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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compound for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Crystalline forms of lamotrigine
Tetrahydroisoquinolin-1-one derivative or salt thereof
Formulations and methods for vascular permeability-related diseases or conditions
Heteroaryl substituted piperidines
Snack/convenience foods and the like having external and/or internal coating compositions
Ready-to-eat food product
Cyclic azapeptides as integrin markers and methods of using
Nanobubbles useful as an ultrasonic contrast agent for the lymphatic system
Methods compositions and devices utilizing stinging cells/capsules for delivering a therapeutic or a cosmetic agent into a tissue
Prohealing endovascular devices
Modified two-component gelation systems, methods of use and methods of manufacture
Modified two-component gelation systems, methods of use and methods of manufacture
Aroylfuranes and aroylthiophenes
Mechanism-based small-molecule parasite inhibitors
1,2,3-triazole derivatives for use as stearoyl-CoA desaturase inhibitors
Selective ligands for the dopamine 3 (D.sub.3) receptor and methods of using the same
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use
Derivatives of 3-alkoxy-4,5-diarylthiophene-2-carboxamide, preparation thereof, and therapeutic use thereof
Chemotherapeutic for inducing an MSH2-dependent apoptotic pathway
4-alkylresorcinol derivative and external preparation for skin containing the same
Medicine, food and drink or feed containing sphingomyelin
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing oxalate-related disease
Use of L. undulata extract as therapeutics for allergic diseases
Herbal composition for lowering likelihood of stroke and methods for healing stroke patients
Cosmetic composition comprising aloe vera and caprylyl salicylic acid and method of making
Anti-CD98 antibody
Immunological compositions as cancer therapeutics
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating an inflammation
Use of SDF-1 to improve ischemic myocardial function
Blood coagulation factor inhibitors
Cancer treatment kits using antibodies to aminophospholipids
Anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibodies and uses thereof
RLIP76 liposomes for protection against irradiation
Recombinant bicistronic Flavivirus vectors
Live virus vaccines
Monoclonal antibodies as a medicament for the therapeutic and/or prophylactic treatment of swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) virus (S-OIV) infections
Methods for the treatment or prevention of systemic sclerosis
Alpha-emitting constructs and uses thereof
Methods of inhibiting unwanted cell proliferation using an antibody that binds to sonic hedgehog and inhibits hedgehog signaling
Method of treating animal's exterior for cleaning and/or insect repellency
MicroRNA fingerprints during human megakaryocytopoiesis
MicroRNA fingerprints during human megakaryocytopoiesis
Quantitative two-photon flow cytometry
Method of preparing a skin treatment composition
Two-phase sunscreen composition
Polymeric delivery formulations of leuprolide with improved efficacy
Self-microemulsifying mitotane composition
Biodegradable materials for orthopedic devices based on polymer stereocomplexes
Methods to improve adhesion of polymer coatings over stents
Implant comprising a biotoxic coating and method for the production thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Internal bypass filtration circuit
Alkanolamines for CO.sub.2 removal from gas streams
Catalyst for diesel particle filter, preparation method of the same, and soot reduction device of diesel engine including the same
Sample collection cup with integrated activatable sample analysis system
Micro-valve structure including polymer actuator and lab-on-a-chip module
Method of increasing the efficiency in an ore separation process by means of hydrophobic magnetic particles by targeted input of mechanical energy
Complex oxide film and method for producing same, composite body and method for producing same, dielectric material, piezoelectric material, capacitor, piezoelectric element and electronic device
Complex oxide film and method for producing same, composite body and method for producing same, dielectric material, piezoelectric material, capacitor and electronic device
Method for producing a three-dimensionally shaped object
Gas-liquid contactor
Method of marking or inscribing a workpiece
Mobile self-aligning universal welding carriage
Fiber, fiber aggregate and adhesive having the same
Plastic ampule and colored plastic container
Flat bottom bag
Coated article
Integral frame structures
Object structure having patterns of refractive veins thereon
Protective film
Organic/inorganic composite coating film, structural color film using the same, and preparation methods thereof
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet with release liner
Fine metal carbide particles and methods of manufacturing the same
Low volatiles coatings, sealants and binders from renewable oils
Ink jet recording medium
Grip actuated vehicle control system
Turbo-machine having at least two counter-rotatable rotors and having mechanical torque compensation
Drug-delivery pumps and methods of manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for generating hydrogen
Method of preparing and utilizing a catalyst system for an oxidation process on a gaseous hydrocarbon stream
GeCl.sub.4 and/or SiCl.sub.4 recovery process from optical fibers or glassy residues and process for producing SiCl.sub.4 from SiO.sub.2 rich materials
Washing apparatus and method of deodorizing washing water
Optically pure apogossypol derivative as pan-active inhibitor of anti-apoptotic B-cell lymphoma/leukemia-2 (BCL-2)
Converting carbon oxides in gas phase fluids
Ethanol production from acetic acid utilizing a cobalt catalyst
Process for producing phenol
Process for the palladium-catalyzed coupling of terminal alkynes with aryl tosylates
Reference standard for characterization of rosuvastatin
Fused thiophenes and methods for making and using same
Process for initiating a highly selective ethylene oxide catalyst
Processes for producing 3-(methylthio) thiophene
Process for preparation of 2-methyl-2'-phenylpropionic acid derivatives and novel intermediate compounds
Method for producing 4-aminobut-2-enolides
Oxadiazine-substituted arylamides
Pyrrazolopyridine compounds as dual NK1/NK3 receptor antagonists
Synergistic combination of flumetsulam or diclosulam with isothiazolones
DNA-guided nanoparticle assemblies
Monoclonal antibodies binding to TrkA and acting as NGF-antagonist molecules and their use for treating pain induced by NGF
Monoclonal antibodies capable of simultaneously binding domains II and IIIc of type 1 fibroblast growth factor receptor
Antibody specifically binding to angiopoietin-2 and use thereof
Simplified one-pot synthesis of [.sup.18F]SFB for radiolabeling
Associative water-soluble cellulose ethers
Polycarbonate nanocomposites
Composition containing fluorine-containing aromatic polymer and laminated body containing fluorine-containing aromatic polymer
Liquid crystal photo-alignment agent, liquid crystal photo-alignment layer manufactured using the same, and liquid crystal display device including the liquid crystal photo-alignment layer
Polymer compounds and a preparation method thereof
Polymer-assisted deposition of films and preparation of carbon nanotube arrays using the films
Organic-inorganic hybrid composition and image sensor
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and a molded article formed therefrom
Phosphorous flame retardant and application thereof to polymer
Polycycloolefin (PCO) thermoset assembly and process for its preparation
Preparation of organosiloxane polymers
Market driven alkylation or oligomerization process
Lubricant for compression type refrigerating machine and refrigeration system using the same
Liquid washing or cleaning agent having a polymer preventing graying
Large scale microbial culture method
Enzyme preparations
TAZ/WWTR1 for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Differentiation of bone marrow cells into neuronal cells and uses therefor
Immortal unipotent porcine PICM-19H and PICM-19B stem cell lines
Beta-glucosidase enzymes
Protein concentrates and isolates, and processes for the production thereof from macroalgae and/or microalgae
Method for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Nucleic acid-based matrixes
Methods of detecting cell-free miRNA in urine and blood
Method for the in vitro diagnosis of bronchopulmonary carcinoma by detection of major alternative transcripts of the KLK8 gene encoding kallikrein 8 and use thereof for prognosticating survival
Quality control methods for the manufacture of polymer arrays
Lafora's disease gene
Detection of nucleic acid reactions on bead arrays
Sealing plug for tiltable converters
Method and device for induction stirring of molten metal
Co-sintered multi-system tungsten alloy composite
Process for production of semisolidified slurry of iron-base alloy and process for production of cast iron castings by using a semisolidified slurry
Method and device for coating a polymer film with an oxide layer
Textiles; Paper
Compact, hybrid fiber reinforced rods for optical cable reinforcements and method for making same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine system
Solar wind tree
Methods for controlling a wind turbine connected to the utility grid, wind turbine and wind park
Led lamp incorporating fan and heat sink assembly
Speed-adaptive deployable boat-tailing cone for munitions for range extension
Method and a device for measuring fluorescence lifetime
Stroboscopic optical image mapping system
Device with a sandwich structure for detecting thermal radiation, and method for the production thereof
Pyroelectric infrared detection element and infrared sensor using the same
Method for prognosing response to cancer therapy with 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine
Microchip, microchip liquid supply system, and microchip liquid supply method
Optical microscope configured to simultaneously irradiate the erase light and the stimulation light
Method, sensor and system for measuring a lower heating value and a Wobbe Index of a gaseous fuel
Optical nanosensors comprising photoluminescent nanostructures
Method of synthesizing 1,3-cyclohexadione derived reagents useful for detection or isolation of sulfenic acid-containing compounds
Sensing method for biopolymers and sensing device therefor
Compositions and methods for measuring 3,6-L-AHG transferase activity and 3,6-L-AHG
Deuterium isobaric tag reagents for quantitative analysis
Radiation tomography apparatus
X-ray detector and method for manufacturing the same
Network centric system and method for active thermal stealth or deception
Methods of forming intermediate semiconductor device structures using spin-on, photopatternable, interlayer dielectric materials
Device and method for exposing a photo material
Method of making a relief image
Roll-to-roll digital photolithography
Image bearing member, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Toner, and method for producing the same
Self-contained portable multi-mode water treatment system and methods
Adjustable item holder
Combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit
Negative electrode material for Li-ion batteries
Method of making fusible links
Wireless power transfer for appliances and equipments
Structure for operating pivot switches of multi-function switch assembly
Circuit for controlling power supply to a consumer and method for operating a circuit
Method of switching a surgical device
Light emitting device including optical lens
UV generated visible light source
Light emitting apparatus, surface light source apparatus and display apparatus
Reduced wattage gas discharge lamp
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device
Strained devices, methods of manufacture and design structures
Backside silicon photovoltaic cell and method of manufacturing thereof
Method for manufacturing a gate-control diode semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of packaging a semiconductor device with a clip
Method of manufacturing SOI substrate
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic cell
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Package having light-emitting element and fabrication method thereof
Method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Method for forming laminated resin film and method for producing semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus to improve reliability of isolated vias
Film forming method of silicon oxide film, silicon oxide film, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Via forming method and method of manufacturing multi-chip package using the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including semiconductor elements mounted on base plate
Semiconductor device having dual damascene structure
Method and system for providing a reliable semiconductor assembly
Lead frame sheet
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Solid state image sensor adapted to remove noise
Spin MOSFET and reconfigurable logic circuit using the spin MOSFET
Illumination apparatus
Imaging detector and method of manufacturing
Solid-state imaging device and fabrication method thereof
High performance system-on-chip using post passivation process
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Graphene deposition and graphenated substrates
Organic electroluminescent devices comprising azomethine-metal complexes
Semiconductor memory device
Carbon nanotube interconnection and manufacturing method thereof
High-voltage transistor architectures, processes of forming same, and systems containing same
Three axis magnetic sensor device and method
Rectifier and process for producing the rectifier
Semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion element, display device, electronic device, and method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion element
Light-emitting diode and method for making the same
Light-emitting device
LED housing system
Energy generator systems with a voltage-controlled switch
Drive circuit and physical quantity measuring device
Oscillatory wave motor
Piezoelectric actuator
Protected resonator
Multi-terminal phase change devices
Electronic component
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Organic semiconductor transistor
Sealing for panels of an organic electroluminescence display and lighting apparatus
Lighting device having plural light emitting layers which are separated
Battery storage system
Passive hydrogen vent for a fuel cell
Electrode assembly for a solid oxide fuel cell and method for making the same
Method of fabricating carbon material, carbon material prepared by the method, cell material and apparatus using the same
Thin film electrochemical energy storage device with three-dimensional anodic structure
Surface modification to prevent oxide scale spallation
Battery grade cathode coating formulation
Preparation process of all-solid battery
Fuel cell system
In-line height measurement system for planar fuel cell
Electrolyte membrane/electrode structure and fuel cell
Box connector for electrical cable
Segmented stator core
Interior permanent magnet machine with radially asymmetric magnet configuration
Dynamically induced and reactive magnetic hysteresis applications and methods
Permanent magnet drive apparatus and operational method
Folded electromagnetic coil
Method and apparatus for controlling a bearing through a pressure boundary
Apparatus for cooling an electric machine
Heating electrode and method for heating material-to-be-heated by using the heating electrode
Microwave field director structure having metal vanes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for measuring ground height
Appliance control methods and apparatus
Patient position detection apparatus for a bed
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic transducer apparatus
Multi-joint type industrial robot and arm unit thereof
Method for controlling the movement of a robot
Transponder, interrogator and system thereof
Assistance controlling apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Power supplying apparatus for vehicle and intensive wiring apparatus
Remote control for multiple vehicles
Vehicular reporting system
Electrohydraulic converter
Integrated dive flag/float and GPS navigation system for scuba divers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Discharge lamp and method of producing the same
High coefficient of thermal expansion spacer structure materials
Thin film aluminum alloy and sputtering target to form the same
Fixed Constructions
Glow plug and spark plug, and manufacturing method therefor
Reducing injection loss in drill strings
Method of drilling in response to looking ahead of the bit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Torque generation for salient-pole synchronous machine for start-up of a prime mover
Vehicle remote starting system shutoff
Starter having pinion movement restricting member
Method for making a stabilized energy conversion operating platform
Reciprocating generator wave power buoy
Semiconductor device
Spinning top rotor generator system
Fault tolerant linear actuator
Intermittent driving mechanism
Light-emitting panel and a method for making
Apparatus and method for operating an appliance light
Platform for item sensing and identification
GPS positioning system
Aircraft flat panel display system
Method and system for motor velocity measurement
Systems and methods for improved metrology using combined optical and electrical measurements
Digital densitometer using light-to-frequency converter
Method and apparatus for nondestructive measurement and mapping of sheet materials
Sample assembly for thermoelectric analyzer
Oil condition sensor and method for making the same
Eddy current probe with transverse polygonal detecting coil
Electromagnetic analysis of concrete tensioning wires
Load board for testing of RF chips
Lithographic contact elements
Contactor for testing semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Device for the comparison of two resistors, and integrated resistor compensation system incorporating this device
Current derivative sensor
Current detector and current measuring apparatus including such detector with temperature compensation
Measuring power of analog signals
Gated nanoscale switch having channel of molecular wires
Lightning detection and data acquisition system
Digital overcurrent test
System for and method of testing a microelectronic device using a dual probe technique
Testing of BGA and other CSP packages using probing techniques
Probe apparatus applicable to a wafer level burn-in screening
System for logic state detection
Method and apparatus for debugging a chip
Transmission line parasitic element discontinuity cancellation
High speed semiconductor test system using radially arranged pin cards
Variable delay circuit and a testing apparatus for a semiconductor circuit
Alternator testing device and method
Electromagnetic stator insulation flaw detector
Device and method for measuring weak current signals using a floating amplifier
Method and apparatus for very high field magnetic resonance imaging systems
Impedance mismatch apparatus and system for isolation of an MR imaging system
NMR detector for supported monolayer and multilayer films
Method for reducing spin-lattice relaxation time of silicone fluids used in magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for measuring and correcting motion effects using navigator echoes
Birdcage coils for simultaneous acquisition of spatial harmonics
Dual technology occupancy sensor and method for using the same
Radio tag for LFM radar
Method and apparatus for identifying waypoints and providing keyless remote entry in a handheld locator device
Communicating position information between vehicles
Probehead and a sample substance for an electron spin resonance dosimeter
Portable metal detection and classification system
Method and apparatus for measuring characteristics of geological formations
Well logging tool and method for determining resistivity by using phase difference and/or attenuation measurements
Imaging methods and systems for concealed weapon detection
Moving-magnet linear motor, aligner and apparatus provided therewith, and method for manufacturing devices using the same
Actuator and transducer
Sensorless control device for synchronous electric motor
Servo control system
Method of forming a voltage regulator semiconductor device having feedback and structure therefor
Cyclic regulation apparatus, system, and method
Methods and apparatus for open-loop enhanced control of power supply transients
Non-linear current generator for high-order temperature-compensated references
Internal power supply for an integrated circuit having a temperature compensated reference voltage generator
Constant current circuit for controlling variation in output current duty caused by the input capacitance of a current mirror circuit
Stack element circuit
Universal clock generator
Method and apparatus for reducing the lock time of a DLL
Clock presence detector comparing differential clock to common-mode voltage
Spare cell architecture for fixing design errors in manufactured integrated circuits
Bidirectional port with clock channel used for synchronization
Bus signal hold cell, bus system, and method
Modeling miller effect in static timing analysis
Apparatus and method for validating wiring diagrams and creating wirelists
System level hardening of asynchronous combinational logic
Integrated circuit device for a wireless keyboard array
Data token with power saving switch
Networked digital locker lock system
Communication protocol for interconnected hazardous condition detectors, and system employing same
Remote control, remotely controllable device and remote control configuration
Adaptive remote controller
Non-stop toll collection method and system
Smart parking meter system
Magnetic checkpoint
Inspection method for array substrate and inspection device for the same
Field emission display using line cathode structure
High-efficiency regulated voltage-boosting device
Signal processing by means of resonators
Portable CD-ROM/ISO to HDD/MP3 recorder with simultaneous CD-Read/MP3-Encode/HDD-Write, or HDD-Read/MP3-Decode, to play, power saving buffer, and enhanced sound output
Magnetic detection device adapted to control magnetization of free magnetic layer by using antiferromagnetic layer, and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Analog hold cell in a CMOS process
Hardware and software programmable fuses for memory repair
Apparatus and method for adjusting clock skew
Monolithic semiconducting ceramic electronic component
Noise filter for a high frequency generator
Inductance component comprising a permanent magnet greater in sectional area than a magnetic path and disposed in a magnetic gap
Coil-embedded dust core and method for manufacturing the same
Chip inductor, chip inductor array and method of manufacturing same
Magnetic latching solenoid
Method of preventing and/or alleviating repetitive use injury to electronic computer keyboard operator
Micro-electro-mechanical switch, and methods of making and using it
Apparatus for electrically isolating circuit breaker rotor components
Double pole circuit breaker and switch system for a transfer switch
Fusible element, method for production thereof, safety circuit and fuse
Metal cathode and indirectly heated cathode assembly having the same
Field emission electron source
Electrode structure of a plasma display panel
Driving electrode structure of plasma display panel
Deflection yoke device
Deflection yoke with quadrangular separator
RF power control device for RF plasma applications
Active photomultiplier tube base
Seal and flag assembly for lamp base sidewire welding
Fluorescent lamp containing a mercury zinc amalgam and a method of manufacture
High pressure discharge lamps, lighting systems, head lamps for automobiles and light emitting vessels for high pressure discharge lamps
Fluorescent lamp providing uniform backlight illumination for displays
Ceramic discharge chamber for a discharge lamp
Light apparatus using microwave having a waveguide within an internal domain of a resonator
Electric lamp provided with a lamp cap
Method and apparatus for gate blocking X-outs during a molding process
Heat radiating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Apparatus and methods of testing and assembling bumped devices using an anisotropically conductive layer
Self-aligned contact/borderless contact opening and method for forming same
Semiconductor storage device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with gel resin vibration limiting member
Support assembly for an integrated circuit package having solder columns
Semiconductor device
Ceramic circuit board and power module
Power semiconductor module and cooling element for holding the power semiconductor module
Electrical component with a contact and method for forming a contact on a semiconductor material
Interposer capacitor built on silicon wafer and joined to a ceramic substrate
Semiconductor devices with bonding pads having intermetal dielectric layer of hybrid configuration and methods of fabricating the same
Circuit tape having adhesive film, semiconductor device, and a method for manufacturing the same
Chip mounting substrate, first level assembly, and second level assembly
Mounting substrate and structure having semiconductor element mounted on substrate
Integrated circuit packaging that uses guard conductors to isolate noise-sensitive signals within the package substrate
Reduced gate leakage current in thin gate dielectric CMOS integrated circuits
Multi-chip module including semiconductor devices and a wiring substrate for mounting the semiconductor devices
Reducing layer separation and cracking in semiconductor devices
Integrated circuits protected against reverse engineering and method for fabricating the same using vias without metal terminations
Stacked type semiconductor device
Multiple chips bonded to packaging structure with low noise and multiple selectable functions
Semiconductor memory device
Light emitting element and production process thereof
Solid state illumination system containing a light emitting diode, a light scattering material and a luminescent material
Piezoelectric transformation driving apparatus
Electrical current detector having a U-shaped current path and hall-effect device
Organic light emitting full color display panel
Multiple wavelength light emitting device, electronic apparatus, and interference mirror
Organic electroluminescent element, panel and apparatus using the same
Display device having an improved envelope for containing pixels therein
Organic electroluminescent display device comprising a protective layer
Cell phone charging circuit of USB interface
Connection structure for high-frequency circuit substrate, manufacturing method thereof and high frequency circuit device
Miniature RF stripline linear phase filters
Flat group-delay low-pass filter, mounting structure thereof, flat group-delay low-pass filter device, and optical signal receiver
Compact balun with rejection filter for 802.11a and 802.11b simultaneous operation
Radio frequency module and method for manufacturing the same
Left handed composite media
Unfoldable electromagnetic reflector
Semiconductor light emitting device
Photoelectric conversion functional element and production method thereof
Spark plug and method for its manufacture
Power supply control circuits
Power and control for power supply fans
Configuration for producing electrical power from a magnetic field
Monolithic battery charging device
Battery charger
Method for activating secondary battery
Battery charger and charging method
Method and apparatus for charging a high voltage battery of an automotive vehicle having a high voltage battery and a low voltage battery
Electrical power controller
Two-pole motor's stator for a household fan
Exciter for superconducting rotating machinery
Rotary electric motor having at least two axially air gaps separating stator and rotor segments
Flywheel magneto generator
Stall protection for brush motors with rotation sensing brush device
Contactless electro-mechanical actuator with coupled electronic motor commutation and output position sensors
Stator winding and manufacturing method therefor
Dynamo electric machine and method of manufacturing the same
Stator for a dynamoelectric machine
Multiphase motor winding topology and control
System and method for retaining wedges in a rotor
Linear actuator
Stepping motor
Thin film superconducting motor with magnetically-quenched rotor
Generator gas shield and related method
Circuit configuration for voltage stabilization
Boost circuit for providing constant pump voltage
Synthetic ripple regulator
Method and circuit for switching source modulation frequency
Switching power supply control circuit and switching power supply using same
Electronic device including multiphase switching regulator and related methods
Micromechanical rotation system with coupled actuators
Systems and methods for overcoming stiction
Device for control of the excitation current for a three phase generator
Piezoelectric oscillator
LC oscillator with small oscillation frequency variations
Balanced oscillator and electronic apparatus including the same
Quadrature coupled controllable oscillator and communication arrangement
Duty cycle tuner for low power real time clock oscillator
Input-switching voltage-controlled oscillator and PLL-controlled oscillator
Frequency synthesizer with digitally-controlled oscillator
Capacitor coupled dynamic bias boosting circuit for a power amplifier
Switchable power amplifier
Constant gain, constant phase RF power block
Feedforward amplifier and feedforward amplification method
Feedforward amplifier and method of improving the performance thereof
Power amplifier and a method for operating a power amplifier
Charge recycling amplifier for a high dynamic range CMOS imager
Triangular wave generating circuit used in a Class-D amplifier
Method and apparatus for efficient mixed signal processing in a digital amplifier
Differential amplifier output stage
Current sensing circuit and method of a high-speed driving stage
Variable gain amplifier with a gain exhibiting a linear in dB characteristic relative to a control voltage
Integrated circuit arrangement with a transconductance amplifier
System and method for noise and spurious suppression in power amplifier systems
N-way RF power amplifier circuit with increased back-off capability and power added efficiency using selected phase lengths and output impedances
Variable gain amplifier with adjustable gain slope
LVDS driver in bipolar and MOS technology
Limiter circuit
Power servo-loop, an RF signal amplifier circuit, and an RF signal transmitter fitted with such a circuit
Signal processing stage and radio frequency tuner
Modular electrical signal filter assembly
Frequency-tuning loop used in the transconductor-capacitor filter
Tunable integrated RF filter having switched field effect capacitors
Continuous-time analog filter having controllable gain characteristics
Discrete-time analog filter
Piezoelectric vibrator and manufacture thereof, and piezoelectric vibrator unit
Multilayer LC filter with improved magnetic coupling characteristics
Symmetric dual mode surface acoustic wave filter having symmetric housing connections
Surface acoustic wave substrate and surface acoustic wave functional element
Edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method for the same
Method utilizing the saw velocity dispersion effect for weighting by shaping the electrode fingers of a saw interdigital transducer and apparatus produced thereby
Quartz crystal unit and its manufacturing method
Resonator tuning assembly and method
Anti-jitter circuits
Electrostatic capacitance sensor
Technique for mitigating gate leakage during a sleep state
High-voltage detecting circuit
Electronic structure for passing signals across voltage differences
Conditional burn-in keeper for dynamic circuits
Multistage, single-rail logic circuitry and method therefore
Dynamic logic circuits using transistors having differing threshold voltages and delayed low threshold voltage leakage protection
Enhanced field programmable gate array
Circuit for implementing product term inputs
Level shifting circuit
Low duty cycle oscillator
Feedback latch circuit and method therefor
Active cascode differential latch
Circuit for shifting an input signal level including compensation for supply voltage variation
Noise reduction method and system for a multiple clock, mixed signal integrated circuit
Power-down activated by differential-input multiplier and comparator
Integrated circuit interconnect routing using double pumped circuitry
Clock controlling method and circuit with a multi-phase multiplication clock generating circuit
Clock controlling method and circuit
Delay adjustment circuit for delay locked loop
Phase locked loop for recovering a clock signal from a data signal
Low jitter high phase resolution PLL-based timing recovery system
Phase interpolator device and method
Method and apparatus of system offset calibration with overranging ADC
Method and apparatus for compression, method and apparatus for decompression, compression/decompression system, record medium
Method for reducing interference in a receiver and an electronic device
DC attenuation meter
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception of an analog magnetic resonance signal
Mobile communication device
Reconfigurable signal distribution system
Apparatus for providing wireless transmission of information in electronic display systems and methods of using the same
Circuit configuration with signal lines for serially transmitting a plurality of bit groups
Source synchronous interface using variable digital data delay lines
Gradually lighting/dimming wireless transmission indicator lamp
Cathode ray tube
System and method for improving the security of storage of firearms and other objects, and for aiding the recovery of such if removed from storage
Radial power megasonic transducer
Dual mode regulated light-emitting diode module for flashlights
Intelligent outdoor lighting control system
Low pressure gas discharge lamp ballast with on-off indicator
Single-switch electronic dimming ballast
Hid lamp operating circuit
High pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus and luminaire using thereof
Vehicle lighting fixture
System and method for generating a discharge in high pressure gases
Lamp color control for dimmed high intensity discharge lamps
Epoxy washer for retention of inverted SMT components
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew