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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Seed sticker
Draper seal for crop harvesting header
Landscape soil and water retention device
Decoy motion technology
Drink preparing machine including a steam nozzle cleaning system
Protective sports headgear
Neck brace
Pressure-reducing device
Multi-use surface
Infant bonding lap seat
Cooking grill
Flexible plastic utensil
Toilet cleaning pad
Cleaner head
Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging
Biological optical measurement system
System and method for remotely operating a peristaltic pump
MRI gradient coils with reduced neural stimulation
X-ray CT apparatus
Dental cast stabilizer
Failsafe satellite pacemaker system
Conditional requirements for remote medical device programming
Systems and methods for selecting stimulation sites and applying treatment, including treatment of symptoms of Parkinson's disease, other movement disorders, and/or drug side effects
ECG rhythm advisory method
Apparatus for creating hyperthermia in tissue
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of forming a wearable surface of a body
Method of manufacturing a connecting rod assembly for an internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for mounting a crystal
Method for making a showerhead
Apparatus for separating engine crankcase portions and method for same
Dismounting device for environment-friendly oil filter
Self-clamping wrench with push-button latch release
Cutting unit for cutting sheet material
Clip attachment structure for a writing instrument
Actuating device having force-feedback
Method and system for detecting malfunctioning sensors
Crash prediction network with graded warning for vehicle
Wake towers and methods of use and manufacture thereof
Submarine with a propulsion drive with an electric motor ring
Ice bagging system and method
Spool for a waste storage device
Textiles; Paper
Method of accomplishment of a hybrid cord
Ironing appliance comprising a piezoelectric pump
Fixed Constructions
Bi-parting accessible ceiling system
System for improving fire endurance of concrete-filled steel tubular columns
Methods and apparatus for a building roof structure
Panel-sealing and securing system
Natural ventilator apparatus
Rotational hinge
Clutch, motor and vehicle door opening/closing device
Jamb and frame combination for doors and windows
Spacer tube
Pet access door for mounting on screen doors
Control of an access opening in a body of a vehicle
Tubular joint detection system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealed engine/compressor housing comprising an adsorption element
Method for managing temperatures in an exhaust system of a motor vehicle
Method and device for determining an oxygen storage capacity of a catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine and method and device for determining a dynamic time duration for exhaust probes of an internal combustion engine
Electrically heated particulate filter using catalyst striping
Method for selectively heating a reducing agent line and device for exhaust gas purification in a vehicle
High-efficiency SCR catalytic converter
Catalyst apparatus and exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Method of operating a vehicle equipped with a pneumatic booster system
Engine control device
Dual-mode combustor
Fluid distributor apparatus and punching method
Vacuum accumulator system and method for regenerative braking system
Torque converter with centered turbine
Active dynamic vibration absorber
Electrically driven linear actuator
Double clutch winding transmission
Dual clutch multi-speed transmission
Operating device with selector lever return
System and method of securing an apparatus to an opening
Air conditioner system having an externally controlled variable displacement compressor and a clutch and method of operating the same
Krypton xenon recovery from pipeline oxygen
Condensation dryer with a heat pump and recognition of an impermissible operating state and method for the operation thereof
Rifle upper receiver with integral magazine well
Method of calibrating a biometric device
Measuring head for air micrometer
Standing wave fibers for the detection of nucleic acids
Inertial stabilizer system
Thermal flow meter and control system
Apparatus and method for testing an aircraft pedal system
Sensor system, method for operating a sensor system, and method for manufacturing a sensor system
Solvent delivery pump and liquid chromatograph
Tomographic energy dispersive X-ray diffraction apparatus comprising an array of detectors of associated collimators
Method of and control node for detecting failure
Method for controlling the transport capacity for data transmission via a network, and network
Logic circuit protected against transitory perturbations
Methods of enhancing separation of primary reflection signals and noise in seismic data using radon transformations
Method and system for removing effects of conductive casings and wellbore and surface heterogeneity in electromagnetic imaging surveys
Cable manager including nestable radius limiter
Fiber optic dust cap and dust plug with high power protection
Optical module method of manufacturing the same
Optical waveguide structure, optical module and lens array
Photography apparatus, photography method, and photography program for obtaining an image of a subject
Multiple exposure regions in a single frame using a rolling shutter
Lens module with grating
Imaging cartridge drive having entire tooth engagement
Developing device and image forming apparatus having a toner-particle bearing roller with a helical groove portion
Fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
Multi-building control for demand response power usage control
Context based power management
Disk array device and path failure detection method thereof
Network intrusion detection and prevention system and method thereof
Method and apparatus for obtaining trace data of a high speed embedded processor
Method and system for testing network device logic
Network storage appliance with an integrated switch
