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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant growing device and plant growing method
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Lettuce named scaramanga
System for increasing cleanliness of a sleeping area of a domesticated animal
Methods of making a nucleic acid encoding a human variable region
Fishing lure light emitting device
Device for repelling wild animals and harmful animals using laser
Agrochemical oil compositions comprising alkylpolysiloxane adjuvants of high silicone character
Lipolytic methods
Compositions and methods for treating conditions that affect epidermis
Compounds, compositions, and methods for reducing or eliminating bitter taste
Ultraviolet disinfecting device for food and beverage dispensers
Fabric tape brassiere
LaFleur decorative jewelry
Umbrella storage spike
Portable docking device
Apparatus and methods for moving objects needing eccentrically-located support during moving
Plastic container with carrying handle
Desk apparatus
Storage unit and anchoring system therefor
Inversion exercise machine having a chair function
Wine glass stem spacer
Beverage percolation device
Food product containment assemblies for use with a toaster
Dish towel with separable mating elements
Disposable bath brush with integral gel soap and moisturizer dispensers
Mitter wringer
Rag stack system and method
Household appliance comprising a balancing system
Double doormat
Cleaner-head for a vacuum cleaner
Multiple viewing elements endoscope system with modular imaging units
Adjustable suture restriction system and method
Method for suturing small skin wounds
Reflectance-facilitated ultrasound treatment and monitoring
Surgical tool system including a navigation unit that receives information about implant the system is to implant and that responds to the received information
Devices and methods for nerve modulation using localized indifferent electrodes
Optimizing vision correction procedures
Techniques for logging and using programming history in a neurostimulation system
Sensor instrument
Wireless ECG acquisition and monitoring device and system
Methods for assessing vaginal atrophy
Selecting measurement fields for an X-ray examination
Dental diagnosis device and dental diagnosis probe
Device for verifying parallelism of abutment teeth for dental appliance insertion
System for determining final position of teeth
Depth limiting bur
Indirect bonding tray and method of manufacture thereof
Sanitary device
Materials and methods for securing bodily implants
Aortic arch reconstruction device and method of using same
Systems and methods for providing a stem on a tibial component
Systems and methods for providing a modular anterior flange
Method of performing an anchor implantation procedure within a disc
Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea
Patient rotation device
"Teach and repeat" method and apparatus for physiotherapeutic applications
Method for prevention and treatment of cancer, tuberculosis and related diseases
Allium extracts
Amorphous form of vilazodone hydrochloride and process for its preparation
Trifluoromethyl pyrazolyl guanidine F.sub.1F.sub.0-ATPase inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
Inhibitors of cholesterol ester transfer protein
Aromatic heterocyclylamine derivative having TRPV4-inhibiting activity
Derivatives of pyrazole-substituted amino-heteroaryl compounds
Polymeric carriers of therapeutic agents and recognition moieties for antibody-based targeting of disease sites
Dry powder formulation
Topical composition with vitamin D3
Anti dengue activity of Cissampelos pareira extracts
Treatment of T-cell mediated diseases
Screening for inhibitors of ribosome biogenesis
Linear peptide antibiotics
Methods and systems for delivery of ZW1 heptapeptide
Treatment of muscular dystrophy
Methods and products for increasing frataxin levels and uses thereof
Polymer conjugates of Box-A of HMGB1 and Box-A variants of HMGB1
Modified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties
Methods for stimulating antigen-specific T cell responses
4'-azido, 3'-fluoro substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of HCV RNA replication
Stable aqueous composition comprising human insulin or an analogue or derivative thereof
Immunogens of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies, methods of generation and uses thereof
N-(pyridin-2-yl)pyrimidin-4-amine derivatives containing a sulfone group
Reduction stimulus-responsive gene delivery system and preparation and application thereof
Materials and methods for the treatment of pathological neovascularization in the eye
Color-changing composition
Water-based skin cosmetic
Method of treating cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage comprising administering metal chelators to the upper one-third of the nasal cavity
Opioid polymer release system
Methods of preparing tamper resistant solid oral dosage forms
Pharmaceutical composition
Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
Chemical gel to dissolve metal and hazardous medical sharps
Blood purifying apparatus
Substance source
Torque-transmitting, locking instrument holder and method for operating the instrument holder
Systems, apparatus and associated methods for needleless delivery of therapeutic fluids
Gastrointestinal device with associated microbe-promoting agents
Method and medical device for adjusting dose of fluid medicament
Method for coating elongate objects
Electroshock device for monitoring target response
Plug-in accessory for configuring a mobile device into an external controller for an implantable medical device
Hadron radiation installation and verification method
Means for dyeing hair, containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
Rappelling-ascending apparatus for climbing
Exercise handles and band
Upright bike with pull training function
Lifting and folding mechanism for treadmill
Elliptical machine
Exercise device
Lower leg sensing device and method of providing data therefrom
Exercise treadmill for children
Waist twisting apparatus
Padded pole vault plant box
Arcade gaming device
Headgear system with impact reduction feature
Double barrel truck mounting assembly
Display for a pinball game
Device for simulating a flame effect
Performing Operations; Transporting
Debris filter sensor
Filter arrangement; sealing system; and methods
Method of purifying a hydrogen stream using an electrochemical cell
Three-way catalyst
Device for producing a gaseous fuel composite and system of production thereof
Methane conversion apparatus and process using a supersonic flow reactor
Reactor components
Liquid treatment apparatus
HTL reactor geometry
Reagent fluid dispensing device, and method of dispensing a reagent fluid
Vertical shaft impactor
Systems and methods for detecting substrate alignment during a printing process
Set for processing a light-curing material
Geophysical cable preparation for antifouling paint
Household hazardous waste recovery
Reconformable material removal system
Boot and bicycle tire bath
Extrusion press machine
Method for manufacturing a one-piece seat back structure
Method for bending a workpiece
Material forming machine incorporating quick changeover assembly
Form rolling apparatus and form rolling method
Roughing end mill
Wire electric-discharge machining device, wire electric-discharge machining method, thin-plate manufacturing method, and semiconductor wafer manufacturing method
Laser micromachining optical elements in a substrate
Method for centering grinding wheel in thread grinder and measurement device for centering
Log vice
