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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Auger bed for a lateral leveling cleaning system
Luteolin and diosmin/diosmetin as novel STAT3 inhibitors for treating autism
Hide puller
Plastic oil and fat composition, and production method and usage thereof
Method for preparing egg products in a microwave oven
Patch for an underwire brassiere
Method and apparatus for manufacturing one-piece shoe shells having different widths
Composite hook and loop fasteners, methods of their manufacture, and products containing them
Apparatus and methods for reheating wedge shaped food products, such as one or more pizza slices
Balancer swivel arm assembly
Trocar-tipped drill bit
Methods for using self-retaining sutures in endoscopic procedures
Subcutaneous sinusoidal wound closure utilizing one-way suture
Methods for anchoring suture and approximating tissue
Surgical fasteners
Closure devices, related delivery methods and tools, and related methods of use
Post-operative adjustment tool, minimally invasive attachment apparatus, and adjustable tricuspid ring
Apparatus and method for heart valve repair
Method and system for destroying of undesirable formations in mammalian body
Circumcision apparatuses and methods
System and method for hyoidplasty
Chondral defect repair
Orthopedic plate, orthopedic device, method of coupling bone segments, and method of assembling an orthopedic plate
Automatic lengthening bone fixation device
Method for securing vertebrae
Multi-chamber container
Functional discography catheter
Methods and apparatus for determining fallopian tube occlusion
Single transducer with angular orientation for lesion feedback in ablation catheter
Non-invasive treatment of fascia
Device and method for removing earwax
Fastening tab and method of making the same
Amorphous poly(D,L-lactide) coating
Copolymer comprising elastin pentapeptide block and hydrophilic block, and medical device and method of treating
Elastic sling system and related methods
Vein harvesting system and method
Systems for performing intralumenal reconstruction
Intravascular deliverable stent for reinforcement of vascular abnormalities
Intravascular stent
Coatings for preventing balloon damage to polymer coated stents
Rotatable cam lift for an expandable bone cage
Surgical cast venting device and material
Underbody convective blanket and method for manufacturing thereof
Canine tumor cell and allogeneic dendritic cell fused vaccine and method for preparing the same
Nutritional compositions
Stable differentiation of NT2 cells
Agent for strengthening calcium containing tissue and use thereof
Human growth hormone modified at position 35
Methods of treating and diagnosing Parkinson's disease and related dysautonomic disorders
Polyvalent chimeric OspC vaccinogen and diagnostic antigen
Compositions and methods for modulating RSV infection and immunity
Method of determining susceptibility of a tumor cell to a chemotherapeutic agent: novel use of herpes simplex virus
Antibody therapy
Method of treating atopic dermatitis with antibody to zcytor17 ligand
Combination of Fc.gamma.RIIB-specific antibodies and CD20-specific antibodies and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions to treat and detect misfolded-SOD1 mediated diseases
RNA interference mediating small RNA molecules
Method of forming an injectable radioactive composition of a carbon encapsulated radioactive particulate
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate compositions containing carbohydrate, lipid or amino acid carriers
Non-sticky, hydrating and moisturizing aqueous lip gloss composition
Glycerosomes and use thereof in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations for topical applications
Deodorant composition
Polyglyceryl compounds and compositions
Use of acrylic comb copolymers as a colour developing agent in cosmetic compositions
Medicament for the treatment of fungal infections particularly aspergillosis
In situ, liquid-activated film coated tablets and a process for making the same
Oral disintegrating tablet
Diltiazem controlled release formulation and method of manufacture
Air purification system
Respiratory secretion retention device, system and method
Heart assist device utilising aortic deformation
Axial-centrifugal flow catheter pump for cavopulmonary assistance
Intravascular filter with debris entrapment mechanism
System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery
Apparatus and method for controlling insulin infusion with state variable feedback
Method and apparatus for personal skin treatment
Bar grip
Convertible push and pull exercise machine
Exercise device having adjustable resistance force
Whole mallet putter head
Flat bat training method and apparatus
Teaching aid for properly gripping a golf club and method of using the same
Tennis Training aid
Self-cleansing retractable handle assembly for water craft
System and method for facilitating interaction with a virtual space via a touch sensitive surface
Server device, non-transitory server device-readable storage medium, and game system
Roulette side wagering systems and methods
Hybrid play set
Environmentally-responsive transforming vehicles
Artificial surface suitable for making horse tracks
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pooled separation of actinides from a highly acidic aqueous phase using a solvating extractant in a salting-out medium
Filtration method and installation
Compact filter element
Green house gases filtration system
Gas-adsorption device structure and method for using same
Biological composite and method for reducing H.sub.2S
Compact exhaust gas treatment systems for diesel applications
Flat duct vent filter cover
Base metal and base metal modified diesel oxidation catalysts
Combinatorial synthesis of diamond
Catalyst composition and process for oligomerization of ethylene
Method for processing waste water loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds
Clamping system
Integrated multi-step solid/liquid separation system for Fischer-Tropsch processes
Filtering device and a method of filtering a fluid
Modified surfaces
Coating composition including high molecular weight polycarbodiimide, method of preparing same, and method of preparing coating on a substrate
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for its preparation
Foreign matter removal device, foreign matter removal method and foreign matter removal system
Processing method for concave-convex gear
Hand tool support and dust shroud
Mixing head apparatus for high agitation and smooth flow of liquid blend and molding method using the same
Method for generatively manufacturing a component with at least one mark
Method of manufacturing a container assembly and a container assembly
Method for bonding thin film piece
Hydraulic curing system
Process for manufacturing a tyre, and tyre obtained therefrom
Methods for designing boxes and other types of containers
Coated article and method for manufacturing same
Heat stable SnAl and SnMg based dielectrics
Poly(amic acid amideimide) intermediate transfer members
Assemblies comprising block co-polymer films and nanorods
Coated substrate and method for producing the same
Security element and method for the production thereof
Vehicle floor mats
Method of manufacturing a composite textile
Method for producing reversible thermosensitive recording medium, production apparatus for the same, and reversible thermosensitive recording medium
Pigment for laser marking
Underlayment mat employed with a single-ply roofing system
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method of producing ink ejection head
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor using simultaneously formed hard bias and electrical lapping guide
Method and article
Method to fabricate a mould for lithography by nano-imprinting
Processing method and processing system
Snowmobile conversion kit for amphibious service
Drivetrain for a parallel hybrid vehicle
Air evacuable storage bag with multiple air exit holes
Packaging, unit comprising such a packaging and a food product, and sheet for the production of said packaging
Method for deviled egg preparation and presentation
Robotic lifting apparatus
Storage means and shipping method for motorcycles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dispersible carbon nanotube, carbon nanotube-polymer composite and method of manufacturing the carbon nanotube-polymer composite
Apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns
Water filter system
Fischer-tropsch catalyst
Polysiloxanes having quaternary ammonium groups, method for producing same and use thereof in formulations for cleansing and care
Removing endotoxin from proteins
Synthesis and use of chiral ionic liquids
Mono charging system for selectively introducing non-native amino acids into proteins using an in vitro protein synthesis system
Cystine knot peptides binding to alpha IIb beta 3 integrins and methods of use
W/O emulsion ink for inkjet
Phase change inks containing oligomeric rosin esters
Ink composition and method of jetting ink
Phthalocyanine dye with extended conjugation, ink and detection system using same
Solvent-based inkjet ink formulations
Iodide single crystal, production process thereof, and scintillator comprising iodide single crystal
GST CMP slurries
Liquid crystals having cyclohexyl core structures and fluorinated tails
Liquid-crystal display
Dispersant composition
Biodegradable non-reactive oil-well stimulation fluid and method of use
Process for producing a high stability desulfurized heavy oils stream
Separator apparatus for separating oil and water
Method for controlling the peak temperature of a fluid gasification zone
Upgrading carbonaceous materials
Dispersant viscosity modifiers
Softener composition
Thermal cycler
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Somatic ovule specific promoter and methods of use
Vaccines comprising heat-sensitive transgenes
Seeding cells on porous supports
Pentose fermentation by a recombinant microorganism
Chemo-enzymatic approach to the synthesis of pimecrolimus
Method and apparatus for applying continuous flow and uniform temperature to generate thermal melting curves in a microfluidic device
Method for the production of glutaconate
Method of in vitro toxicity testing using isolated liver stem cells
