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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nucleotide sequences mediating plant male fertility and method of using same
Transgenic animals for assessing drug metabolism and toxicity
Glycine N-methyltransferase (GNMT) animal model and use thereof
Method of indefinite culture of hepatitis C virus
Treatment of muscular dystrophies and related disorders
Large conductance calcium-activated K channel opener
Method and system for making extruded portions of cheese
Carrying case with screen-protecting snap
Drawer fixing apparatus
Swivel device for monitor
Flat display rotation apparatus
Headrest-mounted entertainment systems
Furniture assembly
Method and apparatus for viewing through blood
Biopsy device with integral vacuum assist and tissue sample and fluid capturing canister
Interchangeable surgical instrument
Minimally invasive mitral valve repair method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for circulatory valve repair
Cutting balloon catheter with improved balloon configuration
Atherectomy catheter with aligned imager
Balanced ultrasonic end effector
Surgical instrument and method of use for facilitating positioning of an osteochondral plug
Spinous process implant with tethers
Pedicle screw for intervertebral support elements
APC device
Laser beam homogenisers in medical applications
Methods of coagulating tissue
Stabilized retinal imaging with adaptive optics
Microprocessor system for the analysis of physiologic and financial datasets
Methods and apparatus for non-invasive determination of patient's blood conditions
Devices and methods for expression of bodily fluids from an incision
Lancet-integrated sensor, measuring device for lancet-integrated sensor, and cartridge
Remote sensing shoe insert apparatus, method and system
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
Ultrasound-imaging systems and methods for a user-guided three-dimensional volume-scan sequence
Reduced pressure treatment system having a dual porosity pad
Process and device for application of active substances to a wound surface
Biocompatible polyacrylate compositions for medical applications
Anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agent combination for treatment of vascular disorders with an implantable medical device
Anti-adhesion device
Delivery system for medical devices
Medical device including cylindrical micelles
Implant delivery device
Device and method for delivering an endovascular stent-graft having a longitudinally unsupported portion
Expandable medical device with openings for delivery of multiple beneficial agents
Flexible stent and method of making the same
Longitudinally flexible stent
Stable cartilage defect repair plug
Modular apparatus and method for sculpting the surface of a joint
Mis patellar preparation
Orthotic device and segmented liner
Hand and digit immobilizer for pulse oximeter
Methods for modulating metabolism
Pharmaceutical composition comprising thiacremonone for treating colon cancer
4-substituted 1-aminocyclohexane compounds for utilization as ORL1-receptor and mu-opiate receptor ligands
Soluble forms of amoxicillin and treatment of animals
Pharmaceutical compositions and their uses
Arylaminoaryl-alkyl-substituted imidazolidine-2,4-diones, process for preparing them, medicaments comprising these compounds, and their use
Methods and materials for the treatment of testosterone deficiency in men
Adenosine A2A receptor antagonists for treating restless legs syndrome or nocturnal myoclonus
Method of treating human preeclampsia employing resibufagenin
21-substituted progesterone derivatives as new antiprogestational agents
Aminophosphonic acid derivative, salt thereof, and modulator of S1P receptor
Multi-part substitution infusion fluids and matching anticoagulants
Pharmaceutical compositions and their use in the treatment of neoplastic disease
Transdermal botulinum toxin administration
Immunogenic compositions
Polysaccharide containing botulinum toxin pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Preservative systems and their use in cosmetic preparations
Cosmetic composition containing a polyorganosiloxane polymer
Composition exhibiting enhanced formulation stability and delivery of topical active ingredients
Biodegradable articles obtained from enzymatically synthesized amylose
Methods and systems for accessing the pericardial space
Balloon folding apparatus, methods and products
Embolic coil hydraulic deployment system
Intravascular filter with debris entrapment mechanism
Tube clamp, and tube clamp set for use with an infusion pump
Microporation of tissue for delivery of bioactive agents
Implantable bifurcated neurostimulator adapters
Method and apparatus for therapeutic EMR treatment on the skin
Reactor device
Weight adjusting structure of golf club head
Wheel mount for a bicycle trainer
Golf swing training device
Tennis training grip and methods of use thereof
Multiplayer game with strategic element
Gaming machines with image of a dealer displayed on common display
Virtual card gaming system
Game controller with interchangeable controls
Remote controlled toy vehicle, toy vehicle control system and game using remote controlled toy vehicle
Apparatus and method for delivering bubble solution to a dipping container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for improving a piperazine colour stability
Drainage filtration system for synthetic turf field
Filter element
Fuel adsorption filter and air cleaner
Versatile dehumidification process and apparatus
Systems and methods for removing materials from flue gas via regenerative selective catalytic reduction
Mercury removing apparatus and mercury removing method
Pollution control in wood products dryer operation
Method of decomposing nitrogen dioxide
Adaptive learning method for clean particulate filter pressure drop
Hemofiltration systems, methods and devices for treatment of chronic and acute diseases
Water treatment by dendrimer-enhanced filtration
Microbubble generating device and hair washing device utilizing the same
Absorbent for separation of carbon dioxide
Fuel cell catalyst, process for preparation of the same, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell employing the catalyst
Moulded catalyst bodies and method for hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Comminuting apparatus with a reduced number of bearings
Conversion adapter for a fluid supply assembly
High-speed jet control
Medical device with porous surface for controlled drug release and method of making the same
Method for spray coating a medical device using a micronozzle
Crack-free erosion resistant coatings on steels
Amorphous silicon deposition for sequential lateral solidification
Anti-stiction coating
Preservative compositions for wood products
Method of producing uniform blends of nano and micron powders
Diameter-compensating bush for a tool holder
Underwater laser processing apparatus and underwater laser processing method
Laser processing head
Method and device for combined laser-arc welding with control of laser unit according to welding torch
Method and apparatus for repair of reflective photomasks
Method and apparatus for the treatment of a component
Apparatus for assembling printed circuit boards
Positioning apparatus and clamping system having the same
Positioning apparatus and clamping system having the same
Apparatus for cleaning edge of substrate and method for using the same
Continious production of exfoliated graphite composite compositions and flow field plates
Method of sensing melt-front position and velocity
Process for fabricating weatherseals
Fiber reinforced composite and methods of forming the same
Tire structural member manufacturing method
Technology for continuous folding of sheet materials into a honeycomb-like configuration
Textile sheet, method for manufacturing same, and use
Prepreg, metal-clad laminate and printed circuit board using same
Adhesive materials having a high refractive index based on acrylate block copolymers
Printable film
Laminate support
Sintered body, resin particles, and method for producing the same
Synthetic, flame-resistant yarns, fibres and filaments
Method for making adhesive fabric joints with heat and pressure by comparing actual joint parameters to pre-calculated optimal joint parameters
Protective cover system including a corrosion inhibitor and method of inhibiting corrosion of a metallic object
Circular tape
Flame retardant resin composition
Hard film
Composite metal material and method of producing the same, caliper body, bracket, disk rotor, drum, and knuckle
Image forming apparatus including an electrostatic conveyance apparatus capable of stably conveying a recording medium
Printheads and printhead cartridges using a printhead
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Ink jet head and its manufacture method
Ink ejection printhead incorporating a connector arrangement
Capping system incorporating a flexible capping member for inkjet printhead assembly
Wiper device and liquid ejection apparatus
Printhead nozzle wiper and doctor blade for ink removal
Ink supply system comprising air compressor and in-line valve
Collapsible packaging system
Liquid ejecting apparatus and transport method
Image forming apparatus with multiple doors
Printhead module having nozzle redundancy
Liquid jet apparatus and printing apparatus
Nozzle distribution
Printing apparatus for selectively driving heaters using a reduced number of data signal lines
Long term maintenance for ink jet printhead
Systems and methods for compensating for streaks in images
Ink ribbon cartridge having projections extending from connecting members
Ink ribbon cartridge with first and second grip portions
Dual mode ink jet paper
Binding device for files and binders
Binding device for files and binders
Ring mechanism biased to closed and locked position
Ink refill tool for a writing instrument
Cosmetic container with light
Suspension assembly with coaxial torsion bar
Retractable vehicle top and combined package shelf and tonneau cover
Displaceable roof part of an openable vehicle roof
Device for making accessible and closing an opening in a vehicle body
Seat apparatus for vehicle
Attaching structure of split type seat back
Supporting structure for fuel tank and automobile assembling method
Cover having collapsible storage bins
Vehicular headlamp
Roll forming apparatus, method thereof, and bumper beam manufactured by the method
Self-adjusting automotive radiator grille support
Curtain airbag device
Rear pillar garnish assembly
Motor vehicle with knee airbag
Airbag apparatus
Airbag module
Pressure control apparatus of air bag
Inflator for restraining system for vehicle
Rotational vehicle restraint system
Cover assembly for a vehicle storage compartment striker
Front Steerable device for a vehicle
Sporting system
System and method for improved rotor tip performance
Main rotor blade with integral tip section
Sheet feed cassette and image forming apparatus using the same
Method for changing a reel in a reeling process of a fiber material web and a reel change apparatus
Automatic image processing apparatus and sheet feeding device thereof
Printer having compact media pick-up device
Sheets post processing device including stapler for variable widths
Automated cover-driven workflows for manufacturing books in a production environment
Computer mouse accoutrement (attachment) and method of preventing or alleviating carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS)
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of producing hydrogen via the water-gas shift reaction over a Pd-Zn catalyst
Activated carbon, method for production thereof, polarizing electrode and electrical double layer capacitor
Method for producing compound
Method and apparatus for separation of water from petroleum products in an electrocoagulation process
Composite material and method for removing harmful algal blooms and turning them into submerged macrophytes
Magnetic garnet single crystal and Faraday rotator using the same
Refractory ceramic composite and method of making
Lightly branched higher olefin oligomerization with surface modified zeolite catalyst
Continuous process for the preparation of phenol from benzene in a fixed bed reactor
Derivatives of N-(arylamino) sulfonamides as inhibitors of MEK
Aqueous methods for making fluorinated sulfonate esters
Process for preparing partial oxidation products of lower alcohols by direct oxidation of a lower alcohol and catalysts for use in that process
Process for producing phenol and methyl ethyl ketone
Catalyst comprising N-substituted cyclic imide compound and process for producing organic compounds using the catalyst
Stilbene derivative, light emitting element, light emitting device, and electronic appliance
Tetracyclic heteroatom containing derivatives useful as sex steroid hormone receptor modulators
Photolabile protective groups for improved processes to prepare oligonucleotide arrays
Enzyme expression methods and compositions
Antibodies associated with alterations in bone density
Use of a combination chain transfer and activating agent to control molecular weight and optical density of Pd catalyzed norbornene polymers
Compositions comprising a polyfarnesene
Elastomeric compound
Norbornene derivative, norbornene polymer produced by ring-opening (co)polymerization, and process for producing the polymer by ring-opening (co)polymerization
Methods for introducing additives into polyethylene terephthalate
Method to make an article comprising polymer concentrate
Rubber composition for sidewall and tire having a sidewall using same
Nano-talc with hydrophobic coating
Unusually narrow particle size distribution calcined kaolins
Paper coating pigments
Ink composition, and ink cartridge including the ink composition
Ink composition, and recording method and recorded matter using the same
Luminescent glass
Green-emitting phosphors and process for producing the same
Curable resin composition, curable resin composition for forming photosensitive pattern, color filter, liquid crystal panel substrate and liquid crystal panel
Diesel desulfurization method
Lubricating compositions containing ashless catalytic antioxidant additives
Method of producing fatty acid ester
Incubation and/or storage container system and method
MVA virus vector expressing dengue NS1 protein
Methods for generating hypermutable yeast
Methods for modifying plant endosperm
Nucleotide sequences mediating plant male fertility and method of using same
Talaromyces xylanases
Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Ginsenoside glycosidases hydrolyzing ginsenoside sugar moieties and uses thereof
Process for immobilized nano-sized metal particles
Method for the production of L-amino acids using strains from the Enterobacteriaceae family which contain an enhanced lamb gene
Therapeutic agents comprising pro-apoptotic proteins
Expression system for producing collagen
Process for enzymatic production of triglycerides
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Nucleotide sequence encoding the dapC gene and process for the production of L-lysine
Development of PCR primers and primer mixtures for amplification of cnp60 target sequences
Process for recovery of nickel and cobalt by heap leaching of low grade nickel or cobalt containing material
Martensitic stainless steel and method of the manufacture
Method of fabricating electrode catalyst layers with directionally oriented carbon support for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Reduced electric field arrangement for managing plasma confinement
Dual top gas feed through distributor for high density plasma chamber
Laser-induced fabrication of metallic interlayers and patterns in polyimide films
Coating for a cutting tool and corresponding production method
Electrochemical reduction of metal oxides
Method and apparatus for applying a voltage to a substrate during plating
Method for fabricating metal substrates with high-quality surfaces
Silicon-containing layer deposition with silicon compounds
Textiles; Paper
Reductive functionalization of carbon nanotubes
Water-and-oil repellent treatment of textile
Fixed Constructions
Asymmetrical corrugated ditch liner system
Vending machine lock system
Breakable hangers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll fluid machine
Wear minimization system for a compressor diaphragm
Method for flow optimization in multi-stage turbine-type machines
Tungsten shell for a spar and shell turbine vane
Arrangement for detection of a shaft break in a gas turbine as well as gas turbine
System and method for emergency shutdown of an internal combustion engine
Filtering device
Multi-turbine airflow amplifying generator
Method of analyzing vaporization pattern of solvent and solvent vacuum vaporization device
Method for operating a turbocompressor
Supporting frame with locating function
Exterior joint part comprising a supporting disc
Vehicle planetary gear device
Pin retention and assembly system for locking differential
Motor-operated valve
Tube couplings
Seat sliding apparatus for vehicle
Power connections and interface for compact illuminator assembly
LED spotlight
Light source unit
Method for vacuum deposition of circuitry onto a thermoplastic material and a vehicular lamp housing incorporating the same
Key pad lighting apparatus for a portable terminal
Spread illuminating apparatus
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Method and apparatus for directional and controlled cooling in vacuum furnaces
Utility apparatus and utility method of substrate processing apparatus
Internal exchanger for gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed reactor employing a highly exothermic reaction
Dial plate with diffuse lighting
Position detecting device capable of improving detection accuracy
Methods and apparatus for regulating the drive currents of a plurality of light emitters
Systems and methods for multimodal imaging using a volumetric representation of an object
Methods for performing microfluidic sampling
Electrochemical corrosion potential sensor and method of making
Gas sensor
Total analyte quantitation
Organic materials able to detect analytes
Electronic methods for the detection of analytes
Determination of apoptotic products in tumor patients undergoing therapy
Immunological latex turbidimetry method and reagent therefor
Method of detecting and/or quantifying a specific IgE antibody in a liquid sample
Signal analyzer and method for signal analysis
Semiconductor probe having resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
Ball grid array connection monitoring system and method
Electronic component device testing apparatus
PET imaging system with APD-based PET detectors and three-dimensional positron-confining magnetic field
Implementation of avalanche photo diodes in (Bi)CMOS processes
Silicon-containing monomers end-capped with polymerizable cationic hydrophilic groups
Fiber connector using hooking structure
Ophthalmic display
Method of manufacturing rimless spectacles and a mask suited for use with said method
Liquid crystal display device and display apparatus
Optical device
Lighting device and projector
Light source adjusting device
Oxime ester photoinitiators
Method and system for manufacturing a reticle using character projection particle beam lithography
Method and system for design of a reticle to be manufactured using character projection lithography
Hybrid mask and method of making same
Release agent, toner, and method for manufacturing same
Toner, development unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming method
Stepping motor driving device, lens driving device, and camera
Method and apparatus for power conversion and regulation of two output voltages
Structuring of temporary systems
Textured transaction cards and methods of making the same
Magnetic component connector, circuit boards for use therewith, and kits for building and designing circuits
Crash 'n flash lighting system
Single vertex damped cable tailpiece for bowed string instruments
Magnetically retained interchangeable collimators for scintillation cameras
Communication wire
Monomolecular carbon-based film for enhancing electrical power transmission
Vehicle transformer
Structure of transformer
Permanent magnet type magnetic field generating apparatus
Seal for electrical switch pad
Digital trimming in a microelectronic device
Pneumatic MEMS switch and method of fabricating the same
MEMS device with bi-directional element
Method and device for the secure operation of a switching device
Two-way key of portable terminal
Method and apparatus to improve tactile feel for keyboards and button assemblies
Discharge tube and lamp with cooling chambers and improved luminance
Method and apparatus for the generation and control of multiple near-field light sources at subwavelength resolution
Methods for implanting B22Hx and its ionized lower mass byproducts
Electrospray depositing system for biological materials
Ion trap mass spectrometer
Expandable power distribution unit
Nanorod sensor with single-plane electrodes
Solid state imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus and solid state imaging apparatus manufacturing method
Variable resistance non-volatile memory cells and methods of fabricating same
Thin film transistor array panel and methods for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor device
Method and structure for fabricating solar cells using a layer transfer process
Precision synthesis of quantum dot nanostructures for fluorescent and optoelectronic devices
Dual damascene integration structure and method for forming improved dual damascene integration structure
Micro-electro-mechanical system device and method for making same
Method of forming lateral trench MOSFET with direct trench polysilicon contact
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Method of removing residue from a substrate
Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit including parylene material layer
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit with intergrated capacitor and methods for making same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bonding pad structure to minimize IMD cracking
Semiconductor wafer structure with balanced reflectance and absorption characteristics for rapid thermal anneal uniformity
Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
Oxide interface with improved oxygen bonding
Semiconductor devices fabricated with different processing options
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, method of producing semiconductor substrate, and method of producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device mounted with fuse memory
Semiconductor wafer substrate for power semiconductor components and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device having a plurality of semiconductor chips and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor switching element and semiconductor circuit apparatus
Lateral trench MOSFET with direct trench polysilicon contact and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device with reduced diffusion of workfunction modulating element
Electrically alterable memory cell
Photo-field effect transistor and integrated photodetector using the same
III-nitride enhancement mode devices
Multijunction solar cell with a bypass diode having an intrinsic layer
Interline CCD implementation of hybrid two color per pixel architecture
Solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging apparatus and methods for manufacturing the same
Economical miniaturized assembly and connection technology for LEDs and other optoelectronic modules
Photonic crystal structures and methods of making and using photonic crystal structures
Semiconductor light emitting device
Optical devices using a penternary III-V material system
Highly stable piezoelectric oscillator, manufacturing method thereof, piezoelectric resonator storage case, and heat source unit
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Battery pack, and assembly of battery pack and motor-driven tool or charger
Serial interface between unit cells
Nickel metal hydride storage battery with a safety valve for relieving excess gas pressure in the battery when the safety valve is open, the safety valve having a hydrogen-permeable valve member for allowing hydrogen-gas leakage therethrough when the safety valve is closed
Separator for fuel cell with austenitic stainless steel substrate
Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) architecture for improved durability for a PEM fuel cell
Secondary battery
Copper-substituted perovskite compositions for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes and oxygen reduction electrodes in other electrochemical devices
Liquid fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly and cathode
Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank
Pulsed coolant control for improved stack cold starting
Circuit board connector assembly and method for assembling such an assembly
Balanced transmission cable connector
Electrical cord locking connector
Plug connector for use with a receptacle
Connector for electrical connection
Connector with isolating end face and side connections and information processing apparatus including connector
Orthogonal electrical connector and assembly
Rotary connector
Rotary connector device equipped with built-in steering angle sensor
Electrical lighting device
System and method for detecting an underground object using magnetic field sensing
Switching device
Battery pack lockout arrangement for cordless power tools
System and process for direct current power supply of an electrical network on board an aircraft
Industrial motor assembly comprising a vented rotor shaft
Method and arrangement for commutating an electronically commutated motor
AC motor controller
Multi-channel semiconductor integrated circuit
Polar modulation apparatus
Amplifier device
Amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for stabilizing RF power amplifiers
Variable gain amplifier
High-bandwidth high-gain amplifier
Hardware and software programmable fuses for memory repair
Ring oscillators for NMOS and PMOS source to drain leakage and gate leakage
Linearity for field weakening in an interior permanent magnet machine
RFID tag modification for full depth backscatter modulation
Portable heat sealing apparatus
Silicon carbide heating elements
Heating assembly comprising a PTC element, in particular for a motor vehicle
Color control for scanning backlight
Automatic light dimmer for electronic and magnetic ballasts (fluorescent of HID)
Expired Patents Due To Time
Embossed pastry
Fleece top
Footwear outsole lug
Footwear sole
Shoe sole
Footwear sole
Footwear portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe midsole
Fishing fly storage box with sliding cover
Eyeglass holder
Camcorder case
Luggage case
Luggage case
Travel bag
Key chain and personal protection design
Wire basket
Bottle holder
Infant carrier to hold child in horizontal position
Hair brush
Brush for electric toothbrush
Broom head
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Pattern for absorbent paper
Stadium seat
Table base
Chest of drawers
Mobile food display and serving merchandiser
Disc storage device
Eyeglass display
Mountable universal holder
Chest of drawers
Wall cabinet
Chest of drawers
Corner for a table top constructed from blow-molded plastic
Chair base
Furniture crown molding
Translucent product holding shelf with inclusions
CD and picture frame
Display frame
Vanity mirror
Pillow case
Combined cushion and adjustable lumbar support
Center pin for a blind
Drinking container
Tray stand
Container with cover
Round taco dish
Roast/grill plate
Melting pot
Lever for a toaster
Toaster oven
Oven rack
Microwave oven
Oven rack
Microwave oven
Cooking plank with football image
Ergonomically contoured adjustable handle for use with multiple heads
Pick-up rake
Carpenter knife
Latching hinge masking device
Pneumatic fastener
Container for drinks
Bottle with sleeve
Cosmetic container with cap
Pocket container
Combined set of golf tees and holder therefor
Box for jewelry
Package for golf balls
Packaging for a hand shower
Integrally-formed closure for a container
Container attachable pouring spout
Brooch watch
Watch and band portions
Sport timer
Meter for ships
Temperature sensor
Laser level
Adjustable window locking device including alarm
Compact electronic article surveillance device
Gas tank holder
Motorized viewing board
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Stanchion (RS)
Power converter
Remote controller for vehicle security system
Electrical connector
Remote device
Electrical connector
Heat sink cap
HDMI connector
Heat sink
Electrical connector assembly
Heat sink
Co-axial cable connector
Cable manager
Automatic injector container
Human Necessities
Recording and processing utility commodity usage
Imaging transverse flow velocity using spectral bandwidth of the doppler frequency shift in phase-resolved optical doppler tomography
Method of rapidly determining the transmission time and range of a position message under internet virtual reality environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Factory automation control method
Navigation apparatus, navigation system and navigation method providing guidance for lane changes
Apparatus and method for controlling an airbag deployment
Decision enhancement system for a vehicle safety restraint application
Method for the transmission of a sensor data signal and an additional data signal from a sensor component to at least one receiver
Integrated collision prediction and safety systems control for improved vehicle safety
Textiles; Paper
Expert system and method for creating an embroidered fabric
Fixed Constructions
Method for tensioning multiple-strand cables
Automated rig control management system
System and method for determining the inclination of a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for air flow and EGR flow estimation
System for controlling an internal combustion engine in a fuel efficient manner
Air flow sensor failure determination apparatus and method
Apparatus for predicting life of rotary machine and equipment using the same
Automatic fluid draining from a hydraulic system component of an automatic transmission
Differential pressure gauge for cryogenic fluids which selects a density value based on pressure measurement
Method for the automatic calibration-only, or calibration and qualification simultaneously of a non-contact probe
Position determination system for movable objects or personnel
Method and system for identifying medical facilities along a travel route
Apparatus and method for a route instruction service with a three-dimensional model
Method of operation of a navigation system to reduce expenses on future trips and to provide other functions
Integrated data acquisition system for product in transit
On-line compositional allocation
Method and apparatus of estimating pure spectra and a concentration of a mixture
Temperature compensation device and method with low heat-generation
System and method for providing secure testing aids
Method and apparatus for the analysis of scratches on semiconductor wafers
Method in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process for identifying and redirecting ICs mis-processed during their manufacture
Methods and apparatus for optimizing the masking of waveforms to reduce the number of waveforms in a list of waveforms
Channel isolation by switched grounds
Circuits and methods for current measurements referred to a precision impedance
Method for eliminating noise signals in radio signal receiving devices
Method for detecting fault on transmission lines by using harmonics and state transition diagram
Delay circuit, testing apparatus, and capacitor
Method for testing an integrated circuit including hardware and/or software parts having a confidential nature
System and method for evaluating an integrated circuit design
Flip-flop having multiple clock sources and method therefore
Method of evaluating core based system-on-a-chip
Method and apparatus for the testing of input/output drivers of a circuit
Systems and methods for fault detection and exclusion in navigational systems
Process for transmitting status messages to terminals of a satellite data transmission system, in particular in a satellite navigation system
Adaptive vehicle safety system for collision compatibility
Collimated visual display apparatus
Contact hole profile and line edge width metrology for critical image control and feedback of lithographic focus
Time determination in satellite positioning system receivers and methods therefor
System and method for historical database training of support vector machines
Operator buttons as active buttons
Slave unit, node unit, controllers and network system
Chemical process machine programming system
Method and unit for changing the configuration of an automatic machine
Air cylinder controller
Monitoring and automatic notification of irregular activity in a network-based transaction facility
Apparatus and method for performing conversion between different units of currency using an encapsulated conversion path of exchange rates
Employee analysis based on results of an education business simulation
Delay model circuit for use in delay locked loop
Magnetic strip reader with power management control for attachment to a PDA device
Automatic system configuration management
Power controller and associated multi-processor type supporting computer system
Printer/powered peripheral node system
Portable USB device built with rechargeable functional apparatus
Adaptive voltage scaling clock generator for use in a digital processing component and method of operating the same
Power management fault strategy for automotive multimedia system
Method and apparatus for saving microprocessor power when sequentially accessing the microprocessor's instruction cache
Method and system for tracing
Multimedia synchronization system
Method of remote monitoring
System-managed duplexing of coupling facility structures
Method and apparatus for data backup and recovery
Method of handling unreadable blocks during write of a RAID device
Backup method for interface BIOS by making backup copy of interface BIOS in system BIOS and executing backup interface BIOS in system BIOS if error occurs
Method and apparatus for gathering and transmitting information for events relating to a networked appliance
Method for verifying user memory validity in operating system
Dynamic display of personal computer support information
System and method for enabling failover for an application server cluster
Method and system to implement a system event log for system manageability
Method for file deletion and recovery against system failures in database management system
Method and apparatus for updating new versions of firmware in the background
Method for charging information about an error in a database
Distributed background track processing
System for selectively using different communication paths to transfer data between controllers in a disk array in accordance with data transfer size
Network node failover using multicast address or port
Graceful degradation system
System and method of enforcing executable code identity verification over the network
Methods and apparatus for bookmarking and annotating data in a log file
Microcontroller with debug support unit
Technique using persistent foci for finite state machine based software test generation
Interleaving memory access
Multiple category CAM
Method and apparatus for mapping storage partitions of storage elements for host systems
Electronic control unit having single non-volatile memory for multiple central processing units and data retrieval method
Interleaving apparatus and interleaving method, encoding apparatus and encoding method, and decoding apparatus and decoding method
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Method and apparatus for decoupling tag and data accesses in a cache memory
Method for performing compressed I/O with memory expansion technology
Low power set associative cache
Method and system for postmortem identification of falsely shared memory objects
Asynchronous non-blocking snoop invalidation
Storage subsystem, information processing system and method of controlling I/O interface
Memory system for multiple data types
Apparatus and method for speculative prefetching after data cache misses
Cache management method for storage device
Cache buffer control apparatus and method using counters to determine status of cache buffer memory cells for writing and reading data therefrom
Value based caching
System and method for data rights management
Apparatus and a method for security authorization using a security key installed on removable media
Storage apparatus and access control method
Data storage using wireless communication
Method and apparatus for connecting devices to a bus
Reciprocally adjustable dual queue mechanism
Scalable cache coherent distributed shared memory processing system
Method and system for transferring data between a digital camera and a host
Method and apparatus for utilizing extended AV/C command frames including status inquiry, notify inquiry and control inquiry command types
Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control
"V-chip" preset criteria
Data storage system
Probing algorithm for foundation fieldbus protocol
Read/write scheduling apparatus of controller chip and method for the same
Scalable design for DDR SDRAM buses
Dynamic random access memory system with bank conflict avoidance feature
Routability for memory devices
System and method for directly indicating to first direct memory controller (DMA) in halt state to resume DMA transfer via resume instruction from second DMA controller
Data transfer control circuit with terminal sharing
Method and apparatus for using client puzzles to protect against denial-of-service attacks
Data processing processor
Method and apparatus for providing bus arbitrations in a data processing system
Electronic device, information processing device, adapter device, and information exchange system
Communicating transaction types between agents in a computer system using packet headers including an extended type/extended length field
Serial device daisy chaining method and apparatus
Architecture that converts a half-duplex bus to a full-duplex bus while keeping the bandwidth of the bus constant
Automated calibration of I/O over a multi-variable eye window
Copy/paste mechanism and paste buffer that includes source information for copied data
Method and apparatus for extracting data from an oversampled bit stream
Exception handling for single instructions with multiple data
Method and apparatus for extracting a portion of data in a source register and arranging it on one side of a destination register
Systems and methods for detecting and resolving resource conflicts
Method for deployment modification of transactional behavior in corba OTS
Method and apparatus for providing frequent flyer miles and incentives for timely interaction with a time records system
Sharing the personal information of a network user with the resources accessed by that network user
Method and apparatus for multiple processing of a plurality of communication protocols on a single processing machine
System operable to identify and access information about a user
Common user profile server and method
User-defined online interaction method and device
Virtualization of input/output devices in a logically partitioned data processing system
Queue bank repository and method for sharing limited queue banks in memory
Program reception/execution apparatus that can commence execution of a machine program having only received the program in part, and a program transmission apparatus that enables such execution
Method and apparatus for fingerprint authentication during on-line transactions
Automatic network synchronization of the network configuration with the management information database
Content notification method, product, and apparatus
Spectral kernels for learning machines
Method and apparatus for the viewing and exploration of the content of hierarchical information
Apparatus and method for matrix data processing
Progressive two-dimensional (2D) pyramid filter
Ensuring proper rendering order of bidirectionally rendered text
Automated system for performing kepner tregoe analysis for spread sheet output
Fractal semantic network generator
Structured contextual clustering method and system in a federated search engine
System and method for browsing hierarchically based node-link structures based on an estimated degree of interest
Single click synchronization of data from a public information store to a private information store
System and methods providing automatic distributed data retrieval, analysis and reporting services
Method and apparatus for supporting snapshots with direct I/O in a storage area network
System and method for retrieving and editing the data structure of an HTML UI Control
Dynamic architecture integration technique
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
System and method for organizing data
Content management system and methodology employing a tree-based table hierarchy featuring arbitrary information retrieval from different locations in the hierarchy
Method and system for creating a database and searching the database for allowing multiple customized views
Reduced size objects headers
User interface for automated project management
System and method for avoiding deadlock situations due to pseudo-deleted entries
Method for data synchronization in web-based communications management system
Method and apparatus for organizing data pertaining to audiovisual content
Search results using editor feedback
Performing a join in a partitioned database system
Method, computer program product, and system for unloading a hierarchical database utilizing segment specific selection criteria
File caching method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for local generation of Web pages
File system creator
Technique for content off-loading in a document processing system using stub documents
System and method for searching heterogeneous electronic directories
System and method of data transmission for computer networks utilizing HTTP
Information dissemination system and method with central and distributed caches
Dynamic personalized content resolution for a media server
Methods of resource optimization in programmable logic devices to reduce test time
Multi-threaded frame safe synchronization of a simulation
Checking layout accuracy in integrated circuit designs
System design using part roles
Method and apparatus for proportionate costing of vias
Method for making large-scale ASIC using pre-engineered long distance routing structure
Method for providing a cell-based ASIC device with multiple power supply voltages
System and method to determine impact of line end shortening
Method and system for designing frames and cases
Structures and methods for testing programmable logic devices having mixed-fabric architectures
System and method for control and simulation
System and method for detecting power deficiencies in a computer component
Method and system for design verification using proof-partitioning
Design method and system for achieving a minimum machine cycle for semiconductor integrated circuits
Method for detection of manufacture defects
Method and apparatus for inversion processing of well logging data in a selected pattern space
Medication dosage calculator
Method and system for multi-sensor data fusion using a modified dempster-shafer theory
Signal analysis instrument, and a module for a signal analysis instrument
Method and apparatus for generating an electronic test signal
Scanner API for executing multiple scanning engines
System and method for managing transferable records
Log-on service providing credential level change without loss of session continuity
Method and apparatus for preventing reuse of text, images, and software transmitted via networks
System and methods for access control utilizing two factors to control access
Method of licensing software programs
Data flow control unit
Method of authentication anonymous users while reducing potential for "middleman" fraud
Information processing apparatus
Communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices
Queuing system using dual receive FIFO
Configurable user-interface component management system
Method of operating a system of co-located computers and remote human interfaces
Ultrasonic length measuring apparatus and method for coordinate input
Direct access storage system having plural interfaces which permit receipt of block and file I/O requests
Multiple storage array control
Data processing device for processing data accessed by a buffer manager, and interface device
Query monitor playback mechanism for post-mortem performance analysis
Aggregated clustering method and system
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
Database management system and method which monitors activity levels and determines appropriate schedule times
Maintaining time-date information for syncing low fidelity devices
Mechanism and method for specified temporal deployment of rules within a rule server
Method for determining the square root of a long-bit number using a short-bit processor
Method and apparatus for modeling dynamic systems
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of computer software using a distilled program
Imaging extension API for isolating web content from user resources and services
Method for quickly determining length of an execution package
Fixed point unit pipeline allowing partial instruction execution during the instruction dispatch cycle
Apparatus and method for independently schedulable functional units with issue lock mechanism in a processor
Register renaming to reduce bypass and increase apparent physical register size
Pre-steering register renamed instructions to execution unit associated locations in instruction cache
Retiring early-completion instructions to improve computer operation throughput
Signal processor executing variable size instructions using parallel memory banks that do not include any no-operation type codes, and corresponding method
RISC processor supporting one or more uninterruptible co-processors
Real-time multimedia visual programming system
Computer method and apparatus for previewing files outside of an application program
System and method for storing and reporting information associated with asserts
Method, system, computer program product, and article of manufacture for updating a computer program according to a stored configuration
Hop method for stepping parallel hardware threads
Smart handle
Implementation for an object oriented run-time extensible item
Algorithm for localization of a JAVA application using reflection API and a custom class loader
Method and apparatus for stabilizing GUI testing
Event management in a system with separate application and graphical user interface processing
Method for providing a single preloaded software image with an ability to support multiple hardware configurations and multiple types of computer systems
Method for allowing CD removal when booting embedded OS from a CD-ROM device
System, method, and article of manufacture for creating and updating an application using software application elements
System and method for automatically installing data on a handheld computer
Controls for recursion at system startup
Method, system, program, and data structures for applying a patch to a computer system
Installation of application software through a network from a source computer system on to a target computer system
Method and system for executing a computer program
Predicated execution of instructions in processors
System and method for facilitating context-switching in a multi-context computer system
System and method for coordinating operator efforts using action diaries
System and method for collecting and restoring user environment data using removable storage
Managing latencies in accessing memory of computer systems
Method and apparatus for representing and encapsulating active computing environments
Mechanism for enabling customized session managers to interact with a network server
Measurements expert system and method for generating high-performance measurements software drivers
Interactive simulated dialogue system and method for a computer network
Outline forming apparatus and method using inputted weight information
Systems, methods and computer program products for providing communications cable test data to remotely located clients
Method and system for scheduling execution of activities
Method and apparatus for saving a definition for automated data processing
Method for electronically addressing of a person or organization
Method and system for creating and implementing personalized training programs and providing training services over an electronic network
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Multi-media remote data access terminals and system
Methods and systems for generating and validating value-bearing documents
Method and apparatus for gathering statistical information about in-store content distribution
Method and system for customizing electronic communications
Providing termination benefits for employees
Method and apparatus for overcoming a watermark security system
Hardware context vector generator for JPEG2000 block-coding
Wireless communication system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for automatic detection and healing of signal pair crossover on a high performance serial bus
Information display system for use with a navigation system
Map display terminal and map display method
Method and apparatus for factoring unambiguous finite state transducers
Multi-context conversational environment system and method
Audio support system for controlling an e-mail system in a remote computer
Speech input system, speech portal server, and speech input terminal
Interactive voice response system
Voice analyzing and synthesizing apparatus and method, and program
Method of iterative noise estimation in a recursive framework
Slot-in type optical disk-loading apparatus usable with optical disks of two different standardize diameters
Disc device for receiving either cartridge or medium without a cartridge
Disk recording or playback device and process for assembling the device in which a holding mechanism pivotally supports the frame during an oblique insertion operation
Blockage aware zero skew clock routing method
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using a defect list
Thin film data storage carrier
Disc cartridge with shutter overlapping gap having labyrinth shaped portion spaced to have a recessed dust deposition portion
System, method and article of manufacture for updating content stored on a portable storage medium
Method and device for managing multimedia file
Optical drive
Disc detection apparatus for slot-in optical disc drive
Method of self-refresh in large memory arrays
Memory modules and methods having a buffer clock that operates at different clock frequencies according to the operating mode
Content addressable memory with block-programmable mask write mode, word width and priority
Method and apparatus for achieving higher product yields by using fractional portions of imbedded memory arrays
Method and apparatus to data log at-speed March C+ memory BIST
Mode entry circuit and method
Method of communicating data via a bus and bus system for implementing the method
Methods for reducing bitline voltage offsets in memory devices
Register bank
Skew adjusting circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Weighted decoding method and circuits for Comma-Free Reed-Solomon codes
Multiplexing-interleaving and demultiplexing-deinterleaving
System and method for measuring pseudo pixel error rate
Self orthogonal decoding circuit and self orthogonal decoding method
Method and apparatus for selecting a satellite signal
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless packet
Method and system for network configuration discovery
System and method for covert management of passive network devices
Method and system for profiling network flows at a measurement point within a computer network
Method for connecting a first user-terminal to a second using-terminal, related devices and related software modules
Reducing power consumption of an electronic system having a communication device
Ethernet adapting apparatus
QoS-based shortest path routing for hierarchical communication network
Method and apparatus for performing frame interrogation
Content-aware application switch and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for protecting identities of mobile devices on a wireless network
System and method for monitoring browser event activities
System and method for efficiently processing broadband network traffic
Zero-click deployment of data processing systems
System for accessing an object using a "web" browser co-operating with a smart card
Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same, and location-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same
Method and system for delivering accessibility using a distributed environment
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
High-availability cluster virtual server system
Method and system for processing fragments and their out-of-order delivery during address translation
Internet domain names with regional associations
Method for centrally setting data rate in a data transmission facility and a device for centrally setting data rates
Methods and apparatus for ensuring the privacy and security of personal medical information
System and method for encrypting data messages
System and method for controlling access to resources in a distributed environment
Methods for audio capture and communication during television broadcasts
Server apparatus for user data transfer
Data-providing system, transmission server, data terminal, apparatus, authoring apparatus and data-providing method
Closed loop addressable advertising system and method of operation
Method and system for implementing an electronic program guide using partitioned memory and partial titles
Data transmission system
Method for using an initial maintenance opportunity for non-contention ranging
Management of protocol information in PNNI hierarchical networks
Method of providing board packaging line program
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