Highly available computing platform
Data protection in a mass storage system
Method and apparatus for preventing network reset attacks
Multilink receiver for multiple cordless applications
Life prediction and monitoring of components
Systems and methods for reporting performance metrics
Quality analysis method and program
Quality analysis method and program
Method and system for a service process to provide a service to a client
Method and device for scalable multiple match extraction from search data
Method and apparatus for exchanging data with a hard disk
Storage controller and data management method
Memory device
Allocating clusters to storage partitions in a storage system
Memory with refresh cycle donation to accommodate low-retention-storage rows
Reference-counting subsumption analysis
System managing a plurality of virtual volumes and a virtual volume management method for the system
Method and apparatus for delivering content based on receivers characteristics
Content request redirection from a wed protocol to a file protocol
Integrated circuit memory device and signaling method for adjusting drive strength based on topography of integrated circuit devices
Sharing memory among multiple information channels
Non-volatile memory arrangement and method in a multiprocessor device
Message signaled interrupt extended (MSI-X) auto clear and failsafe lock
Dynamic memory supporting simultaneous refresh and data-access transactions
Serial bus device with address assignment by master device
Method and system for preserving user identification when generating image data from a remote location
Sitemap access method, product, and apparatus
Use of a bulk-email filter within a system for classifying messages for urgency or importance
Acquiring web page information without commitment to downloading the web page
Byzantine paxos
Distributed network
Method and system for canceling setup of a packet-based real-time media conference session
Proxy apparatus and method for streaming media information and for increasing the quality of stored media information
Communication control for storage system
Mechanism for preserving session state when using an access-limited buffer
System and method for using a mapping between client addresses and addresses of caches to support content delivery
Method and system for supporting distance extension in networks having Y-cable protection
Live presentation searching
Method of and apparatus for communicating data structures between devices in a networking environment
Systems and methods for categorizing network traffic content
Method for verifying newly provisioned customer network route advertisements
Firewall switching system for communication system applications
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) and multilevel cache for use therewith
Network device setup utility
Enhanced popularity ranking
Representing style information in a markup language document
Evaluating and generating summaries using normalized probabilities
Method and a system for displaying information, and a device
Automated spell analysis
Method and system for lexical mapping between document sets having a common topic
Audio system for playing back recorded information by remote transmission
Method for determining filter coefficients of a digital filter and digital filter
System and methods for integrating authoring with complexity analysis for computing system operation procedures
System and method for adaptive automatic error correction
Information processing device, license information recording medium, information processing method, and computer program
System and method for mining time-changing data streams
Dynamic page generator
Search apparatus and search management method for fixed-length data
Method and system for establishing and using a social network to facilitate people in life issues
Search engine with user activity memory
Merging file systems during a disk clone operation
Trusted transactional internet kiosk
Agent rank
Behavioral synthesizer system, operation synthesizing method and program
SiP (system in package) design systems and methods
Massively parallel boolean satisfiability implication circuit
Control electronics integrated in a brake, preferably a disc brake
Method for fast manufacturing and assembling of hot runner systems
Methods and systems for handling a work piece for a machining process
Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method for a video conference system
Method for reconfiguring an automation device
Rapid method for reservoir connectivity analysis using a fast marching method
Web service UI information guide
Switch/network adapter port coupling a reconfigurable processing element to one or more microprocessors for use with interleaved memory controllers
Memory including an output pointer circuit
Serial advanced technology attachment device presence detection and hot-plug in low power mode
Pushback FIFO
Animation on object user interface
User interface incorporating data ecosystem awareness
System and method for selecting a view mode and setting
Binary cache file format for themeing the visual appearance of a computer system
Variable rate sampling for sequence analysis
Content acquisition method
Customization of search results for search queries received from third party sites
Password-based key management
Intrusion detection
Logic cell supporting addition of three binary words
Binary digit multiplications and applications
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the semiconductor device
Runtime configurable arithmetic and logic cell
Method for managing memory space during system initialization
Microprocessor with a register selectively storing unaligned load instructions and control method thereof
Multi-channel, multi-service debug on a pipelined CPU architecture
Securely providing extensible third-party plug-ins
Framework for seamlessly authoring and editing workflows at design and runtime
Data reproduction device, video display apparatus and software update system and software update method which use them
Method for compression of object code interpreted by tree-structured expression factorization
Parallel task scheduling system for computers
Methods and systems for control discovery in computing systems
Automated data organization
Method and apparatus for acquiring and organizing ink information in pen-aware computer systems
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Method for identifying markers in radiographic images
Countdown stamp error diffusion
Method and circuit for scaling raster images
System and method for image segmentation by a weighted multigrid solver
Method and apparatus for generating electronic document by continuously photographing document in moving picture
Image processing apparatus including an image processing unit having a plurality of image processing sub-units each adapted to be capable of being changed in circuit configuration and method of controlling the image processing apparatus
System and method for image coding employing a hybrid directional prediction and wavelet lifting
Method for determining camera position from two-dimensional images that form a panorama
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image processing program
Pre-paid airline tickets
Secure online transactions using a captcha image as a watermark
Automatic payment method using RF ID tags
Method and system for managing distributed trading data
System and method for displaying money management information in an electronic trading environment
System and method for displaying market information and order placement in an electronic trading environment
Hardware ID to prevent software piracy
Method and system for managing power consumption of a network interface module in a wireless computing device
Methods and systems employing digital content
Quantitative model for formant dynamics and contextually assimilated reduction in fluent speech
Synthesis-based pre-selection of suitable units for concatenative speech
Acoustic models with structured hidden dynamics with integration over many possible hidden trajectories
Digital audio watermark inserting/detecting apparatus and method
Method and system for controlling potentially harmful signals in a signal arranged to convey speech
Disk autochanger
Recording and reproducing device
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Recording medium, method of configuring disc control information thereof, recording and reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
High density optical disc having recorded characters visibly readable from a substrate side
Method and system for utilizing DRAM components in a system-on-chip
Fast parity scan of memory arrays
Method and apparatus for latent fault memory scrub in memory intensive computer hardware
Semiconductor device and data storage apparatus
Multi-leaf collimator based field size clipping for automatic adaptation to allowed image area
Integrated circuit having on-chip laser burn-in circuit
Laser equipment
Method and system for near optimal iterative detection of the 2-dimensional ISI channel
Memory error detection device and method for detecting a memory error
Method and apparatus for detecting a packet error in a wireless communications system with minimum overhead using embedded error detection capability of turbo code
Reduced adjacent channel interference in a radio receiver
Transmitter apparatus, receiver apparatus, and radio communication system
Control of power amplifiers in devices using transmit beamforming
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit for radio communication
Mobile information services
Tables for determining the signal strength of a received signal in a fibre optics transceiver
Method and apparatus for monitoring channel frequency response
Dial system for a steering wheel of an automobile
Communication system for landline and wireless calls
High frequency module
Robustly stabilizing laser systems
Communication system, information processing device, and method
Method and system for wireless priority call processing
Method of interlacing frames
Multicarrier receiver and method for generating common phase error estimates for use in systems that employ two or more transmit antennas with independent local oscillators
Allocation of radio resource in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Method and system for conveying multiple calls on a single telephone line
Optical/radio local access network
Enhanced uplink data transmission
Data multiplexing method, field programmable gate array, and optical network
Method and system for reducing deadlock in fibre channel fabrics using virtual lanes
Methods and systems for providing database node access control functionality in a communications network routing node
Apparatus and methods for providing event-based data communications device configuration
Method of transmitting feedback information using an extended subheader
Frequency offset differential pulse position modulation
Systems and methods for serverless software licensing
Method and apparatus for encryption of over-the-air communications in a wireless communication system
Transmission format, communication control apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method for permanent redundant transmission of data messages in communication systems
Network routing method and system utilizing label-switching traffic engineering queues
Method and system for network access over a low bandwidth link
Method for optimal assignment of customer edge (CE) routers to virtual private network route forwarding (VRF) tables
Communication timing control method and apparatus, node, and communication system
Datagram relaying apparatus with load distributing function
Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
Apparatus and method for performing forwarding table searches using consecutive symbols tables
Personal control of address assignment and greeting options for multiple BRG ports
Methods and systems for digitally processing optical data signals
Method and system for optimized routing and protection of VT traffic in SONET networks
Recording medium recording a network shutdown control program, and network shutdown device
Electronic loop provisioning
Internet telephone apparatus, adapter and server for internet telephone communication, internet telephone system, and control method
Digital transmitter
Robust maximum-likelihood based timing recovery
Method and apparatus for implementing a traceback processor for trellis decoding in a Viterbi decoder
Network side channel for a message board
Delivery of network services
Process and electronic decoding circuit for a diphase asynchronous frame whose length is not known in advance, corresponding application, computer programme and storage means
Systems and methods for demonstrating authenticity of a virtual machine using a security image
Digital fingerprint identification system
Operating system independent data management
Systems and methods for preventing unauthorized use of digital content
Secure authentication and network management system for wireless LAN applications
System and method for authenticating a web page
Method, system and program product for auditing electronic transactions based on biometric readings
Exponential data transform to enhance security
Enhancing software integrity through installation and verification
Method and apparatus for the secure identification of the owner of a portable device
Adaptive antenna reception method and device
Dynamic MIMO resource allocation during a single communication
Mobile device with selectable camera position
Radio access network system and a method of fault analysis for the system thereof
Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic caller ID messaging
System and method for delivery of a message to multiple destinations
Method, system and article of manufacture for bookmarking voicemail messages
Method and apparatus for secure immediate wireless access in a telecommunications network
Scheduled retrieval, storage and access of media data
Information data processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing in-band messaging within a video on demand environment
System and method for diffusing image objects
Method and apparatus for managing a data carousel
Method for processing video data designed for display on a screen and device therefor
Portable device for receiving media content
System and method for the broadcast dissemination of time-ordered data
System and method for immersive simulation of hearing loss and auditory prostheses
Set and method for producing a hearing aid and hearing aid produced according to this method
Reducing DSP schedule bottlenecks in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for varying times/channels of broadcast beacons
System and method for synchronizing base stations
Method and system for determining spectrum availability within a network
Communication terminal and program using a packet switched communication line and a circuit switched communication line
Intercepting a call connection to a mobile subscriber roaming in a visited PLMN (VPLMN)
Methods and apparatus for design of wireless networks to aid in location identification of mobile units
Push page user interface in a short range radio enabled mobile terminal
Channel selection
Semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Garment with removable electronic devices
Method of forming an image of cilium and cilia
Method and device for skin cancer screening
Radiation image recording method and apparatus
Method of correcting the extrafocal radiation of an X-ray tube in computed tomography
System and method for mitigating image noise with multi-energy image decomposition
Computed tomography device with a multi-line detector system
Method and control device for controlling a tomogram acquisition device
Method for producing or updating radiotherapy plan
Variable temperature vaporizer
Technique for fixating a lead
Method and apparatus for radiotherapy treatment planning
Connection establishment method without specifying called terminal, switched network control device and system using this method
Information reproducing apparatus and broadcasting system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Material delivery system for miniature structure fabrication
Method of suppressing energy spikes of a partially-coherent beam
High energy laser beam dump
Stereolithographic method for combining components of varying densities
Light fibers and methods for producing the same
Remote power communication system and method thereof
Electronic instrument
Object recognition system
Sensing device
Device and method for switching optical signals
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ca-Al-Si oxide glasses and optical components containing the same
Thermal interface materials and methods for their preparation and use
Inspection method for microorganisms and the like, and unit therefor
Fixed Constructions
Autobias driving a high frequency power system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for a pre-fabricated heat-traced header
Incandescent tube bulb replacement assembly
Apparatus for inspecting a heat exchanger tube and group of heat exchanger tubes
Water heating device
Method and apparatus for thin film thickness mapping
Method for generating a textured range image
Tunable grating-based channel filter parking device
Chiral fiber sensor apparatus and method
Dual density gray patch toner control
Image input device with dust detector
Method of performing geometric measurements on digital radiological images
Device for determining and characterizing noises generated by mastication of food
Method for selecting a local antenna for use in producing image data in a diagnostic magnetic resonance apparatus
Digital receiving system for dense environment of aircraft
Portable fish finder
Camera and distance measuring apparatus used in the same
Seismic detection apparatus and related method
Method of calculating a throw volume for quantitative fault analysis
Acoustic logging apparatus and method for anisotropic earth formations
Laser arrangement
Method and laser beam directing system with rotatable diffraction gratings
Method for maximizing light throughput in an optical switch
Dispersion manipulating fiber
Optical signal transmitting apparatus, optical data bus system and signal processing apparatus
Reduced size multimode interference based coupler
Optical cross connect device with single grating
Optical component having flat top output
Hybrid optical add/drop multiplexing devices
Compact optical wavelength add/drop multiplexer
Optical switch with internal monitoring
Optical switch expanding method, optical switch, and optical crossconnecting apparatus
Method for bonding aligned optical parts and apparatus thereof
High density fiber optic splitter/connector tray system
Receiver optical sub-assembly
Fiber optic header with integrated power monitor
Wavelength-multiplexing bidirectional optical transmission module
Tracking error suppression and method of reducing tracking error
Return loss reduction
Laser pump module with reduced tracking error
Optical thumbtack
Local convergence cabinet
Optical fiber ribbons having a preferential separation sequence
Cooled mirror device
Optical waveguide and method of manufacture
Optical variable attenuator
Optical crossbar switch
Optical switch
Laser assisted thermal poling of silica based waveguides
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Electronic shutter for camera and method for controlling the same
Lens-fitted photo film unit with stop changing device
Metrology diffraction signal adaptation for tool-to-tool matching
Multiple color image forming apparatus and method
Sheet feeding apparatus, image scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the image reading apparatus
Manual paper feeding apparatus
Device for inserting a band into a machine unit
Electrophotographic apparatus including transferring device
Image forming apparatus for reducing a system return time
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for revising image density
Use status detecting mechanism and image-producing unit
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing agent container including a sealing element for preventing developing agent from leaking out
System for estimating the remaining life of a print cartridge
Method of compensating for low toner consumption
Developing device having a developer carrier including main and auxiliary magnetic poles and image forming apparatus using the same
Transfer control for an image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus for amplifying differences in potential for image and non-image sections of photo sensor
Fixing device for an image forming apparatus
Fixing belt and fixing apparatus equipped with same
Printer and fixing device which maintain a stable temperature for fixing a toner image
Image heating apparatus and elastic roller therefor
Fusing roller assembly for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge and developing unit for the image forming apparatus with efficient toner replenishing
Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and cartridge mounting method
Image forming apparatus including a cooling device
Electronic diving watch with analog display
Home automation system and method
Remote web-based control
Drive control system
Remote change of state for laboratory equipment
Remote maintenance method, industrial device, and semiconductor device
Liquid cooling system for notebook computer
Disk drive bracket
Electronic device
Power distribution system with a dedicated power structure and a high performance voltage regulator
Interface apparatus
Fibre channel interface controller that performs non-blocking output and input of fibre channel data frames and acknowledgement frames to and from a fibre channel
Emulation of a disconnect of a device
Antenna connectors for computer devices utilizing radio and modem cards
System and method for unified messaging with message replication and synchronization
Method and apparatus for searching, browsing and summarizing moving image data using fidelity of tree-structured moving image hierarchy
Method and apparatus for indexing and retrieving images from an image database based on a color query
Method, apparatus and program products for retrieving moving image
Adaptable security mechanism for preventing unauthorized access of digital data
Method and apparatus for entry of multi-stroke characters
Network-based intercom system and method for simulating a hardware based dedicated intercom system
Input device
Library controller having stored table indicating attributes of an automated data storage library with respect to media
Method for controlled reducing of processor utilization by a soft modem and a soft modem with controlled different processor utilization modes
Construction of colored images on absorbent substrates using a computer-aided design system
Method for generating a quasi-isotropic magnetic alternating field
Digital watermarking in a perceptually uniform domain
System and method for face detection through geometric distribution of a non-intensity image property
System and method for locating an object in an image using models
Pattern recognition process for text document interpretation
Method, apparatus and computer program product for image data compression and decompression capable of high-speed processing
Automatic bitonal image optimization
Correction of defective pixels in a detector using temporal gradients
True color infrared photography and video
Image data compression employing optimal subregion compression
Method for counting beyond endurance limitations of non-volatile memories
System, method and apparatus for tracking deployment of cellular telephone network sites
Method of inserting and extracting a digital signature
System and method for embedding a watermark signal that contains message data in a digital image
General purpose image enhancement algorithm which augments the visual perception of detail in digital images
Multi-mode digital image processing method for detecting eyes
Method and apparatus to automatically enhance the quality of digital images by measuring grain trace magnitudes
Image-based 3D digitizer
Determining the orientation of subject data in a two-dimensional data set