Sterility test method and totally enclosed bacterial ampoule incubator used by it
CA9 gene single nucleotide polymorphisms predict prognosis and treatment response of metastatic renal cell carcinoma
Mycoplasma genitalium detection assay based on the Mg219 gene
Methods for preparing amplifiable DNA molecules
At-home cancer test
Method and apparatus for treating a cellulosic feedstock
Alloy having reduced inclusions
Amorphous metal formulations and structured coatings for corrosion and wear resistance
Electrolysis cell for hydrogen chloride electrolysis
Protection of magnesium alloys by aluminum plating from ionic liquids
Method of forming an organic film using a gel, said gel and use thereof
Textiles; Paper
Method of making a cover material including a skin care composition
Base material for artificial leather and grained artificial leather
Suction roll for dewatering a fibrous web
Circular utilization method in pulping and papermaking processes with straw
Bulky paper with concavo-convex pattern and process for producing thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine vane with impingement cooling insert
Turbine airfoil with curved diffusion film cooling slot
California wind engine
Method of manufacturing a spar for a wind turbine from elements comprising different materials
Connection system of a housing of a plug connector having a nut
Wheel bearing apparatus
Device to reverse direction of a unidirectional powered drive
Gear system and method for using same
Burner ignition system and method of ignition
Method for heating a pre-warmed muffle used for dental ceramics in a dental furnace and control device and furnace containing said device
Firearm trigger pull training system and methods
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Tissue sample preprocessing methods and devices
Porous optical sensor with fiducial marker and method for detection of analytes
Detecting analytes
Measurement method for measuring the level of halogen agents in swimming-pool water
Method for determining the binding constant of high affinity compounds
Chromatography quantitative measuring apparatus
Bidirectional optical transceiver module
Method for manufacturing optical module
Curable composition, color filter using the same and manufacturing method therefor, and solid image pickup element
Colored composition, colored cured film, color filter, method for producing color filter, liquid crystal display device, solid-state imaging device, and novel dipyrromethene metal complex compound or tautomer thereof
Toner set for electrophotography, and image forming method and apparatus
Toner for electrostatic charge development
Carrier for electrostatic latent image developer, electrostatic latent image developer formed of carrier and toner, and process cartridge using the developer
Number-based game system and method wherein players vote to determine the selection of game numbers from a plurality of randomly selected game numbers and/or symbols
Gaming machine with multi scatter game
Apparatus and methods for early stage peritonitis detection and for in vivo testing of bodily fluid
Geogame for mobile device
Wellness and weight management system and method
Luminous partition
Magneto-resistive effect element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording/reading apparatus
Organic/inorganic composite
Device comprising positive hole injection transport layer, method for producing the same and ink for forming positive hole injection transport layer
Lead-free conductive compound for solar cell electrodes
Digital manufacture of an optical waveguide
Graphene windows, methods for making same, and devices containing same
Magnetic strip, sensor comprising a magnetic strip and process for the manufacture of a magnetic strip
Method of manufacturing dye sensitized solar battery and solar battery assembling apparatus for the same
Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and structures thereof
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and a method for producing semiconductor device
Integrated circuits based on aligned nanotubes
Method of growing a thin film, a method of forming a structure and a device
Method for manufacturing a heterostructure aiming at reducing the tensile stress condition of a donor substrate
Apparatus for forming a film and an electroluminescence device
In situ vapor phase surface activation of SiO.sub.2
Low temperature migration enhanced Si-Ge epitaxy with plasma assisted surface activation
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Enhancement of properties of thin film ferroelectric materials
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Gas sensitive materials for gas detection and methods of making
Methods of making supercapacitor cells and micro-supercapacitors
Process for fabricating multi-die semiconductor package with one or more embedded die pads
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, semiconductor substrate, and camera module
Methods and systems for gate dimension control in multi-gate structures for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing P-type ZnO nanowires and method of manufacturing energy conversion device
