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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Double headed hand-powered cultivator
Integrated trellis machine
Pet waiter systems
Filter holder used for smoking, a smoking pipe, and a smoking pipe unit
Infant swaddling system and method
Windproof waterproof breathable seamed articles
Multi-purpose hanger
Beach sandal
Ankle inversion and eversion prevention shoe
Trim fastening system
Rescue device
Cabinets and mirrors selectively mounted on hinges supporting roomdoors on door frames, hinges for such mountings, and methods for so mounting
Infant stimulation and learning apparatus
Multifunction chair convertible from office chair to floor rocker and stool
Bracket for retaining mattress
Pump with axial conduit
Stretching structure of chair upholstery material
Display article support systems
Holding apparatus
Baffle box comforter structure designed to resist shifting of fill
Sound enhancing pillow
Venturi assisted gripper
Auto cleaning toilet seat and drying system
Rotary drum filter for a dishwashing machine
Cleaner-head for a vacuum cleaner
Self-evacuating vacuum device
Air volume flow and pushing force control device
Wet/dry vacuum hose attachment
Upright cleaning appliance
Surgical stapling device
Fundus photographing apparatus with wavefront compensation
Bottle nipple size selection system
Support structure for protective wear
Welding mask system
Personalized container
Spout for drinking container
Portable athletic air cooler with face adapter
Light ultra high pressure fire vehicle system
Fire prevention equipment and spraying method
Lodgment prevention arrangements for fire sprinklers
Game of roulette
Overload restriction in system for electrical vehicles
System adapted for one or more electrically propellable vehicles (letting water pass by electrical conductors)
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for mechanical separation of material conglomerates from materials of different density and/or consistency
Device and method for cooling solid particles
Material separator systems
Deployable operator interface for an agricultural vehicle
Consolidated ground level control station for a crop sprayer
Springless shut-off valve for liquid sprayers
Surgical mesh spray and delivery system
Workpiece bending method and apparatus
Tire mounting apparatus
Cast magnesium alloy wheels
Arm material and a method for its manufacture
Turning insert, a tool part, a method as well as a machine tool for chip-cutting metal machining
Crown molding scales for a miter saw
Blade mounting assembly
Process control method
Mounting system for applying an RFID chip module to a substrate, in particular a label
Auxiliary fitting jig
Method for the production of an exterior door handle
Rotation jig device of processing machine
Cutting support
Clamping device
Open wrench
Power tool with an automatic nail-feeding mechanism
Process for working of work-pieces by means of cutting fluid-jet
Circular and miter box saw
Line of sight depth of cut scale
Head piece for a setting device
Label application devices
Direct drive for a press
System and method for imaging and evaluating printing parameters in an aqueous inkjet printer
Recording apparatus
Short circuit detection in an inkjet printhead
System and method for first and second side process registration in a single print zone duplex web printer
Liquid ejection device
Inkjet printing using large particles
Liquid ejecting apparatus and liquid ejecting method
Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet head and image forming device
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus and piezoelectric element
Device for mounting printing heads
Image forming apparatus
Pressure purging device for inkjet recording apparatus
Solid ink stick having identical identifying features on a plurality of edges
Image forming apparatus including recording head for ejecting liquid droplets
Liquid ejection volume control apparatus and method, program and inkjet apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus and method for controlling liquid ejecting head
Recording apparatus using a first recording process and a second recording process
Print data generation apparatus and print data generation method
Printing device, printing method, and medium having recorded program
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fluid discharge head semiconductor device, fluid discharge head, and fluid discharge apparatus
Bronzing index value calculation method, bronzing index value calculation device, and printing device
Method for manufacturing printing device, printing device, and printing method
Liquid discharge device and liquid discharge method
Stationery tool
Wheel carrier of a motor vehicle
Retreaded tire
Mechanisms for ejecting objects from a tire tread
Pneumatic tire and vulcanization mold for the same
Film to keep tire surface clean and simultaneously prime for better adhesion of balance pad
Tire for vehicle, comprising a tread, comprising plurality of compounds and a carcass reinforcement formed of at least two layers
Lightweight tire comprising a crown layer radially on the inside of the carcass structure
Pneumatic tire with improved crown durability
Bush bearing with a radial and/or an axial limit stop and method for producing an axial limit stop in a bush bearing
Linkage mechanism for double-wheel combination of vehicle
Instrument panel arrangement
Motor vehicle with water chamber
Shading system and method for assembling a shading system
Rear roof visor
Electric vehicle having swing arm with motor
Air guide structure for saddle type vehicle
Valve for aerating and ventilating a tank
Clutch compressor and power steering pump arrangement, and method for controlling the same
Apparatus for preventing neck injury for use in vehicle seat
Lumbar support for a vehicle backrest
Folding roof rack for vehicle
Automobile ornament panel including an icon and a light-transmitting material
Vehicle interior lighting system
Folded airbag for a motor vehicle
Restraint harnesses and associated methods of use and manufacture
Cargo strap
Brake installation with master cylinder and brake booster but no push rod
Brake booster
Method for reducing a driving power of a vehicle drive
Method and device for starting the movement of a hybrid vehicle
Monorail sortation system
Medical emergency portable lift chair
Foldable stroller
Buoyancy device and a method for stabilizing and controlling the lowering or raising of a structure between the surface and the bed of the sea
Steering device for motor vehicles
Steering device
3 stage hood roof
Airflow baffle for commercial truck fuel efficiency improvements
Foldable electric cart
Suspension component with tapered spindle joint
Motorcycle windscreen and fairing system using same
Bicycle axle assembly
Watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system
System, method and apparatus for cooling rocket motor components using a saturated liquid vapor coolant mixture
Mechanised device for rigging a sail
Method and an aircraft provided with a swiveling tail rotor
Beverage dispensing system
Method of treating a beverage bottle filling machine in a beverage bottling plant, method of cleaning a container filling machine in a container filling plant, and arrangements therefor
Containment bag system for use in a commercial disposal container
Disposable liner for a cooler
Spout assembly for a replaceable fluid reservoir used in personal care appliances
Reservoir for a fuel tank
System and method for processing a multiple tablet order
Static temporary storage device for motor vehicle body parts
Device and method for processing printing products
Media processor
Sheet stacking device and image forming device
Printing apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium storing program
Detachable sheet
Car destination floor indication device
Magnetic elevator door coupler
Pressure vessel, system and/or method for dispensing a comestible mixture
Reusable beer keg
Filling element and filling machine for filling bottles or similar containers
Hand sanitizing door opener
Packaging element with a hermetically sealed dosing mechanism for semi-solid products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ink-jet printing system with reduced nozzle clogging
Method of processing leather material
Impact treatment method for improving fatigue characteristics of welded joint, impact treatment device for improving fatigue characteristics for same, and welded structure superior in fatigue resistance characteristics
Textiles; Paper
Natural polymeric yarn and its fabrication method as well as application
Method for controlling washing machine
Apparatus for removing wrinkles from fabric
Ironing board comprising one leg composed of two parts connected to one another by a joint
Ironing board comprising two legs arranged in an X-configuration
Fixed Constructions
Dual flush toilet fill valve assembly
Lavatory dispensing device
Wall lifting, transport and positioning device with roller pins
Universal quick corner for raised floor system
Firestop collar
Insulation roof or floor panels with deformation resistant elements for composite insulated concrete roof or floor system and such system
Photovoltaic tile for a roof
Ladder security bracket and safety system
Shelter building
Easy-to-build modular steel storm shelter
System and method for automating lock cylinder pinning for remote users
Door module for installation in a motor vehicle door
Door slam prevention device and method
Vane assembly of vertical window blind and the vane carrier thereof
Rotation mechanism
Apparatus and method for launching plugs in cementing operations
Flow stop valve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic motor driving device
Assembly for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Variably operated valve apparatus of internal combustion engine and start control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Integration of an axial bearing in a rotor
Variable valve timing control apparatus
Engine assembly including cam phaser assembly aid pin
Mounting unit for fastening an injection member to an exhaust gas tract
Hydrocarbon retaining system configuration for combustion engine
Cogeneration system
System and method for hydrocarbon adsorber regeneration in a hybrid vehicle
Air-injection system to improve effectiveness of selective catalytic reduction catalyst for gasoline engines
Exhaust gas aftertreatment system and method of operation
Method and apparatus for monitoring a reductant injection system in an exhaust aftertreatment system
Cooling device of water-cooled engine and method of manufacturing the same
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
HCCI mode switching control system and method
Variable compression ratio apparatus
Lightweight electric generator using hydrogen as a fuel
Gas engine drives for gasification plants
Method for operating a gas turbine plant with a compressor station for gaseous fuel
Spark ignition to homogenous charge compression ignition transition control systems and methods
Method and system for adjusting port throttles
Internal combustion engine efficiency
Dipole triboelectric injector nozzle
Plunger valve for a propane carburetor
Plasma ignition device
Pumping assembly using active materials
Clutch with adjusting device
Non-linear torsion spring assembly
Vibration damping device and power transmission device
Spur gear power sharing gear sets
Stator and one-way clutch assembly for a torque converter
Hydraulic fluid transfer assembly
Operating shift apparatus for transmission
Air relief valve structure of pressure cooker
Fuel shut-off valves
Drive mechanism for the movement of an object along an axis of motion and micro-valve
Electronic coolant valve with flexible seal
Flange assembly with improved serviceability
Retractable pipe structure of air blow gun
Thermoelectric ornamental assembly
Rotatable illumination device
Lamp structure with a heat dissipation space
Variable color light emitting device and illumination apparatus using the same
LED lamp with light-diffusing end cap
Illuminated color changing interchangeable drinking vessel assembly
Fireplace grate with V-bar ribs
Solar collector
Modular, stackable, geothermal block heat exchange system with solar assist
Attic ventilation and heat recovery device for warming swimming pools
DX system interior heat exchanger defrost design for heat to cool mode
Refrigeration system for refrigeration appliance
Shoulder stock adapter for a handgun
Adjustment mechanism for handheld weapons
Proxy target system
Flameless smoke pot
Keypad lighting device for portable terminal
Apparatus for the monitoring of floating roof position for storage tank roofs
Multiaxial force-torque sensors
Fuel vapor purging diagnostics
Failure detection apparatus for an electrically heated catalyst
Pressure-measuring device and pressure-measuring method for a turbomachine
Tire tester
Tire pressure sensor mounting system
Transmission device for transmitting information about tire condition and tire condition monitoring system
Impact test fixtures
Gas sensor
Capacitive type humidity sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Sample preparation system and a method for processing a sample
Semiconductor integrated circuit, test data generating device, LSI test device, and computer product
System and method for self-test of integrated circuits
Integrated circuit and a method for designing a boundary scan super-cell
System and process for detecting leakage in umbilicals
Exterior mirror element with auxiliary reflector portion
Blind spot mirror
Integrated automatic compass for vehicle
Variable focus spectacles with adjustable connector
Polarization beam splitting element and image projection apparatus
Distortion correction for projector
Projection apparatus and location method for determining a position of a light point on a projection image
Laptop computer support
Automated root cause identification of logic controller failure
Apparatus, method, and computer product for executing program
Method for checkpointing a system already engaged in a concurrent checkpoint
Debugging method
Terminal and related computer-implemented method for detecting malicious data for computer network
Method for writing data blocks on a block addressable storage medium using defect management
Mobile terminal apparatus and software install method
Method for selecting an access point name (APN) for a mobile terminal in a packet switched telecommunications network
Method system and data structure for content renditioning adaptation and interoperability segmentation model
Method of and apparatus for displaying messages on a mobile terminal
Web browsing method and system, and recording medium thereof
Presentation generator
User interface for assisting in the installation of an asset
Method of making alternating phase shift masks
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an extended stress liner
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Three-dimensional motion graphic user interface and method and apparatus for providing the same
Integrated audit and configuration techniques
Method and system for maintaining connections between surfaces and objects in a graphics display system
Mobile information services
Animation on object user interface
Method and apparatus for providing touch screen user interface, and electronic devices including the same
Mobile terminal providing graphic user interface and method of providing graphic user interface using the same
Avoiding disorientation under discontinuous navigation in an image flipping system
Displaying items using a reduced presentation
Network apparatus
Removable cryptographic ignition key system and method
Targeted user interface fall-through
Portable terminal device, method for restoring program, method for terminating program, and computer program therefor
System and method for stateful web-based computing
Information recording method and optical disk
Software updating method and radio communication apparatus
Method for switching between interpretation and dynamic translation in a processor system based upon code sequence execution counts
Managing processing system power and performance based on utilization trends
Automatic dispensing machine and method of operation
Integrated circuit film for smart card and mobile communication device
Metal sheet and tag set
Information processing using machine-readable codes
Cell phone reading mode using image timer
Bendable electronic device status information system and method
Upright display
Flag protection assembly
Optical data recording disc with protrusion between clamping area and center hole
Semiconductor device including a unique identifier and error correction code
High speed CAM lookup using stored encoded key
Liquid sensor
Method of forming a motor winding and disposing the motor wire
Chassis with distributed jet cooling
Turbo code interleaver with near optimal performance
Method and system for transmitting authentication context information