Air source controlling device for a pneumatic nail-gun
Motors with magnetic components
Adapter tool with multiple attachments
Personal styling razor
Self-contained docking arrangement for head saw machine
Device and a method for injecting a fluid internally of a flow of loose material
Apparatus and method for manufacturing fine pattern using interferogram of optical axis direction
Method and apparatus for manufacturing nucleated tablets
High-manganese hot-rolled galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Lithographic printing plate precursor and plate making method thereof
Belt on belt sheet transport system for a printing system
Determination of fluid consumption
Fluid ejection device
Fluid ejection device with integrated ink level sensors
Inkjet head and inkjet recording apparatus
Color-to-color ink bleed control on media
Printable recording media
Printhead with recessed slot ends
Wheel attachment system
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-task trailer hitch assembly
Vehicle heat pump air-conditioning system
Airflow outlet
Variable hydraulic transmission
Occupant detection method and occupant detection apparatus
Child car seat having active protection means
Vehicle mirror assembly
Adjustable fog lamp on motor vehicle front bumper
Motor vehicle with driver's gaze controlled headlamp and method
Method of controlling a vehicle door lock system
Wiper blade
Tire groove cleaning mechanism
Electrohydraulic servo brake
Piston pump for delivering fluids, and associated vehicle brake system
Systems and methods for determining a robotic status of a driving vehicle
Hydraulic brake system braking method and braking device
Method for anticipatory controlling a cruise control of a motor vehicle
Vehicle control system
Systems and methods for pipeline device propulsion
Railcar bearing and wheel monitoring system
Handcart with pivoting shelf
Electric power steering apparatus
Vehicle body reinforcement apparatus
Motor vehicle floor having an upper reinforcing skin and an accessibility opening for accessing hollow bodies
Adaptable cargo rack system
Inclination-enabling wheel suspension for vehicles
Foldable motorized bicycle
Cover system for pontoon boats
Anchoring apparatus
Ship-based waterborne vehicle launch, recovery, and handling system
System for controlling and providing power to at least one electric motor in a vessel
Long mission tethered aerostat and method of accomplishing
Airfoil for a flying wind turbine
Aircraft lavatory unit
Auxiliary drive system for a helicopter
Compositions and methods for manufacturing blow molded containers
Portable bucket storage seat organizer
Packaging sheet for box or wrapping
Capsule for beverage having a base wall stiffening element
Laundry receptacles and related methods
Dish conveying device used in catering store
Liquid-ejecting bearings for transport of glass sheets
Method and apparatus for moving loads
Vacuum-pneumatic device for conveying granular materials having high mass concentration
Off-road rolling film vision system
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Traction system using a multi-tendon cable with a deflection angle
Apparatus for the removal of liquids from containers
Water cooler stand
Functional beverage making and dispensing from a refrigerator
Refrigerator and method of replacing water tank for refrigerator
Micromachined ultra-miniature piezoresistive pressure sensor and method of fabrication of the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Steam methane reforming reactor of shell and tube type with cylindrical slots
Recycling gas to heat the hydrodesulphurization section
Dense layered double hydroxide, and method for producing same
Multi-function water treatment container for magnetizing water
System and method for washing mechanical parts
Laser ablation method for treating a zirconia containing ceramic surface
Ingenol-3-acylates III and ingenol-3-carbamates
(bis)urea and (bis)thiourea compounds as epigenic modulators of lysine-specific demethylase 1 and methods of treating disorders
Substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives for the treatment of hormone-dependent diseases
2-acylaminothiazoles for the treatment of cancer
Fluorescence detection of cysteine and homocysteine
Anti-inflammatory and antiepileptic neuroprotective statin compounds
Cyanopyrimidine derivative
Halogen-substituted compounds
S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of 8-(4-aminophenoxy)-4H-pyrido[2,3-B]pyrazin-3-one derivatives
Method for producing pyridine compound
Spiro-quinazolinone derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of mGluR4
Pteridines useful as HCV inhibitors and methods for the preparation thereof
Respiratory syncytial virus inhibitors
Aminothiazine compounds
Inhibitors of UDP-galactopyranose mutase
Echothiophate iodide process
P-chirogenic organophosphorus compounds
Methods and means for obtaining modified phenotypes
Method for forming protein crystal
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides which disrupt D1-D2 dopamine receptor coupling and modulate function
Compositions for regulating iron homeostasis and methods of using same
Liquid crystal alignment layer
Process for recycling solvent used in an ethylene-based polymerization reaction and system therefor
Controlled free-radical copolymerization of trifluoroethylene
Ophthalmic lens material, ophthalmic lens, and method for making the same
Highly branched lipophilic polymer, and photopolymerizable composition containing the same
BisGMA-free orthodontic adhesives
Photoisomerizing polymers
Copolymer, rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Optical transparent dual cure adhesives composition
Biomass treatment for hydrothermal hydrocatalytic conversion
LED device and coating liquid used for production of same
Polycarbonate containing compositions
Filled polypropylene compositions and related automotive components
Cellulose esters in pneumatic tires
Cellulose esters in pneumatic tires
Cellulose esters in highly-filled elastomeric systems
Cellulose esters in highly-filled elastomeric systems
Synthetic sealants
Sealing device with improved adhesion
Primerless adhesion of adhesives and sealants based on silane-functional polymers
Organic phosphorescent materials and methods for their preparation and use
Particulates having hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces and methods relating thereto
Method for removing sulfur compounds from a hydrocarbon fluid using an adsorbent
Production of olefinic diesel and corresponding oligomers
Hydrocarbon hydroprocessing using bulk catalyst composition
Combustible gas composition
Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to the use of gas clathrates
Rapidly inverting water-in-oil polymer emulsions
Bacterial culture media and methods for their preparation and use
Methods and compositions using miR-3151 in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Mutant CyaA polypeptides and polypeptide derivatives suitable for the delivery of immunogenic molecules into a cell
Molecular signature representative of dysfunctions in epidermal homeostasis
Methods and compositions for generating and amplifying DNA libraries for sensitive detection and analysis of DNA methylation
Method of tanning and washing leather, canvas, cotton and any other materials, as well as the finished product
Steel wire material and method for manufacturing same
High strength cold-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing method therefor
Conductive transparent film and method for making same
Multi-layer water-splitting devices
Method for producing a SiC single crystal in the presence of a magnetic field which is applied to a solution
Group III nitride crystal substrate, epilayer-containing group III nitride crystal substrate, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Peptide library
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for redistributing an imbalance in a laundry treating appliance
Laundry treating appliance with dynamic balancer
Wall-mounted drum-type washing machine
Clothes dryer provided with scent-supply module in a top plate
Method for manufacturing a reinforced fabric for sustitution of vinyl
Biomass treatment for hyperthermal hydrocatalytic conversion
Fixed Constructions
Material transfer vehicle having an expandable truck-receiving hopper
Portable flood control apparatus
Soil gas extraction apparatus
Apparatus, systems and methods for excavating trenches in earth or soil and installing underground conduits or other media
Periodic heavy flush valve control device, method and system
Acoustic board having displaced and passably abutted multiple through holes
X-tra arm item holder
Methods and systems for protection from destructive dynamic vortex atmospheric structures
Combination bicycle lock and pump
Sliding door closing device
Magnetic curtain and sliding panel formed therefrom
Methods to repair worn or eroded PDC cutters, cutters so repaired, and use of repaired PDC cutters in drill bits or other tools
Ground level rig and method
Apparatus and method for controlling, measuring, and sampling a fluid flow
System and method for extracting energy
Gravel packing screen joints
Methods of using nano-surfactants for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Methods for producing authigenic rock mineral for altering rock hydrology
Intrawell fluid injection system and method
Methods of recovering hydrocarbons using a suspension
Drilling machine power pack which includes a clutch
Determining whether a wellbore sealing operation has been performed correctly
Integrated computational element with multiple frequency selective surfaces
Steeping liquor used as a means of controlling the risk of fire and explosion of organic extractive materials
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for generating energy
Adjustable labyrinth seal
Method and tool for installation of a transition duct
Integrated reformer and waste heat recovery system for power generation
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions
Supercharger exhaust bypass
System and method for a turbocharger driven coolant pump
Method and system for binary flow turbine control
Oscillating rotary engine
System and method for reheat in gas turbine with exhaust gas recirculation
Housing for turbocharger
Gas turbine with sequential combustion arrangement
Regulating method for a turbocharger of an internal combustion engine, and turbocharger
Control device for internal combustion engine
Method and system for sampling intake manifold pressure
Cylinder head of engine
Fuel injection valve
Power generation unit, and motor generator control method
Hydrostatic power unit as hydraulic starter of an internal combustion engine
Plasma generation device and internal combustion engine
Wave power generator
Floating-type ocean current combination power generation device
Efficient systems and methods for construction and operation of mobile wind power platforms
Partial-load de-rating for wind turbine control
Variable displacement axial piston device
Sealed compressor with a suction muffler comprising an insulating space
Ventilating fan
Cage for ball bearings
Clutch mechanism
Hydraulic drive system
Vented brake drum
Vibration isolating device
Starting device
Stress relaxation device for nail gun
Roller screw, mounting method and tool for fitting rollers in such a roller screw
Speed change device
Joined multiple cam comprising individual prefabricated cams
Switching roller finger follower with rapid transition from locked to unlocked mode and method thereof
Pulley device for chain or belt
Inflation valve allowing for rapid inflation and deflation of an inflatable object
Control valve
Conduit for an air induction system including a flexible sealing cuff and related method
Ratcheting anti-rotation lock for threaded connectors
Rapid release emergency disconnect system utilizing a linear subsea connector
Hydro pneumatic accumulator with internal leak detection
Computer suction mounting base assembly
LED-based light bulb device
Method for constructing universal LED bulb and snap ring lens type LED bulb and LED lamp
Modular vehicle light device
Vehicle lamp and method of manufacturing the same
Method for constructing universal LED bulb, snap ring structured LED bulb and LED lamp
Stroller light
Edge-lit waveguide and macro optic hybrid
LED track lighting
Thermally controlled combustion system
Debris removal system
Inflatable light weight solar cooker
Light concentrator alignment system
Cooling system for a motor vehicle
Evaporative fluid cooling apparatuses and methods thereof
Inlet air flow guide for ACDX fan coil
Air handler apparatuses for evaporative fluid cooling and methods thereof
Surface dryers producing uniform exit velocity profiles, and associated systems and methods
Arrangement for storing thermal energy
Finned heat sink device with magnetic coupling to remove heat from a membrance roof after induction heating
Heat exchanger
Thermal storage system
Suppressor and flash hider device for firearms having dual path gas exhaust
Forward rail guard for rifles
Armor system
Cartridge casing and method of manufacturing a cartridge casing
Optical coherence tomography apparatus
Laser level track attachment device
Method and apparatus for creating magnetic field map based on floor plan information of building
Destination proposal system, destination proposal method, and storage medium for program product
Laser radar device, object detecting method
Pivoted float liquid level sensor having a magnetically actuated switch
Sensor unit
Intensity-independent optical computing device
Sensor unit for determining properties of a lubricant and machine element and machine assembly
Module for integration into a mobile terminal to measure the ambient temperature
Active measurement of gas flow temperature, including in gas turbine combustors
System configured for integrated communication, MEMS, Processor, and applications using a foundry compatible semiconductor process
Pressure-measuring glow plug
Optical based system and method for monitoring turbine engine blade deflection
Pump testing system
Microfluidic device with dried blood spots (Dbs) card interface
Quality-evaluated vitreous silica crucible
Inspection device for light-regulating film, and production device for light-regulating film
Gas-sensor arrangement for detecting target-gas concentration
Differential excitation spectroscopy II
Refractive index distribution measuring method, refractive index distribution measuring apparatus, and optical element manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for estimating formation lithology using X-ray flourescence
Method and apparatus for determining NOx content in an exhaust gas feedstream of an internal combustion engine
Cover device with odor detector and electronic device having the same
Compound for generating second harmonic of light, dye composition for generating second harmonic of light, and cell examination method
Protease assay method using site-specific fluorescence dye labeled protein as substrate
Biosensors and biosensing incorporating RF and microwave radiation
Measurement device and measurement method
Method and a system for tracking and analyzing a trajectory of a moving object, and for providing a score of such a trajectory
