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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant cells and plant bodies with modified cell growth, development and differentiation
Wheat cultivar 00WB80404
Alcohol alkoxylate carriers for pesticide active ingredients
Combination of FBPase inhibitors and antidiabetic agents useful for the treatment of diabetes
Tri-, tetra-substituted-3-aminopyrrolidine derivative
Driver for an inflatable rotating exhibit
Intramedullary fixation device for metaphyseal long bone fractures
Bone fixation implant system and method
Radio frequency guide wire assembly with optical coherence reflectometry guidance
Electrosurgical device with floating-potential electrodes
Rapid thermal detection of cardiac output change
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
Solid free-form fabrication methods for the production of dental restorations
Computer-readable medium for automated tooth shade analysis and matching
Disposable wearing article
Drug-eluting intravascular prostheses and methods of use
Efficient implantation of heart valve prostheses
Highly-mineralized osteogenic sponge compositions, and uses thereof
Multi-axis prosthetic ankle
Electromyographic (EMG) feedback during AMES treatment of individuals with severe neuromuscular deficits
Levodopa prodrug mesylate, compositions thereof, and uses thereof
Consumer product comprising a natural preservative system and a method for making the same
L-ergothioneine, milk thistle, and S-adenosylmethionine for the prevention, treatment and repair of liver damage
Zinc salt compositions for the prevention of dermal and mucosal irritation
Nutritional compositions for nutritional management of patients with liver disease
Methods for modulating eicosanoid metabolism
Use of an Opuntia ficus-indica extract and compounds isolated therefrom for protecting nerve cells
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
PRO4356 polypeptides
Asthma preparation
FSH and FSH variant formulations, products and methods
CD40 binding molecules and CTL peptides for treating tumors
FGF homologs and antibodies thereto
Production and use of novel peptide-based agents for use with bi-specific antibodies
Clathrate complexes formed by hyaluronic acid derivatives and use thereof as pharmaceuticals
Nanoparticle assembled hollow spheres
Rotating stent delivery system for side branch access and protection and method of using same
Ultrasonic surgery apparatus
Implantable drug delivery device and use thereof
Self-sealing cannula
Dialysis catheter anchoring system
Treadmill with adjustable cushioning members
Abdominal muscle standing exerciser
Polymer composition and golf ball made using the same
Interchangeable putter system
Gaming device method and apparatus employing modified payouts
Gaming device including outcome pools for providing game outcomes
Method and apparatus for verifying game outcome
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration device with releasable additive
Method for reducing a particle and nitrogen oxide proportion in an exhaust gas flow of an internal combustion engine and corresponding exhaust gas treatment unit
Pervasive dedusting device for a vacuum cleaner
High-temperature-resistant coated fiber layer and particulate trap with the coated fiber layer
Air dehumidifier for oil-insulated transformers, choke coils and steps switches
High efficiency heating and drying using shielded radiant heater
Method and apparatus for catalyst regeneration
Dispersing device
Thin micro reforming apparatus with periphery inflow channel
Silicone composition which can be crosslinked into an elastomer by hydrosilylation in the presence of carbene-based metal catalysts, and catalysts of this type
Substrate treating apparatus
Method and apparatus for online flow control over the span of a high aspect ratio slot jet
Self-centering drill bit chuck
Vacuum drilling system
Milling head
Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (drive)
Method for the production of semiconductor granules
Method of reheat blow molding a container
Food container
Fluid machinery
Lightweight, rigid composite structures
Carpet for vehicles
Composite sheet and process for making the same
Method for thermally printing a dye image onto a three dimensional object using flexible heating elements
Metal coating for a kitchen utensil
Fixing device
Article with protective film
Transparent conductive film and transparent conductive base material utilizing the same
Inkjet printhead and inkjet printer containing the same
Compensation of high frequency banding in printing systems
Roll paper printer
Image printing using print quality enhancing ink
Obstacle detecting control device of vehicle
Bumper cover and lamp housing assembly with integral fasteners for independent removal of parts from a vehicle
Gearshift control device for a chain and sprocket transmission system
Chewing gum packages with gum disposal accommodations
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Inorganic metal chalcogen cluster precursors and methods for forming colloidal metal chalcogenide nanoparticles using the same
Method for removing iron deposits in a water system
CMP composition with a polymer additive for polishing noble metals
Crystallization-stable alumino-silicate glass, its manufacture and its uses
Alkylation of N'-phenyl-N-alkylphenylenediamines in ionic liquid and N'-phenyl-N-alkyl(alkylphenylene) diamines produced thereby
Solid and crystalline ibandronate sodium and processes for preparation thereof
Compounds for modulating cell proliferation
Crystal forms of astaxanthin
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
2-(1H-indolylsulfanyl)-benzyl amine derivatives as SSRI
Compounds based on polymethines
Long wavelength thiol-reactive fluorophores
Nociceptin analogs
Process for producing an alcohol or a silyl ether thereof
Silicon compound and a production process for silicon compound
Leafhopper ecdysone receptor nucleic acids, polypeptides, and uses thereof
LAGE-1 tumor associated nucleic acids
Prolyl endopeptidase mediated destruction of T cell epitopes in whole gluten
Ethylene (co) polymer and its use
Method of producing high molecular weight organopolysiloxane, composition comprising the high molecular weight organopolysiloxane, and optical semiconductor device sealed with cured product thereof
Ink formulations, modified pigment-based ink formulations and methods of making
Radiation curable phase change inks containing curable epoxy-polyamide composite gellants
Carbodiimides comprising thiocarbamide acid ester groups
Polypropylene composition for air quenched blown films
Ink carriers containing nanoparticles, phase change inks including same and methods for making same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Mercury-removal process in distillation tower
Process for cracking synthetic crude oil-containing feedstock
Lubricating oil compositions
Water-soluble, liquid-containing pouch
Composition for removing photoresist residue and polymer residue
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Herbicidal compound resistant plant
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Hybrid adenovirus/adeno-associated virus vectors and methods of use thereof
Production of packaged DNA sequences
Human monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells
Recombinant chimeric human anti-botulinum antibodies
Method for preparing cell cultures from biological specimens for assaying secreted factors
Alizarin-based chromogenic substrates, their uses and composition containing same
Method for detecting a structured target
Materials and methods for detection of enterovirus and norovirus
Nucleic acid adsorbent; methods for adsorbing, removing, dissociating, and recovering nucleic acids using the same; and method for regenerating the same
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function
System of gas and/or gas and powders injection in liquid metals through rotary refractory lance
Process for producing steel article
Hydrometallurgical process of nickel oxide ore
Process for the manufacturing of a sputter target
Electroplating head and method for operating the same
Textiles; Paper
Method of making carbon nanotubes
Webbing for a seat belt
Fixed Constructions
Composite pipe
Curb inlet filter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with near-wall spiral flow cooling circuit
Turbine blade with film cooling slot
Rotary fluid machine
Quiet fluid pump
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Shift control device and shift control method of automatic transmission
Belt drive system
Infinitely variable transmission
Fluid enclosure and methods related thereto
Fluorescent lamp catcher
Adjustable lighting device
Drop-in high intensity discharge lamp assembly and retrofit method
Light source module and lamp equipped with the same
Module adapter for portable light sources
LED projector headlamps using single or multi-faceted lenses
Light panel
Lighting apparatus and a display apparatus therewith
Ventilating apparatus
Method and apparatus for lens contamination control
Sensor for measuring a vibrating surface obscured from view
Method for calibrating a camera-laser-unit in respect to a calibration-object
Spectrophotometer with wide inlet slit
MEMS-based, phase-shifting interferometer
Laser gyro and electronic device using the same
Mobile measuring system, and an operating method for such a mobile measuring system
Method of inspecting thin film magnetic head element using scanning electron microscope, and inspecting holding jig
System and method for laser detector with marker
Low pixel count tunable laser raman spectroscopy system and method
Polarization evaluation mask, polarization evaluation method, and polarization determination device
Method device and recording medium where program is recorded, for deciding residual travel life and end of life of run-flat tire that continues traveling in run-flat condition
Method and apparatus for measurement of electronics device skin temperature
Gas cell
Radiation image detector
Methods and compositions for detecting the activation state of multiple proteins in single cells
Methods of assaying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a thioredoxin-like 32 kDa protein (TXNL)
Heregulin variants
Sense amplifier and electronic apparatus using the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit for reducing number of contact pads to be probed in probe test
Method and apparatus in standalone positioning without broadcast ephemeris
Dual substrate plasma panel based ionizing radiation detector
Catadioptric imaging system for high numerical aperture imaging with deep ultraviolet light
Examination apparatus and focusing method of examination apparatus
Methods for implement microscopy and microscopic measurement as well as microscope and apparatus for implementing them
Systems and methods for a scanning boom microscope
Electrode protection film for electrophoretic displays
Reflector for lighting and back light device for displaying information
Structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and methods for making same
Eyewear securing apparatus and method of use
Light path shift device and image display device
Electronic apparatus
Line on glass type liquid crystal display device
Apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
LCD device and method including a plastic substrate with metal layer containing copper surrounded by barrier metal film embedded in a groove within the plastic substrate
Liquid crystal television and panel-type display device
Illumination of objects using spatial light modulators
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
Electro-optical element and scanning optical apparatus
Apparatus for securing a dangerous zone
Digital camera module and lens used therein
Polarizing beam splitter and projection apparatus having the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method of forming flexible electronic circuits
Substrate carrying apparatus, substrate carrying method, and coating and developing apparatus
Multilayer element with low pH developer solubility
Amine compound, manufacturing method thereof, electrophotographic photoreceptor using amine compound and image forming apparatus having the same
Method and system for forming temporary images
Electrophotographic toner
Electronically controlled electric motor
Audio signal system for vehicle remote locking mechanism
Rapid supply voltage ramp using charged capacitor and switch
Switching regulator
Printing system and its control method, printer and its control method, and image sensing apparatus and its control method
Information processing apparatus, print data forming method, print control program, and memory medium
Systems and methods for providing intermediate targets in a graphics system
Instant result lottery system and method
VPA interconnect circuit
Threshold voltage adjustment in thin film transistors
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Image forming device, image forming method, and recording medium that provide multi-level error diffusion
Wavelet-based image processing path
Volatile device keys and applications thereof
Theft deterrent device for use with sliding doors
Material lifetime data abstraction device and method
System and method for detecting ice formation on an aircraft
Structural improvement for alert system
Semantic light
System and method for broadcasting a message from a wireless communications device
Methods and interactions for changing a remote control mode
Condition-dependent icon generation for vehicular information terminals
Multi-media method and apparatus for teaching language
Luminescence and color variation compensation in a flexible display
Shift register unit
Data processing circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal
Shift register, and solid state image sensor and camera using shift register
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Method and system for presenting an image of an external view in a moving vehicle
System and method of applying force feedback to a manipulandum wheel utilized with a graphical user interface
Mobile radio terminal apparatus
Context sensitive labels for a hardware input device
Bridge system for improved acoustic coupling in stringed instruments
Woodwind instrument
Energy-based audio pattern recognition with weighting of energy matches
Apparatus and method for processing at least one MIDI signal
Seed layer for fabricating spin valve heads for ultra-high density recordings
Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic pinned layer for pinning improvement
Head assembly having a sensing element to provide feedback for head-media instability
Adaptive disturbance repressing method and apparatus, and disk drive apparatus using the same
Magnetic recording medium
Low-voltage comparator-based switched-capacitor networks
Crosslinked elastomer body for sensor, and production method therefor
Method and apparatus for substantially reducing electrical earth displacement current flow generated by wound components
Magnetic separator with ferrite and rare earth permanent magnets
Face-centered cubic structure capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for a spacer for an electrode layer gap in a power source
Switch device
Electromechanical device for controlling an image forming apparatus
Automatic bias circuit for sense amplifier
Detect switch having an improved moveable contact
Electronic device
Electrical switch apparatus for a bicycle control device
Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
Reflective display device with divided electrodes
Adsorption, detection and identification of components of ambient air with desorption/ionization on silicon mass spectrometry (DIOS-MS)
Vacuum housing system for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Linear TOF geometry for high sensitivity at high mass
Dual display device
High performance FET devices and methods thereof
Method for mounting semiconductor chips, and corresponding semiconductor chip system
Solid state imaging device
Method of fabricating a substrate with a concave surface
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for plasma enhanced bonding and bonded structures formed by plasma enhanced bonding
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate and semiconductor substrate
Dry etching method and photonic crystal device fabricated by use of the same
Polishing method
Low-k dielectric layer formed from aluminosilicate precursors
Dual damascene process
Method for producing SOI wafer
ESD protection for high voltage applications
Semiconductor device including semiconductor element surrounded by an insulating member and wiring structures on upper and lower surfaces of the semiconductor element and insulating member, and manufacturing method thereof
Low resistance and inductance backside through vias and methods of fabricating same
Optical device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming a dielectric film
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for forming shallow trench isolation region
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with offset sidewall structure
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Ladder poly etching back process for word line poly planarization
Crystallization method for semiconductor film, manufacturing method for semiconductor device, and laser irradiation apparatus
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor package and method of making a semiconductor package
Semiconductor die package including stacked dice and heat sink structures
Semiconductor package and method of making using leadframe having lead locks to secure leads to encapsulant
Semiconductor package with fastened leads
Electrical passivation of silicon-containing surfaces using organic layers
Adhesive sheet for laser dicing and its manufacturing method
Method for attaching chips in a flip-chip arrangement
Embedding memory between tile arrangement of a configurable IC
System and method for characterizing aerial image quality in a lithography system
Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
Bipolar transistor having variable value emitter ballast resistors
Display device, manufacturing method thereof, and television set
Semiconductor device with tapered gates
Semiconductor light emitting device, an integrated semiconductor light emitting apparatus, an image display apparatus, and an illuminating apparatus having a semiconductor layer with conical crystal portion
Thin film forming device, method of forming a thin film, and self-light-emitting device
Device having spacers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Power semiconductor device including a terminal structure
Memory device and methods for its fabrication
Trench-gated MOSFET including schottky diode therein
Imaging apparatus
NOR-type flash memory cell array and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light-emitting diode including pit therein
Light emitting diode device having a shield and/or filter
High magnetostriction of positive magnetostrictive materials under tensile load
Tubular spring for actuator, and method for assembling the tubular spring
Structural vibration damping device
Apparatus and process for optimizing work from a smart material actuator product
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Battery monitoring device for hybrid vehicle
Battery pack having an integrated circuit interfaced between battery cells and a microcontroller
Ba-Sr-Co-Fe-O based perovskite mixed conducting materials as cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells
Fuel cell system and method of scavenging same
Transformational bus coupling
Press fit corrugated radiometer horn
Hybrid antenna system
Printed circuit board having connectors
CPU socket configured with assembled grids
Waterproof plug for data port of portable electronic device
Connector with built-in circuit element
Lighting apparatus
Medical device packaging systems including electrical interfaces
Video signal transmitting device for computer system having analog and digital video signal output functionality
Patch field documentation and revision systems
PAR track light with internal wire way
Harvesting power from low-voltage overhead power cables
Electrical box for concrete walls
Power-generator control method and apparatus using externally applied periodic signal
Overvoltage protection means
Method and electronic circuit for efficient battery wake up charging
Battery pack, charging control method, and application device
Structure of automotive alternator
Interior permanent magnet synchronous machine
Actuator with DC motor and with irreversible transmission for maneuvering a roller blind
High efficiency power converter
Transfer-ESC based on a wafer
Low-power modulus divider stage
Switch capacitance and varactor banks applied to voltage controlled oscillator having constant frequency tuning sensitivity
Semiconductor power device and RF signal amplifier
Controllable delay line and regulation compensation circuit thereof
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Electronic apparatus and manufacturing method of the same
Signal conversion circuit
Inverter apparatus
Thermal electric logic circuit
Low power logic output buffer
Switching circuit and a method of driving a load
High voltage tolerant input buffer
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Phase locked loop with small size and improved performance
Optical digital to analog converter
System and method for code-based compression in a communications environment
Apparatus and method for multiple description encoding
Compression ratio of adaptive compression algorithms
Parallelized dynamic Huffman decoder
Image recording apparatus
Image sensor and method therefor
Methods and apparatus for reconstructing digitized images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for identifying document size
Solid-state image sensing device and camera using the same
Noise reduction apparatus, method and program
Illumination device for video presenter and video presenter having the same
Method of using a portable system for capturing images
Printer parameter compensation by a host camera
Digital camera and control method for generating an image file using feature extraction data
Apparatus for capturing on object scene
Circuit of the electronic ballast with the capability of automatic restart
HID dimming method and apparatus
Jar type cauldron
Control circuit for converters
Power saving wake-up device for wireless mouse
Fan with spiral supercharging device
Heat dissipation device having a fixing base
Heat-dissipating module
Planar circuit housing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Layered cereal bar having cereal pieces included thereon
Ridged snack food chip
Shoe outsole
Pair of shoe outsoles
Shoe outsole
Pair of shoe insoles
Pair of sandals
Belt adjuster
Tool belt
Apparel waist expansion strap
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Heel guard
Shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Travel case
Case for electronic devices
Mobile phone case
Bottle holder
Pocket handbag
Rear sling adapter for a firearm
Belt clip accessory for electrically heated cigarette smoking system
Tractor tool box with indented top
Electronic accessories pouch
Brush handle
Brush handle
Brush handle
Serveware pattern
Apertured continuous filament fabric
Sectional sofa
Chair seat
Stackable chair
Back and seat cushions for a chair
Back and seat cushions for a chair
Seat design of a chair
Desk side table
Shower organizer with cavity area and liquid dispenser
Circular counter organizer
Wall cabinet
Utility cabinet
Compact disc case
Spacesaver cabinet
Coin display tower
Shelving unit
Seating unit side member
Bench center portion
Table top
Thermos pot
Beverage container
Serving bowl
Cyclindrical tower beverage dispensing tap
Coffee machine
Automatic soymilk maker
Baking container
Splash guard
Modular grate arrangement for a five burner gas-on-glass cooking appliance
Handgrip for meat tenderizer
Food preparation surface
Spice rack
Surfboard shaped bottle opener
Inserter component for irrigation tool
Shaft of shovel
Utility knife
Plier device
Socket driver
Hook accessory
One-piece crimper housing
Door handle
Entry key pad
Nasal rinse bottle
Drainpipe shaped container
Jar and cap
Bottle with oval flip top
Hygenic absorbent article package
Food product container
First aid product supply container
Food product container
First aid product supply container
First aid product supply container
Watch case
Sonar measuring tool
Measuring cup
Face for a timepiece
Decorative ornament
Railroad track lubrication tank
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Passenger car
Set of trailer steps
Body of a snowmobile
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
Surface configuration of a control panel for a vehicle
Center car console
Motor vehicle exhaust tip
Surface configuration of a trunk lid for a vehicle
Vehicle rear door
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle-wheel front face
Vehicle grill
Iron blade grille
Baby stroller
Tail configuration for a jet airplane
Rechargeable battery pack for handheld electronic game
Jump starter
Battery box
Electrical connector
Remote control
Connector for optical wiring
Heat sink
Retainer for electrical cord connector
Light emitting diode
Hinged clam-shell protector with water-tight O-ring seal for electrical extension cords
Exhaust ring for manufacturing semiconductors
Handheld transmitter
Handheld transceiver with LCD display
Lower cage of a transceiver cage assembly
Hand-held remote control
Remote control
Cam latch assembly for a computer system
Display device with a moveable assembly
Liquid crystal display screen
Home automation terminal
Liquid crystal display
Integrated all-in-one computer
Liquid crystal display
Portable information terminal
Color liquid crystal display monitor
Memory control equipment for computers
Free-standing disk computer chassis
Portable player
Communication device
Television receiver
Projection television set
Combination television and DVD player
Combined television receiver with digital video disk player and video tape recorder
Combined key chain with transparent pendant containing a laser-induced portrait
Tissue container
Lid for a container for a blender
Stir stick
Food mincer
Human Necessities
Remote detection, monitoring and information management system
Device and method for taking biological sample
Systems and methods to identify and disable re-used devices based on detecting environmental changes
Low-noise optical probes for reducing light piping
Interface device and method for a monitoring network
Method and apparatus for determining treatment for stroke
Mass communication assessment system
Apparatus for improved sensor accuracy
Bioadhesive compositions and biomedical electrodes containing them
Miniature implantable array and stimulation system suitable for eyelid stimulation
Cardiac implant cable having a coaxial lead
Implantable electric lead and electrical coupling
Finger-mounted electrokinetic delivery system for self-administration of medicaments and methods therefor
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Muscle stimulation in a cast immobilized limo
Methods, systems and devices for optimizing cardiac pacing parameters
Multi-sensor system for controlling an implantable heart stimulator
Myocardial performance assessment
Implantable cardiac stimulation system and method for measuring atrioventricular conduction and adjusting atrioventricular hysteresis
Implantable device and programmer system which permits multiple programmers
Connector module having internal weld plates
Information processing apparatus, portable device, electronic pet apparatus recording medium storing information processing procedures and information processing method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lane-keep control system for vehicle
Automotive control apparatus and method
System and method for actively limiting the power drawn from a power distribution bus
Apparatus and method for controlling a vehicular component
Portable wireless communication device and methods of configuring same when connected to a vehicle
Vehicle data bus system with positioning means
Antiskid braking control system
Robotic apparatuses, systems and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
System for a non-invasive online continuous measurement of phrase levels in converters or pyrometallurgical furnaces
Learning-based controller for biotechnology processing, and method of using
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for controlling the drying process in a drying section of a paper machine or the like
Method and system for monitoring and analyzing a paper manufacturing process
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diagnostic apparatus for an engine
Electronic protection against an exchange of exhaust-gas sensors in an internal combustion engine having exhaust-gas aftertreatment, especially of a motor vehicle
System and method for automatically calibrating an alignment reference source
System and method for heterodyne interferometer high velocity type non-linearity compensation
Enhanced inertial measurement unit/global positioning system mapping and navigation process
Apparatus and method for locating devices using an acoustic gyroscope
Navigation system for moving body
Spirit level
Controller for monitoring fluid flow volume
Device and method for calibrating a weighing apparatus
Harmonic activity locator
Optical corrosion measurement system
Method for inspecting defect and system therefor
Apparatus for determining the moisture content of a medium
Methods for determining polypeptide structure, function or pharmacophore from comparison of polypeptide sequences
Revenue meter with power quality features
Data-based control of integrated circuits
Method and system for statistical comparison of a plurality of testers
Apparatus and method for testing socket
Methods and apparatus for characterizing board test coverage
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
Passive ranging system and method
Vehicle navigation system and method
Attitude angle detecting apparatus
Internet-based modeling kiosk and method for fitting and selling prescription eyeglasses
Product management method, program for performing product management, and storage medium having recorded the program therein
Method for producing fluid trap for film assemblage
Pattern correction method, apparatus, and program
Method of identifying an extreme interaction pitch region, methods of designing mask patterns and manufacturing masks, device manufacturing methods and computer programs
Dissection of edges with projection points in a fabrication layout for correcting proximity effects
Wiper blade assessment system and a method thereof
System for addressing processors connected to a peripheral bus
Methods and apparatus for semiconductor testing
System and method for trajectory optimization using adaptive navigation performance estimation
Mechanism for determining restrictions to impose on an implementation of a service
Method for providing repeated contact with software end-user using authorized administrator
Method and apparatus for repeated contact of software end-user
Secure hardware random number generator
Method and system for synchronously transferring data between clock domains sourced by the same clock
Method and apparatus for providing continued operation of a multiprocessor computer system after detecting impairment of a processor cooling device
Method to provide hierarchical reset capabilities for a configurable system on a chip
Common feature mode for microprocessors in a multiple microprocessor system
Multistage configuration and power setting
CPU power sequence for large multiprocessor systems
Method and apparatus for enabling a self suspend mode for a processor
Data processing apparatus
Boot record recovery
Performing operations in an environment recreated from system dump information
Format for extensible error and event codes
Reliable hardware support for the use of formal languages in high assurance systems
Standardized format for reporting error events occurring within logically partitioned multiprocessing systems
Method for testing I/O ports of a computer motherboard
Apparatus and method for controlling access to expansion memory for a computer system
System and method for correcting soft errors in random access memory devices
Control system for controlling the starting up of a distributed system
Storage area network system
Method and apparatus for bus activity tracking
Automatic consistency checking of computer programs
Dynamic swapping of memory bank base addresses
Method and apparatus for recovering the definitions of dropped database objects
Firmware controlled backup in disk drives
Data storage system having mata bit maps for indicating whether data blocks are invalid in snapshot copies
Method, system and computer program product to stress and test logical partition isolation features
Data transfer and storage device and method
Data processing system having a card type interface with assigned addressing
Disk storage accessing system and method for changing access path to storage devices
System and method for using a using vendor-long descriptor in ACPI for the chipset registers
Memory architecture for a high throughput storage processor
System and method for diagnosing computer system operational behavior
Method and system for organizing coherence directories in shared memory systems
System apparatus and method for storage device controller-based message passing having effective data channel bandwidth and controller cache memory increase
Memory system with mechanism for assisting a cache memory
System and method for updating a cache
Caching system and method for a network storage system
Cache with multiple fill modes
Read on arrival scheme for a disc drive
Behavioral memory mechanism for a data processing system
Dual cache module support for array controller
Partitioned cache of multiple logical levels with adaptive reconfiguration based on multiple criteria
Data storage device using certification keys and method to perform access control using certification keys
Method and apparatus for securing data contents of a non-volatile memory device
Address conversion device for nonvolatile memory
System and method for hardware assisted spinlock
I/O generation responsive to a workload heuristics algorithm
Attaching a device driver to multiple logical devices of one physical device
Device controller and input/output system
System and method for managing information storage among plural disk drives
Memory arbiter with intelligent page gathering logic
Invoking ACPI source language code from interrupt handler
System and method of lowering overhead and latency needed to service operating system interrupts
DMA controller
System, method, and computer program product for high speed backplane messaging
Method and apparatus for storing data using a plurality of queues
Method and device of controlling external system parameters using ATA side band
Universal serial bus flash memory integrated circuit device
Apparatus and method for parallel and serial PCI hot plug signals
Prefetching data for peripheral component interconnect devices
System and method for hiding peripheral devices from a host processor in a computer system
Transaction scheduling for a bus system
Communication between processors
System and method for fibre channel tracking of SCSI identifiers in known configurations
Method and system for three disk fault tolerance in a disk array
System, method and program product for providing invisibility to a proxy-server
Generic servlet for browsing EJB entity beans
Pet registration, search and retrieval system
Giving access to networked storage dependent upon local demand
Method and apparatus to approve documents
Digital integrated apparatus, image input-output system, and user authentication method
Signal processor and product-sum operating device for use therein with rounding function
Parallel multiprocessing for the fast fourier transform with pipeline architecture
Method of storing and flattening a structured data document
Databinding using server-side control objects
Method for playing media based upon user feedback
System and method of automatic wrapper grammar generation
Data distribution method and apparatus, and data receiving method and apparatus
Method for fault tolerant modification of data representation in a large database
Information organization and navigation by user-generated associative overlays
Method, system, and product for data integration through a dynamic common model
Managing results of federated searches across heterogeneous datastores with a federated result set cursor object
System and method for managing authentication and coherency in a storage area network
Database system with methods providing high-concurrency access in B-Tree structures
Information processing apparatus and method for storing and managing objects together with additional information
File or database manager systems based on a fractal hierarchical index structure
System and method for ranking hyperlinked documents based on a stochastic backoff processes
Method for synchronizing multiple software caches in a memory
System and method for retrieving location-qualified site data
Sticky drive letters for computer media
Generalized keyword matching for keyword based searching over relational databases
Method, system, and program for optimizing the processing of queries involving set operators
Automated processing and delivery of media to web servers
Information terminal unit, character input control method to be used in the same, and storage medium recording control program therefor
Method and apparatus for cut-point frontier selection and for counter-example generation in formal equivalence verification
Considering mask writer properties during the optical proximity correction process
Correction of spacing violations between wide class objects of dummy geometries
Spice to verilog netlist translator and design methods using spice to verilog and verilog to spice translation
Concurrent logical and physical construction of voltage islands for mixed supply voltage designs
2.5-D graph for multi-layer routing
Faster scalable floorplan which enables easier data control flow
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and storage media
Method and apparatus of relative datapath cell placement with structure bonding
Method and system for master slave protocol communication in an intelligent electronic device
Method for determining reservoir fluid volumes, fluid contacts, compartmentalization, and permeability in geological subsurface models
Apparatus, system, and method of determining loading characteristics on an integrated circuit module
System and method for designing an integrated circuit
Method and system for document classification with multiple dimensions and multiple algorithms
Smart card system and methods for proving dates in digital files
Intrusion detection signature analysis using regular expressions and logical operators
System for automatic connection to a network
Method and system for revocation of certificates used to certify public key users
Discovering printers and shares
System and method to configure input/output (IO) devices to use selected pairs of port addresses
Systems and methods for creating virtual objects in a sketch mode in a haptic virtual reality environment
Virtual data storage (VDS) system
Data output control apparatus connected via a network to a portable terminal and a plurality of printing apparatuses
Method for dynamic acceleration in an article transporting system
Method and system for controlling power distribution in a hybrid fuel cell vehicle
Secure multi database system including a client, multi database server, and database server
Economical on-the-fly rounding for digit-recurrence algorithms
Method and apparatus for generating random numbers with improved statistical properties
Network navigator interface system and method
Processor with instructions that operate on different data types stored in the same single logical register file
Storing of instructions relating to a stalled thread
Input replicator for interrupts in a simultaneous and redundantly threaded processor
Multiple mode object locking method and system
Method and apparatus for object persistence
System and method for associating action diaries with a parent class object
System and method cancelling a speculative branch
Apparatus for producing software and method for producing software
Source editing in a graphical hierarchical environment
System and method for website development
Data driven information processor carrying out processing using packet stored with plurality of operand data
Java runtime system with modified constant pool
Execution management method of program on reception side of message in distributed processing system
Method and computer program product for software/hardware language model conversion
Method and apparatus for an atomic operation in a parallel computing environment
Integrated source code file and method and apparatus for creating a computer program therefrom
Method and system for protecting resource central programs
Interprocess communication mechanism
Trusted construction of message endpoints in a distributed computing environment
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
Server system determining server application corresponding to processing request based on information held in server
Analog interface for autonomous data exchange circuit
Interactive command recognition enhancement system and method
Data processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Combination forecasting using clusterization
Rules-based, automatic generation of journal entries
Computer-based patient recording system
Automated claim repricing system
Verification of service level agreement contracts in a client server environment
Method for the sale of movies prior to the production thereof
System and method for monitoring and analyzing internet traffic
Portable information communication terminal, entertainment system, and storage medium
Automatic categorization of financial transactions
Automatic statistical test sequence generator and methods thereof
Visualization of complex system interactions
Content-based visualization and user-modeling for interactive browsing and retrieval in multimedia databases
Hybrid longest prefix match and fixed match searches
Coupling parts information generation system, method of generating coupling parts information, and computer readable medium
Sensor calibration apparatus, sensor calibration method, program, storage medium, information processing method, and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects in a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects in a semiconductor wafer
Vending machine for vending age-restricted products using an authorization card and associated methods
Method and apparatus for determining the retail performance metric of entry identification time
Artificial passenger with condition sensors
Traffic management system based on packet switching technology
Method and apparatus for multi-vehicle communication
Apparatus and method for providing live display of aircraft flight information
Storage medium, and method and apparatus for information processing
Text selection and recording by feedback and adaptation for development of personalized text-to-speech systems
Synchronous reproduction in a speech recognition system
Bitstream-based feature extraction method for a front-end speech recognizer
Method and device for defining table of bit allocation in processing audio signals
Filter devices and methods
Digital system for embedding a pseudo-randomly modulated auxiliary data sequence in digital samples
Information generating method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, and information record medium
System and method for digitally marking a file with a removable mark
Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system
Indexing interleaved media data
Status display being visible in a closed position and displaying a track number during play mode comprising a reduced power of a system
Optical disk apparatus and method of installing its spindle motor
Optical information recording medium
Microprocessor having a content addressable memory (CAM) device as a functional unit therein and method of operation
Processing method and apparatus for encrypted data transfer
Method of dynamically enabling additional sensors based upon initial sensor data, and system for accomplishing same
Hard macro having an antenna rule violation free input/output ports
Sequential unique marking
Device approximating a shunt capacitor for strip-line-type circuits
Non-bandlimiting antenna sharing method and apparatus for base stations
Method and apparatus for performing directional re-scan of an adaptive antenna
Universal serial bus (USB) connector connecting structure for a multi-function device
Method and apparatus for configuring and collecting performance counter data
Methods and systems for indicating cellular telephone battery-charging information
Multiple step switched translation loop for power amplifier feedback control
Fir filter tap architecture for highly dense layout
Method and apparatus for independent output driver calibration
Viterbi detector for partial response maximum likelihood signal processing
Viterbi decoder with high speed processing function
Root solver and associated method for solving finite field polynomial equations
Wireless device for use with a vehicle embedded phone
Method and apparatus for just in time compilation of instructions
Method and apparatus for communicating with data frames having priority levels
Backup system for operation system in communications system
Multiple-level internet protocol accounting
Threaded text discussion system
Systems and methods for authoring and executing operational policies that use event rates
System and method for implementing polling agents in a client management tool
Methods, systems and computer program products for rule based delegation of administration powers
Process and apparatus for speeding up layer 2 and layer 3 routing by determining layer 2 reach ability by determining whether layer 2 subnetworks are identical
Apparatus and method for managing memory defects
Method and apparatus of pre-loading a seed for a test code of a physical layer device
Method and system for secure transmission of information
System and method for monitoring and controlling the production of audio and video streams
System and method for facilitating the design of a website
Digital design using selection operations
End-to end protection of media stream encryption keys for voice-over-IP systems
Method for configuring a piece of equipment with the use of an associated machine resolvable code
Information providing method and communication terminal apparatus
Method and service station for editing and delivering image data across the internet
System, method and computer readable medium for intelligent raid controllers operating as data routers
Neural network system and method for controlling information output based on user feedback
Virus scanning on thin client devices using programmable assembly language
System and methods for monitoring application server performance
Layer manager
Method and apparatus for providing web based services using an XML Runtime model to store state session data
Information delivery system and server
Apparatus and methods for allocating addresses in a network
System and method to manage data to a plurality of proxy servers through a router by application level protocol and an authorized list
Access server fault isolation without service disruption method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for compressing and transmitting ultra high speed data
Enterprise computer investigation system
Data replication security
Cryptographic methods for remote authentication
Implicit certificate scheme
Apparatus and method for orienting an image on a display of a wireless communication device
Interface device for control of a cellular phone through voice commands
Switching device and portable telephone
Telephone terminal to control functions and enter digits
Electronic apparatus
Incoming notification pattern setting circuit and method of portable telephone
System and method for providing a plurality of programming services in a television system
Method for encrypting data using IEEE 1394 serial bus network
Viewer customization of displayed programming based on transmitted URLs
Frame-accurate transport of media data across a data network
Startup methods and apparatuses for use in streaming content
Method and apparatus for selective recording of television programs using event notifications
Apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals
Method and system for patching dispatch calling parties together
Method and arrangement for managing cell reselection in a terminal for a cellular system
Method of selecting cells in a cellular mobile radio system
STI measuring
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