System and method for e-mail control of an integrated communications center
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Image processing spout control system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Container inspection machine
Thermal printer and electromagnetic wave source device
Laser-induced thermal imaging with masking
Printer, image printing system to which the printer is applied, and method for printing confidential document
Image forming apparatus
Optical security component
Wrap around lenticular lenses and fabrication method for clear walled containers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dispersion-managed cable for raman-assisted transmission
Fixed Constructions
Mechanism for fastening an electronic device in computer by snapping
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spindle motor and hard disk drive
Liquid crystal display optical head with a heat sink
Reflection sheet and backlight unit using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Fiber optical laser detection and ranging system
Critical dimension measuring instrument
Method and apparatus for measuring strain using a luminescent photoelastic coating
Deformation measuring method and apparatus using electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Adjustable focusing composite for use in an optical profilometer system and method
Interferometric measuring device
Instrument having a multi-mode optical element and method
Athermal interferometric device
Method of fabricating and inspecting a transparent optical element having a parabolic optical-quality lateral surface
Compact interferometer and use in wavelength monitoring
Laser distance measuring system and laser distance measuring method
Measurements of optical inhomogeneity and other properties in substances using propagation modes of light
Determining optical characteristics of optical devices under test
Optical dispersion measurement apparatus and measurement method using same
Reconfigurable interferometer system
Method for selection of optical fiber and system for inspection of optical fiber
Gas cell adapted for carbon dioxide
Spectroscopic ellipsometer with adjustable detection area
Methods and systems for controlling the concentration of a component in a composition with absorption spectroscopy
Laser system for detection and identification of chemical and biological agents and method therefor
Apparatus, sample cuvette and method for optical measurements
Optical heterodyne surface plasma wave detecting method and apparatus
Surface plasmon resonance sensor having real-time referencing
Method for monitoring and/or controlling the status of a plasma in a plasma spectrometer and spectrometer for implementing such a method
Method for enhanced gas monitoring in high particle density flow streams
Method for the quality control of material layers
Apparatus for inspecting a surface
Apparatus and method for dual spot inspection of repetitive patterns
Method and apparatus for detecting pattern defects
Method and device for measuring cavitation
Precise time period measurement
Method and apparatus for testing RF modules
Ferroelectric memory and method of testing the same
Electrical system like a testing system for testing the channels of a communication system
Apparatus for debugging imaging devices and method of testing imaging devices
Design of canted synthetic pattern exchange spin valve head for improving stability and bias
Continuous free layer spin valve sensor with patterned exchange underlayer stabilization
Apparatus for and method of optical detection and analysis of an object
Method of accurately determining positions of deployed seismic geophones
Terrestrial seismic acquisition process and apparatus, in particular for a vertical seismic acquisition
High resolution determination of seismic polar anisotropy
Method and system for fabricating optical film using an exposure source and reflecting surface
Single element laser beam shaper
Zoom lens system and camera using the same
Objective optical system
Three-group zoom lens including at least one aspheric lens surface
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system and focus adjustment method thereof
Multiple aperture imaging system
Microscope for operation
Method and device for producing height images of technical surfaces with microscopic resolution
Laser microscope and laser pulse width control method
Illuminating apparatus for a microscope
Two axis state for microscope
Optical component and image pick-up device using the same
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
MEM devices having charge induced via focused beam to enter different states
Two-dimensional blazed MEMS grating
Optical scanning apparatus, multi-beam optical scanning apparatus, and image-forming apparatus
Optical scanner
Method for correcting oscillation-induced imaging errors in an objective
Combiner and on-vehicle display unit including the same
Pattern reading apparatus
Laser light source and an optical system for shaping light from a laser-bar-stack
Optical component and dispersion compensation method
Three-dimensional image display apparatus
Rod lens array and a process for producing the same
Generation of a library of periodic grating diffraction signals
Stationary and dynamic radial transverse electric polarizer for high numerical aperture systems
Nonlinear optical whispering gallery mode resonators
Optical logic gate based optical router
De-latching mechanisms for fiber optic modules
Optical transducer with farfield modifier
Tunable wavelength filter with invariant transmission and reflection beam angles
Collapsible lens barrel
Ultra-high linearized optical modulator
Waveguide mach-zehnder optical isolator utilizing transverse magneto-optical phase shift
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and its fabricating method
Liquid crystal display devices having wide viewing angle and improved contrast ratio
Single cell liquid crystal shutter glasses
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Liquid crystal device and projection-type display device
Reflection plate, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device with alignment layer having a relative imidization ratio above 60%
Optical transistor
Digital camera having display controllers and designating unit and method of controlling operation
Image processing method and apparatus and computer-readable storage medium having an electronic zoom function
Fresnel lens sheet and transmission type projection screen
Method and system for shipping of photofinishing orders
Method to diagnose imperfections in illuminator of a lithographic tool
Device manufacturing apparatus
Offline print method using a printer apparatus and an external apparatus for printing out image data on a removable medium
Color image formation apparatus
Method for enhancing the image quality of an image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for digital holographic imaging
Timepiece including two cases able to pivot with respect to each other
Rezeroing a robot accessor of an automated data storage library
System and method for input current shaping in a power converter
Information processing system
Dual function electronic display screen
Tablet computer keyboard and system and method incorporating same
Detachable personal computer
Housing for a portable electronic device
Portable communication terminal, information display device, control input device and control input method
Page flicking mechanism for electronic display devices that paginate content
Method and apparatus for interacting with a portable computer system
Computer cabinet with mounted hard disk casing and hard disks
Integrity monitoring
Memory system having fast and slow data reading mechanisms
Method of maintaining continuity of sample jitter pattern across clustered graphics accelerators
Image processing system
Non-volatile semiconductor memory with large erase blocks storing cycle counts
Method and apparatus for updating state data
Method and system for executing SIMD instructions using graphics technology
Computer, printer and software for changing control of printer marking device while printing on a single page
Driving control apparatus and driving control method
Image prints having customized backprinting message
Method and apparatus for associating multimedia information with location information
Layered article data verification
Information input/output apparatus, information input/output control method, and computer product
Computer-compatible, visualizably presented, intuitive and self-explanatory manual input system
Virtual print driver system and method
Method and apparatus for correcting defects in a spatial light modulator based printing system
System and method for providing print preview/media selection
Method of minimizing trapping, I.E., choking or spreading, in a printing-original production process
Color conversion method, color conversion apparatus and color conversion definition storage medium
Adaptive technology for automatic document analysis
System and method for displaying implantable medical device data
Early primitive assembly and screen-space culling for multiple chip graphics system
Method and apparatus for displaying resource information
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Tiled vector flattened output
Z-slope test to optimize sample throughput
Systems and methods for providing image rendering using variable rate source sampling
Anti-aliased, textured, geocentric and layered fog graphics display method and apparatus
Screen display control and transition method and its system
Dual mesh resampling
Conversion of adaptively sampled distance fields to triangles
Electronic endoscope apparatus to which electronic endoscopes with different numbers of pixels can be connected
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program thereof
Method, system, and software for signal processing using pyramidal decomposition
System and method of reducing aliasing in printed images
Three-dimensional data generating device
Gaze directed visual system
Magnetic display device
Visual message display device
Display device for portable notebook computer
Driving IC of an active matrix electroluminescence device
System for providing pulse amplitude modulation for OLED display drivers
Control circuit of panel brightness
Display apparatus, display system and method of driving apparatus
Thermal control system for liquid crystal cell
Method and system for LCD panel light source selection
Liquid crystal display device and drive circuit device for
Driving a matrix display panel
Electro-optical-device driving method, image processing circuit, electronic apparatus, and correction-data generating method
Computer program, method, and device for controlling the brightness of a display
Image display device and method of supplying writing electric potential to an image display device
Display control method, display controller, display unit and electronic device
Electronic device with user interface capability and method therefor
Touch screen input technique
Dual voltage switch with programmable asymmetric transfer rate
LCD controller which supports a no-scaling image without a frame buffer
Liquid crystal display module and its scanning circuit board