Acceleration sensor and method for producing an acceleration sensor
Scrolling measurement display ticker for test and measurement instruments
Multiple electric socket power strip with power meter
Measuring power consumption in an integrated circuit
Selectable separate scan paths with hold state multiplexer and adapter
Method and control device for launch-off-shift at-speed scan testing
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using superconducting array antenna
High-symmetry organic scintillator systems
Image-capturing optical system, image-capturing optical apparatus and digital device
Objective lens for endoscopic device, actuator for focusing, and endoscopic system
Optical element and device for generating an optical line pattern
Adjusting a head-up display (HUD) based on light sensing
Systems and methods for producing narrowband images
Curved face diffraction grating fabrication method, curved face diffraction grating cast, and curved face diffraction grating employing same
Multicore fiber with different-mode interaction section
Right-angle waveguide based on square-cylinder-type square-lattice photonic crystal and single compensation scattering cylinder with high refractive index
Optical coupler
Micro-filter structures for wavelength division multiplexing in polymer waveguides
Optical connector plug, optical probe, and optical system
Retention member for positioning optical module
Fresnel lens and optical device
Polymerizable compound having triple bond, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Backlight unit and display device including truss structure
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Systems, devices and methods for vehicles
Adjustable auxiliary brake control system
Holder for smart device
Dynamic spam view settings
Method and system for cleaning malicious software and computer program product and storage medium
Firewall including local bus
Internet-based fill-level measurement value and diagnostic information polling system
System and method for SOC estimation of a battery
Method for protecting signatures stored in a database
Efficient network and memory architecture for multi-core data processing system
Open federation security techniques with rate limits
Data communications for a collective operation in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Group-judged multimedia competition
Smart umbrella and handle thereof
Array for processing materials
MEMS device with polymer layer, system of a MEMS device with a polymer layer, method of making a MEMS device with a polymer layer
Electrical connecting terminal used to connect driving board with lamp holder of LED lamp
Cooling device, laser device, and image processing apparatus
Power management apparatus and power management system
Motor assembly and method of biasing the same
Method and apparatus for improving performance and user experience of a mobile broadcast receiver
Using chipset-based protected firmware for host software tamper detection and protection
Secure session handling in a device after a policy update
Dual mode proximity sensor
System and method for collecting contents on audio/video network and controlling execution of the contents
Content distribution service and inter-user communication
Electronic device and method, recording medium, and program
Electronic imaging flow-microscope for environmental remote sensing, bioreactor process monitoring, and optical microscopic tomography
Borehole inspection device and system with a self-cleaning system and method for loading explosives in boreholes
Crowdsourced user density applications
Display device mount adapter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
High capacity air jet chaffer
Portable lamp post assembly
Sheet fixing device
Livestock enclosure washing assembly
Spinning reel for fishing
Small inline spinner box
Connecting device connecting a spray boom to a chassis of an agricultural sprayer and sprayer equipped with such a connecting device
Support system for cooking items in a baking oven
Process and plant for evaporative concentration and crystallization of a viscous lactose-containing aqueous liquid
Circular knit bra having different areas of stretchability and method of making the same
Feather curler
Multifunctional shoe flashing device
Easily alignable zipper for reclosable packaging
Plastic fastener with slider and bag body provided with the plastic fastener and method of producing the bag body
Retention device for rods and the like
Eyeglass cases having timepieces and eyeglass cases having mirrors
Pouch for smoking accessories with detachable storage
Strap protection and storage device
Illuminated carrier employing fiber optics
Illuminable wand-type applicator
Fishing rod case
Adjustable brush cap
Pivotal mounting mechansim
User assembled metallic cabinet
Rack with divided base plate for stacking flat articles
Runner for a drawer
Reclining chair
Adjustable footrest of a reclining chair
Articulation mechanism particularly for lounge chairs
Body carried baby seat
Expandable display rack
Recreational floatation device with integral cup holder
Hook apparatus for hanging items from a fireplace mantel
Article support apparatus with movable display panel
Mail processing apparatus and collection box with a mail article sealer
Camp cook kit strainer
Handheld or immersion blender with coupling device
Folding cutting board
Toothpaste dispenser
Toothpaste holder and dispenser
Lane maintenance machine with mechanical lane dressing application controller
Method for dishwasher variable fill control
Dental vacuum system assembly and process incorporating an amalgam separation chamber
Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy
Fluorescent imaging device
Probe of endoscope
Endoscope system
Sealant plug delivery methods
Transoral endoscopic gastroesophageal flap valve restoration device, assembly, system and method
Fixing device, in particular for fixing to vascular wall tissue
Tissue resection device, system and method
Occlusive coil manufacture and delivery
Method of use for percutaneous material removal device and tip
Method for containing and removing occlusions in the carotid arteries
Aspirating devices for removal of thrombus/lipid from a body lumen
Ultrasonic treatment appliance
Rod reducer instruments and methods
Rod gripper
Compensation for power variation along patient cables
Surgical instrument with a dissecting tip
Systems and methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
Surgical retractor apparatus
Sanitary handgrip cover
Eye's optical characteristic measuring system
Physiological monitor and associated computation, display and communication unit
Method of manufacturing a leap-type testing implement
Device for evaluating the dynamic, mechanical properties of materials
Dual C-arm angiographic device for flat panel receptor
Method and apparatus for scatter measurement using an occluded detector ring
Medical X-ray examination device
C-arm x-ray apparatus with mechanically adjustable brake
Method and apparatus for displaying body sounds and performing diagnosis based on body sound analysis
Device for medical percussion
Ultrasound system and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus for imaging scatterers in a medium
Dental turbine support structure
Dental viscous material dispenser with capule lock
Orthodontic tooth repositioner
Method and kits for forming pontics in polymeric shell aligners
Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
Absorbent product comprising leakage barriers
Disposable article with containment structure
Implantable prosthesis
Endovascular graft system
Delivering a uretheral stent
Flexible stent
Stented, radially expandable, tubular PTFE grafts
Medical devices
Multifocal phakic intraocular lens
Apparatus and method for reducing mitral regurgitation
Medical stent with a valve and related methods of manufacturing
Vascular implant
Reverse shoulder prosthesis system
Methods and apparatus for forming curved axial bores through spinal vertebrae
Radiolucent spinal fusion cage
Ultrasonically driven osteotome having a curved tool tip
Ultra low friction sheath for prosthetics
Hand and wrist brace and kit
Foot lifter orthesis and method of formation
Rehabilitation aid
Hyperextension back brace system
Erection support ring
Ostomy pouch and method of assembly
Kissing shield game and method of use thereof
Scanning laser ophthalmoscope optimized for selective retinal microphotocoagulation
Binocular glasses
Massage device
Health instrument
Foot-immersing massaging machine
Medicine feed apparatus
Agent for coloring keratin containing fibers
Method and apparatus for sealing access
Endoluminal prosthesis with support wire
Coating for implantable devices and a method of forming the same
Catheter tip designs and method of manufacture
Method and device for transventricular mechanical circulatory support
Multi-channel container
Strap assemblies and methods of use thereof
Needle protective assembly for multi-draw needle
Filter with integrated obturator tip and methods of use
Patient medication IV delivery pump with wireless communication to a hospital information management system
Single use syringe and plunger rod locking device therefor
Laser beam projector
Radioactive source wire and dual lumen catheter system for brachytherapy
Systems and methods for applying ultrasonic energy
Solid colorant for keratin fibers
Control of ammonia emission from ammonia laden fly ash in concrete
Recumbent stepper with independently movable upper and lower body lever arrangements
Swimming simulation system
Swim stroke exercise device
Balance and coordination teaching method
Low modulus golf ball compositions and methods for making same
Multi-piece solid golf ball and method of making the same
Portable adjustable basketball hoop apparatus
Ball hitting practice apparatus
Adjustable striking bag training apparatus
Acessesory device for use in combination with a snowboard
Partnering game and method of playing same
Dealer and player hand combination side wager
Game system and method of playing
Baccarat side wager game
Method of playing a dice game
Psychologically optimized mystery party game
Apparatus for amusement
Swimming toy animal
Balloon valve adapter for supporting different sizes of toy balloons and assemblies using same
Doll which is restless and urinates after drinking baby bottle
Composition toy
Decorative structure having dispersed chemical illumination sources
Block set for educational purposes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mobile phase dilution scheme for enhanced chromatography
Media bed support grid
Sealable casing having a quarter-turn closing arrangement
Vertical filter
Oil filter assembly
External lubricant filter system for automatic transmissions
Skull-shaped air filter housing
Filter frame and method
Wire filter cage
Airflow feedback control method and apparatus for fan filter unit
Method for removing condensable aluminum chloride vapor from aluminum etch effluent
Enhanced rate PSA process
Polymide gas separation membranes
Contactor for debubbling an ink
Underwater filtration operator
Immersed membrane element and module
Membrane module for the separation of fluid mixtures
Device for automatically feeding soluble fluid treating agents into a fluid body
Method for vertical mixing and device for this
Dispenser and method of use
Device for a flotation machine
Vacuum mold making and casting equipment
Production of material libraries using sputter methods
Fullerene coated component of semiconductor processing equipment and method of manufacturing thereof
Method of treating arsenic-contaminated waters
Liquid-phase adsorption process for removing and concentrating heteroatom compounds in hydrocarbons
Process for adsorbing and removing endogenous cannabinoid
Process for stripping amine borane complex from an electroless plating solution
Method for preparing iron oxides
Efficiency mode for water softener
Microfluidic device and method for focusing, segmenting, and dispensing of a fluid stream
Dot printer with off-axis loading
Vortex mill for controlled milling of particulate solids
Hydrogen storage powder and process for preparing the same
Magnetic separation apparatus and methods
Method and device for cleaning a gaseous fluid using a conductive grid between charging head and filter
Systems and methods for cell subpopulation analysis
Method and apparatus for separating particles
Centrifuge with feed tube adapter
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Cyclone separator suitable for variable fluid flow rates
Fluid product dispenser
Integrated pump dispenser
Finely-divided powder spray apparatus
Collapsible handle for a shower head
Method and apparatus for atomizing liquids having minimal droplet size
Electrostatic coater with power transmission frequency adjuster
Device for forming, transporting and diffusing small calibrated amounts of liquid
Air brush apparatus
Water jet
Coated film forming method and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for applying liquids to a surface
Method and tool for applying pinstriping
Method for forming a cover layer on a disk
Shingles with multiple blend drops and method of depositing granules onto a moving substrate
Method of providing a retroreflective coating system through wet-on-wet application and a retroreflective coating system thereof
Screen for fiber suspensions and method for the manufacture thereof
Device and method for removing build-up on measurement gauges
Method of and apparatus for processing substrate
Apparatus and method for screening people and articles to detect and/or decontaminate with respect to certain substances
Method of cleaning a plasma processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for biological treatment of environmental contaminants and waste
Vehicle for handling sheet metal coils
Biaxially textured articles formed by powder metallurgy
Tungsten-carbide articles made by metal injection molding and method
Process and apparatus for drilling holes in the shell of a cylinder
Rotary cutting tool and throw-away tip
Tire rasp blade and method
Threading tool and method for bond wire capillary tubes
Joining method and apparatus using frictional agitation
Welding apparatus and method
Viscous fluid transfer apparatus and transfer method, electronic component mounting apparatus and mounting method, and semiconductor device
Welding process for Ti material and Cu material, and a backing plate for a sputtering target
Solder work material for forming solder-coated circuit board and circuit board
Method and apparatus for making clutch plate with multi segment friction material
Inline feeder
Rotating conveyor for evacuating metallic shavings resulting from mechanical work processes
Stop for a threaded rod
Three-dimensional mirror-image duplicating carver
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Field termination kit for fiber connector
Fluid conserving platen for optimizing edge polishing
Power tool
Apparatus and method for feeding slurry
Semiconductor processing methods of removing conductive material
Method for polishing angular substrates
Method for processing a work piece in a multi-zonal processing apparatus
Backside integrated circuit die surface finishing technique and tool
Finishing machine having a sandpaper positioning function
Spring with excellent fatigue endurance property and surface treatment method for producing the spring
Dressing block for work surfaces
Agglomerate abrasive grain and a method of making the same
Multifunction drum lifter and wrench
Interior c-clamp's holding-device
Forward acting stapler with unique linkage
Nail placement device
Flexible shaft plug insert
Movable rack item storage system
Power tool carrying case
Cast-in anchor attachment apparatus
Extrusion molding apparatus
Container with multiple integral connection handle, preform and method of manufacture
Injection molding apparatus
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having multiple conveyor systems
System for co-molding a thermoplastic material with a thermoplastic sandwich material and article produced thereby
System for producing foamed article, a molten resin preparing apparatus and a molding apparatus for use in foamed article production system
Two-shot, rotary three station injection mold
Cold runner molding system
Injection nozzle system
Screw extruder and method of controlling the same
Tube-forming unit for a form-fill-seal machine
Screen assembly for vibratory separator
Apparatus for refurbishing thermoplastic drum
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a movable lamp mount
Method and apparatus for making a tread-belt assembly
Golf ball
Automated system and method for forming two stage cup
Holddown for a hardcopy device
Contamination preventing method during conveyance of recording medium of image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Recording medium conveyance apparatus and recording apparatus comprising recording medium conveyance apparatus
Inkjet printing media handling system with advancing guide shim
Printer having a selector associated with a carriage for actuating a plurality of switching mechanisms
Co-operating mechanical subassemblies for a scanning carriage, digital wide-format color inkjet print engine
Printer control apparatus and printer control method
Recording apparatus
Printing apparatus and communication apparatus
Printer, carriage supporting structure and head assembly incorporated in the printer
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Inkjet printer with nozzle maintenance system relocated by media carrier
Image recording apparatus
Reduced size inkjet printhead heater chip having integral voltage regulator and regulating capacitors
Liquid jet recording apparatus, head and method
Drop quantity calibration method and system
Microinjector for jetting droplets of different sizes
Fluid manifold for printhead assembly
Printing mechanism hinged printbar assembly
Ink-jet printing head and ink-jet printing apparatus and method
Method for manufacturing ink jet head and ink jet head manufactured by such method
Laminate and gasket manifold for ink jet delivery systems and similar devices
Recording apparatus and method of controlling the same
Pleated laser ablated filter
Systems and methods for refilling printing cartridges
Method and apparatus for compensating for ink container extraction characteristics
Method of cleaning nozzles in inkjet printhead
Configuration for protection of a printing module in a mail processing appliance and mail processing appliance including the configuration
Configuration for forming a ventilation aperture
Method and apparatus for processing data for high-speed digital printing
Wire dot printer head
Manually aligned printhead modules
Ink jet printing method
Storage container for cards and file folders
Apparatus and method for sealing an envelope
Wheel bearing unit, comprising roller bearing and constant-velocity joint
Industrial truck for lifting and supporting at least a vehicle wheel
Land vehicle traction control device
Securing element of a wheel cover
Stowable-lock, convertible-pintle hitch
Vehicle antisway bar
Torsion bar spring arrangement, particularly a stabilizer arrangement, and a method of making same
Integrated wheel suspension system
Stabilizing strut, in particular for a chassis of a vehicle, and method for the production thereof
Convertible backlite control system
Vehicle shade assembly
Vehicle body structure
Guide mechanism for a cover of a sliding/tilting roof
Roof unit for installation in a motor vehicle roof
Vehicle front and rear wheels drive system and clutch changeover method
Rear axle having electromagnetic clutches and geared differential
Control panel for a vehicle
Fold-flat seat reclining and locking mechanism
Child's sleep collar
Seat structure with anti-spring spanner element
Headrest assembly
Vehicle seat having a movable head restraint
Vehicle seat having active head restraint system
Device for latching a cargo load to a track
Automatic mechetronic wheel light device
Lamp structure
Modular rotatable warning light
LED warning signal light and row of LED's
Mirror device for vehicle
Electrochromic device having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Individual mirror control system
Tailgate advertising apparatus and methods
Entrance strip for a vehicle door opening and method of making same
Sensor for monitoring airbag deployment
Variable time venting algorithm
Method and apparatus for folding an airbag
Protective cushion for vehicle occupant's head
Passenger airbag assembly
Variable output inflator
Belt reel
Stable product holding and transporting system
Offset holding device
Fluid heater with a variable mass flow path
Nozzle for a windshield washing system of a motor vehicle
Vehicle brake hydraulic pressure generator
Vehicle parking brake lockout device
Automatic set and release hand brake
Braking force control system for vehicle
Magnet valve, in particular for a traction-controlled hydraulic vehicle brake system
Article attachment system
Device for locking the end positions of moving points components
Three-sectional golf cart structure
Push cart transferable to a back holder or a chair
Carrying cart for trolling motor and battery
Upper connecting structure of center pillar for automobile
Lift and dump bed
Wind dam for use with tractor-trailers
Motorcycle windshield assembly
Illuminated foot peg
Lighting apparatus for bicycles
Aerodynamic frame for a bicycle
Light-generating bicycle pedal
Modular track for sustaining and towing loads and the panel required to build it
Boat propulsion system
Marine power steering system
Electric rudder propeller of lower installation height
Window attachment method
Dual-flight mode tandem rotor wing
Flexible airflow separator to reduce aerodynamic noise generated by a leading edge slat of an aircraft wing
Cargo drop system with cargo parachute and process for stabilization of a cargo drop system by means of a cargo parachute following the drop from the aircraft
Active satellite dispenser for reusable launch vehicle
Packaging apparatus for roll product and package of roll product
Continuous strip bag feeder and loader with pivotable integrated printer assembly
Individual plastic fastener and needle for dispensing the same
Loop pin connecting device
Printable envelope with L-shaped addition
Dispenser apparatus for squeezable and collapsible tubes
Container latch valve
Container for providing easy access to beverage cans
Multi-purpose packing, shipping and display container
Carton for fragile article
Stabilizing two-bottle carrier
Blister packs
Sealed three-sided pouch with two chambers
Light-sensitive material package
Hose direct canister lid
Container for liquid cosmetic product
Child-resistant container
System for dispensing multi-component products
Aerosol dispenser spraying apparatus
Windshield packaging system using pressure-regulated clamps
Storage container for recorded media
Cargo freight container
Venturi system using closed loop air return for conveying flexible fabrics
Method and apparatus for pallet removal cargo queuing and stowage of stacks of cartons of frozen animal products
Unit and method for discharging loose material from a dispensing device
Step-wound package of tape
Adhesive means for connecting a web end on a material roll and corresponding method
Computer system interface surface with coded marks
Rotary signature transport device
Paper processing apparatus including payment unit equipped for selective use with alternative detachably connected reception units
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus equipped with the sheet conveying device
Method and device for winding cable onto a cable drum
Hydraulic lifting device with a rapid mechanical lift to chassis of vehicle
Storage and dispensing of carbonated beverages
Combination push button and bottle lever for activating a water valve in a product dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compact fuel processor
Composition for removing trace impurities from inert, non-reactive and reactive liquids
Method for recovering titanium compound, process for preparing titanium halide, and process for preparing catalyst for polymer production
Vertical phase separation in anaerobic digestion
Batch style wastewater treatment apparatus using biological filtering process and wastewater treatment method using the same
Process for treating acid mine water with moderate to high sulfate content
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Lightweight joint treatment formulation
Formula for plaster
Kiln plant control system
Minimum signature propellant
Process to produce a dilute ethylene stream and a dilute propylene stream
Dispersion resins containing itaconic acid for improving wet abrasion resistance
Method of purification of polymeric medical device materials using continuous soxhlet extraction
Compositions comprising inorganic UV absorbers
Soy protein based adhesive containing a vegetable oil derivative
Inkjet printing method
Colorant compositions
Ink for use in ink jet recording
Water base ink set for ink-jet recording
Inks having high molecular weight polysaccharides
Method of forming coating films and coated article
Sheet-form, curable pressure-sensitive adhesive
Control of dust
Process for flash carbonization of biomass
Sulfur transfer additive for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons and a catalytic cracking process of hydrocarbons using the same
Packaged stackable charcoal briquet
Device and method for determining the concentration of a substrate
Moving-hearth heating furnace and method for making reduced metal agglomerates
Method for controlling and adjusting the concentration of a gas component in a melt and a device for carrying out the same
Steam turbine and power generating equipment
Method of fabrication of free standing shape memory alloy thin film
Method for preparing low-resistant p-type SrTiO3
High throughput vaporizer
Aqueous alkaline zincate solutions and methods
Method of improving sliding surfaces in anti-seizure property
Electrolytic process for preparing metal sulfonates
Hydrogen producing apparatus
Process for the electrochemical preparation of chlorine from aqueous solutions of hydrogen chloride
Re-usable mandrel for fabrication of ink-jet orifice plates
Functional alloy plating using substitute bonding material for Pb and electronic component to be mounted to which the functional alloy plating is applied
Method for the galvanic deposition of nickel, cobalt, nickel alloys or cobalt alloys with periodic current pulses
Textiles; Paper
Mediator systems based on mixed metal complexes, used for reducing dyes
Method of cleaning sulfide contaminated condensates
Apparatus for gasification of spent liquor
Fabric for use in the manufacture of tissue products having visually discernable background texture regions bordered by curvilinear decorative elements and method thereof
Drying section and method for drying a paper web
Method and arrangement for positioning a shoe of a shoe press/shoe calendar in a paper machine
Protein and starch surface sizings for oil and grease resistant paper
Fixed Constructions
Rail mounting assembly
Ditch forming apparatus and method
Highway safety net
Road-marking system
Tensioned fence with self-closing, self-latching gate
Latching system
Latch mechanism
Drivable flap hinge
Deal drawer apparatus
Tubular threaded joint with reinforced stop
Expandable slotted tubing string and method for connecting such a tubing string
Gas carry-under monitoring and control system
Method of predicting formation temperature
Riser tensioning construction
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable displacement vane pump with variable target regulator
Brush seal arrangement for high pressure applications
Shroud for the roots of variable stator vanes in the high-pressure compressor of a gas turbine
Compound tip notched blade
Aperiodic struts for enhanced blade responses
Piezo solenoid actuator and valve using same
Exhaust gas purification filter
Personal watercraft
Outboard motor
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including engine with turbocharger, and lock-up clutch
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including engine with turbocharger, and lock-up clutch
Injection valve having a bypass throttle
Fuel injection valve
Spray pattern control with angular orientation in fuel injector and method
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection
Wind turbine structure
Piston supporting structure for linear compressor
Enclosure for an air compressor
Reciprocating compressor having an exhaust valve controlled by an electromagnet
Switching system for a reciprocating piston pump
Rotary vane pump with multiple sound dampened inlet ports
Integrated pump with serial-connected pump units arranged in parallel
Cooling fan with flashing light effect
Integrated structure of ceiling fan base and frame
Ceiling fan air cleaner and freshener
Center console dual centrifugal fan blower
Fan grill assembly
Motor and its blade unit
Flexible metal element fan isolation mount
Combined connecting and alignment system for composite fiber building panels
Fastener for clamping members having a certain spacing from each other while maintaining the certain spacing therebetween
Screw having a head with concave underside
Fastener device
Washer having oil-bearing holes
Step-rotating device
Roller bearing having streaked grinding trail on roller end face
Clutch for automobiles
Roller clutch assembly
Method of controlling a dual clutch transmission
Helical coil spring damper assembly
Transmission for wind generators
Speed change gear for automatic transmission
Control device and control method for a vehicular automatic transmission
Sealing assembly for relatively rotating mechanical members
Magnetic encoder and wheel bearing assembly using the same
Mechanical face seal
Dry gas shutdown seal
Fluid cooled diaphragms for diaphragm compressors
Seat ring for valves
Electromagnetic valve
Valve for gas systems
Reinforced diaphragm valve
Video game controller holster
Off-axis reducible support structure
Flexible connection system for a mounting device
Hand-held flashlight applicable for illumination of long distance and 360-degree sector
Dual mode rechargeable flashlight
Stick type of Christmas ornamental light device
Circular fluorescent lamp unit and lighting apparatus
Spotlight with locking swivel-joint handle
Backlight module with heat dissipation structure
Luminaire providing direct and indirect lighting
Intense brightness optical system
Illumination apparatus
Fuel staging methods for low NOx tangential fired boiler operation
Straight path carbon powder combustion machine
Multi-stage combustion using nitrogen-enriched air
Outdoor fireplace with cascading waterfall fire screen
Methods and apparatus for recirculating air in a controlled ventilated environment
Portable, evaporative cooling unit having a self-contained water supply
Mobile apparatus for treatment of wet material
Method for operating an air-to-air missile and corresponding missile with autonomous or semi-autonomous modes
Bordered flying tool
Apparatus, systems, and methods for measuring power output of an ultrasound transducer
Infrared thermometer for performing temperature measurements at different sites
Temperature sensor and method for operating a temperature sensor
Microband electrode arrays
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Method of examining and diagnosing skin health
Socket for electric part
Overlapped scanning for multi-directional compounding of ultrasound images
Confocal ellipsoidal mirror system for wide field of view imaging
System and method for providing images for an operator of a vehicle
Projection optical system and projector using the same
Cross-shaped beam laser ray device and lens
Method of connecting optical fibers, an optical fiber therefor, and an optical fiber span therefrom
Fiber optic integrated circuit package using micromirrors
Release mechanism for pluggable fiber optic transceiver
Robust fiber connector
Optical coupler
Optical fiber connector system
Connection device for optical fibres
Optical module
Fiber-pigtailed assembly
High-density optoelectronic transceiver assembly for optical communication data links
Frame for retractable spectacles with endogenous articulations
Shaped ophthalmic lenses
Model for representing an ophthalmic lens surface
Aspherical spectacle lens with prismatic power to correct phoria
Structure for combining assistance sunglasses to glasses
Method and apparatus for backlighting a dual mode liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for bonding substrate plates together through gap-forming sealer material
Photographic film container, film assembly and loading method
Electronic apparatus with height-adjusting device
Generating an inhibit signal by pattern displacement
Reticle cleaning without damaging pellicle
Thermostat system with location data
Obstetrics measure and calculator
Method, apparatus, and system of card and connector retention
Distal chording keyboard
Two-stage ejection mechanism of card connector
Printing apparatus and printing system
Device for coding and marking objects
Information card system
Electrical charger integrating a business card scanner therein
Light source mechanism of barcode scanner
Method for receiving and shipping items
Remote banking during fueling
Advertisement distribution system and server
System and method for providing and scoring an interactive puzzle
Method and apparatus for securing a computer-based game of chance
Gaming system with individualized centrally generated random number generator seeds
Car wash entry station with security vault
Game machine
Sequential gaming
Variable pressure document infeed transport apparatus for use in a self-service terminal
Automated banking machine diagnostic system and method
Method and apparatus for surgical training
Floor covering installation simulation system and method
Method and system for analyzing student performance in an electronic course
Process for the automatic creation and monitoring of a progress plan for a training course by a computer
Training methods for aircraft simulator pilot
Distributed architecture for magnetic fare card processing
Recording tape cartridge
Compact disc container
Suspension assembly for magnetic disk glide and burnish applications
Nanocomposite magnet and method for producing same
Connector apparatus for switch
Methods of forming field emitter display (FED) assemblies
Plasma reactor having RF power applicator and a dual-purpose window
Magnetron for a vault shaped sputtering target having two opposed sidewall magnets
Self ionized sputtering using a high density plasma source
Arc tube for discharge lamp and method of fabricating the same
Coating apparatus
Method and apparatus for radiation assisted electrochemical etching and etched product
Method and structure for small pitch z-axis electrical interconnections
Method for manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor and a light-emitting device using group III nitride compound semiconductor
Substrate processing apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus, substrate inspection method and substrate processing system
Lithium-ion cell and method for activation thereof
Battery useable only in a fire/smoke detector unit
Board-to-board flex connector
Electric connector provided with a shield plate equipped with thrust shoulders
Socket assembly
Straddle electrical connector with two-stage connecting clamp
Electrical power connector for flexible circuit board
Sub-chassis orienting connectors for a motherboard and mounted to a panel prevents connector rotation
Coaxial connector with switch
Electric bus bar, the use thereof and a method for producing the same
Electrical terminal
Male terminal fitting and method of forming it
Male terminal fitting
Female terminal fitting
Female terminal with sacrificial arc discharge contacts
IC socket with resistant mechanism
Conductive elastomeric contact system with anti-overstress columns
Conducting terminal structure
Storing lid for electronic devices
Electrical connector with molded plastic housing
Low profile flexible cable connector assembly
Cable assembly
Contact protection housing, injection pump and method for mounting a contact protection housing with the aid of an adapter
Connector for printed circuit board
Electrical connector including split shield monitor point and associated methods
Cable assembly having arrangement for organizing cable
Accessory for a portable electronic device
Apparatus for locking a plug
Apparatus for securing a cable assembly within an enclosed electronic system
System and method for preventing cable discharge events
Circuit board straddle mounted connector
Modular terminal block with surge protection
Shielding arrangement in connector and connector
Finger proof power connector
Analog and digital audio connector
Connector to couple a monitor to a computer
IEEE-1394 adapter
Electrical plug
Adapter structure
Two-piece right angle contact edge card connector
Serial ATA interface connector
Press contact terminal and electic connection box using the press contact terminal
Terminal fitting and a connector
Electrical connector having a wire guide
Waterproof connector which can be improved in assembling workability
Sealed coaxial cable connector and related method
Signal line connector
Coaxial cable connector
Method and apparatus for making spark plug
Device for fixing switchgears on mounting rails
Distribution box
Watertight flush poke-thru cover with snap-on lids
Method of manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Radio communication apparatus and radio frequency correcting method
Interconnection pin/socket components for electrically connecting two circuit boards and method for mounting said components in a circuit board
Twisted flat electrical terminal
Apparatus and method for rackmounting a chassis
Self-locking mechanism for a hot pluggable printed circuit board
Mechanical case for housing electronic products with integrated connector
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