System and method for performing sparse transformed template matching using 3D rasterization
Data compression device of digital recoding system and data compression method for using a data compression device for compressing input image data
Image sensing system with histogram modification
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Video compression system and method using time
Image encoding apparatus and quantization characteristics determining apparatus
Reversible DCT for lossless--lossy compression
Method and apparatus for resizing an image frame including field-mode encoding
Image signal transcoder capable of bit stream transformation suppressing deterioration of picture quality
Image coding method, image coding/decoding method, image coder, or image recording/reproducing apparatus
Mobile system and mobile management system
Recognition of handwriting in mobile station
Electronic book with simulated three-dimensional illustrations
Apparatus and method for enhancing the security of negotiable instruments
Audio signal enhancement and amplification system
Method and device for activating a voice-controlled function in a multi-station network through using both speaker-dependent and speaker-independent speech recognition
Directory assistance dialog with configuration switches to switch from automated speech recognition to operator-assisted dialog
Magneto-optical recording medium having a transfer control layer
Optical recording medium, master disc for the preparation of the optical recording medium and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for playing storage discs
Disk conveyance mechanism
Motion control system for a CD carousel loader using a braking circuit
Selective disturbance compensating apparatus used in reproduction from optical recording medium and 3T-correcting method
Encoding and decoding apparatus for recording write data
Servo control apparatus for optical disc driver
Recordable optical disk
Information recording device that can resume recording process at correct location on recording medium
Optical disc reproducing apparatus
Erasable digital video disk with reference clock track
Information recording medium which indicates information according to the wobbling of a track and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Automobile audio system for collection, management and playback of audio data
Method for formatting optic disk without computer
Method and apparatus for adjusting reproduction speed of optical disk
Preformatted guide tracks and co-written control tracks for multichannel optical recording
Method and device for finding conditions on recording pulse of optical disk
Device and method of recording information on an optical disc
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium therefor
Optical disk, optical disk device, and method of reproducing information on optical disk
Optical recording medium and apparatus for optically reproducing recorded information
Optical disc track access apparatus and method for optical disc reproducer
Objective lens optical system, optical head and optical information reproduction apparatus
Optical recording apparatus, optical recording/reproducing method
Near field light generating device
Optical head, and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup using an optical phase plate
Optical system of optical pick-up
Optical head having optimum tilt angles
Accelerometer using field emitter technology
Semiconductor memory device reading data based on memory cell passing current during access
Programmable conductor random access memory and method for sensing same
Semiconductor memory device
Program and erase in a thin film storage non-volatile memory
SRAM cell with bootstrapped power line
Method of testing the thin oxide of a semiconductor memory cell that uses breakdown voltage
High reliable reference current generator for MRAM
DRAM power-source controller that reduces current consumption during standby
Method of generating an initializing signal during power-up of semiconductor memory device
Memory device providing asynchronous and synchronous data transfer
Semiconductor memory device having preamble function
Double data rate memory interface
Regulating voltages in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor memory device capable of changing an address space thereof
Word line driving circuit
Nonvolatile memory
Collimation system for dual slice EBT scanner
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
Switch and image forming apparatus
Retention module for heat sink
Flexible assembly system and mechanism adapted for an optical projection apparatus
Heat dissipating assembly with air guide device
Cancellation circuit that suppresses electromagnetic interference in a high speed circuit using a function generator
Electronic package
Image sensor structure
Array antenna reception apparatus
Wireless base station
Arrangement and method for improving multi-carrier power amplifier efficiency
Removable media drives
Parallel board connection system and method
Laser driver with a safety circuit having digital feedback
Integrated laser oscillator-amplifier system
Orthogonal excitation-type laser oscillator
Thermo-electric cooler circuit and method for DWDM/TDM mode selection
Wavelength selectable device
Laser with reduced parasitic etalon effects
Method and apparatus for reduction of spectral fluctuations
Driver with tail currents in discrete subranges
Frequency modulated laser with high modulation bandwidth
Methods and apparatuses for measuring and controlling a laser output in a passive optical network
Auto power control circuit for laser diode
Folded cavity solid-state laser
Semiconductor laser, method of producing the same and evanescent optical head using the same
Pulse width modulation control system
Isolated drive circuitry used in switch-mode power converters
Synchronous rectifying circuit for flyback converter
DC-to-AC power inverter and method of operation thereof
Ask modulation apparatus and method
Method of comparing the amplitudes of two electric signals
Method for reducing complex frequency down-conversion impairments
Audio signal amplifier circuit and portable telephone set and portable electronic device using the same audio signal amplifier circuit
Current-mode differential active hybrid circuit
Differential phase-locked-loop circuit
Data communications receiver with automatic control of gain or threshold for soft decision decoding
Partial band reconstruction of frequency channelized filters
Processor having an adaptable operational frequency
Frequency control/phase synchronizing circuit
Method and system for fail-safe control of a frequency synthesizer
Multiple phase-locked loop circuit
Signal coding
Radio receiver for displaying input level and display method thereof
Method and apparatus for delivering non-obtrusive data services by spread spectrum modulation
Adaptive multi-users interference reduction and cancellation in a CDMA network
Method for maintaining timing in a CDMA rake receiver
Method and apparatus for reducing the effect of multipath propagation in a received signal
Code multiplexing transmitting apparatus
System, transmitter and receiver for code division multiplex transmission
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
CDMA system transmission matrix coefficient calculation
Apparatus and method of searching for known sequences
Method for estimating channel impulse responses of a mobile radio channel
Multicarrier CDMA rake receiver apparatus
Multichannel, multimode DOCSIS headend receiver
Method and apparatus for automatic tracking of an optical signal in a wireless optical communication system
Remote access for cable locator system
Multiwavelength light source device employing annular optical delay circuit
Device for compensating polarization dispersion in an optical transmission system
Dispersion compensation in optical fiber transmission lines
Method and system for spurious and noise cancellation in a wireless transmitter
Double-talk detector suitable for a telephone-enabled PC
Echo canceller and method of echo cancellation using an NLMS algorithm
Startup protocol for high throughput communications systems
Method for controlling transmission power in WCDMA system
Method for enhanced power control by adaptively adjusting an amount of change in a target signal-to-noise ratio
Joint least-square synchronization, channel estimation and noise estimation
Mobile terminal for transmission diversity CDMA communication system
Spacecraft data acquisition and distribution interface
Method for formatting signal in mobile communication system
In-band-on-channel broadcast system for digital data
Data transmission apparatus and method, data receiving apparatus and method, and data transmission and reception system and method
Data processing apparatus and data processing method, and recording medium
Systems, methods and computer program products for averaging learned levels in the presence of robbed-bit signaling based on proximity
Method and system for reducing non-linear cross talk in low dispersion optical fiber
Multiple input/output switch
Timing circuitry for muxing/demuxing of optical communication signals
High-speed bit-pattern detector
Method to transport a reference clock signal
Channel sequencing using a round-robin scheduler
Method and apparatus for assigning receive slots in a dynamic assignment environment
Data multiplexing device multiplexing transport stream generated from encoded data
Diversity reception method and diversity receivers
Method for estimating channel bit error ratio, and receiver
Scheduling system
Polling period controlling apparatus
Method and apparatus to receive selected audio content
Earliest-deadline-first queuing cell switching architecture and method
Direct link protocol in wireless local area networks
Asymmetric data access scheme
Method for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environment
Maintaining synchronization over asynchronous interface
ATM transport over multi-protocol label switching
Learning-based admission control adjustment in data networks
Method and apparatus for data transmission control in a computer network environment
Method and apparatus for building a medium cost, self similar, self organizing multicast routing tree
Method of connection reservation control of an ATM communication network and an ATM exchange for performing the same
System, device, and method for reducing the number of multicast routes maintained in a multicast routing information base
Content-addressable memory for use with a communication packet processor to retrieve context information
Distributed switch and connection control arrangement and method for digital communications network
Dynamic ethernet power management
Co-located frequency-agile system and method
Wireless network system and communication method employing both contention mode and contention-free mode
System and method for collision-free transmission scheduling using neighborhood information and advertised transmission times
Periphery device in a wireless network
Mechanism for conveying data prioritization information among heterogeneous nodes of a computer network
Method and apparatus for providing a communications service, for communication and for extending packet network functionality
Time out threshold shaping for wireless TCP communications
Segmentation protocol that supports compressed segmentation headers
In-line packet processing
Telephone device capable of preventing unauthorized transmission when sending messages
Network protocol for wireless ad hoc networks
Event-based technique for determining instantaneous cell bandwidth in a digital communications network
Dynamic generation of deadlock-free routings
Priority selection means for data transmission apparatus
Method of routing control information and bearer traffic between a wireless communications device and infrastructure equipment
Apparatus and method for processing handover in IMT-2000 system
Method and apparatus for wirelessly communicating different information streams
Call signature in a packet-based network
Virtual gateway system and method
Data rate detection device and method for a mobile communication system
Modems having a dual power mode capability and methods of operating same
Digital transceiver system with adaptive channel pre-coding in an asymmetrical communications network
Method and apparatus for transporting and aligning data across multiple serial data streams
Method, system, and computer program product for managing controlled residential or non-residential environments
Early/on-time/late gate bit synchronizer
Cryptation system for packet switching networks based on digital chaotic models
Bit generator for determining a secret encryption key and corresponding process
Aperiodic encryption for digital data
Noncontact transmitting apparatus
System and method for testing enhanced 911 signalling over a digital loop carrier trunk
Telephonic automatic dialing system
Telephone directory address storing method and information terminal having telephone function as well as storage medium on which program therefor is recorded
Wideband error amplifier
Remote operational screener
System and method for telephone call recording and recorded call retrieval
Automatic feature changeover between a wired telephone and a wireless portable telephone
Voice mail system with personal assistant provisioning
Transformer-coupled matching impedance
Emergency notification system
System and method for generating call records based on account codes
Mobile collect call system and method
Inter-network line level adjustment method and system
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Network telephone system
Reception forcing method for mobile communication system, mobile communication system and managing center
Intelligent call connection service
System and method for the accurate collection of end-user opinion data for applications on a wireless network
System and method for implementing telephony call control via a set of components that communicate with each other via a unique telephony protocol
Voice network access provider system and method
Matching routed call to agent workstation
Method and system for independent participant control of audio during multiparty communication sessions
Conference call setup utilizing a wireless access protocol capable telephone
Universal internet based telephony system that provides ubiquitous access for subscribers from any terminal device
PC-to-phone for least cost routing with user preferences
System and method for image enhancement
Method and apparatus implementing random access and time-based functions on a continuous stream of formatted digital data
Infrared detection system and method with histogram based manual level and gain control with local gain clipping
Real time processing and streaming of spliced encoded MPEG video and associated audio
Method and apparatus for providing a camera accessory with compression
Terminal supporting signaling used in transmission and reception of MPEG-4 data
System and method for generating video taping reminders
Method and device for transmitting data packets
Method of and system for activity-based frequency weighting for FGS enhancement layers
Encoding system and encoding method
Reproduction method and reproduction apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording digital data streams and management information
Method and apparatus for signaling between an optical cross-connect switch and attached network equipment
Optical WDM network having mixed wavelength routing and fiber routing cross-connect switches
Method and apparatus for hierarchical optical switching
System and method for providing dynamic switching functionality in a static switching environment
Dynamic band-allocating subscriber-line-terminating apparatus
Packet transfer system
Method for transmitting voice information in ATM cells
Traffic control method for intelligent network services
Internet telephone system
Method and apparatus for sharing point codes in a network
Apparatus for interfacing a private branch exchange with an asynchronous transfer mode network and method thereof
Reclocker circuit and router cell
Switching network for multiple channel installations
Method for uplink spectrum monitoring for sparse overlay TDMA systems
Device for determining the base station subsystems involved in a paging, and method for the automatic set-up of the device
Mobile terminal and base station in a packet radio services network
Processing of calls terminating in a packet switched protocol based cellular communication network
Mobile-to-mobile DTMF signaling in tandem free operation
Method for distributing the capacity of a transmission system in a base station network
Systems and methods for uplinking downsampled radiotelephone signals from cellular radiotelephone base stations to a cellular radio exchange
Encrypting communications between wireless mobile units
Hot spot with tailored range for extra frequency to minimize interference
Alternative wireless telephone roaming using prepaid services
Rapid decoding of control channel to decrease handoff time
Method and apparatus for resource reservation in a mobile radio communication system
Fuzzy channel allocation controller having service quality insuring
Automatic radio wave output limiting system for portable telephone set
Arranging control signallings in telecommunications system
Method for establishing a signaling connection with a mobile station
Selecting an order for physical channel assignment in a hybrid time division multiple access/code division multiple access communication system
Orientation adjusting apparatus for speakers
Earphone with control device of timing call setting
Information processing device and speaker unit applicable thereto
Electroacoustic transducer
Integrated hearing aid performance measurement and initialization system
Computation of multi-sensor time delays
Apparatus for generating harmonics in an audio signal
Acoustic device
Elliptical dome for high frequency transducer
Pivotable speaker mounting apparatus
Audio system
Target steering system for EUV droplet generators
Surface mounted electrical components
Methods and apparatus for managing a set of cables
Smart fan modules and system
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