Piezoelectric transformation driving apparatus
Apparatus and method of managing data objects
System and method for performing BLTs
System and method for refreshing imaging devices or displays on a page-level basis
Magneto-optical reader which is optimized by the incident-light polariser
Contact probe storage device including conductive readout medium
Method for reproducing information data from a magneto-optical storage medium in reverse direction with recording
Lockout mechanism for I/O station of automated library
Automatic library for data storage tape cartridges
Magnetic disc apparatus having stator structure with reduced distortion
Clamp retention apparatus for rotational disk drive components
Method for controlling the rotation of optical disk based on disk shapes
Information recording apparatus for controlling recording power of a recording medium
Storage device, program for controlling storage device, method for controlling storage device and recording medium
Method of reproducing information with equalization for the reproduced information to reduce inter-symbol interference
Management method for reproduction error and a disk drive making use of the management method
Servo writing a disk drive by synchronizing a servo write clock to a high frequency signal in a spiral track
Servo write head
Electrostatic track following using patterned media
Slider tester
Method of detecting protrusion on recording medium and detecting apparatus therefor
Flexible disk drive including sub circuit board with a hall element mounted thereon
Selecting a track density for each disk surface of a disk drive based on head characteristic
Heat assisted magnetic recording head with a planar waveguide
Recording pole for delivering coincident heat and magnetic field
Magnetic head having a magnetic recording element including a pair of connected yoke films and magnetic pole film to form a magnetic gap
Magnetic biasing layer for GMR sensor of a magnetic head for a hard disk drive
Sensor with improved stabilization and track definition
Magnetic recording head with a side shield structure for controlling side reading of thin film read sensor
Inverted write head for vertical recording
Head support mechanism, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and method of manufacturing head support mechanism
Suspension design for the co-located PZT micro-actuator
Method and apparatus for written-in tracking error composition for linear tape drives
Method and apparatus for servo writing in a disk drive
Methods for improving servo-demodulation robustness
Position demodulating method and circuit of disk apparatus
Subambient pressure slider with partitioned subambient area
Optical pick-up actuator
Method and apparatus for providing optical network interface using optical memory storage
Method of moving optical pickup, optical pickup, and optical disc apparatus
Method of controlling laser diode in optical disk player and circuit therefor
Information recording medium, information recording and reproduction method, and information recording and reproduction apparatus
Information reading and recording apparatus
Automatic control method for generating stable laser power of an optical disk drive
Optical information recording medium
Colored data storage media
Data restore in thryistor based memory devices
Magnetic random access memory
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cell having a diode with asymmetrical characteristics
Magnetic memory with structure providing reduced coercivity
Magnetic tunnel junction memory cell architecture
Method for reading out or in a status from or to a ferroelectrical transistor of a memory cell and memory matrix
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Multiple bit memory cells and methods for reading non-volatile data
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
Semiconductor memory device having column select line driving scheme for reducing skew between column select lines and column select line driving method thereof
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Dynamic semiconductor memory device and bit line precharge method therefor
Semiconductor memory device and storage method thereof
Method and system for programming and inhibiting multi-level, non-volatile memory cells
High data rate write process for non-volatile flash memories
Circuit for accessing a chalcogenide memory array
Variable-persistence molecular memory devices and methods of operation thereof
NRAM bit selectable two-device nanotube array
Nonvolatile memory device
Data holding apparatus and data read out method
Content addressable memory with mode-selectable match detect timing
Non-volatile NOR-type CAM memory
High voltage generation and regulation circuit in a memory device
Method to obtain temperature independent program threshold voltage distribution using temperature dependent voltage reference
Method, apparatus, and system to enhance negative voltage switching
Non-volatile storage device and control method thereof
Reading circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
Single cell erasing method for recovering memory cells under programming disturbs in non volatile semiconductor memory devices
Driver circuit for an active matrix display device
Self-repair method for nonvolatile memory devices with erasing/programming failure, and relative nonvolatile memory device
Dynamic random access memory(DRAM) capable of canceling out complimentary noise developed in plate electrodes of memory cell capacitors
Variable column redundancy region boundaries in SRAM
Integrated circuit devices having high precision digital delay lines therein
Low voltage data path and current sense amplifier
Memory unit having programmable device ID
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Digital switching technique for detecting data
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Programmable delay circuit within a content addressable memory
Semiconductor non-volatile storage device
Electromagnetic actuator, manufacturing method, and optical scanner using the electromagnetic actuator
Capacitor structure
Charge dissipation in electrostatically driven devices
Charge storage device
Automatic transfer switch and protection device
Substrate-container measuring device, and substrate-container measuring jig
Transistor and semiconductor memory using the same
Guard for electrostatic chuck
EMI shielding apparatus
Heat sink mounting assembly
System and method for mounting a heat sink
Active pixel sensor pixel having a photodetector whose output is coupled to an output transistor gate
Tunnel magnetoresistive effective element, and a thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and a magnetic disk drive device using same
Surge protected coaxial termination
GPS microstrip antenna
Redirecting feedthrough lens antenna system and related methods
Compact multiband inverted-F antenna
Antenna apparatus
Methods and systems for concealing antennas
AM/FM on-glass wire grid antenna
Antenna with layered ground plane
Waveguide diplexing and filtering device
Focal plane array for THz imager and associated methods
Small and omni-directional biconical antenna for wireless communications
Beam reconfiguration method and apparatus for satellite antennas
Radio device and antenna structure
Substrate, connecting structure and electronic equipment
Ventilation system for electrical wiring arrangements of electrical circuits
Storage memory device
Connection apparatus for CCTV systems
Optical amplifier with damped relaxation oscillation
Co-propagating Raman amplifiers
Testing the frontside emission of bottom-emitting VCSELs
Low cost safety switch interlock defeat operator
Circuit interrupting system with independent trip and reset lockout
DC/DC converter with voltage clamp circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage-detecting circuit and signal transmitting and receiving system
Arrangements to detect and respond to disturbances in electrical power systems
Power factor corrected UPS with improved connection of battery to neutral
Multi-phase interleaving isolated DC/DC converter
Method and voltage converter for converting DC input voltage to AC voltage in a system frequency range
Control system input apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive horizontal sync detection
Optical amplifier for amplifying a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) light including light in different wavelength bands
Optical amplifier performance controller and method of use
Communication system and communication method using animation and server as well as terminal device used therefor
Portable information terminal apparatus
Process for transmitting facsimiles between two facsimile machines connected to a data transmission network
System and method for efficient transfer of image data to a service provider
Web server and facsimile machine having web server function
Digital image forming apparatus
Printed card based user interface system
Image reading method and apparatus for same
Image browsing user interface apparatus and method
Systems and methods to reversibly convert a film-based camera into a digital camera
Method and apparatus for image capture, selection and copying
Printer-system, method of printing, and recording medium for implementing the method
Gradation display method
Color reproduction characteristic correction method
Method and apparatus to extend the effective dynamic range of an image sensing device and use residual images
FM demodulator for SECAM decoder
Stereoscopic display system having a single display
Apparatus for monitoring quality of picture in transmission
Multi-picture in picture system
Unit for and method of video signal enhancement and image display apparatus provided with such a video signal enhancement unit
Image sensing apparatus executing exposure control using object luminance information
Photographic method at time of self-photography, and image sensing apparatus thereof
Imaging apparatus controller and control method thereof, image processing apparatus and method thereof, and program code and storage medium
Method and apparatus for colormetric channel balancing for solid state image sensor using time division multiplexed sampling waveforms
Apparatus and method for data processing, and storage medium
Adjusting pixel clock
Apparatus and method of converting image data to video signals
Camera positioning system and method for eye-to eye communication
Audio-visual interactive system comprising several filming devices
Multicast meeting unit and multicast meeting program
Electronic camera
Optical apparatus and projection type display apparatus for reducing a physical distance between a light source and a display
Digital-signal-processing circuit, display apparatus using the same and liquid-crystal projector using the same
Electronic endoscope with color adjustment function
Hysteresis in image processing algorithms
Switching power supply unit
Interconnect for flat panel displays
PCB structure for scope unit of electronic endoscope
Ultra broadband capacitor assembly
Electronic device cable cover
Electrical circuit pack ejector system that provides a preemptive warning to the circuit pack
Computer enclosure air distribution system
Heat sink bracket for powered loudspeaker
Ruggedized electronics enclosure
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew