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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electric power steering system
Cucumber vein yellowing virus (CVYV) resistant cucumber plants (Cucumis sativus L.)
QTL regulating ear productivity traits in maize
Processing a bill of materials
Lotion preparation containing pyridonecarboxylic acid derivative
In situ formation of nanoparticles in resins
Dental intra-oral camera
Producing a three dimensional model of an implant
Dynamically configurable biopotential electrode array to collect physiological data
Body monitoring device, body data acquiring method and method of determining the presence, location and/or stage of a wound
Wound treatment apparatus employing reduced pressure
Smoothened antagonism for the treatment of hedgehog pathway-related disorders
Cilostazol cocrystals and compositions
Method of using .beta.-hydroxy-.beta.-methylbutyrate for the treatment of disease conditions
Betulinic acid derivatives and methods of use thereof
Cosmetic composition comprising a lipid fraction from vegetable source and anticrystaling agent
Inhibiting amyloid-beta peptide/rage interaction at the blood-brain barrier
Indole derivatives or benzimidazole derivatives for modulating IkB kinase
Chemical inducers of neurogenesis
AZA-bridged ring-fused indoles and indolines
O-methylated rapamycin derivatives for alleviation and inhibition of lymphoproliferative disorders
Hydroxy-substituted imidazo[1,2-a]-pyridinecarboxamides and their use
1-(2-phenoxymethylphenyl)piperazine compounds
Pyridinonyl PDK1 inhibitors
Process for the resolution of enantiomers of (3,4-dimethoxy-bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-trien-7-yl)nitrile and application in the synthesis of ivabradine
Dye, photoelectric conversion element using the same, photoelectrochemical cell, and method of producing dye
Dihydro-oxazolobenzodiazepinone compounds, a process for there preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Antimicrobial compositions for treating microbial infections
Lactulose for bowel evacuation
Compositions and methods for treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis
Methods and compositions for treating diseases, disorders or injury of the CNS
Herbal vaporizer with electric heating element
Implantable medical device with single coil for charging and communicating
Hemostasis valve and guidewire pacing system
Multi-frequency electrical field generator and use thereof
Pacing sequence optimization
Switch validation circuit and method
Method of producing a proximal connector end of an implantable lead
Detecting and treatment of sleep apnea
Charged particle beam irradiation system and neutron beam irradiation system
System and method for producing a more harmonious musical accompaniment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Biodegradable polyorganosiloxane demulsifier composition and method for making the same
Dye-encapsulated dispersions suitable for printing applications
Image heating apparatus
Method for patterning metal using nanoparticle containing precursors
Methods for laser cutting tubing to make medical devices
Flame-retardant polylactic acid based resin composition, molded article thereof and method for producing molded article
Print control device
Large-particle semiporous-paper inkjet printer
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus including same
Vehicle heater control apparatus
Systems and methods for determining the target thermal conditioning value to control a rechargeable energy storage system
Tiered, subtractive method to solve a linear constraint function associated with controlling a hybrid powertrain system
Interior rearview mirror system
Power seat device
System for controlling a vehicle head restraint
Vehicle regeneration cooperative braking system
Power steering apparatus and method
Steering and control systems for a three-wheeled vehicle
Medium-feeding device and recording device
Automatic document transportation device and document scanning device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (HFCO 1233xf) by liquid phase fluorination of pentachloropropane
Method for preparing fluorine compounds
Method for producing 1,1,3-trichloro-1-propene
Capture of fluorinated vinyl monomers using ionic liquids
Methods and compositions for preparing lisdexamfetamine and salts thereof
Ring opening of lactones and lactams
Process for preparing benzofurans
Polyfluoroalkylsulfonamido alkyl halide intermediate
Process for producing sulfur-containing amino acid or salt thereof
Method for synthesis of [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) and fullerene derivatives
Method for salting-out extraction of acetone and butanol from a fermentation broth
Process and apparatus for manufacturing pure forms of aromatic carboxylic acids
Bicycloheteroaryl compounds as P2X7 modulators and uses thereof
Process for the synthesis of 3-(2-bromo-4,5-dimethoxyphenyl)propanenitrile, and application in the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Process for the synthesis of 3-(2-bromo-4,5-dimethoxyphenyl)propanenitrile, and application in the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Process for the synthesis of (2E)-3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)prop-2-enenitrile, and application in the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Aldosterone synthase inhibitor
1,2,3-triazole based metal-organic framework as photo-active materials
Process for producing high-quality melamine from urea
Process for the preparation of 2 substituted tetrahydropyranols
Treatment of glycogen synthase kinase-based disease
Process for the preparation of 2-(cyclohexylmethyl)-N-{2-[(2S)-1-methylpyrrolidin-2-yl]ethyl}-1,2,3,4-te- trahydroisoquinoline
3,4-disubstituted 1H-pyrazole compounds and their use as cyclin dependent kinase and glycogen synthase kinase-3 modulators
Phenylpyridine derivative and medicinal agent comprising same
3-substituted-6-(pyridinylmethoxy)-pyrrolopyridine compounds
Hydroxylamine and oxime substituted imidazoquinolines, imidazopyridines, and imidazonaphthyridines
Six-coordinated ruthenium complex
Compound, novel ligand, novel transition metal complex, and catalyst including novel transition metal complex
Coordination complexes, pharmaceutical solutions comprising coordination complexes, and methods of treating patients
Method for bottom-up graphene sheet preparation and bandgap engineering
Method for the manufacture of aminohydroxy diphosphonic acids
Antibodies to tumor associated proteins
Short hairpin RNAs for inhibition of gene expression
Metal salt of crosslinked cellulose derivative
Polymer product and interfacial polymerisation process using raft agent
Curable inks comprising diurethane gelators
High vinyl terminated propylene based oligomers
Polishing pad
Catalyst for producing polyester and method for producing polyester
Method for producing aliphatic polycarbonate
Conductive polymer films grafted on organic substrates
Method for condensing silyl units using a carbene catalyst
Tire, the tread of which comprises a rubber composition a polyvinyl ester resin
Method for increasing the wet coefficient of friction of a thermoplastic elastomer and composition therefor
Elastomer thermoplastic mixtures and compositions having improved properties, method of making said compositions and applications thereof
Alkyl ether compositions and methods of use
Engineering resin thermoplastic silicone vulcanizates
Process for the production of gasoline blending components and aromatic hydrocarbons from lower alkanes
Engineering single-gene-controlled staygreen potential into plants
Gene silencing
Fixed Constructions
Method of determining parameters of a layered reservoir
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compression ratio determination and control systems and methods
System and method for controlling a valve of a cylinder in an engine based on fuel delivery to the cylinder
Combustion detecting method of engine
Maritime current power plant park and a method for its production
Method for reducing vibrations of a wind turbine and control system for reducing vibrations
Wind turbine alternator module
Wind power installation and methods of using a machine frame in a wind power installation
Variable voltage portable vaporizer
Apparatus for and method of heat-treating film formed on surface of substrate
Methods utilizing triangulation in metrology systems for in-situ surgical applications
Optical shear sensor and method of producing such an optical shear sensor
Angle measurement system including magnet with substantially square face for through-shaft applications
Systems and methods for using magnetic field readings to refine device location estimates
Methods and systems for performing flocking while executing a long-range fleet plan
Automated location-intelligent traffic notification service systems and methods
System and method for displaying in-trail procedure (ITP) opportunities on an aircraft cockpit display
Methods and apparatuses for dynamic probe adjustment
Evaluation device, measuring arrangement and method for path length measurement and measuring system and method for a coordinate measuring device and coordinate measuring device
Lighting fixture control systems and methods
Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
Ambient light sensor with reduced sensitivity to noise from infrared sources
Marker-free chromosome screening
QCL spectroscopy system and applications therefor
Optical proximity sensor package with molded infrared light rejection barrier and infrared pass components
Electric power transmission reception system
Optical measuring device and optical measuring method
Wafer screening device and methods for wafer screening
Systems and methods for using an intensity-modulated X-ray source
Method and apparatus for assessing characteristics of liquids
Cell-type-specific patterns of gene expression
Rotary speed detection method and device therefor, reaction liquid viscosity detection method and device therefor, and method for manufacturing reaction product
Current sensor
Data reduction in a multi-node system
Digital wireless network receptacle
Apparatus for testing power supply units based on light emitting diode flickers
Method and apparatus for testing traffic and auxiliary channels in a wireless data communication system
Communication apparatus and heat generation suppressing method
Method and system for estimating battery percentage
Current sensor
Spintronic magnetic nanoparticle sensors with an active area located on a magnetic domain wall
Method for producing magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic sensor, rotation-angle detection device
Piezoelectric oscillator, GPS receiver device, and electronic apparatus
Satellite signal tracking method, position calculating method, and position calculating device
Method and system for adjusting a measurement cycle in a wireless receiver
Method and apparatus for determining location using a hybrid solution
Radiation detection apparatus, radiation detection system and method of manufacturing radiation detection apparatus
Radiation image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup system, and method for manufacturing radiation image pickup apparatus
Scintillators and applications thereof
Scintillator, method for manufacturing scintillator, and radiation detector
Using microseismic data to characterize hydraulic fractures
System and method for obtaining and using downhole data during well control operations
Thermoacoustic RF body coil liner for reduced acoustic noise in an MR system
Method for generating spin waves
Electron spin measurement device and measurement method
Travelling-wave nuclear magnetic resonance method
NMR-DNA fingerprint
Density derived from spectra of natural radioactivity
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Method and arrangement for controlled actuation of a microscope, in particular of a laser scanning microscope
Electrowetting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Display apparatus
Exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus having hologram elements
Multipurpose fiber termination unit
Optical cross-connect apparatus
Optical amplifier and resonator
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Image forming lens, camera device, and handheld terminal
Optical modulator
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display device, method for producing liquid crystal panel, and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing thereof
Display device having higher-layer wiring that does not overlap connection portion
Mobile terminal and method for generating an out-of-focus image
Exposure apparatus, structure, method for setting up apparatus, and device manufacturing method having filling member formed by hardening liquid to support setting leg
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for recovering liquid droplets in immersion lithography
Imaging apparatus and exposure control method
Image capturing device and activation method therefor
Image forming apparatus and method of forming image
Image forming apparatus performing image concentration stabilization control
Image forming apparatus
Electronic apparatus, non-temporary recording medium, communication terminal unit, and operation control system
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus control method, and storage medium storing image forming apparatus control program
Image forming apparatus
Method for assessing transfer pressure uniformity
Fusing device, print device and apparatus for heating belt
Fuser topcoat comprising electrospun non-woven polymer nanofabrics
Replacement fixing belt and method of replacing a fixing belt
Toner consumption calculator, image forming apparatus, and toner consumption calculation method
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, computer program product, and image forming system
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and vibration reducing member
Hydrate monitoring system
Ramp controlled driver for series/parallel solid state lighting devices
Integrated DC converter with improved driving stage
Clock distribution using MTJ sensing
Docking station with rotation mechanism
Docking station for electronic device
Improving motion sensing by identifying a keystroke
Graphical user interface for presenting image evaluation information
Yield computation and optimization for selective voltage binning
Electronic apparatus and information displaying method
Image editing apparatus, image editing method, and recording medium
Graphics render clock throttling and gating mechanism for power saving
Personality / popularity analyzer
Print control device managing a print job based on an instruction from a client terminal
System, information processing apparatus, and printing apparatus
Resource allocation and band assignment in carrier-aggregated wireless networks
Prediction method for monitoring performance of power plant instruments
Systems and methods providing a fuel-efficient RTA implementation with uncertain winds
System and method for archiving data
Decision making using algorithmic or programmatic analysis
Nearly orthogonal latin hypercubes for optimization algorithms
Anticipatory control of the transverse vehicle dynamics in evasive maneuvers
Phrase based document clustering with automatic phrase extraction
System and methods for predicting future trends of term taxonomies usage
Method of displaying adaptive album art for portable terminal and apparatus for providing the same
Workflow automation system and method
Method and system for self-adapting classification of user generated content
Management device, correction candidate output method, and computer product
Database record repair
Systems and methods for exploring and utilizing solutions to cyber-physical issues in a sandbox
Monitoring and control systems and methods
Keyboard system and method for providing improved access to an electronic device
Systems and methods for data anomaly detection
Downhole surveying utilizing multiple measurements
Biological information trend display device and method thereof
Monitoring the health of a blowout preventer
Generator of chaotic sequences and corresponding generating system
Key distribution method and system
Vehicular dual mode master/slave interface
Alphabetic character input apparatus and method thereof
Methods and systems for controlling an information display
Method for transmitting image data through RSDS transmission interfaces
Super low voltage driving of displays
Information input device, image forming device, input control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Touch determination by tomographic reconstruction
Capacitive touch sensing and light emitting diode drive matrix
Stylus and touch input system
System with optical sensor for detecting user input
Optical touch screen
Infrared sensor integrated in a touch panel
Coordinate input apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
In-cell type touch panel
Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for moving on-screen objects without using a cursor
Coordinate input display apparatus
Detecting device, detecting method, and image forming apparatus
Client apparatus, control method therefor, and bookbinding system
Printing system with dynamic sample page preview
Apparatus and method to store information
Adjusting method and system of intelligent vehicle imaging device
System and method for importance sampling based time-dependent reliability prediction
Method and system for electronic file lifecycle management
Syndicated data stream content provisioning
Signal processing arrangement and signal processing method, particularly for electronic circuits
Simulation method
Crowdsensus: deriving consensus information from statements made by a crowd of users
Emotion recognition apparatus and method
Simulating fluid structures
Meteorological phenomena simulation device and method
Image processing apparatus and image processing system with processability determining unit
Image processing apparatus and image processing method to read and prevent loss of coded information
Document and method of producing a document
Image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Method for a printing device that prints while compensating for slippage and device for implementing that method
Inspection apparatus, inspection method, inspection system, and storage medium
Changing a page layout preview picture in accordance with an operation on the preview picture
Image processing apparatus and image processing system having a function to cooperatively output document data for which a total limited number of output times is set
Hybrid dual-modality image processing system and method
Defect estimation device and method and inspection system and method
Method for performing automatic classification of image information
Computing high dynamic range photographs
Image object tracking and segmentation using active contours
Method and apparatus for automatic illuminant compensation in video surveillance
Method and system for head tracking and pose estimation
Biometric scanner with waveguide array
Automatic tone mapping method and image processing device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program and electronic apparatus for extracating a characteristic point from an image
System and method for abdominal surface matching using pseudo-features
Control of mobile robot by detecting line intersections
Apparatus and method for determining a location in a target image
Reproducible segmentation of elliptical boundaries in medical imaging
Determining document fitness using illumination
Method and apparatus for displacement determination by motion compensation
Method to match color image and depth image using feature points
Re-sampling method and apparatus
Synchronization of two image sequences of a periodically moving object
Digital image processing apparatus for recognizing fireworks, method of operating the same, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and method
Optimized fast hessian matrix computation architecture
Content-based image ranking
Device for updating a photometric model
Receptive field learning for pooled image features
System, method and apparatus for voice analytics of recorded audio
Time motion method, system and computer program product for annotating and analyzing a process instance using tags, attribute values, and discovery information
Recommending items to users utilizing a bi-linear collaborative filtering model
Light weight, strong, fire retardant dunnage platform bag and system of loading, dispensing and using bag
System and method for scheduling travel on a charter transport
Dynamic force management system
Methods and systems for assigning operators to print production cells based on relationships
Methods and systems for assigning operators to print production cells based on relationships
System for and method of enhancing patient's healthcare by utilizing provider-generated data
System and method for a private and secure financial transaction system using a central system
Methods, devices, and computer program products for customer operated coupon tracking
System and method for conducting an online auction via a social networking forum
Access rights modification within webpage implementation server system
System to provide price adjustments based on indicated product interest
Method and system for out-of-home proximity marketing and for delivering awarness information of general interest
Web campaign promotion system and method
Pre-paid financial savings and investment card system
Method and apparatus for facilitating user selection of a category item in a transaction
Method and system for providing financing
Systems and methods for generating payment due notifications
Insurance incentive program for promoting the purchase or lease of an automobile
Portable multifunction device with multiple applications
Method of matching orders on an electronic trading system and an electronic trading system for matching orders
System and method for displaying money management information in an electronic trading environment
System and method for displaying profit related information in an electronic trading environment
Display control apparatus and display control method capable of rearranging changed objects
Object-shape generation method, object-shape generation apparatus, and program
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling same, and storage medium
Techniques for synchronizing hardware accelerated graphics rendering and surface composition
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and an image processing program for reducing a feeling of discomfort and displeasure when presenting a three-dimensional image
Image processing apparatus for displaying image on display unit and control method thereof
Graphic processing apparatus and computer-readable medium storing graphic processing program
Image details preservation and enhancement
Aggregating a user's transactions across a plurality of service institutions
Status detector and communication unit and system for remote tracking of padlocks
Virtual ice accretion meter display
Method for setting remote controller and remote controller applying the same
Traffic information creating device, traffic information creating method and program
Wireless sensing and communication system for traffic lanes
Display device with image expansion via peripherial light guide elements
Self-luminous display device and driving method of the same
Display driving circuit, display device and display driving method
Optical system and display
Transflective display apparatus
Display method and display device
Signal conversion circuit, and multiple-primary-color liquid crystal display device provided with same
Systems and methods for text-based personalization of images
Variable display scale control device and variable playing speed control device
Photosensor operating in accordacne with specific voltages and display device including same
Switchable head-mounted display
Display device and method
Enhanced assimilation of orientation-dependent data in a multidimensional data volume
Light emitting device and electronic appliance
Display method and apparatus for controlling brightness of projector light source
Channeled shaker
Tonal component detection method, tonal component detection apparatus, and program
Electronic signal processor
Musical performance apparatus
Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon simultaneous speech
Audio coding
Audio and speech processing with optimal bit-allocation for constant bit rate applications
Speech recognition system and method for plural applications
Periodic signal processing method, periodic signal conversion method, periodic signal processing device, and periodic signal analysis method
Magnetic field generator
Thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head having core cover layer
Tape friction measurement
Data transfer of a linear tape drive
Disk drive selecting a global digital-to-analog setting for a plurality of heads
Systems and methods for controlled wedge spacing in a storage device
Multi-layer piezoelectric transducer with inactive layers
Grease wear leveling for a disk drive
Disk drive executing jerk seeks to rotate pivot ball bearings relative to races
Partial-block off-track data recovery
Two terminal memcapacitor device
Memristive device having a porous dopant diffusion element
Writing circuit for a magnetoresistive memory cell
Systems and methods for stacked semiconductor memory devices
Weak bit detection in a memory through variable development time
Method and apparatus for reducing current consumption by memory refresh operation control
Leakage reduction in memory devices
Electromagnetic flow regulator, system, and methods for regulating flow of an electrically conductive fluid
Phase controller
Multilayered inductor and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for positioning a multi-pole magnetic structure
Electrolyte and electric double-layer capacitor using same
Condenser element, solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method and device for analyzing biomolecules with track-etched polymeric layers
Power generation system and inverter for feeding power into a three-phase grid
Switching device and a switchgear
Low-G MEMS acceleration switch
Key switch device and keyboard
Multichannel detector having a reduced number of output channels
Discharge lamp apparatus including a high pressure discharge lamp, a concave reflection mirror, and a laser light source
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system having revision with multiple impurity densities
Self-aligned silicidation for replacement gate process
Capacitively-coupled electrostatic (CCE) probe arrangement for detecting dechucking in a plasma processing chamber and methods thereof
Semiconductor memory system with bit line and method of manufacture thereof
Method for growing strain-inducing materials in CMOS circuits in a gate first flow
Electronic component package and manufacturing method thereof
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Semiconductor device having two-way conduction characteristics, and electrostatic discharge protection circuit incorporating the same
Integration of fin-based devices and ETSOI devices
Semiconductor memory device
Light emitting device
Light emitting diode having metal nanoparticle layered graphene
Semiconductor device
High-ohmic semiconductor substrate and a method of manufacturing the same
Auto switch MOSFET
MEMS with single use valve and method of operation
Semiconductor device comprising photodiode and transistor circuit
Photosensor, photosensor apparatus including the photosensor, and display apparatus including the photosensor apparatus
Inverted light-emitting diode having plasmonically enhanced emission
Light source unit
Light emitting diode package
LED module
Light energy conversion material
Thermoelectric device
Thin film semiconductor device, display device using such thin film semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Low energy memristors with engineered switching channel materials
Offline power supply and charging apparatus
Housing, electronic device using the same and method for making the same
High-frequency waveguide and phase shifter using same, radiator, electronic device which uses this phase shifter and radiator, antenna device, and electronic device equipped with same
System for reducing antenna gain deterioration
Wideband horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna
Asymmetrical dipole antenna
Multiple frequency projected artificial magnetic mirror and antenna application thereof
Electro optical scanning phased array antenna for pulsed operation
Apparatus for an electrical equipment enclosure with electrical connection weatherproofing by a multi-hole gland and/or a tube
Distributed Bragg's reflector of digital-alloy multinary compound semiconductor
Plasmon resonant cavities in vertical nanowire arrays
Junction box easy to remove and maintain
Communication apparatus and communication method
Adaptive solar powered system
Charging system
Battery charge/discharge control apparatus
Thermoelectric generator battery charger and power supply
Retaining sleeve for over molding magnets
Gear motor assembly and brush motor thereof
Linear vibrator having broadband
Magnetic actuation method
Arrangement of reticle positioning device for actinic inspection of EUV reticles
Servo device and remote control device having the same
Stator arrangement
Drive apparatus for hybrid vehicle and case thereof
Switching regulator and control circuit and control method thereof
Output current estimation for an isolated flyback converter with variable switching frequency control and duty cycle adjustment for both PWM and PFM modes
Inverter circuit, power converter circuit, and electric vehicle
Control apparatus for permanent magnet motor
Movable unit driving apparatus
Inverter system for operating an electric motor
Brushless motor driving circuit
Output circuit for a bus
Split varactor array with improved matching and varactor switching scheme
Method and a processing unit for processing a data signal
Clock reproducing and timing method in a system having a plurality of devices
Fully compensated adaptive interference cancellation system
Power amplifier
Method for outputting background sound and mobile communication terminal using the same
Speaker system and speaker driving circuit
Methodology and apparatus for tuning driving current of semiconductor transistors
Logic circuit
Apparatus and method for extending bandwidth and suppressing phase errors in multi-phase signals
Matrix structure oscillator
Apparatus for synchronization of audio data and visual data and method therefor
Method and apparatus for minimizing skew between signals
Level shift circuit
Low power oversampling with delay locked loop implementation
AD (analog-to-digital) conversion circuit, micro-controller, and method of adjusting sampling time
Optical analog-to-digital conversion system and method with enhanced quantization
Fast test of digital-to-analog converters
Method for operating an electromechanical actuator
Scalable successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter
Radio communication terminal
Receiving apparatus
Power amplification based on phase angle controlled reference signal and amplitude control signal
Successive equalization and cancellation and successive mini multi-user detection for wireless communication
Semiconductor device
Antenna equipment including the grouping of antenna elements according to communication types
Recording a signature on a touch screen enabled wireless phone and mobile device
Power control using fast signal correlation
Coordinating data calls on a mobile device with multiple modems
Method and apparatus for adaptive channel utilisation
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Optical repeater and signal relay method thereof
System and method for testing a data packet signal transceiver
Communication device and a delay amount detection method
Systems and methods for voice and video communication over a wireless network
Communication protocol for wireless enhanced controller area networks
Method and apparatus to transfer files between two touch screen interfaces
Cyclic delay diversity and precoding for wireless communication
Mobile communication terminal, mode switching method, and network switching method
Apparatus and method for power control in mobile communication system
Receiver parametric covariance estimation for precoded MIMO transmissions
Method and apparatus for denoising of physiological signals
System and method for canceling co-channel interference on-board a satellite
Method and apparatus for receiving multicast and broadcast service in a broadband wireless communication system
Apparatuses and methods for multi-antenna channel quality data acquisition in a broadcast/multicast service network
Automatically switched optical network and method for data transmission in the network
Methods and systems for coherent multi-subcarrier source generation
Dispersion compensation design method and dispersion compensation design system
Optical repeater complying with redundant configuration
Wireless communication system
Automatic gain control acquisition in time division duplex systems
Adaptive polling for bursty wireless data traffic
Method and apparatus for automated subscriber-based TDM-IP conversion
Systems and methods of secure coding for physical layer communication channels
Quantization method for OFDM
Highly-spectrally-efficient transmission using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Controlled distribution of Phasor measurement data using multicast routing
Coordinated back-off mechanism for path selection in hybrid communication networks
Techniques to wirelessly transmit data
Service flux allocation method and equipment thereof
Communication system and communication apparatus
Method for transmitting and receiving group deletion information
Communication and message route optimization and messaging in a mesh network
Method and system for tagging packets routed to customer premises devices via clusters of dedicated customer interfaces
Updating prefix-compressed tries for IP route lookup
Method of and apparatus for adaptive control of data buffering in a data transmitter
Third party VPN certification
Third party VPN certification
Processor for packet switching between cell streams with optional virtual channel and channel identification modification
Systems and method for routing data
Communication apparatus and packet distribution method
Method for the transmission of ethernet transmission protocol-based data packets between at least one mobile communication unit and a communication system
IP converged system and call processing method thereof
Method and device for processing multimedia messaging service notification message and multimedia messaging service receiving system
Voice over internet protocol real time protocol routing
Method and apparatus for detecting relocation of endpoint devices
Apparatus and method for breaking trapping sets
System with gain based preamble sequence estimation
Method and system for distributing data to mobile devices
Method for performing serial transport communication, and associated device
Digital fingerprints for integrated circuits
Unified system architecture for elliptic-curve cryptography
Portable electronic device
Portable terminal, portable apparatus and supply power control method
System, method and apparatus for wireless communication between a wireless mobile telecommunications device and a remote wireless display
Method and system for validating channel discrepancies
Communication apparatus and method
Systems and methods for dynamic transmission power limit back-off for specific absorption rate compliance
Techniques for telephony-based voting
High rate packet data (HRPD) idle state handout from femto access point to macro access network
Method and system for enabling a user to configure custom voice alarms/events for mobile communication devices
System and method for prompt modification based on caller hang ups in IVRs
Automatic mobile device backup
Operator management apparatus and method
Reputation based message analysis
Retrieving a voice print of a caller
Light guide for guiding light of light source, image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with this light guide
Shared motor driver for inkjet printers
Method and system for optimizing black point compensation parameters
Image processing device and image processing method
Transmitter quieting and different encoding rates for portions of a set of frames
Method and device for adapting the throughput of a compressed video stream transmitted in a constrained environment
Method and apparatus for reducing fatigue resulting from viewing three-dimensional image display, and method and apparatus for generating data stream of low visual fatigue three-dimensional image
Picture signal processor, picture display and picture display system
Stereoscopic camera using anaglyphic display during capture
Image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having a display controlled using interchangeable lens information and/or finder information
Stereoscopic image reproduction method in quick search mode and stereoscopic image reproduction apparatus using same
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
Video display apparatus, video output apparatus, control methods thereof, and video display sysyem
Image processing apparatus that processes image data to which a plurality of pieces of classification information are added, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Imaging apparatus
Imaging device, filter holding member, and filter mounting method for imaging device
Apparatus and method for camera parameter calibration
Solid-state imaging device and signal processing circuit
Imaging device, method and computer readable medium for generating a blur-adjusted image on the basis of a reference image and a non-reference image
Imaging apparatus using shorter and larger capturing intervals during continuous shooting function
Image pickup apparatus that performs exposure control, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
Imaging apparatus and zoom control method
Image pickup apparatus and signal value correction method
Solid-state image pickup element, method of driving the same, and camera system
Vehicle entertainment system
Image recording device and method which generates multi-image file based on classification
Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
Display apparatus for recording/reproducing video signal and/or audio signal and method thereof
Information processing apparatus, scene search method, and program
Auditing system for misuse of an image information
Fusion of multi-sensor information with operator-learned behavior for automatic and efficient recognition of objects and control of remote vehicles
Video display device, display control method and recording medium
Intra-mode prediction for a video transcoder
Apparatus and method for prediction modes selection based on image direction information
Regulation of decode-side processing based on perceptual masking
Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
Systems and methods for virtual presence videoconferencing
Portable terminal with projector and method for displaying data thereon
Method and apparatus for sharing mobile broadcast service
System and method for modifying images
Utilizing data reduction in steganographic and cryptographic systems
Sequenced illumination
Image processing sensor systems
Refresh pixel group selection and coding adjustment
Methods, systems, and computer program products for coordinating playing of media streams
System and apparatus for managing video content recordings
Method and disc drive for providing a content entity from a storage disc
Closed caption tagging system
Method and apparatus for enabling sub-channel recording and playback
Inverse horn loudspeakers
Combined passive acoustic speaker and stand
Loudspeaker array system
Method and system for indoor RF mapping
Prioritized query
Handover control apparatus, handover control method, and program product
Mobile communications system and method for transmitting data when handover occurs
Wireless communication systems and methods and a base station communicating with a plurality of subscriber stations
Method and apparatus for allocating resources for enhanced multicast broadcast service data in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for determining size of transport block transmitted by base station to relay node in radio communication system
Method and apparatus for persistent resource allocation in a wireless access system
Wireless communication apparatus and control method thereof
Communication system, communication device and communication method that can improve frequency use efficiency
Packet-switch handover in simultaneous TDD-LTE and TD-SCDMA mobile communications
Method, apparatus, and system for cooperative scheduling among multiple cells
Wireless network system with enhanced address conflict resolving functionality
Method and system for allocating home base station frequency point and home base station manager
Wireless local area network
Method and system for reducing feedback information in multicarrier-based communication systems based on tiers
Method and apparatus for transmitting a sounding reference signal
Optimized home link detection
Technique for cell signature determination
System and method for estimating bandwidth requirements of and allocating bandwidth to communication devices operating in a network
Channel access control
Network-side positioning occasion adjustment via assistance data adjustment
Interworking circuit service fall back
Real time charging mechanism to deliver on demand telecommunication services
Radio transmission system, radio communication apparatus, and radio transmission method
Communication device
Apparatus and method for reducing overhead for communications
Wireless resource allocation method in wireless communication system and wireless base station in the same
Method and an apparatus for enabling at least one mobile terminal to transfer and/or receive data through multiple frequency bands
Systems and methods for control channel transmission and reception
Radio communication system, radio communication device, and radio communication method
Method for transmitting Media Access Control Protocol Data Unit
System and method for establishing a communication session between context aware portable communication devices
Method and apparatus for enhancing the power efficiency of wireless communication devices
Wireless communication device
Organic EL element lighting device and lighting fixture using the same
High CRI white light emitting devices and drive circuitry
Synchronous regulation for LED string driver
RF cavity and accelerator having such an RF cavity
Wiring board, method for manufacturing same, display panel, and display device
Printed circuit board
Integrated connection system for an electronic device
Interposer lead
Heat dissipater having heat conductive rib with interval forming as flow guide hole and applied in electric luminous body
Loop heat pipe, and electronic apparatus including loop heat pipe
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Immuno-stimulating polysaccharide substance from Phellinus spp. strain and use thereof
Resistance to acetohydroxycid synthase-inhibiting herbicides
Enhancing commercial poultry operations with litter having citrus byproduct
Transgenic Drosophila having a disrupted Parkin gene and exhibits reduced climbing ability
Method for dehydrating biological tissue for producing preserved transplants
Red blood cells covalently bound with polymers
Fungicidal 5-phenyl substituted 2-(cyanoamino) pyrimidines
Epidermal melanocyte culture formulations
Pressure exhaust system for a convection cooking appliance
Catalyst and/or electrolyte loaded plate and method of making same
Scored savory dough with toppings or fillings
Cheese extruding machine and process for producing pieces of cheese
Incorporation of exogenous lactic bacteria into the oral microflora
Process for the production of CLA triglycerides
Fortification of food products with olive fruit ingredients
Invert sugar bubbles
Soft candies for ice cream and method of making
Isolated polynucleotide from Corynebacterium encoding a homocysteine methyltransferase
Coffee roaster and method
Enzyme-containing beverage obtained from natural food and method for producing the enzyme-containing beverage
Nucleotide compounds that block the bitter taste of oral compositions
Glycoprotein matrix compositions and methods related thereto
Balsamic sauce for alimentary use, with a basis of balsamic vinegar of Modena
System and method for ozone containing packaging for sanitizing application
Process for triggering, storing, and distributing an oxygen scavenger, and a stored oxygen scavenger
Battery operated self heating thermos container
Foodware with a tarnish-resistant ceramic coating and method of making
Microwave oven with saucer holders
Oil clearing sheet for makeup
Interlock mechanisms
Surgical biopsy device having a flexible cutter
Surgical clamp pads with deflecting elements
Instruments and methods for use in performing knee surgery
Ultrasound catheter apparatus
Method and apparatus for positioning an anchor member
Microdermabrasion fluid appplication system and method
Spinal fusion interbody spacer
SPECT gamma camera
Apparatus and method for identifying sleep disordered breathing
Wound closure system and method
Open cell mesh cast material
Absorbent garment closure system having non-linear fastening
Braided branching stent, method for treating a lumen therewith, and process for manufacture thereof
Flexible stent
Single-piece endoprosthesis with high expansion ratios and atraumatic ends
Modular bifurcated graft for endovascular aneurysm repair
Supra-renal prosthesis and renal artery bypass
Rolling membrane stent delivery system
Method of balloon catheter stent delivery system with ridges
Stent delivery system having delivery catheter member with a clear transition zone
Biomedical devices with polyimide coating
Ossicular prosthesis adjusting device
Tissue annuloplasty band and apparatus and method for fashioning, sizing and implanting the same
Stem of artificial hip joint
Shoulder prosthesis
Pair of lumbar interbody implants and method of fusing together adjoining vertebrae bodies
Prosthetic foot
Adjustable splint device for relieving contractures
Inflatable suspension harness/body jacket
Regulation of cerebral blood flow by temperature change-induced vasodilatation
Patient cooling enclosure
Method and system for patient temperature management and central venous access
Device for treating carpal tunnel syndrome
Water heater
Compositions comprising phosphodiesterase inhabitors for the treatment of sexual disfunction
Topical administration of pharmacologically active bases in the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses
Synthesis of phenstatin and prodrugs thereof
NF-.kappa.B inhibitor comprising phenylmethyl benzoquinone as the active ingredient
Treatment regimen for administration of phenylacetylglutamine, phenylacetylisoglutamine, and/or phenylacetate
Method of using pyruvate and/or its derivatives for the treatment of cytokine-mediated inflammatory conditions
Disubstituted lavendustin A analogs and pharmaceutical composition comprising the analogs
Method for induction of L-selectin shedding
Method for treating sexual dysfunction
Use of 2-methyl-thiazolidine-2,4-dicarboxylic acid and/or physiologically compatible salts thereof for producing a medicament for treating cancers
Cis-2,6-disubstituted piperidines for the treatment of psychostimulant abuse and withdrawal, eating disorders, and central nervous system diseases and pathologies
Analgesic compositions comprising anti-epileptic compounds and methods of using same
Use of substituted gamma-lactone compounds as pharmaceutical preparations
Compound and method for the treatment of pain
Calcium channel inhibitors comprising benzhydril spaced from piperazine
Polycyclic guanine derivative phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Adhesive treatment for skin yeast infections
Method for producing a nematocidal composition by heat treating a pH-adjusted fermentation broth
Microorganisms for preventing and/or treating obesity or diabetes mellitus
Compositions containing bacteriophages and methods of using bacteriophages to treat infections
Use of recombinant gene delivery vectors for treating or preventing diseases of the eye
Transmembrane protein expressed in prostate cancer
Latent fusion protein
Orally-administered interferon-tau compositions and methods
Method of inhibiting bone resorption and/or promoting bone formation using GLP-2 and related compounds
Human g-type lysozyme, the encoding sequence, preparing method and the uses thereof
Polymer compounds
Methods and compositions to generate immunity in humans against self tumor antigens by immunization with homologous foreign proteins
Malaria immunogen and vaccine
Leporipox-based vector vaccines
Large scale production of packaged alphavirus replicons
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothiepines and HMG CO-A reductase inhibitors
Pyrrolidine derivative hair growth compositions and uses
Dibenzoxazepine .alpha.v integrin receptor antagonist
Unique compositions of zwitterionic phospholipids and bisphosphonates and use of the compositions as bisphosphate delivery systems with reduced GI toxicity
Method for promoting neovascularization
Pharmaceutical solutions of levosimendan
Water insoluble derivatives of polyanionic polysaccharides
Methods for delivering therapeutics across blood-barrier and for altering receptor binding affinity
Efficient synthesis of protein-oligonucleotide conjugates
Histidine-tagged intimin and methods of using intimin to stimulate an immune response and as an antigen carrier with targeting capability
Compounds and method for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy
DNA vaccine-PCV
Preparation of stable formulations of lipid-nucleic acid complexes for efficient in vivo delivery
Deoxyribonuclease II.beta. proteins and CDNAs
Contrast media for angiography
Methods of and kits and compositions for diagnosing colorectal tumors and metastasis thereof
Aqueous alcoholic antiperspirant composition containing calcium enhanced antiperspirant salt
Composition for the treatment of human hair
Highly viscous microemulsions based on sugar surfactants, oily bodies and aluminium salts and the use thereof in the production of anti-perspirant gel and stick preparations
Keratotic plug remover
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Method for producing antibiotic composites
Autologous platelet gel delivery system
Autologous platelet gel having beneficial geometric shapes and methods of making the same
Process for the modification of elastomers with surface interpenetrating polymer networks and elastomers formed therefrom
Rapid infusion system
Blood treatment catheter and method
Retaining needle with wing
Retractable I-V catheter placement device
Aneurysm treating instrument
Gas inflation/evacuation system and sealing system for guidewire assembly having occlusive device
Balloon with the variable radial force distribution
System for treating tissue swelling
System for treating tissue swelling
Stiffened balloon catheter for dilatation and stenting
Pinch clamp cover
Pen-type injector having an electronic control unit
Method for compensating for pressure differences across valves in cassette type IV pump
Needleless injector and ampule system
Needleless syringe with two injection speed levels
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Apparatus for tanning feet and ankles
Cyclodextrins in dental products
Cosmetic composition
Compositions and methods using direct MMP inhibitors for inhibiting photoaging of skin
Process for treating fluorine compound-containing gas
Golf ball
Golf ball cores formed from unsaturated organic imide co-curing agents
Wrist support apparatus for bowling
Performing Operations; Transporting
Selective elution of immobilized multiplexed primer extension products
High velocity chromatography column flow distributor
Methods and compositions for chromatography
Orientation insensitive combined liquid reservoir and gas/liquid separator
Modular filter system and method of repairing and/or replacing components thereof
Filter device for filtering a liquid
Apparatus and method for treating a fluid
Method for the production of a salt-free aqueous hydroxylamine solution
Filter screen assembly
Cleaning device for waste water
Filter module with pressure regulator
Hydroentangled filter media with improved static decay and method
Honeycomb filter for exhaust gas purification
Canister for motor vehicle
Ceramic body based on aluminum titanate
Duct end filter apparatus
Method for sealing the cut edges of web-shaped filter material
Bifilar diesel exhaust filter construction using sintered metal fibers
Oxidative evaporation process and apparatus
Method for removal and stabilization of mercury in mercury-containing gas streams
Microstructure apparatus and method for separating differently charged molecules using an applied electric field
Filtration using pressure vessel with multiple filtration channels
Bioartificial filtration device for filtering blood to mimic kidney function
Silica membranes and process of production thereof
Automated biological reaction apparatus
Controlled shear and turbulence flow pattern within a liquid in a vessel
Mixer for liquid chromatograph
System for automated treatment of fluids having successive and interchangeable process modules
Combinatorial strategies for polymer synthesis
Error detection in chemical array fabrication
Dry end surface treatment using ultrasonic transducers
Process for the preparation of gluconic acid and gluconic acid produced thereby
Solid crystalline IM-9, and a process for its preparation
Simultaneous chemical separation and surface-enhanced Raman spectral detection using metal-doped sol-gels
Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts
NOx treated mixed metal oxide catalyst
Selective zeolite catalyst modification
Enhanced FCC catalysts for gas oil and resid applications
Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts
Hot element CVD apparatus and a method for removing a deposited film
High pressure and high temperature apparatus
Method for producing bisphenol-A
Diene functionalized catalyst supports and supported catalyst compositions
Emission system part and method of manufacturing the part
Method and facility for producing silane
Multi-compartment reagent container having means to inhibit re-use thereof
System for filling a substrate with a liquid sample
Microfluidic systems in the electrochemical detection of target analytes
System for filling substrate chambers with liquid
Chemical separation and plural-point, surface-enhanced raman spectral detection using metal-doped sol-gels
Liquid dispensing apparatus and method
Method for separating a dispersed or dissolved substance and magnet separator
Method and apparatus for the manipulation of particles by means of dielectrophoresis
Switchable cyclone for separating particles or droplets from a fluid stream
Adjustable spray apparatus with multiple outlets
Treatment equipment
Automatically controlled flow applicator
Coating composition with improved adhesion to friable surfaces
Aqueous functional coating material and integrated method for production of coloured or effect-generating multi-layer coatings
Method and device for the marking of sections of a stack
Open-air filtration cleaning device for pools and hot tubs
Substrate cleaning apparatus and method
Aqueous stripping and cleaning composition
Contaminant particle removal by optical tweezers
Removal of particle contamination on patterned silicon/silicon dioxide using supercritical carbon dioxide/chemical formulations
Production of metal forms
Hydrogen storage alloy, process for producing hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage alloy electrode, process for producing hydrogen storage alloy electrode, and battery
Method for producing a double-sided Rabies I.D. tag
Apparatus and method for recycling of dross in a soldering apparatus
Wafer having alignment marks extending from a first to a second surface of the wafer
Laser annealing apparatus, TFT device and annealing method of the same
Lead pin with Au-Ge based brazing material
Robot spot welding apparatus for nuclear fuel skeleton and spot welding method using the same
Apparatus and method for fast arc extinction with early shunting of arc current in plasma
Welding tip for arc welding and arc welding apparatus
Lens blocking system
Semiconductor wafer protective device and semiconductor wafer treatment method
Wildlife guard placement tool
Ceramic multilayer substrate manufacturing method and unfired composite multilayer body
Process for rapid annealing of a polyester film base to control film curl
Spectroscopic monitoring of resin-application prior to assembly of composite wood veneer product
Multi-well assembly for growing cultures in-vitro
Method for producing a fabric-elastomer sandwich and sandwich obtained thereby
Methods for producing composite webs with reinforcing discrete polymeric regions
Method and apparatus for thermoforming of plastic sheets
Module for a modular conveyor belt having a microcellular structure
Method of manufacturing a security item
Fabrication of particulate tapes by electrophoretic deposition
Catheter with a transparent shaft
Low crystallizability polypropylene sheet
Microtubes with axially variable geometries and method of manufacturing same
Method of forming a continuous belt for a belt-type separator device
Device and method for the production of three-dimensional objects
FRP roofing material, manufacturing method, and its connecting structure and connecting method
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a toothed belt
Method for fabricating an embossed sheet of cellulose tissue, a product so made and an embossing cylinder
Structural hybrid beam utilizing an extruded profile
Power transmission belt
Display member having metallic luster
Wrapping films with mating cling strips
Thermoformable multilayer polymeric film
Resin sheets containing dispersed particles, processes for producing the same, and liquid crystal displays
Fluororesin fiber paper, copper-clad laminate for printed board using the same and production process thereof
Impact resistant polymer blends of crystalline polypropylene and partially crystalline, low molecular weight impact modifiers
Antifog/barrier laminate for use in meat packaging
Elastic nonwoven sheet
Tear resistant elastic laminate and method of forming
Ionic liquids as developability enhancing agents in multilayer imageable elements
Lithographic printing plate precursor
CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head and method of forming same
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Inkjet printable electroluminescent media
Method of manufacturing vacuum thermoformed thin plastic drink cup lids
Protective layer thermal transfer sheet and printed article with protective layer
Process of transferring transferable protection overcoat to a dye-donor element
Protective overcoat and process for thermal dye sublimation prints
Device transferring method, device arraying method, and image display fabrication method using the same
Transfer label
Solid-oxide fuel cell assembly having a thermal enclosure within a structural enclosure
Optical window assembly for use in supersonic platform
Venturi effect material return system of a material collection system and appertaining method
Methods and apparatus for electron beam inspection of samples
Multi-metal layer MEMS structure and process for making the same
Method for achieving improved selectivity in an etching process
Hermetically packaging a microelectromechanical switch and a film bulk acoustic resonator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for improving the internal stability of sodium percarbonate
Preparation, characterization, ESR and PAS studies of Cu0.5NbAlP3O12 (CNP) and HNbAlP3O12 (HNP)
Process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons
Methods and systems for pressure swing regeneration for hydrogen generation
Process for the desulfurization of CO gas
Method for treating metal-containing solutions
Method for treating soybean refinery wastewater
Iron powder and sand filtration process for treatment of water contaminated with heavy metals and organic compounds
Apparatus and process for aerobic digestion of organic sludge
Growth media wastewater treatment reactor
Septic system treatment process
Vacuum retort anaerobic digestion system and process
Glass-ceramic plates and methods of fabricating them
Low-e coating with high visible transmission
Transparent article having protective silicon nitride film
Glass material for a substrate, glass substrate, and information recording medium employing the same
Cementitious material reinforced with chemically treated cellulose fiber
High early-strength fiber reinforced cementitious composition
Densifying hollow porous substrates by chemical vapor infiltration
Nano diatomite and zeolite ceramic crystal powder
Emulsion explosive
Fluid extraction for airbag inflators
Alkylation process with efficient effluent refrigeration
Process for preparation of aromatic halides from aromatic amines
Method for producing bis(trifluoromethyl)imido salts
Thiophosphonate inhibitors of phosphatase enzymes and metallophosphatases
1,1- and 1,2-disubstituted cyclopropane compounds
Cycloalkenone derivative
Biurethane derivatives
Method for the production of cyclohexanol from benzene
N-cycloalkylglycines as HIV protease inhibitors
6-phenylpyrrolopyrimidinedione derivatives
Process of preparing a disubstituted 9-alkylidenefluorene or a derivative thereof
Norbornane and norbornene derivatives, use thereof and perfumed products containing same
High selective method of producing cumene hydroperoxide, phenol and acetone in an oxidation by-product conversion process
Hepatic disorder suppressant
Bicyclic cannabinoid agonists for the cannabinoid receptor
Process for purifying an organic acid
Benzimidazolone peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
5-substituted 2-aryl-4-pyrimidinones
Compounds and their use as positive AMPA receptor modulators
Pyrimidine and triazine kinase inhibitors
Hydroxyalkyl compounds
Polymer compounds containing oxetane and cinnamyl functionality
Halogenated triptolide derivatives as immunomodulators and anticancer agents
Control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells
Cyclopentabenzofuran derivatives and their use
Heterocyclic derivatives
Preparation of salts of 4-[4-[(1R)-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-methoxyethyl]-(3S)-methyl-1-piper azinyl]-4-methyl-1-[(4,6-dimethyl-5-pyrimidinyl)carbonyl]
Quinolinone derivatives and uses thereof
Synthesis of pyrazinyl pyridine-3-sulfonamide compounds
5-substituted tetralones as inhibitors of ras farnesyl transferase
Piperazinyltriazines as estrogen receptor modulators
Rho-kinase inhibitors
Substituted N-arylsulfonyl-proline derivatives as potent cell adhesion inhibitors
Methods of treating sepsis
Morpholine derivatives as antagonists of orexin receptors
Process for imidazo[4,5-c]pyridin-4-amines
Methods for processing chemical compounds having reactive functional groups
6,5-Fused bicyclic heterocycles
2-NH-heteroarylimidazoles with antibacterial activity
Reverse-turn mimetics and composition and methods relating thereto
Helix mimetics and composition and methods related thereto
Spiro[isobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidin]-3-ones and 3H-spiroisobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidines
7-Alkyl and cycloalkyl-substituted imidazotriazinones
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4,5-trioxa-phenanthrene
Protected aminofunctionalized polymerization initiators and methods of making and using same
Multinuclear transition metal catalysts for preparation of multimodal polymer compositions
Multinuclear metallocene catalyst
Process for producing fluorine-containing, polymerizable styrene monomer and intermediates used in same
Preparation of branched siloxane
Chiral organic compounds and metal coordination complexes thereof
Methods for isolating crystalline Form I of 5-azacytidine
Hepatitis A virus nucleotide sequences, recombinant proteins and uses thereof
Array compositions for improved signal detection
Tracer reagents that enhance reaction-product analysis
Design of artificial genes for use as controls in gene expression analysis systems
Crystalline form of sucralose, and method for producing it
Process for obtaining betulinic acid
Methods for identifying treatments for neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease caused by .beta.-amyloid peptides
Removal of bacterial endotoxin in a protein solution by immobilized metal affinity chromatography
Gamma herpesvirus DNA and methods of use
Methods and reagents to detect and characterize norwalk and related viruses
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
3'terminal sequence of hepatitis C virus genome and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Glutaryl cephalosporin amidase from Pseudomonas diminuta BS-203
Engineered antibiotic peptides and the preparation thereof
Antitumour vector constructs and methods
Regulator/promoter for tunable gene expression and metabolite sensing
Expression of Cry3B insecticidal protein in plants
Insect resistant plants
Nucleotide sequences coding for polypeptides endowed with a larvicidal activity towards Lepidoptera
Down-regulation and silencing of allergen genes in transgenic peanut seeds
Method for detection and identification of Anacardium species sequence from a sample
Transgenic expression from a SOCS-3 promoter in vertebrate cells
Tumor suppressor CAR-1
FEBP1 protein vector host cells and method for making FEBP1 protein
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Survivin, a protein that inhibits cellular apoptosis and its modulation
Nucleic acid sequences encoding human slit-, megf-, and roundabout-like polypeptides
Antibodies to cyclin E2 protein
Full-length cDNA
N-terminal modifications of RANTES and methods of use
Method of determining interactions with PDZ-domain polypeptides
Nucleic acids for high throughput screening of CpG-based immuno-agonist/antagonist
Death domain containing receptor-4 antibodies
Transmembrane serine protease overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma and uses thereof
Localization and characterization of the Wilms' tumor gene
JNK3 modulators and methods of use
Method of use of sonic hedgehog protein as a ligand for patched
Transgenic mice containing stefin homolog protease inhibitor gene disruptions
Immunoassays for determining vitamin b12, and reagents and kits therefor
Cancer treatment using proANP peptides
Cyclic peptides and aids vaccines
Methods for measuring kinase activity
Building material compositions
Deproteinized natural rubber latex, method of preparing the same, rubber product using the same, and proteolytic agent for deproteinized natural rubber latex
Process for preparing supported transition metal catalyst systems and catalyst systems prepared thereby
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and method of polymerization of olefin
Bimodal polyolefin production process and films therefrom
Ultraclean fluoroelastomer suitable for use in the manufacturing of electronic components
Temperature-controlled process of producing polymer
Polyolefins with flame retardancy and abrasion resistance additives
Soft contact lenses
Polymer and epoxy resin compositions
Polyalkylacrylate compounds for use in golf balls
Cationic paint composition
White electroluminescent polymer and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Halogenated optical polymer composition
Curable compositions and electric/electronic parts
Transparent polyamide molding materials having improved transparency, resistance to chemicals and high permanent fatigue strength
Process for the preparation of polyaniline salt
Method for the production of hydroxyalkyl polysiloxanes
Polysiloxanes with quarternary groups featuring nitrogen atoms
Curable coatings having low permeable to sulfur-bearing gases
High refractive index thermoplastic polyphosphonates
Water unstable foam compositions
Antimicrobial articles and compositions made from styrene butadiene rubber
Vibration-insulating rubber molded product for use in automobile
Rubber compositions and their uses
Sliding member
Organic/inorganic hybrid hydrogel and manufacturing method therefor
Toughened polyoxymethylene-poly(lactic acid) compositions
Conductive masterbatch and conductive resin composition
Polymer-wood composites and additive systems therefor
Purification process for improving total yield of curcuminoid coloring agent
Modified organic colorants and dispersions, and methods for their preparation
Inorganic paint composition
Water-base ink and ink set using the same
Pseudoplastic powdered lacquer slurry free of organic solvents method for production and the use thereof
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Radiation-curable polyurethane
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Smoke suppressant hot melt adhesive composition
Silver compound paste
Method for thickening aqueous systems using hydrophilic polyurethanes
Phosphor and EL panel
Light emitting device having phosphor of alkaline earth metal silicate
Buff-free liquid crystal alignment using poly(ionomer) coatings
Process for making a liquid evaporation retardant solution
Dimethylpolysiloxane composition
Valorization of by-products in the ecological coal transformation
Oils with heterogenous chain lengths
Carpet cleaners
Detergent composition
Concentrated stable, translucent or clear fabric softening compositions including chelants
Computer monitoring and control of fermentation
Inhibition of apoptosis by the expression of antisense RNA of caspase-3
Methods and kits for obtaining DNA end sequence information for large cloned inserts and uses thereof
Method for identifying genes involved in cell proliferation
Methods of creating constructs useful for introducing sequences into embryonic stem cells
Viral vectors having reduced virulence
Methods and vector constructs useful for production of recombinant AAV
Helper dependent adenoviral vector system and methods for using the same
Method for screening substances capable of modulating the activity of a TRAAK potassium channel
Bioreactor for cell culture
Three dimensional vaginal tissue model containing immune cells
Insect cell primary culture medium, extra cellular matrix, and process of preparing an insect culture cell line in a short period of time using the medium and matrix
Microfabrication of membranes containing projections and grooves for growing cells
Human adult astrocytes, their preparation and uses thereof
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses thereof
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Antigenic fusionprotein carrying Gal.alpha.1,3Gal epitopes
Human checkpoint kinase, hCDS1, compositions and methods
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
GANP protein
Preparation of deallergenized proteins and permuteins
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins, and uses thereof
Pichia methanolica secretory signal
Transformed microorganism and process for producing D-aminoacylase
Materials and methods for the alteration of enzyme and acetyl CoA levels in plants
Apparatus for analysis of a nucleic acid amplification reaction
Process for generation of hydrogen gas from various feedstocks using thermophilic bacteria
Epoxide hydrolases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Method for metabolizing carbazole in petroleum
Method of producing antihypercholesterolemic agents
Disposable sub-microliter volume biosensor with enhanced sample inlet
Cellophane agar medium, and method for observing a microbe
Methods, compositions and kits for biological indicator of sterilization
Methods of identifying compounds having nuclear receptor negative hormone and/or antagonist activities
Target for treating athersclerosis, obesity and type II diabetes
Identifying subjects suitable for topoisomerase II inhibitor treatment
Methods for isolating genes from microorganisms
Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-viral drug screening
Sugar juice decolorization by means of mondisperse anion exchangers
Process for producing metallic titanium
Copper-based alloy excellent in dezincing resistance
High performance p-type thermoelectric materials and methods of preparation
Infrared radiation source
Aluminum-beryllium alloys for air bridges
Iron alloy strip for voice coil motor magnetic circuits
Grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet having no undercoat film comprising forsterite as primary component and having good magnetic characteristics
Textured-metastable aluminum alloy sputter targets and method of manufacture
Arc-sprayed shield for pre-sputter etching chamber
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same
Vacuum coating apparatus
Active matrix backplane for controlling controlled elements and method of manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor element
Process for low temperature atomic layer deposition of RH
CVD plasma assisted lower dielectric constant SICOH film
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Device and method for monitoring process exhaust gas, semiconductor manufacturing device, and system and method for controlling semiconductor manufacturing device
Process chamber having component with yttrium-aluminum coating
Gas distribution plate assembly for large area plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
System, method and medium for modeling, monitoring and/or controlling plasma based semiconductor manufacturing processes
Reactive heat treatment to form pearlite from an iron containing article
Methods of reducing photoresist distortion while etching in a plasma processing system
Method for fabricating nanometer gate in semiconductor device using thermally reflowed resist technology
Coating for inhibiting oxidation of a substrate
Method of etching magnetic and ferroelectric materials using a pulsed bias source
Chemical reactor system
Chlorine generator
Submicron and nano size particle encapsulation by electrochemical process and apparatus
Method and system for regenerating of plating baths
Method for electroplating a strip of foam
Method and apparatus for processing a substrate with minimal edge exclusion
Hybrid stockbarger zone-leveling melting method for directed crystallization and growth of single crystals of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) solid solutions and related piezocrystals
Fluid sealing system for a crystal puller
Low defect density (Ga, A1, In) N and HVPE process for making same
Textiles; Paper
Method of dyeing thermoplastic resin article and colored plastic lens obtainable by that method
Vat acid dyeing of textile fibers
Process for producing xylooligosaccharide from lignocellulose pulp
Press device and method of using the same
Arrangement in the wet end of a paper machine
Threading arm assembly for a paper machine
Method and equipment for tail threading in the dryer section of a paper machine or a similar machine
Process for preparing para-aromatic polyamide paper
Nanoparticle barrier-coated substrate and method for making the same
Coated paper sheet
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus of providing an optical fiber along a power supply line
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for controlling methanol concentration in a fuel cell
Method of injection molding a gasket
Electroconductive pipe or cable clamp
Combination heating system for a cooking appliance
Convection oven with forced airflow circulation zones
Air and room cleaning device
Cooling of surface temperature of a device
Method for determining absolute motion of an object
Tilt sensor and method of making same
Apparatus for detecting light-transmissive sheet-like body
Position measuring system
Fish protecting covers for fish weighing device jaws
Light arrangement for vision system including a light controller with an external device
Simultaneous multi-beam planar array IR (pair) spectroscopy
Device for holding a solid in a tube, and test kit using such a device
Method for developing a calibration algorithm for quantifying the hydrocarbon content of aqueous media
Thermal barrier coatings, components, method and apparatus for determining past-service conditions and remaining life thereof
System for detecting injection holding material
Multi-functioned wafer aligner
Surface contamination analyzer for semiconductor wafers, method used therein and process for fabricating semiconductor device
Multi-column charged particle optics assembly
Electrochemical sensor strip with low porosity screen
Measuring sensor for the determination of a concentration of gas constituents in gaseous mixtures
Sample analysis system with chip-based electrophoresis device
Vertical electrophoresis system
Electrophoresis apparatus and a method of using the same
Particle sizer and DNA sequencer
Chemical agent detection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for measuring deposit forming capacity of fluids using an electrochemically controlled pH change in the fluid proximate to a piezoelectric microbalance
Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
Semiconductor device for charge-up damage evaluation and charge-up damage evaluation method
Radiation detector
Optoelectronic sensor
Radiation-curable anti-reflective coating system
Laser microscope and irradiating method
Semiconductor optoelectronic device with electrically adjustable transfer function
Method of manufacturing etalon
Methods of forming integrated optoelectronic devices
Object detection method and system
Light sensor configuration
Dichroic polarizer
Semiconductor photodetecting device and method for fabricating the same
Optical element mounted body and optical semiconductor module using the same
Thin film transistor array substrate for a liquid crystal display having repair lines
Capacitor in a pixel structure
Substrate for integrating and forming a thin film semiconductor device thereon
Method for making a reflective liquid crystal display device
Display screen and method of manufacture therefor
Photothermographic materials containing doped high iodide emulsions
Modifying circuitry features in radiation sensitive layers with active secondary exposure masks
Semiconductor constructions
Structured organic materials and devices using low-energy particle beams
Image forming method
Image forming method
Electrophotgraphic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotgraphic apparatus
Toner processes
Power system inhibit method and device and structure therefor
Signal processing apparatus having a specific limb darkening correction
Smart card or similar electronic device
Memory card having a control chip
Quantum logic using three energy levels
Stabilizer for tremolo bridge
Bracing system for stringed instrument
Flexible printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing wireless suspension blank
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Magnetic recording medium, production process thereof, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Dielectric recording medium, and method of and apparatus for producing the same
Memory cell arrangement and method of fabricating it
Method for fabricating a flux concentrating system for use in a magnetoelectronics device
Control of memory arrays utilizing zener diode-like devices
Electrically programmable memory element with reduced area of contact and method for making same
Merged MOS-bipolar capacitor memory cell
Recombination device and method for catalytically recombining hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide with oxygen in a gaseous mixture
Tip for nanoscanning electron microscope
UV curable and electrically conductive adhesive for bonding magnetic disk drive components
Process for producing insulations for electrical conductors by means of powder coating
Flexible electrical elongated device suitable for service in a high mechanical load environment
Cooling roll, ribbon-shaped magnetic materials, magnetic powders and bonded magnets
Magnetoresistive element and method for producing the same, as well as magnetic head, magnetic memory and magnetic recording device using the same
Magnetic random access memory designs with controlled magnetic switching mechanism by magnetostatic coupling
Capacitor having corrosion inhibitor
Toggle switch apparatus
Two-position three-wire switch
Digital pulse generator assembly
Switch device
Switching device
Rotating arc fault-current interrupter
Multi beam charged particle device
Particle detectors
Twisted-compensated low-energy electron microscope
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry analysis of aerosol particles at atmospheric pressure
Laminated tube for the transport of charged particles contained in a gaseous medium
Soft ionization device and applications thereof
Microchannel plate detector assembly for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Tanning lamp having grooved periphery
Vacuum processing system for producing components
Method and apparatus for detecting backside contamination during fabrication of a semiconductor wafer
Method for attaching semiconductor components to a substrate using component attach system having radiation exposure assembly
Electronic package of photo-image sensors in cellular phone camera modules, and the fabrication and assembly thereof
Method of manufacturing display apparatus
UV nanoimprint lithography process using elementwise embossed stamp and selectively additive pressurization
Method of etching ferroelectric layers
Method for forming double density wordline
Substrate for semiconductor light-emitting element, semiconductor light-emitting element and semiconductor light-emitting element fabrication method
Method for reducing semiconductor resistance, device for reducing semiconductor resistance and semiconductor element
Low-temperature patterned wafer bonding with photosensitive benzocyclobutene (BCB) and 3D MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) structure fabrication
Method to improve via or contact hole profile using an in-situ polymer deposition and strip procedure
Two step exposure to strengthen structure of polyimide or negative tone photosensitive material
Method of fabricating flash memory
Integration scheme for metal gap fill, with fixed abrasive CMP
Device having capacitor and its manufacture
Capacitors having a capacitor dielectric layer comprising a metal oxide having multiple different metals bonded with oxygen
Sequential deposition process for gap filling
Method of manufacturing metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor
Sheet-type .beta.-FeSi.sub.2 element, and method and device for manufacturing the same
Methods for reducing flip chip stress
Multichip module package and fabrication method
Method of fabricating semiconductor chip package using screen printing of epoxy on wafer
Deuterium incorporated nitride
Method of forming semiconductor device with non-conformal liner layer that is thinner on sidewall surfaces
Method for manufacturing gate structure with sides of its metal layer partially removed
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for same
Manufacturing of a corrosion protected interconnect on a substrate
Method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Thin film transistor and fabrication method for same
Method and structure for reducing leakage current in capacitors
Electrode for p-type SiC
Thin film transistor array panel
Atomic layer deposition of metallic contacts, gates and diffusion barriers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Wafer processing apparatus and methods for depositing cobalt silicide
Methods of forming a refractory metal silicide
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor apparatus with monocrystal insulating film
Method for making semiconductor device, semiconductor element composite, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic system
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Metal chemical polishing process for minimizing dishing during semiconductor wafer fabrication
Solder bump transfer sheet, method for producing the same, and methods for fabricating semiconductor device and printed board
Substrate and fabrication method of the same
No-flow underfill process and material therefor
Method for fabricating integrated circuit package with solder bumps
Method of high speed data rate testing
Method of detecting spatially correlated variations in a parameter of an integrated circuit die
Packaged microelectronic devices and methods of forming same
Automated semiconductor processing system
Method of fabricating heterojunction photodiodes integrated with CMOS
Semiconductor on insulator MOSFET having strained silicon channel
Selective spacer layer deposition method for forming spacers with different widths
Complementary analog bipolar transistors with trench-constrained isolation diffusion
Method of manufacturing a trench isolation structure for a semiconductor device with a different degree of corner rounding
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Adjustable threshold isolation transistor
Soft metal conductor and method of making
Barrier free copper interconnect by multi-layer copper seed
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including MOS transistors each having a floating gate and control gate
Semiconductor device including bipolar transistor and buried conductive region
Semiconductor device using low-k material as interlayer insulating film and including a surface modifying layer
Interconnection structure and method for designing the same
Semiconductor devices containing a discontinuous cap layer and methods for forming same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a two-layer gate structure and method for manufacturing the same
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Defect-free thin and planar film processing
Selectively converted inter-layer dielectric
Method of etching insulating film and method of forming interconnection layer
Methods of fabricating interconnects for semiconductor components including plating solder-wetting material and solder filling
Electronic parts packaging structure having mutually connected electronic parts that are buried in a insulating film
Nanotube films and articles
Three-dimensional integrated semiconductor devices
Method of forming storage nodes comprising a base in a contact hole and related structures
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package with elevated tub
Electronic package having a patterned layer on backside of its substrate, and the fabrication thereof
Insulating element
Methods of processing thick ILD layers using spray coating or lamination for C4 wafer level thick metal integrated flow
Interposer capacitor built on silicon wafer and joined to a ceramic substrate
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and electronic equipment using same
Method for maintaining solder thickness in flipchip attach packaging processes
Method of fabricating a wiring board utilizing a conductive member having a reduced thickness
Flip chip mounting method of forming a solder bump on a chip pad that is exposed through an opening formed in a polyimide film that includes utilizing underfill to bond the chip to a substrate
Scalable high performance antifuse structure and process
Via construction for structural support
Semiconductor device having bridge-connected wiring structure
RF seal ring structure
EMI heatspreader/lid for integrated circuit packages
Semiconductor device
Integrating passive components on spacer in stacked dies
Semiconductor wafer having electrically connected passive device chips, passive devices and semiconductor package using the same
Electronic circuit device including metallic member having installation members
Varactor and differential varactor
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device using vertical-channel transistors
Solid-state imaging device
Method for improving the efficiency of epitaxially produced quantum dot semiconductor components
Semiconductor device, manufacturing thereof and power amplifier module
Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices having nonparallel main and reference magnetic resistors
Wavelength extension for backthinned silicon image arrays
Flash process for stacking poly etching
Method for manufacturing flash memory device
Diode and producing method thereof
Semiconductor device on silicon-on-insulator and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
Integrated memory cell and method of fabrication
Method for manufacturing a nonvolatile memory device
Method for fabricating a p-channel field-effect transistor on a semiconductor substrate
Modification of carrier mobility in a semiconductor device
Magnetic storage apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Pressed-contact type semiconductor device
Electro-static discharge protection circuit and method for making the same
Pseudomorphic high electron mobility field effect transistor with high device linearity
Top emission active matrix OLED and fabricating method thereof
Flash memory cell with drain and source formed by diffusion of a dopant from a silicide
Phase random access memory with high density
High-gain photodetector with separated PN junction and rare earth doped region and a method of forming the same
Method for manufacturing optoelectronic material
Light emitting diode
III-nitride light-emitting devices with improved high-current efficiency
Light emitting heterostructure
Superconducting structure
Attachment of organic molecules to group III, IV or V substrates
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and secondary battery employing the same
Battery system thermal management
Adhesive bonds for metalic bipolar plates
Adapter system for a battery
Rechargeable lithium electrochemical cell
Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of producing the same
System for generating electricity
System and method for cooling a fuel cell arrangement
Air distribution method and controller for a fuel cell system
Electrical connectors
Shielding cage with improved EMI shielding gasket construction
Bipolar discharge-dissipation lightning air terminals
Low voltage electrical box
Low voltage device used as an electrical outlet base plate
USB wall plate
Clamp for a vibration damper and method of installing same
Vibration damper for overhead power lines
Rubberized covering with integral heating system
Circuit for controlling a fusing system
Method for the progressive control of heating elements
Triaxial heating cable system
Induction heating system with resonance detection
Induction heating system for reduced switch stress
Arrangement for generating an active gas jet
Thin film multi-layer wiring substrate having a coaxial wiring structure in at least one layer
Production method of circuit board module
Printed circuit board stiffener
High power electronic package with enhanced cooling characteristics
Slotted planar power conductor
Electromagnetic wave absorber molding material, electromagnetic wave absorber molded element and method of manufacturing same, and electromagnetic wave absorber
EMI foil laminate gasket
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