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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural implement with treader-reel finishing attachment
Automated planter for planting seedlings in obstacle-strewn and/or uneven terrain
Metering disk of a distribution device for granular material
Type of lettuce and methods of production
Animal warming enclosure
Kit for assembling an aquarium aquaponic assembly and aquarium aquaponic assemblies thereof
Trolling weight
Mosquito destructor system
Real-time counting insecticidal lamp
Combination duster and sprayer device
Mobile insect killing system
Substituted 5-hydroxy-2,3-diphenylpentanonitrile derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and/or plant growth regulators
Fumigant compositions and methods based on hexafluoropropylene oxide (HFPO)
Substituted pyridine compounds having herbicidal activity
Vaporized administration of pesticides
Process and system for preparing dry milk formula
Apparatus and method for processing loose products
Smoking apparatus with a pump and a method of using same
Atomization assembly, electronic cigarette with a limited lifetime and method of limiting the lifetime of the electronic cigarette
Method and device for protecting the human body from foot strike shock
Athletic headband with removable cooling elements
Helmet-chin mount for accessories, including cameras
Sole for aerated footwear
Fastening system and method
Replacement indicating brush
Paint brush with modified handle
Furniture system
Rotary support and table assembly
Laptop support
Zero-wall clearance linkage mechanism with power seat drive
Automatic transmission sport and manual mode external bump stimulation to support shift experience
Bouncing support structure for baby walker
Temporary display rack
Picture mounting apparatus, system and method
Decorative headstone accessory apparatus
Method, system and capsule for preparing a beverage
Splash guard system
Vertical smoker and cooker for food
Device for use in a blender
Genitalia washing assembly
Movable device
Dispensing toothbrush assembly
Endoscope with adjustable viewing direction
Percutaneous tether locking
Ultrasonic surgical instrument
Static pointing device applicator
Easy glide abrasive tip for a microdermabrasion device
Expandable implant
Interlaminar fixation device
Osteotomy device, in particular for performing extreme SCARF osteotomy in the treatment of severe Hallux Valgus
Bone screws and bone screw systems
Low profile fluid enhanced ablation therapy devices and methods
Hair removing laser shaver
Method, system and computer program for measuring light diffusion in the eyeball or in the ocular region
Simultaneous multi-parameter physiological monitoring device with local and remote analytical capability
Devices and methods for sexual wellness
Automatic recognition, learning, monitoring, and management of human physical activities
Wearable physiological monitoring and notification system based on real-time heart rate variability analysis
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Dental implant and method for producing same
Positioning device for ostial lesions
Pelvic floor treatments and related tools and implants
Flow diversion device
Stent delivery system having anisotropic sheath
Sheet tissue products
Body augmentation device
Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves
Durable multi-layer high strength polymer composite suitable for implant and articles produced therefrom
Substrate with a structured surface and methods for the production thereof, and methods for determining the wetting properties thereof
Multi-component implant assembly with dual articulating and/or rotating surfaces
Assembly tool
Graft systems having filling structures supported by scaffolds and methods for their use
Sleeping beauty mask
Massager communication device, system, and method
As-needed, time controlled medication dispenser and methods
Honey bee mite disruptive compounds and methods of application
Topical solution of isotretinoin
Cadotril particles
Extending and maintaining micropore viability of microneedle treated skin with lipid biosynthesis inhibitors for sustained drug delivery
Methods of manufacturing oral formulations
Pharmaceutical formulation containing irritant
Fumagillol heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using same
Application of maltotriose-coated 4th generation poly(propyleneimine) dendrimer PPI-G4-OS-Mal-III
Supplemented antacid formulation
Allogenic mesendritic vector for ovarian cancer
Compositions and methods for improving human health and nutrition
Composition comprising an extract of herbal medicine processed by an oriental herbal medicine processing
Multi-carotenoids compositions and methods
Peptidomimetic macrocycles as modulators of MCL-1
Peptidomimetic macrocycles
Peptides and compositions thereof for improvement of glycaemic management in a mammal
Compositions and methods for treating beta-amyloid related diseases
PH responsive hybrid hydrogel and method of synthesis thereof
Oral composition for reinforcing skin tolerance following topical administration of a retinoid compound
Inhalable pharmaceutical compositions
Porous nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for targeted delivery and methods of using same
Compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer
Dialkyl sulfosuccinate compositions, method of making, and method of use
Methods of preparing oral controlled release formulations
Drug releasing medical catheters, tubes, and devices
Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes
Device and method for monitoring an extracorporeal blood treatment
Resuscitation device with onboard processor
Double bellow occluder for sclerotherapy
System and method for optogenetic therapy
Dual-chamber cylinder-piston unit for the lyophilisation, storage, reconstitution and application of injection solutions for an injector, and method for filling the cylinder-piston unit
System and method for optogenetic therapy
Computer controlled solid state lighting assembly to emulate diurnal cycle and improve circadian rhythm control
Nozzle positioning device
Lever arm-inclined plane-wheel/axle-intertial/frictional resistance-gravitational exercise apparatus
Multi-purpose exercise glove
Game ball with grip zones
Shuffler and method of shuffling cards
Online computer game systems and methods for facilitating financial investment
Through the water projectile toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Kiln baghouse with dynamically selectable and reconfigurable polishing and non-polishing operations
Coating methods using organosilica materials and uses thereof
Materials and methods for reducing biofouling in water treatment membrane systems
Method of producing composite for acid gas separation and apparatus for producing same
Vacuum mixing device with operating element and pump for mixing polymethylmethacrylate bone cement
Mixing device for mixing liquids in a mixing tank
Arc reactor and process for producing nanoparticles
Organosilica materials and uses thereof
Method of preparation of nanoparticular metal oxide catalysts
Process for selective deep hydrodesulfurization of a hydrocarbon feedstock using an unsupported nanocatalyst made by laser pyrolysis
Catalyst and method for producing maleic anhydride
Fischer-Tropsch catalyst activation procedure
Water and dirt separator
Multistage decompression and micro flow atomizing nozzle
Method and system for recovering and displacing fluid from a pipe
Methods and systems for engagement of decorative covering
Device and method for forming hollow cylindrical bodies
Manufacturing method and robotic assembly system
Continuous casting method for ingots obtained from titanium or titanium alloy
Process of dough forming of polymer-metal blend suitable for shape forming
Silver powder and method for producing same
Apparatuses and methods for cutting a reverse spot-face in a workpiece
Method for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped object and three-dimensional shaped object
Method and apparatus for forming a hard disk drive base plate with an extended height
Zero-point fixture
Ramp device
Method and facility for cutting concrete product
Polishing pad, polishing apparatus and method for manufacturing polishing pad
Polishing pad, polishing apparatus and method for manufacturing polishing pad
Two joint module and arm using same
Disposable plastic knives with serrated cutting edge
Tire bead wire remover
Miter saw extendable fence attachment
Power equipment shipping
Adiabatic high pressure generation
Polydimethylsiloxane sheet, optical element incorporating the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Heat recoverable tube assembly and adhesive composition for heat recoverable tube assembly
Coated cutting tool and a method for coating the cutting tool
Floor panel and floating floor system incorporating the same
Composite material cutting system and method utilizing a weight distribution map
Devices for substrate adhesion
Photo-activated hydrophilic coatings and methods for their preparation and use
Electroconductive film laminate comprising transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive layer
Printing assembly
Media guides for use in printers and methods for using the same
Tape cartridge and tape printer
Method of operating a printing device and an image generation kit
Automatic inkjet head cleaning method for powder bed and inkjet 3D printer
Remote ink supply
Thermally printable paper article with elastic underlayer
Wheel rim retainer
Heavy vehicle tire bead
Air-drag powered devices for vehicle wheels
Cowl cross assembly structure for vehicle
Air vent
Pulley apparatus
Vacuum blocker
Power transfer structure of vehicle
Adaptable hub motor and related systems and methods
Threader device for a child safety seat
Vehicle seat
System and method for detecting an unattended living presence in a vehicle
Covering members
Energy-absorbing member
Seat belt retractor and seat belt apparatus provided with same
Anti-theft vehicle brake
Ratcheting strap kit
Wiper fluid container, member designed to be connected to that container, and device comprising said container and member
Washing tunnel for motorcycles
Vehicle washing installation
Hydraulic power unit and braking system for a vehicle
Fuel injection control apparatus for engine
Brake control device
Work vehicle
Device for preventing sudden unintended acceleration
Minimizing engine pull-ups and gear shifts in a hybrid vehicle
Method of controlling engine speed of hybrid vehicle
Control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Driver profiling system and method
Zip line apparatus
Snow surface skimmer
Cart ski system
Pedal driven cart system
Motor vehicle body
Beam for producing a metal framework
Motor vehicle body with multi-shelled wheelhouse
Steering device
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Accessory for a self-balancing board
Bicycle control device
Systems and methods for automatic configuration and automatic calibration of continuously variable transmissions and bicycles having continuously variable transmissions
Barge and assembly method
Heat-insulation system for liquefied natural gas cargo hold
Rapid water ambulance for transport of the injured, patients and the like
Selectively deployable fin system for watercraft and method of use
Row boat for rowing training
Gears for reversing rowing motion for oars
Field of electric actuating systems aboard aircrafts
Remote controlled aircraft
Quad modular lavatory with alcoves
Mobile seat systems that utilize seat tracks
Method and apparatus for forming barriers within cavities
Molded fuel tank and method of manufacturing the same
Yarn packaging and delivery system
Continuous rotary machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products
Full motion wrapping apparatus
Bottle carrier and case packaging machine
Pallet with extruded composite support blocks and associated methods of making the same
Tube head comprising an insert forming a barrier and allowing the insert to be centered
Carton with locking feature
Sealing structure for plastic packing box
Push tie-type fastener without surface penetration
Universal lock for the hook of a roll-off container and method of use
Conveyer and method of controlling the same
Automatic infeed tipper, and apparatus and method for controlling automatic infeed tipper
Sheet processing apparatus
Door system for an elevator installation
Brake for elevator systems
Hoisting apparatus with enclosure and lifting platform
Gripping device for handling reinforcement cages for tower segments of a wind turbine
Skid loader attachment
Apparatus for filling a container with a liquid which is intended, in particular, for consumption
Refrigerator and dispenser
Tube cosmetic container
Cosmetic container comprising push button having resilient upright nozzle
Dispenser and method for dispensing fluids from a fluid container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosphorus absorption by hydration and fluorine recovery for fume exiting kiln in kiln phosphoric acid process
Full-flow wastewater sewer systems
Solar cooling and water salination system
Substrate for solidifying a silicon ingot
Process for the production of ethylene, vinylidene, and hydrogen chloride from ethane
Process to produce paraffinic hydrocarbon fluids from light paraffins
Uncatalyzed sigmatropic rearrangement of tyrosine-based compounds
Heterocyclic compound
Glutathione-cleavable prodrug and methods of use thereof
Therapeutic inhibitory compounds
Cyclic compounds substituted by a condensed ring system
Naphthyridine derivatives useful as .alpha..sub.v.beta..sub.6 integrin antagonists
1,9-diazaspiro undecane compounds having multimodal activity against pain
Pyrazolo[1,5a]pyrimidine derivatives as IRAK4 modulators
Design, synthesis, and biological activity of platinum-benz[c]acridine hybrid agents and methods associated therewith
Hamamelitannin analogues and uses thereof
Methods of treating a metabolic syndrome by modulating heat shock protein (HSP) 90-beta
Methods for reducing chromatin content in protein preparations by treatment with alkyl cations
Antibodies against human CSF-1R and uses thereof
Method of treating cancer with a combination of an anti-CCR4 antibody and a 4-1BB agonist
Ligands for prevention of neurotoxicity of the alzheimer's disease related amyloid-beta peptide
Process for the preparation of bortezomib mannitol ester
Propylene polymer for high-tenacity fibers and nonwovens
Propylene homopolymer for high-tenacity fibers and nonwovens
Stimuli-responsive interpolymer complex coated hollow silica vesicles
Thickened polymer
Condensation polymers for antimicrobial applications
Hollow nano-particles and method thereof
Elastomer structure containing carbon nanotubes and method for producing the same
Thermally-conductive salt-containing particles of carbon black and metal
Epoxy resin-based gel coat for surface finishing of components made of fibre-reinforced plastics
Molding material, molding method using same, method for producing molding material, and method for producing fiber-reinforced composite material
Pyrolysis systems with solids recycle
3D printing with PHT/PHA based materials and polymerizable monomers
Method of preparing sturgeon skin gelatin and sturgeon skin gelatin film with antioxidant activity
Adhesives, UV-crosslinkable PSAs and bonding agents with UV-crosslinked PSAs
Adhesive composition and uses thereof
Particles with quantum dots and method of making the same
Liquid crystal compositions comprising mesogenic compounds, and devices for high-frequency thechnology
Composition containing 1,1,-difluoroethane and 3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Compositions and processes for downhole cementing operations
Acidizing fluids and methods for use in subterranean formations
Method for performing pyrolysis and a pyrolysis apparatus
System for evaporating volatile material to recycle oil shale extraction residue, and method for recycling oil shale extraction residue by using same
Noble metal hydrogenation catalysts with low cracking activity
System and process for combusting cleaned coal and beneficiated organic-carbon-containing feedstock
Systems and methods for making bioproducts
Soluble unit dose comprising a composition
Product for reconditioning a surface and methods for reconditioning a surface
Methods for decarbonating fermented liquids
Microcin and uses thereof
Materials and methods for identifying and using yeast strains that metabolize pentose sugars in the presence of D-glucose
Methods for producing heterologous polypeptides in mutants of trichoderma
RNA-interference by single-stranded RNA molecules
Therapeutics with conformationally restricted monomers
Fungal resistant plants expressing HCP5
Host cells with artificial endosymbionts
Method of manufacturing an amino-acid composition using animal by-products
Method of adjusting the conditions of biological processes and a reactor for carrying out the method
Detoxifying pre-treated lignocellulose-containing materials
Markers of tumor cell response to anti-cancer therapy
Sensitive and rapid method for Candidatus liberibacter species detection
Hardening tool and method for producing hardened profiled shaped articles
Copper alloy and process for producing the same
Damping method including a face-centered cubic ferromagnetic damping material, and components having same
Electric Al--Zr alloy plating bath using room temperature molten salt bath and plating method using the same
Textiles; Paper
Clipping device for holding a textile piece for a washing process and/or drying process
Method of controlling a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle barrier system
Water catchment and soil treatment system
Nonfloating oil fence boom
Method for reducing swell potential of expansive clay mineral and expansive clayey soil with molecular level simulation
Demolition system
Solar panel truss deployable from moving carrier
Support column system for supporting at least one computer installation
Insulating glass style solar heat collector and building using solar energy for heating and cooling
Board adjuster
System to deter external climbing of open stairs
Safety and debris drop netting system and related methodology
Shelter and method of use
Dual-locking LOTO locking pins
Vehicle door handle comprising two levers
Draft guard
Earth-boring drill bits with nanotube carpets
Auger cleaning apparatus
Jumper tube connection for wellscreen assembly
Reciprocating pumps for downhole deliquification systems and pistons for reciprocating pumps
Downhole repeat micro-zonal isolation assembly and method
Enhancing complex fracture networks in subterranean formations
System to heat water for hydraulic fracturing
Use of metal silicides in hydrocarbon production and transportation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydrostatic positive displacement machine
Pin supported CMC shroud
Ceramic component for a turbomachine
Engine component
Wedge clutch for a camshaft phaser
Hydraulic valve for the cam phaser
Exhaust gas control apparatus and exhaust gas control method for internal combustion engine
Direct-injection internal-combustion engine with dual sheet angle for producing a fuel mixture in a combustion chamber with dual combustion zone and low compression ratio, and method for using same
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Engine system and controller, control system and control method for engine system
Controller of internal combustion engine equipped with electric supercharger
Control apparatus of engine
Crank-drive with bearings having micro-ramp structures of asymmetric form
Transition duct arrangement in a gas turbine engine
Engine control device
Actuation pivot shaft face seal
Method for crankcase ventilation in a boosted engine
Canister for vehicle having auxiliary canister
Fuel supply device
Suction filter
Piezo injector with hydraulically coupled nozzle needle movement
Ignition timing control device and ignition timing control system
Cooled composite sheets for a gas turbine
Reciprocating motion energy conversion apparatus
Production tubing and pump driver control lines combination for suspending progressive cavity pump and pump driver in a production assembly
Mechanical combustion-engine-driven fluid pump with a magneto-rheological multi-disk clutch
Columnar air moving devices, systems and methods
Offset anchor device
Fixing device for a circuit plate to a carrier, circuit arrangement and method for fixing a circuit plate to a carrier
Foldable bicycle with cable decoupling mechanism
Pressure roller bearing for a pallet car
Hydraulic control device, control method of thereof, and automatic transmission
Multi-disk clutch
Wedge clutch assembly having segmented wedges and wedge clutch assembly having an axially displaceable assembly
Method for determining a characteristic curve of a clutch of a clutch activation system in a drivetrain, in particular of a motor vehicle
Brake-lining retainer, in particular for wheel brake disks of rail vehicles
Elevator brake force and distance sensor
Apparatus for damping machining vibrations
Vibration-limiting module and device, structural segment for a structural installation, and wind turbine having a vibration-limiting module
Dual clutch transmission for a motor vehicle
Metal pipe having a connector
Locking device for pipes
Device and method for securing a drain tile
Lubrication system and method of making the same
Flagpole illumination device
Flexible light emitting diode lighting process and assembly
Vehicle lamp unit and rotary light shielding member
SMD LED module based light
Trailer light system
Glove with light
Illuminated trim assembly
Combustion control device, combustion system, combustion control method and program
Methods and apparatus for efficiently pressurizing and ventilating an air-supported structure
Cooking appliance
Energy efficient thermally dynamic building design and method
Outdoor unit of air conditioner
Methods and systems for mini-split liquid desiccant air conditioning
Heating-medium heating unit and vehicle air conditioner using the same
Evaporative cooling system
Under counter insulated enclosure
Method and apparatus for argon recovery in a cryogenic air separation unit integrated with a pressure swing adsorption system
Methods and systems for cooling buildings with large heat loads using desiccant chillers
Wall part, heat buffer and energy exchange system
Heat receiving tile formed of carbon fiber composite material and method of manufacturing the same
Steel covering layer and method of surface treatment of heat transfer tube
Cleaning system for tube and shell heat exchanger
Monitoring of support in elevator installations
Analyte sensors, systems, testing apparatus and manufacturing methods
Droplet manipulation device
Device for isolating periphery circulating tumor cells or rare cells, and method of isolating periphery circulating tumor cells or rare cells
Device, system, and method including micro-patterned cell treatment array
Scan test of die logic in 3D ICs using TSV probing
Easy-maintaining LED lamp
Liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for multi-point detection in power-over-Ethernet detection mode
Method and system for using a standby server to improve redundancy in a dual-node data storage system
Systems and methods for creating a near optimal maintenance plan
Methods and tools to debug complex multi-core, multi-socket QPI based system
Trend-analysis scheme for reliably reading data values from memory
System and method for designing digital circuitry with an activity sensor
Network power management apparatus and method
Storage apparatus and method of controlling storage apparatus
Control method and controller for DRAM
Determining availability of data elements in a storage system
Executing host data transfer operations during setup of copy services operations
Latency reduction associated with a response to a request in a storage system
Apparatus to manage efficient data migration between tiers
Storage system having cross node data redundancy and method and computer readable medium for same
Hash-based managing of storage identifiers
Method and apparatus for inclusion of TLB entries in a micro-op cache of a processor
Data type based alignment of data written to non-volatile memory
Data storage system, electronic system, and telecommunications system
Nested user interfaces for multiple displays
Data exfiltration attack simulation technology
Secure storage and replay of media programs using a hard-paired receiver and storage device
Transparent input / output switching between synchronously mirrored storage volumes
Transmission apparatus, transmission method, and transmission system to transmit identification information for virtual directory
Multi-stage interconnection networks having fixed mappings
Method and device for incremental configuration of IMA type modules
Controllably exiting an unknown state of a cache coherency directory
Semiconductor device and control method
Increasing Input Output Hubs in constrained link based multi-processor systems
Methods and structure for performing a rebuild of a logical volume with a serial attached SCSI expander
System and method for evaluating healthcare information technology
Controlling the distribution of messages
Method, system, and computer program product for sending and receiving messages
Automatic mapping of human-meaningful parameters to network-meaningful parameters for traffic importance in home network
Methods and apparatus for using multiple reassembly memories for performing multiple functions
Method and apparatus for enabling device communication and control using XMPP
Distributed comment moderation
Communication apparatus, and communication method therefor
Method to manage network printers and network system using the same
Apparatus and method for automatic channel setup
Predictive data objects
Detecting whether components are functioning together according to an operating hybrid solution
Network visualization system and method of using same
Implementing asyncronous collective operations in a multi-node processing system
System for generating a site pathing report based on real-time analytics data
Method and system for progressively transmitting a voice message from sender to recipients across a distributed services communication network
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
Network access control system and method using adaptive proxies
Focused listening and advertising guide system and method
System and method for authorization of segment boundary notifications
Handling of user access-dependent information in a core network subsystem
Resource migration system and resource migration method
Streaming media search and playback system
Parsing a packet header
Monitor control of devices connected to network
Method and apparatus for use in a communications network
Timing of keep-alive messages used in a system for mobile network resource conservation and optimization
Method and system for upgrading network device
Framework for providing visual context to WWW hyperlinks
Spreadsheet control program, spreadsheet control apparatus and spreadsheet control method
Controller, method, and program product for controlling job information display, and recording medium
Multilingual forms composer
Motorcycle having interactive lean control
Content style detection
Search engine supporting mixed image and text search input
Configuration information management device, distributed information management system and method
Query template definition and transformation
Smart device
Method and system for programming at run-time and dynamic business application
Methods for integrated circuit C4 ball placement
Soft pin insertion during physical design
Physically aware logic synthesis of integrated circuit designs
Power connection for a vehicular acceleration input control apparatus
System and method for detection and treatment of malware on data storage devices
System and method for authenticating documents
Security for a personal communication device
Information processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium that encrypt data in a blob based on a hash value
System and method for sequentially processing a biometric sample
Secure external buffer for hard disk drive system on a chip
Authentication system, authentication server, and sub-authentication server
Method and apparatus for securing confidential data for a user in a computer
Extending the number of applications for accessing protected content in a media using media key blocks
Time clock
Method and apparatus for controlling presentation slides
Methods and platforms for highly available execution of component software
Collaborative device for enabling users to select collaborative content, and method thereof
System and method for application isolation
Systems and methods for determining user output preferences
Intelligent building automation node
Method and apparatus for routing transactions through partitions of a system-on-chip
Sharing of first class objects across multiple interpreted programming languages
Method, system and terminal for acquiring electronic service guide information of mobile phone TV
Character string replacement
Apparatus and method for displaying a three dimensional GUI menu of thumbnails navigable via linked metadata
System for selecting objects on display
Display control apparatus, display control method, and storage medium
Explicit character filtering of ambiguous text entry
System, method, and computer program product for conditionally allowing access to data on a device based on a location of the device
Method and system for addressing a node in tree-like data structure
Using task sequences to manage devices
Finer granted data organization using data sublayers
Generating authentication challenges based on preferences of a user's contacts
Biometric authentication system, biometric authentication server, method and program thereof
Communication apparatus, authentication apparatus, communication method and authentication method
Interfacing an application to data sources via a web service interface
Hardware architecture and scheduling for high performance and low resource solution for QR decomposition
Hybrid storage system with control module embedded solid-state memory
H.264 video decoder CABAC core optimization techniques
Processor to execute shift right merge instructions
System and method for selectively managing a branch target address cache of a multiple-stage predictor
Test failure bucketing
Optimizing applications using source code patterns and performance analysis
Visualization of JVM and cross-JVM call stacks
Failsafe mechanism for dynamic instrumentation of software using callbacks
Virtual image overloading for solution deployment
Computer scheduling product and apparatus therefor
Information processing system and related method thereof
Distributed processing of partitioned stream data including data element group and end data
Analysis of operator graph and dynamic reallocation of a resource to improve performance
Terminal device, communication method used in the terminal device and recording medium
Systems and methods for load balancing drives and servers
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) enhancements for shared logical partitions
Systems and methods for providing coupling joints
Door lock
Power tools having integral GPS-based locating means
Information provision system, electronic device, method and storage medium
Disk clamping mechanism and disk rotating motor provided with same
Updating data stored in a dispersed storage network
Aluminum nanowire arrays and methods of preparation and use thereof
Apparatus for dual speed spin chuck
Power capability estimation for vehicle battery systems
Contactless charger and battery management
Hierarchical channel marking in a memory system
Reproducing data utilizing a zero information gain function
Systems and methods for locating and correcting decoder mis-corrections
Systems and methods for multi-matrix data processing
Authentication with physical unclonable functions
Enhanced privacy ID based platform attestation
Systems and methods for detecting malware on mobile platforms
Methods and apparatus for use in a generic bootstrapping architecture
Method and system for providing a REL token
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages via mobile devices
Confidential message exchange using benign, context-aware cover message generation
Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
Method and apparatus for selecting a version of an entertainment program based on user preferences
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Method and system for updating an interaction document
Systems, methods, and computer products for periodic-fee limited access to videos
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
Method and processing unit for secure processing of access controlled audio/video data
Multi-platform digital television
Method for taking action based on a request related to an electronic media work
Method of restoring AV session and a control point for the same
Communication apparatus
Tankless water heater
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Root ball preserving and transplant facilitating horticultural container and method
Device for attaching a handle
Sprinkler pipeline assembly and related sprinkler
Fishing reel
Disposable pet waste receptacle
Tree-mounted hunting blind
Tree stand with adjustable leveling mechanisms
Collapsible, portable utility cart
Implement with plumbing lines through a main frame tube
Dough press
Glove holding member for supporting protective gloves for transportation and/or cleaning
Fish cleaning device
Splicing tape for splicing webs used as wrapping material for rod-like article together and feeding device of the same
Box for storing matches
Body heating/cooling apparatus
Miniature flashlight having replaceable battery pack and multiple operating modes
Towable wheeled-backpack
Carrier device
Fuel-based appliance with vocal function
Product application device including a dip tube
Hanging pole with sucking disk
Bicycle chain cleaner fitted on a spray can of cleaning and lubricating solution
Modular storage system
Point of purchase display
Device for connecting two sheets, in particular work sheets
Stopper apparatus for slide rail
Reclining chair system
Portable lateral-support headrest
Five-part furniture frame and method of assembly
Structure for mounting a net member to a frame for a seat or backrest of a chair
Padded vandalism resistant disposable vehicular seating insert system
Water basins for heat strain reduction
Lighting device for a display case
Round display rack
Rotary display apparatus for displaying periodicals in a circular array
Point of purchase display
Storage device for face protection gear
Display rack
Commercial container drinking adapter for juvenile use and drinking system
Footwear donning device
Secure delivery apparatus
Magnetic sealing apparatus for portal covering
Privacy screens
Motor pump system with axial through flow utilizing an incorporated flowmeter and pressure controller
Cover for a cooking container and method of using
Thermoreactive beverage stirrer
Cooking pan
Cable reel
Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy
Apparatus and methods for delivering a closure device
Tool for performing end-to-end anastomosis
Expandable cable anchor
Method and apparatus for attaching a conduit to the heart or a blood vessel
Drilling device comprising a bone recuperating trephine
Releasable basket
Automatic stone-tracking system
Connector for securing ultrasound catheter to transducer
Surgical sealing apparatus
Rapidly adjustable threaded pin clamp
Bone anchor
Implantable device for covering and opening in a cranium
Proximal anchors for bone fixation system
Fluid cooled apparatus for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with tissue
Cryosurgical catheter
Electrosurgical generator and method with multiple semi-autonomously executable functions
Surgical Instrument
Radiation emitting apparatus with spatially controllable output energy distributions
Intralumenal contact sensor
Laser treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions
Clinical refractive instruments
Optical device for intraocular observation
Life support apparatus and method for providing advertisement information
System and method for collecting and transmitting medical data
Method for monitoring autonomic tone
Method and apparatus for detecting weak physiological signals
Incentive spirometry devices by the employment of verbal simulated humanlike voices
Mixing chamber and expired gas sampling for expired gas analysis indirect calorimetry
Method and device for positioning a slice level of an x-ray exposure
Change detection for optimized medical imaging
Dental handpiece comprising torque-limiting means
Critical path endodontic instruments for preparing endodontic cavity spaces
Orthodontic bracket
Bronchial flow control devices and methods of use
Disposable knee mold
Prosthesis evaluation assembly and associated method
Method to treat age-related macular degeneration
Pneumatic cot for use with emergency vehicles
Hood with a double wall for a thermotherapy device
Apparatus to assist disabled persons
Syringe guide
Apparatus and method for filling a receptacle with powder
Medicament storage and delivery devices
Method for accurate optical treatment of an eye's fundus
Method and system for use in treating a patient with an anticoagulant to optimize therapy and prevent an adverse drug response
UHV compatible lead through, device and procedure for highly effective production of nuclear spin polarized 3He at high polarization
Inflatable seal
Paracardiac blood pump
Unit dose dry powder inhaler
Blood vessel catheter
Intravascular catheter with axial member
Pump and tube set thereof
Disposable face mask
Air and water hose apparatus for firefighters
Method, chemical and automatic fire extinguishing system using liquified CO.sub.2 to regulate the distribution of fire extinguishing agents
Exercise equipment
Casing structure of wrist exerciser
Exercise board with elastic foot strap
Control panel for use while exercising
Treadmill motor cooling system
Control system of resisting and assisting force for a rehabilitation apparatus
Golf ball
Golf ball placement device
Golf club head
Vibration-absorbing plate for golf club head
Golf tee
Powder dispensing golf ball marker
Multi-function golf training device
Climbing rocks with full outer grip
Skateboard trick master and amusement device
Football training sled
Sportboard storage apparatus
Sight-through aiming device for billiards
Light up pool cue
Electronic card game and method
Gaming device with directional and speed control of mechanical reels using touch screen
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Game and method of playing
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Domino and dice game
Flexible contact connector
Drive shaft assembly for toy vehicles
Inflatable humanoid forms
Bubble bottle and bubble wand
Sound quality box call
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wound polypropylene yarn filter cartridge and method for making same
In-line filtration for a particle-based electrochemical power system
Antirotation device
Fan cylinder for cooling tower
Plural odd number bell-like openings nozzle device for a fluidized bed jet mill
Nozzle body for producing very fine liquid jet flows on water needling devices
Spray nozzle suitable for use in hot corrosive environments and method of use
Manually operable invertible pump for dispensing atomized liquids
Rotating stream sprinkler with turbine speed governor
Painting machine for use with powder paint
Automatic dispenser for underground sprinkler-systems
Conformable pouch reservoir for spray gun
Ultrasound radiation device
Self-piercing rivet setting machine
Apparatus for producing casting mould parts
Equipment for molding foundry parts with improved means positioning sand cores, and related positioning method
Adjustable mold divider for fitting in a conventional ingot mold
Chill tube for the continuous casting of metals
Casting steel strip
Injection molding method and apparatus with reduced piston leakage
Apparatus for manufacturing billet for thixocasting
Gravity type tiltable metal mold casting machine
Metal cutting tool
Milling cutting tool having cutter body mated to an adapter
Milling cutter and insert-carrying cartridge for use therein
Milling tool
Rotatable cutting tool with a fine-adjustment mechanism for a cutting insert
Collapsible stand for a bench-top power tool
Keyway cutter tool and method
Die removal method and apparatus
Apparatus for handling injection molded articles
Robotic cylinder welding
NC program generating method, NC apparatus, computer memory product, and computer program product
Polishing method using an abrading plate
Intermediate lens pad
Endpoint detection for non-transparent polishing member
Hand-held machine tool
Handheld power tool
Disc repair system
Portable automated sharpening apparatus for an operational reel blade mechanism
Method for forming a cutting edge along an edge portion of a blade stock
Polishing apparatus
Two-sided chemical mechanical polishing pad for semiconductor processing
Apparatus and method for sequentially polishing and loading/unloading semiconductor wafers
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Method of achieving very high crown-to-camber ratios on magnetic sliders
Apparatus and process for polishing a substrate
Polishing jig for bearing for use in back-up roll of rolling mill
Polishing device
Gear-shaping grindstone and method of fabricating the same
Reinforced abrasive wheels
Attachment and rapid-chucking system, comprising a rotatably driven, disc-shaped hub
Substrate polishing apparatus
Pneumatic motor-controlled valve of screwdriver
Stapler apparatus to staple stacks of paper with different thicknesses
Machine tool
Apparatus comprising a flexible vacuum seal pad structure capable of retaining non-planar substrates thereto
Stiffening assembly for stiffening the lower frame assembly of a blanking tool
Batch rotary debarker
Apparatus for clearing log jams in disc type chipper
Hollow wooden hockey stick
Self-leveling high heat transfer mold
Glass cover for a vehicle roof and production method therefor
Packaging mold with electrostatic discharge protection
Disk production apparatus and disk produced by disk production apparatus
Extruder mixing
Tire with specified reinforcing ply
Eyeglass manufacturing method using variable index layer
Method and apparatus for changing tire identification means via magnetic inserts
Tire for a vehicle wheel and method of manufacturing the tire
Zipper applicator
Vibration dampening material
Inner paper guide for media shape control in a printer
Mobile printer and paper feeder
Compensation of lateral position changes in printing
Method and apparatus related to informative data associated with graphical image data
Printing apparatus and method
Marker tubing processing methods and apparatus
Printer system including guide plate for guiding print ribbon during printing and guiding document during scanning
Drop-on-demand ink-jet printing head
Fluid ejecting head and fluid ejecting method using the fluid ejecting head
Printing apparatus and method for maintaining temperature of a printhead
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink for inkjet recording, and cartridge and recording apparatus including the ink
Stable printhead assembly
Fluid delivery for printhead assembly
Method for producing liquid discharge head
Integrated micro-droplet generator
Inkjet printhead having nozzle guard with formations for proper alignment
Chamber having a protective layer
Inkjet recording apparatus and cleaning unit for the same
Fluid delivery system for an ink jet print head
Packaging structure for liquid container and unsealing method therefor
Ink tank
Ink cartridge
Keying methods and apparatus for inkjet print cartridges and inkjet printers
Ink cartridge exchanging apparatus used with an image forming device
Ink-jet printing method and apparatus
Wrist rest capable of vertically storing up a keyboard
Liquid droplet ejection apparatus, method of manufacturing electro-optic device, electro-optic device, and electronic apparatus
Printing apparatus and test pattern printing method
Hand held electronic paint brush
Manual imaging device
Personal digital assistant with internal printer
Method and apparatus for associating on demand certain selected media and value-adding elements
Method and apparatus for inserting a spiral binder
Disc management system
Easy-to-load sheet protectors
Telescopic ball-point pen
Marking device, a method of using the same and an accessory kit for the marking device
Mechanical pencil
Wheel bearing device
Distinctive wheel covers
Wheel assembly
Off-road tires having sidewall anti-puncture pads
Radial tire with improved ply line
Hitch assembly
Failsafe actuator
Anti-rolling and anti-pitching system for a motor vehicle, and device for making the same
Tire pressure control arrangement for a motor vehicle
Single passive anti-roll compensator
Suspension system for a transport vehicle
Passenger foot duct
Air-guiding appliance
System for attaching colored insert to vehicle frame assembly
Automotive door sash construction
Seal arrangement
Vehicle door
Seat well storage
Sliding-tilt roof module and cover for a vehicle roof
Open roof assembly for a vehicle, and frame part for application therein
Vehicle and roof assembly
Retractable roof for vehicles
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Actuation mechanism for a tarping system
Joy stick control system for a modified steering system for small boat outboard motors
Closure door system for vehicle filler neck
All wheel drive/four wheel drive transfer case with different front and rear axle ratios
Electronically-controlled rear module for all-wheel drive system
Control system for the drive of a pto for an agricultural vehicle
Vehicle accessory power arrangement
Four-wheel drive apparatus using motor, and method thereof
Automatic stop/start controller for an engine
In-wheel motor for electric automobiles
Occupant restraint device control system and method
Vehicle burglar-proof device built in electromotive seat
Child car seat
Actuating device for a safety means
Neck rest for the back rest of automobile seats, in particular rear seats
Adjustable head restraint or headrest
Electrical automobile car jack
Wheel-lift device with tongue for towing vehicles
Camper shell apparatus for trucks
Collapsible bed cap for trucks
Device for the automatic adjustment of the position of the headlights on a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle lamp unit and method of making the lamp unit
Vehicle door including a cable harness
Routing structure of vehicle connector
Terminal holding and heat dissipating structure
Mount for truck mounted attenuator
Tubular energy management system for absorbing impact energy
Linear actuator with an internal dampening mechanism
Shock absorbing structure for vehicle
Biasing deployment flap and inflatable cushion cover
Air bag device for knee protection
Occupant protective arrangement and a vehicle therewith
Vehicle airbag arrestor
Vehicle instrument panel air bag door assembly
Driver airbag formed contact spring
Cover and housing structure for an airbag module
Structural reinforcement member for an inflatable restraint module
Passenger protection device in a motor vehicle with an airbag module
Safety device for lifting a bonnet of a motor vehicle in the event of a collision
Retractable vehicle step
Removable storage shelf for a vehicle storage compartment
Multi-purpose object holder with selectable sizes
Motor assembly such as an electro-mechanical-brake motor assembly
Brake system having boosted hydraulic accumulator
Self-energizing brake system
Electronically controllable brake actuating system
Upright golf cart
Roller bearing for linear movements
Telescopic mechanism
Energy absorber for motor vehicle steering column
Drift adjustment for skid steering system
Selectively attachable road debris flap/splash guard for vehicles
Tailgate step
Truck bed step apparatus
Retractable stop
Wrap-around cab control layout for bale wagon
Feel control for active steering
Vehicle steering system for kickback reduction
Fifth wheel hitch with rocker
Elastic crawler
Self-propelled agricultural vehicle constructed using a standard row-crop tractor as a base
Vehicle of novel configuration and operation
Bicycle saddle
Quick-mount and pivot base for bicycle seat or the like
Beverage holder for a motorcycle handlebar or the like
Front suspension with three ball joints for a vehicle
Foldable bicycle
On/off damper for bikes
Hand-powered vehicle
Snowmobile front suspension system and method
Snowmobile exhaust exit
Clip for surfboard leash
Floating aluminum box to protect dock workers
Engine control strategy for a marine propulsion system for improving shifting
Mach weighted area ruling for supersonic vehicles
Gas turbine engine nose cone
Forward inboard retracting main landing gear
Air cycle air conditioning with adaptive ram heat exchanger
Air drop device
Pneumatic riser release
Passive cooling system for auxiliary power unit installation
Static discharge cable for aircraft and method of using same
Steerable dual wheel power tug for aircraft
Method and apparatus for propulsion and power generation using spinning electrodynamic tethers
Heat pipe
Food holder
Device for aseptically filling containers
Container drilling apparatus for non-intrusive perforation of pressurized containers
Drive device for packaging machine
Protective packaging unit
Drip feed apparatus for a fuel container
Square bottomed plastic bag stack and method of making same
Reclosable bag having wicket flap and slider-actuated string zipper
Cap for container
Inverted office shipper display
Carton with handle and blank thereof
Container base structure responsive to vacuum related forces
Protective food storage container
Cushion package structure
Suspension packages and systems, and methods of using same
Container closure arrangement
Generation of therapeutic microfoam
Sleeve for digital media disk
Height adjustable mini-support roller for supporting a piece of material
Sealless reciprocating slat conveyor having vertically installable components
Conveyor system for transport of empty luggage carts from remote loading stations to multi-lane retrieval stations and method
Conveyor system and method for transferring stacks of paper or the like to a discharge conveyor
Quick release for article handling mechanism
Venturi system using closed loop air return for conveying flexible fabrics
Trolley device and method for transporting articles along a rail system
Bill receiving/dispensing box
Mechanical media top level elevator
Sheet feeding apparatus
Ribbon supply spool
Winding apparatus having Bernoulli guide shoe leading into roller-core nip and method
Web folding machine
Device and method for distributing a predetermined number of sheets from a group of sheets path
Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Paper transferring mechanism utilizing a swing gear and controlling method thereof
Separation member, and sheet feeding apparatus and image processing apparatus using this member
Skid positioning machine
Transfer apparatus for transferring a workpiece from a moving anvil to a moving carrier
Mail registration and feeding apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for winding a thread reserve and a cross-wound bobbin onto a bobbin tube
Cord storage device
Braille information notification device
Elevator apparatus
Portable emergency drive for an elevator
Rim flange clamp
Emergency braking and shock absorbing device for a lift or suspended load
Fish tape handle with retention feature
Liquid filling system with improved set-up and fill weight calibration/verification capabilities
Valve assembly for use in dispensing beverage
Returnable and reusable, bag-in-drum fluid storage and dispensing container system
Vapor recovery system with ORVR compensation
Low surface energy dripless fuel spout
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Forming a silver coating on a vitreous substrate
Airbag gas generator and an airbag apparatus
Disposable bakeware with improved drip resistance at elevated temperatures
Micromachined lysing device and method for performing cell lysis
Engine bearing
Textiles; Paper
Electrical appliance having a wire winding device
Rotor with multiple foils for screening apparatus for papermaking pulp
Fixed Constructions
Ground covering elements of artificial stone material
Manufacture of articulated, predominantly concrete mat
Counter-balance weight for a modular safety rail
Column-stabilized floating structure with telescopic keel tank for offshore applications and method of installation
Width expandable modular ditch liners
Migratory fish channel associated with one or more dams in a river
Conductor polymer backfill composition and method of use as a reinforcement material for utility poles
Post-stressed pile
Rotary driver for pipe piling
Valve for a water faucet
Grate assembly
Mitred grate and drain cover
Extension ladder attachment
Partition mount
Self-opening enclosure
Submerged water activity platform
Closing device for a vehicle door
Operating arrangement for a sliding door
Latch assembly
Door catch
Cabinet latch
Door assembly
Vehicle door hinge assembly
Spiral rolled laminated bushing
Extension spring strut
Coupling mechanism and panel for sectional door
Adjustable strip door hanger
Lace-like structure of a hive-shaped venetian blind
Double shade with modular end caps and method of assembling same
Venetian blind structure
Roll-up door curtain and guides and bottom bar therefor
Drilling with mixed tooth types
Threaded connection engagement and disengagement system and method
Flapper valve and associated method for single trip retrieval of packer tools
Three-dimensional steering tool for controlled downhole extended-reach directional drilling
Method and apparatus for retrieving equipment from a well
Slim-bore tubing hanger
Gate valve with flow-through gate
Resistive down hole heating tool
Process for mitigation of wellbore contaminants
Three-dimensional well system for accessing subterranean zones
Tubing expansion
Treating apparatus and method for expandable screen system
Optimizing charge phasing of a perforating gun
Lignosulfonate-acrylic acid graft copolymers as sacrificial agents for carbon dioxide foaming agents
Modular design for LWD/MWD collars
Bore bit for very hard material
Mud diverter and method for horizontal drilling
Method for boring and placing bolts for imbedding adhesively and device for carrying out this method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Grommeted bypass duct penetration
Gas turbine cooled shroud assembly with hot gas ingestion suppression
Spring mass damper system for turbine shrouds
Damping system for an expendable gas turbine engine
Turbine nozzle segment
Vane wheel for radial turbine
Strain isolated trim tab
Differential pressure sensing system for airfoils usable in turbine engines
Trailing edge cooling
Fan assembly and method
Solenoid cassette pump with servo controlled volume detection
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Exhaust-gas heat recovery appliance
Accessory drive apparatus
Crankshaft supporter
Rotor blade hub
Vertical axis wind turbine
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Portable hydraulic pump unit
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Head pressure relief assembly
Mechanical pumps
Scroll fluid machine
Electric fan with strain relief connection
Combination water pump/air compressor system
Variable pitch fan
Modified centrifugal fan wheel
Feed pump
Impeller pumps
Expansion dowel bushing with a compressible section
Quick-mountable nut
Sucker assembly
Pivot bearing insert and bearing constructed with the same
Bearing structure
Rolling bearing of a small motor for an information-processing device
Bearing race support without distortion
Shaft assembly safety mechanism
Drive coupling
Clutch release mechanism for compensating for misalignments in a friction clutch of a motor vehicle
Dual layer roll boot
Viscous fan clutch actuated by a heating element and ambient air
Electrorheological clutch
Braking system for a wheeled abrading machine
Drum brake system for vehicle
Hybrid pneumatic-magnetic isolator-actuator
Volume reducing bead plate for air spring
Belt fabric, and power transmission belt and high load power transmission V-belt using such a belt fabric
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic control system of a six-speed automatic transmission
Drive control apparatus for a vehicle and control method thereof
Lockup control or torque converter
Hydromechanical transmission electronic control system for high speed vehicles
Offset starter generator drive utilizing a fixed-offset dual-arm pivoted tensioner
Seal having gaps
Combination metal gasket and seal structure
Mechanical seal having a double-tier mating ring
Multi-chamber oil boom valve
Gate valve
Seal for sealing and load bearing a process tube in a vacuum system
Self-sealing end fitting
Locator tab and associated hose clamp
Twist fitting for air tank connections
Process and apparatus for repairing pipes
Bearing device for the rotor of a rotating machine
Adjustable tripod assembly
Light emitting diode (LED) flashlight
Accessory cartridge for lighting fixture
Decorative lighting system for Christmas trees and other decorative trees and bushes
Luminaires having aperture-modifying structures for producing visually smooth light distributions
Light source for white color LED lighting and white color LED lighting device
Lighting system and housing therefore
Flashlight that can operate with alternative size batteries
LED lighting assembly
Heat dissipating turret for fiberoptic illuminator
Lighted whistle
Metal halide accent fixture with adjustable reflector/beam spread
Methods and apparatus for an LED light engine
Fiberoptic lighting system with shaped collector for efficiency
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display apparatus
Combustion control device
Home comfort appliance
Expansion valve
Heat transport device and electronic device
Heat exchanger
Corrugated heat exchange element
Condensation heat-transfer device
Fin assembly of heat sink
Uniform heat dissipating and cooling heat sink
Apparatus and method for circuit board liquid cooling
Roll having multiple fluid flow channels for use in producing and processing sheet material
Heat exchanger having an improved baffle
Training simulator for sharp shooting
Broadhead with fixed replaceable blades
Housing for probe used to measure temperature through a container wall
Miniature connector with on-board electronics for a thermocouple
Molten cryolitic bath probe
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods
Composite bandwidth marine vibroseis array
Extent of detonation determination method using seismic energy
Transfer optics
Versatile graphical code reader that is configured for efficient decoding
Autostereoscopic display for multiple viewers
Triangular-pyramidal cube-corner retro-reflective sheeting
Packaging for a fiber-coupled optical device
Method and apparatus of pull-lever release for fiber optic modules
Optical fiber coupler reinforcing member and optical fiber coupler
Method and device for the passive alignment of optical fibers and optoelectronic components
Optical module and optical connector having same
Eyewear having both a primary lens frame and an auxiliary lens frame separately coupled to an eyewear platform
Spectacle frame having user-replaceable arm
Optical apparatus
Training aid using vision restriction and method of use
Soft translating contact lens for presbyopia
Backlight module of the liquid crystal display with electromagnetic module
Projection type image display apparatus and image display system
Asymmetric aperture diaphragm placing structure for projection lens and projection type image display apparatus using the same
Projector device
Illuminating optical system and color image projecting device
Light shielding flange
Photographic processing system having a vertical stacker arrangement
Charge roller of developing device for image forming apparatus
Detent escapement for timepiece
Clock assembly having an adjustable configuration
Knockdown floor clock
Apparatus and method for remote monitoring and servicing material application systems
Connecting structure of card, card, and computer system
Portable information terminal device
Checkout device with enhanced security label detection
Integrated circuits with persistent data storage
Method for extending bar code PDF 417 coding capacities
Memory tag and a reader
Noncontact IC card
Smart card reader
Card connector and portable telephone having the same
Web-based mobile information access terminal
Handheld computer
Communication device with a coil configuration for the communication with stationary data carriers
Optical reader having decoding and image capturing functionality
System and method for bin management
Server and units
Voting ballot, voting machine, and associated methods
Secure remote access to metering product enclosure
Gaming device having skill and dexterity element
Gaming device having an improved offer/acceptance bonus scheme
Method and apparatus for providing entertainment content on a gaming machine
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with a player selection feature
Drawing for winners over the internet using receipts and zipcodes
Symbol display device and game machine
Apparatus for demonstrating a skeletal surgical technique
Sign illumination light fixture
System and method for accessing broadcast media in data communication with a broadcast receiving device
Protective case for a disc-shaped data carrier
Plasma display panel and the manufacturing method thereof
Forming organic light emitting device displays on thinner substrates
Card connector having a heat radiation member without inhibiting insertion and removal of a card
Heat dissipation device
Display device with cathode containing lithium and silver and method for making the same
Termination device
Structure curb and cap assembly for mounting a satellite dish
Tool-less terminal connector for side mount-type battery
High speed electrical connector
Quick release connector for connecting terminal board
Plug contact element and a method for manufacturing a housing part for same
Electrical contact with interferential protruding portions
Woven multiple-contact connector
Socket assembly for test of integrated circuit, and its integrated circuit and tester
Card connector
Connector structure for connecting electronic parts
Retractable electric wall outlet assembly
Electrical connector with grounded shutter member
Card reader structure
Plug connection
Dockable connection assembly
Card connector
Releasable electrical connector for use with circuit cards
Connector and mating connector and combination thereof
Triaxial bulkhead connector
ESD type connector
VGA connector with integral filter
Active configurable and stackable interface connector
Connector and a connector system
Filtered electrical connector with ferrite block combinations and filter assembly therefor
Electronic apparatus having function of receiving power cord
Advanced backward compatible connector assembly for electrically connecting computer subsystems
Electrical adapter
Curved and reflective surface for redirecting light to bypass a light source
Press-clamping terminal
Dual function terminal assembly and electric power apparatus incorporating the same
Power cord winding and releasing device
Mount for input/output connector panel
Finishing method for stepping motor stator stack and rotor stack
Duplex scanning device
Index sticker print
Image pickup apparatus with mechanism for stably holding image pickup apparatus
Color combining optical system, image projection optical system, and projection type image display apparatus
Biological information detection system
Data processing system and data processing method
Portable electronic apparatus having external connector fixed at internal circuit board
Surface mountable clip suitable for use in a mobile communication device
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