TFT substrate and method for producing TFT substrate
Linear semiconductor substrate, and device, device array and module, using the same
High volume method of making low-cost, lightweight solar materials
Organic electroluminescent element, white light emission element, full color display device and lighting device
Organic electroluminescent device, display and illuminating device
Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing
Battery casing assembly for vehicle
Encapsulated lithium electrochemical device
Electrocatalytic polymer-based powder, method of production and use thereof
Liquid electrolyte battery with mixing device
Unit cell of honeycomb-type solid oxide fuel cell, stack using the unit cell and method manufacturing the unit cell and stack
Fuel cell
Fluid flow pulsing for increased stability in PEM fuel cell
Daughter card assembly having a power contact
Electrical connector with impedance correction element and method for the manufacture thereof
Coaxial connector for board, pair of chain terminals and method of manufacturing coaxial connector for board
Lockable electrical connector assemblies
Vertical contact for shielded sockets
Electrical contact for plug-in connections
Plug with connecting device
Wire power cord retainer
Quick-detachable modular jack and face panel mounting structure
Receptacle assembly having a commoning clip with grounding beams
Shielded connector
Cable connector, receptacle connector and connector assembly thereof with improved contact arrangement
Coaxial cable connection module having signal and grounding terminals with flat contact faces and arranged on two sides of an insulating body
Method of resolving a tooth-on-tooth situation
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bottoming sensor
Clip for mounting a novelty item
General purpose distributed operating room control system
Gaze tracking system, eye-tracking assembly and an associated method of calibration
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and methods for on-line monitoring of fluorinated material in headspace of vial
Method and device for weight compensation in a mechanism with closed kinematic chains
Comb teeth type piezoelectric actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric actuator, liquid jetting head and liquid jetting device using the same
Device for the automatic actuation of a tire-filling apparatus for a motor vehicle
Tire pressure indicator
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Power source apparatus for an electric automobile
Method for controlling an adjuster on a motor vehicle
Seat load measuring apparatus
Modulated intensity flasher for vehicle brake light with lockout
Device for searching a parking space
Redundant safety circuit for squib testing
Process for controlling the resynchronization of a remote control with a changing code
Multiple-channel solenoid current monitor
Locomotive hand brake alarm
Two-legs walking type moving device, method and device for controlling its walking
Control apparatus for electric power steering system
Thermoformed apparatus having a communications device
Tubular linear synchronous motor control for elevator doors
Micro electro mechanical system controlled organic LED and pixel arrays and method of using and of manufacturing same
Fixed Constructions
Controller of automotive power door
Drive device
Reservoir management system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable power supply incorporating a generator driven by an engine
System for controlling a piezoelectric actuator, in particular for the fuel injectors of a diesel engine
Ionic current detection apparatus for internal combustion engine
All-weather energy and water production via steam-enhanced vortex tower
Permanent magnet motor for driving a fan
Clutch protection system
Warning apparatus for signaling wear and tear of timing belt in engine
Sealed wheel speed detector with rotating magnetic ring and stationary magnetic sensor
Solenoid and valve assembly having a linear output
Illumination unit
Vehicular safety system and method
Inductive displacement sensor with a measuring head comprising a passive resonant circuit
Angular position measuring equipment in robotics, where it determines the angle of the joints
Adjustment of a magneto-resistive angle sensor
Method and device for measuring levels
Flow verification mechanism
Method and apparatus for rapid tomographic measurements of the electrical conductivity distribution of a sample
Magnetic flux sensor and method
Detector of range of supply voltage in an integrated circuit
Apparatus for and method of measuring power consumption
Electricity meter with multiple gains signal to an A/D converter
Method and apparatus of obtaining power computation parameters
Probe tone S-parameter measurements
Device for detecting a crack on a turbine blade of an aircraft engine
Method, system and apparatus to detect defects in semiconductor devices
Reduction of positional errors in a four point probe resistance measurement
Charging voltage measuring device for substrate and ion beam irradiating device
Method and application of PICA (picosecond imaging circuit analysis) for high current pulsed phenomena
System and method for site-to-site yield comparison while testing integrated circuit dies
System and method for remotely detecting electric arc events in a power system
High-speed duty cycle test through DC measurement using a combination of relays
Method for detecting the operability of a number of identical zener diodes that are connected in parallel to one another and to a solenoid
Method of and an apparatus for collecting RF input and output and biasing signal data of a device under test
Systems for testing a plurality of circuit devices
Circuit pattern inspection device, circuit pattern inspection method, and recording medium
Method and system for non-contact measurement of microwave capacitance of miniature structures of integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors
Multichip package test
Method, circuit and system for determining burn-in reliability from wafer level burn-in
Scan cell designs for a double-edge-triggered flip-flop
Method and arrangement for determination of the state of charge of a battery
Method for informing user of available battery time based on operating mode of hybrid terminal
Magnetoresistive element lifecycle tester
Magnetic resonance antenna
Magnetic resonance system with a transport element, an examination tunnel and an outer antenna arrangement
High temperature superconductor tape RF coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for processing magnetic resonance imaging image information and magnetic resonance imaging system
Magnetic resonance imaging using generalized smash
Technique for calibrating a current control circuit
Distress beacon, process and device for monitoring distress signals, and vehicle on which such a device is installed
Identification and tracking of moving objects in detected synthetic aperture imagery
Combined radar and laser detector having GPS receiver and using wireless communication
Method and system for time difference of arrival (TDOA) location services
Enhanced rapid real time kinematics determination method and apparatus
Length measurement with radar
Current source modulator
Self-adaptable data compression technique
Device for enhancing contrast in liquid crystal display projection system
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, and registration accuracy measurement enhancement method
Lithographic apparatus and motor for use in the apparatus
Servo controller
Motor drive, motor drive control method, and component attaching device
Sample-and-hold device and method for the operation of a sample-and-hold device
Wireless engine monitoring system
Multiple-phase DC-DC converter topology
Multipurpose transforming device
Voltage conversion circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and portable terminal
Low voltage CMOS bandgap reference
Clock monitoring apparatus
Clock distribution network using feedback for skew compensation and jitter filtering
Process and devices for transmitting digital signals over buses and computer program product therefore
Process and device for the sequential addressing of the inputs of a multiplexer of a data acquisition circuit
Force-applying input device
Presentation system, a display device, and a program
Variable fixed multipliers using memory blocks
Identification system interrogator
Antenna arrangement for RFID smart tags
DNA-based memory device and method of reading and writing same
Apparatus for communicating with law enforcement during vehicle travel and associated methods
System and method for intraframe timing in multiplexed channel
Access control system with limited evaluation of code and distance information
Human machine interface
Location device
Adjustable alarm device for sliding doors and windows
Electronic article surveillance marker assembly
Intrusion detecting device
PIR motion detector for a decorative lantern
Home security administration platform
Method for identifying chemical, biological and nuclear attacks or hazards
Programmable universal locating system
Generating an alarm based on location and time
Writing instrument with display module
Tamper indicator for a smoke detector
Method for waking a device in response to a wireless network activity
Protocol for avoiding interference between transmission devices
Method for transmitting data from at least one sensor to a control unit
Broadcasting system and its broadcasting transmission apparatus and reception terminal apparatus
Enhanced visibility traffic signal
Method for collecting altitude-related data along roads
Matrix element precharge voltage adjusting apparatus and method
Electroluminescent display apparatus and driving method thereof
Input channel switching control device for display monitor and method of controlling input channel switching of display monitor
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Sub-field driven display device and method
Active-drive type pixel structure and inspection method therefor
Card-enabled, head-wearable secondary display systems
Method of converting a series of data words into a modulated signal
Magnetic head tester
Apparatus and method for testing circuit modules
Device and method for correcting the duty cycle of a clock signal
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Quick-connect positive temperature coefficient of resistance resistor/overload assembly and method
Chip resistor
Coated varistor
Current control device
Integrated transformer
Isolation of miniature filters
Rechargeable battery
Direct current contactor assembly
Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
Bistable electric switch and relay with a bi-stable electrical switch
Signal accessory for a molded case circuit breaker
Method to facilitate testing of laser fuses
Vacuum fluorescent display having complex-type filament supports
Picture tube device having lead electrode with a curved shape
High resolution CRT device comprising a cold cathode electron gun
Deflection yoke with improved deflection sensitivity
Light weight flat panel image display device
Device and method for controlling focussed electron beams
Field emitting luminous device
Discharge lamp provided with a getter
Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp
Structures, electron-emitting devices, image-forming apparatus, and methods of producing them
Flat-panel display and flat panel display cathode manufacturing method
Semiconductor package having polymer members configured to provide selected package characteristics
Plastic molded type semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Method for fabricating a metal resistor in an IC chip and related structure
Sonos multi-level memory cell
Non-volatile memory cells having floating gate and method of forming the same
Packaging system for power supplies
Low leakage heterojunction vertical transistors and high performance devices thereof
BI-CMOS integrated circuit
Method and structure for reducing resistance of a semiconductor device feature
Integrated circuit having pairs of parallel complementary FinFETs
Electroluminescent display device
Superconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Memory module
Fractional biasing of semiconductors
Coaxial wiring within SOI semiconductor, PCB to system for high speed operation and signal quality
Test methodology for direct interconnect with multiple fan-outs
High power vertical semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including a low resistance wiring layer
Trench optical device
Architecture for mask programmable devices
Semiconductor bidirectional switching device
Superconductor cables and magnetic devices
Monolithic multilayer actuator in a housing
Vibration member and vibration wave driving apparatus
Docking module exchangeable with battery module of ultra thin notebook computer
Electromagnetic band gap microwave filter
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Small non-reciprocal circuit element with good productivity
Nonreciprocal circuit element and method of manufacturing the same
Controllable two-phase network with amplitude compensation
Dielectric resonator device, high frequency filter, and high frequency oscillator
Multi-band omni directional antenna
Self-pointing antenna scanning
Two-dimensional antenna array
Printed circuit board dipole antenna structure with impedance matching trace
Multiband polygonally distributed phased array antenna and associated methods
Multi-band planar inverted-F antennas including floating parasitic elements and wireless terminals incorporating the same
Arangements of microstrip antennas having dielectric substrates including meta-materials
Low-profile, multi-frequency, multi-band, capacitively loaded magnetic dipole antenna
Driving device for a light-emitting component and a method for driving a light-emitting component
Recharging key based wireless device
Battery charging system
Battery charging system
Voltage control apparatus for vehicle generator having a light emitting diode
System and method of testing connectivity between a main power supply and a standby power supply
Brushless DC motor and method of manufacturing brushless DC motor
Turbocharger with rotating electric machine
Magneto generator for self-powered apparatuses
Stator for an electrical rotating machine
Electric rotating machine
Brushless permanent magnet wheel motor with variable axial rotor/stator alignment
Mobile electrical power source
Stator of rotary electric machine and method for making the same
Stator for a dynamoelectric machine
Linear motor and manufacturing method thereof
Motor and blower fan using same
Supplemented zonal ventilation system for electric generator
Air gap baffle assembly for gas-cooled turbine generator and method of installing
Electric machine with heat pipes
Integrated charge pump voltage booster
Power supply circuit for charging a bootstrap capacitor
Motor control circuit for supplying a controllable driving current
Electronic industrial motor operator control system
Rotor speed control device and method
Switched reluctance motor regulation
Excitation circuit and control method for flux switching motor
Brushless motor control system
Single phase motor driving circuit and single phase motor driving method
Ring generator for a wind power installation
Voltage controlled oscillator and electronic system using the same
Optimum RF VCO structure
Method and device for phase detection
Radio frequency power amplifier
Auto-routable, configurable, daisy chainable data acquisition system
DC-coupled multi-stage amplifier using all-pass resistive/capacitive network for level shifting
Calibration of an adaptive signal conditioning system
Methods and apparatus for substantially reducing nonlinear distortion
Transient protection circuit of Darlington amplifier
Amplifier circuit, an optical communication system and a method of controlling amplification
Amplification circuitry
Delta-sigma amplifiers with output stage supply voltage variation compensations and methods and digital amplifier systems using the same
Driver including voltage-follower-type operational amplifier with high driving power and display apparatus using the same
Compensation mechanism for compensating bias levels of an operation circuit in response to supply voltage changes
Input buffer amplifier with centroidal layout
Wideband precision fixed-gain amplifier architecture, apparatus, and method
Gain and phase balanced amplifier redundancy system
Wide frequency range voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO)
Method and device for generating delay signal
Bulk acoustic wave filter with a roughened substrate bottom surface and method of fabricating same
Methods for forming a frequency bulk acoustic resonator with uniform frequency utilizing multiple trimming layers and structures formed thereby
Tunable piezoelectric micro-mechanical resonator
Surface acoustic wave filter with a ground pattern partially surrounding a signal pad and communication device using same
Surface acoustic wave duplexer and communication apparatus having the same
Power-on reset circuit for use in low power supply voltage applications
Drive control circuit for a junction field-effect transistor
Combination multiplexer and tristate driver circuit
Input buffer circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device in which operating frequency, supply voltage and substrate bias voltage are controllable to reduce power consumption
Method and system to temporarily modify an output waveform
Switchable power domains for 1.2V and 3.3V pad voltages
Dynamically-adjustable differential output drivers
Programmable semiconductor device including universal logic modules coping with as many user inverters
Programmable I/O structure for FPGAs and the like having shared circuitry
Programmable I/O structure for FPGAs and the like having reduced pad capacitance
Fracturable lookup table and logic element
Widely tunable ring oscillator utilizing active negative capacitance
Arrangement for low power clock generation
Hard phase alignment of clock signals with an oscillator controller
Practical active capacitor filter
Pulse generating circuit and semiconductor device provided with same
Oscillation detection circuit
Apparatus and method for detecting a fault condition in a common-mode signal
Voltage controlled oscillator circuit for a low power electronic device
Methods and arrangements for a low power phase-locked loop
Delay locked loop and locking method thereof
Frequency locked loop, clock recovery circuit and receiver
Delay-compensated fractional-N frequency synthesizer
Oscillator for SERDES
Phase interpolator to interpolate between a plurality of clock phases
Reduced-size integrated phase-locked loop
Current control method and application thereof
Analog-to-digital converter for image sensor
Voltage built-in real-time digital non-linearity measurement device and method for analog to digital converters
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, and adjustment method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Charge-coupled amplifier and converter with matched offsets
Adaptive dynamic range receiver for MRI
Frequency-digital signal conversion circuit
System and method to substantially eliminate glitch in a digital to analog converter
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated membrane switch and capacitive sensor
Sigma delta class D architecture which corrects for power supply, load and H-bridge errors
Bandpass sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter and mash-sigma-delta converter incorporating same
Variable rate sigma delta modulator
Method and arrangement for arithmetic encoding and decoding binary states and a corresponding computer program and a corresponding computer-readable storage medium
Apparatus and method for reconfiguring a power line communication system
Stratum clock state machine multiplexing switching
Systems and methods for the automatic registration of devices
System and method for providing a time varying gain TDR to display abnormalities of a communication cable or the like
Synchronization circuit
Open loop magnetic boost LED driver system and method
High intensity discharge lamp and high intensity discharge lamp system using the same
Lighting method and apparatus for lighting a high pressure discharge lamp and high pressure discharge lamp apparatus with reduced load
Electronic ballast for a discharge lamp
Inverter apparatus and liquid crystal display including inverter apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew