a virtual machine and a hypervisor
Universal VNFM and method for managing VNF
Quiesce handling in multithreaded environments
Accounting and enforcing non-process execution by container-based software transmitting data over a network
Cost optimization of cloud computing resources
Adaptive scheduling policy for jobs submitted to a grid
Energy efficient supercomputer job allocation
Workload differentiation for processor frequency scaling
Component services integration with dynamic constraint provisioning
Point-of-care inventory management system and method
Information processing apparatus having combined model common function file and model specific function file, information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium
Simple diffraction gratings for product identification
Fingerprint identification module and manufacturing method thereof
Systems and methods for mapping
Rapid screening device for brain disease
Primary user selection for head tracking
Image editing techniques for a device
Methods and systems of determining costs for object tracking in video analytics
Scene labeling of RGB-D data with interactive option
Person detecting device and person detecting method
Method and apparatus for separating objects, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Computerized waiting list tracking system
System and method for crowd sourcing
Enabling dynamic polymorphic asset creation and reuse
Storage and recovery of digital data based on social network
Time-triggered advertisement replacement
Computer systems and a related method for enabling a prospective buyer to browse a vendor's website to purchase goods or services
Refuse intelligence acquisition system and method for ingestible product preparation system and method
Leveraging push notification capabilities on mobile device to dynamically upgrade internet access service entitlement
Automated discounting and negotiation
Methods and apparatus for facilitated off-site targeted internet advertising
Online marketplace to facilitate the distribution of marketing services from a marketer to an online merchant
Time market grid interface
Tracking and representation of multi-dimensional organs
Supporting multi-level nesting of command buffers in graphics command streams at computing devices
Graphics processing of a vertex buffer using a relative index buffer
Efficient orientation estimation system using magnetic, angular rate, and gravity sensors
Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
Method and device for sealant coating inspection
Parking area access control system as well as a method for the control of the access in a parking space
Skill level initiated interleaved wagering system
Personalized emergency evacuation plan
One time use tag
Network camera
Automatic measurement and notification of electrical level using smartphone sensors
Calibrating an environmental monitoring device
Presentation moderator assembly
Haptic system with increased LRA bandwidth
System and method for providing subscribers a secure electronic emergency response portal on a network
Intralingual supertitling in language acquisition
Educational gamification system and gameful teaching process
Method for performing similar-information search while keeping content confidential by encryption
Multifunctional window/door and building having wall configured using same
Method for controlling a display panel, a circuit of controlling a display panel and a display apparatus
Alternating current-direct current converter, power supply board and display apparatus
Augmented reality geolocation optimization
Auxiliary device as augmented reality platform
Systems and methods for obtaining and utilizing user reaction and feedback
Reduced air leakage harmonica reed unit
Apparatus, method and computer program for memorizing timbres
Method, apparatus and system for priority processing
Suspension board and load beam combination including a positioning reference hole and a reinforcing layer
Calibration of high-density servo pattern detector parameters
Stacked type semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Bi-polar memristor
PPA (power performance area) efficient architecture for rom (read only memory) and a ROM bitcell without a transistor
Method and memory controller
Simultaneous scan chain initialization with disparate latches
Collimator apparatus, radiation system, and method for controlling collimators
Lithium-ion conductive garnet and method of making membranes thereof
Transparent conductive film
High-frequency wire and high-frequency coil
Maintaining continuous power charge in an inductive-coupling system
Organic compound, crystal dielectric layer and capacitor
Electronic equipment, control program, and control method
Electronic device with switch mechanism mounted to substrate
Neutron detector unit and neutron detector arrangement
Substrate processing apparatus
Utilization of angled trench for effective aspect ratio trapping of defects in strain-relaxed heteroepitaxy of semiconductor films
Fin patterns with varying spacing without Fin cut
Method for improving quality of spalled material layers
Thin film transistor substrate, display panel, and laser annealing method
Multiple patterning process for forming pillar mask elements
Structure and process for overturned thin film device with self-aligned gate and S/D contacts
Electronic assemblies including electronic devices mounted on non-planar subrates
Semiconductor package with dual second level electrical interconnections
Metal-oxide-metal (MOM) capacitor with reduced magnetic coupling to neighboring circuit and high series resonance frequency
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
Compound semiconductor transistor integration with high density capacitor
Semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
Semiconductor element, method for manufacturing semiconductor element, and semiconductor device including semiconductor element
Metalized microphone lid with integrated wire bonding shelf
Solar cell
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor module, and electronic device
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and method for producing the same
Light-source device and light-emitting device
Wafer bond interconnect structures
Vibration device, electronic apparatus, and mobile object
Slope-following precision drive
Memristors with oxide switching layers
Remaining battery life prediction device and battery pack
Safety element for battery cell
High voltage battery composed of anode limited electrochemical cells
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery, and manufacturing methods thereof
Method for producing fuel cell electrode catalyst
Oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst
Fuel cell system with interconnect
Power generation system and method of operating the same
Integrated multi-band bandpass multiplexer based on dielectric resonators
Multilayer wiring plate and method for fabricating same
Antenna using conductor and electronic device therefor
Antenna for vehicle platooning
Horn antenna device
Dielectric-free metal-only dipole-coupled broadband radiating array aperture with wide field of view
Electrical apparatus having a push-in connection terminal with a support clip guiding and limiting the elastic deformation of the contact spring
Self cleaning slotted electrical contact device for semiconductor contacts
Pressure contacting connection type contact and coaxial connector using the same
Spark ignition device for an internal combustion engine and central electrode assembly therefore
Thermal protection circuit
Master slave architecture for distributed DC to AC power conversion
High voltage DC power supply for high power radio frequency amplifiers
Load control system
Assessment of power systems
Inverter, method for operating an inverter and energy supply installation with an inverter
Modulation and control methods for quasi-Z-source cascade multilevel inverters
Layers of safety and failsafe capability for operation of class IV laser in consumer electronics devices
Hand tool case holding device
Car jump starter having warning LED panel
Smart phone charging system
Ultra-slim inductive charging
Integration of wireless charging coil to a chassis
Motor rotor support and method for manufacturing same
Permanent magnet rotor having a combined laminated stack and method of assembly
Vibration motor
Oscillating drive comprising spiraling yokes
Hollow brushless motor structure
Electrical assembly
Piezoelectric energy harvesting contact lens
Commercial compressor with electronic start device for the start of the electric motor
Switchless line-DI/Mic pre-amplifier input
Apparatus with 3D wirewound inductor integrated within a substrate
Ergonomic computer keyboard
Low voltage touch panel
Manipulation device
Non-linear physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit with machine-learning attack resistance
Complementary SOI lateral bipolar transistors with backplate bias
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system
Methods for storing and reading digital data on a set of DNA strands
Turbo product coded modulation
Convolutional de-interleaver and convolutional de-interleaving method
Wall encoding and decoding
Biodegradable protective device
Full duplex radio communication
Mode-multiplexing control method, and transmission apparatus and reception apparatus for the same
Polarization-controlled optical channel and memory device including the same
Power reception device, power transmission device, and wireless power transmission system
Apparatus and method for autorizing access to a service according to device proximity
Method and apparatus for blind detecting a transmission mode for interference cancellation
Method and system for a mesh network based on availability of satellite reception assemblies
Management of broadcast audio loudness
Television (TV) as an internet of things (IoT) Participant
Simulation and verification system and method
Device and method for handling bit allocation
Method, apparatus and system for retrofitting a vehicle
Personal communication data management in multilingual mobile device
Method and system for data demultiplexing
Methods and apparatus to reduce forwarding state on an FCoE-to-FC gateway using port-specific MAC addresses
Packet-switched telephony
Chained packet sequences in a network on a chip architecture
Apparatus, system, and method for achieving redundancy and load-balancing across communication layers within networks
Zero-cross-pre-distortion (ZCPD) algorithm for DTC based polar DTx
Production process knowledge-based intrusion detection for industrial control systems
Communication transaction continuity using multiple cross-modal services
Method and apparatus for initiating communication and sharing of content among a plurality of devices
Method and apparatus for deduplicating encrypted data
Apparatus and method for password authentication
Geolocation dependent variable authentication
Automatically altering and encrypting passwords in systems
Modifying evasive code using correlation analysis
Personal digital key and receiver/decoder circuit system and method
Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment
System and method for distributed load balancing with distributed direct server return
Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment
System for user-friendly access control setup using a protected setup
Secure data re-encryption
Expected location-based access control
Abort messages for position location message flows
User apparatus and signal transmission control method
Key agreement device and method
Mobile terminal having dual display unit and method of changing display screen using the same
Near field communication antenna and smartphone having antenna
Mobile terminal
System and method of attaching cellular device accessories
Device control based on number of vehicle occupants
Alert peripheral for notification of events occurring on a programmable user equipment with communication capabilities
Display apparatus for displaying shift state of power saving mode, display method and storage medium
Image processing device having erase control
Business customized multifunction peripherals
System and method of print job scheduling using machine learning
Image reader device and image formation apparatus
Image processing apparatus, and control method, and computer-readable storage medium thereof
Image processing device, image forming apparatus, and image processing method
Bi-directional lossless encoding and decoding system
Apparatus and method for compressing pictures with ROI-dependent compression parameters
Parallel decoder with inter-prediction of video pictures
Live television program overrun management system
File generating method and file generating apparatus
Systems and methods for multi-tuner recording
Auto-lift apparatus for CCTV camera maintenance
Devices, methods and systems for visual imaging arrays
Control apparatus, imaging apparatus, control method, imaging method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Device for illuminating a target
In-pixel correlated double sampling with fold-over detection
Methods and system for recording, searching and faithful reproduction of sensations
Dynamic 3D panoramas
Image coding device, image decoding device, image coding method, and image decoding method
Multiple camera computational wafer inspection
Information processing apparatus for reproducing data based on position of content data
Methods and devices for smart shopping
Video surveillance system employing video primitives
System, method and computer-readable medium for encoding a signal into macroblocks
System for law enforcement recording
3D glasses and method for controlling the same
Image generation device and image generation method
Communication control device
Speaker and speaker box
VSR surround sound tube headphone
Speaker surround structure for maximizing cone diameter
Temperature stable membrane plate structure for a loudspeaker
Method and system for determining that a SIM and a SIP client are co-located in the same mobile equipment
Method and apparatus to separate coverage limited and co-channel limited interferences
Congestion based roaming in a wireless local area network
Mobile telecommunications system
Access point selection
Communication control method, terminal device, server device, and communication system
Reverse link reliability through re-assembling multiple partially decoded connectionless frames in wireless communication networks
Method of processing user location information based on non-periodic update
Position management system, position management apparatus, position management method, and non-transitory computer-readable information recording medium
Communication control device, communication control method, and terminal device
Reducing client-side chatter for beacon-level events
Vehicle wireless device detection
Base station and cell selection method
Method and terminal for selecting AP
Apparatus and method for controlling power in a communication system
Maintaining point of interest data using wireless access points
Crowdsourcing network synchronization status
Techniques and apparatuses for co-operative traffic management using combined paging cycle for user equipments
Interconnecting device and IOT system using the same
Peer-to-peer sharing of network resources
Techniques for improved decoding of system information blocks
Bandwidth selection procedure for STA operating in TVWS band
Managing transmitter collisions
Node device and method of allocating resources in wireless sensor networks
Systems and methods for improved communication efficiency in wireless networks
Wireless communications method, wired transmission detection method, and related device and system
Method for transceiving system information in cloud wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Heating device for domestic appliances with optical liquid-level sensor
Power device and method for controlling output current of the same
Zero-crossing detection circuit for a dimmer circuit
LED lamp string having selectable light emitting mode
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Electrode substrate film and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic part bonding substrate
Conductor composition ink, laminated wiring member, semiconductor element and electronic device, and method for producing laminated wiring member
Recyclable thermoplastic packaging
Flexible data center rack allocation
Multi-layer heat spreader assembly with isolated convective fins
Expired Patents Due To Time
Garbage can lid
Cart for insect trap that utilizes propane gas
Catamaran style personal watercraft
Boat hook attachment device
Automobile tire tread
Tire for automobile
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Cab skirt for an over the highway truck
Cap for a motorcycle gas tank
Front face of a floor mat
Battery charger for electronic camera
Charging cradle
Combined charger and infrared ray emitter for headphone
Control panel
Heat dissipation device
Light emitting diode
HDMI connector
Metal base design for surface mount device LED
Molding structure of electric element
Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
Wireless headset
Disc player
Digital video disk recorder
MP3 player
Finger mouse
Bar code scanner handle
Computer host
Display device with a moveable assembly
Multi-codec jukebox
Radio transceiver
Audio player
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Handsfree accessory for phones
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Enclosure for wireless device
FM transmitter
Promotion display for a screen
Display panel portion for a printer
Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device
Roofing tear-off machine
Power pack vacuum
Vacuum cleaner
Middle handle portion for a floor cleaner
Bare floor cleaner handle
Drain cleaner
Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner
Electric grinder
Tire sealant kit
Surveillance camera
Surveillance camera
Network camera
Illuminating magnifier
Book cover
Stylus pen
Retractable top press ballpen
Two-color clip pen
Writing instrument
Removable and reinsertable strip storage member for a credit card
Solar address rock
Toy character
Hockey player toy
Fashion doll
Iron golf club head
Golf club head
Waist-twisting exercise device
Portion of a golf club head
Table tennis paddle handle
Motor board
Table tennis paddle handle
Sports target with electronic feedback zone
Golf putter head
Golf mat with a tee and imprinted lines for guiding foot placement
Golf putter having a longitudinally-oriented bubble level
Golf tool
Putter head
Swimming float
Children's pool and sand pit
Inflatable tent
Knife blade
Bayonet foil socket
Universal gambrel
Enclosed pumping system
Bath mixer
Faucet handle
Bath tub
Plumbing fixture
Heater fan
Deodorizing and air freshening device
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Round diffuser well
Casing of apparatus for the conditioning, cooling and/or heating
Insert for piezoelectric bone surgery
Handheld medical test device
Ultrasound apparatus
Square post cap
Octagon post cap
Retaining wall and block face
Retaining wall block
Window component extrusion
Construction block faces
Window component extrusion
Cover for rail attachment
Handrail for escape routes and flights of steps, with integrated recess for fluoridizing element
Portable plastic fence panel
Simple roof palm design barzebo
Fencing panel
Auxiliary handrail
Fiberglass pool
Fiberglass pool
Candle stand
Fluorescent lamp
Hitch-mounted vehicle light bar
Headlight bar
Bolt lighter
Hair styling comb
Hair fastener
Epilation head with attachment
Football helmet
Human Necessities
Planting machine and method
Active guard for a line trimmer
Quick attach mechanism for walk-behind mowers
Landscape maintenance device and method of use thereof
Harvester control
Safety arrangement of a harvesting machine
Baler gate linkage and latch structure
Density control and anchoring means for an agricultural bagging machine
Variety of Osteospermum plant named `Sumost 02`
Verbena plant named `USBENA361`
Clematis plant named `Evipo030`
Cleome plant named `Robspiapp`
Plum tree named `Suplumtwentysix`
Alstroemeria plant named `Koobsion`
Tradescantia plant named `Pink Chablis`
Hosta plant named `Dancing in the Rain`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsadim`
Diascia plant named `Kiedithree`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200142`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsafes`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Dinos`
Coreopsis plant named `Limerock Passion`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zaprinous`
Gaillardia plant named `Baltoryell`
Nemesia plant named `N006-9BLAU`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200002`
Verbena plant named `Wesverscar`
Rhododendron rootstock named `Rhodunter 48`
Echinacea plant named `Little Magnus`
Rose plant named `Chewground`
Herniaria glabra plant named `Sea Foam`
Hydrangea plant named `Claudie`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Pinkeye`
Rose plant named `Horcoherent`
Lilac plant named `Golden Eclipse`
Cleome plant named `Robspivio`
Litter box made of several perforated pans for cats or other domestic animals
Animal feces collection device
Self-cleaning flooring system
Fluid delivery system
Treat dispensing chewing toy
Receptacle assembly for receiving canine fecal matter
Feed metering device
Bird feeder support
Fishing lure assembly having concealed retractable hooks
Fishing lure
Fishing rod holder
Coiled fumigant set
Efficient manufacture and distribution of chilled solid food products
Method and system for transporting and storing commodities
Nut hulling tub agitating fingers
Shoulder pad
Elastic flap with sleeve and glove for liquid impervious seal
Method for accessing electrical components with gloved hands
Ballistic protection apparatus
Adjustable cap
Illuminated headwear
Novelty head covering
Warmer for feet and toes
Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction
Lacing system
Article of footwear with a replaceable ground-engaging member and method of attaching the ground-engaging member
Strap interconnection adjusting assembly
Hook capable of hooking chain at desired length
Universal earth suit
Umbrella having wind pressure releasing device
Umbrella device
Runner lock device for umbrella
Hair iron device
Hair dryer employing far infrared radiation and negative ions
Nail clippers
Nail clipper
Fingernail protection device
Jewelry toothbrush
Process for keeping chilled the food on board aircraft and means for implementing
Airflow management in cold storage appliances
Tool storage center
Bed frame
Patient care system
Bed with relatively movable parts
Self adjusting, contouring cushioning system
Cushioning element for mattresses, pillows and the like
Food preparation table
Adjustable reading table
Pinless hinge
Pillow with insulative beverage holder
Object hanger
Heating water in hot drink appliances
Extraction device with built-in capsule loading system
Non-round charcoal grill with ash catcher
Cooking apparatus
Cooking apparatus
Slicing and vacuum-packing assembly
Stable ergonomic urinal for bedridden individuals
Three-in-one commode with waste diverting capability
Toilet system attached a multi-purpose hand held sprayer
Automatic toilet cover closure device
Bathing aid
Bathtub assistance apparatus
Carpet grooming attachment
Mop wringer
Collar to be used with a deck mop to retain yarn and connect to the handle
Rotating operating handle for vacuum cleaner
Preformed catheter set for use with a linear ablation system to produce ablation lines in the left and right atrium for treatment of atrial fibrillation
NIR clinical opti-scan system
Athletic mouthpiece capable of sensing linear and rotational forces and protective headgear for use with the same
Antiglare device for welding protective masks
Dynamic frame for prone surgical positioning
Adjustable bed carriage
Holding device for medical instruments at a patient's bed
Apparatus and method for a lift seat
VAL rotary engine
Device for collecting liquid from exhalation gas from a patient
Radiotherapy treatment and imaging patient support table
Equipment for disclosing pressure
Glove closure apparatus
Amusement device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods of fabricating a thin-wall expandable well screen assembly
Fluid spigot and filter unit
Device for the treatment of the exhaust gases of a compression-ignition engine comprising a catalyst and a nitrogen oxide adsorber placed in the exhaust manifold
Method for desulfurization of an NOx storage accumulator-catalyst arranged in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Paint roller assembly
Systems and methods for residue collection
Sheet and web cleaner on suction hood
Substrate treating method and apparatus
Pipe cleaning vacuum sealing apparatus
Method for operating a casting-rolling plant
Cold forging apparatus and method for forming complex articles
Ram guidance system
Component specific tube blanks for hydroforming body structure components
Die cushion device
Electric fuel pump condition monitor system using electrical signature analysis
Bending method and device therefor
Bending brake for flat blank
Vehicle service body
Bending device for thin-walled metal pipes
Dash bridge and hook rescue device
Pulley and bearing assembly and a method and apparatus for inserting and fastening a bearing within a pulley
Cable cutter
Power hand tool with saw blade and pipe engaging bracket for cutting a pipe
Facing machine for hard-fired ceramic tiles
Wire saw and process for slicing multiple semiconductor ingots
Method to control optimized cutting of stock to satisfy a cut list
Method and device for detecting abrasions of electrodes in stationary welding gun
Tool assembly unit
Conformal transverse hat profile roller
Bead-forming tool
Automatic piston inserting equipment using a vision system
Method and apparatus for forming a refractory lining in a coreless furnace
Adaptable fastener installation tool
Wrench combination
Motorized light bulb changer
Tool handle for holding multiple tools of different sizes during use
Split nosepiece for driving collated screws
Multiple nut tool and method
Tool for connecting and disconnecting couplings
Tooling provision for split cases
Self-adjusting locking pliers
Hand tool having bendable holding portion
Multi-purpose hand tool and scribing apparatus utilizing multi-purpose hand tool
Folding knife
Shaving head assembly for a lint shaver
Safety razors
Shingle cutting tool
Multipurpose hand-held implement of the pocket-knife type
Device for adjusting the phase of perforating devices as a function of the folding mode
Procedure for the production of a bar notch
Double action oil hydraulic press
Method of briquetting metal chips and briquetting press
Refrigerant hose
Plate transfer apparatus
Mechanism for positioning a cylinder dressing
Printing press having a roller magazine
Method of manufacturing an inkjet head for controlling ink ejection
Teaching sin and cosine instrument
Pneumatic tire and measuring method of tread wear amount of the same
Vehicle spare tire pressure detection assembly
Tire pressure monitoring apparatus and process
Tire pressure monitoring system
Method for attaching axles to a leaf springs on hydraulic disc brake vehicles
Air-distribution system
Outflow-limiting device of fuel tank
Hydrostatic transmission
Motorcycle engine and transmission interbracing member
Display cover for vehicle exterior sideview mirrors
Steering wheel
Trailer wheel lock system
Steerage locking system for vehicle
Electrically-operated steering lock device
Energy absorbing wiper system for vehicle
System for preventing the intrusion of a window into a rail vehicle cab in the event of an impact
Temperature controlled railway car
Side sliding door device for vehicle
Tank steam-out cap
Cantilevered sawhorse bracket for truck tailgate
Structural reinforcement
Overturning and folding device for handlebar
Bicycle component operating device
Apparatus and method for boarding animals into a boat
Marine pest deterrent
Anchor for marine mooring
Wake control mechanism
Submerged underwater observation booth
Boat with perimeter float, particularly a pneumatic life raft
Hybrid ship hull
Multi-function air data sensing probe having an angle of attack vane
Production line banding system
Method and apparatus for forming a multiple bundle hinged lid hinged cigarette pack
Device for filling boxes with a number of rows of objects
Package handling apparatus detecting package height
Waste disposal apparatus
Method and device for closing a box by folding a closing lateral flap
Method and machine for producing blister packs
Method and apparatus for making reclosable packages having slider-actuated string zippers
Apparatus for manufacturing flexible packages having slide closures
Loading member
Method for controlling a yarn feeding device of a weaving machine
Forklift mast position indicator
Screw capping head
Structure of a bottle cork opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber soot, and method for manufacturing an optical fiber soot using thereof
Apparatus and method for manufacturing glass-base-material
Optical fiber preform-heating furnace
Advanced vitrification system 2
Single increment initiator charge
Process and gas generator for generating fuel gas
Lean burn emissions system protectant composition and method
Industrial vapor conveyance and deposition
Textiles; Paper
Jacquard machine
Tubular knit fabric and system
Apparatus for sewing slide fastener chain onto cloth piece
Sewing machine
Finishing treatment for pile carpets
Sensor assembly for automatic dryer
Method and apparatus for detecting residual drying time of clothes dryer
Fixed Constructions
Snowplow assembly
Adjustable side plow assembly
Door insulator
Electronic control for swing damping
Dual use stand type faucet used in kitchen
Method and apparatus for clearing plugged pipes
Wall structure
Deployable structure
Wall anchor constructs and surface-mounted anchoring systems utilizing the same
Universal wall panel tile connector
Prefabricated modular building component
Composite building material
Columnar jack concealing device
Vented eaves closure
Gutter sweep
Rainwater collection and dispensation system
Vented soffit panel
Accessory for modular elements for the support and ventilation of crawl spaces, floor structures, floors or similar articles in the building field
Multi-unit termination accessory flashing
Reduced friction coupling for shoring apparatus
Handicap accessible construction utilizing ramps connecting building levels separated by half story height
Outdoor enclosure with scent-dampening liner
Mounting bracket for grain bin
Locking case
Structural support for horizontally openable windows
Hinge device with detent
Awning-type insulated glazing assembly
Fixing element for double pane insulating window
Faceted expansion relief perforating device
Determining the PVT properties of a hydrocarbon reservoir fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine
Sliding pairing for machine parts that are subjected to the action of highly pressurized and high-temperature steam, preferably for piston-cylinder assemblies of steam engines
Mounting apparatus and method for cylinder position sensor
Integrated bypass and variable geometry configuration for an exhaust gas turbocharger
Power cycle and system for utilizing moderate and low temperature heat sources
Real-time control system and method of using same
Adjustable valve control system with twin cams and cam lift summation lever
Hydraulic lash adjuster and improved method of assembly thereof
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Adjustable valve control device for an internal combustion engine
Device and method for the relative rotational adjustment of a camshaft and a drive wheel of an internal combustion engine
Spool valve controlled VCT locking pin release mechanism
System and method for adding air to an explosion chamber in an engine cylinder
Engine lubrication system
Fastening jig for a baffle plate for oil pan use and fastening method thereof
Exhaust muffler and muffler system for use with an internal combustion engine
Exhaust emission control system and method
Method and device for reducing the number of particles in an exhaust gas
Mobile diesel selective catalytic reduction systems and methods
Outboard motor having seal structure for exhaust release pipe
Method of determining the amount of particulate accumulated in a particulate filter
Coolant recovery system of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of a component for an internal combustion engine
Homogneous or premixed charge auto-ignition engine
Internal combustion engine with torque converter
Arrangement and structure of auxiliaries in a snowmobile engine
Air scavenging for an opposed piston opposed cylinder free piston engine
Crankcase scavenged internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with at least one cylinder
General purpose engine
Solar power enhanced combustion turbine power plants and methods
Start system for expendable gas turbine engine
Advance arrangement
Internal combustion engine control during cold start
Combustion control system for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Control unit for spark ignition-type engine
Hydraulically powered vehicle, and engine rotational speed control method for hydraulically powered vehicle
Exhaust gas cleaning system of internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas treatment method and device
Method and device for controlling a multicylinder internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engine
Auto enrichener
Convertible control device capable of regulating fluid pressure for multiple fluid types and associated method of use
Fuel system including an apparatus for fuel vapor pressure management
Fuel supply control system for engine
Purge valve including an annular permanent magnet linear actuator
Injector for an internal combustion engine fueled with hydrogen gas
Drawing and gauging device for a motor vehicle fuel tank
Air intake system for an internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine and method
Unitary hollowed piston with improved structural strength
Thermoelectric heat lifting application
Ejector cycle having compressor
Vehicle fluid change apparatus
Internally coolable screw
Screw for remnant-producing alternative lumber material
Boat seat release system
Spherical bearing and method for manufacturing the same
Shaft delashing method and assembly with wireless interface
Bilateral connecting rod apparatus
Stator support device and torque converter including the same
Ball screw apparatus
Automatic transmission, dynamo-electric machine, and car
Injection molded resin gear, injection molded resin rotating body, and injection molded article
Shift assembly for a single fork shift assembly
Pump diaphragm rupture detection
Liquid distributor valve
High-speed diaphragm valve for atomic layer deposition
Safety device for propane tanks
Intrinsic gauging for tube fittings
Corrugated pipe
Cable or the like protection and guide device
Heating appliance
Fireplace and fireback therefor
Machine for heating catered food items utilizing a butane gas heat source with burner control mechanism ("temperature controlled butane chafing dish")
Adapter for an air cleaner cabinet
Combined liquid foam stop and insulator for a tank assembly
Annular foam seal
Portable air heating system
Tankless hot water heater
Compression mechanism oil equalizing circuit, refrigeration system heat source unit, and refrigeration system provided with the same
Hybrid reheat system with performance enhancement
Flash tank economizer refrigeration systems
Heat pump and dehumidifying apparatus
Liquid natural gas processing
Cost-efficient clothes dryer
Laundry machine with malfunction detection systems
Multi-function closed-type drying system with solar energy collection arrangement
Apparatus for freeze-drying foodstuffs and medicaments
Firearm safety mechanism
System for elevation and directional angle aiming of a weapon
Adapter assembly with floating pin for operably connecting pressurized bottle to a paintball marker
Paintball guns
Compound archery bow construction and methods of making and operating the bow
Initiator with a slip plane between an ignition charge and an output charge
Self-contained airborne smart weapon umbilical control cable
Sensor for monitoring electronic detonation circuits
Positional blasting system
Tape measure that incorporates a wheeled marking device for applying a marking indicia
Clubhead measuring gauge
Probe triggering
Pivotable laser level
Underground marking systems and methods for identifying a location of an object underground
Leak detector
Ultrasonic flowmeter including stable flow rate calculation means based on instantaneous flow rate
Device with an air intake manifold and an air mass sensor arrangement inserted therein
Apparatus and method to compensate for stress in a microcantilever
Magnetic force sensor and control circuit for same
Transducer with integral switch for wireless electronics
Angular displacement sensing system and method using brushless DC motor commutation hall effect sensors
Converter and method of manufacturing the same
Hydrophobically coated pressure sensor
Noninvasive pressure sensing assembly
Sensor with built-in circuits and pressure detector using the same
Particle preconcentrator
Method, apparatus and system for sensing air borne hazardous materials
Device and method for determining the viscosities of liquids by means of the capillary force
Method for evaluating particle concentrations in a clean room or machine mini-environment
Surface inspection system
Method for determining effective coefficient of thermal expansion
Method and apparatus for detecting wafer flaw
Apparatus and method for determining the dynamic mechanical properties of a cement sample
Cuff type clamping force sensor
Analytical devices based on diffusion boundary layer calibration and quantitative sorption
Process as well as device for measuring a component amount released during a thermo-chemical treatment of metallic work piece from the gaseous atmosphere
Automated storage and retrieval apparatus for freezers and related method thereof
Method for temperature-compensated accelerometer measurement, with at least a device comprising two vibrating resonators
Angular velocity sensor
Impulse generator for profiling system
Optical component plastic deformation control process
Lens with external aperture stop
Eyeglass retainer with dual use connectors
Projection exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing a determined ratio of process fluids
Processing for reassigning print jobs following print error in distributed printing
Display board system
Self-overlapping label
Method of manufacturing a base plate for a miniature hard disc drive
Head stack load comb for controlled head loading
Method of producing a thin film magnetic head
Method for mounting an arm to an actuator
Scanning probe microscope and operation method
Method of manufacturing a motor comprising a rare earth thick film magnet
Method and apparatus for pretreating a substrate prior to electroplating
Method of producing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Method for manufacturing dielectric laminated device
Method for repairing generator rotor
Interconnecting method for segmented stator electric machines
Method for winding segments of a segmented wound member of an electromechanical device
Hinge device for portable wireless terminal
Electric-component mounting system
Transfer for tray feeder
Method of fabricating a high-layer-count backplane
Method for producing printed wiring board
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